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Author Topic: The Forbidden Dance Ch.21 (WMatsui) 03/23/2017  (Read 40826 times)

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The Forbidden Dance Ch.21 (WMatsui) 03/23/2017
« on: January 06, 2015, 05:10:48 PM »
author's note:
konbanwa! ainivel desu! my first time to write wmatsui :heart:
i'm both excited and nervous at the same time :sweatdrop:
excited because yay! i can finally post it! :grin:
i do have my own policy of 'no posting of new story if current is still left unfinished' LOL :lol:
and nervous because, i don't know if this will come out good :nervous
but anyway, please enjoy reading! :bow:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 1

It looks like just another ordinary day in the mansion. Things are always in order, quiet and peaceful. Everything seems to be in the usual state. But maybe what they say is really true, about calm before the storm. I never thought today is the day that my life will turn upside down.

"Ojousama, your mother wants to see you." One of the housemaids approached me.

"Thank you. Please let her know that I'll be there in a moment." I answered.

My family is one of the most influential in Japan. I am the granddaughter of the Chairman of Matsui Corporation. My name is Matsui Rena. All my life I did nothing but live to my family's expectations. People says I'm like a walking doll, flawless and lifeless, without any feelings at all.

I was strictly raised by my mother alone, since father died just a year after I was born. I don't have any clear memories with him which I somehow envy with my older sister. Oneesama was adopted by my parents, because they thought they won't have a child on their own. But grandfather cannot accept a grandchild with no Matsui blood. Until Okaasama gave birth to me. As we grow up, Oneesama noticed how Grandfather never consider her as his grandchild. She then decided to live on her own outside the mansion, and Okaasama just let her.

That leaves all the pressure to me. All eyes are on me, watching my every move. I grew up a fine young lady whom everyone is looking up to. I have to prove them that I'm perfect without any weakness. I don't go to school like a normal girl does. I study privately at home, that's why I never had friends. And besides, Okaasama told me that I don't need one. I excel in many things and do my best in anything to make Okaasama proud of me. I want her to love me which I never felt from her. I've tried everything but still I was never good enough for her.

I reached her room and knocked the door.

"You called me, Okaasama?" I entered.

She's sitting beside the window, looking from afar.

"Rena, I wanted to discuss with you a very important matter." She answered in a serious tone.

It is a usual thing how Okaasama looks and sounds serious, but this time it's a bit different.

"The moment that I'm dreading for a very long time is already here." She continued.

"It has reached the Chairman that your father has another daughter outside the family." She calmly said it like she already knew from the start.

I was indeed surprised with what she said. But I'm surprised more with the fact that she never mentioned it to me. But I cannot show it to her. I composed myself.

"Okaasama, if she's an illegitimate child then she has no right in our family. I believe there's nothing to be afraid......"

"Silence!!!" She cuts me off.

"You know nothing!!!" She shouted at me angrily.

"Don't be so reckless, Rena! Remember, you are the sole heiress of the Matsui family! And that girl..... is the only person that can easily take away everything that you have now!"

"Okaasama, I'm sorry but I cannot understand what you mean..."

"You have witnessed how the Chairman treated Sakiko like trash. Do you want to end up like your sister and put all my accomplishments into waste?"

"But Okaasama, how can that possibly happen? I am your daughter..."

"You're not a true-blooded Matsui! Your real father is someone I just paid off!"

My world seems to collapse upon hearing those words.

"T-That's a lie!!!" I cried out.

"Listen to me. That time, I was so desperate to have a child with Hideki because his father, the Chairman, will throw me away if I can't immediately give him a grandchild!"

It's too painful to comprehend the things she's saying.

"Please tell me, you are only joking..." I begged her.

"Now, do you fully understand what will happen to us once the Chairman knows the truth?" My mother started to cry, she's shaking. "I cannot live in poverty, Rena..."

My heart seems to crash seeing my mother cry in pain.

"I will not let that happen, Okaasama. Please trust me, I will protect you and my name."


Days has passed and I knew something has changed in me. I realized that all I have was just a lie. I now understand how Oneesama felt before.

I passed by Grandfather's room and accidentally heard him talking to his secretary.

"Look for her. And bring her to me." He ordered.

He wanted to see that illegitimate girl. But why? I thought he's contented because he already has me as his grandchild!

The secretary went out of his room and saw me. I approached him immediately.

"I will come with you. I wanted to meet her." I said and he let me.

We traveled outside Tokyo and arrived in a simple town. The secretary gets off the car and heads to a small house infront. He rings the doorbell and the gate was opened by a lady.

"We meet again, Keiko." He greeted her like they already met before.

"What do you want from me?" The lady coldly answered.

I also get off the car and walked to them.

"Excuse me. My name is Matsui Rena. May we come in so that we can at least talk inside?" I asked the lady with respect.

She only nodded and let us in. Their house is too small, even my room is many times more spacious than it.

"I found you, again." He spoke. "I believe you already know why I'm here."

"Just tell me what you need then leave." The lady coldy answered him again.

"We come to take the child you stole."

"Stole? I didn't steal anyone from you. That child is my own daughter!!!" She yelled.

That's the first time I witnessed how a mother protects her child. I felt a sudden pang of jealousy.

"That girl carries her father's name. She belongs to Matsui." The secretary continues to speak.

"That's the only thing Hideki requested me before he died, that our child shall use his name. But there's nothing more to it." She explained.

"The Chairman wants to bring her back to where she really belongs."

"I do not accept. I will die if you take my daughter away from me!!!" The lady started to cry.


A short-haired girl in school uniform appeared and went to the lady. Her age probably isn't far from mine.

"Who are you!? How dare you make my mother cry!!" She shouted at us.

Then the girl stared at me with those fierce looking eyes. It was the first time our eyes met.

"I'm alright, Jurina. Please, just go to your room." The lady gently told her.

"Oh... Jurina, isn't it? Finally." The secretary said with a smile on his face.

"I don't know who you are! So please just leave my mother alone!" The girl yelled.

"If that's what you wish, Ojousama." He called her the way he calls me.

"But I will come back, Keiko. And by that time, you must make a decision. I believe you clearly know that the child can't escape from her destiny." He said to the lady before leaving the house.

I stayed inside a little more. The girl's eyes were locked on mine again. I can't explain what I'm suddenly feeling whenever our eyes meet.

"Please accept my apologies for his rudeness. We will now go ahead. I'm very glad to finally meet you. Please excuse us." I bid them farewell and left.

The secretary was waiting for me inside the car.

"Is she the girl?" I asked as I get inside.

"She is." He answered.

"I see."

That girl... is a true-blooded Matsui. And those eyes... they look exactly like Grandfather's eyes. I hate them.

We arrived back in the mansion and I went straight to Okaasama's room to talk to her.

"Okaasama, I met the girl today." I said.

"And?" She only responded.

"She doesn't seem to know anything about her real identity."

"You came to me just to say the things that I already knew?" Her voice is so cold.

"No, I came to ask a request." I answered.

"What is it then?"

"Let me transfer to her school."

She smiled upon hearing my request and said, "As expected of my daughter."

I have come so far to reach the place where I am now. I worked so hard for my achievements and for people to recognize me. That girl, Matsui Jurina, she is nothing but a nuissance to my family.

"I'm counting on you then, Rena."

If Okaasama bids me to... then I might as well... erase that girl's existence.


i was actually listening to two roses while writing this one!
so what do you think? (so nervous...) :cry:
thanks for reading! :)
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2015, 07:09:47 PM »
 :welcome I think it's come out good ... i feel it would appear a lot of drama because the blood relationship story.  :inlove:
also I'm wondering why the title is The Forbidden Dance ? this surprise me .. at first i think the story would be SKE48 moment .. but it did not. hahaa
keep update  :)
I am waiting  :D
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2015, 01:27:16 AM »
I love drama. . .

Thank you.

Anyway,,I hate Rena's cold blood.

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
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Ooh~ WMatsui this time. :3

Wow, cold-blooded Rena is... scarier than Gekikara. XD

Can't wait to see more! Update soon~ :heart:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
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this is so good!! please update soon!!

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2015, 05:38:43 AM »
OMG!! I feel excited for this story! many things could happen.. Im waiting
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2015, 06:45:30 AM »
Oh dun be nervous…it's a good start…chapter 1 has laid the path for an interesting drama between the Matsui sisters.

Thanks for the good work and hope to see more updates :)
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
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  :on GJ: winner..!
waiting for your next update... *gonna build my tent here*

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
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YAY! Finally, another wmatsui drama story that got me so interested~! :lol:

Somehow I'm interested in the cold-blooded Rena!

Can't wait for the next update~ :D

ps. I thought 'Forbidden Dance' has got to do with Kiss Datte Hidarikiki or something HAHA! I really wonder what's the true meaning behind the title ^^

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
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C-cold blood Rena?! :stoned:

I've got to admit it, ainivel-san, your story here is helping me to study! :mon thumb:

Plus, drama? :dunno: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME~! :on gay:

Can't wait for the next update~~~~  :twothumbs

I wonder why the title is, The Forbidden Dance? :dunno:


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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
« Reply #10 on: January 08, 2015, 01:54:23 PM »
Being a ojou-sama is hard nee~~ so many pressure poor Rena find out the truth

Jurina is fierce just to imagine it *shiver*

Update soon

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
« Reply #11 on: January 10, 2015, 04:08:21 AM »
hello minna! thank you for showing interest in my wmatsui story!!! :heart:
i'm so happy! i promise to do my best! :twothumbs
there might be times that my updates are slow... but assure you i'll finish this upto the end! :thumbsup
(because i won't be able to post my other drafts if i don't lol) :nervous

@eboo: you're right! even i myself can't see the connection of the title to the first chapter at all hehe :? but i think it's the best title to fit the whole story though
@lahika: gomen if i made rena a cold person... i just think the character suits her hehe
@Ruka Kikuchi: yes, it's wmatsui! i wanted to write a fanfic of them, too.. and try a little drama this time :P
@AKB48couples: it was such a relief that you think it's good.. i'll try to update faster
@Haruko: thank you for also reading my new fanfic! i'm very happy to see some of my old readers here..
@DC2805: thanks! i was really worried of how wmatsui readers will think of my story :cry: i'm still a newbie after all
@screechingsoul: oh my.. putting a tent here means pressure to me hehe :sweatdrop: but i'll try my best! thank you
@EMPRE33: oh i super like that song! that and kataomoi finally! :deco:
@ChibiRine: woah, i didn't expect to see you here (since i know that you're a solid kojiyuu fan) hehe! XD i don't think chapter 2 can already answer the question on the title.. but we'll get there ;)
@Kirozoro: hisashiburi! jurina being fierce is something she isn't aware of.. uh oh i just realize... this will be a long story.. good luck to me lol :nervous

and to all who gave thanks to my first chapter... (which i'm really overwhelmed!) :wub:
hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita!!! :bow:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 2

Those people... who are they? I've never seen them before. I wonder what kind of people they are. And why do they know my mother?

On that day, I tried to ask Okaasan about those people and what they need from us. But she only told me to keep away from them. I have a feeling that they're from my father's family side. Because whenever I ask about my father, she always keeps on avoiding the topic. That's why we never talk about him, the only thing I knew is that he died on the day I was born.

But despite that I grew up without a father, Okaasan has able to raise me with so much love and care. Because of her, I've always had a positive view in life. We only have a simple life and live in a small town, but we're happy and contented of what we have.

My name is Matsui Jurina, I'm pretty much an ordinary girl. And just like any other normal girls, I do enjoy having fun with friends and also like the feeling of being in love. As a student, I also go to school to study and attend club activities. There's nothing so special about me.

"Jurina-chan! Ohayou~" A close friend suddenly hugged me from behind. I arrived in our classroom first.

"Spacing out again, eh?" She said. "I told you to get over that senpai already! Let me mend your broken heart with a morning ki-..."

I caught her face and pinched both sides of her cheeks. She's always like that to me, I'm already used to these things she says and does.

"And who told you I'm broken-hearted, huh?" I giggled and pulled her face a little.

"I-Itai! My face hurts..." She cutely complained and then I let go of her.

"Churi... instead of disturbing Juritan, why don't you just focus on how we can attract new club members?" Another close friend of mine arrived.

"Oh.. Ohayou, Airin!" I greeted her as she took the seat beside mine.

These two were my classmates since first year highschool. We even joined the same club together. And now, we're already senior students.

"If we fail to recruit another member this year, then we have no choice but to let them close our club." Airin said seriously.

The three of us are the only members left in the club. The old members have already graduated and there aren't new members who joined after us.

"We only need one more member then our club is safe, right? So relax, Airin..." Churi tried to calm her down.

"I can only relax if you can bring me some good news. Now, tell me.. do we already have a prospect?" Airin asked her.

"Well... I haven't heard of someone who wants to join the club yet... But I have a different news..."

"News? What is it?" I asked curiously.

"There's a rumor spreading that a new third year student will transfer to our school." Churi explained.

"Really? But I thought our school strictly doesn't accept third year transfer students?" I said.

"If the school allowed it this time, then it only means that the person might be a super VIP! Maybe a famous celebrity, a royalty, or some rich kid with huge donation in our school!"

"It doesn't make sense. Why will an important person transfer to our school during the end of first quarter? Isn't that odd?" Airin thought.

"I don't know the answer to that but... it really makes me excited! I hope that person will join our class!"

"It's still very unusual. Sounds suspicious to me."

"You really enjoy killing my good mood, don't you?" Churi started to get a little irritated, but Airin just ignored her.

Sometimes I loved watching how these two fight. That's actually a normal thing between them everyday.

Our teacher finally entered the classroom and started to speak to the class.

"Before we begin our lesson for today, I have an important announcement to make first." She paused. "A new student is transferring to your class."

Oh.. a transfer student in our class, just like what Churi mentioned earlier.

Sensei opened the front door and then a girl with long black hair walked inside. Her pale white skin is so noticeable, she looks fragile and delicate.

"KIREI.....", said my classmates.

Then I found myself staring at her. That girl... why does she look familiar? I think I already saw her somewhere...

"Matsui Rena desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." She introduced herself in a soft-spoken voice.

I feel like I'm seeing a real princess infront of us. It amazes me how she look and speak with elegance.

WAIT. Did she just say Matsui?

"Hey, Jurina-chan... she's staring at you. Do you know her?" Churi suddenly whispered from behind my seat.

She's right, the girl is staring straight back at me. Those eyes... I knew I've seen them  before...

"Honestly... I'm not really sure..." I whispered back.

"Matsui Jurina." Sensei suddenly called my name.

"Hai!" I raised my hand.

"I'm expecting you to take care of your sister during her stay here in our school. She's your responsibility now." She told me infront of the class.

My... what? Eh~ what's going on?

I looked back at the girl confused. She only smiled at me. There's something in the way she looks at me.....

Ah! I remember her... she's the girl from before! The one who visited Okaasan last time. USO~ She's my sister? And why is she here?

The girl then took a seat and joined our class. I caught her looking at me for several times today since the class started. Unbelievable. What is she thinking? Does she really know me?

When the classes ended, she immediately stood up and took her things. She walked into my direction and approached me.

"Matsui-san." She called me by my family name. "The teacher said that you we're the one assigned in touring me around your school."

I am?

"I'll be waiting for you outside." She just left after she spoke to me.

"Jurina-chan!" Churi suddenly pulled me. "You owe us an explanation! How come you never told us you had a sister?!"

"Believe me... even I wasn't informed!" I answered her honestly.

"What did I just tell you... suspicious, right?" Airin again said and Churi just rolled her eyes.

"That's why I need to go after her. This is my chance to get answers." I then said goodbye to my friends and walked out the room.

The girl claiming as my sister is there waiting outside. She smiled at me again the moment she saw me. But I always noticed that there is something off with her smile. I wonder why...

"So... where do you want us to start off?" I asked her.

"Your decision." She answered with a soft voice.

Wow. She looks so pretty up close. I was totally mesmerized. I can't believe I have a sister as perfect as her. She also has beautiful eyes, but... why do they look so cold...

I started to tour her around the school and she just kept quiet the whole time I was talking. There are many things I wanted to ask her. I tried to open up a more personal conversation.

"Was your previous school far from here?" I asked.

"It's my first time to study in a school." She answered.

"E-Eh? What is that mean?"

"I've been in a private tutorial." She explained.

She's a rich girl, as expected.

"Oh... Then it might be hard for you to remember all the places."

"I can soon familiarize myself to all the areas here." She said confidently.

"If you never entered school before then why did you decide to transfer here now?"

She paused. She didn't answer me.

"I wanted to know... does it have to do with me?"

I took the courage to ask, but she remained quiet.

"Ano... I was just thinking... if we're sisters... then it means..."

"We have the same father." She finished what I was about to say.

So, it's true. She's my father's other daughter.

"And I'm here because... Grandfather wants to meet you." She continued.

I do have a grandfather?

"He's waiting for you. Will you come with me?" She asked.

It's all clear to me now. That's the reason why they tried to talk to my mother before.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I can. I don't think Okaasan will allow me to." I told her.

"I'm already expecting that answer from you." She said calmly.

"Look, about last time... I hope you can forgive my actions towards you. I thought you're hurting my mother that's why..."

"I understand." She cuts me off. "That's only normal when you wanted to protect someone important to you."

She sounded like she really meant those words.

"I'm not forcing you to come with me. But I'll be staying here until I finally convince you."

"Is that the only reason why you're here?" I asked.

"Why do you ask?"

"I just thought... you came all the way here to spend time with me... we're sisters after all..."

"Oh... ofcourse. I do wanted to know more about you."

"Really? I wanted to get to know you better, too!" I felt so excited that I accidentally held her hands.

I saw how her eyes widened with my sudden actions and she immediately pulled her hands away. But why? Does she hate it?

"I-I'm sorry! It's just that... you make me so happy right now..." I apologized.

"I understand, please also accept my apology." She always sounds so formal.

"There are still many things I wanted to know! About father's family, how's our grandfather like, and most especially... the things about you."

She then looks at me and said, "No worries. As long as I'm here, you can ask me anything that you wanted to know about our family."

"I knew you're a nice person!" I appeared closer to her and we had another eye contact. This time it took longer than before.

Her eyes... why do I feel lonely just by looking at them...

"I believe I have to go." She looks away and puts a distance between us again. "The car is already waiting for me."

She started to walk away and I followed her. Her driver opens the door for her as she gets inside.

"Rena-chan!" I called her name before she closes the door.

"R-Rena...c-chan?" She repeated.

"Can I call you that way?" I asked for permission.

"If... you wished to..." She responded.

I gave her a big smile. And then she finally closes the door.

"I'll see you again tomorrow!" I waved her goodbye until her car left totally.


Wow... my heart is bursting with too much joy... Meeting her is the best gift ever! I'm so excited to see her again...

I know that this is the start of our wonderful relationship.... And I'm sure that the two of us we'll going to create lots of beautiful memories together.


oh my pure-hearted jurina :(
still listening to two roses while writing! :lol:
will update soon...

thanks for reading! :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
« Reply #12 on: January 10, 2015, 04:13:57 AM »
Moshimo kimi ga bara nara~

Nante ne. ;p :note:

As always, Jurina LOVES Rena. :3

And soon, that cold inside Rena's heart will melt >w< *waku-waku*

So excited now! Please update soon! :bow:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
« Reply #13 on: January 10, 2015, 04:36:57 AM »
Yeah, I'm a solid KojiYuu fan.  :bigdeal:

But if it's something interesting, why not~?  :ding:

Plus it's totally obvious that Jurina loves Rena  :kekeke:

Cold hearted Rena is actually kind. (JUST YOU WAIT JURINA) :hehehe:

Em eggzoited too.  :scared:

Update soon~  :on hypto:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
« Reply #14 on: January 10, 2015, 04:37:42 AM »
Update soon~  :on hypto:

Are you trying to hypnotize her? XD

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2015, 05:41:00 AM »
ohhhhhh rena gonna cause trouble...
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
« Reply #16 on: January 10, 2015, 05:24:42 PM »
Jurina and Rena start to get close now

Update soon

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
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*sigh... The truth behind those long, black hair, pale skin, princess figure, and those cold,lonely eyes... is fearful...

I'm waiting for the time when Rena's real intention is revealed, and can't wait to see how Jurina's reaction... Wait, did I just become too fast-forward XD

Good job! (๑'⌣'๑)づ

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Chapter 1
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aaw just just just..... next chapter please
i wanna see wmatsui, how jurina warm the cold rena
hehehehhe onegai
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.2 01/10/2015 Update!
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@Ruka Kikuchi: jurina loves everyone as well! gomen for the late update, looks like ChibiRine's hypnotism didn't have an effect on me :lol:
@ChibiRine: love alone is different from being in love... and hey, they're sisters!
@Haruko: trouble is way much better than heart breaking pain :cry:
@Kirozoro: them to be closer by heart... soon hopefully
@RenshuChan: yep! too fast-forward! still quite a long way to go :sweatdrop:
@sastio13: i suddenly remember a quote from the movie frozen... "only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart."  XD maybe we'll get there

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 3

I arrived home. It felt like it's been a very long day today.

"Tadaima!" I said as I entered our humble home.

"Okaerinasai." My mother answered coming from the kitchen. She's preparing our dinner.

I put my things down and sat on the dining table. I was having second thoughts if I should tell her about Rena-chan.

"Okaasan... we have a new classmate who transferred in our school today." I told her.

"A third year transferee? Isn't that rare..." She answered as she puts the dishes on the table.

"Her name is Matsui Rena... the girl who went here last time." I said.

My mother paused, and then she went back to the kitchen sink.

"She said she's my sister." I continued.

"Your sister?" She sounded surprised. Does it mean, she doesn't know about it?

"Okaasan, those people who came here... are they my father's family?" I finally asked. I waited for her response.

"I know you told me that I should stay away from them... but may I know the reason why? So that I can understand..." I said.

"Jurina..." She answered and looked at me. "I know I don't have the right to stop you from learning things about your father... But please be careful... that's all I ask from you..."

I can see through my mother's eyes how she worries about me. I didn't speak anymore after hearing those words from her.

Dinner has finished, and then I went to my room right after. I laid on my bed, staring straight at the ceiling.

Be careful of Rena-chan? But she doesn't look like a dangerous person to me. I understand that Okaasan only wanted to protect me as her only daughter. But I also wanted to be closer with my own sister. What should I do now?

I pulled out my phone and started writing a message to someone.

Hey, how are you?
Lots of things happened to me today...
Hope to hear from you soon...

My heart felt empty as I stare at the message that I'm about to send.

Click. Sent.

If only you're still here... then maybe... I'd know what to do...


"What's this?" I asked as Airin puts a handmade designed leaflet on my desk. Our class for today hasn't started yet.

"The three of us will perform together on school stage." She answered. "School festival is coming and this will be our chance to attract new club members."

"A performance! Woah... it's been ages since the last time, ne!" Churi said excitedly.

"This means we should now start practicing every after classes." Airin said.

"Starting today?" I asked, I think I sound a bit disappointed.

"Is there a problem, Juritan?"

"Nothing..." I answered with low energy.

I was actually thinking of spending more time with Rena-chan. Club practice everyday means less chance to be with her. But I had no choice. How inconvenient.

"Thinking about your new sister?" Churi said it like she can read what's on my mind. Sometimes, I wonder if she has ESP.

"Your sister's amazing, isn't she? She's already this popular especially to underclassmen, even though she just started going to our school for less than a week." She added.

"Yeah, Rena-chan can easily excel in anything especially in class. Her body looks weak but surprisingly, she's good in sports as well." I said as I took a glimpse of her on her seat.

"Hmm... but I noticed that she hasn't made any friends yet." Churi said.

"I'm not surprised." Airin answered. "Her kind gives off an intimidating feeling to other people. She's like trying to prove herself even if she doesn't have to at all."

"Nah... Airin is just jealous because your sister is much cuter!"

"Who says I am?!" Airin defended.

"Ne~ Jurina-chan! Why don't we invite your sister to join our club?" Churi speaks to me again ignoring Airin.

"I don't think thats a good id-..."

"Matsui-san!" Churi cuts me off and called Rena-chan all of a sudden. "Do you plan to join a club?"

"A club?" Rena-chan answered. "I haven't thought of it yet."

"Join our club then! We only need one more member, and I'm sure Jurina-chan will be hap-.." I covered Churi's mouth.

"Gomen... don't mind her, Rena-chan..." I apologized.

When the classes ended, I immediately approached Rena-chan. I took the chance to spend a little time and walk with her outside before I proceed to our clubroom for practice.

"I already talked to Okaasan..." I told her. "I think I can't come with you yet."

"Don't worry, Matsui-san. I'll be patiently waiting until your mother allowed you to." She answered.

"Mou~ Didn't I tell you to call me Jurina..."

"Ah... Jurina-san..." She softly said my name.

"I preferred dropping the '-san' but... alright, calling me by my first name is more acceptable." I gave her a smile but she just faced away.

"I was thinking about what Takayanagi-san told me earlier..." She said.

"You mean, about our club?" I asked.

"Yes. And she said you only need one more member... why is that so?"

"Ah.. Because school clubs need at least four members to continue their activities. And since there's only three of us left in our club... they might forced close it soon if we can't recruit a new member." I explained.

"If I join your club then I can be able to solve your problem?"

"Sure, you will... but I just can't force anyone to join, so don't push yourself too hard on it." I assured her.

"By the way, what kind of club is it?" She asked again.

I paused with her question and gave her a laugh.

"Is there something wrong with I said?" She asked confused.

"Rena-chan kawaii~!!! You wanted to join our club eventhough you don't know what club it is! I think you're a little funny, too..." I giggled.

"Oh... I'm sorry... it's just that... I only wanted to help..." She said in a shy voice.

"Alright then. We will have a stage perfomance this coming school festival. Watch us perform first before you decide." I told her before we finally parted ways.

I arrived in our clubroom and Airin was already there doing some warm-ups.

"Airin, Rena-chan seems interested in joining our club." I told her.

"Does she have any idea what our club does?" She paused.

"Not yet, but I told her to watch us on our upcoming performance."

"Juritan..." Airin went closer to me. "I wanted to be honest with you..."


"About that girl... I don't know why but... it's hard for me to trust her... She claimed to be your sister, but you still barely know her... Aren't you wondering? You just woke up one day, then you have a sister."

When I come to think of it, Airin's actually right...

"Please don't get me wrong... I'm only concerned... And as your friend, I just want you to be careful." She said in a sincere voice and then she went back to her warm-ups.

Okaasan and Airin... why do they warn me about Rena-chan? But she seems to be a very nice person to me... And I do trust her even if I still don't know her... What should I really do?

I checked my phone. Still no message. I took a deep sigh.

"Jurina-chan!" Churi called. "I'm here now! Come on, let's start practice! The dance floor is waiting!"

"Coming!" I said.

Beep. Beep. New message received.

Sorry for the late response.
You know you can always tell me anything.
I'm just here to listen, Jurina.


yeah it was a short chapter hehe :nervous
will try to update soon!

thanks for reading! :)

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