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Author Topic: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Epilogue: Home - COMPLETED  (Read 9459 times)

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 3: Reason
« Reply #20 on: July 19, 2016, 12:51:59 AM »
Oooh~ so Black is the first to appear~ :3

I know I can't wait for a certain someone's appearance. ;3

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 3: Reason
« Reply #21 on: July 19, 2016, 07:35:47 AM »
Ohohoho welcome to tha family, Black

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 3: Reason
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 :twothumbs So Black is the first Heavenly Queen they meet.  :on GJ:

I'm so glad Yuko-san heard her in that alley  :onioncheer:

Hm.... I think that next will be Torigoya, then Gekikara and then Shibuya  :bingo:

Are they going to enroll in Majijo only when they meet the other three Heavenly Queens?  :mon geek:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
« Reply #23 on: July 21, 2016, 08:52:38 PM »
@Ruka Kikuchi: Yes she is~ :P And I have a feeling I know who you're talking about...but you'll have to wait a bit XD
@Genkikid: Haha welcome indeed~ XD
@DarkHeart: Lol same~ Hmm your guess is close :P Ya it's a prequel so I'm not actually having them be in the school yet

Part 4: Safety

The next person to be added to the family wasn’t as simple as the last two.

The trio had made a name for themselves and all the yankees in town knew not to pick fights with them anymore. Even the really stupid lackeys gave up after one brawl. If Yuko and Sado were already formidable, just imagine when a black shadow started backing them up going around punching people at supersonic speed. Luckily though, they did not mess with the yakuza. Who knows what would've happened if the yakuza came after them. No, Yuko knew well enough that the yakuza fought to kill, and it would not be a fair fight—not the kind that yankees stuck to. And Yuko was not one to gamble with her comrades’ lives. If one person knew the meaning of life, then it'd be Yuko.

Nevertheless, that still didn't mean that she didn't love ‘taking walks around town’ whenever she had the time to.

“Ah I don't know~ I guess I just like the fresh air and stuff.” Yuko said when Black asked why she always liked wandering about. Unlike Sado, Black didn't know that Yuko had been cooped up a hospital for most of her time, not even leaving the bed for a few years of her measly life. And Yuko planned on making it up now.

There was nothing worse than not being able to do what you wanted. Being ordered around. Told not to do things. Unable to leave the room or even move. It was basically a cage. Freedom was most important for Yuko - something that she understood and fought for all her life. It wasn’t like she was locked up in prison but she kind of was. All she wanted was to get out.

Then one day, during their routine outing when the three managed to find their way into a part of town they'd never been before, they found another comrade.

The area was dilapidated to say the least. Run down and trash lying everywhere, it was way worse than their own warehouse (even when Yuko had first moved in). It didn't seem like anybody was present in the houses, appearing abandoned and the small gardens unattended. Large cracks crisscrossed through the pavement and rusty old cars were left on the side of the road. The foggy atmosphere only served to add to the weird tension in the air, and it set them all on edge.

It was like they stepped into a different dimension.

“What is with this place?” Sado frowned as she accidently stepped on a pile of something that looked suspiciously like a dead animal carcass.

“I can take a look around.”

“Nah, let's just walk around. Maybe we’ll find something interesting.” Yuko turned down Black’s offer. Black could’ve covered the entire area in a matter of seconds but Yuko thought that this was fun too. “Maybe some zombies’ll jump out at us~”

“You’re kidding.” Sado looked a little scared. Granted, the place did seem like something straight out of a horror film. Sure, the houses seemed abandoned, but that didn’t mean creeps couldn’t be hiding in there and watching their every move.

“Quit being a baby, Sado. It doesn't suit you.” Yuko chuckled at her expression. Once a while Sado would show her slightly vulnerable side and it usually came to haunted houses, ghosts, and the like. An odd fear for the sadistic lady.


“Did you hear that?!”

“Calm down Sado!” Yuko pried said girl’s death grip off her arm, who had immediately latched on to the nearest object, which happened to be Yuko. When she finally let go, Yuko nodded at Black. “Let’s go check it out.”

“Eh?! You want to go towards the source?? That's always a bad idea!” Sado voiced out as the two picked their way through the fog until their silhouettes almost completely vanished. “And don't leave me here alone either!”

“Then pick one or the other!”

After a few moments of hesitation, Sado grudgingly followed while muttering curses all the way. A few steps in and she almost slammed straight into Yuko, who was grinning ear to ear, having known that Sado would choose to follow them.

“Hey how's it going~?”

“Shut up.”

Yuko shrugged and kept going, the smile still there though and Sado falling into step behind her.

“Hey I think you need to see this.” Black called out.

That caught Yuko’s attention, Black's voice hinted something...odd. But she didn't know what so she'd just have to go see for herself.

Blacks silhouette gradually faded into view as well as the building she was standing by. It was a tile-roofed house just as abandoned as the rest. The front door chipping and the sidewalk cracked as if a giant had stomped on it. The limited amount of grass on the lawn as trampled and a dying yellow color.

Black was standing by the side of the house, arms crossed and waiting for the other two to catch up, then without a word she disappeared around the corner, wordlessly indicating for them to follow.

Sado had a strange feeling about it, like something was going to attack them but for once, Yuko did not.

Yuko didn't feel threatened at all, which was weird considering the situation and atmosphere.

The two rounded the corner as well, watching their step and cautious of their surroundings. It was too foggy to see Black anymore, so they had to go by their hearing and the sound of Black’s booted steps.

Gradually, her back came into view again and Sado stopped as well (froze was more like it), Yuko making her way around the still figure.

The back of the house was no better than the front and looked like it was melting into itself, mold and rotting siding collapsing from age. At a first glance, there seemed to be a fence-like structure, overgrown with vines and brush, but when Yuko took a closer look, it was a cage.

She walked up to it, arms length distance and tried to see in between the rusted metal wire. Then she heard little noises, something like...clucking.

There were a few chickens in the cage, which surprised Yuko because she didn't expect to see any living animals around this area.

“Are those chickens?” Sado questioned incredulously.

“Looks like it.” Yuko replied as she walked around the ‘chicken coop’. But then a larger shape caught her attention. “Wait...”

“What is it?”

She squatted down to get a better look, but to no avail.

“Wait you're going to open it?!” Sado said incredulously when she saw Yuko reaching for the metal latch. She just about had enough of Yuko. The latter tugged tugged on the gate roughly and the metal creaked dangerously a few times before it broke open with a screech.

The chickens inside clucked loudly as they were startled by the sudden loud sound, wings flapping wildly as they hopped out of Yuko’s way, revealing more of the shape that Yuko had seen.

It was a girl. Not exactly what Yuko was expecting.

“Are you okay?” Yuko immediately came over and helped the girl up, who was huddled in the corner, hand gripping the side of the cage tightly and wide eyes staring at Yuko with a mix of fascination and fear.

“Th-Thank you...” She spoke as Yuko led her out of the cage, her first time out for several days now.

Black observed the girl cautiously, a brunette with long straight hair, surprisingly kempt for someone that had been stuck in a cage for a while, and she was wearing a red parka, her height similar to Black’s. A lot of questions ran through Black’s head about this girl but also a sense of danger overwhelming them all. This was not a normal girl—that she knew for sure. But she wasn’t going to provoke her, Black was just prepared to act as soon as the girl tried anything. Looking over, she could see that someone else seemed to feel the same way about this girl.

“Who are you?” Sado asked mercilessly, her dominant side returning now that she wasn't as afraid anymore. She was cautious of this girl as well since she seemed to emit an odd aura. Something But Sado was sure she could handle the girl, she was skinny and airheaded-looking after all.


“Well that kinda fits.”

Yuko shot Sado a look after that blunt comment but then grinned at Torigoya. “Don’t worry ‘bout her. Sado’s always like that.” Then she nodded at Black. “The one next to her with her arms crossed is Black, and I'm Yuko.”

Torigoya nodded slightly, though she was still leaning on Yuko and seemed to shrinking into herself or at least trying to.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Yuko inquired again.

Another nod.

Sado watched, finding it exasperating that Yuko wouldn't ask why she was even holed up in a chicken coop in the first place. But then again, Yuko wasn't the type to ask that. It didn't matter to her, just like when she fought Sado or met Black in that alley. The past didn't matter to Yuko at all, only the present.

Now she had found another girl like them, and the other two already knew where this was headed.

“Do you have anywhere to go?”

A shake of the head this time.

Yuko grinned even wider, “Then you can stay with us.”

Not a question but a statement. It was final. They got another comrade.


“AAAAAAHHH!!” The scream woke up all the occupants in an instant.

“What is it?! What’s wrong?!” Sado bolted up and flicked on the lights, forgetting that it was the middle of the night and the warehouse was supposed to be empty.

Black was the first to make it to Torigoya’s room (the metal bin next to her own, which Black had chosen the one facing Yuko’s) and swung the door open. Torigoya was the only one out of all of them that closed her door, the others finding it too troublesome to open and close the heavy door every day. It was getting hot now too, as summer was just around the corner. None of them knew why Torigoya liked to be isolated and closed off, but Yuko wouldn’t ask and the others didn't care enough to.

She found Torigoya huddle on her bed in the corner, in the same exact position when they had found her the first time but clutching her head in pain.

Black was about to approach her before a hand on her shoulder halted her movement. Yuko gave her a serious look and passed by her, stopping right in front of Torigoya but not doing anything.

Suddenly, Torigoya shot up and put a hand in front of Yuko’s face, eyes wide, a crazy expression lighting her features and giggling lightly. “I seeeeee iiiit~”

But then her smile turned into a frown, like something had gone wrong. “What?...No...”

Yuko grabbed her wrist and tried to put it back down but then Torigoya starting screaming and holding her head again.

All the pain. She could see it. She could feel it. She could relive it. Even though they weren't her memories.

The pain of betrayal, abandonment, no one caring about you. The pain of being alone, no one to talk to, no one to share your pain with. The pain of helplessness, so weak you can't even speak, unable to move without a world of hurt shooting through your entire body. The pain of dying but never actually going all the way only to fall back into the pain once again.

The pain of not being able to do anything about it.

Torigoya was almost crying now, all those years of memories flowing into her all at once. It'd drive anyone insane. But Yuko wasn't just anyone and hugged Torigoya tightly, stroking her back in a reassuring manner.

“Everything will just be fine. It’ll be alright.” Repeating the words like an overused mantra, telling it to someone else this time instead of herself, but it seemed to work as Torigoya started calming down, the shaking of her body subsiding and eventually she fell asleep in the safety of Yuko’s arms.

Black watched all this happen without moving an inch, not until Yuko finally let go and set the exhausted girl on her bed, brushing aside a strand of stray hair. The she stood and left the room without sparing a glance at Black and went back to get her own rest. It was a long day for all of them.

Black followed after and saw Sado standing outside the door, arms crossed and off to the side, completely out of view of the occupants inside which explained why Black had not seen her there before. The two shared a knowing look and nodded, finally accepting the newest member of their little family. Sado left first and Black swung the door shut a little, halfway open just like how the rest of them left theirs. She wasn't going to close the door all the way this time. Not anymore.

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
« Reply #24 on: July 21, 2016, 09:10:47 PM »
OMG poor Torigoya. D:

I feel so sad for her... :(

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
« Reply #25 on: July 22, 2016, 08:37:18 AM »
That explains how Yuko can get Torigoya in the family despite of her other personality.
So The queens' and Sado's jackets are their own when Yuko found them. I thought it was given when they make Rappappa

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
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Poor Torigoya  :gyaaah:

At least she has Yuko-san to calm her down and Black and Sado to support her  :on woohoo:  :panic:

We are getting closer to Rappapa's formation  :onioncheer:

I wonder what is Gekikara's and Shibuya's backstory?  :dunno:

I'm waiting paitiently for the next chapter!  :byebye:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
« Reply #27 on: July 22, 2016, 02:42:29 PM »
I wonder what is Gekikara's and Shibuya's backstory?  :dunno:

To be fair, we kinda already know Gekikara's. XD

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
« Reply #28 on: July 22, 2016, 04:47:57 PM »
I wonder what is Gekikara's and Shibuya's backstory?  :dunno:

To be fair, we kinda already know Gekikara's. XD

True but I wonder how Yuko-san and the others met her and their first impression of her. :dunno:


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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 4: Safety
« Reply #29 on: July 23, 2016, 02:34:36 AM »
I just open this forum and found this fic already reached 4part!><
Gomenasai! *bow* T^T

Part 3 was hilarious in the bickering part XD
The rest was quiet. Lol
Its Black afterall~
And you make me fall for Yuko's character here>///<

Part 4 just soooooooooooo creepy. I thought I read a horror fic now. Lol
Well. Now I know how Torigoya became a part of Yuuko's comrade~
I thought Yuuko will take Torigoya just because of her oshiri XD
And thanks for make fall for Yuuko again and again, Kei-chan!><

Can't wait for Geki' and Shibuya's part~
Thanks for the update, Kei-chan!^o^/
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
« Reply #30 on: July 24, 2016, 12:33:56 AM »
@Ruka Kikuchi: Ya ikr? Locked up in a chicken coop :( Lol Ruka bud you're always the first to reply XD
@Genkikid: Torigoya's a toughie :P Umm I don't remember anything about how they got the jackets cuz it didn't seem like it was passed down or anything...But actually let me clear this up, only Sado and Black have their fur coat and jacket at the moment and the rest don't, but Torigoya has a red parka :P I plan on having them replace their respective colored garments with the sukajan jackets from the series (don't expect a big deal tho). Sorry if I confused ya there
@DarkHeart: Poor Torigoya is right :( But Yuko is there so no worries ;) Rappapa is almost all gathered!
@Ruka Kikuchi and DarkHeart: True, I didn't really incorporate it here tho (it's kinda mentioned?), since none of their past lives are really revealed beyond when Yuko finds them :P
@junchan: Hey buddy! Glad you had time to read them~ No worries I know yer busy~ Haha you're right I tried to make it longer but Black doesn't talk and that made it really hard to make longer :nervous So ya it is the shortest one. LOL I tried to make it as creepy as possible. OMG NO XD Hmm maybe I should include it tho-*slapped* Nevermind Yuko doesn't chase oshiri in the series so I'll leave it out XD

Part 5: Trust

“Hey I got an idea.”

Sado groaned inwardly and Black flicked her gaze up from her little bible. Torigoya merely kept playing with the stands of her hair absentmindedly, not having been dragged into one of Yuko’s ‘plans’ before.

Here’s how it went – Yuko going on a walk meant looking for trouble, Yuko having an idea meant she already found trouble and now they’ve all been dragged into it as well, which is worse than just looking for it. Yuko having an idea always led them into trouble, without a doubt, every single time, while walking around just offered a chance. But they still followed her anyways. Besides, it wasn't like her ideas were bad per say, just reckless and ridiculous - the same as Yuko.

They waited patiently for Yuko to speak again when she leaned forward in the recliner, elbows propped on her knees and face set in a serious expression. Then it broke out into her signature grin as she looked them over.

“Oh yeah we’re gonna have some fun~”

True to her word (though maybe not her definition of fun), a few hours later they were gathered outside an old school building that had been out of use for a long time. The windows were all shattered and the walls spray painted with a large variety of designs and cuss words, but of course that's not all there was to the building. It was a yankee’s hideout, or their base you could say. And not just any yankee - one that liked to butt heads with Yuko all the time due to her aggressive and dominant personality.

But even though Yuko won every taiman they ever had, this girl never gave up. And that spirit intrigued Yuko, as she was not one to give up either.

Which explained why they were all back here again for the umpteenth time, but Yuko seemed to have a different plan this time around. Like she had a new idea on how to get through to that stubborn yankee (which she didn't share). So really besides Yuko, the rest of them were all going in there blind.

They weren't worried though. They trusted Yuko, and Yuko never let them down.

Face set and fist clenched, Yuko took the first step inside. The three followed in a row behind her before waves of violent girls started pouring out at the intruders. Then Sado, Black, and even Torigoya spread out taking care of all the fighting so Yuko could keep going without any hindrances.

Down a few hallways and up a flight of stairs in the back, Yuko finally faced the one she was here for. All of her lackeys had been taken care of, either physically or glared into submission by Yuko’s comrades. At least some of them had been smart enough to sense the difference in the four’s ridiculously powerful auras.

The gap between theirs and Yuko’s strengths was too huge and they were utterly overwhelmed, letting them make it that far without even so much as a scratch. There was only one person that could even come close to closing that gap, and it would be their leader.


A shorter brunette with curly brown locks slightly lighter than Torigoya’s and dressed in a pink windbreaker, said girl didn't even look up from examining her manicured nails comfortably in her recliner, her upturned lips the only indication she noticed their presence. This rude gesture didn't go unnoticed and Sado was about to go up and teach her a lesson but Yuko held her back.

“Back again Yuko? You know the more you come back, the better chance I have of beating you.”

“What if that’s what I want?”

This caught Shibuya’s attention and she stopped smiling, instead leaning forward and glaring at Yuko like yankees do. “Ha? You want me to beat you? That’s ridiculous. What kind of yankee wants to lose?”

Now Yuko smiled and it irritated Shibuya to no end. It was such a positive and seemingly carefree smile, Shibuya had never smiled like that before and never before had she ever received a smile like it either. Yuko was the first.

“I’m not a yankee. Did you forget?” Yuko didn’t technically consider herself one as she never went to school.

Shibuya scoffed, finding the statement ridiculous.

“Nevermind about that though, I’m not your opponent today.” Yuko pushed Torigoya forward who stumbled a bit until she almost ran into the now standing and outraged Shibuya. Yuko’s smile turned into an amused smirk at the sight. “She is.”

Shibuya almost visibly shook with rage. She was basically being mocked by Yuko. This twig of an airheaded fighter was supposed to be her opponent? Shibuya refused to be looked down upon. Sure she lost to Yuko the last few times but this was saying that Shibuya wasn't even worth the effort anymore. And she was beyond pissed.

“Don’t let looks deceive you, she’s not as weak as she looks.”

Torigoya just pouted and crossed her arms, her parka slipping past her shoulders in the process.

Shibuya didn't recognize this girl, so she could only guess that Yuko had picked her up after their last fight, since there were only three of them total last time.

Even after sizing her up properly, Shibuya could only laugh. Looking past Torigoya like she didn't even exist, Shibuya spoke to Yuko. “Are you sure? This one just looks like a ditz! At least pick up some worthwhile stray dogs next time.”

Yuko frowned.

“Did that finally get to you?” Shibuya sneered. “Tch, you and your damn strays.”

The taunts didn't manage to do their job though, and Yuko didn't attack her like Shibuya expected. Instead, Yuko came up and whispered something in Torigoya’s ear.

Shibuya’s brow twitched in irritation. Now she was being ignored and that was entirely unacceptable.

“Are you going to fight me or not? Get out if you’re not serious.”

If Yuko wasn't going to fight her then she had no interest in their visit, let alone was she going to fight the absolute weakest looking one out of all of them.

But then Yuko looked at her once again, her expression unreadable. “Oh I’m always serious.”

That malicious smirk threw Shibuya off slightly. Something was different today, but she couldn't put her finger on it. But if Yuko was really that determined then maybe she wouldn't mind putting a few dents into her new pet. Though she would never admit it, Shibuya had a grudging respect for Yuko and her seriousness. Tugging on her gloves, Shibuya stood for the second time and cracked her knuckles. Finally addressing her opponent and not Yuko for the first time today. “Then come at me.”

Torigoya tilted her head with a confused expression, as if she wasn't sure what to do, but then got into a loose fighting stance.

Shibuya nearly groaned with impatience but kept it in, the faster she beat up the girl the faster she could get to her taiman with Yuko. Now wasn't the time to get annoyed at her opponent’s lackadaisical actions.

Shibuya threw the first punch, sort of a jab to test Torigoya’s reflexes and was slightly surprised that it was dodged with ease. This kept up for a while, Torigoya successfully evading the punches and kicks in a smooth manner though a little recklessly. Despite not being fast like Black, not as powerful as Sado, and definitely not as spirited as Yuko, Torigoya at least knew the basics of fighting, and that wasn't her objective here anyways.

Gradually, Shibuya got more and more pissed and actually started fighting seriously. The next kick connected with Torigoya’s side and sent her crashing into the wall, followed by a punch to the face. Shibuya grabbed her shoulder and slammed her knee into her stomach, Torigoya groaning in pain and falling to her knees with a cough.

Shibuya backed up with a satisfied look. “What is that all you’ve got? Pathetic~”

This earned cheers and whooping laughter from her peers and Shibuya grew even cockier. That side was loud and rowdy, banging pipes on the walls and taunting, but the other remained silent.

Sado looked down on all of them with a bored face, but not offering any encouragement and Black was as stoic as ever. Yuko was the same, unperturbed and seemed to consider something for a second before finally opening her mouth. “Torigoya.”

From the floor, Torigoya lifted her head at the call of her name, her hair splayed around her face and a trickle of blood running from the corner of her lips. Even with her haughty attitude, there was no mistaking that Shibuya was indeed strong judging from the damage she inflicted in just a few hits.

“...You can let go now.”

Something snapped.

Shibuya could feel it in the air, but couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. All of the sudden the air grew heavy. None of her lackeys seemed to feel it though, only her. But then a quick glance at Yuko told her all she needed to know. Yuko knew. Heck she was anticipating this. And Shibuya fell for it, entirely.

Someone appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye, a face extremely close to her own that had broken out into a saccharine smile. Shibuya startled and her eyes flicked to the ground, the figure had disappeared, and reappeared, right in her face.

Then her eyes were covered with a cold palm and her body felt like it wasn't there anymore.

Shibuya was walking home in the afternoon, back in her middle school days. Bag over her shoulder and donned in a proper school uniform, she was just a normal girl. But she was walking home alone today, her friends not with her.

Rounding an alley, she was ambushed. And by who? None other than her so called friends, along with several burly looking guys. The pain was real, the wounds fresh, and Shibuya couldn't tell if it was a nightmare or the present.

Then she heard a scream and felt the hand on her forehead recede, replaced with a pair of arms holding her up. Then she opened her eyes only to be met with the realization that it was her own scream and that ever constant annoying smirk.

“Heh I guessed that’s what your past was like. Couldn't be sure though. Sorry. ” Yuko looked almost sheepish, but then her expression became serious. “Come with us. We’ll watch your back. And I will not betray you.”

Maybe Shibuya was a little shaken at the moment and not in her right mind, or else she would have blatantly refused and pushed Yuko away, but she didn't. She accepted the offer, taking Yuko’s hand and allowing herself to be pulled up. And then she thought that maybe her usual self was the one that wasn't in her right mind—that she had to be brought to this level to accept it and move on. And to trust again.


Things got quite a bit livelier with the last addition to the household (or warehousehold?). Shibuya took the bin next to Black’s, on the far side opposite of Sado (the setup now goes Sado, Yuko, empty on the left, Torigoya, Black, Shibuya on the right) and that was Yuko’s decision because Shibuya didn't really get along with anyone In particular, but quite often argued with Sado. They’d disagree on every little thing and it was times like this that Yuko became like the mother hen and had to separate them. Although one time, they were wrestling and accidently ran into Black as she came by, somehow ripping her cross necklace off in the process. They never misbehaved in front of Black ever again.

And Yuko laughed her butt off at the sight. It was then that Black was appointed to be the mediator which was probably the wisest decision Yuko ever made because there were no physical disputes from there on, at least, not where Black could see them.

Shibuya never bothered with Torigoya though, maybe she was scared of her or something but she’d never admit it. And also, surprisingly, she never picked a fight with Yuko ever again.

Sado taunted her about it, but Shibuya always evaded the question, never really explaining why. There was one time she came close though.

“Yuko’s stronger than me, I’ll admit and accept that, but only for her. I’d beat your ass any day.”

Then they’d fight again (far from Black’s sight), because Sado had her own pride to defend and Shibuya deserved punishment, which the sadistic queen was happy to dish out.

But that mutual respect for Yuko was what made Shibuya fit in. She had her quarrels and her obstinate nature really did not help, however the others weren't really against her. Yuko had brought them all together, and even if Yuko was the only thing they had in common, it was enough.

A/N: Hey so let me pose this question: Do you want me to continue after Gekikara? Which you can probably guess is the last installment of the series (for now?) I have it end before they actually take Majijo, so before it does end I would like your opinions :)
I could make it so they do actually form Rappapa right up until MJSK 1 begins with Acchan coming in, I mean, it is a prequel after all.


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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
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I beat Ruka this time, yay!
Yuko is so adorable.
Black is awesome as always.
Sado's afraid of ghost? That's new to me. But it's so funny.
And I love the dynamic between them.
We know from the series, that Sado and Shibuya had been arguing a lot.
I remember Sado hit Shibuya because she hired the Sanshou Sisters to beat Atsuko.
It seems that Sado and Shibuya never get along well, but because Yuko likes Shibuya, then Sado was kinda forced to accept her too.
But I'm curious of what happen after they wrestled in front of Black and accidentally ripped her necklace off?
Did Black snap and beat them up or what? But I think Black will be weakened if her necklace got ripped off, just like in the series.

And I can't wait for Gekikara!! You really are saving the best for last, aren't you?
And about Torigoya, will she use her power on other comrades too like Sado or Black or Gekikara?
I am curious what made Gekikara become Gekikara, and maybe Torigoya can take a peek on that.

And please continue to write this fic even after Gekikara appeared (and until Atsuko coming in).
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
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Ahh~ I lose this time to Anzai-san. But to be fair, I am on vacation, so I am taking my time to relax~ :3


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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
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I have to admit, the way Shibuya became part of Rappapa really surprised me. It was awesome!  :on woohoo:

Especially the epic fight scene between Shibuya and Torigoya!  :on GJ:

Next chapter, GEKIKARA!  :onioncheer:  :on cny2:

Please continue after Gekikara joins Rappapa.  :kneelbow:

I want to see how they got the top in Majisuka Gakuen. :dunno:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
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I will wait for gekikara!
Please continue this story!  I like it!  :)

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
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Ohohoho Gekikara's next!! Now, how can Yuko tame the crazy Gekikara. Can't wait.
I want to know the start of Rappappa and take over majijo.

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 5: Trust
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Ofcourse! I'll always have time to read your fics~~~
This time is Shibuya~
The fact that Yuuko already beat Shibuya but never try to take her as her comrade kinda shock me tho.
But well. You always how to change the atmosphere from the heavy one to the hilarious one. Lol


Thanks for the update, Kei-chan!^o^/
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
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Hi sorry it's a bit late but I was busy :nervous Anyways this will the the last update for a while bc I'm going on a trip and also I haven't written the next chapter yet :P so yeah we'll see but I promise it will continue for a bit longer seeing as how all of you wanted that XD It makes me happy that you guys read and like it so consider it a thank you :)

@anzai48: Hi there Anzai! Can I call you that? XD I've read your fic and I like it a lot.  Sorry I never told you that though since it was awhile ago back when I was still a silent reader :nervous It's an honor getting a reply from you :) Lol ya Mariko-sama is terrified of that stuff so I thought it'd be fun to add in there :P Ah thanks I tried~ Ya I'm kinda making it so that Sado and Shibuya really don't get along later when Yuko's gone (like in the show) rather than now. Hmm I see it as Black glares them into submission, or scolds them angrily like little children as Yuko watches with an amused face XD The best for last of course! And Idk about your questions :nervous I don't really explain how Geki gets to be Geki but maybe it's like an outlet since you know, she was totally abused by her crazy mom and all
@Ruka Kikuchi: Oh nice! Having fun on your vacation? Thanks for reading still anyways XD
@DarkHeart: Thanks! I don't really know where I got that idea from :nervous But well, Shibuya's too stubborn so new tactics are required XD No worries I'll continue and you'll get to see how they took the top (but I don't think it'll be a big deal cuz as I see it as Majijo was probably like Yabakune before Yuko comes around and changes it to be all serious and noble XD)
@key17: Everyone's so excited for Gekikara XD Aw thanks~ I'll write some more then lol
@Genkikid: Haha tame huh. I wonder if that's what happened~ lol :lol: Right sure let's have Yuko take over Majijo just for the heck of it XD I like writing it anyways so I'm glad you like reading
@junchan: Haha thanks bud~ I can always count on you :) Well Shibuya's hardheaded, gotta try something new (and so it doesn't get boring lol) Lol thanks I try~ XD Yes, yes here's Gekikara jeez you're all so impatient :lol:

Hmm since you all think Yuko 'tamed' Gekikara per se, I added a little extra :lol:

This chapter's twice as long as the others (cuz it was supposed to end here) and I kinda feel bad about it bc Gekikara gets more than the others but really, IT'S GEKIKARA CAN YOU BLAME ME XD

Thanks for reading! Makes me happy to get comments and I have a lot of fun writing this too~

Part 6: Family

Now their group had a total of five members. Five of the rooms filled and only one remained empty - the far one on Yuko’s left. For some reason, none of them had chosen that spot, maybe they felt undeserving of being Yuko’s left hand (except Sado who had no problem with being Yuko’s right hand man), but that room blatantly stood out as the only bare space without an occupant. Whether Yuko had planned it – six rooms equaling six potential occupants - or not was unknown but it didn't matter really.

By now, everyone else had pretty much expected it to be filled soon. It was almost like a predetermined prophecy—it couldn't stay empty forever. Yuko needed someone else by her side, but none of the current members stepped forward to take it. Black didn’t want to, Torigoya didn't care, and Shibuya wouldn’t.

Those three had some kind of unspoken agreement that it couldn't be any one of them. It had to be someone new. Someone strong enough that would grow even closer to Yuko than any one of them could. But of course no one knew who or what kind of person it would be or where to even start looking. So they didn't look. Yuko would probably find them somehow or they’d just show up when it was time.

And that person did.

With a bang.


In the middle of the night, Sado pissed for being woken up for the second time that month at an ungodly hour (the first due to Torigoya), gunshots rang out in the city. Their quick reflexes allowed them to rise and search for the source without even becoming entirely awake yet. All they knew was that Yuko had sprinted out of her room and into town and obviously that meant they should all go.

Cool pavement ran under Yuko’s bare feet as she headed towards the sound. At first she wasn't sure if she was going in the right direction but then another shot rang out to confirm her destination. It wasn't far away, the sound had been loud and resounding through their home, echoing off the cement walls.

Every once in awhile, there would be a few stray bullets fired in the town (probably by some gang disputes between yakuza) but most of the time it sounded far away, never this close. And there weren't any yakuza near the warehouse where they stayed, so that meant this was an oddity. There had to be a different reason for those shots and Yuko had a bad feeling about it.

And so, of course, being Yuko, she ran towards it.

Footsteps pounded after her (the others having actually taken the time to put on their shoes), it was a nice reassurance and made Yuko feel less uneasy just knowing that her comrades were right behind her.

It was fall now, the wind bearing a slight chill to it as it billowed past. She turned and made it down a narrow street, the lamps either flickering or out, making it dark and hard to see. This area was the poor part of town, right on the edge near the harbor (and the docks where their warehouse was located) and every building was quite small and cramped. It wasn't abandoned like the area where they found Torigoya, but still really worn down and old and dilapidated from lack of care. But some people could only afford a place like this, though Yuko herself could never imagine staying in such a confined space willingly, she’d much rather stay on the streets or something, at least then she’d be free.

In front of one of the apartment buildings, there was a large shape that glinted in the shadows, catching some of the limited light from the streetlamps that actually weren't blown out.

A black van.

“What the...” Yuko frowned, now slowing down as she got closer and more cautious. A quick inspection revealed that no one was inside the car, so as quietly as possible, she crept her way up the steps to the apartment where it was parked in front of, only to find the door blown open and the proceeding hallway a complete mess.

Vases broken all over the floor, splintered wooden desk that was half overturned half missing, glass shattered everywhere from a few stray shots hitting the windows. Yuko carefully picked her way through the house, aiming for the one room that had light spilling from the doorway.

The light was almost blinding as she stepped in, though it was only a single yellow bulb that illuminated what appeared to be a kitchen (or what was left of it). Skipping the details, there was obvious signs of struggle apparent, most striking was the blood splatters on the wall and counter. With that amount of blood someone must have died, or been on the verge of it. But Yuko ignored the sight, having been used to seeing blood despite it never being close to amount.

Her ears picked up small whimpering noises.

The table? Under it? Yuko made her way towards the small dining room table that had been pushed aside against the wall haphazardly. And after squatting down, she found a pair of round doe eyes staring at her innocently. A kid?

No, the girl was not that young, but her countenance made it seem so.

“Hey are you okay?” Yuko asked as softly as possible as to not startle her. But the girl only shrunk back as Yuko reached out so she stopped and put her hand back down. “What’s your name?”

“Yuko! You in there?! We’re coming in!”

“You better not be dead or I’ll kill you!”

Loud shouts sounded from outside and Yuko nearly cursed at being surprised like that. What if they scared the girl? But a quick glance and the girl hadn’t moved, still staring at Yuko with those wide eyes and Yuko felt a sense of relief. Then she chuckled inwardly. Those idiots...

The first shout had to be Sado, who sounded entirely too worried in Yuko’s opinion. The second was Shibuya, even though it was a threat to kill her, Shibuya had a bit worried undertone as well and it wasn’t often that she showed she cared. Torigoya hadn’t said anything but there was no doubt she was there (or catching up because she wasn’t exactly as fit as the rest of them), and Black must’ve already made her way inside to Yuko, letting her actions speak louder than words. They were idiots, but Yuko wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Come on~ It’s safe, I promise. Nothing’s going to happen.” Yuko went back to coaxing the girl. But she wouldn’t budge. It didn’t seem like she was scared of Yuko just...unsure. Boy did Yuko know how that felt. “Oh I know!” She grinned widely. The girl was obviously alone at this point and had her home in shambles, so like all the other times, Yuko extended her offer. “Why don’t you come with us? We’ll take care of you, I promise~”

“...” The girl didn’t say anything, but Yuko kept smiling, and eventually...she took Yuko’s hand.

Yuko grinned and stood up, careful not to go too quickly and pulled the girl out from under the table as well. “Great! Now let’s get out of here or Sado’s going to keep grumbling about missing her beauty sleep~”


Yuko spun around to see Black behind her by the doorway. “Oh hey Black, mind carrying her for me? I don’t think I’m tall enough~”

Black glanced at the girl holding Yuko’s hand. She was skinny and pale, a bit shorter than Black herself but definitely taller than Yuko. Dressed in only a green tank top and shorts—that were bloody nonetheless—the girl had a few cuts and bruises - the most noticeable being the twin scratches above her left eye. Once Black finished her assessment, she looked back at the girl’s face, the two starting a staring contest as soon as their eyes met and neither of them looking away.



Then Black merely walked over and swung her own jacket over the girl’s shoulders before sweeping her off her feet bridal style. She wasn’t even startled by it and not a word was spoken as Black walked back out with the girl still staring intently at her (though Black seemed to be avoiding her gaze).

Yuko chuckled as she watched this happen, finding the girl amusing to say the least and thinking that Black could stand to show her emotions a bit more. But maybe this girl could help her with that.


“Hehehe~ Nee...okotteru?” Gekikara smashed her fist into the yankee’s face before spinning around and wildly kicking another in the stomach. “Hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHA~”

Yuko only stood on the sidelines, leaning against an electric pole as Gekikara grabbed one girl’s arm and swung her around in an arc before tossing her at two more of her opponents.

“Hahaha...Hehe~” One jumped on her back but Gekikara just flipped her off by the collar before slamming her onto the pavement mercilessly. There were at least 20 yankees lying around them on the ground, most unconscious and all of them bleeding. Word got around about the insane new member of Yuko’s little party and being the stupid yankees they were, they picked a fight. And another fight, and another, until this became the last gang that Gekikara had to face because all the rest of them were already too shaken to challenge her again.

Gekikara had started bashing the last girl’s head into the ground with glee so Yuko thought it’d be best to stop her there. “Hey Geki~ Black and Sado will be back any time now so let’s go home.”

“Hehe okay~” Gekikara let go of the girl’s hair and followed as Yuko started heading back. Lately, this had been the routine - Gekikara having fun fighting while Yuko watched over her like a parent watching over her kid on the playground. Unless, someone insulted Gekikara by calling her insane or something (which happened a lot) then Yuko would have to jump in and pound them senseless. In her opinion, everyone was a little insane in their own way, so what right did they have to call Geki that?

Glancing back, Yuko saw Gekikara following quietly, hands stuck in her jacket pockets. The jacket brought back memories of not too long ago - Black had come home from an errand run, shopping bags in one hand and two sukajan jackets in the other. She tossed the red one to Torigoya and the green to Gekikara, which they both shrugged on a moment later, replacing the jackets they had on before. A majestic phoenix in flight for Torigoya, and a dragon soaring high over Mount Fuji for Gekikara. Shibuya also appeared a moment later in the doorway behind Black, making her way towards the couches with her own pink version hanging from her shoulders decorated with twin koi fish.

They never asked where Black got them from, but they hardly cared. And besides the matching aspect that served to unify them, the jackets had a practical purpose as well – winter was just around the corner at the time - it would keep them warm in more ways than one. Yuko also remembered teasing Black about giving Gekikara a dragon design like her own, but Black just ignored her like every time Yuko tried to mess with her. Although Yuko could’ve sworn she saw Black’s eyes shift to Gekikara quickly then back as if afraid to be caught staring.

Gekikara had changed quite a bit since joining them, her hair now cut and framed one side of her face, revealing the scars below her left eyebrow for prominent display, and now she spoke a lot more, or maybe laughed was more like it. Her addition changed the others a bit as well, everyone took care of the youngest among them (they don’t know Gekikara’s real age but she acted young albeit growing more mature by the day). And with her there, their little group finally seemed complete, the last space to Yuko’s left filled.

Yuko still remembered a few months ago when she had just found the fragile looking girl, hiding under her dining table in that worn down house. Yuko never asked what happened as it was her code, but she figured that some yakuza had broken in and probably taken Gekikara’s mother due to some debt or something. She knew Gekikara lived with her mother from a few photos she found in there, though to be fair, it didn’t seem like her mother took care of her at all. And that’s when Yuko decided to take her in. Besides, Gekikara didn’t seem to care that her mother was gone (making Yuko think she was used to it) and with her the black van that had been parked outside when Yuko arrived vanished as well.

Black put her to bed as soon as they got home (she carried her the whole way and eventually Gekikara had fallen asleep). But as time went on, no one came looking for Gekikara and she just became a part of their everyday lives.

The first word she uttered was what they named her – Gekikara. Black had some spicy senbei crackers laying around and Gekikara had helped herself to them while they were out fighting. They found her with the empty bag and red crumbs on her face, giggling to herself and that’s when she said it: “Gekikara~”

So then they found out that the fragile wasn’t fragile at all, quite the opposite in fact. Shibuya having that hard head and temper she possesses, decided to pick a fight with Gekikara after she was all hopped up on the spiciness, which was the first and last time they fought. Several solid hits later and Gekikara still stood unfazed, though she did stagger around, she never fell. Then a single hit knocked Shibuya out.

It took a bit to get over the initial shock, but when Yuko started laughing her ass off then everyone cracked a smile and helped prop Shibuya up. Maybe Gekikara fit in with them even better than Yuko had hoped. And so the last room to Yuko’s left was finally filled.

But then there was still the issue of Gekikara going on a rampage. You’d think they would all freak out or something, but Geki was the baby and it was like she was taking her first steps so they just let her run around and destroy things while watching with all smiles. Luckily, they didn’t have an address for the town to bill the damages to.

Eventually though, they had to calm her down somehow because they had to get some sleep and letting a rampaging Gekikara loose in the middle of the night was not a good idea, so Black used her speed to catch her or basically hug her from behind, effectively pinning her arms down while Yuko ran up and delivered a karate chop to her neck to knock her out. Then Black just carried her back to bed (again) and the others called it a night as well as if nothing had ever happened. What a weird bunch.

That wasn’t the only time either. Shibuya found it amusing that Gekikara would rampage if you gave her some crackers so of course she did just that. Long story short, they eventually found out that Shibuya was the cause of it all and Sado put her in her place. And from then on, senbei crackers were banned in the warehousehold.

“Black!” Seeing the others at the warehouse’s back entrance, Gekikara ran up gleefully and Black just patted her on the head a few times before handing over what Gekikara was really after – the melon pan (they found that giving Gekikara sweet things made her calm down instead of the opposite with the spicy senbei). Sado took the rest of the bags and went to putting them away, then pulled out some pots to cook over their ever blazing fire (luckily they had purchased some camping gear and were finally able to take a break from take-out).

Financially, they were a lot better off than they were before. Besides Yuko and Sado, Black had actually gotten a job in the grocery store in town, but Shibuya refused to find work and they were too worried to send Torigoya or Gekikara out on their own (they were really more worried about the place and their co-workers rather than the two themselves). Nevertheless they had everything they needed, and more than enough if you asked Yuko because she thought as long as they had each other they’d be perfectly fine. But of course, Sado showing her overprotective side, thought a bit otherwise.


“Hmm?” Yuko fell back in her comfy recliner, ready to take a nap. Gekikara took her bread and hopped on Yuko’s lap sideways, earning an oomph from the latter before she tried to move her into a more comfortable position. Honestly, it looked like Yuko was cradling a baby. A big, teenage, spice-loving, yankee baby.

Though they all felt a sense of connection to Yuko, Gekikara was especially close to her, preferring to follow her around everywhere and listened only to what Yuko said. She never followed orders from anyone else, unless Black was mad, then everyone followed what Black said.

“I think it’s about time we get an apartment.”

The place fell silent instantly. Even Gekikara had stopped munching on her snack and looked at Yuko with those wide eyes - that was one thing that hadn’t changed.




“...Why?” Yuko finally spoke after a bit of consideration. Her tone was quiet but not a whisper, and held more authority in that one word than they had ever heard before.

Sado wasn’t going to let that intimidate her though. Even if Yuko didn’t want to move, it was best for them, and especially for Yuko. A warehouse was not the best living conditions for a patient, but Yuko was adamant, and even if she tried to make it look like she was just being lazy by taking all those naps, Sado saw those telltale signs of tiredness in Yuko’s eyes no matter how she tried to hide it. Attempting to choose her next words carefully, Sado started, “I know this is our home...But as long as we’re together than any place can become our home right? That’s what we all believe.”

“You’re avoiding the question.”

Sado nearly gulped. But when has Sado ever backed down from a confrontation? It’s simply not in her nature to submit, not even to Yuko. “You know why I’m suggesting this.”

A battle of wills that no one wanted to interrupt. Even Shibuya wasn’t going to get in on this, no way, she just leaned against the wall and stayed out of it as far as possible. Sado and Yuko glared at each other and the tension was becoming unbearable, the air heavy. Torigoya watched them curiously, her focus caught on the two and Black’s book remained closed even though she normally would’ve been reading by now.

The others all wondered if this would break out in a fight – that’s how disputes were usually settled. But Yuko had never fought any of them after they moved in, and none ever felt the need to challenge her either. Though they’ve definitely never seen Yuko get into such an argument with Sado of all people before. It was a complete mystery how this would play out.

“You know~ If you got tired of cooking on the fire you could just get someone else to do it, Sado. I’m sure Shibuya would’ve happily agreed~”

The others (besides the one mentioned) cringed involuntarily. There was an agreement to never...EVER let Shibuya pick where they ate out, let alone cook for them. The very thought struck fear into their hearts (and stomachs).

“What? Quit kidding around.”

“Aww come on Sado~ I know you don’t like parting with your precious apron but it’s time to hand it over~”

It’s true, Sado always wore an apron when she cooked, just like a mother, but she argued that she just didn’t want to get her coat dirty. “Hey I told you not to make fun of my apron!”

Then why did she choose a pink one...

Yuko only grinned like a squirrel and chose not to say anything.

“Yuko...” Sado sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose and feeling a migraine forming.

“Actually, you know what? You’re right. Let’s move.”


“But an apartment seems too small don’t you think? We need to have lots of space.”

“...For what exactly?” Sado asked cautiously.

“For fighting obviously!”

Sado facepalmed. Right. Of course. What else could it be.

“Hmm somewhere where we can fight all we want...A place where we would fit in...Ah! I know~”

They all waited anxiously for Yuko to tell them what she was thinking, though Sado wasn’t sure she wanted to hear it. It’d just be another of Yuko’s little ideas and Sado had long since become wary of such ‘ideas’. 

If Yuko could grin any wider then her face would split open. “What do you think about going to school?”

Sado and Shibuya nearly fell over in surprise.

“You’re kidding?! I just got out of that hellhole and you wanna drag me back in?!” Shibuya was furious to say the least but Sado seemed to be deep in thought.

“It won’t be that bad~”

“I’m pretty damn sure it will!” Shibuya argued, striding up to Yuko and eyes blazing but the latter just sat there and stared back.



“...I will follow Yuko-san.”

All eyes turned to Black who had just spoken up for the first time that day, which really wasn’t all that rare—what was rare was for her to speak up at all. And that shocked everyone into silence once again.

“...See? Black agrees with me~” Yuko eventually said, quite giddily, like she had just won a prize or something.

“Hmm...I don’t really care~” Torigoya gave her consent as well, then went back to playing with the ends of her hair. Well, that’s about the longest she’s ever listened due to her short attention span so that was expected.

“Well Sado? What do you say?”

Sado was pulled out of her thoughts and met Yuko’s gaze, a silent agreement seemed to be made between them. “...I guess I don’t see why not.”

Though she didn’t sound entirely sure about it, but it was good enough for Yuko.

“Hehe~ Good!” Yuko was happy her right hand agreed with her plans. “And how ‘bout you, Geki? Wanna try going to school with us?”

Gekikara smiled, giggling lightly. “Will it be fun?”

“Of course it will~”

“Then I’m in! And we should all go! We’re a family after all~” She giggled, putting a hand to her mouth. Biting her nails was a habit she picked up a long time ago and Yuko was still trying to teach her not to do that. Gekikara still had a lot to learn - like caring about others especially your comrades, and not to fight without a good reason. But Yuko knew her time was running out to teach her and that’s why she wanted to spend her remaining moments with her friends, fighting alongside them, and going to school may provide that chance.

But maybe Yuko was wrong—they weren’t just friends or comrades. They were family. And this time it was Gekikara who taught her that.

“You’re right.” This time Yuko had a soft smile lighting up her features, nostalgic and free. “We are family, and a family sticks together.”

Then everyone found themselves with smiles making ways onto their faces, even Black cracked a small grin.

“Now let’s see~ Geki’s the baby, Shibuya’s the angsty teenager...”

“Oi. Who you callin’ angsty?”

“Black’s the university student...”

All she got was a stare.

“Torigoya’s the NEET...”

Torigoya wasn’t paying attention, but Yuko earned a deadpan look from Sado that said ‘we’re all NEETs, you know’.

“Sado’s the overprotective mother...”

“I’m the one who wears the pants in this family.”

“Hey no you’re not! I’m the dad so I wear the pants!”

“Says who?”

Another glaring contest ensued.



“Well whatever~” Sado was the first to look away. She didn’t see a point in duking it out with Yuko over the matter and she knew if they kept at it they would spend the rest of the day locking gazes which would just be a waste of time. Yuko was just too hardheaded sometimes (Sado says that but they’ve spent hours doing just that before when neither refused to back down).

But with that out of the way, Yuko addressed Shibuya next, back to her serious side and spoke with complete sincerity. You could see it in her eyes. “We protect our own. That’s what makes us a family. Nothing can get to us if we fight together.”

Shibuya was stunned so bad she forgot all about her previous anger. Not only had Yuko reassured her with those few words, but she knew Yuko meant them. It was like a golden rule for the six of them though no one had ever said it aloud before, and now that she did, Shibuya couldn’t help but reconsider. She wouldn’t be alone anymore, they wouldn’t betray her, she was absolutely sure of that now. So there was nothing to worry about.

“Fine...” Shibuya sighed. “I give.”

Yuko had a way of doing that to you, making you feel like you’re not alone, like you’re a part of something, like you belong. Like you had a place to call home, and Yuko herself finally understood where home was—it was with your family. Leave it to Gekikara to say something like that—when you least expect it and from the last person you’d expect to hear it from.

With family is where you stand, where you stay, where you’re not alone. In family, you have trust, safety, reason, comrades, and even freedom. Your family is your home, and where you leave your heart. Because it didn’t matter where, but who you were with. Looks like Yuko learned something as well, and she couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Then let’s take the top! Majisuka Gakuen here we come!”

She stood and raised her fist high, earning cheers of consent from the rest of her family. It had been a full year now, circling back to winter but this time Yuko wasn’t alone. And come next spring, they would all be enrolled in what would become their new home.

Gekikara just laughed and laughed, the giggle resounding throughout the entire warehouse that didn’t feel so empty when they were all together. And they weren’t scared of her like most people, in fact, they laughed along with her.

A/N: I don't really like how Gekikara is like a kid here (she's not like that in the show), but I feel like since her mom was so useless, Yuko has to teach her everything. Then she'll get more mature like how she's so calm in Majisuka Gakuen 2, well, most of the time at least :P

I'm not sure when I'll update next but there will be a next time. I have a lot of other stories in progress and I should really finish one of them at least lol but I'll try to get this done first (I might need to rewatch it for reference too...) :) Hope you're willing to wait!

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
« Reply #38 on: July 28, 2016, 08:13:14 AM »
So Yuko invited Geki without knowing she's quite 'insane'. Well the rest of the family members were not really normal anyway.

Now why Majijo? And how can they enroll there? With Sado's help? Since Sado was originally a Majijo's student when she met Yuko

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 6: Family
« Reply #39 on: July 28, 2016, 01:20:09 PM »
Gekikara has arrived! :onioncheer:

And she is the 'baby' of the family. :on woohoo:

I can see Yuko-san teaching her everything she needs to know and it kind of makes sense that she acts like a little kid. Her mother wasn't  very good person and now that she has people who care about her so it's like she finally able to live the childhood she never got to experience.

At least that's how I see it.  :glasses:

Anyways I'll be eagerly waiting for the next update! :on cny2:

Hane a nice trip! :byebye:

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