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Author Topic: Valentine Special OS -- Katsuo X Mayu  (Read 48986 times)

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #100 on: January 09, 2012, 07:13:24 PM »
Yay! Wow, what a nice ending.  :)
And Mariko and her paper fan. She must really like hitting Kai with that.  :twisted:
Thanks and can't wait for the  omake.  :twothumbs

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #101 on: January 09, 2012, 07:52:32 PM »
Omg yay he didn't die atleast  :twothumbs
Lol mariko part was so funny  XD
WooP really wanna know wat happens in the future  :heart:
Update soon!  :peace:

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #102 on: January 10, 2012, 05:48:29 AM »
in fact i like your ending... jaja but in this story i think the prize is for maritroll :D jajja love her :D

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #103 on: January 10, 2012, 05:48:59 AM »
OMG~ i thought kai died ;A;
It was nice you end the chapter without killing kai lols  :lol:

anyway i want omake~~~
need to know why kai wasn't there with katsuo in the future  :tama-mad:

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #104 on: January 10, 2012, 06:43:52 AM »
:)) nice end ! ah Seems... Ray's to be forgotten then !   :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #105 on: January 10, 2012, 10:47:07 AM »
Yea!!! I  was waiting for this!!! :w00t:
Kai proposed to Atsuko :wub:
LOL Mariko at the end was hilarious :lol:

Really Thanks so much for the update :thumbup :thumbup
I really love it :inlove:
Please update the omake soon because I'm also curious :mon cute:

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
« Reply #106 on: January 11, 2012, 04:37:02 AM »
I want the omake.

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#A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #107 on: January 11, 2012, 05:13:45 PM »
Thanks Sok, haru9210, Megumi, Divine Vengeance, badsaints, Yagami.Rai, blughise, Popsicle, Haruko, CrimsonGrxy, Sydney W

Finally I finish the omake (and a bit long)  :D
Thanks for reading and leaving comment for my fic.
Hope you enjoy this omake  :) thank you  :heart: :heart:


#A Grateful Mistake#


December Year 2020
Amusement Park where Katsuo get lost

“Katsuo! Don’t play with mama, come out” Atsuko looking around worriedly. She’s been searching Katsuo for 3 hours non-stop. Her eyes are red and her face soaked by tears. She touches her wedding ring, remembering the scene two years ago… when Kai leave…


I married him for three years and we have a cute boy named Katsuo. I am very happy but also feel a bit sad with my current state, the fact that we are secretly married… without any announcement to the public, only a simple wedding in the church. Kai have to secretly visit us to avoid reporters. At first, he is objecting about married secretly with me but I insist because I don’t want to ruin his reputation and his carrier since he is very famous now.

“Atsuko, if you want me to stay… I will cancel this contract. I won’t go to Paris” he said.

“I’ll be okay with Katsuo. We will wait you here.” I lied.

The truth is I want you to stay. But I can’t stop you from reaching your dream. I know you actually really want to take this opportunity, this experience to filming in outside country.

“Papa, when meet?” Little Katsuo is in my arms, he reaches his little hands to ask a hug from his father.

Kai hold Katsuo little hands gently, “Let’s meet next year in the amusement park” he then looks at me, “I’ll come back before Christmas, let’s reunite in amusement park, okay?”

I simply smile and nodded.

He told me that he has to go to Paris filming for one year… with the Diva-Ray. I read rumors and gossips about them. They are the top scandal in this year. Many magazines and news are reporting them as a couple. Of course I don’t believe what they written because I have my faith on Kai… I trust him. He said the filming only takes a year but he already gone for two years. Two years without any news from him.

Flashback end

// I guess he must be really gets together with that damn Diva right now// Atsuko’s thought.

She is desperately in finding Katsuo and give up. She reluctantly sat under a tree, held her knees and buried her faces between it… crying in silent.

At the same time

“Argghhh… why doesn’t she pick up the phone?” Kai face is gloomy like having a black cloud and thunder above his head. He is walking around in amusement park and busy to call Atsuko “She must be mad at me, I promise to come back last year but ended up having little problem and get delayed for another year.” The fact is he just arrived from the airport and immediately runs into amusement park.

At the same place, Mr. Santa arrives in the right place where Kai was.

“Hoooo Lucky! His Papa is here! Hohohoho…”

He drop Katsuo down and whisper something beside his ear, “You remember nothing after bumps into me, you’re running away from your mama to go find papa.” Mr. Santa blows a silver powder on Katsuo.

Katsuo open his eyes and runs apart from Mr. Santa like when he is running away from his mother. He keeps running and then bumps into someone before him. Fortunately, the man holds him so that he didn’t fall to the ground. He lifted up his head to apologize.

“Sorr-” he paused a bit and his face shines of happiness. “PAPA~!”

“Ka…Katsuo?” Kai lifted him up and hug him, “Wow, you’ve grown up. I miss you sooo much”

“I miss you mooooooore much” Katsuo punch Kai’s cheek. “Why makes you so long to see me?”

“Hohohoho… bless you~” Mr. Santa watched from afar then disappeared into the shadow.

“I’m so sorry, Katsuo. Oh yeah, where’s Mama?” asked Kai.

Katsuo looked down, “I’m sorry Papa, I… I run away from Mama just now.”

Kai pinches his son’s nose, “How can you leave your mama alone?”

Katsuo pouts and his eyes are teary, Kai can’t stand to look at his son’s expression, “Don’t looking at me with those eyes. Let’s find your mama together”


“Mama!!” Katsuo finally found Atsuko.

Atsuko heard Katsuo’s voice and lift her head to see where the voice came. She saw Katsuo running towards her. She gets up and run over Katsuo in embrace. “Where did you go? Do you know how worried I am?”

“Mama, sorry. Don’t cry, please” Katsuo wipes her tears and place a kiss on her cheek. He then hold Atsuko’s hands and bring her to where Kai is. “Look! I meet Papa!” he said excitedly. He grabs Kai’s hand and guides him to hold Atsuko’s.

“Hi…” only a simple word came out from Kai’s mouth while Atsuko keeps silent.

Cotton candy~ Cotton candy~

“Papa, I want that” Katsuo reach out his hand to ask some money from Kai and Kai took out some money for him. After get the money, Katsuo went to buy the cotton candy.

“Acchan, it’s been a long time since we meet each other. Don’t you miss your husband?” Kai approach Atsuko and spread his arms for a hug.


Atsuko gave him a slap. “Don’t touch me. I have no relationship with stranger like you. Please continue enjoying your sweet Diva.”

“Atsuko…?” Kai grab Atsuko arms to prevent her going away.

“I saw it in magazine! Kisses between you and her!” Atsuko raise her voice to Kai.

“That’s just a scenario! I even brushed my mouth several times after kissing her. Really!” Kai explained.

“Just a scenario? She even said that you are hers and she is yours to public!” Atsuko struggling to free her arm from Kai.

“I’m still yours, I won’t belong to anyone else.” Kai tighter his grab.

“You said you only go for one year but you go entirely two years. Just tell me you are enjoying your holiday with her for entire year?”

“That’s not true! I got robbed when I’m buying souvenirs for you. They stabbed me and I have no choice but to nurse in the hospital. They also got my passport. The police spent months to get it back and they won’t let me back until they catch those robbers.” Kai flip his shirt up and exposes his stomach where a scar can be seen.

Atsuko shocked. She freeze on there for a moment, she slowly reaches her hand to touch at Kai’s scar. “I’m sorry to raise my voice at you. I’m sorry…” she moves her hand to touch Kai’s cheek where she slapped. “Is it hurt?”

Kai nodded, “Very hurt…” he leaned his cheek forward to Atsuko “I believe it won’t hurt anymore if you kiss it”

Atsuko doubt in a moment before leaned forward to place a kiss on his cheek. As her lips just a few centimeters away, Kai turn her head and ended up having Atsuko’s lips on his. He smiles and wraps his arms around Atsuko.

Atsuko pushes Kai away immediately, “Kai, not in public. Many people here.”

“So what?” Kai leaned in again and this time, he won’t let Atsuko push him away. Their kisses went into passionate one.

After minutes of kissing, Katsuo sneaked between them after buying the cotton candies. “I want kisses too!”

Both Kai and Atsuko smile shyly and blushing hard to be witness kissing in front of their son. They knelt down beside him and place a kiss on his cheek. Katsuo is smiling happily. Soon, Kai lift up his son with one hand and another hand is holding Atsuko’s. He leads them to the crowd.

“I’m gonna announce here… to tell the public that I have the most beautiful wife and an adorable son”

“Kai, you are crazy” Atsuko freeze on her spot immediately. “I don’t want to break your carrier”

“This is not fair for you two. I don’t wanna visit you secretly anymore”

Kai took a deep breath readily to shout in the crowd. But something big and white hit his head before he can spread a word. Mariko came out from nowhere holding her big paper fan. “You are my money tree. I won’t let you do anything reckless.”

She claps her hands and two men in black suit appeared behind Kai. She took Katsuo away from Kai and gave him to Atsuko. “He is run away from a TV show. I’ll send him to your house after we finish the show.” said Mariko to Atsuko.

Clap clap

Mariko claps her hands and those two men in black suit dragged Kai into to the mini van. Kai was crying like a kid having his toys snatched by other. “Atsuko~”

“Sorry Atsuko, I promise two more years, I’ll end his contract. After that I will let him officially announces your status to public” Mariko is waving her hands to Atsuko and went into the van.

Atsuko and Katsuo still can hear Kai’s cry in the van.

// It’s so hard… to be married with an idol // Atsuko sighed.

Omake End.

Thanks for reading  :heart:

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #108 on: January 11, 2012, 05:26:21 PM »
thanks for update the ending........... yayyy

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #109 on: January 11, 2012, 05:39:22 PM »
thank for the omake ~  :P
wow...Kai so unlucky, how can many thing like that happen to him?  :?
and poor Acchan have to wait for 2 years  :(
but it fine when they are together now  :wub: ...i mean almost  XD
mariko with the big fan was too epic  :rofl: , she make me laugh so harsh.  :lol: lolz

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #110 on: January 11, 2012, 05:48:53 PM »
Yea!! Thank you so much for the Omake :D
I feel so happy reading it XD

I also felt bad for Acchan having to wait for Kai for 2 Years with all the insecurities and gossips about Kai and Ray.

But Kai came back and they are together again~ :grin:
Haha.. They were caught kissing in front of their son :)
Mariko and her paper fan sure is amusing enough to make me laugh like crazy :rofl:

Thanks again for this wonderful update :thumbup :thumbup
I totally love this :wub:

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #111 on: January 11, 2012, 10:15:24 PM »
OMG LoL Kai cries lika a baby...he even ran away from the TV Show!
Thank you for the Omake ichikawa-san

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #112 on: January 12, 2012, 05:46:16 AM »
jaajj so funny poor kai-kun.. you need to wait a little more..

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #113 on: January 12, 2012, 09:05:48 PM »
Too good !! XD
One of my all time favourite fics ~ :P
You should write more Kai+acchan+katsuo stories..  XD

Your so pro ! 8)

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #114 on: January 12, 2012, 10:21:50 PM »
It was really funny to follow this fic and the end is great!

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Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
« Reply #115 on: February 05, 2012, 06:09:56 PM »
Thanks minna~
kazuski, skytsuna, Yagami.Rai, haru9210, Megumi, Divine Vengeance, badsaints, Popsicle, kahem, Sydney W, Haruko and all readers for following my fic.

Since Valentine is near, I write some as OS sequel to 'A Grateful Mistake'
If you haven't read it, you can find it here ~A Grateful Mistake~

Hope you enjoy it. The first OS is below~

================   ================   ================

Valentine OS
#Kai X Atsuko X Katsuo#

================   ================   ================

Takahashi Kai is a famous idol from Persona. He has a pair of passionate eyes which makes everywoman melt as they saw his eyes. Who knows, behind the success carrier, he also has a lovely family. He is actually married and has a five years old child named Katsuo. His wife – Maeda Atsuko is the most beautiful woman in the world (in Kai’s thought). The three of them always reunite secretly.

// Today is valentine… I wonder if Kai will visit me later…// Atsuko’s thought.

She just came back from buying some ingredients for dinner, walking alone with bags on each hand. Katsuo stays in house and waiting for his mother to come home. Few meters away from home… When Atsuko turn at the corner, she saw Katsuo is being lifted by a masked man in black hooded jacket.


Atsuko throws her bags to that man and grabs Katsuo away from that man. Success in getting Katsuo, she runs to the door and opens it. Unfortunately, the door is locked. She is about to find her key… just remembered that the key is in the bag and the bag is now laid beside that man. Feeling helpless, she hugs Katsuo tightly. Tears form in her eyes.

The man approaches Atsuko slowly makes her trembling… she takes off her shoes and throws it toward that man. Her shoes fly perfectly and hit him directly on the face, blood flowing down from his nose. His yellow mouth-masker stained with the blood.

“Papa?!” Katsuo parted from Atsuko and run into that man’s hug

“Eh?” Atsuko confused.

“Mama, don’t you recognize Papa?” Katsuo pinch Kai’s nose. “Papa always wears tacky clothes”

“Ouch, that’s hurt Katsuo” Kai pouted at his son.

“Let me give you a magic” Katsuo gently kiss Kai’s nose, “Pain, pain, go away~” he draws an invisible circle in the air and shush it away.

Atsuko observe the person before her. He is wearing sunglasses, yellow mouth-masker, black hooded jacket with red shirt inside, and white jeans. // Yappari… tacky clothes //

Katsuo parted from Kai and went to pick up the things Atsuko thrown.

“Kai…?” Atsuko approach him and took off his mouth-masker. “I’m so sorry, is that hurt?”

“……………” Kai pouted and went to help Katsuo picks up things.

// He gives me a silent treatment…? // Atsuko pouted. // I’ll deal with you later //

Inside Atsuko’s house

Chop chop chop

Atsuko is chopping the meat in the kitchen… with killer’s eyes. Kai pretend that he didn’t see it and washing the veggies while Katsuo setting up the plates on the table.

// Is she mad because I ignored her? // Kai’s thought.

“Katsu, can you give me the meats left on the table?” Atsuko asked.

“I am busy. Papa help Mama” Katsuo set and reset the plates on the table, ignoring Kai’s pleading eyes.

Don’t have any choice, Kai went to bring the meats for Atsuko. Once Kai plate the meats on the chopping plate, a quick knife lay a centimeter on top of his hand… almost slice it. Kai gulp at what just happened now.

“Sorry, my hand acts too fast” Atsuko said with her wide bright smile to Kai. She takes away the knife and continues the cooking.

// Dangerous aura… // Kai freezes at his spot.

Fifteen minutes past

They were eating katsudon in dining room. Kai and Atsuko face each other while Katsuo sits between them.

Cough… cough…

“Papa…?!” Katsuo put down his bowl and rub Kai’s back.

// This is so spicy!!! Is she purposely makes this for me? //

Atsuko gives him a glass of water, “You eat too fast, here drink some water”

“Thank you” Kai takes the glass and drink it.

BRRRUUUUSSSSHHH (Kai spurt out the water) // Is this vinegar…?! // his face and shirt are wet by the water he spurted.

“Papa? I’ll go get towel for you” Katsuo went to upstairs to get towel for Kai.

Cough… cough… Are you mad?” asked Kai.

“Yes.” Atsuko answered shortly.

“Come on, today is valentine. At least give me a hug?” Kai shows puppy eyes to Atsuko.


“Acchan~ I turn down all the shows just to see you and eat your chocolate~”

“I didn’t say that I make chocolate for you” Atsuko lied and turn her back at Kai.

Kai gets up and hugs Atsuko from behind and buried his face at her neck. “Acchan~ I miss you~” Kai kisses her neck, her cheek, and slowly approach her lips.

DING DONG~ (doorbell’s ringing)

“Get off…” Atsuko went to open the door.

“Good evening” Mariko greeted.

With a desperate face, she welcomes Mariko inside her house, “Are you here to get Kai again?”

“Nah… I’m here to visit Katsuo” Mariko gave a wink to Atsuko.

Katsuo came down from upstairs and heard Mariko’s voice. He runs to her and gives her a big bear hug, “Mari-chan~”

“Katsuo, wanna go to my house? I bought some new toys for you”

“Okay!” Katsuo answered without second thought.

Mariko carried Katsuo and gave a wink to Kai. She walked past Atsuko then waved a goodbye to them before she get in the car, “Have a nice night~”

Without knowing what those words mean Katsuo copying what Mariko said, “Have a nice night, Papa~ Mama~”

Atsuko stands in front of the door and see the car drove away until it lost from her sight. She gets back inside the house and closed the door. She looks around her surrounding and finds that Kai is not around.

In Atsuko’s room

Kai opened the closet to find clean shirt to wear since his shirt is wet from the vinegar before. When he opened the closet, something fell down from inside. It’s a pink color present box with a bright yellow necktie in it. Atsuko arrives in the room at the same time Kai takes the tie out from the box.

“Acchan, is this for me?” he wears the tie on neck and form a wide grin on his face, “This suits me perfectly”

Acchan laughs at Kai who makes the knot in wrong way, “Baka, you tied it in wrong way” Acchan approach him and re-tied the necktie.

“Why are you giving me the necktie as present?” asked Kai.

“I’m jealous…” Acchan gave him a pout. “Ray did the necktie for you in your latest CM”

Kai closed their distance little by little but Atsuko complained, “Kai, you’re too close”

“Isn’t this makes you more easier?” Kai leaned in to kiss Atsuko.

At the last step to do windsor knot necktie Acchan pulled it tight, very tight against Kai’s neck. “And you seem enjoying the lovey dovey moment with Ray”

“Ac…chan… breath… I can’t breath…” Kai tried to hold Atsuko’s hands from pulling the tie tighter. “Cough… cough…” Kai pretend to faint out and laid his head on Atsuko’s shoulder. Atsuko let down her guard and support Kai’s weight.

“Kai? Kai?!”

After Atsuko let go her hands from necktie, Kai lifted her up in bridal style and threw her gently onto the bed. He crawled slowly towards Atsuko, “Everyone can put the necktie on me… but you’re the only one who can untie it…”

Kai lean down and kisses Atsuko on the lips. Atsuko puts her arms around Kai and pulls him to deeper the kisses. After minutes of kissing, Kai parted away.

“By the way, where’s my chocolate?” asked Kai.

“I’ve said, I didn’t make chocolate for you…”

“Then I’ll take you as the replacement~”


Katsuo goes with Mariko? Next will be MariKuu... Hope you'll like it

Dou? Dou? (´・ω・`)


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Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
« Reply #116 on: February 05, 2012, 06:23:32 PM »
Woah!!! this is really nice valentine's OS!!!!  :luvluv1:  Gah!!! so in love with Kai x Acchan inteactions..  :on lol:

I havent read the full fic yet.. but I will when I have time.. and OMG!! they have a son together!!!  :nya:

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Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
« Reply #117 on: February 05, 2012, 07:01:01 PM »
OMG!! I love this Valentine Special~ :wub:
You're so great!!! XD
Kai and Atsuko~ So lovey dovey at the last part~ :inlove:
But yappari.. jealous Acchan.. so scary.. :O
Katsuo~ As usual so cute~ :tama-mad:

Thanks for the Update~ :kneelbow:
Will be waiting for the MariKuu~ :D

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Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
« Reply #118 on: February 06, 2012, 12:09:27 AM »
Waaa that neck tie thingie was it a inspiration from AKB CM?!
So cool...aaaand as always Acchan is an S hahaah
Well thank you for your update!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
« Reply #119 on: February 06, 2012, 01:50:21 AM »
Aww, the Valentine special! <3
Soo cute, I'm dying. Kai and Atsuko are such perfection.
And I'm glad to see an update, too!

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