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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 118745 times)

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Woaaaaaaah~ Woaaaaaah~ WOOOAAAAAAAAH~
This part just so cooool><
You really give every detail of your experience, K-tan!
And Jurina beings stupid. JUST KISS YOUR RENA, PUPPY!
I'm so curious with Rena's reaction when she know Jurina join Sakae team.
Hopefully, it will not give any bad impact for Jurina and Rena relationship T^T

Thanks for your update, K-tan^^
I'll wait for the next one~
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nickyololol: Haha, thanks for enjoying this fic! Personally I’m a kendo player myself, that’s why i know a lot of kendo terms and how it goes. :)

Raizel: Yup, Mariko called Jurina to be a substitute member for Sakae team for Kawaei’s sake. Taisho is indeed an important position in a way because it can determine the victory of the team. You’ll know how good Jurina is in this chap :P It will reveal a lot of things.

niineechan: I’m glad you enjoy the wmatsui~ There will be more in part 5.3 :P Awww, to hear that you can wait forever makes me happy! But I won’t make you guys wait forever :P I’ll make sure I finish every fic I start.

xerone914: yeah, Jurina should’ve kiss her! :D

kuro_black29: LOL sexy mayuki action :D Jurina and Yuko fighting each other would be very interesting ^^ Hope you enjoy this too!

gek geki: Definitely mayuki are very opposite from each other, but we’ll know soon about their story :P Also, that’s a very good question about how could Jurina play for Sakae! It is not revealed yet, but after the competition it will. As for Taisho, it usually is the strongest player, but not always. There’s a lot of strategy to the competition in order to win. The reason why Jurina is taisho is because she’s a very strong stable player that won’t panic under pressure.

Haruko: Yup Jurina! We shall see her in action~

purnamazaki: I’m glad you love this fic ^^

junchan48: I’m glad you enjoy this fic! Not a lot of dramas yet since its focusing on the competition. However, there will be some dramas next part! :)

Love is a Battlefield
~Pairing: WMatsui~

~Part 5.1~
We win together...and lose together



The second and final day of the competition had welcomed all competitors. Everyone returned to Nippon Budokan once again for the final fight of P48 Annual Kendo Championship. Everyone arrived at start warming up instantly since the competition would start faster than yesterday since there won’t be an open ceremony.  The draws were out and Mayu had got all the details for every Akiba kendo players that were waiting at their area. The first team match up first would be between Sakae against Namba, followed by Hakata against Akiba. Before everyone would start doing their own warm-up, Yuki decided to make an announcement to her teammates.

“Guys, after our warm-up I would like us to watch the Sakae’s team fight. We have to.”

“Sure, it would be good to observe our potential opponent in the finals.”

Sayaka agreed with her but it seemed Yuko was in silence. She realized that just observing their opponent wouldn’t be the only reason that Yuki made such a request like this. She stared at her team captain and finally spoke up to answer her curiosity.

“May I ask why do you want us to watch?”

“I believe you’ll know the reason why when we watch.”

Yuko simply remained in silence without any arguments with the team captain. She nodded and off to buy some drinks before the match would start, which would be in 10 minutes from now. Every member obeyed what the team captain said and they had a team warm-up first to get ready for today’s competition. Despite Yuki wanted to watch the beginning of the match, she needed to focus on the team because it's today’s priority. The team captain needed to do what the captain needed to do after all. Meanwhile, Rena haven’t received any text from Jurina today at all and began to wonder whether she had arrived at the Nippon Budokan yet or not. The last text she got was a goodnight message, but as she tried to get hold on Jurina she didn’t receive any reply at all.


The team match was about to begin and they were in the middle of their warm-up. Yuki gave orders to the warm-ups to do while thoughts regarding the match were still inside her head. She was certain that Watanabe Miyuki would be part of Sakae’s team and there could be an unseen member that was part of the team order that was not in the individual competition yesterday. After a while, they could hear the crowd cheered louder and the judge called the end of the match, which indicated that the first players’ match was over. It wasn’t that long that Mayu went up to Yuki’s side and gave her a whisper before the older one nodded back at her.

“…Thank you Mayu.”

“Right now, its jiho, Team Sakae won their first match with 2:1. ”

“Alright, after we’re done with warm-up, we’ll head out to watch.”

“I’ll let you know when chuuken is starting.”

As everyone was doing some few cuts and techniques as Yuki ordered, they could hear a loud cheer again and the judge declaring the 2nd half of the match. It seemed someone scored a point already. Finally when everyone was done, she called all of her team members to ask whether they wanted to do anything else before their match after Team Sakae. 

“Is there anything you guys want to do?”

“We’re all good!”

“Alright, before we go out to watch Sakae’s match, I have some few things to talk about first.”

Yuki took a deep breath and went into her team captain mode. She gave words of encouragements to her teammates and asked them to fight at their best, and win this team competition together to show their spirit to other kendo players out there. She put her hand in the middle and others topped it up including coach Takamina as well.

“Count to 3, and yell Akiba Fighting.”


“One, two three…”


Everyone yelled in unison to show their spirit before they started heading back to the competition floor and chuuken match just started begin. It was a perfect timing because the person that played in that position was no one other than Watanabe Miyuki. Everyone placed their gears down at their section and walked to the front to have a clear view of the match. While they were watching Watanabe Miyuki’s fight… they saw the other two players from Sakae already wear their mask armor and was stretching out to get ready for their match. The fact that the taisho wore the mask already signified that the chuuken match would end fast very fast.






The flag was given to the red-player in an instant. The Sakae team was in a massive big lead and if Miyuki could score another point it would put the team in a big lead. The first match was 2:1, and followed by 1:1 for second match. As the two players went to the starting line again, the judge called for the beginning of the second half.




The Namba kenshi tried to fight off with Miyuki, but the differences of their skills were big. Sakae kenshi allowed her opponent to run pass her and then she ran after to catch up with her. The moment she turned, Miyuki mercilessly attacked in her blind spot right at the head, and all three judges award the point to her.


“Men-ari! Shoubu-ari!”

The 3rd match was over in less than 20 seconds. It seemed Miyuki didn’t show any mercy in order to ensure her team’s victory. Despite it was each individual fighting, but today was not about themselves…its about the team. They needed to work and fight at their best for the team’s sake. As the third player stepped off, they bowed to the 4th player behind them before they switched places.

“Fighting Namba! Fighting!”

“Sakae! Sakae! Ganbare!”

If Namba wanted to win they needed to aim for 2:0 in this match, and the taisho need to get 2:0 to ensure a tie between two teams. At least if they dragged into daihyousen* there might be a chance for them to win the match. It was when the total team point between the two is a draw after the captain’s match. Both sides would send their representative and have a one-point showdown with each other. If the representative won, then the team would win. The fouth player of both sides went in and the match was about to continue again.




The player from Sakae is Suda Akari, and she’s holding it very strong against her opponent. She was playing very safe so that her opponent wouldn’t score the point. Despite the method wasn’t exactly that fair and clean, but everyone was here to win. Each member would do whatever it takes for their team to win, despite they have take an approach they don’t usually prefer to. Despite Suda was playing very safe, she did show aggression at times and made her opponent came in to attack. She kept baiting her opponent in and blocked their attack, which frustrated the young Namba kenshi. The fight went on and the Namba kenshi got so frustrated that she went in for the men strike to ensure her safety against the Sakae team, however Akarai counterattacked her by deflecting her cut and smack right down on the right side of her torso before run passed her.



They went back to the starting line again and the judge called for the 2nd half of the match. However, a few seconds before the match resumed the sound of the whistle echoed. That indicated the end of the match and it was Sakae that won fight. Sashihara, Takamina and Yuki were having a talk on the side and realized how Sakae organized their team to win. All their players were strong kenshi and none of them were beginners. Finally the 5th player came out and that caught everyone’s attention. They couldn’t see the face but the nametag definitely indicated the identity of the player…and they were not familiar with a Sakae kenshi named Matsui. As the 5th player went out, the Akiba team was on the white side and was already ready for their upcoming match.

“Eh?? Matsui? I didn’t see her name in the individuals’ competition yesterday. Is that Sakae’s hidden card?”

“That’s quite an old zekken too…she surely isn’t a new member. She must be strong too… since she’s the taisho for Sakae. I thought it would be Miyuki.”

Yuko and Sayaka were having their own little discussion regarding this unknown player on Sakae team. Everyone seemed to be curious since this kenshi didn’t appear yesterday, except for Rena who seemed to be in some shock. Her eyes grew wide and her lips were shaking. Yuki realized her teammates odd expression and watched her closely…and that was when Rena shook her head softly and stared at the taisho player from Sakae. Yuki made that eye contact with Mayu whom was standing behind her, as both of them realized that Rena recognized that taisho player.

“N-No…No way…No…no no…”




Rena’s eyes grew even wider and she recognized that signature kiai. It did sound the same to non-kendo players, however it was actually very distinctive and unique to each individual. Basically, each person’s kiai was each individual’s signature…and Rena remembered that voice very well. As the Namba taisho, Umeda Ayaka, she was playing very aggressively against Matsui to redeem her team’s spirit back. However, it didn’t make Sakae’s taisho flinched at all…she seemed rather composed and very calm under pressure. As the Akiba players observed her they realized how her basics were solid, and they could see through her stance.


She went in for a simple combo, but she was very fast and powerful. Her body tackled in and the Namba taisho was actually having a difficult time fighting against her. The Sakae kenshi ran pushed out and slashed right down at her opponent’s torso before she dashed in for men cut again.




The two eventually backed away to get a distance from each other and the Namba player was fighting cautiously and being alert at all times. However, the moment she saw that expression on her opponent’s face…the Sakae player was very calm that it terrified her. That instant, her opponent came in and pushed her sword away before she landed a clean strike on her head before she ran passed Umeda.


The first half with the score awarded to Sakae. They went to the starting line and resumed the second round while the cheers got louder due to it being the taisho match. All the Akiba members watched in silence and observed their opponent fought. It seemed they realized that this unknown Matsui on Sakae team was definitely a dangerous player that they needed to be careful.


“Umeda fighting! Fighting!”

The resumed the battle once again and Umeda was utterly pressured by Jurina’s calmness. She was actually getting quite restless and kept tackling in towards her but none of the cuts were good enough to be scored. As time passed by, Jurina became quite passive and pushed Umeda back so they could have a distance apart from one another. The more the Namba kenshi tried to score a point, the more her opponent deflected her cuts and dragged off the match until the whistle was blown.



The crowds cheered loudly as the match was finally over. The winner of the match was decided and the team members joined with their taisho at the end of the shiai-jo ring before they walked in.

(Otagai-ni-Rei = bow to each other)

The team members of both sides bowed to each other before they walked back out of the ring. Once they grabbed their stuffs, it was about time the next match to head out to fight. Despite the match was over they didn’t have a chance to have a glimpse of Sakae’s taisho’s face, however they would get to fight against her in the next match anyway since they would win this round.



The first two players, Sayaka and Yuki wore their mask armor already and everyone went to line up at the line of shiai-jo before they stepped in as the judges gave them a signal.


They bowed to one another before she stepped back and before they match started, the Akiba members joined hands in the middle and yelled out loud for moral team support.

“Akiba! FIGHTING!!”

They showed their team spirit before the first player walked back in into the shiai-jo for the first match. Sayanee was the first player to head off for the battle and she was fighting against Kotani Riho from Namba. She was surely an aggressive player and so was Sayaka. They both fought fiercely like a blazing fire to express their team’s spirit out. Both of them kept pushing against each other and yelled against each other’s faces with all the spirit they got.




Sayaka bashed up her opponent without any mercy and it could be seen that she was intimidated the Namba kenshi. Kotani Riho was struggling to match up against Sayaka.



 The fighting was fierce and powerful. As expected from the 1st player of the team, they’re compared as the flames of the team. They could pump up the team’s spirit as much as attacking the team. Therefore, Yamamoto Sayaka is the most suitable one for this position. She always has this aggression and power in her kendo style and her fighting spirit is formidable. She kept attacking in nonstop and suddenly, a surprise happened to Namba. 



Sayaka was able to score the point on the Namba girl. The cheer got loud after Akiba was able to score a point. They went back to the starting line again to start the 2nd half of the match.






The fight went on and the Akiba kenshi went all out and she was able to end the match with 2:1, and put Akiba team on the lead. The moment Sayaka stepped out, she had a fist bump with Yuki and it was her turn to push team Akiba for a big lead. She went in and the 2nd match was about to begin. As she went out to fight against Fujie Reina, she literally obliterated her opponent and ended the match with 2:0. The second position was similar to the 1st player, they’re the fierce and aggressive player too. The match went on for about a minute and then the 3rd match started. When it Yuki came out and was about to switch turns with Rena, they exchanged a fist bump with her.

“Ganbatte Rena.”

“Let’s do it Rena!!”

Yuko yelled out loud as she supported her teammate that went out for the match. Rena went out for the battle and she was actually fighting against well-known Ichikawa Miori. However, they’re very confident that Rena would be able to handle against the 2nd best player of Namba’s team.





Miori dashed and tackled Rena aggressively in order to bring back the glory to the team. However, the raven-haired Matsui played very safely and she did a lot of counterattacks on her opponent. Despite the Namba kenshi was very strong, but she had a very difficult time to score a point against Matsui Rena. The Akiba kenshi was being very passive, however very strong and stable. Rena went up for men and Miori blocked the attack, however she didn’t expect it to be baited in.


Rena’s sword changed its angle and smashed right on Miori’s dou and it was an obvious clean cut but the judge didn’t gave that point to her. Some people seemed to disagree with the judges’ decision but there was nothing that could be done. However, the moment Rena ran passed her she turned around and attacked on the mask in that blink of moment Miori didn’t expected.



The three judges gave the score to her and the 1st half of the match came to an end. It was as a surprise and perfect backward men strike that even the audiences was amazed by it. They both went back to the starting line, and the match restarted again.




The fight went on but the more Miori tried to score a point against Rena, the more she knew how to deal with her. Rena was actually saving her point until the whistle was blown to indicate time out. The moment they heard that, Rena was relieved that Miori wasn’t able to get a point on her and the match ended with her victory. At least she secured the team’s win even more now, and the decision maker would be on Ikoma and Oshima’s shoulders. Rena stepped out from the shiai-jo and exchanged spots with Ikoma. They exchanged fist bump before the young junior went to her place. Ikoma knew that if she won her match she would ensure the team’s win immediately. 




The two aggressive players clashed against each other like a wild beast. Despite Ikoma was a youngest and most less experienced player, she was one of the natural aggressive kenshi of Akiba. She was compared like a wild horse charging into her opponent without any fear. She showed a lot of her spirits to win this fight. As she clashed against her opponent and her strikes were strong for a young girl like her.





Yamada struck on the mask and she was able to score the first point on Ikoma. With that point, it gave Namba a moral support to fight back against Akiba. They went to the starting line to begin the 2nd half of the match, and everyone cheered harder for both sides.


“Faito Ikoma!!!!!”

Yuko already wore her armor and she getting ready for the match. If Ikoma could score a point on a Yamada, she would make team Akiba won the match. She expressed more spirit and poured everything she got into her fight and everyone started to cheer for her even more due to her spirit.

“Faito Ikoma! Faito!!”

“Ikoma-chan! Fighting!!!”





Ikoma went for the torso strike, however…the worse incident happened. As she ran passed to the side, Namba kenshi shoved the young Akiba girl away so that she could do a backward strike. Usually nothing would happen and Ikoma would just lose balance, however the young Akiba girl actually took a wrong stomp out of the way. She landed on the side of her feet and she twisted her ankle. She literally fell onto the floor and everyone was in shock even Yamada. She actually went to Ikoma’s side to give her a hand to stand up…but the moment she did, she could barely put her weight on her ankle. The head judge went up Ikoma and realized that that the young girl couldn’t fight anymore. The head judge went up to the judge at the scoring table and had a short talk before they went back to their position once again. The judge called the end of the match declaring the victory to the Namba side because Ikoma couldn’t fight anymore. She couldn’t crouch down to end the match. She slowly limped backward to get out the shiai-jo and that was when Takamina went in to support Ikoma out from the ring. She was in pain and she couldn’t stand on her injured feed. However, even though the teammates wanted to give their attention to her… Yuko had a match she needed to finish. Takamina and Mayu took Ikoma to the infirmary room to check on her ankle. The final match was about to start with Oshima Yuko versus Umeda Ayaka.


The nurse checked on Ikoma’s ankle and the moment she touched she flinched in heavy pain. Just for Takamina and Mayu saw Ikoma’s reaction, they knew that the young kenshi couldn’t possibly fight anymore. However, that was a moment Ikoma started to break down in front of the two of them. The team coach sat down by her side and patted her shoulder.

“Its okay Ikoma-chan, it will be fine.”

“B-But…the team is short by one player! Yuko-senpai will win…b-but…against Sakae team team w-we…”

“Ikoma-chan, it is okay. Accidents happen, and once it did it did.”


“What matters is team spirit. We all worked hard together, fight together, lose, and win together.”


Mayu was standing right there watching Ikoma crying and Takamina comforting the young girl. It felt like a déjà vu to her. Young Watanabe tightened up her fist while feeling agitated and frustrated.

“Sensei! Let me go out! Let me fight!!”

“You can’t, you’re too injured to even walk.”


“I don’t want Akiba to lose! I-I…I don’t want all of senpai’s e-effort to go in vain because of m-me! I want to win with everyone!!”


The reason why Ikoma cried was revealed. She didn’t want to let her team down after all the effort everyone put into this competition. It was Ikoma’s first and Sashihara’s last competition and she ruined it. Nothing could be worse than being a burden to your seniors, teammates, and beloved friends. Those tears were not for Ikoma herself…as it was for all her teammates. Not only Takamina could relate to that feeling, Mayu could relate to her pain. She bit her lips and remembered what happened in the past that happened before in her life. Somehow she had to make the toughest decision of her life today. As she couldn’t hold back her frustration anymore, she suddenly punched her of face and caught everyone’s attention. Even Takamina who always kept her composure showed a shocked expression along with Ikoma and the nurses in the infirmary.

“O-Oww…that hurts! Dammit, that’s a bit too hard on myself…”

“M-Mayu-chan?? Why did you do that to yourself?”

“…Well, it is to get my sanity back.”

Mayu took a deep breath before she took out and tied her hair up. She didn’t say a word but she glanced back at Takamina for a short moment. She took another deep breath again and rearranging her words well before she spoke up her thoughts to the coach.

“I’ll be back coach…I forgot something… very important.”

“You got 5 minutes, make it quick.”


Mayu’s eyes were filled with some determination in her eyes, but no words were uttered out from her lips. She left without further ado and it seemed only the team coach understood what the young year-9 girl was conveying to her. As Ikoma was still confused with the situation, Takamina was relieved that her young junior stopped crying already.

“Where did she go…?”

“Don’t worry Ikoma-chan, the team will be alright.”


“Trust me, everything will be okay.”


Yuko went in to fight in her last match and she was doing amazingly well beyond everyone’s expectations. It was as if she was fighting for Ikoma as well. Yuko was fighting with all her spirit and her kendo was flawless. Yuko kept tackling in and in again nonstop without any fear for her opponent.






All three judges awarded the point to Yuko and it guaranteed the victory of the team. The second half started and Yuko was more than ready to go nuts again. It seemed as if she had all the energy of the world to go against Umeda. The Namba kenshi was struggling to fight against Yuko due to how dynamic her style was. Umeda fought back as well to show her team captain’s spirit against Akiba. In that perfect moment she went in she managed to catch Yuko in that blink of second.



The two ended with a tie and both Umeda and Yuko were getting exciting. The two went back to the starting line and would start the final round of their match. They were getting quite tense, but showed an extraordinary kendo to everyone today. Everyone was cheering for the two of them, but unfortunately the match ended with a draw, but it was a very good match to watch between two captains. The match finally came to an end and the team members stood by the edge of the shiai-jo together. Ikoma was there after she had a check-up with the nurses. At very least her ankle didn’t break, but she could barely walk. Rena and Yuko supported her on each side while they walked into the shiai-jo to exchange bows with one another.




Both sides bowed with each other before they slowly stepped out from the shiai-jo together. Soon after they stepped out the Akiba members went to the in infirmary section to see Ikoma’s condition, and it seemed she had a very severe ankle twist. She couldn’t possibly continue the fight today or tomorrow either. For the finals, Akiba would be down by one person. It put the team in a tough position and the team had a big discussion with each other. While everyone seemed to be having a discussion, Rena caught a glance of Ikoma having a very discomfort expression on her face.

“Let me fight.”

“Hey hey Ikoma-chan, it not your fault that this happen. Its an accident!”


Ikoma tear up a little and she couldn’t even speak properly. Yuko went in to give the young girl a pat on the head and a warm hug. She told her that everything would be okay and the team would fight for her sake as well. The coach saw someone familiar from a distance away and let out a soft smile before speaking out loud to her fellow mates.

“Don’t worry, we got a sub.”


Everyone was confused and dumbfounded with what the coach said. Takamina went out to her bag and grabbed something out from it before threw it to Yuki. The team captain was surprised but she managed to catch it before she dropped it to the floor. It was a little black cloth that seemed to look familiar to her. 

“E-Eh? What’s this?”

“You might want to pass that to her.” 

Before Takamina could tell what it was, one of the staffs came up to the Akiba team to ask for the team order for the finals. However, the coach told him that they were waiting for the substitute to arrive so that they finalized the discussion in a minute.

“Who the hell is the sub? We don’t have a substitute this year!”

“That’s me you’re talking, Yuko-senpai.”


The girl behind the team dropped her bogu bag onto the floor and dropped her shinai on top of her bag. That instant, the team members turned around and saw that mysterious young girl in her kendo uniform and body armor already before approaching her teammates. Everyone’s eyes grew wide and all of them remained in silence as she walked towards everyone.

“I’ll be jiho, Yuki as fukusho, and everything is fine as it is.”


Yuki was actually in shock and couldn’t hold back her expression at all. She seemed to be in shock more than anyone else among Akiba members. Watanabe went up towards Ikoma and just stared at the injured girl without saying a single word to her until she uttered her name.




Mayu sighed softly and saw a reflection of her past self on the injured kenshi. She recalled her younger self that hated to be a burden to her team and tried to fix the issue to make her team win. She really didn’t have anything to say aside from a soft sigh.

“You did well, I’ll take it over from here.”


Takamina smiled before she decided to officially announce Akiba’s official substitute of this competition and it seemed only the coach and Sashihara knew about this. She was officially registered as a member of Akiba Kendo Club for a month ago and also a registered competitor. However, her condition with Takamina was that if someone were to get injured in the competition, she may consider replace the injured member. However, Mayu didn’t give her words that she would fight for Akiba. The reason she wore her kendo outfit and was standing in front of everyone was all her decision. Yuki was not well aware of this despite she was the team captain, and the reason behind that was because Mayu personally requested it. Everyone was still unsure what was going on and Yuki couldn’t help to step forward towards her young girlfriend. She was the one that knew and understood the reason why Mayu never get involve with kendo…and that was why she was shocked more than anyone else.


“…I hate to see you lose after all the hard work you’ve done and put into this. Dammit I blame you for this, we’re dealing with this later Yuki.”


“Give me my zekken already, I would need that.”

Mayu extended her hand and what Yuki was holding in her hand was actually a brand new zekken that was prepared for the substitute member. She looked at the name and it was embroidered with Mayu’s name. Yuki slowly looked up and couldn’t hold back her smile before she passed it over to her girlfriend. For her to see her girlfriend coming back to kendo once again couldn't help but to remind her of those nostalgic times they used to have together.

“Welcome to the team, Watanabe Mayu.”

“…It’s been a long while, we’re in the same team.”

She took the zekken and more it without further ado. The Akiba team finally had a member to replace Ikoma and that was the young Year-9 student, Watanabe Mayu.  The team captain couldn’t hold back a smile across her face with excitement. She nodded softly and turned to the staff to tell Akiba’s team orders for the finals.

“Thanks Mayu…for you to do this means so much to me.”

“Its all good, don’t worry.”

The young girl blushed softly and she ruffled her head with embarrassment. After Mayu and Yuki had that moment with each other, all the teammates started to came up to her and threw countless questions for the only a few minutes that they had left before the finals. Everyone knew Mayu because she was assisting Takamina in organizing Akiba kendo team. 

“Mayu, you’re a kendo player too!? WHAT??”

“…Used to, it's a long story.”

“Why didn’t you tell us at all??”

“…Because I don’t train anymore, I quit kendo for good.”

“How long have you been training—”

“Oh geez guys! Can’t we do this afterwards?? We got Sakae to beat the crap out here.”

Mayu burst out from her bubble and hated to do this. However, the only reason that she did this was for Yuki’s sake. Everyone obviously didn’t know what skill level Mayu was, but somewhat they were not so worried about it after Yuki showed much confidence in her. As they were about to head over to the mat, Takamina came to Mayu’s side and gave the girl a pat on the head.

“It seemed the kendo soul is in you after all…”

“...Takahashi-sensei, please. I’m doing this for Yuki.”

“I know~ thanks for supporting the team, I really appreciate your effort.”

“Its all good sensei, maybe…you’re right after all.”


The first two players of the team were Sayaka and Mayu. They whole team went to the mat and the two of them started to wear their mask. Mayu had a very short moment to stretch herself and she was relying on the time that Sayaka could buy for her in the 1st match. As she got up and started stretching and doing big swings, Yuki came up to her with that normal yet serious face.


“Hey, I’m okay. Don’t worry…I will the fight and win. Maybe, all the hard trainings I had to go through would pay off for you today.”


Yuki gave the girlfriend one big hug before pulling off once again. She let out a smile and no words were exchanged between the two of them. Watanabe bumped her fist against her girlfriend’s chest before she had that flash of smile underneath her mask. The moment Yuki caught a sight of it; she let out a smile of relief as well.

“So~ Make sure you screw up their ass.”

“Hey watch your tongue! Now you’re talking like one heck of a rapist.”

“Hehe, doesn’t it remind you of the old days?”

Yuki giggled with a smile and walked back to her position to get her mentality ready for her battle. Actually their talk made Mayu smiled in silence as it did remind her of the old days when she used to train together with Yuki. They were just young innocent kids with a promising kendo future up ahead of them. It was their favorite motto that they always said before their match.

The final match was about to start and all of them line up at the shiai-jo. However…that was a moment of shock for Akiba’s side. They looked up and saw the face of Sakae’s trump card, “Matsui”, and it turned out to be a person was the one they knew so well. They couldn’t believe their eyes that the person they saw was actually Matsui Jurina that they all knew. Everyone except Yuki and Mayu were in shock to face their own friend, Matsui Jurina, whom was the taisho on Sakae’s team. 


“No way… Ju…Jurina…”

Yuki tapped on her shoulder to let Rena get her composure together. It's the final match and it could affect the victory or the team. The value between 1st and 2nd place is so big and different that if not getting the first place would not mean absolute victory above other competitors. There was no such time for Rena to be dumbfounded and gawking about this. Despite Yuko was in shock…she remained her composure and stared back at Jurina without fear. They definitely have countless questions in their minds but they needed to push this aside in order to focus on their fight. The two teams stepped in and bowed when the judge gave the instruction.


They bowed to each other and the moment Rena looked over at Jurina, her face was utterly calm and serious. She couldn’t tell what kind of emotions were stirring underneath that poker face but they wouldn’t be able to discuss anything until the victor is decided. Rena was actually intimidated with Jurina’s glare, but Yuko was not. Oshima was getting fierce and scary… as she was preparing for this battle. Members from both teams stepped back out from the ring and the first match was between Sayaka and Yui.




They clashed against each other and everyone was cheering out loud because it was the finals. Furthermore the sound of the cheer made the competitors much pumped up to fight against each other. However, it seemed the Sakae kenshi was ready to for a fight against someone like Sayaka and Yuko. Yui actually was overpowering her opponent due to her experiences and skills. Usually she was an aggressive player, but this time she became more passive and counterattacked her opponent. Yui was able to catch the moment Sayaka was offguard and then smacked right on top of the mask without hesitation.


Unfortunately one judge only gave the flag despite it was a good decent cut. However, it was a warning signal to Sayaka to be alert and more cautious of her opponent catching her off guard. Yui kept attacking the armguard and the head most of the time and Sayaka started to realize the pattern. Picking up an attack pattern was not such a good thing in the competition because your opponent would know what you would do.




They both clashed at the same time, but all three judges pulled up the red flag into the air. The first point went to Sakae player and then the 1st half was over. The second half began and Sayaka had no choice but to go all out for the sake of the team. However, she was completely controlled by Yui’s intimidation. It was as if the Sakae girl was trained and prepared to fight someone like her. Sayaka was not as dynamic and flexible as Yuko, and fit to be Yui’s prey very well. It seemed Sakae was well prepared to fight against Akiba with all the tactics and skills they got. It didn’t take Yui that long to get another score and made Sakae in the lead of the match.


The players stepped off and the 2nd player of the team replaced their spot. Mayu simply looked back at Sayaka and just nodded softly. The 2nd match was about to start and it would be Mayu’s first match ever she had after she quit kendo. The young freshmen had a subtle sigh before she crouched down.




Akane went in to attack Mayu in order to push the team into a lead. The young Sakae girl kept attacking in, but Mayu kept attacking at the same time. This prevented Akane from scoring anything on Mayu and others seemed to believe that she was a beginner and a passive player. However, only Yuki and Miyuki watched the young girl very carefully and waiting for the beast to come out from her. Mayu was no different form a tiger bullying her prey before finishing it off.



Akane reached the point that she didn’t know what to do because Mayu was being extremely passive. It felt as if she was tackling against water that changed its shape to adapt to her attacks and style. She was actually intimidated by Mayu’s kendo and she was actually showing her frustration through her fighting.



In that moment Akane moved in, Mayu went in for a cut right on the mask without hesitation. It was a moment that caught her off guard and all three judges gave a score for Mayu. After she ran passed her opponent, she turned around calmly and had that proper stance at the end.


The two walked back to the starting line and Mayu was still very calm and collected. The 2nd half resumed once again and Akane felt completely dominated in terms of skills and spirit. Experienced players could see how the young Sakae kid was scared of Mayu, and it the match wouldn’t wait for her to calm herself down from the fear. Other fellow kendo players were in a moment of surprise and astonishment to witness this unknown kenshi demonstrating one of the flawless kendo. Only Yuki was the one among the teammates that smiled with excitement to see Mayu’s perfect kendo come back once again.




Mayu was roaring back at her and it made Akane flinched. She kept moving forward and it made the Sakae girl stepped back to have a distance away from her opponent. However…Mayu kept coming in and intimidated her opponent until the point that Akane instinctively responded back by attacking Mayu.


Mayu attacked the same time as her and when they clashed into each other but Akane bounced back instead. She felt like she tackled into a wall and was losing her balance pretty badly. However, that gave a gap of opening and Mayu took that opportunity well.


She went straight for the men and all three judges gave the flag for her once again. Mayu crashed in and once she tackled her she bounced off. This young mysterious kendo player came in and obliterated her opponent so easily with her spirit and skills. She was one of the kenshi that demonstrated a best kendo performance in the whole entire competition.


The match ended by leaving a powerful impression on everyone. As Mayu stepped out, she turned around to see Rena behind her back. She gave the girl a nudge on the chest before passing the baton to the next player of the team.

“She will catch you when u’re off guard, be careful.”

“I will, thank you Mayu.”

 The 3rd player went out and their match would determine who would be in the lead of the match. Due to Mayu, the two teams were on a tie right now. How Rena and Miyuki performed in this match would determine which team would be taking a lead. The two stepped in and crouched down while waiting for the judge to give a command to them.




The two clashed in and Rena faced an opponent that was as strong or much stronger than Yuki. However, she needed to do beyond her best to push the team up the lead. Rena watched Miyuki’s match yesterday and felt slightly confident on how and what to deal with her. However, it was harder than she thought when she’s dealing with Miyuki directly. Rena kept pressuring and provoked Miyuki in the fight, however it wasn’t as effective against her. Her style was actually quite similar to Yuki, but there was something that made her different and more advantageous than other kendo players. As Rena actually confronted her, it made her realize why Miyuki was higher than other players.




While Rena and Miyuki were fighting with each other, Mayu took her seat on the provided team mat and removed her mask followed by a sigh. That moment Jurina was shocked to see it was her close friend, Mayu, which was behind those extraordinary kendo skills. They had a moment of eye contact with each other and Mayu showed no sort of expression. However, Mayu looked away and focused on the team fight than to be on Jurina. Somehow the message from Mayu seemed to reach her. It seemed it wasn’t just Jurina that held secrets behind her friends’ back after all.



The two players were still having a long intense fight with each other and Miyuki seemed to have a difficult time handling with Rena because she was adapting very fast against Miyuki. The Sakae girl actually started to back away from Rena to read her opponent, and it was her turn to become aggressive. Rena kept clashing in towards her opponent and didn’t give her the space and time to counterattack back.







Miyuki was actually struggling to fight against Rena due to how unpredictable her fighting style was. The young Sakae resumed her aggression once again and pushed her opponent even more. That made Rena realized that Miyuki was being quite unpredictable as well… as if she was mimicking what Rena was doing and the fight started to get more intense. Two minutes had gone by and the two were still struggling to get that one point out of each other. At first they were acting all passive and flexible, but then they became very aggressive against each other too. However, someone seemed to step up on the game and was able to read the fight before another one could do.



Unfortunately the one that gained the upper hand in the game was Watanabe Miyuki. It was a clean cut and all three judges gave the flag to the red team. The 1st half came to an end and they were down to around 30 seconds left before the match would be over. The best Rena could do was to drag out the time so that Sakae had only one point leading of Akiba.





That instant, Miyuki went in and cut down right on Rena’s left torso without hesitation. She pulled out her signature strike and she ran passed her opponent’s right side fluidly. It was a clean strike, but only two judges gave her the score. However, that was more than enough for Miyuki to win the fight. The match finally came to an end and Rena was so close to prevent her opponent from getting that point.


Two points went to Miyuki and Sakae team had taken the lead of the competition once again. The pressure of the team was passed onto the fukusho, Yuki, as she was the one that decided the team’s fate. As they exchanged spots with their teammates, Rena wasn’t that happy with her own performance for her team but Yuki gave a warm smile to her.

“Don’t worry I’ll win.”

As they passed, Rena sat down beside Mayu and the young one gave her the pat on the shoulder. After Rena removed her mask she turned to the young year-9 girl and she muttered softly to her to give support and encouragement to her.

“You did good Rena-senpai.”

“…Thanks Mayu.”

They diverted their glance and everyone was watched the 4th match cautiously with nervousness. However, it seemed Mayu was not even a slightest nervous about Yuki’s match at all. She expressed unconditional confidence towards her girlfriend and that she could win this match easily without sweating.

The match began and it was less than a minute that Yuki totally obliterated her opponent with 2:0 for Akiba team once again. This literally brought a tie to the two phenomenal teams and the judgment match would be decided between the team captains from both sides. They both carried the heaviest pressure right now as whoever won this match would determine the victory team of this year’s P48 Annual Kendo Championship. Everyone was extremely anxious and nervous about this match…and obviously both competitors would feel far worse than others. Their team’s fate lied on their shoulders…and they’re the one deciding the victory of their own team.




Both clashed into each other as they tried to score a cut on one another, and the crowd cheering for both sides got louder. The Akiba players were cheering for Oshima from the top of their lungs, and vice versa for Sakae players. As they watched the fight, Rena couldn’t help but to be worried… as if she was concerned about something regarding Jurina. As the match kept on going, Yuko was going for the forearm to catch her opponent off-guard, but the unexpected waited for her. Jurina raised both her arms up and completely dodged the attack. Oshima realized that she fell into Jurina’s plan and she quickly tackled in before she could smack right on her mask.



That was when Yuko realized that Jurina was a tough player to fight. She fought smartly and would think several steps ahead of her opponent. If Jurina were able to land that men cut on Yuko, she would definitely get that point for certain. A clear counterattack strike would absolutely make it easier for the judges to award a point. This fight didn’t seem to be as easy as Yuko expected it at all. The more she tackled in the more she realized that it was extremely hard to push Jurina around due to how strong and stable she was. That skill showed and proved to her that Jurina was not some beginner. 



The moment Jurina came in to strike on the head, Yuko did a clean counter by deflecting the sword away and whacked on the right side of her opponent’s torso before dodging away. As counterattack strikes would convince the judges really well, Yuko was able to get the two out of three judges to approve for that strike and she was able to make Akiba in the lead right now.


Back to the starting position, Yuko could see through Jurina’s mask and her expression was extremely calm. That made Oshima became more cautious of anything that could’ve happen. Despite she was in a lead for one point, it didn’t feel as if she was ahead of Sakae at all. If she wanted to ensure her team’s win she needed to score one last cut on Jurina.


“Ganbatte Yuko!!!!!!”

“Yuko-chan! Fighting!”

“You can do it Jurina!!”

“Jurina! Faito! Faito!”

The match continued and they clashed in once again. Yuko became slightly aggressive in the fight in order to gain the upper hand in the fight and score at least one more point to win. However, it wasn’t as easy as she thought…it felt as if Jurina was able to read and predict her moves.


Jurina came in again and Yuko’s first instinct was to counterattack her again. The moment she did, her opponent pulled her sword back over her left shoulder and that caused a moment of delay in Jurina’s cut. As Yuko was about to counter, her sword was already deviated off from the center and she was no longer protected by anything.



Jurina threw the sword from her shoulder and whipped right on top of Yuko’s head before she could cut through her. She clashed in and deviated out as three judges awarded that men cut for Jurina. That instant, it made the crowd went mad and it placed much more pressure on both players. Currently they were down to one point and their teams were on a tie once again. Yuko was actually pressured and she desired to win this fight.





The match ended after a few seconds that the judge declared the 3rd round of the match. Both sides hit their brakes awkwardly and it looked as if they were tripping. They went back to their position and crouched down as the judge raised both their flags up to form a cross.

(Hikiwake = draw)

The members stepped out but there was an issue to that… despite the taisho had their turns already, it wasn’t the end of the match. The points between two teams ended with a tie and there must be a winner to decide which team would stand on the top of all teams. The head judge went up to the scoring table and had a short discussion with the sensei at the table and realized how the points were equal.


The intensity of the fight got higher when the match entered daihyousen*, which means ‘representative match’ when the points on both sides were equal. Each side would send their team representative to have a playoff against each other for just one point. The player to score the first point will win and determine the winning team. Takamina called everyone together to have a discussion whilst Sakae was doing the exact same thing as well.

“This is daihyousen, and we need to send our best player to represent our team. Yukirin, who do you think should go?”

“I can do it.”

Yuko volunteered but Yuki seemed to be uncertain of whom to pick, and they had less than one minute to decide that. As the team captain was still thinking and having a difficult time to make a decision, this young year-9 girl stepped forward and spoke up to help her girlfriend.

“Yuki-senpai, let me do this.”


Everyone seemed to be in quite some surprise and the two had an eye contact with one another. Yuki could even feel that fighting spirit and determination to win from her girlfriend. Without further ado, Mayu continued where she left off and hoping to convince her friends about this. To be the representative of the team was no different from carrying the team’s fate in her own hands. It would be a heavy responsibility and she was not exactly a part of Akiba’s team too. She would understand if they decided not to choose her.

“Miyuki will definitely be the representative, and she’s a smart player. I know how she fights and I know how she thinks. But, this is your team…I understand if you would send someone else instead of me to represent your team.”

“…Hey, what are you talking about?”

Yuko smiled and gave Mayu a pat on the head. She ruffled her hair and made the youngster went dumbfounded. As she looked at her fellow teammates, it seemed they felt the same as her and she turned to Yuki to give a nod of approval to her.

“You’re a part of our team, Mayu. You’ve been supporting us since the beginning! You don’t have to be so formal!”


“I would like to ask you instead… Will you be our representative?”


Mayu looked around and she saw smiles of approval from Sayaka, Ikoma, Rena, Yuko, Takamina, and Yuki. The team captain approached her and placed both of her hands onto the youngster’s shoulder with those shiny eyes filled with confidence for her girlfriend.

“Please go, and don’t you have a score to settle with her too?”

She looked back and stared at Miyuki who was talking to her teammates while deciding the representative. It made her recalled the past when she used to train with Miyuki back at her family’s kendo dojo. They had been rival ever since they were little kids and they still yet to settle their scores against each other. Despite Mayu quit kendo already, she still has that rivalry spirit towards her cousin, Miyuki, burning inside her heart. After Yuko heard, she got interested regarding both Watanabe’s relationship with one another.

“So that Watanabe Miyuki is your nemesis?”

“Tch, pretty much… I still have to settle some stuffs with her.”

“Hehe, then do it in the fight! You can do it Mayu.”

Yuko approved and gave her a pat. Everyone gave her the expression of approval and the youngster nodded softly. She went to the mat and wore her mask without further ado. Meanwhile, the staff members went up to both teams to ask whether they’re ready and they gave a heads up that they’re ready. Watanabe of Akiba and Sakae walked up and stood at the edge of the shiai-jo. Everyone was in silence with anxiousness and excitement with this final showdown. Outsiders didn’t know the relation between these two but they were the two outstanding kendo players of their own team. The two members stared at each other and there was a cold war between the two of them. Meanwhile, Akiba and Sakae teammates sat down on their mat to watch for their representatives having a showdown against one another. As Mayu glared at her cousin, she remembered her very last kendo match she had against her in All-Prefecture Junior High School Championship about two years ago in the quarterfinals. It was quite clear that Mayu held quite a strong grudge towards Miyuki. So it seemed they had a bigger history than just a mere sibling rivalry that was yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, Yuko was able to feel that seriousness and aggression aura emitting out from her body. She couldn’t help but to get more curious about Watanabe sibling’s rivalry after all.

“Don’t Mayu look quite aggressive?”

“Well…there’s quite some history between these two…a very long one.”

 “You knew about it?”

“Pretty much, since I was involved in the mess.”

“Ah~ it seems its not just sibling rivalry here.”

Yuko seemed to pick up the hints Yuki threw quickly and the team captain didn’t say a word. She just smiled softly and gave that silent acknowledgement to her friend. At this moment it wasn’t the time for Yuki to continue her conversation with Yuko, but focus on her girlfriend who was giving her revenge back against her cousin who beat in two years ago in the quarterfinals. She pressed her palms against each other and actually prayed for the best for her. Just for Yuki to see those two clashing against each other once again reminded of the past they shared. The rematch between two Watanabe siblings was about to begin. 


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The final between Akiba and Sakae finally started,, :panic:
Jurina really has experience and quiet a skilled kendo player.. But why she didn't join her own school kendo club? :?
What is Jurina's story until she agreed to become Sakae's sub, after realize that she will make Rena hate her..
When she fight Jurina really become very different from her personality, She really calm that it scares me.. :sweatdrop:
I mean when I read Jurina's fight I have a goosebump.. :shocked
And Mayu that really a surprise that she can do kendo too, beside when she fight she become aggresive that I can't imagine from the cyborg girl she was.. :shocked:
So Jurina and Mayu have been keep secret from their friend, Why?
The fight between wWatanabe will begin to determine their victory... :banghead:
Kate-san I can't wait to read the next chapter,..  :bow:
Thnx for update.. :twothumbs

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Wow mayu vs miyuki

The battle was unpredictable

I dont have any clue that mayu gonna fight too

What they past?

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I have read today all the fic, and I liked me. I'm looking forward to follow it, it is very good.

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The match was intense.:sweatdrop:
Mayu wa kakkoi...!
Arigatou Kate-san.. :bow:
Kore wa masterpiece..
As usual..

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REPLIES: Sorry for the late respond

Raizel: The reason why Jurina is not part of her own school kendo club will be revealed later :) Pretty much in Part 5.3. Both Mayu and Jurina is showed to had done training in the past and they've quit kendo too. They're both similar in a way, don't they? XD I'm glad you enjoy the kendo fic :)

gek geki: Their past is in part 5.2. Sorry for the late respond. Its more focused on Mayu and Yuki's past before Mayu quit kendo. But not a lot is mentioned about how and why she did quit yet :P

Minami-chan: Read all the fic??? That's a lot to read isn't? Oh wow, that's quite....tough and impressive in a way? LOL (I admit, all my fics are damn long) I'm glad you enjoy it :)

niineechan: I tried to make it sound intense ^^" I find it very difficult to portray that aspect out in words and description. Its easier to explain once you see how it looks. I'm glad you enjoy the kendo fic! :)

Love is a Battlefield
~Pairing: WMatsui~

~Part 5.2~
Watanabe Rivals


Two years ago…

In All-Prefecture Junior High School Championship, only screams and yells of young full of spirit kids echoed in the competition venue. One of the promising kenshi groups was from the Watanabe family. They were known to be a family line of police officers and phenomenal professional kendo players. The young bright future stars of Watanabe, Mayu and Miyuki, had been training kendo ever since they were little kids. The two of them were know to be the prodigy due to how fast and perfect kendo they achieved at such a young age. Despite they were cousins they were much closer than what siblings could be with each other, they always had that rivalry spark against each other. However, the intensity between the two got worse when they fell in love with the same person. Aside from kendo rivalry, they became love rivals too.

“If I win, I’ll confess to Yukirin. I plan to ask her out. Its not just you…I love her too.”


“You’re not going to say anything at all?”

Mayu just glared back at Miyuki as both sides knew how they felt towards the girl they love, Kashiwagi Yuki. Miyuki sighed since she didn’t like the silence that her sister was giving to her at all. However, Mayu came up to her and broke that silence with the glare at her.

“You’re not going to win… I am.”

Both of them declared a cold war against each other and they would have a showdown against each other at the All-Prefecture Junior High School Championship. As they match went on, it was obvious that the Watanabe members got out from their pools and won their matches unless they coincidentally encountered stronger and older competitors than them. Miyuki walked up to Mayu who just won her match and went on into quarterfinals. It was confirmed that both Mayu and Miyuki got into quarterfinals but they would have to face each other off. The moment Miyuki caught Mayu’s attention they had that silent death stare at each other as they remembered about their deal.

“Hey Mayu, great match.”


“…So, I’ll see you soon. In our match, I mean.”

“I know that.”

Mayu sighed once again and Miyuki walked away to prepare herself for her next fight. Meanwhile, Yuki was supporting her club members and she came to Mayu’s side after she finished helping some few kids. She had that friendliness aura and she smiled happily in front of Mayu.

“You won right?”

“Of course.”

“As expected from Mayu~”

She patted her head but the young one brushed it away. She didn’t seem too fond with the way Yuki treated her like a younger kid. Despite she knew that her love had good intentions…she didn’t want Yuki to see her as a mere kid, but more of a potential love partner. As young Watanabe walked away, Yuki couldn’t help but to wonder what was wrong with her. Probably Mayu was in a stressful mood due to the competition, but it was unlike her. However, Yuki felt that there was more that that. She followed Mayu from behind and saw her sitting alone outside the venue while having her electrolyte drink.

“Mayu, can I sit with you?”


Yuki sat down beside her but the youngster didn’t utter a single word. She was oddly quiet and it started to make Kashiwagi worried. As she leaned in closer to her friend, she placed her hand onto her shoulder to grab her attention. She had been training and knowing Mayu for years to know something was wrong with her.

“Mayu, what’s wrong?”


“I don’t believe that. C’mon Mayu…tell me.”

“Just leave me alone…”

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me.”

“God dammit Yuki…!”

Mayu just slammed her fist onto her leg out of frustration and anger. That instant, it made Yuki froze in shock but it didn’t make her have second thoughts. She grabbed her shoulder and pushed so that Mayu would be facing her. They had an eye contact with one another, but the younger one seemed she couldn’t hold that contact very long. It showed how much she was trying to avoid something from Yuki…

“You know that raging like this wouldn’t make me leave. Didn’t we promise that we’ll always have each other’s back?”

“…This is not the case.”

“Then tell me what it is.”


Mayu bit her lips and gripped tightly on her hakama. The young girl still wouldn’t speak and it made Yuki much more persisted to get the reason out from the youngster’s mouth. However, it made Mayu hit the limit and stood up from the bench she was sitting. She shook her head with that much more frustration across her face. As Yuki stared at her, she could tell how uneasiness she was going through and it made her sadder that Mayu couldn’t share it with her. Both of them were very close to each other that they trust each other’s back to share all secrets with one another. Yuki couldn’t remember any secrets that she hid behind Mayu’s back since she trusted her more than anyone else.

“You’re not making it any easy for me at all…! D-Dammit!”

“W-Wha…what’s going on?”

“…Miyuki and I made a deal with each other, and she likes you.”


“She has a crush on you! She frigging loves you…and will confess to you after she beats me in the competition.”

Yuki didn’t expect that coming from Mayu at all and what was worse was that Mayu had that painful expression across her face when she revealed the truth to her. She got up and approached towards Mayu, but the youngster retracted and stepped away from her.


“Leave me alone for a bit…I need some time alone.”


“I’m sorry Yuki. I need to some time for myself.”

Mayu just left without saying a word and it Yuki was alone having the heart aching. As she stared at the young girl walking away, she couldn’t help but to feel this uneasiness and pain accumulating in her heart. She bit her lips and unfortunately she had to leave young Mayu alone for now. She’s a competitor and she’s not…and Mayu’s neediness would be prioritized beyond anything else. Despite Yuki didn’t want to leave Mayu alone, but she had to for now. 




Both Mayu and Miyuki clashed against each other while everyone watched the two fought against each other with everything they have. The teammates and the audience were feeling this mad intensity from the shiai-jo as the two were equally matched against each other. What was amazing about this match between Akiba and Sakae that this was daihyousen had been going on for 7 minutes despite they needed only one single point. Miyuki had a reputation to eliminate her opponent and scored her point easily without difficulty within time limit, however she couldn’t use her typical method against Mayu. As the two slowly stepped out, they kept moving back and forth as they were looking for that blink of a second that one of them let their guard down. They knew each other’s timing, skills, techniques, style, and personality. Since they knew each other too well it made both sides extremely anxious and frustrated. As time passed by the intensity of the atmosphere started to escalate along with exhaustion for both players.



Miyuki went in with confidence to strike on the top of Mayu’s head, but then she countered attack by deflecting the cut away and used that flick of her wrist to whack her right at the side of the torso.


In that blink of second Miyuki saw that happening, she pushed her body forward and tackled in right into Mayu’s body with full momentum. The young Akiba kenshi didn’t expected that and was shoved roughly away before falling back against her back. Mayu allowed herself to fall so that she wouldn’t injure herself, however it didn’t stop Miyuki from attempting to attack her. The Sakae girl aimed for her head when Mayu was still on the floor but then she smacked the sword away with full strength to the point she intentionally trying to disarm Miyuki.


The judge stopped the match and both players needed to return back to their position. Mayu got back on her feet while Miyuki walked back to her position. The audience stared fixedly at those two while both glared at each other with such fierceness while puffing. The Sakae and Akiba members were cheering for their representative with all their heart out and prayed for their team’s victory. Yuki watched Mayu return back to her position and could see her own hands trembling with worries for her girlfriend. It was like a déjà vu while watching the match between the two Watanabe girls fought against each other.



The judge announced the start of the match while other members in the club watched the match to cheer for both Watanabe girls. However, Yuki couldn’t deny the truth that she was supporting Mayu more than Miyuki. Its been a year and a half she had developed feelings for her and she watched the match with other competitors from the same club.

“Faito Watanabe!!”

“Faito faito!!”

“Ganbare Mayu! Ganbere Miyuki!”

The two players clashed each other and Miyuki was able to score the first point on Mayu and then the first half came to an end. However Mayu made a comeback and got a score right on her head and the two entered the 3rd round of the match. The last person to score that point would win the match and entered the semifinals. As the match went overtime, the two of them went into enchou against each other. Yuki was desperately praying for Mayu to win. She would obviously want the person she love win the fight.


She yelled from the top of her lungs and Mayu obviously recognize that voice very well. But instead of being pumped up from the cheer from her crush, she bit her lips and lowered her guard down unintentionally when her mind was being distracted. Miyuki saw that opportunity and she deflected Mayu’s sword and dove in to strike right on her head.


The match came to an end with Miyuki obtaining her victory. As the two stepped out and walked back to their friends, obviously they congratulate Miyuki for her victory. However, some came up to Mayu and told her that it was a great match but not receiving any much attention. It was obvious that the reason was because she lost to Miyuki and the one to proceeded through into semifinals was Watanabe Miyuki, not Watanabe Mayu. This wasn’t the time for them to come console her…and they knew her long enough that she didn’t want one. Usually they would see Mayu smiling after the match despite she won or not, but today she seemed to be oddly quiet. Before Yuki could go to Mayu, another Watanabe girl came up to her instead to get her attention.

“Hey, Yukirin.”


As she saw Miyuki staring at her nervously she remembered what Mayu told her about what another Watanabe kenshi planned to do after she won her fight against Mayu. However, she couldn’t understand why she would feel guilty towards Miyuki.

“Do you have a minute? I want to have a talk with you.”


“Yes, please.”

Yuki diverted her eyes to the corner and saw Mayu walking away with her armor and sword. However, she couldn’t just leave Miyuki hanging like that…because she knew what she planned to talk to Yuki about. She turned back to her and nodded softly before seeing that huge smile across her face. Since another Block’s matches were much delayed and slower than the block Mayu and Miyuki were in, there would two matches going on before Miyuki would be out for a fight. So the two went for a quick walk and went up to the 2nd floor of the venue alone while Miyuki gathered some courage to speak up to the girl she had a crush on.

“U-Uhm, Yuki!”


“Actually, for a very long time…I like you. I really do! I want to be with you…so will you go out with me?”


“It doesn’t need to be now… but after the end of this competition, will you tell me your answer?”


“I don’t need an answer now, so…yeah, I better go down to prepare for my fight.”

As the two went down, Yuki couldn’t help but to look for Mayu without further ado but she couldn’t fight her anywhere. Her bogu and shinai bag were there but she was nowhere to be found. She went up to ask to the coach for her whereabouts and it seemed Mayu had left the venue because she felt unwell.

“Mayu? She went home already, she felt sick so I told her to leave her equipment behind and just leave.”

“E-Eh? When did she leave??”

“The moment you left Miyuki. She seemed to be acting very odd today.”

That instant, she felt her heart dropped down into her guts. She didn’t understand what was going on but she knew that she needed to find Mayu and talk to her as soon as possible before she would lose her mind. Young Kashiwagi bit her lips softly before she looked back at her coach once again.

“I…I need to go. I forgot that I have something important to attend now.”

“…Sure, go ahead. There are plenty of people to help around here.”

“I-I’m so sorry sensei, I should’ve mentioned it earlier—”

“That kiddo would need someone to talk to…she holds too many things inside her chest.”

The coach patted Yuki’s head and gave her that soft smile before he turned his attention back to Miyuki who would be fighting in the semifinals. He obviously knew his daughter well and that was why he didn’t stop her from leaving the venue. Yuki smiled with relief that she received an approval from her teacher, whom was also Mayu’s father to go after his daughter in his place. She grabbed her bag and ran out from the venue without further ado to pursue after young Mayu who went back home. Meanwhile, Miyuki accidentally saw Yuki ran out after she had a talk with her uncle. She tried not to think about it but she somewhat knew the answer already that Yuki didn’t like her…but she likes Mayu.




The two kept nudging and pushing against each other aggressively as both desired to win this fight. However, the main judge pointed both flags towards them and yelled an order for them to separate due to excessive push.

(Wakare = [in shiai] separate)

The two players stepped away from each other to have a proper distance from one another once again. However, Mayu went in for an attack against Miyuki and the Sakae girl managed to deflect it away but unable to counterattack against her.  The Akiba girl shoved her away and smacked loudly on the left side of Miyuki’s torso as she ran out backwards. Other kendo players on Akiba team were surprised with that move and unfortunately only one judge gave a flag for her. It was actually a clean legit cut and even Takamina would actually give a score on that hiki-gyaku-dou strike.




The two dashed in at the same time and tried to score the head point, but since both of their cuts were strong it automatically deflected each other out. The moment their body tackled, normally the audience would expect the two to just bumped into each other and stayed in a tsubazeriai area. However, Mayu had a much stronger center and the moment their body crashed into each other Miyuki felt as if she ran into a brick wall.


The force tackled into her stomach as if she was punched into her guts and lost the ability to breath. However, before she realized that she was literally sent off flying across the shiai-jo floor and landed on her shoulder while the momentum still making her slide a bit further, but she didn’t went off the competition ring.


The judge stopped and allowed Miyuki to get up again to go back to the starting line. No one expected that and from what they saw showed how strong Mayu’s body center was. If she was capable to send her opponent flying like that then she could literally tackle everyone out from the shiai-jo easily. Despite that, Miyuki showed no signs of fear towards Mayu at the slightest. She just stared back with stronger burning desire to win this match even more…and so far it had been 13 minutes since the enchou started. The two still went on and their spirit kept increasing as time passed by as if their energy was limitless.

“Ganbatte Mayu!! Faito!!!!”

“C’mon Miyuki! Fighting!!”


“Go Go SAKAE!!”


Yuki ran after the younger Watanabe and went to the area close by to her home. She wondered whether Mayu actually went back home or she was actually lying to her father that she felt ill. Kashiwagi knew her friend long enough that Mayu didn’t actually have any medical illness, but she had something troubling her mind. She had a rest hear to Mayu’s home and had a short moment to think of places where the youngster could be when she was stressed…and there was one place that she would definitely be whenever she wanted to be alone from everyone else she knew.

“S-She must be there!”

Yuki ran towards the park, which was down at the corner of the road. The moment she turned and ran in deeper towards the pond area, which was the place that Mayu would always be to calm her mind down whenever she had a mental breakdown or frustration. Young Kashiwagi was actually very tired from the constant running but she couldn’t stop whenever she had a thought that Mayu wouldn’t be there because she was too late. The moment she saw the clear blue pond in front of her…she saw this young brunette standing alone with her back facing her.



The young girl turned around and their eyes met each other. Yuki couldn’t hold back her smile of relief as she saw that familiar young girl and she just wanted to throw her arms around Mayu. But the moment she approached her, the youngster stepped away with that fear in her eyes and body language.


“…Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the competing venue?”

“I excused myself out. I’m very worried about you.”

“…I don’t need you here. I want to be alone.”

“Liar. There’s something troubling your mind! I know it…”

“Just leave me alone already. Didn’t Miyuki tell her feelings to you??”

“…Y-Yes, she did but—”

“Then why are you here? I don’t want to see you!!”

“W-Why are you chasing me away? Tell me.”

“What do you not understand the part about ‘leave me alone’??”


Yuki went in and grabbed her arm without further ado. Despite the young one tried to shake it off, the older Kashiwagi didn’t plan to let her go even though she needed to use some force. Mayu was still stubborn to push herself away but then Yuki pulled her in and then their eyes met once again… However, her eyes grew wide with fright. The last thing she wanted to see was Mayu’s teary eyes…and just a glance of it made her felt like crying as well.

“M-Mayu… don’t cry.”

“Aren’t you the one that’s about to cry?”

“B-But because you’re about to cry!! W-Why…? What’s wrong…? Please tell me…I hate to see you sad like this.”

“…Please, stop this already. Stop being nice to me…I hate it.”


“If you keep staying with me like this…I-I…”

Tears ran down Mayu’s cheeks and she couldn’t back her sniff. She tried to hold back but it drastically changed her voice and it was so obvious that she was crying. Just to see Mayu breaking down into tears in front of her made Yuki felt tears running down both her cheeks. She didn’t realize it but she was crying the moment she saw Mayu broke down in front of her… furthermore, Yuki could feel Mayu’s arm trembling and she slowly let go of her.

“You…hate me?”

“N-No! I never ever hate you! I swear!!”

Mayu grabbed onto Yuki’s shoulder without realizing it, but the moment she did she let go of her and looked away. She bit her lips and looked away as if she was hiding something from her… and Yuki needed to know what Mayu was hiding from her.

“Mayu…let me know what’s wrong…”

“…I can’t. I-It’s just…I-I…hate this feeling.”


Mayu literally let her emotions out and more tears ran down her cheeks. Her voice was shaking and she told everything to Yuki…once and for all. Mayu told her how she jealous she was when she knew Miyuki loves Yuki… how she was so scared to know whether Yuki would accept Miyuki’s love or not… and about her growing feeling inside her chest.

“It hurts so much…when your feelings are one-sided…t-this unrequited feeling is just painful—!”

Yuki threw herself in and embraced the crying girl tightly in her arms. Mayu startled with surprise and she tried to push Yuki away despite not knowing her intention for hugging her like this. Maybe it was because Yuki was always nice and gentle to her…and it was obvious she would do that to Mayu since they were closest friends.

“N-No…stop it! Stop it already!”

“…Is that…the burden you carried? Your feelings…?”

“I-I…it hurts too much…stop being so nice to me like this!”


Yuki yelled and pushed herself away to grab Mayu’s attention…but without further ado she dove in and capture those lips with burning desire for her. Obviously the younger one was in shock and felt Yuki’s soft sweet lips against hers and she slowly parted away while the two remained in silence.

“Just…shut up already…okay?”


“Oh god…we’re just so stupid…I guess love makes people blind and stupid like an idiot like this.”

“What are you sayi—”

“Just listen to me!!”

Yuki raised her voice and she was actually blushing very badly. It was Mayu’s first time seeing her blushing so nervously like this and it made her heart raced faster. Kashiwagi cupped her cheeks and forced Mayu to face her so that she wouldn’t avoid it. Their faces were so close to each other and the young Watanabe could feel her heart pounding against her chest. Yuki could see her face was getting redder and hotter…but she held back from mentioning that and took a deep breath before she continued where she left off.

“…Because we’re both scared of knowing another person’s feelings and we ended up believing that our feelings are one-sided.”


“…It’s not Miyuki-chan that I like…it’s you. I love you, Mayu.”

“W-W-Whaa—?? N-No way—I-I ah…”

“I’m serious! I love you!!! Ever since we’ve been training and spending time together I…your love for kendo is just so pure that made me love it in a way I never think I will at all. When I realize it again…I’ve fallen for you already, but I was too scared to say anything because I’m scared of rejection from you.”


“To be rejected by you…would be the worse feeling ever in my life.”

“…Me too. I don’t want to be rejected by you. If I can still be by your side, then I’m willingly to hide these feelings away.”

“Hehe…me too.”

Both of them finally let out a smile and Mayu placed her hand on top of Yuki’s while enjoying the warmth coming out from her hand. For Kashiwagi, watching Mayu’s sweet radiant smile made her heart desired for her even more. She moved her face in closer and Mayu realized where this was heading. Somewhat, Yuki was hesitating to make a move and Mayu could see how awkward she was acting. She couldn’t help but to smile how cute her friend was behaving and gave a soft nod of approval to her. Only silence was going on between the two of them before Yuki gradually moved in to rest her lips against Mayu’s tenderly and gently with utmost love for her. Gradually the kiss started to become more intimate involving more lip actions, but no tongue involvement. It was a short sweet kiss they shared before Yuki parted away slowly, but Mayu was the first one to break that silence between the two.

“I love you, Yuki…”

“Mmhm…me too. I love you, Mayu.”

“So…we are…?”

“Sure~ hehe, I want us to be lovers…I want us to be together.”

Yuki threw her arms around Mayu and pulled her in forcefully for a big warm hug. The younger one didn’t expect that coming, but the moment she realized what was happening she couldn’t help but to smile with big relief. She embraced her back as her response, but it seemed Yuki wanted a verbal confirmation from Mayu after all.

“So…what do you say?”

“I feel the same too. I want to be together with you…I want you to be my girlfriend. …W-Will you be?”


Mayu could hear so much excitement from that reply and let out a big smile of relief while hugging her girlfriend tightly in her arms. Meanwhile, Yuki was smiling like a little kid that just had her biggest wish came true. She literally carried Mayu up so that her feet was off the ground and swung her around.

“O-Oi Yuki!?”

“I’m so happy right now! I’m really REALLY happy right now!”

“Wait a minute! Y-Yuki—”

It seemed Kashiwagi was so excited about her relationship with Mayu and accidentally stepped on the slope of the pond and they lost balance. The younger one saw the view became angled and the next feeling was making a contact against the surface of the water. She shut her eyes tightly and embraced that cold wet splash against her body.



Luckily the edge of the pond was shallow so both Mayu and Yuki could sit. She wiped the water from her face and she turned to look at her girlfriend laughing out loud with joy.

“What was that for!?”

“Haha~ that was fun isn’t?”

“Jeez…you’re just weird, Yuki.”

“But you love me right? Hehe~”

“…J-Jeez, you’re starting the tease already.”

Yuki placed her hand on top of Mayu’s and both of them smiled at each other. Suddenly, the older one moved in closer and leaned in onto Mayu’s shoulder despite both of them were drenched and was sitting in the pond. Their heart beat faster and their face got redder. Mayu sighed softly before leaning her head onto Yuki’s and the two enjoyed their little silent moment together as official couple.



Yuki clutched her hands together tightly while the enchou went on for over 20 minutes in total. That was the longest match ever in the whole competition and they managed to maintain their speed and accuracy during the match for that period of time too. However, there would be an end to their stamina. Both realized that they wouldn’t be able to last that long and needed to finish things up as soon as they could. At that instant, both of them clashed in together at the same exact time for the head and it looked as if both of them caught it at the same time…but the judges were able to see through that.


The three judges declared the point and it was to the red team, which was the Sakae side. That was the end of the match and everyone actually clapped hands loudly for both Mayu and Miyuki who showed an extraordinary fighting spirit and skills to everyone. As soon as they stepped out, they reunited with their teammates that came up to the edge of the shiai-jo to step in once again to do an ending bow.




The Sakae and Akiba team bowed towards each other and they stepped out. The winner of the Kyu Team event was Team Sakae and with Akiba coming in for 2nd place. As soon as they stepped out, it was as if both Miyuki and Mayu were in sync as they ran up towards each other and sat down facing one another before taking off their men armor. After they did, they had an eye contact with each other and both of them couldn’t hold back their smile of contentment before they got up and gave each other a hug. 

“That was amazing, Mayu.”

“You deserve that win Miyuki, that is a clean debana-men.”

“…I’m glad I was able to fight you again.”

“I admit, that is really fun. Thank you for the fight, Miyuki.”

Both exchanged handshakes with each other and everyone clapped their hands for them once again while witnessing a strong sportsmanship between both Miyuki and Mayu. However, it was the time for them to return back to their teammates and everyone was waiting for Mayu to return to them. The young girl was obviously disappointed in herself because she let her teammates down and lost the match instead.

“I’m sorry that I lost.”

“Hey don’t apologize! You did your best already and that was beyond comprehensible!! Your kendo is just amazing!”

Yuko and others kept complimenting Mayu and then the team captain came up to her and their eyes met with one another. Yuki didn’t go with little details and just went straight to the point at Mayu.

“How was it?”

“…Yeah, I had fun with Miyuki. Thanks for letting me fight in this important match.”

“I see, welcome back.”

“…I’m back.”

Mayu experienced the joy and excitement in kendo after she had quit for two years after that horrid experience in the Junior High competition. However, it was such a priceless experience that guided her to this position. The battle between Watanabe siblings came to an end and the results of their fight didn’t matter to the two of them because they had a lot of fun clashing their soul against one another without holding anything back. All the grudges between the two were gone and it seemed they were able to forgive one another in several things to move on.


Despite the epic battle came to an end, the competition wasn’t over yet and the Akiba team could have their sweet revenge against Sakae in the Open Team event. This Kyu Team event made the Akiba Team more motivated to crush their rival down in this final event of the whole competition. Sashihara would be joining this time and they plan to take the 1st place back home with them.


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Wow.. OMG..Waahh.. :shocked :w00t:
That match was awesome.. Salute to both wWatanabe.. :twothumbs
They make it to 20 minutes match.. :banghead:

Kate-san what is the dfferent between the kyu match team and the open team?
And which one the most important between them?
Thanks for update.. :bow:

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Minami-chan: Cool

Raizel: Well, the differences between "Kyu Team" and "Open Team" are the grade of the players. As its name said, only Kyu-grade players can be in a Kyu Team event. For Open Team event, its opened to Dan-grade players and so its a mix between Kyu and Dan players in this event. (e.g. Sasshi (2nd Dan) from Akiba will be in the Open Team event along with Yuko, Yuki, Rena, etc.) Next question...which one is the most important? Well, I guess both haha. They're both team events, but the Open Team would be more tough in a way if the opponent has more dan-grade players than another right?

niineechan: Glad you enjoy :)

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Oh so that's how it is.. :w00t:
When the team has more dan player that will give their team an advantage, right?
Thanks for the explaination.. Can't wait to see their action next. hehe.. :twothumbs

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Sasuga K-tan!>W<
I love the detail~
And I'm speechless. Too many surprises in these 2parts><
So Miyuki also love Yukirin? Is she still love her until now?
JuriMayu have their own secrets?
Then how can Jurina be that strong and calm when she fight?
What will happen when WMatsui meet? Cause I think Rena-san must be still shock and maybe feel betrayed T^T
I'm so curious>o<

Thanks for the update, K-tan!^o^/
I'll wait for the part 5.3!
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Love is a Battlefield
~Pairing: WMatsui~

~Part 5.3~
We win together...and lose together



During that ten-minute break before the Open Team event started, each school grouped up to discuss their team order and their strategies to fight. Meanwhile, Mayu had a quick chat with Yuki before she stepped out for the team to discuss with each other. As the Miyuki from Sakae saw her Watanabe cousin standing on the side, she went up to her and decided to have a little talk with her. 

“What’s up? You’re not going to fight in the Opens Team event?”

“Not interested. I’m only there to substitute for the injured player. There is already a full team for the Opens Team event.”

“Ehh…I thought we would be able to have a rematch in the event again.”

“…You know I quit kendo already, so I don’t really have that much motivation to go back again.”

“Jeez…Mayu, you’re too good to just quit halfway like this. Also…I’ve wanted to ask you for a long while already, but why did you quit? Didn’t you love kendo to your very bone marrow?”

“…Long story, Miyuki.”

Mayu didn’t seem she wanted to talk about it now but it made the other Watanabe sighed. However, they had that short moment of silence between the two before Miyuki decided to speak up once again regarding their long enchou fighting they had.

“You could’ve beaten me…you always do.”

“You beat me two years ago and today. You’re much stronger than me Miyuki.”

“…Are you a moron?”

Miyuki nudged her cousin right at the head and caught Mayu’s full attention in an instant. She looked back at her with misbelief and the Sakae kenshi crossed her arms and sighed with that grumpy expression. Miyuki knew well that Mayu was a very strong talented kendo player, and the pride of Watanabe. She’s always humble and kindhearted to everyone at the dojo even at the worse situation. Even though both of them are the same age, Miyuki truly respect and idolized Mayu unconditionally.

“I don’t accept that it’s my victory.”

“C’mon Miyuki, win is still a win.”

“To win someone that quit for two years doesn’t make me proud at all, you idiot.”

“…Jeez, you’re so much more stubborn than before.”

The Akiba Watanabe sighed softly, but then wrapped her arm around Miyuki to give her a pat on the girl’s head. Obviously she was surprised with Mayu doing that to her before but before she could respond back, the Akiba girl took her hands off and walked away from Miyuki.

“By the way…Miyuki.”


“Just out of curiosity, your feelings…are you still…?”

“With Yukirin? I won’t steal my sister’s girlfriend. I got over it already.”

Miyuki seemed to be very chill when she told her sister that she was no longer interest or loved Yuki anymore. Judging from her voice it seemed she was completely over with what happen two years ago between the three of them and moved on from it already. Mayu let out a soft sigh before she decided to leave her sister behind.

“You’re so lucky to get your hands on such a hot girlfriend. I didn’t expect the innocent looking Yukirin will turn out to be this sexy.”

“Oi, that’s Yukirin you’re talking about there…”

“Your property you mean? I’m just complimenting your girl! She is truly in love with you. I’m glad that it’s her that is with you…and vice versa. ”

“J-Jeez…what are you saying? This is quite all of a sudden…?”

“…Mayu I know you long enough. We’re know each other too well than how normal siblings to do each other.”

Mayu didn’t deny that fact and remained in silence to allow Miyuki to continue. The Sakae girl looked back at her and realized Mayu was waiting for her instead. That made her sighed before continuing where she left off.

“To be honest I’m still pissed with you running away and letting me win that quarterfinals two years ago…even worse you pushed Yukirin away towards me. Your selflessness is just damn annoying, do you know that?”


“So this is my love advice for you! I’ll say just once so better remember it!”

“Huh?? W-What??”

“Be more selfish and stingy about her. I actually do like you two together…so when it comes to Yuki, do whatever it takes to not let her go okay? Even you have to become such a heartless horrible person…and that is my first and probably the last love advice for you.”


The two siblings remained in silence and exchanged that short smile with one another.  They didn’t need words to convey their feelings to each other since they knew one another too well. Mayu walked in a bit closer before she extended her fist forward and Miyuki quickly responded to her by pounded softly against it. Their smiles got wider and the Sakae girl could no longer hold back her happiness to reunite with her sister after she chose to quit kendo.

“Good luck with your fight, Miyuki.”

“Thanks sis. Let’s catch up after this, okay? You have to tell me everything that happen.”

“…Alright, that’s a deal then.”

Mayu smiled softly before she left Miyuki behind. Apparently, Yuki saw both sisters conversing with one another and got curious with what Mayu and Miyuki were talking about after all. As Akiba already finalized the team order for the last event of the competition, they had some spare 7 minutes to relax before their first match against Hakata team. Yuki couldn’t help but to be very curious about the two sisters having a smile while chatting with each other.

“What are you two talking about?”


“Of course!”

“Well…just catching up. We have a lot of things to talk about.”

Mayu ended with just that and Yuki understood her message. She nodded softly before she held the younger one’s hand and smiled out of pure happiness. While all members were using their time wisely to stretch and prepare for the next battle, Rena was utterly anxious with the situation. Now that the Kyu Team event was done, she could see that the Sakae team was done with their little team meeting as well and she saw Jurina walked off into the corridor. Without further ado she ran after her since she needed to talk to her Matsui friend no matter what…and she couldn’t possible wait till after the competition.



She followed Jurina and it seemed she was heading towards the bathroom. The moment she was close enough to her, she called her name out loudly and grabbed Jurina’s attention. The shorthaired Matsui turned around swiftly with tinge of fear across her face as if she did recognize Rena’s voice. How coincidentally they were the only two that were in the corridor and the last person Jurina would least want to face right now would be Rena.



“I…I really don’t know where to start. But…why?”

“I know this is difficult. I don’t know where to start this too…I…its been very difficult for me as well.”

“Why didn’t you tell me anything??”

Rena went straight to the point and Jurina could only bit her lips while trying to figure how to deal with this situation. She sighed while tightened up her fist with pure frustration towards herself. She glanced over to the clock and realized that Rena had only 5 minutes left before she would need to go out to fight. At least her match would be after team Akiba so she would have roughly 15 minutes of spare time to get ready. She really did wish she could explain everything to Rena right here and right now, but she couldn’t possible simplify all of that within 5 minutes and be confident that she passed on her message to Rena.

“Rena-chan, I really do what to explain everything to you right now. But…this is not the right time.”

“Then when?? I can’t even focus on anything without you telling me anything! I’m really frustrated right now!”


“You know what pisses me off even more? It is the fact that Yukirin knows you more than I do…I feel like I’m a failure as your friend.”

“No you’re not!!!”

Both of them were literally arguing and it seemed there would be no end to this at all. Jurina tried to catch her breath and calmed down after feeling her heart pounding against her chest madly. She rested both of her hands against her forehead as she was desperately trying to figure out what to do to bring out the best outcome right now. She wished she could tell about Kawaei’s condition but that would make Rena worried about her. Therefore it might just frustrated and made her lose concentration in the team event.

“…It is my choice to do this. I want to tell you the reason but it will definitely frustrate you even more when you know it. That’s why I’m really afraid to tell you even before today…and right now.”


“Please…I know it’s so hard to do it, but please trust me. ”


Rena didn’t respond anything, but she somewhat received the hidden message hidden within Jurina’s voice. She had been with her childhood friend long enough to be able to tell that Jurina was actually serious and honest with her. She wouldn’t hide and do this behind Rena’s back unless it was actually serious… Rena knew Jurina long enough that the shorthaired Matsui was not that kind of person to hurt anyone. While waiting for Rena’s response, Jurina didn’t expect to be forgiven or receive any sort of reply…but then she couldn’t hold back her guilt emotions when her loved one broke the silence between the two.

“…Is your ankle okay?”

Jurina froze and couldn’t believe Rena would ask that question at situations like this. Despite the Akiba kenshi was mad and pissed at Jurina for not telling her anything…she didn’t fail to show concerns towards Jurina’s chronic ankle injury, which was actually the cause for her to quit kendo in her Junior High years.

“Y-Yeah…don’t worry. Mariko-sensei will never forgive herself if I injure myself again because of this.”

“…Okay, if you say so. I guess I don’t have anything to say then.”

The tone of her voice changed. Jurina’s eyes grew wide with realization and she watched Rena walked away…but somewhat her body went after her without further ado. Her heart raced crazily and she ran after her without her knowing why she didn’t want Rena to go. Jurina felt that if she let Rena go like this without talking anything…it would be the end. She didn’t understand why she was this nervous, but the moment she grabbed for her arm the raven-haired girl shook if off brutally that it made Jurina pulled her hand back.

“R-Rena-chan…I-I’m sor—”

“We have a match to focus on right now. So just leave me alone.”


Jurina didn’t know what to respond and only could curl up into a fist with anger towards oneself. She felt pathetic for being a coward and unable to confront Rena directly, thus this was the result of her being weak. However, there was nothing that she could do to help with the situation as much right now because Rena was right. They still have their matches to go and if both Sakae and Akiba won in their first match…they would confront each other again in the finals. It seemed inevitable for the two teams to clash and the two would be fighting off each other once again.

“Before the finals, there would be a 5-minute break…can we talk again?”


“Please, Rena-chan…”

“I don’t know. I want to focus on my match right now. I don’t want to think about this.”


Rena left without further ado and there was nothing Jurina could do. Thankfully the announcement broke the tension between the two, but no words were being exchanged between the two of them. It seemed Jurina didn’t have a choice but to leave Rena alone for now…and she slapped both of her cheeks to regain her focus back to the competition once again. Jurina used to be a kendo player before and understood it very well that this wasn’t the exact proper time to have a serious discussion…because both of them had duty to fight for their team and they needed to be at their best for the team’s sake.


Rena came back quickly to join with her teammates and Yuki just had submitted the team order to the staff. When everyone was having their last minute break, Mayu came up to Rena and gave her a tap on the shoulder with that cyborg emotionless expression. The older Matsui wasn’t sure what the freshmen girl wanted to convey and she couldn’t help but to look back with such a puzzled face.

“Don’t tense up too much. It could tell from your body language.”

“T-Thanks…I just…had a little talk with Jurina. I guess I’m still frustrated.”

“That she didn’t tell you anything about this?”


“Well, I don’t seem to be a position to say as much. I don’t know her as long as you do, but for sure I know that she would never do anything to hurt you even it kills her.”


“Trust me, she’s that dumb enough to die for you.”

She gave Rena a soft shove from behind and made her go forward. The older Matsui was still surprised to realize that Mayu was actually trying to cheer her up. It was as if the young Watanabe understood her feelings and before Rena could say anything she interrupted her first.

“…Trust that idiot. It’s worth it.”

She blinked several times and finally let out a smile of relief. Rena nodded back with thankfulness before taking her gears and catch up wither teammates. Only Mayu and Ikoma would be sitting on the side watching their team fight. Despite the two were in the same year, Ikoma couldn’t help but to feel awkward around Mayu due to how quiet and emotionless she was. Therefore, she didn’t expect Mayu to be the one to break the silence between them.



“I know I shouldn’t say it, but thanks. It has been a long while since I last enjoy kendo like that.”


Ikoma let out a smile, since she was happy for her friend. She knew a little bit about Mayu regarding her quitting kendo two years ago due to some personal issues. At very least, she was glad that Mayu opened up to her a little and Ikoma felt that the two of them would get along just fine.

“After the competition, can you teach and give me some advices?”

“Huh? Me??”

“Yeah! You’re really good and have such a beautiful kendo…I always want to have that. So…would you?”

“…Well, fine I guess.”

“Hehe, that will be awesome.”

Mayu felt a little bit shy that Ikoma praised her kendo so highly like that, since she was naturally a humble kenshi girl. At least, that was the opening to their friendship and the two started to talk to each other much more than what the two expected. …Meanwhile on another side of the competition ring, Jurina just got back from the bathroom and joined up with her teammates once again. She came back to watch Akiba’s match against Hakata and couldn’t let her eyes away from Rena at all. While Jurina neglected her surroundings, Mariko came up to her side and gave a pat on her head to catch her attention.

“I guess it must be hard on both you and Rena-chan…what did she say?”

“…That we should focus on the competition first.”

“Heh, she didn’t really change at all…but really, how did it go? I saw her went after you.”

“Its…not so good.”

“I see, I’m sorry about that Jurina, I can explain things to Rena about your situation—”

“Its okay Mariko-sensei, I’ll deal with it.”

It would be much easier if Jurina let Mariko helped her, but she preferred to deal with the situation by herself because this was an issue between her and Rena. Honestly, Jurina still didn’t know what to do yet and despite she said she wanted to have a talk with Rena again during the break before finals… she still didn’t know what to say at all. Just by looking at Jurina’s troubled face, Mariko knew straight off that the young Matsui girl was overthinking too much with the situation and then she decided to give her a little advice.

“Just be honest to Rena-chan and trust her more.”


“I could tell how close you two are…and you just need to trust her…and be honest with yourself and to her.”

The teacher ruffled her head before she walked away to give Jurina the time to think alone. The shorthaired Matsui took a peek towards Rena who was already in the shiai jo and exchanged bows with the Hakata team.


When she realized the team order on Akiba’s side, Jurina saw Rena being in the 2nd position of the team. She realized that team Akiba decided to go with ‘top heavy’ strategy by putting strong players in front in order to secure the team’s win straight off. The first player was Yuko, followed by Rena, Sashihara, Sayaka, and lastly Yuki as taisho. For most of the time, Jurina didn’t seemed to be so focused on watching the fight at all…since she already knew who would win already. It was as she expected, Yuko literally obliterated her opponent with 2:0 in about one minute and then it was Rena’s turn this time. She sighed out to herself and gave some attention to watch this match…and the moment the judge announced the start, Rena charged in like a merciless beast towards her opponent.





She struck in and it was a good cut, but it wasn’t good enough for the judges yet. Rena used that momentum to tackle her opponent and bounce off while cutting down right onto the head.



The moment she got the right distance from her opponent, without further ado she sprinted in again without losing balance and did a two-strike combo against her opponent and both strikes were clean cuts. She immediately got a point straight off and gave a huge intimidation towards the Hataka team.



Others probably didn’t realize it but Jurina could see through Rena’s kendo…and she could tell that the raven-haired Matsui was mad and unhappy. It showed it out from her kendo and she could feel it… and that made her felt terribly guilty for what she did. After she was able to process Mariko’s advices, she realized that she was being all secretive and not exactly honest towards Rena when she should’ve done that. It would be normal for Rena to be pissed at her…and when she tried to think of what she should do she realized that she needed to be honest to Rena and trust her a little more.
“…Be honest with Rena-chan…? Then…my feelings…”

“Why are you acting all gloomy and serious like this? That’s so unlike you.”

Jurina suddenly felt the pressure on both of her shoulders and that literally caught her off guard. She turned around with shock and saw that plain emotionless Watanabe standing behind her. Furthermore, before Jurina could say anything, Mayu interrupted her instead and just said whatever she wanted to say at that moment.

“Jeez, you two could just be so much like each other.”


“Confess your feelings to her already. Wouldn’t that give an interesting result?”

“…For me to tell Rena-chan how I felt when we’re having this big cold war right now??”

“Why not?”

Mayu replied with such a simple tone that it did crept Jurina out a little. However, she knew that the young Watanabe was smart and probably had a logic reasoning to back up what she was saying right now. Jurina just sighed out while she turned her eyes over to the shiai-jo and continued watching the match.

“Be honest with her already.”


Jurina turned around and it caught her completely off guard. She actually didn’t expect Mayu to give her the same advice that Mariko gave to her and started to question her own actions during the past month before this competition. She only stared back at Mayu in silence and the younger one could see that her friend was helpless and was lost with what to do from now on.

“Jeez…you just as naïve and helpless as Matsui-senpai.”


“Everything is a double edge sword, your kindness and good intentions to protect Rena is now damaging the relationship between you two right now.”


“Ugh, I never knew I would say this but be more selfish! Be greedy and stingy about her. Quit with the play nice-person game and just selfishly get her already before Matsui-senpai wakes up in another man’s arms.”


“Be filthy and hideous as you can, do whatever it takes to never let her go or else you’ll ended up regretting this. That’s my advice.”


“Truth must be told. I’m leaving.”


Just right about when Mayu was to leave Jurina alone. They had a short eye contact with one another and the shorthaired Matsui bowed her head down in a slight angle before looking back up at Mayu again. She let out that smile of relief and was utterly thankful for her friend’s advice despite it was heartless and harsh. It seemed Jurina needed a good slap in a face like what Mayu gave to her in order for her to realize what she should do.

“…I think I know what I should do now, thanks.”

“You better, and good luck with your fight because Akiba will whoop Sakae’s ass.”

“Heh…that’s our line. We won’t go easy on you.”

Mayu only gave that smirk of excitement before she left. However the young Watanabe didn’t expect that she would be using Miyuki’s advice on Jurina like this…and somewhat it made her understand the meaning behind it even more. She finally turned to Yuki and realized how she wasn’t that exactly honest with her girlfriend too…she was actually not that different from Jurina, but the differences between them was that Yuki was extremely persisted and honest. Since both Jurina and Rena were quite passive unlike Yuki, the shorthaired Matsui would need a push to make a move. Just thinking about how she was similar to Jurina just pissed Mayu off and made her understood how she probably had gave her girlfriend some heck of a difficult time too…




The taisho match was between Kashiwagi Yuki and Kodama Haruka and she was definitely having a very difficult time fighting against her. Especially, Haruppi was a 1st Dan and Yuki was just a 1st Kyu kenshi. However, she was able to fight equally and gave Haruppi a hard time to land a score on her. The match went on for almost 4 minutes and no one had scored anything yet until Yuki pulled out her signature dou cut on her. The point was awarded to Akiba completely secure her team’s win with that point. After the match went on for another 10 seconds, the whistle was blown and the match ended.



The match was over with Yuki’s victory, however as overall she did very well as a taisho for her team as she was able to withstand against a 1st dan player despite she was a kyu grade. It was thanks to her strategy and planning that allowed her team to win and secured their spot in the finals.



Everyone stepped out and both Mayu and Ikoma welcomed the team with clap for Akiba’s victory. Takamina went up to them and told everyone to keep up with the good work and gave a little brief about the possibility of the finals. Everyone was focused on what their coach had to say but Rena couldn’t help but to have her mind filled with frustration and irritation. There were so many mix feelings going on inside her chest and honestly she actually let some steam out against her opponent in her match. Rena felt somewhat sorry towards her opponent, but at least she could saw it’s for the sake of the team. They would high likely confront against Sakae and Yuki had a lot of pressure to decide the next team order in order to win. She was using that time valuably with Takamina whilst others decided to have a bathroom and water break before doing some more stretching to keep their body warm and active. However…Rena took a break and stayed away from everyone because she didn’t want to accidentally let out her steam against her friends at such a crucial time like this. As she watched team Sakae and Namba walked into the shiai-jo…she saw that Jurina and the heartburn feeling started to get worse. It was a mix of anger, frustration, depression, and fear. She was mad that Jurina didn’t tell her the truth and what was happening whilst Yuki and Mayu seemed to know what was going on. Rena actually felt jealous that it wasn’t her that knew the whole story…and it made her terribly annoyed with everything and especially on Jurina. Before she had the time to process any of these feelings, she saw Mayu walking up to her and she seemed to be worried about Rena’s mental state, but the raven-haired couldn’t help but to hold back her steam when she had a feeling that the young freshmen knew everything.

“…You knew about Jurina, don’t you?”

“I’ll be honest with you. Pretty much she told me most of it.”

“Okay then.”

Mayu could hear some slight annoyance in Rena’s voice and she couldn’t help but to let it slide. She had this similar tantrum two years ago before when she learned that Miyuki was in love with Yuki. Somewhat Mayu could relate her feelings to Jurina and Rena in a way.

“After Sakae’s match, you should go talk with her. At least to settle down that disturbing feeling.”


“Just a suggestion. I’ll leave you alone now because that’s what you want to.”

“…Thanks, Mayu.”

“I wish I can tell you, but I promised Jurina not to.”

“I understand, its okay…thanks.”

Mayu left her alone and Rena finally had the time for to be alone to think about a lot of things. Despite she wanted to tell the older raven-haired friend that she should trust Jurina, but she didn’t like to repeat things again once she said it. Rena finally had some time alone and just thinking about having to talk to Jurina again after she finished her fight made her scared. She wouldn’t know what to say or even act in front of Jurina right now. The worse case scenario would be Rena pouring out her anger and steam onto Jurina, and she didn’t want it to happen. The raven-haired girl went to the bathroom and splashed some water onto her face to cool her head down. However, it didn’t seem to calm her mind down at the slightest.

“I still don’t know what am I suppose to do or feel right now…its just…it hurts…”

She pressed her hand against her heart and felt it pounding hardly against her ribs. She wanted to be angry with Jurina and blame her for all the frustrations she was having…but the truth in her heart was that she could never be angry with her. She cared and loved Jurina enough to forgive her with everything. However, she still didn’t understand what was this feeling she actually had for Jurina. The more she tried to figure it out the more she got nervous and anxious.


Meanwhile, Yuki finally finalized her decision and she walked up to Mayu without further ado since the younger one had been waiting for her. Before Yuki could do anything else Mayu dragged her to the bathroom since she wanted to have some private talk with her alone. In the match between Sakae and Namba, it was still on the 2nd player of the team and so Mayu predicted that she would have about 10 minutes to be with Yuki. As they went to the bathroom and into the secluded corner and the team captain couldn’t help but to be curious with what Mayu wanted to talk about.

“What’s wrong? Is something a matter?”

“…I want to apologize to you.”

“E-Eh? What happen??”

“T-That I’m always passive and indirect all the time? So yeah…”

“What do you mea—?”

The next thing Yuki realized was to feel her back against the wall and Mayu resting her hands against the wall behind her to prevent Yuki from escaping. Obviously she could never expect something like this from a shy passive Watanabe and it actually made her heart skipped a beat.


“Just…s-shut up and let me do this…”

She dove in and pulled her girlfriend’s gi to the side so that she could kiss her on the collarbone. Yuki flinched with surprise and she blushed while holding back her voice. The younger one sucked gently and it was a terrible tease towards her girlfriend. Kashiwagi clutched tightly onto Mayu’s gi while her voice became huskier… while enjoying every second of it.


Just the moment Yuki was about to let out her voice, the younger one pulled it off first and left a little red mark underneath her collarbone. Both of them remained in silence and Yuki blushed horribly with a dumbfounded expression. Obviously she didn’t expect Mayu to make such a bold move like this to her and then Mayu bent in to give a peck on her girlfriend’s cheek.

“…A good luck blessing from me. Is it enough?”

“O-O-Of course!!”

Yuki hugged her tightly and couldn’t hold back her childish joy since her girlfriend was such a turn on to her right now. Her cuteness was beyond overload and if she could she wanted to just do her right there and right now. She whispered softly into Mayu’s ears and asked her out of burning desire to hold onto her tightly.

“…Can we continue after the competition?”


“Please? You’re just too adorable!! I’m seriously holding back right now…”

“…O-Okay…just this once.”


It seemed Yuki appreciated just a little action from Mayu and it made the younger one felt like she’s being the mean one in the relationship. She realized she should express her feelings even more so that she could make her girlfriend happy. Just to see Yuki’s joyful smile instantly brought happiness to her heart. She hugged her back and felt that taking this approach wasn’t such a bad thing at all… so it seemed Miyuki’s advice paid off quite well for both Mayu and Yuki.

“Can I have a kiss? Please~ just one!”

“J-Jeez…and you want me to do it right?”

“I would love that.”

Mayu sighed softly and did as what Yuki asked. She gave her a soft kiss on her lips before she parted away from her. Obviously Kashiwagi was wondering what made Mayu became more intimate out of a sudden and it seemed she had enough fun already. It was such a drastic change that Yuki just had to ask Mayu no matter what… instead of being overly excited, she was worried about her.

“Mayu…is everything okay? What’s with this being all intimate out of blue?”

“…Just…I ah…”

“Really, you don’t have to do this. I’m happy just the way you are already.”


“Neh? So don’t force yourself to be someone else you’re not.”

“No, I wanted to do this!”


“I want you to feel good…and make you happy. S-So yeah! We should get out of here since it’s about ti—”

Yuki quickly pulled Mayu in and kissed her passionately out of love for her. The young one didn’t expect that coming but she eventually accepted and kissed her back without further ado. Unfortunately they didn’t have much time to express their love for one since they still have their last match to worry about. After Yuki pulled away, she bent in and pecked against Mayu’s forehead with a huge smile across her face.

“You’re just…too cute and adorable that I can’t resist!! I love you so much Mayu.”

“…me too.”

The two exchanged a smile with each other and Mayu could see her girlfriend smiling out sincerely with that cute joyful smile. That was the best smile she ever saw from her and it couldn’t help but to make her heart bloomed with contentment. She was glad that she received and took Miyuki’s advice, and she hoped that Jurina would make use of it as much as she did.


Rena was still using her time to be alone thinking through a lot of things. She wanted to clear her mind for the competition but it wasn’t working as well as she thought. The match proceeded on and got into the taisho round, and Rena still couldn’t decide what to do yet. She wanted to be honest with Jurina but she was afraid that her outburst would ruin everything between the two of them… despite the shorthaired Matsui appeared to be tough and strong, she’s just a young sensitive girl to Rena. Obviously the raven-haired kenshi cared for Jurina enough to be afraid to do anything. Furthermore, with her unable to understand the chaotic feelings inside her chest she was far from ready to face Jurina right now.


That caught Rena’s attention and that was when she realized that the taisho match came to an end way faster than she thought. It was as expected that the 3rd Dan of Sakae, Nakanishi Yuka, had a clean win against Namba’s taisho with 2:0.  Unfortunately, Nishishi faced a young kyu grade kenshi instead of facing Annin. They bowed out and the winner was obviously the almighty Sakae team. How coincident that while Rena was staring at Jurina…she looked back at her too and their eyes met. It made Rena recalled her best friend wanted to talk to her during the break before the finals between Akiba and Sakae, and that instant her body started to tremble with fear. She didn’t understand why but all she could do was to run away from that spot immediately. She turned away and ran into the corridor without looking back to see Jurina…she was too scared…and all she could do was running away from her.

The moment Jurina saw Rena ran away…she couldn’t wait to step out from the shiai-jo and put away her gears to the side before running after Rena. However, she wasn’t sure where her Matsui went and she felt quite lost…

“She went towards the bathroom through that corridor. If you go now you should catch up.”

Mariko smiled and gave Jurina a shove on her back. The moment the young girl made an eye contact with her teacher, she couldn’t hold back her smile and nodded firmly before taking off without a single word. Jurina just ran after her…despite she didn’t know what she wanted to say to Rena. All that she knew was that she needed to talk to her no matter what…she needed to confront the truth and be purely honest to Rena before she would have regrets. She kept running after her with all the energy she had left in her muscle after her match and it seemed the adrenaline was doing its job well to keep Jurina sprinting at full speed. As the turned at the corner, she could see that familiar girl in front of her as she was leaning against the wall alone… Jurina obviously recognize her despite she looked from behind and she unconsciously blurted out her name without thinking.


Rena turned to see the woman she wanted to meet the least… she recognized that voice but she didn’t want to turn around to see who it was. She literally froze with fear and ran away. However, Jurina didn’t let her get away that easily and litearlly sprinted harder towards her while trying to talk to her. 

“Rena-chan, please! Please!!”

“N-No! Leave me alone! I don’t have anything to talk to you!”


She grabbed Rena’s arm before Jurina pinned her against the wall. The raven-haired could see her friend puffing hoarsely with exhaustion, and she seemed to have quite a long sprint before catching up with Rena. However, the raven-haired still avoided to look into Jurina’s face and simply closed her eyes without any response. The shorthaired Matsui was still panting and was clueless of what to do or say to Rena, but she wished that her voice would reach Rena and somewhat Rena could forgive her. 

“…I’m so sorry I haven’t tell you anything…it’s been a very hard month for us…and I felt really bad… I’ll tell you all the details after everything is over. I promise.”


“Rena-chan…please, believe me.”

“…But why Mayu and Yukirin knew about this?”

“I consulted with Mayu before I make a decision…and I guess she shared it with Yukirin”


Rena remained in silence and didn’t say a single word…but at least she gave herself sometime to think before she could ask Jurina furthermore questions regarding Yuki and Jurina’s relationship. Whenever she thought that there was something going on between the two of them, it gave her a sting pain feeling in her heart. Furthermore, she felt terribly annoyed by it. Rena felt that she needed to know what was going on between the two of them to help ease this frustration inside her guts.

“…What’s gong on between you and Yukirin…?”

“Eh? Me and Yukirin?”

“…Tell me.”

“We just hang out? Because she knew my secrets about training kendo again…she used it to drag me around and do what she wanted. We had lunch and talk about kendo, friends and life…?”

As Rena listened to that, she had an image of Jurina and Yuki spending time together and she didn’t like it at all. The more she had an image of them smiling, the more she felt the chaos and turbulence accumulating inside her heart.  She never understood this feeling…but all she knew was that she hated it so much. She bit her lips and still kept her vision down to the floor. She was still avoiding any kind of eye contact with Jurina. 

“I don’t like it…”


“Just thinking about you and Yukirin having fun…and smiling together… i-it makes me feel so annoyed…! It’s so annoying…!”


“What is this feeling? Why am I so annoyed? I feel so horrible to have these thoughts towards you and Yukirin… Tell me, what am I suppose to do with this annoying feeling inside my chest!?”

Jurina finally felt Rena’s true feelings. She made an eye contact with her and saw her teary eyes. She was actually in pain, but Rena didn’t know how to deal with this feeling inside her chest. It seemed just the thought that Jurina would be happier to be with Yuki than her snapped one last string holding back Rena’s emotions. Just seeing her beloved one in pain like this made Jurina felt like there was a knife stabbing her heart multiple times. She froze in shock when she watched Rena shedding tears and covered her face with her hands while trying to hold back her tears.

“I feel so horrible…s-so horrible just thinking about it…! I’m the worse friend ever—”

“No you’re not! Rena-chan…don’t say like that.”

“B-But isn’t it wrong…? For me to be jealous of m-my best friend…!”

She was still crying and it just pained Jurina to keep watching this. She silently brushed her tears with her finger and cupped Rena’s cheek gently and that made her stared back at her with teary eyes.

“It’s my fault for never honest to you…but now…I will tell you everything. Even my own darkest secret…”



Jurina bit her lips and decided to make the biggest decision of her lifetime. That instant, she dove in and sealed her lips against Rena’s and it made the raven-haired girl got a shock of her life. However, she automatically pushed Jurina away out of fear and surprise…it was just pure reflex. Their lips parted and then she couldn’t even think straightly anymore.

“N-No—W-Wait a mi—”

The moment Rena looked up she froze in silence. She never saw Jurina made that kind of face before in her life… but she could tell that she was terribly embarrassed. Before she could process anything else, Jurina’s lips crashed back against hers and this time, she cupped both of Rena’s cheeks so that she would prevent Rena pulling or moving her head away. The moment the raven-haired girl unconsciously parted her lips…Jurina took that chance and pushed her tongue in to feel and taste her. The moment their tongue made contact with each other, it gave Rena an oddly excitement that became addictive…  The soft warm sensation resting against her lips made her heart raced even more…she actually felt excited. The feeling of their lips resting against each other gave such a blissful feeling inside her stomach. Her heart started to pound so hard enough against her ribs and Jurina probably could feel it while she rested her body against Rena’s. She couldn’t even breathe properly and the moment she tried to push away to grasp some air, Jurina didn’t let her. Even worse, Rena didn’t have anyway to escape as she was pinned against the wall.

“Nnngh…M-Mmhnnn…! Mmmghhhh…Haaahh…”

Eventually, Rena unconsciously wrapped her arms around Jurina and kissed her back. That second was when Jurina couldn’t describe how happy she felt at all. It was as if Rena returned her feelings…and she had more hunger for Rena’s lips and moans. However, the kiss couldn’t last forever and she slowly broke off the kiss since it was long enough to start suffocating the two of them. Both panted against each other’s lips and flushed horribly with embarrassment. Before Rena could say anything else, Jurina cut her off and confessed her feelings to her. Neither fear nor regrets could stop Jurina anymore.

“…I love you, Rena. Not just a childhood friend…but as a woman, romantically.”


“I’m afraid to always tell you…I don’t want to be a burden to you…and I would want to do anything it takes to be by your side even I have to lie to you about my feelings…but I can’t anymore. I love you with all my heart.”

Jurina smiled and rested her forehead against Rena’s as she shared her truth to her. She prayed the feelings she poured into the kiss and her confession would reach her. Jurina hoped that she made Rena realized that she wanted to make them be more than just friends. While the two remained in silence, Rena was still holding onto Jurina tightly…and had her eyes closed to feel her Matsui closely to her body. She took some few more breaths before Jurina resumed where she left off. 

“I want to kiss you…hug you…and always be with you, that’s why…I have a favor to ask you.”


“…Let’s fight with all we’ve got, without any regrets, and enjoy kendo together. Let it be the best battle that must be remembered, because kendo…is meant to be fun.”

Rena remembered those words from the past. When both of them used to train back in Sakae Junior High School, they trained hard together and did kendo solely because they enjoyed it. She still remembered that feeling when she trained along side with her Jurina…and that excitement and happiness of doing kendo with everyone.  Her words and presence didn’t fail to give such peace to Rena’s mind no matter what. Somewhat, the raven-haired Matsui never felt complete and fully content like this before.


“…After the end of the competition, I will ask you out…like how I always do. However, it will be the last time I will ask you. I want to hear your real answer.”

Rena remained in silence and her heart was beating so fast…but filled with overwhelming happiness. There was no longer that persisting annoyance or chaos inside her heart… only but butterflies of joy within her stomach. Before Jurina could push herself out, Rena pulled her back in to hug tightly and buried her face onto her shoulder. That wasn’t something Jurina expected and she began to blush with nervousness. She didn’t expect Rena to do anything, but for her to pull her back in to hug like this made her extremely nervous. Jurina’s heart was pounding so hard against her chest enough that Rena could feel and heart it clearly.


“…I’ll…can we stay like this…for a little longer?”


Jurina blushed horribly and then she embraced Rena back tightly. She rested her head against Rena’s and she lost the ability to hold back the smile. This was the first time Jurina ever hug anyone desperately like this. The tighter Jurina hugged her, the harder Rena held onto her and buried her face onto her shoulder.


They wished they could stay like this forever, but it was about time they broke off the hug. The two of them had a passionate eye contact with one another before the smile appeared across their faces. However, Jurina still have some curiosity that needed an answer from Rena right now.

“So…about what happen—”

Out of blue, Rena rested her finger against Jurina’s lips to shut her up. The shorthaired girl blinked repetitively with surprise and didn’t continue even after Rena pulled her finger away.

“We can talk about that later…we need to go back out there.”

“…Y-Yeah. I wish we can stay like this.”

“Hey, we have a match to fight…and Akiba won’t lose this time.”

Rena smiled out before Jurina let out a smirk of excitement. The shorthaired slowly backed off a little and extended her hand towards Rena with intention for a handshake. The taller Matsui only smiled softly and knew Jurina’s intention behind her actions…and she shook hands with her without any hesitation. They both looked into each other’s eyes and they didn’t need any more words to communicate between the two of them. They trusted each other enough to believe that everything will be okay between the two of them.

“Let’s fight all out…Matsui Rena of Akiba.”

“…Same to you, Matsui Jurina of Sakae.”


The two walked side by side one another and as they arrived in the competition area they walked on their separate ways without saying a single word to one another and eye contact. Other Akiba members were waiting for Rena to arrive and she was much more calmer and collected than 3 minutes ago. If was as if the usual calm Rena was back once again and it made the team captain sighed with big relief.

“I’ve decided the team order for our final match against Akiba, and I hope we can all agree with it. Senpo will be Yuko-chan, followed by Sayanee as Jiho, Sasshi as Chuuken, myself as Fukusho…and Rena-chan as Taisho. ”

The team order was different from the first round and some were not surprised with their position whilst some were. Especially Rena, she didn’t expect herself to be playing as Taisho on such an important match like this, but she believed in Yuki’s final decision. No one had any objections and agreed with her format. Without further ado the team captain went up to the staff to give the finalized team order before went onto the prepared mat for the team to sit on. While they still have the time for finals to begin, Yuki went to Rena’s side and gave her a tap on the shoulder without uttering a single word.

“Hm? What’s a matter?”

“You can do it, I believe in you.”

“…Thanks Yukirin. Let’s win this.”

“Of course we will.”

Both of them bumped their fist against each other and Rena realized that her best friend knew the situation but chose not to say anything. That was one thing that Rena truly respected about her friend and that was why Yuki was the most suitable one to become the team captain. Meanwhile, Rena diverted her eyes to the opposite side and saw Sakae members getting ready at their station. She watched Jurina wearing her headgear on couldn’t help but to remember that embarrassing moment they had few minutes ago. However…despite all that craziness that happened, Rena was amazingly calmed and felt ready for this fight.


The two teams stepped into the shiai-jo and bowed at the same time when the judge spoke the command. The first player remained at the edge of the shiai-jo before they stepped in to start the first match. The senpo match was between Yuko and Miyuki, which was indeed a revenge match for Oshima. That instant the judge commanded them to start the fight; it was as if it was an explosion going on in the shiai-jo. Both Miyuki and Yuko were fighting fiercely and aggressively against each other.



This time, Yuko played a little differently and she was very serious this time. Miyuki eventually realized how difficult it was to fight against Oshima due to how she could absorb force easily and perform accurate dynamic cuts on her opponent. They kept whacking each other but the judges didn’t give any of it a score.


Yuko was able to sneak in and hit right on top of Miyuki’s head, but only one judge gave a flag for it. Everyone felt that it was actually a point, but no one could possibly argue with the judge’s decision. The match kept on going and it seemed Yuko’s new strategy to constantly pour in 300% effort in every single second worked out well. Despite Miyuki had a stronger and better center, Yuko easily could absorb that force and deflected it away using her body movement. Both of them kept clashing in at the same time and time would run out soon. Due to using tremendous physical and mental energy each second that passed by started to exhaust them.



Miyuki found that perfect timing to whack right onto Yuko’s forearm and all three judges awarded that score without hesitation. Watching from the 3rd view, it was very clear that Miyuki’s strike hit first before Yuko’s cut could reach Miyuki’s head.


The first point went to Sakae team and the 2nd half was about to begin. The moment the judge started the match, and Yuko went all nuts and tackled in against Miyuki without any warning. The young Watanabe was in surprise and she lost her balance while tumbling backwards. The red lion of Akiba charged in with solid confidence and slashed her right on the right torso before she ran diagonally passed Miyuki fluently.


Finally, Yuko was able to payback against Miyuki from yesterday’s match. They went back to the starting line and the final round began once again. The two didn’t let their guard down and poured out 300% they had left. Despite all the cheers at the background were loud and energetic, none of them reached the two as they were too focused on what they were doing.




One match down and four more to go. Both of them went back to the starting line and the judge announced a draw between the two of them. Unfortunately Yuko was unable to kick Miyuki’s butt and get her revenge, but somewhat did much better than yesterday. None of them were having an advantage or disadvantage in this match and the baton of pressure was passed for the 2nd match players. The jiho match was between Jurina and Sayaka, and it would be very interesting. While Sayaka switched out with Yuko, she recalled what Rena had told her about Jurina’s fighting style. Obviously the raven-haired Matsui do whatever it took to help increase Akiba’s win.

“Jurina is a very strong stable player.
She’s not fast…but has high precision and timing in her strikes…
the best advice I could give is to focus and don’t fall into her play…
In kendo, she’s very strategic.”

Sayaka stepped into the shiai-jo and looked straight into Jurina’s eyes before the match started. The pressure was place onto both of their shoulders in order to push their own team to have the upper hand in this match. 



While Sayaka fought against Jurina…she finally understood what Rena actually meant. The usual energetic puppy suddenly changed into this composed predator when the match began… it was a huge leap from a little naive puppy became this fearless wolf. The moment Jurina moved, Sayaka tried to find her way around to deflect the hit away but it was a bait after all. Matsui’s sword changed its course and rested on her shoulder to create that delay gap before throwing it out swiftly onto Sayaka’s head. That loud pop of the sword contacted against the thick leather armor made everyone amazed with how that cut couldn’t be any perfect than that already.



The young Matsui was able to get that score quickly against Sayaka and she confidently walked back to her starting line without looking over to her opponent. The match went on very quickly and Rena could see that Jurina was fighting at her best potential. She was completely relaxed and had absolute focus on what she was doing. In terms of experience and skills…Rena knew that Jurina would have it more than Sayaka.




Sayaka didn’t expect this kind of intimidation coming from the playful senior of hers…and she hate to admit that she felt absolutely dominated and intimidated by her opponent. At very least the young Akiba kenshi decided to play safe and buy time in order to prevent Jurina from gaining anymore points. However, that strategy didn’t work and Jurina started to push hard after she realized that change.



Matsui tackled in after doing three consecutive cuts in a row and it gave Sayaka a little choke along with a slight opportunity for her to score a point. Without further ado she forcefully smacked Sayaka’s sword away and that caused the Akiba girl to pull it back up with pure reflex. In that moment of mind blank that Sayaka had, Jurina took that opportunity and whacked right onto her opened forearm.



It seemed the young wolf was not planning to play safe with Sayaka. She completely obliterated her opponent and went back to the starting line. Obviously Sayaka didn’t expect this and the chance that she lost was due to her underestimating Jurina’s kendo experience. The Sakae cheers got louder as they were now in a lead with two points. The match ended much faster than what they thought and it was the time for the 3rd players of the team to enter the ring.

“Don’t worry, we’ll bring it up.”

Sashihara gave her a pat before they switched places with one another. The one and only dan-grade kenshi of Akiba, Sashihara Rino, finally entered the shiai-jo and her opponent was Yokoyama Yui. Despite her opponent was a kyu-grade; it didn’t convince her that she could go easy on her.




The younger Sakae kept tackling in constantly as she knew she was facing a dan-grade kendo player. The only chance for her to win was to prevent Sashihara from having any time to execute a cut. The more that the Akiba girl stepped away the more that Yui kept pushing her.


She charged straight into Sasshi, but then the older kenshi moved away and also whacked her sword forward to give her a charge forward. The moment Yui tried to change her direction towards Sashihara, she tumbled due to excess momentum from the sprint.


That was a big fat chance for Sashihara to whack right onto her opponent’s head easily and all three judges raised their flags for her. It was too clear that the judge couldn’t deny it. To keep chagrining in against a dan grade player wouldn’t be such a smart idea since they could easily adapt to the situation.





The two came in at the same time, but then Sashihara’s strike was much more powerful and thus cut through her strike and gave a clear smack onto Yui’s head easily without demonstrating fancy techniques. She simply showed strong solid basics and being composed under pressure, as a result of that she obtained a clean victory that pushed Akiba team back up again. Only two more matches remained and the two teams came down to a tie.


The winner of the match was Sashihara as expected, and the pressure came down to the fukusho players instead. Yuki and Sae switched places with their team member and entered the shiai-jo. By judging the player’s, Akiba seemed to be in a disadvantage against Sakae. Miyazawa Sae and Nakanishi Yuka were the two dan grades of Sakae, and the players that had to fight against them were two kyu grades.


It was Sae and Yuki’s match and obviously Sae was confident to push her team up, however the black demon of Akiba wouldn’t allow her to do that. Without further ado, Kashiwagi let go of her brakes and allowed her instinct to run wild in the battlefield. She yelled out loud like a beast and the two tackled in against each other while trying to score a men cut.



Sae was a year older than Yuki, but that didn’t make her fear at all. The young one was playing the mean way and the moment their body tackled against each other, Yuki literally shoved her hand forcefully against Sae’s chest and caused her to tumble back.  She ran after her like a hungry beast before she whacked her opponent with her signature gyaku-dou before tackling in straight into Sae using the side of her body.




It was a point to Yuki despite Sae fell on her back. Yuki demonstrated all the aspects that qualified her to receive that point. Obviously Kashiwagi was confident with her strike since it was her signature cut after all. While Ikoma and Mayu were watching from a distance with coach Takamina. The young kenshi couldn’t help but to gawk in awe with how amazing Yuki executed that difficult cut so easily and naturally like that.

“Wow…Yuki-senpai is so amazing…”

“Gyaku-dou is her signature cut. Surprisingly she felt very natural to do it than any other cuts.”

“I bet Takahashi-sensei taught that to her.”

Ikoma smiled but then it made the teacher giggled softly. She shook her head in response and told her student that Yuki’s style was particularly different from the usual gyaku-dou they practiced in Akiba High School. Her style actually belonged to Watanabe dojo and it could be seen easily because Miyuki also had the same exact executing style as her.

“E-Eh? Watanabe? That means…”

Ikoma turned to Mayu and the young cyborg girl sighed softly. She began explaining to her kendo colleage that Yuki used to train at Watanabe dojo about five years ago, but she stopped attending regular trainings after she entered High School. Since Yuki was a member of dojo owned by Watanabe family she would obviously learn Watanabe’s particular style and gyaku-dou was one of it.

“She’s much better at using that cut than Miyuki and I. Her natural style always turns out to be the most suitable for all difficult strikes.”

“Wow…Yuki-senpai is so amazing…”

“She is good and judging from that…she is very serious too.”

Focusing on the match once again, Sae bit her lips with anxiousness while walking back to the starting line. This was indeed a difficult match since her opponent was no ordinary kyu grade. Her skills, style, and spirit qualified her to be a dan-grade player already. Sae felt like she was fighting against someone at the same level as her more than to be her junior.


The 2nd round began and the two tackled against each other, hard. Both sides could feel the pressure tackling into their stomach, which caused both to flinch slightly at the same time. Yuki was actually struggling to fight against Sae despite she poured everything out. The younger Kashiwagi went in for the forearm the moment she saw it opened…but Sae took that force and used as a momentum to spin her sword around and lauched it right onto Yuki’s head.



That came down to a tie between both sides, and the final round was about to start. The two got back to the starting line once again and they poured everything out to obtain that one last point on their opponent. Akiba and Sakae members were cheering for their teammate. Mayu took a deep breath and yelled out loud from the top of her lungs that it overpowered the crowds’ cheers easily.

“GANBARE!!!! YUKIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!”

She wanted to make sure her voice reached her girlfriend and that unimportant cheers from the crowd wouldn’t cover it. Obviously the Akiba members at the mat were surprised but it got them to be hyped up as well.


She screamed out like a banshee right into Sae’s face in response to Mayu’s cheer. The two tackled into each other again and the Sakae player shoved Yuki to the side to make her lose balance. However, Yuki didn’t let her use that opportunity to win as she dashed out while she could before Sae could do anything.


The moment Yuki went out, Sae chased after her and young Kashiwagi didn’t hesitate to sprint in at the same time as her opponent to steal for that men cut. Unfortunately, none of them got that and as soon as their body momentum hit each other, Yuki used it to get out and how coincident that the two though the same thing. Without highly professional eyes, it looked as if the two scored at the same exact time…but Yuki lost that balance when she dashed out and ended up landing on the floor with her back.


Someone scored the point and two judges raised the flag for the red whilst one gave to the white… Takamina smiled with contentment as she could see who scored that men cut first as well. It was indeed Kashiwagi Yuki who got that point before Sae could do so. If the Sakae kenshi were slightly faster for about 0.1 second, then she would’ve got that point. It was a difference between a blink of a second of losing and winning. Yuki slowly got up and went to the starting line to end her match with her victory. It seemed Mayu knew that her girlfriend would win and she couldn’t hold back her smile. She was indeed proud of her that she was able to win and now the match came down to the taisho round.


The 4th match was over and now…the real finale was about to start. All members in the venue sat on their knee in respect to the final match of the day. They started the fight without further ado.  Finally, the taisho went in and it was a showdown between Matsui Rena and Nakanishi Yuka. This would be such an intimidating match for Rena since Nishishi was the winner of Dan Individuals event. The crowds and other kendo players remained in silence in deep respects to the final round until the judge broke the silence with the start of the match.




The final match that would determine the team’s victory had begun. As Rena had calculated the points of both teams so far…in order to secure the team’s win she could either prevent Nishishi from scoring a point…or get one point and win with 1:0…or even better win with 2:0. However, to lose 0:2 to her were not an option because that would mean Sakae’s victory. If Rena were to lose with 1:2 or 0:1, it would be daihyousen again like what happened earlier in the finals of Kyu Teams event. Rena had a little flashback on the past when she used to train with Nakanishi in the past…she used to be in Sakae School before she moved to Akiba School. Basically, she was an ex-member of Sakae Kendo club…but that wasn’t the time to think about it since she needed to focus on the match right now.



With Nakanishi tackled in after she executed that ridiculous powerful men cut, it made Rena felt as if she was punched into her stomach. Rena didn’t give in and stood firmly on her ground. She yelled back into her opponent’s face and she did the same exact thing to Rena as well.




Nishishi pushed Rena away and did a backward cut onto her dou and made sure she dashed out fast enough to avoid any cut Rena could possibly threw. However, it wasn’t good enough to impress the judges. She roamed into the raven-haired girl again and did a two-hit combo before tackling her with her body again.




Rena ran in at the same time as well but Nishishi’s body power was much stronger than hers. She ended up flew back and landed on the floor. The judge stopped the match and allowed Rena to get up back on her feet. Thankfully she didn’t fly out from the shiai-jo and that her opponent’s cut didn’t appeal to the judges. Somewhat, Rena felt that Nishishi was playing safe and will catch her when she let her guard down.

“Fighting Akiba!!”

“Rena-chan! Faito! Faito!!”

“Ganbare!! Nishishi!!!”

“Ganbatte Rena!!”

Both Sakae and Akiba were cheering from the top of their lungs since this match would decide who would win unless it went into Daihyousen again. They both tackled in again and again, but this time Nishishi knew that it was happening. She went in and did a two-hit combo onto Rena before tackling in again. She poured her heart and soul onto this and Rena kept striking in without any fear. Normally she would be afraid since she was the one deciding the victory or lose of the team…but she wasn’t at all. She felt utterly relaxed and calm for some reason. Rena felt that she could do this; she felt that she could win despite Nishishi being 4 grades higher than her. All she needed to do was to believe in herself and be confidence with her skills no matter what. After all the explosive spirit had died down, the two was having a cold war against each other. Both tried to bait one in as well as staying in a proper distance away from one another to make sure it wasn’t too close or too far. Rena could see that instant Nishisi moved…and her body just went in without realizing it. At that same time, Sakae was going for the men cut as well and everyone could see two swords having a race whether, which would land a decent smack on their opponent. Takamina’s eyes grew wide slightly as she realized Rena’s timing was absolutely perfect, and she knew straight off that who would score that point without even have to wait for the judge to raise their flags.



It was the red flag. Even Hakata and Namba were in a moment of shock mixed with surprise which they saw the young kyu grade from Akiba scored that perfect debana-men on a 3rd dan player. It was unlike those cuts that happened at the same time and it was subtle which landed first…but from the audience’s view they could see that Rena’s sword reached and hit Yuka first. The moment the Akiba members saw their taisho scored that first point…Yuko clapped her hands loudly and yelled out loud to give Rena all the support she needed.

“FAITO RENA!!!!!! ONE MORE!!!!!”




Rena couldn’t believe she did it, and it felt amazingly easy for some reason. Without thinking, she was able to achieve that perfect timing even against a 3rd dan player… and that was ho powerful timing was. Speed wasn’t the essential key to win, as it was the timing. With a perfect timing, one could score a point at any speed. Nishishi obviously didn’t expect that and was actually surprised by it…and excited at the same time. It didn’t make her disappointed at the slightest, but instead it made her grinned with how impressive Rena’s timing was.


However, this time the cheer went louder…because Namba and Hakata team were actually cheering and showed support for Rena. They were amazed for a young kyu grade to create that miracle like that and couldn’t help but to support her. They both were fighting much more seriously and composed than the beginning. Rena’s breath was in a steady pace and her body was completely relaxed. They two clashed in at the same time and the intensity kept rising as time passed by…but Rena didn’t panic. She still felt calm and composed as if everything was under her control.




The two backed away from each other and had that stare with one another before one of them went in for a strike. Despite the two were standing apart from one another, the intensity still built up and somewhat the two realized that this next cut would be the perfect moment to land a score. If one of them lost that concentration…and other would win in an instant. There was no chance that both of them could let their guard down…even in a blink of a second. Rena couldn’t possibly hear the cheers any longer since she was too focused…and felt like it was just she and her opponent in this dimension. Rena could feel and see every movement her opponent made and that instant she felt the hole in Nishishi’s defence. It probably was a moment of luck that Rena could use to win and she managed to find it. Rena went in without hesitation and Nishishi wasn’t well prepared for it…she aimed for the forearm and then—


Both tackled in against each other and then Rena whacked another men cut while dashing backward but then the judge already announced the owner of the point. The judge repeated the point they awarded and made the raven-haired girl realized that it was over…she looked to the head judge and saw they raised the flag for the red team. 


In that exchange they had… Nishishi’s kote was not scored because completely missed it since Rena’s arm was way higher than she expected it to be. Both men cuts executed by Rena was good enough to be awarded a point, but what made her won was the first men cut she delivered. Obviously Rena was still in a moment of shock but still have enough conscious to know what she needed to do. Both of them went back to the starting line and Rena could see Nishishi’s big grin through her men armor.


As Rena stepped out, she was welcomed by her teammates that stood by her side. As the both sides were ready in their position, they waited for the judge to go to their position and then spoke the command for them to bow towards the scoring table. Also, the people at the scoring table stood up and faced the big Japan flag that was on the wall.

 (Shomen-ni-Rei = bow to the Founder of Kendo and the ancestors)

They all bowed towards the flag, which was their shomen. The Sakae and Akiba members faced each other with that warm smile for one another and Rena could still see Nishishi looking at her with such excitement across her face.


They bowed towards each other before they walked backward out of the ring while clapping hands for one another. The audience and other kendo players that were watching were impressed with the match and clapped for all of them.




Finally, all the matches were over and without further ado, Nakanishi walked around the shiai-jo to go to meet with Rena. Takamina saw that coming and she gave her student a notice and push for her to go over to her opponent first before they had a team moment together. The moment the two met, the two of them knelt down and took off their men without further ado. Rena was quicker and so she waited for her opponent to take it off before they formally bowed to each other.

“Arigato gozaimashita!” / “Arigato gozaimashita!”

Both of them said in unison and Nishishi couldn’t hold back her smile at all. She went in and gave Rena a big hug, which obviously surprised the young raven-haired girl. Despite the Sakae’s taisho lost, she seemed to be very happy and excited for Rena instead.

“That was amazing Rena-chan! That was just impressive. Very impressive! You deserve that win. That little cute Rena-chan is growing~ Ah~ Now I feel old.”

“T-Thank you for that wonderful match Nishishi-senpai. It’s been a long while since we met. I’m glad I get to fight against you.”

“Beautiful men cut, that’s a very great timing. That was amazing!”

The two shook hands with one another before they left since they needed to go join up with their team. They needed to go have their own little team moment together before Rena could catch up with her friends from Sakae kendo club. It was Takamina that spoke and she gave such a soothing speech to every Akiba members regarding their performance today in this competition.

“We did amazing, we won the Open Team event. We all won this and be proud of this achievement. Right now, it’s all over now. It's the time to relax and let out your stresses. Also, special congratulations to Rena-chan for winning the taisho match with 2:0, that is very impressive.”

Everyone agreed what Takamina said and Yuko was the first one to give Rena a big hug. Everyone was utterly proud of what Rena did and she was the one that made Akiba shine out the most. Her flawless and remarkable performance grabbed everyone’s attention… literally all kendo player’s, sensei’s, and audience’s attention. She was indeed the star of the day. Rena couldn’t believe it all happen in less than 2 minutes…and finally all the fight was over. Also, that was when she remembered about Jurina. Right after the little team moment was over, she needed a water break and went to the bathroom to splash some water on her face before she would go meet with Jurina as they promised…


After Sakae had finish their little group talk, without further ado Jurina threw her eyes around the venue to look for Rena but she was no where to be found. At least she spotted both Mayu and Yuki, and she ran up to them without waiting to ask for Rena’s whereabouts.

“Mayu! Yukirin!”

Jurina came over to the Akiba team while she was still in her kendo uniform. Soon after she placed her headgear and shinai at her bag, she rushed over her as soon as possible to look for her only beloved Matsui. She was taking deep breaths due to exhaustion and judging from Mayu and Yuki’s reaction they seemed to know that Jurina was here to ask about Rena.

“Where’s Rena-chan??”

“She went to the bathroom, you should be able to catch up with her.”


She rushed out without further ado and it made Yuki smirked with excitement. She seemed to be so excited for Rena and Jurina getting together and embraced Mayu from behind tightly. As for the younger one, she simply sighed softly as she placed her hand on top of Yuki’s arm. She didn’t refuse the hug and let her girlfriend do whatever she wanted…since it was her day after all.

“Aw~ don’t they remind of us two years ago?”

“…With Jurina as you, and Rena as me? Wasn’t it me that was suffering from this one-sided feeling instead?”

“Our feelings are mutual but we believe that it’s one-sided for the whole time like an idiot, I remember the times I have to chase you down…and now I got you~”

“…Hmph, I know that… and I’ll always be yours.”

Mayu leaned her head back to rest against Yuki’s shoulder with a vague smile across her face. Obviously, Yuki loved every second that Mayu expressed her affection in public like this despite the younger one didn’t like it. The only thing they could do was to wait for the good news from Jurina and Rena soon about the upgrade to their relationship.


Jurina ran towards the bathroom with all the energy she had left in her muscle, and then she saw that familiar raven-haired girl in front of her. She felt the instant energy rushing through her veins and muscles, and that gave her the energy to run with her life towards the woman of her love. Thankfully Rena was walking and it allowed Jurina to catch up with her much faster than the first time.



The raven-haired girl in kendo uniform turned around and their eyes met. That instant, Jurina dashed in and wrapped her arms around Rena tightly with her life. She finally was able to catch her breath at last and her trembling arms were holding onto her. The raven-haired Matsui could even feel Jurina’s heart pounding against her chest and she embraced her back tightly as well. She longed for this warm cozy feeling and didn’t want to let it go of it.



They both slowly broke off the hug and they looked into each other’s eyes passionately. She held both Rena’s hands tightly and smiled back to her with that awkward nervousness. She was about to ask her only childhood friend to become the love of her life and despite she had been throwing out that question countless times…this was different than before. Even Rena could feel her hands shaking due to frustration, and she could even see on Jurina’s face that she was extremely nervous and was about to hit the state of panicking. For the past months Jurina was able to say it so easily…but because she was very serious this time it made her extremely nervous than ever. Rena believed that she never had seen Jurina this stressful before in her life and it made her heart pounded so fast. It made her realize how serious the shorthaired Matsui was regarding her feelings towards Rena. However, Jurina was surely taking her time to gather enough courage to propose to her and it was long enough to make Rena nervous instead. After the kiss they had before the finals…it made her realize so many things regarding her affection or feelings towards Jurina. Maybe for so many years…she had been in love with Jurina but never ever have realized it. Despite how much Jurina had become bold and strong than before…she would still be that little stressful crybaby Jurina that Rena knew.

“R-Rena! I have always love you, always…so please…”


“…Rena, this time…will you be my girlfriend?”


She nodded softly with teary eyes and she couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore. She threw her arms around Jurina and kissed her lips in that instant without further ado. Obviously that gave the puppy Matsui a shock of her life, but she quickly accepted and returned the kiss back to Rena while she snaked her arms around her waist. Surprisingly Rena initiated with her tongue and the intensity of the kiss escalated quickly. It seemed she had been holding back for a long while due to not able to understand her true feelings…and now that she realized it, she couldn’t hold back from Jurina. She expressed and poured it all through the kiss and the hug.



Both of them panted against each other’s lips as they gradually broke off the kiss. Slowly looking into each other’s eyes, Jurina cupped her cheeks before she bent in to peck her lips softly to confirm Rena’s answer.

“So…I guess it's a yes?”


“Thank goodness…!”

Jurina pulled her in for a hug instantly and suddenly she had recovered her strength and was able to carry Rena up from the floor and spin around. She couldn’t hold back her smile with happiness that her feelings are returned and the moment she put Rena back down onto the floor, she embraced her tightly again. Just to see the shorthaired Matsui’s smile of contentment couldn’t make Rena any happier than this. 

“…Finally I understand it now.”


Rena smiled softly before she pushed back and gave Jurina a teasing peck on the lips. She couldn’t hold back the happiness blooming inside her heart and had her arms wrapped around Jurina’s neck. Their noses were resting against each other and Jurina was blushing really hard with how Rena seemed to just change all of the sudden from before and after the finals.

“I guess…I’ve been in love with you for the entire time already.”


“…and…I love you too, Jurina.”

Rena smiled her heart out before she bent over to peck on Jurina’s forehead in a teasing manner. The more they opened up to each other…the more they both wanted express their feelings for each other. They let loose of their breaks and let their feelings run wild without holding back since they truly longed for one another for many years already. Jurina couldn’t resist the temptation and sealed her lips against hers to share this sweet moment with her childhood crush. They felt as if it was just the only two of them in this world…but they did not expect to be interrupted by someone though.

“Aw~~!!!! It seemed everything went well~!”

Both of them flinched and broke off the kiss to turn to the origin of the voice, and that was when they saw both Mayu and Yuki witnessing them kissing each other. Kashiwagi grinned with excitement and happy for the two of them as they finally got together, while Mayu remained in silence and had that smirk across her face.

“M-Mayu!? Y-Yukirin!?”

“Congratulations Rena-chan! I’m so happy for you!”


“I told you, we didn’t even have to follow up on them.”

Mayu ruffled her hair and could see how awkward Jurina was when both of them were caught kissing each other. It was like a silent revenge from MaYuki on Rena since the innocent raven-haired girl accidentally caught Mayu and Yuki having a kissing session in the bathroom.

“I guess it’s about time I teach Rena-chan the ‘lessons’ as well!”

Yuki seemed to be overly excited and Rena was completely dumbfounded by what she meant. As she came in and whispered into the raven-haired Matsui’s ear, she blushed instantly as if she just dipped her face into red paint. Her mind literally exploded as Yuki exposed herself to a brand new world of adult to Rena’s young innocent mind. Jurina was shocked and couldn’t help and got anxious with what Yuki told Rena. 

“E-Ehhh!?!?!? W-Whaaaa—!@#$%^&*()….”

“Yukirin! W-What did you tell her??”

“Just something very beneficial for you, Jurina~”

She gave a wink and Mayu knew instantly what Yuki told to Rena based on her response afterwards. Watanabe didn’t say a word and she grabbed Yuki’s arm to pull her away from the two Matsui girls. Mayu simply didn’t want the two to become new victims to Yuki’s sadism and this was the best she could do for the two of them.

“Don’t be too mean to them, Rena-senpai is too new for this.”

“She’ll have to learn it eventually! At least she has a partner to try these new things out with.”

“Oh god Yuki, no. Why don’t we just leave them alone for now?”


Yuki sounded like a spoiled child, and Mayu simply ignored it and dragged her away from the two Matsui girls. The young one gave Jurina a stare and that was more than enough signal that she was indeed doing Matsui girls a big favor. As the two get to be alone again, Jurina held her hand and she couldn’t help but to laugh out.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Well…just thinking about a lot of things back when we’re kids. Who expected that we would end up together?”

“…Yeah…and I guess I preferred this way. I would be sad if someone had you instead...of me.”

“Me too. I wouldn’t want anyone to hold my cute Rena-chan~”

“Hey, stop teasing me like I’m a kid already!”

“Hahaha! Aw~”

Instead of a heavy romantic conversation, it was back to their usual relaxing conversation while holding each other’s hand firmly. They decided to use the remaining time left to go buy a drink and went to catch up with the Sakae members because some of them were Rena’s friends. Obviously Mariko, Nishishi, and Sae were excited to catch up with Rena again. They sure had a lot of things to share and talk about and time flew by quite fast until they heard another announcement once again.


It was about time Rena had to go back to join with her friends. They all lined up and then the hachi-dan sensei made a speech to all the competitors that came to compete this year. He was impressed with everyone’s spirit and talent, and wished to meet with all of them in the future as well as next year’s competition too. After the speech was made, it was the time to give awards to each category.


The three girls went up and there were a couple of hachi-dan teachers holding the medals to put over their heads. After that, the three of them went to the side and had their photos taken by the school’s photographer especially for this event. They always did this every year and these photos would be put up in the hallway of all schools where they kept they sports awards and trophies. After they were done they ran back to their line before the staff announced the next award in the Dan individuals event.


The next three girls went up to receive their medals and took a group photo together. As each category went up, everyone clapped for them and what were left were the team categories. Unfortunately in team events there could only be two team winners.


Since there were 5 members per team, the announced each team one by one instead of asking all of them to come up at the same time. Mayu didn’t intend to go up and receive the medal, but Ikoma insisted her to since she was the one that fought in the team in the finals. They had a small short argument with each other but then Takamina insisted Mayu to take it for Ikoma’s sake. Obviously it made Watanabe sighed before she reluctantly went up with everyone to receive the medal. After they did, they stepped aside to take a photo as a group.


Everyone clapped hands for the first place since they needed to be strong to be first place. It was Sakae’s turn to go up and receive their medals, and without further ado they had a group photo before returning back to their line once again.


Some members went up again to receive their medals and it was obvious that Sakae School had taken a lot of medals this year once again. However, Akiba didn’t lose to them too.


The Akiba members went up again and received the medals along with taking a photograph as a whole team before returning to the line. As some people thought that it was over, but there was one last award category that was yet to be given to the competitors. The organizer, Akimoto Yasushi came up and did the speech regarding the Fighting Spirit Awards for the chosen competitors across all 4 schools that demonstrated good kendo, attitude, and etiquette. The people that received these awards were recognized to be a kendo idol that everyone should look up to. These chosen ones were specially selected by majority voting among the teachers that were the judges during the competition.

“Only 10 competitors from all competitors that competed today are chosen and we will announce the names shortly. Please save the claps after all names are announced since it would be hard for everyone to hear…”


After all names are announced, everyone clapped hands for the chosen ones as they went up to receive their medals. Obviously Mayu and Jurina were both in shock, but an award is an award. They least expected a fighting spirit award and everyone was forced to take a photo together with their medals around their neck. As soon as all of them returned to their respective line, Akimoto Yasushi continued where he left off and declared an official end to P48 Annual Kendo Championship this year once again. Everyone left out a smile and the competition was officially over. The groups dispersed and that was when Yuko and Yuki were having their annual argument after the P48 Annual Championship.

“Dammit! I didn’t get to kick your ass this year?!”

Yuko grumbled out and ruffled her hair vigorously with frustration. She was actually looking forward to meet with Yuki in the finals, but then Watanabe Miyuki beat her in the semifinals first so she didn’t have that chance to have a revenge match against her rival. As for the team captain, she only smirked and gave that winning stare at Yuko.

“At least I got into finals. Since I got 2nd place does it mean I win this time?”

“Hey! We both lost to the same person!! The deal is invalid!”

Both kept arguing since Yuki got 2nd place medal, while Yuko got 3rd place medal. Ikoma watched from afar with frustration but then Sayaka came to her and tell her that it was their usual thing. They would always have some sort of their own private deal with one another and a fight right after the competition.

“I told you it is invalid, you BLACK-Mamimokkori!”

“Oi, HENTAI oldman, I’m not mamimokkori!”

“That’s why I say it is invalid! Invalid!!”

“Now that doesn’t make sense!”

“I told you its invalid you idiot!”

Both of them glared at each other and nothing but silence remain between the two of them. Other old kendo players saw this every year and were not so surprised at all, but for the new kendo players this year would be extremely worried and panicking like how Ikoma was right now. However, Rena told her not to worry and wait for a minute to see how it went, and then she would understand what Rena meant.

“P-Pft… / P-Pft…”


Both of them cracked up and laughed their guts out as if the world was going to end. Ikoma swore that she never saw Yuki laughed out loud and expressively like this before. After they had their loud outburst, they looked at each other again with that exciting smirk across their face.

“Next year you giraffe, I’m going to kick your ass into the bucket for real.”

“Tough luck squirrel, because I’m getting 1st place as my graduation gift.”

“Tch, you’re such a bitch sometimes do you know?”

“…And you’re such an asshole.”

“Hey! You bitch.”

“Not nice! You shall not be blessed, child.”

“THE HECK IS THAT!? That’s the most random and lamest crap ever.”

“Just like you. SNAP!”

“You asked for it you asshole!”

Yuko threw in a punch on Yuki’s shoulder and then they start playing around like young energetic kids. They both laughed together and Yuko threw her arms around Yuki’s shoulder while they kept having their little argument with each other. Their rivalry relationship was indeed unique and it made them establish such an unbreakable bond between one another. Then as soon as Yuki spotted Mayu coming up to the two of them, she couldn’t hold back her smile and she ran up to her.

“Congratulations to the two of—Yuki?!”
Yuki cuddled Mayu and it made Yuko sighed out. Oshima even called Yuki a pedophile since the freshmen was about 2 years younger than them and now Kashiwagi-senpai was being very friendly and cuddling her like this.

“She is cute though, don’t you think so?”

“Not really, Mayu is damn a coldhearted chump.”

“Hey, I can hear that Oshima-senpai.”

“Oh right, you got the fighting spirit award~! That’s amazing Mayu!”

Yuki was overly excited for her girlfriend to receive fighting spirit award. Some people said that it was way better than achieving 1st place in the competition. Akiba’s team captain kept rubbing her face against Mayu’s and that was when both Jurina and Rena came to join the chat. The shorthaired Matsui looked at the couple and sighed softly with wry smile.

“It’s quite rare to see Yuki overly joyful like this…”

“Oh hey Jurina. You got a long ass explanation to give to us!”

Yuko launched onto Jurina and locked her arms around her neck. Obviously the Akiba team would want the entire story of why and how Jurina ended up on Sakae’s team. It was about time Jurina told the story that she kept hidden from everyone…it all started with Kawaei Rina got injured and unable to compete. Usually they would just put a substitute into team instead, but then she requested and pleaded Jurina personally to replace her in the team. Jurina couldn’t obviously decline that offer…also, Kawaei had done so many things for Jurina in the past when she used to be in Sakae Junior High.

“So…that’s about it?”

“But how the heck are you so good like this? How many years you’ve been doing kendo??”

“Jurina and I did kendo in Year 5 and continued in Sakae Junior High. However after that incident 3 years ago she hasn’t been doing kendo ever since…until today?” 

Rena explained and everyone started to have a bigger picture of the situation. However the question remained on how Jurina could still compete for Sakae, when she was enrolled in Akiba High School. Before the shorthaired Matsui could explain anything, Sakae’s team coach came up to them from behind and spoke out clearly and loudly.

“The condition to participate the P48 Annual Championship is that they need to be a highschool student of Project48 Institute, and just need to be affiliate to a club. Therefore, doesn’t mean that a student from Akiba is restricted to Akiba-only clubs.”

They all turned around and saw Mariko standing behind them. With a smile, Takamina walked up to her and gave a pat on her back. Somewhat, these two knew each other quite well since Takamina was acting very friendly to her.

“It’s been a while Mariko, how do you do?”

“Not bad Takamina, you sure raised your students well! I’m amazed, as expected from our Taisho.”

“Hey, cut it out already, that’s ages ago.”

“Takahashi-sensei? Taisho?”

The kids were confused and that made Takamina realized that she needed to explain things to them. The current team coach of Sakae was actually an ex-member of Akiba Kendo Club ten years ago…and the team captain of the year was Takahashi Minami. Obviously that surprised all Akiba students since Mariko was literally their alumnus, as well as ex-member of Akiba Kendo Club. So after Shinoda explained the situation, she told everyone that Jurina used to be a member of Sakae Kendo Club and all she needed to do was to renew her membership that could be done in one day.  She also apologized with the chaos she made since she personally asked Jurina to do this as well. After Rena listened to the whole story she finally understood why Jurina was afraid to tell her…since she was very close to Ricchan as well. Obviously she would be emotionally affected after she learned that her best friend from Sakae was hospitalized.


Despite the entire ruckus, everything ended nicely and it was about time everyone returned back home to where they belong. Takamina personally dropped everyone back to their homes, and both Matsui girls dropped off at Rena’s place instead.

“See you guys at school on next week! Enjoy your study break week.”


The two replied in unison and finally the two were alone together once again. Jurina sighed softly and apologized to Rena again for not telling her with the situation Jurina was in, and obviously Rena forgave her. She finally understood Jurina’s feelings and if she were to be in her position she would’ve done the same exact thing too.

“Rena…thank you.”

“…By the way do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Eh? Not really.”

“…Since tomorrow will be the beginning of the study break…do you want to come sleepover?”

“Eh? Tonight??”

“S-So we can study! Also…I want to catch up with you since the competition is over…so yeah…”

“O-Of course! I’m certain that my parents would let me~ How about I take a shower and dinner first before I come over?”

“Come have dinner with us, my mom wouldn’t mind that.”

“Eh, but—”

“I said so…no excuse.”

 “…Yes ma’am~”

Jurina let out a laugh of relief while she watched Rena blushing and being quite passively clinging on her. Maybe the raven-haired girl was passively aggressive and Jurina probably would discover more once she spent more time with her girlfriend. Without further ado, the young shorthaired Matsui went home to take a shower before coming over to Rena’s place to have dinner and sleepover together. They just spent their time like how they would do but they were more opened up to each other as well as smiling much more often than before. As it was getting late, Jurina was about to sleep on the futon prepared next to Rena’s bed…but then the raven-haired pulled her shirt and caught her attention. 

“What’s up?”

“…Come sleep on the bed.”

“I-I can? Is it actually going to fit all of us?”

“Why don’t we try? It is pretty big for one person.”

The closed the lights and then Jurina joined with Rena on the bed. Apparently it was big enough to fit the two of them and surprisingly it was comfortable for two people to sleep in. As the lights were out and the two of them were facing each other in darkness…Jurina stroke her girlfriend’s head and this moment reminded her of their childhood times when they always have sleepovers.

“Doesn’t this bring back the old times?”

“…True that…Hey, Jurina?”


“…Can I hug you until I fall asleep?”

Jurina blinked with surprise but then it made her remembered Rena’s fear for darkness. She would always need a pillow or a plushy to hug in order to make her feel secure. Despite all these years Rena haven’t grown out from her fears yet. Jurina couldn’t hold back her laugh and then hugged Rena tightly to make her feel secure in this darkness.

“Of course. I’m always here for you.”

“…M-Mmhm, I know…and…I love you.”

However, Jurina didn’t expect that coming and thanks to the darkness it hid her blushing cheeks from Rena. Only a smile appeared across her face while she moved in closer to Rena and could smell the jasmine-scent shampoo from her hair. Rena hugged her tightly and the sleepiness finally kicked in for both of them. It’s been a very long and stressful day for the two…and finally they were able to have a sleep.

“Me too…”




-2 months later-




“Mayu, I’m still amazed until now with how you’re able to be with Yukirin. You’re definitely one of a kind for her.”

“Oi Jurina, Is that an insult or a compliment?”

“Oh well~ I wonder.”

The two of them were having a chat while they were walking towards the kendo dojo after they bought a bag filled with electrolyte drinks for the kendo members. As they both opened the door and entered, it caught everyone’s attention. They didn’t seem to be surprise since they all knew that this was the time that the two of them would show up to the dojo.

“Hi guys, we got the drinks!”

“Awesome! Thank you Mayu! Thank you Jurina!”

The members rushed in with thirst and grabbed a bottle each. Then it was about time Yuki and Rena came up to them and took a bottle from the bag they were holding. During training, Yuki surely maintained her composure very well so that other members wouldn’t know that she had a romantic relationship with Mayu whilst other knew about Jurina and Rena already.

“Thanks for doing the hard work. We really appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry. It’s all good and we’re bored anyway.”


After the training, the four of them walked back home together and dropped by the café close by to the school and had a little chat with each other. Obviously Yuki kept teasing the couple and there was nothing Mayu could help either. Furthermore Kashiwagi would always teaching something weird to Rena and made Jurina very embarrassed and nervous.

“Y-Yukirin…how did you know all of these things so well-detailed?”

“Well~ I search it up and practice it—”

“Oh god stop it Yuki…”

Mayu was too embarrassed and Yuki couldn’t help but to tease her even more. The older one kept poking her girlfriend’s cheeks and Watanabe tried to maintain her cool side but it wasn’t working that well. Despite Mayu disliked and avoided showing affection in public… its still considered public to both Jurina and Rena. Then suddenly, Jurina was able to remind her young friend about something important…

“Oh wait, Mayu! The form…did you give it yet?”

“Oh right…crap…”

“What form?”

“…Oh well, I guess you can see this and pass it to Takahashi-sensei.”

Mayu took out a form and handed it over to Yuki. The moment Kashiwagi looked at the form, her eyes grew wide with shock since this was the Club Membership Form and the sport Mayu wrote in for was…Kendo. Without any words, Yuki looked up to her with shock and the young shy Watanabe decided to explain all the things to her girlfriend.

“The membership Takahashi-sensei did for me only lasts until the end of this semester…so I would need to renew my membership again to…join kendo again.”

“M-Mayu…a-are you joking?? Is this a dream? April fools??”

“This is not April! Also, this is real…but I wouldn’t want to train without you around…JUST so you know!”


Yuki couldn’t hold back her happiness and she threw her arms around Mayu tightly to the point that she was about to suffocate her. The young Year-9 girl squirmed for air and Yuki couldn’t resist Mayu’s overloading cuteness at all. The moment she pushed out she dove her face in but Mayu blocked her face before she could kiss her.


“B-But…you’re just too cute I can’t resist it!!”

“Oh here we go again.”

Jurina sighed while Rena chuckled wryly while the couple in front of them was having their usual fluffy argument. That moment, Rena felt her hand being held gently by Jurina who was busy drinking her drink. That subtle cute action her girlfriend did made smile out before she held her hand back. Unfortunately, both Mayu and Yuki saw that and couldn’t help but to tease them.

“Eh~ Rena-chan why are you smiling?”

“E-Eh!? Nothing!”

“I bet Jurina is doing something romantic like holding her hand right now.”

Mayu read them like a book despite it was just a mere prediction that came up in her head. Yuki had a peek and they were actually holding hands underneath the table like what the freshmen girl said. The target changed to Jurina instead and Yuki couldn’t stop teasing on how the shorthaired Matsui could be such a sweet person and how she’s perfect for Rena. Meanwhile, another Matsui was watching Jurina being bullied but they were still holding each other’s hands firmly and tightly. So many things changed this year to the point that Rena couldn’t believe it…but she loved how things were going despite the bumps and obstacles on the way. At very least it was worth it…as long as she can be with Jurina like this.


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