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Author Topic: Atsumina: Puppet Master/ Wmatsui: Blood Wars COMPLETED  (Read 64686 times)

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 3
« Reply #40 on: May 02, 2013, 02:44:43 PM »
This fic sounds like accel word' anime.
That awesome!!
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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #41 on: May 03, 2013, 05:53:38 PM »
I hope you like this update! Time for some more characters~

Chapter 4

Minami and Atsuko were sitting on a bench enjoying their lunch when suddenly Mayu and Yuki walked over. They asked if they wanted to go somewhere after school and said it would be fun. The two agreed and then Mayu and Yuki left. When the two finished eating, Atsuko stood up and said,

"Nee Minami let's play a game!"

"Ok what game?"

"Blind man!"


Atsuko took a piece of cloth and wrapped it around Minami's eyes. Atsuko explained how Minami had to find her without taking off the blind fold. At first Minami didn't like the game but she eventually gave in. She started to walk around looking for Atsuko who was only giving clues based on voice.

"Minami~ over here~"

"Master where are you?"

"Mou I told you to stop calling me master!"

"Eto.. Acchan where are you?"

"That's better! Now come here~"

Minami turned right and ended up hitting something hard. Atsuko giggled and said she ran into a tree and was nowhere near her. Minami turned around and charged at where she thought was Atsuko. She felt a warm body and grabbed onto it.




Minami's blind fold slipped off and revealed that the one she was holding wasn't Atsuko but was some other girl. She blushing while looking down at Minami who was really close to her. Minami realized this and quickly backed away. The girl looked very frail and weak so Minami was afraid she had hurt her. When she was going to ask, she suddenly felt someone push her back.

"Hands off! She's mine!"


Atsuko looked over and saw a younger girl holding onto the older one like a possessive child. The two didn't look like students of the school so Atsuko wondered where they came from. The younger one was glaring at Minami who was sitting there on the ground confused. Atsuko helped her asked and then said,

"Excuse me but who are you?"

"Matsui Rena." the taller one said.

"Matsui Jurina." the shorter one said.

"My name is Atsuko."

"And I'm Minami."

"Yes yes nice to meet you now paws off midget! Rena is mine!"

"Oi who are you calling midget you little brat!"

The two started getting into a heated argument while Atsuko and Rena stood there watching. They went at it for a while until Rena said,

"Come on Jurina we're going to be late."

"Ah that's right! We better go now!"

Jurina was about to go but then she turned around and said,

"From today on I'll be attending here!"


Jurina left leaving the two in total disbelief. The fact that Jurina was going to attend the school was just crazy. However they let it go for the moment because they had to go back to class. Atsuko and Minami finished school shortly after and met up with Yuki and Mayu. The two were waiting by the front gate and when they saw them, they called them over.

"Ready to go?"


The two took Minami and Atsuko to an abandoned building where it looked like it had been left untouched for years. When they walked in though, they heard loud growling and claws scraping against metal. Before they could as what was going on, something jumped out and tried to attack Atsuko. Luckily Mayu had transformed and blasted the thing to bits. Soon more and more jumped out and tried to attack as well. Mayu was shooting all of them while Minami and Atsuko stood there clueless. Then suddenly one jumped out from behind and was going to slash Atsuko but Minami transformed and slice it instead.

Soon after Mayu and Minami were killing the strange looking creatures one by one until there were none standing. However there was suddenly a loud thud and the two turned around to see a really big one. Minami and Mayu charged into the fight with Mayu blasting and Minami slicing. Mayu shot the creature's face while Minami cut off a limb. As it was falling Mayu finished it off with a massive blast to the head. Everything settled down and then Mayu said,

"Wasn't that fun?"

"What were those things?!"

"Rats." Yuki said.


"Yeah. You see when a puppet dies, if gives off an essence that causes mutations in anything around it. A puppet died here a couple days ago but Mayu and I couldn't take them all out alone. Thank you for helping us."

"So where is the dead puppet?"

"Over there."

There in the corner was something that looked like a body yet it wasn't. It was badly mangled and beaten that one couldn't even tell it was a body. There were large hole on the stomach and chest and the limbs were twisted or torn off. An eye was missing and even the lower jaw was gone. The sight of puppet made Atsuko's stomach turn as she imagined Minami being that puppet in such a horrible state. She also wondered where the master was but the body was nowhere to be found. Atsuko turned around and tried to walk away from the body but then something fell right in front of her.

There on the ground was the body of the master with a hook through and through her stomach. There were large cuts on her arms and and legs and her neck was no longer existent. The only thing keeping the head attached was the spinal chord. Now it was Minami's turn to feel sick. The two were both horribly mortified by the sight and thought they were going to lose it. Mayu and Yuki both saw this and decided to make them leave.

The four went to a cafe where they got something to eat. Yuki got some ice cream but Atsuko was too grossed out to eat. Instead she watched Mayu feed Yuki ice cream and then Minami interrupted them to say,

"Who did that?"

"Nani?" Mayu said.

"Who did that... To that puppet and master."

Mayu and Yuki stared at each other for a while and then Yuki nodded her head. Mayu turned to Takamina and said,

"The only one we could think of who does something that horrifying is a puppet called Gekikara."


"Yes Gekikara is a very powerful puppet." Yuki said.

"How so?" Atsuko asked.

"Well long ago Mayu and I knew Gekikara. We fought along side her for a while until she became too strong to handle. She almost killed Mayu if her master hadn't stopped her. That puppet is a monster so be very careful and hope you never meet her. Gekikara is strong I'm brute force and will easily break you. However she has an insane side and likes to "play" with her victims before she kills them."


"Gekikara is a sick puppet. No one knows how she got this way but it was truly horrible watching her tear the other puppets limb from limb and kill all those masters. Her owner must have a lot of strength to be able to control Gekikara."

"Do you know who the master is?" Minami asked.

"No I don't but I hear she goes to our school."

"Eh?! Uso!"

"I'm serious. Another puppet died today and when we went to investigate, it looked like the work of Gekikara."

Minami and Atsuko were both silent not sure what to say. At the same time though the door opened and a very familiar pair walked in. When they saw Minami and Atsuko, they walked over to say hello.

"Hello midget!" Jurina said.

"Oi shut up you little kid!"

"Who are you calling little? I'm taller than you!"

The two started arguing again and Rena just sighed. Atsuko looked over and saw Mayu staring at Rena with a cold expression. She leaned into Yuki and whispered something and she nodded her head slowly. The two noticed Atsuko was staring and smiled acting as if nothing was wrong. Atsuko knew they were hiding something but she decided not to ask. Instead, they all decided to have ice cream and they all watched Rena feed Jurina. Jurina was the little kid as Rena held her on her lap and fed her. The sight was cute but also a bit strange. When they finished, they said their goodbyes and then left. On the way out, Yuki stopped Mayu and asked,

"Mayu was that really who I think it is?"

"I don't know. She looks like her but doesn't feel like her. The energy isn't the same as Gekikara's." Mayu said.

"We'll keep and eye on her then and be careful."

"I know Yuki don't worry."

At home  Atsuko had already fallen asleep and Minami was in the other room cleaning. However Minami did not know Atsuko was having a horrible nightmare. She saw herself and Minami battling a dark figure. The figure grabbed Minami and tore her into bits while laughing. Then she saw the figure come closer to her and grab her by the neck. It raised Atsuko up into the air and slammed her into the ground. Then she took her hand and was about to stab into her body. The figure started to move and Atsuko screamed.


Atsuko woke up and saw Minami holding her.

"Are you alright?"


Atsuko grabbed onto Minami and held her close. She started crying and shaking with fear in her body. Minami stroked her hair doing her best to calm her down as Atsuko shivered and shake. Minami didn't ask any questions but instead leaned in and said,

"It's ok... I'm right here.."


Minami started swaying her body back and forth while humming a little tune. Soon after Atsuko fell back asleep and Minami tucked her in. She got up and walked into the kitchen where she looked out the window and saw the moon. The light illuminated the sky as it hovered over the Earth showering the land with it's gentle glow. The night was calm and peaceful and something Minami had missed seeing every night. As she sat there staring at the moon, she suddenly heard a crash. She ran outside and saw someone being dragged into a dark alley.

 Taking a deep breath, Minami walked into the alley and followed the sound of something snapping. She walked around the corner and there in the moonlight was the most grotesque thing she had ever seen. There was a body of a human that had been torn apart and damaged badly. Then a trail of blood lead to something hunched over snapping the bones. Minami was about to move but something behind her fell and the figure looked over. It saw Minami and she froze not sure what to do.

The figure smelled of blood and metal as it came closer. There was a small clicking sound and then a creepy giggle. The figure leaned in and said,

"Nee.. Okotteru?"

Minami quickly backed away and ran as fast as she could. She ran all the way home and locked the door. She ran into Atsuko's room and hid in the bed with her. Minami was scared for her life fearing the figure had followed her home and was going to attack. She didn't know what she saw, but it may have been the monster puppet Gekikara.

Back with the mysterious figure, she was about to go after Minami but something stopped her. She held her head and leaned against the wall trying to fight the increasing pain in her head. Then suddenly something changed in the figure. She looked around and when she saw the body she screamed and ran away. While running she said to herself,

"Mou not again!"

Hope you liked the update!

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #42 on: May 03, 2013, 06:23:19 PM »
This Gekikara puppet is a tough one and because Yuki and Mayu knows about it it could be a helpful hint but their strength has to build more to achieve victory
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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #43 on: May 03, 2013, 06:24:09 PM »
Gekikara is here~~~ Woohoo~~~ So cool~~ Miyu, you're osam~
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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #44 on: May 03, 2013, 06:35:06 PM »
This fanfic is great!! I like it!
I would like to ask permission to draw as manga, is it ok?
 Really Epic. With the puppet master idea.
 :banghead: waiting for your updates and hope I have the permission to draw into manga! Thanks. :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #45 on: May 03, 2013, 07:26:45 PM »
thanks for the update!! Great chapter as always :D Nice to see Mayuki and Atsumina working together. & now wmatsui makes an entrance and Gekikara is some crazy puppette that is dangerous to deal with :O

I look forward to reading what'll happen next!

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #46 on: May 04, 2013, 03:23:51 AM »
Whhaaa!!!!  :shocked :shocked :shocked
GEKIKARA  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

okay I have a question for miyu-san
what happened to the family of the puppet master if they killed in battle?
is it like shakugan no shana? no body remembers you like you never existed in this earth?
and what if the puppet master die not in battle but just murder of puppet like gekikara?
I say it just like a murder because the body of the puppet master didn't turn into stone.
and it stay in this world to rot (okay I feel pity for the master do die in a brutal killing)

oh yeah thank you for the update
looking forward for the next chapter

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #47 on: May 04, 2013, 11:03:55 AM »
Arggg Miyu you never failed me on your fics when it comes to my bias pairs.
Thank you for spoiling me so much with this fic.
I really really love it!
You always update fast,
The scenes were freakin cool
You know this is my genre magic, battles and all  :heart:

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 4
« Reply #48 on: May 04, 2013, 07:25:33 PM »
Ah...WMatsui are here...

Eh... Jurina is a genius... or Jurina is a very energetic puppet master?

Wah... Gekikara... is such a scary puppet.... She was nice and shy even if she is Rena... not Geki...

Atsuko is having a nightmare of Minami and her demise...

Ah... Minami was so scared of Geki...

Eh... It seems that Rena has split personalities...

She has no control of...

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #49 on: May 06, 2013, 02:11:30 AM »
Ok to help answer some questions eto when a puppet master dies and it isn't in battle, the parents know but they think it's some freak accident and don't know the cause. If they are killed by a puppet then their bodies remained and are eventually found. Anyways here's the next update so I hope you like it!

Chapter 5

Atsuko woke up and found Minami tightly wrapped around her like a koala shaking. Atsuko pushed Minami off and tried to calm her down from whatever she had seen before. When she tried to ask Minami just screamed and curled into a ball. She didn’t know what had happened but she was very concerned about Minami. Atsuko led Minami to the kitchen where she splashed on water onto Minami which seemed to have snapped her out of the strange trance she was in.

“Minami what happened? Are you ok?” Atsuko asked.

“Y-Yeah I’m fine…” Minami said.

“Really? You don’t look like it.”

Atsuko reached out and tried to touch Minami but she jumped back.

“I’m sorry… Why don’t we go get ready for school nee?”

Minami ran into the other room leaving Atsuko lost and confused. She knew Minami was hiding something but she decided to let it go seeing how she wasn’t in any mood to talk. They arrived at the school where they met up with Mayu and Yuki.

“Hey what’s up with Minami?” Yuki asked.

“I don’t know. Something must have spooked her.” Atsuko said.

“Well I’m sure she’ll calm down once we get into class. Let’s go.”

They went to the classroom and took their seats. Class began and the teacher started off the day by saying they had a new student. The girl walked in and all the girls squealed not believing what they were seeing. Atsuko looked over and saw a very good looking guy standing at the front of the class. That guy though was a girl and there standing next to her was another girl who looked very strong and huge. The two introduced themselves with the ikemen girl saying,

“Hello my name is Miyazawa Sae.”

“And I am Akimoto Sayaka.” the other one said.

“Please take care of us.”

The girl cheered so much that the teacher had to settle everyone down before they could finally resume class. Atusko could care less about the new students however when she looked over, she could see the one named Sae staring at Yuki a lot and Mayu was glaring at Sae. Sayaka was focused on the lesson and Yuki was reading a book. Something in Atsuko told her there was going to be a problem between Sae and Mayu but she didn’t care about it because she was more concerned about Minami. She looked over at Minami who was frozen stiff in her seat facing the board. She was still pretty scared and Atsuko didn’t know what to do because she had never seen Minami like this. When class ended, Atsuko took Minami to the cafeteria where she sat down and ate while keeping a close eye on Minami. Mayu and Yuki walked over and sat down as well and Mayu had a pouted look on her face. Yuki however didn’t seem to notice and was looking at Minami who was still the same as before. They all sat in silence until someone came from behind and lightly tapped Yuki’s shoulder. Yuki turned around and saw no one else but Sae.

“Excuse me are you Kashiwagi Yuki?” she asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Do you care if I have lunch with you?”

“Go right ahead.”

Sae manage to wedge herself between Yuki and Mayu and Atsuko saw the blood in Mayu start to boil. Sae didn’t notice and continued to watch Yuki who was just sitting there eating her food. There was a war preparing to battle the only thing that was missing that was the spark to start the battle. As the atmosphere started to tense up, Sayaka walked over and said,

“Sae what are you doing?”

“Ah Sayaka. I’m just getting to know Yuki here. It’s ok if I call you Yuki right?” Sae asked.

“It’s fine with me.” Yuki said.

“Well we better get going. The principal said he wanted to give us something so let’s go.”

“Mou and things were just starting to get good.”

Sae got up and left leaving Mayu more angry than ever. She looked like she was going to kill Sae if she got any closer to Yuki. Mayu growled and Yuki just patted her head and said,

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna fall for her. Relax Mayu.”

Mayu felt a little better but was still on high guard as she watched them come back and Sae had a seductive grin on her face. She walked over and sat next to Yuki and said,

“So would you mind showing me around the school after class? It’s awfully big and I would hate to get lost.” Sae said.

“Well here’s a map.”

Yuki shoved a map in Sae’s face.

“And if you’re going to ask anyone for directions ask then ask a teacher.” Yuki said coldly.

Sae raised and eyebrow and then smiled. She opened the map and looked at it and then leaned in and asked,

“Nee what is this spot then?”

Yuki leaned in to get a better look and Mayu could see what Sae was doing. She was about to do something but then Sayaka stepped in and said,

“Sae that’s enough. Can’t you see she’s already got a partner?”

“Yes but she’s just a puppet. I think Yuki-chan here wants a real person and not some doll.”

“What did you call me?”

Mayu was sending waves of hate and anger towards Sae who seemed to just brush them off and said to Sayaka,

“Don’t get me wrong Sayaka you’re a great puppet but you know I can’t take my hands of all these beautiful girls here. Especially this one.”

Sae started to get close to Yuki again but then Mayu got in the way and hit Sae with a bowl of noodles. Sae stood up and turned to face Mayu. There was an angry look in her eyes and Mayu was sending the same signal right back. The two were about really get into it when suddenly someone walked between them and slipped on the noodles. They were about to fall but Sae reacted and caught her. Everyone looked over and realized it was Rena in Sae’s arms.

“Well hello there~”


“Oi hands off!”

Jurina came charging in and slammed into Sae. Sae got back up and looked at the person who attacked her and turns out it was Jurina. When Sae saw Jurina she stopped and smiled when she realized who it was.

“Hey Jurina!”


“Long time no see!”

“You two know each other?” Mayu asked.

Jurina explained how she knew Sae way back when she was younger. Sae was the one that taught Jurina about the puppet battles and also a couple tips on picking up girls. The two were happy to see each other and when they finished their sayings, Sae asked Jurina if she wanted to have a quick sparring battle. Jurina seemed thrilled and was really excited when Sae asked. They all agreed to meet up after school and when the time came, for once Atsuko only had to watch. She thought it would be a good idea to bring Minami with her because maybe the battle would snap her out of whatever she was so scared of. Minami, Atsuko, Yuki and Mayu all sat and watched as Sayaka, Sae, Jurina, and Rena prepared for battle. Atsuko had never seen a sparring battle so it must not be a real one but something close to it. The Rena and Sayaka transformed and Atsuko was amazed at their battle outfit. Rena was in a white lace skirt and a black corset with a black hat and a parasol (outfit from kareha no station) Sayaka on the other side was in black pants and blazer with sparkles on them. She had a hat as well and sexy boots to go with them (outfit from mushi no ballad). She was carrying something that looked similar to mike stand but Atsuko wouldn’t tell. The battle began and Rena was the first one to move.

Rena jumped up and tried to strike with her parasol but Sayaka defended with her staff and then tried to punch Rena. Rena moved out of the way and went for a low strike aiming for the stomach. She managed to hit but Sayaka saw this and grabbed onto Rena’s parasol. She pushed Rena back and then struck with her stand right into Rena’s chest. However she wasn’t done yet as Sayaka raised her stand for another attack. It was then Rena opened her parasol and defended herself from Sayaka’s attack. Sayaka started pounding on Rena like a mighty hammer and Rena only sat there defenseless. To the side Atsuko could see Jurina get angry she shouted,

“Come on Rena move! Attack! Do something you weak idiot!”

Rena didn’t move and continued to be attacked and Atsuko could see Rena crying. With one last swing Sayaka broke through and hit Rena hard. She feel back and Sayaka aimed her staff right at Rena’s neck. She held there for a long time and gave Rena a deadly stare. Then she pulled back and said,

“Good match.”

She helped Rena up who quickly wiped her tears away before Jurina could see them. Jurina walked over and slapped Rena in the head.

“Baka! I told you to attack!”

“I’m sorry… It won’t happen again.”

“Good. It better not.” Jurina said.

“Now now Jurina be nice to Rena. She gave it her best shot.” Sae said.

“Yeah but still… Rena is so weak. Why can’t I have a strong puppet like Sayaka? She’s way stronger than Rena anyways.”



Jurina looked over at Yuki who had a furious look on her face. Mayu too was glaring and even Minami had snapped out of her trance to glare at Jurina. They were all staring at Jurina and Jurina just looked back confused.

“What are you guys ticked off about?” she asked.

“You shouldn’t be so cruel to Rena. She’s your puppet so you should treat her with respect.” Yuki said.

“Cruel? This isn’t cruel! I’m just showing her tough love so she’ll be stronger.”

“No it’s called being a jerk.” Mayu said.

“And what do you know Mayu? You’re just as cold as me!”

“Yeah but I don’t treat Yuki that way like you treat Rena!”

“You guys are all messed up. Come on Rena let’s go.”


Rena and Jurina left leaving the others behind. No one could believe how cruel Jurina was to Rena and wondered how does Rena put up with it. Sae explained how Jurina hated losing and whenever she did she would immediately blame someone else for something that was her own fault. It was something very bad for Jurina and the fact that she still does it isn’t good. After the battle, everyone went home and decided to rest. Atsuko was glad that Minami was back to normal but also felt sorry for Rena who had to suffer through all the stuff Jurina put her through. Minami walked in and Atusko hugged her.

“What is it Atsuko?”

“Nothing. I’m just happy that you’re back to normal.”

“Yeah it was nothing I’m ok now.” Minami said.

“That’s good to hear. I feel so sorry for Rena.”

“I do to but we can’t do anything. Jurina is Rena’s master and we can’t do anything to step in.”

“It’s so sad…”

“Hey don’t be sad. How about we go down to see them and talk some sense into Jurina!”

“That’s a great idea!”

The two went to Jurina’s house and when they got there they heard the sound of a crash and glass breaking. They walked in and found Rena on the ground and Jurina hovering over her. She swung her foot and kicked Rena making her cry out.


Minami ran over and grabbed Jurina from behind. She held her back while Atsuko pulled Rena back up. She tried to help her more but Rena pushed Atsuko up and ran out of the house. As she was running out, Mayu and Yuki were walking in. Yuki walked over to Jurina and grabbed her by the shirt collar. She pulled her hard and said,

“What did you do?”

“Nothing really. Just told her that she needed to get stronger.” Jurina said.

“We found her beating Rena.” Minami said.

Yuki’s face turned dark and she took Jurina’s neck and squeezed it tight.

“You will pay for what you did to Rena later. For now Mayu and I are going to go get her. Meanwhile you need to sit and rethink about your actions.”

Yuki dropped Jurina and then her and Mayu left to go look for Rena. Minami and Atsuko looked down on Jurina and waited for Yuki and Mayu to get back and decide what to do with her.

(Over to Rena….)

Tears were running down her face as she ran down the alley all the way to the end where she hid and cried more. The words Jurina said to her echoed in her mind as she sat there.

“You’re so weak! If I wasn’t bound to you I would get rid of you in a heartbeat! You’re so useless Rena. I wish I never became the master of a weakling like you.”

The words stung like hot metal deep inside Rena and the pain resonated throughout her body. She cried and cried until suddenly something happened. Inside Rena’s mind, she felt herself be pulled back and shoved away. There was a dark figure holding her and it leaned in and said,

“You want to get stronger right?”


“Then relax and I’ll handle things ok? When you wake up, Jurina will be on her knees begging you to come back.”


“Good. Then close your eyes and let me take over for a while.”

Rena closed her eyes and her other have took over. On the outside Rena opened her eyes and when she opened them she saw Mayu and Yuki. They asked if she was feeling alright and Rena gave them an eerie smile and calmly said,

“I’m fine~”

“Then let’s go back ok?” Yuki said.


(Over to Atsuko…)

Rena, Yuki and Mayu all came back and Rena seemed fine. She thanked everyone for coming over and Jurina to bed. Everyone left and went back to their own homes and when Minami and Atsuko got home, Minami hugged Atsuko and said,

“I hope things clear up between the two.”

“So do I Minami so do I.”

“But you know there was something different about Rena.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know but when she smiled and looked at me.. I felt like she was staring through my soul.”

Atsuko patted Minami’s head and said,

“Baka~ It’s Rena! She wouldn’t hurt us.”

“I hope so.”

“Mou quit being so weird and let’s watch a movie together!”


(Over with Mayu…)

The two were walking on the side of the road when Mayu suddenly stopped and turned to Yuki. She held her hand tightly and her body started to shake. Yuki became worried and asked,

“What is it Mayu?”

“Yuki.. She’s back… Gekikara is back..”

Well find out next update to see what happens next! oh and for those who have access to perv section well I posted the smut so check it out!

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #50 on: May 06, 2013, 02:38:44 AM »
thanks for the update!!! Poor Rena being treated like that But wow, as Mayu said in the end, it seems "Gekikara is back"

glad Minami is back to normal but I wonder how she'd handle coming across Gekikara again

I look forward to reading the next chapter!

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #51 on: May 06, 2013, 02:44:26 AM »
Minami is so scared that she is so jumpy... she is still scared of Geki...

Eh... Sae and Sayaka also joining the school...

This school seems to be very popular with the Puppet Masters and Puppets presence

Ara... Sae is going after Yuki... Mayu is so jealous...

Ah... Good reassurance Yuki... Telling Mayu that she would not fall for Sae advance...

But still she should just not encouraged Sae... Mayu would be so jealous that it might affect your bond with each other...

OMG... Rena is so weak as Rena even in battle... and Jurina is so cruel to her... no wonder she has a split personalities... as Geki...

The strong fighter with no feeling what so ever except destroying her opponents...

Poor Rena... I wish I was there that I could take her away from Jurina...

Jurina is even abusing Rena at home... well Jurina is still young right... I guess she is just a spoil kid... but a cruel one at that.

Ara... Geki is back... what is she going to do with Jurina...?

Can the puppets unable to break their contracts at all with their master without being killed?

If their Masters died... the contracts would automatically off right?

But is there really no other way?

Can't wait what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #52 on: May 06, 2013, 03:00:58 AM »
KYAA! Saeyaka has made their appearance. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I can totally imagine that, Sayaka in her Mushi no Ballad outfit fighting to the death, especially since I saw her perform once and she leaned all the way down to the floor!! XD

This video desu:

And... OH CRAP!!! GEKIKARA'S BACK!!!!!!!!!! :shocked

This is your fault for tormenting her, Jurina! Now thing's are gonna get heated up!

I'll be waiting Miyu-chan~! :heart: Love you and your fics!

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #53 on: May 06, 2013, 12:46:10 PM »
good to see minami is feeling better :yep:
poor rena :cry: :cry: jurina!! why you so mean to rena?! :angry: :banghead:
damn!! poor mayu :( gekkira is back :shocked stupid jurina now gekki has woken up :smhid
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #54 on: May 06, 2013, 04:01:29 PM »
Nami's so cute
I can imagine a koala wrapping a tomato lol

Saeyaka  :twothumbs
Ooops! Saeyukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ Hold on, Mayuyu are you jealous?  XD

Jurina, why you're so cruel to Rena? Tsk, you're still a kid
Poor Rena, she got hit by her own master, but Geki's coming now so...

Geki will beat Jurina-her ex-master and find another one or take a small revenge on Jurina... OMG this became more interesting

WMATSUI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #55 on: May 06, 2013, 05:10:36 PM »
The aura of Gekikara has made Mayu on alert

Jurina is a horrible person in forcing Rena into situations that she is not ready for.
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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #56 on: May 06, 2013, 06:13:58 PM »
Juju!!! How could you do that to Rena-sama!!!??

Nyaha, Sae was just shoved away by Yuki coldly~

Minami scared of my fav character..



*waits patiently*
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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 5
« Reply #57 on: May 07, 2013, 01:43:14 AM »
Poor Rena, Jurina is so cruel T_T

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 6
« Reply #58 on: May 07, 2013, 04:09:46 PM »
Minna! New update! Hope you like it~

Chapter 6

Atsuko woke up to the sound of shuffling in the background. She opened her eyes and saw Minami running around cleaning her room. She looked at the clock and saw it was six in the morning and too early for her to get up. She rolled over and fell back asleep not worrying about Minami. The second time she woke up she actually sat up and walked into the kitchen where she was surprised to see Mayu and Yuki sitting at the table drinking tea. She walked over and Yuki said,

"Ohayou Atsuko."

"Ohayou. Uh what are you guys doing here?" she asked.

"Well we were up so we decided to stop by. Hope you don't mind."

"Ah it's fine but where's Minami?

"Over there."

Yuki pointed to the little one in the corner trying to cup from the high shelf. Atsuko walked over and helped her grab it. She handed it and said,

"Did you invite them over?"

"No they just came." Minami said.


"It's not that bad. Mayu helped me clean a little."

"Oh I see. Nee Minami can't you do the cleaning when I'm not asleep?"

"Sure but your room was a mess so it had to be taken care of."

"Was it really that bad?"

"I found wrappers that dated to two years ago."


Just then the doorbell rang and Atsuko walked over to answer it. She opened the door and there Rena and Jurina were standing there. Rena was holding a basket of bread and said,

"Mind if we come in?"

"Uh sure."

They walked in and everyone sat down at the table. When Jurina and Rena walked in, Mayu and Yuki stared at each other with strange looks. Atsuko wondered what was going on but she decided to let it go since she had to get ready. She prepared for school and then they all left. The morning was unusually strange with the gathering of all the puppets and masters. Atsuko wondered if there was something up.

When they arrived to school, Minami and Atsuko were sitting at their desks and Atsuko was trying to get help. She didn't understand the questions or the subject in general so she was asking Minami for help. However it looked like Minami also struggled with the problems and couldn't figure them out. The two were putting heads together trying to figure out the answer to the problem but had no luck. It was then Rena walked over and say next to Atsuko. She saw they were having trouble so she kindly explained the problem and how to find the answer. They thanked Rena for her help and then Rena told them it was not a problem. She then did something that was nothing like Rena and reached out and patted Minami's head. She smiled and walked away as happy as could be. Minami wondered if there was something up with her but Atsuko convinced her that it was just Rena behind her usual kind self.

Around gym class they had to runs laps and Atsuko and Minami were close to last place. Minami couldn't run very fast because of her short legs and Atsuko was just out of breath. The two were both struggling but not as bad as Rena. Rena was all the way in the back and Jurina was coming around about to overlap her. In an act of harshness, Jurina slapped Rena in the back telling her to move it. Rena started to but then quickly fell over and hit the ground hard. While Minami and Jurina got into a fight, Atsuko ran over to see if Rena was ok.

"Are you alright?" Atsuko asked.

"Yes but my ankle hurts a little."

"Here let me take you to the infirmary."

Atsuko helped Rena up and helped her walk to the nurse's office where she had to wrap Rena's ankle in a bandage. While doing that Rena was blushing and Atsuko thougt there was something wrong. She reached out and lightly touched Rena's forehead.

"You're a little warm. Do you have a fever?"

"No puppets don't get human illnesses. I can assure though that I'm ok." Rena said.

"Ah well that's a good thing. Well your ankle is wrapped up so just stay off it of a while ok? If you need any help just let me know."

"Thank you Maeda-san you're so kind to me."

"Well of course I am! It's natural as a master to treat a puppet with the same respect."

"Thank you..."

Just then the door opened and Minami and Jurina came in all beaten up. They needed bandages so Atsuko gladly patched the two up. After that Jurina made Rena leave even though Atsuko could tell she didn't want to. When they finished up in the nurse's office, the two went back to class and continued the rest of the lesson. Then when lunch time came, everyone gathered and ate happily while talking about other things. While eating, Atsuko noticed Rena was sitting at the other table all alone. Atsuko got up and walked over to her and asked,

"Rena why are you here?"

"Ah Jurina told me to sit here and think about my actions earlier today." Rena said.

"You mean when you fell?"


"Mou that wasn't your fault!"

"Well she is my master and I have to do what she says..."

"Well then I'll stay here with you because you don't deserve this."

"Thank you Maeda-san.."

The two sat together and talked about all kinds of things. Atsuko got to know a lot about Rena with things she never knew about. They were having a good time and soon Minami walked over. Being her puppet Atsuko knew Minami was jealous so it was pretty cute seeing her around her. However when she first came over, Atsuko thought she saw a dark glare coming from Rena. However when she looked again Rena had that kind smile she always had. They finished lunch and then after that they finished school. Minami and Atsuko were walking home when Atsuko realized she had forgotten something in the class room. She told Minami to wait outside while she ran back in. She ran up to the classroom and found the item she was looking for. When she was about to walk back, she felt something hard hit her stomach. Atsuko collapsed and fell over passing out soon after. Before she blacked out completely, Atsuko thought she heard a small giggle coming from someone but who?

(Over to Minami...)

Minami waited and waited for Atsuko but she never came out. Eventually Minami decided to go inside and found Atsuko was gone. There was no sign of her except the item she said she forgot to get. Minami immediately panicked and started framing out worrying about where Atsuko could be. She didn't know what todo she just panicked and started running around the school looking for her. She looked in every classroom in every closet. Every place she could think of but there was still no sign of Atsuko. She needed to get help and fast so she ran to Yuki and Mayu's home. She told them the situation to the two and she was very very ecstatic. Mayu had to slap Minami to get her to calm down. When Minami finally calmed down they all agreed to help her look for Atsuko.

(Over with Atusko...)

When Atsuko woke up she found herself in a bed in a room she had not seen before. She tried to move but found herself really tired and a little sore. She looked around and decided to call out. To her surprise Rena came in with a cup of tea and some soup.

"Ah you're awake."

"W-what happened?" Atsuko asked.

"You passed out so I took you to my home." Rena said.

"Where's Jurina?"

"Oh she went out to look for some medicine. You just relax and eat up. You're still pretty weak."


Rena left and Atsuko ate the soup she had made. It was pretty good and liked the flavor. As she sat there she looked around and noticed the room was quite strange. There was a mix of stuffed animals and anime figures. It was cute though and she thought it was interesting. Atsuko looked around and tried to find her phone to call Minami but saw it was gone. She wanted to get up and find it but she suddenly got very sleepy and fell back asleep.

(Over with Minami...)

After two hours of searching, they finally have up and decided to stop. Minami was close to crying when Mayu suddenly remembered something that puppets and masters have. When a puppet or master goes missing, they can find each other through a spiritual tracking system. Mayu taught her how to do it and so Minami focused on Atsuko. She pictured everything from her face to her body and soon enough Minami saw it. She saw the path Atsuko took and saw a house where she was being held. Minami said she found Atsuko and started to run to it.

(Over to Atsuko...)

Atsuko woke up again and saw it was dark. She moved but felt something heavy on her. She looked down and saw Rena laying on her chest. She was holding onto her hand and humming a little song. Atsuko moved and Rena quickly sat up. She apologized for waking her up and quickly ran out the room. Atsuko stood up this time and walked around. She turned on a light and saw there was something sticking out of the closet. She opened it and was horribly shocked at what she saw. There in the closet was a bunch of dead animals and even some body parts on the side. There was blood painted not the walls with the words "I hate you" and "kill" or "die" Atsuko was astounded by such things and didn't know what to do. This was something Rena never told her about herself. Atsuko stood up and was about to run but felt someone behind her. It was Rena and there was a dark look on her face. She held onto Atsuko and said,

"You aren't going to leave me are you?"

The grip on Atsuko tightened to the point where it was painful and Atsuko nervously said,

"N-no I just had to use the bathroom."

"Ah then come with me."

Rena led Atsuko to the bathroom where she stood outside the door and waited. Atsuko was now scared and wanted Minami to come and find her soon.

(Over with Minami...)

Minami, Mayu and Yuki found the house and knocked on the door. Rena asked her and they asked if Atsuko was here. Rena denied it but Minami knew she was there. She pushed Rena aside and started to call out Atsuko's name. She walked further into the house and then suddenly Atsuko came out. Minami was about to grab her and run but Rena moved past her and knocked Atsuko out. She sat her down on the bed and tied her to it. Then she faced Minami with an evil glare in her eyes.

"Rena what are you doing with Atsuko?" Minami asked.

Rena didn't say anything she just smiled and giggled.

"Oi answer me!"

"Nee okotteru?"

"Of course I am!"

Rena just giggled more and started biting her nails. Minami was getting mad to the point where she was gonna beat Rena but then Mayu stopped her.

"Minami that isn't Rena. It's Gekikara."

Minami froze in her tracks and looked over. After looking at her closely Minami could see the monster she had seen before in Rena. This was now Gekikara and fear instantly took over as she looked at the monster standing before her. However Minami swallowed her fear and asked,

"What do you want with Atsuko?"

"I want her as my master..." she said.


"I don't like Jurina. She's always mean to Rena! So I'm gonna take yours. She was really nice to me all day so I think Rena will like her."

"I can't let you do that."

"Oh? Try and stop me!"

Everything changed and the house became a battle field. Minami was in her battle outfit and Gekikara was in hers. She wore a green jacket with a dragon on it and a skirt with leggings. She truly looked different from what Rena was. Gekikara smiled and said,

"Lets go!"

Oh boy looks like they're gonna get into one intense battle! Find out next update to see what happens!

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Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 6
« Reply #59 on: May 07, 2013, 04:23:53 PM »
nice shot~
please update soon~
i'll check it out after two week...exam,you know...
so frustrating~
btw,i really looking for your next update~
see you~ :thumbsup

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