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Author Topic: 444's K46 Fics - Why Do I Love You? - Part 1 [RisaAoi] (2018-01-19)  (Read 1921 times)

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Please write more Keyaki stuff.  :bow:
I love both the TechiNeru and MonaRisa stories. :D

I didn't expect Oda to be their child... XD

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Re: 444's OS (K46) - Why Are You Blushing? [RisaNeru] (2018-01-05)
« Reply #21 on: January 05, 2018, 06:51:07 AM »
@Kairi65: To be honest, I was actually concerned about how I was going to end this. I am glad that you liked it in the end. :P Dani only became their daughter because it was revealed that Risa loves her. :lol:

@Shinoki: Now that you mention it... That would make for an interesting sequel. XD

@clin-nolan: A bit late for me to say this, but happy new years. :) I am glad that you liked the story. I actually chose this ending because of the title. :P

@ametakarano: I'm happy to hear that you like the stories so far. No one expected that Oda would be their child. :P

A/N: Hello everyone! I am back with a RisaNeru story.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this, so it ended up becoming this. :wub:
Thank you to all who read my stories, and I hope you enjoy this one too.

Why Are You Blushing? [RisaNeru]

I let out a yawn. Today was a completely exhausting day. I was at the library with Watanabe Risa studying for our end of semester exams all day. There was no time for me to take a nap at all.

My exam scores were always in the top three of the class. This has been a fact since my first year of middle school. People are surprised when they find out that I don’t study a lot even though I have top class grades.

I was lying down on my bed. My mind was drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness as I decided on what to do. Should I go shower first or just go straight to sleep? I was pulled into a sitting position when my phone suddenly vibrated beside me.

It was a text message from Risa, “Neru, are you awake still?”

I smiled at Risa’s message, “Uhn. Did you need something?”

“No, I was just wondering. Good luck with studying,” a reply came quickly.

“Thanks, you too,” I giggled as I sent my reply.

Risa always sent me messages at night. We first met in first year of middle school and have been friends ever since. People have commented on how odd it is that we are friends with each other. We are complete opposites. Risa has a cool personality that no one can break, while people say I am cheerful and outgoing.

Both of us questioned it as well. Risa and I didn’t really share anything in common. It was a mystery as to how we could be friends for so long, but it didn’t bother us at all. I guess we just stuck to each other and have been this way since our first meeting.

I got up from my bed, tossing my phone aside. I walked over to my closet and grabbed a pair of pajamas and a towel. I exited my room and headed straight to the bathroom.

I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me, leaving it unlocked. I unzipped my skirt and let it slid to the ground. My blazer was already hung up in my room, which left only my tie and shirt remaining. I loosen the tie around my neck and placed it aside. My shirt rustled as I undid the buttons, which cause it to fall off my body after the final button was undone.

All that remained left was my bra and underwear. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body. My hands reached for the door to the shower and bath area and pulled it open. I entered the area and sat down on a mini stool.

I grabbed the shower head to rinse my hair. I pumped a few squirt of shampoo into my hands and began massaging it into my hair. The shampoo suds slowly dripped into my eyes, blinding me temporarily. My hands blindly reached for the shower head to wash out the shampoo from my eyes.

The sudden sound of the bathroom door opening made me alerted to the presence of an unknown person. My hands instinctively grabbed the first thing that I could reach, which happened to be a bucket ladle. I readied myself to throw the ladle at the unknown person as I opened my eyes.

“Risa! You scare the living daylight out of me!” I screamed when I realized it was Risa in the doorway.

“Ah, sorry about that,” Risa replied in her usual emotionless voice.

I let out a sigh of relief, “Don’t worry about it. What are you doing here?”

“I came to visit you,” Risa replied while closing the bathroom door behind her.

I suddenly realized something, “Wait, how did you get into my house?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Risa replied while locking the bathroom door behind her.

My eyes shifted to the door that Risa just locked. There was something wrong with Risa. She was acting uncharacteristically. I could tell that something was going on.

“Why did you lock the door?” I asked Risa as I placed the ladle in my hand back to its original location.

Risa did not answer my question. She suddenly started walking towards me, stopping right in front of me. She crouched down to make level eye contact with me. I suddenly felt my body being pinned to the ground as Risa lunged at me.

“Risa?!” I was surprised by Risa’s sudden action.

Risa suddenly placed a finger over my lips, “Shhh.”

Her other hand traced the surface of the towel that was covering my body from bottom to top, which sent a jolt through my body. I honestly cannot say that I didn’t find the jolt pleasurable, but I was afraid of what was going to happen next. I was not ready to let Risa have her way with me.

Risa leaned in closer to my right ear, “I have been waiting to do this since second year of middle school,” she whispered softly into my ear.

My eyes widen in surprise as my body suddenly broke free of Risa’s grip. I pushed her off of me and retreated to the wall, standing up. The towel that was covering my body loosened during the comotion, which left my near nude body visible to Risa.

“There’s no way that you mean it in that way…” I whispered under my breath, while my cheeks became blushed.

Risa recovered and locked eye contact with me. Her beautiful brown eyes were staring deeply at me. I could see the lust forming in her eyes.

Risa’s eyes suddenly shifted towards the rest of my body. My eyes followed her gaze and it was only then that I realized that my towel had fallen off my body. I instinctively covered my body with my hands and let out a scream.

My back suddenly felt the wall behind it after Risa closed the gap between us while I was screaming. One of her hands pinned one of my hands to the wall, while her other hand slammed the wall beside my head. Her face was mere inches away from mine.

“Neru, I have something to tell you,” Risa said while maintaining eye contact with me.

I gulped, “What is it?”

Risa continued with a firm voice, “I love you.”

My eyes widen in surprise as my heart went into a frenzy. I didn't mishear what Risa just said, right? I wanted to pinch myself to make sure, but Risa’s proximity to me made it near impossible to do so.

“You’re lying,” I said while rotating my head to the side. I had to confirm what Risa just said.

Risa sighed, “I’m not lying. I really do love you, Neru.”

I was almost satisfied with her response, “Prove it to me then.”

“I will,” a grin appeared on Risa’s face.

Risa moved her hand that was against the wall to underneath my chin. She tilted my head to face her. All of a sudden I felt her lips pressed against mine.

I could taste a sense of sweetness forming on my lips. A sweeter fragrance entered my nose as Risa’s hair brushed my nose. I was stunned by everything that was happening.

Risa is my long time crush. It was probably around the start of second year of middle school that I started developing these feelings for Risa. I always thought that Risa would never look at me the same way I looked at her, and that I would forever remain in an unrequited love.

Tears began to fall from my eyes. I was overcome by my emotions. How could I not be? The one I fell in love with just confessed to me, and we just had our first kiss.

Risa noticed the tears falling from my eyes and separated herself from me, “Neru?! Are you okay? Oh my god, what did I just do to you? You hate me now, don’t you?” Her confident expression was replaced by a guilty expression.

I shook my head while wiping the tears away from my eyes, “No, I don’t hate you. I’m just so happy to hear your words. I love you too, Risa.”

Risa was shocked. Her eyes became teary and she suddenly jumped at me, “Neru!”

Risa pulled me into another kiss. This time it was obvious that she was trying to be gentle. She nibbled my lips gently as her hands moved to reach behind my head. Her hands pulled me in even closer as our kiss deepened, while I accepted everything that she was doing.

Risa suddenly broke away from the kiss and it was obvious that she was out of breath. I was so occupied by her touch that I completely forgot that we needed air. Our eyes met and we looked at each other with lust filled eyes.

Risa went in for what I thought was going to be another kiss, but her new target was my neck. She began to kiss my neck, tracing the length of it with her tongue. She began to become more bold and moved further down my body. I could not contain the pleasure I was feeling and let out a seductive moan.

Risa’s hand suddenly reached into my---


“Neru… Neru… NERU!” I was suddenly shaken awake by Risa.

My eyes slowly opened to see the scenery of the library in front of me. I stretched while letting out a yawn, completing forgetting about the dream I just had. My cheeks were a slight red colour.

“Ugh. We are supposed to be studying right now. You fell asleep…” Risa paused to look at my face, “Your face is kind of red… Why are you blushing?” Risa asked.

Risa’s words suddenly reminded me of what happened in my dream just now and my face became a crimson red, “Nothing!”

Risa eyed me suspiciously, “Well whatever. The exams are in a few days. You may be smart, but I know that even you need to study a bit. So stop slacking off and get back to work.”

“Hai~” I replied.

Risa was right. Our end of semester exams were in a few days. There was no time to slack off right now. Both of us dove back into the books in front of us, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream I just had. I was kind of disappointed that it was all just a dream.

“Risa?” I asked to get Risa’s attention.

Risa’s eyes didn’t leave her book, “What is it?”

“You pervert.”

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Re: 444's OS (K46) - Why Are You Blushing? [RisaNeru] (2018-01-05)
« Reply #22 on: January 05, 2018, 07:32:46 AM »
Really like the last line, haha. Risa surely would wonder why would neru say that.

Just the scene where risa pinned neru to the ground got me thinking: neru was on a stool, won't her head hurt from the fall?

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Re: 444's OS (K46) - Why Are You Blushing? [RisaNeru] (2018-01-05)
« Reply #23 on: January 05, 2018, 12:16:05 PM »
“You pervert.”

Poor Risa, she doesn’t even know what happened  :lol:

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Re: 444's OS (K46) - Why Are You Blushing? [RisaNeru] (2018-01-05)
« Reply #24 on: January 08, 2018, 03:51:49 AM »
Thanks for this new story  :heart:
I already imagined it was a dream  :panic:  : XD 
I hope that Neru has made her dream come true  :lol: :lol:

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Re: 444's OS (K46) - Why Are You Blushing? [RisaNeru] (2018-01-05)
« Reply #25 on: January 08, 2018, 10:55:30 PM »
“You pervert.”

You made me laugh a lot with that part!

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Hurry Up [TechiNeru] (2018-01-12)
« Reply #26 on: January 12, 2018, 12:18:32 PM »
@Kairi65: Risa was already wondering why Neru was blushing in the first place. This just another item to add onto that list. :) Uhhh... Let's just say that Neru has her wild strength. :roll:

@Miniju: Risa is completely confused by the sudden accusation. :lol:

@clin-nolan: Neru was only able to make her dream come true in her dreams. Now if only she could do it in real life. 8)

@Minami-chan: Ha ha. I am glad that it made you laugh. XD

A/N: Hello everyone! This time I present a TechiNeru short short.
I was busy in the past week so I didn't have time to think of something longer.
It is a change in writing style, so I hope you all still enjoy it.

Hurry Up [TechiNeru]

“Neru, hurry up! We are going to be late,” Hirate Yurina yelled to her girlfriend, Nagahama Neru, from the living room sofa.

“I will be there in a minute!” Neru yelled back from her room.

Yurina was growing impatient. She had already been ready to go for the past half an hour. It was easy for her to get annoyed at her girlfriend as she only had to put on a suit. She was already dressed by the time Neru started getting dressed.

The two of them had a reservation for a restaurant in 20 minutes. It was going to be their first date in a month. Being that Neru was a university student, she didn’t have much time to be with her three-year younger girlfriend.

They only started dating about a year ago. Neru was in her final year of high school, while Yurina was in her final year of middle school. Neru suddenly confessed her feelings to Yurina one day. Yurina was shocked at the confession, but she couldn’t be happier to accept it.

The both of them were childhood friends. They played together every day as kids. However, as Neru started high school, the time they spent together slowly dwindled. They kept in contact, but they didn’t see each other often.

Neru was a popular girl at her school who had many friends. Yurina, on the other hand, always showed an emotionless expression on her face and only had a few friends. It seemed like they both lived in separate worlds. Yurina could feel the rift between them widen even when they did have time for each other.

The fact of the matter was that Yurina had a crush on Neru ever since they were kids. She didn’t know it at the time, but she had fallen madly in love with Neru. It only became evident as the rift between them formed.

Yurina had given up all hope of Neru returning her feelings by the time she entered her final year of middle school. Neru looked like she was always looking somewhere else when they spent time together. It always sent a crippling pain to her heart, but Yurina had accepted the reality as truth.

It was a pleasant surprise when Neru sent Yurina a LINE message out of the blue. The message stated that she wanted to give Yurina something before she graduated from high school. In fact, what she wanted to give Yurina ended up being what the girl had been yearning for a long time; her love.

Yurina was shocked when she heard the confession from her long-time crush. The world around her stopped moving and her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and had to confirm that she wasn’t dreaming. The pain coming from the red mark that was left behind on her arm confirmed that she was awake.

Yurina began to shed tears, breaking what became known as her signature emotionless expression. Neru looked in horror at the response that Yurina gave her, believing that she had made a grave mistake. It was only when Yurina jumped at her to give her a hug that Neru understood what it all meant. The both of them accepted each other’s feelings and were finally each other’s girlfriends.

“Damn that Neru. She makes me wait a whole month to spend time with her and now this? She knows I get lonely without her. Why does she always torture me like this?” Yurina said out loud, showing a rare immature pout.

“I am coming!” Neru yelled as she came out of her room, breaking Yurina’s train of thought.

Yurina stood up from the sofa and turned around, “Finally! Let’s g---”

Yurina froze in her tracks. She didn’t expect to see the older girl wearing a beautiful long red dress. It accentuated Neru’s natural curves, giving her a mature look. Speechless, Yurina couldn’t help but stare at Neru with an uncharacteristically soft expression.

Neru giggled at the expression on her younger girlfriend’s face. It was rare for her to see the soft and gentle expression from the always emotionless girl. The contrasting personalities of Yurina was one of the many reasons that Neru fell in love with her in the first place.

Neru walked up to Yurina and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It broke the speechless girl out of her trance. Her normal emotionless expression returned as she realized what Neru had done. Yurina looked away in annoyance as her cheeks turned red. Neru couldn’t control herself and let out a giggle as she watched her younger girlfriend’s embarrassed actions.

“Let’s go. There will be more for tonight,” Neru suggested with a wink.

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Hurry Up [TechiNeru] (2018-01-12)
« Reply #27 on: January 12, 2018, 07:15:18 PM »
All i can say is, I'm drooling for more... :drool:

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Hurry Up [TechiNeru] (2018-01-12)
« Reply #28 on: January 12, 2018, 10:37:11 PM »
having patience has had its reward Techi!

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Why Do I Love You? - Part 1 [RisaAoi] (2018-01-19)
« Reply #29 on: January 19, 2018, 06:02:39 AM »
@Kairi65: I hope this is able to satisfy your appetite. XD

@Minami-chan: Like people like to say, "Patience is key." :)

A/N: Hello everyone! This time I present the first part of a RisaAoi multi parter.
I came across @yushayoshi's fic on the pairing and thought that it was an interesting pair to write about, so I decided to write this multi parter on them.
Like always, I hope you all enjoy it.

Why Do I Love You? - Part 1 [RisaAoi]

Morning classes were in session in class “2-K46” at Fukyouwaon All-Girls High School. The various girls did their own things while classes were in session. The studious amongst them listened in class, while the carefree among them fooled around in the back of the class. What they all had in common was the appreciation for their release from morning classes, lunch break.

The girls immediately shuffled their desks around when they heard the bell that signaled the start of lunch break. They formed their little groups and ate lunch amongst themselves. Chatter filled the classroom as chopsticks reached into bento boxes.

Harada Aoi ate her lunch peacefully with her longtime friend Koike Minami. They had known each other since the beginning of the first year of middle school. They enjoyed each other’s company even though Aoi’s childish tendencies could be annoying at times.

“Did you watch the latest episode of ‘Pretty Cure’ last night?” Aoi asked, about to stuff her mouth with rice.

Minami placed her bento box down on the table, “You’re still watching that? Aoi, you’re in high school now. That show is for children. You should really grow up a bit.”

Aoi suddenly choked on some rice in response to Minami’s criticism. She quickly grabbed her juice box and emptied it of its contents. She grasped for air as her windpipe was cleared of the obstruction.

Aoi was finally able to speak again, “What’s wrong with that? I like it so who ca---” She was suddenly interrupted by the paper ball that suddenly hit her in the head.

The pair turned to look at the source of the paper ball. Watanabe Risa was sitting with her best friend Shida Manaka. Risa was laughing uncontrollably, while Manaka gave an awkward smile, unsure of what to do.

“Oi, JS! Go buy me a juice!” Risa hissed at Aoi from across the room.

The classroom went silent as Risa’s voice traveled throughout the room. Everyone turned to stare at Risa and Aoi. They were used to seeing the cool girl picking on the childish girl. No one in the class dared to defy Risa. They just watched in pity as Aoi took the bullying.

“Oi! Risa! What do you---” Minami began to yell, but was suddenly pulled back by Aoi.

Aoi shook her head, “It’s fine. I will go buy it.” She then got up to leave.

“Aoi…” Minami’s voice trailed off.

The students in the class got along nicely. Everyone was on good terms with each other. However, it became a completely different story when it came to Risa and Aoi.

The two of them were on very good terms with each other throughout all of middle school. They were even in the same circle of friends outside of school. Their interactions were always brief, but they did not need to say much to get along with each other.

Risa’s behaviour towards Aoi changed at the start of high school, shocking everyone that knew them. It started off as just ignoring her, but it slowly escalated. Going from ordering Aoi around to minor incidents of physical violence. No one, not even Aoi herself, knew what happened to cause Risa’s behaviour change.

“Risa… You’ve changed,” Aoi whispered aloud as she felt her heart tighten.

Aoi reached the vending machines that were located on the floor below her classroom. She pulled out her wallet, fished for some coins, placed them into the machine, and pressed the button for juice. She grabbed the can of juice as it fell to the bottom of the machine. She then turned around and made her way back to the classroom.

Aoi could hear two girls talking outside of the classroom as she was about to turn the corner. It was Sugai Yuuka and Moriya Akane, the class representative and student council president. Aoi stayed hidden as she eavesdropped on their conversation.

“You know, Risa has changed a lot since we started high school,” Akane said.

“Yeah… I feel bad for Aoi. The both of them had a good relationship throughout middle school. I thought there was something going on between them that they did not want to tell us,” Yuuka suggested.

Akane protested, “No way! That’s impossible! The two of them barely talked to each other. I doubt there was anything between them.”

Yuuka shook her head, “Whether or not they had something going on between them or not is not important. We need to do something about Risa. We cannot let her bully Aoi any longer.”

Akane let out a sigh, “I know that already. I have been trying to talk to Risa every day. She just won’t listen. She’s too stubborn and just tells me to mind my own business. I just don't know what to do anymore.”

Yuuka looked at her watch, “Oh. Lunch break is almost over. Let us end it here for today.”

The two girls then walked back into the classroom. Aoi remained behind the corner with a conflicted feeling in her chest. She was happy to hear that her classmates were trying to help, but she also knew that it was pointless. She let out a sigh and returned back to the classroom.

Aoi walked over to Risa and handed her the can of juice. Risa was about to say something, but the bell rang to signal the end of lunch break. Afternoon classes were going to start in a few minutes. The girls had gym class that afternoon, so everyone put away their lunches and made their way to the gymnasium.

Aoi waited for everyone to finish changing before entering the changeroom herself. She wanted to avoid as many confrontations with Risa as possible. She changed into her gym uniform in peace and made her way to the gymnasium.

The class began with basic stretches. Aoi paired up with Minami and they moved to a different area of the gymnasium to perform their stretches. Aoi could feel Risa glancing at her the whole time that she was stretching.

The gym teacher blew her whistle to call everyone to the centre of the gym. She announced that the class was going to play dodgeball and then she began to split the class into two teams. By some stroke of luck, Risa and Aoi were on opposite teams.

The two teams moved towards their respective sides of the gymnasium and the game began. Aoi’s team was no match for the strength of Risa’s team, but they were able to put up a good fight. In the end, only Risa and Aoi remained on the field.

The whole class remained silent as they watched the match in anticipation. Minami was especially concerned about her friend’s opponent. Manaka was also concerned for Aoi’s wellbeing as she knew that Risa was not going to hold back against the girl.

Aoi remained completely concentrated on Risa. She was fully aware of the difference in their strengths. She wanted to let herself be knocked out of the game, but her team depended on her to win the match for them. She also knew that Risa would not let it end that easily. The match entered into a stalemate where neither girl moved from where they were standing.

The clouds that were currently blocking the sun began to move. The sun’s rays did not currently shine into the gymnasium. As the corner of the sun became visible from behind the moving clouds, a ray of light shone into the gymnasium. The light reflected off of the glass backboard of the basketball net and shone directly into Aoi’s eyes, blinding her.

The next thing Aoi felt was a dodgeball hitting her directly in the side of the head. Risa took advantage of the situation and threw the ball with all of her might. Aoi fell to the ground as her vision started to darken.

“Aoi!” Minami was the first to react to the incident.

The teacher and class all ran towards Aoi who was lying unmoving on the gymnasium floor. Aoi could see flickers of people’s faces, but she could not hear their concerned voices. She got a glimpse at Risa who did not react at all to the situation, but, instead, Risa stood still with a shocked expression on her face. Aoi only had one thought as she lost consciousness.

“Why do I love you?”

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Why Do I Love You? - Part 1 [RisaAoi] (2018-01-19)
« Reply #30 on: January 20, 2018, 09:17:53 PM »
This was really good. Risa-sama is too cruel! Ahh, my heart was constricted when I saw Risa and Aoi's troubled relationship. Bully Risa-sama is bad. I'm so curious why Risa's acting like that. I hope YuukaNen can help with the situation.
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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Why Do I Love You? - Part 1 [RisaAoi] (2018-01-19)
« Reply #31 on: January 20, 2018, 09:31:49 PM »
Risa is awful with Aoi :cry: I wanna know why she's acting like that! I'm looking forward the next update.  :twothumbs

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