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Author Topic: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?  (Read 48179 times)

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✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
« Reply #120 on: October 21, 2012, 02:26:21 PM »
@ sakura_drop_ : Thanks for reading and love my stories  :heart: :heart: Umm... about Rena, it explained in this chapter  :D You really love Yuko-sama^^ I am planning for Yuko-sama POV next chapter^^ Hope you'll like it too

@ TakaminaBG : I'm so happy you like this story, thank you. Minami flashback is written in this chapter, hope you like it^^ and yeah~ next chapter will be Yuko POV, maybe there'll be some Kojiyuu moment too^^ (still haven't start to write next chapter)

@ O r i g a m i : Nyahaha  :P Minami will sure becoming pervert when she is with Acchan~ she took that chance to peek at Acchan oppai!!  XD XD

@ arrow27 : Atsuko is cold but will never kill Minami~  :P  Mystery will be revealed in this chapter  :peace:  hope you like this :D

@ Haruko : Thanks for read and the comments, Haruko-san  :D

@ Wmatsui22 : another update  :D  hope you like this chapter too  :D

@ kahem :  XD Minami is obviously like teasing the 'serious Atsuko' nyahaha  XD  and yeah, the three of them will be cutest family~  XD

Well, here is the update!!! All things about Minami~
I can't believe I can update a chapter within two days!!  XD XD
so~ douzo~

Black Cat
Chapter Nine – The Black Cat

================   ================   ================

Inside the church

Minami opened her eyes after three days unconscious inside the abandoned church. She gets up and leaned her body on the wall for support. Her eyes are hurt from the sun light which went through the building and spotted her. She uses her hand to cover the light and noticed there’s something in her hand, she takes a look at it. It’s a smashed tortoise-shaped melonpan. She just smiles at it and wonders what’s going on. She starts to look at her surroundings and trying to remember what have happened.

“What am I doing here? I was supposed to be at the port with Atsu–”

Suddenly, her head is in extreme pain. Blood vessels are visible on her forehead as the pain increasing. Her body temperature is increasing like hell. She screamed but no sound coming out from her mouth. Her heart is starting to beat like crazy and her head feels like it gonna explode. With the increasing headache and hot temperature, she began to have breathing problem. She feels like all the oxygen is drawn out from her. She dropped on the ground and struggling to breath. Her vision is starting to blur... until some scenes flash inside her head.



Minami got shot and drowned into the sea. She can hear Atsuko’s voice crying over her but her body was paralyzed. Her left chest felt so hurt, her heartbeat was weaken. As she drowned deeper in the sea, oxygen was drained away from her, her vision was blurred, she heard no more Atsuko’s voice. Desperately closing her eyes, she knows this is the end of her life.

There’s a brightening light fell on her face. Did she arrive in heaven? She thought she gonna end up in hell. She tried to open her heavy eyes and saw many figures whispering against each other. This is stranger place for her, she never been in here before. Another shocked went over her body and she fainted for sure.

“This will be the best of my masterpiece” said a young professor while injected something into Minami’s body, “The strongest fighter I ever had”

“Are you sure? Prof. Mayu…” a fierce figure opened her mouth-mask, revealing her face. She walked around the Minami’s body that placed on a surgery bed with many wire attached to her body.

“Believe her, Sayaka. I have no doubt in Mayu-chan’s skill” an ikemen girl clinging her arms around prof. Mayu and kissed her cheek.

“Sae, move your hands away from me” Mayu glared at the ikemen girl, “I need to concentrate”

“Government ordered me to send the vaccine within this month. Are you sure it will success this time?” asked Sayaka.

“I need a week to check on this girl after the injection. I’m sure I will hand it to you before the end of this month.

One week has passed since Minami got injected by the vaccine. It supposed to re-set the body systems and control the victim’s mind. The victim will have stronger physical strength and use the energy to 150%, compared to a normal people will only can use 70% of their physical strength. The victim will also lose their memories like their brain got formatted and will only obey to their master from the program set on computer. This project is used by government to use on their military army in order to fight against enemy without losing huge amount of their people and it will be dangerous if these vaccines fall into wrong hands.

To Mayu’s failure, Minami seems like to have her own will. She doesn’t listen to all Mayu’s order and being rebellious sometimes. But she is really the strongest fighters amongst the others. There’s once Mayu ordered all her victims to take down Minami and all get killed. Even so, Minami still has her own consciousness and won’t go berserk. It will be really bad if Minami went berserk.

Mayu redoing her research on the vaccine and searched for new victim to test on. More than forty people died in her experiment and lastly, there’s a survivor. Victim number 44, Matsui Rena. she has the same family name with the sworn enemy of Maeda’s family. Though not blood-related, actually she is the trustworthy assistant of the chief of Matsui family. She was adopted by Sir Matsui as personal butler and also takes job as Jurina’s babysitter.

Rena is very obedient to Mayu, maybe because she was once live under a master. But she is not stronger than Minami. There’s a time where Rena and Minami had a fierce fight because Mayu ordered Rena to break Minami. She lost but Minami smiled at her and taking care of her until her wound healed. At that time, Rena secretly took note in her heart that she will not kill this person anymore.

Mayu redoing her research again to get someone stronger than Minami. What she doesn’t know is, the punches Rena hit on Minami’s head in the fight caused a serious injured inside. The vaccine has slowly left from her brain and Minami got her memories back.

In the middle of the night, there’re two figures walking secretly into the narrow street.

“This is all I got” Minami said as she handed an envelope to the officer Mariko, “There’s one question I need to know”

“What do you want to know?” asked Mariko.

“Is that true, this project is ordered by government?”

“This is top secret, I can’t make sure of that” Mariko said as she kept the envelope inside her coat, “But I am secretly investigated about it too”

“Did government know how far they made us suffer? This project killed hundreds people already just for experiment! Nine of ten people died from the injection. Even so, the survivors live a life like zombie… being controlled like machine, like robot! This is cruel! This is evil!”

“First of all, thank you for becoming spy to investigate this case. I know you have suffered but this is to save the people. I am suspicious that this project is not for government, there’s someone behind the mask of this matter. If this vaccine fell into wrong hands, the world will be in chaos”

“Blame to my righteous sickness, I can’t let this happen” Minami said while posing her victorious pose and smirked at Mariko.

“You were once the commander officer, why do you leave and changed into phantom thief?”

“Did you forget the nickname they give me?” Minami turned her back at Mariko, “The black cat… fights in speed and unpredictable skills… I am a stray cat, I don’t live under command and disciplinary. All I want is to be free and do anything I want. Government things, military things are annoying me. I don't want to be ordered and doing things they want. I live under freedom… this is me, the black cat”

Minami looked over her shoulder and glared at Mariko, "I stole black money and corrupt things from rich and help the poor because government ignored them. You guys are useless people. I will fight those bastard with my own hands"

"Don't do anything reckless. Contact me if you found something matter" Mariko said while walking away out of the street.

"As if I would" Minami whispered in silent. She swayed her long black coat and disappeared into the dark.

After secret meeting with the officer Mariko, Minami sneaked inside the main laboratory where Mayu does all her stuffs. She pretended that she’s still under her control and get to know where the main program that controls their mind. Finally, she found it and destroyed it. The isolated island where she lives, break into pieces and drown to the sea. Later than… she lost her memories again and met with Atsuko, her lover…

(The continuation start in chapter 1 as Minami lost her memories and bumped into Atsuko)

Flashback End

Minami finally managed herself to breath and staring at the ceiling. She has her memories back. She recalled her gained memories and smiling when the image of Atsuko and Jurina’s smiling faces flashes in.

“Jurina has grown up, heh?” Minami is grinning and thumb up for Atsuko, “You managed to run from your family and raise Jurina, I’m so proud of you, Acchan” she paused and then smile again, “Thanks Yuko, protecting Acchan for me when I’m not around”

Minami get up and clean her clothes, “I guess I have to continue the things I left undone…”

To be continue...

That's the end of chapter 9!!
Next will be Yuko-sama POV~
Yuko-sama has little appearance since the beginning but why is she around Atsuko? Why she said she will replace Minami to take care of Atsuko and Jurina? Why is Mariko chasing for her and try to jail her? Well~ continue in next chapter~

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
« Reply #121 on: October 21, 2012, 02:48:30 PM »
I bet Yuko is in love with Acchan..... Not AtsuYuu.... again....
Back to the chapter, I'm glad Takamina is still human, for some weird reason I thought she is not human anymore. :D
Takamina was a commander??? Well that suits her.
Please update SOON!!

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
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Yes, I really love Yuko-sama, she is my one true oshimen (and Rena-sama, as SKE48 oshimen  :wub: :wub: :wub: )

Anyway, unlike others - no offense, though - I would love to see some AtsuYuu  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Ah, I'm so waiting for the next chapter to come *spazzes and jumps around like crazy, throwing sakura petals into Yuko-sama's wallpaper )

Anyway, so Rena-sama is like Jurina's bodyguard... And Minami is this awesome?  :shocked :twothumbs :twothumbs

But I believe if Rena-sama goes berserk, she's stronger than anyone... *bias highest level ON*

Ah, I'll be waiting for you next chapter  ;)
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
« Reply #123 on: October 21, 2012, 03:51:19 PM »
Thanks for the update :D Wow, really love how you revealed what happaned with Minami, it was awesome :D Glad Minami remembers!!! Looking forward to your next chapter ^^ Thanks again :)

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
« Reply #124 on: October 21, 2012, 04:33:35 PM »
wow, Minami's flashback is so  :shocked :( :w00t: :inlove: :twothumbs :panic:  :D

and yay, Minami got her memories back!!  :D

this gonna be interesting, I can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks for the update!  :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
« Reply #125 on: October 22, 2012, 12:14:12 AM »
 :panic: :panic: :panic: so many answers to my questions that lead to more questions :panic: :panic: :panic:
is minami going back to aachan and jurina now? what about yuko...atsuyuu??
thankyou for the update, i really like your story  :deco: :bow:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter nine : The Black Cat
« Reply #126 on: October 22, 2012, 05:11:23 AM »
I like Mayuyu here~ she looks so cool~

nee can I request a little Mayuki?

There are a lot of flashbacks in these chapters Interesting~

Thanks for the update~
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✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten: Shadow x Rules
« Reply #127 on: December 15, 2012, 02:42:33 PM »
Finally~ got time to write...  :)
( Is there anyone still reading this fic?  :huhuh )

So, here's the promised chapter about Yuko-sama no POV~  :D
Hope you enjoy  :)

Black Cat
Chapter Ten – Shadow x Rules

================   ================   ================

Outside at the balcony, Yuko is watching Atsuko and Jurina fell asleep on the couch. She is watching them behind the shadow, in silent… she simply smiled at herself and looking up to the bright moon, hanging in the night sky.

“Rules number six, never break your promises…” she closed her eyes and whispered, “I will never break this rule, shorty”

Yuko POV

How long has it been?

Ten years? Twelve years… I’ve been around you for twelve years…

You were nine when we first met. Your emotionless face and your eyes were cold as ice. They said your talent surpassed everyone older than you. When you finished your first assault mission, you took over my place as the most talented assassin. I went from first place to second. I was so mad and took a glance at you. You were standing beside me, in the centre, receiving the pledge of honor. I can accomplish that mission too, but why people judged her so highly.

I was really annoying that everyone took their attention on Maeda Atsuko. I know she is talented and she is the child of Chief Maeda clan but I still can’t acknowledge her skill. I am older than her, I accomplish many missions better than her but why… why do people judge her better than me? Simple… because she is the heir of Maeda Clan and I was just a kid adopted by your clan.

Not only that, I was assigned to be her mentor. What a great idea… I can make fun of her and tell her to do meaningless jobs. At the first day, I told her to stand still with one foot. She had to keep that position for eight hours and she did. Second day, I told her to mop the floor of six dojos and she did it. Third day, I told her to clean all the roof of this mansion and she did it well. Even it’s just a simple task, she did it perfectly… without thinking if I was just playing around and had no mean to teach her assassins’ skills, she did it all perfectly.

“Don’t you have questions to ask me? Don’t you curious why I told you to do those simple houseworks?”

“I believe Senpai has your own reason. Maybe you are testing my patience or something else”

She answered with very calm voice. It pissed me more. I was really just playing around with you, but you made a mistake… a big mistake. I grabbed my wooden sword and swayed it right on her head. The wooden sword broke in two and her head is bleeding. She didn’t move a bit, she is standing there and welcomed my attack.

“Why don’t you move?” I asked.

“I believe Senpai won’t hurt me badly” she said as she wiped the blood on her eyebrow.

“Do you know why I hit you?” I asked and she stayed silent, “Because you made a big mistake. Rules number five, Never believe in anyone else beside you, yourself”

“I am sorry” she bowed.

Days by days I told her to do houseworks but she never complains about it. Her emotionless face is bothering me. Standing in front of this big tree, in the middle of backyard, I imagined her face on this tree. I am really annoying and raised my fist to punch it. After punching it for several times, a cat jumped out from behind the tree, her face told me she is surprised and scared.

“Good timing, I need some fun” I glance at the scared kitty and smirked, “Don’t worry kitty, I won’t use any weapons at you. I give you ten seconds to run… better hurry~ 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0…”

The cat is running aimlessly while I started counting, it was really funny and I am amused. “Time’s up, I’m coming now!” I picked up a stone and started running toward the poor kitten, “Where should I aim? Head? Eyes?”

My eyes narrowed to target the cat and launched the stone in my hand. It was about to hit the kitty’s head then someone grabbed the stone and crashed it into dust. This annoying person, Maeda Atsuko came to save the kitten. She held the cat in her arms and patted its head.

“Why you hurt her?” she asked, with the same emotionless face.

“Feel pity for the cat?” I laughed before launching forward and kicked her at her head, snatching the kitty from her hands. She reached out her hands to get back the cat and stopped by me before she can even touch it. I jumped up high and put the kitty on the tree branch.

“Wanna get it? Fight me” I grinned at her, “If you win, I’ll let that kitty alive”

I saw she clenched her fist tightly and the other seconds, she already stood in front of me, launching her fist. I was surprised by her speed but I can still dodge her attacks. Her punches and kicks were strong but not fast. When she punched my stomach and I didn’t move, she thought that she got me but sorry… I smirked at her and locked her left arm, whipped her down to the ground with Judo-style.

“Rules number four, never loosen your guard”

I sent another punch at her face but she stopped it with left hand and sending a powerful punch with her right hand, on my face. I moved away and rubbed my swollen cheek. It’s been a long time that someone can lay her fist on my cheek. This is getting interesting. I moved forward with fast pace and launched my fist without holding back at her stomach. She slide backward a few steps and bend down to hold her stomach. She paused in her current position, without moving.

“The most talented assassin… cih!” I mocked at her, “You down with just one punch from me? Are you kidding me?” I walked to beside her and touched the pledge on her shirt, “You don’t suit this tittle” I said as I pulled the pledge away from her shirt.

But then, she grabbed my hands and whipped me down with the Judo-style I used before. I can’t believe she copied my moves. I managed to get away under her and she launched her attacks that were mine. Her movements and the pace were all the same as me, no… she even faster… so this is why she can get that pledge. I can’t believe she can manage to learn skills in one sight. She managed to punch my face once again and knocked me down to the ground. If she continues to launch that fist, I’ll definitely lose… then I have to use my ultimate skill!

*Puppy eyes with tears flowing at the edge of eyes*
She hesitated for a while and this becomes my chance to attack. I rolled over and pinched her arms down to ground. “Rules number three, never being hesitant in your attack!” I launched my last attack and she fainted.

When she woke up, the first thing come to her mind is about the kitty. I smiled and pointed the moving object under her blanket. She opened it and smiled. I was so captive by her smile… this is the first time I saw such a beautiful smile.

You only smile when you’re with that little kitty and I want to keep that smile. I let you to keep the kitty secretly and watching you from behind the shadow. Everytime I saw your smile, my heart is at ease… far away from this dark world of assassins. Good times don’t last forever… one day, she found her kitty dead in the backyard, its body is break apart. That time, I saw her cry for the first time and her voice tear up my heart.

“Rules number two, never have feelings in your heart, it will make you weak” I tapped on her shoulder. “We assassins must not break the rules. Rules were made to protect us from being weakling and train us to be strong. You already break four rules from the big five. Don’t ever break the rules number one”

You cried so hard on that day… and I swear to protect her smile… but you never smiled again… Until one day… you back from your mission with a small smile forming on your lips.

“Something good happened?” I asked and you smiled. You said nothing and go to your room.

I followed you for many days and found out you’re being with another person… short, clumsy, and stupid person… I was hiding far behind to avoid being exposed by you. I can’t see that midget’s face clearly… I can’t hear what you talking about… if only I heard it, you won’t be suffered.

I won’t let you elope with that midget… I won’t let you being jailed like this…

Am I failed for being a mentor? I was assigned to train you become stronger. You were assigned under me yet I’ve let you break the big five rules… the worse, you’ve broke the most important rule… “Rules number one, never fallen in love”

“Love will make you weak, will make you lost, will make you lose your life…”

That day I’m doing my mission to kill a commander officer from government. Unfortunately, I am being arrested and kept behind the bar. Out of the sudden in the middle of the night, a person in black with mask covered half of her face came into the jail to free me.

“Panda-girl come to rescue~” said this panda masked-man.
(her mask resembles to panda eyes plus panda ears)

“Who are you!” I formed my fighting position, “Is the organization sent you here?”

“You like this mask?” this masked-man smiled sheepishly, “I stole this from my underling~ she has such a weird habit~”

I glared at her and raised my fist.

“W-wait wait wait…” She waved her hands and stepped back, “I know you, Oshima Yuko, adopted by Maeda Clan and serve as paid killer for the family. Currently has an underling called Maeda Atsuko. Height 160cm, Bust 76cm, Waist 55cm, Hips 80cm–”

“W-wait! How did you know about her size?!” I clenched her shirt and pushing her until her back touched the wall, “Who are you?!”

“Eh?! How did you know her size too? Who are you?!!!” this girl copied my questions and movements, pushed me back to the wall.

“You bastard!!”

Sssssttt… lower your voice” she pressed my mouth and looking around to ensure no one is coming. Suddenly, I can feel the seriousness in her eyes, “I know you’re here to kill the commander and get the name list of Maeda clan. You all will be slaughtered if the name list sent government’s hand”

She slowly retreat and moved backward from me, “I help you steal the name list and get you out of here, but you have to do one thing for me”

“Who exactly you are?” I dashed toward her, trying to pull her mask. She has very fast reflex and dodged my attacks easily. “Talk to me face to face!”

“The time is almost up, stay quit and listen to me!” she sent a powerful fist on my stomach, sending shivers over my backbone. “I know you care for Acchan. I know you were stalking her all the time and watching her behind the shadow”

“How did you kn–” I know her, she must be… “You are that midget thief who stole her heart!”

“Yes, I am the legendary phantom thief who can steal anything in this world~!” This midget said it proudly, “Oh yeah, you can call me Minami instead of ‘midget’, Yuko-san”

I want to launch another attack at her arrogant face but the last fist from her made me weak to do attack. I just stayed silent, not moving from my spot.

“Let’s get serious…” she cleared her throat and I can feel seriousness in her voice, “Me and Acchan decided to elope tonight. If there’s something happen, please take care of Acchan for me. You are the only one we can trust with. Can I have your promise?”

I stayed silent, still thinking about the offer. If I agree, Maeda clan name list will be safe, it can prevent them to be slaughtered by government. I will be free from this jail… and Atsuko… if she managed to flee with her, will she happy? If something happened I can still stay beside her and take care of her…

“Rules number six, never break your promises” I put my right palm on my chest “You can have my promise”

That night, I followed Atsuko all day to the place where she promised to meet with that thief. As she thought, they’re abused by Chief Maeda’s men. Chief knows her daughter break family rules and fallen in love with this thief. He sent people to kill her and bring Atsuko back to secret mansion. Inside there, Atsuko was being punished and tortured until she is willingly to acknowledge her fault. But Atsuko is stubborn and never admitted her fault. Her brother used some words to insult her, making her believe the death of that thief is Atsuko’s fault.

“I told you to stay away from her. I told you to not develop feelings toward her. If you stay away from her, she wouldn’t have to die. You are the one who killed her, do not blame on anyone else!”

“I killed you, Minami… I killed you… I killed you…”

I can’t stand to look her being like this. I need to save her… I won’t break my promise to you. I’ll take good care of her. I sneaked into the mansion and save her. We manage to escape from that mansion along with little Jurina, I took them to the house you told me. You bought a simple house in other town and plan to live with them, but it’s a pity that you left.


Staring at the moon, Yuko smiled, “Did you know, Minami? Acchan is really popular with her beauty. I have to following her everyday to make sure no perv stalkers around her and no one could hitting on her. I earn money from stealing and assaulting as living fee for her! I wonder will Jurina see me as her dad? *laugh* Don’t worry~ I won’t fall for her. I look at her as my sister. Besides, I am more interesting at beauty woman who has big boobs~ just like this”

Yuko took out a photo from her pocket and staring at it with big grin, then she smiled gently…

Because I know there’s no place for me in her heart… I am just a mentor, a big sister for her…

Yuko sighed and took out another two photos from her pocket. Those two photos are the same as what Atsuko holds in her hands. Two Minami… “I should investigate this. If these two is the same person, I’ll beat you bad badly as revenge for Atsuko, Jurina, and me!”

“The black cat, Takahashi Minami!” Yuko took out a marker and draw mustache on the photos.

To be continue...

That's the end of chapter 10...
Hope I don't disappoint readers, Yuko-sama is a bit out of chara here...
Hmm... since there's a request for little Mayuki... I'll try to add them in next chapter  :)
Thank you for reading minna  :D

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #128 on: December 15, 2012, 02:48:12 PM »
hmm~ good to see you again! and yeah~ i would really love some mayuki too.....

thanks for the chapter~
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #130 on: December 15, 2012, 03:22:56 PM »
Sechii updates!

Don’t worry~ I won’t fall for her
I love the scene on this part  :shy1:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #131 on: December 15, 2012, 04:07:46 PM »
Thanks for the update! Love this fic and this chapter was amazing :D Nice revelations from Yuki's point of view, she's a good person :D Lol at her drawing a mustache on minami's photos :P Go investigate and help Acchan find the truth Yuko! lol

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
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Yes, still reading and glad to see the update!
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #133 on: December 16, 2012, 07:00:36 AM »
Yes, still reading and glad to see the update!

same here  :thumbup

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #134 on: December 16, 2012, 07:46:34 AM »
Can't believe I let this pass my radar XD. So Minami has regained her memory, great now go get back together with Acchan and be a happy family that you three were supposed to have years ago. Baby Jurina is such a pervert though :lol:
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #135 on: December 16, 2012, 08:07:06 AM »
Thanks for update~
Ahh!! Minami's memory back!

I wanna read AIdoru panic tooo~
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #136 on: December 17, 2012, 12:46:05 AM »
woua! I kinda fell bad for Yuko
Finally Minami remember!!!!

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #137 on: December 18, 2012, 11:14:35 AM »






I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #138 on: December 22, 2012, 12:35:10 PM »
I like it lots... The Minami... black cat is a clone of the legendary thief, I think...

Thank's for the update...

Can't wait for the next one...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :theking

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter ten : Shadow x Rules
« Reply #139 on: January 15, 2013, 07:35:12 AM »
hohoho rice~

I just read all of this "Black Cat" and "Aidoru panic" x)

I like both of them~ :cathappy:

muugehk vufynt vun dra haqd lrybdanc!
bmayca ibtyda cuuh!

*my other side appearing* "Hell, this guy said that he looking forward for the next chapt =w=d
guess I'm going to eat some 'acchan' for dinner lmao" 

Please update soon  :bow: :bow:

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