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Author Topic: (Airi36's OS) #3 Even After (FuuKei + Miru)  (Read 2837 times)

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(Airi36's OS) #3 Even After (FuuKei + Miru)
« on: October 20, 2015, 05:47:06 AM »
Hi readers,i’m a new writer in here but actually i have been in this forum for about four years a silent reader.  :hip smile:
I’m Airi36,i’m a FuuMiru shipper. Now i’ll posting my angsty FuuMiru OS. There are so many grammar mistakes in here cause english is not my native language. Please don’t be too harsh on me :)
Happy reading and douzo :)
Why Can’t?

“I'm right here. When you gonna realize
That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl?” – 5 Second of Summer,Heartbreak Girl

   I exhaled my breath slowly while glancing at clock. Slowly i looked at the photo frame in the table near my bed. In that photo you smiling brightly who showing that charming dimples. Yeah,you looks so sweet and gorgeous. Makes me want to see it more,do not wanting  that smile fades from your face even for once.  A vague smile painted in my face,but then slowly fade away and changes with  cold look. That thing comes to my mind and makes my mood suddenly changes.
   That word comes out from my mouth unexpectedly. I only shakes my head,don’t understand how could this happened to me. Suddenly my phone ringing inside my pocket. Quickly i grab it while try to guessed someone who calls me this time. The certain someone comes in my mind. Yeah,the only one person that makes this easily to guess. I inhaled my breath. Oh,no more. My prediction comes true when i see the caller’s name who written in my phone’s screen. I picked up that call doubtly.
   “Moshi moshi?”
   “Miru,she cheated on me again..”
   Oh,as expected. I believe that a melancholic smile painted in my stupid face right now. I  keep quiet for a second. Your cries could be hear from my phone’s speaker,makes sure that you is crying in there right now. A prickling pain comes to my heart as if it get sliced slowly. Really, i can’t let you crying like that. I can’t imagine your sad face who welled up with tears.
   Again and again,it keeps happened and repeated again. Like a record who keeps broken. I ended up be quiet alone,as if i’m freeze right at the place where i stand up now. Again and again,you ended up crying and i ended up lying. Cause what you hopes is the contradiction with what i hopes. Cause i’m the sucker for anything that you do.
   “Thanks for being a friend.”
   The calls finally ends.  I quickly sit down on my bed. I glanced at my phone’s screen when my mind out of nowhere. I try to guessed when you will calls me again. Tomorrow,one week later,or maybe ten days later? And i believe it will repeat again.
   Again and again. We’re going in circles again and again. It keeps happen as if there is no stop. I bite my tongue but I wanna scream out. I really want to talk and stop all of this chaos. You could be with me now. but it’s only my selfish wish. Again and again,you choose her over me. You choose to be with Jonishi Kei,someone who keeps hurt you and makes you grimace in pain. She always treats you badly but you keep come back to her. Here me now,standing in the rain while watching you with her. You’re with her now,sharing the same umbrella and  acts like a couple do. In front of me,you let her touch your precious lips with that dirty lips of her. You even kiss her back passionately. You looks so happy to be with her. And all i can do is only watching you. A single tear drops from my eyes. I freeze on my foot,thankfully the rain hides my tears perfectly. No one knows that i’m crying right now. i just watching while let my heart breaking inside.  I’m so sad and nothing that i can do.
   “She treats you so bad and I'm so good to you it's not fair.”
   Here you go again. You lean on my shoulder while buried your head in my chest. I let my shoulder wet because your tears. Your sobs could be hear in my ears makes me feels sad.
   “She cheated on me again Miru,i saw her kissing Kawakami Rena,her so called best friend. I hate her.”
I can’t help but embrace you. I hold your head and caressed it with utmost care. No words can make you calm down right now. and i lost of words to makes you realize that she is not the one for you. It can’t and it won’t works. You’re too blind because your feelings for her,the one who always break your heart.
   “You’ve get over her,Fuu..”
   That sentence comes out my mouth before i realize it. I looking at you who now erasing your tears with your thumbs. Your eyes looks so red and swollen.
   “I can’t,Miru. No matter how many times Kei make me life in pain, I still love her. That’s love.”
   You put on your bitter smile,try to make me understand. Try to make me to kill this stupid feelings who i always feels toward you. Try to kill my hopes to make you happy and get over her. When you gonna realize that I'm your cure, Fuu? I feeling like an idiot,telling you what you wanna hear. You're not ready to get over her and it's so frustrating. You won’t  realize that i’m the one who always love you,Yagura Fuuko.
   “I hope she gonna changes for you,Fuu..”
   It repeats again. You come back to Kei,as if never learn your lesson. Is that  hard  for you to notice my presence? I,the one who always keeps an eye for you everytime. Oh,i covering my face with my palms. Suddenly i realize,I am not even worth in your life.
I dedicate this song to you,
The one who never sees the truth,
That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl.
Hold you tight straight through the day light,
I'm right here. When you gonna realize
That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl?
    I singing that song alone while playing my guitar. Feels the meaning of that song. When you gonna realize it,Yagura Fuuko? That i’m your cure,i’m the one who always stay beside you.
   “Hi Miru..”
   That certain voices wakes me up from my train thought. I stopped and find the source of that voice. I see you,smiling brightly while moving closer toward me. Yo sit beside me . I’m stunned,get  mesmerized by your charm. You looks so beautiful,eveything about you just so perfect in my eyes. Yeah,as a girl you’re so perfect like a goddess. Your fair complexion,your delicate fiture,your shoulder length her hair and that cheeky smile of you. I only can staring at you hopelessly. Kei is so lucky to have someone like you who always take care of her,never want to betray her and of course so in love with her. But sadly,she always makes you cry and hurt you. I envy of her. If only Kei is me. If only you could love me like your love for Kei. I won’t make you hurt like her do.
   I’m so selfish. Yeah,i’m so selfish for hoping you to be my girl. hoping that you’ll be mine,but you don’t want me to be yours. It’s vain,it’s useless. It’s an impossible wish. Why do i am hoping for you,someone who don’t feel the same?  I can’t forces you to loves me back,right? And i won’t force you to loves me.
   “I want you to sing that song again,Miru.”
   Once again your voices wakes me up from my daydream. You  looking at me with your puppy eyes,wanting me to sing that song for you. Should i let you hear this song? The song who tells my unrequited love toward you? Doubtly,i agreed and start singing. Will you get it,Fuuko? Will you know that the heartbreak girl is you? Will you realize what i feel towards you?
You call me up,
It's like a broken record
Saying that your heart hurts
That you never get over him getting over you.
And you end up crying
And I end up lying,
'Cause I'm just a sucker for anything that you do.

And when the phone call finally ends,
You say, "Thanks for being a friend,"
And we're going in circles again and again

I dedicate this song to you,
The one who never sees the truth,
That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl.
Hold you tight straight through the day light,
I'm right here. When you gonna realize
That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl?

I bite my tongue but I wanna scream out
You could be with me now
But I end up telling you what you wanna hear,
But you're not ready and it's so frustrating
He treats you so bad and I'm so good to you it's not fair.

And when the phone call finally ends
You say, "I'll call you tomorrow at 10,"
And I'm stuck in the friend zone again and again,


I know someday it's gonna happen
And you'll finally forget the day you met him
Sometimes you're so close to your confession,
I gotta get it through your head
That you belong with me instead,
[Chorus 2x]
   Finally it finished. When i was singing anthusiasm showing on your face. You looks so serious listening to the song. And i was singing seriously while watching every expression who showing in your face. Will you get it,Fuuko? Will you know that i dedicate this song for you? That you’re the only one in my heart? I was singing with the hope that you’ll get the meaning of that song. When it finished you clapped your hands and smiling.
   “Wow,you have an angelic voice,Miru. It was so good and i think i’m in love with that song. It’s a sad song but doesn’t sound sad. I really like it!”
   Hmm,it’s like you don’t get it. I fake a smile to hides my disappointment. Of course you can’t get it. You don’t love me after all. My hopes for you more and more decreased.
   “I’m glad you like it,Fuu..”
   One day after school ends Kei comes to me and drag me to an empty class.  When we arrived in there suddenly she punch me out of the blue. Ouch! I get caught by her  sudden attack  and her punch hit my face hardly. It leaving a blue marks in my face now. i’m hissed,i want to fight back but she pushed me to the wall and grab my collar.
   “Don’t you dare to get close to Fuu-chan! She is my girlfriend! Stay away from her,you jerk!
   She gritted her teeth and shouting right in front of my face. I’m smirking,a devilish smile painted on my lips.  What the hell? Don’t she realize that the actual jerk is her?
   “Make me. Try me.”
   Buk! Her punch landed right on my stomach makes me fall down on the cold floor. This time i won’t take her easy. I stand up and attack her by my flying kick. She managed to dodge it. I punch her but she could catch my fish. She don’t know that my left hand also aiming toward her face and it’s landed on her nose. Fresh blood started gushing out from her nose. She looks so angry.
   “You’re good,Shiroma. Let’s continue! I’ll crash ya!”
   So we continue our fight. Her face already covered by blood and her lips wounded. On the other side some bruise showing in my face and my stomach is so hurts.
   “Kei! Miru! STOP!!!!”
   A loud scream could be hear from the outside. The doors open and showing your figure who suddenly running to our direction. Your expression is mixed by shock,angry,and sadness. Then,you’re started panicking when you looking at Kei’s bloody face.  Your fist clenched and you looking at me with hateful look. For the first time  i’ve seen that kind of expression in  your face.
   Yeah,i know you hate me. I’m smiled bitterly while wiping the blood who comes out my mouth.
   “Now you know the truth,Fuu. Someone that you thinks is your good friend actually a jerk!”
   Buk! My punch landed on Kei’s bloody lips. She hissed and fall down. I know it’s very hurt cause i’d punched her with all of my strength.
   You  screaming and glaring to me as if you will castrate me. I just looking at your figure ironically. Yeah,i deserve all of this after all i do to her. This is not fair.
   “It’s okay if you mad at me,Fuuko. But you’ve to know she is the one who attack me first.”
   I saying it while pointing toward Kei’s direction. You quickly looking to Kei,introgating her to confirm what i said true or not. You looks scary with your sharp gaze.
   “Yes,that’s true.”
   Kei stand up and answer your question honestly.
   “ Unexpectedly. You’re so cruel,Kei.”
   When she heard your comment,she smiled with her cocky smile and looking at me sternly.
   “ I just warn her to stay away from you. She likes you,Fuuko. Actually she take care of you because she wants you to likes her back. She is the sucker for anything you that do!”
   She raising her voice and pointing her fingers to my direction. Meanwhile you staring at me with an unreadable expression.
   “You’re wrong,Kei. Miru is not a someone like that.  Your jealousy is unreasonable.
   I’m relieved to know that you see me as good person,but i also sad cause you can’t realize that actually my heart beating so fast whenever you’re beside me. Meanwhile Kei smiled sarcastically.
   “Don’t you believe me? Oh Fuu,you’re too innocent. She wouldn’t be that good to you if she don’t have any intention toward you. She loves you,Fuuko. If you don’t believe me,ask her!”
   You looking at me again. You seemed to be taken aback.
   “is that true,Miru? You...loves m-me?”
   I can’t answer your question as if my tongue being tied up and my throat choked up. My silence is enough to reveal the truth.
   “I can’t believe it,Miru. You’re same like the others.”
   Disguise clearly showing in your face. You give me that hatred look.
   “Yeah,you’re right and she is right. I’m just a sucker for anything that you do.”
   I keep my composure and managed to speak up. This is more worst than a rejection. For the first time i feel like being humiliate. Now i realized that i’m not worthy enough for you. Although i’m the one who always stay in your side whenever you’re sad and troubled,its all meaningless in your eyes.
“I love you,Fuuko. More than you can imagine. I love you and i always wait patiently that you’ll return my feelings. When i see you with her it’s hurts me. I keep this burden,this prickling pain all alone. But now i know,i’m in love with the wrong person.”
   I approaching your fragile figure. The subtle scent tickled inside my noistrils,scent that i know belong to yours. I staring at your face carefully,examining your perfect fiture. I’ll remember all of this,buried down this tragedy deep down in my dark memories. I want to see you for the last time. Without hesitation i smashed my lips onto yours.  You looks so surprised,your eyes wide open. You’re stunned as if you’re frozen in your foot.  When you gained your conscious,you pushed me harsly to the floor.
   “Miru...what are you......doing?”
   Oh,i had enough. Quickly i grab my bag and leave this place as soon as possible. Before it i managed my sincere smile for you. I wanna see your face for the last time.
   “Good bye,Fuuko. Please be happy with her. thanks for all the happines that you’d gave to me,and also this damn broken heart. Take care of yourself  .”
   I run away and bring this  painful feelings alone. Tears can’t stop streaming down from my eyes. From now on i’ll disappear from your life,Fuuko. I can’t believe that loving someone could be this hurt.

   How was it? Should i continue it or not?

   Please senpai give me critism and comment :)

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Re: (Airi36 OS) #1 Why Can't? (FuuMiru + Kei)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2015, 06:50:06 AM »
Beyond the grammar the story is good but could be better over time with more writing and others proofreading :)
Random Thought:


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Re: (Airi36 OS) #1 Why Can't? (FuuMiru + Kei)
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2015, 07:13:00 AM »
Hey! Good story that you have here! Hmm, I can proofread your fanfiction if you want me to. :)

Please continue this! I really like angst these couple of days. :depressed:

Fuuko though, she's always an idiot for not noticing Miru's feelings for her. :frustrated:

Why won't she notice Miru's feelings?!?  :cry:

Kei, why are you being like that?!? You're too lucky that you own Fuuko's heart.  :angry:

Miru, please....come back to Fuuko! :depressed:

Well, this is a beautiful OS. And nice plot that you have here, I am looking forward for the next chapter! :mon XD:

I will wait for the next chapter! Thanks for this one! :mon bye:


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For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: (Airi36 OS) #1 Why Can't? (FuuMiru + Kei)
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2015, 07:21:59 AM »
My aching little...... Piece of hart  :gyaaah: :on blackhole:
That was the greatest angst story that i read so far with a little bit of mistakes but it was okay in my perspective  :lol:
By the way.... Welcome to the authors world  :welcome
Bye bye~  :byebye:
Please continue this!!!!

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Re: (Airi36 OS) #1 Why Can't? (FuuMiru + Kei)
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2015, 01:59:44 PM »
Poor Miru :cry: :cry: :cry:

She confessed with Fuuko, but Fuuko didn't know her feeling

Please continue, I want to read what happend next and I want to know Fuuko feeling  :)

Please, update soon  :D

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Re: (Airi36 OS) #1 Why Can't? (FuuMiru + Kei)
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2015, 10:35:55 AM »
@kuro_808 : thanks  :)
@ChibiRine : thanks,senpai  :) ah,i'll be very happy if you want to proofread this OS  XD
                  I'll update soon  :D
@CenterNezumi: thank you  :D i'll post the next OS soon  :)
@noel nguyen : as always,Fuuko is too blind cause her love to Kei  :smhid
                       the next OS will be Fuuko's POV  :)

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Re: (Airi36 OS) #1 Why Can't? (FuuMiru + Kei)
« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2015, 09:06:45 AM »

Welcome Airi-san.  :thumbsup

I think the plot is really nice. And grammar may be improved.

My heart beats really weird as I was reading this... Somehow, I can relate to.  :thumbup It's really nice.  :deco:

Hope to see more from you.

Happy writing!  :rock: :peace:

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Re: (Airi36 OS) #2 Drown (FuuMiru)
« Reply #7 on: October 22, 2015, 12:04:28 PM »
Here is my 2nd OS :)
   This is Fuuko’s POV and based on A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Charlton. I wrote this during my mid terms exam so it kinda rushed. Happy reading :D
   I’m walking around this night city. The cold winds blows my face. I breathe into the cold air. Thankfully,i wore thick clothes so i don’t have to freeze. I just staring blankly ahead making my way through the crowd. I walking fastly,not even have interest to take a glance or two to the peoples that i meet in the street. Cause i know you can’t be there.
   Finally i’m home. Quickly i unlocking the door by putting the warm metal key into the right lock hole. The door swings open and i stepped in. The silent atmosphere who envelope the room greets my lonely figure. Here i am. I goes to my balcony while bring a cup of hot espresso. My views lands to the night city. Cars pass away in the street as if will never stop.  The night sky looks so beautiful with so many stars all over it. And also the lights of public places such as bar,mall,and the restaurants. Suddenly i see a star fall from the sky,quickly i close my eyes and make a wish. Wishing for something comes true whole-heartedly.
   “Wish you will be here again.”
   I open my eyelids only to greets by the dark night once again. I take a look at my smartphone. No call,no message,no notifications. My mood suddenly changes when i looking at my phone’s wallpaper.  That’s her picture that i took when we were celebrating her 17th birthday. She smiling beautifully with her birthday’s cake in front her.  I still remember that i gave her a surprise party when i asked her to come to my place. I still remember it vividly as if it was yesterday though it was five years ago. A silly smile painted in my face when i remember her shock expression. It was cute yet funny at the same time. Ah,if only. Suddenly flashback plays in my mind like a video.
   Three years ago we were good friends. Three years ago we were so close,so young,so careless. Yeah,we were almost like sisters,sticky to each other as if no one could separate us. We often hangout together,spent our free time by having a conversation. We would talk about the future that we were all looking forward too. I still remember the conversations we had those days. We were also talked about those random things,such as homework who often give us headache and etc. I always told her everything who catch my attention lately such as my favorite idol’s new single,my favorite shoujo mangas,and even my sickly love story with Jonishi Kei. I don’t know why,but talk to her always make me feel free and my burden more lighter. And she would heard me while put a smile in her face.
   It was a long time ago. It feels so long. I erase this stupid tears who welled up in my eyes. Ah,i can’t believe it makes me become fragile again. A prickling pain comes to my heart and try to break me inside.
‘Cause everything’s so wrong
And I don’t belong
Living in
Your precious memory
   I close my eyelids again. I wish that i could back to those days. I wish that accident was never happened to us. I wish i could take my words back.
“I can’t believe it,Miru. You’re same like the others.”
 I was so shock to heard that fact from Kei. I couldn’t believe that she have that feelings for me. It’s disgusting. It’s like she take advantage from my chaotic love story. Disguise clearly showing in my face. I was looking at her abhorrently.
“Yeah,you’re right and she is right. I’m just a sucker for anything that you do.”
She  was tried to kept her composure although she was breaking inside.
“I love you,Fuuko. More than you can imagine. I love you and i always wait patiently hoping you’ll return my feelings. When i see you with her it’s hurts me. I keep this burden,this prickling pain all alone. But now i know,i’m in love with the wrong person.”
 She came closer to me and kissed me out of the blue. Her lips glued onto mine for a few seconds,made me frozen in my feet. When i regained my conscious,i pushed her harsly to the floor. She fell down to the cold floor. She stood up while grabbed her bag. A genuine smile was painted in her beautiful face.
“Good bye,Fuuko. Please be happy with her. thanks for all the happines that you’d gave to me,and also this damn heartbreak. Take care of yourself :) .”
   She ran away,left me frozen in my feet. My mind went blank. What was i did? For the first time i was so confused. My feelings were mixed inside me. Should i chase  her? I wish i could drag my feet,chasing after her. But no,i just stood there while tried to processed what happened. It was so fast. Her confession was so sudden.
   “ I wish i was realize it. I wish i was notice her feelings.”
   After that day we were never talk again. She kept her distance while i was sticking to Kei,my so called girlfriend. We were in different class so it made it easy for us. i though i could erase her from my mind as if she was never exist. But no,her confession kept repeated in my mind . Her bitter smile,her hurtful looks,and even the feel when her lips touched mine. It was so good and yet i wanted she to kiss me once again. Ah,it’s like an addiction. I shaked my head,tried to erase that stupid though from my mind. I shouldn’t thinking about her. She was nothing but my ex-best friend. Kei is more precious for me,right?
   Day by day passed. The same things happened,routine repeating,world rotating. My everyday life are always same. Only the difference is,she no longer my friend. I carried my burden alone,tried to face my problem by my self. Usually she always here to help me,usually she would always comfort me. Ah,i get used to have her by my side.
   That familiar voice waking me up from my train thought. I saw her,standing right in front of me. Her heavenly scent filled my noistrils. After long time finally she came to me.  I was staring at her figure carefully,examining every inch of hers. She was hiding something behind her.
   “What is it,Shiroma?”
   I was staring at her with my icy look. Oh,how tsundere i am. Actually i’m so happy that she talked to me again. Meanwhile she was  pretending to kept her composure.
   “I come here only to give you this.”
   She handed me a small pink colored love-shaped box with a  blue ribbon emboss it.
   “Today is Valentine Day,so i want give you that. I hope you will accept it although we’re no longer friends.I think that’s all. Bye,Yagura-san.”
   She was left me quickly,but unexpectedly i called her name.
   She turned her back,looking at me confusedly.
   “Thank you.”
   She smiled.
   “You’re welcome.”
   And her figure fade away from my view. I felt so empty when her completely disappearred from my view. I sighed,i really want talk to her again. I was so sick of Kei nowadays. She dumped me again by flirting with Yoshida Akari,the new  popular transfer student. She looks so beautiful like a model in the magazines. Of course that Jonishi,the famous player in our school would sweep off Akari’s feet. I was so tired of her. Miru was right,she would never change. I broke up with her. I wouldn’t heard her useless reason again. I had enough with her. I let her cried her eyes out in the middle of the rain. I was so dumb to give her too much chances. She would keep hurt me again even if i give her chances.
And i miss you
And i need you
   I couldn’t believe that day was the last day i saw her. She transferred to another school due her father job who made them moved to other town. I fell onto my knees. My feet suddenly became too weak to prop my body properly. My tears was streaming down onto my face. The realization hit me hard. She left me right in  my birthday. And i was so blind to notice my feelings. Loving’s started after her left.
   I opened the box that she’d gave to me. I was surprised. A  small music instrument placed neatly with a letter under it. That is the expensive harmonica that i want to buy,but i couldn’t because my money is not enough. I never tell her about it. Surely she knows everything about me. I took the letter  and reading it.
   Dear Fuuko,
   When you read this letter probably i’m not here anymore. Ah,i’m so sorry Fuu,i have to go. I don’t want to but i have to.Take care of your self,’kay? I hope you will be happy and Kei will changes her attitude.  Thanks for being a friend,thanks for make me smiles only by looking at your figure. Thanks that you let me know about your personal life,makes me happy that i could stay at your side although just as a friend. Thanks for everything,Yagura Fuuko.  This is the time i’ve to say good bye.
   PS: actually i want to give this at your upcoming birthday but i can’t because i ‘ll move right after Valentine Day.
Your Friend,
Shiroma Miru[/i]
   I put down the letter onto the table harshly. I was so angry and broken. I didn’t have the chance to tell her about my feelings. It’s too late,too late for me to make her know that her love is not one sided. I punched the mirror,let broken pieces stabbed my hand and made it bleeding. Too young,too dumb,to realize. It’s too much late for me to realized she was the who loved me first. It’s too late to regret that i’d hurt her and made her heart torn its two. I could be so strong because she would always comfort me and cheer me up whenever Kei made me sad. She is my everything,she is my all. How do i live my life without you,Miru?
   “If you love me,why did you leave me?  You said you won’t make me hurt but why are you run away and leave me alone with this prickling pain? MIRU,I WANT YOU COMEBACK!!!!”
   Suddenly i realize that i’m sobbing and shaking uncontrollaby because that flashback. FuuMiru,how nice they sounds in my ears. Every single day i keep wishing she will come here again,knock my door and stay with me. Every time the thought about her keep run in my mind. Don’t she know that i’m drown in her memories? Do i ever exist in her mind only for once? It’s always time like this when i think of her,i wonder if she ever think of me. i miss her,i need her. I want her come back to me. if there is another chance she will come here and stay with me,i will never let her go and keep her in my arms. I won’t move to Tokyo because i’m still waiting for her. How can i move on when my heart still longing for her? But what else i can do? All i can do is wishing if someday she will realize and find that she is missing me,her heart will starts to wonder and she will come here,the only place she could find me. yeah,i’m the girl who can’t be moved. In these past years i keep stay in this small apartement though my parents insist me to moving with them to Tokyo. I’m refused,i’m just a heartbreak girl who still waiting for her. If it’s a day,a month or a year. I’ll wait for her even if takes forever. That though drift me off into deep sleep.
   Here i am now. Walking in the street alone in this cold town. The morning breeze blowing me softly. I looks like a zombie, alive in the out side but actually died inside. Every morning i wakes up only to find that my heart desperately missing her. The only thing that i always do to calm my self is walking around the town while sipping my espresso. That black bitter liquid is the only thing who makes my heart warm. Yeah,i’m the cold gloomy girl who never talk to others aside for studying or shopping.
   Bump! Accidentally i bumping to someone who walks from the opposite direction. I fall down on the hard asphalt just like that person. I quickly stand up,help that person gathering her scattered belongings. Ah,looks like that person is a girl who have the same age with me. ehm,,i think she kind of familiar like i’ve seen her before. My eyes grow wide as if it will fall from the socket when i see that stranger face.
   Oh,i hope this is not lucid dream like i usually do.

   Haha,i leave it cliffhanger. See you in the next OS :)

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Re: (Airi36's OS) #2 Drown (FuuMiru)
« Reply #8 on: October 22, 2015, 03:00:11 PM »
SPOT! :)

It's a good thing Fuuko realized everything. :frustrated:

Miru! Confess again and don't run away! :mon inluv:


I hope they'll bring back their past and they will be together.  :heart:

By the way, I can proofread it, not really a problem at all.  :hip smile:

I haven't seen you around Twitter, why?  :?

Waiting for the next update! :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: (Airi36's OS) #2 Drown (FuuMiru)
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Whoa! At last, Fuuko realized her true feelings!

They've met... right?

I hope this is the start of somthing more cheesy~

I'll wait for your update.  :cathappy:

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(Airi36's OS) #3 Even After (FuuKei + Miru)
« Reply #10 on: October 29, 2015, 10:56:15 AM »
Aside from my ongoing FuuMiru OS,i’d wrote FuuKei (also featured FuuMiru) OS. FYI,actually they were my OTP(s) in NMB along with FuuKeila and SayaMilky before FuuMiru kicked in and become my 1st OTP in NMB. Ah,this an angst as usual. Based on my favorite NMB’s song 100nen Saki Demo.
Happy reading :)
Even After

     I’m walking around the street,witnessing the first snow alone by my self. I watching how the snow falling down to the ground. The cold breeze blows me slowly makes me shivering and my lips slightly quivering. Unfortunately, i do not wear thick clothes so i’m freezing in the middle of the snows.  That white things hits my face directly when i look up on the sky. Again,it’s make me struck back in my memory.
     “’s snowing!”
      That was when we were walking around the street together in the afternoon after our amusement park date. That was when the first snow started fell. I was looking on the sky when the dropped snows hit my face. You were chuckled the moment you saw my covered snow -face.
     “Ahaha,your face looks so funny,Kei. Are you a snowman? ”
     You were looking at me and laughing teasingly. I was pouted my mouth when i saw your reaction.
      “you’re so mean,Fuu..Why don’t you help me to erase this stupid snowflake from my face?”
       “Haha,gomen ne,Kei. i’ll help you then.”
       You pulled me closer. Your faint heavenly scent lingering in my noistrils made me intoxicating. It still fresh in my mind how sweet was that  faint scent of vanilla. Without further ado you turned your head sideways to  avoid a nose collision. Then our lips were touching. It was so great when  i felt your warm soft lips perfectly landed on my cold lips. I closed my eyelids slowly,returned your kiss by pressing my lips against yours. Your lips felt so good like an ice cream. Yeah,to be frank you are  an ice cream girl. You loves ice cream so much,no wonder your lips tasted like ice cream. I enjoyed that moment and lost in the silence.
After a few second you were retreated back,let our lips parted.  I was a bit disappointed when the feels of your lips slowly faded away from mine. You were smiled with that cheeky smile of you,made me mesmerized  and my mind went blank for awhile. You were so stunningly beautiful. You looks so perfect in everyways. Your ice cream tasted lips were so inviting,making me wants to kiss you again and again yet i haven’t statisfy. Your cheeky flawless face was so cute,especially when you pouted,i couldn’t help but pinched that soft  cheek more and more.
      “Nah,that’s my own way to help you...”
       You were smiled sheepishly,staring at me with lovingly looks. Without hesitation i drew you closer for another kiss.
       “I love you,Fuuko.”
        I whispered softly after our kiss.
        “Love you too,Kei.”

        It was a wonderful days that we had. I touch my bottom lips. The feels of your lips still lingering in there. Suddenly a piece of realize hits me,make me sink on my knees. I realize how much i miss you,all about you. It feels so long. Don’t you know that i’m desperately longing for you,Fuuko?
Suddenly,i’m surprise by the scene and my eyes grow wide. Here you go. As if my mind not playing tricks on me,i see you with her. Oh,what a tragic coincidence. I see you are together with her,playing in the middle of snow. You throwing a snowball towards her direction. You looks so happy and your laugh can be hear loudly when you see that snowball hits her face directly.
      “Haha,i get you Miru!”
        You are laughing softly when she looks so piss off and wants to take her revenge on you. You looks so cheerfull and invincible.
       “Darn it,you little cheeky girl. I’ll get you for sure!”
       She throw a little snowball towards you playfully. Of course it don’t hit you cause you’d dogde it away. You stick your tongue out,making fun of her failures. She looks frustate because you can dodge her attacks easily.
       “Pfftt,is that all you can do,Miru?”
        “Argh,just see Fuu.. i’ll get you for sure..”
        She smirking with that suspicious smirk of her. She throws a medium snowball at you with high speed. In a blink of an eye that snowball hits you,right in the face. You are about fall down but she managed to catch you. You’re end up in her arms. Your face so close with hers. Both of you looks enchanting by each other’s charm.  Ah,i have a bad feelings about this. Suddenly her face inch closer onto yours. In split second,right in front of my eyes you let her touch your slim pink lips. I’m screaming desperately,prevent her to stop making movement,stopping her touch your precious lips. It can’t be,she can’t do it! I’m trying to shouting aloud but in the end nothing come out from my mouth. Even i can’t hear anything. Here i am now,watching you and her kissing passionately with my mouth wide agape. My heart breaks into million pieces when i saw that disgustingly hurtful scene. I touch my wet cheek,wonder if there is rain but then i know that its my own tears. Yeah,i like a snowman statue who watching both of them  having their quality time. I can’t help but let sobs escape from my lips.  I can’t bear to watch it anylonger. Can you make it more painful than this,Fuuko? Actually,it should be me who kissing you and hold you tightly right now. It should be me who wrapping your fragile body by my arms. It should be me who makes you laugh,makes you forget all of your problems for awhile. It should be me who holding your hands,warm you up in my embrace. It should be me who lean on you. Yeah,that should be me. But why are you let her figure hugs  you and make sure you’re secure in her arms,Fuu? Don’t you know i’m right here,waiting for you to return your back and run toward my direction. I’m alone let a sharp lance cut down my miserable hopes about you,Fuu. I can’t believe that i’m witnessing my first snow by watching that lugbrious scene.
       “Hi Kei..”
       A familiar voice wakes me up from my daydreaming. I look up only to find you walks towards my direction. A wide smile streching across your angelic face. I manage a fake smile after replied your greeting.
       “Hi too,Fuuko.”
        You begin to sit beside me,trying strike up a conversation with me.
       “Today is a busy day,right? I’m so tired..”
        I reply your words coldly. My mood is sour after what i saw last night. I can’t forget that sign when you kissed her back lustfully. Ah,i don’t think i can having a proper conversation with you.
        “Are you okay?”
        Worries can be seen in your face. I shake my head spontaneously,i won’t make you worry about my unusual gloomy face.
       “You’re lying..”
       You  shot a sharp glare as if you trying to interrogating me. I’m sighed.  How can you read me so easily? When i about to talk,someone getting ahead.
       “HI KEI!”
        A high pitched voice can be hear across the room. I see a familiar tall girl waving her hands and approach us. Briefly,she is the girl who kissed you last night. My already sour mood become more nasty. Honestly i don’t want to see both of them now. But it’s not me who will be blunt about my feelings. I faking a smile to her.
      “Hi Mirurun!”
      She staring at me and you. When her eyes meet yours,she greeting you shyly.
       “Hi too,Miru-san..”
       A sheepish smile can be seen in your delicate face. The interaction looks so awkward. I believe a wry smirk already formed in my face. Both of them are so dense. I bluntly whispering to my self.
       “Still the same..”
       “You are saying something,Kei?”
       Both of them asking me in unison. I’m giggling bitterly,looks like they’re a harmonious couple.they’re fit each other. That though make my heart aching.
       I'm trying to put my best acting skills to show an emotionless face.  Deep down i’m shattering and burn out inside. I take a glance at her,your so called lover. I inhaling a deep breath. Can i hate her?  I’m sighing for the countless time. Honestly i don’t hate her. After all she is a good friend of me,more likely my little sister. Yeah,my little sister who steal my lover away and ironically she don’t know about that.  I sneak out silently when they’re unconsciously drift in their own little world. I goes to the bathroom to wash my exhausted face.  when i get inside,i washing my face furiously. Hell yeah. I’m so sick to see their lovey dovey moments. They don’t know how painful it was,yet they won’t know.
      “Kei..?  What’s happen?
       I see Akarin looking at me worriedly. Holyshit! I stopping my useless action abruptly. Since when she in here? i don’t even notice her presence until she called me.
      “Oh..nothing,Akarin. I just having a though day,that’s all.”
I dissimulating the real truth from her,prevent her being more worried about me.  her pats landing on my shoulder softly. A genuine smile forming in her lovely face enough to calm me down.
      “Just take it easy,Kei. Don’t be too stressed out.”
       I nodding my head silently. I’m so grateful to have a kind friend like her.
       “Yeah,thanks Akarin.”
   It’s all started since Rashikunai who made the two of them as the double centers. Who knew that things drew them closer. Since that time they’re often spent their rarely free times together with utmost secrecy. They went to a few dates such as movie date and thrill ride . No one knows how can that pervy Mirurun make you fall for her. Even i can’t understand how could the same timid girls like them getting closer. Indeed,their love bloomed out of the blue. Although their interactions were so awkward whenever they are involve in any conversation  infront of the others,everyone could clearly see that there is something between them.  Yeah,they can’t hide their secret affair.
     Here i am,standing on the rooftop alone. The cold air blows me lightly. My slightly wavy long hair are fluttering. I take a deep breath while looking to the far distance. It’s been awhile ever since that time. That distinct memory suddenly slips back into my mind intuitively. It was years ago...
      That was a heavy rainy day. The sky was so clouded,enveloped by the grey cloud cover. There were you,standing in front me with your soaked clothes.
     “I’m sorry Kei,i can’t be with you any longer. This is our end..”
     I gasped. I was so shocked to heard that words esacaped from your slim lips. My eyes wide open. My mouth wide agape,my mind couldn’t processed what you said.
    “’re kidding me,right?”
    “Do i look kidding,Kei?! I’m serious!”
    You raised you voices. I was so sure that tears streaming down along with the raindops onto your face. You shook my frozen figure vigorously. Silently tears also flooded in my eyes. I wanted to speak,but its like my throat choked by a huge thorn. Only a faint whisper could come out from my lips.
     You were crying,your sobs sounded vaguely in my ears.
     “I can’t be with you,Kei. you’re deserve someone better. Just move on and search for another one.”
      I was astounded as if that stray sentence hitting me like a thunderbolt. How could you spoken that words so easily? After we through all the time,you wanted to left me all of sudden. Tears formed and welled up in my eyes.
     “NO WAY! I don’t want to lose you,Fuu! Don’t you know that i’m in love with you? I love you,Yagura Fuuko! You know that!”
     I was so angry and broken.  I was trembled with fears,afraid of losing you. My hands were gripped my shirt tightly. I couldn’t be,NO! You couldn’t left me.
     “You’re a flirt,Kei! You don’t care about my feelings. You keep flirting with the others eventhough i tell you boldly. I had enough,i can’t be like this anymore. This pain wrecking me inside.”
     You were stared at me sternly. That hurtful look made my  heart broke to pieces. The raindrops was not enough to hid the tears on your face.
     “Fuu..i’m sorry. Please give me another chance. I beg you,i swear! I won’t do that ever again! Please Fuu,please...”
      I pleaded you desperately. I held your hands but you were brushed it off harsly.
     “No,Kei. I have make my decision. We’re done,bye.”
     You quickly left and walked away. I wanted to chase you,prevent to let you go and keep you stay by my side. But i have no energy,my body suddenly become too weak as if my bone were disappearred. I fell down onto my knees,my left hand shivering in cold like losing home.
      I shouted your name,hoping that you would turn your back and change your mind. you were ignored me and left me sank hopelessly onto the hard surfaced asphalt.You were getting further and further . And after that,you were completely disappear from my sight. You left me in the rain,let me dying inside. I was left alone,feeling nothing but pain.

End of flasback
      My eyelids flutter open,a vague bitter smile is forming in my face. That cruel break up is so clear in my mind’s eyes like a lucid dream. That surely make my cold heart has been dyed with blue. I’m withering,my heart bruished from longing.  Being the usual Jonishi Kei i am,i always show off my smile infront of other members but little by little i’m dying inside. Trauma has been carved in my head,make me can’t move on from our past love story. You said move on,but how can i move on when i’m still hopelessly in love with you? You said i deserve someone better,how can i find that person when i’m still stuck on you? Yeah,i’m the one who stuck in our past. You’d move on and find the new one. Shiroma Miru,her name. You are able to forget me and starting everything with her,when i....i’m barely move on from you. You are my everything,i loves you to death. I pretend to be in love with Akarin,but deep inside you’re the only who owns my heart.
Again tonight,underneath the blue moonlight,i will probably fall asleep alone. Even in my dreams,i will look up for you. I’ll wander around while singing my blue songs. Blue sorrow,blue tears. I’m trying to be strong,trying to get to you no matter painful is it. Maybe,one day you’ll return your back and looking for me. it’s okay for now,you’re with her. It’s okay to feel this pain alone. I close my eyes. Even after one hundred years,i’ll keep waiting for you,Fuuko. I’ll make you be mine again and won’t let you go once more.
       “Kei?  What are you doing in here?”
        A well known voices wakes my up from my train thought. I tilt my head aside,there you are standing beside me while licking the top of your chocolate flavored ice cream. Your eyes are staring at me with curiousity. I’m sighing. You’re still the same ice cream girl that i know.
      I call your name out of the blue.
       Your brown orbs are looking at me wonderly. A faint smile shows up in my face. its not a bitter one,but i give you my truly sincere smile. Actually i want to ask you about many things. Is she treat you well,Fuu? Is she can makes you happier more than when you with me?  Is she good enough? Are you completely move on from the past?
      “Even after one hundred years,i’m still waiting for you. Waiting for that moment to be happen. It’s okay,it’s ever happened. And we’re back like the past.”
      You’re looking at me confusedly.
      “Heeh? Is that 100nen Saki Demo’s lyrics?”
       I’m grinning slightly. How dense. I leave you alone in your frantic state. I walking from the rooftop while thinking about that. Yeah,i’ll waiting for you. If its a day,a year,or maybe last to my lifetime. Perhaps my life time is a melodrama. I’ll waiting with my eyes close,waiting we will laugh once again. I’ts okay,it’s ever happened. That’s love,isn’t it?
Yossha,it finished. Sorry for the crappy messed up english. Next time i’ll post the continuation of my ongoing FuuMiru’s OS. Hm,actually i’d wrote a FuuMiru’s smut OS  who contains BDSM but i don’t know where i can post it. If there is a good place to post a smutty OS,please tell me.See ya 
@ChibiRine: to do something?  :roll: maybe  :D actually i have a twitter account but i rarely using it -_- please update your FuuMiru's FF,Rine-san. i've been waiting for so long  :depressed:
@ametakarano: something cheesy,eh? Maybe yes,maybe no  :D or maybe a plot twist?  :lol: see ya :)

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Re: (Airi36's OS) #3 Even After (FuuKei + Miru)
« Reply #11 on: October 30, 2015, 12:14:07 AM »
Aha! Spot! :3

Hey! I didn't know that you ship FuuKeira as well! I ship FuuJo/FuuKeira as well! :D

Nice story you have here, Keicchi's one-sided feelings though. :depressed:

Don't get me wrong, I ship FuuMiru/FuuKei/MiruKei. But this one made me so sad. :frustrated:

Kei's willing to wait, but Akarin is there to save her! XD

Anywho, you'll write smut, right? I suggest that you should post it on Tumblr. :on gay:

Waiting for the next update. :mon bye:

(I'm too busy because of school, huhuhu. :depressed: )
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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