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Author Topic: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)  (Read 57861 times)

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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (7/8/13)
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Finally got a chance to comment and will use it to my heart's content! XD


OH MY GOD. I'm so in love with this fiction! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

So Mayu's father got killed just because he wanted to stop the entire SuperSoldier project?! And to think how cruel the project is... Especially when one of the victims is Jurina herself... Gosh. That's just plain evil. I could clearly comprehend and now fully understand in Mayu's standpoint to why she wanted to get revenge. Maybe because I know taking revenge is like bringing justice (one of the many Scorpio's trait? XD Please don't follow my bad examples), so I can feel for Mayuyu... Lemme join you and help out! Such corruption in the world! :angry:

Then there's Yukirin coming into the picture. And uh oh... Looks like Mayu's going to enjoy making her suffer... :doh: Guess you can't blame her since she is suffering with a thirst of revenge from knowing the guilty party's identity is from the Kashiwagi family. But I hope Yuki does something that can change Mayu's mind about this though! Even though I did state that revenge is something that I agree to on a certain extent due to it being a part of my nature, there's this small slim hope that I pray Mayu actually directs her attention entirely on the actual person that's at fault, not the poor family members that has nothing to do with the massacre. :panic:

Thank you so much for the update and looking forward to them! :deco:

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
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Sherin: Hahaha, hai hai~

clubhappy: Mayuki go go~ There will be more since Mayu will have 'fun' abusing Yuki even more... XD

kenjoy12: Yesh~ Mayu might always act cold, but her true nature will be the kindhearted sister (that Miyuki always mention) :D Glad you enjoy it~

Yuki88: Everyone's tied up to this SuperSolder project :) Rena's secrets shall be revealed in this chapter~ XD I hope Mariko-sama doesn't die. ><

imteedee: yes yes~ mayuki moments! There's going to be more and more later~~ I hope Mayu doesn't hurt Yuki more than this :P

kuro_808: Haha, we'll see how it goes~ There might be more obstacles waiting for Mayu before she can achieve her goal!

Zita: LOL! I love the soulmate part XD We'll see how it goes~ and I think Mayu didn't really wish to hurt Yuki (or anyone) :D

Archer1992: Glad you enjoy it! :)

cisda83: Oh~ Glad you enjoy it! Sou sou...Mariko-sama is sick ><" Things will get more twisted later~

mo-chan: LOL, that's actually a good idea about Mayu might be interested in Yuki's hot/sexy body XD Yuki will have to do a lot of things to entertain Mayu in the future~

LoyalFlutist: Hahaha~ Glad you enjoy it so far~ XD Mayu is a poor victim...including Miyuki. Those pain made her become super heartless like this! However, we'll see how will Yuki warm up Mayu's heart and lead to happy mayuki ending XD Stay tune and hope you enjoy this chapter as well~

Love Capture: CH04

“Here, take it.”

Officer Yuki gave the letter to her junior and she couldn’t help but to be confused with it. Without further ado, she flipped to see the back of the letter and her gawked so badly. The moment her eyes read that name across the paper, she shot her eyes back up at her senior officer.

“T-This is…”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell anything more than this but…it’s a deal I made with her to protect both our safety. Write your reply to this letter and I’ll pass it on to her.”

Miyuki nodded with nervousness. She kept the letter into her bag immediately and couldn't wait for her next break time to read this letter that was written by her long lost sister, Mayu. As soon as she had finish with her work for the day, she sat down inside her car at the parking lot and pulled out the letter from her bag immediately. She couldn’t help but to be so nervous and decided to open it up and read it carefully word by word.

W. Miyuki,
   Our meeting is very unfortunate, but how long has it been since we met? 12 years isn’t…I didn’t expect you to become a police officer after you always wanted to become an idol when we’re young. I hope we could meet each other in a better way than this but that can’t be helped… I know there’s a risk we will turn guns to each other, but I’m sorry, there is something I must do. I probably couldn’t ask you to trust me after we’ve been separated over a decade. I would say I’m doing fine…and I hope you are too.
One more thing, never show this letter to Kashiwagi Yuki, I rather keep the content private only between us…between sisters. That’s all I would want to ask you to do for me…I’m glad I’m able to talk to you again.

W. Mayu,

The moment the officer finished reading her letter, even though it was really short, she couldn’t hold back her happiness. Her long lost sister replied her and it’s been 12 years since they exchanged a word. She leaned back against the driving seat with a huge smile of relief across her face. Her eyes began to become teary as she read the word that Mayu mentioned that they’re sisters. That meant a lot to her. She wondered what deal did Yuki made with Mayu, but right now she had to trust her senior as well as her twin sister.

“…I wonder what is this thing Mayu must do?”

But to just wondering around like this wouldn’t help anything. Miyuki grabbed a paper and pen from the back seat and scribbled another letter to Mayu. Obviously she wrote down much more things. She had so many things she wanted to tell and talk to Mayu for the past 12 years.


After one whole day of waiting impatiently, Miyuki passed her reply letter to Yuki at their office on the next day after she had spent a lot of time writing this letter to Mayu.

“Ah…senpai, can I ask something?”


“…H-how’s oneechan?” Miyuki asked with nervousness and then she received a gentle smile from officer Yuki. The senior patted Miyuki’s head and it made her confused.

“From what I see, she looks fine…don’t worry.”

“I see~”

Miyuki smiled with relief; at least she knew that her beloved sister was fine. It’s obvious for her to worry since the thief that they were hunting down was actually her own sister. She couldn’t help but to be worry about Mayu every single day that went by and every time officers were called out for duty.


It’s been a week since Yuki’s first appointment with Mayu. She was at that same location and same timing as she made a deal with the nezumi girl. She constantly checked her watch and didn’t realize the presence coming from behind her.

“Such an early bird…Good, you’re not in your officer uniform.”

Yuki flinched and turned around to see Mayu standing there in her casual outfit. She had a cap and sunglasses with her and it seemed its purpose is to hide her identity in public.

“…Finally you’re here.”

Yuki passed the letter to Mayu even before they could’ve said a word. The thief girl took it and kept in her bag. She would write a reply later today but it seemed she would be demanding some few things from the poor officer first.

“Before I give you my reply, come with me.”


“To the park close by.” Mayu replied bluntly.

“Why?” The officer replied rashly as well.

“Dating obviously.”

The officer froze and her brain begun to process once again. “D-Dating?!” She yelped with shock and Mayu placed her finger above her lips to tell Yuki to be quiet.

“Make sure you entertain me…Yu-ki-rin~”

Mayu teased her and the officer couldn’t help but to be annoyed by it. However, she didn’t have a choice and had to follow according to the deal she made with this nasty thief that stole her first kiss. She followed Mayu and it was about 10 minutes walk before they reached this small park. It seemed to be quite dispersed and peaceful. Yuki didn’t know such park like this would exist around this area.

“It’s quite peaceful here and not many people will be here.” Mayu smirked. “It’s my favorite place after all.”

“I see.” Yuki followed the thief and then before she realized it again she felt Mayu’s hand grabbed onto hers and pulled the officer forward. However she jerked her hand back with surprise and caused Mayu to stop.

“W-What was that for!?”

“What? We’re supposed to be dating right now.”

She extended her hand towards Yuki to grab onto, but the officer didn’t want to hold her hand at all. They made an eye contact with each other and she could tell from Mayu’s face that the girl was demanding Yuki to do as she was told.


Yuki sighed roughly and held onto Mayu’s hand. Her fingers intertwined with Yuki’s and the nezumi girl held the older woman’s hand tightly. It made the officer nervous at the beginning but then the scene of the park had diverted her attention from that immediately.


Yuki was amazed with the beautiful scenery of the clear blue lake in the middle. She wouldn’t expect such a beautiful place to exist somewhere like this, and yet very few people were here.

“It’s nice isn’t? How pitiful that only few people know about this place.”


Yuki was dragged to the free table under the tree shades. Without further ado, the thief threw her bag towards her and caused the officer to flinch slightly. Mayu just went to sit on the table and lied down facing upward silently.

“Drinks and snacks are in there, eat whatever you want.”


Yuki realized the bag was heavy and a little cold. She sat down on the seat and opened the bag. There were tons of snack bars and various flavoured cold soft drink cans, this could be found at any convenient stores. She was surprised to know that Mayu was well prepared and was actually planning to come to this park at the first place. Maybe…the nezumi girl wasn’t as evil as she thought.

“…What, is this something you steal?”

“Oi oi, don’t make assumptions that we steal every single thing. That’s why I hate you officer bastards…only thing you can think is that we’re bad guys, and you’re good guys…fuck that shit.”

Mayu roared back with hint of anger in her voice. Obviously she would be irritated when she was accused on something she didn’t do. All police officers always saw thieves as those who steal everything, without trying to understand what they had went through…that’s why, Mayu hate them so much.

“If you don’t want it, then don’t.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Mayu’s eyes grew wide with shock and forced her to sit up and turned to the officer. She grabbed a can of coke and snack bars from Mayu’s bag and sat down on the bench beside Mayu.

“I guess you’re right. Police nowadays always think of themselves playing a role of hero of justice…I knew it yet I let it get into my head.”

Yuki sighed softly without realizing that Mayu staring at her with surprised glare. The thief wouldn’t have expected Yuki to acknowledge what she said. This was beyond Mayu’s expectations. “I’m sorry about that… also thanks for the drinks and snacks.”

She opened the can bottle and enjoyed her cold drink along with the snack bars while leaving the mouse girl dumbfounded by Yuki’s response.

“You’re weird.”

“How so?”

“Who would’ve expect to hear the officer agreed with a thief for once?”

“What you state is a fact, it doesn’t really matter you’re a thief or not, it’s the truth.”

Yuki replied honestly and still, Mayu couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It seemed this officer had caught her interest even more than before. Kashiwagi Yuki…this woman, despite Mayu was planning to use her as a tool for revenge, it seemed she would be able to entertain the thief for quite a while.

“Ah, before I forget, give me your number.”

“Huh??” Yuki frowned with surprise.

“It’s rather easier to contact each other, don’t you think?” The mouse added on and Yuki couldn’t deny that. For them to just rely on meeting each other without any confirmation wouldn’t be such a nice idea. Things wouldn’t go smoothly for her, as well as Mayu’s side. After she took a while to think… She took out her cellphone from her pocket and handed it over to the thief.


She smirked and then snatched the cellphone out from Yuki’s hand. She typed in some number and then she put it on the table beside her. She had dialed her number using Yuki’s phone to obtain her number as well as added her number into Yuki’s contact list.

“My number is in there now, and now I have yours too.”

The officer took back her phone and kept in her pocket. She just hoped that by exchanging numbers with the thief known to be the one of the famous Black Pillars wouldn’t bring harm to her… as time passed by, Yuki had finished her drink already, but Mayu didn’t even utter a single word with her after they exchanged numbers. The thief just lied down on the table, facing up the sky, and it was long enough to make Yuki curious.

“What are you doing?”


“…Okay then?”

The officer gave up trying to catch up with Mayu’s pace, but suddenly, the younger girl hopped out from the table and turned to her. She used hand movement to call Yuki to her. It made Yuki slightly annoyed, but then she obeyed what Mayu ordered. As she walked up to her, the shorter girl grabbed her hand and pulled Yuki down onto the floor with her. The older woman didn’t expect that coming and she crashed onto the floor roughly.

“Ow…What was that for!?”

“Just lie down and look.”

Mayu was lying down beside her as she pointed up into the sky. As Yuki sighed and looked up as she was told, she could see that the branches and leaves were blocking the sunlight from above. The light went through the little gaps between leaves and she could even see bird nest everywhere on the tress around them.  She had been living in the city for so long that she was amazed with such simple natural scenery like this.


“It’s relaxing isn’t?”

“…It is.”

Yuki smiled while she enjoyed the scenery. The sound of the wind brushing against the leaves, and birds chirping brought peace to her heart. While she was dazed off with such beautiful scenery, she didn’t realize that Mayu was staring at her for quite a while already. When she saw that, it made her slightly uneasy. Who wouldn’t feel uneasy when someone was staring at them for a long period of time?

“Uh…what is it?”


Mayu suddenly shifted her body as she interlocked her hands with Yuki, and pressed her lips against the officer’s. With sudden surprise, she resisted but then the thief positioned her body so that she was on top of Yuki, locking her onto the grassy floor behind her. The older girl swung her arm attempting to hit Mayu away, but then the younger girl grabbed her wrist and pinned it back down onto the floor again. It seemed the thief was much way stronger than the officer this time.


She could feel Mayu’s tongue against hers…and it’s exploring around her mouth. The sweetness taste of vanilla from Mayu’s lips seemed to reduce her resistance against the kiss. She was still tensing herself from it but then it seemed she realized something…the kiss, it might a bit forceful at the beginning but right now, it was gentle.


She tried to catch her breath but then Mayu sealed her lips against hers to stop her. The younger girl bullied her and licked her lips to taste the chocolate flavor that was left from the snack bar she ate. As the thief stopped, Yuki tried to catch her breath and panted roughly against Mayu’s lips.

“Hmm…do you like it?”

Mayu whispered against Yuki’s lips and it made the officer blushed badly, with anger and embarrassment. She furiously pushed Mayu away and caused the thief to land on her butt. Yuki was obviously angry with how the thief was playing around with her like this.

“You bastard…!”


But before any further conversation could be made between both of them, a group of gangster boys came up to them with a very suspicious look in their eyes. Yuki sensed danger from them and the young thief stood up while glaring at them.

“What are you girls doing all alone here? Wanna go have some fun together?”

One of the boys smirked at them and that’s why Yuki realized that they’re now confronting with a group of gangster boys. She had no weapon with her and she’s vulnerable now. At least she had some martial arts but in this situation she probably wouldn’t be able to get out without being harmed. Right before the boys would approach Yuki, Mayu got in their way and kicked the one that was closest to her in the face. She sent him falling back onto the floor in pain. Yuki could hear a ‘crack’ noise and it seemed to fracture the boy’s nose as well. 


“Hey! You bitch!”

Another boy glared at Mayu but it just made the mouse girl smirked with excitement. He ran in and threw a fist towards her but then Mayu dodged it easily and swiftly thrust her kick right into the stomach, sending the boy flying across the ground. Yuki stared with awe, it was the first time she saw Mayu in combat without any guns and she didn’t know she was this strong. It’s expected no less from a criminal that police wanted the most.

“Sorry to be a party pooper, but leave…”

Mayu’s cold words struck all of them down instantly. Even Yuki could feel the chill down her spine. Such an intimidating aura filled with murderous intent. It made all those gangster boys retreated with fear as they felt Mayu would literally kill them if they don’t leave in few seconds. While Yuki was frozen with shock, that same exact person that released such immense amount of bloodthirsty aura turned to her and offered a hand.

“What? Don’t tell me you couldn’t stand up because of the kiss?”

The sarcastic thief was back but Yuki wasn’t annoyed by that provoke. She was still stunned with Mayu’s action in battle. She took the younger girl’s hand and stood back up on her ground.

“…They must be the rumored thieves around here. Heh, such an bad luck they have to accidently mug a thief like me.” Mayu scoffed with pity for them.

Yuki heard about those rumor about the group of thieves mugged people in the park close by. She didn’t know that it was this park and it was those gangster boys. She wouldn’t be getting out of this in a perfect shape if it weren’t for Mayu protecting her.

“…Thanks by the way.”

“Huh? What for?”

“For saving me back there.”

“…Save your thanks, officer. It’s because of our deal that we made. Didn’t I promise you that no risk shall be upon you during our contract period?”

The officer instantly remembered the time she made a deal with Mayu. She did say those words but she didn’t know that the thief would actually take it seriously and protect her from anything that could be a threat to her.

Yuki: …Alright, so be it. I’ll take that deal. As long as there’s no risk upon me, got it?

Mayu: Same goes to you…our deal is complete.

Her heart started to open a little more for the thief; she felt that she could a little more trust to Mayu after she realized how the younger girl took the deal seriously. At first she started to feel that Mayu wasn’t a bad person after she had bought the drinks and snacks for Yuki, but then she was forced down by a kiss… then the thief didn’t look evil after the officer learned about her seriousness with the deal they made with each other. It’s just so confusing for Yuki, such mixed emotions inside her chest right now. She didn’t know whether Mayu was actually a good person or not…or she was just playing around with her body.


Mayu lost her balance slightly and it caught Yuki’s attention. The younger thief placed her hand on the right side of her forehead. The thief didn’t expect her concussion symptoms to be creeping over her right now, especially at this timing.

(Mayu: Ugh…why now…!?)


“…I’m fine.”

She lied but no one knew whether the officer saw through that or not. She just simply nodded but at the same time, she was looking at Mayu with eyes filled with worries. Then suddenly, she sat down at the table, reading Miyuki’s letter and wrote a reply quickly. She was oddly in a hurry for some reason. As soon as Mayu finished writing a letter, she gave it to Yuki immediately without waiting.

“Leave now…”


“I told you…to leave!”

Mayu shoved Yuki away and it even made the officer even more confused. As Yuki made an eye contact with her…she could see pain in Mayu’s eyes. It made her worry, but at this moment, she didn’t want to make the thief angry. Right now, she felt that it’s best to just leave. However she felt utterly weird, normally she would be so grateful that Mayu let her leave early like this, but at the same time…she couldn’t shake out the worry for her.


Mayu was heading back home and on her way in the dark alley…the pain struck her again and she lost her balance and clashed against the wall. She panted hard and slid down against the cold brick wall. Her vision was blurred and she grabbed for the medicine in her pocket and forcefully swallowed it down her throat. She just had to wait for the medicine to release its effect and it would relieve her from this pain. She decided to take a nap to relieve her from this pain, but it seemed she had a very long sleep and when she woke up, the sun already set down and she’s surrounded by darkness of the alley…

“How long did I fell asleep…?”


She received a message, she wondered who could it be and as she grabbed her cellphone out…she was expecting it to be Jurina or Yuko, but it was that officer…Kashiwagi Yuki.

(Mayu: That woman…)

The thief opened the text and tried to read despite having a bad headache right now. She slowly read word by word.

   [Subject: Are you alright?]
   Mayu, you don’t look so well…are you okay?
   You looked as if you’re in big pain. Did you get any injury from the fight today in the park?
   I hope you get well soon…and yes, I am worried about you and I’m serious.

Mayu wouldn’t ever expect to receive such a message from Yuki, especially a message worrying about her. The thief just lied down there with a dumbfounded expression. She didn’t know how to respond to that and took her a long while to think of what to say before she replied back to Yuki…




Yuki was working over time in the office dealing with paper files. The sound of the cellphone broke the silence in the quiet office room; it was already late at night and who could be the one messaging her right now? Maybe it was Haruna or Miyuki. She checked her phone to see whom it is from. It literally caught her off guard as she saw it was a reply from Mayu. Without further ado, she opened the text immediately to read the thief’s reply.

   [Subject: (Not Titled)]
   I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.

Yuki was totally caught off guard as who would’ve expected to hear a word ‘thanks’ from Mayu? It did took her a very long while to send a message to Mayu because she think that she would receive such a rash sarcastic tone from the thief, but it seemed she didn’t…

“Maybe…she’s not a bad person after all…”

The image of Mayu that Miyuki always told her started to seem a little more realistic. Trying to be a little more optimistic, she recalled the time that Miyuki told her about her family tragic incident. It was Mayu that saved her from the murderer before he could have the chance to kill her…That was the last time Miyuki saw Mayu. The younger sister thought that she was dead but she didn’t…what happened to Mayu right after that? Yuki wondered and it didn’t sound good to her at all…maybe something bad happened that change the warm-hearted Mayu into a merciless killer. If that was the reason, Yuki felt that she couldn’t bring herself to hate Mayu…since it wasn’t her fault that made her become heartless, she was forced to become one.


Little by little… It seemed the officer’s heart had started to open to the heartless thief. A seed of curiosity started to grown within her…the desire wanting to know more about Mayu had gradually accumulate…

Then suddenly, for some reason, Yuki searched information in the database regarding Watanabe’s massacre 12 years ago. There must still be something left that she could trace, at the least she could find who was the one behind the massacre. As she was searching it up, it seemed the name of the killer was not even on the database. That never occurred to her before at all and it seemed utterly suspicious…she searched in-depth but found nothing…however, she came across with this article about Mayu and Miyuki’s family.

Suspect: Watanabe Koji being behind the human experiment …what is this?”

Yuki read the article and it was about Watanabe Koji being suspected to be the one behind this human experiment. It was a cruel experiment of using humans to create a super ideal human for combats in military and even in police departments. It made Yuki wondered whether Miyuki knew about this or not, but judging from how long the older officer knew her, it didn't seem Miyuki knew about it. Yuki tried to look into more of it but the information was restricted and she couldn’t access to it.

“That’s impossible…why?”

[Authorization: Restricted]

“Eh!? Why??”

Yuki was wondering why she couldn’t access to the database and everything seem suspicious to her after she found out the name of the killer was no longer in the database. However, that didn’t stop her from wanting to learn more about Watanabe’s tragic massacre…and about Watanabe Mayu’s dark past.


Mayu slowly headed back to her home in the dark alley and thank god that the pain in her head was gone now. While she was taking her time to return back home…she came across with this little dog. It's a very familiar dog.

“Wait…you’re that dog…”

It was the same dog that she encountered together with Jurina back a while ago (relate to Chapter 2). The dog was staring at her and was wiggling its tail with excitement.


(Mayu: Why is that dog here…?)

“It’s been a while…Mayu.”

A woman voice came from the darkest shadow at the corner of the building. As she walked out and revealed her long raven hair…it immediately made Mayu froze with shock. Even it had been years ever since she had last met this woman, she remembered her eyes, and that two scar lines above and below her left eyebrow…that signified only one person, it’s Rena.


“You grew up so much since we last met, it seemed your concussion is getting worse isn’t?”

Obviously Mayu was stunned. The woman that disappeared 9 years ago just suddenly appeared before her once again with that calm gentle smile. But, why now? Mayu couldn’t help but to be curious about it.

“Where have you been?? Why did you just disappear without saying a word??”

“Fufu…I wouldn’t be able to answer your questions if you just keep throwing at me like that, Mayu.” Rena giggled softly as she gently carried the Ruby into her arms and stroke its head.

“…There is something I must do, something that only I can do. That’s why I have to leave you all.”

“What is it that you have to do? I can help you! I’m not a weak like before anymore.” Mayu kept nagging but then she couldn’t break through Rena’s calm smile. She felt like to keep questioning but then a part of her mind was telling her not to, as if she’s afraid to push further on.

“Thank you Mayu…but I guess it is still to early right now.” Rena smiled gently and continued. “I believe you learned about the SuperSoldier and Jurina already, am I right?”

Mayu froze and couldn’t understand why and how did Rena know about that. As if the raven woman had been watching over Mayu for god knows how long and since when. However, it made the mouse thief realize that the Rena also knew about SuperSoldier project as well.

“There are things you shouldn’t nose yourself in…but I guess it’s inevitable, you’re also a victim to this as well.”


Mayu didn’t really understood what Rena was speaking and without further ado, the woman brought something out from her pocket and it was a small jar filled with pills in there. She threw it at Mayu and the girl caught it before it could’ve hit her. She recognized those pills; it was identical to those painkillers she got from Takamina.

“You would need some of that, you should start taking care of yourself aside from constantly thinking about revenge.”


“I shall leave now…”

“W-Wait! Rena-san! Jurina had been constantly looking for you!”

Mayu yelled out loud and it made Rena halted for a second. The thief used this chance efficiently and continued to convince the older girl to return to them. “Jurina misses you…even until now.”



“We will meet again, when the proper time comes…I believe there will be the day I will return to you guys once again.”


Mayu didn’t know what to say and only could watch the older raven disappeared into the dark corner of the alley. It’s totally impossible to catch up with the older girl right now. She had disappeared for good. However, Mayu couldn’t shake out the thought of why Rena suddenly appeared before her eyes once again after 9 years of disappearance. Furthermore, she seemed to know about the SuperSoldier and Jurina’s history as well. What secrets was Rena holding anyway? Lastly…why did Rena say that Mayu was a victim anyway?


The next day in the office, Yuki called Miyuki over to her desk and it made the younger junior wondered.

“What is it senpai?”

She questioned and then Yuki handed her another letter to her with a wink. It made Miyuki surprised and at the same time, delightful. She took the letter and it was written from Mayu.

“Neh, Miyuki.”


“…I believe that your kindhearted sister is still alive in Mayu.”

Yuki smiled and those words meant a lot to Miyuki. She didn't know what did her senpai conversed with Mayu but to learn that her sister, but to know that Yuki had faith in Mayu made her happier than ever. She always wanted to believe that Mayu would always be her gentle sister, and after hearing those words…she believed it full-heartedly.

“Senpai…thank you so much, those words meant a lot to me.”

“Don’t worry about it. I believe someday you two will be together again.”




Mayu was relaxing at Sae’s bar and she received an incoming message. It was from Yuki and she had a read immediately.

   [Subject: Next Meeting]
   For our next meeting: Saturday, at the same place, meeting earlier at 11am.
   How does that sound for you?

The girl smirked while reading the text and typed the respond back to without further ado. She kept her cellphone back into her pocket and it seemed everything went smoothly according to her plan so far. Mayu planned to make Yuki establish feelings for her, because after that, it would make the younger girl manipulated her much easier… even though she had to fake herself in order to make Yuki believe her. She didn’t care what method she would have to use on Yuki, since all she could think is revenge against Kashiwagi Miura…


Mariko decided to have a night walk alone after she had spent a lot of her time in her office doing intense research. She did gather some clue to what she’s trying to find, but yet it’s still so far from her goal. As she enjoyed the silence of the night, she flipped her cellphone and stared at the screen picture. It was a picture of her younger self, around late teenage, together with Takamina, Atsuko, and another woman. All of them looked really happy. This woman…she was standing right beside Mariko and she had a very gentle smile.


It seemed this woman name Haruna was important to Mariko, or used to be. That was the same name as the officer who was with Yuki and Miyuki. They might’ve been the same person. While the woman was dazing off, she didn’t realize another presence sneaking from behind.

“I didn’t expect to see you walking at night alone like this…Mariko-sama.”

It made Mariko flinched and as she turned, she had made an eye contact with the raven-haired woman. Those black eyes captivated her attention and it was one reunion for them. She was holding her little pet in her arm and had this vague smile across her face. Such a familiar presence, and such a nostalgic feeling.

“Rena-chan…you haven’t change.”

“So do you. I hope you’re feeling well…as you know what I meant.”

“As usual, and you? I heard from Takamina, that you’re starting to take the drug now right?”


The woman didn’t reply as she kept patting her pet dog in her arms. Both knew what each of them was referring to. However, that was enough of their friendly talk, Mariko looked a little more serious and went straight to the point.

“Rena-chan, it’s about time you return back…”

“Not yet…it’s not the time yet, Mariko-sama.”

Rena refused and shook her head. It didn’t mean that she didn’t want to return back, she wanted to, but she couldn’t. “You know that my existence will bring harm Jurina…isn’t that why I left?”

“Rena-chan, if you don’t trust Jurina…then nothing will change. Are you going to run away like this forever?”

“Mariko-sama, you know what I meant…”

She placed her hand on top of her necklace that said ‘ROCK’. Rena could feel another presence inside her body, the heartless sadist persona of hers. It was her split personality that was created by countless experiments; she was one of the survived test subjects from the SuperSoldier project. Her codename is [Gekikara].

“The existence of GEKIKARA is to trigger CENTER and NOBUNAGA to wake up, my existence will only bring pain to her…didn’t you remember? They day she turned into CENTER 9 years ago…”

Mariko remembered that disaster very well. It’s one of the normal days back 9 years ago. When Rena was still living together with them. She was also a survivor from the experiment just like Jurina. However, one day…there was this group of idiot thieves that didn’t know who they shouldn’t mess with. They tried to mug Rena and Mayu, but obviously they couldn’t beat Rena since she’s trained to become a SuperSoldier, she had brought out her split persona, Gekikara out and beat all those guys into pulp.

However…that was a huge mistake, it awakened one of Jurina’s personas, Center, and then she started…attacking everyone, including Rena and Mayu. All those foolish thieves were completely knocked out for good and their face was soaked with their own blood after Jurina knocked them all in one blow…she almost strangle Mayu to the point she’s asphyxiating, if it wasn’t for Rena fighting back against her…who knows what would’ve happen to Mayu back then.  Since Rena was older, she had an advantage with her body growth and managed to knock Jurina unconscious…

After that, it seemed Center had came out much more often when she saw Rena. It had got worse that Rena had to stay in a separate building from Jurina. The young girl…was like a mad dog that only could think of destroying everyone in her way. She’s truly a successful test subject as a SuperSoldier, the only thing that her split personas only could think is destruction. Besides, Jurina was way too young to learn how to control it, and she couldn’t recall any of her memories when Center took over her body.

After they had gone through Rena’s test subject profile…they learned that the purpose of Rena, or Gekikara’s existence is to control Center and Nobunaga inside Jurina. Because of that…few days later, Rena had disappeared, back then only Mariko knew about that. She had to leave for Jurina’s sake even though she didn’t even want to at all. This place was like a home to her…this is her precious family, but she didn’t have the choice but to leave.

“I know what you mean, but Jurina is no longer a kid anymore. She is strong.” Mariko approached Rena and tapped her head gently. “You have to believe in Jurina, or else you’ll have to keep running away from her like this for the rest of your life.”


“Either way, she will have to learn how to control her split personas, just like you…and me.” Mariko backed away and sighed softly. “I’ll wait for your return, Rena-chan.”

“Thank you…Mariko-sama, when the time comes, I will come back.”

“I see.” She smiled with relief. “So what did you do in this past 9 years?”

“Many things, I’ve been collecting as much information as possible. Since the SuperSolider project had dissipated…and Takamina-san said might be able to make the cure.”

Rena smiled and it seemed to amaze Mariko. It was the most excited news to hear. Since Mariko had been doing a lot of research for this as well. There was one side effect that all test subjects received via countless experiments on their body…the toxic from countless chemicals accumulated within their blood had started to show its effect and slowly deteriorating their body. Right now so far, Takamina was able to formulate a drug that could help subside the toxic from being active but no one would know how long with this drug will work. Mariko had been taking in this drug for quite a while already and it seemed Rena had recently started to use it. The only person that was far from this symptom would be Jurina.

“I see…thank you so much for your hard work, Rena-chan.”

“No problem, I don’t want Jurina to suffer like we do…let me be the last one.”


Mariko smile and it was about time Rena would leave. She told the older woman that she would always be around in the darkness watching over both Mayu and Jurina. When she felt the time was right, she will return back.

Only thing that both of them could do was waiting for the right time to come. There’s nothing they could do at the moment only but wait…



Next update: ...SURPRISE~ :D [It's just I don't know what to write yet]
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Re: Love Capture: CH03 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
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KATE! lol I had to check what I commented the last time, if I said something silly.... just lol anyway finally! I should edit this later on after I move on with the other fic...  XD my hands are sweating!(LOL)
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
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well I will comment next time now I'm in rush~~~

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
« Reply #44 on: October 12, 2013, 12:15:26 PM »
Sorry for the late comment  XD
MAYUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL)
Mayu's kindness was shown a lot in this chapter!! But Yuki, don't let your guard down yet :P
Mayuki hot scene and when they text messages are my two favorite scenes in this chapter!
Thanks for this update  XD

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
« Reply #45 on: October 12, 2013, 03:04:51 PM »
I like that idea with supersolider. :grin:
I feel that this is going to be more complicated soon. :sweatdrop:
Update soon please. :thumbsup

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
« Reply #46 on: October 12, 2013, 05:21:53 PM »
Finally an update! :3

(I know.. I'm silent reader :bow: sorry for that ^^)

I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

---kind of BUSY---

Hi, Im new here. Nice to meet you :D

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
« Reply #47 on: October 13, 2013, 10:20:47 AM »
So Mayu is a test subject too? ....did I miss this out in that previous chapters? Been a while since I read this fic after all....XD

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
« Reply #48 on: October 14, 2013, 03:59:11 AM »
poor mayu...

Wmatsui u.u'

please continue Soon!!


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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
« Reply #49 on: October 15, 2013, 04:12:36 PM »
 :shocked oho you update this finally :cathappy:

love all you fic kate-san!! especially the amnesia!! it was hilarious!!

but this one cool too

officer yuki kyaa :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: can't stop the kyah!  :cathappy:



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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
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I can't believe I didn't smack a comment on here till like... nearly a week later, haha. I'm sorry for the late commenting. :doh:

Alright, guess it's time for me to start commenting as usual.

So "MAYUKI MOMENTS!" just flashed across my brain while I was reading the interaction between the two girls. Mayuyu showing the peaceful scenario to Yukirin is adorable~ And Yuki is having some feelings for the girl! Especially when Mayu protected her from the gangsters. Very brave of Mayu, haha~ :cathappy: Not to mention the kiss. It's very... hot. :inlove:

But the instant I remembered that Mayu was doing this in order to exact her revenge against Yuki's father is, well... oh. A slap on the face with the reality of the situation. :sweatdrop: I pray that the two will develop a bond that it will change Mayu's mind about having to gain revenge. Though I did state previously that revenge runs in some people's blood (like me), it isn't quite a solution to jump at right away. I'm sure there are other solutions that doesn't require revenge to go through life. I mean, Miyuki is still alive at the very least.... Then again, I'm not in Mayu's shoes so I don't know what exactly she thinks of there. :nervous

Out of all times, poor Mayu is still suffering from that concussion... She gets to meet Rena after awakening for a bit! Gives us a bit more explanation behind Juju, Rena and Mariko's past. This entire SuperSoldier project is really dangerous and shows a, well... dangerous impact to their lives. I really hope they all find some sort of solution to their problems and situation... I want them to live a peaceful life afterward. :bow:

Thank you so much for posting this chapter up and looking forward to more of them! :deco:

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Re: Love Capture: CH04 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (11/10/13)
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Always looking forward to Mayuki's meeting. Yuki resisted to Mayu's kiss but stopped halfway.  :bigdeal: Nobody can resist Mayu. I hope Mayu will not hurt Yuki but come to think of it there will be no drama between them.

Why is Mayu always having a concussion? Its not life threatening right? The story is getting more interesting.

I am looking forward for your update in Love Capture and same with your other fanfics. I will be happy whichever you choose to update next.

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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
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(Repeating the same thing from AMNESIA)
Ahem....Sorry for not updating for so long! I've been working on many things (fanfics), and I'm still working on the Ch05! My current project at the moment is Kevin's bday wMatsui OS! Please do look forward to it and it's going to be one LOOOOOOOONG oneshot once again~ So since I didn't update for so long...I decided to do Christmas Special version for LOVE CAPTURE!!! I just edited after I got back from it's technically 2am, so apologize for any mistakes or typos in this special christmas shot!

Also~ For those who also read Amnesia....I uploaded before this one! :) Do go check it out too~

Note: This scene is not relevant to the main story! It's completely fan-service. So this is not actually happening in the story itself! Hope you guys enjoy~

Love Capture ~ Christmas Special!

“Well then, everyone’s here so…cheers!”

Mariko gave a toast and everyone raised their glasses up. The thieves and polices were all together for this special Christmas eve together in the special excluded hideout belonged to leader Shinoda. It was the day that they would forget about their status in society… just for today they would spend their time together as normal beings.


Miyuki rushed to her sister’s side and couldn’t help but to smile so widely with contentment. To be able to spend time on Christmas with her long lost twin ever since they were separated was truly priceless to Miyuki.

“Calm down Miyuki!”

“But I miss you!”

“Yeah yeah…I know that.” Mayu sighed and had a slight hint of blush across her smooth cheeks. It made the younger twin had a huge smile across her face before she couldn’t hold back her excitement to have her sister close by to her side.

“Hehe, neechan~!”

Miyuki couldn’t help but to wrap her arms around Mayu’s tightly with contentment. Others simply watched the lovely twins finally get to spend time together. Rena and Jurina were sitting beside each other talking while the puppy Ruby sat on her owner’s lap. The younger one was so happy to be able to be together with the older one again and leaned closely towards her. Rena was blushing slightly with how childish Jurina was behaving, but it didn’t mean she didn’t dislike it. They sure had a very intimate relationship between the two of them that no one knew…

On another group Yuko, Mariko, and Haruna were standing together and having a very sentimental talk with each other. There was some certain relationship going on between Haruna and Mariko as they knew each other in the past. As for Yuko, she was heavily crazy with the officer and always cuddling her all the time. It was definitely an intriguing relationship going on between those 3 ladies.

Lastly…Yuki was standing alone against the wall from a distance away. Everyone seemed to have their own little group that each of them belonged to, unlike her. The closest person to her was Miyuki, but she didn’t want to interrupt her private time with her long lost sister. Kashiwagi sighed softly and didn’t realize the presence beside her.

“Why are you sighing alone here? How un-socialize are you, officer.”

Yuki turned and she was so shocked that she almost dropped her glass. It was the sneaky nezumi girl that was standing next to her sipping her drink. They made an eye contact with each other and Mayu couldn’t help but to laugh at Yuki’s overreaction.

“D-Don’t laugh at me!”

“Why are you standing here alone?”

“Well…I don’t know where to go I guess. It seems…everyone has their own place to be with. But unfortunately, I don’t have one here.”

“Now you are, with me.”

Yuki turned out with surprise and couldn’t believe what Mayu was saying to her. They made an eye contact again and it seemed the thief’s words didn’t seem to sink into her head that well.

“Miyuki is with Jurina and Rena right now. They sure go along well with each other since they are quite similar in a way. So now I’m alone.”


“Can you be my accompany tonight?”

Mayu gave a smile and it made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat. The officer didn’t want to admit that she’s having butterflies in her stomach when she saw that beautiful smile from the younger girl. She avoided eye contact and took another sip of her tea.


“Thank you~”

She replied with a sarcastic tone to Yuki. Shortly, Mayu invited Yuki out from the room to go up the stairs to somewhere the officer didn’t know. She only followed Mayu cautiously and when the arrived at the top floor to open the door, they arrived at the roof deck of the building. Yuki could feel the cold breeze against her skin and the sea of stars above her head. It was utterly beautiful. Snow was everywhere, as the snow was falling from the sky it looked like it's like a rain of stars to her.


“Nice right? I simply hate crowds and I prefer more to spend time quietly up here at night. That’s what I always do on the night of Christmas Eve.”

“Then…why drag me here? Aren’t we enemies?”

“Well technically yes, but not tonight…it’s Christmas Eve after all.”

Mayu lied down on the snowy floor while she stretched her hand towards the full moon that was swimming in the sea of stars. She smiled softly before she turned to Yuki whom was still standing beside her.

“Why don’t you lie down and join me?”


Yuki did what Mayu asked and when she looked up, the beauty of the stars made her mind calmed down. She could feel the thief holding her hand, but then she didn’t resist. She actually felt more secure with Mayu was holding onto her. The warmth from her hands was comforting Yuki from the cold sensation of snow on the floor. Before she realized it again, she could feel uneasy for a second as if someone was glaring at her. She turned her glance to the side and see Mayu was actually staring at her quietly.


“Heh, if we’re not enemies…we might become good friends.”


Mayu didn’t say anything else and she didn’t know whether she was lying to her or not. Yuki was confused with Mayu and herself. She didn’t know what to believe anymore. She wasn’t sure to believe this sarcastic cunning thief that stole her first kiss heartlessly or not.

“I have something for you.”

Mayu took something out from her pocket while she sat up from the floor. Yuki followed her up and then the thief put something into her hands. It was a white snowflake earring and it looked like it was quite expensive too.

“I-It looks expensive…you bought this for me?”

“It is expensive since it’s made from actual white crystal. And yes, I bought this for you. It’s your Christmas gift. Since your name is Yuki… so, the ‘snow’ theme sure fits you well.”

Yuki couldn’t believe the cunning thief actually bought her a Christmas present. Part of her wanted to ask whether she stole it from somewhere or not but then she wanted to trust Mayu for once. Just for today… just for tonight…she would trust this cunning thief. She smiled with contentment back to the thief in front of her.

“Thank you…Mayu.”

She couldn’t hold back her surprise expression as she was expecting Yuki to be doubting her whether she stole it or not. She decided to press on with this topic in order to solve her curiosity.

“Why didn’t you accuse me whether I stole it like usual?”

“…I decided to trust you, just for tonight.”

“I see…thank you, Yuki.”

It was the very first time she called the officer by her name. It made Yuki’s heart raced like crazy. She didn’t know that just for the thief to utter her name out with create such a huge impact to her heart. Mayu offered to put the earrings on the officer and Yuki nodded silently. She hoped that the thief wouldn’t hear her heart beating so rapidly against her chest. In the silence of the snow, they stared into each other’s eyes and fog came out from their mouth as they breathed closely to one another. Mayu took out her jacket and put it over Yuki’s shoulder so she wouldn’t be too cold. They didn’t say a word nor divert their glance away at all. The Watanabe gently brushed her fingers against Yuki’s cheek. Gradually little by little, the thief moved in closer towards her face but the officer didn’t move.

“…Are you not resisting today?”

“Just for this once…consider as my gratitude for the gift.”

“I see, then just for this once, I’ll say this…”

Mayu moved in closer and whispered against Yuki’s lips before it collided against hers. It was a soft sweet kiss that Yuki didn’t resist it. Watanabe slowly snaked her hands to the back of Yuki’s neck in order to pull her in to deepen it up. Yuki started to blush even more as she felt the thief snaking her tongue to explore inside her mouth, as well as tangling with her tongue. Soft moans escaped from the officer’s lips while they were still kissing. It’s making Yuki’s body burning even more and she no longer felt cold from the snow. Mayu’s words replayed in her head again, and again, and then again.

(Mayu: …The earrings look great on you…and you’re actually pretty with it.)

The younger one slowly pulled her lips away and they panted against each other’s lips. They still made an eye contact with one another before Mayu backed off from the officer. She brushed Yuki’s front hair gently and let out a smile from her heart. 

“How cruel the world is…”


“If we meet, as ordinary citizen…I wouldn’t mind fell in love with you.”


Yuki was blushing madly and Mayu couldn’t help but to laugh at her. She loved to tease the officer so much and she wouldn’t want to waste this precious day. Mayu wrapped her arm around Yuki’s waist and pulled her closer to hug. It was a very gentle and warm hug. It was something that Kashiwagi wouldn’t expect to receive from the criminal at all. Yuki wondered why she wasn’t resisting the hug at all. But before she could say anything else, Mayu spoke up first.

“If you don’t mind…let’s stay like this…just until the day is over…”


This was the only day they would just act like ordinary citizen. Such things as criminals and police officers do not exist right now. Then tomorrow morning they would resume their life once again. They would be pointing guns at each other once again. So just for today, Yuki wanted to know and understand Mayu a little more despite that it could be a big fat lie today. Everything could be a lie, but at the same thing it could all be the truth. For some reason…she wanted to believe in the thief today, just for today…



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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #53 on: December 24, 2013, 10:05:05 PM »
yatta update!!  :cathappy: :deco:
it is the cutest  :cathappy: yet saddest  :catglare: Mayuki Christmas Special I ever read  :cry:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #54 on: December 24, 2013, 10:58:53 PM »
KYAAAAAAAAA!!!This is soooooo cute :luvluv1:
I never commented before  :shy2:
This is the first time.
I really loved this special cap!!!
I love all your Mayuki Fafincs!! :luvluv2:
 I still waiting for the next chapter  :byebye:
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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #55 on: December 25, 2013, 08:56:28 AM »
Mayuyu is so sweet and and KYAAAA!!! :nya: I love it very much! :luvluv1:

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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #56 on: December 25, 2013, 10:32:55 AM »

*dies from heart attack*

I dunno who to envy now, Mayu or Yukirin  XD PERFECT~!
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #57 on: December 26, 2013, 06:28:29 AM »
Hi, kate.  :)

I've finished reading it last night but I was too sleepy and then end up with give you a proper comment today.

Honestly... I never read this before, the first time I tried to read the prologue was when I started to write 'Wanted!'.. about 2 months ago..
Umm... I have to check other fanfics because I don't wanna duplicate thing happened.  :lol:
And then.. when I read your prologue, I was relieved because the situation between our characters are quite different even though we have the same main idea 'Thieves vs. Police' fics.  :P
OMG!! Your story is much better than mine.  :inlove:

Okay.. now I will starting my comment.

From your poster, I knew that this story was going to be a 'dark' story...
Yuki with her police uniform and Mayu with her smirk.. then I thought --> "Yabai!! They'll hunting each other for sure.:(

I love her character here... she's cold, quiet, and smart. She's Nezumi after all.
And... God! She's damn good in using her gun!! Wow.
Her 'deathly' kick... makes me afraid of her.  :shocked
I never expected before that her problem will become more complicated as the time goes.... her twin sister, Watanabe Miyuki, is a police??!! :bleed eyes:
And also.. Jurina's problem... I hope she, Yuko, and Mariko will keep helping Jurina.

I'm amazed! She's a really good friend for Miyuki... she even wanna give her body to Mayu for some letters. Wow.  :O
Well... as expected, Mayu's aura is too strong for her... she slowly opened her heart for Mayu.
But, I wonder how she will deal with Mayu when Mayu wanna kill her father. Their problem is not only 'Police - Thief' anymore, but also 'Murderer - Victim'.  :cry:

I love how Mayu keep teasing Yuki when they walks/dating together.  :lol:
And Umm.... Mayu is really hot! Just look how she kissed Yuki.  :inlove:
Poor Yuki.  :lol:
Yuki will falling in love with Mayu soon... and I'm afraid that Mayu did those 'sweet' things just her personal purpose... use Yuki so she could get closer to her father.
It's only the matter of time... they will shoot each other.  :cry:

they're strong, ne?  XD
Jurina!! She's cute as always!! Puppy girl! XD b-but....... her life.... 35?! :bleed eyes:
I wonder how Jurina will control her power when she meet Rena. Rena can't keep running away from Jurina forever.
I wanna see them together... They belong to each other.  :cry:


And.... the 'Christmas Special'.. OMG, So cute!!!  :wub:
“If we meet, as ordinary citizen…I wouldn’t mind fell in love with you.”
I couldn't imagine Yuki's shock expression when Mayu said it to her.  :lol:

The Christmas present... wow, Mayu clearly told Yuki that it's an EXPENSIVE earrings.  :lol:
How romantic.


Kate, you have to update Chap 5 soon.... SOON!!!
I'm addicted to your fics. :lol:

Great story, Kate... I love the way you maintain the story and the flow really well..
Great characters... Great plot...
I'm eagerly waiting for the climax... I wanna know how the problems will solved.  XD

Sorry for mumbling, I'm too excited.
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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #58 on: December 26, 2013, 09:22:23 PM »
Omg they so sweet~

Mayuki!! *die*

Please updatesoon

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Re: Love Capture: Christmas Special [MaYuki] ~ (25/12/13)
« Reply #59 on: January 07, 2014, 07:25:06 PM »
So cute....UPDATE...


this SP gave me diabetes....

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