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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106044 times)

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I cut a little bit off the end and decided to stack it into the next chapter xD

Anyway, enjoy!


The rain had already stopped when Jurina left the palace, escorted by the female captain who made sure Jurina got home safely for reasons that were only known to the captain herself. The captain dropped the sack just outside the door that Jurina stopped in front of. “This is where you live?” Sakiko asked as she looked at the house in front of them. The house wasn’t big, it was in fact, quite small. From the outside, the house looks like it’s only just enough to have one person living there. Anymore than one seems slightly too crowded.

“Yeah, I live here with my mother and my friend,” Jurina nodded as she picked up the sack of rice the captain had placed next to the door. Seeing the look the captain had on her face as she looked at the house, Jurina just smiled, “We have a huge storage room further in the back. It’s larger than it looks.” The captain sure was not the first person to look at their house like that. Many regular patients that drops by the shop that her mother now runs, says that as well.

Sakiko nodded. She was just about to leave when her heart suddenly had this urge to say something to the girl that she knew she should not be saying, “Jurina?”

Jurina was just about to open the door when the captain called for her by her first name. Curious, Jurina turned around and looked at the captain who had a somewhat concerned face, “Hai?”

“You’re still young, Jurina. There are many things that happens in this world that you still don’t know about or never thought would happen,” Sakiko paused, letting the girl absorb her words before continuing, “Don’t make any stupid decisions. Think over the job that Togasaki offered you thoroughly. This decision can and will affect your future. It will affect your entire life.” Confused at the captain’s words, Jurina opened her mouth to ask the captain what she meant only to have the captain turn her back on her. “Just be careful, Jurina. Be careful of everything that happens around you. Be careful of the people around you. Nothing and no one are what they seem like on the surface.” With that, Sakiko walked away, leaving Jurina behind, pondering over the captain’s confusing word and most of all, at the fact that the female captain mentioned the emperor by his name. That was considered disrespectful amongst the guards, everyone knew that, especially someone with such a high position too.

Still lost with what the captain was trying to tell her, Jurina turned back around and reached out to open her door. Just as she was about to push it open, it was pulled open from the inside. “Jurina? Thank god! Jurina! You’re finally back! You were gone for so long I was starting to get worried! Where have you been! Do you have any idea how long you were gone for!? I was just about to go look for you!” Airi shouted at the girl standing in front of the door, angry at her for not noticing the time but relieved that nothing happened to the girl. ’Guess that weird feeling from before was just my imagination~ Doesn’t seem like anything bad happened to her.’

“Woah, woah, slow down, Airin. Here, hold the rice first. Story telling can wait,” Jurina said as she gave the sack of rice to Airi who’s eyes widened at the sudden weight of the sack on her. Before she could protest about anything, she saw Jurina pull out some kind of bottle and started making her way to her mother’s room, “I got to tend to my mother first.”

Airi’s curiosity about the origin of the large sack of rice was surpassed by her curiosity about what Jurina had in her hand just then. Carefully, she placed the sack of rice next to the table, carefully making sure not to spill any one grain of rice, and followed after Jurina.

“Jurina... What.... is that?” Airi watched as Jurina uncapped the small silver bottle and poured some golden yellow syrup-looking liquid into her mother’s mouth.

“According to the captain, it’s a potion made from the emperor’s dragon fruit. She said it can usually heal any sickness. Haven’t you heard of it before?” Jurina asked as she placed the now empty bottle on the bedside table and wiped away the excess on the corner of her mother’s lips. After pulling the blankets over her mother’s shoulder and making sure she is warm, she went outside to hang up her wet hood.

Airi shook her head and went over to Jurina’s mother’s side and felt her forehead. Already, the woman’s heat was cooling down. Surprised at the speed the remedy worked at, Airi picked up the bottle from the side, turned it around her palm, inspecting it. Then she turned to Jurina who was hanging up her hood outside her mother’s room and asked, “Where did you get this, Jurina?”

“Get what?” Jurina asked from where she was, not knowing what Airi was talking about.

Airi quietly slipped outside the room and softly shut the door before putting down the bottle on the table, “This.”

Jurina turned around and saw what Airi was pointing at, “Oh, that. Long story.”

“I’ve got time. You have some explaining to do. And, oh dear kami....” Airi’s eyes widened as she walked over to Jurina and hovered her fingers over the red blotch on her shoulder, “Is.... I-I-Is that blood!?” When Jurina nodded, Airi immediately went to get some herbs and a bowl in the kitchen. When she saw Jurina make her way towards the front door, Airi panicked again, “Where are you going, Jurina? Your arm is hurt.” Jurina just shrugged and pointed her finger upward and disappeared out of the house. “That idiot... When is she going to understand that people are supposed to rest when they’re hurt...” Airi mumbled to herself as she took the bowl of herbs with her and followed after Jurina, climbing up towards the roof of their house.

Although the appearance of their house is not the best, the structure of their house is much more stronger than many of the houses in this area of the city. The rooftop was always a place where Jurina goes to whenever she didn’t want to be trapped indoor but didn’t want to leave the house either. It was also a place where Jurina always goes to when she was in a bad mood or wanted time alone. Airi remembered a few years ago, when Jurina had another nightmare, she ended up spending her entire night on the rooftop. It wasn’t until Airi woke up in the middle of the night did she realize that Jurina was gone and that she had fallen asleep on the top of the house.

It was more than difficult to try climb up the boxes beside the wall of their house to get up to the roof top. Having to carry a bowl that had things inside made it almost impossible. When Airi finally reached the top, she drop dead on the side, and stretched her sore arms before sitting back up and moving next to Jurina who was lying down and was staring at the grey sky. “So... what happened?” Airi asked as she started to grind up the herb that was in the bowl.

 “I had fun, that’s what happened,” Jurina grinned as she recall that excitement she felt when fighting the guards and when the emperor had his katana right up against her throat.

Airi looked at Jurina in disbelief, “You had fun? After going for so long, you come home with a bleeding shoulder and tell me that you had fun? Did you get into a fight with those kids again? You do realized their parents don’t like it when we hurt them right?”

Jurina laughed, “The kids from the high lords’ families are wimps. I mean we only beat them up once and they never showed their face out in the city again.” Seeing the serious unlaughing face on Airi, Jurina’s laugh trailed off and she frowned at the girl, “Serious, Airin. You gotta loosen up. Stop being so serious all the time!”

Angry at hearing how Jurina’s tone of voice sounded, completely not worried about her own condition, Airi picked up some grinded up herbs and smudged them onto Jurina’s wounded shoulder. Jurina hissed in pain and glared at the girl for not warning her first before putting the stinging herbs on her cut. “Don’t look at me like that, young lady. Did you know that a cut as deep as yours could’ve gotten infected!? Especially with the rain pouring down! Did you know how worry I was about you! You were gone for so long I thought something happened to you! And now you’re acting so normally, as if nothing happened at all!” Airi yelled at the girl beside her who looked up at her completely shocked.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry, Airin. I... I didn’t make you worry like that...” Jurina stammered at the sudden outburst of Airi, suddenly felt like a small child being scowled at by their parents. This was the first time she have seen Airi this angry. Jurina always knew Airi gets worried when she’s out by herself, since Airi treated her like a little sister. She never thought Airi would be this worried. But then it was understandable in a way, since this was also the first time Jurina went home with a bleeding shoulder.

Airi’s eyes softened at the girl’s apology and gave her a small smile, “Just don’t do it again, okay? Don’t make me worry like that, Jurina.” Jurina nodded, keeping her eyes up at the sky, refusing to look at the older girl in the eyes. Softly this time, Airi put more herbs onto Jurina’s shoulder and frowned when she saw the way Jurina had shut her eyes, her lips pursed into a straight line, holding in the pain. “It stings that much? Jurina nodded, eyes still kept shut. Airi leaned over and blew onto the wound. She smiled when she saw Jurina’s face started to relax slightly.

All of a sudden, Jurina sat up and said, “Story telling time. Where you want me to start?”

“Right from the beginning,” Airi answered.

Jurina nodded and started explaining everything. Starting from when she found out the herbal shop was closed, to her stealing from the emperor’s garden, fighting off the guards, seeing the emperor and then coming back home. The only thing she missed out was the extra little conversation the female captain had with her just outside her house before.

Airi listened silently the whole time while applying the remaining herbs onto Jurina, occasionally blowing softly onto the wound when she sees Jurina wince. “You know, I always thought Emperor Togasaki was an honest man. I always thought that the emperor won all those battles purely because we are stronger and have better tactics. That’s what the soldiers always say anyway. Who knew the emperor was actually hiring assassins... I wonder if his men knows what their emperor is doing behind the scene,” Airi said.

“So... what should I do, Airin? I don’t know what to do. I want to accept the job, since our family needs money. I mean, the prices of the herbs are flying sky high, just counting on the income from mother’s shop won’t cut it you know. Not to mention we are even willingly helping some of the citizens with our own money sometimes!” Jurina asked as she sat up and looked at Airi, waiting for her answer and secretly hoping that Airi will tell her to take the job.

Airi thought for a while then answered, “I don’t know, Jurina. This... killing people for a living... I don’t think I would be able to live with that. Of course, unless there was a reason behind it. Like there did something really bad or something like that. I don’t know.”

Jurina sighed, seeing this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. She really didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So much experience could be able to gain from this job. “It’s not like we’re going to be killing a lot of people. We’ll make ourselves a rule, only doing a certain amount per month or something. Earning just enough for us to survive and nothing more. Would that be okay, Airin?” Jurina asked.

“As I said before, Jurina. I don’t know if this would be a good idea. Just keep in mind, Jurina, that this is another person’s life. Are you absolutely sure that you are willing to take another’s life in order to survive?” Airi answered Jurina back with a question of her own. Somewhere, in the back of Airi’s mind, she already knew that Jurina wanted to go. The reason the girl gave her for taking the job might all be about the money, but Airi knew better. Ever since Jurina got herself involved into a fight for the first time, Airi knew straight away, from the way the girl’s eyes shone, that Jurina enjoyed it.

Airi always found it slightly scary whenever they are up for a fight against some of the other kids in the city. Airi, being the “bigger sister” figure, is always much more careful with what she does and always tries to talk their way out of a fight. Jurina, on the other hand, never rejects a fight offer. Airi knew the girl would never start a fight, but the girl would never reject a fight either if someone stirs one up. In fact, the girl was always eager to accept the fight and her eyes would always shine.

Airi knew Jurina enjoys hurting others, physically. Either for enjoyment or just plain self-defense. However, emotionally, Jurina tries not to hurt anyone. But what Jurina doesn’t realize is that fighting somebody is different to actually killing a person and taking their life away. Airi doesn’t know what it feels like to take a person’s life away, but she know how horrible it felt when someone died under her hands when she couldn’t help them in time. She couldn’t imagine how it would actually feel if someone actually died by her own hands.

Jurina laid back down on the roof and in a serious tone of voice said, “People die everyday don’t they? It’s a cruel world afterall right? People kill others in order to survive. That was why my father died right? He told me to look after mother, he told me to learn to fight and protect mother. And this is the only way I can think of to do so. If I work for the emperor, Airi, and if I do my job good, the emperor will treat our family better. We would never have to worry about ourselves getting sick or not having enough food like last summer. If anything happens, we can ask for protection from the emperor. Isn’t that a good thing, Airin? Taking someone’s life in return for all of this? Don’t you think it’s about time we start making our lives better?”

Airi stayed quiet for awhile, thinking over what Jurina had said and feeling slightly annoyed at how true Jurina’s statement sounded and how easily she could be persuaded into changing her mind by words from the girl. Deep inside, Airi knew Jurina was right in a way. If they could get on the emperor’s good side, then their lives would be much easier. They would not have to worry about anything. But the danger that could be brought upon Jurina is so high. One mistake and it could cost Jurina her life. ’Can I really bare to let Jurina take on such a dangerous job? She would be out there all by herself, no one would be able to look after her...’

Seeing that Airi was deep in thought, Jurina poked her softly on the cheeks, “Airin... What are you thinking about?”

Dragging her focus back onto the girl next to her, Airi stopped the poking on her cheeks and placed the girl’s arm back by her side. “Jurina, this job is going to be really dangerous. You could lose your life if you made even just one small mistake. And who knows what kind of torture you would go through if someone catches you? I don’t want you to go because I don’t want to have to sit at home with your mother, worrying about you every single minute. Do you know what I’m saying, Jurina?” Airi said in a small voice, unable to contain the fear that she had of the possibility of losing Jurina.

“I knew you would say that, Airin,” Jurina grinned.


“That’s why, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me,” Jurina’s grin stretched across her entire face.

Airi blinked. “Huh?” Airi repeated, thinking that she misheard Jurina’s idea.

Jurina sighed and went for a deeper explanation into what idea she had in her mind, “If Airin came with me, so that we’re both doing the same job, wouldn’t that make it easier and less dangerous? I would watch your back and you would watch mine. If anything happened to me, you can help me and if anything happened to you, I can help you. And say, if one of us do get caught, the other one could come back and get help perhaps? Or something like that. We’ll just answer a few request per month, as I said before, just enough for our family to survive. If you came with me, Airin, you wouldn’t have to worry about me back at home.”

Airi chuckled at the last sentence, “No, of course not, but I’ll be worrying about you on the field, seeing that you’re always  doing things in a reckless manner.” Jurina laughed and later, Airi joined in. “Well, I guess... It can’t be that bad... perhaps. Just one or two per month. At least I can watching over you so your mother wouldn’t be worried. But what are you going to tell your mother?” Airi asked.

“Don’t know. I don’t think she would let me go if I tell her what the job actually is so...” Jurina paused and thought for awhile. “I will probably just tell her I’m working as a messenger for the emperor? And does that mean you’re going to come with me?” Jurina smiled in such a way that Airi honestly thought her smile would split her face in half.

Airi thought again, making sure that she, herself, was making the right decision, then slowly, the girl nodded. Seeing this, Jurina jumped up and gave Airi a large hug and danced around like it was her birthday. “Woah, Jurina. You’re on the ro-“ Airin almost screamed when she saw Jurina’s foot stepped into the empty air on the side of the roof and faster than she had ever moved in her entire life, she bounded forward and grabbed onto Jurina’s arm just before the girl’s entire body fell down onto the ground below. “What am I going to do with you!? You’re not even on the field yet, you’re at home, and still you can make such a mistake that could’ve cost you your life if I didn’t catch you in time!?’ Airi frowned.

Jurina just grinned, not even caring about the fact that she nearly fell to her death seconds ago and allowed Airi to pull her back up, “That’s why Airin is with me, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have to worry about falling if Airin is here right?” Jurina laughed as she threw herself onto Airi and locked the girl into a hug, refusing to let go.

Airi gasped at the sudden weight but quickly recovered and strengthened her own foothold as this isn’t the first time Jurina does this to her. “Get off, Jurina, we’re on the rooftop, not the ground,” Airi said as she tried to move away from the edge of the roof so that she wouldn’t fall like Jurina nearly did just then. “Jurina, stop acting like a kid!” Airi tried to throw Jurina off her back, but the girl’s hold on her was too strong. All Airi got for a reply from her words were the laugh of Jurina and the tightening of the arms around her. Finally giving up, Airi just sighed and picked up the bowl and gave it to the girl that was still on her back, “Hold this then, we’re going back down before we both fall off.” Slowly and carefully, Airi made her way down, with Jurina still attached to her back.


“This is so wrong, Jurina. Why aren’t we using the front door!? What if someone catches us?” Airi nervously whispered to the girl as they jumped over the wall and sneaked into the closest room, hiding themselves from the incoming patrol.

Jurina giggled, “Where would the fun be then?” Almost immediately after the patrol past, Jurina slipped out of the door.

“Jurina!” Airi called in a hissed whisper. Seeing the girl wasn’t answering her, Airi facepalmed herself and after checking both ways for any sign of extra patrols, she sneaked out after Jurina.

When Jurina finally stopped, Airi caught up and turned Jurina around, “Jurina, can you PLEASE stop being so... so.... argh... what if the guards inside treated you like an intruder!? They would kill you!”

Jurina just chuckled at the excessive amount of concern Airi had on her face, “Relax, Airin. The guards can’t get to me.”

“Right...” Airi rolled her eyes, “Says the person who were caught hiding in a wardrobe.”

“Hey! That didn’t count! I got scared okay!? There was a mouse! I wasn’t thinking when I ran!” Jurina defended herself.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say,” Airi grinned at the girl who just turned around and pretended Airi didn’t say anything.

“C’mon, Airin. Let’s go, the guards have their backs turned,” Jurina tapped Airi’s arm and sneaked behind one of the guards and brought her elbow down hard on the back of the guard’s neck, knocking him down onto the floor with a loud thump. Right before the other guard could react, Airi sneaked behind him and knocked him unconscious before slowly lowering the guard onto the floor without a single noise. Jurina looked at Airin and saw the girl looking at her with a grin. “Psssh, just because you were quieter,” Jurina frowned and turned away to slide the door open. Airin quickly bounded away from the guard and joined Jurina.

Just before Jurina’s hand touched the door, the door slid open and pointing at Jurina’s head was a spear. Airi gasped and Jurina just stood there, staring at the tip of the spear. Slowly, without fear, Jurina, with two fingers, pushed the spear tips away and looked at the man sitting at the back of the room.

“Ah, it’s Jurina! My girl! Back away, all of you. Let the girl through,” Togasaki’s surprised voice spoke.

The guards immediately stepped back and moved back to their original position. Airi looked at Jurina who just grinned at her and walked into the room. Airi peered inside from where she was standing. There wasn’t a lot of people in there, just a man in the back of the room with two guards standing behind him, two more guards standing next to the door on the inside and a slim figure standing in the middle of the room. Sensing not much threat coming from inside the room, Airi walked in, following Jurina who found her place next to the slim figure.

Togasaki waved his arm at the guards who without any objections, existed the room and closed the door behind them. The figure next to Jurina turned her head and greeted the girl with a small nod before stepping to the side of the room. Airi watched the exchange between the emperor and his men and the exchange between Jurina and the guard who remained behind. And was slightly fascinated by the way Jurina acts towards the guard that remained behind who Airi could now see, is a female with her hair tied up into a high ponytail. Jurina greeting the guard with a nod seemed out of her usual self, as the girl hardly ever greeted anyone except for her mother and Airi. A deep voice dragged Airi’s attention towards the man sitting in the front.

“I must say, Jurina. You gave me quite a shock, coming here so early in the morning,” Togasaki said.

Jurina chuckled, “I wanted to give you a surprise. Though it kind of failed.”

Togasaki laughed, “Well, I heard a loud thump outside the door so I knew I would be expecting someone. Just didn’t expect it to be you, my child.” The emperor stood up and clapped his hands together, “Anyway, I assume you are here to give me an answer?” Jurina nodded. “And what is your answer to my offer?” Togasaki asked.

“We’ll take the job,” Jurina said. Just as the emperor was about to speak, Jurina cut him off. “But,” Jurina held up three fingers, “under three conditions.”

Though slightly annoyed at being cut off, Togasaki was amused by the bravery Jurina had in her to cut him off when he was about to speak. Putting a smile on his face, Togasaki waved his hand, “Name them.”

Jurina nodded and held up one finger, “Firstly, I have a limit. I will stop working that month once I earn enough money to survive for that month. So don’t expect me to be kil- to be doing this job everytime you ask me to.”

The emperor frowned slightly at the first statement but nodded and waved his hand again, telling her to continued.

Jurina held up her second finger, “Second, my friend will be with me. We will be taking the job together. If you don’t let her in, then we have no deal because she wouldn’t let me go alone.”

Togasaki’s frown dropped slightly lower. Having one more person know about this will prove to be ten times easier for someone to get caught. But, needing to have someone to take this job, Togasaki nodded again and asked for Jurina to continue.

Jurina held up her third finger and said, “Lastly, I want to have perfect guarantee that nothing will happen to my mother while we are away. I hope you can have someone to look after her.”

Togasaki sat back down and thought for awhile before answer Jurina’s three conditions. “Putting a limit, that’s okay. There won’t be too much requests, so that’s out of the way. The second condition... having one more person...” Togasaki looked at Airi then back at Jurina, “Is that your friend?” Jurina nodded. The emperor inspected Airi from where he was sitting. Seeing that the girl is in a good flexible shape, he shrugged and nodded, “I assume that is okay. She... looks okay enough.”

Airi frowned at the way the emperor looked at her. Those eyes the emperor looked at her with, made Airi felt like she was a product on a stand being inspected. And Airi didn’t like that feeling. Ever since she stepped a foot into this room, she already wanted to step out again. There was just something in this room that didn’t feel right. There is this mysterious feel radiating off the emperor and the female guard standing by the side. It was as if, the two was hiding something from her and Jurina. But then, Airi decided that she was just thinking too much. Jurina had always said she was slightly too over cautious about everything. ’But it’s better to be careful than to be sorry right?’ Airi thought to herself as she eyed the emperor.

“As in for the third one,” Togasaki paused and thought for awhile, then suddenly, a larger smile formed on his face as he said, “Will be taken care of. I will make sure someone is there to look after her.” Airi could’ve sworn she saw a cold grin on the emperor’s face before he smiled. But the action was so quick, Airi wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination or not.

“Then we have a deal,” Jurina smiled, completely unaware of Airi’s constant silence and doubting look.

Togasaki stood up and clapped twice. The door behind Airi slid open silently and someone walked inside with a tray towards the emperor. Togasaki picked up the bottle no top of the tray and walked towards Jurina, holding out the bottle for the girl to take.

Jurina took it without doubt but held it up slightly and gave a questioning look to the emperor, “This is...”

“A special potion,” Togasaki answered. “This will keep any sort of sickness away from your mother for around a week. My men can only offer physical protection. This,” he pointed to the bottle in Jurina’s hand, “offers internal protection. Strengthens your mother in a way, you could say.” Jurina thanked the emperor and listened closely as he explained how the potion is to be taken.

Sakiko, standing by the side, widened her eyes when she saw what was in Jurina’s hand, ’That potion... no....’ The captain’s hands clenched into tight fists by her side. ’Why this girl, Togasaki? Why!? WHY!? I need to tell Jurina... But...’ The captain gave a silent sigh and relaxed her fists. There wasn’t anything she can do. If she said something, the emperor would not be very happy, and right now, after so long, Sakiko couldn’t afford to have herself put onto the emperor’s bad list. The captain watched helplessly as Jurina took the bottle and held onto it as if it was her life.

Airi eyed the bottle suspiciously. Perhaps she was overreacting again, but something definitely doesn’t feel right about the dark green liquid swirling inside the clear bottle. No matter how the emperor describes it as something good and healthy, it was just a feeling that Airi couldn’t brush off her shoulder, the feeling that the potion is more than what it seems like.

Finally noticing the strange silence Airi has been in ever since they came into the room, Jurina turned to the girl and asked, “Airin? You okay?”

Airi immediately snapped out of her thoughts and nodded, “Yes, I’m fine. Just... nervous about something.”

Togasaki laughed, “Are you nervous about what tasks I’m going to give you two already? Why, you sound like as if you’re eager to take on the job. Don’t worry, the first is always the easiest.” He made his way to his table, leaving Jurina behind, looking at her friend with slight concern in her face. When Airi is quiet, Jurina know the girl is thinking. And right now, Jurina is curious about what Airi was thinking about.

“Here, this is your first one. Something small. This man is... causing some trouble for me, in one of the neighboring cities. He’s already starting to stir up some kind of rebellion amongst the civilians, he needs to be taken care off before more civilians listens to him and hurts themselves doing something they’re not supposed to do,” Togasaki said and gave Jurina a piece of paper. Airi peered over and saw a portrait of a man on the piece of paper with a name written underneath it. “Go find him, take care of him, come back and you’ll get your reward of five hundred silvers and whatever you took from him,” the emperor said. “Good luck,” Togasaki added before returning to his seat and started reading some of the scroll that was placed by his side.

Jurina and Airi’s eyes both widened at the said amount of silver. Five hundred silvers! That is more than what they usually earn in a week. Jurina’s grin returned to her face. If it was five hundred silvers each time, then minimum, all they need to do is take on about three to four jobs per month and the silvers they earn should be enough to restock on the supply of her mother’s shop as well as buy food and perhaps even save up some to buy new clothes. “Airin, let’s go,” Jurina nudged the girl’s arm. Airi nodded and quietly made their way out of the room.


“How... How long... will you be gone for?” A weak voice spoke from inside the room.

Jurina’s hand gave her mother’s hand a small squeeze, “It won’t be long, mother. Just a few days, it won’t take that long. We’re just delivering messages for the emperor, that’s all.”

“You... You have to be careful... of the emperor.... he.... he...” Jurina’s mother coughed, unable to get the words across.

Not liking seeing her mother like this, Jurina leaned her mother back into the bed and pulled the blankets above her shoulders. “Rest, mother. I’ll be back before you know it. Don’t worry about me, just take your time and rest okay?” Jurina said.

“There is nothing to be worried about, auntie,” Airi stepped into the room, holding a bowl of ramen in her hand. She carefully placed it on the bedside table next to Jurina’s mother, “I will be there to look after her. I’ll make sure nothing happens to her.”

Jurina’s mother relaxed slightly and whispered a word of thanks. “Just be careful, both of you. This is Jurina’s first time out of the city, please take care of my child, Airi.”

Airi smiled, “Of course, auntie. Jurina is like my little sister, I would protect her even if you hadn’t asked me too. Don’t worry about anything, auntie. Just rest for now. When you’re hungry, there’s more ramen in the pot in the kitchen.” Jurina’s mother nodded before closing her eyes and drifted off to sleep. “Let’s go, Jurina. Let’s get this over quickly and come back before your mother starts worrying about you again,” Airi said as she grabbed her hood and the short sword that once belonged to her father. Jurina followed after Airi, grabbing her own hood as well as her own two daggers, something that was given to her by her mother that used to belong to her father.


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Anyway, next update should be this weekend~
Or maybe during the week, depends...

Just a remainder to all my lovely readers (not sure if I'm allowed to do this though)
ELECTIONS IN TWO DAYS! (Or, is tomorrow, if you count it from time of where I am since it's just past midnight xDDD)
It's going to be streamed live from Gugutasu (Google+)!
All you need is a Google+ account.
(I'm not breaking any rules by talking other websites right? Cuz I know some forums don't allow that...)

UWAH! I can't wait to see Jurina and Rena and Airin and Kuumin and all the SKE girls + the SKE KKS being awarded for their hard work!
And then there's Yuihan and Tomo~mi~ Hope they rank high this year too~
About time Tomo~mi makes a come back~
Chiyuu deserves higher than the 16 she got last year~
Anyway, me blabbering too much~
See you on the next update! (^^)/

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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Yehey!~ Oha-chan updated~  :onioncheer:
And of course~ I won't call you oba-chan~
Because if I did you might get mad at me~  :fainted:

AGP update~
Its RenAirin~~  :tama-heart: :tama-lotsaluv:

TPB update~
Its JuriAirin~~  :tama-apeshit: :tama-lotsaluv:
I'm curious about the potion that Togasaki gave to Jurina~  :tama-uhh:

I'll be waiting for Oha-chan's updates~  :tama-bye:
and i'm sorry if i use too much emoticons~  :kneelbow:
i'm just not good with using words~  :mon sweat:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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I literally screamed when I see that you updated the TPB fanfic.  :mon sweat:
My neighbors must be thinking that I'm weird but screw it.  :wahaha:
I really love this fanfic and I don't mind, scream in happyness everytime I see she is updated.  :wriggly:
And I really don't like the way that potion that Togasaki give to Jurina look.  :on shady:
If he make my precious oshi suffer I'll make he pay for this  :shifty:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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finally an update!!!! and RenAirin~~~~ :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

that was sooooo sweet  :D

Rena doesnt want Airin to be hurt but it's fine if its Jurina  :lol:

i cant wait for more~~~  :cow:


wow this is getting even more interesting  :D
you really did something out of the ordinary here and i mean that in a good way :twothumbs
but Jurina and feels strange to read when it's a moment between the two of them  :lol: :lol: :lol:
and Jurina being bloodthirsty? is she the new Gekikara now? LOL  :lol:

that Togasaki emperor is so mean  :thumbdown:

cant wait for the two of them to meet Rena!!!  :cow:
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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 :wriggly: :mon angel: :wriggly:

Finally I got an UPDATE..... many days
 :mon cry:
FINALLY!!!I am in-front of a computer again...... :inlove:
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◄◄[side story]►►

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it's been a good morning...
when my cousin drag me to van
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" Where are we going?...." I asked her with a kind-the-shock face.

" first there's no 'WE' and 2nd your going to mt.Talamitam for hiking and camping " she reply  :mon mischief:

"WHAT!!??... :mon wtf: I never agree with this?!!! :mon headbang: " I almost yelled
 "how about mom? :mon whimper: ...did she know? " I talk like a puppy

" Yes,  :mon fan: and  :mon yell: she's the one who said that I drag you here...
cause she know that you don't want so you have no choice now.... :mon yell: "
she said as she close the door of the van.

 :shocked :shocked :shocked

I feel dumbfounded at that moment
 :grr: :mon emo: :grr:
"wait how about my clothes?" :dunno: I murmur

" Here,there are 3 t-shirt and 3 short and 3 *you know that thing* there "
the girl said as she handed the small bag to me.

As I took the bag, :mon huh2:
 I notice them that they carry a BIG BAG for hiking
 :mon santa4: :mon santa4: :mon santa4:
while I am only have a small one with a jug of water.
 :pig lunch: :pig lunch: :pig lunch:

In that day...
after we went where the starting point
 :mon noprob:
 I thought that it's so easy
 and after an hours of walking
 :badluck: :fainted: :imdead: :fainted: :badluck:
I got scars from falling and from bite of F*cking insect
 :mon runcry: :mon ouch: :pig cry: :mon emo: :mon whine: :mon surr:
and we kinda lose in the wilderness because
 :mon dunno: :mon look: :mon dunno: :mon look: :mon dunno:
 the one who guide us forgot the right way
 :mon ghost:
and we end up taking the hell long way.
 :err: :fainted: :frustrated: :badluck: :on blackhole: :on polter: :on cloudeye:

a little luck that God gave me is that I have only small bag

 :on thumbb: BUT!!! STILL!!! :on thumbb:

that days are some what HELL!
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 :cry: thinking only the thing that there's no computer? :cry:
yah! it is some what!
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[End of side story]

It PISSED ME OFF really until now I have a body pain.


Lets not talked about that thing.
 :k-inlove: :on asmo: :k-inlove:
well!thanks to you that I've got an UPDATE!!!! yeahey!!!
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will I never sneak again, I promise.....
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I'm in Good mood now!!!!
haixt!...I will convert this to E-book you know...
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he!he!he! I am an E-BOOK READER!......
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 :twothumbs take care always!!!! and keep your good work!!! :twothumbs
 :twisted: and don't tell me  :smh that you will stop writing cause I will curse you :twisted:
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 just kidding.... :thumbsup
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that's all :thumbsup
thanks for this Update!



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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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And I've commented! HOORAY~! :mon beam:

I like nightmares: Ohohohoho~  A great way to deal with nighmares. :hiakhiakhiak:
Awesome idea, Jen-chama! :bingo:

I love this couple ever since the Kataomoi PV!
I still can't get over that even now! LOL
 :mon inluv: KumiNon kiss. So sweet and HOT!  :on_hot:

And a teddy bear Kuumin is cute!
Hmm~ Now I want one! :3
Jen-chama! Give me a Kuumin bear! It's your fault for making me want one!

Please make more like these! Or even better!
Make a fic that totally focuses on the KumiNon couple!
That'll be awesome! :mon inluv:

Rena-san ran after Airin~!
She's worried!

And Airin finally managed to get the guilt off her chest by telling Rena-san!
Hooray~! :mon beam:

And I think I can imagine the look on Rena-san's face.
Though...I wish that I can see it in real life. haha

And Jen-chama...It's okay if it took a bit longer than expected for you to write this chappie.
It's understandable. Everyone has problems writing a certain chappie, like me.
So, just do your best! ^^

The Perfect Bodyguard: That emperor...I don't like him.
Not even a single bit. *narrows eyes*
The potion...I'm thinking that it's poison or something.
I DON'T LIKE HIM! *whines*

And I think that Airin is psychic. I just wished that she knew what the emperor was planning.
He's evil! EVIL!!!
Why can't Sakiko say something?!
But then...She has work. :3

Overall...your updates were awesome! ^^
Please update soon! PLEASE!

Thank you for your hard work. :kneelbow:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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It seems that Airin is  S lol

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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You would curse me???
Na-uh, no you won't.
Because if you did, who's going to continue to write these fanfics? :lol:

And flameeyes-san is an e-book reader?
Oh, I never understand e-book readers~
But then, technology is so advance these days~
Poor old-fashion books~~~

Hahahaha, don't worry, Rin-chan~
I get lazy too~
You have nooooooooo idea how many times I've read your fanfics
and still get too lazy to comment on them.
Sorry! :bow:
But, I'm changing! I'm starting to force myself to reply to some of the fanfics I read.
Soon, rin-chan~ Soon I will stop lurking in your fics too~ (^^)b

And besides~ Jen-chama's comments make my day since she's one of my TOP fav authors!
It's like how you might be feeling when I don't comment on your fics!

What do you that's how I would feel when you don't comment on my fics!
It absolutely would NOT make my day if Rin-chan doesn't comment on my fics!
I love you comments!
I even confessed that last night (or was it the night before?) on Twitter about seeing your comments!
I won't type what I tweeted, because that is just waaaaay too embarrassing~

And hahahaha~
Sorry, Rin-chan~
The Kuumin-bear is reserved for Non only xDDD
But you can have the Jen-bear! *turns myself into a teddy bear*
Hahahaha~ but then I won't be able to update if I turn myself into a bear so...
*turns back to human*

As in a fanfic that's focused purely on KumiNon...
But I do have a new plot in mind which is Kuumin-centered,
but that won't start until I finish one of these two fanfics that's going on right now~

Skawa makes an appearance!

Thank you everyone for your comments and thanks~
Makes my day, really~ I love it when people reads my fics~ (^^)
So happy~~~

So yeah, here's the next chapter for AGP (in the next post)~
Quite a short one too~ Unfortunately~
But hey, I can say the next AGP chapter will be filled with actions~
And maybe some laugh too, if I write it good enough~ Hehehe~
Oh oops, did I say something about the next chapter? :lol:

But anyway, I came up with sooooo many new fanfics ideas a few days ago~
Now they are all being queued up in my to-write-next list xDDD
I came up with a plot for a short one too, this morning.
But... I'll work on that later~ Or maybe soon, if my life goes all depressing again xD

ANyway, why am I talking so much?
Enjoy the next chapter!
TPB update should be up next week (^^)b
Please look forward to it~!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4) [6/5]
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Chapter 13

Airi spun her phone on her table again and again, something she always does when she’s thinking. Her mind was still arguing with each other, trying to figure out whether or not to ask Rena for her phone number and how. It had almost been three months since Rena joined this school. Airi has known Rena for three months yet still, her mind wasn’t set about Rena’s phone number. Airi slumped onto her table and blew at the hair that covered her face from the action. ’Ah... I want to get Rena-san’s number so bad... Should I just go up to her and ask her if I can have her number?’ Airi shook her head and slammed it on her table, ’What am I thinking!? I can’t do that! Rena-san will think I’m weird!’ Then another idea popped into her mind, ’Oh! How about I go get Rena-san’s number from Kanakana and then mail Rena-san? But then she will probably think I’m a stalker and dislike me because I got her number without her permission? Ah... doushiyou!?’

Airi’s face was still facing down on her table when another girl walked into the room. The girl sat her usual chair and watched Airi as she continued to spin her phone on her table, still unaware of another presence next to her. “Airin?” The girl spoke.

Airi’s hand stopped. She looked up and her eyes widened at the sight of the exact person she was thinking about, staring at her with what seemed like concern in her eyes. “A-A-Ah! Re-Rena-san! W-When did you get here!?” Airi asked as she sat up and straightened her slightly crumpled shirt and fixed her hair. Airi didn’t know why she was getting so worked up over her own appearance whenever Rena is near. Airi never thought about it. Her subconscious always told her to fix herself when Rena is looking at her. Perhaps it was because Rena is so perfectly neatly dressed for school everyday it almost made Airi felt horrible for not reaching up to Rena’s standard.

Rena smiled at the usual sight of a stuttering Airi, “I arrived just then.” Rena looked at the device on Airi’s table and asked, “Is something troubling you, Airin? Airin seems to be awfully quiet lately.” For the past few days, Rena had always walked into the classroom to the sight of Airi doing what she was doing just now, spinning her phone on her table. Usually Airi would be reading manga or drawing, but Rena haven’t been seeing Airi doing that lately, which was really starting to worry Rena since she knew how much the girl loved drawing.

Airi shook her head furiously, “N-N-No! O-Of course not! Well...” The girl scratched the back of her head, “Uh... Kind of, maybe... Um... I-I-I j-just...” Airi cursed herself for stuttering. Then summing up her courage, she held out her phone and almost shouted, “Canrena-sanpleasegivemeyournumber?”

Rena blinked, “Huh?” Airi’s words came out so fast Rena couldn’t even hear anything. All Rena heard was a long string of words, even though she could pick out her name and she knew the first word Airi said was “can”.

“Uh... you know... Uh, since Rena-san is n-new... Y-You might n-need h-h-help on things... S-So I t-though that i-it would be g-good to have R-R-Rena-san’s n-number so Rena-san c-can contact me i-if there’s any problem. Not that Re-Rena-san needs any help! Since Rena-san have already been here for almost t-three months,” Airi struggled to keep her words together. She could feel Rena looking at her with a really big smile on her face, and Airi could feel her own face burning up. ’Rena-san is probably laughing at me right now... After so long I still can’t talk to her normally all the time! Ah...’

Rena couldn’t help the smile that was forming on her own face as she looked at Airi’s face turning red as she asked her for her phone number. To be honest, Rena had always wanted Airi’s phone number. But she couldn’t’ bring herself to ask the girl herself and had always waited for the girl to ask her for it. Now that Airi did ask her for it, Rena couldn’t be more happy. Deciding to tease Airi a bit after seeing how nervous the girl looked like as she waited for Rena’s reply to her request, Rena took her time with her words, “Oh, so Airin wants my number? What for reason though? I can always just come find you if I need help. I know which dormitory room you stay in anyway.”

“Ah! I-I-I- Uh... Um.... I-I-It’s j-just in case R-Rena-san needs a-any h-h-h-help. B-B-But i-if Rena-san knows w-where I am, t-t-then i-it’s f-fine then. I-I-I’ll be in my r-room if R-R-Rena-san n-needs any help,” Airi mumbled, slightly hint of disappointment in her voice.

A soft giggle escaped Rena’s lips, “I’m joking, Airin.” Rena took out her phone and grabbed Airi’s phone and started to exchange her details with Airi’s phone. “Airin doesn’t need a reason to have my phone number. In fact, I’ve been wondering when Airin was going to ask for it. After all, both Kanakana and Masana-san already asked mine on the first week of school. For a moment, I thought that Airi didn’t want my number,” Rena finally said, deciding to spare Airi from anymore teasing.

’Rena-san was waiting for me to ask for her number!? Why didn’t I know that!? I would’ve asked her straightaway for it if I had known! Then I wouldn’t had had to spend so many time worrying about this!’ Airi thought to herself as the two of them waited for the exchanging process to finish. Airi thanked Rena and took her phone back after their phones both beeped, indicating that the exchange has finished.

Rena smiled at Airi as she gave her phone back to her. “So was my phone number the thing that had been troubling Airin the last few days?” Airi shyly nodded and looked away, avoiding Rena’s eyes as she once again felt her cheeks burned. ’Cute~~~ Airin so cute!!!’ was Rena’s first thought when she heard Airi’s answer. Rena found the fact that Airi gets troubled by little things such as phone numbers too cute. It wasn’t normal, in a good way. However, even though Rena was amused by this side of Airi, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried. If little things like this can affect Airi so much that it can cause her to spend the morning in the classroom spinning her phone on the table, it might start distracting Airi from her studies.

Hoping to help Airi out, Rena called for the girl’s attention, “Airin~” Airi slowly turned her attention back to Rena. Suddenly seeing the seriousness on Rena’s face, Airi looked at Rena’s in her eyes, wondering what made Rena turn so serious all of a sudden. “Airin, can you promise me that you will never worry about little things like these again?” Rena asked.

“H-Huh? What do you mean?” Airi asked, confusion on her face.

“I may be asking a lot out of Airin. But I want Airin to promise me that you won’t worry about small problems like these again okay?”

Airi looked down at her feet and mumbled to herself, “But these problems aren’t small to me.....”

The words didn’t escape Rena’s ears. Rena smiled, “Then can you at least promise me that you’ll always tell me when you have problems? Whether they are big or they are small, can you promise that you’ll always tell me about it? I don’t want Airin to have to worry about these things on your own.”

Airi looked at Rena again, and found that Rena wasn’t joking about anything at all. She was being serious. Rena being serious will mean that Airi herself would have to give a proper serious answer as well. After thinking for a minute to herself, Airi nodded, “I promise. B-But, I want Rena-san to  come to me when you have problems too. C-can Rena-san p-promise that too?”

Rena nodded with a smile on her face then out of nowhere, pulled the shocked Airi into a hug. “Thank you, Airin.”

Airi froze almost as soon as she felt Rena’s arms wrapped around her but almost immediately, Airi felt herself melt into Rena’s warm hold. Hearing Rena’s words surprised Airi, “Thank me? For what?”

Rena smiled again, “For everything.” Rena could’ve answered with more deeper, but she decided to keep it to herself. ’Thank you Airin, thank you for offering to be there for me. I hope I can really rely on you when something big happens. You are the second person to make me promise that, the first being my head maid.’

“OHAYOUGOZAIMASU! Oh, someone looks busy,” A cheerful voice shouted from the door.

Upon hearing someone intruding into the classroom, Airi immediately tried to pull from Rena’s hug and pretended nothing happened. However, Rena wouldn’t have that. Rena gave Airi a smile and hugged Airi from behind and rested her chin on the girl’s shoulder and looked at the newcomer. “Good morning, Kanakana. Don’t you have class today?” Rena asked from where she was still standing.

Airi felt her entire body was set on fire when Rena stepped forward and hugged Airi again from behind. When Rena spoke, Airi couldn’t help but shiver when she felt Rena’s breathe on her neck. Not to mention the light yet noticeable fresh melon smell of Rena was overwhelming Airi’s senses. Rena’s action has forced Airi’s mind to completely focus on her and her only.

Kanako looked at Rena, then at the blushing Airi and then back at the smiling Rena again and a happy grin formed on the little girl’s face as she laughed, “Nope, sensei set us on free period. Masanya had to help take something to the staff block so I’m all alone and decided to come find you two.” Kanako looked at the closeness of the two, “But then, it seems like I interrupted something hmm?”

Airi waved her arms around, “It’s not like that! W-W-W-We were just talking! It’s n-n-not what it looks like!” Why did Kanako had to walk into the classroom when Rena was hugging her? And why did Rena have to hug her again even when she pulled away!? Airi won’t deny that she loved and enjoyed having Rena hugging her, but not now! Airi couldn’t even think of what would happen to her when Kanako goes around school telling everyone what she saw.

Almost feeling heat radiating from Airi’s face that was only a few centimeters away from Rena’s own face, Rena laughed and hugged the girl tighter while looking at Kanako, “It’s exactly what it looks like. Nee, Airin?”


Rena laughed again and finally decided to release Airi before the girl faints from overheating. “Anyway,” Rena turned her attention back to Kanako who was finally walking into the classroom, “Come, sit. Unless you want to stand at the door all period.”

Kanako shook her head, “Nah, I need to get back to class before Masanya comes back. She will kill me if she found out I came into another class.”

“Oh? So then, why are you here? Did you come just to spy on Airin and me?” Airi blushed at the words and looked away. ’Cute Airin~~~’ Rena thought to herself as she saw Airi’s reaction to her wrods.

Kanako giggled, “Spying on you two? No thanks, I’ll pass. You two are so creepily disgusting, I mean, sheesh, get a room~” Rena laughed while Airi’s eyes just widened, unable to make any words come out of her mouth to say back to Kanako. “Anyway, me and Masanya are going shopping in the weekends. You two want to come?” Kanako asked.

Rena thought for a while. She hasn’t been out of the school grounds since she came into the school. It almost felt like she hasn’t seen the outside cities in ages. And since Rena was far ahead than most students in the class with her studies, she nodded, “Sure, I’m in. How about you, Airin?”

Airi shook her head, “I’m falling behind, I have to catch up with some of the works in the classes that I didn't listen in.”

Kanako laughed, “Airin not focusing in class? Wow, the world has truly come to an end. But really, we’re only going for a few hours, you will have the rest of the weekend to work on it. Just come! There’s an anime expo going on in the cities, I heard.”

Airi’s eyes flashed, “Really!?” She thought about the work she had to catch up on, it was only English and history. Nothing much to be honest. She can’t afford to miss out the expo. Almost immediately, Airi nodded, her eyes shining, “I’m in!”

Kanako beamed her giant grin, “I knew you would say yes to that.” Just as Kanako was about to say something else, the bell signaling the next period rang. Kanako jumped, “Ah! Yabai! Masanya is going to kill me for being late to class! See you two at dinner!” Kanako quickly ran out of the classroom, bumping into the corner of one of the tables.

“Kanakana always lose track of time,” Airi stated, trying to hold back a laugh as she watched Kanako ran out of the classroom.

Rena smiled at the sight of a rushing Kanako, “As usual.” Once Kanako was out of the classroom, Rena turned to Airi, “Time for PE hmm?”

Airi froze, ’PE!? Ah! I lost my shirt last week!!! AH... what am I going to do???!!!’ Airi’s brow scrunched up together as she tried to think of a solution.

Rena noticed the sudden change in Airi’s emotion, worried, she tapped Airi on the shoulder, “Is everything okay, Airin”

Airi snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Rena, “U-U-Uh, y-yeah! E-Everything is f-fine!”

Rena frowned at Airi not telling her what’s going on in her mind again. “Didn’t you just promise me before that you will always tell me when you have problems? Or had Airin forgotten already?” Rena asked, hoping the girl hadn’t forgotten her promise already. She hated people who doesn’t keep to their promise. While other people uses the word “promise” easily, Rena don’t. That word means a lot of Rena and she never joke around when it comes to that word. She never promise something she know she can’t do.

“I-I-I didn’t forget! I-I-I j-just...” Airi looked down on the ground and started rubbing her feets together, “W-Well... I-I-I kind o-of lost my PE sh-shirt last week...”

Rena laughed, “Is that it? Don’t worry, Airin,” Rena said as she grabbed one of Airi’s arm and started making her way to the door, dragging Airi with her, “because I lose things easily, I always buy an extra set for most things. I have a spare one, you can use it till you find your’s”

“R-Really?!” Airi’s eyes almost went watery as she accepted Rena’s offer, “T-Thank you, Rena-san. T-Thank you s-so much!”
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Every step Airi took, a blood puddle was left behind from where her feet touched. Airi winced at the increasing heat coming from the fire that was forming walls around and behind her. The girl didn’t dare to slow even for a second, fearing the fire wall will melt her into nothing. Behind her, even without turning around, Airi could hear people howling her name. Occasionally, she could feel the scorching fingers scratch at her shoulders, burning her shirt away.

”Where you running to? Let’s play, Airin~ Nee?” An eye appeared in front of Airi’s face.

Airi gasped as she felt as her skin gave way to the hovering sword that had suddenly appeared and was slicing through her neck. “P-P-Please... s-s-stop...” Airi managed to breathe the words out as blood started drip down the sword by her throat and onto the ground under her.

“You never stopped when I asked you to? Why should I stop for you?” The eye laughed before it disappeared as Airi tried to take in one last breathe of oxygen as the sword cuts open her throat.


Airi gasped and sat up, sweat dripping down her forehead. She brought her hands up and felt all around her neck, ’It was just a dream... Just a dream...’ Airi reached for the water skin lying next to her and glopped down a large mouthful water, clearing the unwanted thirst. Looking over the campfire in the middle, Airi saw Jurina sitting by the fire and was twirling one of the throwing stars that she made herself around her fingers. “Can’t sleep, Jurina?” Airi asked as she scooted closer to the camp fire, knowing she wouldn’t be able to get any more rest until they finish their next job.

Jurina shook her head in answering to Airi’s question but stayed silent as she continued to spin the throwing stars, watching the fire light reflecting off the shiny silver surface on it.

Airi frowned at the silent response. Although she was already used to Jurina being like this the last few months, she still couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed at a response like that. Hoping to strike a proper conversation with Jurina, Airi asked, “How come you never get nightmares, Jurina?” Jurina looked up, a slight confused face. “I mean, like, nightmares, about those people. Those people we killed?”

Looking back down at the fire and stacked her throwing stars into a pile with the rest, Jurina explained in a plain voice, “I do. But only faces. My nightmares aren’t as traumatizing as yours because I never look at them in the eyes when I kill them since the fear they show in their eyes when they look at you will always haunt you.”

“How do you know that? I mean, to know that, you must’ve done it once before, right?”

Jurina shrugged, “I just do.” Picking up one of the close by sticks, Jurina threw it into the fire and watched as it crackles up into flame. “Jobs like these are easier done if you don’t put emotions in it. You need to learn to put your emotions aside when striking. I’ve seen you hesitating before you kill too many times. It’ll give them a chance to retaliate. It can cost you your life.”

Airi took the advice and nodded, “I’ll try.” After thinking for awhile, Airi added in a small voice, “But I’m still a human being, you know. Even though I have killed so many people I can’t even count anymore, I still have feelings. It’s hard to let go of these feelings when you’re striking down your own race.”

Jurina turned away from Airi and lied down on the ground next to the fire, not wishing to continue the conversation any further. She felt no need to continue such a pointless conversation. She had told Airi many times already that bringing own emotions into the job will only make it harder for herself, but Airi wouldn’t listen. Since the girl won’t listen, there isn’t any more reason to keep advising her right? Jurina only like saying things once, any more times more than one is pointless and a waste of time.

Airi watched Jurina turn away, indicating that she no longer wanted to continue the conversation. Sighing, the girl went back to her resting place and lied back down onto the grass that she had used as her temporary bed. Not wanting to fall back asleep, Airi allowed her mind to start going over problems that she have been keeping inside her mind for so long.

It’s been troubling her for a while now, ever since the two of them starting doing this job for the emperor. Perhaps Airi was thinking too much, but Airi felt like Jurina have been going colder ever since they both took their first kill. Airi remembered when the two of them set out for the first job. It was an easy job. When the two of them found the man, he was lying in the middle of the street, drunk. Airi remembered that she couldn’t take the kill, she couldn’t get over herself that she must take someone else’s life and then before Airi could do anything else, she remembered watching Jurina bring her daggers down onto the man’s back, completely hiding the blade of the two daggers deep into the man’s organs before pulling it back out. Ever since that time, Jurina had never acted the same.

It has almost been two months since Airi had heard Jurina laughed. The last time was during a job. But, Airi didn’t want to count that as a laugh. The laughter came out at the wrong place at the wrong time about the wrong thing. It happened when Jurina watched the target try to run away and ended up tripping down the stairs. That was the first time Airi had been so scared of Jurina. Airi remembered she stayed standing upstairs when Jurina laughed and walked downstairs and brought her daggers down accurately into the man’s heart, even though the man had already died when he knocked the back of this head while rolling down the stairs.

The emotionless expression that Jurina has on her face each time she takes a kill scared Airi. And ever since that request for the ten years old boy of one of the opposing lords, the emotionless face never left Jurina’s face again. That child was supposed to be Airi’s kill, but, after observing the child, Airi just couldn’t take the kill anymore. Seeing the ignorant boy running around his father’s castle, helping out the servants and working really hard to learn words off the scrolls his father gave him, Airi didn’t understand why the child had to die. When she told Jurina that she was thinking about abandoning this job, Jurina ignored her and went off on her own only to come back early next morning with blood on her shoes.

Airi never had the chance to ask where Jurina went that night, but she had an idea that it was to do the job that she couldn’t do herself. Since the death of that child, Jurina have been talking less and less and Airi felt like there was a distance growing between the two of them. In the times before, Jurina was always the one striking up conversations and could talk for hours if Airi doesn’t stop her. But now? Even when Airi strikes up a conversation, Jurina’s replies are always short. Airi almost started to sense the girl was hiding some kind of secret away from her, or maybe there was something on the girl’s mind that she wasn’t telling her. Even though they had promised each other before when they were small that they were never to keep any secrets from each other.

Unable to hold in these questioning and worrying thoughts in herself anymore, Airi spoke up, “Nee, Jurina? You still awake?”

From the other side of the fire, a few seconds later,  Jurina replied, “Yes.”

“Um... Are you hiding some kind of secrets from me?” Airi asked. Finding the response in silence, Airi sat up and stared at the lying down figure of Jurina over the crackling fire, “If you are having troubles with something, I want to help. I hope you understand that, even if I can’t help, I’ll try my best.” Still seeing no response, Airi mumbled as she lied back down, “You know we promised each other to never keep secrets between the two of us right? Or have you forgotten?”

Jurina remained silent for awhile after hearing Airi’s mumbled words. Then suddenly, looking up at the sky, Jurina sat up. “It’s about time. It’s fully dark now, everyone should be asleep,” Jurina said as she picked up her belt of throwing stars and strapped her daggers onto the new boots that she bought with the last reward money.

Airi sighed again and threw her own hood over her head and grabbed her sword. She walked over to the fire and started putting it out with her water. Jurina walked over and helped stamped out the last few pieces of burning wood, completely erasing any evidence of their stay here. Surprising Airi, Jurina spoke in almost in inaudible whisper, “I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore, Airin.” With that, Jurina turned around and started making her way towards the towering city walls.

Airi watched the back of Jurina moving away as she pondered over Jurina’s words.

’I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore, Airin.’

What did the girl meant with what she said? Airi didn’t understand at all. But then, Jurina had become incomprehensible ever since she took her first kill, so Airi wasn’t that surprised when she heard these words coming from Jurina’s lips. What surprised Airi the most was that Jurina called her by her nickname. It’s been a while since Jurina had called Airi by her nickname. Yet, even so, Airi still felt no warmth within Jurina’s voice. Shaking her thoughts from her head, Airi quickly followed after Jurina who was barely visible under the moonlight.


>>>Sakae Faction’s Meeting Room<<

“Father! Why? Why must we go to war? Can we not avoid this at all?” Rena confronted her father for the first time about this matter ever since she overheard the decision a few months ago.

Yuasa stared at his beloved daughter, surprised that she had suddenly barged into the room and talking about things that she wasn’t supposed to know about yet. “What are you talking about, Rena?” Yuasa asked, pretending he had no idea what his daughter was talking about. Yuasa didn’t want to tell Rena yet, knowing his daughter hated war just as much as he did.

“I heard that conversation last time. The one you had with the generals. You said you were going to w-“ Rena flailed her arms around when Imade suddenly clamped her hands over the princess’s mouth and tried to drag her out of the room.

“I’m sorry, Emperor Yuasa. I tried to st-“ Imade tried to explain to the emperor but he just smiled and gave the girl a wave.

“It’s okay, Imade. I understand my daughter’s personality. She always gets what she wants, one way or another, no matter how hard you try to stop her. So please, no need to apologize. I was planning to tell her about this later anyway, just wasn’t supposed to be this early,” Yuasa said in a kind voice. Imade nodded and slowly released her hand on Rena’s mouth and stepped back, allowing the princess to talk to her father again. Once released, Rena glared coldly at Imade, sending chills up the girl’s spine.

Yuasa saw the small silent exchange between the two girls and couldn’t help but also shiver at how scary his own daughter can be sometimes. Deciding to save innocent Imade from his daughter’s death glare, Yuasa cleared his throat to put Rena’s attention back onto him. “No, we cannot avoid this. Sakae is going to war with Akihabara. Since you said you overheard the meeting, I assume you know the reason behind this. It’s only a matter of time, my child, even if we do not declare war, for Akihabara to get to us. Togasaki is a wild man, everyone knows that. I must get Sakae prepared for whatever planning Togasaki have in mind. Most of the soldiers are prepared and armed already and every single one of them are going through even tougher trainings than usual. We won’t attack, Rena. I know you wouldn’t like that, I don’t either. But we will defend. Defend until Togasaki gets tired.”

Rena stayed silent for a while, then deciding to tell her father about her decisions regarding the war preparation, she spoke up, “Perhaps I can help out the archers in their kyuudou training too no? I am a good archer after all.”

Yuasa smiled, “Of course. I’m sure the men will love to have you personally train them. Go ahead, my child. And if anyone causes any troubles about their training, you tell them to personally come and tell me.” Although surprised by Rena’s suggestion, Yuasa couldn’t help but feel happy that his daughter wanted to help. If this training goes well, the soldiers would respect Rena even more. And when the time comes, if the time ever comes, having Rena take over his own power wouldn’t be greeted with as much complaint from the army as it would if Yuasa stepped down now. Not that he was thinking of stepping down.

Smiling at her own father’s quick approval, Rena decided to take another step forward straight to the point, “And then when the time comes, I can go fight alongside the archers too! Wouldn’t that be great!? I would be able to see them perform in ac-“


Rena stopped half way through her sentence, interrupted by Yuasa’s loud shout. This was the first time her father had ever shouted at her. And to be honest, Rena couldn’t even remember seeing her father’s eyes burning with so much anger. But the anger in Yuasa’s eyes disappeared almost right after Rena saw it.

In a softer and calmer voice, Yuasa explained his outburst, “I can’t afford to lose you, Rena. You’re too valuable to me, to Sakae. Not only are you my eldest child, Rena, you are also the one who will be in my place if anything happens during the war. You have to stay behind and look after your two sisters, they are still young and hardly pay attention to the world around them. You have your duty to protect them as the eldest in this family.”

“No!” Rena shouted back, almost on the brink of tears, “I won’t take over! I won’t ever take over! Nothing is going to happen to you! I want to and will help out with the war, one way or another, with or without your approval. Nothing is going to change my mind, do you know why, father? Because you,” Rena pointed at Yuasa’s chest, “will not fall in battle. Which means it will not be necessary for me to stay behind and wait to take over your rule.”

Yuasa sighed, ’I knew you would act like this... That’s why I didn’t want to tell you, my child.’ The emperor waited till Rena finished before he spoke again, “Rena, death is part of war. If there is no death in a war, then it is not a war. If you want to help Sakae, you can help by staying here and training the archers. And Imade,” The emperor turned his head towards Rena’s friend and servant, “Keep Rena underwatch, don’t let her do anything foolish, okay?”

Imade bowed her head and nodded, “I will, my lord. Don’t worry.”

A shadow appeared behind the door of the meeting room and gave the frame of the door a gentle tap. A soft voice spoke, “My lord, we are ready and prepared for the next meeting. Others generals are on their way.”

Yuasa turned his gaze to the door and said, “Come in, Yagami.” As the female general slid the door, Yuasa looked back at his daughter, “Go eat something, Rena. It’s lunch time. My decisions are final.”

Imade tugged lightly at the princess’s sleeves. Rena reluctantly stepped backward, allowing her friend to pull her out of the room. Just before Rena walk out the door, she thought about trying one more time, “What if it was helping nearby villages and helping escort the villagers?” Seeing no instant disagreement from her father, Rena continued, “There will be a small army there right? And if you’re still worried, the only enemies I could run into are bandits. Bandits are not trained to fights, only to steal. The soldiers would be able to protect me much better than they would be able to on battlefield.”

Yuasa scratched his chin then tapped his forehead after a moment of thinking to himself and said, “No. I trust the soldiers but they are trained to fight and protect villagers, not princesses. If I get them to look after you, they will put you first priority before the villagers. If the village is attacked, what will happen to the villagers if all the soldiers go and protect you?”

Rena frowned, unable to believe how stubborn her father can be. Almost giving up hope, Rena asked again when she remembered her close friend’s suggestion when they were under the sakura tree, “What about a personal bodyguard trained only to protect me?”

Seeing the downcast expression of his daughter’s face, Yuasa sighed again, “We’ll talk then, when you find one.”

Rena’s frown immediately turned upside down at her father’s words, ’We’ll talk again? He agrees! He agrees! Mai-chan was right all along! Finding a bodyguard was the only way I could convince my father!’ Quickly excusing herself, with a surprised Imade in tow, Rena rushed outside the meeting room, dying to continue their long search for the perfect bodyguard.

Kumi stared at Rena as she ran off, confused at the princess’s presence in the meeting room. Once the two girls were out of the room, Kumi turned to the emperor and asked, “My lord? Princess Rena is here for...”

“Don’t worry about it, Yagami,” Yuasa waved his hand at the female general, trying to drop the topic as soon as possible, “Rena is just being... well, Rena.” The emperor knew that if Kumi knew Rena had already found out about the war, Kumi herself would tend to the girl’s safety, considering the two of them were friends since childhood. And Kumi’s form of protection is slightly too protected. Yuasa knows Rena hates being locked in her room and only allowed to be outside under the watch of almost an entire troop of unknown soldiers.

Kumi nodded and whispered a silent ‘o’ as she turned around again and looked at where the princess exited the room. Although Kumi knew that there was something that the emperor wasn’t telling her about Rena’s reason for being in the meeting room, she did not pursue the matter any further. If the emperor kept something from her, Kumi knew there must be a reasonable explanation for it. But right now, there was something more important than hearing an explanation from the emperor.


“You were right, Mai-chan! The only way I could convince my father to let me go is to find a bodyguard like Yuria or Kuumin! Even though you broke me off while I was speaking before, I forgive you now that you turned out to be correct! C’mon! We have to continue the search!” Rena gave the girl a tight hug and then ran down the hallway again, leaving Imade behind.

Imade sighed in relief, ’Thank god... I thought she was going to eat me with that glare of hers in the room before...’ “Wa-Wait, Rena-chan! You’re going to rip the kimono if you keep running like this!” The girl chased after the princess, “We need to search, yes, but we still need to eat lunch first! Rena-chan!”

Rena half turned and half continued to run, “We’ll go find a person first, then we’ll g-“ Suddenly, Rena felt herself collided into something that felt like a brick wall. Unable to keep her balance, the princess fell backward from the impact and landed on her back. “Oof!”

“Ah! Rena-chan!” Imade yelled as she caught up and rushed to the princess‘s side. Imade glared at the cause of the princess’s fall who seems like she was choking on something, “Watch where you’re go-“ The girl stopped speaking and her eyes widened when she realized who Rena had bumped into. “Ah! Ki-ki-ki-kizaki-san!” Imade’s words come out as stutters as she looked at the famous bodyguard.

Standing in front of the two girls was a shorter girl, fully dressed in armor with a katana strapped by her side. The bodyguard looked back with her surprised round eyes as she choked on the food she was eating, “R-Rena!?” Yuria immediately helped the princess up with her free armored hand and straightened the princess’s kimono. “What are you doing here, Rena? Are the princesses supposed to be eating lunch right now? Churi and Kanako is already eating in the garden outside,” Yuria said and took another bite into her rice ball.

Imade stayed silent as she helped fixed Rena’s sleeves, not knowing how to speak without stuttering. Seeing the famous bodyguard in the palace was all too rare, Yuria usually doesn’t show up unless there is something really important that is being discussed by the famous general, Kumi. So important that even the general’s bodyguard needed to know about it. This was the first time Imade had seen the bodyguard in almost five months. The fact that Yuria don’t like being indoor making it so much harder to even catch a glimpse of the girl.

Rena quickly thanked Imade and frowned at Yuria, completely ignoring the girl’s question, “Why do you wear your armor inside? I felt like I ran into a brick wall!”

Yuria shrugged, “No one told you to run into me. Besides, you should not be running with a kimono in the first place. It was your fault for bumping into me.”

Rena growled, “Argh... five months of not seeing you, and you haven’t changed a bit. Always saying things are not your fault, even when it is. I wouldn’t have fell if you didn’t stand there.” The princess’s hand held onto her left shoulder where it had bumped into Yuria and was still hurting from the throbbing after-collision pain.

“Maa, I’m like this, deal with it, Ma-tsu-i Re-na,” Yuria laughed as she took another bite into her rice ball.

Imade giggled at Yuria’s  tone of voice. Although Imade still found it slightly weird to hear even the close friends of Rena calling the princess so informally, she really does miss seeing the princess get teased by her friends.

Rena glared at Imade, immediately shutting off the giggles. Giving the girl an ‘I’ll deal with you later’ look making Imade gulped, Rena turned back to Yuria. “Annoying as always, Yuria. Annoying as always,” Rena mumbled. Then an idea popped into her head, “Say, Yuria, do you know if there’s any good female fighters?”

“Hmm?” Yuria’s hand stopped half way of putting the rice ball in her mouth. It was a weird question for the princess to ask her. In fact, Yuria don’t remember Rena ever asking her about things in the army. Giving the fact that the peace-loving princess almost hates everything related to war. Seeing the seriousness in Rena’s face, Yuria thought for awhile before giving her a proper answer, “Female fighters are quite hard to come by these days. And to find a good one is even harder. The only ones I can think of is Kuumin, Mizuki and your cousin.”

Rena frowned and mumbled to herself, “But Mizuki can’t possibly come, she is a front field commander, there is no way father will let her off.”

Yuria’s eyebrow raised, “Why?”

Rena shook her head, not wanting to bother Yuria with her problems. However, Imade thought differently. Since Yuria has good connections with the Sakae army, if Yuria knows that Rena is looking for a bodyguard, perhaps she can even help them look for it. Crossing her fingers and hoping that the princess won’t kill her for speaking in her place, Imade spoke up, “Princess Rena wants to find a bodyguard who can accompany her into the battlefield when the war takes place.”

Yuria choked on her food again and her eyes widened,  “H-How did you guys know about the war?”

Imade shook her head, “That’s not the problem, Kizaki-san. Problem is that Princess Rena can’t find a bod-“

Rena slapped Imade lightly on the back of her head, “Shush, Mai-chan. It’s not PRINCESS Rena, it’s just RE-NA. And you’re talking too much.” Snatching one of the rice balls off Yuria’s hand, Rena stuffed the rice ball into Imade’s mouth, successfully silencing the girl

Yuria frowned, “Hey! That was my lunch, Rena! And Mai, please, just Yuria will do. You make me sound so old when you call me so formally. And like what, we’ve known each other since we’re kids so please, just Yuria. Oh, and you owe me a rice ball now.” The girl grinned at Imade who couldn’t do anything but try to swallow the rice ball that Rena had stuffed into her mouth. Then Yuria turned back to Rena with a serious face, “I don’t know how you found out about the war, Rena, but the battlefield is too dangerous for you to go into. Your father can’t afford to lose someone as talented as you.”

Rena frowned at Yuria and mumbled again, “That’s exactly what my father said...”

“But it’s a good idea anyway,” Yuria said. Rena’s confused look made Yuria smile and explained further what she meant, “To have a bodyguard. There seems to have been a whole string of assassination going on around the place lately. The defense plan that your father planned out is starting to fall apart already, even though it hasn’t even been put to action yet, because many of the key important figures had been targeted and suffered one way or another.”

“Hmm? What defense plan?” Rena asked.

Yuria shook her head and took another bite into her nearly finished lunch, “Ah, nothing. I’m talking a bit too much.” Yuria threw the last bite of her food into her mouth and then said, “Be careful, Rena. Mai too, be careful. Look after yourself, both of you. I’ll keep an eye out for fighters who are good enough to be bodyguards. When I do, I’ll give you guys a message.” With that, Yuria slipped into the meeting room and closed the door behind her. Leaving the princess and her servant behind.

“Princess Rena, let’s go get our lunch now. Leave Kizaki-san to her meeting,” Imade said as she pulled the princess’s sleeve, trying to get the princess to move.

Rena frowned at the way Imade was calling her again. ’When is Mai-chan going to call me by my name!?’ Rena mentally shouted. Frowning, Rena pulled back her arm and stayed standing, despite her hunger was starting to overpower her.

“Princess Rena, please. I’m really hungry. Can we please go eat?” Imade pleaded.

Rena turned her head away and crossed her arm, completely ignoring the girl.

Knowing exactly what the princess want, Imade gave up her old habit and spoke again, “Rena-chan, can we PLEASE go eat something now?”

The princess turned back to Imade with a huge smile on her face, “That’s better! Now, that wasn’t so hard was it, Mai-chan?” Laughing as she grabbed Imade’s hand, “C’mon, let’s go eat. I was actually thinking whether or not I had to stand there and starve to death before you will get what I’m trying to make you do.”

Imade frowned and was about to say something when a servant came rushing at them. “Princess Rena, an urgent message has been sent to you,” the servant held out a small parchment roll.

From the size of the roll, Rena knew straight away it was a pigeon mail. Thanking the servant and dismissing him, Rena waved Imade closer and showed her the parchment.

“Who is it from?” Imade asked as she looked at the tiny roll.

“I’m not sure,” Rena answered as she carefully untied the parchment. “Ah- It’s the sakura stamp,” Rena almost yelled in excitement as she pointed at the pink stamp at the bottom of the paper, “It’s been a long time since my cousin has gave me a message!”

“Looks like your cousin is fine after all,” Imade smiled with relief. Seems like the princess’s worries over her cousin the last few weeks are all pointless. It brought relief to Imade to know that she was okay, Imade didn’t know what she would have to do if something happened to Rena’s cousin. “What did she say? Your cousin,” Imade asked.

Rena read the words out loud in a whisper that only the two of them could hear, “Keep your bow and arrows close.”

“What does that mean?”

Rena thought for a while, “I’m actually not really sure. Keeping my bow and arrows close... Maybe she’s trying to tell me to be careful and keep on guard? Perhaps danger is coming soon, I guess.”

Imade nodded, ’Seems logical, the interpretation.’ Thinking about the words deeper, “Princ- Rena-chan, do you think this have anything to do with the assassin that Kizaki-san was talking about before?”

Rena shook her head, “I’m not really sure. Probably.”  Rena held the parchment above one of the nearby candles on the wall and carefully burned the message, erasing it’s existence. Slowly, Rena started to make her way back to her room with Imade following behind, “Let’s go get change and get my bow first. Then we’ll go eat. I think I need to go practice anyway.”

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5) [6/26]
« Reply #197 on: June 26, 2012, 03:23:11 PM »
Yeah you update..
Still waiting when princess rena meet jurina and airin..
Please someone safe jurina..

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5) [6/26]
« Reply #198 on: June 26, 2012, 08:16:02 PM »
OMG!! can be that Jurina next target is RENA??!!  :shock:
I really hate Togasaki, making Jurina and Airin kill innocent people  :angry1:
the things in this fic are being more complicate  :scared:
I can't wait until the next chapters  :imdead:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5) [6/26]
« Reply #199 on: June 26, 2012, 08:45:41 PM »

Rena-sama, please be careful!

I hope her bodyguard will be Jurina... It has to be her, but of course, only after they meet.... So maybe she really has to assassinate Rena-sama!!!!!!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:
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