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Author Topic: The Rosehouse Ladies (POLL; I need your opinions, dear readers~) [19.02.2017]  (Read 67861 times)

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 7: Scorched Hearts) [26.05.2015]
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YuiParu <3
Bwahaha poor Yui you should have suspected by the way it looked.  :lol:

Daisuki! Thank you for your update! :kneelbow:
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The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past) [01.06.2015]
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@phoenix0i: tehehehe. i can't even imagine that. i mean... maybe it doesn't look edible. just like brown rocks.  :on lol: maybe something like that.  :sweat:

@Kairi65: here it is. sorry for the wait.  :kneelbow: :sweat: :shy2:

@kuro_black29: eehehehe. is that funny -- i mean Yui at the infirmary? well yeah i guess it's quite funny.  :on lol: :on spit:

@Pokotan:  :on GJ: :on bleed:

@sastio13: yeah, Paru is saltily cute.  :wriggly:

@giotuyet: thanks for the greeting~  :kneelbow: :luvluv2: and thanks for reading too  :shy1:

@Megumi: ehehehe Yui's too kind to eat something like that... or maybe she's a bit weird in doing so? well... DAISUKI Megumi-san~~  :on slopkiss:


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i'm back with an update!  :on GJ: HOORAY~


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Chapter 8: The Salty Girl’s Past

(Yui’s POV)

Haruka’s eyes suddenly were filled with emotions. We were staring at each other for quite too long already yet she wasn’t saying anything.

“Haruka… you can tell me anything. I’ll listen…”

After I said that statement, she looked away. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk about her past… So, I decided to just keep silent.


Her voice was soft but it sounded hurt. I looked at her as she began telling me… her past.

“I was once a normal girl who studied in a normal school with normal friends. But everything changed after that incident almost five years ago…”


(Haruka’s POV)

It was Christmas season when it happened. My parents and I were shopping gifts and having a good time somewhere, three days before Christmas Day. I was so happy at that time because as a kid, I really loved Christmas. I never thought that it would bring me a bad memory… the worst memory stuck in my mind.

After buying everything we wanted, we decided to go home because mom said she’ll cook our favorite homemade meal. We immediately rode our car and stuck all our groceries on the trunk.

Drops of snow were slowly falling down. What a sight to see! The white scenery was too lovely. I was just looking outside of the window. Dad played some music and mom even hummed its melody. Everything was too normal…

That’s why I didn’t expect that something bad will happen.

The surroundings were slowly starting to darken… and there were more frequent snow drops.

We were about to approach a road curve when someone suddenly crossed the road.

It was too late if my dad will step on the brakes, so to save the person, he maneuvered the vehicle. My heart beats so fast – scared because our car swiveled on the road. It was really slippery because of the snow…

The last thing I heard was my mother’s scream… before a loud collision.

And then, everything went black.

The next thing I knew was when I gained my consciousness back as I heard voices and swirling noises buzzing in my ears.

“She’s still breathing!” Someone said as I felt myself in the arms of that person.

I slowly opened my eyes and soon enough, my body writhed in pain.

“Where are mom and dad…?”

The volunteer didn’t answer my question.

“You’ll be fine. We’ll bring you to the hospital.” Instead, that was what she just said.

I quickly roamed my eyes as they fetch a stretcher for me. There’s still the wrecked car which collided on a huge tree. But I didn’t see any sign of my parents, just some patches of blood evident on the snowy road.

“Where are they… my mom and dad?! Tell me! Please… tell me!!”

No one answered my question. I just heard some orders about taking me to the hospital.

“I won’t be going anywhere without them! Tell me where my parents are!”

They were successful in transferring me to the stretcher. I was screaming and crying at the same time. But still there’s no one answering my questions.

They began to carry me up to the ambulance – still with unanswered questions in my head.

Suddenly, the swirl of voices seems to hurt my ears. Instead, I heard the volunteer’s voice fading in a distance. “You’ll be fine… I promise…”

“Mom!! Dad!! Where—” But my vision started to become blurry. They’ve injected a dose of tranquilizer to my body. Soon enough, I can’t feel anything except for the heaviness of my eyelids.

After a couple of hours, I woke up seeing myself inside a white room…

“At last, you’re awake.” It was the same volunteer whom I met earlier.

“Where are my parents…?”

She let out a sigh. “I don’t want to be the one to deliver the news but I guess I don’t have any choice…”

She paused to let out a bigger sigh.

“They’re gone. We found them dead-on-the-spot…”

My lips trembled as I felt my heart palpitate. “No! No, this isn’t true! It’s just a dream, right…?”

She shook her head. “I’m sorry but it’s the truth…”

When she broke the news out, that was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. It left me entirely broken, feeling both my body and heart all beaten up…

Few days passed…

After the funeral ceremony of both my mother and father, I went to our house. I’m feeling alone… and empty.

I spent the night there, with my restless mind. Living in a house like that would likely drive me insane, sooner or later. Every part of our house just bring back memories of my parents – both happy memories and sad.

It was the worst Christmas season I’ve ever celebrated. The Christmas season that took all my happiness away…

The next morning, I woke up with a heavy heart. I was doing my daily usual morning routine when someone knocked on my door. So, I went to see who it was.

“Ohayo…” It was our neighbor who knocked, and there was someone else with her – a nun to be more specific.

I just stood there and stared at the two of them without saying anything.

“May we… come in?” My neighbor asked and I answered her with a light nod.

“Haruka-chan… I know you are now alone. You are so young, not even close to reaching the age of legality—”

“I think I can live alone.”

“Don’t you have any relatives whom you can live with…?”

“I don’t have any.”

They looked at each other and then both stared at me with eyes full of worry.

After that incident, they tried finding some legal action to send me in an orphanage – and they were successful in doing so. But if you’re going to ask me, I’m choosing my life back to my old house, even though I’m alone… at least, it brings me quite some peace of mind.

The orphanage I started to live in was managed by nuns. There were many children there – orphans like me. The nuns have been nice to me. There were few children who managed to get to know me, but there were also some who have never been nice to me.

They disliked me, thinking that I’m an emotionless and anti-social kid. They didn’t understand me. This is who I really am, so why will I change for them?

They began bullying me and calling me incompetent. That may be quite true. I’m not good in cooking or in sports, not focused on academics… Maybe they’re really right.

They began doing unreasonable things to me, the usual bullying which happens to weak kids like me. I didn’t tell the nuns about these… but they’ve found it out.

So, they decided to transfer me to other orphanages…

But same happened to me in the next four orphanages where I’ve stayed.

The last orphanage I’ve went to… the children there were the worst. The worst I say because they’ve even planned to beat the hell out of me.

The head of the orphanage found out, so, he looked for another orphanage…

And found the Rosehouse.


(Yui’s POV)

“That happened about six months ago… I was sent to the Rosehouse. And that same day, I met you, Yokoyama-san…” Haruka said with teary eyes. It must’ve been hard for her.

“Yeah, I still remember that day… when I was leaving the Rosehouse. I still remember you…”

“But not my name?”

I nodded. A momentary silence consumed us.

“Eh… Haruka-chan…”

She looked at me with her normal, emotionless eyes. “Yes?”

“Please… don’t think of yourself as incompetent.”

“…” She just looked down at the ground.

“I mean… you’re a cute girl. And I believe that you can do something perfectly, that you can excel on something… Maybe you just haven’t found that certain thing… But for now, please believe in yourself more… You may be different from others… but that’s what makes you special. You are special in your own ways, you must always remember that.”

After saying that, I felt another jolt of pain in my stomach. “Owww…”

“Yokoyama-san! Are you alright?” She quickly rushed near me. I can see a bit of concern in her eyes.

“Yeah…” I said that with a sincere smile. She was really cute… and I find this girl interesting.

Our gazes locked as it met. I felt like melting before her scorching gaze…

“Thank you… Yui-san. Thank you so much for believing in me.” I felt weird when I saw her blush. My heart pumped faster than usual.


that's it for now.


i don't know when i'll be back...

quite busy with school matters though.

but... well... until next time, minna-sama!

thanks for reading~

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past) [01.06.2015]
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Haruka :cry: :cry: :cry:
Yuiparu  :thumbsup
Thanks for the nice but sad chapter author-san~~

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past) [01.06.2015]
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What a tragic past Paru went through. YuiParu is progressing.
Can't wait for the other characters to reveal their past.
Thank you for the update!
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past) [01.06.2015]
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Haruka's past is sad but glad that she could meet Yui bcoz of it :cry:

still, i hope i'm being delusional but Yui seems to be dense on her feelings^^"

short update but hey! always better than noyhing! :lol:

otsukare~ :cathappy:

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past) [01.06.2015]
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Thank you for your update!  :wub:
Such a tragic story Paru had, good that Yui is there then fufufu~  :P

Arígatou :kneelbow:
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past) [01.06.2015]
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paruru... :cry:
aww yuiparu!  :inlove:
you just found paru is cute, yuihan?
yes, paru, believe in yourself more! :)
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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@Centernezumi: yes, YuiParu it is. thanks for reading this.  :shy2:

@phoenix0i: yes, the others will reveal their pasts soon.  :sweat: :on GJ:

@Kairi65: tehehee. i guess almost all their pasts were not good. that's why they ended up to be gathered at the Rosehouse. yui's a bit dense, i guess.  :on drink: :nya:

@Megumi: yeah... i had a hard time forming paru-chan's past. i lack inspiration, i guess.  :on study: :sweat: :nya:

@sastio13: paru-chan is definitely cute!  :wriggly:





 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

(i miss the pandas, though.)

Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead

(Rena’s POV)

The sweet smell of the newly-baked melon bread soothed inside my nose. It looks yummy that I can almost fancy hearing my stomach grumble.

“Mmmmm~ It smells good!” – Jurina

“I’m sure it tastes good, too.” – Yuki

The thought of having baked Melon Pan again makes me smile. Well… if there’s another thing I love, except for pain, then that would be melon pan.

Certain images of my childhood went flashing through my mind… and it brought a sense of nostalgia for the days that passed.

Sato-san and Masuda-san walked over towards our table to taste our work.

“Are you ready to have it tasted?” – Sato

“Ooooh~ It looks nice!” – Masuda

I looked at Yuki and Jurina, and we all agreed.

The older ladies each got a piece of the bread and slowly munched it.

I do hope it really tastes okay… It’s been quite a long time since I last baked… Maybe, a year or two years ago, was the last time.

By observing their faces, it brought me a sense of relief. They looked satisfied with the taste.

“Good job to the three of you. It was perfect.” Sato-san said with an amused face.

“We made plenty of these. Would you mind if we give some to each of the girls?” I asked.

“Sure. That’s a nice thing to do, Matsui Rena-san.” Masuda-san said.

Yuki and Jurina distributed the melon bread to the other girls. Since Haruka-chan and Yokoyama-san were in the infirmary, we decided to reserve two pieces, one for each of them.

“Jaa… Itadakimasu!” – Jurina

Each of us took a bite of the melon pan.

The taste melts inside my mouth. It was heavenly.

It was long before I tasted melon pan again. Suddenly, I felt a lift of my spirits. But somehow, I longed for my past… the time when I was still… as innocent as a child can be. The time when there was no sense of impurity of mind; the time when everyone would just be happy and contented living that simple life; the time when I was still young and free. Right now, I was still the same shy Rena… but there’s a great difference now. There’s no more glow of innocence in my rotten eyes. After witnessing that event, there wouldn’t be any more left.

It was that same day and that same event that totally changed me…

It happened almost two years ago…


It was just a normal night for our family… Mom prepared a usual dinner and we ate it heartily…

Dinner was usually a quiet one. Being a sole daughter of the Matsui family, it’s a usual thing to be alone. Dad was often busy with our company so was always left with Mom back at our house.

Things that night were just so normal that we didn’t expect the sudden turn of events…

After we had eaten, I was about to go up my room when we heard a loud bang of the door… Dad signaled me to hide to the nearest place I can. And that’s what I did…

I went over a small, empty, closed cabinet… Being thin means I’ll fit in. I peered right through the key hole.

I saw several men – five to be exact, wearing leather jackets and iron knuckles – who barged inside our house.

“Who are you?!” My father yelled at the unknown group.

But they didn’t answer. Instead, two of them restrained my Dad. Even though he’s trying escape from the grip, he cannot. They were too strong…

“What do you want?!” My Dad, once again, yelled. It was answered by a loud chuckle, a demonic laugh.

“What’s happening— aaah!” Mom was walking in when she was shocked as two other men laid their hands on her.

“Ooooh, you’ve got a lovely wife, Mr. Matsui…” One of the goons said.

I wanted to step outside of where I was hiding. I need to stop them. I need to save my mother and my father… but…

How can I?

I’ve got no choice but to keep quiet and watch them…

“Get your filthy hands off of my wife!” Dad was screaming so loudly, that his voice painfully rang through my ears.

But to tease him, they tore apart my mother’s clothes, revealing the white skin still covered in a tiny undergarment.

Mom was crying…

Dad’s heart almost broke into pieces as he saw how the leader roamed his hands around my mother’s body.

It broke my heart, too… to have witnessed this hideous scenery.

My Dad looked away. It was heart breaking. I can still the slight whisper of the man to my father. “If you don’t watch what he’s doing, we’ll kill your wife…”

And so, he got no choice but to watch…

To watch the impurities done to his wife – how they ruined her. His eyes were filled with tears, same as hers, and also same with mine.

But it was as if a bulb lighted inside my head. Through the narrow space, I reached for my phone inside my pocket and dialed the police. I spoke really softly so that the goons won’t hear or take notice of me. I secretly prayed that they’ll come soon enough.

Outside that cabinet, things started to become worse. All we can hear was the sound of Mom’s muffled cries as the man’s skin touched hers.

I can’t watch it. I can’t take it anymore! Dad just stared at them blankly. It was as if he was sleeping with open eyes.

Time passed by really slow. For each passing moment, I was wondering why does it need to take so long before the police arrive…?

I must do something!

But if I go out… I might probably just end up like Mom. It’ll just pin Dad down. I had no choice but to wait… wait for help.

With my poor self crouched inside this dark place, I prayed.  I was startled when I heard a thud and a loud cry… It was definitely my mother’s voice!

So I peered again through that small hole…

With my mouth gaped open, my heart broke upon the scene I saw. Tears burst out of my eyes. It was as if I wanted to scream but there’s no voice coming out of my mouth.

There, on the cold floor, laid my mother’s naked, blood-smeared body. The man stabbed it a few more times.

Meanwhile, the other two men beat my dad. He wasn’t fighting them back. With their iron knuckles, they punched him to death… Blood was splattered all around.

After they assured themselves that both were dead by now, the men departed, leaving me and my parents’ dead bodies.

I can’t feel anything anymore. I wanted to cry but my swollen eyes were drained of tears.

I was cursing under my breath until everything went black.

It felt like I was floating around in the air, but suddenly I felt pain on my back after the fall…

And then, I found myself inside the cabinet – crouched. I opened the wooden door only to see the depressing scenery. I called out to my mom. I called out to my dad. But they don’t seem to hear me…

I saw how my mother was stabbed and how my father was beaten… It was a replay of everything.

After the killing, a man turned around to face me. His eyes were dark with the lust to kill yet his face was flushed. He walked over, coming closer and closer to me. Then, his blood-stained hand touched my cheek. It was as cold as ice. Even his breathe was cold, I can feel it as he whispered something.

“Did you… like it…? You were supposedly dead already. You will live as if you were dead…

After he said those words, he vanished into thin air.


I was awakened from that nightmare.

Ever since then, I would occasionally have the sudden urge to hurt myself…

I was supposed to be dead already! I was supposed to be with my parents in heaven! I’m not fit to live in this rotten world… not anymore.

And just like what the man inside my dream told me, I lived my life as if I was dead.

I didn’t let anyone get close to me. I closed my heart from any feeling except from pain and sadness. I will be suffering forever, that’s what I thought.

After the incident, I was sent to a mental institution to rehabilitate and stabilize my mental condition that is bothered by a severe post-traumatic stress. They restrain me most of the time because I would always find ways to hurt myself – or rather, to try killing my poor self.

I stayed for one year in that institution but they yielded no development regarding my case and so I was transferred to another institution… and to another… and to another… until they finally considered their last resort, the Rosehouse.

It was weird, how the slight and small taste of melon pan was enough to bring tons of memories back. Well… as if these memories have really left my mind.

“Nee, Rena-chan… Are you alright?” Yuki asked as she noticed me spacing out all of a sudden.

“Uh… yeah. I just thought of something.”

“Oh, I see… By the way… our melon pan tastes really yummy! Thanks to you!” She said that with a really cute reaction that made me smile in an instant.

“Rena!” Yuki and I were having our moment when Jurina interrupted us.

“What is it this time?!” I glared at her. But she wasn’t moved at all. She just kept her bright smile.

“You’re great!”


It’s weird – how I suddenly felt shy after hearing that compliment from her. “T—thanks… but it wouldn’t result to that without the help from Yuki and you…”

“But it was you who lead us…”

“Yeah, I guess I did…”

The intensity of her gaze, I can’t take it anymore… It was as if it was passing through my eyes, looking at me deeper.

But her smile vanished when someone entered the room.

“Oh, Takahashi-san! Ohayo gozaimasu!” Sato-san and Masuda-san said in chorus.

“Ohayo! Can I… come in?”

“Sure thing…”

The small lady walked inside the room, looking at all our works. “I’m glad that all of you here seem to be working hard… and having fun.”

Jurina was suddenly quiet. I wonder why…

(Milky’s POV)

While the other girls were done with their work, Sayanee and I were still waiting for our cookies to be baked.

I let out a sigh. It was tiring, after all.

“Nee… Miyuki.”

I looked up at Sayanee and found her handing me a bottle of water. “Gee, thanks.” I gladly accepted it and drank from it. It felt a bit refreshing.

“What’s bothering you?” She suddenly asked.

“Huh? Nothing…”

“But you look so grim.”

“I’m just tired. I guess.” I glanced at her only to find her staring at me. I instantly looked away because I felt my cheeks get immediately hot.

It suddenly felt awkward. Time by time, it felt like her gaze was falling upon me.

“Miyuki, I guess it’s done. Look!”

“Yeah, it is.” We both went to the oven. She wore hand gloves and opened it as well as getting the heated tray of cookies inside.

“It looks good, I think. I wonder if it tastes good…” She commented as she placed them on the table. “But I believe it will. I put my trust to you…”

“Let’s have them try it.”

I fetched Sato-san, Masuda-san, and as well as the newly-arrived headmaster to try our cookies. We gave each of them a piece and they tried it. I stole a glance at Sayanee. But she was staring deeply into the headmaster as if she knew her long ago…

“Hey.” She was a bit startled. She threw a quick glare at me!

What’s the matter with her?! Why is she so moody?!

“Oishii~” The headmaster commented. I was quite pissed off because of Sayanee’s mood swings. But… did I fancy that her eyes shone a bit of happiness? Maybe I was just imagining things…

“Minna-sama… everyone has completely fulfilled this task. We wish that you all learned something from this task… not only learning how to bake… But also learning how to communicate and synergize with your Rosehouse-mates.” – Sato-san

“Hai!” We all answered in chorus.

“It was a fun experience, right? So, next time you’ll be assigned to do a task, always do your best, okay? Always give your best shot.” – Masuda-san

“I’m sure Arika-sama would be happy…” I heard the headmaster’s faint whisper.


that's it.


by the way,

i think i'll be on hiatus.

but I'll be back... most probably the last week of September.


reason: because of an exam i'll be taking. please pray for me. my future relies on this. and i'll try out for a math quiz bee to avail a discount for the board exam review. goodness. please bear with me.

but if i find time, i'll try to update this.  :kneelbow:

thanks everyone~

ps: this same thing goes with Yuri Diary and my OS area.

again, thank you~


until next time~


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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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Thanks for the update and goodluck! :fap

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
« Reply #89 on: June 28, 2015, 10:13:23 AM »
That was quite a flashback
Sayanee's quite puzzling.
Thank you for the update!

Good luck on your exams!
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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Ah! That's ok, ametakarano-san. :-)
I'll just waiting patiently with loyalty. :-P hehe.
Wish u luck 4 the exam. ;-)
Do ur best and good luck n shine brighter 4 ur future.
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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Aja aja fighting and Good luck , author-san !!!
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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Oh my god, Rena's past...... T^T

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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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Poor Rena-san T0T
Thanks for a slight of WMatsui and SayaMilky moment author-san^0^

You'll be back in last week of September?
That'll be long time, but take your time. I'll wait your comeback.
And good luck for your exam, author-san^0^
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Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead) [28.06.2015]
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This fanfic is so awesome!!!!!! Where is my MaYuki moment? I want my MaYuki moment nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :angry:

Please continue this! I enjoyed it very much

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Chapter 10: Seeking For Attention, Or Perhaps… Love?

(Jurina’s POV)

The baking session was finally over but we stayed in this room for the clean-up. Even though we have three maids here, we are still obliged to help them with the chores. It was fun watching all of us doing the cleaning most especially Yuki whom was not really subject to these kinds of work prior to her arrival at the Rosehouse.

Sato-san, Masuda-san, and the headmaster had already left to check on Yokoyama-san whom I believe was still at the infirmary with Haruka-chan.

The headmaster, Takahashi Minami… was she the one Maeda-san was pertaining to in her letter? I need to know… I need to talk to her as soon as possible.

“Mou, so tiring…” I heard Yuki’s faint mumbles as she leaned on the wall.

“Yukirin…” Rena went over and approached her.


“Here…” Diverting her gaze away, Rena offered a handkerchief to Yuki.


The princess-like girl gladly accepted it with a smile and it caused Rena’s cheek to blush.

W—what am I feeling…? There’s something pinching me inside…

The scene was so beautiful but it was an eyesore for me so I diverted my eyes somewhere else…

I saw Mayu having a hard time with her cleaning so I went to where she was…

“Hey… Do you need help?”

She nodded as an answer. “I’m having a hard time here…”

I reached out for a tray and cleaned it. The girl beside me let out a sigh…

“Is there something wrong…?” I asked her, out of my concern.

“I just… missed my old life, I guess…”

“How long have you been here already?”

“More than two months…” She answered without giving much emotion. “And I still haven’t changed anything yet…”

“Why do you need to… you know… change?”

A silent moment passed by us. Maybe, it’s better if I didn’t ask…

But all of a sudden, Mayu opened her petite mouth. “Because I—”

But she was interrupted when we suddenly heard a sound of shattered glass…

We turned our heads towards the source of the noise…

“B—blo—od!” Yuki looked very scared as she was staring at Rena. “Rena-chan!”

It was a feeling more intense than an instinct which caused me to run towards Rena who was playing barehanded with the shattered glass on the floor. A rich shade of a crimson liquid flowing out of her hands freely…

On the other hand, Mayu quickly sprang up to her feet and assisted the awestricken Yuki…

“Bring her to the infirmary! Now!” I faintly heard someone shout. It was because I feel my heart pounding loudly out of concern for Rena…

I tightly held her hand which startled her a bit, causing her to let go of the now blood-stained glass…

“Rena…” My body began acting on its own. Maybe it was because of my adrenaline. I swiftly wrapped my arms around her body and carried her bridal style as we headed to the infirmary…

(Natsuki’s POV)


“Uwaaah~ Their baked goods really made me full…” Yuka said as she patted her tummy.

Just a while ago, I saw her old self back…


When Yamamoto called her Yuttan… I saw it – her sharp glares which I haven’t seen a long time ago.

I was lost in deep thought out of concern for her and only her loud voice was able to bring me back to reality.

“Oi~ Sato! Y’aren’t list’nin’ to me, are ya?”

She was speaking in Osaka dialect, again.

“My bad…” I raised both my hands and bowed apologetically. “Sumimasen…”

“Say, Sato, what’ve ya been thinkin’… Ya’ve been spacin’ out quite too long… I’ve been speakin’ and speakin’ and speakin’, ya know?!”

“Uhm… I—” I cleared my throat first before looking down to the ground…

“I—I was wondering… why does Yamamoto-chan know you as… as—”

“Stop!! Please… Stop already… Natsuki…”

N—Natsuki?! Seriously… She called me Natsuki? The fact that she called me by my first name was alarming… It automatically brought me to stop.

“G—gomen ne…”

Then, there was a dead silence between us.

“Let’s just not talk about it now, Natsuki… Not now…”

It wasn’t Yuka’s normal tone. She was never like this… not until this moment. Somehow, it felt like I really don’t know her. I nodded and spoke lightly. “Wakatta…”

“Thank you…”

After she said that, I felt a pair of warm arms wrapping around me. I didn’t expect this. Never did I imagine Yuka doing this…

I loved her ever since before.

I love her up until now…

But I never assumed that she would feel the same. That’s why I don’t expect her to act sweet…

Anyways, it was because she was sad now. Certainly, that’s the reason. Because I made it clear to myself that I’m just a friend to her.

But her warmth was enough to scorch my heart…


“Yuka… Please call me Yuka…”

My heart was seriously thumping now.

“Y—Yuka…” I nervously said.

“I can’t hear it, Natsuki…”

“Yuka!” I said it louder. My arms arbitrarily wrapping around her body…

“Thank you very much, Natsuki…”

“Yuka… I—I l—” I wanted to tell her what I feel but I guess it isn’t the right time to confess. “I’ll always be here for you.”

Meanwhile with Yokoyama-san and Paruru…

(Third Person’s POV)


“Yes…? Do you need anything, Yokoyama-san?” Haruka asked with much concern.

“I’m feeling quite better now… I wish to go back to my room already…” Yui said as she sat up.

“I’ll accompany you.” The emotionless girl said monotonously.

“Thank you…” But Yui’s bright smile managed to bring a pinkish hue on her cheeks.

Haruka went close to Yui. She brought Yui’s right arm up her shoulder as she wrapped her left arm along Yui’s waist. “Let’s go?”

Yui nodded.

The two girls walked out of the infirmary and headed to Yui’s room…

Haruka helped Yui to her bed. “Is there anything else you need, Yokoyama-san?”

Yui gently shook her head. “Thank you very much, Haruka-chan… I guess I’ll be fine by myself now…”

“Then, I’ll go now… Get well soon, Yokoyama-san…”

Haruka went to reach for the door. She glanced back at Yui to check for her for the final time…

“See you later, Haruk—OUCH!”

Yui, once again, twitched because of an instantaneous pain she felt.

Haruka quickly approached her. “Yokoyama-san!”

“The medicine may not yet be effecting fully… But… I—I can manage…” She faked a smile even though her stomach really hurts.

“I’ll stay here… and look after you, Yokoyama-san.”


It was loud and clear. Yui’s heart skipped a beat. She looked away, afraid to meet Haruka’s gaze. “I—If you insist…”

Haruka closed the door and sat on the edge of Yui’s bed. Yui tucked herself under the blankets, still not looking at Haruka, eye-to-eye.

“Thank you… Haruka.”

Back to the two Matsui’s…

(Rena’s POV)



I cannot feel anything else except from my racing heart and a bit of pain on my hands…

“Why are you doing this again?! Let go of me!” I wailed at her but she ignored me and continued on her way.

“Jurina! I said stop!”

And she did stop…

But it was not because she was letting go of me.

She let out a sigh as she managed to open the door of the infirmary. “Rena… Why are you doing this to yourself…?”

She continued carrying me inside the empty infirmary and gently sat me on the bed.

“Ohori-san? Kasai-san?” She called out. “They aren’t here…?”

“Rena, why—”

“I don’t need your help.” I cut her words off. “I don’t need anyone else’s help.”

She took a step back with her face in awe. I expect her to leave me alone now…

She turned away and walk towards the door…

But instead of going out, she closed the door. When she faced towards me, she had that smile plastered on her face.

“I can see that you’re a bit hard-headed—”

“I want you to leave me alone!”

The girl was seriously pissing me off!

She clicked her tongue.

It just annoyed me more. My face was flushed, I know.

“I said… leave me alone!”

“Tsk tsk…” In a split-second, she was now in front of me. She held my wounded hand. “Come on… It needs to be clean. Don’t act so stubborn.”

She smiled brightly – a smile enough to melt the fury inside my heart. Again, my heart raced as she lightly dragged me towards the sink.

The cool water oozed the crimson liquid off of my hand. A surge of pain tinged my nerves. “Ittai…” I let out a sly smile.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“It’s none of your business.”

She let out a sigh again. “Okay… If you don’t want to talk about it…”

Once my wound was clean, its bleeding soon submerged. And so did the pain…

She dragged towards the bed and asked me to sit down. It was no use refusing her, so I did what she told me.

She brought in a medicine kit and drenched a cotton ball with alcohol.

Once that small, white ball touched my wound… I felt another jolt of pain. The smile on my face widened and Jurina noticed that I was enjoying it.

“Rena… You like… pain?”

I nodded.

“Naru hodo…”

That was her sole reaction.

Wow… She didn’t even ask why.

Jurina wrapped some clean gauze and a bandage around both of my hands.

“Jurina… Why are you doing this…?”

She held my arms tight. “The pleasure you’re getting from hurting yourself… isn’t acceptable.”

“What do you—”

Before I continue what I was about to say, she quickly pushed me. It caused me to fall over the soft mattress. She brought her finger up to my lips to silence me. “Sssh…”

“But you don’t understand anything…” I was looking at her and she has this really intense, sincere gaze.

“Not yet now… but I will someday…”


She swiftly moved her face near my ear. “Rena, I’ll be the one to take your pain away. I’ll protect you… I promise.” She said in a whisper. Her hot breath brought warmth on my face.

It left me speechless. Jurina quickly moved and planted a soft kiss on my forehead.


Then, she moved away and headed towards the door. “Never forget that. Jaa… Please take a rest. I’ll get going now…”

And she left me – leaving me with my heart beating abnormally fast.

At Yuki’s room…

(Mayu’s POV)

I brought Yuki here after the commotion a while ago. She was just staring blankly at the floor.

“You’re afraid of blood?”

She nodded lightly. What a weakling! It’s just blood, nothing to be afraid of!

Her shoulders started to shake… I cannot see her face because she was looking down.

“Hey, Kashiwagi—” I went near her and was about to lift her face up.

“I—I don’t like it when someone’s getting hurt.”

My hand stopped on its tracks and instead of touching her face, I brought it up to pat her head.

“Don’t worry about Rena. Jurina will take care of her…”

“I—I don’t like it… B—blood… everywhere… I don’t like it. Kowai… Meccha kowai.” She mumbled it repeatedly.


Then, she broke down to tears and the sound of her sobs echoed through the room.

She looked so weak – so weak that it made me want to protect her.

“I’m here… You can cry on me…” I said while I hugged her.

She just sobbed and didn’t move at all.

It was weird. I’m feeling breathless all of a sudden, just by having her close to me.

“Yuki… Hey… Calm down…”

I slowly felt her arms returning my hug back. It all felt warm inside my heart.

“Won’t you leave me…?”

She suddenly asked with a pained emotion.

“Do you want me to?”

She shook her head lightly. “No… Please… I don’t want to be alone even just for now…”

“Okay… I won’t leave…” I said and I can feel that it brought her a sense of relief after hearing her sigh.

Her crying soon subsided and I can slowly feel her weight pressing down on me. Her breathing slowed down and she fell asleep while in my arms…


I heard no response. She really was asleep.

I moved lightly, careful not to wake her up, as I laid her down her bed…

I was tucking her under the blankets when I felt her hand gripping the end of my shirt. She was mumbling. “You said… You won’t lea—”

“No, I won’t…” I said as I removed some strands of hair covering her lovely face.

As I was observing her sleeping face, I felt her hand tugging my shirt causing me to fall on the bed beside her… I was about to stand up…

But it was too late because her arms hugged me quickly like I was some kind of stuffed toy…

I had no choice…

But to stay right beside her… until she wakes up…


I—I’m feeling sleepy…


(Third Person’s POV)

While everyone was busy with everything else… Sayanee and Milky remained in the baking room to continue cleaning.

Milky let out a sigh as she stared at the blood-stained floor. “The blood had stuck here already…”

“Don’t touch that—”

Sayanee was about to stop her but Milky continued on cleaning the shattered pieces of glass on the floor…


“What? You worry too much, Yamamoto…”

Milky isn’t getting wounded by the sharp glass.

“But you might get—”

“Don’t worry… I’m used to doing stuff like this… I worked as a waitress before…”


“I can see that you’re starting to worry about me now~” Milky said teasingly, making Sayanee blush.

“Who told you that?” Sayanee asked with folded arms.

“You…” Milky answered straight-forwardly.

“What do you mean—” Sayanee hasn’t finished what she was about to say. She turned to look at Milky but her jaw almost dropped after seeing Milky’s brimming smile.

It was the loveliest smile Sayanee had ever seen in her life – so lovely that it made her speechless.

“Oh… Sayanee, you’re drooling…” Milky walked over to her.



Sayanee’s eyes widened when she saw Milky slip over the floor. Her adrenaline rushed and she quickly moved forward to catch Miyuki…


Both their hearts beat very fast.


Sayanee caught Milky in her arms, her face close to hers.

They were just a breath away from each other… and Sayanee cannot think right anymore. Her inner feelings took over her body and without much thinking… she moved her face much closer and closer to Milky…

“Sayanee… What are you doing—MMPH!”

Milky’s heart skipped a beat when she felt the contact of Sayanee’s lips to hers. It felt so warm… and soft. She didn’t know why… but it felt really heartwarming.

When Sayanee realized what she was doing. She quickly snapped out back to her normal self and let go of Milky.

She was really embarrassed of what she did, so she ran out of the room – away from Milky.

Milky, left all alone, was in shock too… and all she had to do was to touch her lips and once again, feel the kiss that they shared.


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