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Author Topic: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)  (Read 57858 times)

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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #20 on: July 16, 2013, 07:37:06 PM »
They escape luckily through the horrors of the police.  I hope their exposure doesn't cost them anything more
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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #21 on: July 16, 2013, 09:01:51 PM »
AGAIN, Mayu and Jurina just managed to get out of their crisis from being caught by the police with a slim chance. They're some lucky thieves... But we all know that luck doesn't stick around for long if the police constantly finds them. :panic: And Miyuki is related to Mayu? Doesn't seem to be much of a surprise that the two girls are sisters since they do share the same last name, LOL. But it was surprising though when Miyuki finds out that her twin sister is alive. :shocked:

And poor Mayuyu and Miyuki with their past... So Mayu's believing that the next time she and her sister meets is with their guns pointing at each other... Things just got a lot more intense if Yukirin alone wasn't enough! :panic:

Love the update and looking forward to more of them! :deco:

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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #22 on: July 16, 2013, 09:14:08 PM »
Haha so even in this situation yuuko is head-over-heel toward Haruna XD

And damn stupid Jurina revealing she's a thief *sweats*

Miyuki is Mayu's twin sister? Oh............ Didn't expect the twins part tbh xD

And Mariko is sick, isn't she? :/

Lastly, the dog's owner, I wonder if it Geki... i mean, Rena? 8D

Looking forward to next update :D
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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #23 on: July 17, 2013, 04:07:12 AM »
Woot! Romance Kenjuu? The story is so awesome! I wonder how Yukirin and Mayu will end up with each other when they're enemies... :3

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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #24 on: July 17, 2013, 05:52:49 AM »
Wow! :w00t:

Ohman! :banghead: Jurina! Energetic as ever and your loud-mouth! XD

Aww.. Mayu and Miyuki past were so dark.. That just sad..

And what a way to meet your long lost twin-sister.. Especially on each opposing side..
Unbelievable! :smhid

Can't wait to see more action and to see more mystery..

Everything getting more exciting.. Very intense! Me like it! :thumbsup

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs
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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #25 on: July 18, 2013, 10:48:31 PM »
so interesting ^^

the owner of the Rena ¬¬

thanks and update soon!!

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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #26 on: July 19, 2013, 04:43:21 AM »


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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #27 on: July 19, 2013, 10:12:11 PM »
HoHo Rena is COMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§§ :cow:

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Re: Love Capture: CH02 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (17/7/13)
« Reply #28 on: July 30, 2013, 09:18:44 AM »
kurosawa87: We'll see how things goes with Mayu and Jurina~

LoyalFlutist: Hehe, things would get more intense between Mayu and Yuki~ XD

Yuki88: I just feel like making them twins~ Mariko is not doing well, so she needs pills from Takamina :D And you got it! Rena (Geki) shall join the game~

Amakuchi: Glad you enjoy it! It's quite interesting to write how Yuki and Mayu will ended up together XD quite challenging

kenjoy12: Glad you enjoy it! Jurina is being too energetic and innocent~

Archer1992: Yup! The owner of the dog is Rena-chan. glad you enjoy it!

gek geki: It's going to be challenging to make them love each other, but that's why it's fun~!

Zita: YES! Rena is coming~!

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
« Reply #29 on: August 07, 2013, 04:28:46 PM »
Finally I got to update it! Sorry to take quite a while everyone~ This chapter is going to focus a little on Jurina's background and yes...finally some more MAYUKI!!!!! Enjoy and leave some comments/opinions if you can~

Love Capture: CH03


The two ladies on the red motorbike had stopped right in front of this abandoned factory. They hopped off and took their safety helmet out.

“So this is the place?”

Mayu turned to her friend as Yuko finally brushed her hair up. She took a look at the sign on the wire fence and she nodded back at the mouse thief. “This is it, the hidden research laboratory that Mariko-sama told us to come.”

Mayu scanned around and tried to see whether the wire fence was closed or not. Fortunately, it wasn’t and it saved their time before they would break through the gate by force. They parked the bike outside and entered the old abandoned factory. They were cautious with every step they made. Mayu was looking at the paper note that Mariko gave her and then they had came to arrive at this opened space which was likely the lobby ground.

“Hm…” Mayu turned to this corridor and then Yuko just followed her inside.

The squirrel thief didn’t want to disturb her mastermind partner since Mayu was indeed a mastermind girl. Eventually at the end of the corridor, they found this opened metal door. It even had a lock on it but it seemed to be left opened like that for a very long time already. It seemed to suspicious. There must be something hidden secret up ahead of them.

They just kept walked in and then finally they entered this huge laboratory. There were plenty of huge capsules, but all of them were broken. What was even more, there were blood stained everywhere, literally everywhere in their vision. Yuko seemed to be speechless and threw her eyes everywhere. Both thieves didn’t expect such things like this to exist within the abandoned factory.

“The hell is this place…!?”

“It’s just like what Mariko-sama said…” Mayu walked up towards an intact computer and pressed on the starting button. Fortunately there was some electronic power running here. She used the USB drive and attempted to take as much information that was available on the computer. The first thing that popped up was the name of the project, called SuperSoldier Project. It’s an experiment using humans as test subject to make them become a super human for some economic purposes.

“Who would’ve known…that human experiments actually exist at this era?” Mayu was still trying to extract the data from the locked files.  “But I wondered why Mariko-sama don’t include Jurina in this, since she’s really insisted I always have to work with her…”

“…There’s a reason why Jurina shouldn’t come here.” Yuko went to her friend’s side and tapped the girl’s head. “Search Jurina’s name in there.”


“Try it.”

“Alright…” Mayu was wondering what went into Yuko. She did as her partner asked and I was amazed. Her name actually appeared in the list of human test subjects ever since she was five years old. Mayu’s brain went through numerous interpretations and realized that this must be the place where Jurina used to be…before she had met her. “Yuko…you knew all along?”

“Quite much…” She looked around at the broken glass capsule, if one actually looked more carefully there was a blood marks everywhere. It seemed like some tragedy happened or something.

“…What actually happened here?” Mayu muttered to herself softly as she finally had unlocked one of the files.

She had gathered as much information they had needed already. So while they were waiting for the file to be transferred completely, both thieves went on a walk through the abandoned laboratory…as they walked up a little further, they saw a huge pile of blood everywhere, also…there were white cloth covering some lumps of things on the ground. Yuko went to check what was underneath it and it was a horror that waited for her. It was a corpse of a child in adipocerous state. She closed it down immediately and managed to control herself to not puke from how disorientated the corpse was.

“T-This is insane…”

“…That’s why, I hate humans…I hate everyone, I can’t afford forgive any of them.”

Mayu bid her lips strong enough to make herself bled. Her eyes were filled with hatred and anger. She had experienced and touched the real darkness of society. She recalled the night that this man robbed her entire life away and destroyed her whole entire family just because of disagreements in business. She was a victim, just like these kids and Jurina, but likely not as worse as them.

As they kept walking and looked around for any information, Mayu accidently came across with this file that seemed to catch her interest. She opened it up and it was regarding this test subject who seemed to be the most successful one among all the subjects…but what surprised her it was a file regarding Jurina, her partner.

“Y-Yuko, come see this.” She called her partner over to see Jurina’s subject test files and there were loads observations from each experiment, which was conducted. All of them were really insane and there were all good compliments to how Jurina was compatible with many drugs that they gave her. It’s a test running to turn her into a super soldier, as their main purpose on Jurina was to turn her into a world-class assassin. “J-Jurina…she’s…?”

“Yes. That’s why Mariko-sama is asked us to come here.”

“…What’s her reason? You knew it didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Yuko nodded as she continued to explain to Mayu the truth that only herself and Mariko knew. The reason why Mariko was gathering this information again was to hunt down those who were trying to revive this cursed experiment. Also, she wanted as much information to formulate a medicine for Jurina, because due to countless drug consumption, she gained unlimited potential and talents to exceed in any paths, but she could live at max of 35 years only. It was a very sad story for the little puppy girl, but it seemed she didn’t know about that matter yet.

“…That’s why, we needed your help when it comes to gathering information.”

Mayu started to understand things a little more as everything seemed to make sense to her. Mariko sent her here because of her talented analyzing skills. She might be able to pick up the information that everyone would look over it. She understood the situation and obviously she’s more than welcome to help it out.

While they were heading back by motorbike, Mayu constantly thought about Jurina and finally understood why her puppy partner was extremely talented in battle, as if she was playing around in a playground. That’s why she had no fear for death, as she knew that she would never lose. Maybe that was the reason why Mariko and Yuko strongly forbid Jurina to even kill anyone? Then suddenly, she recalled the first time she had met with Jurina…that time…the puppy was very heartless and had no sympathy for anyone until Mariko taught her to become human.

(Mayu: It’s been so long I’ve forgotten why Jurina clings on Mariko-sama so much…I guess everything makes sense now.)


As soon as they got the data they needed, they returned back home and went straight to Mariko’s office to hand her the information.

“Thank you for your effort you two.” Mariko looked up to Mayu. “I presumed Yuko told you about Jurina already…we need your analyzing skills.”

“I’m gladly to help you, I’ll do at my best.” The mouse thief assisted Mariko in analyzing the data. Her talents allowed her to match up against her teacher, Maeda Atsuko, who used to be in the group but retired together with Takamina five years ago.


It didn’t take Mayu that long to manage all the data properly for Mariko. She would send the data to Takamina and leave it to her hands; even though Takamina retired from the group already she was still willingly to help when it comes to their cute adorable Jurina. After the girl was done with her job, she had encountered with her squirrel friend who seemed to be waiting for her at the living room.


“How’s your concussion going? I heard it from Jurina.”

Yuko stared at her but it made Mayu felt really irritated. She knew that her puppy partner would always spill the beans no matter how much she wanted to hide from everyone.

“You have to stop acting recklessly like that if you don’t want it to get even worse.”

“I don’t give a shit…” Mayu swore back and just walked passed Yuko hoping to escape from her friend but it made Yuko used her trump card against her.

“…Watanabe Miyuki.”

“…!?” Mayu froze instantly and turned to the squirrel. Her widened eyes told how much Yuko caught her off guard. She believed that she never shared anyone regarding Miyuki, not even once, but she couldn’t believe Yuko knew this.

“I have my way around. Don’t be surprise…” Yuko smiled gently back and attempted to calm Mayu down. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I know that she’s an officer that’s tracking us down…you should stop.”

“…What did you say?”

Mayu raised her voice even higher due to anger. She demanded Yuko to repeat and the squirrel knew that she’s making her friend boiled badly. But she had no fear for nezumi.

“Basically, I’m suggesting you to retire. Soon, your concussion will be the one that kills you…and Miyuki-chan is your sister as well.”

“It’s none of your business Yuko.” She glared back. “I chose this path and I WILL have my revenge…until then, I won’t back down no matter what even it kills me.”

“…You really want that? You really seek revenge?”

“Do I have to repeat myself? My life is all about revenge, ever since that day…for 12 years.” Mayu declared before she walked out from the house. Yuko stared at her from behind and sighed softly. She knew how hardheaded Mayu could be since they had been living together for more than a decade. However, nezumi’s stubbornness wouldn’t stop her either.


While Mayu was walking in the alley aimlessly, she was still angry at what Yuko said to her and she punched the wall. “That Yuko…I thought she knew me well already yet she…”


Her cellphone vibrated and it’s a text from Jurina. She asked Mayu to meet her at the orphanage, which was really close by to their hideout. Since the mouse didn’t know what to do she decided to go to meet her puppy partner. She pushed through the door and then she could hear sounds of kids giggling and yelling all over the place.

“Ah! It’s Mayu-nee!”

One of the young kids pointed at Mayu and ran towards her. She threw her arms around Mayu’s waist with happiness and excitement. “Everyone! Mayu-nee is here!”

“Really!? YAY!” More kids ran towards the entrance and surrounded Mayu immediately.

“H-Hey guys…” Mayu sighed softly and ruffled the kids’ head before her puppy partner showed up in front of her.

“Oh, that’s fast Mayu!” Jurina got several kids clinging onto her tightly. “You didn’t come here for so long, everyone misses you! Let’s go in~”

“…Fine.” Mayu didn’t have a choice as all the kids were looking at her with puppy eyes.

As they went in, everyone was so excited for Mayu’s presence there. Since she used to be in this orphanage that was protected by Mariko’s presence. These kids were the same as Jurina and Mayu, they were victims of society and had many dreadful stories in their life before they would arrive here. However, after Mayu decided to pick up the gun and fight, she rarely came to the orphanage again. Maybe deep down inside her she didn’t want to touch those innocent kids with her bloodstained hands that killed so many people already.

“Mayu-neechan~ I miss you so much!” Young girl hugged her tightly and it seemed to reminded Mayu of her moments with Miyuki.


Miyuki’s voice from her memory replayed in her head again. She revealed her smile and then stroked the little girl’s head gently with nostalgic feelings blooming inside her chest. “Sorry to make you guys wait.”

“I’m glad to see Mayu-neechan healthy! Please come more often with Jurina-neechan~”

“…Will do, I’m pretty sure Jurina will drag me here.”

“Hehe! Yay!” The child’s smile was so innocent and bright. It reminded her so much of Miyuki.

Even she had became a thief, a killer, when the time comes she encountered with Miyuki…she wondered she would be able to pull the trigger against her or not. She didn’t wanted to admit but deep down she knew well that she dearly loved her sister. If not, she wouldn’t have use herself as bait for Miyuki to escape that night when their family got killed.


Mayu and Jurina spent their whole day at the orphanage before they returned home for dinner. As soon as they got back, Yuko had done cooking already so they had their meal together at the table.

“How was your day?” Yuko asked both girls but Mayu didn’t seem wanted to answer.

“We both had a lot of fun at the orphanage! Right Mayu?” Jurina replied happily and Mayu swore that she was cursing Jurina for her light mouth and told everything to Yuko.

The squirrel was surprised to hear that Mayu went to the orphanage and it made her smiled with relief. Mayu had isolated herself from others aside from the group ever since she held the gun.

“I see~”

From Yuko’s tone, Mayu could immediately tell that the squirrel was looking with a suspicious stare that made her annoyed. But before anything could be spoken, Mariko showed up form the 2nd floor into the living room and caught everyone’s attention.


The puppy threw her glance towards her immediately and Mariko came to join at the table. Yuko got up immediately and went to get the plates and dish for her. It was quite surprising to see Mariko joined the table since she would always be busy with her work. “I’m so glad you joined us today!”

“It’s been a while isn’t?”

“Yes! I miss the times you joined us at the table~”

Mariko giggled before she stroke Jurina’s head. But it seemed she came to join at the table with some other reasons than just relaxing. She turned her glance to Nezumi and it caught her attention. “So, Mayu, did you have a good relaxing day today?” Mariko turned to the quiet girl and she nodded as a reply. “So then…I have a job you might be interested.”

“…Which is?” It caught Mayu’s interest immediately. She could count times Mariko would say something like that…always, it would be something related to Mayu in some sort of way. Maybe it’s her hobby…or related to her revenge.


“Noriko, take our baby to sleep.”

The man replied to his wife and kissed her forehead. It was late evening already and their little girl was about to fall asleep already.  The wife nodded and returned to her room to sleep with her child. While the man was alone, he received a call from someone who seemed to be his friend.

“Hm, I see. I understand…so when will we start?”

He listened to the other side replying back to him and then he walked to the balcony. “I see, I’m gladly to join with this project. Thank you.”

He hung up and then sighed softly while looking up at the starry sky. It was a very quiet dark night. But then something didn’t make him felt that good at all.


He heard a cry and made him flinched. He looked down at the garden and saw one of his guards collapsed onto the ground, as there was this mysterious human figure that killed him with a short dagger. 


The shadow disappeared before he would realize it. He looked around and saw nothing but darkness. He ran out from his room to assemble his guards but when he arrived at the lobby…everyone was dead. They were all murdered in the silence of the darkness.

“W-What is this…!?”

“I’ve come…to retrieve what belonged to me.”

The voice replied him as the human figure was in a black outfit but she pulled her mask up and revealed her actual face towards the man. What surprised him even more was that the murderer that intruded into his house was a woman. She was also holding this short katana with a golden handle in her hand. 


“I have several question to ask you.” Mayu held both the dagger and the sword in her hand before she approached the man with coldblooded eyes staring at him. “How did you have this sword?”


“Don’t make me repeat…HOW did you have this sword?” She asked again coldly enough to make him flinched. He backed away but then Mayu kept pressuring him with her dark aura.

“What is your relationship with the Watanabe Massacre 12 years ago?”

She shot the question out and she could see his expression froze instantly. It made her realized that this man had connections with that incident of her family. “Ah, so it seemed you’re involved…”

“W-What the hell are you!?”

“I came from the death to revenge for anyone who’s involved with the incident…” She pointed her bloody knife towards the man. “I shall spare your life if you’re going to answer me…WHO is the one behind the massacre?”

“Why would you want to know!? Who would care about those people that die!”

He yelled with anger at Mayu. “It was Watanabe himself that tried to disrupt the business…if it wasn’t for him, the SuperSoldier project would’ve went smoothly already--”


Before he could realize it again, he was lying on the ground with Mayu strangling his neck. She managed to pin the man down on the ground and made sure that she could kill him whenever she wanted. She tried to remain as calm as possible in order to get the important information from the man. Since what caught her attention was about this SuperSoldier project that he mentioned. It was indeed the same project Jurina was involved. Half of her thoughts were surprised with the fact that her father was also involved with this.

“So that’s why…you have to kill him?” Mayu tightened her strangle and made the man suffocated. As he had a closer stare at the girl’s face, it made him shocked.

“I-Impossible! Y-You’re… Watanabe-san’s daughter!?”

He shrieked and his eyes grew wide as if he was seeing a ghost in front of him. He remembered the young girl that would always stood by Mr. Watanabe’s side when he went to visit him at his house…that kid shared the same eyes as the thief in front of him. “Y-You’re supposed to be dead! How is that possible!?”

“I told you…I came from death, to revenge, and it seemed you remembered me huh…Yoshiki-san?” Mayu called the man’s name, as he was her father’s colleague. He came to her house couple of times when her family was still alive. He remembered the man’s face very well. He panicked even more to realize that Mayu was still alive and it seemed he’s willingly to cooperate with her.

“P-Please…spare me…”

“So…tell me, who is the one behind this massacre?”

“I-It was the criminal investigation department…”

He finally told the truth and it made Mayu shocked. If she recalled it properly, its police officers from the criminal investigation department that was trying to hunt them down…Miyuki was in that department as well. “T-They were behind the SuperSoldier Project…T-They invited me and Watanabe-san, I agreed to help them…but he didn’t! T-That’s why he’s killed! It’s not my fault!!”

Mayu was analyzing everything that the man uttered to her. She only could hope what he was saying was not a lie. “Who…? WHO is the one behind the strings?!”

“I-It’s K-Kashiwagi Miura… Commissioner General of the Criminal Investigation Department…”

“Kashiwagi…” She muttered the name that would carve right into her head forever, she swore that she would destroy his family, in the way he had done to hers.

“P-Please let me go…I still have my wife and my child…”

Mayu couldn’t go back against her words, it’s her motto. She freed the man and backed away. At least she had the information she needed as well as the blade that originally belonged to Watanabe family. It’s the treasure of her family and she had retrieved it back. However, things didn’t go that smoothly as she had thought…the man attacked her with a hidden gun in his pocket, but she knew that was actually coming. She managed to dodge away from the path of the bullet before he fired it. She ran in towards him and stabbed right at the side of his groin, which the big artery was located. He would bleed to death anyways, so rather than spilling the blood all over the place, this would be the cleanest death that she could give to her preys. 


“I gave you the chance to live…yet you make it went futile.” Mayu was about to leave the man died on the ground but what caught her off guard was this sleepy young girl at the stairs.

(Mayu: A kid…!?)

“Papa…? Papa, where are you?”

The girl asked and Mayu realized that it was the man’s daughter. The man she just killed. Suddenly, the mother appeared and then she shrieked, as there was blood everywhere. The woman embraced her daughter tightly and glared at Mayu with fear and anger.

“P-Please spare this child…!” She begged Mayu and then it reminded her of how her mother protected her and Miyuki by saying the same time…but the killer had no mercy and just slaughtered her mother right in front of her. She managed to cover Miyuki so she wouldn’t witness their mother’s death right in front of her eyes.

“…I don’t kill innocent people. I gave him the chance to live, yet he threw it away…” She brought down her theater mask to cover her identity and walked out from the crime scene.

Mayu left the mansion, and spared only the mother and the child. Obviously she couldn’t bring herself to kill them, it had reminded her too much of her past. She would never commit the same thing that the killer had done to her family.

“Kashiwagi Miura…”

She repeated the name of the man that destroyed her entire family. Her eyes changed and it was filled with much more hatred. A malicious smirk appeared across her face, as she’s so excited that she’s at least one more step closer to taking revenge for her family….


Miyuki was sitting at her office but she wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings at all. The only thing she could think was about Mayu. It had been 12 years she believed that Mayu was dead…but no, she was still alive. Her appearance changed so much, but she could still tell that it was Mayu. However, the life in her eyes was just so different from the old Mayu she knew. As if she’s a total different person. Right now, she’s too afraid to go out for work, as she couldn't shake the thought that the person she could’ve shoot was her beloved twin sister. Yuki was looking from a distance away and she was extremely worried about her kouhai. She walked up to Miyuki with a hot chocolate in her hand.

“Miyuki, have some.” She passed it to her and the girl took it.

“Thank you Kashiwagi-senpai…”

“Is something bothering you?” Yuki sat down beside her. “You don’t look that well at all…”

“Senpai…” Miyuki turned to her as she decided to share her stories to Yuki…

She already knew about Miyuki’s family incident but what surprised her was that one of the thieves they were hunting was Miyuki’s long lost twin sister. Yuki heard a lot of stories about Miyuki’s twin sister from her, since she really loved Mayu and admired everything about her. One could say that Mayu was Miyuki’s strength and idol to become a police officer of justice. She wanted to prevent situations like hers from happening again. So no one would have to suffer like Mayu and her. The senpai could tell that Miyuki wasn't lying to her. Yuki couldn’t even believe that coincidence could bully both Watanabe siblings this much. She could understand the pain and confusion Miyuki was going through right now…who would be able to go out to work in the field when you realize that the person you might shoot or kill would be your sister?

“W-What should I do…It’s…it’s too much.”

Miyuki shook her head and Yuki could only sit beside her silently and patted her head. “Senpai…what should I do?”

It made Yuki wondered what Mayu was going through, obviously she knew Mayu’s name because Miyuki kept talking to her and Haruna about how Mayu was such an ideal idol to her. Even though she didn’t know who Mayu was, but to her, Miyuki was like a younger sister to her in a way. She wanted to do something for the Watanabe siblings…everything was a total mess and she wished for both of them to have a normal sibling life again…

“I’ll help bringing you two back together.”

Yuki replied firmly and made Miyuki flinched with surprise. She looked up to her senpai and Yuki nodded silently back. “Things won’t end like this Miyuki, we’ll change fate.”


“No buts! I know it’s risky…but she’s your only sister in the world right? I know how you feel…I used to have a sister too.” Yuki smiled before she had a sip of her coffee. She smiled and tried to cheek Miyuki up.

But before anything could be said, their boss called them to go out to work in the field. Fortunately, they had to go investigate at this crime scene as a mysterious murderer broke into the house and killed everyone except for the mother and the child. As they headed there, they had a talk with the mother and the little girl.

“…Hm?” Miyuki realized the girl was staring at her and the she crouched down to talk to her. “Is…something a matter?”

“Oneechan, you looked like that person…”

“Hm? Who?” Miyuki got confused and as the mother came up she was seemed to flinch slightly when she saw Miyuki’s face. It made the officer confused and surprised simultaneously.

“Is something wrong?” Yuki came up to Miyuki and the mother shook her head.

“I must have hallucinations…you just looked really similar to the murderer…” The mother bid her lips and tried to stop herself from crying in front of her child. It made Miyuki flinched and the first thought she had in her mind was that the murderer was Mayu. No one would look as similar to her if that person didn’t share the same blood as her. “I’m sorry officer.”

“Not at all ma’am. Sometimes…this happens too.” Miyuki faked her smile and Yuki could see through that…

After the work was done, Miyuki had her own private time staring aimlessly while she realized that it was Mayu that committed another crime. Part of her was so happy that Mayu was alive, but a part of her didn’t want to see Mayu do something like this. It’s too painful for her.

(Miyuki: Mayu…is it really you that did this? Why…why does it have to be you?)

Yuki was staring from a distance away and that’s when she realized that she had to do something for Miyuki and Mayu. She wouldn’t have things ended up with both siblings pointed guns at each other. She seemed to have a plan in her mind and without further ado; she started immediately after she returned back to the office.


A girl in a mysterious cloak sneaked in the darkness of the alley. She looked around cautiously and hoped that she wouldn’t encounter anyone on her way. She had the paper and folded into a plane. This was the same alley that her eyes met with the thief. Even though she didn’t know which thief was Miyuki’s sister, but it was worth a try.


Yuki took a deep breath and threw the paper plane into the dark alley and fled immediately. That was her only way she could come up in order to pass the message to Watanabe Mayu.

As soon as she left, there was someone hiding behind the wall as she had been following Yuki ever since she entered the dark alley. If Yuki showed sign of suspicion she would’ve killed that mysterious intruder. But she got curious with Yuki’s action and proceeded to pick the paper plane.


It was like a miracle happened. Mayu was the one that picked up the letter. She unfolded it and read it quietly to herself.

[To Watanabe Mayu,
I wanted to discuss something regarding about Miyuki. Hope that we can meet up at river close to the outskirt at 12pm this Saturday.
I’ll wait for you to be there. I will come unarmed, please trust me.
~Kashiwagi Yuki]

“…” Mayu didn’t utter a word and crumbled the paper into her pocket before she disappeared into the dark alley. No one knew what she was thinking, whether she would go to meet with this mysterious person or not…


Time flew by fast for Yuki and it was already weekend that she made a blind appointment with Mayu. She was actually wearing her officer outfit, since she came straight from work. Even though she knew the risk that she could be shot down but she decided to take the risk for Miyuki. She was standing there and stared at the river while glancing at her watch to check for the time…

“It’s almost noon…I wondered will she show up or not. I don’t even know the message reached her or not.”

Yuki sighed and suddenly, an arm locked her from behind. She got pulled over to the shade under the bridge before she got thrown onto the ground forcefully. “Ugh…!”

She slowly looked up and then her eyes met with that thief again. It was that same thief that had those coldhearted eyes. She remembered that thief very well and it seemed to be the first time Yuki got to have a full glance at the thief’s face. She was sitting on top of Yuki and had the blade rested against her neck.

“Y-You…!” Yuki was so surprised to see that thief again. A slight anger rushed up her face. “Why are you here…!?”

“Aren’t you the one that called me here?” Mayu glared back and it made Yuki froze. She remembered she called Miyuki’s sister her and then everything seemed too much of a coincidence to her at the moment. Mayu could tell from Yuki’s shocked expression and then continued to speak.

“Yes…I’m Watanabe Mayu…so what do you want to speak?”

“Mayu…” Yuki muttered her name out softly but it seemed to make Mayu unsatisfied. She pushed the knife against Yuki’s neck even more and created a little cut on her. “…!?”

“I wondered, should I kill you here or no?”

“…I wanted to talk to you.” Yuki took a deep breath and calmed herself down. “I have Miyuki’s message for you.”

“From a police officer to becoming a messenger? What are you planning, officer Kashiwagi?” Mayu glared but then it didn’t make Yuki planned to back down either.

“I’m not lying…I came here as Miyuki’s friend, not as an officer.” Yuki declared firmly and made Mayu paused slightly. “But first…will you let me go? I don’t have any weapon as I told you earlier in the letter…trust me.”

“You’re asking a murderer to trust the officer? How naïve could you be…”

“Then stab my arm.”

Yuki insisted with eyes filled with hope and determination. It made Mayu flinched, as she couldn’t believe what she’s hearing. Never she met an officer that would ask her to stab her in order to gain her trust. She could’ve use this chance to kill Yuki, yet that officer decided to trust the deceitful thief like Mayu.

“Cut my arm tendon, I don’t care, just take my arm...If so, you’ll believe me right?”


“Do it…I’m not going to lie to you, Mayu.” Yuki stared into Mayu’s eyes without any slight of fear and hesitation. “I want to trust you…and I want you to trust me.”

“…If you asked for it.”

Mayu replied softly as she shifted her arm position so her elbow would lock Yuki’s neck on the ground and then stabbed her left arm without any mercy.


“…!” Yuki flinched but she didn’t utter a single cry.

Mayu could feel the officer’s trembling body. Slowly Yuki looked back up into Mayu’s eyes and it wasn’t clouded by fear at all. She didn’t lose any hope even though Mayu stabbed her. It made the thief pulled the knife out and backed away without saying a single word. Yuki slowly sat up as she looked at Mayu backed away from her. “…Thank you.”

“…For stabbing you?” Mayu replied sarcastically and it made Yuki decided to do the same back to her.

“Yes, and for trusting me.”

She pressed against her wound to hope that it would stop the bleed but it didn’t. Then suddenly, Mayu threw a bandage to her and it made her shocked. She looked up but before she could say anything, Mayu interrupted her first.

“It would be too annoying if you bleed to death. Treat yourself.”

Mayu went to rest her back against the wall of the bridge while Yuki treated her wounds to stop the bleeding. That’s when she realized that her tendons weren’t cut; she could still move her arm. Mayu didn’t aim at her tendon at all and it made her realized that hidden kindness in Mayu. After Yuki was done with treating her own arm, she pulled a letter and handed it over to Mayu. It was a letter written by Miyuki addressing to Mayu.


Mayu looked up to Yuki and gave a dead glare at her. “You’re here for more reason than this, spill it, I could see that this isn’t it.”

Yuki took a breath before she replied back to Mayu. “Please write a respond back to Miyuki.”

“None of your business.”

“Miyuki loves you! She still even does until now…” Yuki yelled back with honesty in her voice. It made Mayu flinched back slightly from the pure honesty from Yuki’s eyes. “She would always talk about her lovely sister to everyone! You’re always her hero…even until now.”


“I want you two to be together as normal sisters. I lost my sister so I know how it felt…I believe, you two don’t deserve this pain.”

“…” Mayu remained silence and Yuki just waited there for her to reply. The girl sighed softly before she turned to the officer. She seemed to be thinking of something inside her head quietly to herself.

“What's your trade for it then?”

“…Trade?” Yuki asked with slight curiosity.

“I will write a respond back to Miyuki’s letter, but you have to give me something in return equally.” Mayu gave an evil smirk and since everything reached this point already, Yuki didn’t plan to back down either.

“What is it then? Will I be able to trust you criminal with these kind of deals?”

“I didn’t kill you when I have a chance, I did let you go after I stabbed you.” Mayu crossed her arms in front of her chest, as Yuki couldn’t deny that.

“…Alright, I’ll believe you. What is it that you want from me?”

Mayu only just stood there and smirked. Yuki started to feel uneasy, as she couldn’t tell what’s going through Mayu’s mind at the moment. In that moment of silence between them, the thief walked up to Yuki and pointed at her.


“H-Huh!?” Yuki’s eyes were about to gush out with shock. She tried to lie to herself that she misheard things but it didn’t seem it would work. She didn’t mishear it.

“I will write a respond back to Miyuki as much as you wished, but in return…your body will be my possession until our deal is over.”

“…” Yuki couldn’t believe the deal that Mayu was throwing at her even she had got the chance to talk with Miyuki.

“I’m risking exposing my identity to you officers right now. Officer Kashiwagi… I’m in a position just as worse as yours. ” Mayu smirked and it made Yuki annoyed.

The officer started to doubt whether Mayu was actually a kind person as Miyuki told her or not. But then there was no space for doubt now; she had decided to trust Miyuki, and Mayu. She took a deep breath before she replied back. “…Alright, so be it. I’ll take that deal. As long as there’s no risk upon me, got it?”

“Same goes to you…Our deal is complete.”

Mayu looked extremely suspicious to Yuki, but right now they had made a deal. She could only but trust that Mayu would keep up with her words. She had a little faith that she might be able to change Mayu, only she could hope for it. Until then, she would tolerate all humiliations from the thief, for her friend’s sake.

“So, what do you want to do with me…?”

“…Heh.” Mayu smirked and came in closer and pulled Yuki’s head in.

That moment, Yuki froze instantly as she felt her lips being sealed against Mayu’s. Before the officer could react, she could feel Mayu’s tongue snaking inside her mouth and touched with hers. She pulled away and blushed terribly with humiliation, anger, and embarrassment. It was her first kiss and the thief stole it. She swung her hand towards Mayu, hoping to slap her with full power but then nezumi caught it before it even reached her.

“Not bad…your reaction is pleasurable. It’s your first kiss isn’t?”

Mayu teased and it made Yuki glared with anger and humiliation. But Mayu didn’t plan to break her promise with Yuki. She had paper and pen in her bag all the time in case she needed it. “I’ll write one letter back for each time you entertain me.”

Mayu leered back and licked her lips to make Yuki felt more embarrassed. Her first kiss was stolen and she couldn’t erase the irritating feeling inside her chest. Her anger towards Mayu increased, but at the same time, she tried to hold herself back for Miyuki’s sake. After Mayu was done reading Miyuki’s letter, she wrote a reply and handed back to Yuki.

“Take it.”

“…!” She snatched the letter forcefully and it indicated that she’s still angry at the kiss Mayu stole from her.

“It’s our deal, remember? I hope you keep your promise well and don’t plan to betray me…”

“Right. So you’re interested in my body huh? How filthy…” Yuki glared but it made Mayu even enjoyed watching her expression.

“What if I am? I cane do whatever I want…so make sure you behave properly before I don’t show any mercy against you.”

“…I’m leaving now.” Yuki just planned to leave since she couldn’t tolerate to see Mayu’s face any longer. But then the thief called her back again.

“Ah? When’s the next meeting?”

“Next week, same time, same place…Got it? Don’t you dare tell your friends about this…”

“It’s our deal, so do you as well…Yu-ki-rin.” Mayu giggled sarcastically as she called Yuki’s nickname.

“Y-Yukirin…?” The officer was shocked as she was given a nickname from the thief already and it made her even more irritated.

“It’s your nickname, now that your body is mine, I can name whatever I want now, couldn’t I?”

“Grr…fine. You’re the worst…”

“I’m glad to make a deal with you, Yukirin~”

Yuki had left as Mayu stared at her from behind. Her sarcastic expression changed instantly to eyes of hatred. She bashed her fist against the concrete wall and her knuckles bled. She remembered surname Kashiwagi very well. She had did a little of research before today and it seemed Yuki was a daughter of Kashiwagi Miura, the one behind Watanabe’s massacre and SuperSoldier Project. She tried to hold back her anger and hatred for Kashiwagi family so she wouldn’t kill Yuki, since she would have to make use of the man’s daughter for her revenge. She had couple of plans in mind already, and it’s going to be her way of taking revenge on Kashiwagi family.

“I swear…you’ll pay much more pain than what I got…” Mayu giggled maliciously to herself. “I’ll make sure the pain you’ll get will be far worse than death…!”
Mayu decided to return to her alley and with an evil plan within her mind. It was like a miracle to her as the daughter of the man she’s going to revenge came up to Mayu herself. It really did saved her time and the best way to reach Kashiwagi family would be through Yuki. Without any mercy, she planned to ruin Yuki’s entire life along with taking her revenge…


Mariko was sitting in her office and had dialed a call to her friend, Takamina. As soon as her friend picked it up the conversation started.

“Takamina, I got the information already and I’ll have Yuko send the information to you tomorrow.”

[Right, so…how’s your condition now?]

“It’s stable. I’m fine.”

[You better take care of your health. You’re really sick okay?]

“I know, thanks…and did you meet her yet?”

[Oh, you mean Rena-chan? Well, she comes every once a month for vitamin C as usual…next week will be the time she comes by again.]

“I see…Tell her my message when you meet her.”

[Alright, I will. Take care.]

“Thanks, take care too.”

Mariko hung up the call and leaned back against her chair. She took a deep breath before she stared up at the ceiling of the room silently. She had seemed to be desperate to look for Rena ever since problems started to happen. She recalled the last time she saw Rena, that was 9 years ago…it was right after Jurina turned 10 years old, she just disappeared mysteriously…

Few years later, she heard rumors regarding a female fighter occasionally with an insane laugh. Mariko’s instinct told her that it could possibly be Rena…Mariko had so many secrets in her eyes, but one thing for certain…she wished to bring Rena back to the group once again.


~To Be Continue~
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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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So many thing to process in my much as I want to review about the chapter....I need to arrange my head first.

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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All I want to say is I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!!!  XD Mayuki scene is so HOT  :wub:
Don't know why, but I already imagined about this chapter after reading chapter 2 (quite a long time ago) and it was exactly the same as in your fic  :shocked Wow  :P
I wonder how Mayu will get revenge on Kashiwagi family now, also how Mayu would fall for Yuki  XD
Thanks for the new chapter  :)

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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I've been waiting for this update.. :fap

I see.. SuperSoldier experiment.. And Jurina is one of the subject..
Even though Mayu is cold like less than zero degree.. She still cares for the puppy..
I bet that when the puppy is in trouble the mouse will snap the puppy back..

Oh Mayu and Yuki made a deal.. And This will lead Mayu to fall in love for Yuki..
But the revenge thing will hinder her feelings for Yuki.. Ah.. My Mayuki feels..
For now.. Going to enjoy their deal.. Mayu such a sneaky mastermind.. i so love you Mayu! :wub: :wub:

Reading this chapter.. I'm going to have a good night sleep.. Hehehe

Hope you update soon.. Every update getting intense! :thumbsup

Thank you for your hard work and update.. :kneelbow: :twothumbs

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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Threads connecting between every one of them by this supersoldier project. That leaves Rena as the one with mysterious background for now.
Interesting, and intriguing. How Mayu decided to use Yukirin to her own revenge, I wonder about their first encounter where Mayu hesitated to shoot down Yukirin.
And  Mariko is dying :(
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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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this update is good for a month already

just wow  :o
hurray for MaYuki moments  :on woohoo:

thanks for updating author-san  :kneelbow:

MAYU NOOOOOO!!! don't hurt Yuki  :tantrum:
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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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Mayu found the connection but something says that she may need to pass through people before finishing the job
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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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There is no way how May can hurt Yuki.  :smhid They are something like soul mates. :thumbsup

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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Mayu revange is really something....

Jurina and Rena are partners....this is cool...

but i also wants to know what is happening whit the american dream...of creating the superhuman....


Update Soon

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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Just came across you story...

very interesting and well writen story here

I enjoyed reading it, thank you

Mariko is sick... Is she also one of the human soldier or what?

Ah... Rena probably one if the human soldier but she doesn't have a stable mind.

Oh... Mayu in her zone now... She would make use Yuki for her revenge.

I would not even blame Mayu for whatever she did to the person responsible to her family tragedy.

She has the right... The one to be blamed would be Yuki's father.

Can't wait to know what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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Jurina was an experiment her destiny was to become an assassin. I wonder what will happen if Jurina remember big trouble!! XD
What will do Mayu to Yuki  :shocked I don't think she is only interested on her body or maybe Yukirin's hot
I hope Mayu doesn't think that she ll kill Yuki after finishing her revange  :panic:
I can wait to see how Yuki will entertain Mayu  :cathappy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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