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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106099 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5) [6/26]
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jurina is not feeling anything?!  :scared: Airin Save her please!  :pleeease:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5) [6/26]
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 :OMG:Togasaki is making Jurina and Airin kill innocent people  :frustrated:
poor Jurina she is lost  :fainted:
Jurinaaaa  :gyaaah:
I hope it will be Wmatsui  next time  :shy2:
I can't wait for the next chapters  :tantrum: :on speedy:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5) [6/26]
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Thank you for commenting, Megumi-san!

And, maybe~
Who knows who Rena's cousin could be~

Yup yup!
I updated!
Sorry for taking so long!

Jurina's next target is Rena!?
I dunno.
I'll let Juribait-san wait and read the next chapter to find out.

Bring on the Togasaki haters~
Next update will be TPB,
so please look forward to it!

Does that mean sakura-san likes the update?
Yay! (^ ^)

Who Rena's bodyguard is going to be will be pretty clear in the upcoming two chapters (^ ^)
So please look forward to it!

Innocent people?
In a way, I guess.
The young child of his enemy counts as innocent people, I think.

The pairings will be revealed in the upcoming two chapters meow~
So please look forward to it!

I'm back with yet another update for AGP!
No excitement?!


Anyway, my fingers are frozen lol~
It's so cold meow~

But yeah, enough from me~
Here's the AGP update!
Coming up next is TPB update!

I actually came up with a OS plot for KumiNon again,
but then the idea died half way through.
So now that OS is piled up with the rest of my abandoned-half-finished fanfic pile at the bottom of my word document.
BUt I'll see, I might go back to it and work on it.
Or not.
Depends on my mood xDDD


“Here,” Rena held out her spare shirt in front of Airi who took it without a second delay, “It should fit you. Our size is not that much different.” Rena smiled at her before opening her own locker and started sorting out her own things for the PE lesson.

Airi thanked Rena and quickly got change, pulling Rena’s shirt over her head. ’Oh Rena-san! I can smell her! Her smell is all over this shirt!’ Airi thought to herself as she put her arms through the sleeves and sniffed the shirt over and over again. ’I can smell this shirt all day- WHAT AM I THINKING ABOUT!?’ Airi slapped herself on her face as she closed her locker and sat on the nearby bench, feeling slightly dizzy from the light but overwhelming smell of Rena on her shirt. ’I swear I can just faint from this...’

Rena saw Airi suddenly sitting down on the bench, feeling concern, Rena kneeled down and asked, “Airin, you okay? You face seems slightly red. Are you feeling sick?”

Airi shook her head quickly and smiled at Rena, “No no no no, I’m just waiting for you. It’s getting a bit hot in here so...”

Rena smiled back, “Ah, I see. I won’t take long. Sorry you had to wait.” Quickly putting her bag in her locker, Rena took out her own shirt and started getting change, completely unaware of the two pair of eyes staring at her from behind.

Picking up her own shirt that she had put on the bench, Jurina pulled the top above her head and skillfully swapped her school shirt with her PE shirt without showing any part of her body to anyone, not that she would mind. But Jurina felt like she would spare the other girls from fainting, knowing that most of them are staring at her while she gets change. Jurina was about to throw her bag in her locker when something caught her eye. Turning around, Jurina saw something that made her halt her action: Rena’s back.

Both Jurina and Airi stared as Rena slowly, taking her time, took off her school shirt and hang it up in her locker while showing her back to everyone. Rena’s smooth back, like a magnet, captured the two girls’ attention, making it impossible to turn away. Airi quickly clamped her opened mouth close with her own hand to stop herself from drooling while Jurina froze at the sudden flash back coming back into her mind, the flash back of her treating Rena’s bruised back that night in their room. The feeling of Rena’s soft skin under Jurina’s finger tips. The perfect shape of Rena’s back. It was all coming back to Jurina’s mind and Jurina can’t deny the fact that she really did miss the sight. Without realizing, a smile crept up onto Jurina’s face as she watched.

It didn’t’ take long for Akane to finish getting change. She was smart and didn’t wear her blazer today, saving her those extra few seconds of having to take off the blazer and hang it up. Akane turned to the girl standing next to her and was about to ask why Jurina was taking too long when she realized the girl was frozen with her bag half way in her locker. Curious at what captured Jurina’s full attention, Akane turned her head. The moment her eyes saw what Jurina was looking at, Akane felt a sudden stabbing pain in her heart.

’It’s just Rena’s back... Why are you getting distracted by it so much, Jurina-chan?’ Akane frowned. Although Jurina had been hanging out with Akane much more often lately and was almost ignoring all the girls that were trailing behind her the whole time, Akane still couldn’t help but feel this strange throbbing in chest whenever she sees Jurina paying attention to another girl, especially Rena. It wasn’t that Akane hated Rena. She doesn’t. She treated Rena as a friend. In fact, a really good friend too, considering that Rena is much warmer to her than many of the other girls in class. However, whenever she sees Jurina paying more attention to Rena than herself, which to be honest, was quite often, especially during class when Akane catches Jurina staring at Rena whenever she was over at Akane’s table, having a group discussion, Akane always feel this burning feeling in her chest. Even now, Akane could feel it. Yet she still couldn’t understand what this feeling was.

Rena straightened her PE shirt after she put her second arm through her sleeves. ’Did my shirt shrink or something? Seems a bit harder to put my arm through... Or... DID I GAIN WEIGHT ALREADY!?’ Rena’s eyes widened at her own thoughts. Only being in boarding for about three months and she was already gaining weight? ’This isn’t good... This isn’t good... I should’ve stuck with the melon pan diet that I eat back at home...’ Rena sighed. ’Is it just me, or do I feel someone is staring at me again...’ Rena thought to herself as she hang up her skirt inside her locker. Once done, she turned around and immediately, her eyes made contact with another pair that was staring straight at her.

Jurina’s eyes widened the moment Rena turned around and looked straight at her. Feeling a sudden heat wave blasting on her face, Jurina quickly turned around and put her bag back into her locker and pretended to sort out things.

This wasn’t the first time Rena had caught Jurina staring at her, and to be honest, it is quite often too, during classes and meal times. Rena never thought about asking the girl why she does that, but, perhaps it was time to confront the girl with this? Rena smiled at herself as she saw Jurina turned away with a pink face, ’No need, I guess. Whatever it was that made Jurina pay attention to me, just stay there. It feels nice to have Jurina’s attention.’

Feeling someone else staring at her, Rena looked down and saw Airi with a very red face and her hand over her mouth. Although confused at why Airi was also acting like this, Rena didn’t say anything. Ignoring Jurina, Rena grabbed Airi’s hand and pulled the girl up, slipping their way through the other girls and towards the doors that leads to the gym, “Let’s go, Airin.”

Jurina watched, from the mirror that she hang inside the back of her locker, as Rena grabbed Airi’s hand and led her away, completely ignoring Jurina’s existence. Jurina frowned at the lack of attention at her and for the first time, cursed her own popularity at this school. She knew that if she wasn’t so popular, it wouldn’t have been so much of a problem to get close to Rena during class time as well like Airi can, instead of always having to wait till the end of the day when they’re both in their room. By that time, they are both usually tired from school and are so busy with their school work that the longest conversations they ever have are questions about their homework. Usually it’s Rena asking Jurina because Jurina is one of the top students in class, seconded by Rena. Although Jurina does sometimes ask Rena questions when it comes to geography, something she doesn’t really have an interest in and therefore, usually space out during class.

The girl shook her head to clear away her thoughts, ’Why am I even thinking about things like this? I like being popular, with or without Rena, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I can get any girls I want, it doesn’t have to be Matsui Rena.’ Yet no matter how many times Jurina say that to herself, no matter how hard she tries, somehow, she couldn’t shake off that burning feeling in her chest as she recalled the image of Rena holding onto Airi’s hands. Turning her head to Akane who was playing with her own phone, Jurina smiled, “C’mon, Churi, put the phone away, let’s go.” Akane nodded and put her phone back into her locker and followed after Jurina, glad to see that Jurina was finally out of her trance.


“Okay, today’s game is dodgeball. We haven’t done that in a while so that’s what we will be doing today. As usual, you guys will be split into the red and white teams. These two teams are randomly sorted, it has nothing to do with your two hourses,” The teacher spoke as he gave each girl a color strap that was to be tied to their arm, indicating which team they were on.

“Jurina-chan!” Akane called out, “Which team are you on?”

Jurina waited till the teacher handed her her own strap, looking at the color, she looked at Akane and smiled, “My house color.”

“Oh...” Akane frowned slightly, but quickly replaced her frown with a bright smile as she grinned at Jurina, “Well then, looks like we’re against each other this time! I’ll do my best this time, Jurina-chan! I won’t let you down!” All hyped up, Akane skipped to the red team’s side and got ready for the start of the game, eager to show Jurina her improvement in dodgeball.

Jurina walked to the white team’s side of the gym and smiled at the girls who was squealing in joy at the fact that they were in the same team as Jurina. The moment Jurina stood onto the court, the girls surrounded themselves around Jurina and asked Jurina to save them from the dodgeballs. Ignoring them, Jurina looked around, trying to see who else was on her team and frowning when she didn’t see the one she wanted to see. Looking over to the red team’s side, Jurina saw Akane with Rena, the girl who Jurina was looking for before. Unconsciously, Jurina frowned, ’Looks like I’m not on Rena’s team...’ Looking closer at the opposition, it seems like Airi wasn’t in Rena’s team. The fact brought back a smile on Jurina’s face, ’Ha! She didn’t get into Rena’s team either. She should be glad though, otherwise I would’ve gotten her out first.’

“Alright! Get ready!” the teacher shouted. The girls all laid on their stomach, eyeing the dodgeballs that was set out on the middle of the court. Jurina and Akane both readied herself for the whistle while Rena and Airi just relaxed, knowing that there would be no way the two of them could reach the dodgeballs. “GO!” The teacher whistled.

Jurina immediately bounded up from her position and ran as fast as she could towards the dodgeballs. By the time Jurina got to the middle, many of the girls were still half way. Picking up the closest dodgeball, Jurina threw it at the closest girl in her path, hitting her perfectly in the chest. Without wasting any time, Jurina picked up another dodgeball and was about to throw it again when a ball suddenly came flying her way. Using her fast reflexes, Jurina moved backward and blocked the attack with the ball in her hand. She smiled when she saw Akane grinning at her, knowing that it was the girl who threw the accurate shot.

Rena ducked when she saw one of the dodgeball flew her way. Although it was a very inaccurate shot and wouldn’t have hit her even if she didn’t move, Rena felt slightly paranoid and ducked anyway. Rena picked up one of the ball rolling towards her and held onto it as she looked across the gym, looking for a potential victim. Seeing a group of girls standing at the back, chatting and staring at Jurina, Rena grinned and threw her dodgeball at them. Rena laughed in surprise when she got three girls out in one shot. She expected her shot to miss considering how far they were away from her, and even if it was to hit, it would’ve only got one person out. Rena never expected the dodgeball to rebound of one of the girl and hit the other two before falling onto the floor. ’Not bad for the first dodgeball game at this school I guess? Even though I am bad at sports.’ Rena thought to herself as she backed away from the warzone while her teammates praised her.

It didn’t take long for most of the girls to get out, leaving behind Jurina and Airi on the white team and Rena and Akane on the red team. Having Jurina and Akane left behind was a normal scene for the class to see, seeing how Jurina is a strong dodgeball player and Akane have very slightly weak but accurate throws. What surprised many was that Rena and Airi was still standing. Many girls expected Jurina to take Rena out first, but instead, Jurina haven’t even aimed her shots at Rena once yet. Airi on the other hand, surprised everyone with her sudden improved agility, showing great skills in dodging.

Jurina grinned as she picked up one of the ball that was lying around and for the first time in the game, because she didn’t want to hit Akane, threw it at Rena who gave a small scream as she ducked the shot, lost her balance and fell on her bottom. Seeing Rena is on the same team as her, Akane quickly went over to help Rena up, blocking one of the shots from Jurina that was aimed at Rena’s leg with the ball in her hand. Rena quickly thanked Akane and went off to pick up one of the many free dodgeballs lying on the ground.

Airi ran around the court, jumping and ducking, sliding and rolling, as both Akane and Rena kept aiming their shots at her. Unable to stand being the only one targeted anymore, Airi shouted across the gym as she ducked another ball that flew past her head, “Why are you both aiming at me!? Throw it at Jurina as well!” Almost the gym was filled with laughter at Airi’s words. Even Jurina couldn’t keep an amused smile off her face as she watched Airi dodge the hits.

Jurina felt a sense of proudness as she watched her only other remaining teammate dodging the hits like an expert. ’I guess having Furukawa on my team isn’t that bad. She is actually really good! Why have I never noticed her during dodgeball before?’ Jurina thought to herself as she observed Airi’s movement.

Airi stopped to catch her breath only to have to duck again when a ball came flying towards her head. Once recovered, Airi quickly picked up one of the dodgeball and threw it back at Akane who easily blocked Airi’s ball with her own. “So how come you always throw the ball at me and not Rena?” Akane laughed as she passed one of the ball to Rena and picked up another ball herself.

“B-B-Because... I-I-I... Because you’re closer!” Airi shouted back.

A soft laughter filled the gym. “Really, Airin? Churi is standing all the way in the back of the court and I’m standing right here,” Rena giggled.

Airi’s face grew red as she looked away from the two girls and went to pick up another ball, avoiding the conversation. Jurina on the other hand, frowned at the small exchange between Rena and Airi when she felt that weird feeling in her chest again. Ignoring it, Jurina threw another ball at Rena.

Rena knew there was no way she could get Jurina out so having only one other option left, Rena threw the ball at Airi again. However, because Airi was all the way on the back of the court picking up another ball, Rena’s shot missed, bounced off the wall and back into the court.

An idea popped up in Akane’s head as she stood and watched Rena take the shot, ’Seems like Rena can only hit okay if the target is standing still.’ The girl picked up another ball and tapped Rena on the shoulder, “Hey, Rena.” Rena turned around, confused at what the girl wanted to talk about at a time like this. “Let’s team up,” Akane grinned.

“Huh?” B-“ Rena said as two balls came flying their way from both Jurina and Airi. “But aren’t we already in the same team?”

“No, I meant like, team up as in target the same target. You can only hit targets that are standing still right?” Akane asked. Rena nodded. “Well then, since I have pretty good accuracy, I can throw it at Airi to distract her and stop her movement, and then you can quickly take your shot and get her out!” Akane said excitedly at her new plan.

Rena thought for a while and nodded, knowing Akane was probably right. And since Akane did have good accuracy, Rena knew it wouldn’t be a problem to get Airi distracted, but the problem now was for her to actually throw it accurately at Airi to get her out.

“Here we go, Rena! Get ready!” Akane said as she bounded forward nearer to the middle of the court, blocking one of the occasional accurate throws from Airi, and threw the ball at the said girl, hitting Airi right in the face. “Now, Rena!” Akane shouted at the girl as she watched Airi stood there frozen, trying to recover from the sudden shock.

Hearing the signal, and seeing that Jurina was empty-handed at that moment, Rena ran up and as accurately as she could, threw the ball at Airi, hitting the girl on the shoulder. Akane cheered and the two girls high-fived each other as they heard the teacher whistled, indicating that Airi have been caught out.

Airi shook her head, still trying to recover from the sudden hit in the face from Akane. But before she could even react, another ball had already hit her on her left shoulder, catching her out since the rules in this dodgeball game was any hit below the head. Hearing the teacher whistled just proved that she did indeed get out and it wasn’t just her imagination. ’Guess I gotta improve my recovery rate as well... Why do I sound like I’m playing some kind of gam-‘ Airi thought to herself as she walked to the side, off the court, when suddenly she felt a tug on one of her shoe and the next thing Airi knew, her face was flat on the floor.

Rena watched Airi as the girl walked back and when she saw something white flying around Airi’s feet, she wanted to warn Airi. But before she could, Airi had already fell. “Airin!” Rena rushed forward, completely forgetting the game, “Are you alright, Airin?”

Airi shook her head to clear the ringing in her ear and pushed herself off the floor. As she sat up, she felt Rena suddenly rubbing the sore side of her face with her usually cold hand. Airi smiled at the cold yet warming touch from Rena, “I’m fine, Rena-san. It’s okay. Don’t worry about me.” She looked down at her feet, trying to see what caused her to fall. Finally understanding the cause of her fall, Airi mentally facepalmed herself, ’Seriously!? Stepping on my own shoelace!? You stupid pair of sport shoes, did you really have to embarrass me in front of Rena-san!?’ Still unable to believe her own clumsiness, Airi shook her head and pushed Rena’s hand away, almost frowning as soon as she couldn’t feel the soothing touch anymore, “I’m okay. Rena-san should get back into the game before Ju- Watch out, Rena-san!”

Rena jumped at Airi suddenly shouting. She turned around to see what made the girl shout and ducked just in time when she saw Jurina had thrown one of the dodgeball at her. The dodgeball flew past her head and unfortunately hit Airi straight in the face again. “Ah! I’m sorry, Airin. I’ll go now,” Rena apologized to the girl as she quickly bounded up and went back into the court to avoid having Jurina throw the ball anywhere near Airi again.

Shock, once again, at having a ball fly right into her face, Airi sat there as the ball bounced off her face and rolled back into the court. The teacher came over and tapped Airi on the shoulder, “Are you okay, Furukawa-san?”

Airi nodded, though still feeling slightly dazed, “I’m fine.” Slowly, without getting up, Airi crawled closer to the side benches and sat herself down onto the floor with her back leaning against one of the free spaces on the bench. It felt safer to Airi if she was closer to the floor, away from both Jurina and Akane’s usual throwing height. Airi turned her focus onto Rena as when she could finally focus again and watched with a smile as Rena dodged Jurina’s throw and picked up a ball.

’Two against one? Oh this is going to be fun~ I’ve never gotten to this stage in a dodgeball game before. Espeically not with me in the team of one,’ Jurina grinned as she picked up another ball. Jurina felt excitement as she think it over again, this was indeed the first time Jurina’s whole team had been taken out, leaving only her behind. This was new to Jurina, never have Jurina been the only person targeted before. “This is going to be challenging hmm...” Jurina mumbled to herself as she aimed at Rena. Jurina threw the ball, and frowned when the ball flew higher above Rena’s ankle, the spot where she was aiming for. But the frown was quickly stretched into a large grin and she laughed when the ball hit Rena in the face.

“You girls are hitting so many head shots today,” The teacher laughed along with the class as they watched the intense game from the sideline.

Rena shook her head to put her focus back into the game and turned her head slightly when she felt another tap on her shoulder coming from Akane. “Yes?” Rena asked, her eyes never leaving the ball that Jurina was rolling in her hands as she laughed.

“Let’s do the teaming up again. I’ll distract Jurina and you hit her?” Akane whispered.

“Would it work with Jurina?” Rena asked, uncertain whether or not Jurina will fall for a trick like that.

Akane grinned as she passed a ball to Rena and picking up another one herself, “We won’t know until we try.” Seeing that Jurina have finally recovered from her laughing fit, Akane nudged Rena with her elbow and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Hold onto the ball until Jurina have none. She can get quite impatient when she’s playing dodgeball and she’ll keep throwing until she have none left.” Rena nodded and held tightly onto the ball like it was her life.

As if to prove Akane’s point correct, almost right after Akane told Rena to hold on to the ball, Jurina started throwing at the two girls again. Strong and accurate throws, but all were dodged and blocked. Once in a while, Akane would throw out her own dodgeball at the ones that were aimed at Rena when she thinks that the girl won’t be able to dodge in time, just to make sure the girl won’t get out. Soon enough, all the dodgeballs on Jurina’s side of the court were all gone.

“You ready, Rena?” Akane asked as she aimed at Jurina’s head. Rena nodded her head firmly as she aimed her shot at Jurina’s body. “Here I go,” Akane said as she stepped forward and threw the ball, hitting the unprepared Jurina, who didn’t expect a headshot coming from Akane, right in the face. Akane held onto her laughter as she watched Jurina stood frozen for a few seconds.

Not needing any calls this time, Rena immediately stepped forward and threw her ball at Jurina. It almost felt like the time inside the whole gym slowed as everyone watched Rena’s shot slowly get closer to Jurina. A loud cheer came from the red team when the ball bounced off Jurina’s ankle and onto the floor. The entire red team rushed onto the court and cheered for Akane and Rena, getting the strongest dodgeball player in the school out. Akane and Rena laughed and high-fived each other for the second time as their team jumped and laughed and cheered around the two girls in circles.

A clear, long whistled came from the teacher, indicating the end of the PE lesson. The girls on the white team rushed over to Jurina on the court and asked if she was okay and such. It wasn’t until Jurina suddenly laughed and called Akane over before the girl started to disappear off to get change. “You’ve improved so much, Churi,” Jurina smiled as the girl jumped happily to Jurina’s side.

“I told you I wouldn’t let you down,” Akane grinned as she hugged Jurina. Happiness burst inside Akane when she felt Jurina’s arm wrapped around her and hugged back. It was so rare, even though they’ve been together more often now, for Jurina to hug her in front of others.

Jurina patted Akane’s head like a proud parent and gave the girl a small peck on the cheek, “I know you wouldn’t.”

Akane’s face blushed pink as she looked away and tried to keep her growing smile to a moderate size. “Let’s go help the teacher tidy up aye?” Akane suggested as she took Jurina’s hand. Jurina smiled and nodded and allowed herself to be led to the storage room where the teacher was busy packing the equipments by himself.

“Airin, I’m so sorry about before. If I wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have gotten hit in the face again,” Rena apologized for the third time since the game ended.

Airi smiled and shook her head, “It’s okay. It wasn’t Rena-san’s fault. I was just  unlucky, I guess.” Airi stopped herself from jumping up and down when she felt Rena’s hand softly massage her forehead, where the ball hit.

“Does it still hurt?” Rena asked as she gently massaged Airi’s forehead.

Loving the extra attention she was getting from Rena, Airi nodded, “Just a little bit.”

Rena nodded and reached over to grab her frozen water bottle that she had froze in the kitchen’s fridge overnight and held it against Airi’s forehead, using it as an icepack. Airi sighed in relief as she felt the cold sensation seep into her skin, although she preferred Rena’s hand instead. Rena looked down and saw Airi’s shoe was still untied. “Here, hold onto the bottle, Airin,” Rena said as she grabbed one of Airi’s hand and made her hold onto the bottle before she knelt down next to Airi and started tying her shoelace. Airi’s smile grew as she watched Rena help her. She felt selfish, not stopping Rena from helping her, but she couldn’t help it. Having Rena helping her was heaven.

“Done,” Rena smiled at Airi as she swapped Airi’s hand with her own and continued to hold the bottle against Airi’s forhead. “You feeling better?” Rena asked.

Airi nodded, “I am. Thank you, Rena-san.”

“Good,” Rena stood up and pulled Airi up, “Let’s go get change then.”

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 :wub: :wub: :wub: Thank you for the update ohayou-san! i have been waiting~~ another awesome chapter from you!  :wub: :wub:

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Okay okay. I've been bad. Reading all this time but haven't commented since the first 2 chapters :lol:
I'm reaaaalllly liking the RenAirin interactions, although reading jurina and churi is really fun too!
Ahh the recurring element of Rena's back...dat back :drool: who could ever resist?

Looking closer at the opposition, it seems like Airi wasn’t in Rena’s team. The fact brought back a smile on Jurina’s face, ’Ha! She didn’t get into Rena’s team either. She should be glad though, otherwise I would’ve gotten her out first.’
LOL! Jurina, you little asshole!! :lol:

Poor Airin getting constant damage to her cute face. Rub her cheeks good to fix it up, Rena!

Oh btw, I'm also reading TPB but I'm going to see how that develops more before I have anything to comment with. Hehe

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So I read this 9 hours ago, but felt too sleepy to comment... Who wouldn't at 2:40 a.m.?

This is amazing, RenAirin and WMatsui interactions (pomie-chama, thanks for the good word I can use  XD) are really at full speed here, and Churi mixing in all this is really an awesome twist. I now just wonder, what will happen when Rena will stay with Jurina in the same room. I mean, after today I would love for her to take some action. I mean, GOD, dat gorgeous back of Rena-sama's even for me is  :mon blood: :mon blood:

Update soon

BTW, I'm rooting for WMatsui, but RenAirin are so KAWAIIII...  :wub: :wub:
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oh! great!
i really like "SKE All Girl's Private School"

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I've finally escaped from the cluthes of darkness!!! :mon beam:
I can't believe that I took so long in editing my comment!
I'm sorry. :kneelbow:

And do you know how much I hate my lappie right now, Jen-chama?
I want to throw it at the wall so badly!!!!

It restarted the moment I was about to press the POST button! TTnTT
And now I'm re-writing what I wrote a while ago.

I don't remember what I last wrote, since it was so long!!!  :ptam-hbk: :OMG:

It was so long! *cries*
*sigh* I hate this.

If it weren't for the reason of commenting on your fics, I would seriously throw this and curse!


Lemme see what you wrote! I want to read it!
Pwease? *puppy eyes*

And fine... =3= You'll just have to replace Kuumin bear then!
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Chapter 13

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The Perfect Bodyguard

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Chapter 14

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The Perfect Bodyguard

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Jurina picked up the bag of silvers on the tray in front of her and strapped it onto her belt, not even bothering to check the amount. The two girls were just about to turn around and leave when the emperor suddenly called out to them, “Wait.” Curious and surprised, the two girls stopped and turned around. “I,” Togasaki tapped the scroll placed in front of him, “have another one here. Take it.”

Airi frowned, “But we already finished our quota for this month!  I thought we made it clear that we won’t kill anymore than we have to?!” If they have to take an extra order, that means it will be Airi’s turn to take the kill and to be honest, having just witnessed Jurina killed one of the advisors for one of the enemy’s general, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have to see blood again yet.

Togasaki shook her head. He knew this response would come. “This- No... I meant, these targets,” Togasaki rolled up the scroll and lifted it up, “deal with these now and you wouldn’t need to take anymore requests for the next two months.” Seeing the sudden attention he got from Jurina and the surprised face on Airi’s face, he grinned, “These two targets are valuable. Take are of these two and the reward for it will be enormous. Depending on how well the job was done, I might even reward you guys with a horse of your own, since I heard you guys have always wanted one.”

Airi’s eyes widened at the prize. ’A horse! It would take so many request to save up enough money to buy a horse!’ But Airi’s mind eventually trailed back to her original reasoning with herself, the reason of wanting to reject this request, ’It would be my turn to take them out... I can’t even get the image of Jurina’s last kill out of my head yet...’ Slowly, Airi turned to Jurina, hoping that the silent girl will make some sort of comments.

Much to Airi’s expected disappointment, Jurina looked up at the emperor, “Who is the target?”

Togasaki’s grin grew and he waved the female captain that have been standing at the side over to him and handed her the scroll to give to Jurina and Airi. “The two daughters of the emperor of Sakae,” Togasaki said as the female captain handed the scrolls to Jurina.

Sakiko’s eyes widened at the said names. The scroll slipped from her shaking hands. Then remembering where she was, Sakiko quickly picked up the scroll again and apologized as she handed the scroll to Jurina before backing away.

Jurina opened the scroll and Airi leaned in closer to see the face of their next target. “The daughter of the emperor Akihabara is fighting against huh... But I thought Emperor Yuasa have three daughters?” Airi asked as she tried to recall the extra pieces of information they pick up when they travel around.

Frowning at the amount of comments Airi was making, Togasaki explained, “The third one is too young to be of any harm. It is the two older one that is the problem. The eldest one is too strong and her thinking is too close to her father. The second oldest one is too smart to be left unattended. According to my informant over on Sakae’s side, I heard that Yuasa sometimes talk over battle plans with his second daughter. Because of that, I need that girl gone as well. Is that explanation good enough for you?” His tone of voice showing clear annoyance.

The tone of his voice did not escape Airi. Knowing it will only make it troublesome if she pursed the matter any further, Airi turned her attention to Jurina who was looking at the targets closely. “Jurina, this is the first time we’ve ever been told to target females. Are you sure you want to do it?” Airi whispered to Jurina as she crossed her fingers in her mind and hopes that Jurina will reject the offer. Airi couldn’t stand killing an innocent boy from before and she was almost sure that she would not be able to even hold her sword against a female. She looked at the target again, ’And girls so young too... The oldest one can’t be any older than either Jurina or me...’

Jurina ignored Airi’s obvious statement and rolled up the scroll and held onto it as she nodded at the emperor, “We’ll take this request. But after this request is done, don’t expect us to turn up in here again for the next two months. Stick to your promise.”

Togasaki nodded, satisfied with the answer. If Jurina can get rid of Rena and Akane, there truth be told, this war will be a guarantee win. Yuasa will come begging on his knees in front of him to spare his third and by that time, the only daughter he would have left. He reached forward and grabbed the green potion in front of him and gave it to Jurina, “Something for your mother as usual. Remember, Jurina. As long as you work for me, I will protect your mother and make sure your mother will stay alive.” Jurina nodded and took the potion with a word of thanks.

Sakiko watched in defeated silence as the emperor gave Jurina the all-too-familiar potion again. Just like he has been doing every time for the last few months. As much as she wanted to scream at the girl each time, ”Don’t do it!”, she couldn’t. All she could do was watch.

“Go,” Togasaki waved his arm at the girls, dismissing them. “Matsui,” Togasaki turned to the female captain who seems to have frozen on the spot. “Matsui!” Togasaki’s booming voice echoed around the room, snapping the captain’s focus back onto her master.

“H-Hai?!” Sakiko blinked and bowed at the emperor as she cursed herself for being distracted.

“Take the two girls to the stable and get them a horse each. It’s a long way to Sakae, they’ll need a ride. I want them to get this job over and done with as soon as possible,” Togasaki said.

“As you wish, my lord,” Sakiko bowed again as she backed away to the door. Without realizing, Sakiko’s hands shook against the door frame as she slid the door open and exited the room, closing the door behind her silently.

Togasaki let out a long sigh and a new cold grin appear on his face. “Disappointing, Matsui. It’s too bad isn’t it? That you couldn’t last to the end and watch all your effort pay off,” Togasaki chuckled to himself as he watched the captain disappear.


“This is the stable,” Sakiko said to the two girls as she mentioned for the horse keepers to open the gate. “I believe this is the first time you two have been here?” The two girls nodded. “Well then, I’ll go get you guys a horse. Wait here for a sec,” Sakiko said as she walked over to the horse keeper.

Airi watched as the female captain said something to the horse keeper. Under the dim moonlight, Airi could tell that the captain had said something surprising to the horse keeper because she could hear the horse keeper’s gasp all the way from where she was standing, next to Jurina, by the gate. The gasp was cut short when Airi saw Sakiko thrust something into the hands of the horse keeper. ’Is that silver?’ Airi thought to herself as she saw a sudden flash of moonlight reflecting on that something. The next thing Airi saw was the horse keeper nodding and disappeared inside the stable. “Weird,” Airi mumbled to herself as she recalled the obvious bribing action from the captain.

Sakiko returned shortly with two brown, saddled horses in tow. The captain smiled at them and gave the girls a horse each, “These two are the finest horse we have in possession. Very obedient. You really don’t even need to interact with them much and they’ll let you ride on them. Of course, the emperor’s steeds are much better, but obviously, they are not available to use.”

Jurina nodded and pulled herself up onto her horse, shuffling slightly in the saddle to get into a comfortable position. Airi however, looked at the horse slightly. There was something about the horses that didn’t feel right to Airi. Airi moved to the front of the horse and gently stroked the nose of the horse. The horse looked at her and looked away, not even paying attention to Airi’s hand. Worried, Airi turned to Sakiko and asked, “Are you sure this horse is okay? He doesn’t seem very... what’s that word again...” Airi scratched the back of her head as she tried to think of a word to describe the horse.

“Energized?” Sakiko helped her out.

“Yes! Energized! That was the word I was looking for. The horse doesn’t seem very energized,” Airi said, eyeing her own horse.

Sakiko chuckled, “Don’t worry about it. That horse is always like that. Get him on the move and he’ll show your just how energized he is. It’s just that he has been stuck in the stable for a while and he’s getting slightly moody.”

Airi nodded. Although still not convinced by the female captain’s reassuring words, Airi climbed onto her own ride.

“Good luck and hope you guys make it there,” Sakiko bidded the girls farewell as they took off. Once the girls disappear into the distance, the female captain turned around and looked at the horse keeper, “Not a word to anyone.” The horse keeper responded with a nod and held onto the small bag of silver given by the captain tightly against his chest. Satisfied, Sakiko slowly made her way back to her room.

A shadow watched the scene unfold in front of them from just behind the stable. Seeing the departure of the female captain, the shadow pulled back and disappeared back into the darkness around them.


“Let’s stop for a rest, Jurina. We’ve been travelling for almost three days non-stop now,” Airi suggested as she massaged her sore back gained from sleeping on the horse.

Jurina shook her head, “It’ll only be a two days trip once we reach the next town to get to Sakae. We can rest when we get there.”

Airi groaned in annoyance as she took out the a rice ball from the food that she had packed with her for this long trip. “Want one?” Airi held out one towards Jurina when their two horses moved to walk side by side. Jurina shook her head. Airi frowned, “Jurina, you haven’t eaten today yet. Eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.”

Airi sighed and pulled back her hand, unwrapping the rice ball and bit into it herself. Though slightly dried, the rice ball tasted like heaven in her even drier mouth. They have not stopped once since they left Togasaki’s stable and their supply were starting to run low. If they don’t stop in the next town they pass by, not only will their supply run out, their horses will probably also get too tired to continue to move on. Being the fastest horses doesn’t mean they can be on the move non-stop.

Jurina took out the map that the emperor gave her on their first job and opened it. Judging from where they were when the sun was up and having travel for so long that the sun was almost down, it was safe to assume they are almost halfway. Once they reach the next village, they would be exactly halfway. Just as Jurina turned around to put the map back into the bag on her saddle, the front leg of her horse suddenly collapsed. Jurina quickly turned back around and tried to pull her leg loose from the saddle but was too slow. As the horse collapsed, it fell forward, bring Jurina down with it.

“Jurina!” Airi yelled as she tried to stop, only to have her own horse do the same. However, since she was already preparing to get off the saddle the moment she saw Jurina fell, Airi quickly jumped off the horse before it could crush her underneath its body, which was exactly what Jurina’s horse did to Jurina. “Jurina,” Airi breathed out as she kneeled down next to Jurina, hearing her ragged breathing.

It was a horrifying sight to see. Or at least, for Airi it was. It was even scarier than seeing Jurina coming home with blood that day she tried to steal from Togasaki a few months ago. There was Jurina, her foot stuck in the saddle, crushed under her horse. Jurina was still alive though, as anyone could tell that Jurina was struggling to breathe in. Pain was written all over the girl’s face, even though she is silent.

“Jurina, are you alright?” Airi asked as she tried to look for a way to somehow free Jurina’s leg from the saddle. It was difficult though, since Airi couldn’t see Jurina’s foot in the first place. Jurina nodded. “Can you move your leg?” Airi pointed to the girl’s left leg, the one that was under the horse.

Jurina tried to pull her leg from the saddle but stopped almost as soon as she moved as the pain was too much for her to bear. And the weight of the horse pushing down against her leg made it ten times worse. The girl bit on her bottom lip and her entire being shook as she tried to hold in the pain. Once the pain has passed, Jurina shook her head slightly.

Airi frowned as she looked around for anything that could help. Then spying a large branch on the side, Airi picked it up. Stabbing the branch between the ground and the horse, using it as a lever, Airi pushed down onto the end of the branch as hard as she could. Jurina hissed in pain when she felt the horse’s weight shifting, which in her case, was sliding across her already painful leg.

“Sorry, Jurina. Please hold on for a while longer, this is going to hurt a bit,” Airi said as she pushed down on the branch again. With each push, the horse moved down slightly. Luckily for both Jurina and Airi, Jurina’s leg was not completely tangled up in the saddle and therefore, only moving the horse was enough to free Jurina’s leg. “Can you move it now?” Airi asked when she moved the horse enough to finally see Jurina’s foot.

Jurina moved her foot slightly and nodded. The pain was still there, the pain on her leg. In the exact same place where the horse had landed on. However, ignoring the pain, Jurina’s leg was at least free and she could move it again. Slowly, Jurina pulled her leg back, droplets forming on her forehead, and she pushed herself back up. She half-hopped, half-limped to the unresponsive horse and untied her bag from the saddle. Putting the map that she still clenched in her hand during the fall inside the bag, Jurina slowly made her way towards the road once again.

Confused and shocked, Airi pulled Jurina back as the girl went past her, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“To the next town,” Jurina replied as she tried to pull Airi’s arm off her.

“Can’t you just rest for a while?” Airi asked, keeping a firm hold on the girl’s arm. “Look at your leg!” Airi yelled at her when the girl ignored her and pointed at her bleeding ankle.

Jurina shrugged and twisted her arm, successfully breaking off Airi’s grip. Without waiting for the girl, Jurina started walking off again, in the same direction they were travelling in before everything happened.

Airi frowned as she watched Jurina limp off. She knew it was hard to change the girl’s mind once she is determined to do something. However, even till now, Airi didn’t understand why Jurina was so eager to get this job done. Travelling non-stop for days, not eating, and now continue to travel even with though she is hurt. ’Was it because Jurina want to get this job done with so she doesn’t have to do anything for the next two months?’ Airi would really rather kill more people than to see Jurina push herself to the limit and hurt herself for such a reason.

Knowing she will have to catch up to Jurina soon if she wants to make sure the girl is fine, Airi quickly packed her own stuff from her saddle. Before leaving, Airi took one last look at her horse. Her horse was still alive, yes. But its redshot eyes and rapid breathing already told Airi, who was no expert when it comes to animals, that this was not a healthy horse. Healthy horses do not look like that, nor do they suddenly collapse, even after intense non-stop travelling like theirs. ’Finest horse? I thought something wasn’t right with that captain...’ Airi thought to herself as she recalled the night when the captain handed them their horses, ’Why do I get such a bad feeling about this job...?’

Airi shook her head, shaking the thoughts out of her head. Looking over her shoulder, Airi realized that Jurina, even with her bleeding leg, has already disappeared far off in the distance. “How does she limp so fast?” Airi mumbled to herself as she quickly took her things and chased after Jurina, leaving the horses behind. Upon catching up to Jurina, Airi grabbed one of Jurina’s arm and instead of stopping the girl, she fling her arm over her shoulders and allowed Jurina to lean on her as she walked. Jurina gave a silent sigh of relief as she leaned her weight onto Airi. Suddenly, everything felt like they were way before they started on their first job. Except, Jurina knew better. Nothing could ever be the same as before anymore. But even so, Jurina allowed Airi to support her as they make their way to the next town.


Silently sliding the door open, a shadow slipped inside the room that no one dares to enter without permission. As quickly and quietly as they can, the shadow took a green potion from the hidden cabinet that they have seen the emperor open so many times. Hiding it in their sleeves, as smoothly as they got in, the shadow slipped back out of the room and slid the door shut behind them.


“How is her leg?” Airi asked the local healer. Their travel was put on hold when Jurina suddenly collapsed on their way to town. Airi picked her up and carried her to town as fast as she could, they managed to make it in just before they close off entry for the night. Almost a week has past now, since Airi had placed Jurina under the healer’s care.

The healer unwrapped the cloth around Jurina’s leg and pointed at the healing wound, “This girl heals fast, if I must say so myself. I have never seen anyone capable of healing from a slightly infected wound so fast. However, although her outside wound is healed, I think she might have broken something inside...”

Airi’s eyes widened, “What do you mean?”

The healer tapped his chin, “You mentioned that a horse fell on her right?” Airi nodded. “Well then, from my prediction, I think the weight of the horse must’ve been too much for her bones when it fell on her and I think the impact might have crushed some bones. Not very serious though, probably just cracked some bones, seeing the girl isn’t in too much pain. I, however, don’t have the resources needed to fix broken bones right now so I’m afraid you will have to get her to the next town.”

The body on the bed shifted. Airi’s mind immediately blocked out everything and focused only on Jurina. Airi grabbed Jurina’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze, “Jurina, you’re finally awake.”

Jurina groaned as she felt her eyes were being pierced by the sunlight shining through the window. “Wh-“ Jurina coughed when the words choked on her throat, “Where am I?”

The healer handed Airi a cup of water as he checked Jurina’s leg closer. Airi lifted the cup in front of Jurina’s face, about to help the girl drink only to have Jurina stop her hand and take the cup herself. Airi sighed and ignored the cold action from the girl. “We’re in the next town, half way there. You collapsed on the way and I carried you here. This is the local healer’s house. Your leg was slightly infected but it’s all healed now. You might have some crushed bones inside your leg though, but it isn’t a lot, and since the healers here don’t have the resources, we won’t be able to get that fixed now. You will have to deal with the crushed bones for now until we reach the next big town which will have healers who have the resources and by then, we would’ve reached Sakae,” Airi explained fully, knowing the girls have a lot of questions on her mind.

Jurina nodded and poured the rest of the water down her throat before setting the cup aside, “How long was I out?”

“About a week.”

Jurina shook her head and pushed herself off bed, ignoring the comments from the healer, “We have to go. Too much time have been wasted.” Jurina’s legs gave out from underneath her the moment she stood up. If it wasn’t for Airi kneeling next to her and grabbed onto her just in time, Jurina would’ve fell again.

“My child, you haven’t moved for a week,” The healer helped Airi helped Jurina back onto the bed, “Whatever is so important that makes you needing to go off immediately, at least stay for a while longer to get some hot food and drinks to settle in your stomach before you move on. You need to get your body used to moving as well, many of your joints have probably turned stiff from lying still for a week.” The healer stood up from his position and excuses himself from the room, leaving the two girls alone.

Unwillingly, Jurina gave up resisting when a female walked into the room with a tray of steaming hot food. The female placed the tray down and walked out of the room. From where she was sitting down, Jurina smell the food the moment it was carried into the room.

Airi walked over and carried the tray over and placed it in front of Jurina, “Eat up, Jurina. Only then can we continue. I managed to get a horse from the healer in exchange for two of the rings that you kept from our previous jobs. If we get moving tonight, we will probably be able to get to Sakae in a few more days.”

Jurina just nodded as she picked up the bowl, ignoring the heat, and ate as if she had been starved for days. There was nothing on Jurina’s mind but the warmth she felt from the ramen that was now resting in her stomach. Without waiting, Jurina placed the finished bowl aside and picked up the second bowl, eating and drinking every one last drop of the ramen soup as quickly as she did with the first bowl.

“Slow down, Jurina,” Airi smiled at the girl as she wiped the corner of Jurina’s mouth with her sleeves. As if by magic, the Jurina in front of her suddenly turned back into the little kid back home. The girl that sneaked into her bed after having nightmares. The girl that was always out on the street, beating up the boys that comes and pick a fight with them. But before Airi could enjoy the moment, Jurina’s face turned back to the emotionless one again. She placed the tray aside and once again tried to get herself moving again while ignoring that numbing pain in her leg.

Airi sighed. ’The girls would be walking perfectly fine in no time...’ She stood up from the bedside and said as she walked out of the door, leaving Jurina behind to walk, “I’ll go get the horse ready.”


Rena stood up from her bed and walked over to her window and looked down at the busy streets. Few minutes later, the princess turned around and walked over to her kimono and straightened the clothing, smoothing any visible folds. Once done, Rena walked over to her mirror and adjusted the position of the mirror so that she could see herself while standing up.

“Rena-chan, you have been walking around your room for almost an hour, can you please just... sit? My head is starting to get dizzy already,” Imade complained as she clamped her hands to the both side of her head, trying to steady her spinning mind.

Rena frowned and sat herself back onto her bed. Unable to keep still, Rena started rolling on her bed.

“Rena-chan, what are you doing?!” Imade asked in surprise as she watched the princess started rolling around on her bed like a child.

“Argh! I can’t stand this anymore, Mai-chan. I see soldiers go off every day, while I,” Rena pointed to herself, “sit in my room. I watch them go off as groups, and I watch them come back individually. Scattered. No formation. No chatters. Can you really expect me to just sit around doing nothing to help while others are out there, in the field, risking their lives for us?”

Imade sighed as she waited for Rena to finish her outburst. This was the princess’s fifth outburst this week. “Rena-chan, we are already doing the best to find a suitable person to protect you so that we can persuade your father to let you go,” Imade repeated this line for the nth time that week. There was nothing else that she could say after all but this. This was the truth. Imade really was working as much as she can to gather people to help them look for suitable people, but as Yuria said, good female fighters are not easy to come by these days.

“I’m going to go practice again, get my clothes,” Rena commanded as she grabbed her bow and arrows. Imade nodded but spoke no further, knowing the princess is in a bad mood. She quickly helped Rena slip on her practice gear and opened the door for Rena as the princess stomped off.

“Ah! Rena!” Two voices called from behind them.

Rena and Imade turned around and saw two other two princesses catching up to them.

Surprised at the sudden appearance of the two girls, Rena asked as she looked at the two girls and the bird, “What are you two doing here? Aren’t you two supposed to be in your room?”

Akane said excitedly as she pointed to her bird, “Papi wanted to come out for some fresh air so Kanakana and me decided to bring Papi out!” Kanako nodded as she played with Akane’s bird.

“Are you sure it wasn’t Churi that wanted to come out and play?” Rena smiled at the two girls, her own troubling thoughts disappearing the moment she saw her sisters again, “And it’s Kanakana and I, not Kanakana and me. How many times have I told you that?”

Akane smiled back, “It was all three of us.”

Kanako nodded again before pointing at Rena’s bow, “Rena going for practice again?”

Rena nodded, “I wanted to come out for some fresh air too.”

“We want to come to!” The two girls grabbed onto Rena’s arm as they jumped up and down, begging for their oldest sister to let them go.

Rena sighed, “You guys will be bored. And you guys will start complaining again half way through.”

Kanako shook her head furiously, “No way! Last time got boring because it was just you. But this time,” the girl bounded up to the girl standing a few steps behind Rena, “we have Mai-chan as well!”

“Are you saying I am boring compared to Mai-chan?” Rena gasped in a joking tone.

“Just a bit,” Akane giggled as she dragged Rena along, “C’mon, take us there! Take us there! We haven’t watched you shoot for so long!”

“Fine, fine. But don’t complain if it gets boring again, okay?” Rena said as she slowly made her way to the practice range.

Akane and Kanako chatted with Imade as they sat behind Rena and watched her as she practiced over and over again. The girls laughed when Papi suddenly jumped onto Imade’s head and stayed there, not wanting to get off. “Papi likes you, Mai-chan,” Akane laughed as she stroked the bird’s feather again.

Trying very hard to keep still as the bird rested on her head, Imade said nervously as she tried to look up to see what the bird was doing to her head, “Y-Yeah... I can see that... Churi, can you please get this little guy off my head?” Kanako giggled as she placed her finger next to the bird’s feet. Almost immediately, the bird fluttered onto Kanako’s finger and left Imade alone to try fix and redo her hair on the spot.

While Rena practiced, the girls stayed like that, chatting and messing around. Before anyone knew it, servants have come to light the candles already, the sun was setting already. “Nee, Rena-chan, let’s go eat, Churi is getting hungry. I have a feeling the girl is going to bite my arm off soon,” Imade called out as Churi grabbed her arm and grinned at her.

Rena swore she could’ve heard a voice somewhere, calling out to her, talking something about dinner. But she wasn’t sure. All that was on her mind, was the war. Rena closed her eyes and imagined herself being on the battlefield and open her eyes again to aim at the target. Smoothly, she released her arrow and the arrow hit the center just like all her other previous shots. Nodding to herself, satisfied with the shot, Rena retrieved her arrows and started to aim all over again.

The two sisters frowned at the lack of reaction from Rena and turned to Imade. Imade smiled at the girls and patted them on their head, “Maa, don’t be like that. Your sister is just in one of her moments again where she blocks out everything in the world and only focuses on her targets.” Imade waved one of the lower servants across. “I’ll get our dinner served in here today, okay?” Imade said to the girls as she walked off with the servants, only to return a few minutes later with food. It wasn’t a lot, but it was more than what Imade was supposed to get for the three princesses.

“Eat up,” Imade laid down the tray on the table next to the other tray that the other servant had put down, “this was all we could get.” The two princesses quickly took their portion of the food and started eating. Imade took a step closer and called out to Rena again, “Rena-chan, we have some food here, do you want to eat something?” The princess shot another arrow, completely unaware of Imade talking to her. “I got a melonpan from the chef just for you,” Imade said again as she held up the bread.

Rena’s bow lowered and she spoke, “Bring it over.”

Imade smiled, knowing that there was no way Rena could resist melonpan since it was the girl’s favorite food. After seeing Rena take a bite into the bread, Imade returned to the two girls and started eating her own food. A smaller portion compared to the princesses, and less tasty too, but Imade was used to that by now.

When the meals were finished, everything returned to normal again. Rena kept on practicing while the girls kept chatting. It seemed to Imade that Kanako still wasn’t troubled by the war yet, that is if, the girl realized there was a war at all. Imade knew Akane knows about what was going on and was actually surprised to see the girl acting as if nothing happened around Kanako. ’Ah, Churi is so much more intelligent and mature than she seems,’ Imade thought to herself with a small smile as she watched the two girls tickle each other.

After a while longer, Imade looked outside the window, it was completely dark outside already, and the street was silent. “Rena-chan, I think it’s time to call it a break. We’ve been here for a long time now, it’s completely dark outside and I think almost the whole city is asleep already,” Imade said as she walked back.

Akane nodded, agreeing with Imade, “Yeah. Neechan, let’s go. Kanakana is getting sleepy, I think. She’s gone all quiet.”

Rena lowered her bow and rolled her stiff shoulder. ’Yeah... My shoulders are starting to get sore too...’ Rena thought to herself as she started to walk to the target to get her arrows.

Imade sighed with relief when she saw Rena finally starting to pack away. If the princess practiced any longer, Imade was sure she would end up massaging Rena’s shoulder the whole day tomorrow. “C’mon, let’s go,” Imade tapped Kanako’s shoulder and took the girl’s hand. Normally, Imade would help Rena pack and tidy up after whatever she does, but when it comes to kyuudou, Imade knows to keep away. Rena hates people touching her bow, even if it’s Imade, the closest friend she have in the entire palace.

The four girls made their way quietly back to their room. Most of the people were already asleep, except for the troops of patrolling guards that had just walked past them and the occasional servants walking around. “Rena, can we come sleep over in your room tonight?” Akane asked.

“Hmm? Why?” Rena asked, surprised. It has been a long time since the girls had slept over in her room.

“Because we want to sleep with Rena-chan today,” Kanako answered.

Rena thought for a while and smiled, “Are you sure it is not because my room is closer?” The two girls grinned at her. “Alright then,” Rena nodded. “But,” she pointed at the bird, “Papi not allowed in.”

Akane stared at her older sister in horror, “Why!?”

“The last time Papi came in, he stole my melonpan,” Rena answered firmly, still able to remember that event clearly. Papi came with Akane to Rena’s room because the girl had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep. When Rena woke up, her hidden melonpan supply was completely cleared out. That was probably the worst morning Rena had ever woken up to.

Akane frowned and sighed in defeat, “I’ll go put Papi back in my room then.” Akane turned around and made her way to her room around the corner. The girls waited patiently as Akane turned the corner and disappeared from their sight. Suddenly, Rena heard a sound that sounded like the drawing of a sword and the next thing she heard, was Akane’s scream and the screeching of Papi.


Sakiko looked around the house. ’Good, no one is here. Seems like the guard have gone back,’ the female captain thought to herself as she entered the familiar house. “Mrs Matsui,” Sakiko called out in a whisper. A small groan replied her, coming from within the opened door nearby. Sakiko followed the sound and walked into the room. She gasped at the sight in front of her. There, on the bed, laid Jurina’s mother, looking weaker than the last time Sakiko visited her.

“Only a month, and you’ve already grown paler,” Sakiko whispered as she kneeled down next to Jurina’s mother.

The mother gave a weak smile, “Even after a month, you still risk your life and come here. Why?”

“To look after you,” Sakiko replied as she took out the green potion. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop the Togasaki giving this to you. If General Matsui saw this, he would’ve been really disappointed in me.”

The mother shook her head, “My husband would be disappointed in you for risking your life for things like this. He would not want you to risk so much to come down here.”

“You need to stay alive for Jurina,” Sakiko said as she pulled the plug of the bottle open and gave the woman the potion. “The girl will break if you are down.”

The woman drank the potion and a small smile formed on her face, “No wonder my husband kept you by his side, you truly are a kind person. Take care, Sakiko. Look after my daughter. And thank you for bringing this. I will stay alive for as long as I can. I guess you will come back in a week again?”

Sakiko nodded, “If Jurina still not back in a week, I will come back. You need to potion to keep you alive. Not taking it continuously will...” the female captain’s voice trailed off, unwilling to continue her sentence, fearing of it becoming reality.

“Sakiko?” The woman called out just as the captain was about to make her way back.

“Yes, m’am?”

“If I leave too early, can you promise to explain everything to my Jurina?”

Sakiko thought for a while then nodded, “I promise.” Quietly, she closed the door behind her and made her way back to Togasaki’s palace. She needs to be back before finds her gone.


Sakiko took off her cloak as she entered the palace. Straightening out her clothes, she silently made her way back into her room. Just as she turned the corner, she saw two guards standing in front of her room. Sakiko’s eyes widened at the colour the two guards were wearing. The red armor told her immediately that Togasaki had sent them to her personally. ’What are Togasaki’s personal guard doing outside my room?’

Pretending nothing happened, Sakiko walked casually towards her room. One of the guard sees her and tapped the other’s shoulder. “Captain Matsui?” The guard called.

Sakiko slowed down, feeling like something wasn’t right with the way the guards were looking at her, “Yes...?”

“The emperor wants to speak with you,” the other guard spoke.

Before Sakiko could say anything else, she felt someone pull something over her head, blocking her sight and before she could do anything, something knocked her on the back of her head.


If any of you guys are confuse about anything,
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Oh, Sakiko  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

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Rena-sama, so determined  :wub: :wub: :wub:

I wonder how things will turn out later

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This fanfic is gave me so many feelings that I just can't  :imdead:
The things are getting more dangerous!!  :scared:
I hope that nothing happend to Sakiko-san and Akane-chan  :shock:
I'm cannot help but just be like this: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:
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things turn to be serious  :badluck:
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Maa~ Sakura-san needs to sleep earlier~
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But yeah, I hope you guys like this update as well.
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and there are blood and lots of repetition of words due to my limited english vocabulary
So, although it might not affect you readers much since my language isn't as descriptive as authors like... I dunno, Sieka-sama~
But I just thought I should warn you guys anyway.
It's only for the first part anyway, the second part is perfectly fine.
And I'm talking too much aren't I...
I'll stop now. Enjoy!


A blast of water forced Sakiko to open her eyes, only to shut them again at the sudden light coming into her vision. However, she quickly adjusted to the new barely-lit environment that she found herself in. Looking around, she found herself in a familiar place, yet at that moment, she couldn’t recall what was so familiar about this place. Another bucket of water splashed onto her face from nowhere, bring her attention into focus. Sakiko gasped as she blinked the water out of her eyes and felt the stinging of the cuts on her face from the coldness of the water.

Footsteps shuffled across the concrete floor. Sakiko heard a chair being pulled across the concrete floor and there a small creak was given by the chair when someone sat their weight on it. She looked up and squinted her eyes as she tried to bring the figure sitting in front of her into clear focus.

“Hello, Matsui,” the person spoke.

Sakiko immediately recognized that voice. The same deep voice she had forced herself to obey the past who knows how many years. Listening to this voice giving her order, listening to this voice insult her, listening to this voice insult her men, it was a voice Sakiko could never forget. The voice of Togasaki. “Togasaki,” Sakiko hissed out the emperor’s name, not even bothering with any formalities, knowing there was only one reason why she was being treated like this.

“Since when have our captain been so disrespectful?” Togasaki sneered, “But then I guess it must be some kind of genes passed down from the Matsui bloodline hmm?” The emperor’s laughter echoed in the dark cell along with the guards’ laughter.

“Don’t you dare insult my family, Togasaki,” Sakiko glared at Togasaki.

A guard whacked his sheathed sword across Sakiko’s cheek and shouted, “Who do you think you are? Looking at the emperor like that!”

“Are all Matsui’s like this? Always protecting the family’s name. You know, Matsui, Yuusuke too protected the Matsui’s family name before I dismissed him. His words were exactly the same as your’s.” Togasaki got off the chair and pointed at no one in particular, mimicking the former general, “Don’t you dare insult my family, Togasaki!” The emperor grinned and sat back on his chair and looked at Sakiko right in her eyes, “I sometimes wonder if you actually might be related to Yuusuke. Since you’re risking your life by stealing the potion from me and giving it to his wife. But when I think about it, Yuusuke married after he left, and you came before he left, so there was no way you two could be related.”

Changing the topic, Togasaki leaned back on the wooden chair, “So, Matsui Sakiko. I must confess, never did I thought that you would be the spy we have been looking for all this time. No wonder why we couldn’t find the spy. After all, ordering the spy to find themselves just doesn’t make sense. I should’ve gone over your background before I accepted you into the army.”

The mention of the dead Matsui general, the man that had looked after her when she joined the army, angered Sakiko. ’You don’t have the rights to mention his name, Togasaki! After all that General Matsui did for you, you kicked him aside and killed him like he was nothing! And now you are messing with his daughter and his wife, you deserve to rot in hell!’ Sakiko mentally shouted at Togasaki as she let Togasaki’s words go in through one of her ears and out the other. When the emperor was finally done, Sakiko spoke, “What do you want, Togasaki?”

Togasaki smiled at Sakiko, “That should be my question, Matsui. What do YOU want?”

“Your death,” Sakiko replied coldly, “Who doesn’t want the death of a monster such as you?”

A different guard punched Sakiko in the face again, “Don’t disrespect the emperor!”

Togasaki grinned and waved the guard off. The guard bowed and backed away. “You better mind what comes out of your mouth, Matsui,” Togasaki said as he looked at her.

Sakiko smirks, “I speak only the truth. An emperor who treats his men like they are not worth anything? There will be a day when they can’t stand it any longer. When that day comes, they will betray you and take you down.”

“Are you referring to Yuusuke, Matsui?” Togasaki laughed, “My men are smarter than Yuusuke, Matsui. They value their life, they would never have the nerves to betray me.”

“General Matsui, NEVER betrayed you,” Sakiko shouted angrily, “How does speaking out of anger because you insulted his family count as betrayal!?”

“If you speak against me, then you’re not with me. If you’re not with me, then you’re against me. Simple as that. And if you went against me while serving me, that, is betrayal in my world,” Togasaki said as he picked up a small knife from the table, stood up and walked over to one of the standing torches and placed the knife on the tray, burning the blade part in the fire. “Now,” Togasaki turned around, “Let’s get to the main topic.” Sakiko looked at him. “You have been a great asset to me, Matsui. So I’ll let you live. Under the condition that you tell me what I need to know.”

Sakiko laughed, “You? Togasaki the bloodthirsty monster would let a spy live? That’s the first.” Seeing the emperor’s angry expression made Sakiko smiled, “You won’t get anything from me, Togasaki. I won’t tell you anything. You’re going to kill me anyway. I’m not that stupid.”

Togasaki frowned, “Yes, you are correct. I will kill you. But not yet. You still have some value to me for now.” Togasaki picked up the knife from the torch stand and looked at the burning red blade of the knife as a smile crept back on his face, “After all, the famous captain Matsui is the only one Yuusuke’s girl, Jurina, shows respect to.” He turned back to the captain and waved at the guards behind Sakiko. Immediately, Sakiko felt two pair of arms hold her down. Unable to fight back, Sakiko’s eyes widened at the red blade as the emperor walked closer. “There is always more than one way to make a person talk,” Togasaki said as he brought the knife down into Sakiko’s thigh.

Upon feeling the pain, Sakiko screamed. Her nails cut through the skin of her pakm as she felt the blade penetrate her skin. Sweat poured down from her forehead as she felt the searing heat burning her flesh. “I won’t tell you anything even if you kill me!!!” Sakiko screamed as Togasaki twisted the blade slowly.

The smile on Togasaki’s face grew as the cell filled with the screams of pain, the sound that sounded like music to his ears. In an even slower motion, Togasaki slowly withdrew the blade and watched as blood oozed out from the cut and onto the cold floor. Togasaki handed the bloody knife to one of the guards and walked over to the table while talking, “Matsui, do you know about the dragon fruit tree in my garden?” The emperor paused as he stared at the bowls laid out on the table. He reached for one of the bowl as he continued, “The nectars we make out of the dragon fruit are famous for healing, I’m sure you know that by now. One drop is all it takes for a cut that usually takes a week to heal, to completely heal in one day.”

Togasaki dipped his fingers into the bowl, grabbed a pinch of salt and placed the bowl back down before walking to where Sakiko was held, her thigh completely covered in her blood. With his free hand, he grabbed Sakiko’s chin and lifted it up, forcing her to look at him directly in his eyes. “Do you know what the worst thing in the world is, Matsui Sakiko?” Togasaki asked as he smiled at the anger and pain found in Sakiko’s eyes.

Slowly, Togasaki allowed the salt between his fingers to slowly flutter down onto Sakiko’s thigh like snow, mixing in with the girl’s blood and flesh. He moved his face closer to Sakiko’s and as the girl screamed in pain, Togasaki slowly whispered into the girl’s ear, “The worst thing in the world, my dear, is being only one step away from death and brought back to life...” Togasaki pulled back and waved at one of his men. The guard picked up the bowl of salt and handed it to him with a bow. “Brought back to life,” Togasaki continued his sentence as he poured the rest of the salt onto Sakiko’s cut, “only to fall back down to hell again.”



The girls froze at the sound of Akane’s scream, thinking their ears were playing tricks on them. But when they heard Papi’s screech, they all knew it was real. Rena was the first to react. Immediately drawing her bow and fitting an arrow on it, Rena ran towards the corner where Akane’s scream came from. Recovering from her shock, Imade grabbed Kanako’s hand and ran after Rena. Imade saw the fear in the small princess’s eyes, but she didn’t have a choice, she had to bring Kanako with her. There was just no way she could leave the princess to stand alone in fear by herself.

As Rena turned the corner, her eyes widened in horror and her hands shook. In front of her, was two masked and hooded figure. One was holding onto Akane with a hand over her mouth, while the other one had a sword in hand raised high, about to stab Akane. Seeing her beloved little sister in trouble, Rena raised her bow and shot an arrow at the figure with the sword, only to see it fly past the stranger’s face. ’Curse my shaking hands!’ Rena shouted at herself as she stared at her hands that used to shoot so well when they aren’t shaking.

Airi jumped back in surprise when she felt something flew past her face. She turned and saw an arrow stuck onto the wall, an arrow that could’ve taken her life. Airi stared at the arrow in horror as she realized how lucky she was just then and how close she was just then to being given a headshot by someone. Airi turned her head to the other direction and saw someone holding a bow and was fitting already fitting another arrow onto the bow. When Airi looked closer, she realized the person who shot at her was a girl with long hair.

Jurina didn’t expect there to be any trouble with this kill. Airi was supposed to jump onto the girl and attack her from below. This princess was supposed to die without even realizing their appearance. But it seemed like Airi miscalculated her jump, either out because she was nervous or she was worried about this mission’s target, Jurina didn’t know. Only thing she was sure about was that Airi don’t usually make mistakes like this. The girl might have too much unneeded hesitation, but she never miscalculates. It was a good thing that Jurina knew to clamp her hands over the princess’s mouth, even though it was a second too late and the princess had already let out a scream.

Seeing that Airi had already failed to take the kill, Jurina kept her hold on Akane tight and reached down with one of her hands to take out the dagger strapped onto her boots, intending to finish off the kill herself. However, the moment Akane felt Jurina bend down, her gaze away from Akane, the girl gathered up her courage and bit down hard on Jurina’s left hand, the one that was stopping her from speaking. Unexpected, Jurina’s hand drew back from the sudden attack. Akane, freed from Jurina’s hold, immediately ran back past the still frozen Airi and back to Rena’s side.

Relief filled Rena’s heart when she finally felt the warmth of Akane back by her side. She had to admit, her heart almost stopped when she saw the sword hanging over Akane. She had never been so scared in her life. The fear of losing her own sister right in front of her eyes. Once over the shock, Rena’s sensible thinking finally took over. “Let’s go,” Rena said to Imade, who was holding onto a shaking Kanako, while tugging Akane’s hand. The girls immediately turned around and ran, as fast as they could, to Rena’s room which was the closest.

Jurina cursed as she held onto the hand that Akane bite. The teeth mark was so visible, Jurina didn’t even have to lift up her hand and she could see it. The sound of the girls running away immediately brought Jurina’s attention away from her hand and back to them. Jurina quickly jumped from her spot and onto the wall, and jumping from one side of the wall to the other, Jurina swiftly caught up to the girls without making any sound.

The moment Airi felt Jurina disappear from her sight, she snapped out of her surprise of having the arrow nearly taken her life. She shook her head and gripped her sword tighter as she ran after Jurina who was leaping from wall to wall. ’The girl’s signature move,’ Airi smiled to herself as she watched the girl. However, there was something about Jurina’s movement that made it felt different from before. Jurina doesn’t seem to be moving as smoothly as she used to. Realizing the reason behind it, Airi reminded the girl, “Jurina! Be careful with your leg! It’s not healed yet!”

Ignoring Airi’s words, as usual, when Jurina leaped into the air and landed in front of the girls as she drew her dagger. Not expecting the usual landing to have such a large impact on her slightly crushed leg, Jurina felt the numbing ground shock on her hurt leg as she landed. If she had not known to crouch down slightly to decrease the impact, she knew she would’ve collapsed. Ignoring the pain, Jurina turned around and stared straight at Rena, her target.

Airi ran as quietly as she could, making sure the girls doesn’t hear her approach them from behind while being distracted by Jurina. Seeing her previous target standing in the back with her back facing Airi, Airi raised her sword and prepared to strike. Noticing something wasn’t right, Akane turned around and saw a glimpse of silver above her head. The princess let out a small scream again and hid herself behind Rena who was too caught up in her own problem to realize Akane was hiding behind her.

Somewhere, Jurina heard the stomping of boots across the entire palace. Soon enough, a bell started ringing. Wanting to get this over and done with before the guards get here, Jurina leaped over Kanako, who was crouched down on the ground, shaking as Imade hugged her and tried to comfort her, and slashed her double daggers out at Rena.

Not knowing what to do, Rena held out her bow and blocked the quick and powerful slash coming from Jurina, who Rena knows now, is obviously an assassin. Rena gasped when she saw the dagger left marks on her bow, ’What was I thinking!? Defending with my bow!?’ This was her favorite bow, it was the one her cousin gave her. Rena really didn’t want to have to put anymore damage on her bow than she already had. But what else could she do? She was only good at archery, and although Kumi had taught her basic self-defense, Rena was hardly an expert at it. Seeing Jurina advancing with the two deadly looking daggers, Rena slowly backed away.

Akane gripped tightly onto Rena’s shirt as the girl backed away, trying to keep her standing where she was before to hide her from Airi. However, Rena really was too distracted by her own problem. As Rena backed away, Akane felt herself becoming more exposed. Although Akane wanted to keep hiding behind Rena, her legs refused to move. Akane was completely frozen on the spot as she watched Airi slowly stepped closer to her.

When Rena finally saw Akane out from the corner of her eye, and after seeing Airi closing in on her, without taking her eyes off Jurina who was still walking towards her, Rena yelled at Akane, “Remember what Kuumin taught us!” Hoping the girl will remember those lessons back then with Kumi, those lessons where Kumi had Yuria whack at Akane with a stick to make sure Akane knows how to dodge well. In those lessons, Akane did quite good, which is why Rena never expected Akane to have any problems escaping from any assassins. ’Guess dodging well doesn’t mean escaping well,’ Rena thought to herself as she focused back onto Jurina.

Hearing her sister’s advice did nothing to help Akane, to be honest. She was too scared to move. All that was going through her mind was that she was going to die. However, when Airi brought her sword straight down at Akane, she felt Kumi’s lesson kicking back in. Remembering how many times she had been whacked in the head by Yuria’s stick, Akane stepped aside and dodged the blow. Following up with what Yuria taught her, Akane stepped forward and grabbed Airi’s hand, trying to twist the sword out of her hand. However, it did no good. She was too weak. In training, she could do it because Yuria went easy on her, but the fact that Airi wasn’t a practice target escaped her mind.

Airi was surprised at first, when she saw how quickly Akane had dodged her hit. When the girl stepped closer to her and tried to wrestle her own sword out of her hand. That surprised Airi even more. Even though she hardly felt any strength coming from Akane, Airi was just shocked that a princess would actually try to fight back. Even some of the well-equipped guards that Airi have seen in previous missions run away when they see Airi with her sword out. Now to see a princess was trying to fight against her just completely blew her mind.

From the corner of her eyes, Airi could start to see guards steaming into the hallway from the stairs. She could hear the men shouting out as well. She turned her head to warn Jurina but noticed that Jurina was probably too focused on her target to hear her. Suddenly Akane bit down on Airi’s sword arm hard, trying to get Airi to drop her sword. Staring at the girl in disbelief, Airi tightened her grip around the hilt of her sword. Even seeing no reaction from Airi, Akane refused to back down and was determined to disarm Airi. She bite down harder on Airi’s hand. Airi started to feel pain from her hand. Not wanting to reach the point where she might drop her sword, with her free hand, Airi grabbed Akane’s shoulder, spun the girl around and locked the girl’s head in her arm and held her sword against Akane’s throat.

For Jurina, her specialty was always about movements and speed. Focus on target and bring them down as fast as she can. That was the conclusion she came up with herself. The longer you let your target live, the harder it will be to take them down. That was one of the reasons why Jurina always tells Airi not to hesitate before she kills because in that one second of hesitation, the target could’ve taken out a hidden dagger and killed her.

Trying very hard to ignore the increasing pain in her leg, one of the main weapon she uses, Jurina kicked at Rena, who backed away some more and held up her bow to defend herself. Annoyed at the shield, Jurina curled her feet around the bow and kicked it out of Rena’s hand. Having her only protection taken away in a split second, Rena turned away and ran. Jurina grabbed onto Rena’s arm, pulled her back, and aimed her dagger at Rena’s throat, ready to take the kill.

Having the lessons flashback coming back to her, remembering clearly what Kumi taught her personally, Rena turned around and ducked just as she saw the dagger cut at her throat. Almost right after, Rena stood up again and twisted her arm, breaking Jurina’s hold on her as the girl wasn’t expecting such strength coming from a princess. In that few second that Jurina was using to recover from losing her grip on Rena, as hard as she could manage, Rena slapped Jurina and backed away again. Immediately pulling further away from Jurina and increasing the distance between them.

Jurina’s senses came back to her when she felt a sharp sting on her cheeks. Jurina took a step backward as her mask slid off her face. Not even bothering to worry about her mask since her hood was still up, Jurina brought her finger up to her face and touched the side of her lips. She winced when her fingers touched the cracked lips and was surprised to see red on her finger when she brought them down and looked at it. With her lips as one of the body parts that she takes care of the most, Jurina felt anger when she realized Rena had hurt the part of her body that she worries about the most. Jurina looked away from her finger and glared at Rena, while Rena, stared at Jurina in surprise when she saw that Jurina was a girl.

Setting her anger aside, knowing that anger will only distract her from keeping focus, Jurina jumped up and disappeared into the shadow of the ceiling. Rena looked around, trying to find Jurina, but not finding even a shadow of the girl anywhere. She was just about to go and pick up her bow to help out Akane when suddenly, out of nowhere, Jurina landed silently behind Rena. “Boo,” Jurina whispered in Rena’s ear as she pulled back her dagger to stab Rena’s heart. Rena backed away but tripped over her feet and lands on her back. Ignoring the pain on her spine, using her elbow, Rena backed away from the advancing Jurina who gave Rena chills just from her look, especially with the blood on the side of her lips. Now Rena was sure her heart had just stopped beating when she saw the light reflect of the two daggers that Jurina was holding.

Unable to stay quiet and do nothing, Imade released Kanako and jumped in front of Rena just as Jurina brought her dagger down. Noticing something in the way, Jurina stopped her dagger just a finger away from Imade’s sweat-covered face. Seeing the girl’s eyes screwed shut, Jurina frowned at Imade and said firmly, “Move.”

Imade slowly opens her eyes when she felt none of the pain that she had expected when she jumped in front of Rena to save her from Jurina’s attack. However, opening her eyes to the sight of a dagger barely an inch away from her face almost stopped her heart. In fact, Imade was almost sure she felt her heart skipped a beat when she felt some wind blasting into her face from the dagger. Gathering her courage, Imade went on her knees and looked up at Jurina, trying very hard to ignore the dagger that was still pointing at her, “P-P-P-Please. Whoever you are, please leave Rena-chan alone. I don’t know what Rena-chan did to you but if you must kill, t-take my life instead.”

“Move,” Jurina repeated, “I don’t take the lives of those who I was not told to kill.”

Imade bowed this time, hitting her forehead onto the floor. Looking back up at Jurina with tears rolling down her cheeks, Imade cried, “Please, I beg you! Rena-chan is like a sister to me! P-Please! I beg you! Please don’t hurt her! I-I-I will do anything! Just please don’t hurt her!”

“Mai-chan...” Rena whispered as she watched her best friend and servant jumping out in front of her. Rena felt heat around her eyes and her tears threatening to spill.

“Don’t force me to break my own principle!” Jurina hissed between her teeth, “I don’t like saying things more than once so move!” When Imade shook her head and still refused to budge, Jurina were already getting ready to kick the girl away and take the kill. However, this action was stopped when another girl jumped forward.

Kanako jumped in front of Imade and hugged the girl and cried to Jurina, “Please don’t hurt Mai-chan! Don’t hurt my sister either! Please don’t hurt any of us! We never did anything wrong! What you are doing is not right!” Imade could feel the small princess’s arms shake as they wrapped around her.

“I haven’t known what is right and what is wrong since a long time ago,” Jurina shouted as she kicked Kanako away. Just as Kanako cried out in pain at the powerful kick, Jurina already kicked Imade away as well and was walking towards Rena who once again, was backing away.

Jurina felt like her leg was being pierced by a thousand needles after kicking with only half her usual strength, but that didn’t matter. As soon as she get this mission over and done with and go back to the emperor, Jurina knew Sakiko will be there to help her fix it up. The female captain was always there to help her. She, Airi and her mother was probably the only one still alive that Jurina felt would ever care for her. Sakiko not only helped her and Airi when they needed help, for whatever reason that Jurina never bothered to ask, Sakiko was always there, next to her, as a silent friend, whenever Jurina is troubled with her own thoughts again. Just the captain’s presence being next to her soothed her mind and she could always calm down, especially after one of those all-too-familiar nightmares of her father.

Putting her focus back onto her target, Jurina took another step forward. Imade watched Rena’s eyes widened in fear when Jurina closed in. ’She doesn’t kill those who aren’t her target... right?’ Imade closed her eyes and braced herself for what she’s about to do. ’This is the only way to help you, Rena-chan. You must stay alive, for your sisters, for your father, for Sakae,’ Imade took a deep breath and grabbed onto Jurina’s leg, holding the girl back with her entire weight.

Pain shot up Jurina’s leg when she felt a sudden increase in pressure right on the spot where her wound was. Jurina spun around and saw Imade hugging onto her leg. Having had enough of interference from this girl, with her free leg, while balancing on her sore leg, Jurina kicked at Imade’s stomach. Even after a few kicks, Imade didn’t let go. Furious, Jurina gave Imade’s stomach another full power kick. Imade’s arm loosened and the girl slid back from the force, coughing out blood. Jurina struggled to keep balance on her sore leg as her kick hits the target. With her leg finally free, Jurina turned around to face Rena. However, before she could even take another step forward, two pair of arms grabbed onto her and Jurina felt her daggers ripped from her hands as someone’s cold blade held against her own neck.

The troops of guards surrounded Airi as Airi backed away, with her sword still against Akane’s neck. Airi looked around her, there was around twelve guards surrounding her. She tried looking over to see why Jurina’s side was so quiet but she couldn’t see anything. The guards were blocking everything. All of a sudden, while trying to look for Jurina, Airi felt another sharp pain on her arm. “Ow!” Airi shouted as she turned back at Akane, “Would you just stop biting me!?”

“Then let go off me! Or I’ll keep biting you! I have sharp teeth!” Akane replied as she bite down on Airi’s arm and smiled in the back of her mind as she felt the hold around her neck slightly loosened.

Never has Airi met a target who fights back by biting her. And biting so hard too! “Why do you bite m- Ow! G-Get your bird off me! Get it o- ARGH!” Airi waved her sword arm around as Papi jabbed at her hand with its beak. No matter how hard Airi shakes her arm, the bird refuses to move and clings on and keeps jabbing at Airi’s hand. Unable to stand the pain anymore, Airi released her hold on Akane, pushed the girl aside and whacked the bird away with her now free hand.

Papi screeched as it was flung aside by Airi’s hand. “Papi!” Akane called out in alarm as she saw Papi crash into the nearby wall. Completely forgetting about herself being targeted, Akane ran forward and caressed her favorite pet in her hands.

Without anything to use as a shield anymore, the guards charged at Airi who was busy trying to stop the small amount of blood that was seeping out from the wound Papi made on her hand. “Stupid bird,” Airi mumbled as she ducked an attack coming from one of the guards in front of her. “Amateurs should just learn to stay away,” Airi said as she dodged another easy hit from one of the guards. It was twelve guards against Airi, but, the guards being amateurs made it so easy for Airi. All twelve guards were down on their backs within a minute, all unconscious.

As Akane was picking up Papi, Airi spun the girl around by her shoulder, lifted the girl up by her shoulder, held her up against the wall and pointed the tip of her sword right at Akane’s trachea.


Airi froze. “Jurina...” Airi murmured as she turned around and saw Jurina being held tightly by two guards with another guard holding a sword against her neck. Looking closer, Airi saw something that looked like blood at the corner of Jurina’s lips. Anger filled Airi when she knew Jurina got hurt. Tightening her hold on Akane, Airi yelled back at the guards, “Release her or I will kill your precious princess!”

The guards hesitated at Airi’s words but kept still, unsure what to do. “Do it! Or your princess will not see another sunrise!” Airi yelled again.

With the help of some of the guards, Rena stood back up. Worried about her sister’s safety, Rena waved at the guards, ordering them to stand down. However, instead of obeying, all the guards did was back away a step. Their weapons were still held up against Jurina.

Airi pushed Akane higher against the wall and pressed her sword deeper against the princess’s neck. “Looks like your guards doesn’t want to help you,” Airi whispered as she watched more sweat formed on the girl’s forehead and rolled down the side of her face.

“P-Please,” Akane begged, “Please don’t hurt me. Please stop. Why are you doing this!?” Tears started to form in Akane’s eyes.

Airi shook her head, “I don’t have a choice. I don’t want to kill you, but we all need to survive in this world. This is our way of survival.”

With the guards distracted by Airi, Jurina broke out of the guards hold and slid out one of the hidden throwing stars out from her sleeves and was about to throw it at Rena who had her back to her, looking in Airi’s direction. But before she could even take aim, the guards had already called out and gotten hold on her again. Rena turned around in surprised and looked at Jurina. The moment Rena’s eyes made that small eye contact with Jurina, Jurina immediately turned away. “Don’t look at her in the eyes! Do it!” Jurina shouted at Airi when she saw the familiar hesitation in Airi’s face, “Hurry up and d-“

“Shut up!” One of the guards ordered Jurina as he knocked Jurina with his knee. Jurina bit her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out loud when she felt pain once again, shot up her entire leg when the guard kicked her in no other places than the spot where her horse had landed on her. Jurina’s leg couldn’t stand the pain and the next thing she knew, her leg gave away and she collapsed onto the floor. Conscious, but in great pain.

Hearing all the commotion, Airi turned just as Jurina dropped, “Jurina!” The anger Airi felt within herself boiled up to an even higher degree. Mad with rage, Airi swung back to Akane and pressed her sword even harder against Akane. Airi ignored the blood that was rolling down her silver blade from Akane’s neck. Pulling back her arm, Airi tensed herself as she thrust the sword in the direction of her target.

Akane’s sudden outburst of tears made Airi jumped. Akane cried again, “PLEASE! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! Please...” The tears that were resting in the corner of Akane’s eyes spilled down like a waterfall as she no longer have any strength to continue her sentence. Fear of death had taken all her strength away.

Airi’s sword froze in mid-air when she felt something warm dripped onto the hand that she was using to hold Akane up. Looking down slowly, Airi saw clear, glistening drops splashed onto her hand and rolled off the back of her hand and onto the ground below. Airi felt warmth. She felt warmth in the liquid. Looking up, Airi saw Akane’s eyes were red from crying. Airi felt her heart stopped as she looked at Akane’s eyes. Those eyes reminded her so much of that first memory she had of Jurina crying. That time when Jurina shouted at her about the death of her father when she tried to give Jurina some food.

Then, remembering Jurina words to her about not looking at the target’s eyes, Airi tried to tear her eyes away. But she couldn’t. Akane stared deep into Airi’s eyes and whispered again, with less sobbing, “Please, please let me go.”

Airi couldn’t concentrate. The more she tried to look away from Akane’s eyes, the more she kept staring at her. The more she looked at Akane’s eyes, the frightened eyes of the princess that showed a hint of warmth and sympathy, Airi felt her arms grew weaker. Slowly, Airi lowered her sword. “I...” Airi mumbled as she kept looking at Akane. Unable to hold it any longer, Airi dropped her arm and released her target, “I can’t do it...”

The moment Akane felt the force holding her up was gone, she scampered away from Airi and back to Rena. Rena enveloped Akane into a hug and patted her sister’s back as she comforted the girl, “It’s okay, everything is okay. You’re okay, I’m okay, Mai-chan is okay too.” Rena stole a glance at Imade and was glad to see her friend smiling back at her, even though she was clenching at her stomach and she was still occasionally coughing out blood.

Airi dropped to the ground and wrapped her fingers around the hilt of her sword. “I couldn’t do it... I’m sorry, Jurina... I couldn’t do it...” Airi mumbled to herself. She didn’t resist even an inch when two arms grabbed at her forcefully and took her sword from her. Holding back her arms, the guards tied a rope around her wrist so tightly that Airi felt like her blood circulation was cut. But that didn’t matter to her anymore. All Airi could think in her mind was, ’I’m sorry, Jurina.’


Pairings for this fic finally revealed!!!
wMatsui and Furuyanagi!
Now furuyanagi isn't a pairing I'm familiar with but I've grown to like them not as much as wMatsui or RenAirin though
so I'm going to try writing them (^^)
Hope you guys liked the chapter!

Please do comment! (^^)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
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*saves spot for comment*

Yes! WMatsui and FuruYanagi! Omg, I'm so happy! Poor Jurina, her leg got worse..
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
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The fight is kind of funny and a little bit scary :)
Poor Jurina
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
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I was so worried that Airi would kill Churi... Imade is so loyal to Rena!!

This is interesting. How will Rena heal Jurina's distraught and bloody mind?


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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
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Ohayou-san ohayou~~ *ara,it sounds funny somehow, saying ohayou to Ohayou-san xD*
ano, i am sorry for commenting late  :kneelbow: things happened and when i am back, you already have lots of updates, not that i am complaining though  :P
ah, i should be the one that's bowing to you because you have written such enjoyable stories *bow* Ohayou-san~ sankyuu *i still find it funny to call you that somehow  XD*

lol, yeah, RenAirin is cute but...ah...i will still ship wMatsui, the ship is going to sink though, with me in it  :on cloudeye: *i cant swim though XD*

arara? i have guessed something correctly? ah, it is new, lol  :lol:

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3)
Ah, i see....i was  right bout Jurina being in Togasaki's land. Oh, another Matsui appeared~ Maa, will she have a relation with Jurina or Rena? :o
Umm, who is the princesess in Togasaki's land again? Akb girls? Jurina's father is working with the emperor before? Then he's killed? o___o
Captain Matsui Sakiko...she will have some connection with Jurina's father....i think...?
Ah, and Jurina is going to work with the emperor, isnt she? She will agree with it, along with Airi too...

I Like Nightmares [KumiNon]
First, lol....i dont like nightmare at all xD. Sorry, i just have to comment on the title lol
Ah, Kanon is somehow kinda naughty here  :luvuluvu:. So, that's the reason for liking nightmare? I might be going to like it too if it is like that  XD
what do you mean with you suck at writting OS? o__o Ohayou-san isnt suck at writting, dont say that again, nee~ :poke:

SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 12)
Aaa, why Airin is so cute here? :shy2: Like really really cute....ah, i want to comment more but cant seem to find the words lol.
It s just cute that's coming to my mind right now  XD

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 4)
“You’re still young, Jurina. There are many things that happens in this world that you still don’t know about or never thought would happen,” Sakiko paused, letting the girl absorb her words before continuing, “Don’t make any stupid decisions. Think over the job that Togasaki offered you thoroughly. This decision can and will affect your future. It will affect your entire life.” Confused at the captain’s words, Jurina opened her mouth to ask the captain what she meant only to have the captain turn her back on her. “Just be careful, Jurina. Be careful of everything that happens around you. Be careful of the people around you. Nothing and no one are what they seem like on the surface.”
Hmm....Emperor-san seems is Captain. But, for the captain to show such concern to Jurina....

Ah, so Airi agreed with Jurina and she will be with her to join the will be interesting then.
Lying to her mother...hmm, i think somehow her mother know what Jurina and Airin are going to do in their mission. Well, the Emperor isnt such a stranger for her afterall...

SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 13)
Rena is such a tease  XD She likes teasing Airi a lot, doesnt she?  :lol:

Kanako laughed, “Airin not focusing in class? Wow, the world has truly come to an end. But really, we’re only going for a few hours, you will have the rest of the weekend to work on it. Just come! There’s an anime expo going on in the cities, I heard.”
Such a perfect bait for an otaku, Kanako knows her friend well  XD

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 5)
If it is like that...after killing a lot of people, slowly Jurina's felling is starting to die slowly. While Airi...tried her best to still keep her and Jurina's heart from dying.
But, i think with Airi going with her, Jurina's least she still be able to feel..i mean, she will still able not to lose her heart completely.

Ah...stubborn Rena is stubborn, i feel pity for Imade because she has to face the princess glare xD
And now she is going to search for a bodyguard...wonder who will it be  :whistle:
And Yuria's entrance is lol  :lol:
Wait a minute, who is Rena's cousin again? o__o
Asassin.....Jurina and Airi? Hmm..will they finally meet?  :D

SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 14)
What the-?! Lol, dont smell the clothes, Airi!?  :shock:  XD
Ara, dodgeball? Things that's good as long as you dont get hit by the ball  :lol:

The fact brought back a smile on Jurina’s face, ’Ha! She didn’t get into Rena’s team either. She should be glad though, otherwise I would’ve gotten her out first.’
Lol, so mean  :lol:

“B-B-Because... I-I-I... Because you’re closer!” Airi shouted back.

But before she could, Airi had already fell. “Airin!” Rena rushed forward, completely forgetting the game, “Are you alright, Airin?”
:lol: Clumsy kid  and i thought Rena is in Akane's team? means that she's supposed to be againts Airi? xD

“I’m okay. Rena-san should get back into the game before Ju- Watch out, Rena-san!”
and i thought Airi is in Jurina's team, means that she's supposed to be againts Rena?  XD
oh my, this is amusing  :lol:  XD

Arara,, you are great at making the couples relationship grow~. At one side, we have Jurina who is slowly starting to pay more attention to Rena. Eventhough she didnt really sure why. And while like that, she too...started to pay more attention and be kinder toward Akane.
Then we got Rena who is confused by Jurina attention but like the attention so decided not to ask her directly. And, she really enjoy to tease Airi.
It is like
Rena : :gmon bang: *went straight to Airi's heart* err,what did she shoot, i dont know, Ohayou-san is the one who know it xD
and then Airi will be like :  :tama-laff: :tama-apeshit:

We also got Airi who's heart is always going on dokidoki everytime she's with Rena and slowly become more pervert as chapters goes by, *smelling one clothes, really?! xD*
Not forgotten Akane who is being very happy because of Jurina but a bit insecure by Rena.
Wonder how will the love grow~~ Will it be RenAirin, whose interaction is really cute? Or ChuriJuri, the childhood friends? Will it be wMatsui whose relationship is progressing slowly? and FuruYanagi who is being friendly with each other?

Cant wait for the continuation~

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 6)
Hmm, so they really are going to meet with Rena and her sisters~
Captain is doing something toward the poor horse. She doesnt want Jurina and Airin to arrive at the princesses place?
Jurina's leg will be trouble later. And stubborn kid is stubborn, the fic and in real life, this kid really like to push herself out of her limit? Sigh...

Trying very hard to keep still as the bird rested on her head, Imade said nervously as she tried to look up to see what the bird was doing to her head, “Y-Yeah... I can see that... Churi, can you please get this little guy off my head?” Kanako giggled as she placed her finger next to the bird’s feet. Almost immediately, the bird fluttered onto Kanako’s finger and left Imade alone to try fix and redo her hair on the spot.
:lol: finally something that could break all the seriousness earlier. But, like one's like calm before storm.

Suddenly, Rena heard a sound that sounded like the drawing of a sword and the next thing she heard, was Akane’s scream and the screeching of Papi.

Oh, so she did have connection with Jurina o__o
Before Sakiko could say anything else, she felt someone pull something over her head, blocking her sight and before she could do anything, something knocked her on the back of her head.
Eeeh??! ∑(゜Д゜;)

The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 7)
Slowly, Togasaki allowed the salt between his fingers to slowly flutter down onto Sakiko’s thigh like snow, mixing in with the girl’s blood and flesh.
Ehh? SO Mean!!  :on voodoo: Emperor-san, you deserve to be punished!
So, Captain is a Rena's cousin? But, the possibility....oh well...

“Move,” Jurina repeated, “I don’t take the lives of those who I was not told to kill.”
That's quite a principle. Seeing how she slowly start to kill her keep this sort of principle...

Ah, they finally meet...morality, huh? It has saved Imade and Akane.... and in the end, save all the princesses.

Maa...wonder how will things turn out~
Ohayou-san...looking forward for you update, Ohayou-san ohayou and ganbare  :mon santa3:

ps : it is off topic and i dont know if i could say it but, you know...Karomuwi-san and Flameeyes-san comments are very amusing to read  :lol:  XD

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