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Author Topic: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Epilogue: Home - COMPLETED  (Read 9471 times)

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
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Finally! I can comment without missed 2 updates!~

Yuuko???? I know I have to feel sad with her sickness, but she being 'Yuuko' just too hilarious. lol
I can imagining Sado and Yuuko have some 'fun' and thats sounds 'fun' for me XD Too bad I cant do that kind of 'fun' here. lol
Nezumi, stop being a tsundere!-,-

Thanks for the updates, Kei-chan!
Gonna wait for the next!\^o^/

I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 9: Solitude
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And then the Sado and Yuko pair struck again!

Nezumi though, been waiting for her :3

And I agree about what DarkHeart said about Yuko making Nezumi doubt that Center was merely just a pawn of hers. It'd made sense since Yuko always held so much authority of people.

I bet Yuko rushed out to get that milk to grow taller xD I do the same huehueuehhehe.

Thanks for the update!
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 10: Rappapa
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Hey sorry for the late update! Been busy with school and applying to college and making an art portfolio and just so much work ugh :banghead:

@Genkikid: Indeed the mouse is~ Lol Yuko dominates all! XD
@Ruka Kikuchi: That fight scene is in their past technically :P Well and I just love them fighting together XD Actually that line in Chapter 8 about 'fighting to discover something precious' that was a quote from the drama too~ Nezumi is cute, when she's not being a conniving little brat :lol:
@DarkHeart: LOL yes she does XD Haha did that line hit you in the tickles? LOL well I randomly thought that the chapters were getting kinda too serious so ya squirrel demon :lol: Hmm I think Yuko was probably the first to say it out loud. I think Nezumi probably knows it, but refuses to acknowledge it so it hits her pretty hard when Yuko says it straight to her face and she's forced to. That's kinda how I wrote an OS, with Nezumi using Center but in the end kinda realizes that Center is important to her.
@junchan: Yuko's not sad so you don't need to be either! LOL XD Well you could try but I wouldn't recommend punching people, that may piss them off and they'll kill you :lol: Nezumi and Mayu are tsundere through and through XD
@rindg: So you figured she'd show up? It's kinda a given if Center's there then Nezumi is too XD Yuko's a pretty straightforward person, unlike Nezumi, and understanding too so Yuko would probably notice then confront Nezumi like that. At least that's how I see it :P LOL MAYBE XD

Part 10: Rappapa

The next day, Yuko did exactly as she said she would. She started an all out battle royale between all the students of Majisuka Gakuen. No rules, just fight until one was left standing. They all thought it was a good idea - that it would give them the chance of getting into Rappapa. All they had to do was take out one of the queens and their entry into the club would be assured (they wouldn’t challenge Yuko though, they didn’t have a death wish). But Yuko would have none of that.

“Hey~! Cowards!! I wanna fight too!!!” Yuko shouted, sprinting full speed down the hallways littered with trash and graffiti (and currently with bodies too but she was careful not to trip and faceplant, that just wouldn’t do).

“Yuko-san!” Sado still called Yuko that during school, as a sign of respect she said, so Yuko had nothing else to retort to that. She and the other queens caught up to Yuko quickly, which was impressive due to the squirrel running rampant among the school. “Just leave it to us. You should go wait in the clubroom.”

Yuko scoffed, “Are you kidding me? And let you guys have all the fun? No way!”

But they all stood their ground.

“Yuko-san, we can handle them. It’d just be a waste of time anyways since they’re not even a match for me.” Shibuya stated, as cocky as usual and tugged on her pink leather gloves. “I can wipe the floor with them all by myself.”

Black nodded in silent agreement.

Sado smirked, swinging her kendama’s ball in a circular arc.

“Well...I’m not really much of a fighter but I’ll try~” Torigoya shrugged and tucked her feather that she usually played with safely in her pocket.

“Hehe~” Gekikara giggled. “Let’s have some fun~ Nee?”

Looking at each of them in turn, they all mimicked the same expression as Shibuya, serious and playful (except for maybe Black who was always just serious). They all seemed to be thinking the same exact thing even though each of them were all so different in personality. They were all confident in their fighting skills and despite not saying it the way Shibuya would, they were all looking forward to going all out. Seeing this, Yuko couldn’t help but stand down, and feel proud of them at the same time.

“Alright then. I’ll be waiting for you guys to come back.” She finally nodded. “And then I’ll take each of you on one by one for the title of President. Prepare yourselves~”

Their shocked faces were priceless, except for Sado who seemed to grin even more. Just leave it to the sadistic Vice to be happy about that. But Yuko grinned and hopped back to Rappapa’s clubroom like she said, sitting in her golden armchair and waited patiently for her queens return.

Not too long later, Sado was the first one to make it back, slightly out of breath and a single bruise decorating her cheek.

“Oooh looks like somebody got you good Sado~”

Sado dropped in her own seat next to Yuko’s. “Shut up.”

“So, how are the others doing? I don’t hear much fighting anymore.” Being confined in the room and only able to hear the ruckus but unable to join in made Yuko almost twitch. She was itching to fight, but she understood where her queens were coming from.

“I have no idea. We didn’t fight together.” Each of them separated as soon as Yuko left, following their own paths, searching for their own prey and relying on their own strengths. They fought together all the time, but this once, they all wanted to go out on their own and test themselves without any help – just like the yankees they were. Yuko had taught them well.

“Oh...They’ll be back soon I guess~ No point in looking for them.”

As soon as Yuko finished saying that, the door slammed open and Shibuya stepped in, hands tucked in her jacket pockets and Black followed, immediately settling on the long bench off to the side and opening her book.

“How’d it go?”

“Piece of cake.” Shibuya smirked.

Black rubbed her rosary between her fingers. “They won’t see a new tomorrow.”

Yuko nodded in approval, then took a peek at the doorway. “But where’s Torigoya?” She was a bit curious where the other two were, and Yuko would ask about Gekikara, but the latter was almost definitely still beating someone up. She hadn’t heard any creeping laughing in a while though...

“Calm down with all the questions Yuko-san. I’m sure they’re fine.” Sado tried to reassure her, but it drew someone else’s attention.

“Oi.” Shibuya called. “What’s that on your cheek, Sado~?”

“Shut up, Shibuya.” Sado didn’t want to hear her mocking tone but the latter just smirked and sat down by Black, inspecting her nails for any chips in the polish.

“It’s just funny, ‘cause none of them were able to land a single hit on me.” Shibuya emphasized the last part, smirking a bit.

“You little—”

“Tadaima...” Torigoya then wandered in slowly. Unlike the others who were either unscathed or had a few bruises, Torigoya was covered in them. Blood ran down the corner of her mouth and she had a few nasty bruises on her jaw, which Yuko then immediately went over to check.

“You okay?” Yuko touched her face, concerned about the weakest member of her family.

“I’m okay, Yuko–san...” Torigoya just sat down as well, a little dejected-looking and pouted. “I only managed to defeat a couple though...”

“At least she got a couple, a few scrapes are nothing to worry about.”



All heads turned towards the owner of the voice. No one expected Shibuya to say something like that, if anything, they expected her to reprimand the weak Torigoya for it. They weren’t quite sure where she was going with that statement...

“You’re not going to yell at her?” Sado asked. She felt the most incredulous at the moment.

Shibuya shrugged, “Why would I? She’s one of us, isn’t she? Torigoya would never drag down Rappapa’s name. Right?”

The last part was posed at Torigoya who nodded fervently.

“There ya go.” And she turned back to examining her nails with a bored face.

Perhaps, in the end, even though they were all so different and didn’t care about each other at first, eventually they did become a real family. They were yankees, they stuck together, they were Rappapa.

Silence filled the room for a few moments, the only sound being the ticking of the wall clock as each second passed. They were all relaxed and taking a break, not expecting what was about to come next.

“Well,” Yuko spoke up seeing as the others had nothing to say, “Shall we proceed then?”

She ran a hand through her bangs, eyes focused, the air suddenly became heavy and stifling. They all stiffened.

“Wait a minute Yuko-san...” Torigoya started panicking and hoping to shrink into her chair. The last thing she wanted to do was get into another fight. Black was pretending to be reading but in reality was tensed up and waiting for someone to make the first move. She really didn’t want to fight Yuko though, and the same seemed to go for the oddly quiet Shibuya. Neither of them spoke up but Torigoya on the other hand, was honestly scared. “You don’t really mean that...”

“Who wants to go first?”




“HAHAHAHA I’m just kidding!” Yuko burst out laughing and the atmosphere changed in a millisecond. “You really thought I would fight you guys? Nah~ Don’t feel like it.”

Sado sighed and shook her head with a chuckle. “I knew you weren’t serious.”

Yuko feigned surprise and gasped dramatically, a hand over her heart. “ knew?”

“...” Nothing but a deadpan expression.

“Then why didn’t you say anything?! You could’ve been my accomplice!” Yuko grabbed her by the shoulders and tried to shake her but it was a little hard with the height difference. She used to do that to a certain someone a lot, since that someone was even shorter than Yuko herself and made it easy. But now, well...she doesn’t have the chance to anymore.

“The hell should I help you in your freaking plans?” Sado pushed Yuko off effortlessly and she fell back into her seat with an oomph.

“Tch, damn sadist~” Yuko grumbled and ran her fingers through her bangs again before leaning back comfortably. “So, how was everyone’s day~?” She asked, suddenly starting a new topic. It was hard to keep up with her.

“Haven’t you been with us all day?” Shibuya retorted.

“Yeah but I thought I’d ask since none of you ever talk.” Yuko shrugged.

“We do talk~”

“If you say so, Torigoya.”

“We’re all too different to have anything in common, so you can’t really expect us to be ‘best friends’ or anything.”

“You’re such a buzzkill~”

“What did you say.” Sado glared at Yuko.

“You heard me.”




“Ah...” Yuko scratched her head, “Well whatever~ Alright so what do we have in common?” She wondered.

“We all like to fight.”

“That’s true.” She nodded at Shibuya’s answer, though Shibuya didn’t seem too interested in the conversation.

“Fear and pain flies away to the skies, bringing death upon all.”

“I think another thing is that Black talks in riddles and no one understands what the hell she’s getting at.” Shibuya added.

“She was agreeing with you.” Translated Yuko, earning a look from both Shibuya and Sado that said ‘how the hell did you get that’.

“What’s for dinner?” Torigoya absentmindedly remarked, playing with her little feather. She never seemed to get tired of that thing.

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t think there’s any food at home.”

“Black! Buy some food after school.”

“Don’t make her do that all by herself.”

“Why not? She’s always been the one that goes and gets stuff.”

Sado rolled her eyes, “That doesn’t make it okay.”

“Fine~ We can all go with her.” Yuko relented. “There’s a lot to buy anyways so then you can carry the bags.”

“We should go out for ramen instead.”

“No!” They all shot Shibuya’s idea down.

She scoffed, “Why don’t I ever get to pick where we eat?”

“Because you’re taste deaf.”

“Ha? What did you say?” She glared at Sado. “Say it again.”

“The last time we went to that ramen place you recommended, the soup tasted like rotten water and none of us could take more than one bite.”

“I ate mine.”

“That doesn’t count.”

“Yeah? You wanna go?” Shibuya got up and so did Sado, the two locking gazes inches away from each other.

“I would kick your ass all the way to China.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Shibuya taunted, “I don’t even get why you’re the Vice Prez of Rappapa, you’re so weak.”

Someone laughing caught their attention and they both looked at the source, breaking their stares for a second. And it was none other than Yuko, laughing her ass off for no apparent reason.

“This is great! Fight fight fight! I wanna see who comes out on top!”


“You’re unsatisfied right? Why Sado’s got a higher position than you.” She directed at Shibuya. “Then challenge her for it! If you win then you can be the Vice~ And if you still want more then I’d be happy to fight you too~”

But Shibuya just smirked and turned back, realizing what Yuko just suggested and tugged on her gloves for the second time that day. “Nah. I think I’ll be good with Vice.”

“Oh?” Sado raised an eyebrow. “Not confident enough to aim higher? Well it doesn’t matter anyway, I’ll put you back in your place.”

“You know full well why I won’t fight Yuko, but if you wanna go there then I could ask you the same.” Shibuya collided foreheads with Sado. “I told you before that I would kick your ass anytime.”

Sado smirked as well, and reached back, slamming the kendama in her hand upright on the shelf. “Then let’s get started.”

Meanwhile, Torigoya leaned over to whisper in Black’s ear. “Should we stop them?”

“The full moon only reveals itself once a month, illuminating the darkness before retreating once again.”

Then Torigoya leaned back and nodded. “So we should just treat it as entertainment until they’re done. Okay~”

Sado and Shibuya went into the room next door that was connected to the clubroom, the rest of Rappapa following to watch. A brass French horn sat on a stand, shined upon by a spotlight on one side and shelves lining the other three. A piece of the floor seemed to cut out of the middle and replaced with a large white tile decorated with Majijo’s signature graffiti. All in all, there was a lot of space and perfect to hold taimans like this one.

“Come at me whenever you’re ready~” Sado teased. They circled each other, treading lightly and testing the waters.

“Just shut up already, Sado.”

She chuckled, “Rude as ever aren’t you. Why don’t we make a bet? Loser has to be the underling of the winner.”

“Sounds great to me. If I win then you’re gonna kiss my sneakers.”

“And if I win then you have to call me ‘Sado-san’ and listen to whatever I say as Vice President.”

“It’s on.”

Shibuya, being the hotheaded one, threw the first punch which Sado dodged with ease, replying with her own hit to Shibuya’s side that pushed the latter away with the momentum, the two of them once again keeping their distance.

“Didn’t even hurt.” Shibuya smirked.

But they didn’t stop for long. Sado aimed a roundhouse kick at Shibuya’s head, which she then blocked and tried to land a punch instead but was also dodged. Quickly sprinting closer, Shibuya landed a front kick on Sado’s thigh and she grunted, limping a little as Shibuya put her fists back up.

“Done already?”

“Just shut up and fight me.”

Shibuya clicked her tongue and jumped back in, but she had grown cocky after landing the first few hits. Big mistake.

Sado caught her next kick between her right arm and side, locking it in place. No matter how she pulled or shook, Sado wouldn’t let go so she had to punch her off.

But at that moment, Sado swung Shibuya’s leg to the side with as much force as she could and the punch was thrown off last minute, Shibuya’s back exposed at the same time. Sado took advantage of Shibuya’s lack of balance and delivered a punch to her jaw with a sickening thwack.

“Ugh...” Shibuya, having already been falling at the time due to her leg being thrown out from under her, dropped straight to the floor heavily and blinked, trying to clear the black spots from her eyes and a little dazed.

Sado got on top and lifted her by the collar, a trail of blood trickling from the corner of Shibuya’s mouth. “Don’t take me lightly.”

She punched her in the face again and Shibuya fell back, her head hitting the ground for the second time and the dull thud resounding throughout the room. But she was still glaring at Sado and Sado didn’t like that.


She punched Shibuya again, and again, each hit knocking her face to the side and more blood being coughed up out of her mouth but she kept turning it back defiantly. Right when Sado was about to finish it, Shibuya suddenly grabbed her arm, her other hand gripping Sado’s uniform and roughly rolled her off to the side. Before Sado could even attempt to get up, a body landed on top of her stomach and their positions were reversed.

“You were saying?” Shibuya chose to pound her stomach first and Sado groaned, tasting blood. Then Shibuya started landing blows on her face.


 In reflex, Sado grabbed Shibuya’s sleeves and restricted her movements, making it hard to punch effectively.

“Damn it let go!”

As Shibuya struggled to free her arms, Sado used her newfound handholds to pull herself up quickly, effectively dragging Shibuya down at the same time. Both heads collided with a dull thud and a stunned Shibuya fell to her side, though Sado wasn’t faring much better as she laid there on her back trying to catch her breath. Headbutts dealt a lot of damage to both parties.

Though unfortunately for Shibuya, Sado recovered a bit faster. She dragged herself to her feet, staggering a bit and wiping the blood off her cheek as it had been ripped open from one of Shibuya’s punches earlier.

“Hey...get up...” Sado took unsteady steps toward the fallen Shibuya, bent over from the throbbing pain in her stomach. “I said...” She swallowed thickly. “Get up.”

Shibuya wasn’t knocked out, but she wasn’t moving much either. Just lying on her side and panting heavily, a cough every once in a while. Mustering her strength, Sado lifted a leg and kicked Shibuya, making her roll onto her back, eyes closed and still breathing unevenly.

Sado squatted down and lifted her by the collar again. “Are you done already?”



Sado punched her on the cheek, whipping Shibuya’s head to the side. “Hey...I asked you a question.”


Her sadistic side was starting to show itself. She wanted Shibuya to know who was the stronger one, who was dominant. And that last punch was the deciding blow.

Letting Shibuya slide back to the floor slowly, Sado stood, though still a bit unsteady, and flashed Yuko a victory sign, her smile a bit bloody. It was ridiculous of her to do something like that, but perhaps Yuko had rubbed off on her even more than she thought.

Yuko, who had been leaning against the wall watching the entire thing, grinned and came over. She wrapped Sado’s arm around her own shoulder for support, Black doing the same for Shibuya. “C’mon, let’s go to the infirmary.”

On the way there, the five of them came across a disturbing yet familiar scene. There were three bodies lying on the ground, strewn across the hallway, half unconscious and as bloody as you could get. Rappapa exchanged knowing glances, there was no doubt who caused this.

“Gekikara!” Yuko shouted as they rounded the corner. The edge of a dark green jacket and skirt were just visible at the staircase halfway down the hallway.

“Hahaha...” Gekikara stepped out into view. Her hand was by her mouth, biting her nails as she grinned innocently yet maniacally. Both of her arms were covered entirely in dried blood some of it splattered on her face and clothes. “Nee...Okotteru~?”



“...Hey Black.”

“Yes, Yuko-san.”

“Mind taking care of her for me? My hands are a bit full with this baby.”

With her free hand, Sado pinched her on the side and Yuko yelped.

Black nodded, leaving Shibuya to Torigoya’s care (who struggled with the weight) and walked up slowly to Gekikara, careful not to alarm her.

“Nee...” Gekikara got a little excited seeing someone else to play with. “Nee~ Nee~!” She insisted, bouncing in impatience. But before she could kick off and launch herself at Black, the latter used her inhuman speed to reach her first. Black cupped Gekikara’s face with her hands, forcing Gekikara to look her in the eyes.

“Look at me.”

Gekikara froze.

“I’m not mad...Okay?”



“...You’re never mad.” Gekikara pouted a little, looking down. That’s when Black released her cheeks and turned around to nod at Yuko, letting her know that Gekikara was okay now. Yuko nodded back.

Black was the perfect person to take care of Gekikara. She never fought her, never irritated her, and her speed could even rival her because it allowed Black to get close before Gekikara even had the chance to strike. And most important of all, Black never got mad. Even Yuko had gotten angry at Gekikara once, when she almost sent some girls to intensive care, but she had calmed herself down, taking deep breaths while Black took care of Gekikara. When Gekikara saw someone scared or mad at her, it got her blood pumping and she loved violence ( which was a terrible combo), but Black always managed to calm her down. She was almost like a constant that reassured the violent and unpredictable Gekikara.

As Yuko walked by, still supporting part of Sado’s weight, she noticed the last figure sprawled on the stairs. She wore a leather jacket just like the other three but completely dyed in red and looked to be the worst out of all of them. Black checked and it seemed she would be okay, no fatal injuries even with all that blood, but it surprised all of them when she started moving. They were sure the girl was unconscious so it was a shock when she suddenly shifted and said, “I’m not done yet...”

“Is she awake?”

“I...I’m serious...” She coughed then muttered, “I’m not done for...not yet...” From their perspective, the girl looked pretty done. Her jacket may have been black but it was shining a dark red and it looked like she had a nosebleed that bled half the blood out of her body plus one of her eyes was almost swollen completely shut.

However, hearing those words, Yuko smirked a little. Leaning over, she tapped the girl’s face with her hand in a light slap, and a few moments later she began stirring.


“What is your name?”

“” Her eyes were still unfocused (or eye) and her head lolled back and forth, unable to keep it up.

“Well then, how ‘bout you join Rappapa?”

“...” There was no response for a few seconds, but then she seemed to realize what Yuko just said and finally focused on her. “!?”

Yuko’s smirk grew wider into a grin. “We need some guards for the clubroom. Too many people keep trying to sneak in and I want your team to take care of them, so how about it? Want to join us?”


So Yuko stood back up, “Black and Geki, help these guys to the infirmary.”

“Thank you, Yuko-senpai.” Anime tried to prop herself up but almost fell back again when Black grabbed her arm, lending her strength to pull the girl up.

“Just Yuko is good enough.”



Back in the clubroom, Yuko and Sado were alone and sat in silence. The other members of Rappapa, the queens and including the new members, were all still getting patched up in the infirmary. The leather jacket wearers had sustained far worse injuries than Shibuya or Sado, so it took them a while, not to mention the lines of other yankees waiting for treatment. Yuko really didn’t think of the consequences of an all school battle royale.

The aftermath was crazy, the amount of bodies that needed to be taken for treatment, and the lack of personnel to take them there or to treat them. So Yuko ordered Shibuya, Black, Gekikara, and Torigoya to help. Their jobs were to find the injured and carry them back to the infirmary, and since Yuko gave the order, they wouldn’t refuse.

There were a few that were worried Gekikara would go crazy beating people again, but Yuko knew she wouldn’t do that.

“Geki’ll be fine~” She brushed it off. “Right, Geki? No more violence today.”

Gekikara nodded in understanding with that grin still plastered on her face. “Okay~”

Even if she didn’t look it, Gekikara meant what she said and would never disobey Yuko. The other queens vouched for her as well, and Black volunteered to look after her just to be safe. Just the fact that Black spoke up on her own accord was enough to shock Anime and them into withdrawing their protests. No one argued with Black.

So now Yuko was back in Rappapa’s room, sitting in her usual throne while Sado stood by the window, playing with her black and silver kendama.




Yuko was the first to break the silence.

“Sado...” She suddenly grew so serious. Her expression was dark, and it seemed her thoughts were as well. “You’re the Vice President. No one can take that from you now.”

“Yuko-san...” Sado faced Yuko, the ball of her kendama missing the pole and falling limply to her side. She knew Yuko had something to talk about with her, that’s why she didn’t tell Sado to help the others. And she knew it had to be something serious for the two of them to talk in private like this.

“Hey don’t look at me like that.” Yuko scolded when she turned to look at her, Sado was looking at her like it was the end of the world. “I hate when you’re weak-minded. Make your decisions, and follow through with them. Don’t hesitate, Sado.”


“If for some reason,” Yuko cut her off quickly, but then sighed. “If for some reason...I’m not’ll be in charge. I’m counting on you.”

Sado could only bite her lip and nod, holding her tears in because she didn’t want Yuko to see her cry. Sado would be strong until the end, when the time to cry finally comes.

But until then...

“Until then, I’m still going to follow you, Yuko-san. You’re the President of Rappapa and that won’t ever change, not to us. So don’t go shirking your duty already.”

Yuko chuckled, “Of course not. I still plan on having tons of fun while I’m here, so you better be ready for it~”

And she got another nod, more definite this time and Yuko smiled for so many reasons. She was happy, grateful, and most of all she loved her family so why shouldn’t she smile? She always smiled before because perhaps if she pretended to be happy, then it might come true. Yuko could at least fool herself into thinking so. But now she didn’t have to pretend anymore and that’s why she smiled.

And she’d keep smiling, right until the bitter end.

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 10: Rappapa
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I support GekiBlack in this story, they are just too cute.

Thanks for your update
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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 10: Rappapa
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Poor Yuko-san. Sado and the Queens never let her fight.  :depressed: :bigdeal:

And I loved Rappapa's dymanic in this chapter! Like Shibuya comforting Torigoya (in her own Shibuya way), Black calming Gekikara down and Yuko-san explaining to Sado how important she really is.  :on lol: :farofflook:


"I hate when you’re weak-minded."
"And she’d keep smiling, right until the bitter end."

My heart literally broke when I read them.  :gyaaah: :pleeease: :fainted: :imdead:

Thanks for this great chapter!  :byebye:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 10: Rappapa
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Those GekiBlack moments are so cute!!! >w<

And the SadoYuko moments too~

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 10: Rappapa
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Is Minami already dead in this chapter?

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 10: Rappapa
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Continue please

Ah.. so Minami and Yuko met each other...

Does Yuko know Atsuko from Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 11: Seriousness
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I'm back...Sorry for taking so long :( I'm not sure if anyone's still reading this but I made a promise to never abandon a fic so I'll see it through :) It's funny though, it's been so long since I wrote the chapter that reading through it made me feel more like the reader than the author lol XD

@yocelin17: Aw thanks~ I like the pairing so I added them in, can't have a fic without pairings lol :P
@DarkHeart: Yeah poor Yuko, no one lets her do anything fun :lol: Ah thanks for that, I tried to bring out their characters as much as I could you know? And the 'weak-minded' part was a quote from the drama, I think Minami may have said it? But well I actually stuffed some quotes in various parts if yeh can find them~
@Ruka Kikuchi: Haha thanks~ I try XD
@Genkikid: Yes. It's all flashbacks when Minami shows up, just Yuko's memories.
@cisda83: Someone's still reading this? Lol :P Yes I'm continuing this now, so thanks for reminding me with your reply XD I'd been wanting to come back for a while and now I finally have time~ And yes, Minami and Yuko met, as for'll find out in this chapter~ Thanks for reading!

Part 11: Seriousness

More months passed by, and just like that they were third years. Yuko’s condition also worsened over time. She didn’t collapse so much as simply be completely exhausted every day. Sometimes her vision would swim and she couldn’t get out of her armchair, but it’d disappear after a few minutes. All of Rappapa worried about her, even the new members who claimed to be her underlings, but Yuko just kept brushing it off. Most of the time she could still fight and put up a front that she wasn’t tired in the least bit, but they could see it in her eyes.

None of them chose to say anything though. They couldn’t, they didn’t want to. Saying it out loud meant acknowledging it. They didn’t want to believe that Yuko may leave.

But the day came inevitably. They were hanging out at their home just after school when Sado got into an argument with Yuko about not taking care of herself.

“You need to go to the hospital!”

“I’m fine!” Even Yuko was getting angry and exasperated, her head throbbing in pain. Having such toll on her body had worn her patience thin as well, and trying to joke her way out of it wouldn’t work anymore.

“No you’re not! Yuko-san! Just listen for once!” Both of them were standing and shouting at each other’s faces.

“I don’t need—”


Yuko stopped, she just stopped, and looked away. “...”

Sado suddenly realized what she said. It was a taboo that none of them ever addressed before. None of them wanted to address it.

Yuko sighed heavily, “Well the air in here just got bad.”

“I-I’m sorry Yuko-sa—”

“Stop!” Shouted Yuko all of a sudden. Her fists were clenched and she was visibly angry. “Don’t. Don’t call me that.”

Sado nodded, a little scared, a little sad. The others remained quiet as well, they didn’t know what to say, what to do, what they even could do. Even Gekikara stopped biting her nails and just sat there, not making a sound.




“If you all want me gone that bad...then I’ll leave.”

“What!? No!”

“That is not what we want.”


“You can’t just LEAVE!!”

“NOOOOOOOO!!!” Gekikara screamed, getting up from her seat and tackled Yuko in a bear hug, clinging to her waist like a child. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO DON’T GO!!”

Gekikara may have been the same age as all of them, but mentally she wasn’t much older than a kid - a kid who was about to lose part of her family. Yuko took her in, always took care of her as far as Gekikara knew, and she was far too important to Gekikara to lose.

Yuko patted Gekikara’s back, feeling very sorry all of a sudden. She didn’t think it would affect her that much. She didn’t really mean it either, she was just tired, so very tired. “I’m sorry Geki~ I didn’t mean it okay? I’m not going anywhere.”

Gekikara just hugged Yuko tightly, letting her pat her back as her face was buried in Yuko’s shoulder.

“Yuko-san...” Torigoya spoke up. “We don’t want you to go to the hospital...but you look like you’ve been suffering lately...”

“But spending all your time in there? That’s such a waste. There’s plenty of opponents left to fight.” Shibuya countered.

“Sakura blossoms do not stay in bloom forever.”

“Yuko is not done for!” Sado yelled, fists tight. “She is not. That’s not what I meant...”

“Relax Sado~” Yuko spoke up, she wanted to pat Sado on the back too but she might not like that, so she settled with just talking about it. She could do that much. “Look, I know you’re worried alright? I appreciate it, and maybe you’re right. I probably need some treatment as much as I hate being cooped up.”

Torigoya flinched as her choice of words.

“Sorry~” Yuko apologized sheepishly. “But anyways, I guess I’ll go get some drugs to get me going~” She joked.

“Wait, you can’t be serious? You’re actually going to register yourself in the hospital?!” Shibuya wouldn’t have it. How could Yuko, of all people, consider that? She was going to leave Majijo—leave them. Why now?

“No worries~ I’ll back before you know it. The treatment will probably take a while though...” Yuko mentally calculated it, though the others (besides Sado) didn’t know that she spoke from experience. “I’ll probably be in the resident wing, but I promise, I’ll be back for graduation.”


“There there Geki~ I’m fine, nothing to worry about~” Yuko sat down in her recliner, pulling Gekikara with her onto her lap. It had been a while since she cradled her like a baby, and Gekikara missed it, snuggling comfortably in her embrace. “I’m just going to take a little break, then I’ll be back better than ever!”

“Un!” Gekikara nodded and smiled, completely believing Yuko’s words.

“So until then, Sado’s going to be in charge and you guys better make me proud.” Yuko looked each of them over, meeting their eyes and they gazed back seriously. She grinned. Yeah, these guys will be just fine without me.


A few days later, the time came when Yuko decided to check herself into the hospital. It was weird, she’d have to go in by herself and just go ‘I think I need medication’. Almost like checking herself into the crazy house or something, Yuko found that amusing.

On that day, they planned on going all out, breaking into other school’s territories and busting heads. One last go before Yuko left them.

“Might as well give myself some extra injuries to heal! I’m going to a hospital anyways!” Yuko said entirely too cheerfully.

And though the others didn’t really follow that kind of logic but it was Yuko, what are you going to do? So they pretty much took down the entire student body of Yabakune when they stormed in there, kicking and punching left and right. They didn’t come out unscathed, Yabakune had a nasty habit of playing dirty by ganging up on opponents and using weapons, but Yuko was quite content to say that her team had utterly destroyed the school in return. Then they ran (to their next target) because who wants to pay the hospital bills for hundreds of people? It’s expensive you know.

They also ran into some students from Gekioko and Yagi, also picking a fight with them. Usually, they wouldn’t go so out of the way to pick fights, but they were letting go today. Yuko challenged pretty much every single person she met to a taiman, though the others kept taking her ‘fun’ instead because they wouldn’t let Yuko fight every single person and fought one on one in her place for some cases (Yuko still fought everyone she saw because she’d run ahead of them with her squirrel speed and get started first, she even somehow lost Black with that uncanny ability).

Yuko was insatiable, she got a lifetime’s worth of fights in, but really she was just ridiculous. And they all loved her for it.

When it came time to say goodbye, Yuko hugged each of them (or tried to). Sado just put her hand on Yuko’s head and kept her at an arm’s length distance as the latter kept trying to reach her with her short arms. Yuko pouted at Sado’s ‘damn sadist nature’ and said it was ‘unfair’ but Sado just told her to deal with it and smirked.

Torigoya awkwardly hugged Yuko, a little cautious but for good reason because then Yuko groped her boobs. Therefore, now she had a nice red-flushed handprint on her cheek for the nurses to treat as well.

Shibuya opted for a fist bump (she didn’t meet Yuko’s gaze though, being too shy to), and was too prideful to actually hug someone so Yuko slapped her shoulder, accepting it with a grin (because she could’ve sworn Shibuya was blushing just a bit). And it was better than nothing which is what she got from the ‘damn sadist’.

Black was even better. She shook Yuko’s hand. Unfortunately for her, Yuko shook her hand really vigorously and almost tore her arm off, which Black then frowned at while Yuko laughed. But Yuko could feel that Black’s hands were clammy from nervousness or fear and tried to smile to reassure her, Black nodding at the kind gesture. Though she didn’t say it, she would miss Yuko.

Last was Gekikara and she actually hugged Yuko. She was definitely a hugger. And she would’t let go either. After a good five minutes, Black had to lift the girl by the waist and practically pry her off of Yuko, Gekikara’s hands still clinging to Yuko’s clothes as she was suspended horizontally in midair. Even the others had to help, Shibuya helped Black pull and Torigoya wasn’t much help in trying to get Gekikara to release her death grip. Sado just stood and watched in amusement. Again, ‘damn sadist’.

Yuko also didn’t help, just laughed as her family fussed around her, hands on her hips and feeling happier than she ever had in her entire life. She felt so much warmth from them, so many fun times they had. They really were her real family even if not blood-related, and that didn’t matter anyways. Yuko once heard from her friend (the one that worked at the hospital) that her parents had passed away. She didn’t know how to feel about it, but as long as she had her current family—her real family, then she’d be fine. She didn’t need anything else.

When they finally got Gekikara off (she was like an octopus stuck to Yuko) but when they finally did then it was time for Yuko to go.

“Oh wait! I almost forgot, Black did you get what I asked?”

Even years later, Yuko still had Black run errands for her, not that the latter minded really. If it were any of the others then they might have - no one liked being an errand girl even if Yuko put it as being ‘in charge of procurement’ which was just a fancy way of saying it, but again, Black was glad to and she nodded in reply.

“Good~ Can you pass it out then?” Yuko requested, sounding like a teacher asking a student to pass out papers to the class. Black got up as told and gave each person something about the size of their palms and they all turned it over in their hands to look at.

“A music note?” It was a black-edged quaver that reflected silver in color and Torigoya couldn’t help but question its purpose.

“It’s a symbol of Rappapa.” Yuko explained. “Pin it to your uniforms.”

They all did as said.

“Looks good~” Yuko smiled and shot a thumbs up in approval, her own shining proudly by the chain on her hip. “I even had Black get it silver and black in color so you wouldn’t freak out about it ‘not matching your outfit’ Sado~”

“Quit bringing that up! I only said it once!” Sado growled. “One time!”

“Sure thing, but I still don’t get why you had to get a kendama that matched your coat, I mean, you’re not even wearing it on you! It’s a toy!”

“Just leave me alone.” She muttered.

Yuko chuckled, “Well I guess I’ll see you guys later then~”

Then she waved and went on her way, not wanting to linger too long or else Sado would start bawling, and walked that familiar track back to her original residence. She was a little sad, but she didn’t want to dwell on it. Yuko always kept moving forward. And though she was sad, she had absolutely no regrets.


Sado came to visit a lot, always bringing news of what was going on over on her side. Yuko was grateful for it. The first time Sado came over, Yuko had been sitting in a chair facing the window, one leg propped up comfortably and staring at some random birds chirping outside and wishing she was there too. It was the same place she always used to sit in, back when she was confined here, and back when she used to share her thoughts with Minami.

There wasn’t much to say about Majijo, but Sado reported it anyways just like the responsible Vice Prez she was. Ever since she had that taiman with Shibuya, the latter had, somewhat surprisingly, actually started to respect Sado. She might’ve been a little scared of the sadistic queen, but some say that fear and admiration were two sides of the same coin.

Rappapa was getting along just fine, the occasionally quarrels were nothing out of the ordinary and no one had really made it up the staircase. This was all Sado really had to say the first couple times, sometimes she’d add in an interesting bit about what the other queens were up to, but when Yuko asked what Sado was doing, the sadistic queen would evade the question not really wanting to talk about herself.

For example one day, Sado came into Yuko’s room (because the latter didn’t feel like hanging out in the lounge) and talked about Gekikara. She had been kind of docile lately when Yuko wasn’t around, sort of moping around in her own way (sometimes the other queens visited too but not as much as Sado, and Gekikara was allowed the least because they were ‘afraid she might scare the patients and the doctors might try to examine/send her off to some far away facility’ - these are Yuko’s exact words). But back to what Sado was saying.

Gekikara had taken to following Black around like a lost puppy, it was quite cute really. When Black ran over to the supermarket, she would come along as well. But sometimes Black forgot that she had company and use her speed like usual, leaving Gekikara behind. Then Gekikara would sit on the sidewalk like real lost puppy until Black remembered and came back to find her on the verge of tears. She felt bad about it, so when Gekikara jumped on her and demanded a piggy back ride home, Black could only oblige.

Yuko grinned when she heard this. She had felt the intense stares in her direction whenever she babied Gekikara, that’s why she stopped doing it for a while. But now that she wasn’t there, Gekikara would have to find someone else to snuggle with, someone as cold and stubborn as a rock and would probably find the skinship to be entirely uncomfortable (though Black’s feelings weren’t one-sided, Gekikara just didn’t really understand complex emotions yet, but Yuko did). And Yuko laughed hard at the thought of Black sitting still as a statue as Gekikara wiggled around on her lap and giggling happily (which really wasn’t too far-fetched).

Sado wasn’t sure why Yuko suddenly burst out laughing, quite hysterically to be honest and she thought that maybe Gekikara had rubbed off on her, but she didn’t ask. Sometimes it’s better not to ask. Yuko was always a little crazy.

Not long later, Sado bid Yuko goodbye and promised to drop by again, to which Yuko just replied with a chuckle and a wave. “Don’t come too often! I can only handle seeing your face a few times a week!”

“Shut up!” And Sado left, the door sliding shut automatically.

Then one day, Sado came a bit late. Yuko wasn’t really counting the hours, but when Sado showed up half-past midnight, she knew something was up.


The tall girl stepped into the room, it was dark, Yuko had been getting ready for bed when she came, but what caught her attention was that Sado had this look on her face. A look like she had been thinking a lot, like she had a problem without a solution.

A new school year had started, Yuko knew that, so what had changed so much to make Sado look like that?

It was a few moments before Sado finally spoke.

“...There’s a new transfer student.”

From then on, Sado’s stories were full of this girl named Maeda, who had stirred up all kinds of trouble at Majijo. Oh well, Majijo had been too peaceful lately in Yuko’s opinion. She was glad someone like that had come along to their school. And Yuko couldn’t wait to meet them, then fight them. Because people like her and Sado were kind of dumb, they could only speak with their fists, and Yuko was just itching to talk with Maeda.

Weeks later, after Sado had just left Yuko with the latest news about Maeda defeating all of Team Hormone by herself, Yuko laid back on her bed sheets and her mind wandered, suddenly remembering that brat she was playing with a while before. She grinned, the brat and Maeda were a lot alike, as well as Yuko herself.

I wonder where she is now. I bet she’s getting ready to do something, now that she’s officially a Majijo student...And that mouse, I hope she knows what she’s doing too.

Yuko even worried about people she didn’t even know. But that’s Yuko for you, she was the top – the teppen of Majijo, and she took care of her students.

She’s probably going to make a move. I guess she figured out that she couldn’t deal with me~ Yuko chuckled. Nah, Majijo’ll be fine still. The queens aren’t lightweights. I should really leave the worrying to Sado~

Yuko was sure they’d be fine without her, she trusted her friends to take care of it in her absence, but she also secretly hoped she would have to make an appearance. Looking out the window and pretending she was still in Rappapa’s clubroom, she thought how her remaining time would be spent. It definitely wouldn’t be a waste if she got to fight Maeda, and if she lost...well she couldn’t stay the top forever.

Maeda... Interesting~ I expect a lot from her.

Maeda had never met Yuko, but Yuko knew her. She had seen a photo, a picture Minami showed her of two girls in school uniforms that consisted of a white shirt and navy blazer, one with a messy ponytail that was flashing a peace sigh and another with long curly black hair and a cute smile.

“This is Atsuko. Maeda Atsuko.”

“Atsuko? A friend of yours?”

“Yeah, my best friend.”

Yuko chuckled, “You sound really happy about that.”

“Why shouldn’t I be? She just promised me today that she’ll study with me to become nurses. We made a promise together, to live seriously.”

Yuko sat up and ran a hand through her bangs. “I want to see it someday...” Her gaze was focused on something ahead, far far ahead, and on something only she seemed to be able to see. “Can you show it to me, Maeda? I want you to show serious you really are.”

And the history.

A/N: There wasn't much dialogue in this one but there's also a ton in the epilogue, so hopefully that balances out. One more chapter to go! XD It's not over yet~

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 11: Seriousness
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Nice to see you're back. :D

Very nice. Geki is so cute; oh, how she gonna miss Yuko so much. She really is like a puppy. x3

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 11: Seriousness
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Awwww.... Gekikara is adorable!  :shy2:  Her interaction with Yuko-san in this chapter reminded me of the 'Majijo from the world above' scene where she told Yuko-san how she has been looking for her but couldn't find her!  :pleeease:   :gyaaah:

And Rappapa escorting Yuko-san to the hospital and then saying goodbye  :farofflook: 

And of course Yuko-san, being the awesome leader that she is, worrying about her classmates! Just thinking about it..... :on speedy:

Lastly, let's not forget about the Black/Gekikara interaction! I honestly couldn't stop laughing and , much to my embarrassment, squealing (but don't tell anyone)  :sweat:

Anyway, sorry for rambling but you have no idea how excited I was when I saw you were back with an incredible chapter!  :ptam-glow:

As always the characters interaction and their connection with Yuko-san is my most favourite part!   :imdead:

Once again awesome chapter and great writing!  :cool1:

 PS. I'm glad you're back!  :byebye:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Part 11: Seriousness
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Now Yuko - san has been admit to the hospital and the story is synchronized with the first season of the drama flow.. 

The next is going to be the epilogue??  :cry:

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Epilogue: Home - COMPLETED
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OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN LIKE A YEAR. So sorry! *dogeza* Anyways this is the last part if anyone's still interested and I'm so sorry to have left it unposted for so long  :( This epilogue basically connects Majisuka Gakuen season 1 to season 2, at least how I see it.

Epilogue: Home

One by one, they said their goodbyes.

Yuko had done it. She graduated. Just like she said she would. She made it to the ceremony even though she had been unconscious for the entire week before, even though no one believed she could – no one except for her family of course. But then again Yuko never went back on her word.

So she had somehow pulled it off, tying loose ends and passing the baton over to a new teppen. But with this, it was really time to bid their goodbyes.

Gekikara went first, even though she didn’t even know what goodbyes were. The others were all too lifeless to move right away, they just sat on the hard plastic chairs outside her hospital room, heads down and staring at the dull concrete tiles thinking of nothing at all.

Gekikara was the only one that couldn’t just sit there, she had to move. She knew she was sad. Gekikara knew what sadness was, and that this was what she was feeling, but she didn’t like moping around and neither did Yuko. So she went first.

“Hey Geki~ How you feelin’?” The small figure of Yuko, dressed in her Majijo uniform (a sight they hadn’t seen for a while but she hadn’t changed since the graduation ceremony a few hours ago) sitting on her bed with the sheets a mess.


It pained her. “I’m sorry Geki.”

“Yuko-san...There is no need to be sorry.” Gekikara walked over to the bed, sitting down next to Yuko with her hands in her lap. She didn’t know why, but she felt she should be quiet now.

“Still, I’m sorry anyways.” Yuko sounded sad too, Gekikara didn’t like that.


“Listen Geki...I’m sorry I don’t have more time to spend with you...but live seriously, alright? There’s no point if you’re not serious.”

“Serious about what?”

I don’t understand...why is she leaving? Why can’t she stay? And teach me more about these things...Yuko-san...

“Take fighting for example, a fight without purpose is meaningless. Whether you win or lose, it has no meaning. Do you understand?”

Gekikara frowned, “I think so.”

Yuko patted her head, feeling that Gekikara had matured a lot lately. She was so glad she got to see her grow up. “Well, I guess that’s all I have to teach you. The rest will be all up to you.”

“But Yuko-san, I don’t think I can do it.” Gekikara frowned, hands folded in her lap because she didn’t know what else to do with them.

“Don’t worry~ Worrying never gets you anywhere. But if you ever find yourself lost...” Yuko suddenly thought of a brilliant idea. “Why don’t you go find this brat I know? Her name’s Jurina. I think you’ll like her~”

“Jurina? Is she not a yankee?”

“Oh no she’s a yankee alright~ One of the most serious ones I’ve ever met. I had a little run-in with her once and she reminded me of you. So if you ever feel lonely, you can go find her.”

“Okay.” Gekikara perked up just a little bit hearing this. If Yuko said so, then Gekikara would do just that.

Yuko smiled, “Just promise me that you’ll keep being just the way you are. Take care of those important to you, and graduate. You can go places Geki, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Gekikara had always been given up on, no one expected anything, not until Yuko believed in her. She wasn’t done for, she wasn’t wrong, she wasn’t a monster. Gekikara had more potential than anyone to grow, and Yuko knew that.


You’ll be okay, Geki. I know it. Yuko wished her the best of luck. Because Gekikara was part of Yuko’s family, and Yuko had faith in her.


“Hey~” Yuko initiated a fist bump as soon as Shibuya barged in, then patted the free space next to her. “How you feelin’?”

Shibuya scoffed and plopped down unceremoniously on the bed. “Isn’t that the most ironic thing you could ask?”

“Hehe~ Maybe but I want to hear what you guys think. So tell it to me straight, Shibuya...”

I don’t want this. I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want her to do this—

“I want you to tell me what you’re really feeling right now, as I’m still here talking to you. I won’t get another chance and neither will you.” Sometimes butting heads always was the best way to communicate and Yuko was going to have a serious, up-front talk with Shibuya for once whether she liked it or not.

Shibuya’s jaw muscles tighted as she swallowed thickly. She wanted to cover her ears so bad. But instead she said, “I’m pissed.”

“I figured.”

“I’m pissed that you’re talking like that. I’m pissed that you’re leaving us like this. I’m definitely pissed that I’m actually telling you how I feel right now!”

There was a wide grin on Yuko’s face. “Now that wasn’t so hard was it?”

Shibuya scoffed. Yuko was still messing around even with her complexion paler than the sheets. Shibuya didn’t like it. It was like she was resigned to her fate. Shibuya didn’t like when people gave up, you should never give up—especially not Yuko. Not Yuko. “Shut up, I don’t like you talking to me like a freaking counselor or something.”

“Oh ho so you’re really going to tell me exactly what you’re thinking huh? Interesting~”

And Yuko had a face that said ‘go on’, so Shibuya let it all out. “I really respect you—I always have, Yuko-san. But not just that, I also despised you.” She then let out a deep breath, “You were so strong, so carefree and cheerful and happy. You were what I wanted to be, but I couldn’t. I was weak, I was betrayed and hurt, so I thought I could never beat you even though I tried so many times.”

At some point though, even if it took her a long time, Shibuya did notice something - that perhaps Yuko wasn’t the one she was trying to beat.

“But one day I realized that I was wrong. All of a sudden it was like I figured it out. You weren’t happy, you weren’t cheerful, you weren’t carefree and strong like I thought. You were just like me. But you dealt with your problems and became strong.”

Yuko nodded. She’d been waiting all this time for Shibuya to come to that conclusion, and once she did, well Yuko knew that there was no way Shibuya wouldn’t grow stronger.

“And that’s when happiness came to you.”

“You’re wrong about that last part.”


“I wasn’t happy—I am not happy now because I’m strong. I’m happy...because you guys are here. You guys actually care about me like no one ever did before, and I’m sure you can understand that feeling.” Yuko was sure she did.

Shibuya nodded slowly, as though admitting it for the first time.

Then Yuko’s smile turned a just a smidge sad when she said, “I’m sorry though, Shibuya.”

“What for?” There was no reason to apologize.

“I broke my promise, even after I finally got you to trust me and for that, I’m really sorry.”

Shibuya shook her head. No, Yuko didn’t have to be sorry. In the end...Shibuya couldn’t very well stay mad when Yuko was looking so sad, now could she? “Don’t be. I’m grateful, and I mean it. You...You’re the only who’s ever trusted me so don’t worry about it. I’m not mad at all.”

Yuko stared at her a while, like she was deciphering Shibuya’s words but the latter didn’t even flinch at the gaze.



Then Yuko couldn’t help but let out a laugh when she saw that stubborn and unwavering expression. It had never changed ever since she met the girl, not one bit. Yes, being straightforward suited Shibuya very much.

“I wish I could witness it myself, but why don’t you keep on going? Straight down whatever path you choose and never stop being honest because that’s how you are. And it really does suit you a lot more than keeping it in.” She squeezed Shibuya’s shoulder.


“Just be honest, Shibuya.” Yuko added, and on her face was the same soft smile Yuko showed her when she extended her hand to Shibuya that fateful day. “Because when you’re being absolutely honest, it’s hard not to trust you and you can believe me on this one~” She winked.

And at that Shibuya finally cracked a small but true grin. “I understand. Thank you, Yuko-san. For everything.”


“Torigoya!” Yuko tried to get up from the bed to tackle her, but almost fell down in the process and clung to the bedframe for support, metal bars screeching for a second under the weight.

“Baka!” Torigoya immediately caught her and helped her back to bed, sitting both of them down. “What are you thinking?! You’re in no condition to be moving around!”

Yuko pouted, “But you know I hate being confined~” And Torigoya almost gave in, almost, but then Yuko continued, “And I haven’t felt your boobs or oshiri in sooooo long! I miss them!”

“Baka! Hentai! Pervert!” With each word, Torigoya pounded on Yuko’s shoulder harder. “Is that all you miss?!”

“Ow ow! Stop!” Yuko tried in vain to block her but Torigoya was surprisingly speedy. And even though Torigoya was the weakest physically out of all of them, girly punches still hurt. “Of course I missed you too!”

Hearing this, Torigoya finally snapped out and blushed, just now realizing that she had asked that. “I-I will miss you too...”

Normally she might not have answered so simply, being the airheaded tsundere she is, but...

Yuko patted her on the head. “You’ll be okay~”

“No I won’t!” Torigoya finally broke at Yuko’s touch. She’d tried so hard, tried to act like normal even when she saw Yuko almost collapse, but now she buried her face in Yuko’s shoulder, arms wrapped tightly around her waist because if any looser Yuko would disappear. “You won’t be around anymore...”

After she finally found her safe haven, it would leave her already.

“Aw come on~ I never did much, you’ll be fine without me.”

“Well...I suppose you’re right about that...” Torigoya sniffled, “All you did was touch my butt.”

“Hey! That’s not all I did!”

She stifled a giggle. Thank you, Yuu-chan. “Yes it is~”

“I touched your boobs too! They are some nice assets~” Yuko nodded in approval, earning another faint blush from Torigoya.

“Pervert squirrel...”

Yuko laughed, Torigoya shaking along with her since they were pressed close. Torigoya smiled. It felt nice. Then Yuko spoke up and asked the same question she did of all of them. “So then, how are you feeling right now?”

“Embarrassed. Exasperated. You’re really a handful.”


Torigoya giggled again but pulled back to look at her, “Just kidding~”

Yuko sighed, though not without the faint trace of a smile still lingering. “I really will miss you...” This time she wrapped her arms around Torigoya, around the shoulders so Torigoya wouldn’t push her away for being a pervert, and laid back on the bed.

“I know.” Torigoya snuggled next to Yuko where she felt safest (or Yuu-chan which was the nickname she used in private, because Torigoya was never much for respect and the yankee style anyways).

Yuko had always loved skinship, and Sado was too much of a stick to cuddle, so she turned to Torigoya. It was awkward at first, lots of slaps and hands where they shouldn’t be. But Yuko never gave up, and eventually they grew to find the other’s presence comfortable (mainly just Torigoya got used to Yuko) and it became a normal thing.

To be honest, Torigoya was never around people much, and the ones she knew were horrible. She was always locked up and in the dark, literally, but that’s what she finally found in common with Yuko. Torigoya never did like being confined either. And though she never told Yuko her real thoughts, Torigoya trusted that Yuko understood and felt the same way.

And Yuko didn’t apologize to her either, not like with the others, there was no need to if it was Torigoya. Yuko spoke through her actions after all.

So they cuddled there on bed, tangled up with each other. And they just stayed there, just like that, until their time was up.


“So~ Black, how you feeling?”

“Following the light that disappears, the fire also leaves my body.”

“Aww come on~ Don’t say that Black~”

“...” Black just sat on that chair in front of Yuko, staring at her with that unreadable expression.

Yuko sighed and rubbed the back of her neck, “Sorry, I know I’m really letting all you guys down.”

Black’s eyes widened a bit. “No, you are not.”

“Come on, you know I am. No need to lie about it, Black.”


“Try to be a bit more open, alright? You’re always so cold, just like a stone statue, but you’re also reliable and solid, like a guardian so have bit more confidence in yourself.”


“And for god’s sake try communicating! Your riddles are so hard for me to figure out~” Yuko whined. “I never went to school you know! I’m no good at poetry and stuff.”

“H-Hai, Yuko-san...I will try.” Black looked down shyly.

“And you know, Black...” She glanced up and Yuko suddenly looked at her so seriously, the sight briefly blasting her back to the first time she met Yuko, a long long time ago in that alley. “You can always find another light.”

“ is not that simple.” Black stated.

“Sure it is. It’s as simple as you want it to be, but you’ll have to make it simple, with your own hands.” Yuko clenched both fists in example.

“...I can’t.”

“You can.” She insisted. “I know you have another reason to live for, and it will be enough to replace me.”

Black jerked her head up fully, mostly in surprise. Wait...does she know? Unintentionally, she placed a hand on her belly.

Yuko smiled, and Black couldn’t really tell if she did or not.

“Somebody needs to take care of Geki too~ So I’ll leave that to you okay? Don’t let me down.”

“...Hai.” Though hesitant at first, it was a definite answer. “I will.”



Sado was last.

“Hey Sado!”

“Idiot! Sit down!” Sado scolded when she saw Yuko trying to get up.

But Yuko just laughed her off, “You’re just like Torigoya~” She sat back down though, she did just do it to scare Sado a bit, just a little bit for shits and giggles.

Sado huffed and crossed her arms. Unlike the others, she didn’t want to be close to Yuko right now and chose to lean on the window sill facing her. They’d always been better at facing off than anything else anyways.

Yuko let her legs hand off the bed and stretched her arms high with a wide grin. “Ah that feels nice~ You know I’ve been dishing out advice like it’s my job? I feel all pretentious and shit, so mind if I just talk with you normally?”

Her eyes were bright, blindingly so. Sado almost didn’t want to look so she rolled her eyes.

“As if you have to ask.”

Yuko’s eyes lit up even more at her answer. These two never broke routine, even now, they supported each other’s backs. Yuko was grateful for that. Sado was even more so.

“So...” Yuko cleared her throat, “How you feeling?”

“Like crap.”

She barked out a laugh. “I like that answer~”

And Sado quirked a small smile too, though a bit forced. “So anything you have to say to me? Any wise words of wisdom or wonderful advice on the meaning of life like you told the others?”

“I think you already know what I would say~”

She shrugged, “But I figured I’d ask anyways.”

“A wise-ass until the end huh? I’m gonna miss you.” Yuko shook her head, chuckling.

“Hey don’t get sappy on me.” Sado warned her.

“Oh shut up. You’re the sentimental one and you know it.”

“Says the one who cries at animated movies.”

“I like cartoons! They are no worse than live action!” Yuko protested. “And it was sad when that dog died!!”

Sado still had that pained smile on. “ was sad, wasn’t it? When they lost him...”

“Sado...” Yuko sighed and moved to sit cross legged. “We had a good run didn’t we? I don’t have any regrets really.”

“Don’t worry about me, Yuko. I’ll be fine.”

“Pfft yeah right,” She rolled her eyes. “’Cause I’ll be spinning in my grave with worry.” Yuko made a circular motion with her index finger, voice dripping with sarcasm. “It’s not like you can take care of yourself or anything, such a crybaby—okay scratch that you actually are a crybaby, not to mention like fifty years older than me.”

“OI! I am not old.” Sado glared daggers at the squirrel. She didn’t care if Yuko was the head or anything, that didn’t matter right now. They were just two friends, having a nice (rude) chat like always. And no one gets away with calling her old (Sado’s kinda sensitive about that).

“Yes you are, you damn babaa (old lady).”

“And here I thought I was the sadistic one.”

“You’re right! You’re a sadist too! Damn you got a terrible personality.”

“Shut the hell up.”

Yuko laughed, and that got Sado to too.

It was a good long laugh and ended with Yuko wiping a few tears from her eyes, asking, “Man what are we even? What are we Sado?”

“The hell should I know? You’re the one who’s always got the crazy ideas. Don’t ask me.”

“Ah you’re right again~”

Sado sighed at Yuko’s sudden epiphany, but a smile tugged at the corners of her lips - a real one this time.

“But I think...I remember you saying once...that we couldn’t be best friends because we were all so different. But we were close anyways, we had those bonds to keep us together.” Yuko looked wistful for a moment.

You were that bond.

“And I aren’t wrong. We aren’t best friends. We’re not even friends.”

Sado looked shocked for a split second.

“We’re comrades. And more than that, we’re family.” Yuko smiled nostalgically, eyes a little teary as she looked up at her. “Keep our family together, Sado. That’s my last order.”


Sado came out crying. The whole body shaking silently kind. It wasn’t much of a surprise. She never cried, but when it came to one could blame her.

It was hard.

Yuko was the glue that kept them together. The head of the family. Their sister. Their home.

It was hard losing someone you cared about.

But their home wouldn’t disappear just because Yuko wasn’t physically there. A home doesn’t just stop existing once it becomes your home, because it’ll always be in their memories – just like Yuko. Those memories were now their most precious things, that time they spent together, and this would be Yuko’s new home.

So they would be okay. For Yuko’s sake.

And for Yuko’s sake, they would keep on living as serious or perhaps even more than Yuko did. Though none of them thought they could possibly match the girl’s spirit, they could at least try. Because that’s what it meant to be a yankee.

To get up after hitting rock bottom and keep going...that was true strength.

Yuko taught them that.


After talking with Yuko, Shibuya took off down another hallway to cool down, nearly pushing past Torigoya as the latter tried to come in. She was angry, bitter, and sad for so many reasons—Yuko being the cause for all of them.

But Shibuya didn’t want to think about that.

So she thought back to Maeda. That girl who never seemed to care about being strong or fighting at all, which was what Shibuya cared about the most.

Damn her...

She wanted nothing more than to beat that stone cold face in. But during that taiman...when their wills clashed, Shibuya realized that she could never win against her—why Yuko and Sado seemed to be so fixated on Maeda, then she didn’t feel like fighting anymore. All her willingness just left her like an empty shell.

Shibuya, for the first time in her life, threw the fight.

Scoffing at her own thoughts, Shibuya leaned her back against the wall, having traveled far enough with her hands stuck deep in her pockets.

“Her headbutt isn’t even as hard as Sado’s.” She muttered.

It really messed with her pride, especially when the whole school buzzed with the news but...she did it for Yuko. They would all be graduating in a few months, no one to take over Majijo as the top, so maybe this would reassure her. It was Shibuya’s own way of sending Yuko off. If Maeda could beat all of them, then Yuko could move on without any regrets.

And now she will.

But Shibuya won’t. Those feelings of doing whatever she could for Yuko’s sake...they were gone now. And so was Yuko.

Even though she promised...she would never betray me...

Shibuya slammed her fist on the wall, bitter tears spilling over. In the end, Yuko left her just like everyone else. Just like everyone else. But Shibuya couldn’t honestly be mad at Yuko even if she desperately told herself she was. Even if she desperately tried to disguise her sadness with anger.

In the end, Shibuya knew she had already forgiven her.

But what she couldn’t forgive...was Maeda. Shibuya didn’t approve of Maeda. She knew Yuko and Sado both did, that Maeda was strong and carried the same seriousness as Yuko. But that alone wasn’t good enough to be the top, not in Shibuya’s opinion. Maeda never would be.

Maeda could never replace Yuko.

Shibuya’s fist against the wall tightened, leather squeaking from the pressure. Yuko didn’t set the rules anymore, so she would play by her own.

“Maeda...Prepare yourself.” Shibuya was about to take matters into her own hands.

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Epilogue: Home - COMPLETED
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And that's the start of MG season 2!! Fyuuhh that was a journey. Oh how I wish there is a pre-season 2 just like this story.

Anyway, this is a good wrap. Otsukaresama deshita!!  :twothumbs :)

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] A Place Called Home - Epilogue: Home - COMPLETED
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Yuko-san's reign has ended but she will always be remembered as the greatest teppen of Majisuka Gakuen  :ptam-cry:

And everyone's goodbye is just....  :ptam-hbk:

I honestly believe that they should have a scene like your omake in season 2; even as fleshback. It explains why Shibuya turned her back on Majisuka. :bingo:

Anyways, I'm glad you're back, even if it means the end of this beautiful story :on cny2:

I look forward to any future stories you may write. :kneelbow:   :byebye:

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