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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]  (Read 120088 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
« Reply #40 on: May 22, 2017, 11:00:41 AM »
Hello Author-san..this my first comment in your story...  I like your story :wub: although i'm not really like genben but when this story update I can't to not read it :inlove: :inlove:
and i love this chapter coz you add kojiyuu couple :twothumbs *will u add atsumina couple and the other legend couple too??
are yuu-kun not like fuyu???why??
when yui(haru) come and make more drama in this story?? :P
thanks for your update author-san :twothumbs... *comeback to silent reader mode...
sorry for my bad english :P

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
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@ SharkiiiRenz-san, haha. Did you just change your name or this is really a new account? Your way of talking reminds me of someone.


I've been silent reader here for a 6 months or 7 months. I can't remember lmao. And i learned that you cannot change your username here you need to message the admin if you want to change it. And it's my first time to make an account here lmao.

Oh, the way i talk is natural since i was 5 y/o lmao. And the *-*)/, ;-;)/ and this *-*)7 emoticons or emoji's (i don't know which the two of these are correct lol.) i learned it from facebook haha..

But... Back to the story topic haha.

So Harunyan is the mother of Fuyu and Natsu right? And who's the father haha? Squirrel-san lmaoooo. 😂

And an Anti kid hohoho~ Interesting. (ノシ ・A・)ノシ バンバン

So Fuyu's the King right? So who's the Prince? Haru or Natsu? (Kinda reminds me of an anime named Highschool DxD. It's kind of Romance,Action,Comedy and Ecchi haha.)

So Maki's an Chuunibyou. Niceeee. (So maki's chuunibyou character here has a kind of reference from a anime named 中二病でも恋がしたい! (Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!) In english "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions" right?)

So Maki,Fuyu,Natsu and Ashu here are childhood friends. Niceee! I like Ashurin because of her i'm practising drums haha. Thanks for adding her in this story. とてもありがとうございます!

So their parents got divorced right? If that's Squirrel-san.... PLEASE MAKE THEM BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! FOR KOJIYUU FANDOMS SAKE!

And can you add other Nogizaka members besides Ashu like Ikuta-san,Akimoto-san (Zukkyun-sama  :heart:), Hoshino-san (Minami), Nishino-san, Sakurai-san, Sayuri-san and Shiraishi-san. And add some Keyakizaka members like Hirate-san, Nagahama-san, Sugai-san,   Koike-san, Moriya-san, Imaizumi-san, W-Watanabe, Shida-san, Habu-san, Kobayashi-san, Ozeki-san or Harada-san (Aoi) and lastly Saito-san (Fuyuka)....

If you add them in this story... i can die early haha..

But.. if you don't like then... hmm.... it's fine haha... you're the author of this story so what i can do haha. But i'm still going to read this even you don't add them to your story Haha.. And i think it's good if you don't add them bcos the story won't be that confusing right? Haha..

See yaaaa~

The program that you used to your chibi art i tried it and it pretty good but i like Sai more lmao. (Even though i don't really draw haha..)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
« Reply #42 on: May 22, 2017, 01:16:08 PM »
@Sanno K-san, thank you for reading the story. ^^ We have to wait to see if the other pairings will come out as well. :) But I am planning to make this fic all-stars with cameos here and there so everyone must watch out. Haha. ^^
It seems like a lot of people are waiting for Haru. Don't worry. He will come out soooon~

@SharkiiRenz-san, you say so.  :bigdeal:
You know?  I can't shake off the feeling that you are someone I know. I'm sorry about that.
Maki's character has nothing to do with that anime since chuunibyou is a real case. ^^
As I have said, I want to make this an all-star fic which means they might come out so you have to be attentive. XD

I think I made a confusion about the family. I fixed it earlier.
Haruna is not the mother of the twins. To those who got confused, I'm really sorry.  :kneelbow:
I was a little sleepy while I was updating I kind of deleted the essential part.

Stalker Fuyu...  :mon cweepy:

I love girls in short cut...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
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Sooo, a chuunibyou appeared and not a zombie lol if I imagine that she's the real deal, man it would be chaos hahaha kissing random people everywhere XD

And about those twins' parents, thanks for the note. I already got it hahaha, I re-read the part where chuuni-Maki explained the details.

I hope someday, Natsu and Fuyu's relationship would be better. Really, Natsu's trying hard to gain his big bro's attention back to him. :cry:

And hey I got some theories in my mind... but I'm not sure lol

It seems like a lot of people are waiting for Haru. Don't worry. He will come out soooon~

Heck yeah, that's right! Hahaha I wonder what Haru is doing now? :?

On to the next chapter! Hahaha! (I finally commented XD)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
« Reply #44 on: May 22, 2017, 03:28:44 PM »
Sasuga Cut-sama~~ I don't know what to say now or maybe




As expected from you Cut-sama you never disappoint us with your works!

And what do you mean by coming soon? Is Sakura really going to kiss everyone?!?!?


Just a silent, introverted girl filled the 48 and 46 love

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
« Reply #45 on: May 23, 2017, 02:14:31 AM »
You really like to give the characters a not so bright background story huh...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
« Reply #46 on: May 24, 2017, 06:02:33 AM »
Will there be a love story from natsu-kun ?
Awesome fic ~

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21) + Character Chart (05-24)
« Reply #47 on: May 24, 2017, 03:43:13 PM »
@Erza_Jerusalem-san, tell me your theories. XD
Haru is somewhere in Europe I think. :)
@yukine-san, I'd like to do that but Sakura wrestled everyone on her SSK appeal video.  :nervous What am I even saying? Hahaha.
@Genkikid-san, I want to write that in my resume under my specialties. Haha. Just kidding. :)
@kumabear-san, Of course. Natsu-kun can never be left out. :) Thank you for reading the fic.

And now, as promised... I made some character chart. I don't if this is helpful or I just really want to edit something. Haha.  :nervous
Here it is~

I just put the main characters from TTM that has already come out/mentioned in WISH. It's a little hard to make the character relationship chart for WISH for now. It might become such a big spoiler so that will be for some other time. XD
So I just made the reincarnation chart (maybe we can call it like that.)

That's all~ Next chapter will be on Friday~ Please remind me in case I forget about it.  :nervous

*credits to the respective owners of the pictures that I used.
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I love girls in short cut...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21) + Character Chart (05-24)
« Reply #48 on: May 24, 2017, 06:37:33 PM »
Hoshizora senpai is so handsome :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
« Reply #49 on: May 25, 2017, 08:37:41 AM »
@SharkiiRenz-san, you say so.  :bigdeal:
You know?  I can't shake off the feeling that you are someone I know. I'm sorry about that.
Haha. It's okay some ppl always mistakenly says that i'm someone that they know even though that i'm not haha. Sad haha.

Maki's character has nothing to do with that anime since chuunibyou is a real case. ^^
Oh, i didn't know that chuunibyou is a real case. Sorry haha.. because my stupid teacher didn't even tell me haha i watch too many animes haha..

As I have said, I want to make this an all-star fic which means they might come out so you have to be attentive. XD
OMFG! A big thanks to you author-san haha.. i can die happily now haha.. XD
Thanks for the chart author-san haha. Now i know who's juju here haha.. and hoshizora-kun looks hot there. And he looks like Kim Woo Bin a little bit because of his hair haha.. Too bad that Kim Woo Bin has a rare canser or disease. I hope he survive from this rare canser or disease. Sad..

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21) + Character Chart (05-24)
« Reply #50 on: May 25, 2017, 03:10:43 PM »
Yay. The mere mention of AkiGori in the 4th chapter makes me so happy. 😄😄😄
And seriously?!!! TWINS?!!!!
Also that was a big reveal. How KojiHaru went through those things during her youth.

Seems like the updates won't be on the usually day now huh.
Well its ok. I still get to read them once a week.

Gambattene Cut-san. 😊😊

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
« Reply #51 on: May 26, 2017, 03:23:25 PM »


IT’S JUST the second week of the semester but to Fumie it already felt like a month has passed. A lot of things already happened in a short period of time. She got herself involve in scenarios that she never wished to be in at this time of her life.

She received a confession, got into a forced relationship that only lasted for two days, got into a fight with a famous young actor and now being challenged by her producer. All of this didn’t give her leisure to rest during the weekend.

Fumie is walking down the slope from her home when she gave out a deep sigh. She agreed with Haruna’s challenge but until now she hasn’t thought of anything to succeed with the challenge. She searched for information about the twins on the internet and as expected, Natsu outnumbered Fuyu in terms of data. He is widely-known anyway; he even got an international fanbase. There are a lot of facts and trivia about him in the internet. On the other hand, Fuyu is just known as a rookie model with striking looks.

On her research, Fumie found a forum about Fuyu and she found a lot of unconfirmed data about the lad. She found out that Fuyu’s obsession is not known to the public. His fans that aren’t from NHG just know that he is having some issues with life that’s why he doesn’t seem motivated. Haruna was right when she said what happens inside the campus stays in the campus.

She’s surprised that the photos of her together with Fuyu aren’t visible when she self-searched. It seems like the rumor and gossip page of NHG isn’t connected to any search engine and is really private.

Fumie paused with her walk when the door of a familiar house suddenly opened. Fuyu came out of the house biting a slice of bread. His hair is unfixed with all his bed hair on the loose. Even his neck tie isn’t properly tied. On his hand is a pack of milk.

Fumie watched him lock the house and even made sure that it can’t be opened. With the marvelous smell being around, it got Fuyu’s attention and he sniffed to make sure making him turn to where Fumie is. The girl froze on the spot and she doesn’t even know what she must do.

Fuyu, on the other hand, just looked at her and gave out a small bow. After that, he dashed out of the gate and went down the slope without looking back.

Fumie felt a slight pinch in her heart. She slapped herself to wake up from reality.

“Don’t feel bad, Fumie! This is what you want, right?” she reminded herself and started walking towards the bus stop.

The bus arrived just when she arrived on the bus stop. She was thankful that it saved her from the awkward silence with Fuyu if they happened to wait for it longer.

Fuyu let her rode the bus first and she sat on her usual seat. She watched as Fuyu made his way towards a solo seat, leaned his head on the window then sleep. Fumie slapped herself once more for expecting that Fuyu will come and seat by her side. How many times does she have to slap herself just to remember that she drove him away?

Fumie released a sigh while looking at the guy who is in a deep sleep. She is thankful that she isn’t the type that is so pushy. She’s glad that Fuyu respects her dreams and he is true to his words that he isn’t going to bother her. The only problem now is she. She could feel herself being pulled in by something.


MIYU and Maki couldn’t believe what they just heard. They looked at each other to confirm that they heard the same thing.

“Are you sure about that? Why the sudden change?” Miyu asked.

“Did you realize that you are really meant for King over the weekend? Are you going to be the new Adam and Eve now?” Maki seconded, thinking about a lot of wild things.

Fumie sighed. “No… I just thought that what Matsui-senpai told me is true. I don’t know much about Hoshizora-senpai at all but just like others, I judged him and even thought that he is crazy. That is something that a proper idol shouldn’t do.”

The two slid to their seats powerless. Hearing the word idol from Fumie also means that the FuFu couple won’t be back together.

“Why are you guys acting like that?” Fumie asked, pouting. “All I want to do is to help the brothers to patch things up with their relationship.”

“Waah~” Miyu rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Now you want to play hero? Please decide in which career you are really going to take.”

“Come on, Miyu…” Fumie sulk down to her desk and buried her face to her arms. “After hearing their story from Togawa-san, I just can’t stop thinking of how Hoshizora-senpai could look at Matsui-senpai as his brother again. I have a brother, too, you know? Family members are very important.”

“So, what are you planning now?”

“That’s the problem.” Fumie scratched her head. “I couldn’t think of any plan. I know I’m not in the position to do this for them. I’m not even their friend.”

A triumphant laugh was then heard from Maki who is laughing like a detective who have finally solved the case. She is even covering the right side of her face in a fashionable way. The two gulped. Seems like the chuunibyou has come up with a plan.

“I think I know who can help us with this.” Maki smirked.


MUSIC is filling the whole hallway during that after school time. The band called the Phantom Note is currently on their break from plugging their new album to the public but they are still practicing their songs even if they are in school.

The three girls sneaked to the area where only legible members of the light music club can only enter. They peek into the studio and they saw their target singing his heart out while playing his guitar.

“Are you sure about asking help from him?” Miyu asked while clinging to Fumie. “Why don’t we just go directly to the two guys? I’m sure Hoshi-senpai will listen to you if you talk to him, Fumie!”

Fumie looked at her friend with doubting eyes. “Togawa-san is right. I think Yamamoto-senpai knows more about the two. I believe he can help us and please…” she sighed. “Stop calling Hoshizora-senpai that way.”

Maki advanced to the front door of the studio by rolling like some sort of special agent. She looked to her left and to her right to make sure there are no enemies. She turned to her comrades and, with a serious look, gestured for them to follow her. The two girls slapped their forehead then followed the other girl.

The music stopped playing and they heard laughter from the inside. It seems like they are on a break now. It’s a good chance to talk!

“Let’s enter the enemy base now, guys!” Maki was about to kick the door open but luckily the two other girls caught her.

“W-W-What do you think you are doing, Togawa-san!?” Fumie whispered but almost shouting.

“I’m going to break the door open to surprise our enemies—“

Miyu covered Maki’s mouth. “We are here to ask for help, remember? Stop being a chuunibyou for once!”

The door of the studio suddenly opened which caught them off guard. Aki came out, looking at them curiously. His bandmates are peeking behind him. The two were frozen in such a way that they look like they are kidnapping Maki. The chuunibyou immediately set herself free.

“The enemy boss has come o—“ Miyu was fast to shut Maki’s mouth again.

“S-S-Sorry about this girl!” She apologized while trying to look at Aki. Her face is so red.

Aki looked so surprised. He looked at everyone until his stare landed to Fumie. His brows twitched a bit.

“S-Shingyoji-san?” he called. “What brought you here?”

“I-I am here to ask a favor… it’s about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai…” Fumie went straight to her point.

“About Fuyu and Natsu?” he asked to make sure which Fumie answered with a nod. It seems like it piqued his interest. He looked back at Miyu at the corner of his eye. The girl immediately looked away right after their stares met. Aki smiled then turned back to Fumie. “Tell me more about that, Shingyoji-san.”


“SO YOU basically want Fuyu to start treating Natsu like a brother again?”

Fumie nodded at that question of Aki. They were welcomed inside the studio to talk about the favor. The other members of the band went out to get some fresh air. They were made to sit on stools while Aki sat on the beatbox.

“I heard their story from Togawa-san. It made me feel like I want to help them.”

“He~?” Aki smirked. “Sorry but can I ask you what you are going to get in helping them? You have already turned Fuyu down, right? Why is it that you want to help them now?”

Fumie was taken aback. Can she answer that she was just challenged by her producer that’s why she is doing this? “W-Well, I—“

“Well~” Aki stretched. “I like your plan. I have been trying to do that but I keep on failing. I want to help you with that.”

The girls smiled after hearing the affirmation from Aki. The guy was also pleased to see them smiling but he noticed that there is still one girl that can’t properly smile in front of him.

“So, what is your plan?” Aki asked.

Another villainous laugh was heard as Maki slowly rises up from her seat. She’s on her signature pose again. “At this point in time, you can’t deny that you all really need the perfect lab creation. There will be no better idea coming from someone who has already died but was brought back to life and became the most perfect zom—“

She was not able to finish her sentence when she saw the three casually getting out of the room.

“D-D-Don’t you think it is getting moist here, Yamamoto-senpai?” Miyu asked.

“Let’s go to a café somewhere? Would you like that, Shingyoji-san?”

“I don’t mind. Please tell me more about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai.”

Maki gritted her teeth and her eyes started to get teary due to embarrassment. “At the very least LISTEN TO ME!!!”


cut: :panic: Are you having fun?  :cathappy:

FUMIE was welcomed by the mouth-watering smell of sukiyaki being cooked. It was already around dinner time when she went back home due to training and this is what she exactly needed.

She found her parents in the dining area who seem to be expecting for her to arrive. She was welcomed by a kiss by her mom which she gladly received. Her father even pulled the chair for her to invite her to eat. She saw her father’s bionic arm again which she has already grown used to seeing.

“Are we really having this feast?” She asked right after taking her seat. She couldn’t believe that they are having sukiyaki at just a normal day. As far as she could remember, there is nothing special during that day.

“We just want to celebrate the fact that you haven’t lost your way ever since we came back to Japan! Omedetou~” her mother explained. The couple even clapped for her as if they are really rejoicing about Fumie’s success. The girl gave out a forced laughter.

“So this is for me not being a ponkotsu, right?” She scratched her head. Her parents just gladly nodded at her question. Fumie sighed but then she smiled. At least she is getting used to travelling alone now. She could finally shake off the ponkotsu title.

“My daughter is finally a grown-up!” Her father was smiling from ear to ear and nothing could make her happier than this. Her father has already got out of the mud of trauma from the war. He was once a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Army but he got severely injured at the last encounter he had making him lose his right arm.

The government repaid his bravery by giving him a bionic arm but it was the trauma that is hardest to deal with. It was his toughest fight especially when someone special died because he couldn’t protect him.

Fumie looked at the vacant seat beside her. She smiled faintly. That reminiscing smile wasn’t able to escape her parents’ eyes.

’It would be nice if Nii-san was here.’ is what that smile means, right?”

Fumie’s eyes widened when she heard that sentence from her father. She tried to deny the fact that she’s thinking of her brother because she was afraid that it might open some wounds. They have never brought out her brother’s name for a very long time.

“It’s okay Fuu-chan…” Her father assured her with a smile on his face. “Everyone feels the same. No matter what happens Hayato will remain a member of this family.”

Fumie bowed her head. “I’m sorry for ruining the atmosphere.”

Her father reached for her hand. That cold feeling from the bionic hands may not be able to send the warmth her father is intending to send her but it can surely make her feel the love. She looked up to her father and he is smiling to her.

“It’s not bad to miss someone but I believe Hayato will be mad if he sees we are being sad like this again. How about let’s be happy so that he would also be happy wherever he is now?”

Fumie smiled. She straightened her back and filled her actions with energy.

“Yosh! I will eat a lot of sukiyaki even if I am on a diet. I’m going to eat Nii-san’s share!”

Her parents only laughed at her. They all grabbed their chopsticks and started eating. Her father continued teasing her about her being a ponkotsu while her mother was busy protecting her from her father’s allegations. It was a lovely dinner and she would really love to go back to it if ever there was a time machine.

It was the first time after how many years that they talked about her brother without getting engulfed with sadness. She could finally say that their family is having progress now.

Fumie was in the bath when she remembered her mission about the twins. Their meeting earlier with Aki somehow gave out a good result. They will go with Maki’s plans. The autumn guy was kind enough to help her but she could feel that he is observing her actions.

“Natsu will be very happy if he gets to know about this. You might even become best friends with him.”

She remembered those words of Aki that seems to be really challenging her. She could feel that Aki somehow knows why she is suddenly doing this for the two. But she could also see that Aki is enjoying something else.

Fumie dipped herself deeper to the tub until only her eyes are above the water. She remembered her brother once again and no matter how many years have already passed the wound left in her heart still stings. Everytime she thinks of him, it still tightens her chest.

“This is why the two of you should hurry up and fix things…”


FUYU DROPPED himself to his bed after taking a bath. It is still a bit cold but it didn’t bother him. He just let his topless self to enjoy the comfort given by his bed. It has been another long day for him. Studying in the morning and working at night aren’t really easy to do. That’s where his pride would lead him.

He suddenly heard his stomach growl. It seems like the food he ate earlier isn’t enough to keep him alive through the night. He stood up to get his phone to order some food.

He turned on his phone only to see that his mail is almost exploding again. He kept receiving offers from different modeling companies but he really doesn’t have interest on modeling. He gave it a try but it never made him happy. For him, it is better to tend a small family store in the neighborhood than to fake smiles in front of the camera.

He scanned the other mails and saw another frequent visitor on his mail.

“Is this General Togawa again?” He asked himself but then he was surprised to see the first name. It was his childhood friend, Maki. “Maki? Maki the perfect zombie?”

He opened the mail only to get even more surprised. His eyes widened.

Greetings to you, lord of Ice and Snow, King of the Northern Lights!

“What!? Is she seriously calling me like this until now?” His lips almost curved into a smile after reading that one of a kind greeting.

I, Maki-0048, the perfect zombie is inviting you to come into my castle and spend the time in tearing up our vocal chords in front of a machine that will score you lower than zero and throw you in the pits of hell if your voice sounds rubbish.

Let’s entertain ourselves with the machines that my father, the greatest living scientist, has bought in cold cash to teach me the happy emotion and also the feeling of unending frustration

“Man… Her letter is so deep.” Fuyu sighed, feeling a bit of a headache.

I will be pleased if the King of the Northern Lights would come and grace us with his presence this Saturday at 10 o’clock in the morning! The meeting place is at school. The Perfect Zombie, Maki-0048, will wait for you together with my minions and also with the princes of Summer and Autumn.

And when I say minions, here’s what I am talking about.

With great curiosity, Fuyu scrolled up only to see a picture that instantly melt his icy heart. He could feel his cheeks and ears burning, his heart racing.

Maki sent her a group picture she took with Fumie and Miyu. Miyu is flashing her fisher smile while Maki is on her normal chuunibyou pose. On the other hand, Fumie, who is kind of squeezed by the two in the middle, is smiling but looks a bit troubled. Well, it seems like it is her signature look. It makes her smile looks like it is very fragile and important.

Fuyu’s thumb almost burnt when he hit the save button for the picture. He bit his lips still surprised of what he has done. The lad pouted to himself and while still staring on the screen, murmured, “Well, there are three of them, right? I’m not a complete stalker, right?”

He suddenly remembered the time he went to follow Fumie to her practice area and stood outside to wait for her and then follow her in going home. Fuyu’s face burned even more. He took his eyes away from his phone and brushed his hair backwards revealing the birthmark by his forehead.

“I am really getting crazy.” He sighed while hopelessly smiling to himself.

The lad went back to his phone and scrolled up to read the end of the message.

If this picture does not convince you to come to my castle, I guess nothing will. But remember that ignoring the invitation of the perfect zombie will bring forth a generational curse to your bloodline. Now, answer me, King of the Northern Lights, are you going to come?

Fuyu suddenly remembered the words Fumie told him the day he got rejected. It always gives a huge blow to him whenever it comes back to his mind.

He slowly typed his response and with much hesitation, he pressed send.


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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
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Please say yes!!  :cow:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
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Fuyu... that's called stalking you stalker. Now that you have a picture of her, you want more of it. :kekeke:

Now, Fumieee why the sudden change? ^^ Are you falling for your senpai now huh? Then if you are, you should back out like what your producer said lol jk just go with the flow, make him wait!!! Hahahahaha what am I even saying...

And, Hayato... who's this Hayato? Aaah I am so having many theories in my mind hahaha but I don't want to share, I shall just keep it mine. XD

Come thee forth brothers and sisters, we shall together fight the Perfect Zombie, Maki-0048, and her minions to their castle and bring forth victory on our country! Come, therefore, I will conquer--- ACK! Hahahaha

 Chuuni-Maki reminds me of some anime charas, I was really having fun reading her meassage to Fuyu until the end. XD Now that is left is that CLIFFHANGER, what will Fuyu have sent? :cry:

Lastly, never forget Haru lol aahhh you can't stop meee I am so waiting for Haru. Hahaha

Now, on to the next chapter!

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
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AHHHH!!! So happy!!!!  :onioncheer:
Can't wait to see what's gonna happen from here on out.
Though why still no appearance Haru!!!!!!
Hope those 2 brothers make-up soon.
I liked the message that Maki sent to Fuyu.  :pig madder: :mon fyeah:

By the way, "FuFu?"
As in "that" FuFu or did you just come up with the pairing name?

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
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Russian Tenk! Time to kill more Jeanstealers.


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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 6 (05-26)
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Ckckck, Maru-kun... You're a very talented stalker aren't cha?  You honestly want more of Paru's photo and spend more time with her too right??  :hehehe: :hehehe:

I wonder what will Sakura and her minions do to Maru-kun..

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
Oh, and Paru, remember... I'm watching your every move...   :mon cweepy: :mon cweepy:
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 7 (06-02) Maki, The Perfect Zombie
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ONCE upon a time, when world peace was disturbed due to a war broke out, one scientist has managed to go beyond everyone has ever imagined. He was able to revive his daughter from the dead. It was a very successful experiment that even though she has been dead for many hours, there were no internal damages that surfaced or any other complication.

The name of that successful experiment was Maki-0048.

She was then tagged as the perfect zombie. She is beautiful, her skin is like porcelain, and her hair is so silky. At first glance, you would think of her as a doll or someone who has come out of the graphics world. Her beauty is unmatched thus a lot of people adore her despite her peculiarity.

It’s not just her physical trait that is outstanding. She is also good in adapting in terms of emotions. During the time when war was really out of hand, her father left her with the promise that he would come back. It was expected for a child to feel lonely and cry but she was different. She sent her father off with a smile on her face saying that she will wait for him so he should surely come back.

Since the great scientist is an important figure in the army, he didn’t return home for many months. In the presence of other people, Maki didn’t show any sign of being worried. She would always smile saying that the daughter of a great scientist should not be lonely because her father is basically doing his job.

But, hidden with that smile was a very scared child that whenever she hears negative news about the war, she would go to her room and secretly cry.

Her tears are the proof that she is a perfect experiment. She has emotions just like of a real human but she chose not to accept being human completely. She wanted to hide her emotions because she knows it would just be a burden to the people around her.

Little did everyone now that this experiment has surpassed the word perfect. She developed super powers as she play with herself along the way. Her most favorite among her powers is that she could change a person with just one kiss.

“Maki-chan, are you there?”

Maki, who was at her second grade in elementary school, heard a voice coming from outside her window. It was already around 8 o’ clock in the evening and she was just playing at her room alone. She wiped her tears away before heading towards the huge window. She already knows who it was.

“Prince of the Summer Heat what can I do—“ Maki was not able to finish her sentence when she saw her playmate’s swollen eyes. He is trying to hide it but it won’t escape the zombie’s sharp eyes. “What is it this time? Is it about your brother?”

The shy Natsu looked up to her and nodded. Natsu looked like a pitiful, lost puppy back then. Maki was his refuge everytime he feels sad.

“I saw my brother in school today. I was about to go near him but he went away as if he didn’t notice me. It still hurts me, Maki-chan.” Natsu told her in a cracked voice.

Maki released a sigh. “Are you still bothered by the King of Northern Lights being like that? It has been a long time since the two of you separated!”

“I can’t help it. I can’t treat my brother just like a nobody!” Natsu sobbed. “It hurts everytime he ignores me. I want to tell everyone that he is my brother but my father will have me killed if I do that.”

Maki placed her hands on her waist. “Your father is the evil boss that needs to be defeated! But with our level now, we can’t defeat him! You have to comply with his wishes for the mean time!”

Natsu dropped his head. “That’s what I always do… I’m getting tired of it. Now he has already signed me to an entertainment company. I will receive training 4 days a week.”

“You just have to smile, you know? Just smile and everything will be fine!” Maki confidently said.

“Are you telling me to just be like you?” Natsu asked with a pout.

“Sou! I have mastered the magnificent art of smiling even in the hardest situation and it has never failed me! I believe the King of the Northern Lights would love to see you smile. You don’t know, maybe if he sees you are doing a good job, he may come to you and befriend you! You guys can start over again!”

“Y-You think so?” The boy could see a little hope in those words of Maki.

“Believe me! Smiling is the best thing that you can do! Have some confidence in yourself! You are a prince! You should learn to act like one!”

“I’m a prince so I should act like one?” Natsu clenched his fists. He raised his head and looked up to Maki with determined eyes. “Then Maki-chan, please kiss me!”

“Sou! I should kiss you—“ Blood went up Maki’s face after realizing what the request really was. “Wait, what!?”

“You said that if you kiss someone, that someone will change into a better person, right? To a better human being! I want to change! Please help me!”

“B-B-But you are telling me to kiss you!”

“Because I know your kiss can help me!”

Maki started panicking. “On the cheek will be enough—“

“No!” Natsu argued. “I want the kiss on the lips! You said it has the most powerful effect when you kiss someone on the lips!”

Natsu looked straight to her eyes with full determination. Maki was taken aback. The heart of the zombie started to race. She couldn’t control its beating.

“Calm down. The Perfect Zombie shouldn’t be bothered by this!”

Maki took a deep breath. Her cheeks might be as red as a tomato now but she also believes that her kiss can help her friend. Whenever she kisses her mother, she would stop crying and worrying about her husband. She believes it can absolutely help Natsu as well. But seriously, why is this boy asking her to kiss him on the lips?

“C-C-Come closer…” she finally said. “I will do this just once, understood? It would take years until I can do this again to the same person!”

“I-I’m ready!” Natsu stammered, finally starting to feel the embarrassment about his request. He went nearer the window and leaned on the wall.

“C-Close your eyes!” Maki kneeled so they would be on the same level. “Here I go…”

After that fateful night, the Perfect Zombie’s kiss indeed gave huge effect to Natsu. The boy has gained so much confidence and he did change. The shy and weak Natsu disappeared and was replaced by a confident and fearless one. He never came to her house again with swollen eyes. He was always smiling.

Maki also heard from him that his brother Fuyu finally talked with him again but he is talking to him just like a normal friend and not a brother. At that time, Natsu was satisfied with just like that. It is much better than being ignored.

But then, the boy grew busy with his activities as an artist and his visits to Maki’s manor lessened down to the point where there was no Prince of Summer that came. The Perfect Zombie became sad but they kept in touch through mails.

That’s the story of the Perfect Zombie and her magical kiss. When will be the next time that the zombie would grace someone her magical kiss?


“ARE YOU by any chance going to a funeral?”

Aki was so confused while looking at the all black one-piece dress outfit of Maki. They are the ones who have arrived first in the meeting place. Maki’s limousine is just on stand-by somewhere.

The girl slowly turned to him; her tired-looking eyes are creepy as always. A creepy smirk curved up her lips. “This is how I normally dress.”

Aki tried to smile despite the confusion. “Are you really Togawa Maki-san?” The pictures of Maki that he saw on magazines before flashed on his mind. She looks like a normal girl in those pictures, so cute and so natural, no heavy eye bags. “I didn’t know that the news about you—“

“Whatever you heard about me, they are true. I am a special being. I have super powers and…”

Maki went on with her claims about her existence. Aki closed his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t believe that this girl became famous despite the fact that she is a chuunibyou. He looked at his right only to see another girl coming.

It was Miyu. The girl is wearing an all-white pair of blouse and short shorts topped with a fashionable denim jacket. Aki’s mouth formed a small letter o as his eyes got glued on the coming girl.

“Isn’t it too early for that fashion? Isn’t she cold?”

Miyu noticed that Aki is looking at her which made her hid her face out of instinct.

“Pfft!” Aki turned to Maki who was actually also looking at the coming girl. “It’s really suspicious. Everybody knows that Watanabe Miyu is a fisher but she acts all flustered everytime she sees you.”

“You think so?” Aki curiously asked.

“I’m sure you have already noticed it. I’m also sure that you have already heard of her name since you didn’t ask for our names when we met you for the first time.”

Aki gave out soft laughs. “It’s because you girls are in the ranking of the most sought-after faces in fashion modeling.”

“That’s exactly what I meant.” Maki clicked her tongue. “I know you already have background knowledge about this minion of mine.”

Aki laughed again. “So she is your minion, huh?”

“W-What are you guys talking about?”

The two jerked on their places when Miyu suddenly appeared behind them. She was so fast to reach them. She looked flustered while trying to take a look at Aki. She was waiting for a compliment but Aki just looked at her with a surprised face.

“G-Good morning, Senpai.” She pressed her lips together and then went beside Maki.

“See?” Maki mouthed at the guy. “I’m not wrong!” She even strikes a detective pose to emphasize her right eye. She believes that her right eye has a very powerful observation power.

Aki shrugged. He is used to see girls acting flustered and shy when he is around so he really couldn’t tell. But he is amazed that a fisher like Watanabe Miyu is also like that to him. He has heard how notorious Miyu is for being a fisher. There are people in the internet who nicknamed her Milky after a certain legend in fishing.

“Good morning, everyone.”

They all turned to the new comer. It was Fumie wearing a brown beret. She is wearing a one-piece blue dress with a white collared long-sleeve blouse underneath. Maki smirked at the sight of her.

“I can’t wait for the things that are going to happen today. This will be interesting!” Maki murmured to herself.

Everyone greeted Fumie back. Miyu looked at her from top to bottom then smiled widely at her. She seems pleased with her choice of outfit. She knows that Miyu is already thinking that she really prepared for today. Well, she couldn’t deny that. She took days in deciding what to wear. She even thought that she is getting crazy for nothing.

“So now we are just waiting for the main people, right?” She asked when she saw that the twins are still not around. “Are you sure that they are coming, Togawa-san?”

Maki crossed her arms. “Don’t you trust me, minion?”

Fumie tilted her head in confusion. “Minion?”

That topic was soon forgotten when someone riding a motorbike came. The said bike stopped in front of them and the motorist, who is wearing an all-black outfit with the leather jacket as the main attraction, removed his helmet. It was Natsu and his golden hair.

“The Prince of the Summer Heat has arrived!” Maki shouted in joy.

Natsu scanned everyone who is present. He looked sharply at Fumie, obviously telling her that he doesn’t like her being around. Fumie returned his stare. She isn’t the type to back off. The guy just gave him a challenging smile then he greeted Aki with a nod and turned to Maki.

“What’s up, Perfect Zombie? How is it going?” Natsu greeted her.

“I’m still perfect. It has been a long while, Summer Prince.”


The two turned to Aki and Miyu who are trying to handle their laughter.

“The reunion of chuunibyous.” Aki said. Miyu agreed to what he said and they both completely lost it. The two glared at them but they laughed even more after seeing their serious faces.

“Whatever…” Natsu sighed and ignored the two. “Maki…You were saying that you are going to introduce me your new friends. Are you serious that these girls are your new friends?”

“Is something wrong with us being her friends?” Miyu smiled at him. Fumie just remained silent at the hostility.

“A duo of sugary milk and a big pillar of salt—are you sure that you’re picking what’s healthy for you, Maki?”

Maki just laughed at what he said. “They are good girls.”

Everyone was surprised to hear that from Maki. They haven’t known each other for so long but she is already fond of them and she considers them as friends. Even Natsu is surprised to hear that. He knows that Maki isn’t the type to just consider a stranger her friend.

“At first it was Fuyu-nii and now you are going after Maki? What’s wrong with you, Shingyoji Fumie?”

Natsu took one last look at Fumie then flipped his bangs. “I won’t be staying late, Maki. I have some shoot in the evening so I came with my bike.”

“It’s the same for me. Togawa-san.” Aki butted in. “Our band has a radio guesting in the evening so I can only stay until 5pm.”

“It’s totally fine. Let’s just maximize the time we have.” Maki normally answered. “Where is the King of the Northern Lights anyway? He is already 5 minutes late.”

“Did you really invite him?” Natsu asked.

Maki nodded then cutely tilted her head. She’s confused. “I sent him the greatest invitation I could ever make. He sent me a reply that he is coming. I wonder why he is late.”

“How about give him a ring?” Miyu suggested. Natsu looked at her, still being hostile but the fisher just ignored him. She just smiled at him but deep inside she’s wants to pluck his eyelashes so he would stop acting like that to her.

“I think there is no need for that. There he is.” Aki pointed at the coming guy. Fuyu is sweating as if there is no tomorrow. His light grey hoodie has almost turned to a dark grey one because of sweat.

They were all looking at him but he only met with Fumie’s stare. He nonchalantly turned somewhere else then ran faster.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit late. I had to help to the shop that I am working in.” He immediately explained, still chasing for his breath. “They had me help in the morning so that I can be free for the whole day.”

A complete lie. Yes, that was a complete and perfect lie. His boss has already let him get the day-off because his daughter will be there to take care of that muffin store. He also worked overtime for some days just to get that day-off. The truth is he was so excited for this day that he arrived so early. He decided to jog to shake off his tension but he ended up going too far before he noticed it. Some good story that he can never tell anyone.

“What the hell is up with you, dude? Just look at how beautiful these girls are! Are you seriously presenting yourself like that?” That was Aki with his arms crossed.

“I don’t really mind.” Fuyu coldly answered. Well, that one is true. He is the type that doesn’t care about how people view him.

“Fuyu-nii, you need change of clothes?” Natsu asked. “We can stop by on a store on our way to Maki’s house. You can ride my bike.”

Fuyu shook his head. “It’s okay, Natsu. I haven’t received my pay so I still don’t have the leisure to buy new clothes.”

“It’ll be my treat—“

“Could you please wait for me a bit more? I have some change of clothes in my locker. I’ll just run for a quick change.”

Natsu fell silent after being ignored. He clenched his fist due to frustration. Fumie witnessed all of it. She somehow felt bad for Natsu.

Everyone agreed to what Fuyu said then he ran inside the school very fast. Aki arched his arm around Natsu’s neck.

“I’m excited about today! It is the first time after a long while that we will be hanging out and we also have girls with us this time. It’s good to have more friends!” Aki cheerfully said to lift up the heavy atmosphere. “It feels kind of strange that is very easy for us to gather like this as if we have done this a lot of times before.”

Aki has a point. It was so easy for them to organize everything. Some of them are technically strangers but their hearts are already settled with each other.

“I just hope Haru is also here.” Aki sighed. Fumie and Miyu looked at each other after hearing that lonely comment from Aki.

“It’s a very strange feeling but it feels so right.” Maki told herself and smiled. “We will go once the King comes with his new garments. Let’s go to my fortress!”


AKI and the two girls were all in awe when they arrived at the Maki’s house. They know that Maki’s family is really rich but they didn’t think that they are rich to the extent of having such a very luxurious mansion. It is very huge. The distance of the gate to the house is also something.

“Welcome to my castle!” Maki swirled in the entrance of the mansion where they are welcomed by a grand staircase. “Don’t admire it too much because it may seem so huge and full with a lot of things but the truth is it is actually empty.”

She jumped towards the stairs. “Let’s go to the arcade room, first! Follow me!”

They all followed the girl who led them to the arcade room. Again, they were amazed because the room already looks like a center itself. There is a variety of arcade machines starting from old to recently released games. It felt like they already entered a real gaming center.

“We can play all of this for free! There’s no need to swipe cards!”

“Wow!” Aki exclaimed. “This will be fun! Haru must’ve really come. He needs things like this to release stress!”

Natsu laughed at him. “Stop thinking about Haru for once; how about let us race with those?” He pointed at the linked racing games.

“Don’t go crying after I made you eat dust! Fuyu, let’s—“

They looked at Fuyu who is already killing his enemies in that FPS game. He hasn’t missed a target yet, his lives are still complete and he has already finished a stage. The two just casually walked towards the game they were talking about earlier.

“What do we expect?” Aki asked Natsu.

“Yeah, do you really think he would be interested to race with us when he is addicted to that game?” Natsu answered and then picked his machine.

Maki just shrugged her shoulders then turned to the two girls. “Let’s start!” she mouthed. The two just nodded. Maki cleared her throat and started speaking; audible enough for Fuyu to hear.

“Shingyoji-san, I asked the chef to prepare snacks before he left this morning. Can you get the snacks for us?”

“S-sure.” Fumie answered. “But I don’t know where your kitchen is.”

“Just turn left and then go straight. You will see another staircase there. Go down and then turn right. You will see a room with two doors. That is the dining area. If you enter that room, you will see a door by the right side. That will lead you to the kitchen—Hey, are you okay!?”

Maki was pertaining to the blood coming out of Fumie’s nose. Miyu was fast to give her tissues from her pouch.

“S-Sorry, Togawa-san! This girl has no sense of direction. Her brain couldn’t handle the data input that it exploded.” Miyu explained while smiling at Fumie’s dilemma.

“Miyu~!” Fumie frowned while wiping her nose. “That’s not a funny way to describe it.”

The gunshot sounds suddenly stopped and they heard the gun being placed back on the rack. The next thing they saw was Fuyu coming to their way.

“I’ll get the snacks on her behalf.” He nonchalantly said. Aki laughed so hard when he saw Natsu’s car crashed. The other guy was surprised to hear that his brother stopped his precious game just to save that girl from an errand. He got his focus out of the game.

“I’m also a bit hungry. I know where it is so I’ll go get it.” Fuyu said then just went towards the exit. Miyu pushed Fumie who was really nervous; she forgot what to do next.

“W-Wait!” Fumie almost shrieked. “L-Let me go with you, Senpai. You might need more hands.”

Fuyu slowly turned to her, a bit surprised of what he heard. “A-Are you sure?”

She just nodded at him and smiled. “Let’s go?”

Fuyu felt blood coming up his cheeks so he immediately turned to his way and started walking. Did Fumie seriously smile on him?

“Let’s go.” He said, still with a cold voice but his lips secretly curved into a cute smile.

The two left the place in accordance to the plan. Miyu and Maki high-fived then happily ran towards the purikara booth.

“Tch!” Natsu gritted his teeth. He remembered how he was ignored earlier but then it was a completely different story when it comes to that girl?

“Damn it, Shingyoji.”


*have read all your comments~ Thank you, everyone~ I hope you are still enjoying reading it.
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 7 (06-02) Maki, The Perfect Zombie
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Summer prince,  you should wait shingyoji-san fully melt the king's frozen heart so he can smile again to you

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 7 (06-02) Maki, The Perfect Zombie
« Reply #59 on: June 03, 2017, 05:29:41 AM »
Haruuu... No Aki! Stay away from Haru! Lol. Hahahahaha

Anyway, the first part was funny. How Perfect Zombie and Summer Prince conversate lol. I like the cute and shy Natsu back there, when he was still a kid and Maki haven't 'kissed' her. XD

"The reunion of the chuunibyous" dang, this really cracked me up! :rofl: good one Aki hahaha

Good thing that Fuyu came, now you can see more of Fumie. Even though you look like you're about to die there. XD

Don't worry Natsu, Fumie and the others will help you... just keep calm and trust Fumie.

P.s. I see what you did there.. hohoho~

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