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Author Topic: AMNESIA: Chapter 14 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (18/12/2015)  (Read 74458 times)

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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<<Imagining Mayu wearing a Kimono,

specially black and white. .

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa kate~

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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so long   :( update please  :cry:

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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So SAD! What's going to happen to Mayu? Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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where are you author-san ?  :cool2:
i already read this fanfic countless time  :cool1:
i'm waiting for update , you know ?  :fainted:

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Author-san please updateeee

I really really love this fanfic, i need an update

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Author-san please updateeee

I really really love this fanfic, i need an update

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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It's been more than six months since the last chapter but I see you're still active here, so I guess you've decided to abandon this fic? You probably should update this topic so your readers stop expecting an update. I guess we'll never know how the story ends...
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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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^maybe author-san has a life too?  :rofl:  :panic:

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 10 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/07/2014)
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Don't worry mine she is updating.  So please wait little.

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 11 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (07/02/2015)
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imteedee: LOL glad you enjoy chap 10, even its a looong while, here’s chap 11 :)

48matama: here’s chapter 11! thanks for waiting! sorry for taking my time, :) I hope you enjoy it!

RenshuChan: wMatsui’s relationship is quite complicated, its gonna take a while before I can reveal it. ^^” And yeah, since its quite complicated, it won’t end any time soon! thanks for waiting. Sorry to take my time, here it is :)

kurogumi: Mayuki’s story will be quite dramatic but fun i guess? LOL I personally like their story. this chapter 11 will reveal a little why Sae invites both Jurina and Yuki to his engagement party. thanks for waiting. Sorry for the long wait, how you enjoy it!

chiqinna: Rena’s character? complicated! That’s all i can tell you. It will take a while before it will be revealed :P Take chap 11 for now.

mayuki_daisuki: It is getting more intense and twisted and complicated! here’s chapter 11, thanks for waiting. sorry to take my time :P

kazutoryu: Ah, sorry, Mayu will suffer more XD Both MaYuki will suffer more! Haha, sorry for the wait, here’s chapter 11.

River1721: We’ll see when will Yuki realize her feelings for Mayu, but she’s getting there. Rena and Jurina’s relationship bfore incident is complicated! just wait and see, thanks for waiting and sorry to take my time, here’s chapter 11 :)

chotei_sha: MAYUKI! It’s going to be good for them. :P thanks for waiting. sorry for taking my time, here’s chapter 11. :)

Kairi65: sorry for keep you waiting. thanks for waiting though! here’s chapter 11. About rena’s personality, its gonna take a while before its revealed.

Koneki: Gonna take a while before wMatsui truly get together XD Just wait~ take chapter 11 for now. thanks for the waiting. sorry to take my time :P

gek geki: LOL thanks for all the lovely reminders from u XD don’t worry i didn’t forget about this fic. Sorry to keep you waiting and finally here’s chapter 11 for you! :) then again, thanks a lot for waiting~


chichay12: Here’s the update! thanks for waiting, sorry to take my time :P

Terragen: Chap 10 is just a preparation, a calm before a storm. That’s a good question about how powerful Yuki is, but who knows? We’ll see~ It’s MaYuki after all :P thanks for the waiting, and sorry to take my time. here’s chapter 11 :)

sastio13: Here’s chap 11! thanks for waiting, and sorry to take my time~ XD hope you enjoy it!

Rinca: Haha, fabulous! thanks for the waiting, and sorry to take my time, here’s chapter 11!

MYJR: Here’s the update! sorry to take my time, thanks for waiting~ :)

eboo: Sorry for the wait! thanks for the waiting :) here’s chapter 11!

kawaiiidolworld: aw, yeah its sad. many things gonna happen to Mayu but i wonder who would save her. thanks for waiting, sorry for taking my time! here’s chapter 11 so i hope you enjoy! :)

Mayukishipper: sorry to take my time, thanks for waiting! here’s chapter 11! Hope you enjoy since MaYuki is getting intense this chap :D

sophcaro: hello there. Sorry that I do take my time, but I don’t like updating chapters that are not good just to satisfy reader’s need of wanting fast updates. I don’t write when i don’t have motivation, i do make a crappy chapter if i do that. I did make a statement in many of my fics but i’m not sure i did make it in this post or not but i will finish all my fics that i start. I’m just going to take my time. I believe readers do prioritize “good story” over “fast update”. (you yet to see seigus’s awesome mayuki story, she takes ages to update! I’m even waiting for her update until now) So let’s not jump to conclusions that no one will never know how it ends.

rhin12: LOL RHIN. I know you’re waiting for mayuki angst, and here it is :)

wmatsui fanfic: here’s the update, thanks for the waiting. hope you enjoy it

NOTE: Going to update right after this reply post. I don’t want to complain that how my life is busy. It’s too much of an excuse, all I can say is that I’ll keep updating, but i do have to prioritise many things before fanfiction. For sure, you’ll see the ending to this fic, and another ongoing fic as well (Who is my Prince?) So for those who give their patience to wait for this fic, thank you :) and I’ll write a decent good chapter every single time. I won’t update if the chapter is not good enough, so that’s one thing you could expect. If there’s an update, that’s a good decent chapter (what i personally think), so I hope you enjoy it :)

Cheers everyone,

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Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 11 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (07/02/2015)
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~Credits to clubhappy~
>> Full Ver. <<



Days passed by like it was nothing. Mayu simply sat at her same spot and allowed her hair to brush by the wind that came through the window. Her eyes stared outside and recalled what day it was. The nightmare days are about to start, and the first step was this marriage with Miyazawa Sae first. According to the plan, tonight would be their engagement party night in order for the Miyazawa family to enjoy and congratulate the engaging couple before the actual formal wedding that would be organized by the Watanabe group. A traditional marriage was something that they would always remain as the tradition of the Mayu’s family. The young lady would hate it so much more than usual since she needed to wear a formal dress to attend Miyazawa’s party. While she was enjoying the silence in her room, Aika, her private servant pushed the door and came to report the news that Mayu didn’t want to hear.

“Kikuyo-sama called you over ma’am.”

“…Thanks Rabutan.”

Mayu knew that this was coming and she headed off to meet with her mother at the living room. She could see her father wearing his white shirt and a dark brown v-shaped sweater on top. He always wore that usual attire and those baggy jeans around the house when he has work. However for her mother was in her usual purple kimono and had that eagle eye on her face as usual. Mayu would vote that her mother was much more scarier than her father in many levels. She would be more suited to be the leader of Yakuza association than her father since she’s more remorseless than him.

“Take a seat Mayu.”

Her father was the kind man to her at all times. He didn’t scold Mayu when he discovered that his daughter studied medicine and was working as a cardiac surgeon. However, he only told Mayu her how unfortunate that she wouldn’t be able to escape her fate as the succeeding leader of Japan’s Yakuza Association. She sat down right opposite from her parents and realized that why was she being called over for a talk.

“I hope you behave yourself well, Mayu.”

“…I will, mother.”

“It is the time you need to do your duty as the next leader. I have your personal servant prepared the dress for tonight.”

It seemed her mother planned everything so well for her and she couldn’t escape from this duty that easily. She would need to impress people from Miyazawa group and her future husband in every kind of way. It’s an arranged marriage between her parents as well, so it was not something new. It was as if she was destined to walk down the same path as her parents no matter how much she struggled. The chains called ‘duty’ and ‘destiny’ would always tie down Mayu forever. They had talked about the party that would happen today at the hotel and what she needed to do. Mayu known all these things very well as she was taught when she was still little child. She’s more the well prepared to carry her duty as wife and to establish a new generation line after her. Then her mother seemed to add something furthermore after tonight’s party was done.

“About your job, prepare to quit it.”

“…I know.”

Mayu accepted the truth and was well aware of that happening. She looked back at her mother and had that short fierce eye contact with another. The person that could easily make Mayu surrendered and be pissed would be her one and only mother. Even though she didn’t want to quit her job and throw away her commoner’s life, she didn’t have the choice to not. It was unfortunate that she’s a single child and the only heir to Watanabe’s position.

“Can I leave now?”

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

Her parents watched Mayu walked away and she would high likely return back to her room without further ado. Ichiro scratched his head as he glanced over to his wife who was being really strict to Mayu in every kind of way ever since he could remember. His wife sure was a demon on the poor little Watanabe and he wondered whether she should be a little softer to their daughter after all the things that she needed to go through.

“Hey don’t be so hard with Mayu. She really did adapt to this duty as a—”

“Ichiro, I’m not going to repeat what I said before.”

Kikuyo got up and glared back at her husband and sent chills down his spine. She looked away and walked out of the living room leaving the yakuza boss dumbfounded on his spot. No matter how high his status was, he wouldn’t be able to beat his wife in any kind of way. She was just plainly scary than anyone else he ever knew in his life. He only sighed softly to himself and ruffled his head before he decided to go back to finish his work. He needed to at least get some work down before he would be attending tonight’s event.


Mayu sat in her usual spot in her room as she was holding and playing around with that giraffe keychain she got. She bit her lips as she remembered those days she had that freedom in hospital and spent her valuable days with Jurina, Rena and Yuki. She closed her eyes and remembered about the promise she made with Yuki that she would be there for her when she needed, but it seemed she wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. She couldn’t go back to having that casual life as an ordinary person and she’s not meant to have one to begin with. However, she always strived for it…for all these years.


She only muttered her name softly and stared out from the window, remembering the day she went on a date with Yuki at the amusement park. She couldn’t help but to enjoy every second she spent with the nurse at all. The best part would be the scene that Mayu was driving Yuki back home and they had a very touching conversation. It’s about how Yuki compared Mayu to a sheep and it just made the young Watanabe giggled out to herself. She couldn’t help but to be amazed with Yuki’s randomness but it made her heart skipped a beat when she said that she felt comforted being around her. It’s only to Yuki and Jurina that would be comfortable with her, but Yuki would be the first one ever to have said that to her. Everyone always felt uncomfortable and stressed when they were around Mayu due to her superior pressuring aura, but only Yuki felt that she’s comfortable being with her.

“…I want to see you.”

She missed Yuki. She wanted to see her. The fact that she wouldn’t be able to meet her was like a biggest scar on her heart. She tried not to think about it but eventually the truth that she wouldn’t be able to meet her friends again was inescapable. She would have to confront in no matter what despite she wanted to deny it forever. Deep down she prayed that someone would save her and free her out from these cursed chains. She wondered why she couldn’t be born into a normal family and couldn’t she have an ordinary life. Why did she need to carry such a burden on her shoulders because of her yakuza family? She could hear the door to her room open and it was Aika again. She finally got up from her usual seat, as it was the time for her to get ready and change for tonight’s event. The dress was prepared for her and Aika would be doing the make-up and her hair for today. Mayu could tell it would be a long day for her…and she didn’t know what awaited for her at the party tonight.


[Rena’s POV]

“Eh? A party?”

I was slightly confuse with what Jurina is telling me about this party that Sae-san invited us…he said that I could come along too if I want to as he gave enough invitations for the three of us. Jurina don’t seem to know what was his intention and part of her she don’t want to go, but she promised him already she would attend. She’s more curious about why Sae-san is persisted to have them attend this party, I don’t understand why since I don’t know him well…but it seems to bother Jurina quite much.

“So…you’re going to the party?”

“If I want to find out what he meant, I need to go and see it myself.”

“What did he say?”

Jurina tells me his riddle. He said that they would find something they’ve looking for if they attended the party and he was actually serious when he said it. I’m still not that sure with what’s going on but I don’t mind going if Yukirin and Jurina are going. I also feel like I should be going too…I don’t know why, maybe some six senses? Maybe getting out from here would help clear up my mind…I’ve been worrying about Mayu these days since she doesn’t pick up my calls nor reply my texts at all. I turn to Jurina and tell her I’ll be going to the party with them as well.

“I’ll be going as well…if you don’t mind.”

“Of course you’re more than welcome to come with us. I just don’t want to force you to come.”

“Don’t worry, I want to go with you two.”

“Well…it will be tonight, I’ll ask Yukirin to help you out with the dress tonight. It seems it's a very formal party in this 5-star deluxe hotel in the middle of the city.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Yukirin and I will get out from work early today, we’ll come meet with you here.”

“…Thanks Jurina.”

She only smiles back to me before she strokes my head. In that blink of second I see that identical smile across a younger version of Jurina. My eyes grow wide with shock as I could feel that I’m slowly to remember things now. Maybe the truth that I know Jurina is my sister makes my memories recovered much faster. I start to remember how she looked when she was a teenage back when I’m still a child. That warm hand and smile would always comfort my fragile heart all the time. I hold onto her hand and closed my eyes…slowly move it down to my cheeks. I absorb and feel the warmth from her hands that comforted my soul. Jurina doesn’t react to anything I did and then she put another hand on my other cheek. I’m startled at first but then I’m too comforted by her warmth. My free hand places on top of her hand so she wouldn’t remove her hands away from my cheeks. Then suddenly, the silence breaks apart when Jurina speak up to me.

“You really like it when I hold your cheeks like this, ever since you’re very little.”



I only smile and accept that warmth. I couldn’t let her hands go at all. I was addicted to it. I love it; maybe it’s just like what Jurina said. It feels as if this used to happen, and it feels very nostalgic to me for some reason. Maybe this is a reason…it seems as I spend more time with Jurina, I start to remember more about myself and who I am. But still I don’t understand Jurina’s intention at all. It feels like she doesn’t want me to remember despite she’s helping me out. I couldn’t figure out the possible reason to support this. However, the warmth from Jurina’s hand seems to have distracted me from thinking such complicated things. It feels so calm and relaxing.

“…I think I remember this feeling.”

“Is that so, I’m glad…”

Jurina couldn’t stay with me any longer since she needs to go back to work. She left me alone in my room, but I don’t feel so lonely though. After I have a talk with Jurina regarding our family relationship, apparently we’re getting a little closer to each other and started to take little steps. However, I could still feel that Jurina is hiding so many things from me. This wouldn’t change unless I push on to find out the truth. To remember everything would make me find the answer I was looking for, but I’m really scared of myself. I wondered would I still be the ‘me’ when I remember everything? At times like this I want to talk to Mayu. She always manages to calm me down every single time. But, no one heard anything about Mayu at all…and it’s making me so worried about her whereabouts. It’s like she just disappeared out of blue.

“….Mayu, where are you? …I hope you’re okay.”

I decide I might be walking around in the hospital since I’m quite bored. Only I needed to wait until evening when Yukirin would come to pick me up. I wonder what the party would be like…I don’t have such a good vibe to this thing at all. I don’t know I’m just a random feeling or it’s actually my senses warning me. Oh well, I will figure it out when tonight comes.


Around early evening, Yukirin come to my room and talk to me about this night party today. Jurina and her are about to leave to return back to Yukirin’s home so they could change into their proper attire for tonight. She would be lending me her dress so I could wear something nice for tonight. I just nod and she takes me to the parking lot where Jurina is waiting for us.

“Sorry to make you wait Rena-chan.”

“It’s okay! I’m all good.”

“I guess this would be the first time you’ll be seeing my place, isn’t?”

“A-Ah, I guess so.”

This would be the first time I would be seeing Yukirin’s house too, I’m partially excited for this and I’m sitting at the back seat with Yukirin by my side accompanying me. We’re talking trivial things and fun stuffs. Yukirin keeps talking and thinking about the dress she would suit me the most too. It isn’t that long before we arrive right in front of her house. It is so huge! Despite its slightly dark, but I could see how huge and luxurious it is. As expected from the house belonged to one of the founders of the hospital. She immediately takes me to her room while Jurina with to her own room to do her preparations.

“Here we are, this is my room.”

Yukirin opens in and then I could see that the color of the walls inside the room is light pink. It is so clean and tidy, which suited her character. She goes straight to the cabinet where all her clothes are kept. I could see Yukirin was really enjoying this so much as she tries to match up a perfect dress for me as well as the accessories…and what hairstyle to do too. She did everything and was having much fun with it. 

“I’m sorry Rena-chan for dressing you around like this.”

“It’s okay, I think I did learn some few things from this.”

“Hehe, having you around feels like I have a younger sister. If I were to have one, I would love to dress her up all the time.”

Yukirin is fixing my hair and she smiled with contentment. I could feel that she cared for me and I really like Yukirin too. She’s very gentle…and I’m not surprise at all why Mayu would love her so much. That’s when I think I should give Mayu some help with this. I actually want Yukirin to like Mayu, since she’s the only one that can make Mayu smile like that… both beautiful and painful smile.

“Uhm…I have a question.”


“Well, what do you think of Mayu?”

“Ah…Mayu huh?”

Yukirin wonders for short while before she glances over to that sheep plush she got from Mayu before she disappeared. It was a toy that Mayu won from the game and she gave it to her. It is truly a memorial gift for their date together at the amusement park. It just reminds her how much fun she had and she couldn’t help but to smile out with happiness.

“She could be cold and such a big bully…but she’s very gentle and caring. She rarely smiles, but if you see one…you’ll realize that it really suits her. I wish she could smile much more often than this.”

I listen to Yukirin with slight surprise. I could see her face from the reflection in the mirror in front of me. I could see that she’s actually smiling while talking about Mayu. I don’t know Yukirin thought about her this way before and this might be her chance. I don’t know I should push on this topic but I throw back out an innocent question to find out the truth…could it be possible that Yukirin have her heart for Mayu? I want to believe in that, but she’s just recently broke up with Jurina. I don’t know what to believe right now. However, by hearing the next answer from her might make me learn something…Oh Mayu, I hope I’m doing the right thing for you here.

“So…Yukirin, do you like her?”


She pauses and I watch her with curiosity from the reflection, but I could tell that Yukirin is surprised with that question. She doesn’t know how to answer back at all. She seems to be putting quite a lot of thoughts when I asked her and then I slowly turn to Yuki with bigger curiosity. I actually wanted to know how she felt towards Mayu. I don’t want Mayu to look sad and be all alone…the only person that could help her will be Yukirin. I really wish that she would love Mayu the same way that she have for her. 

“Me…liking Mayu? I-I…I don’t know. I do care of her as my friend but…”

“…I see. I’m sorry to ask like that?”


“Are you two ready yet?”

Jurina comes knocking on the door at such a perfect timing. Yukirin hurries to open the door for her and tells her that they’re about to go down in few minutes after she’s done fixing with my hair. Yukirin curls up my hair and moves it onto left side of my shoulder. It is a simple yet classic hairstyle…she lends me her earrings, heels, and dress before we leave. I don’t bring up the topic about Mayu for the whole ride, part of it I don’t want to talk about it when Jurina is around since she is Yukirin’s ex-girlfriend. Another part is that I don’t want to confront the truth that Yukirin might only see Mayu as a friend, and anymore than that. She may probably still love Jurina after they broke up, maybe she still have some lingering feelings. But to think about it now wouldn’t help anything; I stare out from the window and have this heavy feeling inside my chest. It’s a weird feeling as if I felt like something bad is about to come up. I don’t have a good feeling about this party that Sae-san would invite us over…


Sae was already in his formal suit welcoming the guests that entered the hall at the top floor of the hotel. His family rented it for tonight’s special event…for his engagement party. Obviously it was one of the biggest successes of Miyazawa’s family to be engaged to the glorious Watanabe group whom had one of the groups that had the biggest influence in Japan. His relatives and family members came over to congratulate him. However, it seemed they constantly kept asking about his fiancé, Watanabe Mayu. Obviously they only knew her name since she was the only daughter of Watanabe Ichiro…but they never had the chance to see the actual person at all. She never makes a public appearance to any sort of meetings or conferences at all. Therefore, no one ever knows how she looked like.

“Where’s your fiancé?”

“Well…she’s yet to arrive. I think.”

“I wondered how she look like. I wondered whether she’s glorious like her mother or not.”

“…I guess she is.”

Sae only could remember Mayu as in her doctor outfit and casual attire. She looked just like any ordinary girl, but when she was in her kimono at home she was utterly gallant beyond any woman he ever met in his life. He was yet to see her in a formal dress in such an event like this. It made Sae wondered how it would turn out to be and it seemed he made his cousins got curious about his answers.

“You never saw her before? I thought you did.”

“Well I did but…there’s some complications that I don’t wish to talk here.”

“Oh well that’s alright, isn’t this her event as well? I wondered what’s keeping her away from here.”

“Pardon for my tardiness tonight.”

The strong feminine voice came from behind Sae’s cousins and when he looked up, he was shocked to see those calm eyes and that woman in her short gold dress. She had that transparent silk scarf and her curled wavy hair rested on her shoulders. That aura emitting from her grabbed everyone’s full attention and Sae couldn’t believe the woman he was seeing was actually his own fiancé, Watanabe Mayu. It was as if the Mayu at hospital and presently right here now is a different person. She walked passed his cousins and went to his side while the sound of her heels hit the floor each time she took a step. Their eyes followed Mayu at all times and it was like they completely fell for her bewitching beauty.

“The traffic had caught me late and pardon my late arrival, Sae.”

“That’s okay, I’ll take care of the things here…and this is my fellow cousins.”

Sae introduced the yakuza’s daughter to his cousins and she only smiled softly with those strong eyes filled with pride and honor. She bowed her head down a little ly before she spoke to them so formally that they tensed up under her presence. Even Sae could feel the heavy air when Mayu stepped in. Her aura was completely different from any ordinary person, it was as expected from the only daughter of the leader of all Yakuza groups in Japan.

“Thank you for attending tonight, I’m Watanabe Mayu, please make yourself comfortable.”

“T-Thank you Mayu-sama.”

“I do need to go see my parents, they are coming soon.”

“A-Ah, I see.”

“Is it alright if you take care of the things here?”

Mayu turned to her fiancé and he nodded softly. It wasn’t like he could deny his duty to serve all the guests that arrived. The young lady walked away and she left a stunning impression on Sae’s cousins. He could see that they fell for Mayu’s gallant beauty and it would also likely to be beyond their expectations.

“S-So that’s Watanabe Mayu-sama? Damn…she really does give the same vibe as from Kikuyo-sama.”

“I guess that’s what you expected from a daughter of the leader of Japan’s Yakuza association.”

They whispered to each other gossiping about Sae’s fiancé, while the man stared back at Mayu from behind with those calm eyes. It seemed the young doctor never failed to surprise her in any kind of way at all…this was the first time he saw Mayu with the make-up on and he couldn’t believe how gorgeous she had became…little by little, he felt like he’s getting closer to understand the real ‘Watanabe Mayu’. After that he had been taking care of the guests that arrived at the party and the guests that he was waiting finally arrived. It was Jurina’s group that came in with their invitation cards in their hands at the entrance while the guards checking on them. He quickly went to them and told the guard that they were his personal guests and allowed them to come in without any further ado.

“I’m glad you all came, please make yourself comfortable here. All the food and drinks are prepared over there.”

“Thank you.”

Jurina was in her black formal suit as expected, she wasn’t a big fan of wearing girly dresses like Yuki. As for nurse was in her deep blue short dress and she looked very beautiful tonight, but it didn’t make Sae felt anything at all. It was like his mind was completely blown away after he witnessed Mayu’s appearance tonight already, he couldn’t believe that she would be his fiancé. Then lastly his eyes landed over to another younger girl beside Jurina, she seemed to be shy…and she was the young girl he once met at the amusement park. She’s in a cute light pink short dress. At least he remembered who her name was and he sighed with relief. Right now, all the pieces have gathered and it was the only matter of time that he planned for Jurina and her friends to meet with Mayu in this party. He couldn’t predict what would happen tonight at all…however, it would truly be a chaos and a mess.


Mayu was sitting in Watanabe’s private waiting room waiting for her parents to arrive, as she preferred than welcoming the guests at the event. She sat silently alone in the room with the maid served her a cup of tea and sweets. She didn’t say anything to her and just waited for her parents to arrive…and it wasn’t that long that she heard the door opened and saw the two adults entering with the guards right close by to them. Her father was wearing a gallant black suit instead of his usual plain attire back at home…as well as her mother wearing a black long dress but still had that same usual hairstyle. Kikuyo still had that hair bun behind her head and never ever let her hair down, not even once in Mayu’s life time.

“Have we made you wait for long, Mayu?”

“Not at all, father.”

The young daughter only replied calmly and then her mother went in and sat down on the couch opposite to Mayu. If it weren’t because of the engagement party her mother would’ve come in her usual kimono. As they sat down, Ichiro could tell from Mayu’s expression that she wasn’t happy with any second that she was here in this event…obviously she was forced to marry someone she didn’t want to. 

“Mayu, its about time, let us go to the engagement celebration.”

Her mother, Kikuyo, spoke up and then Mayu just simply nodded in silence. The whole Yakuza family walked out from the waiting room towards the event hall that was organized by Miyazawa group. While the whole family was walking down the grand hallway, they got their top elite bodyguards of Watanabe group securing all directions. The moment they entered the hall, many eyes turned to them as they felt the heavy presence that was seeping out from their bodies. Its not just the father and the mother…especially Mayu whom inherited both her parents’ gallantness. Both adult men and women in the room couldn’t let their eyes away from both Kikuyo and Mayu. It wasn’t just their aura but their beauty instantly hooked everyone’s attention. That was when Sae walked up to them and bowed his head down with respect to their biggest guest of all in this event, the Watanabe group. 

“I’m glad to welcome you two, Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe.”

“It looks quite neat here, thanks for inviting us Sae-kun.”

Ichiro was very gentle and nice to the young man, and that’s his actual personality. He’s a laidback, friendly, and kind. It was quite a contradiction that he’s engaged to a demon lady like Kikuyo who’s heartless and as cold as absolute zero. Mayu believed she could put a poker cold face through out the whole night but then she didn’t expect a nightmare to come so soon. This was something that she wouldn’t ever expect to happen. How could she expect that for her friends to be attending such a high-class private event that’s exclusively to Watanabe and Miyazawa group? The moment she heard a familiar voice called her name from afar…her eyes grew wide with shock and slowly looked up towards the origin of the voice.


She recognized her voice and its not that difficult for Mayu to figure out who this lady in short pink dress is…she’s Matsui Rena. That moment of shock, it made Mayu felt a cold rush down her spine. She had a feeling that it wouldn’t be just Rena here, both of her friends would be here too. That young naïve girl caught Kikuyo’s attention and then she stared back at that young Rena.

“Who is she? Someone you know?”

“…Probably. I don’t know her.”

Mayu lied back to her mother that she didn’t know who’s Rena. She didn’t want this young naïve girl to be involved with her family’s business, but then it was too late to do anything when the other two quests of the party arrived to join with Rena. Their eyes met with Mayu’s and grew widely with shock. It was truly a nightmare for young Watanabe. Her eyes met with this raven-haired lady in deep blue dress…and that moment her heart sank down to the bottomless pit. As for the young man, Sae could see his fiancé was stunned with shock and fear, and that was when he realized that the true highlight of this engagement party had began.

“…Mayu? W-Wait is that really you??”

Yuki had spoken up and Mayu had bit her lips to prevent any more fear and frustration escaping from her face. She took a soft deep breath before she glared back at her friends as if they were strangers to her. It gave a chill down their spine the moment the Watanabe intimidated them and she’s completely a different Mayu that they knew. The young Watanabe diverted her eyes to Sae, as she knew immediately who was behind calling her three closest friends to this event. However, before anyone could say anything, Ichiro spoke up as he realized that his little daughter was tensing up.

“They’re your friends aren’t they? Why don’t you greet them for the time being? Your mother and I have some few things to talk to Miyazawa group before the start of the event.”

“…Very well then father.”

He gave her a pat on the shoulder before he took care of Kikuyo instead and went with Sae to have their little private discussion before the highlight of the engagement party today. They only left the girls to talk to each other, but Mayu wished that she went with her family so that she could be away from all of them. The last person that Mayu would want to meet right now would be Yuki. All the three of them stared at the young helpless Watanabe and thought that this situation was just a coincidence.

“Where have you been? We’re so worried about you during the past week! And wow…its such a rare sight seeing you in a pretty dress like this.”

In that midst of silent treatment from Mayu…Yuki was the one to approach her while extending her hand out to her, but then the cold Watanabe smacked it away. It even made Jurina and Rena flinched by that cruel treatment from their doctor friend. It was as if there’s nothing left between them and left them in a midst of confusion. 

“E-Eh?? M-Mayu…?”

“…All because of that man…he’s getting on my nerves.”

“Mayu?? Hey, what’s wrong—”

“Leave. I’m don’t have such interest to interact with you people.”

Mayu stepped back and glared at the two of them. The usual playful gentle eyes were gone…only but the cold heartless glare was left and none of them could understand what was going on at all. However, they realized that something was wrong…with the situation and with Mayu. It seemed Sae had planned everything for this to happen, for the three of them to meet with the disappearing Dr. Watanabe. However, Yuki didn’t just feel the annoyance and anger from Mayu’s eyes like how both Jurina and Rena could’ve felt from it. She felt a tinge of sadness from those eyes and it felt as if a knife stabbed through her heart. Seeing Mayu having these painful eyes was just killing her painfully…and she didn’t know what’s the cause for it. She felt completely helpless to her. Without further ado, Mayu left immediately without saying anything further to her fellow friends but that wouldn’t stop Yuki from following her.

“M-Mayu! Wait!”

Rena and Jurina were both confused with what was going on, but before the younger Matsui could take off as well the doctor stopped her. She grabbed onto Rena’s arm gently to yank her back before she could run off after Yuki. The moment she turned around to her, Jurina just shook her head. 

“Maybe…let it be just the two of them while we just wait here for Yukirin.”

“…I’m worried about Mayu. She looks… Uh, I don’t know how to explain.”

“I know what you mean. It’s not just her appearance but actions as well that’s so different…as if she’s a completely different person. But I know it’s her. She’s definitely Mayu that we all know…but at the same time, she’s not.”

Rena sighed softly while watching Yuki disappeared after Mayu. The young Matsui felt the older one put her hand onto her shoulder and pulled her in closer. She looked up to Jurina and realized that she was trying to comfort Rena indirectly. If she could say she would want to tell her that the only thing they could do right now was to wait for Yuki to come back, and to trust both of their friends regarding this unknown matter.


“W-Wait! Mayu!? Oi Mayu!! Can’t you just stop!?”


Mayu finally stopped but she didn’t turn back to look at Kashiwagi at all…she only gave her a silent glare. That moment, Yuki stopped and just stared back at her doctor friend without saying a word. She could feel so much frustration and anger inside those eyes. She knew something was definitely wrong with Dr. Watanabe. Despite she had countless questions roaming inside her head she couldn’t utter even a single word from her lips.


“I don’t want to talk to you. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any intention to see you and Jurina ever again.”

 “Huh?? W-What—”

“Get out from my sight now…before I’ll have to ask the guards to take you away.”


The Watanabe lady just glared back and Yuki’s instinct was to freeze at that instance. She didn’t know why her body was responding like that. Even she wanted to approach closer to her, but she couldn’t possibly confront against Mayu’s overwhelming aura. If felt as if her aura constantly pushed Yuki away and she couldn’t overcome this fear accumulating inside ever cell of her body. 

“You see the guards at the side? The moment I gave them a signal, they will seize over you immediately and treat you as a threat to me and this event.”


“For the best, this is your last chance. Leave now, Kashiwagi-san.”

That moment of silence between the two was just so cold and painful. Kashiwagi just looked back into her friend’s eyes and no words were uttered. She slowly tightened up her fist as she could feel how much Mayu was pushing her away heartlessly. Such a moment that the old memories she shared with doctor Watanabe started to replay inside her heart…


“Alright. I give up.” Mayu shrugged her shoulders and made Yuki confused. “Well…is ‘Yukirin’ okay?”

“…Eh?” Yuki gawked with complete confusion. She’s totally dumbfounded with what Mayu said.

“Your name. You don’t like kirin, so I’m asking if it’s fine to call you Yukirin.”


Back then; Dr. Watanabe was acting slightly shy with what she said. Despite she’s such a big bully towards Yuki, she actually cared for her. If not, she wouldn’t be concern of how she felt. She remembered how gentle Mayu’s voice was. Despite with all the tease and bully, Mayu’s smile is completely priceless to her.


However, right now, only but cold eyes were given to her. Such haughty and intimidating glare from Mayu was something she hated so much. She didn’t know why but it hurt Yuki’s heart to see that look on doctor Watanabe’s face.


“Don’t fail.”

“Oh~ who do you think am I?”

Mayu smirked and threw the first ball. She literally destroyed the entire can tower instantly. Others that saw and the shopkeeper were surprised with such a throw and she didn’t have to use the other two balls to help at all. Watanabe won the 1st prize at that instant but she allowed her friend to pick the prize instead.

“Pick what you want. There’s nothing I’m particular interested.”

“Wow really? Then…can I have that sheep?”

The shopkeeper got the cute round sheep plush for both of them. Yuki seemed to be very happy and she hugged the soft sheep in her arms. Mayu didn’t know that the nurse was a fan of sheep at all. She needed to ask in order to answer her curiosity.

“You like sheep? I didn’t know that.”

“Hehe, it looks like you.”


Another unexpected thing coming out from Kashiwagi once again, and Mayu gave her a dumbfounded glare. She couldn’t understand her relationship with a sheep that would make Yuki said that she’s like a sheep.

“W-What? I look like a sheep?? How?”

“I’m not telling~”



She remembered that they would argue over little things like this but its one of the happiest moment she shared with Mayu. It’s their daily routine to pick on each other whenever they could. Such a rash and rough way to talk yet hides so much kindness. Despite all the stupid arguments and debates they always have, she could never forget those days at the slightest…and to see Mayu right now literally killed her heart. That cold heartless voice pierced her heart.

“…Leave now, or I’ll make you.”



Yuki chuckled with a lively smile. “I’m happy that you felt better~ If there’s anything I could do for you…you must tell me okay?”

“A must?” Mayu giggled softly with surprise on how Yuki was being demanding on her. The nurse nodded back and made her sighed softly on top of that smile. “I guess I don’t have a choice huh…”

“Yup, you don’t. I said so.” Yuki declared and confirmed her previous statement.

“I see…”

 Mayu felt glad that Yuki cared for her, even though she only saw her as a friend. The unintentional smile that came out from her heart after she received a warm care from the nurse. Before she forgot, she pulled out a purse from her pocket, and it was actually Yuki’s purse.

“T-That’s my purse! You found it!?”

“Right after you called me over to go to drink with you, I tried to give to you but you kept interrupt me…”

Yuki took the purse back and sighed with relief while Mayu stared at her with those loving eyes before she uttered a word that she kept repeating inside her heart.

“Also, thank you for your help…Yuki.”


That smile and gentleness in her voice were truly from Mayu’s heart. That way she called her name so gently and tenderly just made her heart skip a beat. She could feel it that’s the real Watanabe Mayu that she was talking to. She wondered where it had disappeared since only but sadness and anger was in her eyes. Maybe only Yuki was the one that could feel that sadness through her heartless glare. All those moments she spent with Mayu sounded like a lie after she’s seeing her like this.

“Also…its not Mayu for you anymore. It is Watanabe-san. You would have my gratitude for that, Kashiwagi-san.”


Before she could’ve said anything else, Mayu had took off and left without looking back at Yuki. Despite the nurse wanted to catch up after the doctor, but maybe this wasn’t the right time to do so. She felt that Mayu had to calm down a little more before she could talk to her again. Yuki simply watched her walk away and disappeared from her sight without moving from her spot and uttered a single word at all. The silence coming from both of them told the whole story to Yuki, and that’s why she realized that silence was the only thing she could do.


“…So that’s the plan for tonight’s event. We did not make any changes from the latest schedule we’ve showed you sir.”
Miyazawa Sae had explained the schedule of this event to Mayu’s parents while they were in a special guest room that the Miyazawa group prepared for them. Grand drinks and soft snacks were prepared for them on the table as it was personally prepared by one of the finest chefs of the hotel. As they were done with their discussion, the 2nd star of this event had entered the room without saying a single word. Only but cold silence was her treatment to everyone. Her father just went straight and greeted her despite of her cold actions towards everyone around her.

“Welcome back Mayu, had you finish greeting your friends?”

“They are not my friends, just someone I used to know.”

“…Very well then. We just finished discussing the schedule for this party. Both Kikuyo and I will be greeting some few friends of ours in the party while you two spend some time together, is that good?”

“As you wish, father.”

Mayu didn’t speak her thoughts or anything. Just simply obey what her father said. She believed that there’s no point for her to speak her own thoughts. If she could, she would do so at the first place and wouldn’t be running away from her destiny like this. Both of her parents left the room and it was only Sae and Mayu left with some guards in the room. However, the man could tell why Mayu came here and what she wanted to talk so he asked all his guards to leave the room so he could have a private talk with his fiancé.

“…So now it’s just us. I believe you have some things you wish to talk. Take a seat, Mayu.”

“Why did you bring them here?”

“I believe…its going to be some long talk, please do sit down first.”

She sat down but then the anger in her eyes was still burning. Mayu glared at him with anger. It was obvious why she would be angry because he dragged her friends, and especially Yuki into this hideous mess. If she could just disappear with them unable to meet or contact her, then things would’ve end much smoother. It would be easy for Mayu to sabotage her relations with them permanently without having to meet them again, but with Sae inviting them to their engagement party, it made things much worse for Mayu.

“You sure want to get on my nerves…do you?”

“I didn’t have that intention to do so, Mayu. I could see…you’re rather annoyed and angry.”


“I see. You really didn’t want to see them, don’t you?”

“Just to prove your little curiosity? Are you happy with it now? You got your answer.”

Mayu was being bluntly rude towards him and did not show any mercy. She didn’t see a reason to be so since this man had gave her more problems in life. The worse thing she never would’ve wish for it to happen was for Yuki to be involved with her family’s business and duty as the succeeding leader. She got up from her seat and headed to the exiting door, but she threw a murderous glare towards Sae. He felt a chill down his spine and he remembered the fear that overtaken his mind in that instant. He could tell that he really did step on Mayu’s landmine.

“Don’t get in my way. Just because you’re my fiancé will not stop me from giving you some few fractures.”

“…Someone is getting physically violent.”

“You’ve broken the promise you made that will keep this a secret from them. Such a filthy act is unforgivable…but I will let it slip once. If there is next time, then I would have to clean my hands with your blood to satisfy my anger.”

She left the room with a cold heartless glare. Despite his fiancé left him alone in the room, he could still feel his heart racing like crazy. His body was pumping adrenaline constantly and his first instinct was to run away from Watanabe Mayu. He did have a feeling that he would make his fiancé this furious for bringing her friends to the party, but at least it made him realize something way more than what he expected. It was worth trading off with making Mayu pissed, but he had to admit that he was actually scared of her. That glare burned deep down into his mind and even when he closed his eyes he could still feel it staring at him murderously. 

“…She’s bloody scary, what a fiancé I got.”


Both Rena and Jurina waited patiently for Yuki to return. They wished to hear what happen with Mayu and hoped that the doctor would talk to the nurse. While both Matsui ladies were standing at the side having some few soft drinks, Rena spotted Yuki coming from a mile away with anticipation.


She saw the raven-haired lady approached them and she quickly rushed up to her without further waiting. Jurina eventually caught up with her in order to listen to what happen between Yuki and Mayu, but judging on the nurse’s face it seemed things didn’t go well at all. The young Matsui innocently asked Yuki about what happened.

“Yukirin…what’s wrong with Mayu?”

“I-I don’t know. It’s just…I don’t know how to say it.”

Jurina didn’t ask anything further but just sighed. She knew how uneasy and uncomfortable Yuki was and so she approached her to pat her on the head. It made her looked to her, and just made a short eye contact with one another.

“It’s okay. I believe she has her reasons.”


Yuki still didn’t say a word, and at this point Jurina wasn't so sure what was running inside her head at the moment. Before they could continue their conversation any further, the MC of the party spoke into the microphone to have every guest’s attention. It seemed the highlight of the event was about to begin as people started to take their seats while the three of them did at one of the far tables that Sae arranged for them. He wouldn’t want them to be surrounded by Watanabe and Miyazawa groups so its best to give them the furthest table.

[We’re grateful you’ve attend this engagement party to establish the bonds between two families. So I would like to welcome Miyazawa Sae to come speak up front to everyone.]

Jurina watched Sae came up on the stage and gave his thanks to the guests that attended his engagement party tonight. However, she could see that Yuki was not listening at all. She seemed to be off after she came back from talking to Mayu. It really did bother Yuki so much that she’s completely ignoring her surroundings. The Matsui doctor wished that she could do something for Yuki, but then she wasn’t so sure what to do. She couldn’t remember the last time that the nurse was this upset and quiet. The last time it did happen probably was when her mother, Saeko, passed away. 

[…And now, we’ll ask Sae-sama’s fiancé up to give a speech. Please welcome the heir of Watanabe group, Watanabe Mayu.]

That moment, Yuki turned her head towards the stage after heard Mayu’s name being mentioned. It’s not only the nurse, but also Jurina and Rena were both in shock as well. They couldn’t believe what they heard and just simply watched this familiar face getting onto the stage. That height, that face, and those eyes, its Watanabe Mayu that they all knew. Jurina quickly turned to Yuki and saw frustration and shock on her face. Kashiwagi didn’t let her eyes away from doctor Watanabe even for just a blink of a second. They watched Mayu slowly took the microphone from the MC as she went to stand by her fiance’s side before she greeted the guests.

[…Thank you for everyone giving his or her time to come over for this event. You have my gratitude and thank you to Miyazawa group for hosting a party as well. Please do give…my fiancé a round of applause.]

A tinge of smile filled with gallantness and sophistication appeared across her face and it was as if she was a complete different person that Yuki and others confronted. Just a minute ago her eyes were filled with anger, and hatred, but now it was so calm like a surface of a still water and stood strongly with honor and dignity. If they didn’t know Mayu was angry, then they would be deceived by that smile that she was actually satisfied or happy with this engagement party. For certain, Yuki was not bought by that calm smile on Mayu at the slightest. After that Sae had ended the announcement for official engagement and that was when he knelt down to show his fiancé a diamond ring that he wished to propose Mayu. People gave their applause and Mayu pretended to be slightly surprise for receiving a ring, but in reality she was not at all. She knew that Sae would pull this impressive act out since she was notified before it happen. It was all to buy the guests’ heart that these two are engaged with acceptance from both sides. Everyone stood up except Mayu’s friends to give the two couples a round of applause to congratulate them. However, Yuki just sat there in shock and stared at the doctor that was on the stage with her ex-fiance. Such emotional storm raging inside her heart and not even words could express her suppressed feelings…


After that Mayu went around with her family to greet the guests and listening to countless congratulations for her engagement. Miyazawa man found the time to break away to meet with Jurina’s group that was standing way at the corner of the hall. They did isolate themselves away from others, but it was understandable since they knew no one in this hall. Everyone in here came from high-class society and furthermore they were a part of Miyazawa and Watanabe’s group.  The moment he approach, he got both Rena and Jurina’s attention…but not Yuki’s. She didn’t move and still looked down onto the floor in silence.

“I guess this answers you three about Mayu…as she is my current fiancé.”


“All about family’s businesses. I didn’t expect this either…both her and I.”

“So that’s where she disappeared? But…why out of blue?”

Sae remained in silence while Rena threw in a question. He sighed softly before he turned to look at Mayu’s family that were talking to the guest before he continued talking to the three of them. He promised that he would not tell them about Mayu’s origin. Eventhough he wished to spill the beans, he couldn’t do so. However, such promises could be bent around as long as he could fufill Mayu’s biggest wish to break her relationship with all her friends.

“I guess if by telling you three…I could at least fulfill my fiancé’s biggest wish.”


“She wants you all to disappear from her life. She wants to sabotage the friendship with all of you. So after you saw this I want to ask you…will you do that for her?”

The three of them were in shock and this time it grabbed Yuki’s attention. She looked up and saw that calm vague smile across his face. He said as if it was nothing and it was such a simple request he’s making. Obviously, Jurina didn’t plan to stay still and let Sae speak like this to them. She approached closer to him and glared back.

“What the heck do you mean?? No way that Mayu would—”

“Can’t you tell how she treated you already? I’m pretty sure she darts her deadly murderous glare at you three…right?”


They didn’t refuse it since they could remember that glare of hatred that were staring at them and it felt as if a knife pierced deep into their heart. The man could already tell from their reaction that Mayu did make a solid declaration to sabotage her relationship with all of them. He sighed softly before he diverted his eyes to Yuki before he took some few steps to approach her. Jurina glared at him harder thinking that he would try to harm Yuki’s current mental stability, but then he only just stared back at her before diverted his eyes back to the helpless nurse.

“It seems you knew her for a long while?”

“We knew each other back when we’re still studying medicine together.”

Jurina answered instead and then it made Sae looked at her as if he was looking down upon her. He turned back to Yuki and seemed to show some sympathy towards Jurina and Yuki that they’re not even close to know the real Watanabe Mayu at all. It was such a big pity, and pathetic.

“It’s quite pathetic you knew her for so long, yet you guys don’t know anything about her at all.”


Doctor Matsui was pissed as the man stepped on her landmine. She approached him with anger, but then Rena grabbed onto her arm to stop her from doing anything reckless. Despite she was able to stop herself from trying to threaten him, she couldn’t stop glaring at him at all. She wasn’t just angry for herself, but for Yuki’s sake as well. The young nurse was deeply affected with what was happening today already, and now she needed to go through insults from Sae.

“But I can’t really say that, since my fiancé is just so good with hiding things. I’m pretty sure she has like a whole mountain hiding from me behind her back.”

“…So you’re here just to say this? To insult us?”

“Huh… I wonder why would Mayu want to protect you guys so much.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

Sae was speaking under his breath and the three ladies weren’t able to catch what he said. He was just venting out his own thoughts and didn’t see a reason to reply to what Jurina asked. He just gave a shrug and then decided to leave. He felt that it was rather pointless to be here and told the truth to the three of them. He wasn’t so sure they deserve to know or not.

“I guess I have to agree with Mayu sabotaging her relationship with you guys. It’s utterly pointless to continue on…you guys are too weak to do anything for her.”


“You knew… W-What’s wrong with Mayu?”

Before Jurina could finish her sentence, this raven-haired lady in deep blue dress interrupted her. Finally, Yuki spoke a word after she had confronted with Mayu about an hour ago. She slowly looked up to Sae and it seemed as if she wanted to cry but did her best to hold her tears back. However, the man could see utmost genuine sincerity from her eyes and made him stunned for a second.

“…I want to know…what the hell is wrong with Mayu? She’s never like this…this is not the real Mayu.”


“Please Sae-kun, I want to know—no…I NEED to know what’s going on.”

He sighed and ruffled his head before he continued his final hint for them. He wouldn’t want to spend too much time with the three ladies before Mayu would want to rip his head off in the middle of this engagement party.

“I don’t know whether you guys are stupid or what…”

“When are you going to stop insulting us!?”

Jurina was mad but at least Rena was there to calm her down. At least Yuki didn’t care that he was insulting her or not, if she could get a hint from him regarding Mayu then she’s willingly to go through everything that he planned to throw at her.

Watanabe Group is utterly famous, the whole country knows that name pretty well. Despite it's a common name, it’s just so easy to learn the history of that family. At least do have some common knowledge regarding your homeland.”

Sae gave his last hint before he walked away to join with his parents and Watanabe’s group. That left the three of them in silence and confusion. Obviously none of them understood what Sae was attempting to tell them at that point, but his way was so rude and rashly. Jurina swore she would never get along well with him, but Rena felt that he wasn’t such a bad person though. If he were truly bad, then he wouldn’t be giving them a last hint. While both of them were having their little discussion about Sae’s last clue, Jurina looked around and saw Mayu standing with her family greeting the guests. However, that was when she recognized this pin crest clipped on the chest part of the dress. Those two adults beside Mayu also had that golden three-spirit crest on them too. Somehow, Jurina felt that she saw that symbol somewhere and had to point it out to Yuki.

“Have you ever…seen that crest before? I felt rather so familiar.”

“What crest?”

“It’s on Mayu’s and her parents’ chest. Did you see?”

Yuki paid slightly more attention and actually did recognize that crest. However, that moment her eyes grew wide with shock as if she knew what it meant. Jurina could tell that Yuki knew it, but she wasn’t saying a single word. The nurse only stared at that crest on Mayu and just shook her head slowly with denial. It was as if she couldn’t accept the truth about that crest on Mayu. It’s not just Jurina but Rena as well that could see how pale Yuki was.

“What’s a matter Yukirin? You looked so pale…”

“N-Nothing…no…it can’t be…h-how the hell did I not—!”


Jurina stepped in and rested her hand on Yuki’s shoulder to get her attention. However, that wasn’t enough to bring the nurse’s attention back to reality. She was still in a moment of shock and just kept shaking her head with denial. That moment, Yuki slowly brushed Jurina’s hand away and took a deep breath before replying back to her friends.

“S-Sorry, I need some time alone. Give me a minute.”

“Do you want to leave? We can right now, it’s not as if we have to do anything here…we did get what we want from here.”


“Jurina, let’s go home…”

Rena spoke up instead of Yuki since the nurse chose to remain in silence. The doctor made an eye contact with her sister and then nodded before escorting Yuki out from this nightmare. As the three ladies approached the exit, Sae watched them closely and that was when Jurina turned to make a short eye contact to him. However, it was just a short one before Jurina turned back to focus on Yuki who seemed to be heavily affected about today. As for Mayu, she completely ignored her friend’s whereabouts, or it’s rather officially to say they’re her ex-friends. It took about few hours for the engagement party to end, but for Mayu it was forever.


As most of the guests started to leave, it allowed the Watanabe lady to take a rest from keeping up with her smile. The moment she felt that she could take a break, it was when Sae came up to her side to talk to her. She thought that she would have a minute of peace and get to relax, but it didn’t seem she could do that yet.

“If I didn’t know you’re mad, I would be deceived by that mask of yours.”

“…What do you want?”

“I’ll say it as a manner, thanks for going along with this party despite you hate it. You have my gratitude, Mayu.”

“A job is a job…like I do have an option.”

“Heh, you’re right. So am I.”

Sae sneered with sarcasm. He actually agreed with what his fiancé said since he was in the same shoes as her. He didn’t have a choice but to put a smile in front of everyone despite he wanted to or not. However, he’s just so used to keeping up the mask to impress people that it became a habit. He chuckled softly with how pathetic their life was and just gave Mayu a shoulder shrug.

“I offer you to escort you and your family back home.”

“…We got our own private servants, we rather trust our own than others.”

“Very well then. As you wish, my fiancé.”

He just had that sarcastic smile across his face before he went to finish other businesses to give his thanks to the guests before they leave. As for Mayu, she was annoyed with how Sae kept stating that she’s his fiancé. Despite she knew deeply well, but she couldn’t help but to be annoyed about it. Then it was about time that the Watanabe group decided to return back home in their private luxurious Mercedez-Benz. The young doctor just looked out from the window at the back seat while she was sitting beside her mother. She just stared at the lights that were brightening up the whole city in the dark and tried to enjoy its beauty. She attempted to forget about her friends, but then the image of Yuki’s painful expression while she looked back at Mayu. She couldn’t get rid of that image and it was torturing her very heart and soul.  She tightened up her fist and bit her lips with anger towards herself. Mayu really did treat Yuki horribly and coldly today…and it was just too much for her. She loved her wholeheartedly and for her to give Yuki such a sorroful look like this it felt as if a knife stabbed through her heart. It’s such an act that she couldn’t possibly forgive herself and she didn’t have the guts and courage to face Yuki anymore. Maybe, that’s the best for both of them in order to protect Yuki from her family’s threat and power.

(Mayu: Yuki…I’m so sorry…I’m really sorry.)


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