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Author Topic: The Forbidden Dance Ch.21 (WMatsui) 03/23/2017  (Read 40696 times)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.3 01/20/2015 Update!
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Do let us know who is the mysterious recipient of Jurina's message soon!

I hope Rena would not hurt Jurina too badly… whatever she is plotting...
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
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do you like frozen? wow yeah XD
Do let us know who is the mysterious recipient of Jurina's message soon!

I hope Rena would not hurt Jurina too badly… whatever she is plotting...
yes, which whom jurina text with? so mysterious...
and jurina's mom and airin, they can sense rena's motive...
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.3 01/20/2015 Update!
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@DC2805: jurina already has a life even before rena came... so the recipient is most probably a part of her past :?
@sastio13: i love the elsanna sisters! hehe :deco: btw, i personally like how airin suspects rena :grin:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 4

"Grandfather." I bowed after I entered the room.

I saw him sitting on his couch wearing a suit. His hair is all gray reflecting his old age. His words are important inside the mansion, that is why I immediately went to him when he called me this morning.

"Rena, I have heard from my secretary that you volunteered yourself to bring the girl here. Is that why you transferred to her school?" He spoke.

"Yes, Grandfather. I know you're having difficulties in getting her that's why I decided to help." I answered.

"So, how is she? When is she coming here?" He asked with excitement in his voice.

"I am still trying to convince her to come with me, but I believe we cannot just force people to do things against their will. Please give me more time."

"Well then. I'm entrusting this matter to you, Rena."

I was about to leave the room when I suddenly remember to ask him a more personal question.

"Grandfather, may I ask you about something?"

"Feel free to do so." He answered.

"With all due respect, I wanted to know why you should meet her. We cannot change the fact that she's still an illegitimate child. Won't that affect the image of our family?"

His facial expression has changed. He stood up and looked outside the window.

"That girl is also my grandchild. She is a Matsui. My blood runs into her veins. And I believe that the two of you, together, will continue the company I built for many years." He explained.

I clasped my fist. He's already thinking of letting a stranger handle his company! While he doesn't even care to give Oneesama a chance! He's so unfair!

"That is true." I answered calmly. "Jurina-san is my sister and I also wanted to be closer to her. I will teach her of how to be a proper Matsui, so that she'll be ready when the right time comes."

"Thank you, Rena." He faced my direction. "Please let her know that I'm longing to see her."

I left the room. I'm on my way back when I saw my mother waiting for me to pass by.

"Rena, I supposed you brought some good news." Okaasama greeted.

"Grandfather entrusted the girl to me." I said.

"Well done." She praised. "How about your progress with the girl?"

"She easily believed and trusted me. We're getting closer to each other now." I answered.

"Then why she isn't still here?" She asked.

"She's currently being occupied with school activities. Also, I still can't convince her to come with me because her mother doesn't allow her to."

"Then make her disobey her mother! We just can't wait for someone else's approval!" Her voice went high.

"I will try my best, Okaasama."

"Make that happen, Rena. Once the girl enters our territory, then that's the time we can able to control her and hold her on the neck." She ordered me.

"Wakarimashita... Okaasama."


I got off the car and entered the school gate. It's been weeks since I started going to this school. Today is the opening of the school festival. Since I never experienced this before, I'm somehow amazed of how the students made such preparations for this event.

"Rena-chan!" I'm surprised that it was Jurina-san who called me, I know she's been busy lately with their practices.

"Ohayou gozaimasu." I greeted her. "I didn't expect to still see you out here. Isn't today your club's performance?"

"Our number is scheduled in the afternoon, so I'm free for the whole morning today." She answered cheerfully. "I wanted to walk you around since I know this is your first time to experience school festival."

"You don't have to do that..." I said.

"Daijoubu! And besides, I needed to take a break first. Those practices didn't let me to see you lately, so I wanted to make it up to you for the lost time. Hehe~"

I don't know what I should feel towards this girl's sweetness. There's too much kindness in her eyes. She always gives me her genuine smile. If only we were born in a different situation, then maybe... just maybe... I can be allowed to be friends with her. But now, I can't. That is not possible to happen.

"Let's go!" She said excitedly.

She grabbed my hand and lead me the way. This time I let her hold mine. Her hand is so warm... and so is she.

We visited all the clubs' activities one by one. We checked the maid cafe, entered a horror room and tried those food stands outside. Everything is new to me. And what surprised me more is that... I'm beginning to enjoy every moment of it.

"You seem to have the knowledge of every club in here. I noticed that everyone we met knows you." I told her.

"Well, because... I was actually a part of the student council during my first and second year." She explained.

"Then why did you quit this year?" I asked.

She paused for a second. That was the first time I saw sadness in her eyes.

"There's no reason for me to stay there anymore." She simply answered.

"Jurina-chan! There you are!" Takayanagi-san suddenly appeared. "Airin and I were looking all over for you. Are you forgetting about our performance, huh?"

"Oh, shoot! I totally forgot the time!" She checked her watch.

"Rena-chan, I have to go. Be sure to watch me perform, okay?" I felt a little disappointed when she left me.

I walked alone and tried to find their stage venue by myself. Then I finally saw a flyer of their club posted on a bulletin board outside.

A dance club? I read.

I began to hear some music coming from inside. I wonder if their number has already started. I entered the venue and saw a large number of audience.

"Matsui-sama!" They're shouting Jurina-san's name.

She seems to be really popular here. If their group is this already famous, then why are they still having a hard time recruiting a new member to join them?

I tried to go further infront and saw the three of them already on stage. Jurina-san is on the center, Takayanagi-san and Furukawa-san were behind her. They are dancing. Their dance moves were synchronized with one another... Is this what they called street hiphop?

Jurina-san looks a bit different up there. Her sweet and cheerful image was nowhere. The kind of eyes she has now were... so fierce. Those were the ones I saw the first time I met her. It's like she has transformed into a different person when she's on the dance floor.

The way her body moves... both so intense and sensual. It gives me shivers. I cannot explain it into words. What is this unfamiliar feeling?

She finally saw me in the audience and locked her eyes on me. When she looks at me like that, everything else becomes invisible. She's all that I can see now. It feels like there is only the two of us here.

I cannot believe this... Everything about her suddenly became so tempting. Like there's a magnet with those movements of hers. It's dragging me.. pulling me into her... making me want to go up there and... share a dance rhythm with her alone.

The music stopped and the reality snapped back on me. Their dance number has finished and the audience gave them a loud cheer. I then realized, maybe I'm not the only one who felt that way while watching her. Maybe it was all the same feeling with everyone else here in the audience.

I went out the performance venue, trying to go back to myself. I have to focus on the mission I should accomplish. I'm not here to enjoy. I can't be distracted with other things. I need to compose myself.

"Rena-chan!" Jurina-san tapped me from behind.

Why did I suddenly feel excitement upon hearing her voice?

"What can you say about our performance?" She asked with that big smile on her face again.

"Your number was amazing." I complimented her.

"Really? So, have you made up your mind?"

"What do you mean?"

"Have you decided to join our club?" She looks at me waiting for an answer.

I remember I said I will help them. There are many things I still don't know about her. If I join her group then I can be able to get closer to her even more. This is my chance to completely enter her life. I will only do this because I have to, not because of my personal intentions.

But why do I feel like somehow I also wanted to?

"Rena-chan." She suddenly offered me her hand and said...

"Dance with me?"


this will be another busy week for me :sweatdrop:
so i hope i can update sooner...

thanks for reading! :)
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.4 01/24/2015 Update!
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she changes her heart!
I know that feel Rena-chan :lol:
Update soon!

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.4 01/24/2015 Update!
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Really like it  :twothumbs
Update soon author-san

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.4 01/24/2015 Update!
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OMG :tama-yeeaah:

Slowly, and surely... :tama-laff:

Dance with her, Rena!!! :tama-apeshit:


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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.4 01/24/2015 Update!
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most of the times when i'm in the middle of my chapters, can't stop myself from thinking about my other drafts.. do you guys also experience that when writing? just like now, my mind is currently being entered by my 後篇 scenes haha :nervous

but still i was able to finish writing this chapter.. so please enjoy reading! :thumbsup

@RenshuChan: a bit change of the heart indeed... i just hope rena changes her mind too :P2
@blackcold: oh another writer! i appreciate it the most when a writer likes my story.. thanks! :bow:
@RukaKikuchi: ne... haven't you recognized jurina's character here yet? hehe :grin:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 5

"Dance with me?"

Jurina-san's hand is still there waiting for me to take. What she asked was only a three-word question, but for me, I knew it is something much deeper. With those unfamiliar feelings I felt earlier by simply watching her, I don't know what's more to happen if I accept her invitation. Once I take her hand, everything might be over. I just can't let myself be distracted by these temptations. I won't lose myself to her.
"Do you want me to join?" I asked back instead of taking her hand.

"Ofcourse, I do!" She answered straight.

"Will that convince you to come with me?"

"Eh~ About that... uhm..." She puts down her hand and paused. "Maybe it will help a little..."

"Still considered a progress I suppose..." I smiled, I knew I'm almost getting there.

"How about you, Rena-chan? Do you really want me to come with you?" She asked me back.

"I do, since I promised Grandfather that I'll bring you to him. He's longing to meet you." I explained my answer.

"I wanted to meet him, too. It's just that... I'm worried about my mother. I don't want to hurt her feelings."

"I understand that. But what about Grandfather's feelings? How long will you let him wait for you?"

Jurina-san looked at me, seems like I successfully made her realize things.

"You're right, Rena-chan. I'm being unfair to him. I need to think about this..." She answered.

"Maybe if you give me your answer now, then I'll also give you mine." I showed her a smile.

"How pushy!" She gave me a cute pout in return.


"Alright! I'll meet him soon!" She finally agreed. "So will you join our club now?"

"I will." I answered. "But I have another condition..."


"A dummy member?!" Takayanagi-san and Furukawa-san both reacted.

It was right after class the following day when Jurina-san took me to their club room and told her co-members that I'm joining their club.

"Well, sort of like that." Jurina-san answered. "Rena-chan agreed to join because she only wanted to save our club from closing down."

"I'm sorry." I apologized to them. "I believe I can't dance the way everybody in your club does. But you can use my name to complete the required number of your members."

"Is that even allowed? A member that will not perform?" Takayanagi-san asked.

"I think that would be fine for the mean time." Furukawa-san answered.

"Airin, is that a yes?" We all saw a sudden spark in Jurina-san's eyes as she waits for confirmation.

"Well, we're about to conduct an audition anyway. With her as the fourth member, we can officially continue our activities without worrying anymore. When more members sign up, then she can help us backstage instead." She explained her idea.

"Cool! Thank you, Airin!" Jurina-san sounded so happy. "But wait... an audition you say?"

"Ah! Just right on time, Juritan. Please post these flyers on the bulletin boards outside. It's the club announcement of our dance audition for new members."

"Me again? Why not Churi instead?"

"Because students will get curious when they see you posting them, and I want you to start the campaign for it. You got a problem with that?" Furukawa-san raised an eyebrow.

"Boo... Fine..." She took the flyers and then turned to me. "Rena-chan, wait for me here, okay? I'll be right back."

Jurina-san went out the room and left me with her friends.

"Matsui-san." Furukawa-san called me. "Eventhough we're classmates, we haven't properly introduced ourselves yet. This girl beside me is Takayanagi Akane, but everyone calls her Churi. And I'm Furukawa Airi, the president of the dance club."

"Welcome to our club!" Takayanagi-san said warmly.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." I bowed.

"Among the three of us, Juritan is obviously the most well-known. That is why we always make her the group's front to people. " Furukawa-san continue to speak.

"Jurina-chan's popular ever since she started. She's just a little in denial of that." Takayanagi-san added. "Look, she was even featured in our school newspaper when she was still a freshman because of her popularity."

Takayanagi-san showed me an old issue of their school newspaper. There is a photo and an article about Jurina-san. That girl doesn't fail to bring me more surprises. I knew there are still many things I need to know about her.

"I'm actually one of her fans back then." Takanayagi-san confessed. "I always see how she puts passion in everything she does. Especially, when she dances! It captures me everytime our innocent-looking Jurina-chan turns into a bad girl of the dance floor! Kyaaa~!"

"Churi, stop the squealing will ya?" Furukawa-san told her.

"Airin, admit it! I knew you we're also captivated!"

"Juritan's a very hardworking person. And that's what I admire about her. She always tries to balance everything." Furukawa-san said to me. "But last year, she hasn't performed with us much because she focused herself on helping the student council."

"About that, she did mention that she was a part of the student council before." I spoke.

"People find her a very honest and trustworthy person. She was supposed to be the next student council president but she declined the position."

"But why?" I curiously asked.

"Because Jurina-chan has her own priorities! She decided to quit since the former student council president already graduated." Takayanagi-san answered.

But I didn't understand what she said. She then noticed that I'm completely clueless.

"Oh! Hasn't she told you yet? That senpai was actually her....."

"Churi!" Airin interrupted her. "What did I say about big mouths?"

"Mou~ what's wrong with telling her? They're sisters anyway."

"Exactly the point. Let Juritan tell her own sister about those personal matters." She said in a lower voice.

"I'm back!" Jurina-chan arrived. "What did I miss?"

"Nah... we're just telling your sister about your school popularity history." Takayanagi-san smirked.

Jurina-san's eyes widened when she saw what my hands are currently holding.

"Rena-chan, please don't look at it! That's so embarassing!"

She then turned to Takayanagi-san and intentionally pinched her face both sides.

"Churi! How dare you show that super ancient newspaper to Rena-chan?!"

"O-Ouch... Airin, help! My soft cheeks are being harassed again..."

"By the way, Juritan. How did you get back so fast?" Furukawa-san asked ignoring Takayanagi-san's protest. "Did you finish all the postings?"

"The freshmen students helped me and took them all."

"Oh~ Used your deadly charm again huh, Jurina-chan?" Takayanagi-san teased.

"Are you saying something, Churi?" Jurina-san pulled Takayanagi-san's face more.

"O-Ow-Ouch! I-I'm just kidding! I beg you... my face badly hurts already..."

They look like they're really having fun. Jurina-san has friends, which is exactly my opposite. I can see how they admire and respect her. Sometimes, I wonder how it feels like to have friends, too. But I believe in what Okaasama always tells me, that I won't be needing one. I managed to grow up alone, that's why I learned how to not depend on anyone else.

"And since another popular student joined our club, this means higher chances of getting more new members." Furukawa-san said looking at me.

Another popular student? What does she mean by that?

"So, Matsui-san?" She called me again. "Will you help us then?"


I ended up helping Jurina-san's club and tried to invite students everyday to sign-up for the audition. I know that this thing is irrelevant to my mission here. But by doing this, I begin to gain their trust and get closer to them.

"Oh... What do we have here..."

Two young male students approached me. I cannot simply ignore them. I still handed them flyers and invited them to the audition.

"You're cute... will you go out with us?"

They didn't listen to me. They're so persistent. What should I do? I'm starting to feel discomfort around them.

"Hey, you two!" Then Jurina-san appeared behind me.

"M-Matsui-senpai??" They were both startled.

"Are you bugging my sister?" I was surprised when she puts her arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to her.

"Y-Your sister?? S-Sumimasendeshita!!" And they immediately ran away.

"Rena-chan, are you alright?" She asked with a gentle voice.

I honestly don't know if I am, now that she's still touching me. Why does my chest feels weird whenever she touches me? But there's one thing that I'm sure of, she made me feel safe. I just nodded to answer her.

"The audition will start in less than an hour, so you can stop handing those already. Come on, let's go inside."

She took the flyers and held my empty hand, as she leads me the way to the audition venue.

Many students came and lined up for the audition. Most of them were freshmen. One by one, they performed their dance numbers. But Jurina-san and her friends seem unsatisfied as it went on. To be honest, the performers were not that good.

When the last one was done with her performance, she spoke to them before leaving the stage.

"Sorry, senpai! Honestly, I can't really dance well. I only went here because I really enjoyed watching you dance before." She then leaves with the others after she apologized.

The audition was finished and the four of us were the ones only left in the place.

"Still same old problem, some only wanted to watch us perform. Not to join us." Furukawa-san sounded disappointed.

"I knew that finding a real talent is not that easy. A person like Jurina-chan is one in a million." Takayanagi-san frowned.

"But they can still learn if we let them join, right?" Jurina-san tried to cheer up her friends.

They all looked exhausted and hopeless. It was written on Jurina-san's face that she was not so happy with the outcome. I'm used seeing her always smile. It bothers me to see her now like that. I can't take this anymore.

My feet walked on its own and brought me infront. Jurina-san and her friends looked surprised with my sudden action. I was surprised with myself, too. But there's no backing out now. I cleared my throat.

I closed my eyes and started to move. And even without music, I began to dance.

I did a ballet dance which I learned when I was a child. How nostalgic. I suddenly remember how I wanted my mother to watch me before. I was always excited to show her my dance, but she was never there. Despite that, I still practiced hard. Because I never lose hope that one day, she will see it and be proud of me.

When I finished my dance, I finally opened my eyes. Jurina-san and her friends have no reaction. I'm usually confident with myself, but this time I'm so nervous. What if they didn't like it? I knew they're really good dancers and I'm only a novice compared to them.

Jurina-san stood up from her seat and ran straight to me. She hugged me completely and I froze like a statue. We stayed like that for I don't know how long.

Then I heard clapping of hands from Takayanagi-san and Furukawa-san in the audience. They gave me a standing ovation.

"You were amazing!" Jurina-san said against my ear.

That was the very first time I felt I was truly appreciated. I know I always do my best, but it was never enough for my mother. But hearing those positive words from Jurina-san... makes my heart rejoice. To be appreciated by someone is indeed a very wonderful feeling.

"You said you can't dance! You liar!" She broke the hug.

"I said I can't dance the way you and your friends do. I only took a little ballet lessons during my home school." I explained.

"You dance so gracefully!" Takayanagi-san complimented me.

"Matsui-san, how about to become an official dance member of our group?" Furukawa-san suggested.

"But I don't really think I can dance like..."

"Then I will teach you!" Jurina-san offered. "I'll be your personal dance instructor and your dance partner as well!"

To dance with her? This is not good. How did I end up in this situation? I already ran out of excuses. And why is my heart beating so fast? Am I sick? That's right. Maybe, I'm just sick today. Everything will get back to normal once I cleared my mind.

"Don't you want to dance with me?" Jurina-san asked me in a sad tone.

"N-No... I-It's not like that..." I answered with a little hesitation.

"Everyone heard! Then, it's decided!" She gave me a wide smile.

What? I didn't say yes yet! She caught me off-guard. How can this girl easily win over me?

I'm not sure if this is still a part of my plans with her. But this shouldn't be a problem, right? I can just quit anytime since I won't be staying here for long.

I know I can get through this so I will just let myself go with the flow. And that's how I started out to be a part of their group.


i know the story is a bit slow haha :banghead:
hope i can do something to make it faster

thanks for reading! :)
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.5 02/04/2015 Update!
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It's short it very nice story I want more wmatsui moment.

Ganbatte  love your writing

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.5 02/04/2015 Update!
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Your Welcome author-san and please update soon
I need to know what happen next :twothumbs

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.5 02/04/2015 Update!
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aww wmatsui so cute
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.5 02/04/2015 Update!
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@wmatsui fanfic.: sure there would be more wmatsui moments.. i wanted to develop their relationship first :D
@blackcold: gomen for the late update.. been busy for weeks.. the story is getting old already :sweatdrop:
@Haruko: putting aside drama for the mean time.. i always find wmatsui so cute together :deco:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 6

I once had an ordinary life. But then I reached the point where things started to change.

I am standing infront of the nearest bus station from our house, waiting for Rena-chan to pick me up. We have a one-on-one dance practice today and she insisted that we do it at her place. I was also invited by her family over lunch today before we do our dance lessons. And since I had a deal with her to meet my grandfather, I took this opportunity to finally see him. Rena-chan hasn't arrived yet. Maybe, I went out too early.

I pulled out my phone and started to compose a message.

Today, I will meet my father's family...

I kept staring at the message I wrote, thinking if this is the only thing I should send for now. Because I know there are lot of things I wanted to say.

I took a deep sigh. Click. Sent.

"You look busy." It was Rena-chan's voice.

"R-Rena-chan!" I was startled. "H-How long have you been here?"

"A minute or less I think. I actually thought you'll immediately notice that I'm already here." She said looking suspiciously at my phone.

"I-I'm sorry." I slid my phone back into my pocket. "I'm ready now. Let's go?"

She led me inside the car waiting for us and we started to leave the town. The only thing I know about her house is that it's located somewhere in Tokyo. I had no idea how far Rena-chan travels everyday to our school. The car then later stopped infront of a large front gate. Just a few seconds after, it opened automatically for us. Behind that gate is a long and wide road entrance heading probably to the main house.

SUGOI~ Does she actually lives here? What I'm seeing right now isn't a house. It's a mansion! The place is even bigger than our school.

We get off the car and entered the huge structure infront of us. A long line of housemaids bowed and greeted us as we walked in. There's a red carpeted aisle inside and upon reaching the end of it awaits a beautiful woman standing before another door. By looking at her, I'm guessing that she's in her 40's, or maybe closer to my mother's age.

"Jurina-san, I'd like you to meet my mother, Matsui Naoko." Rena-chan spoke to me.

Her mother? No wonder why she's such a beauty despite her age.

"Matsui Jurina, isn't it?" The woman said smiling at me. "We meet at last. You see... my daughter, Rena, always talks about you."

"O-Okaasama!" Rena-chan blushed.

Rena-chan talks about me? I didn't expect that. I wonder what's that about.

"I am glad you finally accept our invitation. The chairman will shortly follow us at the dining table."

She opened the door behind her and guided us to the dining room. Woah.. their dining area is even larger than our whole house! The dining table is long, twelve or more persons can eat here together. But I can only see four plates placed on it.

Rena-chan's mother took the seat on one end of the table, Rena-chan sitting next to her. And then I just chose to sit right beside Rena-chan. We patiently wait for another person to arrive.

A few minutes later, a man in a black suit entered the dining room. He looks old and his hair is all white. Everyone stood up and bowed before him. He went to the seat on the other end of the table. Before he sat down, he looked at me first.

My grandfather in flesh.

"H-Hajimemashite! Matsui Jurina desu!" I nervously introduced myself.

"Please take your seat." He answered.

The servants then arrived putting the dishes one by one on the table. The food looks delicious but they're all unfamiliar to me. I stared at my table. I had no idea how to use these foreign utensils. We're still in Japan, aren't we? They should have chopsticks here...

"Start with the outer." Rena-chan whisphered, noticing that I'm totally clueless. "Watch me."

She used the most outer spoon and began to taste her soup without a sound. Even in eating, she moves with elegance. I can't move. I end up only watching her.

"Matsui Jurina." The chairman called me.

"H-Hai." I answered.

"Don't you like the food?" He asked.

"T-That's not it, Sir... I-It's just that... I'm used to chopsticks when eating." I answered him honestly.

"Hahaha!" He gave out a loud laugh.

CRAP. Now I look like an idiot infront of my own grandfather.

"You should have told us that earlier." He said and then he ordered one of the servants to give me a pair of chopsticks.

I started to eat, but still feeling uncomfortable. The atmosphere is too quiet and no one is talking. They always eat together like this?

"I heard that Rena and you are classmates." The chairman broke the silence. "How's Rena doing in your school?"

I took a glimpse of Rena-chan before I answered. "Rena-chan is doing very well, Sir. She excels in everything and gets along with everyone as well."

"That's good to hear. I assume your sister helped you to easily adapt the environment, Rena?" He asked her.

"Yes, Grandfather. She did." Rena-chan answered politely.

"Perfect. Since both of you seems to get along with each other very well, how about we discuss your future now?"

Our future? What does he meant by that?

"I wanted the two of you to work together at Matsui Corporation as soon as you both graduate highschool."

Matsui Corporation? Wait... I didn't expect this to happen...

"Rena is already aware of my decision. How about you, Matsui Jurina? What's your answer?" He asked me.

I can't...

"Thank you for the offer, Sir. But I already have plans for my future." I politely declined.

Silence covered the whole dining room again. Everyone inside looked surprised to hear my answer, especially Rena-chan. It's over. This is my first meeting with my father's family and I only messed up everything.

"Hahaha!" He only laughed at my answer.

Why is he laughing again? I disappointed him, he should be mad at me...

"You remind me of Hideki. Your father exactly answered those words to me before." He wiped his mouth and stood up from the table. "I can't stay long for today. I still have a business meeting to attend to."

Before he exited the door he speaks to me once more.

"That brat later on changed his mind. That's why I know, you will too, someday. Please remember that you're always welcome here, Matsui Jurina."

With those words, he left the dining room.

After we finished lunch, Rena-chan walked me around the mansion. Their place is really huge, a person can easily get lost in here. We paused infront of a door and then she opened it.

"I practice ballet here when I was a child." She said showing me what's inside.

I can see wall mirrors... You've got to be kidding me... It's a...

"Dance studio?! You have your own dance studio at home!? How cool is that!!!" I ran inside.

"Please wait for me here. I'll just change my clothes." She said before leaving.

So spacious... I looked around. I never imagined that my father's family is this wealthy... But why do I sense that empty kind of feeling from the people living here...

Rena-chan came back, her hair is all tied up, and she's wearing... ballet clothes?! So pretty... She looks like a doll in a music box. But I'm not sure if her clothes suit the kind of dance were going to practice today.

"W-Well uhm... Let's start?" I cleared my throat.

We begin the dance lesson and I teach her the moves that we usually do. She's seems a fast-learner as expected.

"Rena-chan, bend your body a little like this." I went closer and helped her on how to place her movements.

She has a perfect slim body. Again, I was captivated by her princess like beauty. But  this time, she's so much closer to me, I can feel the softness of her body against mine.

Red face? Why is Rena-chan blushing?

Her clothes are so fit and thin, it feels like I'm almost touching her bare naked. It's becoming a bit uncomfortable holding her like this. I find it a little awkward so I decided to move one step away from her.

"Rena-chan, do you have other clothes besides your ballet uniform?" I asked.

"I don't think I have anything else." She answered.

"A loose T-shirt is fine... and jogging pants, too..." I suggested.

"I will try to find one." She said and then she left the dance studio again.

Too bad... she's really pretty wearing that ballet uniform... Wait a second... Am I actually fantasizing my own sister? No... no... It can't be... Jurina you idiot! I faced palm.

"This is the closest one to what you described." She went back and startled me.

"R-Rena-chan... Y-You're back so fast..." I looked at her.

She changed her clothes into her PE uniform. Thinking of it, that's way more comfortable but...

"Well, yeah.. that can do..." I paused. "But will you going to wear PE uniform everytime we practice dance?"

Rena-chan just stood still there, staring back at me.

"I have an idea! How about we go out for shopping? That's right! There's a shopping district near your place."

"Shopping? But I never went shopping before." She answered. "We have our own family tailor and dressmaker."

This rich girl doesn't know what she's missing. I suddenly wanted her to experience the life outside this mansion.

"Come with me! I will choose clothes for you!" I held her hand and we ran heading out.

"Rena, where are you going?" But her mother caught us.

"O-Okaasama.. We'll uhm.."

"We'll go shopping!" I continue what she can't say. "Can I borrow Rena-chan?"

"Shopping? Is that so..." She paused. "Rena, come here."

Oh, no... Did I make Rena-chan's mother mad at her? This is my fault again.

"You can't go shopping without this. I'll tell the driver to drive you there." Her mother handed something on her and then she just left us.

Rena-chan went back to me and showed me what she's holding.

"That's a platinum credit card! Your mother is so sweet." I said in surprised.

"Sweet?" She repeated.

"I thought she won't allow you to come with me. But then, she gave you money to spend. I think I'm starting to like your mother now."

Rena-chan didn't respond. She remained quiet as we continue to walk to the car.

"My mother is strict." I spoke again. "She so much over-protective of me which sometimes I can't understand."

"Jurina-san, does you mother know that you're here?" She asked.

"She doesn't." I answered the truth. "Okaasan only knows that I'd be practicing dance at my friend's house today. I just don't want her to worry about me."

"I see." She only said, and then we get inside the car.


"Come out now, Rena-chan. Let me

We went at one of the many clothing shops in Tokyo. The clothes in this store are those of sporty type exactly suited for dancing, that's why we chose to look in here.

Rena-chan is still in the dressing room, trying out the clothes I chose for her.

"I'm not used to wear this kind of clothes. That's why I don't know if this suits me..." She said as she went out the dressing room.

"KAWAII!!!" I complimented.

My goodness, it's only a plain loose shirt but it went out to be super cute on her. With her white, pale skin and slim body, anything can definitely look good on her.

"How is it?" She asked shyly.

"Looks so good on you! Trust me." I told her. "Come on try these ones, too."

"O-Okay..." She took the next set of clothes with her inside the dressing room.

She tried out everything I chose for her. And I'm squealing inside of me everytime she comes out of the dressing room. She's really like a doll. My sister is incredibly so cute! I enjoy choosing clothes for her.

"So which ones should I pick now?" She asked me.

"Hmm.. It's hard to decide.. All looks so good on you!"

"Then... I'll buy all of these." She said to the sales lady.

"E-Eh?" I forgot, she's a rich girl. Choosing is not a problem since she can afford everything here.

As we leave the store, I noticed Rena-chan looking at another shop just across the street. But it wasn't a store for clothes,  it actually sells mobile phones instead.

"Come on! Let's look inside." I led her and we entered the shop.

"Irrashaimase!" The salesman welcomed us.

Rena-chan started to look at the phone models displayed.

"Are you looking for a new phone, Miss?" The salesman asked Rena-chan. "May I know what model you own before?"

"I never had one." She answered him.

I realized I never saw her holding a mobile phone. She's from homeschool before and never had friends to contact with. That clearly explains why.

"Oh, it's your first time to own one! Perfect, we have smartphone model new arrivals today." He recommended.

"Jurina-san, what's your phone model called?" She turned to me.

"Eh?" I pulled out my phone and showed her. "But mine is already an old model."

"Your friend is right, Miss. Flip phones are already faced-out nowadays." The salesman added.

"Rena-chan, I suggest you choose a smartphone. They're just pretty expensive, that's why I can't afford to buy even I wanted to." I told her.

"Then, why do you want one?" She asked.

"Hmm... because smartphones has a good camera quality."

"I see." She turned back to the salesman. "I want to buy the smartphone with the highest camera quality."

"Hai!" The salesman immediately answered.

Why does Rena-chan always depend her decisions in buying stuff on me? Alright I get it... it's her first shopping experience. Her innocence is just soo cute. Teehee~

We left the mobile phone shop and head back to the car.

"Let's try out your new phone! Let's take a picture together!" I borrowed Rena-chan's phone.

I hold it infront and focus it on us. "Hai... Chi~zu~!"

Click. Snap.

"Kawaii~! And then let's make it your wallpaper..." I gave her phone back and showed her the screen. "TADA~!!!"

"The photo came out nice." She smiled.

Wow, that smile. There was something different with it from her other smiles before. I saw how her eyes curved into a smile, too. Her expression felt so genuine and warm. I hope she's always truly happy like this.

"Here, let me save my number and my email." I stored my contact details in her phone. "You can reach me here whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to."

"Jurina-san..." She paused. "Would you mind if I ask you something personal?"

"Hmm? What is it?" I asked back.

"You mentioned to Grandfather earlier that you already have your future plans. Is that true?"

"That's true." I answered. "My future... it already belongs to someone who's waiting for me out there. Long time ago, I had a promise with a childhood friend that after I graduate highschool, we'll go to college together."

I cannot read the look Rena-chan is giving me after I said those. Before she says anything else, I continue to speak.

"Your grandfather has good intentions, but I don't think I belong there. I only wanted to know things about my father. I never expect myself to be a part of his world. I'm already happy and contented to meet his family... especially you, Rena-chan."

The car finally arrived back at the bus station where I waited this morning. After I get off, I turn around to face Rena-chan once more.

"See you at school, Rena-chan!" I waved her goodbye.


I was already preparing to sleep when I suddenly heard my phone beeping. I opened it and read the new message received.

Jurina-san. Thank you for today.

It's Rena-chan! I felt excited to respond on her message.

You're welcome. :3
I really had fun today.
Oyasumi. ^_^

Beep. Beep.


She replied. Ah, I feel so happy. We're now exchanging messages. It feels great to know that I'm getting closer and closer to my sister each day.

Beep. Beep.

Huh? My phone is beeping again. Did Rena-chan forget to say something? I checked it and opened the new message.

Just got home from my part time job.
Can I call you now?

I suddenly froze. It was.....

My phone started ringing.

"H-Hello?" I nervously picked up.

"We're you already asleep?" I thought I melted away upon hearing a familiar gentle voice.

That voice... God, I missed that voice...

"I-Im still wide awake..." My own voice went shaky as I answered.

"Why do you sound like crying?"

"N-No, I'm not!"

"Still same childish Jurina." She giggled.

"Baka." I said.

She always see me as a kid, eventhough she's only a year ahead of me.

"Sorry to disturb you this late at night. I'm really curious on what happened to your first meeting with your father's family."

She called because she wanted to know what happened to me today? I secretly smiled. She's the type of person who doesn't speak of her own feelings, but I know she cares.

"Maybe if you'll stay awake the whole night over the phone, then I'll tell you everything." I responded.

"Are you daring me? It's actually my day off tomorrow. I bet it's you who can't keep up tonight."

"I doubt that, it's only sunday tomorrow. There's still no classes."

"So, how about we talk until morning then?" She suggested.

"Hmm.. Is that your way of saying you missed me? You can just simply say it out, y'know.." I teased a little.

"What if I really do?"

She does? My chest suddenly felt so painful inside.

"Then that would be enough for me to hear. Because I do missed you, too... Mayu-chan."


i find the jurimayu past story a cute one, simple but also a real thing :love:
guess i can't put their full details here since this is wmatsui story :nervous
but it was actually written somewhere else...

thanks for reading! :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.6 02/22/2015 Update!
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i just finished reading all chapters and I was right!! it was Mayu!! yatta!! mayujuri~
wanted to know more about them .. and progress on wmatsui its getting me more excited :D
i really love your story !!  :wub:
please update soon~ ^_^

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.6 02/22/2015 Update!
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Jurina , rena mother is not sweet she is DEVIL

Don't fall in their trap. Lol

Not everyone who smiles mean he or she is good xd

Waiting for next chapter.

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Don't worry author-san ,
I know it's hard to write when you are busy
And there's jurimayu  XD
I'm really looking forward for the next :twothumbs

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.6 02/22/2015 Update!
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It's good that Jurina already had her own future plan, but I doubt that Rena's devilish mother would let her slip away just like that. I'm curious of how she would bring Jurina in her trap.
Ans I agree that Rena-chan is cute, Jurina XD
Oh, so it's Mayu!
Update soon! :D

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Aaaaaaah! You disappeared at the wrong time! When jurimayu has just appeared T_T

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.6 02/22/2015 Update!
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minna hisashiburi! i went to taipei last month and when we tried a restaurant there, i saw akb news on their local channel while waiting for the food.. and i was like omg is that mayu? lol then i remember i still have unfinished story here! hehe gomen ne if i took so long :bow:

@yurin23mayuki: hi! thanks for reading my wmatsui fanfic! i like jurimayu since majisuka gakuen and i had fun writing about them too.. their story here is now part of jurina's past and jurina is now the main character here.. we'll see if we can insert more details  :nervous
@wmatsui fanfic.: it's true that rena's mother is one of the main antagonists.. can't wait for the real action and the moment she gets serious :wth
@blackcold: thanks! i know you understand.. you're a writer yourself too.. i'll try my best to update faster :sweatdrop:
@RenshuChan: i think rena's confusing character is delaying the real drama! lol. we'll get there very soon... i hope :?
@Weird Panda: who disappeared? did you mean... me? hontou ni gomen! here's the next chapter now :thumbsup

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 7

I arrived back home and took a step inside. Something has changed. I've been living in this house for so long, but now I come home and it's not the same. No matter how big the mansion is, I never felt it empty and alone before. Suddenly my own home feels dark and hollow inside. It seems brighter when she's here. Her smile and laughter fills every empty space. I reached for the stairs and my footsteps get heavier as I climb up.

"You and that girl seems closer than I expected." I was surprised to hear Okaasama's voice from my behind.

I paused and looked back. She stood up from the sofa on our living area and went closer to where I am. She seems waiting for me to arrive. The lights are dim, I didn't notice that she was there.

"Okaasama.." I only said and bowed.

"I hope that kind of closeness is still a part of your plan on her." She said taking a glance on the shopping bags I'm carrying. "You seem distracted with other things."

"Does it still matter?" I bluntly answered her. "You already heard her answer. She's not even interested to become part of our family."

"Well, well. I'm surprised." She examined me closely and gave a cold smile. "My daughter sounds disappointed."

Eh? Did I?

"Don't take this lightly, Rena." Her voice went back to a serious tone. "I know the chairman very well and he will never accept that kind of answer from her. He always makes sure everything will act according to his plan."

She went upstairs passing me by without looking back. And then she spoke again.

"No matter how naive that girl is, in just a blink of an eye, she can take everything that you have. Put that in your mind, Rena."

Then my mother was gone.

What am I doing? Maybe she's right that I'm starting to lose focus. I don't know what I should feel anymore.

I continue to climb up carrying these shopping bags. I was about to go straight to my room when I saw our family butler on my way.

"Endou-san, do you have a moment?" I went to him.

Our family butler has been loyal to Grandfather for many years. He's very intelligent and has the knowledge of everything. And he seems to know Jurina-san's mother as well. I noticed it the first time we went together to their house.

"Good evening, Ojousama. Is there something I can help you?" He politely answered me.

"Yes, can you please teach me how to use this?" I showed him my new mobile phone.

He took the phone and opened it. I noticed him smiled as he saw my wallpaper, which is a photo of Jurina-san and me. I suddenly became embarassed.

"Uhm.. I-I bought it earlier.. and I just wanted to know how to use it.." I asked him shyly.

"You can create your email address right here." He instructed. "For the mean time you can send messages through our internet connection. Tomorrow, I will register your own mobile number so that you can do phone calls."

"Ah, thank you, Endou-san." I said as he returned the phone.

"The pleasure is mine, Ojousama." He bowed then left.

I finally entered my room. I put aside my things and laid down my bed. I pulled out my new phone and looked at my wallpaper. I touched her face on the screen for a moment.

"Jurina-san..." I whispered to myself while staring at her photo.

Then I browsed the phonebook and saw her email address and contact number.

You can reach me here whenever you feel like you need someone to talk to.

I smiled when I remembered those words she said earlier. I wanted to send her a message to thank her and say good night. I have to admit to myself... that I did enjoy today.

What is this strange feeling? I'm not familiar with these kind of feelings. The only thing I know is that... I feel happy whenever she's around... and now I feel lonely without her.


"Guys, I have news!" Jurina-san entered the club room with very high energy.

"Woah.. Genki ne, Jurina-chan.." Takayanagi-san greeted her.

"Look at this!" She showed us a printed announcement. "There's an upcoming national school dance competition! If we join this, we can able to meet the best dance groups from different schools around Japan."

"That looks interesting, Juritan. But do you think our group is already qualified to join such huge competition?" Furukawa-san said.

"Why not? It will be a great experience for the four of us before we graduate highschool." She then looked at me and gave a wide smile.

Four of us? Does she mean I'm also...

She went closer to me and put her arms around my shoulder.

"Rena-chan here is a fast-learner. In just a short period of time, she already improved her dancing skills. And ofcourse, she learned from the best!" She proudly said. "Together, the four of us will surely get in!"

"I think your idea is not bad at all." I saw Furukawa-san glance at me. "So, what's the catch again?"

"Besides the prize money involved, we can also get a chance to travel around Japan." Jurina-san explained.

"Hmm.. Why do you want to travel all of a sudden?" Takayanagi-san asked her.

"W-Well... what I mean is we can able to compete with other schools."

"But you were never interested in joining competitions before. Are you sure that's your only reason?" She asked her in a more suspicious tone. "Jurina-chan, there's something different with you today... Don't you agree, Airin?"

Furukawa-san only responded with a smile.

"That sudden spark in your eyes looks familiar..." Takayanagi-san look at her more closely. "Ooooh~! Don't tell me..."

"I don't have anything to tell you, Churi..." Jurina-san turned her back interrupting what she's about to say.

"Come on.. Spill it out already! It's obviously written all over your face!" Takayanagi-san teased her more.

I have no idea what they're talking about but I can see how it affects Jurina-san. Her face became so bright red as her friends cornered her.

"A-Ah! I-I'm thirsty... I'll just go outside and buy a drink from the vendo... I'll be right back for today's practice." Jurina-san excused herself and went out the club room.

"Eh~ Matte yo! I'm coming with you! Do you think you can escape from me..." Takayanagi-san followed her and then they're both gone.

I wonder what happened to her...

"Juritan looks happy today." Furukawa-san said as the two of us were left alone in the club room. "Maybe something good happened to her."

"She's always been a cheerful person. How can you tell?" I asked.

"We've been friends for three years, I just know the difference. Even Churi noticed it. There's only one person who can make her smile like that."

There's someone making her happy? Could it be...

"Uhm, ano... Furukawa-san..."

"I don't mind calling me by my first name." She said.

"Then... Airi-san." I continued. "Jurina-san mentioned me something about her childhood friend. So, I'm just wondering... Is it possible that it's the same person who's making her happy now?"

Airi-san looked back at me.

"If you're talking about Watanabe-san, then they're probably the same person." She answered.

"Jurina-san didn't mention any name. She only told me that she had this promise with her childhood friend."

"I'm not sure if I'm the right person to tell you things about her. Why don't you ask Juritan yourself?"

"I don't think I can ask her about that directly." I answered in a low voice.

"I see. Maybe it's okay to tell you what I only know then." She paused. "Those two came from the same middleschool, but Watanabe-san is one year ahead. Juritan entered highschool here only because she wanted to follow her."


"You seem surprised?"

So her childhood friend was a girl...

"The way how things sounded between them... I thought it was a boy." I said.

"Like a puppy love, ne?" She softly laughed. "Her name is Watanabe Mayu, the former student council president. Same reason why Juritan also joined the student council the last two years."

"That means... Jurina-san always follows her? The two of them... Is it possible that they were..."

"Lovers?" She continued. "They've been silent about it. But even if they really were, they knew they can't possibly go public. They're both role models of this school."

"About Watanabe-san, what does she feel for Jurina-san?"

"At first, I thought Watanabe-san doesn't care for her at all. But there are plenty of times that I caught her watching Juritan secretly. There's something with the way she watches her. She was always looking at her from a distance, with those eyes saying like she only wanted to protect her. I'm still not sure of what Watanabe-san really feels, but Juritan... she's obviously head over heels in love with her. Maybe even until now."

"Did Jurina-san say her own feelings?"

"She doesn't have to say anything for us to know. Her eyes clearly shows, especially whenever she talks about Watanabe-san."

"Her eyes?"

"Yes, those kind of eyes never lie. They reflect Juritan's true feelings. And I'm sure even you already saw them. Because if not, you wouldn't be asking me these things now. Right?"

"What do you mean?"

"The way you ask about her... If I didn't know that you're her sister, I might think that you feel something for Juritan..."

"E-Eh? What are you talking about?"

"That's only my opinion though. But since you're sisters... then there might be something else." She paused and faced me. "Since I answered your questions earlier, how about an exchange of a little information?"

"What is it that you want to know?" I asked her.

"About you, Matsui Rena, the sole heiress of Matsui Corporation." She grinned.

"H-How did you..."

"Royalties, politicians, celebrities and all other famous people... their information can be easily searched on the internet. You're now a part of our club and as the president, ofcourse I wanted to know the things about my members." She explained.

This girl... I knew she's clever but I didn't expect that she investigated my background.

"I admit, I got a little curious about you since your first day here. A rich kid who transferred during the third year, and then claimed to be Juritan's sister. Thinking about it... if Juritan is your sister then it makes you not the sole heiress anymore."

"What are you trying to point out?"

"Nothing. Your presence here is still a mystery to me. Sometimes I wonder what your real intentions are. Is there something you want from Juritan?"

"It's a family matter and I believe it's none of your business." I told her directly.

"You're right. I may not be her family, but I'm her friend."

Do all friends act that way? Or maybe this girl also likes Jurina-san...

"Stop that. I know what you're thinking. I do admire Juritan, but not in that kind of way. I never liked anyone." She answered.

Eh? Can she read my mind? She is really something...

"To tell you frankly, since you're her sister and now a part of our group... I had no choice but to accept you regardless of whatever it is that you're hiding from us." She's about to face away from me.

"Hiding?" I tried to reach her. "Don't talk like you know everything about me! I'm not hid-..."

"Rena-san! Look out!"

I think I stepped on something slippery and I started to lose my balance.


I fell down on something. I opened my eyes and noticed that I'm on top of Airi-san. She tried to catch and save me?

"I-Itai..." She cried out.

"Airi-san, are you okay?" I worriedly asked.

Her eyes were still closed, she's obviously in pain. When she opened them, she looked up on me. Looking at her this upclose... I notice that she's actually... a beauty. Her face is white and smooth. And she has lovely eyes, too. But the way she looks at mine, she was like looking through my soul.

This girl... Furukawa Airi. Why do I have a feeling that she's seeing the real me? With those eyes telling me like I can't hide myself from her. That she can see right through me...

"Is that a new dance step?" I heard a sharp tone from Takayanagi-san. "Are you practicing without us?"

I immediately stood up and saw Jurina-san and Takayanagi-san near the door.

"I slipped and Airi-san caught me from falling down." I explained what happened.

"Acting like her hero now huh, Airin?" Takayanagi-san said still in a sharp tone.

"You heard her, Churi. She slipped and I only helped her." Airi-san tried to stand up.

"Are you okay, Airin?" Jurina-san asked her with concern.

"I'm fine." She answered as she fixed her crumpled uniform.

"Are you sure? I can take you to the infirmary..." I offered her my help but...

"I said I'm fine!" She shouted out looking at me. And then she faced away. "I'm sorry. I'm just tired, let's just cancel today's practice."

"Tired? But we haven't started at all? You sure you didn't your head?" Takayanagi-san said.

Airi-san ignored her. She took her things with her and went out the club room.

"Why is everybody acting strange today!!!" Takayanagi-san yelled. Then she followed Airi-san and left.

What was that? Was Airi-san mad at me?

"Rena-chan... don't worry about Airin. She's a strong person, you know?" Jurina-san said trying to comfort me. "But her actions were a bit weird today. It's the first time she canceled a practice. Too bad, I actually thought we can already start our dance practice for the competition."

She's still thinking about the competition.



"Is there some other reason why you wanted to join the competition?" I asked.

"I can't believe this.. even you, Rena-chan?" She was surprised. "I guess, I've been found out."

She pulled out a chair and sat on it. Then I took the opposite side of the table facing her.

"Remember about the childhood friend I told you last time? She called that night after you sent me a message."

They talked that night? Wait...

"Things between us suddenly flash back on me and I can't wait to see her again."

There is something building up inside my chest...

"I tried to find a way of how I can visit her until I saw a competition ad posted on the internet. And I put my hopes high when I read that the final event will be held near her place."

My chest is starting to tighten up... Please stop...

"I'm sorry. Maybe, my reasons are selfish. I can't even tell this to Churi and Airin directly."

"But your friends seem to know already even without you telling them." I said in a weak voice.

"Yeah, they know me very well. I can't really hide anything from them." She admits.

"But somehow, I don't get it." I speak out.

"Get what?"

"Why is that person so important to you? That you even chose that person over our family..." I blurted.

"Rena-chan... have you ever fall in love?"

With her question, I accidentally look into her eyes.

Her eyes clearly shows, especially whenever she talks about Watanabe-san.

Airi-san was clearly right. I faced away and tried to avoid those eyes again.

"When you experience how to... then that's the time you'll understand..." She continues to speak.

Stop! I don't want to hear anymore!
"I have to go." I stood up. "The practice was canceled so there's nothing to do here anymore."

"Rena-chan? Wait!"

Before she says anything else, I immediately walked out fast. I wanted to escape from there. From her.

I couldn't stand it. WHY?

Why is it so painful to look at her eyes now? Why does it hurt when she speaks of that person?

Yes, I do wanted to know all the things about Jurina-san even upto her smallest details but... I never knew that there are also things... that I wished I didn't know.


i wonder when i can able to update again :cry:
still on ch 7!!! so far... so slow... :banghead:

thanks for reading! :)
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Yeah I love the drama, hehehe.

If there is jurimayu why didn't you make yukirena also. Xd

It will be fun.

Please update soon you are slow writer.


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Yay, JuriMayu! Jurina LUVS Mayu,  °\(^▼^)/°
Rena-chan, seriously? It's LUV, you LUV Jurina, duh! (¬˛  ¬ ”)
Thanks for update (∩_∩)

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I feel relieved because you've came back :'
Great, Ju, GREAT!! Nice move there~

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