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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106055 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 10) [8/3]
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Thank you, lizzie-san~
I'm really glad you like my writing.

And lol~
Airin doesn't love Jurina like that la~
Only love her as a sister~

The wMatsui scene will come soon enough, don't worry (^^)
In fact, it might come sooner than any of you guys would think~ (^^)v

Thank you for commenting, lizzie-san!

I had no homework today, for the first time since school started.
Guess it's because I finished my maths at school aye?
Anyway, got home early today with no homework,
meaning I got time to get a chapter typed up (^^)

It's a slightly long chapter, I was going to put the next chapter of this update into this chapter too,
but then decided against it when I realized it really would become too long then.
So here~
Have fun reading!
And hope I don't confuse you guys.
This chapter talks a bit about Rena's and Airin's background.

Hope you guys enjoy it~
Next update will be TPB!

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 18

When the girls arrived at the restaurant, it was already filled with people, even though it wasn’t eating time yet. Rena peered inside from where she was standing with the girls just outside the entrance and she was surprised with what she saw. The restaurant was filled with people everywhere, but in the middle of the restaurant, was a room with windows for all side of the wall. Rena knew immediately that the special room was the kitchen as she saw a chef putting something that looked like pizza, above the fire. Rena looked away when she heard a desperate voice spoke.

“I know we didn’t book a table, but I can see a few free tables in the back, can we take one? We don’t have that much people!” Masana asked the waiter standing behind a stand with an i-Pad in his hand.

The man looked at the screen and scrolled up, then shook his head as he looked back up at Masana, “I’m sorry, miss, those tables are reserved already. But you can always make a reservation for another day if you-“ The man suddenly jumped when someone else tapped him on the shoulder. Seeing who it was, the waiter did a small bow, “Manager-san.”

“Ah, Masana-chan, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you and your friend,” the manager smiled.

Masana smiled back, “Takashi-san, it has been a while indeed. Things looks much more busy than the last time I came here.”

The manager nodded, “Thanks to one of the top magazines writing an article on our restaurant, our business have been booming. The anime expo that opened up a few days ago seems to have brought more people than usual too. So ladies, what brings you here today?”

“I wanted to bring my other friends for some pizzas here as well,” Masana said, gesturing towards Rena and Airi, “but it seems like every table have been reserved.”

The manager, Takashi, took the device from the waiter’s hand and scrolled up and down the schedule list, “Ah... Hard luck... Indeed, we are booked up right now.... However,” Takashi said as he stopped and scrolled back up a bit, “there is one table where the table is reserved for six thirty. It is now,” he looked at his watch, “only five. If you can finish eating before six thirty, I’m sure I can make an exception and squeeze you girls into that table.” The girls squealed with excitement and immediately agreed and followed the waiter into the restaurant.

Both Masana and Kanako threw their bag into the corner as they reached the designated table. Masana rolled her shoulder a few times as she dropped herself onto the soft cushioned chair and complained, “Not even the teachers’ markings for exams are this heavy! What did you even buy!?”

Kanako laughed and said, ‘It would be good practice then, no? It’ll be easier for you to carry the teachers’ markings next time so you wouldn’t have to get me to help you!” Masana slapped Kanako’s head and ignored the girl.

Unlike Kanako, Airi carefully placed her bags down in the corner, not wanting to damage anything inside. Then turning around, Airi took the bags from Rena and thanked the girl as she placed those bags next to the other bags as well. Rena just smiled and sat down on the opposite side of Masana while Airi took the seat next to Rena, opposite of Kanako.

“So what do you girls want to order?” Masana said as she opened up the menu that a waiter had placed in front of her.

Both Rena and Airi opened up the menu in front of them and looked at the menu then Rena looked up after a while and said, “We don’t know what is good here, so anything is fine.”

“Let’s get the Italian pizza that we got last time! They are really good!” Kanako suggested, jumping up and down in her seat and giving all the girls a large grin.

Airi nodded and said, “I haven’t had any pizzas in a long time, so any pizza will do fine for me.”

Rena on the other hand, had hesitation in her eyes as she looked at the menu and asked, “Are there any meat in it?”

“Of course,” Masana answered.

“It is okay if we um... don’t order meat...? If... that’s okay by you guys?” Rena asked in a really small voice, hoping that she wasn’t causing any trouble for the girls.

Kanako stared at Rena with her mouth wide opened, “What!? But that’s the best pizza in here!”

Masana slapped Kanako’s head again and then ignored her as she turned back to Rena, “Why? Are you a vegetarian?”

Rena shook her head slowly and then mumbled, “I... just don’t like meat, that’s all.” Ever since small, Rena had never liked meat, for unknown reasons. There was just something about that strange taste of meat that just makes it unbearable for Rena. Even if it’s spicy chicken wings, unless she had to, she would pick another food.

“Aha... Well then...” Masana scratched the back of her head as she looked down at her menu again. Finally found a solution to the problem, Masana looked back up and clicked her finger, “We could get one Italian and one spicy vegetarian? I remember you said that you like spicy things right? The spicy pizza here won’t be too spicy so we could still share it around. How about it?” Seeing all the girls nodding with smiles on their faces, Masana waved a waiter over and had him take down their orders and collect up the menus.

“I never knew you didn’t like meat,” Masana said as the waiter walked off with the menus and their order.

“No wonder you always let me eat the meatballs whenever we get meatball spaghetti for dinner,” Kanako said, “I always thought that it was because you found that it tastes weird.”

“I just never bothered telling anyone yet because I didn’t really want to make too much of a big fuss,” Rena said.

Masana waved her hand, “Its fine. If you have any more likes or dislikes like this, you should really tell us. Then we wouldn’t order anything that you wouldn’t eat by an accident.”

Rena smiled, “Thank you. But nope, that’s all there is.”

Hearing Rena’s words, Airi immediately made a mental note to herself, ”Rena-san doesn’t like meat.”

Reaching the end of discussion about Rena’s likes and dislikes, Kanako reached behind her chair and grabbed one of the bags. She brought it up onto her lap and goes through her prizes as they waited for the food to arrive. “Can’t you wait till we get back to school?” Masana asked as she looked at Kanako laying out things onto the table. Kanako mumbled something in return but otherwise continued, ignoring Masana as the head girl neatly stacked the items on the table neatly into a pile.

Rena took out her phone and flipped through the photos that she had taken today at the expo again while Airi, after watching Kanako and Masana, suddenly took out her artbook and a pencil from her bag and starte d drawing down the scene in front of her. When Masana finally realized what Airi was doing, she stopped and pointed at Airi as she reached for the artbook, “Hey! Don’t draw this down!”

Airi poked out her tongue and flipped the artbook around and showed Masana and Kanako the picture she drew. Kanako pointed to her own character and squealed, “Ah! That’s so cute!”

“Thank you,” Airi smiled as she puts down the artbook and started putting her pencil back into her bag.

Rena looked at the artbook that Airi put on the table and then said, “Airin really is good at drawing~”

For some reason, hearing Rena complimenting her drawing instead of others, brought an unneeded wave of heat onto Airi’s cheeks. ”T-Thank you, Rena-san,” Airi whispered in a really small voice as she looked down, finding it impossible to meet Rena’s eyes.

Kanako tried to hold onto her laughter as she watch Airi’s face turning into a different shade of red with each second passing by. Then an idea popped into Masana’s head as she saw how Airi reacted to Rena’s words, “Nee, Airin? How about you draw Rena too?”

“E-EH!?” Airi’s eyes widened in shock, unable to believe that Masana even came up with such a shocking idea. ’Drawing Rena-san!? I can’t! How can I!? I’m not good enough! What if I didn’t draw Rena-san good enough!?’’ The inside of Airi’s head panicked as she thought over Masana’s suggestion.

“You don’t mind right, Rena?” Masana asked.

Rena smiled and shook her head, “Of course not.”

Airi looked away again, blushing and said, “I will try.” Turning back to her artbook with her pencil, Airi turned to a new page in her artbook. After looking at Rena for awhile, searching for a pose to draw Rena in, an image of Rena earlier today popped back into her mind. With a small smile, Airi glued her eyes onto the paper in front of her and started drawing the Rena she had in mind from her memory. The happy, smiling Rena when she is eating a melonpan.

All three girls watched as Airi drew lines after liners onto the white paper and occasionally rubbing out a few imperfect lines. Airi blushed again when she realized the girls were staring at her. Hiding her work closer to her, Airi said as she turned back to her work, “No looking till it’s done.” Rena laughed and then with her phone in hand, she stood up from her seat and moved next to Kanako and Masana and the three girls started taking photos with each other. Airi kept erasing the lines and redrawing them, trying to make her drawing of Rena, perfect.

Masana pointed at Airi as Rena waited for the images they took to save onto her phone, “I’ve never seen Airin take this long with a drawing before.”

“Me neither. Airin could always draw really fast and really well all in a few minutes,” Kanako said as she turned her head back to Rena who was showing her what the previous photo looked like.

Hearing both girls’ words, Rena looked at Airi. Rena kept looked at Airi’s concentrated face and couldn’t help but think that the way Airi bits her tongue whenever she erases something off the paper is really cute. Without disturbing the girl, Rena held up her phone and took a photo of Airi drawing. When she saw that the waiter was coming back with their pizzas, she quickly went back to her seat and sat down. Before putting her phone away, Rena secretly changed the wallpaper of her phone for the second time that day.

“Nee, Airin~ The pizzas are here~” Kanako called as the waiter carefully placed the two pizzas onto the table and with a bow, left the girls to enjoy their meal.

Rena was about to tap Airi on the shoulder but Masana stopped her, “Don’t worry about her. She’ll come back to us when she finishes. Once she gets really concentrated onto drawing something, she kind of shuts off all her other senses and focuses only on drawing.” Rena nodded and retrieved her hand.

The three girls clapped their hands together and said together at the same time before they dig in, “Itadakimasu!”

’Finally finished! There, this should be good enough for Rena-san right?’ Airi thought to herself as she looked up from her drawing and at the girls in front of her. A frown formed on her face when she saw what was on the table, “How come no one told me the pizzas were here already!”

Kanako laughed and said, “We did! But you were just too focus to hear us.”

Airi puts aside her drawing and quickly takes a pizza before Kanako took her second piece. Rena puts down her pizza and wipes her hand on the wet towel provided before picking up Airi’s drawing and looked at it. “Airin really IS good at drawing,” Rena smiled as she looked at her picture.

Airi nearly choked on her pizza when she saw her artbook in Rena’s hands. She reached out with her free hand, trying to take the picture back, “No! Don’t look at it! It’s bad!”

Rena kept the artbook out of Airi’s reach and kept looking from the picture in her hand to Airi, who was still reaching out for her artbook back. Suddenly, surprising everyone, Rena asked, “Can I keep the picture?”

“E-Eh?” Airi stopped trying to take the artbook back, shocked at what she had thought she just heard.

“Please? Can I keep the picture? I really like it,” Rena repeated, begging Airi with her eyes. Rena didn’t know why, but there was something about the drawing that made Rena really wanted to keep it. Rena had an invisible feeling that this picture will soon become something really important to her. The feeling Rena felt radiating from this picture was just like the feeling she felt radiating from the new car that her parents bought home, after saying to her that they will be home more often...


>>Earlier that year<<

“Ojou-sama, okaerinasai. How was school today?” The head maid greeted the young girl as she stepped into the mansion and slipped off her shoes.

Rena gave a tired smile, “Same as usual. Tiring.”

“Lots of homework?” The head maid asked as she took Rena’s schoolbag and followed her into her room and placed it next to her table. Rena nodded. “Well then, shall I get the bath water started so you can relax for awhile before eating dinner and then starting on your homework?”

Rena nodded again, “Yes please, that would be very nice. Thank you.” The head maid bowed and closed the door behind her quietly as she left to fill up the bath.


Ding dong!

“Hai!” One of the maid walked towards the door, ready to greet the visitor.

“Who could be visiting at this time of the night?” Rena asked the head maid who was standing next to her, as she looked at the clock hanging on the wall, reading 8pm.

“Maybe some sort of emergency delievery?”

“Hmm,” Rena hummed as she continued eating and allowed silence to surround them again. She was already used to it, being alone everyday at the dining table, eating dinner in silence.

The front door swung open, “It’s good to be home!”

Rena’s chopsticks stopped half way to her mouth and she looked over her shoulder, where the front door was. In front of the door were two people, dragging in a large suitcase in each. The maids immediately helped the two newcomers carry their luggage into their room.

“Ah~ My lovely Rena~ Tell me, did you miss us?” The woman came over and hugged Rena from where she was sitting.

Rena was surprised, but she quickly recovered. She placed down her chopsticks and frowned, “I missed you two as much as a daughter who could never see her parents for more than two months in total in a year, would miss her parents.”

The arm hugging Rena dropped and Rena’s mother spoke, “Oh don’t be like that, Rena. You know we have to be away for work and-“

“And you two are doing it all for me,” Rena cut her mother off, “I know. I’ve heard that many times already.” Completely ignoring her father and mother, Rena stood up from her seat and looked at the head maid, “I’m going back upstairs to do my homework.”

“But ojou-sama, your dinner is st-“

“I’m full. Thank you for the meal,” Rena said as she made her way back up to her room, unaware of her parents’ eyes staring after her.

Rena’s father walked up next to Rena’s mother and clapped her shoulder, “It’s okay. She’ll be happier once we stay home more often, which we can. We’ll tell her tomorrow okay?” His wife nodded and the two of them made their way back into their room to rest from their business trip back.


Strangely, even with her parents sitting on the table with her, Rena still ate her dinner in silence. No one started up a conversation, no one spoke. Everyone focused only on the plate in front of them. Rena was the first to finish. Just as she was about to stand up and dismiss herself from the table, her mother spoke for the first time that evening, “Rena, wait. We have something to tell you.” Rena, although against her want, sat back down on her chair and waited for her parents to finish their dinner.

“We bought a new car,” Rena’s mother spoke as she placed aside her tray of food.

Rena raised an eyebrow. Her parents buying a car was definitely rare. It was never something they would ever think of. Mainly because they are hardly ever home and having a car would only mean it would be placed at home to be covered in dusts.

Her father placed aside his tray and spoke up, explaining her mother’s words, “I have reached an agreement with my boss, and he has allowed me to remain behind in Japan. Your mother and I will no longer need to fly around the world. From now on, we would be given full charge over the management of the branches in the whole of Japan and apparently, that alone would be busy enough. So my boss will not have time to send me overseas.”

“Which means,” her mother spoke, “that we would be able to stay home with you from now on. Which is why we bought a car. In your next school holiday, we will all go out on a trip, the three of us. How does that sound, Rena?”

Rena stared at her parents, clearly shocked. She didn’t what she should feel. Happy that her parents will finally be able to stay behind longer, or sad that the relationship between her and her parents are so shallow that she felt nothing special towards this news. Without waiting for Rena’s answer, her mother stood up and took Rena’s hand in hers, the very rare motherly touch that Rena have received in her life, and led her to the garage.

“This is our new car, do you like it?” Her mother asked as she released Rena’s hand and allowed the girl to step forward and admire the silver beauty in front of her.

Rena was never knowledgeable in cars. She didn’t what carmaker it was. But what Rena did know, was that the car was beautiful. Rena reached out with her hand and felt the cold metal under her fingertips, suddenly, she felt an uneasy feeling in her heart. At that time, Rena didn’t know what it meant. But it didn’t take her that long to found out what that uneasy feeling she had was.


>>Back to the present>>

Rena could still remember that day as clearly as she could remember what she ate this morning. That day, was one of the days that Rena knew she could never forget. Because the day after her parents told her that they would be able to stay behind from now on, during the school lunchtime, Rena received a call from the Nagoya General Hospital, informing her that her parents had died in a car accident. Since then, Rena had learned to trust her instinct and not to ignore it when she feels like as if something wasn’t right.

“R-Rena-san? Are you okay? Airi asked as she waved her hand in front of Rena’s face.

Rena blinked and then looked around and then she remembered where she was. Looking at the artbook in her hand, she finally remembered what she was doing before too. “So, can I keep it please?” Rena asked again.

“I already said you could, I was asking you for my art book but then you looked like as if you were spacing out,” Airi said.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” Rena apologized and handed Airi’s artbook back to her.

Airi carefully ripped the paper out of her artbook and handed the drawing to Rena, “Rena-san.”

“Thank you,” Rena whispered as she folded the piece of paper and tucked it safely in the inside pocket of her bag. After another long moment of silent eating, Rena breaks into conversation again. “Nee, Airin?” Rena called.

The girls looked up. Airi too, looked up from her pizza, “Hmm?”

“Can I ask you something?”

Airi nodded and swallowed the food in her mouth before answering, “Of course! Rena-san can ask me anything.”

“It’s about something I heard from Masanya today when we chatted,” Rena said. Masana looked at Rena, confused at where she is going. Airi looked at Masana, seeing that confusion on the head girl’s face confused Airi as well. Airi looked back at Rena and waited for Rena to continue. “Does Airin have a brother?” Rena asked.

Masana’s eyes widened when she finally realized what it was that Rena wanted to ask about. She wanted to stop Rena because she really didn’t want Airi to feel offended in anyway, but then she stopped herself because she too, wanted to know the truth behind that strange rumor.

Airi’s confusion grew even more, however, she still nodded, “Yes, I do. How did Rena-san know? I never talk about my brother.”

“From a rumor that Masanya said used to go around the school,” Rena replied, her inside started feeling slightly nervous about going into such a sensitive subject. She really didn’t want to upset Airi with a conversation like this, but she couldn’t help herself. Her curiosity got the better of her.

Airi tried to think of which rumor Rena was talking about and then it clicked in her mind, “Oh, that one.” All three girls stopped eating and was looking at Airi nervously, waiting for her to continue. Then surprising everyone, Airi broke out into a huge smile which Rena though was very cute. She puts down the pizza in her hand, wiped her hand clean and reached into her bag and took out her phone. Quickly searching through her phone, she flipped the phone around and showed the girls the photo on her screen. “That,” Airi pointed to the photo on the screen, “Is a photo of me and my brother.” Then Airi took back the phone and browsed through until she got to the content she wanted. Once again, she opened it and showed it to the girls.

Title: Have fun!
Sender: Oniichan~

Airin! I’m glad to hear that you’re finally going out with your friends instead of telling me that you are going to spend the weekend reading manga and watching anime!

Have fun at the expo! If I was still in Japan, I would’ve gone with you.

Remember not to spend too much money, touchan and kaachan wouldn’t want that.

Seeing the girls were in complete silence, Airi puts her phone away and said, “My brother and I are really close. I would never do anything to hurt my brother.”

The girls smiled, glad and happy to know their friend have a nice and kind brother. Then Rena asked again, “And your parents?”

“They died in a car accident a few years ago before I came into this school.”

“I’m sorry,” Rena immediately said. Feeling guilty for bring such a painful subject up.

“It’s okay,” Airi smiled. After finishing the rest of her pizza, she wiped her hands again and then begin to explain to tell them her story. Something she knew they wanted to know about, but something she preferred not to talk about.

“My parents died in a car accident. Killed by a drunk driver. The driver was drunk and when my father turned the corner, we only saw a bright white light and the next thing we knew, we were in the hospital. My father died immediately after the crash as the drunk driver drove right into him, and my mother died because one of the bones of her rib cage stabbed into her heart. My brother and I were luckier, I guess, you could say. Because we were at the fairground before we got into the accident, I was holding onto a large cushion that I won as a prize. That was the thing that apparently saved my life because it lessened the impact of me slamming into the door when the crashed happened. As in my brother, I guess it was probably because he was generally good at sports and have really tough bones because he only came out of the crash with a broken arm and a few scratches.

After that, our family lawyer came to me and said that all my parents money had been left behind for me instead of my brother. I felt it was unfair to be honest, at that time, when I heard that none was left to my brother. Of course, my brother didn’t mind, but it didn’t feel right to me, so I gave them all to my brother instead. Then my brother decided that the two of us will create a shared bank account and put all the money in there, taking out only a little bit per month so it’ll be as if we’re still getting pocket money, limiting ourselves of the money we can use per month. He also puts in portions of his work money into that account too each time he gets paid.

After we settled down once again, just the two of us, I told my brother I wanted to come to this school and he said it would be a good thing and told me to do it, which surprised me back then, because my brother answered it so quickly it felt to me as if my brother have waited for a long time for me to be gone. But then he explained better and said that he was offered a scholarship to America a few weeks ago but he asked them to him to think about it. He told me to come to this school so he wouldn’t have to worry about me because I was the reason that he was still thinking about the scholarship instead of accepting it right away. That was when I applied for this school and after I settled in, my brother moved off into America. Even now, he still puts portion of his money into our joined account.” Finally finished talking about something that she had kept inside herself this entire time, Airi took a sip of water and sat back in her seat. It felt good to finally be able to talk to someone about it.

“You have a very good brother,” Masana said, being the first to break the silence that grew after Airi finished telling them her own background.

“How come I don’t have a brother...” Kanako mumbled. To be honest, Kanako felt slightly jealous of Airi being able to have someone so nice to be her brother.

The girls laughed at Kanako’s expression and Rena watched as Masana patted the top of Kanako’s head, like a sister. “Now I wonder how the rumor got started,” Masana said as she wrapped one arm around Kanako who shuffled closer to her.

“I think I know why,” Airi laughed. The girls looked at her, surprised yet again but the girl’s words. “It was probably started by one of the otakus at school. They must’ve got angry because I, for some very weird coincidence, cosplayed as the same thing as she had cosplayed and I won the competition. They must’ve gotten jealous and thought that they deserved to win more and thus the rumor started. I mean, they did threatened me to pull out of the competition when I showed up that day in the same cosplay as her.” Airi thought for a while and then mumbled, “Now I wonder how they knew about me having a brother in the first place, considering I’ve never told anyone before tonight.”

“Maybe they stalked you?” Kanako giggled, sending the other three girls into a soft laughter again.

Suddenly the manager walked up to them, sweat upon his brow. With a bow, he apologized to Masana, “I’m sorry, Masana-chan. The people who reserved this table came earlier than they were expected but because they reserved the table, under our restaurant’s policy, they still get first priority. So I’m afraid you girls will have to take leave now.”

Kanako frowned but Masana nodded in understanding, “It’s okay, I understand, Takashi-san. We finished eating anyway. Sorry for causing so much trouble.” The manager sighed in relief and then quickly got the waiters to tidy up the table. The girls stood up from their seat and was picking up their bags when a voice called out,


Rena turned around and her mouth opened in surprised at the person standing in front of her, “Churi?”

Churi and co arrives as the restaurant!
What happens now meow?
I'll let you guys, my lovely readers, think about it meow~

Please look forward to the next update!
It should be long from now~

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I feel sorry for Rena when her parents wanted to stay with her they ...  :fainted:
I'm glad that the rumors about Airin was false  :whistle:
interesting interesting  :glasses:
the reserved table was for Churi's birthday  :stuffed:
Jurina have a chance too see Rena outside  :ding:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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i guess churi will ask them to join on her birthday dinner :dunno:

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Heya, mo-chan~ (^^)/
Thank you for commenting!
You know, I really wanted to make Rena-san's past a bit more... tragic,
but I couldn't think of anything,
so I ended up with that instead.
Hope you liked it though~ <3

Heya, bunny-san~
Bunny-san guessed right, Churi will ask them to join for her birthday dinner (^^)
Yup, I just gave you guys a little spoiler on the next AGP chapter,
but that doesn't matter, because there are going to be some real surprising twist in the next AGP chapter~
Please look forward to it! (^^)

Oh, and thanks for commenting again!<3

I, am putting the TPB update on hold for a second.
I suddenly wanted to write a OS on KumiYuri so that's what I'll do.
It's going to be a long(-ish) OS and until I finish with it,
I don't plan on starting to write TPB's chapter yet~

So, please do look forward to it everyone!

Oh, and in case you missed my lastest update on AGP,
it's just a few post above here~

Yeah, I'm going to go get typing now~
Hopefully I can get this OS typed up before the weekend is over~

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Ohayou-san i miss wmatsui moment...



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I loved the chapter 18 of AGP *o*
I want more RenAirin moments !!!  :hee:

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The things in AGP are getting good, I feel that something will happen but I don't what, I love mistery  :kekeke:

And finally Jurina saw that Togasaki is bad, how can he do that to Sakiko ?!! :angry1:
I can't wait until she turn into Rena's body guard and kick the ass of Togasaki  :angry1:

PS: sorry for the short reviews, but I didn't have much time to reply and read some fanfics in these days.  :mon sweat:

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I'm sorry for making you wait so long,
but please wait a bit longer.
There will be wMatsui moments REALLY soon in AGP,
as soon as I get to typing it!
I'm sorry! OTL

I'm glad you liked it Sara-chan~
Heaps more RenAirin moments up to come~
Please do look forward to it! (^0^)

Juribait-san is so violent lol xDDD
And it's okay if Juribait-san doesn't have time to comment,
I'm fine by that (^^)
As long as Juribait-san reads (and enjoys) my fic,
I'm happy enough~ (^^)

It's done!

*cough* Ahem, anyway~
I hope you guys really enjoy this OS.
The plot of this LONG OS came from something that happened to me.
In fact, this whole OS basically was part of my life, just with a few extra touche here and there.

Though I must say, thank you to Eru-san for encouraging me in a way to turn this into an OS after my rage on Twitter about that particular person...
This was suppose to be completed AAAAAAAAAAAAGES ago,
but I just didn't have enough time you know,
with all the school things and stuff~

But yeah, hope you guys enjoy it!
Updates are going to start going slower and slower.
Mainly because I'm busier than ever at school, and everything in our house are being packed into boxes
and I'm readying myself to move into boarding house at the end of term, near the start of October.
Until I settle down in October, updates will.... be really slow.
I hope you all don't mind.

But ofc, if you really want me to hurry with my updates,
constant nagging on Twitter works.
Since I'm on Twitter 24/7~
But yeah, here goes the update in the next post!
Now I shall start on my Geo case study assignment~
Until next time~
Matane~ (^^)/
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Still Waiting - KumiYuri OS

I don’t know if you could feel it, but whenever we walk home, whenever our hands brush past each other, I swear my
heart skips a beat. Today, I’ve already lost count on how many times my heart has stopped. But you know, if you feel like this too, you hide it pretty well. You just continue on with the conversation as if nothing happened. Or maybe, that is, because nothing did happen. At least not for you.

“Well... this is me,” you said again, with that captivating voice of yours as you stopped in front of your gate. Your eyes showed the exact same thought as I have in mine.

“Unn.....” I mumbled as I look down at the floor, not wanting to part yet. It’s dark, yes, and we both have works that we need to complete once we get home, but no, I don’t want to get home and luckily enough, neither did you

“So,” you spoke again as you leaned against the closed gate of your house, hoping to strike up another conversation, “what homework do you have tonight?”

A smile unconsciously crept on my face. “Just maths, I didn’t manage to finish the exercises today in class so I have to finish it tonight before I study for the test tomorrow. What about Kuumin? Have you finished your exercises already?” I asked, more as a reminder to you than an actual question, knowing how often you get too distracted during class to focus on your tasks.

You nodded and with a laugh said, “Of course. I copied off Jurina at lunch.”

“Mou...” I frowned, “You can’t always copy answers off Jurina, even though her maths isn’t that bad. You have to learn to do the maths yourself, Kuumin... What are you going to do about the maths test tomorrow? Copy off Jurina again?”

You shook your head and gave me a cheeky smile, “Nope. I’m going to copy off you. Tomorrow is Friday, remember? Our seats rotates every Friday, I’ll be sitting next to you.”

I gave you a small slap on the arm, “You baka...”

You took this chance and you grabbed my arm, pulling me closer to you. Not too close, but close enough for me to breathe in your scent, meddling with the senses of my brain. “I’m kidding, Yuria,” you gave me a small smile and looked at me with a sudden seriousness in your eyes, “I will definitely study hard tonight. I won’t slack off. If I am to beat you, I want to beat you fair and square.”

That occasional seriousness in your voice is definitely what made me love you in the first place, I think. At school, you are always the type that messes around and fool you way through the school day. You mess around so much, it’s almost impossible to see your seriousness, if you are ever serious at all. So whenever I see you being serious about something, I feel happy for you, and when I know that you’re being serious about things like this, it makes me happy to know that I was the one who was able to make you like this.

“Be prepared, Yuria, don’t forget our deal,” you whispered in my ears, your warm breathe sending a comfortable sensation down my spine in contrast to the cold air of the night, “I will beat you because I am determine to find out who is it that you love so much.”

I blushed and pulled away. You really are slow when it comes to things like this, Kumi. All your friends could tell, as much as my own friends could tell, without me telling them, that the one I have always loved was you.

“Well, it’s getting dark now,” you said again as you pushed yourself off the gate and turned around to pinch in the code to open your gate. A small beep and a click sounded and you pushed open the gate. “Be careful on your way home, Yuria. Good luck with your homework and studying,” you said and closed the gate behind you and started making your way to your front door. The movement-sensor outside your door sensed your coming and immediately, the lights outside your porch turned on.

“Kuumin, wait!” I called after you without thinking. I wanted to tell you so bad, that the one I love was you, but I couldn’t bring myself to. Everyday we walk home, our friendship grows closer and the urge for me to let you know that I love you was getting stronger. But, what if you didn’t like me? What if your feelings towards me had always only been friendship all along and you didn’t want anything more than that to develop? With those thoughts in mind, just like all the other previous nights, I stopped myself from confessing to you.

“Hmm?” You turned around and looked at me, the light illuminating you, making you stand out from the darkness that surrounds us as you waited for me to continue.

I gave a small smile and shook my head, “No... Nothing... Good night, Kuumin.” I’ll leave it for another time. Now isn’t the time to tell you yet. I’ll tell you later. If I tell you now, it might distract not just me from the test tomorrow, but possibly you as well. I don’t want that. I want you to do well in your test, so your mother would be proud of you, as you have told me many times through the phone that you wanted her to.

You smiled again and waved at me, “Good night, Yuria.” With that, you disappeared into the house and with a barely audible click, closed the door behind you.

After seeing the lights in your bedroom turn on, I frowned and slowly made my way back home as I think to myself over and over again,

’Why was it so hard to tell someone that I like them?’


Wednesday again.

Yuria slowly put her books in her locker and made her way towards the field, where she knew Kumi would be, because it was a Wednesday. Every Wednesday, Kumi would stay behind with Jurina and train. Yuria threw her bag down on the bench and sat down. From where she was sitting, in the spectator area, she would see Kumi running around the tracks, keeping up closely to Jurina.

Sometimes Yuria wished that she was Jurina. To be able to train with Kumi there, on the tracks. She didn’t like only being able to see Kumi’s concentrating face from afar. She wanted to be like Jurina, cheering Kumi on as she ran with her, leading her forward and making her strive harder for a personal best. Yuria wanted to be the one that makes an impact in Kumi’s life. She wanted Kumi to be able to remember her when they are all older and are thinking back to their past. Yuria want Kumi to be able to think back to days like this and be able to think ”Yes, she was the one who cheered me on. She was the one who made me into what I am today.”

But, life never seems to work out the way Yuria wanted.


Jurina stopped the watch as soon Kumi crossed the mark they laid out. “Not bad, Kuumin. Getting better each time,” Jurina smiled as she showed the girl the stopwatch time.

Kumi gave a satisfied smile and dropped herself onto the ground, out of breathe. Jurina was right, she was improving. But there is still room for even more improvements. After a while, Kumi allowed Jurina to pull her up and the two of them walked around the tracks one more time just to cool down their muscles. When they returned from their round, Kumi walked over to her bag while Jurina walked over to her own. Kumi took a quick drink of water and threw her water bottle back into her bag before zipping it up and slinging it over her shoulder.

“Jurina, hurry up! It’s getting dark!” A voice called to them.

Jurina turned around and a bright smile appeared on her face as she greeted the newcomer, “Rena-chan!” Immediately, Jurina grabbed her bag and ran straight to Rena and threw herself into Rena’s arm.

“Argh, you stink, Jurina,” Rena laughed and pushed Jurina’s sweating body away from herself.

Jurina grinned at the girl and giggled, “I know, and you love me for it.”

Rena gave Jurina a smack on the forehead and then turned to Kumi, “Do you want a ride, Kuumin? I could drive you home as well if you want.”

Kumi looked at her watch. Dinner time was already over at home so even if she gets home now, there was no way there would be any food left. “It’s okay, I need to drop by the shops and get my dinner,” Kumi smiled, “I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone. Have fun with Rena, Jurina!”

“Alright then. Good night, Kuumin! See you tomorrow!” Jurina shouted as she ran towards Rena’s car which was parked on the street, just outside the field. Rena too, said her goodbye to Kumi and quickly chased after her puppy who was already waiting for her to unlock her car.

Kumi was about to make her way to the shops when something caught the corner of her eye. A lone familiar figure was sitting on the spectator seats, looking like as if they were spacing out. Kumi squinted her eyes and after seeing who it was, a gasp escaped her lips, “Yuria?” Kumi ran towards the seats and then quietly sneaked up the stairs. She grinned when she saw that Yuria was still spacing out, as if lost in thoughts, and still haven’t realized Kumi’s presence yet. Kumi tiptoed behind Yuria, covered the girl’s eyes and whispered in her eyes, “Guess who?”

Yuria jumped when she felt something on her face. She almost screamed when she heard someone whispering in her ears, but when she realized that it was only her, she restrained herself from scaring the girl. Afterall, Yuria did have a very loud scream. “Kuumin,” Yuria said with a smile on her face, knowing there was no way she could guess wrong. Yuria could mistaken everyone else for everyone in the world, but she would never ever mistaken Kumi for someone else. Kumi’s presence itself was unique to Yuria. Yuria’s senses were tuned to her everything, scent, movement, voice.

“Ah, you’re no fun~ At least pretend you are scared,” Kumi faked a small frown before sitting down next to Yuria. “You’re going to catch a cold like this, Yuria,” she said as she took off her sports jacket and draped it over Yuria’s shoulder, “Why aren’t you home yet?”

Yuria breathed in Kumi’s scents as she instantly felt the warmth her jacket brought her. She snuggled closer to Kumi, getting more of the warmth before answering her, “I was waiting for you so we could walk home together.” Suddenly, a weird feeling grew in Yuria’s nose and before she could contain it, she gave a small sneeze.

Kumi gave a small laugh before poking Yuria’s forehead with her slim fingers, “You baka~ Let’s go home now nee? Before we both catch a cold.” Kumi stood up and held out her hand for Yuria.

Without hesitation, Yuria grabbed Kumi’s hand and allowed her to pull herself up. Yuria tried her best not to frown when Kumi pulled her hand away after pulling her up. “You shouldn’t be waiting for me, not till so late. You mum would get worried,” Kumi said with a small frown, her voice suddenly turned serious as she pulled out another hoodie and slipped it over her head so that she, herself wouldn’t catch a cold either.

“It’s fine,” Yuria said as she slipped her own arms into Kumi’s jacket and although it was a little longer at the sleeves, she zipped it up. “If I told my mum I was with you, then she wouldn’t mind,” Yuria mumbled to herself as she grabbed her bag and chased after Kumi.


“Nee, Kuumin...” Yuria nudged Kumi’s elbow. Kumi haven’t talked at all since the two left the field. She just kept walking at a pace that created a need for Yuria to jog in order to catch up. ’Why? What did I do wrong? Are you angry?’

Kumi kept ignoring Yuria and turned into a ramen shop. The shop was quite crowded, so Yuria stayed outside to wait for her. Strange. At this hour and the shop is still so full. People must be eating their dinner after getting off late from work huh. The whole time Yuria was waiting outside, deep inside, she wished that Kumi would hurry. The longer Yuria waited, the more she felt like some of the other people were watching her. Unconsciously, Yuria’s arms dropped to her side and she fidgeted, trying to pull her skirt lower slightly so that it looks longer. When Yuria finally saw Kumi come out, sshe ran straight towards her and stayed closed to her as the taller girl turned and got back onto the path. As soon as the two got back onto their usual route, Yuria felt safer. Not that she didn’t when she was with Kumi, but being able to identify the trees and houses that she walked past made her felt more at ease.

“Nee... Kuumin? Why aren’t you talking? Did I do something wrong? Are you angry? Tell me what I did wrong!” Yuria pleaded as they walked past the park, which indicated to Yuria that they were nearing Kumi’s house.

All of a sudden, Kumi turned around at Yuia and said in a really loud voice, “You need to learn to take care of yourself, Yuria. At this time of the night, and you’re still not home, not a phone call home or anything, have you ever thought about how your mum will worry about you!? And you sat there on the spectator seats, spacing out. What would you’ve done if I didn’t see you and come tap you on the shoulder!? Would you still be sitting there right now!?”

Yuria stared at Kumi in shock, this was the first time she had ever yelled at her. The two never argued before. Not when Kumi called her names. Not when Yuria stole Kumi’s hat and made Kumi chase her around school until a teacher caught Kumi and gave her a detention for running around school. They didn’t even argue when Yuria ran away and hid after seeing that teacher telling Kumi off just so that she won’t get told off as well. Yet, here she was, standing in front of Yuria, shouting at her because she was worried about her. Yuria’s brain started sending her confusing signals. Signals to smile because Kumi cared about her, signals to be sad because Kumi shouted at her. “I’m.... I’m.... sorry...” Yuria mumbled as she allowed her gaze to fall lower and lower until she was staring at the floor, staring at her own shoes.

Then unexpectedly, Kumi lifted Yuria’s chin up with those soft hands of hers and looked at the girl straight in the eyes and spoke in a much softer voice, “I’m just worried about you, Yuria. I didn’t mean to shout at you.”

Yuria stared right back into Kumi’s eyes, and it was true, Kumi was worried. Yuria saw the worries in her eyes, which is rare, considering how people always said she was bad at reading people. So if she could see it, then it must be very obvious. “I promise I won’t do it again, Kuumin. I’m sorry I made you worry,” Yuria mumbled again as she looked away from Kumi’s eyes, knowing that if she stared at them any longer, she might actually end up crying. Although Yuria might look and act tough, but no matter who it is, whenever someone growl at her for doing something wrong, she would cry easily. And Yuria’s crying face was something that she hated others seeing. It was horrible. It was ugly.

“C’mon, Yuria,” Kumi said as she let go of Yuria’s chin. Walking behind Yuria, she started pushing Yuria forward till the girl walked, “let’s get home before we worry your mother even more.”

Yuria nodded and started walking on her own so Kumi didn’t have to push her anymore. As they walked, Yuria kept thinking to herself, ’Why is it that you always think about how my mother would worry about me but you never think about your own? You stay out so late and only returning home at this time of the day, wouldn’t your mother worry too?’ But then Yuria remembered that Kumi always called her before late at night, telling her that she and her mother got into an argument again. Kumi were never on really good terms with her mother. That was why Kumi wanted to beat Yuria so bad in maths. Because Kumi knew, if she could go home with a test paper that said she was one of the top students, her mother would hopefully be proud of her. ’Ah... I should’ve purposely done a bit worse than I usually do, then perhaps, you could’ve gone home with a smile,’ Yuria thought to herself.

“What are you thinking about, Yuria?” Kumi suddenly asked Yuria, snapping her out of her own thoughts.

“A-Ah- nothing,” Yuria quickly said.

“Really?” Kumi looked at Yuria with those questioning eyes.

’Alright, I know I am bad at lying, but you didn’t have to make it THAT obvious that you knew I was lying,’ Yuria thought to herself before answering. “I was thinking about personal things, that’s all,” she told Kumi with a sigh of defeat, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to lie to Kumi again.  Truth was, Yuria really did want to tell Kumi that it was her that she was thinking about, but Yuria was scared at how she would react if she did say that. Yuria had known Kumi long enough to know that she would never joke around when it comes to sensitive, emotional things like these, much like Yuria herself. And Yuria knew that Kumi knew that Yuria know her long enough, so if Yuria did tell Kumi that it was her that Yuria was thinking about, she knew there would be no way she could just say “I’m just kidding” and get out of it. Because they both knew, that if Yuria could say it out loud, then she was not kidding.

“Thinking about your crush?” Kumi guessed in that joking voice of hers.

’You really were guessing weren’t you?’ But little did Kumi know that she actually guessed right. But there was no way Yuria would just tell her that because if Yuria told her, then Kumi would start harassing her for the name again. But Yuria was really tempted to tell Kumi yes, just so that Kumi would start guessing and hopefully eventually, guess herself. If that did happen, then it would make Yuria’s life easier.

“Not talking only means I spoke the truth,” Kumi looked at Yuria, “Who is it?”

“N-No one,” Yuria said and quickened her pace, leaving Kumi’s curiosity behind.


The two girls slowed down as thtey reached the familiar house on the street. Yuria watched as Kumi walked towards her own gate with her dinner gripped tightly on her other hand. When Yuria saw Kumi reaching out her fingers to once again, pinch in the pin code, Yuria turned and started to continue her way back home. However, before Yuria could even take a step backward, Kumi looked at her and asked again, in a slightly more serious tone, “Who is it, Yuria?”

Yuria turned around and looked right into Kumi’s eyes. She thought for awhile as she looked at Kumi’s perfect face feature and debated inside her head with what to do. And before Yuria knew it, one single word slipped out of her lips. A word, that she regretted ever saying. “You.”

Yuria kept her eyes on Kumi as the girl kept staring at her. Kumi’s face was unreadable. For a second, it almost felt like the time space between the two froze as Kumi’s mind deciphered the meaning of Yuria’s word. Then she spoke, “Oh.”


When the silence got too much for Yuria to handle, she finally looked away from Kumi’s eyes and looked down slightly before mumbling out, “You... want to go out?” When silence continued to consume the two of them, Yuria looked back at Kumi, only to find the girl staring at the floor. It was as if she was thinking about something.

’Has my sudden slip of words gave you too much of a surprise that you don’t know how to react?’

“Nevermind, Kuumin,” Yuria said in a small voice as she backed away a step, “You probably just need some time to think about it? I’ll go home now.” Yuria turned herself around before Kumi had a chance to speak and walked home. She finally did it. That was what was on Yuria’s mind the whole time while she walked home that night. She finally said it out loud and told Kumi that it was her, all along, that she had been thinking about it. But somehow, Yuria felt like she didn’t do the right thing.


Unfortunately for Yuria, it turned out that she was correct.
It wasn’t the right thing to be happy about.

The next day was the usual. School.

Yuria saw her the moment she walked into the classroom. Yuria heard Kumi’s laughter mixed in with Jurina’s own laughter as she told her one of her all-too-familiar jokes while Rena next to her, just facepalmed herself. Kumi’s laughter died down as Jurina tapped her shoulder and prepared herself to tell another one while Rena was trying to cover the puppy’s mouth. Kumi laughed a little, at the scene unfolding in front of her, but it trailed off almost in the exact moment she look up and saw Yuria looking at her. Yuria was about to greet her, but Kumi had walked off before she had the chance to. Rena and Jurina looked at Kumi, before they turned to look at Yuria, both with confusion on their face.  However, before they could go and ask Yuria what happened, the school bell rang, indicating the start of school.

’Saved by the bell?’

For that whole day of school, Yuria barely talked to Kumi. She didn’t know if it was just plain bad luck that their classes were packed with notes writing instead of the usual group discussion and that the teacher had called Kumi out during morning break and lunch or what, but because of that, the only thing that was on Yuria’s mind that day, was Kumi. Yuria haven’t spoken to Kumi the whole day. Everyone knew something happened, somehow. Kumi’s friends knew. Yuria’s friends knew. But no one said anything about it.

The end of school came much slower than Yuria had expected. Not being able to talk to Kumi being one of the contributing factors. After Yuria got changed back into her school uniform after PE and got ready to go home, she was already expecting to be going home alone. Yuria took a long time getting change, so she thought that Kumi must’ve gone home already. ’You were probably avoiding me anyway, right?’ That, was what Yuria thought happened. But when the girl walked out of the changing room, the first thing she saw, was a very familiar figure, leaning against the pillar with their arms crossed in front of their chest.

“Hey,” the figure called out to Yuria.

Yuria walked towards the figure slowly and carefully, trying to understand what they were doing. “Hey... Kuumin...” Yuria greeted back to the figure with a weak voice and smile.

“Let’s go home, nee?” Kumi said as she pushed herself off the pillar and grabbed her bag. Yuria nodded and quickly followed after her. Although confusion filled Yuria’s mind, she was glad Kumi waited for her. Yuria hated walking home alone, even though she had her iPod with her.

’You greeted me like normal afterschool, as if nothing happened the previous night, and that everything at school was normal today. But I knew better. Yes, you greeted me like you always did, but somehow, I felt a strange tension in the atmosphere around us as we walked home. No words were spoken. No laughter. No nothing. Just the sound of our shoes tapping along the concrete path in a random manner, unlike before, where our footsteps matched each other.’

The awkward silence between the two girls kept on all the way till they reached Kumi’s house. Then, as always, Kumi said her good bye to Yuria and disappeared inside her house. Again, Yuria watched the light in Kumi’s bedroom upstairs turned on before she moved on. Yuria really did want to ask Kumi what her answer was, concerning yesterday’s event. But Yuria really didn’t want to push Kumi into answering her so quickly or making it seem like she was desperate, so Yuria just stayed quiet and walked home.


A few months past and everyday was still the same. Not the same as it was before, but the same as the day after the unintended words came out of Yuria’s mouth. No words were exchanged at school, no words were exchanged on the way home. Saying good bye to each other when they reached Kumi’s house and then Yuria goes off. Everyday, Yuria felt the urge to ask Kumi for her answer, but everyday, Yuria held back, hoping to give Kumi space and the time she needed to think about it. It wasn’t until that day, did Yuria started regretting not pushing Kumi for an answer all those times they walked home together.

It was a Thursday. And it was raining. It was raining the whole day. Being the person that Yuria was, she never liked using umbrellas, so Yuria ended up walking to school in the rain, just like she always do. Although Yuria knew Kumi would always growl at her when she shows up at school soaking wet, Yuria didn’t care. It wasn’t like they were talking to each other at school anyway, let alone Kumi growling at her.

When Yuria got to school, the first thing she realized was that Kumi wasn’t there. At first, Yuria thought it was probably just because she was away somewhere, getting told off by teachers again for whatever reason that Kumi got into trouble again. But when classes started and Yuria till didn’t see you anywhere, the inside of Yuria panicked.

’Were you sick? Were you okay? Where were you? Are you running late?’

Lots of questions filled Yuria’s mind as she stared at Kumi’s empty seat diagonally to her. Kumi, who, although known as one of the girls that messes around at school, was famous for having perfect attendance at school. Not late to school even once.

’So where was she now?’ Yuria thought to herself.

”Kizaki Yuria.”

’Maybe you really are sick. Maybe I should give you a call when I get home, just to see how you are. Or maybe I should just drop by your house on my way home today and give you a surprise visit? But then you would probably think I’m weird or something. How about I just send you a mail? But then if you are sick, you probably won’t be able to reply right? And if you aren’t sick and is just simply running late for school, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have the time to check your phone anyway,’ Yuria started to think as she continued to stare at Kumi’s empty seat.

Yuria felt a poke on her shoulder that snapped her out of her wondering thoughts. She turned and looked at the offender, ready to snap at them for disturbing her. Except when Yuria saw that it was Rena, she calmed down. Yuria looked at her and saw her pointing somewhere with her pencil, obviously the object that she had poked her with. But before Yuria could turn around again to see what Rena was pointing to, another voice boomed across the classroom.


Yuria quickly turned her head around, surprised at the sudden yell. Staring right at her with one of the most angry eyes Yuria had ever seen was her class teacher. “H-Hai?”

“This is the third time I have called your name. This is a roll call, pay attention please. If I have to call you this many times next time again, you will be marked down as absent, understand?!”

“H-Hai!” Yuria replied with a small apologetic bow, her face burning bright red. It was rare to see the teacher throwing a rage at them. And seeing how the class was in dead silence, it was obvious that Yuria was not the only one who was shocked or surprised at the teacher’s outrage that day.

The school day flew past in a blink of an eye. Classes were barely interesting for Yuria today, which was strange, because she had always find classes interesting to listen to. Especially the last class of the day, PE. That has always been Yuria’s favourite class of the day. But even that, somehow, turned boring for her.

’Was it because you weren’t here today?’

As the girls all got changed in the changing room, Yuria caught a glimpse of Jurina somewhere with Rena in the corner. As much as Yuria hated to disturb whatever the two were up to over there, she forced herself to go and tapped Jurina on the shoulder. Jurina turned back around with a surprised expression on her bright red face, “Yu-Yuria!? What are you doing here? Aren’t you going home yet?”

Rena looked away from Yuria’s gaze, her face just as red.

’I really did disturb the two girls at quite the wrong time aye?’

Clearing her throat slightly, Yuria asked them a question that had been nagging at her mind the whole day, “Do you guys know where Kuumin is?”

“Eh? You don’t know?” Rena asked this time, her mouth gaped opened in a perfect ‘O’ that matched the shape of her eyes.

Yuria shook her head, “What am I supposed to know?”

“Don’t you know that Kuumin moved to England?” Jurina asked as she turned to look at Yuria, “Everyone knows!”

Yuria stared at them, her eyes widening more with each passing seconds. She kept repeating the words Jurina spoke in her mind, over and over again, trying to see if the girl was joking or not. But when she looked at both Jurina’s and Rena’s expression, Yuria finally realized that the two were speaking the truth.

‘So everyone knew?’

Yuria looked around the changing room and watched other people going on about with their business as if nothing special had happened. She looked down slightly when she felt a sudden jab of rejection.

’Everyone did know. Everyone but me.’

Without answering Jurina, Yuria dragged her feet back to her spot and slowly got changed back into her school uniform. As Yuria closed her locker with a small click, she felt a pair of hands grasped her shoulders. Yuria’s heart fluttered when she remembered the familiar action that Kumi usually do to her and immediately, Yuria turned around, “Ku-“ Yuria stared at the person in front of her and felt her heart died in disappointment, “Rena...”

Rena looked at Yuria, in the same way that Jurina looked at her, in concern. Yuria looked away from their gaze and turned to her bag, zipping it up. Just as she was about to turn to the door and start walking home, Rena grasped her shoulder again and gave it a soft supporting squeeze, “C’mon, Yuria. I’ll drive you home. It’s going to rain soon.”

Before Yuria could even answer, Jurina had took her hand and pulled Yuria with her while her other arm looped through the straps of Yuria’s bag, taking her bag with her. Rena followed closely behind as Yuria was dragged towards her car. Yuria really just wanted some time alone, to go over her own thoughts. To try and understand why Kumi told everyone but her. With that want in mind, Yuria pulled her hand from Jurina’s and took back her bag.

“Where are you going?” Jurina asked as Yuria started walking away.

“Home,” Yuria said, not bothering to turn around to answer Jurina, even though she knew it was rude to do that. She heard footsteps behind her and she knew Jurina was trying to catch up, so she quickened my pace. Before Yuria knew it, she was running. As much as Yuria was running, the sound of footsteps behind her wasn’t getting any further. Having had enough, Yuria whipped around and stared at Jurina as she shouted at the girl, “Stop following me!”

Jurina stared at Yuria, her eyes filled with concern and surprise. Surprised that Yuria would shout at her. “It’s going to rain again soon, Yuria. Kuumin wouldn’t want you to go home in the rain. Just let Rena-chan drive you home okay? We promised Kuumin we would take care of you while she is gone,” Jurina said in a soft voice.

Yuria ignored the girl and turned around again and continued to walk home. At first Yuria still heard some footsteps behind me, but then it suddenly stopped and Yuria heard Rena talking to Jurina.

“C’mon, Jurina, let’s go home.”
“But we promised Ku-“
“Yuria needs some time alone.”

’Why? Why did you ask Jurina and Rena to take care of me? Why couldn’t you do it yourself? Over the past years that I’ve been hanging around you, I’ve grown dependent of your smile. No matter how sad I felt that day, just seeing your smile was enough to brighten up my whole day.’

“Ah... Jurina was right...” Yuria mumbled to herself as she opened up her palm and felt small raindrops starting to fall on her palm. The girl looked up and saw grey clouds already hovering over her. Soon, the raindrops increased and before she had a chance to react, it was already turning into a storm.

’Curse this horrible and forever unpredictable weather in this place.’

By the time Yuria got home, she was already soaked straight through. Her hair, her uniform, her sweater, everything was dripping with water. Yuria knocked on the front door and almost immediately, her mother opened the door.

“Welc- Why are you soaking wet!?”

Kicking off her shoes, Yuria ran upstairs, not even bothering to greet her mother back.


Yuria ignored her and slammed her room door shut and locked it. Throwing down her bag to the side of her room, Yuria dropped down onto her bed, not even bothering to change out of her wet clothes. She turned around and laid on her back, letting her clothes soak her bed sheets wet as she stared at my ceiling, at the photos that she had stuck on the ceiling. Particularly the large photo in the middle, a two shot of her and Kumi.

Yuria’s body was started to shiver. She didn’t know whether she was shivering from the rain or whether she was shivering because she was still trying to process what had happened today. Yuria didn’t actually know what she was doing, lying on her bed.

’I guess I was just staring at the photos on my ceiling.’

Before Yuria realized, she had fallen asleep. That night, Yuria went to sleep without dinner and without getting change out of her wet clothes. And that week, Yuria was sick in bed.


’I have always been a person who forgets things easily. Someone shares their secrets with me in the morning, and by the end of the day, I would’ve forgotten about it. That is, until they mention it to me again, which then I would remember. Otherwise, my mind is reset each night. I wake up each morning with a blank memory, ready to fill it with the coming day’s events just to forget it the next morning. Perhaps this was why, I got over you so easily. You left me alone, all so suddenly. Nothing filled my mind that week that I was sick but you. However, once I returned to school and got back to my normal school schedule, your existence slipped from my mind.’


Around a month after Kumi left, Yuria spent most of her time in the library. She had friends apart from Kumi, but they were not that close to her because Yuria barely hanged out with anyone but Kumi. In that month that Yuria stayed in the library, she became closer to a girl call Kanon. Yuria remembered the girl because she used to hang out with her and Kumi every once in a while. Before either of them knew it, they became as close as sisters. Perhaps even closer.

They shared every little secrets that they had, they talked about everything and they did everything together. Yuria told her about the people she liked, Kumi. And later, Kanon too, told Yuria who she used to like.

’Guess what? She liked you too.’

Yuria was sure that it was from then, that she and Kanon both decided to give up fully on Kumi, because neither of the two wanted to get into a fight with each other because of one person. And so, none of them mentioned Kumi again in their conversations.


Exams soon came. It was still holidays, but everyone were on a busy schedule of studying at home. Or at least, Yuria was. Yuria stayed at home the entire holiday, studying, and of course, checking everyone’s blog just to see what everyone else was up to. It became a habit of hers, checking people’s blog, even though she never usually did it.

But today, Yuria found something strange. Something she didn’t expect to find. Something she never expected to find. Yuria was simply scrolling down the recent updates when she saw something familiar.

She saw Kumi.

But Yuria didn’t just see Kumi, she also saw someone else. She saw Kanon. And Yuria’s heart burned with an unknown feeling when she saw the photos. Without thinking, Yuria grabbed her phone and immediately mailed Kanon and asked if Kumi was back. After half an hour of waiting and fidgeting around, staring at the photos Kanon posted on her blog, Yuria’s phone vibrated and she received a reply back from the small girl.

Title: Didn’t you know?
From: Non~

Didn’t you know that Kuumin was coming back for a visit?

’No, Kanon, I didn’t know. But how did you know?’

Before Yuria could type a reply back, her phone vibrated again.

’Ah~ You really are my sister aren’t you, Kanon? I guess you could read my mind too.’

Title: I’ve been keeping contact.
From: Non~

I’ve keeping contact with Kuumin, that’s how I knew she was coming back.
She told me. Did she tell you?

Yuria’s heart shattered at the words. Not only had Kumi left her without saying good bye, the girl haven’t even attempted to try and find Yuria again by giving her, her new phone number even though she still have Yuria on her contact list. While Yuria was on the brink of breaking down again, her phone vibrated yet again.

Title: Want to come?
From: Non~

Kuumin is going to be staying around for a few more days,
Do you want to come out with us?

Yuria thought for awhile before she replied. She wanted to say yes and go meet Kumi again, but something in the back of her mind stopped her from doing so. Deciding to listen to her own subconscious, Yuria rejected Kanon’s offer by using the lamest excuse of needing to study.

The second Yuria pressed send, she regretted her choice because something came back onto her mind.

’Why didn’t I agree and go with Kanon to meet you? I could’ve asked you for the answer that I have been waiting for, for so long.’

I didn’t mind rejection really. I would rather be rejected than to be kept hanging on the edge without an answer.

Exams flew past in another blink of an eye and soon, everyone graduated from junior high. Yuria felt that it was a good thing ending up in the same senior high as Kanon. Although the two ended up in different houses, they were still together, closer than ever. Yuria continued to hang out with Kanon everyday, and everything was fine until one day that one day, where Yuria’s life was met with yet another surprise.

Yuria was almost late to school when she left her house this morning. She ran, as fast as she could to school, and managed to make it back just as the clock striked eight twenty. But still, the bell haven’t rang yet.

’I guess the prefect in charge of ringing the bell was late yet again.’

Yuria walked over to Kanon’s house area, expecting to find Kanon outside like she always do. And she did find her. Except this time, there was something else. Yuria saw something else that made her heart skipped a beat.

“Yuria! Come!” Kanon waved at the girl with a giant smile on her face.

Yuria smiled back at the girl automatically and walked over, “Hey~” Her eyes never left the eyes of the new comer that was sitting on the bench, next to Kanon.

The new comer stared back in those eyes that brought back a thousand memories for Yuria, “Hi.”

Yuria tried her best not to break down in tears again. Hearing that voice of hers, seeing that perfect face of hers and most of all, seeing her staring back at her with those eyes that she had always stared at her before. Getting over her surprise, Yuria managed to talk back, “Hi...” Kanon sat down next to the new comer and started talking to her again about something Yuria didn’t understand. Probably because Yuria was spacing out. “So, are you coming back now, Kuumin?” Yuria asked when Kanon finally stopped talking.

“Yes,” Kumi said. It was a simple answer answered in a robotic tone of voice. To be honest, it didn’t sound to Yuria that Kumi was happy at all.

Yuria kept that thought in her mind and continued, “What class are you in?”

Kanon jumped in and squealed excitedly, “Kuumin is in my class! Can you believe that!? Out of sixteen classes, Kuumin ended up in my cass!”

A small frown formed on Yuria’s face and once again. She felt a small tugging on her chest but she ignored it. Yuria gave Kanon a weak smile before moving off to class as the bell rang. Yuria felt Kumi’s eyes on her back. Yuria wanted to turn around say good bye to Kumi and say that she will come back at break time, but Yuria couldn’t do it.

’Seems like after all those years that we parted, the awkwardness between us two was still there.’


School went past as normal. Looking forward to the school holidays when the school term starts, and looking forward to school once the school holiday starts because it gets too boring. Kanon have been spending more time with Kumi, and Yuria, with her own friends in her own house. Yuria tried, so many times, to force herself to go over to Kanon’s house and try to start a conversation with Kumi so that she could eventually go into a conversation that will allow her to ask the girl for the answer that she had been waiting for so long. But each time Yuria tried, she would give up half way and make up lame excuses such as her next class wasn’t near Kanon’s house area. Going there might cause Yuria to be late to her next class etc.

Before anyone knew it, it was already nearing end of their first year in senior high. They were getting to the point where everyone of them were starting to become more serious about their school work. Or at least, Yuria was.

“Yuria, that school send a letter over today, you’re accepted with a small scholarship,” hermother said to Yuria in the middle of breakfast.

Yuria nodded and kept her mind tuned to her mother’s words.

’They accepted me. The school that I had always wanted to go to, the school that could increase my chances of getting into the university that I wanted, accepted me. I could finally chase after my dream.’

“You will be moving there in a few months times. Start packing, my child.”

Yuria nodded at her again, and then after quickly finishing the rest of her breakfast, she made her way towards school again. During her whole day at school, Yuria tried to act normal but she could not. She was losing focus in classes and the final exams were getting closer. Even when exams came, Yuria’s mind was still too distracted by thoughts about her new school that she couldn’t even focus. Yuria ended up failing two of her exams and obviously, the teachers were not pleased.

’But what can they do about it? I won’t be coming back to this school after this year anyway.’

The last day of school came by much before Yuria had wanted to, and still, none of her friends knew about her transferring. It was time to break the news. Yuria had called Kanon over, and the two girls had had a talk. Yuria told Kanon that she was moving school and the girl cried about it slightly. However, Kanon quickly recovered, faster than Yuria’s other friends in her own class, “At least Yuria can chase after your dream university now, nee?” Yuria gave Kanon a nod and a small smile. “You better keep in touch after you leave,” Kanon demanded.

“I’ll try,” Yuria smiled and turned to go home. After saying good bye to all her other friends around school, Yuria suddenly didn’t want to go home. She knew she was going to miss this school and she wanted to stay for a while longer. Wondering if Kanon wanted to hang out in the park near the school, Yuria turned around and looked over to where Kanon was and for the nth time that year, Yuria’s heart shattered. In front of her, was the sight of Kanon chatting and laughing happily with Kumi. Suddenly deciding that going home would be a better option, Yuria ignored her two friends and left the school.


It took a while for Yuria to settle into the new school. Everything was busier than ever. Much more busier than her old school. There were barely any free time and tests became as normal as Yuria’s daily three meals. Kanon kept mailing her everyday at first and Yuria tried her best to reply. But when exam week came, Yuria just didn’t even have the time to check her phone anymore. By the time she checked her phone and replied to the endless mails that Kanon had send her, no mails ever came again.


Exams became much more intense than it was back at Yuria’s old school. However, Yuria stuck with her normal studying schedule. Finally reaching her study break of the day, Yuria turned on her laptop again and checked her friend’s blog to see how everyone else’s studying were going.

After scrolling down a few times, Yuria froze. Her grip on the computer mouse tightened, just like her chest. Her eyes were glued to a photo uploaded on someone’s blog. Taking her eyes slowly away from the photo, Yuria read the caption under the photo.

“Couple since 3rd March.”

Yuria looked at the date on her computer and saw that it was already May. They had been a couple since two months ago, back when the two of them were still exchanging mails, and Kanon never told her about it. Yuria closed her laptop when she felt the tugging feeling in her chest was getting too strong. She laid down on her bed and once again stared at the photos on her ceiling, focusing at the biggest photo out of them all, in the center. The special two shot of her and Kumi. In a soft voice, Yuria whispered to herself as a teardrop rolled down her cheeks,

“Didn’t you know that I am still waiting for an answer? Even after so long, you still haven’t given me an answer.”

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Oooh ohayou-san I like your last KumiYuri fic!  :)
Good job! Good job! :thumbup :thumbup

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I love KumiNon


KumiYuri is just   :cry:

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Oh wow, that is just heart-breaking...

Angst is always good though but omg orz

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This is so sad...
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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thank you ohayou-san for all these epic updates!

my heart was hurting while reading that kumiyuri os .....kumiyuri D:
oohhhh airin so cuteeee........and now we know what happened in the past *nod nod*
*gasp* the other group has arrived!

loving the updates :D keep up the fabulous work! now im off again :(

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Thank you~
I"m glad Lightning-san liked it (^^)

Ah~ Don't cry saeseki-san~
I'll try write some KumiNon in the future to cheer you up nee?

Angst is probably the only thing I am OKAY at writing~
Really sweet stuff are really ard to write in my opinion~

Ah~ It was...
But even though it was sad,
I hope Megumi-san liked it!

Heya, Pandah-san~
I'm really glad you liked it, Pandah-san~

I'll see Pandah-san again when you come on again!
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Hey there, I'm back~
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Especially with the school term coming to an end soon, tests and assignment and projects are flying my way.
After that, I would be moving into boarding... Yes...
Perhaps then, I would be able to make my updates slightly more often~
Perhaps. Just perhaps.

Anyway, this isn't an update on TPB as I wanted it to be.
Having my mind occupied on something else while typing is quite difficult for me,
so I couldn't type out the TPB chapter.
But I got the chapter plot down, so I guess I'm like... 1/3 way through it?

This is a AGP update.
A chapter on what happened to the girls at the restaurant~
I wonder, if any of you guys guessed that this would happen.
Have fun reading!
And I hope  you guys like it!
Please comment if you can!
Comments keeps me going~
Until next time~ Peace meow~  :peace:

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 19

Akane’s surprised expression matched the one on Rena’s face as well as the other girls behind the tables.

“Hey all!” Akane greeted everyone with the biggest smile Rena had ever seen on the girl’s face, “What are you guys doing here?”

The girls greeted back and Rena smiled at the girl, “We were eating here, but we’re planning to go back now because the people who reserved this table came early.”

Akane laughed, “Oh? So you guys were the ones that were occupying our table!”

“Your table?” Kanako asked, a confused face on her face.

“Yeah,” Akane nodded, “We are the ones that reserved this table.”

The girls all laughed while Masana picked up their shopping and said, “Well then we better go, before we hold up too much time.”

Just as Masana was about to push Kanako to get the girl to start leaving, Akane shook her head and held out her hand, stopping the head girl’s action, “It’s okay, you guys can stay, hold on a sec.” Leaving the girls behind without explaining her words, Akane ran back towards the entrance of the restaurant.


“How can you give away a table we reserved?” Kanon asked furiously at the manager who kept bowing and apologizing.

“We’re really sorry, but because there was still time before the time of your reservation, we thought it would be better if we didn’t let our guest wait for too long so we allowed them to take your table. We are really sorry,” the manager said as he bowed over and over again.

Jurina stepped forward, about to say something back when she heard someone call out to her.

“Jurina-chan!” Akane ran back to the girl with a big smile on her face. Without saying anymore words to Jurina, Akane turned to the manager and smiled at him as well, “It’s okay, sir, don’t worry about the table. They are our friends.”

“Churi?” Jurina called out, wondering if the girl knew what she was talking about. If she said that, then the manager would just let the people at their table stay and then they wouldn’t be able to eat here. And that would ruin the entire birthday plan.

Akane just grinned at the girl, took her hand and quickly dragged her towards their reserved table with Kanon, Kumi and Mizuki following closely behind. “Let’s join them, you guys,” Akane said.

“Join who?” Jurina asked as she allowed herself to be dragged.

“Rena-chan of course,” Akane skidded to a stop excitedly in front of the table.

“E-Eh?” Jurina looked at the girls sitting at their table, Masana, Kanako, Airi and last of all, Rena. She truly wasn’t expecting to be able to see Rena twice today. It was as if, as some people said, fate brought them together. However, somehow, that sentence doesn’t exactly apply to Jurina, since most of the time that sentence apply to lovers. And that, obviously was not what Jurina and Rena’s relationship was. Or at least, not yet.

Kanon looked at the group, most of them she knew, but Rena was someone she didn’t know. Kanon remembered seeing her a few months ago when Jurina collapsed, but after that, Kanon never talked with the new girl at all. Unsure about the new girl’s presence, Kanon asked in a whisper, “Are you sure, Churi?”

Akane nodded and jumped around, “Of course! The more the merrier!”

Jurina was about to say something else but again, was cut short. This time, by Mizuki, who poked her back and shook her head at her, telling her silently to just let Akane be. Jurina nodded and said nothing else as they made their way to their seats. ’It is Churi’s birthday afterall, should let the girl do what she want I guess... But eating on the same table as Rena...’

“Hello, Jurina. It’s been a long time since we have seen each other,” Masana smiled at Jurina. Seeing each other was common at school, but for Masana to actually have time to talk to Jurina face to face was rare. One reason being that Masana had lots of other duties to do during free periods that there just isn’t time to catch up. And the other reason being that Jurina was, well, Jurina. It’s hard to be able to catch the playgirl alone.

Jurina smiled at the head girl, glad to finally see Masana again, “Indeed, Masana-san. It has been a while since we talked.”

“Oh. My. God!” Kanako’s eyes looked as if they would fall out of her sockets as she stared at Jurina with her mouth gaped open. “It’s Jurina! It’s THE Jurina! Jurina is here! The great Jurina is here! Oh my god we are going to be eating on the same table as THE Jurina! Is this a dream!?” Kanako jumped out of her seat and squealed as she continues to ramble on about Jurina. Jurina grinned at the girl, already used to having people react like this around her. Deciding to tease the girl slightly, Jurina winked at Kanako. Not expecting such action from the famous girl, Kanako clenched at her chest and fainted.

“E-Eh? Is she okay?” Kumi asked as she watched Kanako fainted back into her seat.

Mizuki laughed and said as she playfully slapped Jurina’s arm, “Of course she is! Jurina is just messing around with her charms again.” The girls giggled, even Airi had a giant grin on her face.

Everyone was smiling, everyone but Akane, who hated it when Jurina plays around with other girl. Noticing this, Jurina softly gave Akane’s hand a small squeeze, gaining the girl’s attention and then smiled at her, instantly gaining forgiveness. Akane could never stay annoyed at Jurina, no matter how many times Jurina does things she doesn’t like. It was one point she hated about herself, but it was also one point that she knew she could never change about herself.

Rena didn’t greet Jurina with words, but just looked at her. Knowing that others would start questioning if they become so close all of a sudden when most of the time at school in the eyes of the public, Jurina is always cold to the other girl. Jurina looked back at Rena, suddenly remembering the big smile on the girl’s face back at the anime expo. Also remembering Mizuki’s question back then, Jurina allowed herself to give Rena a small smile. Rena stared at Jurina, shocked for a second that Jurina smiled at her in public. Rena wanted to look away, afraid the others would notice, but found herself unable to look away from Jurina’s smile as she unconsciously smiled back at her.

“So, can they join us, Jurina-chan? Please?” Akane asked as she pulled on Jurina’s sleeve.

Jurina looked back at Kanon, hoping to have her make the decision for her, only to find the girl giving her an “up to you” look. Jurina turned back to Akane and found the girl looking back at her with begging eyes that Jurina couldn’t help but just surrender to. But it wasn’t like Jurina didn’t want the girls to join anyway, it would be a new experience for her, being able to eat on the same table in public as Rena. Jurina smiled back at Akane, “Of course, whatever you want.”

Akane cheered while the girls looked for a place sit. Kanon sat down first, right inside next to Masana, while Kumi moved inside with her and put her bags under the table. “Nee, Mizuki, the table have more spaces, you can put your things there too!” Akane said as she pointed to the space next to Kumi’s bags and peered inside the things that Mizuki bought, “and since when were you into shopping, Mizuki? I didn’t know you bought this much stuff.” Mizuki quickly held the bags closer, stopping any chance of Akane being able to see what was inside. Ignoring the girl’s statement about her, Mizuki quickly placed her bags down and sat down next to Kumi.

Jurina placed her’s and Akane’s things under the table as well then moved back out and asked Akane, “Where do you want to sit?”

“Anywhere is fine,” Churi answered and took a seat next to Mizuki.

Jurina was surprised when Akane chose to sit next to Mizuki instead of Rena. But then it was already expected, since the girl was closer to Mizuki than she was to Rena. Jurina pulled out the only available seat left next to Rena and sat down. Seeing Jurina was having trouble sitting comfortably due to not having enough space, Rena moved slightly towards Airi to give the girl more space. Jurina smiled at Rena and thanked her as she shuffled in her seat to get into a more comfortable position. Rena smiled back and said that she is welcome. The two kept smiling at each other until Rena remembered where they were and looked away with her cheeks burning, ’Why do you keep on smiling at me today, Jurina? Why can I never focus on anything else when you smile at me!?’

Unknowingly, Akane saved Rena from Jurina’s smile when she gained Jurina’s attention by tapping the girl’s arm and asking her what to order. Jurina turned and read through the menu with Akane while discussing over the table with Kanon about what to order. Kanako next to Kanon, started rambling to Kumi about the things she saw in the bag of goods that Kumi bought and the two were lost in a conversation about the 2D universe. However, as much as most of the girls didn’t notice the small exchange between Jurina and Rena, some did. Airi, Masana and Mizuki sat quietly on the side, lost in their own mind as they tried to process what the two girls were doing just then. Airi however, started feeling a small burning pain in her heart as she remembered how Rena smiled at Jurina when the two kept looking at each other. This feeling was a feeling Airi had never felt before, and Airi wasn’t sure if she wanted to find out what that feeling was.


As a sincere apology from the manager for causing so much trouble for the girls, the girls’ order were placed on first priority and within less than half an hour, the table was stacked with massive amount of food. Although the other girls already ate, after some persuasion from Akane and a humorous war between Mizuki and the bowl of pasta that just refuses to be spooned into Mizuki’s bowl, they too, continued eating. Not to mention, the food were too nice for the girls to stop eating. As the girls eat, without any of them realizing, the usual barrier that was always between the popular girls and the others disappeared and the dinner went on with small conversations here and there about school and what they did in the anime expo. Some of them even went as close as to already calling each other by their nicknames.

Every now and then, Jurina would see Akane smile excitedly and jump up and down in her seat when the conversation gets into topics that she likes. Seeing how happy Akane was today, Jurina smiled and was glad that she ditched today’s training for her birthday. Suddenly, the conversation started turned into a heated argument between Mizuki and Masana about whose diet was more efficient and which food on the table had the most calories.

“No way! This pasta is perfectly healthy! Sure the cheese made most of the calories, but it sure is better than that pizza in front of you,” Mizuki held onto her bowl of pasta protectively, as if someone was going to rip it out of her arms.

Masana laughed, “Na-uh! The pizza was simply baked, that was it. Comparing the amount of cheese on your pasta and the one on the pizza, it’s obvious that your pasta has more.  I mean, looking at even just the pasta in your bowl, it has more cheese than the ones on this pizza.”

“Maa,” Mizuki leaned back in her seat as she poked a few more pieces of pasta into her mouth, “Either way, you ate more calories than your Masanya diet had allowed you. I mean, you ate before we came too right? Hahaha~” And the conversation continued with Masana continuously defending herself about her calories allowance having an exception today.

Airi on the other hand, while Masana and Mizuki kept eating, she had stopped eating already and was just sitting there, sipping at her drink. And it was all because of that brief second of contact...


>>A few minutes ago<<

Airi watched as Mizuki and Masana started having an intense staring competition. Both of their eyes were turning red, becoming watery and were twitching. Airi knew one of them was going to lose sooner or later. Seeing how intense the battle was becoming, Airi was absolutely refusing to look away even for a second. However her stomach was calling out to her for more food. So without taking her eyes off the two girls, Airi’s hand reached out for a piece of pizza in front of her, not caring which flavor it was. Rena too, was amused by the stare-off by the two girls and didn’t want to look away. However, having fallen in love with the spicy pizza she had just a moment ago, she allowed her hand to slowly sneak towards the plate of pizza to grab another piece.

Neither girls paying attention to where their hands were going, their hands reached for the same pizza. At the same moment that their fingers touched the pizza crust, both girls felt a different contact on their hand. Airi was the first to look down, surprised at the strange electric like feeling she felt on her hand. She was starting to wonder if pizza could electric shock people. Once Airi realized what it was that shocked her, she quickly retracted her hand, her mind in a complete mess as she tried to gather her thoughts together while trying to get over the fact that she had just touched Rena’s hand.

Rena, though surprised at the sudden contact, quickly recovered and became more amused by Airi’s reaction to what happened than she was amused before by the staring competition which seems to have already slipped from both girls’ mind.


>>Back to the present<<[/b]

Rena, being her usual self, couldn’t get enough of Airi’s forever changing reaction, decided to keep on teasing Airi by giving food, knowing that not only is the girl still hungry, but the girl would also be too shy to reject her.

“Here, Airin,” Rena smiled as she gave Airi a scoop of pasta onto her bowl.

Airi stared at the pasta that was being scooped into her bowl and waved her arms around, “I-I-I-It’s okay, R-Rena-s-san! I-I’m not hungry!” Words that contradicted with the sound that came from her stomach almost right after she spoke.

Rena giggled and poked Airi’s face that was growing redder by each second, “Airin kawaii~”

Jurina, next to Rena, saw what Rena and Airi were doing but choose to ignore it. Ignoring not just the constant words of “Airin kawaii” being said, but also the strange tagging feeling in her chest. Turning away, Jurina tried to keep a smile on her face as she gave her attention back to Akane.


Although the food was already finished, all the girls seemed so engrossed in the conversations, the thought of going back to school haven’t even reached their mind yet. Lucky with Jurina having a bad habit of checking her phone every now and then, she realized that it was going to be time to leave soon if they want to be able to make it back to school in time. Looking at Kanon, the two of them nodded at each other, understanding what they both wanted to say. Jurina stood up from her seat, following after, Kanon, “Please excuse us for a sec.”

“Where are you going, Jurina-chan?” Akane held onto Jurina’s sleeve as the girl stood up.

Jurina just patted the girl’s hand and smiled softly before going off with Kanon, “I’ll be right back, Churi.”

“Are they going to the bathroom?” Kanako asked as she looked at the disappearing figure of the two girls.

Akane shook her head, “I don’t know. They didn’t say.”

All of a sudden, the restaurant light dimmed and the restaurant hushed into silence as all tried to figure out what was going on. From the corner of the restaurant, where the other kitchen of the restaurant was, Jurina and Kanon walked out, pushing a small cart with them. Jurina borrowed a lighter from the waiter and lit the candles on the cake and with the waiter pulling and both Jurina and Kanon pushing the cart, they made their way back towards their table.

Jurina and Kanon started singing happy birthday to Akane as they walked slowly, the girls quickly joined them. Within a few seconds, the entire restaurant joined in. By the time the song was finished, the cake had just arrived next to their table. The crowd clapped and cheered as the light slowly came back on as the waiter lifted the cake onto their table. Kanon thanked him and gave him a generous tip, ignoring the surprised look the waiter gave her at the huge tip. Making up his mind that Kanon was probably just a very rich girl, which she was, the waiter excused himself and left as Jurina and Kanon returned to their seats.

“This wasn’t needed at all, you guys...” Akane said in a really small voice, her head looking down as she felt her face turning pink at the amount of attention she was getting. She didn’t like getting so much attention, but for today, perhaps it was okay. It made Akane feel special, knowing that Jurina must’ve planned it all out with Kanon.

“I can’t believe I forgot it was your birthday, Churi,” Masana said, “I am so sorry I forgot. I will get you a present later, okay?”

“It’s okay,” Akane shook her head and smiled, “It was good enough just having all of you guys here celebrating with me.”

“Hurry up and make a wish, Churi,” Rena said, “before the candles melts onto the cake.”

Akane nodded and closed her eyes as she clasped her hands together. The girls waited patiently for Akane to slowly open her eyes with a small smile and blew out all the candles in one go. The girls clapped again and all said happy birthday again as Rena carefully took out the candles without ruining the cake and placed it aside. Jurina gave Akane the cake knife and smiled at the girl, “Make the first cut, Churi.” Akane nodded and carefully cut the cake in half and then handing the knife over to Kanon to cut the rest as she knew how well Kanon could cut a cake, unlike herself.

“What did you wish for, Churi?” Kanako asked excitedly as the girls waited for Kanon to split the cake and share the portions out.

“Wishes don’t come true when you tell others what they are,” Akane shook her head, refusing to allow others to know her wish.

“No,” Mizuki laughed, “You say your wishes out loud so people around you would make them come true for you.”

“So what did you wish for?” Kumi repeated Kanako’s question as she helped Kanon hand a piece of cake to everyone.

“It’s kind of a stupid wish though...” Akane mumbled, “So don’t laugh okay?”

“We won’t,” Kanon said as she sat back down and quickly took a bite into the cake. ’Oh wow, Jurina is incredible with cake. How can she make such tasty cakes? I should definitely get Jurina to make my birthday cake next time.’ The others nodded in agreement and just like Kanon, the others were all drowned in the heavenly taste of the birthday cake. Even Jurina herself, not expecting her cake to come out tasting this much better than what she had expected.

“Well...” Akane mumbled as she tried to gather up the courage to say her wish out loud. Jurina saw the hesitation on Akane’s face and gave her a small reassuring smile. She too, wanted to know what the girl’s wish was and if it was within her power, she would try her best to fulfill the girl’s wish. “Well... I wish I could get my first kiss this year,” Akane said and hid her burning face in her hands. The other girls couldn’t contain it and they burst into laughter. Not because of how stupid the wish was, but because it was so unexpected coming from Akane but an expected wish coming from someone of Akane’s age. “Hey!” Akane cried out, “you guys said you wouldn’t laugh!”

Recovering from their laughter, Kanako grinned and pressed forward, “From anyone in particular?”

Akane shook her head, but it was obvious there was someone. Or at least it was to Mizuki, since she already had an idea of who it is. “You suck at lying, Churi,” Mizuki pointed out as she took another bite into her cake.

Wanting to change  topic, Akane pointed to Mizuki’s cake with her fork and said, “Your cake is going to melt soon if you keep talking, Mizuki.”

“There is someone, isn’t there?” Mizuki grinned, wanting the girl to admit it herself.

Akane choked on her cake and her eyes widened, “H-How did you know!?”

Kanako laughed, “So there IS someone!”

“Is it someone from here?” Kanon asked.

Akane facepalmed herself, unable to believe that she had just walked straight into Mizuki’s trap of admitting to it outloud. Akane shoot Mizuki a “I’ll get you back for this” look while Mizuki just laughed and shrugged it off, knowing that the girl was too nice to ever do anything to her.

“Tell us! Tell us!” Kanako repeated.

Akane looked around and saw that all the girls were looking at her, waiting for a response. Akane looked at Jurina again and saw the girl giving her the same encouraging look again, however, Akane still hesitated. She didn’t know what could happen if she told everyone who she wanted to have her first kiss with. Turning away, Akane looked at Mizuki, silently asking for the older girl’s advice, only to be given the same look as Jurina. With the extra of a small nod. Akane gathered her courage and quietly mumbled the name.

Akane’s voice was so small that barely anyone heard it. Anyone but one person. And that person frozed.

“Who?” Kumi asked again.

Akane repeated again in a louder voice. Confirming that person’s shock, and rendering the others speechless.


What do you think will happen?
I won-der~

Please comment meow!
I mean like, if there are really something that any of you want me to work on,
please do tell me!
Like, maybe grammar, plot or whatsoever.
If there are something you really don't like about my writing,
feel free to drop me a message!
I'm always open to comments!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 19) [9/2]
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Jurina should kiss churi..  :P

make rena-chan super jealous.. lol  :D

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 19) [9/2]
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Jurina the kissing monster hasn't kissed Churi yet??

I wonder how wmatsui will turn out.

It's seriously interesting XD

I feel so sad for Churi...

Since Rena is a lolicon(lol) Jurina should have this cute image instead of a cool playgirl.  LOL

Renairin interactions are so cute!!!!!

I wonder what Jurina will do.

It seems that many authors like to make Jurina a bad person... For example anzai-san.

I'm hoping for crack scenes. (Because your grammar is really perfect and the writing style and vocab seems rather posh to me so I think I should infect you)

Btw is Ai no Kazu available for download? Its in simplified Chinese which I  can read. Someone should make a yuri version of 1/153 in Jurina's POV, withher being a player and all that XD

Update soon plz

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 19) [9/2]
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asdfghjkl! ;A; <- emotion right now

will wait for the next update....

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 19) [9/2]
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jurina,consider that as a confession from churi and leave rena for airin... /lol

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE All Girl's Private School (Chapter 19) [9/2]
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It's long chapter so I liked it!  :thumbsup
Airin embarrassed as always  :lol:
How will things turn out now when Churi is wishing for Jurinas kiss?  :panic:

Thank you for your update!
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