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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]  (Read 117424 times)

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 25 (10-21) | Plans and Promises
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“DO YOU know what time it is now?”

Fuyu jerked when he heard that voice out of the dark. The lights then turned on revealing a person by the stairs where the switch is located. The boy’s shoulder fell down as he found out that he just got caught.

He went on and tried to climb the stairs but the other guy won’t let him go just like that.

“You missed family dinner again. Your sisters were looking for you.” Kai looked up to Fuyu who got frozen by the stairs. “Manaka won’t eat if you are not around and because of that Yurina got pissed and they fought again. Don’t miss family dinner again, okay?”

“I don’t have your stomachs. You can eat without me.”

Kai sighed. “Can you spare me some of your time, Fuyu?”

Fuyu also sighed. He rolled his eyes and then made his way towards the couch where he grumpily dumped his self. Kai sat on the opposite sofa and he couldn’t help but to shake his head after seeing Fuyu’s face.

He got a cut on his lips and bruised cheeks. He got scratches on his face and his uniform looked like he just rolled over some mud. The boy couldn’t even look straight at him.

“What did they do this time?” Kai asked maintaining his composure. He was waiting for an answer but Fuyu didn’t give any. The boy kept his annoyed face on.

“Do you know that your mum is hurting so much because of what is happening to you?” Kai patiently asked. “Please Fuyu, tell me so I can help you.”

“No one would believe in me even if I tell the truth.” Finally, the boy spoke. His voice cracked a bit and Kai immediately saw through it.

“Wait a minute.” The former idol stood up from his seat and went straight to the kitchen. Fuyu had no choice but to stay and wait. After a few minutes, Kai went back with two mugs on his hands. He placed one in front of Fuyu. The boy was surprised of what’s in the mug, even of the mug itself. It has ‘Onii-chan’ written on it while the Kai’s has ‘Otou-san’.

“Go on.” Kai said with a smile. “I studied making your favorite drink from Atsuko. Go and take a sip.”

It was hot chocolate. It is Fuyu’s favorite drink ever since. He looked at the cup then back to Kai who is patiently waiting for him to taste it. With his bruised hands, he reached for the cup.

“Be careful, it is still hot.”

Fuyu stopped for a moment with that precaution. He blew softly on it and took a sip. His eyes went wide as soon as the drink touched his taste buds.

“It tastes exactly like Okaa-san’s—“ He stopped, realizing that his excitement just went out of his mouth. Kai laughed at his clumsy acting.

“I’m a good student.” Kai proudly said. Fuyu hid his face by drinking more. He was surprised that this guy even knows his favorite drink, something that hisreal father doesn’t even take interest with. He took a peek of Kai who is really enjoying the drink he prepared.

“So now…” Kai placed his cup back on the center table. “Tell me what happened.”

By that time Fuyu didn’t really remember the reason but he started to tell Kai what really happened. He got beaten by upper class bullies. They are the same kids as last time. They didn’t like how Fuyu is gaining attention because of his looks to the point that the teachers have taken favor of him.

They didn’t like how he seems to be perfect and acts like a bigshot by being a snob. The truth is just he doesn’t really know how to interact with others that’s why he couldn’t speak to them. The reason why he is always being called in the faculty office is because of counseling. The teachers are trying to win his heart so that he could open up more to other people.

They beat them up; they even called their middle-schooler brothers just to teach Fuyu a lesson. They spit to his face and told him to just die, calling him names. Just how unreasonable can this generation be?

And, as if his body is used to pain, he just stood up after the bullies left and stayed under that bridge where he was beaten. He couldn’t help but to wonder about things.

Why is it me again? Why does it always have to be like this? Am I really cursed? Did I do anything wrong to anyone? Why does it always have to be me?

“So you went home late because of thinking about those things, right?” Kai sighed, his cup already empty. “And you don’t want your mother and your sisters to see that beat up face.”

“I don’t want to see Okaa-san’s pained face again. I don’t want to see Yurina and Manaka cry because of me.” Fuyu explained further.

“Maa, our Fuyu is such a man!” Kai stretched his arms upward and then went back to his serious face. “I will call your school tomorrow to notify them about what happened. I’ll ask them to give you a break from school to have your wounds heal.”


“No buts Fuyu. Things like bullying should never be tolerated. If those kids don’t get punished now they might get worse in the future.”

Fuyu fell silent. He is just worried that the former national idol Takahashi Kai would call to his school as his parent. He is worried about the guy’s reputation. He doesn’t want his name to be dragged by this curse that’s on him.

“You have to take care of yourself or else the girl with the scent will be disappointed if you meet with that kind of face.”

Fuyu felt like something got stuck on his throat. This person in front of him doesn’t criticize him. He understands his pain; he knows the things that he wants. He even gives importance to his waste-like dream. Why did his mother has to meet his dad first before Kai?

“Ano sa…” Fuyu suddenly talked making Kai excited. He leaned forward to make sure that he won’t miss any word that Fuyu is about to say. “I’ve been curious about this for a very long time…”

“Go on and ask.” Kai smiled.

Fuyu took a deep breath. “Actually, I’m really curious on why you chose to marry my mother. You were famous and a lot of girls were after you. Why do you have to marry someone who was divorced and already got kids?”

“That’s a deep question for a grade schooler like you to ask.” Kai scratched the back of his head.

“Well I… I’m just really curious. Your parents were against the marriage but you pursued it as if your life is at stake if you don’t end up with my mum.”

“Well…” Kai blushed. “I loved her ever since she was a trainee. She got my eye when I saw her practicing. I admired her passion to what she is doing and she became my oshimen even though she hasn’t debuted. From that day on she already have a special place in my heart.”

Kai’s happy face suddenly darkened. “I know she got a crush to Yuu but I never thought that Yuu would take advantage of it.” Fuyu saw his fists balled and how he bit his lips with frustration. “If only I was quick to tell her how much I love her then probably everything is different the way it is now.”

“Yeah, yeah. You were so slow because your legs are short.”

“What’s up with this sudden dis!?” Kai slapped his forehead. He composed his self and continued with his story. “I never loved anyone other than Atsuko. I know being happy that they separated was wrong but it was my honest feeling. I was given another chance and I will never waste it, is what I thought.”

Kai looked at Fuyu straight to his eyes. The kid didn’t avert his gaze this time. He is listening to this guy attentively.

“Listen Fuyu, when you finally find the girl that you are searching for, grab her in your arms and tell her immediately your feelings. Tell her how much you have been waiting for her and how much you really love her. Don’t waste the opportunity.

And when she’s already in your arms, don’t let her go. Let her properly know your feelings and treat her as if she is the only woman in the world. Accept her flaws and shortcomings. Accept her whole being.”

“W-Wait…” Fuyu stammered. “Are you really supporting me with my goal? Are you not going to ask me to dream about other things?”

Kai just laughed. “Why should I? If this will give you satisfaction in your life then why would I be an obstacle to it? Go on. I know someday you will find her.”

Fuyu was so shocked he couldn’t speak for a moment. He was afraid that he will look funny if he suddenly cries so he gave his hardest to stop his tears from falling. Kai is great. It should’ve been Kai!

“I have another question…” Fuyu continued.

Kai gave him a warm smile. “Go on.”

Fuyu hesitated for a moment but in the end he asked, “You aren’t going to leave me like my father did, right?”

Kai was shocked. Fuyu has finally accepted him fully, right? He got so excited to the point that he wanted to embrace Fuyu right at that moment. But, Japanese men are Japanese men. They are not that good in expressing their feelings. He just adoringly smiled at his step-son.



“I won’t.”


THE CAFETERIA of NHG seems to be getting livelier these days. The Shiki are always complete which draws the student to the said place. Haru has been attending school more often maybe because of the upcoming exams. Seeing them complete in the dining table together is always a scene to behold in the school.

The cute transferee is also with them and the said guy has been gaining attention since his magnificent victory in the relay at the Family Day. There were magazine editors that were fished by Yuma’s cute shonen looks. Now he isn’t only getting money through his Getters Yuma act but also through modeling where he has taken the name Nezumi. (This name was actually given to him by Fuyu.)

And of course, the girls are also with them. As if Fuyu and Fumie will miss the opportunity to be together. Maki is also with them to mess up with her chuunibyou antics. After eating they will go to their own station which is the unused library.

The library is supposed to be only for Fuyu and Fumie but since they got friends who love to ruin their alone time, the library became known as the Shiki station. Miyu is going to attend class at the afternoon since she got something to do while Aki is practicing with his band for their upcoming single release. Haru, on the other hand, went back to the SC to check things out.

“What are we going to do about the secret?” Maki asked Yuma in a whisper, careful not to wake up the sleeping Natsu beside her. “Agoki is squeezing updates from me. I think he feels like we are hiding something from him.”

“I don’t know.” Yuma brushed his face with his palms. “It’s a bit complicated. Agoki-senpai wants the fic to be stopped because he wants to be cool in Miyu-san’s sight but Miyu-san is the one writing the fic. What would Agoki-senpai feel after knowing it? The girl he likes imagines him as a helpless uke![That would scar his pride!”

“Poor Agoki. Why is Miyu-tan doing it in the first place? She obviously likes Agoki as a guy!” Maki crossed her arms as she tries to come up with a reason but everything seems more absurd to her than her illusions of having super powers.

“We can’t help it.” Yuma pondered. “I also don’t know what the best thing to do is. I just hope that it won’t be a source of misunderstanding. What would happen to the SayaMilky of this time!”

While the other two are busy discussing about their detective responsibilities, the FuFu couple are also into something.

“Which do you think is better, Fumie? Photography or astronomy?” Fuyu kept on turning the pages of the astronomy book he found among the shelves, waiting for an answer from her girlfriend but there was none. He turned to her only to see her watching something on her phone.

“Fumie?” Fuyu called once again, making Fumie twitch. She immediately removed her earphones and turned off the screen of her phone. Fuyu’s eyebrows met. “What were you watching?”

“E-Eh… Uhm…” She immediately pocketed her phone. “I-It’s nothing. D-Did you say something?”

Fuyu couldn’t help but to be suspicious with those actions but he chose not to give meaning to them. He pushed the thick book towards Fumie to let her have a look on it.

“I’m thinking of which major I should take in the future.” Fuyu started. “Recently, I got into photography and astronomy. I don’t know why but I feel like trying both.”

“E-Eh?” Fumie tilted her head to the side. “You are already thinking of what to get in college?”

Fuyu smiled shyly as he nodded. “I’m already in my senior year. I should really think about it. Lately this has been on my mind. I have to get a degree and get a good job so I could prepare for our future.”

Fumie’s cheeks blushed a little. The widely-known mochigusare is thinking about his future, their future. Yes, she was moved… but why does something feel off?

“Go with something that you would enjoy the most.” Fumie said while smiling, looking at that certain page of the book where a familiar constellation is being shown.

“How about you?” Fuyu innocently asked. “Do you have anything in mind?”

“M-Me? Well I…” Fumie bowed her head. “For the past years all I ever thought was becoming an idol and nothing else…”

Fuyu felt stiff right after hearing that. He wasn’t able to say a thing and just shamefully bowed his head, turning his eyes to another direction. How could he be so insensitive about this topic?

“I-I-It’s not that I still want to be one!” Fumie panicked right after she noticed the change in expression of Fuyu’s face. “I just have to find something that I would enjoy as—“

“Hey, look. We only have ten minutes left before afternoon classes start.” Fuyu stood up and returned the book on the nearby shelf. “Let’s go, I’ll drop you to your classroom.”

Fuyu’s attention was suddenly caught by the still sleeping Natsu. A sigh came out of nowhere. “Sorry, change of plan. You can go with Maki and Yuma. I’ll wake Natsu up and drop by to a nearby vending machine for some refreshments. Seems like he pulled an all-nighter again.”

“E-Eh…” Fumie took a glimpse of Natsu before looking worriedly at her boyfriend. Fuyu brushed his cold palm on Fumie’s face before finally smiling.

“I’ll pick you up after class.” He said followed by a light pat on the girl’s head. After that, he went to wake up his brother who looked really satisfied after being woken up by Fuyu. His face brightened even more when he heard that Fuyu is going to treat him some juice. He immediately stood up from his seat and bid goodbye to the others.

“See you around, everyone!” Natsu jolted, following his brother who already went outside.

Fumie was left wondering… Why did she even have to answer that way?


AKI went inside the café with a satisfied smile on his face. Phantom Note seems to be very ready for the upcoming release of their latest single. He feels really happy that their producer gave him the privilege to use the song he wrote as the coupling song. His band gave more life to his song which makes him more proud of his team.

They are currently on a break from practice and each one of them feels the fatigue but they don’t seem to mind. Everyone is really working hard to deliver the best music that they could give. Having a satisfied heart as the leader, Aki decided to treat them some milk tea but since no one is there to buy it for them, he decided to go out by himself. Wearing a black cap, he went out hoping that no one would recognize him.

“Five grande milk tea for takeout please.” He quickly placed his order and as usual, the cashier asked for his name. He foolishly smiled to himself before answering.


Aki then immediately searched for a seat; luckily he found an empty table by the corner that is not really noticeable. He sat there comfortably, finally able to breathe. It didn’t take long before he heard the fake name he gave being called.


“Hai!” Aki stood up from his seat, amazed at how fast his order came. That was merely five minutes. He went towards the counter only to give himself a surprise. A beautiful girl in an elegant white dress was there, holding a cup of mini Frappuccino with the name ‘Yuki’ written on it. The said girl was also looking at him with widened eyes, her mouth gaped.

“Oh!” The cashier interjected. “I forgot we got two of the same name. Your order will come out soon, Sir. Please have your rest for a while.”

“A-Ah…” Aki stammered. “Alright.”

Was he that embarrassed that he stammered? Or the girl was just really striking that he almost lost his tongue at the moment his eyes laid on her?

The girl cutely hopped towards him, wearing her signature gum smile. “What are you doing here, Senpai?” Watanabe Miyu asked. She’s so pleased that she was able to meet Aki in such a place.

“I-I came to buy refreshments for my band.” The vocalist answered. He couldn’t take his eyes off of this ladyin front of him. The girl’s hair is curled a little in the ends while it is tied in a half ponytail by a beautiful lace. One can say that you can smell summer just by looking at her beauty.

“Ah… Are you guys practicing? Your label is just near hear, right?” Miyu followed up, tucking her loose hair behind her ears. That question was just answered by a nod. “Cool! I’m waiting for your next song! I’ll be cheering for you all—“

“Ssshh!” Aki hushed Miyu. “Don’t be so noisy, the upcoming single will come out as a surprise so tone down your voice. Let’s take a seat first before my order comes out.”

Aki led her to the place where he was sitting earlier. Miyu’s heart is in cloud nine, spending her Frappuccino with her favorite band vocalist is such an amazing reward for her hardwork.

“I heard you were on a shoot that’s why you were not able to come to school today.” Aki started, pretending to be busy with his phone but he’s actually taking stolen glimpse of the beautiful girl.

“Yes, it was for a fashion magazine. They’ll have me in the cover for next month.” Miyu smiled sweetly while looking at her cup. “It’ll be the first time that I’ll do a solo cover.”

Aki’s eyes widened in great surprise. Indeed it will be Miyu’s first time to do solo. Most of the time she’s only featured inside or covering with other models but finally, the day that she’s waiting for has come. An avid fan of her magazine shoots like Aki could not be happier.

“C-Congratulations!” Aki finally said. “I’ll definitely buy it!”

“Hm?” Miyu looked at Aki with a curios face. She couldn’t catch that up because of the sound her sipping made. “What did you say again, Senpai?”

Aki looked at another direction to hide his blushing face. What on earth came on him that he almost revealed his admiration for her?

“I said congratulations. I hope for more solo covers for you! Good luck!” He immediately praised himself in his mind after expertly covering his mistake.

“Thank you, Senpai~” Miyu took another sip of her drink. “It was supposed to be finished by noon but everyone was being supportive because it is my first solo cover. So in order to get the best shots, we decided to take a lot of pictures with different concepts. The article about me would be long. That’s what I heard.”

She then twirled the ends of her shiny, black hair by her fingers. “The last concept was very summer-ish. I really liked it so I didn’t remove the makeup yet. They made me look so beautiful.”

“You are already beautiful. They just made you more wonderful.”

Miyu shot her head up only to see a flustered-looking Aki. She couldn’t see it properly because of the yellow lights but it seems like the guy is blushing a bit.

“Anyway…” Aki slid something on the table towards Miyu. “This is a ticket to our upcoming live. I already gave Fumie-chan and the others so if you are not busy I hope you could drop by and listen to the unveiling of our new song.”

Miyu’s eyes glittered. How can the heavens be this gracious to her? “Ofcourse! I will make a time for it! Count me in—“

“Shhh…” Aki hushed her again. “If only I knew you would be this noisy then we should’ve used the private linker while talking.”

That seems like a great idea but Aki knows that it would mean more trouble if a fan sees him talking to someone using the private connection of the neuro linker since it is often used by lovers. He heaved a deep sigh.

“Also, I have to request for this.” He pushed his phone towards Miyu. It is on LINE ID search. “If you don’t mind, I want to add you up on LINE.”

Is it okay to shout? Hey, would it be weird if I jump? What the hell is my LINE ID again!?

Miyu panicked in her mind while trying to remain calm in front of Aki. She inputted her ID and casually pressed the search button, revealing her account to the other guy. Aki seems pleased and it delights her heart.

“Don’t worry, I will not suddenly message you. I have everyone’s contact except yours so I—“

“Yuki-san, your five grande milk tea is ready~!”

Their hearts suddenly sank after hearing the call from the counter. Aki smiled faintly, feeling so upset of the short time with Miyu but he’s thankful that somehow, he has moved from his place a little bit. He has been stuck for a while.

“I’m going now. I’ll see you tomorrow at school then.” Aki stood up and fixed his clothes.

“See you tomorrow, Senpai.” Miyu watched him go with a huge smile on her face. Everything that happened feels like a dream. Now she even has a topic to discuss with him the next time they meet. ‘Why is he using Yuki as a fake name?’ is what she wants to ask.


Miyu’s head suddenly turned around after hearing a sound of a camera shutter. She looked to her surroundings but she didn’t see anyone holding a camera. She leaned to her table and sighed.

“Is this because of the work I had earlier. Even though it’s already over I can hear the sound of cameras! I should go back home and rest early," is what she thought…

That’s what she thought.

I love girls in short cut...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 25 (10-21) | Plans and Promises
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Uh oh  :shock: I sense trouble.  I sense paparazzi somewhere  :pig refuse:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 25 (10-21) | Plans and Promises
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woaahh this chapter is pretty cute, that akimiyu moments  :nervous

truthfully i was also being bullied during middle school just like how fuyu did, and thus make me feel related to fuyu and yeah i agree this generation can be mean

something will happen to fufu couple and i feel it's not good one, (i hope i was wrong)

kai....what a great father figure, i should take note from him

and yepp, my favourite pairing sayamilky/akimiyu is cute, i understand about aki's often tongue slip since i experienced it when i'm talking to my crush haha

will wait for the next chapter, i wonder what will happen to akimiyu haha
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 25 (10-21) | Plans and Promises
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That history is so angsty. It's really hard to find someone who understands your feelings and for Fuyu to find someone both as a father figure and also as someone he could trust just to die after the promise is just so... Sad.

This is a nice chapter. Also that yaoi talk between yuma and maki is so funny. Why is natsu asleep there anyway? AkiMiyu couple is really cute and I hope Cut-san will enter a new tag under fake/pretend relationship between my fave couple :3 (crosses fingers)

And I agree with Fumie's dad that Fumie shouldn't be an idol but for her dreams to be so short sighted that she rarely thinks of other choices, will leave her confused as what Fuyu had said, "why did she have to answer it that way". But since Fumie-chan is young, she could be someone who doesn't have dating restrictions on her future careers. Breaking Fuyu is enough. He had enough of angsts in his life lol.

So those are just my wishful thinking. But sometimes my own feelings reflect on this fic's title, I really do think that my wishes are a waste here lol xD joking aside... I'm really curious to the video Fumie was watching. Was is Red Velvet? Is she secretly doing SeulGi's moves when she's alone? Hahaha. I bet she really REALLY REALLY wants to be an idol. :<

So many questions but I am looking forward to an update. I wish it's Friday already >///<
Thumbs up to you! ;)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 25 (10-21) | Plans and Promises
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@Genkikid-san, maybe something worse than paparazzi...   :shocked

@FZA02-san, yes... but regardless of generations, humans are the same. we all act in different ways but the root of all of it is just the fact that we just really wanted to be loved and appreciated..   :sweatdrop:

@porkofdoom-san, Natsu is an actor and he is currently starring in a drama.
Yeah, Fuyu had enough of angst even in his past life.. lol..
Still can't move on from the RV arc? haha.

Hello everyone, currently working on the next chapter. RL is really a challenge right now so please forgive me for the lack of updates these days.
Also the MaruParu love scene is already finished but I am going to send it on a PDF file so please send me your addresses (email) so I can send the file to you. ( so you can witness how much I worked hard and miserably failed.)

Anyway, see you all on the next chapter..
Also, happy graduation to Mayuyu~~  :cry: (I wrote happy but can't help but to be sad.)

I love girls in short cut...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 25 (10-21) | Plans and Promises
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What is worse than paparazzi!? Bunshun!? Sasaeng fan!?

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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FUMIE was panting heavily when she arrived at their classroom. She broke a rule but that isn’t something to be worried about for now. Leaning by the door, her eyes immediately surveyed the whole room only to find the one she is searching for looking aloof at that certain corner.

Watanabe Miyu, as if she felt Fumie staring at her, turned to her friend and gave out her signature gum smile. “Good morning, Fumie.” She greeted cheerfully after that sudden change in expression. “Did you just run? You’re already sweaty this early morning.”

Fumie took a deep breath before rushing towards her friend. Her eyebrows are clearly showing how worried she is. “Miyu… I saw it…”

Miyu’s smile fainted as she looked down her desk. “I wonder who hasn’t seen it. Don’t worry… Everything will be okay. All of it is false accusation anyway.”

The girl was trying to say everything with confidence but Fumie can clearly see through her. Her hands are shaking, so is her voice. Her eyes are showing the opposite of the bravery that she is showcasing.

A scandal suddenly broke in the middle of the night but it wasn’t brought up by any bunshun but it was uploaded by an anonymous twitter account. On the tweet that started the thread #Uragirimononokappuru, pictures of Miyu and Aki hanging out in a coffee shop were shown. On those pictures, they seem to be really, really close and having so much fun with each other’s company. It even showed how they tried to isolate themselves by sitting on a place where it is not that visible.

All of those pictures were maliciously captioned by the twitter user who uploaded it. A story was made that the two stealthily met at the coffee shop to have a date. It was also mentioned that they were a bit touchy with each other but wasn’t able to capture the scene because the two were too careful.

“I feel like vomiting while watching them. I am a Phantom Note fan since the beginning but I felt really betrayed. How could he go dating a slut just like Watanabe Miyu. That girl doesn’t even pick the guys that she flings with. She reeks of the aura of a femme fatale. How can someone like Aki fall to her hands!? She’s such a big slut! They are traitors! They betrayed all their fans that are supporting them!!”

This post was already retweeted more than a thousand times and comments are flooding nonstop. 

“They are just in highschool, right? Such a bad influence to younger fans!”

“I wonder how many guys she has already dated before Aki. I bet she’s already experienced!”

“We can’t deny that she’s beautiful but her being an expert tsurishi makes me sick! Get out of Aki’s life! You are destroying his wonderful career!”

“Phantom Note’s career will be ended by a slut. How pathetic…”

“Look at all the stinky guys crying because of her dating Aki. She annoys me to the core!”

“F*ck you, Watanabe Miyu! Get lost!”

Fumie sat on her seat and then reached for Miyu’s hand. The girl was surprised, lifting her head up to look at Fumie whose eyes are telling that she would be there for her no matter what happens.

“Tss!” The whole attention of the class were caught by Maki who pushed her desk out of annoyance. “Why is it always the girl being trash talked by all these people? This is really pissing me off. I want to send them in the outer space!”

The chuunibyou girl looked around with eyes imitating Fuyu’s. “If one of you agrees with all the comments online you better ready yourselves before I make you my father’s target practice!”

Miyu just laughed as usual but it’s easy to say that she was just forcing it. “Don’t act like Natsu-kun, Maki-tan. I’m sure the people in our class will understand the most.”

“Have you discussed about this to Agoki-senpai?” Yuma asked after releasing a deep sigh. Who would’ve thought that the SayaMilky of this time would face such trial?

Miyu shook her head. “It’ll be bad for us to be seen together. Although I know that we are inside NeoHorikoshi and people would understand, we still can’t trust everybody. There might be more photos to be uploaded since there are various occasions that we were together. It might make another misunderstanding if more pictures will be taken.”

The three fell silent. Miyu is correct. Right now they don’t know who uploaded the malicious tweet. They don’t know who the enemy is and with this kind of fight, anyone can upload pictures and post baseless accusations. Whoever uploaded it must really hate Miyu.

“We will find a way out, Miyu!” Fumie tightened her hold to Miyu’s hand. “We will get your name cleared!”

Miyu was surprised but she couldn’t help but to chuckle for the next moment. “Seriously Fumie, now is not the time to act like an idol.”

The door suddenly slid open and their homeroom adviser came in. Everyone went back to their seats and went quiet. At the command of the class representative, they greeted their teacher a good morning. The teacher also greeted them but her tone was very cold.

“Watanabe Miyu.” That cold voice of the teacher echoed to the whole classroom, sparking murmurs from the other students. He didn’t even look at Miyu, he just kept on operating his DC (desk computer). “The headmistress has summoned you.”

“Hai.” Miyu stood from her seat and left the class with her chin up. She wore a dignified face and showed it to the whole class before heading out. She gave Fumie and the others a smile, telling them not to worry. But then after that, Watanabe Miyu was not seen for the rest of the day.


THE HOURS passed and it is already lunch time. The gang went straight to the library to talk about what happened and to see if there is anything they can do to resolve it. It will not be good for Miyu if this issue persists. Her forums are being trashed so as her social media accounts. She is being showered by hate by the overly-passionate fans of Phantom Note and of some of her fans as well.

“She isn’t suspended. The school just sent her home to protect her.” Haru explained to Aki who is with them through a video call. The guy is currently doing finishing touches with their next single and is originally scheduled not to attend school for this day. “There are suspicious looking people lurking around the campus and we guess that they came here because of Miyu. We sent her home by a school car. She will be safer in her own home so you don’t have anything to worry. We are already investigating those people who are spying around.”

Aki released a vexed sigh, brushing his bangs upward to clear his worried face from hair. “We just met accidentally at the coffee shop… Who thought that an issue would sprung out from that and it even became this serious.”

“There’s no doubt that the one who uploaded it is a crazy fan of yours, Aki.” Natsu leaned on his chair with his arms crossed. “It’s either that or that person simply hates Miyu.”

“This is just too much! I should go and use my powers to beat the enemy!” Maki stood from her seat but she wasn’t even moving away from it when Natsu casually got a hold of her shirt and pulled her back to sit.

“Calm down.” Natsu nonchalantly said but in his thoughts were of another story. “The power should only be used to me. Only to me.”

“This sucks! Why does this have to happen!?” Aki’s frustration can be traced through his voice. “If only I was careful enough!”

“It’s the price of popularity.”

Everyone fell silent when after that one line from Fuyu. He wasn’t even looking interested of what is going on as he is resting his head on his shoulder wearing those bored eyes. No one was able to say a thing after he made that point of his. This is one of the few times that he spoke about serious matters.

“Well, this just proves that you and your band are really popular to create this kind of fuzz. I guess that is one thing that you should be thankful of. Only those people in high places can be dragged down, right?”

“What are you trying to say, Fuyu?” Aki asked in an angry tone, it seems like his switch has been flipped. Somehow he didn’t like how smug Fuyu sounded.

Fuyu straightened his back and looked at the screen. The dramatic pause he did put everyone’s heart into a halt. “I’m just trying to bring up the bright side but I guess cheering is not really my forte.”

The guy stood up from his seat and walked towards the exit. “I’m hungry. I’m going to grab something to eat.”

Fumie was surprised by the coldness shown by her boyfriend. She looked at him and then to Aki before finally standing up to chase after Fuyu.

“Fuyu!!!” Aki shouted. “Can you act like you are concern at the very least? Are you looking down on me because I can’t protect Miyu!?”

Fuyu stopped walking with Fumie almost bumping to his back. Natsu lazily turned the screen to Fuyu’s direction as the guy also looked at Aki.

“Don’t misunderstand me, Agoki.” Fuyu finally started talking after releasing a sigh. “I know that you have your eyes on her for a long time. I know how you have been keeping yourself from confessing your feelings because of the fear that your fans won’t receive this properly.

But you have already chosen your career over her from the very start, am I right? For now, your career is clearly more important to you. You got a dream to chase and there is nothing bad about it. But now that you are in the point where you are asked to choose again…”

Fuyu took a short peek of Fumie who is standing beside him and immediately turned his back to everyone.

“Which is it?”


“GET OUT of here, whore!”

“Do you think you can do anything just because you are pretty cute!?”

“You know that Mika-chan likes Matsumoto-senpai but why did you seduce him!?”

“Her confession was rejected because Matsumoto-senpai likes you!”

“You know that she likes him but why didn’t you put yourself out of his sight!?”

“Miyu-chan… I thought we were friends but… Why?”


Miyu’s eyes shut open and a familiar ceiling met her eyes. She was panting heavily as if she was chased by something. Making sure that she isn’t dreaming anymore, she sat up from her bed, blinking fast. She wiped the grains of sweat on her forehead before looking at the clock.

It’s already five in the afternoon. The girl heaved a sigh after seeing that she wasted a lot of time in sleeping. She fell asleep right after eating lunch and now she is worried if she gained weight after that careless action. It might require her to jog at night again but she remembered that she isn’t allowed to get out because her name was unfortunately pasted beside one of the most sought-after personality of this generation.

“I guess I just have to use the treadmill.”

She lazily stood up from her bed and stretched a little before getting out of her room. She headed to the kitchen while looking at her phone. Nothing has changed during the time she was sleeping. Her forums are still vandalized and memes about her are all over the internet. She is being labeled a slut and a whore just because she wanted to drink Frappuccino on a certain day.

She dropped her phone on the sofa before flopping herself on it. On her hand is a glass of water, still trying to calm herself after that nightmare or rather a flashback from the past.

“Who would have thought that history would be repeated in a large scale as this?” She laughed at herself just to shove the heavy feeling away. “Am I really that slutty at the eyes of people? All I just do is smile and nothing else.”

She wanted to not to show a hint of care like she always does but memories keep on flooding her. The smile that was always her weapon doesn’t seem like it can help her this time. She stared blankly at the glass of water she is holding until her thoughts brought her to some fragments of the past. Voices played in her mind as if they are recorded.

“Your uncle won’t touch you if you didn’t seduce him!”

That was her aunt, her mother’s younger sister. Miyu could clearly remember how she thought that her aunt would stand for her. Her uncle did touch her in a malicious way. She has seen him peeping at her whenever she showers or changes her clothes. She could’ve gotten raped if she didn’t tell it to her mother.

“No! We won’t file a sexual harassment case! It will be a disgrace in the family!”

That scene of her grandmother looking so appalled flashed before her very eyes. Her mother was begging for help but her grandmother couldn’t even look at her. The family’s pride is much heavier than her whole being. They couldn’t afford more shame since her mother just married an average guy from the lower class. Her father later committed suicide due to the pressure and stress being put onto him by his in-laws.

“Get them out of this house. They are leeching and staying for free but here they are trying to break even our family! I don’t want to see that girl’s face ever again!”

And that was her uncle. He acted like he was innocent. And of course, everyone was on his side because he is known to be a very good guy which is only a façade. Her grandparents trust him so much and they are proud that someone of high status like him became a part of the family. He even cried crocodile tears to look even more convincing.

“Disgusting. I don’t know you. Get lost!”

Those words… All of it gave a scar to Miyu. Her cousin loathed her as she was brainwashed by her parents. The cousin that she treated like her own sister pushed her away with an angry face. She was called disgusting when she was the one who was abused. Her mother, who doesn’t have enough money to bring the case to the court, wasn’t able to do anything as well. Even though they file for a complaint, the other party would just cover everything by their money.

They never stood a chance.

During those times it was only Fumie who has been by her side but since Fumie’s father needed to be out of the country for medical reasons, she was left alone and middle school was like hell to her. She was being bullied because the other girls envy her with the attention she was receiving from the boys.

Her mother works night and day to support her and in return she went to find a part time job which is handling free tissues in the street when she was finally in the legal age to work. While working she was discovered by a magazine photographer and asked her to model for their label.

Since her beauty is like a love potion that attracts men, she became a household name when it comes to teen fashion and makeup trends. For some time she thought that her beauty was a curse but she never imagined that it would be able to help her and her mother financially. Her pay isn’t really bad and her talent fee was higher than all the other rookies when she was starting.

It was also her way of revenge. No one from their family wanted to see her face and most of her classmates feel the same. Why not have her pictures in magazines, everywhere, to piss them off bigtime?


Miyu almost dropped the glass when her phone suddenly vibrated. It was a message from her manager. She was just talking with him earlier about her activities and it seems like her agency has already made a decision.

You will not be suspended, Miyu-san. The agency is doing their best to get rid of the issue and find the one who is spreading malicious rumors against you. Everybody here believes in you and we know how hardworking you are. Please trust in us. We will surely find the uploader and take legal action.

Finally, Miyu was able to breathe properly. She thought that she would be misunderstood even by her agency. Thank goodness they aren’t that narrow-minded and they care about their models. Somehow this is one less problem from her.

She scrolled down for more and the relief that she felt a few moments ago was quickly taken away.

The agency understands you but the magazine where you will be featured in the cover and center page has decided to postpone the issue. They told me that they will be having a discussion about it whether they will change you or just have you for the cover once the issue dies down. I’m sorry, I tried to convince them but it was no use.

I’ll let you know if there is any progress with the investigation. Avoid using social media for now and don’t stress yourself. Everything will be fine.

Miyu turned off the screen of her phone and placed it on top of the table in the kitchen before she went back to the living room. She threw herself on the sofa and shouted as loud as she could but since her face is buried on the sofa the noise wasn’t able to break a glass.

Her eyes started to water as frustration started to consume her. She went on a tight diet just to prepare for the shoot. Her mother is enthusiastically waiting for it and so as her fans. The staff who worked with her during the shoot really gave their best just to make sure that the pictures will turn out great and now everything will be put into nothing just because of that baseless allegation?

“You better be kidding me!” She sobbed while hugging the throw pillow but still managed to be cute. “This is just too much!”

Miyu continued to throw tantrums until her doorbell suddenly rang. With her eyes swollen, she looked at the door, wondering who came. She’s sure that her mother is still busy with her nurse duty so it’s not possible for her to be home this early.

She kept her mouth shut until the ringing of the doorbell stopped.

“Is she not around? I thought she’s not supposed to go out?”

“I’m sure she is here. Miyu listens to instructions…”

“Hey! Miyu-tan, if you don’t come out now I will use my sharingan to blow your door up—“

“Shh! You are disturbing the neighbors!”

The door of the apartment room made a clicking sound which put the noisy visitors into a tableau.

“M-Miyu?” Fumie called. “Is that you?”

“The Queen of Darkness has descended!?” Maki asked after freeing herself from Yuma.

The door then widely opened, throwing up Miyu to Fumie’s arms.

“Fumieee!” Miyu cried as she buries her face to Fumie’s chest. The fact of having her bestfriend come to cheer her up really moved her. “Why is everybody being so mean to me!?”

Fumie chuckled at the sight of Miyu flaring up. She isn’t the type to show her emotions and hides everything with a smile. She knew all along that her friend is in need of someone she could cry onto.

“Don’t worry, Miyu…” Fumie hugged her back. “You got friends.”

“And fried chicken.” Miyu looked at Yuma who is presenting the box of fried chicken that they bought along the way. “Consider this as return for the tips you gave me in regards to modeling.”

Miyu’s eyes glittered at the sight of the delicious food. The smell even made her stomach growl. Now isn’t the time to mind her diet anyway.

“You guys are really the best!” She said, having her cheerful smile back on her beautiful face.

 Well, the treadmill was forgotten that day.

FUYU WAS in a deep thought while working and luckily he isn’t making any mistakes in the counter. He feels bad for being misunderstood. He cares… deeply. The memories of his past life are slowly fading away but his heart remembers that Miyu and Aki played a big role in both of those lives. He never discussed it to anyone else but to the Korean old guy who manages the museum for Hoshino Maru.

Despite he sounded smug and cold, there isn’t any hint of regret. He thinks that life is a series of choices and people are always asked to choose. And, now that Aki is being asked once more about that thing that he ignored already, will he consider it another chance or just something to confuse him?

He suddenly snapped back to reality when a male customer suddenly entered the store. It is very rare to have a guy come and buy muffins since Japanese guys aren’t really fans of it after all. The guy is taller than Fuyu and being so thin makes him look taller. His hair looks like it is naturally blonde and his eyes are blue.

“I see. He is a foreigner, that’s why.” Fuyu shrugged his shoulders after arriving to the conclusion. He continued serving the other customers who are all giggly when they take their turn to pay. He wanted to focus at his work but the guy customer is just too shady that he couldn’t put his self to rest.

His eyes are fixed to his phone instead of properly picking muffins. He has damaged other products because of this careless action. He would stop with getting stuffs and then just laugh creepily which really scares the hell out of the female customers.

Whatever he is looking at, it should be really, really fun for him to not care about his surroundings. He is so submerged to whatever it is.

“You’re done now… So, so done! Don’t worry, Mighty Lex is here to save you!”        

He is murmuring to himself in English which doesn’t really bring a good atmosphere in the shop. His smile is so creepy and it also seems like he hasn’t taken a bath for days.

“I will celebrate with the talk-of-the-town muffins… I’m so excited to have you in my arms…”

“Gaming?” Fuyu asked himself but immediately wiped out that possibility since most of the games are played in landscape mode but that guy is just holding his phone the normal way.

The foreigner then went to the counter, his right hand holding the tray while the other holding his phone. Fuyu just shook his head and did his job.

“That would be 300Y, Sir.”

The foreigner raised his head after hearing the counter spoke in English. His eyes widened even more when he laid them to Fuyu. The Winter Prince noticed him gulped and panicked a little bit. He turned off his phone’s screen before placing it to the tab to pay. After the payment was successfully processed, he grabbed the purchase from Fuyu’s hand and immediately went out.

Fuyu just followed him by his eyes until he disappeared in his line of sight. He even saw the guy looked back with angry-looking eyes.

“Is shomething wrong, Fuyu-kun?”

Fuyu turned to his co-worker who is also the daughter of the owner of the said shop. The short-haired girl tilted her head to the side, unintentionally producing a cute, curious face.

“Nothing.” Fuyu answered before looking back outside.



“Nothing’s wrong… Haruka…


@Genkikid-san, Maybe...  :glasses:

Hello, Cut here..

Took a long while to update. Sorry, school and work stuffs. For now I won’t be having a set day for updates. I’ll just be posting whenever I prepare something. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter~ Thanks for reading!
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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That was... Unexpectedly short. And im craving for more~

It's a good chapter all in all and I think the shady foreigner is Viktor. Bc of the blue eyes lol. DONT NAME HIM VIKTOR PLEASE!!!
And I think he likes Miyu. So he ruins her and be her knight in shining armor. Lol. That's only a guess!! And please dont name him Viktor :<  or was it the muscular guy in FMA? XD
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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Yay. Welcome back Cut-san.
And also, NEW UPDATE!!

First of all, can I say that I was surprised by the title for this chapter. It's pretty deep.

Anyways, to the story. Pretty interesting. Didn't expect for Miyu's past to be that bad. I was waiting to see if she was.... well... you know. But thankfully it didn't happen so  :sweat:
Looks like it's Aki's turn. Wonder which will he choose. (Of course we know what he will choose.)  :hehehe:
And finally that shady looking person. Wonder who can it be?
If he really is Miyu's stalker/basher/fan/person who took the photo of Miyu and Aki, ohhhh he is so  :angry1: :scolding: :temper: :on voodoo: :mon annoy: :mon zoom: :mon uggh: :mon evil: :mon mad: :mon fire: :mon headbang:

Also, that last word on the last line, her name didn't change?

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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Yeay! An update! It's been a long time since I commented on your thread cliffhanger-san. First of, why do you like sad background stories for your characters, author-san? Second that Lex guy is soooooooo creeeeeepy and lastly, Haruka???? Is she.........

See you on the next update :)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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woahh, it seems that sayamilky of this time will get a big trouble before they reunited i never imagined miyu's past are that terrible, and yeah fuyu, you should care more for them, they are your parents anyway haha
but i agree, that sometimes we really need to be careful when making a choices especially when it involving our dreams

mighty lex ? somehow i imagined the lex luthor villain of superman and batman haha,and ........ he was talking about miyu right ? damn agoki you better take action fast.

and lastly.......she finally appear and i was right about that girl is "marco's girlfriend" right? and her doesn't change,

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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Uh oh. Is that shady foreigner guy the one who spread the rumor?? He seems panicked when he realized fuyu understand english.

Haruppi is the shop owner's  daughter?!

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 26 (11-08) | The Price of Fame
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Dont tell me that daughter of a shop owner is Kodama Haruka?!  :mon scare:

PS: it is my first comment here  :mon sweat:
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 27 (11-15) | Unmasked
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Chapter 27: UNMASKED

TWO days have already passed and there’s no progress at all with the dating rumors regarding Phantom Note’s lead singer, Yamamoto Aki, and one of today’s most beautiful girls, Watanabe Miyu. Fans have taken the internet to vent their disappointment with regards to the issue. They believe that Miyu doesn’t deserve Aki while Miyu’s fans think the same way. ‘None of them deserves each other’ is what everybody is saying.

They don’t call themselves idols but it is different to the eyes of the public. As long as they are in the entertainment industry, people will consider them as public property. There might be a few people that find them cute together but the voice of the other party is more overwhelming.

Aki’s hands balled after remembering everything that he saw in the internet. Everyone is throwing curses on Miyu, calling her names, when the girl is really innocent. Even if they were really dating, they don’t deserve to be treated like this, especially Miyu.

What makes him even more furious is he couldn’t do anything about it. His manager restricted him to express his part in social media. He was told to wait for the decision of the agency and let them be the one to make an official statement. He wanted to tell everybody about the truth but he can’t make any harsh decisions. He also hates the fact that he can’t even send a message to Miyu and ask about how the other girl is doing even though he already added her on LINE. No one restricted him to do it but he is just too ashamed that because of him, Miyu’s first cover was postponed and being reconsidered.

Phantom Note is currently in the conference room of their agency. They were called by the Executive Producer to discuss about the issue and plans about their single release. The band is unusually quiet; since the pictures were uploaded they’ve become awkward with each other.

The boss entered the room and they all stood up to greet him. The said guy just raised his hand to tell them to get back to their seats. He sat in the center swivel chair, releasing a deep sigh.

“I can’t believe you made that careless mistake, Yamamoto. You get out in public alone without any heavy disguise at all.” The boss expressed his disappointment with a scowl on his face.

“I’m really sorry.” Aki apologized; his head bowed lower and couldn’t even look at their boss.

“You are the face of the country’s most famous band; you should already know how fans can cross boundaries. Don’t you remember that someone event sent you a motorbike as a birthday gift and all those creepy fan letters written in blood? You should know that all of you are attention magnets whenever you are out there.”

“I’m really sorry, Sir. I will be more careful next time.”

The boss closed his eyes for a moment and then leaned on his chair. He looked at the band whose members are hanging their head low. This isn’t the band that he created. He made Phantom Note to be the band that will bring back good music to today’s generation and a band that can walk with their heads held on a high. Whoever is trying to destroy his creation, he will never forgive that person.

“Don’t worry about it boys, the single will not be canceled.”

Finally, their faces brightened up. The staffs that are surrounding them are delighted with the news, too. The boys have been working hard for this new single anyway. They even helped in writing songs and compositions and practices even when they are in the school.

“The surprise live will be held on the same date. There will be no changes. We are going to show everyone that Phantom Note will not be destroyed by some random allegation that was just tweeted by an anonymous person who can’t even revealed his face. Let’s show them what Phantom Note is made of!”

The boss stood up from his seat and clapped to get the boys more fired up. “Go, go, go! Back to rehearsals, boys! Let’s blow everyone up with the surprise live!”

The boys also stood up with a shout. They all headed towards the door with determined faces. This is all they need—people who would trust them.


Aki was halted by the boss himself. The lad froze after turning to the older guy who is looking at him very intently. “The song you wrote… That’s not just something you wrote in random, didn’t you?”

Tha vocalist’s eyes widened, he couldn’t even answer. How did their boss find out about it? He didn’t say anything about the inspiration of the song aside from Yuuka.


“You feelings leaks in the song. The way you sang it will move everyone in a daze. You can’t tell someone that you love her and you are frustrated about it, am I right?”

Aki gulped. He couldn’t believe that their boss has analyzed the song to that extent.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“What are you saying sorry about!?” The boss slapped him in the back to wake him up. “My agency isn’t just for people who only have talent. I established this place for people who can properly relay music with their emotion. There are a lot of people that are good in singing but there’s no emotion at all.”

The boss smiled and straightened his back, bringing back his dignified stance. “I’m glad that I discovered you. You and the other boys are the hope of the band industry here in Japan.”

“T-Thank you, Sensei!” Aki almost tear up after hearing those words of their boss.

“I’m hoping for the best for you, for Phantom Note and for the person you like.”

“H-Hai!” Aki bent forward for a 90-degree bow. “Thank you very much, Sensei!”

“AKI! Yabai!” Phantom Note’s drummer’s scream made everyone thought there was an emergency. He rushed back to the conference room with the other members tailing him. They are all shocked.

“What is it, Kei?” Aki curiously asked.

“The identity of the fanfic writer that you were hunting…” Kei waved his phone. “Someone revealed it!”



“CAN YOU please stop looking at me like that? You are creeping me out!”

Yurina rolled her eyes and blew her bangs upwards. The reason for her annoyance? It is Momoko who is looking at her with adoring eyes. The said girl is sitting opposite Yurina as their table was beside the window of the restaurant.

“For f*ck’s sake, Momoko… Stop looking at me like that. It is really annoying! I didn’t tag along just for you to annoy me.” Yurina went on with her cold custard pudding. Summer is already around the corner and this pudding in front of her really gives her more of the summer vibe.

“I just think that shorter hair really suits you.” Momoko said while smiling cutely. “You look really, really cool!”

“Excuse me?” Yurina’s eyebrows are showing how displeased she was with those remarks of Momoko. She was about to argue but…

“I agree with Momoko-chan.” Her attention turned to the girl sitting beside Momoko. That girl, whose long hair Yurina lowkey adores, has her hair ponytailed for today giving more emphasis to her beautiful face. “You look really cool with that hair!”

“W-Well…” Yurina was taken aback, scratching her cheek with a finger.

“It’s because Yurina is the basketball club’s captain now.” Yurina’s fraternal twin, Manaka, answered for her. The younger twin answered giddily, admiring her older sister. “She cut her hair as a sign of dedication. It means she will do her best!”

“Ohh… I see…” Neru nodded at Manaka’s explanation before looking back at the flustered Yurina. “That’s really admirable.”

Manaka tapped Yurina on her leg before giving her a thumb up secretly. The older twin heaved a sigh. Her younger sister just really saved her. If she didn’t spoke for her then probably she stammered so bad and be embarrassed big time.

“Ehh?” Momoko slyly smiled at Yurina which fused up the other girl once again.

“Why the hell are you smiling like that!?”

“Would you, girls, stop with your banters?” Yuuka, who is sitting at the center, tried to straighten the wrinkle being formed by her meeting eyebrows. Yurina and Momoko have been acting like kids since they met. She has seen enough and she doesn’t want to waste her time watching them fight. “I hope you don’t forget why I asked you to gather here.”

After the Sport’s Day of NeoHorikoshi somehow, the sisters of the Shiki kind of get along. Yuuka thought that it won’t be bad to stay in touch with the other girls. It will also help Neru to get more friends since the girl is just being home-schooled. Having friends will give her a reason to get out of their house. Neru was given permission by her father but Yuuka knows that there are a lot of secret bodyguards hidden in the shadows.

Momoko on the other hand is as free as a bird. It’s Saturday anyway, her parents are at work so as his brother Natsu. Unlike Natsu, Momoko wasn’t told to get into the entertainment business at a young age. She was told to do anything that she wants to do and for now posing for teen magazines is enough for her.

The twins always go to visit their brother during weekends. Somehow after seeing how the twins are really happy with their older brother, their grandparents let them do the weekend trip. They go to his house at Friday night and stay there until Sunday evening. Even though Fuyu is working until four in the afternoon, the twins just stay in his house and do whatever they can do such as homework and house chores. They’ll wait for their brother to have dinner together with him. Sometimes they eat with Fumie and they both love the food she makes.

They are determined to visit him every weekend because Miyu kept on telling them that they will have a nephew or a niece once they let Fuyu be alone with Fumie even on weekends when the truth is Fuyu has yet to kiss Fumie. He is contented just by holding her hand and seldom hugs.

“Well, your brother’s ‘scandal’ is already solved, right?” Momoko cheerfully said, resting her chin on her palm. “The conclusion was quite interesting though.”

“Who would’ve thought that the girl that was rumored to be her girlfriend is the one writing a smut BL fanfic about him? That was a weird way to end things.” Neru commented. “Adding the fact that my brother is the one paired with him on that story.”

“I was also surprised but I guess that it helped to shut down the issue. Apparently, many of Aki-nii-san’s fans read and love the fic being written by Miyu-nee-chan.” Manaka took a sip of her soda before continuing with her opinion.

“I know it is crazy but her account being hacked kind of saved them in some way. The one who hacked her found out that she isn’t a whore like everyone is thinking. The fan even said that she found all her records clean and she only talks with a few people and is even helping her family a lot. The hacker also revealed that Miyu-nee-chan may be a hardcore fan of Phantom Note but she never saw a picture of Miyu-nee-chan with Aki-nii-san in her cloud. The hacker really regretted hacking Miyu-nee-chan to destroy her further so she revealed all the things that blew her away in an anonymous blog together with proofs.”

“That sounded like an insider report.” Yurina sighed as she got tired of Manaka’s lengthy report.

“That’s not the end Yurina!” Manaka took a deep breath to prepare herself for the next part of the story. “The café where they met released the CCTV footage. It clearly shows that they just met by incident showing the surprised gestures they made after seeing each other. They weren’t touchy at all just like what the tweet said. They were just talking to each other casually. The café staff who served them their drinks also proved that they met by chance.”

“Everybody knows about it already so you don’t have to re-tell the story.” Yurina picked her ear and blew off the dirt she got.

“Would you please don’t do that in front of the dining table?” Manaka scowled at her older sister. The latter just stuck her tongue out to annoy Manaka even more.

“Come on. Stop fighting.” Yuuka cleared her throat and began with her real purpose. “Let me explain why I called you out.”

She slid some papers on the table and the girls all stretched their necks out to see what those are.

“Tickets?” Neru asked. “Phantom Note’s surprise live?”

Yuuka nodded. “I’m handing this out to you and I am asking for you to support my brother and his band. They have been in a very rocky situation the past days because of the issue. Having this surprise live after that issue might put them into more trouble. I bought these tickets with my own allowance so that I can support my brother. This might be little but—“

Her statement was halted when all the other girls started rummaging their bags and wallets. She was then surprised when they started placing money on the table. “W-Wait, why—“

“It kind of feels like you are buying audience for your brother’s live.” Momoko commented, pushing the bill towards Yuuka. “Aki-nii-san would feel bad if he get to know about it.”

“I hate to say it but I agree with this weird girl. You are also belittling the fans, you know?” Yurina also slid her money on the table together with some coins. “That might not be enough. I’ll just borrow money from my brother later.”

“I’ll be glad to support them without you asking us.” Neru smiled at Yuuka to cheer her up. “Aki-nii-san is my brother’s best friend anyway.”


“Hey, how about we start making personalized banners for the live? It would be nice if they would see the banner we will make from the stage.” Manaka eagerly suggested, having her hand up in the air.

“Sounds like a plan, Manaka-chan!” Momoko high-fived with the other girl. “Let’s do a big one!”

“Don’t drag me in the banner-making. I have to do—“

“Yurina-chan…” Neru called out to Yurina which made her fell silent. “You are coming with us, right?”

Yurina cursed in the back of her mind. How could she ignore that invitation from that girl? She clicked her tongue before answering with a nod; making it look like that she is just forced to go.

“Perfect!” Neru put her hands together and then turned to Yuuka. “Since it will be a surprise, let’s do this in our house. I think I got everything that we need.”

“Let’s go then!” Momoko stood up from her seat and she was followed by the others. They headed towards the exit with Momoko and Manaka talking to the still surprised Yuuka. Yurina and Neru are just tailing them from behind. There was an awkward air between them when Neru suddenly started talking.

“If Aki-nii-san and Watanabe Miyu-san are innocent then the uploader of the pictures did a crime. Don’t you think that person should be caught, Yurina-chan?”

They are waiting for Neru’s service car to arrive when Neru popped the question. She looked at Yurina with a half curious, half worried face.

“Well…” The short-haired girl sighed and turned to another side when her eyes suddenly caught something that shocked her core. She saw a familiar girl inside a fancy looking restaurant talking with a good-looking guy in a suit that looks like he is in late-20’s. The girl was looking down and couldn’t even look at the guy in front of her. What surprised Yurina even more was when the guy reached out to the lassie and held her hand as if trying to convince her into something.

“Yurina-chan? Is something wrong?” Neru asked innocently. She noticed how the other girl’s hands balled into a fist.

Yurina felt sweat broke on her forehead. She turned to Neru and tried to calm herself down.

“Yeah…” she started. “People who play dirty like that uploader should be caught.”



THE HORRIFIED look on Miyu’s face wasn’t hidden even by the mask that she is wearing. Standing in front of the rack behind her was Fuyu. He just came inside the said convenience store where Miyu is eating instant cup noodles. It doesn’t seem like a busy store so she took the chance to dine in there. But since a guy she knows just came the thought that she would be involved in yet another scandal right after another one somehow frightened her.

“What’s up with that look, Miyu?” Fuyu asked; he wasn’t even looking at Miyu that time for he was busy picking sweets for his sisters but he knew that Miyu was looking aghast. “Looks like you can now come out of your house.”

Miyu gulped. She tried to laugh to shake off the awkwardness. “Well, everything is already fixed so I think I can get out now. I also have to do the grocery. I can’t have my mum do it since she’s already busy in the hospital.”

Fuyu looked at the plastic bags that beside Miyu through the corner of his eyes. It looks like she bought a lot. Miyu also noticed the paper bag that Fuyu is holding.

“What’s that?” she curiously asked while eyeing the said bag.

“This?” Fuyu raised the paper bag that seems to have some weight on it. “These are astronomy books. Sorry, this won’t help you with your BL fan fiction.”

Miyu’s face instantly reddened. Her top secret was revealed by a hacker which somehow fixed the issue with Aki but now that everyone knows that she’s writing BL smuts she feels like she won’t be able to act like nothing happened in front of Aki. She knows how embarrassed Aki was because of the things she wrote and he was even searching for her. She never intended to reveal herself until she got hacked by a fan.

“What are you doing, eating while wearing a mask?” Fuyu, knowing that Miyu got flustered, changed the topic but he isn’t done with ‘bullying’ yet.

“I kind of felt hungry after coming from the market so I dropped by to eat some noodles. I’m done eating anyway.”

“That would make your face blow up like a puffer fish.”

Miyu’s eyes widened at those words of Fuyu. She pulled her mask down to let Fuyu see that her face isn’t swollen. “I only ate half of it, warui!”

“But you were having second thoughts about leaving it, right?” A faint but playful smile curved up Fuyu’s handsome face. His teasing left Miyu speechless and just went to throw the rest of the food. Fuyu just shook his head, trying his hardest not to crack up.

When Miyu came back, Fuyu was still on the rack of the chocolates but what surprised her was the guy is suddenly sporting a face mask.

“S-Senpai!” Miyu rushed towards him and gave him a good slap on the shoulder. “What are you doing wearing my mask!?” She’s sure that he is wearing her mask since she left it on the table before she threw the leftover.

“Someone might take a photo of us, just making sure that I will be mysterious.”

“Stop with being silly, will you?” Miyu grabbed the mask off of him and revealed a smiling Fuyu. “At least buy your own mask. Fumie will be mad if she saw what you just did.”

“Are you going to wear that again?” Fuyu innocently asked.


Fuyu ruffled her hair before going to the cashier to pay for the presents for his sisters. He also pulled a new set of mask to repay what he did to Miyu’s old mask. After paying, he went back to Miyu and gave one of the masks to her while he is already wearing one.


“I’ll help you carry those bags. Let’s go.”

“B-But, Senpai—“

“I won’t go until your house. I’ll just make sure that you’ll ride a safe taxi and then go home.” Fuyu then slightly turned to the left so as his eyes. “I won’t let you go home alone. I must protect you.”

Miyu’s eyebrows met. She couldn’t understand the actions of her senpai. He sounded like he intentionally spoke louder to let someone hear what he said. After that he picked all of Miyu’s grocery bags and headed towards the exit.

“Miyu~!” Somehow that call from Fuyu sounded weird as well. He is making it sound like they are really, really close. “What are you waiting for?”


The two then went on their way looking like a weird couple. The convenience store that Miyu thought to be empty then became a bit noisy after they left. The old lady that is manning the store went to the direction of the garbage bins after she heard noises coming from that corner of the store. She was alerted after seeing a man rummaging the trash, looking for something.

“W-What are you doing, young man?” The store tender asked the blonde-haired guy but she was ignored. He continued to look for something on that certain bin, when he couldn’t find it he went to the other trash bin and did the same thing.

“Found it!”

The store keeper was taken aback when the guy rose up his arm, his hand carefully holding a pair of wooden chopsticks. The guy was almost dancing in joy while admiring the said used chopsticks whose tips are still wet. He kept it on a clear zip lock and put it inside his bag.

The lady hurriedly went back to her post due to the fear that the guy might do something scary. She prepared herself to call for help just in case he totally goes nuts. The guy was kind enough to return the other garbage in the bins. While doing so, he saw the mask that Miyu wore and the flashback of Fuyu wearing it set his heart on fire. He could feel the blood rushing up to his nape, boiling in anger. He was trying to get the mask to add it to his collection but some guy just took it away from him.

Fuyu saw him. He was seen looking at the Winter Prince by the prince himself while the latter was wearing the mask. Their eyes met and before he knew it, Fuyu was already wearing his treasure.

“That b*st*rd should know where to place himself.” He gritted as he threw the mask back to the bin. He was already furious about the ending of the scandal about Miyu and Aki but seeing Miyu with another guy made him more enraged. And that guy is not just some other guy. It is Hoshizora Fuyu and he can clearly remember that Miyu mentioned him on her blog before saying that he likes how cool the school senior is.

“When I thought it was that annoying band vocalist, some other assh*le is having his way to my Miyu.” He kicked the trash bin to return it to its place under the table. “F*cking son of a b*tch needs to get some lesson. He should be thankful that my phone is dead or else he will suffer hell.”

The foreigner went out of the store still murmuring curses.

“I came all the way here for Miyu Watanabe. Miyu would be sad if she finds out that I’m being discouraged. The marriage form is already ready. Oh my Miyu…” he felt his body heating just at the thoughts of Miyu. He hurriedly went on his way back to his apartment so that he could relieve himself.

“Not today, assh*le. But you will definitely get a taste of hell for touching my property.”



@porkofdoom-san, sorry for the short updates. I'm really busy nowadays.  :nervous
His name is Lex. I mentioned it in the previous chapter. :)

@Goto24-san, thanks for welcoming me back~ I think no one expected that from Miyu because she is always smiling and sunny.
I wonder what Aki will choose too..

@MatsuiLee-san, Yeah! It's been a long time. Haha. Well, the pasts defines the present state of the characters, right?

@FZA02-san, haha.. Yeah.. They were Maru's parents.. And Hiro's parents as well. XD
Haha. I know. I also thought of Luthor... XD

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And yes everyone... her name didn't change. :)

See you on the next chapter. Probably the final chapter of this arc. :) Thanks for all the 'thanks' and comments~ :)
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Look at those dejavu scenes! Haha. Tha mask scene brings out a  whole lot of memories from TTM. And when will the maruparu couple kiss? Arg. It's hard to comment thry the phone so I'll make this short. Thank you for another amazing chapter^^ Will this arc be a happy ending or not? Don't leave us hanging! Love the imoutos btw and the cussing of the stalker named LEX. HAHAHA
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I feel like Techi is the one who uploaded that rumor.

“Yurina-chan? Is something wrong?” Neru asked innocently. She noticed how the other girl’s hands balled into a fist.

Yurina felt sweat broke on her forehead. She turned to Neru and tried to calm herself down.

“Yeah…” she started. “People who play dirty like that uploader should be caught.”

The fact that Neru saw how she was acting and she denies not being okay makes her seem more suspicious. Though the latter didn't know she was discovering something serious.

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This crude Techi and wonderful Neru. The TechiNeru you write is awesome! I wonder what made Techi so angry/nervous. An ex-girlfriend (just kidding)? Someone we already know? Or someone new altogether. Ahh, I'm curious.

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Dear Maru Chan:

Your now a tier 1 Counter Terrorist who can hack shtuff...

Go to an ISIS Twitter and hack into it so you can post "I am Gay"


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Ohhhh this fic just keeps getting better and better.
Looks like Aki and Miyu's problem has been solved.
But now I'm more worried for what is to come next. The foreigner is just so creepy. I hope someone finds out about him soon.

And that TechiNeru ship!!! Oohhhhh!!! Techi being all flustered because of Neru is so cute!!!! Let that ship sail!!
But I wonder. Who was that that Techi saw. Fumie?

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finally, the rumor has been cleared, now i'm really curious on what will aki do ?
and also.....can anybody please slap that lex guy for me....... and what i mean slap is using and axe at his neck
that girl that seen by techi... can it be fumie or someone else ?

and lastly......the little sisters is back!! and that TechiNeru!!... it's so ...super adorable.. i mean techi getting all flustered just because of neru...hmm i wonder if techi has fall for neru or what will be interesting to know fuyu and haru's reaction

and i really really agree with @Goto24-san let the TechiNeru's Ship Sail!!!!

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