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Author Topic: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]  (Read 54370 times)

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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OTL I read all the chapters I missed in one go! OTL

Duuuudee, we need moar MaYuki moments! And WMatsui too DDD:

I hope you'd at least make Mayu a little bit dere dere tahahaha xDD

Update soooon~  :deco:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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Yay an update! And finally WMatsui met! It looks like Rena has been watching Jurina for quite some time now. She just isn't approaching Jurina. Yuki on the other hand decided to meet Mayu. In a way, it's quite the coincidence that Jurina decided to confess to Mayu while Yuki and Rena were watching. Yuki decided to intervene so that gave Rena a chance to finally know Jurina's name. Will Yuki know that it was Jurina whom Rena was watching all this time?

What about Mayu though. Can I assume that she is already feeling something for Yuki? She is not exactly pushing Yuki away when Yuki was hugging her.

And Yuki has an evil brother. Will Yuki have the power to destroy her brother if her brother hurts Mayu again?

Ahh, can't wait for your next update.

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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aww jurina confessed to mayu  :cathappy:
haha but yuki gets jealous  :lol: she's kinda scary when she said she would even force mayu to be with her :shocked
yuki has an older evil brother?!  :panic:
thanx for the update  :cow: :bow:
and OMG I just found out that you created the mayuki disappearance fanfic, i read it before and just wanted to read it again then i looked at your other fanfics, I LOVE YOUR MAYUKI DISAPPEARANCE FANFIC!!   :inlove:  :luvluv1: :kneelbow:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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I want to know the next!! I want more Mayuki!!!! :banghead:

I love Yuki possessive and jealous!!! :inlove: I was  about to scream when I saw that Jurina wanted to kiss Mayu. NOOOOOO! :angry:

Luckily Yuki came and not that kiss Yeahh~! :twothumbs Mayu like Yuki please!!! (I'm sorry I don't like JuriMayu don't know why...)

Thank you for this chapter!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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Naicu update! As always  :)

What is gonna happen with my baby (Yui) ?
Damn you Yuki's brother! You hurted Mayu,Jurina,Kitarie and my baby

Just come to me and you'll enjoy your death!!

Update soon!  XD

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
« Reply #46 on: March 11, 2013, 09:42:16 PM »

@Yuki88: Surprising plot twist! And you'll have to wait in order to find out what Yui will be~  :wahaha:

@kurogumi: I'm glad you're liking it!  :hee:

@cisda83: Indeed we shall soon find out what happens next~  :hehehe:

@qweakb: I'm glad to hear that I made your day!  :on drink:

@Llyloo: She really is scary, LOL. And gotcha gotcha. You'll just have to wait a little longer~  :on gay:

@ChuuuPuffss: We'll have more of their moments soon! And haha, we'll see about Mayu's "tsundere" attitude.   :whistle:

@hikari_043083: Relationships will be complicated in this series (or hell, all of my stories aren't even that straight forward. xD) So let's keep observing both Yuki's and Rena's movements during the course of the storyline~  :on woohoo:

@mayuki_daisuki: Yuki does have an older brother! DUN DUN DUN-Okay, *cough* Anyway, yes! I have written the "Disappearance" Mayuki fiction on Tumblr! I'm glad you love it! It's my second AKB fiction that I've written and I'm unsure if it was good enough, but I'm glad it did. (It seems to be a big hit, haha! xD) Thank you very much for the kind words!  :shy2:

@Chanaline: That's alright, haha! I'm guessing you're a loyal shipper of Mayuki.  :dunno:

@K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Fufufufu~ I'll be sure the next time I see him that I bring him to you. (I'm sure the others, including I, would like to join in too! xD) :cool1:

@gek geki: I'm glad you love it!  :bingo:

Update on this fiction! Whew! I think it's time we need some Kuminon and Saeyaka moments, neh?  :luvluv2:

Thank you for taking the time to read this fiction and my other ones! I hope to keep on meeting all of your expectations!  :kneelbow:

[Chapter 11]

Akimoto Sayaka was overlooking the entire forest that was standing nearby of the AEF base on a daily basis. In her wolf form, her dark black eyes scanned the area carefully and accurately. Looking for any signs of danger, especially from that dark vampire, Yuki’s older brother. She was standing on the very edge of the cliff. The bright, white moon eliminated the ground below with soft white rays of light.

“Sayaka?” Hearing her name being called out, she turned her head just slightly to the right. Another wolf came up from behind her. A wolf with white beautiful fur coat that flowed gently with the wind blown against it and a pair of blue eyes that would catch everyone’s attention was seen. The wolf, Kumi, tilted her head downward into a small bow before coming up to Sayaka’s side. “I think it’s time that we confront the dark vampire, Yuzi.”

A quiet scruff was heard from Sayaka’s direction. “I think it would be reckless if we try to confront that man at the moment. He’s too powerful for us to take on.”


“No buts, Kumi.” She then turned her entire body around so she was facing the other wolf. Her eyes showed understanding to Kumi. Sayaka knew how worried she was about such dangerous creature roaming around freely within this country. They both-no. Not just them. Everyone else too. No one exactly knew where he was located other than the fact that he’s finally came back from Japan. No one knows what he’s plotting next and not a single creature will have the power to oppose against the man. If he had the strength to cause a massacre and nearly kill off that small, but highly trained and proficient group of Akihabara Elimination Force squad, then there’s absolutely no chance. Even though they were mere humans, one had to take note of his strength.

A sigh left her mouth. “I know how much you’re worried, especially when it concerns with the humans. There’s nothing we can do as of right now. Even if we were to take our entire pack and take him head-on, we would all easily be defeated no matter how powerful we are as a group.”

Kumi paused before hanging her head in defeat. “I suppose you are right about that…”

Sayaka nodded. “We’ll figure out a plan on how to get rid of him or at the very least drive him far away from this part of Japan. We can’t afford to lose anymore just from a destructive maniac.”

After she had spoken, Kumi admitted her understanding. “Understood, Sayaka,” she confirmed before bowing her head once more at the other wolf. There was a slight chuckle from the brown wolf. “I would also like to add, Kumi, but I’m guessing that you wish to see someone right now after it has been so long?”

Kumi’s ears perked up and blinked. Sayaka smiled and turned her head at the white wolf. “I overheard you speaking to her over the reception. I suppose just this once I’ll let you out of the safe territory of ours for tonight and tomorrow.” She swore there were sparkles in the wolf’s blue eyes as she barked happily.

Soon Kumi dashed off and away from the head of the pack. Within a couple of seconds, she was sprinting in a very fast pace through the forests. Sounds of trees, bushes, grasses, branches and sleeping animals zipped past her. She didn’t stop at all. Kumi simply kept on running. Running and running. Until she finally skid to a stop. All four of her paws dug deeply into the dirt, braking roughly and very suddenly. Dirt and dust flew up in the air from behind when she made her stop.

The white werewolf was standing in front of a tall and wide tree. She then crouched downward, preparing herself. Using her hind legs as a spring, she leapt up a couple feet. Quickly she landed on top of the closest, sturdy branches. But not staying long on them, she kept on leaping up and up till she reached to the highest wood part of the tree. Once she has gained foot on the branch, she continued to move onward. Jumping from branch to branch, tree to tree. The crickets making noise in the background filled in the silence and the sound of wind being cut due to her rapid movement.

Finally, she landed on the furthest tree that rooted on the end of the forest. Resting momentarily where she stood, Kumi saw the AEF base’s building in front of her. There were yellow and white lights coming out of the windows, prompting that there were still members awake at the time despite it being passed midnight for their curfew. Her blue eyes squinted, trying to search for the one person that she wanted to see after so long. Left and right she scanned, yet to no avail.

‘Maybe I just need to get in a little closer…’ she thought to herself as she got off the branch. Her paws landed roughly yet quietly on the ground below. The pads on her paws luckily absorbed all of the shock from such a high elevation where she jumped off from. A jump so high that could kill any normal human being. Shaking her body for a second, she brought her nose into the air and sniffed. Sniffed for that familiar scent. Kumi couldn’t find it though so she trended forth a bit more into the territory, sniffing around. ‘I still can’t sense where she is…’

But Kumi, as stupid as she could be, completely forgot that the base had security devices rooted all over the place. Especially and obvious enough, in the entrance gateway. Though there were no gates (due to the fact that rarely survivors would enter in and receive help from the members) doesn’t mean that Takahashi Minami was stupid enough to let anybody randomly come into their area without permission. Kumi had just taken one small step; one small paw placed in front of her to set off the entire alarm system.

Loud, siren wailing in the night that might as well echo throughout the entire area was suddenly heard. This startled poor Kumi, who almost leapt a foot off the ground. “W-W-WHAAAAAAAAAT?!” she exclaimed. Everything was happening a little too fast for her. She wasn’t able to grasp what was happening until she saw members dressed fully in their uniforms and weapons at hand came flooding out of the building. Bright white light beams flashed upon her body, blinding her for a few seconds. Sounds of guns reloading and preparing the owner for usage were heard. Soon in just a few minutes, she was surrounded with guns and lights all aimed at her direction.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” The general of the entire base, Minami, emerged from the group of girls in front of Kumi’s eyes. When she came out, Kumi swore that she wasn’t in a healthy condition. The general was easily seen tired. Her eyes were bloodshot red and dark shadows underneath the pair. The way she had spoken was very rough and angry than ever before. Irritation and annoyance shown from the way she acted. “Answer me, you courageous beast who dared enter upon our safety territory.”

As much as she wanted to explain, she knew this would go on forever. And as dense as ever, she was too busy and occupied with that person in mind. Her eyes roamed over the entire group. Sadly, Kumi wasn’t able to pick her out let alone even see her in the group of girls. ‘Maybe she’s still inside the building?’

Minami isn’t pleased when Kumi didn’t respond to her commands. So she shook her head and took a couple steps towards the werewolf. But in a flash, she was knocked to the side from Kumi’s body running right past by her. “G-Get the wolf!” she ordered the members. “Do NOT open fire, but restrain the wolf!”

The members changed their bullets into sleeping darts. They then aimed it at the approaching Kumi and tried to shoot her down. But alas, she was very fast and simply ran right through them. This caused the members to all be knocked to the sides like a bowling ball meeting with the bowling pins in an alley. Soon she was found to be running inside of the building’s stairs.

‘I know she should be here somewhere!’ She thought to herself while climbing up higher and higher. ‘Dammit! Why is this building so confusing? And why am I so stupid to not know that they had security systems set up all over the place?!’ Members’ voices were heard down below. Boots heard stomping on the hard floor as they ascended to her.

Growling out in frustration, she finally reached the seventh floor. The medical floor. Unlucky enough for her, the person that she was looking for just came out of Yui’s patient room. And since Kumi was running at a very high speed, she was unable to stop herself from crashing into her.

“Watch out Kanon-chan!” But the warning alone was not enough to get the younger girl out of danger. Hearing her name being hollered out, she looked to her left and widens her eyes in shock from the fast approaching creature. A loud yelp was heard when the wolf collided against her small, frail body. They rolled on the floor a couple times before stopping. Kanon was right below Kumi’s body, dizzy from the event that just happened. Kumi from above shook her head and barked. “Gomenasai, Kanon-chan!” she apologized to the younger girl.

Kanon’s expression quickly changed into a smile when she saw who it was. “Kumi!” she happily said, hugging the wolf’s mane with her arms. The werewolf couldn’t help but bark in an excited tone and nuzzle her wet, black nose against Kanon’s. “It’s been so long, Kanon-chan! I really miss you!”

But alas, their happy reunion was cut short when a loud bang resonated in the air. The figure above Kanon jerked slightly before slumping downward and landing with all of her weight on top of Kanon’s body. “K-Kumi? Kumi!” she struggled to get out from the crushing weight that Kumi’s wolf body contained. The white wolf was still alive, thank god for that. No blood or injury was seen, but rather she was sleeping harmlessly. She stopped struggling though when she saw who shot Kumi. Right behind her was the general with her gun aimed right at her. Smoke rise from the exiting hole.

“Whew… Damn, that wolf surely is causing quite a commotion… Kanon, are you alright?” Minami questioned as she approached them both. Kanon’s eyes squinted and eyebrows were scrunched together to make a frown. “No, I am clearly not alright, General Takahashi. You know that this wolf is my closest friend, right?”

There was a small pause before Minami's red eyes widen from the sudden turn of event. Then smacking her forehead with her free hand, she grumbled, "Dammit..."


Kumi’s eyes snapped open to find her still in her wolf form. She was curled in a ball as though she was taking a good night nap. With a quiet, high pitched yawn, she lifted her head up and glanced around her surroundings. Kumi saw that the room she was in was a girl’s dorm room. One of the many dorm rooms in the base.

She was resting on top of a single pink bed, noticing the familiar scent of Kanon. Around the room was decorated with a cute, pink design. Right next to where she laid was a small table that held a glowing, gentle yellow lamp with a couple novels stacked on top of each other. A digital alarm clock stated that it was two in the morning found nearby. To the left side of the bed were drawers and couple stuff animals resting on both the built-in wooden shelves and carpeted ground. Stuff animals ranging from teddy bears to big white tigers and wolves were seen. So it seems that Kumi was resting in Kanon’s room the entire time.

“Oh! You’re already awake, Kumi?” Kumi turned her attention to the source of voice to find Kanon peeking behind the only door from the room. She pushed the door forth and entered inside, clicking it closed behind. The werewolf nodded her head as the little girl came up to her. She wasn’t dressed in her white nurse uniform anymore. Instead, she wore blue buttoned pajamas that looked quite adorable on the younger girl. Hopping on the bed, she placed her right hand on top of Kumi’s head and rubbed it. “I’m sorry about happened earlier. I cleared it all up with General Takahashi, so you’re in no trouble.”

“I could tell since I’m still alive and inside of your room,” she joked, licking Kanon’s cheek affectionately and rubbing the side of her face with the younger girl. Kanon was heard giggling and hugging the other creature back. “While you were out, I had to clean you up since there was so much dust!”

“Oh! You did?” The wolf observed her body upon closer inspection and did notice that it was much cleaner than before. Not to mention how good she smells due to the shampoo that Kanon used. One can wonder what Kanon did in order to clean her up while she was out? Surely she couldn’t have carried her to the nearest public bathroom in this base and clean her up. But either way, she was glad that Kanon had provided her with such nice services. “So why are you here, Kumi? Did something happen?”

“I just wanted to see you.” This caused Kanon to smile at such words that came out of the older girl’s mouth. Cuddling Kumi, she then muttered, “You should’ve at least given me a call if you’re going to come personally. We wouldn’t have this much trouble and if it weren’t for me, you most likely would be booted out of the base. But anyway, you don’t need to worry about sneaking in anymore if you wanted to see me. You’re free to come in whenever you want.”

Hearing this made the wolf grin widely with her teeth shown. Nuzzling at Kanon once more, she leaned her head on top of her right shoulder. Eyes closed, she said, “I’m glad to hear that and you know I just wanted to surprise my little girl.”

Kanon gently smiled back at the wolf and too closed her eyes. “Well you surprised me then.” There was silence crossing between the two figures before Kumi spoke up.   

“Neh… Kanon-chan?”


“Do you mind if I spend the night here?”

“I don’t’ see why not. And aren’t you going to change back into your human form?”

“Nah… I’m too lazy… And it hurts to change back you know…”

It was true. Transforming from a wolf to a human is no easy feat. Probably due to changing back from two different beings would cause major changes both internally and exteriorly of the body. It was no surprise to why Kumi didn’t want to change back into her other form. With an understanding nod, Kanon pat Kumi’s head once more before the two decided to sleep. Especially Kanon considering that she had just finished her nursing job at the medical floor.

While Kanon pulled up the blankets, Kumi acted as a pillow for the younger girl and curled up in a protective ball around her upper body. The wolf rested her head right next to Kanon’s face, nuzzling the girl for comfort with her nose. After a couple minutes have passed by, the two were then asleep; the protective, gentle creature that Kumi was who would keep Kanon away from both nightmares and intruders. 


In her office, Takahashi Minami roughly sat back down on her seat with a stern expression. She clearly was ticked off. Not in the mood to be messed around with. Atsuko, who was busy organizing the filing cabinet, took her attention off of her menial job and approached the general. “Minami…” she softly spoke as she came up to her side. Minami shook her head and waved her left hand in the air. “I’m… I’m just… I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, Atsuko…” Soon she was facing the taller black-haired girl with mixed emotions. “I’m so very very very confused… I don’t know why I’m acting like this… I just…”

“Minami, you’re just worried about Yui’s health and being,” Atsuko reassured to her, resting her right hand on top of the general’s shoulder. “You worry too much, which is probably the cause of why you're acting like this-”

“It’s not only that, Atsuko. There were deaths of my friends that were like family to me in the shrine. Not a single survivor came out of that building thanks to that damn fucking vampire.” As she ranted, her voice grew from being weak and tiring to angry and loud. Furious at the outcome.

Atsuko knew how much stress Minami is drowned in. Not to mention she was a very emotional girl compared to her partner, so it’s a surprise that she was able to hold it in all this time. The taller girl sighed quietly and hugged her general. Instead of feeling grateful for such action, this irritated Minami. “What the hell are you doing, Atsuko?” she glared at the other girl. “Do you clearly see that I want to be left alone?”

“I know that, general. But please understand that you’re worrying me too. I’m worried about the event unfolding. I’m worried about that dark vampire running loose on this country. I’m worried about Yui. I’m worried about your health and most of all, you as a being.” Atsuko’s hold on Minami tightened slightly, trying to comfort the smaller girl. She then murmured, “I don’t want my midget to be like this… Please… For my sake…”

The general wanted to oppose. Snap back at Atsuko. But too many things were all happening at once. Then without warning, she cried. “God Atsuko… I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… I’m just lashing my anger out at everyone, whether good or bad, without even thinking…” she sobbed, trying hard to cover her eyes up with one of her arms. All of the tears that she bottled up; all of the emotions that was held within was now spilled out. She just couldn’t hold them in anymore. As she cried, Atsuko only remained silent, continuing to hug the smaller girl. Her hand rubbed the back of the general’s, feeling her face bury into her shoulder.

“Please don’t feel bad, Minami. I’m always here for you… I’ll be willing to share the burden and pain with you…”


Sayaka from the distant was seen still standing on top of the cliff. Her eyes scanning the area. But there was another person standing by her side. Another vampire. “I’ve already told the news to Yuki,” Sae announced with her arms folded across her chest. The werewolf’s ears were perked up and turned to look at Sae from above. “What did she say?”

“She was clearly shocked and angry.”

“I see…” Sayaka’s black eyes trailed downward to the dirt ground for a brief moment before flicking them back up at Sae. The other light vampire was one of her closest friend aside from Kumi.

She was someone that was her friend back in high school before this entire commotion started. Now that the two were affected by different viruses; one having the Y-Virus as a werewolf and the other with the Z-Virus for a vampire, it was a little difficult to meet up with each other thanks to the treaty. And how they both got the virus was a complicated story. Both werewolves and vampires had this hated relationship compared to the humans. Werewolves were known to viciously hate the vampire race and vice versa. But both Sayaka and Sae didn’t let this interfere and ruin their relationship. She was an exception along with Yuki and Rena. The same goes for Sae. Sayaka and Kumi were an exception to her.

“That isn’t surprising at all. A normal reaction from someone related to that sort of creature.”

“So what do you think we should do, Sayaka?” Sae asked.

Sayaka paused for a short second before shaking her head. “I don’t know. All we can do is keep an eye out for the man. If we suspect his presence anywhere within the radius of Akihabara, then I’ll devise a strategy to get rid of him.” She then lay down on the ground, squinting her eyes. “As for you, I want you to take great care of both Yuki and Rena. You know what would happen if those two fell into the dark side, right?”

There was a scoff heard from Sae’s direction. “You don’t even have to say it twice. Those two were instead meeting up with humans anyway on their own time. Even to go as far as sneak out of the house without my knowledge.”

Her eyebrows furrowed together. “What do you mean by that? They aren’t causing trouble, are they?”

“No they’re not…” A long sigh escaped from her closed lips. “They’ve only been conversing and talking to those mere humans, nothing more.”

“And who are these humans, if I may ask?”

“Watanabe Mayu and Matsui Jurina.”

“Oh. Those two that entered into the shrine during that incident with Yuzi…”

“Yeah.” Sae’s arms stretched up and outward into the air. “I’m not sure why they’re talking specifically to those two, but I warned them so many times to stay away from the human races.”

There was a faint chuckle coming from Sayaka. “You’re being too strict on them, Sae. Give them a little more freedom, my friend.”

“But you already know the fact that they-“

“I know, but when I told you to watch over them with great care, I don’t mean you should restrict them of conversing with another being. If they wish to speak to the humans and werewolves, let them be. Just make sure they aren’t out killing anyone is all I ask for.”

Sae was going to say more but the words were caught in her throat. Then coughing into her hand, she grumbled, “Alright then, Sayaka. Only because you said so…” There was this victorious smile that flashed on Sayaka’s face as she resumed back to watching the piece of land in front of them. While she watched onward, her mind unconsciously wandered back to their past…

Both Akimoto Sayaka and Miyazawa Sae were fighting two beasts. Two creatures that threatened to wipe out their entire high school. Many students had fled the scene, but did not survive the sudden and unexpected attack from foreign creatures. This was at the time period when the virus had just began spreading its epidemics across the globe.

The two girls were classmates, sitting next to each other during class. Very close to each other both inside and outside of school, one would always nickname them the ‘Twin Tower Girls’ due to their height. Smart, athletic, beautiful and at the same time, tomboyish were their kind of style.

They were inside of their classroom, blood splattered all over the walls in many different directions from the students’ and teachers’. The two evil, menacing creatures were somewhat working together. There was one that was a vampire. Another was a werewolf. Both were hungrily staring at the two tall girls as though they wanted to snack on them for dinner. Predators against a pair of rebelling preys.

Sayaka gulped in nervousness as she gripped ahold of a metal bat. Sae nearby was holding onto a broom taped sloppily with sharp scissors at the very end.

“Well, let’s end this and save our school from crumbling any further,” Sae proclaimed as she swung the broom around skillfully with both hands. The other taller couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Stop showing off at this time, Sae. But you are right.” She glared at the foul creatures and pointed the tip of the bat at their direction. Eyes squinted and intense. In a flash, they charged at each other.

An hour later, the creatures were taken down. But only in exchange did Sayaka and Sae were severely injured by them. Bitten by both creatures, they were bruised and battered up, blood trialing in certain spots of their body. The classroom they stood in was torn apart and broken parts of the equipment were scattered around. Panting, Sayaka wiped the crimson red blood that dripped from the corner of her mouth.

“W-We did it…” she huffed as she nearly collapsed forward from both exhaustion and pain. Sae in front of her quickly caught the girl. A wince was heard from the throbbing pain that intensified with every second passing throughout her body. Specifically on her neck. Blood trickled down on the side of her head as she helped Sayaka stand on her own two feet. Despite the difficulty she herself was having and the concerned expression Sayaka’s face expressed, she was too worried over the girl’s condition. “Sae… You got bitten…”

A faint chuckle left Sae’s lips as she adjusted the weight of Sayaka’s body. “Yeah… I could say the same about you too…” she simply responded back while dragging them both out slowly to the dark, cold night outdoor world that awaits for them…

Sayaka’s eyes snapped open and found herself in the present time. Here she is, still a wolf as Sae standing nearby in her vampire state. Ever since that time, they both were still close as ever. Maybe even closer. To be honest, she had some sort of feeling that was more than just friendship. More than mutual feelings for one another. And she wished to express it clearly and freely to Sae. But as a shy type, not to mention Sae’s eyes were trained on Yuki, she kept silent about this. Not to mention the treaty. She had to be careful about that.

All she could do was observe and watch the other girl in silence. She’s just waiting for the right and proper time to tell her how she feels. And she has all the time in the world for this very person.

.....Kojiyuu + wMatsui up next anyone? :cathappy:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
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Kuminon *w* They're so cute. Poor Kuumin xD. Hopefully she's not hurt, just fall asleep **. Must be very wow in wolf form *w* - really love wolf -

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
« Reply #48 on: March 11, 2013, 11:01:38 PM »
Thanks for the update! Finally managed catch up on the chapters fully and comment :D

Great update as always!! Loved Kumi <3 Plus loves wolves so awesome combo lol. Hope she's okay too!
& wow, i was wondering what was up with Minami, felt bad for her, and now makes sense that everything is getting to her. Hope she'll be allright. Glad Atsuko is by her side to help her.

Once again amazing chapter!!! Looking forward to the next :D

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
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Kumi and Kanon scenes are great...

Sae and Sayaka bond is so strong

Minami is so stress up and upset... lucky Atsuko is there... to comfort and to cheer her up

Thank you for the great update as always

Can't wait to see the next one

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
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I love kuminon, they're so cute  :heart:
awww and i love saeyaka being together, especially since they were classmates :yep: :love:
NO! Thank you for writing it, I love all your fics!  XD :luvluv1:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
« Reply #51 on: March 12, 2013, 08:46:38 PM »
Thx for the update!

Saeyaka... so... sad T_T

And.., hehehehe Kumi no baka episode XD

Oh Minami... you're lucky to have Atsuko *pats head*
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
« Reply #52 on: March 13, 2013, 05:27:03 AM »
Takamina really frustrated...
Kuminon! LOL

So the next is kojiyuu and wmatsui, yay! Cant waht especially wmatsui LOL
I wonder how rena persuade jurina, jurina still love mayu right now

Thank for the update


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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
« Reply #53 on: March 13, 2013, 05:58:26 AM »
WEREWOLF SAYAKA IS SOO COOOOOOOL HERE, SAEYAKA  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

HOPE RENA DO THE SAME BUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY  :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
« Reply #54 on: March 14, 2013, 12:09:11 AM »
I finally catch up this story o/ And WOW This is great!

You have and amazing plot and looked like you have full control over it!

It hooked me to the point I kept reading and forget life hauahuahuahau

I feel that still there is a lot of story to be told and I'm longing to read them o/

For the next chapter, I'm curious about how WMatsui will turn out, since Jurina is kind of obsessed with Mayu. And I'm just  wondering if something happened with Yuko, but it's just a thing tickling my mind.

One more thing, how does the turning/infection happens? Just through the bite? or it need to be something else? You see, Yui was bitten by a werewolf and then by vampire, and she is turning into a vampire, but there is something off with her turning. I'm really curious about it. I hope you explain it soon^^

Thank you o/ Can't wait to the next update o/   

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
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Top 1

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 11 [Update 03/11/13]
« Reply #56 on: May 01, 2013, 03:52:23 AM »

@Llyloo: I really love wolves too! And don't worry. Kumi isn't hurt at all since they only used sleeping darts.

@arrow27: Definitely shouldn't worry too much about Minami thanks for the fact that Acchan is by her side~

@cisda83: Indeed Minami is lucky to have Atsuko by her side~

@mayuki_daisuki: I'm glad you love my fictions, haha!

@Yuki88: Kumi no Baka, LOL. I think we should have more episodes of her having her Baka moment.

@kurogumi: We'll see about wMatsui in this chapter update~

@gek geki: We'll see what Rena will do here in this chapter update~

@BbSis: Thank you very much for the compliments! I'm glad you came to like this story! This chapter will explain the entire virus and how they spread, etc. Hopefully they aren't confusing, haha.

Wish I can use emoticons, but I'm too lazy and tired to do so. So here's an update and hope you all like it~ (Hope it wasn't too confusing is what I'm worried about)

[Chapter 12]

Matsui Jurina was yawning, laying on top of the rooftop as usual. Behind her were mechanics and members that were in charge of the Air Force sector. The sound of them working on the repairs with the jet planes and other vehicles were heard from behind. Her eyes closed and arms crossed behind her head, she peacefully listened to the sound of gentle breezes brushing by in the blue sky while ignoring the background nosie. A smile formed on her face when the face of Watanabe Mayu popped into her mind.

She imagined Mayu’s cute pouting face when she tried to escape Jurina’s random flirting and hugs. Trying to get away from the individual only to sadly fail thanks to her lack of stamina compared to Jurina’s. And when she tried to land a kiss on her cheek, Mayu's face would instantly heat up and become so very tsundere. Oh, Mayu is just so adorable to Jurina.

Jurina remembered just as though it was yesterday how they met. To make it simple, they both were brought into the force just a couple years ago. The two girls were new to the environment and setting. They were just not used to being alone, especially with so many girls around their age range.

Mayu only came to the force due to the fact that she didn't have a family. She used to have a father and mother, but the two of them passed away when she was only six. So in order to hide her true emotionally sensitive side that she once was, a 'cyborg' expression was masked over her face. Naturally making her look as though she was happy 24/7 even to the point it looks 'fake.' Jurina however came just because she wanted to. Watching videos and documentaries of military squads out on the battlefield wasn’t just gruesome. It inspired her to do something for her country. Which lead to the very young girl sneaking into the squad. Thankfully Takahashi Minami wasn’t as cruel as the previous general that ran the entire AEF militia base.

The two fit each other like two puzzle pieces that were meant to be together. Upon making eye contact with each other, they instantly knew they were going to get along. Especially the fact that they both were young at age (with Mayu only being three years older). Although it started out a little rough, the two girls were inseparable. They understood each other so well and were able to share even the deepest and darkest secret that only the two of them knew. The relationship they had were much more than just friendship.

A sigh left Jurina’s barely parted lips. Her mind soon wandered over from daydreaming about the girl she really loves to last night’s incident. The smile that was unconsciously plastered on her face soon transformed into an upside down version of the smile.

It was startling to see a vampire fall in love with Mayu. Not to mention interfering with her confession to the older girl. Oh, how much she wanted to scream out in anger. ‘Kashiwagi-san… Ah, what am I to do with you…’ she thought to herself. The warning that the vampire threatened her was still stuck within her memory bank. Crystal clear was her voice echoing about keeping distance from Mayu.

A scoff was heard from Jurina. ‘Like I’m going to care about her threat… I love Mayu and will be beside her… No one’s going to get by me…’

Little did she know that despite the time of day being the afternoon, a familiar figure was standing right behind the younger girl’s laid body. The figure remained silent for a couple minutes. Just watching Jurina’s peaceful expression and observing the young girl’s actions before announcing her appearance.

“Matsui Jurina?”

“Huh? Yes?” Jurina’s eyes immediately snapped open. Thinking it was another member, she was prepared to either explain with a ton of excuses that she wasn’t taking a nap or assist them with whatever their needs may be. But not to what she had expected though. It was Matsui Rena standing right above her. Dressed in a more casual clothing and less hardcore than the previous time she saw the older girl, Jurina was shocked to find her here.. “W-W-What are you doing here?!”

She exclaimed loudly, scrambling up to her two feet. Rena had to shush the younger girl with one index finger on to Jurina’s lips in order to silence her. “Not so loud! I’m not here to do anything wrong!”

Blinking for a brief moment, Jurina’s eyes soon squinted with curiosity and suspicion. Rena’s finger from Jurina’s lips retracted away as they opened to spill out the words from the young girl.

“Oh really? Then what exactly are you here for then?”

“E-Eh? I-I’m here for…. Um… Ano…” Rena began stuttering; soon finding herself having difficulty expressing that she was here only to see Jurina. And while she was sputtering everywhere, Jurina peeked over the vampire’s shoulders to see if there were other members in the area. Hilarious enough, there wasn’t a single member to witness the situation at hand. ‘Where is everyone?’ she wondered to herself while returning her focus to the older girl. “I…. I….”

Impatient, Jurina then spoke up.

“So what do you need then? I don’t have all day, just letting you know.”

“I’m-I'm just here because I want to see you!”



Well that didn’t go so well for Rena. Blurting out her reason yet Jurina not comprehending her purpose. Confused, Jurina scratched the back of her head while staring at the older girl who was now turning pink due to embarrassment. Rena lowered her head till her black bangs were able to cover most of her facial features. “Um… So… You wanted to see me…?”


Rena yearned to tell and confess to Jurina her feelings. How much she wanted to be by Jurina’s side and love her. But knowing for a fact that Jurina had her eyes all trained on the so-called Watanabe Mayu, it’ll take a lot more effort on Rena’s part to get the other girl to notice her. Then she decided to make a move. As much as she is known to be a shy individual, she wanted to take the first step to making Jurina realize her true feelings. Not to mention that right now, Jurina probably needed some clarification even if it had to be bold. Without any warning, she gave Jurina one very random hug along with a peck on her cheek. It was a quick kiss of course. Not even lasting a full second. This action from such person stunned Jurina.

She didn’t move at all. She stayed in her spot, frozen from a mixture of shock and embarrassment. Jurina’s eyes were wide open as Rena released the younger girl from her grasp. Mumbling a couple incoherent words as her face heated up to the point steam actually could be imagined rising out from the top of her head, Rena excused herself and disappeared from the military member’s sight.

Even when Rena was long gone, Jurina could only stare out into space, trying to reassemble her jumbled mind pieces within her brain.


“I find it strange that Yokoyama-san here hasn’t turned into a werewolf back a while ago now that I think about her condition…”

“You think, Kanon-chan? I don’t think so.”


The younger nurse, Kimoto Kanon, turned her attention over to the white wolf who was standing right by her side. Daylight had already approached and Kanon resumed back to her medical job. Kumi, instead of heading back to the forest, decided to tag along and watch the girl. Right now, they were checking in on Yui. She was still in a coma, her chest barely seen rising up and down from the white sheets that covered the body. Oxygen mask was removed, leaving her only with the vital machine and IV.

Sticking her pink tongue out and opening her jaw slightly, Kumi explained to the confused Kanon.

“You see, werewolves carry this sort of virus around their body… ‘Special’ kind of wolves, I may say.”

“Special wolves?”

She nodded before speaking some more. “Indeed. Basically they’ve gone mad. Insane. Crazy. All sort of words that can describe a maniac. I’m unsure how it’s spread, but probably due to genetic mishaps or their body rejecting them.”

Kanon raised one of her eyebrows. “So aren’t you infected with that virus then? You told me you got bitten by one.”

“I did get bitten by one long ago during my high school field trip, but just because I got bitten by an infected doesn’t mean that I carry the virus.” She then tilted her head to the side as her mouth clamped shut. “I’m really confused with these things, but let’s just say that the wolves in Akihabara are clear from that virus. Clear from being placed in the ‘special’ category.”   

The youngest girl out of the two had widened her eyes slightly while bobbing her head up and down in a slow motion, letting the new information soak into her brain. Her mind then flashed back to Rino's small lecture about how the viruses are spread from one being to another...

Sashihara Rino was standing in front of a huge group. Though the size was merely a hundred members, it was quite a noisy crowd within the auditorium that she was provided. Behind her was a white board and markers of multiple colors close by on the small magnetic metal basket attached to its surface. There was a screen right above the white board; showing the enlarged version of what was written upon the board. A microphone was attached to the side of her white lab collar, providing easy access to transfer her voice across the many members' ears.

Such set-up is fit for a college classroom; Rino as the instructor and the members as the students. It's not surprising though since Minami has specifically requested for this room to be built this way on the first floor when a meeting with the entire group.

Standing in front of the crowd, Rino had to cough into her fist before beginning to speak. "I would like your attention, please?" her voice boomed through the high quality speakers that were surrounded in the room. As her voice echoed throughout auditorium, everyone's attention soon was caught. Once their attention was all focused on Rino, she motioned her hand in the air as she introduced herself.

"I'm Sashihara Rino. A friend of Captain Takahashi Minami. To be specific, a scientist that is on a search for the cure of the viruses spreading wildly worldwide.”

Taking a couple steps backward, she reached one of her arms over to pick out a black and red marker.

“Let me give you all a detailed description to the different types of viruses and the effects it causes upon living beings,” Rino spoke as she drew the letter ‘X’, ‘Y’, and ‘Z’ on the clean white surface of the board. The marker’s tip was heard squeaking with each stroke that she made. Once finished, she turned her attention back to the audience before her. Pointing the one end of the marker on top of the letter ‘X’, she opened her mouth.

“This is the X-Virus. As many of you already know, this is the virus that has started the entire plague that swept worldwide. Having originated from Australia due to some unfortunate… ‘circumstances,’ it spreads like wildfire from person to person.” Scratching the back of her head with her other hand, she switched the color black marker into the red marker. Rino began listing the effects that it could have upon the infected beings. “It’s tough being infected with the X-Virus thanks to the high technology within this facility, but for the poorer parts of the world, it’s easily obtainable.”

There was a small yawn coming from her. “The virus changes any living organic beings into disorientated creatures. Ranging from those so-called ‘zombies’ to lowly wild vampires with no mind of its own. Mainly the virus transform the being into those living dead since it destroys both the body and mind of the victim; taking it over and providing it a new life function. And since it’s a virus, they have symptoms. So it is possible to get it treated if the side-effects are deduced to being relevant to the X-Virus. The difficulty of this diagnosis though is it only creates flu-like symptoms. Thus the doctors in the poorer parts of the world would only consider it a severe flu that merely will go away on its own. However, it will progress worse and worse on its own if left untreated.”

Rino was done listing and explaining the details of the X-Virus. She then moved onto the next type of virus; the Y-Virus. Pointing at it, she tapped roughly right beside the marked letter.

“Now we move onto the Y-Virus. Many of you may have also heard of this yet never understood how it spreads and what exactly happens.” A sigh was heard from her. “This virus originated from the X-Virus; only having mutated into a form where instead of transforming to a disturbing figure, it’s well known to create ‘werewolves’ as one can speak. Unlike the infamous rumors that being bitten by them will cause another being to change into their kind, they have this… How can I say it in a simplified version… ‘rabies’ that could spread to any healthy being. Now any normal werewolves can bite just about anyone and it wouldn’t change their DNA of any sort. However, those with a special case are known to spread the virus around. They carry the virus that spread from one being to another, so you should be wary of them. It’s easy to tell observing their attitudes and actions. A sane wolf is a safe wolf as I would like to say. Now for the symptoms, it would include intense thirst, itchiness on multiple parts of the body for no apparent reason, sharpened senses and/or the habits of barking and/or growling at others.”

Rino then moved onto the last letter of the three.

“Last but not least is the Z-Virus. Also known as the ‘vampire’ creator. There are three different levels of the vampires.” The young scientist held up three fingers from one hand. “There is the light, neutral and dark version of these vampires. As the title presumes, the light and neutral are the safest compared to the dark. If I remember correctly from the statistics, many of the vampires that are neutral can have their decision affect whether they evolve into light or dark. As I had studied these creatures from afar and gathered data, I’ve noticed that the only way to become infected is to be bitten by one. Neutral vampires are normally created from being bitten by weakened vampires from the X-Virus or another neutral vampire. As for the light and dark, they would immediately side with whoever they have been bitten from. Now the symptoms from the virus would usually range from low level pain tolerance and higher sanity to its increased version. It all depends on the victim and the assaulter.”

When Rino was done explaining the third and final virus, she flicked her eyes and observed the audience. Many of the members looked as though they were either half falling asleep or staring at her without much focus. Very few were actually paying attention to her lecture. With another small sigh, Rino’s eyes closed for a brief second before reopening them. “Well, that’s all for today. If there are any more information that needs to be discussed, I will be sure to meet with you all in the near future.”

Kanon now remembered exactly what Kumi was trying to explain. Her right hand that wasn’t holding the clipboard extended out to pet the top of Kumi’s head. Fingers were gently running through the white, soft wolf’s hair. This action made Kumi feel incredibly happy, which she stuck her pink tongue out and panted like a puppy. A small giggle left Kanon’s closed lips. “Once I’m done checking on Yui, maybe we can stop by the cafeteria and get some food for the afternoon?”

Kumi’s mouth clamped shut; head turned over to the younger girl’s direction. Keeping her head still for a few seconds, she bobbed her head up and down excitedly. “Yeah! I’m pretty hungry, so hurry up then, Kanon-chan!” Kumi barked happily as her tail wagged behind her.


Kojima Haruna was sitting in her office. Her chin was resting on top of her hands, which were stacked on top of each other. Arms laying lazily on the brown shiny surface of the desk, she stared at the monitor’s screen. There was a record of Yokoyama Yui pulled up and shown on the screen. Detailed description about her health, emotional and physical conditions were listed along with her current conditions. This doctor was busy trying to deduce how to treat Yui before she wakes up. The worse scenario that she could possibly see it happening is the young girl making a massacre scene at this very base.

Her eyes closed when the two pair of eyes were beginning to be exhausted upon staring at  the bright screen for too long. “Ugh… This is just too much work…” she muttered to particularly no one. She usually works alone in the office excluding the fact that Kanon and Sakura sometimes stop by to help organize the paper works within the filing documents for her.

While mentally complaining about how tired she is, the phone connected to the wall nearby rang out loud. Its obnoxious business-like telephone ring was calling for her attention. Annoyed, she did not bother to bat her eyelids up while reaching over the phone. Her right hand grabbed ahold of it, pulled it out of its resting position and placed it close to her right ear.

“Moshi mosh…” she lazily slurred her greetings out despite having the expectancy of giving out a formal response.

“Nyan Nyan? This is Oshima Yuko desu~”

Upon hearing her name, Haruna’s eyelids snapped opened like the shades being pulled up with one pull of the attached cord. Pressing the phone closer to her face, she lifted her arms off of the desk and adjusted the white coat. She was leaning back against the seat of the rolling chair, resting against it.

“Yuko! Long time since I’ve heard your voice!” It has been indeed so long since she last called Yuko. It’s been nearly three weeks since she has last heard of the little squirrel. She was so occupied with Yui’s conditions and keeping General Minami updated with the members’ health that she rarely has time to actually sit down and give the other girl a call. A smile was slowly stretched upon her face as she heard the familiar voice speak to her through the receiver.

“It has been, Nyan Nyan! How have you been so far?”

“Tired. Been very busy with work lately… How about you?”

“I’m actually doing great so far!”

“That’s good to hear, Yuko.”


There was giggling heard on the other line, making Haruna smile even wider.

“You know, Yuko?”

“Hm? What is it, Nyan Nyan?”

“I really miss you so much, you know that?”

“…I miss my Nyan Nyan too…”

Silence between the two callers. A silent sight escaped from Haruna. The brown-haired girl really did miss the shorter girl. Ever since she went to Europe and left her behind in the Akihabara Elimination Force, every single day she wanted to have the girl back. Sure she was a nuisance and created quite a lot of commotion. Not to mention how much of a pervert and old uncle Yuko was when she was around Mayu and Haruna. But she missed the cheery and optimistic squirrel. Not having her around made the entire place a little too…. Quiet.

“Neh…” Yuko’s voice broke through the awkward silence that crossed between the two girls. “I think you should turn around for a bit… I forgot to tell you something.”


Haruna had absolutely no idea to what Yuko had just meant there, but either way she did as what she was told.  And she wasn’t expecting to see what was in front of her. The very person that she wanted to see; the very person that she was just speaking over on the phone; the very person that she misses so very much; the very person that she truly loves.

Oshima Yuko stood with her cell phone against her left ear; showing off her dimpled smile within her military suit. “I’m back, Haruna,” she proclaimed through the small device.

The taller girl sitting in the chair was in shock. Fully in pure shock. Mouth hanging opened and eyes huge from what was happening before her, tears soon spilled from the pair as she dropped the phone and ran up to the shorter girl. She gave Yuko a bear hug, nearly making the poor girl drop her only device that would contact the person that she loves. Yuko returned the tight hug back to Haruna, trying to fight the tears that were too wanting to escape from the corner of her eyes.

“Welcome back home…. Yuko.”

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 12 [Update 04/30/13]
« Reply #57 on: May 01, 2013, 06:34:07 AM »
I know I shouldn't be reading fics during class, but I can't help it,!!  :panic: :panic:

It's pretty slow progress here but it's interesting to see Rena making her move on Jurina  :twisted:

And Yui, why hasn't she awaken?  :?


Anyway thanks for the update! Rest and take care of yourself more  :panic:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 12 [Update 04/30/13]
« Reply #58 on: May 01, 2013, 12:03:46 PM »

,Ahhh I like this fic
I love the kuminon moments
And also I'm wondering what wil yuki and rena do to make mayu and jurina fall for them?
And yeahhh yuko is back
I wish I could see some oshiri sister moments

Ohh yeah thanks for the update :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 12 [Update 04/30/13]
« Reply #59 on: May 01, 2013, 02:02:52 PM »
rena is so cute!! XD :heart: :yep: hiding behind her bangs cuz she's blushing ahh kawaii!!
and she just wanted to see jurina awwww :love:
haha jurina just froze :lol:
kuminon so cute as well i love the part when kumi is like a puppy and kanon just giggles  :inlove:
ahhh too much cuteness  :cathappy: kojiyuu bear hug kawaii :deco:
i want to see more possessive yuki please :twisted:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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