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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]  (Read 129902 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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well, umm how i should put it...that woman stalker make me want to break my own vows to not hit girl or woman but mario is right i shouldn't tainted my fist to those kind of people and what kind of man who hit a woman anyway (in fuyu's case it's different so he still a man... a gentleman)

okay haruppi (i'll call her haruppi since call her haruka makes me confused with her and paruru) she i should it the way she put "sh/sy" instead of just "s" is cute well, the real one is like that so i really can imagine her cute way of speaking

and now.....damn that drama, i know trouble will happen to this couple and it really happen.. now i wonder who will help fuyu to solve it since it looks like it's hard for fuyu to handle this alone

i actually don't want to say this say his miserable will end once he realized his dream is a bit naive but well they still 17 so i really understand

now i'm really curious for the next chapters, i can't wait good job cut-san keep it up :twothumbs

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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Drama alert.  :hehehe:

First of all, scary stalker.


Third, looks like more mischief is about to brew. And that Kato... I don't like him already.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 30 (12-09) | Loss
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@Shinoki-san, I hope I did a good job with relaying the emotions. I feel lacking with my vocabulary but I'm still I get the right emotions go through that barrier..
You're right, you can't put a bandage to fix a broken glass..

@Genkikid-san, I thinks so too. I hope his coconut styled hair is still in good condition though.. (I don't know why I said this) XD Just hoping he's having a good hair day despite the awful day..

@porkofdoom-san, She's currently suffering the shame of what she did and is having suicidal thoughts... I guess. XD
Free food! Yum! XD
I'm planning to draw him but I lack time. I'll try my best.. :)
Maybe he is just an exershays addict? XD
Uh oh... Dad's not going to like it, I guess... Hmmm...
I'll ask Sakura to give me some box of tissues she got from Music Station and give it to you. :)

@FZA02-san, Haha.. There is always an exemption to the rule.
I'm having hard times pertaining her as Haruka. XD
Let's see in the future~ :) I agree, that's naive in a sense but it is a promise that his soul has been dying to fulfill..

@Goto24-san, Uh oh. Kato-san already got an anti here. XD

WISH will be updated tomorrow (hopefully). Thanks again for reading~ :)
I love girls in short cut...

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 31 (12-30) | Kato Kenta
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Chapter 31: KATO KENTA

AS MUCH as Hoshizora Fuyu is concern, Kato Kenta became one of his worst nightmares about two years ago. This person was very respectable in the field of idols since he was the one who discovered most of the well-loved idols of the generation.

Kato Kenta was called a genius in terms of picking girls with idol potentials. At first, one would not know why he picks a certain girl but as time passes by, the girl proves that she is worthy to be in the industry and excels in almost everything. At a very young age of 27, he has already reached a lot in terms of discovering idols. His eyes are always sharp in terms of idol qualities so if you were asked by a guy named Kato Kenta to be an idol, people will automatically expect great things from you.

The same man brought Saito Asuka to the spotlight. Aside from having a prominent name backing her up, the girl was well-received because of her character that is not close to any other idol. She’s frank; she would really say what is on her mind without any hesitation. She doesn’t like acting cute which somehow felt fresh for the fans causing a lot of wota to oshi-hen to her. The girl became a favorite cover model of magazines as well, both fashion and gravure. But since she often declines gravure works, gravure magazines that features her would be sold out in a flash.

Since Fuyu and Asuka quite had a friendship back then, Fuyu went to see Asuka’s lives and guestings to the point that he has been getting a lot of attention because of him being a head turner. If he knows that the performance would mean a lot to Asuka, he would be there to support even if Asuka’s mother had already forbidden them to meet, even if Asuka doesn’t know that he’s watching in the audience.

But due to the attention that Fuyu was gaining, Asuka’s fans somehow got a bad impression of him to the point that they wanted him to be banned from going to her shows. As Asuka’s handler, Kato confronted the high school freshman Fuyu who was still trying to move on from his parents’ death.

A stumbling block. No, rather a huge boulder hindering success. Kato made sure that he properly shoved those words to Fuyu’s face leaving the scarred boy without any choice but to completely leave Asuka even he is just supporting in the shadows. He stopped going to her lives and did his best not to care about the girl anymore. At the same year, Asuka made her debut at the prestigious Jyuni Seiza (12 Zodiacs), landing in the 7th spot, which is a very big thing for a first timer in the list.

The said list is an annual event of which the fans all over the world have the power to vote for the girls they believe should be called the best of the bests. All idols are ranked regardless of how long they have been in the industry, their agencies, or even their own will. It’s a compulsory participation. You will only be out once you graduate. No one cares about your emotional status as well.

Saito Asuka is one of the living proofs of how genius Kato Kenta is. Her success as a rookie brought more glitter to the name of Kato Kenta. He is a true man of talent, success, dignity and pride. Name it all. His looks isn’t lacking as well since he can surely invite a girl out without even revealing his identity. He was a complete package but…

The whole Shingyoji household and Fuyu were all dumbfounded while they look down at this respectable guy doing a full dogeza in front of them. Kato is down to his knees, his forehead touching the floor. “Please! Let me have Fumie-san back to the contest.”

“K-Kato-san…” Fumie’s father scratched his head. “My daughter has already chosen. She is also going out with Fuyu-kun here. It will be bad if—“

“It’s okay! I will let them continue their relationship!” Kato bowed even further as if trying to bury his face in the floor. “Just let her get back to the contest. I will take responsibility of everything!”

Frustration can be traced from the voice of the guy. He is pleading like his life is at stake. Fumie’s father shook his head and grabbed Kato by his shoulder to make him stand up. “Let’s talk properly.” He said in a manly voice before putting the guy back to his seat.

They are all in the living room with Fuyu and Fumie sitting at the long couch together with the girl’s parents while Kato was made to sit on the solo sofa placed in front of them. The scary-looking manager suddenly turned into an abandoned-looking pup while he sniffs to get a hold of his tears.

“Look Kato-san, we don’t see the reason why we are talking about it.” Fumie’s father started after clearing his throat. “My daughter has already chosen not to become an idol. I know that there is a contract that she signed but can we do anything about it?”

“It’s sad to say that there’s nothing we can do.” Kato released a sigh. “You see, if you don’t abide with the contract, my uncle would just leech money out from you. He would certainly bring this to the court just to get money from you.”

Since Kato started in the industry at a really young age, he had to ask help from his uncle to support his agency financially. His uncle only approved of supporting him if he would name him as his business partner. When he got really, really famous, envy came crawling to his uncle and made all sorts of things to get him down to dust. He desired everything that Kato is gaining with the guy’s own abilities.

He got into a scandal with one of his employees which was set up by his uncle. There were trainees who were blackmailed to file a sexual harassment case against him which defamed him. Since he was dragged down and couldn’t find any way to prove his innocence, he became a slave of his uncle who, which in eyes of the people, is kind enough to still accept him back in the company but this time as a lowly manager.

Kato flew overseas to wait for the issue against him to die down. He has spent almost all of his earnings to pay for the damage to all the trainees who complained about him. His share of the company was also lessened to 10%. His uncle’s plan backfired at him because the company lost the trust of sponsors and the media itself. He then started pressuring Kato to discover more idols and that is when he accidentally met Fumie.

“I don’t want you to be a victim of his greed so please just finish the course. I heard that you are a respected veteran, Sir. I don’t want your name to be tainted by this.”

Fumie’s fists balled after hearing that. She just can’t let her father’s name be dragged into this.

Kato then reached for his suitcase and pulled out a paper. “Here is the hard copy of the contract that Fumie-san signed. Since this girl is underage, do you remember that I also had the both you sign the contract so the contents of it are properly read by an adult?”

Fumie’s parents were taken aback. It’s true that they also signed the contract because Fumie was really into becoming an idol that time. All they wanted is to support her in her dreams but they didn’t know it will end up this way.

“Since my stupid uncle doesn’t see any potential from Fumie-san, he wrote an unbelievable condition in section III of the contract. You can go and read it, Sir.”

The head of the family turned the pages and read the said section. “To prove her worth, the applicant has to participate in Kojima Haruna’s search for new idols which will be chosen from different agencies all over the country. If the applicant is not chosen, all the support coming from the agency will be stopped and her idol journey will be put in an end.”

Fuyu’s eyes widened. A smile of relief was then seen on his face. “Does that mean Fumie only has to purposely fail the course and—“

That smile immediately faded right after he turned to his girlfriend. The look on her face clearly says that she doesn’t want to fail the selection without any fight. “I got myself excited for nothing.”

“That’s right, Fuyu-kun. But she has to do the selection performance. She has to appear at that day and perform. If she fails then the 8-year contract with our agency will be nulled.”

“But…” Finally, Fumie’s mother found her chance to say something. “What if she passes the selection? What will happen to her and Fuyu-kun?”

Kato nodded once but that doesn’t mean that he is saying yes. He then turned to Fumie and gave the girl a meaningful stare which Fumie immediately averted by bowing her head.

“That is for Fumie-san to decide.” Kato finally answered. “It would be up to her to choose on that point. If she passes the selection but chooses to keep Fuyu-kun then I will do my best not to let their relationship be publicized. They could continue their relationship and I promise to protect them with all my might.”

To Fuyu, hearing those words from Kato who drove him away from Asuka was really absurd. He can clearly remember how he talked to him as if he would destroy Asuka’s bright future by supporting her from the shadows but here is the same guy promising that he would protect whatever he and Fumie have. He can’t completely believe it but Kato’s eyes show determination and sincerity.

The lad wanted to smile. It was good news for him nevertheless. They can continue their relationship while Fumie can pursue her dream. A bit risky they might say but he is willing to do anything just to keep whatever they have. But, looking at Fumie feels like something is lashing his heart. She looks like she is ready to give him up any time soon.

“Go on, Fumie.”

Fumie’s head automatically rose and turned to Fuyu’s way. Fuyu’s perfectly deceitful smile was the first thing she saw. “B-But, Fuyu—“

“It’s okay. I know it is really your dream to become an idol so go back to the course and don’t think about me. Get back there and fight for your dream.” Fuyu even tried to make his eyes smile with him to make his act more believable. “I will be fine. For someone who doesn’t have a dream like me, it makes me want to dream just by watching people with something they pursue. You don’t have to worry if you pass as well. I will always be waiting for you and I will support you all the way so all you have to do is give your best to it. I will be waiting.”

Fumie’s heart clutched at those words. How can this guy be this understanding? Even her parents are in awe with those heavy words that the lad just said. “But—“

“As expected from Fuyu-kun!” Kato put his hands together to show how pleased he is at that answer from Fuyu. “I knew that you would understand this better than anyone else! So is everything settled now?”

Fumie looked at Fuyu once more but the lad still has that faint smile while looking at another direction. She bit her lips as she took a deep breath. “All I have to do is to fail the selection performance, right?”

The smile on Kato’s face widened. “Yes.”

Her parents are worried about what will happen from that point onwards but they can’t do anything since Fumie is bound by the contract which has both of their signs as well. The conversation with Kato then ended with the agreement that Fumie will continue the course and join the selection performance.

Kato then volunteered to drop Fuyu to NHG since he is the reason why he is late. He will also personally file Fumie’s leave from the school for the following days.

While Fumie is taking her time to talk with her parents privately, the two guys went outside to wait. Kato took this time to light up a cigarette to reduce stress. He noticed Fuyu looking at him so he stretched out his hand to him. “Do you want one?” he asked pertaining to the pack of cigarettes in his hand.

“No thanks. I don’t smoke and I am still underage.” Fuyu coldly answered. He then heard the other guy laughed a bit.

“You grew up so much. I mean, you gained more centimeters, didn’t you? Your body looks really fine as hell. I won’t doubt it if more girls are flocking over you now.”

“You changed so much as well.” Fuyu retorted. “I didn’t remember that you are the type of person that will kneel in front of someone.”

The older guy just weakly shook his head and exhaled the smoke. “Life of an adult is tough, young one. I am left with no other choice and everyone whom I discovered turned their backs on me. Cleaning your name from false accusations is not an easy task.”

Kato took another lung-full of dirty air before he continued talking. “Fumie-san is the first person to trust me after I get covered in mud. Somehow I want to do my best for her to be able to reach her dreams but since she has you now, I wouldn’t mind to protect the both of you. I can’t believe that she fell for you… out of all the people.”

“What are you meaning to say?” Fuyu asked, his voice growled a little.

“Well, I mean you and Asuka were just like this before, am I right?”

“Tch.” Fuyu rolled his eyes. “How many times should I tell you that I was just supporting her as her friend that time? People’s eyes are always full of malice.”

The other guy smirked and stepped on the remains of his finished cigarette. “That’s true.”

And as if on cue, Fumie came out of the house looking a bit distressed. Then they set off towards NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. There was a tense air surrounding them while they were inside the car. It was too silent even the couple isn’t talking to each other.

It is still too early but Fuyu can feel the fatigue in his heart. His day started with a nightmare and now he is watching how his girlfriend is slowly being taken away from him. How is he even supposed to react to this? He wanted to reach out for Fumie’s hand but he is afraid that she will shake him off once again.

Shinoda-sensei was startled to see Kato Kenta filing a leave for Fumie. He filed the leave together with the girl who just stood quietly behind him. She was asked by the teacher is she is sure to whatever she is doing but she is left with no other but ‘yes’.

After filing the request, they went back to the car where they found Fuyu waiting for them. He hasn’t entered the school building yet. He waited so he could see Fumie off.

“Message me when you get home, okay?” He said with another deceitful smile. “Don’t tire yourself too much.”


The lady was silenced when she felt Fuyu’s palm on top of her head. “Don’t worry about me. Just do what you think is best for you. I don’t want you to have any regrets. Follow your heart, Fumie.”

He saw how Fumie bit her lips to stop herself from crying. She looked up to him with those teary eyes as if asking Fuyu is she could hug him. The boy smiled faintly and opened his arms for his girl. Fumie slowly closed the distance between them and embraced Fuyu, her tears finally started falling.

Fuyu felt his heart tightened so much after feeling Fumie in between his arms. He was hesitating to return the hug at first but he ended up embracing her tightly but as gently as he could. The possibility of not being able to hug the girl for a long time entered his mind and this clutched his poor heart.

“See you later. Have fun, okay?” Fuyu wiped the tears from Fumie’s eyes while trying his best not to cry himself. The girl gave him an affirmative nod, controlling her sobs.

“I’ll be back… Please wait for me.” Fumie’s shaky voice added up to the pain in Fuyu’s heart but he still managed to set her off with a smile. Their moment was interrupted when they heard the car’s door opened.

“Let’s go, Fumie-san.” Kato said with the usual smile on his face.

Left with no choice but to separate, the two said their goodbyes to each other. Kato gave Fuyu a tap on his shoulder and whispered, ‘Don’t worry, kid. I got your back.’ before leaving.

The car has left for a good ten minutes but Fuyu hasn’t moved to where he is standing. He is having the urge to pray but about what? For Fumie to fail the course even if it is obvious that she wants to be selected or for her to pass it but have their relationship at risk?

A sigh came out from Fuyu… A very deep one…


“What should I even wish for?”


NATSU was out of breath when he reached the cafeteria. He was supposed to be in a break for today since his shoot for his new drama ended around 7AM and he wasn’t able to get enough sleep. Due to his healthy, functioning digestive system, he had to wake up after getting only three hours of snoring. With his eyes half-opened, he casually visited the gossip page of NHG while sitting at the throne of glory. There he found the news of Fumie filing a leave from school to resume her training to be an idol.

His eyes suddenly opened widely as his bomb also splashed to the cold waters. There was even a picture of Fuyu taken after Fumie left. His brother looked really, really sad so he went straight to the showers and prepared to go to school.

He was reading the comments while he was on his way to the school. Everyone was wondering what happened between the couple and theories started springing out of nowhere. There were people who said that they have noticed how Fumie is allegedly distancing herself from the lad. They usually go to school while holding hands but they haven’t been doing that recently. They could also observe the awkwardness between the two.

“I guess she just got carried away. Hoshizora-san gave up on her already during the trip, right?”

“Back then maybe she realized that she is going to miss one of the hottest guys in the campus so she changed her mind and went after him.”

“I heard she was also having hard times in her dance lessons. Maybe she already thought of giving up that time so she just went to Fuyu-kun.”

“But then she changed her mind again? What kind of girl is she? She had the guy’s hope up. Now she is going back to her idol journey dumping Hoshizora who is obviously so in love with her. Sucks!”

“Well, we knew it from the start. It’s either Shingyoji dated him out of pity or to get more attention. I mean Hoshizora is one of the Shiki. He is Hoshizora f*cking Fuyu. She would really get a lot of attention.”

“Seems like everything is just a tale for Hoshizora-san.”

“We still don’t know what happened. Let’s not assume things.”

And more comments flood the said entry at the gossip page. Natsu could only grit his teeth, couldn’t really calm himself. What on earth just happened between the two? Why is Fumie off to be an idol again?

“Natsu! I thought you’re on your day off?”

Natsu’s jaw dropped after seeing his brother on their usual table, his mouth was full when he greeted his brother and what’s more chilling is he was smiling at Natsu from ear to ear.

“Come, come! I guess you haven’t eaten anything for lunch. Go get your food quickly and take a seat!”

“King! Stop talking while your mouth is full! Act like a King!” Maki, the main source of cringe, is also cringing of the energetic Fuyu. His happy act doesn’t really suit him.

“H-Hai!” Natsu stuttered and quickly went to the server to get his portion. He then ran back, spilling a bit of his miso soup on the way. He was finally settled on his seat when he noticed that everyone is gathered on that one table.

“You should go home after eating, Natsu! Look at those dark arcs under your eyes. You will disappoint your fan girls!” Fuyu cheerfully commented before getting another mouthful of his food. “Thish ish really delicious!”

“Can you please stop acting like that? You are seriously making my skin crawl.” Haru shook his head in disgust. He wasn’t lying about his goosebumps though.

“Come on, Haru! Why are you so serious?” Fuyu bumped him with his shoulder which made the president jerk. He seriously looked disgusted of Fuyu.

“The King is being possessed by a deceitful spirit!” Maki stood up from her seat with her fist up. “I will take care of you and prepare an exorcising ritual! Help me on this, Yuma!”

Yuma twitched after hearing his name. He was scared that Maki would bring out that he is Getters Yuma. He couldn’t afford to reveal his other identity to the whole school. “E-Eh!? Why me?”

Everyone froze when Fuyu started laughing. Everyone pertains to all the people that are currently in the cafeteria. Hoshizora Fuyu is giggling like a child. Has he gone mad already?

“Stop it, Fuyu! You are making us more worried about you!” Aki shouted at the other guy which made him stop laughing. Fuyu calmed down and his laughter ended with a deep sigh.

“If I don’t act like I am fine, they will not stop talking badly about Fumie. I don’t want her to be judged.” Fuyu tried to smile but he showed off a very bitter one. “I seriously don’t know what to wish for.”

The others fell silent at another sight of a helpless Fuyu. The guy wiped the sides of his lips before standing up. “I’m going to the gym to work out.” He stated, now back to his usual composed demeanor. The others just let him go. They know that he will just either play basketball or run laps. They already know that talking with him wouldn’t do anything. They just saw how he made an effort to look fine just because of one girl and that is something that they never thought the notorious Hoshizora Fuyu, who rejected girls without batting an eye, is capable of.

“Did you know anything about Fumie’s status at the course, Miyu-tan?” Maki turned to Miyu who was just silently watching them. Her heart is being pinched by the fact that Fuyu is hurt. It feels like she is having motherly affections towards the lad.

“All I heard from Fumie back then is that she always got called on during dance classes and her singing isn’t exceptional as well. But she was really into it. I’ve known her for so long and she is really an idol otaku to the point that she wants to be one of them.” Miyu bowed her head, getting anxious with all the attention on her.

“I know that the one who scouted her is Kato Kenta and I have warned her about him due to the scandal that he got involved with but she said that she wanted to trust him. She thought that she could never miss the chance s-so… yeah…”

Miyu somehow got a feeling that there is something wrong with Fumie the last few days. She is often absent minded in class and she has caught her watching what seems to be a dance practice video many times. She was unsure of what it is so she just didn’t mind.

“That Kato Kenta will really get a piece of me once we meet again!” Maki hit the table with her fist. “He already took Ashu from the King before and now he is going to take Fumie-tan!? That guy!!!”

“C-Calm down, Maki-chan.” Miyu bit her lips. “Fumie has been absent from the course for a long time. I don’t think that she can pass…” The girl’s voice trailed off when she realized what she was saying. “My gosh… I feel horrible for some reason…”

“I don’t get it…”

Their attentions transferred to the Summer Prince who is yet to touch his plate. There goes the agitated look on the pup’s face again. Maki looked at him with a troubled face.

“I really don’t get it!!!” Natsu left everyone else and followed his brother while calling out to him. He might be feeling betrayed by Fumie. He has a lot questions running inside of his head right now.

Haru released a sigh to get everyone’s attention.

“Let’s just let it be for now... They all need time to think...”



“WHAT are you doing here?”

Kojima Haruna’s jaw dropped when she saw who just came inside the dance studio. All the other girls were surprised as well but it seemed like they have been all expecting for that person to come back.

Shingyoji Fumie took a bow right after she closed the door. Kato didn’t come inside since his identity as Fumie’s manager is a secret. The girl is there to face everyone on her own. The girls she is close with welcomed her back while the others didn’t seem to mind her.

“Is your injury okay now, Shingyoji?” Anna-sensei, the dance instructor, asked her with a smile on her face. The lassie answered with a nod. Kato told her that he made injury an excuse for her sudden absence. “I’m glad you’re back. Let’s go back to practice!”

Since the selection day is getting nearer, Haruna has been coming to the practices to personally see the progress of the girls but she never thought that she would see Fumie in the studio ever again. And what’s up with the injury story? Why is it that she didn’t know anything about it?

The legendary idol met eyes with the girl. Fumie just gave her a polite bow without any expression on her face before joining the others into their practice. The dance instructor told her to stretch first before everything else. Haruna couldn’t believe what she’s seeing. The thought of Fuyu immediately entered her mind; her hand automatically reached out to her nuero-linker and visited the NHG gossip page.

Her eyes widened in surprise after seeing the pictures posted and the following updates about Fuyu. When she thought everything was going out well.

“Are you really serious, Fumie-chan?”


Sorry for the late update. Happy New Year to all of you~! :)
I was having hard times thinking of the title for this chapter. It should’ve been Throne of Glory (if you know what I mean. Haha.)
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 31 (12-30) | Kato Kenta
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you know the first time i read this i was thinking about what does "throne of glory" means but..... i guess i just don't pay attention back then and now i knew it hahaha

kato kenta.....he seems can be trusted but something smells fishy here, oh i hope i'm wrong

and now, what will happen ? or who will help fuyu to solve this things ? natsu ? natsu and yurina teamup perhaps ? (sounds interesting and funny to imagine them doing things together for fuyu) or maybe kenta really will fulfill his words (thought it sounds difficult)

edit : why would yuma afraid if his identity as the getters get revealed ? didn't all his friends already know it ?

can't wait for the next chapters

and oh Happy New Year Cut-san and the other readers may this year will bring a lots happiness to all of you  :)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 31 (12-30) | Kato Kenta
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This is so hard to predict... I really had it in mind that Kato-san is a bad guy then this back story happened. So I'm confused as hell. He supports the two but before he separated Fuyu from Asuka but I kinda get him since the two were younger and also Asuka was starting her career as an idol. Well the world sucks so he's like protecting them at the same time then. So he's like Aki-P in this world Lol. I think I canon that he's related to Aki-P here, like Kato-san is Aki-P's great great grandson  lol. I'm joking! Haha!

SOOO ANYWAY, Why is Natsu pooping? XD why does he has a special scene with not just one but TWO paragraphs dedicated to his ummm very dramatic and heart-stopping pooping? XD

And also I think that even tho Fumie won't win the contest, she'll garner attention and still debut as an idol. :3 ( i would really think I'm a genius if this idea is spot-on xD)

So that's it. I forgot that Kojima Haruna is the legendary idol here. But you know what i still can't forget that episode when they were taking a test and she was just this close to be the last in rank in their class xD she's really an airhead omygod i cant stop laughing! XD (i watched it with my BFF and it's too bad i didn't get to watch a lot of AKBs with her), so well, ehem, what I'm really trying to say... I can't imagine Haruna to be so.~ mature and ...wise. She's really cute and clumsy and really PRETTY like omg she has this luscious lips xD

Okay, so im out of topic again, so i had to cut it off. XD

And Fuyu is taping his own music scene xD he's so dramatic... He might as well still spend time with her , secretly. Like they could still hang out together, minus the touchy feely lovey dovey scene :3 Oh well, Natsu play basuke with your aniki. We need more Bromance!!!

Ps: PLEASE DRAW KATO-SAN and give him a lovelife haha! Or make him gay. (Im into BL ;):twothumbs
Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
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@FZA02-san, Yuma wants to play dual personality in the public. The model personality that he is establishing must be cool and cute. The Getters one is like a joke at times. A lot of people don't believe the things he is saying so he thinks that Nezumi would be damaged if the public got to know that they are the same person. :)
I can see that you already got the thinking of an adult there. Yes, they are still kind of naive. Haha.

@porkofdoom-san, haha. Kato-P is the handsome, younger version of Aki-P? hahaha.
Watching with your friend sounds fun. I hope I can do the same but there is no one to watch with here. I hope you can spend more time watching together. :)
Lol, I don't know if I can make Kato gay. I mean... Ehem... Let's see.

And about Natsu's scene, it was intended to break the heavy atmosphere. Sorry about that if it was annoying.. :(

I guess everyone was busy during the holidays. I hope you saw my replies to the comments before I posted the last chapter. It got less feedback than the average, I got a bit worried. LOL. Anyway, here is the next chapter. I don't know what to title it so can you recommend one? I seriously can't figure anything out. Haha. Enjoy reading~


Chapter 32:  Muffins

THE MATSUI Family is complete in the dining table after a long while but it doesn’t seem like it is something to be celebrated. Natsu has been spacing out and is only fidgeting with his food. Momoko tried her best to lift up the atmosphere but deep inside her she could also feel whatever Natsu is feeling.

Yuu put his chopsticks down; the sound it made alerted Haruna.

“What’s wrong with you, Natsu?” The father asked with a blank expression on his face. It is obvious that he isn’t pleased with however his son is acting. “Don’t you like the food served to you? Don’t play with the food.”

Natsu released a sigh in response which made his eyebrow twitched. “I’m sorry, Otou-san. I’m going to eat now.”

Yuu shook his head in disappointment before reaching his chopsticks again. “We haven’t dined like this for a long while but you’re dragging the mood down. Please be considerate.”

“I’m sorry.” After that emotionless apology of Natsu, he stuffed everything to his mouth before emptying his glass of water to push everything down to his stomach. He wiped the stains from his lips before standing up. “Thank you for the food.”

Yuu’s jaw dropped as he watched his son left the dining table like nothing happened. He was about to call him back for some scolding but Haruna stopped him by holding his hand together with a weak shaking of her head.

And with that halting from the love of his life, he just let it slide for a while until they finished eating. Momoko went up to her room after receiving a sign from her mother that she should go.

“What on earth is wrong with that guy?” Yuu asked, still can’t believe what just happened. He and Haruna are now seated in the living room watching a music show where Saito Asuka is currently performing together with the other members of that Jyuni Seiza.

Haruna took a deep breath. She reached out for her phone and called out a recently opened page. “Natsu-kun didn’t tell me anything but I have a feeling that this is the reason.”

She then showed her phone to her husband whose wrinkles on his forehead deepened even more. His eyes widened after reading the headline. He took the phone from Haruna’s hands and continued to read the whole article by himself. His agitated face somehow turned into a worried one. He couldn’t even stop scrolling even at the comment’s section.

“The girl suddenly turned up at the dance practice earlier. I was even surprised myself. I thought that she quit the whole thing for good.” Haruna rested her back to the sofa and turned her eyes to the TV screen. “I believe Natsu-kun is worried about his brother.”

“Did these two break up?” Yuu asked while still reading the comments.

“I don’t really know. Apparently there were people who already noticed them being awkward with each other for the past few days.” The former idol let out a sigh.

Yuu returned the phone to his wife and then leaned to the back rest as well. Haruna held his hand and then leaned on her husband’s shoulder. “Fuyu will be alright, right?” He asked as he caresses Haruna’s cheek; his voice tainted with worry.

“I hope he is.” The lady buried her face to her husband’s shoulder and inhaled a good amount of his scent. “I will look at the happenings… Let me see what I can do. You should do something as well.”

Yuu’s head suddenly dropped followed by a sigh. “You know that Fuyu hates me. I will only make things worse if I suddenly appear in his life.”

Her husband is acting tough but Haruna clearly heard the longing and fear in his voice. She knows well why Yuu ended up treating Fuyu a little harsh. It’s because of his eyes. Whenever Yuu sees Fuyu, he is always reminded of Atsuko since Fuyu got his mother’s eyes. But compared to Atsuko’s, Fuyu’s eyes always seem so cold. It’s as if Atsuko is looking at him with disgust, mad about the fate that she suffered in his hands. She could’ve been a big idol if only he didn’t take her.

Whenever Fuyu looks at him he feels haunted—reminded of the sin that he has done. He used another girl to forget another girl and ruined her life in the process. He knows that he should atleast do something for his sons but he just can’t look at Fuyu the same way he looks at Natsu. His conscience doesn’t stop bugging him but he is trying at the very least by supporting Fuyu’s studies and other expenses but it is late. Fuyu has grown to hate him. His fear and conscience engraved a miserable picture of him in Fuyu’s mind.

“I’m going to contact Rio and Michael. Fuyu trusts them.” He was about to reach out for his phone but Haruna stopped him by holding his hand.

“No.” She firmly said when Yuu turned his way. “How about you do it yourself this time? Don’t drive your son to other people. You are his father.”

“I know but—“

“You’ve heard of Sae-kun’s plan for him, didn’t you? If you don’t move Fuyu-kun and Natsu-kun might—“

Haruna was silenced when Yuu stood up, his phone in his hand. “I’m sorry, Honey.” He gave Haruna a kiss on the forehead. “I’m going to give Rio a call. Excuse me for a moment.”

The lady watched her husband made his way towards the garden. She sank in the sofa due to disappointment. She turned her focus back on the television and noticed that the performance is already over and the top 12 girls are being interviewed at the moment.

“Why is my Yuu like this?” She sank lower to her seat. Asuka is being interviewed and her thoughts traveled back in time. That time when Asuka was still a beginner and was still not able to handle her emotions and the pressure of being an idol.

“I don’t want to leave Fuyu-kun… I promised I will stay by his side… Why do I have to leave him?”

Those were the words of the lass when she was confronted by her manager before she even transferred to Haruna’s agency. The legendary idol witnessed all the commotion in the fire exit where she was taking a break. Asuka was crying a lot that time. She was a complete picture of frustration.

“Asuka-chan…” she called out in silence. “What will you do if you get to know this?”


MAKI just finished showering when she heard a notification from her phone. Curious of who will message her at that time, she immediately picked up her phone while still wiping her hair with her towel. Her eyes widened in surprise after seeing the username. She jumped to her bed, lying flat in her stomach.

Summer Prince AKA Perfect Zombie’s First Kiss

“Maki are you up?” Natsu asked followed by a puppy emoticon.

The chuunibyou panicked a little at the surprise chat of the Summer Prince. For a moment she didn’t know what to do until her hand automatically went to slap her face to calm herself down. She went to sit up and picked up her phone which she dropped in the process of panicking.

“Oh, Prince of the Summer Breeze! What can I do for you? What brought you into my magnificent chat room?” was what she wrote but she was biting her fingernails while waiting for the guy’s reply. How long has it been since the last time Natsu talked to her on Line? Chatting with him again made her a little excited.

“I think I’m not so perfect when it comes to this prince! I should ask my father for advice!”

One moment she is sure to get repair from the Great Scientist, the next moment she jumped in surprise of her own notification tone. It was heart stopping but she doesn’t dislike the feeling. She immediately opened the message.

“What do you think I should do to cheer up, Fuyu-nii-san?” Natsu replied with a sad puppy emoji. “He told me earlier about everything… The reason why Fumie-chan had to go back to the course… He said he understands her but it is obvious that he is hurting inside. I don’t like to see that kind of face from him again…”

Maki bit her lips. Natsu’s love for his brother is really something. It always makes Maki envy them. Sometimes she wishes the Great Scientist created another zombie to be her playmate for life but she guesses the Great Scientist grew tired of all the experiments and stopped when he finally created the perfect one. That’s why Maki swore that she would protect the twins with everything that she got. They are her precious brothers.

“Everything will be alright, Natsu. Let’s trust Fumie-tan. I believe she can’t just give up the King. Don’t you remember that they were the past’s—“

Maki suddenly stopped with whatever she was typing. “What was I going to say again? The past’s what? Mah, whatever.” Shrugging her shoulders, she deleted the last sentence and sent the message.

“I’d be really mad if Fumie-chan passed the course and then continued with it. She knows well that she is the happiness of my brother.”

“You should try to understand my minion, Fumie-tan, as well. It is her dream to be an idol.”

“Can’t she just treat Fuyu-nii as her happiness as well? Fuyu-nii is going to break really bad if she pursues her dream. You knew well what happened when he and Asuka-chan stopped seeing each other because of the damned idol life.”

Maki sighed. She remembers well the aftermath of their separation. Fuyu thought that everyone is being taken from him one by one so to save himself from the trauma, he was the one who started distancing himself from them. His visits to Maki’s manor became seldom, he would only come if he was called by General Togawa. He stopped smiling. It was only when he found the girl of the scent when he started laughing again.

She knows that it is unfair to Fumie’s side. She believes that Natsu somehow thinks the same way but they just can’t help but to worry about the other guy. Fuyu has experienced enough heartache. Adding more to it might end up completely destroying him. And they aren’t talking about anyone here; they are talking about the girl that he has been searching for all of his life.

“Don’t exhaust yourself in worrying, Prince of Summer! Everything will be alright!”

That is what Maki replied but deep inside she worries about the future as well. She can’t fully assure Natsu that everything will go in accordance of everyone’s happiness.

“Maki… If you don’t mind, can we use your house again? Let’s play this weekend. I’ll ask Fuyu-nii to get an off from his work and I will bring Yurina and Manaka as well. I know it is like hell for him to wait for the outcome of Fumie-chan’s career. Let’s entertain him even for a little bit.”

Maki’s eyes twinkled at what she read. The idea of Yurina and Manaka coming made her excited. It was like a dream for her to play with the other twins. Ideas came flooding her playful mind.

“I will prepare my castle for your return, Prince of Summer!” she sent with an amazing amount of smileys. She soon received a reply from Natsu that made her heart quake.

“Thank you, Maki. Anyway, when will I get my second kiss? I’ve been waiting for it since forever!”

The girl’s cheeks burnt that you can fry an egg on it. She stood on top of her bed, took a deep breath and pressed the record button of the said messaging application.


Her voice echoed throughout the whole mansion.


THE WHOLE practice session is playing back in Fumie’s mind as she is on her way back home. She is riding Kato’s car, she was surprised to see him waiting by the subway entrance. The guy said that he came to pick her up and told her not to worry because he is just trying to avoid being seen by the management of Kojima Haruna’s agency that’s why he waited somewhere else. They might give Fumie a plus point if they find out that Kato Kenta is the one managing her.

The guy also said that he wants to help her that he would start to act more like a manager to her hence the free ride. He’ll be going to pick her up from home and send her home as well. As long as the course is going, he will be managing Fumie’s schedule.

The whole session was like hell for Fumie since she was at lost at the formation and everything. She couldn’t follow the routine at all even though she was giving her best to learn as fast as possible. The thought of it being a good way for her to be out of the contest came into her head but the feeling of failing without even trying is something that she can’t accept at all.

The girl massaged her temple as she has been thinking the whole day. She couldn’t erase Fuyu from her mind at all. She wanted to message him during breaks but she has to be careful or else someone might see her chatting with a guy. She wanted to give him a call right after she went out of the building but with terrible luck, her phone is already dead when she went back to it. Fuyu hasn’t bought a new neuro linker as well since Yurina destroyed it.

“Fumie-san…” she was suddenly dragged out from her thoughts at that call from Kato. “For the meantime you have to be careful. Since the selection is coming up, the tabloids are making their way to the lives of the hopefuls. Be careful in meeting Fuyu-kun.”

Great! The girl released a sigh as her heart was once again filled with disappointment. Just when she thought she could drop by to see Fuyu came the warning to be careful of paparazzi. She just hopes that no one took a picture of them when they go to school and going back home. They were always walking hand in hand back then. But who is she to worry about that? She wasn’t that big of a name in the first place, no one would be interested to get a photo of her dating. There isn’t anything to worry about the gossip page of NHG since they didn’t put up any of those photos and the site is highly secured.

Kato, noticing the disappointment at Fumie’s face, gave out a snicker to lift up the atmosphere. “You have to bear with it for the meantime, Fumie-san. It would be harder for you to meet if you debut as an idol so whatever the outcome of the competition, I want you to consider what you think would be best for you.”

The lass weakly nodded and then turned her attention to the view outside the car. “I want to see Fuyu-kun…” She blurted out of desperation.

The manager smiled faintly. “I understand what you feel but it is best to be careful for now. It is for the both of you as well. After all of this then you can go back to your normal life again.”

“But I also want to be an idol…”

Silence followed that weak confession from the girl. They were caught in a red light by the intersection. Kato took this time to make a confession as well.

“You see, Fumie-san… The first time I saw you I really thought that you got what it takes to be an idol. It was like I found hope in my miserable life once again. You were on an amusement park with your parents and then you got lost. For someone of your age, getting lost was a really funny thing but you made it so cute to the point that I can get a heart attack from the cuteness.”

Fumie scratched her head, “Kato-san… That’s a little bit…”

“You were waiting for them in front of the carousel since you were so embarrassed to go to the information desk to ask for help. You were waiting there like a princess eagerly looking forward to meet her prince. The whole amusement park was busy and the carousel lights were all sparkly but you still managed to shine brightly among the crowd. That was really amazing.”

The manager smiled remembering the first time she saw Fumie.

“I know I might sound creepy but I was looking at you the whole time you were waiting to be found by your parents. How on earth can the presence of a single girl silence the festive howls of an amusement park? I was pondering about that and hope lighted up on me for the first time in a long while. I thought that I found the next big thing that will sweep the whole Japan in awe.”

The lights turned green and Kato stepped to the gas even before the cars behind him started honking. He then continued with his story after taking that break.

“I was so happy to find out that you want to become an idol as well. I thought that I finally found my break again. The thought of bringing an idol that can beat Asuka who was of my discovery as well is like breaking a world-record that I set myself.”

Fumie gave out an awkward laughter. “M-Me? B-Beating Ashuu? You must be kidding, Kato-san. I can’t even dance properly.”

The guy answered with another laugh. He couldn’t say that Asuka couldn’t even skip when she started training but she turned out to be a very amazing idol.

“I mean it, Fumie-san. What I am trying to say is that all this time I believe you were born to be an idol.” Kato flashed a smile that was somehow tainted with disappointment. “But yeah, the hope I was holding on to fell in love with a guy which is a taboo in the world of idols. That’s it.”

Fumie clenched her fists. It isn’t like Fuyu became a bad influence to her. The fact is he is helping her with studies and everything. “I-I… I believe Fuyu-kun and I are somewhat meant for each. I believe that something led us to meet.”

The girl jerked when she heard laughter from the one driving. Somehow that laugh irritated her.

“But you just said earlier that you want to be an idol.” Kato said in a tone that’s a bit challenging. “You see, in this developed world, no one is seeking for love anymore. The love game is just for high school students. Once you step out to the adult world you will realize that there are more important things and love is something imaginary.”

Feeling the heavy stare from his talent, Kato took a look at Fumie and the girl’s surprised reaction kind of make him wanted to snicker.

“I’m sorry. Did I say too much? I’m sorry for corrupting an innocent kid’s ideals.” He rolled the stirring wheel to the left, straying from the original route to Fumie’s house but the girl didn’t notice it since her sense of direction is nowhere to be found.

“But I think if what you said that the two of you are destined for each other is true you’ll end up being together no matter what. You guys are still young. You can spend time to improve yourselves, get a career and live your single life to the fullest before getting married. I still believe to what I told you earlier, Fumie-san. You were born to be an idol. When I first saw you, you even reminded me of…”

Kato’s voice trailed off. His expression changed as he couldn’t figure out what he was going to say next. He took another look at Fumie, trying to figure out something.

“When I first saw you I thought you have a striking resemblance with someone but looking at you now it feels like you are you… I mean… I couldn’t think of anyone who looks like you anymore…”

The manager shrugged his shoulders. His face brightened up when their destination came into sight. He stopped the car which made Fumie surprised. He reached out for his wallet and handed her his check card. “Can you buy me something from that store?”

“Eh?” Fumie looked outside and her heart almost jumped off of its place. She turned back to Kato with teary eyes. “Kato-san~”

“Go on.” He gestured for her to go with a smile on his face. “I’m really starving and I’m craving for some muffins at the same time.”

Fumie gave him a nod. She excitedly unfastened her seat belt and opened the door. “Thank you so much, Kato-san!”

“No worries, take your time.”

Fumie went out and went straight to the muffin store. It was about time for the store to close and the good-looking male worker was already seen cleaning the shelves. There were no other customers that time which made it a really good time for a visit.

Kato saw how surprise drew out of Fuyu’s face when he saw who entered the store. He almost dropped the tray that he was holding but Fumie was fast enough to catch the tray with him. Fuyu placed the tray on a shelf and turned to Fumie. He still couldn’t believe that she came.

“What are you doing here?” Kato read the other guy’s lips. He couldn’t read what Fumie said since she is facing the other direction but he saw that she pointed at his car. She even waved at his way. Fuyu gave a bow as a greeting. Kato wanted to laugh at his startled face.

Since his car is heavily tinted, he lowered his window and stuck his arm out to wave. He then gestured for them to continue talking to each other. Then a smile drew out of Fuyu’s lips, giving another bow but this time as a sign of gratefulness.

The two continued talking and came to the point where Fuyu was about to pat Fumie’s head but stopped midway. It was his way of saying, “You’ve worked hard. You’ve done well.” but his hand automatically stopped, thinking that it might be wrong to do it especially Kato can see them.

What happened next somehow surprised the two guys. Fumie lowered her head as if asking Fuyu to go on and pat her head.

“Oh gosh! That was just too cute!” Kato squealed inside his car. Even Fuyu was left blushing by that gesture. He took a look at Kato’s way before finally giving Fumie her desired pat.

The girl was so pleased. She felt like all the stress that has been building up the whole day suddenly vanished at this one gentle gesture of her boyfriend. Filled with happiness, she initiated a hug, putting herself to the safest place that she could think of. Fuyu returned the hug, jailing the girl in his lean arms. When Kato just told Fumie to be careful earlier...

“Don’t worry about me. Just do your best so you won’t have any regrets. I can wait no matter how long it is.”

Sometimes he is really amazed at how good he is at lip reading. He was even able to read that long line from Fuyu. Kato took a deep breath. Somehow, watching the two makes him all stuffy and wants to smoke.

“I hope there are still muffins left for me.”


MAKI WAS busy preparing her castle as the attendees have already their confirmed their appearance. Natsu and his clingy sister, Momoko, will be coming. Yurina and Manaka agreed to come as well. Sadly, Aki is still doing the promotions with their album so he couldn’t come but promised that he would come if the schedule loosens up. Miyu confirmed her attendance since she’s free the whole day. It could be a perfect chance for the Miyu and Aki to hang out but careers stood between them once again.

The busy president of the Student Council passed the invitation since he has to tour his fiancée to their buildings around the metro. Despite the business, he entrusted Fuyu to Maki telling the girl to do everything to keep him occupied. Of course Maki answered with a salute.

Of course the main guy would be coming together with their favorite boy, Yuma, who said he won’t be coming but immediately changed his mind when Fuyu said that Maki got a grand mansion.

She just finished checking the ingredients for the feast that their chef is going to prepare for tomorrow. She made sure that it won’t be a disappointing basket of sandwich like before. The Perfect Zombie wants to destroy everyone’s diet especially Miyu’s. She’s also up to feed Yuma a lot since she likes the expression at his face whenever he sees good food. He’s like an excited child in a tour of a candy factory.

“Everything is set!” she exclaimed while looking proudly at her preparations. She was about to send another message to that one person who hasn’t confirmed her attendance when she heard her mother calling out to her.

She knows that her mother tend to over react at things but she couldn’t help but to worry. Her mother sounded so excited but terrified at the same time so she rushed down the entrance of their mansion while running like a ninja, thinking that it will make her the fastest girl on earth. She slid down the staircase and tumbled down before reaching the ground ending up with the superhero landing.

“What can I do for you, your majesty—“

Her jaw dropped right after she lifted up her head. She saw her mother on the arms of a man and that guy is none other than the Great Scientist, smiling at her, proud of his daughter’s perfect superhero landing.

“Hello, my princess. Daddy’s home~” General Togawa greeted his daughter with a huge smile on his face. His left eyebrow taped with a bandage. It still looks swollen.

Maki slowly stood up. “W-What happened to your face, Dad—“

The girl got even more shocked when she saw that her father is only standing upright through the help of a crutch, his right leg covered in bandage as well.

“N-No way…”

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When I read the part of Kato explaining to Fumie how he met her, it sounded like he was inlove or something. And also a hit stalkerish but then they drove to fuyu's bakeshop so he was like an anchor for the both them and then Kato began like this:

“Oh gosh! That was just too cute!” Kato squealed inside his car.

Okay... i know that I've requested for Kato to be gay but... Is this the best that you could do? Though eventually I was laughing my heart out with the squealing part xD omg, Cut-san, ottoke? XD this is so gay xD i love it!

And then the cliffhanger! Is General togawa's leg okay? Did he lost his leg of something? My genius braincells is telling me that this would push Fuyu to be Maki's hubby. Or! A chance for Maki to mature, or! Natsu will be like act like a slave for the General in favor of his daughter's hand (maybe the SECOND kiss will happen in front of THE PARENTS XD)

So yes, here's my title entries for this chapter:

1) "Caress my head, I miss your hand, yobo! —Fumie to Fuyu"
2) "Killing Me Softy by Fuyu"
3) "Kato's (Very Naughty) Secret *smirks*"
4) "Look for The Missing Leg on the next chapter bc Cut-san decided to end it with a cliffhanger!"
5) and here's the more serious title I could ever think of, "Muffins!"

Ps: yuu is ... kind?
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Yo! Yo! Yo! Wazzup! I'm back! So here's my thoughts for today's update.

Yuu is such a tsundere-ish. why can't you just be honest to yourself, otou-san!

NatsuMaki and FuFu is sailing!!  :shy2:

She knows that her mother tend to over react at things....

Wait! I know someone who's exactly like that!!  :yuki:

Hello, my princess. Daddy’s home~” General Togawa greeted his daughter with a huge smile on his face. His left eyebrow taped with a bandage. It still looks swollen.

Maki slowly stood up. “W-What happened to your face, Dad—“

The girl got even more shocked when she saw that her father is only standing upright through the help of a crutch, his right leg covered in bandage as well.

What the heck happened!!

P.S Thanks for today's update and cliffhanger Author-sama!

Btw, this should be today's title entry: Summer Prince AKA Perfect Zombie’s First Kiss

P.P.S Oh! Before I forgot, remember what I've told you that I have read TTM so many times? Here is some "facts" (I guess?) or connection(?) between TTM and Wish (In my own opinion).

1. In Wish, Haruka is the daughter of the owner of the Muffin store. If you read KODAMA HARUKA (I) Muffin is mentioned. (Very sneaky of you Author-san!)

2. All of Shiki's little sisters have a cameo on TTM.  IDOL ALL STAR - SERIOUSNESS + 46G arc which Techi, Yuuka, Momoko and Neru appears and KODAMA HARUKA (F) where Manaka appears.

3. In TTM, Yuko mentioned this:
“You are the combination of our characters in Majisuka Gakuen!” Yuko declared with a huge smile on her face. “What will be your name? Hmmm… Atsuko plus Yuko… Hmmm…”

I'm kinda happy that you didn't named Fuyu, KoKo(Ko)?

“How about add Mariko to make it KoKoKo?”

Their eyes transferred to the only member of 1.5 Generation who just came inside the room. She gave a salute on Maru with a troll smile on her face.

4. In TTM, Ashu appear in NOGIBINGO - FLASHBACKS arc.

5. Lastly (?), Kato-san appears in Things That Mix | Plus RED Part III: ONE OF THESE NIGHTS arc.

P.P.P.S See you on the next chapter!!!
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these damn cliffhanger makes me want flip something, oh my
but let's see :

1. yuu, he is really a tsundere, but i get why he acts like that but perhaps he just need some boost to do what he should do
2. maki and natsu , damn these two chuunibyous are so ridiculously adorable and funny i wonder what will happen if you put these two hang out alone
and damn natsu, i guess stress makes him wanting a kiss from the zombie even more
3. didn't expect yurina will come to maki's mansion, i bet she will just keep cringing when she watch maki,momoko, and natsu's antics
4. kato-san seems a really good guy and what's that ?  fumie reminded him at someone ? i wonder who ? oh it seems he is fufu's shipper haha
5. maki's mother is...."the reaction queen" ? but then how about yuma ?
6. seems the general is injured, i'm afraid it will starting new problem
7. i really like those words from kato-san about "live your single life to the fullest and then get married" i hope people in my country can think the same

and i guess i knew what's general togawa's offer to fuyu (and natsu) don't tell me.......he wants them to join him ?
and also when maki's says that fuyu and fumie are past's someone ? is it paruru and maru ? if it was why maki seems forget them or everyone else start to forget them as well ?

i can't wait for the next chapter since this cliffhanger is so...grahhhhh, keep it up your good work  :twothumbs

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since I finished chaps 28-32 in one go.
btw, hi Cut-san! sinnersconfession here~ :D

chap 28

I wonder why Fuyu called Miyu as Miyuki all of a sudden.
Serves that foreigner right!! :P2
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chap 29

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chap 30

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chap 32

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@porkofdoom-san, Haha.. I'm sorry about that but I don't think I will making him that way. He got quite a background story so let's see. XD I'll be using your recommended title anyway~ Thanks for the suggestion! :) so Chapter 32 will be entitled Muffins! Haha.. The other suggestions are all funny I almost choked. haha

@MatsuiLee-san, long time no see (in the comments!) haha. Thanks for sharing your theories and discoveries~ That's really nice!Thanks for re-reading TTM again and again. I'm honored~

@FZA02-san, you know, I really thank you for the time you are giving just to express your thoughts for each chapter. :) I really appreciate it! It feels really exciting to read all of the readers' thoughts about the fic. Of course, all comments are special to me regardless of the length. We all have our way of expressing things anyway. :) Thanks to all of you!
Let's go back, thanks again for sharing all your thoughts. They will be answered in the next chapters and quite sharp there to notice that they have been forgetting things. XD

@sakuramiyawaki-san, ohh! I didn't know that you use this username here. Welcome to the WISH thread here in Jphip. Haha. Thanks for the comments for the last chapters. :) I hope to see you here more often. :) So the questions now are like:
1. Who is Haru's fiancee?
2. Is Kato and Yuu really nice guys?
3. What is Yuma's role in the past and Haruppi's role in the present?
4. Will Fumie pass the course?
5. Will Cut still be able to live after seeing Paruru's first on-screen kiss with a guy?

Haha. anyway, thanks to all of you who are still reading this story~ I hope you are having fun. Here is the next chapter~ :)

Chapter 33: The Zombie, The Prince and The General

*NATO phonetic alphabet


MAKI HEARD a gunshot which made her tremble to where she is hiding. She heard someone shout due to pain then she tried to peek who it was and saw a body leaning on the cargo vessel. His shoulders tainted with red fluid.

“This can’t be!” Maki clenched her teeth. She got a feeling of who did that but she doesn’t know where she could find him. She knows that he might be camouflaging somewhere. It will be a big trouble if she gets caught. Her head will immediately roll in the ground if she goes all careless.

The Perfect Zombie could hear the loud thumping of her heart. For a moment she was amazed on how an artificial human being like her can have that perfectly beating heart but it is not time to adore the great works of her father. She has to take revenge no matter what. She quickly made her way out of the huge pipe where she was hiding and rolled to the nearest container.

She looked around and was able to breathe for a while after knowing that there are no enemies inside. Her walkie-talkie suddenly got signal which made her surprised for a bit.

“This is Yankee. I got one of them. I killed Oscar!”

Maki reached for her radio and put it in front of her mouth. “Good job, Yankee. Stay well-hidden. Foxtrot will get you if you mindlessly go for a haunt!”

“Roger that, Zulu!” Her transmitter was cut off for a moment but it went back soon after. “What’s up with these weird code names anyway? This is too cring—“

“Shut up and do your job, Yankee! Do well if you don’t want to lose—“

Maki heard another gunshot but what’s more scary was the shout she heard from her radio.

“What the— Yankee, no way!!!”

Maki gritted at the loss of another companion. It shouldn’t be this way. She just can’t let all her friends die in this battlefield. On the other hand, she has to protect the Prince, November, with all her might. She can’t just accept defeat like this.

“Foxtrot, I know that it will be hell to fight you.” The Zombie raised her gun and cocked it. She miserably failed halfway though but she didn’t care about that like she always does with all her cringey mistakes. “I have dealt with hell long ago and I don’t mind going back there just to protect Prince November!”

She was about to take another peek outside when she felt a tap on her back making her shriek with no voice coming out of her as a hand immediately covered her mouth. The Zombie struggled to free herself but all her strength faded out when she found out who it was.

“Prince!” She almost shouted after being turned around by November. His beautiful, blonde hair can be seen straying off of his helmet. He gestured Maki to keep everything down. “What are you doing here? I thought I told you to hide properly!”

“I just can’t hide and watch everyone of you dying before my very eyes!” The Prince clenched his fists as he remembers all their comrades who already lost their lives at this dreaded battle. “I’m going to fight as well! It’s only the two of us left, Maki!”

Maki, hearing her real name being called by the Prince, was taken aback. She felt her heart quake stronger as the stare of the Prince go deeper into her whole. The Prince removed his goggles to take a better look of the beautiful soldier in front of her. He then went to caress her face as gently as he could.

“Maki, before we even get killed… Can I get my second k—“

Maki immediately turned her face to another direction. She picked up her gun which she dropped when she got surprised by the Prince’s arrival. “I can’t do that, my Prince. I am your soldier and I am here to protect you.”

“You guys are going to be so dead.”

November kicked the dropped walkie-talkie farther before annoyingly whispered. “Dead people don’t talk anymore, Yankee.”

The Prince turned back to his precious soldier who is all ready to face the battlefield again. His face went back to his actor face. “Maki… at the very least give me the second—“

“Prince…” Maki called with a serious face. “It is not that we are going to die in here. It’s not that I’m going to let you die in this battle!”

The Prince slapped his forehead. His words are not getting through the girl at all. Well, just like what Foxtrot always says, he has to get with everything that Maki is putting up. He wore back his goggles. He knows how sharp Foxtrot is as a shooter but he didn’t know that it is at this level. He can’t let his handsome face be damaged.

“Hellooo~ Is there any enemy here~~?”

The two were alerted at the sudden appearance of India who isn’t even holding her gun upright. She is carelessly roaming around calling for the enemies.

“I’m going to capture her and have her as our hostage.” The Prince stood up from where he is hiding but Maki hurriedly stopped him.

“Don’t go anywhere, Prince! It is obviously a trap!”

“Don’t worry, Maki. It will be alright.” The Prince gave her a tap on her shoulder before leaving the container van where they were hiding. She tried to go after him but the next scene shocked her core.

Several gunshots were heard and the Prince slowly fell down to the ground. He turned to Maki’s way before his body finally hit the ground. With his face tainted with red fluid he whispered, “Nii-san… You shot me in the body like four times but how dare you shoot me in my handsome face?”

The Prince fell on his back, breathing heavily as he looks at his red paint-tainted uniform. The Zombie then shouted in anguish and shot India to her leg making the girl shout in pain.

“If this gives me a bruise, I might not be able to forgive you, Maki-chan! I have a photoshoot tomorrow morning!” The eliminated India marched away while puffing her cheeks like a cute puffer fish.

Maki ran towards the Prince, risking her life, knowing that Foxtrot might get her head at any moment. She even dropped her weapon and grabbed the weak hand of the guy.

“Prince, hang on! I’m going to bring you back to the camp!” Maki shouted, her eyes welling with tears. “You can’t die in here! I promised to protect you!”

The Prince coughed a few times, a silly smile pasted on his face. “I’m sorry, Maki. It was my fault for being careless.”

“No! Don’t talk anymore! You’ll make your injuries worse!”

“What on earth is happening with the two of them?” Yurina, who got the codename Yankee, asked someone who is heavily camouflaged with dried weeds and leaves. The guy isn’t moving and is keeping his eye to his rifle scope. Sitting beside him is Yuma, who is called Uniform in the battlefield; the first one to be eliminated. His uniform is still stained by the red paint they use as bullets.

Yurina sat beside Yuma who is busy munching popcorns. “Eat some, Yurina-chan.”

The girl shook her head in disbelief but she then removed her gloves and took some popcorn. “It’s amazing how you could prepare popcorn that fast, Yuma-san.”

“I got eliminated first so I got plenty of time. I knew that this will happen!” Yuma took another handful of popcorn and shove it to his mouth. His eyes are fixed to the current drama happening between Maki and Natsu. “Look at how realistic their acting can be!”

Yurina rolled her eyes. “It’s just a couple of chuunibyous! How on earth did this paintball game turn into a dramatic scenario?” She took more popcorn and turned to the sniper beside them. “Do you want some, Nii-san?”

“Maki…” Natsu, codename: Prince November, slowly reached out to caress Maki’s cheek. He tried to wipe her tears away with the little energy left in him. “I’m sorry for not being able t-to protect you… I-In my next l-life I promise that we will win this war—“

“Shhh! Stop saying that! You’re not going to die!” Maki held tightly on to the arm that is caressing her face. “I can ask my father to revive you back! He can heal you! You don’t have to worry!”

“I’m sure Fuyu-senpai hit Natsu-senpai in the head.” Yuma munched more snack.

“I’m sure he did. If this is real bullet probably he is already in hell.” Yurina did the same.

“Well, they are in their own world again.”

The two shrieked when Miyu suddenly appeared beside Yuma, getting popcorn from Yuma’s box. The fisher just smiled at them and gave them a V sign.

“When did you even get there!?” Yurina asked loudly, trying to hide how terrified she was.

“Yeah! You almost killed us!” Yuma seconded.

“Who got killed?”

They shouted in surprise once again, spilling a lot of popcorn to the ground. This time it is because of Momoko who is already sitting beside Yurina. Momoko just laughed at the pale face of Yurina before clinging to the other girl’s arm. “You eliminated me, Yurina-chan! Do you really have to shoot me in the face?”

“Shut up! You got an annoying face that’s why I made sure to hit you in the face!”

“SHHH!” Miyu silenced the cat and the mouse. “The movie is still on-going.”

“I wonder how Maki-san can cry that fast.” Yuma wondered, taking a glimpse of the statue-like Fuyu as if he is directly asking him the question.

“Maki is using eye-drops.” Fuyu answered in a monotonous voice.

“Wow! You can see even that, Fuyu-nii-sama?” Momoko marveled while wiping the paint off of her face by rubbing her cheeks to Yurina’s uniform. The other girl couldn’t help but to cringe.

“M-Maki…” Natsu called out once again, now with a weaker voice. “I-I’m going now… B-But… Before I go, c-could you give me the second kiss?”

Blood rushed up the Perfect Zombie’s face. Her beloved prince is fading away right before her very eyes. “D-Don’t die, Prince! I will give you all the remaining kisses I can give if you only live!”

Natsu coughed badly and his breathing started to falter bit by bit. “I don’t have any more time, Maki… Take this as a command from your prince… The last command.” His hand caressing Maki’s face fell down limply. “Give me the second kiss…”

“P-Prince…” Maki called out to the dying Natsu. She took a deep breath, clenching her fists. She slowly lowers down her face towards Natsu, their face growing closer with every second. Natsu started to shake in excitement. This is the first time after a long while that his heart feels like exploding. He has starred with a long of cute actresses but Maki is really out of his league. The girl never fails to surprise him every time.

Was it because he fell in love with her since they were young? At a young age he already knew that his heart was captured by the peculiar girl who doesn’t play with dolls but with zombie stuff toys. Or was it because he wants to be like his brother who has a girl in his mind? Was it just an influence? At times it can be a little confusing but for Natsu, he is sure that no one makes him blush like Maki does.

Their lips are about to touch when a gunshot was heard. Those who were watching flinched in their places as the popcorn is being shared in the middle of them. All of their attentions are fixed to the happening scene. Yuma and Momoko even got their jaws hanging at the turn out of the events.

Maki slowly turned to her back where she saw Alpha pointing the gun to her of which the nose is still smoking. Little Manaka is trembling a little; the whole game somehow traumatized her. She doesn’t really like violence but there she goes, she just fired one paintball to Maki’s back.

Seeing the blood on her uniform, Maki dropped to the ground as well, secretly winking at Manaka for the magnificent save.

“I’m sorry, Prince. It seems like I will go to heaven with you…” Maki slowly shut her eyes down and the credits started rolling.

“What on earth is happening?” Manaka asked herself as she got stuck in the thick awkward air.

Natsu, who still hasn’t died despite the headshot taken from Fuyu, couldn’t help but to be disappointed. His dying face suddenly crumpled, looking all grumpy. He rose up to a sit, kicking the leaves around him as a tantrum. “Why is the ending like this!? I was so close!!!”

The disappointed prince of summer turned to his youngest sister. “Mana-chan, it is your fault!”

Manaka was taken aback after seeing that scary face of Natsu. She tried to run away but her legs gave her away as she hit the ground butt first. Natsu was about to catch her but Fuyu showered his brother with more paintballs. The angry kiss maniac fell to his feet while crying—now due to real physical pain.

“Fuyu-nii…” He sobbed as he saw his brother coming near him. The statue finally went out of his hiding place. His stare is cold, his whole aura is freezing. It’s as if he would bring winter in every place he would step on. “Fuyu-nii, spare me…”

Fuyu shook his head and flicked Natsu’s forehead. That flick was more painful than the shot of the paintball making Natsu almost bite his tongue. “That is not how you get a kiss, dumbass. That’s a very desperate move.”

That’s all and Fuyu went to Manaka to help her stand. The youngest immediately hugged her better brother and buried her face to his arms to hide from her scary brother. On the other hand, Maki didn’t stand up from where she was lying. The gang just discovered that she has really fallen asleep and sleeping soundly on that pile of leaves.

“Maki-nee-chan!” Manaka came to the girl’s aid, worried that it was because of her shot that Maki got injured or something. “Are you okay, Nee-chan?”

“She’s alright. She just needs some sleep.” Fuyu made his way towards the sleeping girl. He hung one of her arms around his nape and carried her like a princess. The movement he made didn’t even wake up the chuunibyou. “She wasn’t able to sleep well last night because of what happened to her father. Her eyebags are for real this time. Maybe the dramatic scene she had with Natsu reminded her of her worries about Uncle Sae.”

What Fuyu said is right. Maki couldn’t sleep well thinking about her father but she didn’t cancel their meeting because she believes it is important as well.

“You mean she wasn’t faking her tears?” Miyu asked.

“I was joking back then.”

The others looked at each other as if they are thinking the same thing. With that poker face, he doesn’t seem the type that would crack a joke at random moments.

Fuyu wiped the tears from Maki’s face and then started walking back towards the mansion. Natsu immediately caught up to him and said, “Fuyu-nii, at least let me carry Maki.”

The older twin looked at Natsu with his lazy eyes but then continued walking like he didn’t hear a thing. Natsu called out to him but Fuyu just answered, “You’re not going to steal a kiss, are you? I told you that isn’t how you get a kiss.”

“Fuyu-nii~!” Natsu whined but then continued to follow his brother.

The others just shrugged their shoulders and followed the twins.


GENERAL TOGAWA’s laughter echoes at the whole room after seeing the horrible state of Natsu. His uniform was filled with different colors of paint as is someone showered him with pints of it. Fuyu just carefully placed Maki to the sofa while the other girls already went to wash themselves.

Natsu looked grumpily at the General. “This isn’t a laughing matter, Uncle Sae!”

Sae laughed even harder at that grumpy puppy face. “You are really no match to your brother when it comes to target shooting.”

“Natsu wasn’t serious that’s why.” Fuyu butted in their conversation while making sure that Maki is in a comfortable position. “He was playing while playing.”

“Well, what would you expect from someone who had it easy from the very start?”

Yuma flinched after hearing that statement. The whole room was suddenly filled with awkwardness. He also noticed the change in the expression of the twins. Sae’s tone was indeed challenging and sarcastic.

“You don’t know how hard it was for me…” Natsu whispered but it was audible enough for the other guys to hear.

Sae scoffed. “Hard? Tell me about how easy you got my precious daughter’s first kiss.” His face suddenly turned like a drunken ojii-san who can’t help but to laugh at the accused Natsu whose face immediately turned beet red from embarrassment.

“H-H-How did you even know about that!?” Natsu shouted back, stammering.

The General tried to conceal how broken his heart as a father with loud, forced laughter. “It was in her diary for almost one month! How will you explain this, huh!?”

“Y-You read her diary!? That’s her private property!”

The two continued shouting with each other but the sleeping Zombie is deep in her sleep. It is as if her ears are locked for that moment. Fuyu just shook his head and moved towards the door.

“Let’s go, Yuma. Their argument won’t be finished anytime soon. Let’s wash up.”


They sneakily left the room while Yuma kept on looking back at the two guys. For a moment he thought that there was greater friction between them. Well, probably it was just his imagination.

After some while, the two finally calmed down, both are catching their breaths.

“You’re old for this kind of things, Uncle Sae. You can’t win against me!” Natsu wiped the sweat from his forehead but he couldn’t wipe away the grin of victory from his face.

“What are you talking about, young’in?” Sae smirked. He slowly straightened his back to relieve the tension.

“Just look at you. You are a respected general but you got injured after tripping on your own foot. You even broke your leg and your eyebrow had to be stitched. Admit it, you’re old already!”

Sae was taken aback at that attack of the pup. It was true that he got an injury after tripping to his own foot but his age wasn’t the reason. He was really tired that time after officiating the training of the new soldiers  and he got a few drinks after it. While he was on his way home, he lost his balance while climbing the stairs of their barracks where he took a painful landing and additional broken leg.

It wasn’t really that bad for him since he could take a leave for some while and spend time with his family while healing the broken bone. He finally got an excuse to come out of the base even for a little time. Though it is a bit of a blow to his pride, he would accept it just to be with his family. But Maki just won’t believe his story and insists that he got his injuries from a battle.

“Why do you keep on insisting that I’m already old?” Sae lowered down his voice, tired of talking with the barking machine.

Natsu sneered as he crossed his arms. “Since you are already old, isn’t it about time for you to give Maki into marriage?”

“Marriage?” Sae repeated. “Are you hearing what you are saying? Maki is just in high school!”

Natsu didn’t say anything but he kept on flipping his bangs as if telling Sae that he is pertaining to himself as Maki’s marriage partner. The General was not pleased at all.

“Stop dreaming, Natsu-kun. It’s too early to think about that.” The General cleared his throat.

“Why, Uncle Sae? Don’t you like to have a handsome son-in-law like me?” Natsu proudly asked; his shoulders are getting higher than his head.

“To be honest, Natsu-kun, if there is someone I like my daughter to end up with, it will never be you.”

The Prince of Summer suddenly froze at that statement. He turned to Sae with his eyes wide open. “E-Eh?”

Sae looked straight to his eyes and the intensity of his stare was a bit hard to withstand. If Natsu is straightforward then Sae is more than it.

“To be frank, I want ---- in my family.”

Natsu already had a feeling about this before but hearing that name straight from the father of the one he likes was a total discord to his system. That was when Natsu’s world completely stopped.


“WHAT ARE you looking at?”

Yuma immediately averted his eyes after that cold question from Fuyu. The guy isn’t really in a good mood since the last time that he saw Fumie was when the girl surprised him in the shop. After that she wasn’t able to come and meet him due to the tight schedule of the training. She gets home really late and has to get back to the training center at an early time. They don’t really have the time even for a chat. He could feel how tired Fumie is everytime they talk. He misses her so much that it gives a huge weight to his heart.

“N-Nothing!” Yuma stuttered. It isn’t like he was looking at Fuyu’s well-built body. He’s sure that the other guy’s abs is well-sculpted but Yuma was really looking at the birthmark on the other guy’s forehead. “I just think that you really have an interesting birthmark.”

Since his hair was messed up when he removed his shirt, Fuyu’s birthmark is out in the open.

“This?” Fuyu pointed at his reddish mark that travels straight from the left side of his forehead and stops perfectly at the center.

“You see, I told you before that birthmark can be indications of how someone died in the past. But looking at how it looks, it is hard to guess how someone could get a wound like that.”

“Well…” Fuyu looked at the mirror and then brushed his hair up to get a closer look at his mark. For a long time this was just an unsightly birthmark for him but things got clearer when memories of his past life filled him before. He couldn’t remember most of it but the answer to that weird looking birthmark stayed in his memory.

“Anyway, Yuma…” Fuyu called out to Yuma who was struggling to wear his shirt off as his head was somewhat stuck. Fuyu sighed and helped him break free. “Don’t you really remember anything about your past life?”

The younger guy cutely shook his head. “Not a single bit. I can see and guess the case of other people’s past life but I only see myself whenever I look in the mirror. There is no light at all. Sometimes I think that I may have been an evil person in the past.”

“Do you really want to know about it?”

“Yes!” Yuma raised his fist. “I’m dead serious about this! I’m dying of curiosity of why I am here linking the past to the present just to be your aide. I want to know who I was in your past life. I want to know my connection to you guys!”

Fuyu slowly nodded. “I understand.”

Yuma tilted his head out of curiosity. When did Fuyu have the interest about him? “Do you know anything, Fuyu-senpai?”

Yuma threw that question but Fuyu didn’t answer it instead he gave Yuma a task to fulfill.

“After washing up, you should go to the kitchen to help with the preparation. I know that there are maids who could do that for us but it is better for us to help. I heard Maki’s mother is helping with the cooking so we should go help her as well as visitors. I’ll ask Yurina and Manaka to do the same.”

“Hai~” Yuma answered, a bit disappointed that his senpai didn’t care about his question.

Fuyu is finally done changing and his coconut hairstyle is already back to its glory. There wasn’t really much to clean to him since he didn’t get hit even once. It’s just that he covered himself with leaves to hide his self perfectly.

“I’ll be heading out first,” said Fuyu but before going, he gave Yuma a pat to his head making the younger guy curious but embarrassed at the same time. “I’ve forgiven you.”

That’s all and Fuyu went out leaving Yuma confused but then an idea came to his mind.

“What on earth!? He hasn’t forgiven me about my first encounter with Fumie-san?! For that long!?”

Yuma just shook his head as he continually murmur. He couldn’t believe that Fuyu takes a long time before forgiving someone. He went straight to the kitchen while being guided by the map Maki shared to them through their drive.

Miyu and the Takahashi twins are already there and he could hear them laughing. He could hear another voice of a woman and the thought of Maki’s mother immediately entered his mind. The guy happily skipped towards the others, excited to greet Maki’s mother. Somehow, that voice sounds really familiar to him, making his heart flutter just with those sound waves.

“Yuma-nii-san!” Manaka immediately gave him a wave with a big smile on her face. “Come here! Aunt Yuki has really funny stories about Fuyu-nii-san and Natsu-nii-san!”

The lady whose long black hair is in a half ponytail turned to Yuma and gave the guy a warm smile. “Oh, are you Yuma-kun? I have heard stories about you from Maki-chan. Come here and…”

The next words didn’t enter Yuma’s system anymore as he froze after his eyes landed on Maki’s mother. For a moment there was a bright, blinding light that flashed before his very eyes but he couldn’t close them. The next thing he remembered was the unbearable pain in his head and there it goes--

the rush of memories.

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I want to point out some things for today's update.

1. The "Drama"
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oh my.....for the sake of yurina's ikemen hair, this chapter got me excited that i even have a goosebumps while reading the last part

1. that drama it is? cool? but i guess funny will describe it better haha, two chuunibyos, a perfect innocent zombie with a kiss stealer prince, hahaha
(ps : seems like yurina didn't behave rude to yuma haha)
2. i know i shouldn't say this but i laugh at the scene where fuyu calls natsu "dumbass" and "desperate move" (sorry natsu) well, why fuyu don't just give some tips to natsu how to treat girls properly and to asking for kiss properly ;)
3. and really? general's injuries is because he tripped ? that's......ridiculous haha
4. general's word about what he wants in his family ? could it be fuyu or someone else ?

now the main part
“I’ve forgiven you.”
i freaking think i know what does fuyu mean !! 8)
ano sa, i think i won't ask again but my question is the same with my comment at chapter 15 on number 2 in last paragraph that i wrote, and yeah it's about yuma and.....don't tell me i was right back then.....really yuma...???

2. that rush of memories!!!... yuma finally had it, so his memories comeback ? will he also broke down like fuyu did ? this chapter is so exciting that it makes my hearts beats faster MAYUKIII
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Damn. I missed 3 chapters. This is what happen if you have exam for 2 weeks straight after the new year day is over

1. That Kato Kenta guy seems suspicious at the start. The next moment he show a little support for FuyuFumie. But I can't help to still feel he's suspicious
2. That desperate way Natsu try to get his second kiss. Lol
3. Yuu still can't face fuyu and say he's feeling guilty about Acchan
4. Mayuki finally meet!!!

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When the new board for 46 fics was added, I thought to myself that I probably won't go back to the AKB fanfic board again. Then I thought again. Wait, I like this fic too much to miss out on the updates. And as expected, I enjoyed this chapter.

That dramatic game was so cute. I'm cheering Natsu on in his pursuit of the fabulous perfect zombie. This prince has got to do it. Win over his father in law's heart. Natsu-kun is so pitiful. I wonder who it was that Sae said.

Also, MaYuki!!!!!! I'm excited to see how this will turn out.

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5. Will Cut still be able to live after seeing Paruru's first on-screen kiss with a guy?
want me to post that pic cut-san? ive also watch the first episode of the drama and I was laughing on that scene 😂😂 just tell me if you want me to post that scene 😁, nice chapter by the way 💏✌✌

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Wow. 2 chapters read in one go and I can see things are starting to get more and more interesting.

Ok I can see Yuu trying to think and care for Fuyu but I agree with Haruna here. DUDE! He is your son for crying out loud. Stop relying on Michael and Rio.  :on redcard:
Though I would still like to see some screen time for those two. Please bring them back in future chapters.
Next, Kato.
Look guy, I can see you are trying to be good and such. Or you are good. But I still have my doubts about you. There is no way you are a goody guy just like that. I got my eye on you Kato Kenta.  :glasses:
Though I will praise you for bringing Fumie to Fuyu after her practice.
Also, I was in doubt as to who Maki's mother was. But then you mentioned exaggerated expression or reaction, I was relieved to know who is was. SaeYuki ship all the way.
By the way, sorry I wasn't able to suggest a title. But I think the title sure fits this chapter.
Didn't notice those small references though.

So first of all, I want to see the first part of the story turned into a short comic. I can imagine the whole thing going down and I wanted to try and turn it into a comic, but then I remembered I suck at drawing.
The whole scene made me laugh so much. Natsu being so desperate to have his second kiss. Chill puppy. Don't rush things. Listen to your Fuyu-nii.
Though I wonder who was it that Sae wants to marry Maki. Is he probably gunning for.....?
Also that last scene. Am I sensing a MaYuki X SaeYuki love triangle?
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@MatsuiLee-san, I'm glad my stories entertain you to the point of re-reading it. I'm really honored. :)

@FZA02-san, I really looked back at your comment that time. Let's see if you are right. :) I'm sorry but I guess it won't be answered soon.. or maybe in this thread.

@Genkikid-san, Haha. Welcome back! :) I hope your exams went well. I thought you already dropped this one. XD

@Shinoki-san, Aww... Thank you. I feel honored. You are always welcome here. Thank you so much. :)

@yuuri14-san, Hahaha. It's okay. I got flooded with screenshots and video links after it was aired. I think people really like to punish me for no reason at all. hahaha.

@Goto24-san, They will have screen time soon.. I guess. haha Please don't be so hard with Kato. XD Hopefully there is someone out there who would draw that scene. I really want to see it in that form as well but I don't have much time these days. :)

Hello dear readers, sorry for the late notice but last chapter was the end of the first season of this story. Yay. hahaha.
It just came into my mind last week. I think it is the perfect time to end it. The story will be on a short break so you all can dwell on that cliffhanger. *evil laugh*
But I won't be leaving you, guys. I'll be posting another short story on my OS thread and it will be up in a short moment. I hope you enjoy that story as well. It is kind of related to WISH so please check it out. :) See you on the other thread~ :)
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How long will you make us wait Author-san??? I'm really excited for my MaYuki scenes.
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