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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 33 (01-13) | The Zombie, The Prince & The General  (Read 42597 times)

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It's so funny. That battle field drama. Now i want to play paintball too :<

And General Sae just tripped on his own foot. Lol. And here i was, thinking he lost a leg or something. (Never believe in Maki's words, she is a very unreliable narrator) seriously, what is that girl thinking xD

But i really like Natsu's overconfidence in this chapter, because he went, "Don't you want a handsome in-law, ojiisan?" And i was like, slaps face. He's a bit airy here and i liked it. Atleast he had kissed Maki already and was very engaging in their game asking for another kiss. I mean, kissing a chuunibyo is hard. (NOT THAT I HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE ON THAT MATTER).

Eherm, soooo General Sae wants F-U-Y-U to be his son-in-law bc THERE WAS FOUR BLANKS LIKE WTH CUT, CAN YOU BE MORE OBVIOUS? XD And Sae had stated on the last chapters that he offered Fuyu for his child's hand.

Anyway, poor Natsu. I feel sad for him. And for the pain he is feeling right now. (I had experience in this part, I got shot by a paintball once and i had a large bruise on my hip for like a week) and Fuyu just rained paint bullets on him lol.

I have no words for Yuma. But i will wait for what will happen next time :)
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Waiting patiently for an update  :cow:

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