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Author Topic: AMNESIA: Chapter 14 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (18/12/2015)  (Read 96445 times)

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AMNESIA: Chapter 14 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (18/12/2015)
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Sorry that I'm going to update pretty darn slow. I'm busy with many things right now and I don't want to update just for the sake of it. I want to write a best chapter each time so its worth the time you guys have to wait. All I can say, is that I'll finish the story no matter what, just going to take my time :P

~Amnesia: SPECIAL Occasion~


I saw the car coming towards us…in full speed.
It was a blink of second…It all happened instantly.
I was knocked out immediately by the strong impact…
…And couldn’t feel anything but pain.

It hurts so much that it feels like it’s burying me alive…
…It hurts…so much.


“U-Ugh …” I slowly opened my eyes and felt so tired. I felt like I had a nightmare…a really painful one. Gradually, I realized that I was on the bed. I couldn’t feel anything but pain spread across my head, legs, arms, and chest. It’s everywhere over me.

“W-Where am I…?”

“Ah, good morning Matsui-san.”

A woman in white uniform was busy organizing the flowers in the vase beside me. She turned to me and checked at the monitor on the screen filled with lines and numbers that I could even understand. “Ah, it seems everything is in a stable condition now.”

I turned to the nurse and looked at her while I tried to speak. It even hurts to do so. “Nurse…who am I…?”


She had a worrisome expression across her face. It doesn’t look good at all. “…I’ll call the doctor so she can do the explanation for you.”

“O-Oh…” My voice was even shaky. The nurse left immediately and only I could wait for the doctor to come see me. Ah, I remember the nurse called me Matsui...Is that my name? It felt familiar to me; maybe that’s my name.

When I try to remember what happen to me, my head hurts and I couldn’t remember anything at all. Even about myself…even my own name.


“If you need anything do call me.” The nurse bowed to the doctor beside her.

“Thank you, Yuki.” The doctor spoke back to the nurse before she left. Now it was me and the doctor in this quiet room. She approached in and sat on the chair beside my bed. I observed and studied her physical appearance; she had a shoulder-length hair and even though she wore glasses, I could see her pretty brown eyes so clearly. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m your doctor by the way.”

“Doctor-san…” I muttered softly and it seemed the doctor could tell that I’m confused as well as feeling the pain all over my body. She held my hand gently and gave such a warm caring smile to me. “Who am I…?”

I asked her and she looked into my eyes, speaking with a gentle tone.

“Your name is Matsui Rena.” She told my name, it felt so familiar. That must be my name… “Do you remember anything?”

I shook my head but that didn’t trouble the doctor at all. Her voice is so gentle that it made me really calmed. She’s really a doctor after all. “Don’t worry, we’ll be here with you.”

“What…happened to me?”

“It will be hard to hear it…” The doctor asked me whether I still wanted to hear or not. I nodded. For at least, I wanted to know what happen to me. She sighed softly before she told me what happened. “…Your car got into a car accident. I’m sorry that we managed to only save you.” She apologized sincerely even though I still couldn’t catch up with what she told me.

Only I survived? Then that means…


As if she could tell from my eyes as she continued explaining the situation in detail to me. “Your parents are there, but it was too late when they arrive at the hospital…we’re sorry.”

She stroked my head gently with a painful look in her eyes, as if she’s carrying the same pain with me. At that moment, I felt as if I started to remember the dream I had, it must be a car accident. The image became much clearer and I started to remember it.


I was in the car with my family.
 We seemed to be heading somewhere far away from home.
…Something important that I can’t remember.
While we’re travelling…
There was a huge truck coming from the side.
Then it crashed our car…
That was when everything went black…


“I…” I looked away from the doctor. “I think I remember it…the accident.”

“I see…Aside from the accident, do you remember everything else?” She asked me again but I shook my head. I only recall the incident right after she mentioned about it. It fits with the nightmare I had right before I woke up. “I see…the accident must have affected you.”


“You have amnesia.” The doctor explained. “That’s why you don’t remember anything about yourself or what actually happened. It’s due to the accident, but don’t worry it won’t be permanent. ”

“…I see.” Tears started running down from my cheeks as I remembered my parent’s face. I felt as if I forgot something so important to me. I don’t know why but its hurting me so much. It’s aching so wildly. Maybe… it was because I’m the only one that survived the accident when everyone’s dead.


I couldn’t hold back my tears as the doctor held my hand tightly. Her hand was so warm. She stroked my head as if telling me that I’m not alone. She’s here for me. Even I lost my parents, I didn’t felt as lonely as I thought I would be.

“I’ll be here until you feel better.”

“Doctor-san…Thank you.” I replied back to her and made her smile. She still held my hand and sat there quietly until I’m done with crying and felt lightened up a little. “Thank you for being with me…”

“Not at all.” She glanced at her pocket watch before she stood up. “I believe I have to leave now Rena-chan.”

I didn’t want that hand to let go from me at all. But, I had no choice but to let it go. Before she’s going to leave she explained a few things to me about using the button to call my private nurse.

“…Nurse Kashiwagi will be looking after you from now on, just call her whenever you need anything. She’s the nurse that you met earlier.”

“I see…Thank you for saving me.”

The doctor was slightly stunned and revealed a vague painful smile across her face. I wonder why she had that expression on her face…?

She bent down so that we had the same eye level with each other. “Whenever you need me, feel free to notify nurse Kashiwagi. I promise, I’ll be with you whenever you need.”

The honesty in her eyes that were staring at me made me believed in her completely. She was so kind to me and really cared for me. It made me felt that I’m not alone in this pain of losing my family without remembering anything about them at all.  “Also…”


“Sorry for the late introduction, I’m Dr. Kashiwagi Jurina, but you can call me Jurina.” Her smile is so bright and cheerful, yet gentle. I nodded and she patted my head again.

But wait…Kashiwagi? Isn’t that the same surname as my private nurse? Are they related to each other? I wonder…

“I’ll see you again later today for check-ups and do rest as much as you could, Rena-chan.”

“I will…Jurina-san.”


She had left. Time flies so fast when Jurina-san was with me. I decided to go into sleep without having any worries that I will have that nightmare again or not. Since the warmth from Jurina-san’s hand is still with me…


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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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YES!!!!  :cow: You posted it here! I'm so happy  :lol: I read it yesterday in akblasphemy48 and I'm currently waiting not so patiently for the next chapter.  XD More MaYuki fic please!  XD Thanks for posting your fics here, katekyohit-san  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:

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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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This is cool :) I can't wait for the next update! Are Jujubb and Yukirin related?  :dunno:

Anyway! Update soon  :hee:

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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Interesting start  MaYuki and WMatsui will create intrigue for me
Random Thought:


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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Yatta your amnesia fic is here :cow:
Im so happy :on gay:

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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Somehow, I didn't really expect Rena-chan to be the one with amnesia despite it being not so weird
Kashiwagi Jurina... hrm? I wonder~~
hehehe... I wonder... Mayuki and WMatsui nya~

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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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So you're posting your Amnesia fiction on here now~ Sweet! I've read it on Tumblr, but what the heck. Doesn't hurt to read it again. XD So Rena has amnesia... Yikes. That accident must be pretty bad if she even forgot what her name is. :panic: But there's Doctor Jurina and Nurse Kashiwagi~ I'm sure they'll take good care of her. :cathappy:

Looking forward to your updates on this fiction~ :deco:

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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Fantastic fanfic and I read it on akblasphemy48 website thank you for
posting it on here too. (●´∀`●) I will wait on the updates!  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/   
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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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okaaaaaaaaaaay *camping mode*  :on roll:  :on woohoo:

i like it i like it  :nya:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: AMNESIA: Prologue [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Re: AMNESIA: CH01 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Oh many comments >_<"  :nya: :nya: For people who read it on tumblr, I guess it's easier to comment on here than on tumblr, I want to hear your comments! Haha, in case it would give me more ideas. I'm a type that sometimes doesn't plan before writing the story out (bad example) I appreciate all comments from you! Even just a little.   :on gay: :on gay:

Rhin_rhin: Ahahaha please be a little more patient! XD I'll keep posting the old ones first until I update the latest one. Stay on tune! :)
WotaOtaku~: Whether they're related or not is revealed in later chapters (already out there in tumblr), but will definitely post it here!
Chichay12: YES! Finally it's on here.
LoyalFlutist: I love comments. Comment more! XD
Shinoki: Going to be some twists around so wait and see! :) I hope you enjoy it since I actually enjoy writing it myself xD
imteedee: Yatta! Glad you like it! :D
gek geki: Fan? Aw you making me flattered!  :shy2: :hee: Will definitely update asap! :D
Tupi: I mentioned it already in some comments above but well not bad to mention again. XD I'll gradually update all previous chapters until the latest one on here so stay on tune! Glad you enjoy it!


A/N: This chapter will be more of introducing Dr. Mayu into Rena’s life. It will start getting more intense in the next chapter! I’m sorry if the story might proceed slowly! ><”


It had been a week since I had woke up from my long sleep and first met with Jurina-san.

Ah, sorry for the late introduction…. My name is Matsui Rena, 20 years old, and I had survived from the car accident but as a result I had this amnesia. Jurina-san had explained to me on the day after I woke up from my long sleep that I received financial support from government… so the hospital and medication fee would be free for me until I’m fully recovered. I didn’t know much details but that’s a great thing! I’m glad she told me before I start worrying about money issues here…

So at the moment until I’m completely recovered from my amnesia, I’ll be under Jurina-san’s care. Well…deep down inside me partially didn’t want that day to come. I still wanted to meet and be with Jurina-san. I don’t know why, I felt so connected to her. I’m always happy and comforted with Jurina-san around me.

…Maybe because she saved me from being lonely after I lost everything.

“Rena-chan, it’s time to eat lunch.”

Nurse Kashiwagi spoke as she brought in lunch for me, but she insisted me calling her just ‘Yuki’ instead of her surname. “Dr. Jurina will come to check on you after your meal.”

I nodded with a smile. That is the only thing I always looked forward each day for Jurina-san to come in this white squared room.

“Ah~ Sure someone is happy to meet Dr. Jurina?” Yuki-san teased me.

“Mou Yuki-san…”

She turned her attention to the vase. She’s replacing new flowers everyday and she came to sit by my side after she’s done with her job. It must be some service in hospital here to replace flowers? Anyways, I’m glad they bring fresh flowers everyday! I do like flowers… it makes me feel fresh everyday too!

With Yuki-san, we always talked with each other all the time and about every little things that how teenage girls would do. I learned many things about Yuki-san too. She’s just three years older than me and her family was all a mix of doctors and nurses.  I’m so jealous of her; she must be really smart to get a job this quickly since she looked super young!

“Here Rena-chan! Don’t you think these clothes are cute?” Yuki-san exclaimed as she was showing me the fashion magazine.

“Ah! Kawaii~” I got excited as it’s a pink dress with cute lases. Yuki-san always brought these interesting magazines everyday and shared many funny stories in the hospital with me.

Jurina-san and Yuki-san are really nice and they never made me felt lonely at all ever since I woke up. Even it was their job, I’m grateful they’re always here with me and cared for me.


The door to my room opened and that was when I had my eyes met with a shorthaired doctor. I couldn’t hold back my smile as I realized that she’s the person I waited for to come. It’s Jurina-san!

“Ah, Jurina-san!”

“Good afternoon Rena-chan, great that you’re lively today again!” Jurina-san smiled lively as she approached to Yuki-san’s side. “Ah right Yuki…she called for your assist.”

“Jeez…that doctor…” I could tell that Yuki-san’s mood changed immediately. She sighed and got up from her seat. “Sorry Rena-chan! I’ll be back soon.”

“Not at all Yuki-san.” I smiled and it made Yuki-san’s expression softened down. I’m so excited and happy for Jurina-san to visit me everyday despite her being busy with her patients.


“So, how’s your day? Feeling better?”

“Yes! Yuki-san really took care of me and it didn’t hurt as much as it was few days ago.”

“Ah, that’s great! But don’t overwork yourself okay?”

“Okay.” I nodded back to my doctor. Then Jurina-san began explaining to me that they would begin treating my amnesia conditions after my body is in a healthier shape. She told me that she didn’t want to overwork me and they should take things slowly together.

“So…how does the plan sound like?”

“I like it.” I nodded and it made Jurina-san smiled with relief.

“That’s great!”

After my doctor did the daily check-ups on me, there would always be spare time for us to have a friendly talk with each other. I always learn something new every time from Jurina-san and especially funny stories in the hospital.

“If you get healthy enough, I’ll take you outside from hospital.” Jurina-san smiled and it made me shocked. “How does that sound?”

“R-Really!? Like…outside hospital?”

It would be like a dream for me to get to go out from this white squared room with Jurina-san. I have only memories regarding this room and I couldn’t help but to be excited to go see outside. I couldn’t help but be so happy that Jurina-san offered me such kindness like this. I wonder all doctors are like this.

“Yup! I promise~” The doctor smiled childishly back and extended her pinky finger out towards me. “This is called ‘pinky promise’, it’s something you always do to keep promise with someone.”

“Hehe, I know that one!”

I’m proud that I remember what Yuki-san taught me yesterday. She promised that she would bring updated teenage fashion magazines today and she did. “Yuki-san taught that to me yesterday.”

I extended my pinky and joined it with hers. Now I can’t wait but to look forward to the day Jurina-san would take me out from here. We kept on talking about many things and I couldn’t help but wanted to learn more about my doctor, Jurina-san.

“Ah…Jurina-san? Do you mind I ask questions?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well…I just wanted to know more about you, so yeah…” I looked away from my doctor, it’s so embarrassing asking such a question like that but it made her laughed out. “M-Mou! It’s already embarrassing to ask!”

“Haha! I’m sorry, that’s really cute of you.”

Jurina-san wiped the tears out from her eyes. “Sure, feel free to ask anything about me.”

I’m totally relieved that Jurina-san allowed me to ask! Let’s see… I looked at the doctor. Hmm… Jurina-san looked really young just like Yuki-san…Ah! Now I know what to ask! “Jurina-san, how old are you? You looked really young…”

“Oh? I just reached 27 few months ago. I’m still new and inexperienced as doctor here.” Jurina-san replied humbly back. “It’s my 3rd year working as an ER* doctor.”
(*ER = Emergency Room)

“Wow…t-that’s so cool!” I was amazed with how Jurina-san was actually an emergency doctor at such a young age. She must be really talented and mature to do something that has so much pressure. But that made her extremely cool!

“Ah, not really that much.” Jurina-san spoke humbly again. “It’s just like any other specialty…”

“No you’re really cool! Just like a hero, saving people’s life at worse moments like how you saved me…that’s just amazing!”

That second, I swear I saw Jurina-san blushed. She ruffled her hair and looked away. “Ah jeez…Rena-chan you’re fluttering me too much!” The doctor was actually blushing!? It was the first time I saw Jurina-san like that. She really did have a cute side aside from her calm mature side after all!

I really like it… Even though Jurina-san is my doctor; we talked to friendly and casually unlike doctor-patient talks. It’s the same thing as Yuki-san too! I’m so glad that they are my nurse and doctor.

“Oh…it’s about time I have to go now. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow like usual! See you tomorrow Rena-chan.”

“See you tomorrow Jurina-san.” She patted my head before she left the room. I’m glad I’m able to learn more about Jurina-san! I wondered why but it makes me so happy just to learn a little bit of her. Right before I decided to go to sleep, I felt this cold object contacted with my skin. 


It’s a small tiny watch beside my hand. Is it belonged to Jurina-san?

“Did she forgot it? I think I should return it to her…” I sat up and stood on my feet. Even though my leg felt funny I’m actually good enough to walk, but not so well.  “Alright then, if I go now I might be able to catch up with her.”


I opened the door and sneaked out from my room (When I’m not supposed to without permission).

Looking at the right, safe. Looking at the left, safe. Yuki-san is not around, I started walking and hoping to find Jurina-san somewhere. I kept walking down the corridor and hoped that to find the doctor. But it seemed hopeless; I never knew that the hospital could be this big! I think I should return the watch to her next time when I meet her tomorrow.

“It might be better… if I head back.”

I turned around and suddenly just realized that I’m lost. I completely forgot to remember the path I came from. I don’t even know my room number and how am I supposed to go back!?

You’re such an idiot Rena…

In that moment of silence…

“Ah! You got nice oshiri!”


I felt my butt being groped by someone. I’m completely in shocked and stunned. I sprung forward and turned around immediately to see who’s the culprit. There’s this woman in white gown and wore glasses just like Jurina-san. Is she a doctor?

“W-Who are you?”

“Oh? Hey, it’s Rena-chan isn’t!? Ah heard that you woke up but I haven’t have a chance to visit you yet!” The doctor stared at Rena and scanned from top to bottom. Then something in particular caught her attention and stared at my leg. “Ah, you’re such a naughty girl. You shouldn’t be walking…your leg is still healing.”

“H-How did you know…?”

“I’m not a doctor for nothing! Of course I can tell how strange you’re standing.”

She laughed out loud before she walked in closer to me. “So…why is Rena-chan walking alone like this in the corridor? You’re not supposed to be here. This is the heart unit section.”

“Heart unit section…?” I got confused and the doctor pointed up at the sign that indicated that this was the heart section of the hospital. “Ah…”

“Oh~hoh~ It seems a poor girl is lost.”

The doctor kept teasing Rena and it made her blushed with embarrassment. She got her butt groped and then got teased by this perverted doctor. “Alright, since I’m not such a mean person…I’ll escort you back to your room.”

“Eh? Really? You know where it is?” I was amazed with how the doctor offered to escort me back. Maybe this perverted doctor wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

“Yes I do! Here, allow me to help you.” The doctor sneaked and stole one of the wheelchairs from the counter close by. She insisted me to not walk when my body is still not ready for it. I had no choice but to listen to her as she pushed the chair along the corridor to my room.

While she’s taking me back to my room, we didn’t even bother to talk. She only hummed to herself. The perverted doctor seemed to be in a lively mood. Maybe she wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. “Um…doctor?”


“By chance…now do you know my name?” I couldn’t help but to ask her. Since she knew my name. Maybe it’s something in the hospital but still it made me curious. I turned my head to the doctor and she only grinned back at me.

“Rena-chan is cute, that’s why?”

“…Now that’s making everything much more creepier.” I sighed out.

“Now we’re here.”

“Eh?” I looked at the door the doctor stopped. My name was on there. She actually knew where my room was! Wow, she’s a nice doctor after all. Even though she might be perverted and creepy. “T-Thank you very much. Uh…”

“Watanabe Mayu, just call me Mayu.” She smiled gently but cheesy at the same time. “Nice to meet you Rena-chan and don’t walk out again without kirin or Jurina with you.”

“Kirin…?” I don’t understand what she’s referring to. A giraffe? Who? Wait, she knew Jurina-san too? Ah, I’m thinking too much…

Mayu-san bent down to my ears to whisper. “Next time…If you’re being naughty again I can’t guarantee I’ll bring you back to your room next time~” She spoke with a cheesy tone and gave me goose bumps instantly.


…She’s creepy after all! I take back all my words.

Suddenly, I heard loud footsteps interrupting from behind. Mayu-san and I turned our heads around and saw this nurse rushing towards us, oh! That’s Yuki-san!

“Oh, here comes the kirin.”

Wait, so the kirin that Mayu-san is referring is actually Yuki-san??

“I heard that Mayu!” Yuki-san exclaimed and then rushed to my side immediately. “Rena-chan, please don’t’ go out like that again! You made me worried sick.”

“I’m sorry Yuki-san, but Jurina-san seemed to have forgotten this watch…” I gave the silver pocket watch to Yuki and she immediately recognizes it. It really did belong to Jurina-san after all! Well I do think so.

“Ah I see…you can return to Jurina-san tomorrow.” Yuki-san returned the watch to me and gave an angelic smile to me. “I’ll take care from here. You can leave.”

“Ouch. Being so mean to me again kirin?”

“Stop calling me a giraffe! Geez…It’s YU-KI.” My private nurse sighed and ordered the doctor to return back to her section immediately. “Just go back!”

“Whatever~” Mayu-san shrugged her shoulders before she turned back to me and gave a wink. “I’ll see you again Rena-chan.”

Ugh…I wonder I want to meet Mayu-san again. It’s fine as long as she doesn’t grope me again. I’m so tired, it feels as if it’s such a long day to me…My body is probably not ready for a long walk yet.

Yuki-san helped me onto my bed and sat beside me through out the entire afternoon. “I’m sorry for Mayu. I hope she didn’t do grope you or anything!” Yuki-san apologized with a sigh.

Actually she did…but I rather not mention it, yet. Mayu-san isn’t a bad person, well, a little.

“It’s okay! Mayu-san gave me a wheelchair while she brought me back here…I haven’t thanked her properly yet at all.”

“I see…” Yuki-san’s expression softened down. But then it made me wondered about the relationship between both Yuki-san and Mayu-san. Did Yuki-san dislike Mayu-san or something? “I won’t interrupt your sleeping time now. You should take a lot of rest.”

“Yes, thank you Yuki-san.”

“Not at all Rena-chan! I’ll see you again whenever you call.”



Several days passed by and I’m starting to get better and better. But at the same time, I’m getting really bored of just sitting in bed and resting. What killed time for me are magazines that Yuki-san brought and the times Jurina-san come to have a chat with me daily. Unfortunately, Yuki-san had an emergency case and had her hands full with work at the moment.

I sighed as I looked through the magazines for the 10th time for the day already. I could tell what are the articles in the entire magazine are all about now…That’s how bored I am!

“So boring…” I muttered to myself. Yeah, I usually talk to myself when Yuki-san or Jurina-san aren’t around. They would find me creepy. “What should I do?”

“I don’t know? For sure you’re not thinking about sneaking out again eh?”

…Huh!?! I threw my glance to where the reply came from. Then I saw this perverted doctor sitting on the stool beside my bed reading some comics.

“M-Mayu-san!? Since when are you here?”

“For few minutes ago. I knocked and called you already. You’re really focused on your daydreaming.”

Oh god this is so embarrassing. I didn’t know how long I’ve been talking to myself and how much did Mayu-san heard. But wait, why is she here? “By the way Mayu-san…why are you here?”

“Visiting of course. Visit!” Mayu closed her manga book before she turned her attention to me. “I told you I’ll come visit you.”


“Right, since you’re really bored enough to be talking to yourself. Why not try reading this manga? It’s good.” The doctor handed me a book and it’s the first time I saw the manga. I slowly read through it and never knew how interesting it is. I like the art. I like the story. This is so addictive!

“Wow…this is really fun!”

“Hm~ Glad you like it! I brought quite a few so take your time enjoying it.” Mayu-san seemed to be happy to know that I like the books she brought. “Also, here.”

Mayu brought out chocolate chip cookies she brought before she came to see me. She gave me one and had another one for herself. “This is a good one, try it out.”

“O-Oh, thank you so much.”

Mayu-san could be so kind to me, but also perverted and sarcastic. Overall, she’s a good person after all. I ate the cookies and it taste great! But it couldn’t beat melon pan. It’s always my number one food!

“Alright then! I think I should leave before I run into that kirin.” Mayu sat up and had a nice stretch before she leave.

“Wait! Your books…” I called her but she just shrugged her shoulders.

“I’ll come get it back later. I’ll have you read it first since you seemed to be bored than I do.” The doctor bullied me again but I’ll let it slip for once. Since Mayu-san gave her time to come visit me, and even brought me these manga books and a chocolate cookie.

“Mayu-san…thank you for visiting me. I’m really grateful.”

Mayu-san seemed to be caught off guard and then let out a smile. I couldn’t tell what’s behind her cyborg smile at all. I hope I said my words right and didn’t give her a wrong impression.

“Aw that’s sweet of you. Just don’t tell the kirin that I come here. Or else I won’t lend you any mangas.”

She didn’t directly reply me at all but that works. “Deal. It will be a secret…but I’m curious, why do you call Yuki-san a kirin?”

“Jurina and kirin’s friends called Yuki by Yukirin.” She replied simply. “It’s more fun to just call her a kirin~”

“Ah…make sense I guess? She’s taller than you too.” Suddenly, I got this glare back from Mayu-san. Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t have say that…. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to--”

“Height are just numbers!! Anyways I’m leaving!” Mayu-san took her leave and didn’t give me the chance to say anything at all. Maybe I did poked on the bull’s eye. She really did have a cute side after all!


Even in the late evening, I’m still fully awake by these manga books Mayu brought over. I can’t stop reading at all! This is getting so addictive; it’s the best thing to do to kill time ever! The quiet peaceful night with a manga book in your hands – the best moment ever.


“Rena-chan, are you sleeping yet?”

That’s Jurina-san’s voice! I sprang up immediately and placed the manga beside my bed. “Yes! Please come in.”

When Jurina-san came in, she looked really exhausted today. It must be tough on her since she didn’t make it this afternoon. “I’m sorry I can’t make it for this afternoon…something came up.”

“Not at all! I’m great.”

“I see…” Then Jurina-san’s eyes stopped at the manga book in my hand. She left out a soft smile and sat on the stool.

“So…Mayu came by didn’t she?”

“Ah… you knew?”

“She’s the only doctor around here that I know that would actually bring a manga to hospital.” Jurina-san spoke as if she knew Mayu-san quite well. Oh right! Now that it reminded me, I wonder what’s their relationship. Mayu-san seemed to know Jurina-san well too.

“Ah, Jurina-san? Did you somehow know…Mayu-san?”

“Haha! Yes, more than enough.” She shrugged her shoulders and continued. “Well, I guess I know her too much? She’s my best friend in university as we’re in same degree. You can say, best friends yet rivals at the same time.”

“O-Oh! Wow, so you two were friends for a very long time?”

“Yup we are. She’s a talented heart surgeon. She was actually the one that saved you too.”

W-What? Wait I can’t follow up with this. She saved me? “W-What do you mean?”

“Mayu’s the doctor that operated on you.” Jurina-san explained the situation that happened when I’m still unconscious. Now, I’m not that surprised anymore why Mayu-san knew me. “…It’s one complicated procedure… Yuki and I were there as well to assist her.”

“I see…Wow…” I can’t think of the word now. I’m completely lost with words. “T-Thank you?”

“Haha, I understand that you might be lost of words.” She smiled and enjoyed the conversation she’s having with me. As if she could read my mind out like a book. Jurina-san understood and knew me so well. “Hmm…I think it is about time I leave you to go to sleep! Good night Rena-chan, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes! Good night Jurina-san.”

It’s about time I went to sleep. Slowly drifting into another slumber like always. I had a dream this time. It’s so vague but I remember the feelings really well.

I walked in the park with my parents and with another older girl. I was really young back then.

“Rena-chan! Don’t go too far.” My mother called me form behind.

“I want to go over there!” I skipped along the path and then stopped in front of an ice-cream stall. “I want one…can I?”

“Ah, didn’t we have one after lunch already?”

My father spoke up with a soft sigh. He didn’t seem to approve me to eat more ice cream. But this older girl walked up to the stall and bought my favorite melon flavor.

“I didn’t have an ice cream back at the restaurant. So I’ll give my ice-cream to Rena-chan okay?” She smiled gently to me and patted my head.


“Jeez…aren’t you too kind to Rena?” father spoke to the older girl but then it made mother laughed out softly.

“That’s oneechan for Rena-chan.” Mother smiled as she favored the older girl’s actions for me.

“Eat it up before it melts!” Her eyes are so gentle and gave this bright cat smile to me. It’s such a nostalgic and familiar smile.

“Okay! Thank you so much oneechan! I love you!”

“Haha, I love you too, Rena-chan.”

They continued walking in the park together, as one whole family. I enjoyed her melon flavor ice cream while another hand was holding with the older girl’s hand.

I remember that feeling really well. Those warm gentle hands…without having to say anything. I could feel the caring and love from those hands.


I sprung up from my bed immediately. I could see the light in the corner of my eyes. It must be morning already. But my mind completely neglected that fact.


I could feel my heart beating so fast as if it’s going to broke my ribs from inside. I started to remember what I’ve long forgotten. That feeling in the dream, it felt so real that I still feel that tinge feeling on my hand. However at the same time I couldn’t believe what I had dreamt and how did I manage to forget that.


That older girl beside me, I called her oneechan. Is she related to me? Who is that? Is she my actual oneechan? But it’s so confusing. Whenever I tried to remember about oneechan, my heart and head hurts so much. It feels like it could suffocate me to death… All I can remember is that she meant something to me.

I…I want to know who is she to me. 



Minna-san~ Feel free to leave any comments! Arigatou gozaimasu!  :kneelbow: Feel free to ask anything, I'll do my best to answer it without spoiling the story though :)

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I just remember I had a mission to go out tomorrow so I'll just post all chapters here at once. :D Also, if Rena's not present in that current situation it will be from narrator's POV, but if Rena's there, it will be from her POV. I hope this is not confusing! I wanted to have the story proceed based from Rena's POV, but also revealing other secrets behind her backs (for readers) :) Hope you find joy reading this!

Amnesia: CH02

It was about time! Finally Jurina-san allowed me to go out from my room freely, but I will still be under Yuki-san’s supervision. But still it’s great news to me! At last I’m able to get out from this room!

“Since you’re healed, I’ll give you a reward by taking you out this weekend!” Jurina-san patted my head with a cheshire grin. “I promised you didn’t I?”

Jurina-san really did remember the promise we made! Wow, I’m already so happy that she really did remember it. “Do you have any place in mind?” my nurse asked and allowed me to decide where I want to go. Hmm…I tried to think of all the places I wanted to go, my thoughts always ended up at ‘park’. My mind could only think of the ‘park’ after since I had that dream about my family trip to the park in the past.

“…Can it be a park?”

“Park? You mean like, a normal park?” Jurina-san questioned.

“Y-Yes! Few days ago I had this dream about going to a park with my family… I think it’s a part of my memories. I felt like going there…”

I told them about my dream, but I didn’t mentioned about ‘oneechan’ to them yet. I don’t feel like it’s the right time to mention it to them now until I know enough to be sure yet. Suddenly, I saw these very sparkling eyes from my private nurse.

“I really love the idea! I love parks!” Yuki-san exclaimed before she turned to the doctor beside her. “We’re going okay?”

“Who said we’re not? It’s a place where Rena-chan chose after all.”

“Thank you!” I’m so glad that we decided where to go this weekend. But suddenly another idea rushed into my mind. I turned to Jurina-san and made an eye contact with her. She seemed to know that I still have something in mind wanted to speak.

“Is it a private question?” Jurina-san asked and it made me surprised a little. It’s like she’s reading me like a book! She really did know that I wanted to ask something from her.

“…A little.”

Jurina-san smiled before she turned to Yuki-san, giving an eye signal the nurse. Yuki-san immediately understood what the doctor meant. I wonder it’s their code signal for work or something? “Alright. I’ll be back with some drinks if you’re still going to be here when I’m back.”

“Thank you~” Yuki-san left and it’s only the doctor and the patient in the room. “So, what’s your question?”

“You see… I wanted to invite Mayu-san too.” I requested Jurina-san to invite Mayu. Since I haven’t had a chance to thank her properly and even it’s indirectly she showed consideration for me. I feel like Mayu-san should come too. After I explained my thoughts and feelings to Jurina-san, I wonder what expression she would make when I’m making such a selfish request like this. “So…can we?”

“Of course! I bet Mayu will be glad that you invite her too.” Jurina-san smiled widely with relief and made my mind felt much more relaxed. “Is it why you want to ask when Yuki is not around?”

I nodded and made the doctor laughed out. “Haha! Not that surprising to hear that at all.” Jurina-san seemed to know things going on between Mayu-san and Yuki-san. The doctor patted my head and gave me a comforting look. “No problem, I’ll invite Mayu and I believe she will come.”

“Wow, thank you so much Jurina-san!”

“At your service, Rena-chan.”

Yuki-san had come back with drinks for Jurina-san and I. We continued talking about to prepare and Yuki-san would be lending her clothes for me since I don’t have any clothes with me. I’m so glad! Now, I couldn’t wait for this upcoming weekend! It’s also my first time going outside from the hospital too.


Finally, it’s the weekend I’ve been waiting for! I wore a pink dress that Yuki-san brought for me and it amazingly fit me perfectly. Gratefully it’s because Yuki-san and I had similar body size and height. We headed out at the entrance together with Mayu-san who dressed casually in short jeans with a pink hoodie over her head. She looked really mature in her doctor outfit, but in her casual clothing it’s a totally different impression.

“Let’s get moving, Jurina’s waiting.” Mayu-san was rushing Yuki-san, who was making my hair properly and neatly.

“Wait! I’m almost done! Don’t rush me.”

“Jeez, it’s just hair…” The doctor sighed right before Yuki-san finished tying my hair. We headed down to the entrance immediately and then entered the car that was parking right in front. Jurina-san was the one driving for us and then it’s about time we headed to the park recommended by Yuki-san as it’s one of the nicest park around here.


Finally we’re here.

We had arrived at the park and I couldn’t stop myself from throwing my glance all over the place. I felt so excited and nostalgic at the same time. Even though it’s not the same park in my dreams, it’s close enough for me.

“Rena-chan, don’t start daydreaming right in the middle of the park.” Mayu-san came from behind and hit my oshiri. I flinched with surprise and blushed slightly.


“Mayu! Don’t you dare molest Rena-chan!” Yuki-san exclaimed loudly and rushed to my side even before I could even say anything.

“Jeez…I’m just having fun.”

“Not on Rena-chan please.” The nurse grumbled back at the pervert doctor.

“Anyways! Let’s enjoy our trip today okay?” Jurina-san always has her bright smile in every situation she’s in. “Right, since it’s nearly lunch…should we go find a restaurant?”

“Sounds great. Actually I didn’t eat breakfast yet.” Mayu-san yawned as she crossed her arms behind her head. Then Jurina-san turned to me to ask for my opinion.

“What about Rena-chan?”

“Eh…we could eat something first before we start going around in the park. So we don’t get too hungry.” After everyone heard my thoughts, they agreed and headed to the closest restaurant from where we were standing now.


We ordered the food and we had time before our dish arrived. Oh! This is a perfect timing to talk to them. I think I should thank them properly about today’s trip. They took their precious day-off and gave that to me. I think this is the perfect time to thank them. “Everyone…I want to thank you all of you for today. I’m really happy that everyone gave them their time to come out with me.”

“Aw it’s nothing at all!” Jurina-san smiled widely.

“There’s no reason for you to thank us so formally like that.” Yuki-san turned and made an eye contact with me. “We’re friends, so don’t say that.”
…Eh? Wait! Did Yuki-san said friends? I’m really their friend? “Friends…?” I blurted out softly, but unfortunately everyone at the table heard clearly.

“Why not? It’s not like we’re treating you like a patient much anyways.” Mayu-san continued and it made me laughed. But that it made Yuki-san glared at her.

“You’re a doctor! THAT one is bad.”

She just gave a shrug back as her reply to Yuki-san. Wow, Mayu-san was really good at annoying and getting on Yuki-san’s nerves. Then I accidently made an eye contact with Jurina-san, who was sitting opposite from me. “Hahaha! So that makes things easier. It’s just like what Yukirin said. Can we all be your friends?”

“I-I’m more than glad to!”

Right after that, Mayu-san…I mean Mayu started forcing me to cut out the honorifics with her name and preferred me calling her just ‘Mayu’. “I’ll just call you just Rena too, that’s the deal.” She declared and didn’t even give me a chance to say anything, but that works. I think it’s her own way of expressing her friendliness?

“You can just call me Yukirin. That’s a nickname what everyone calls me.”

“Or you can call kirin if you want~” Mayu interrupted and made Yukirin threw her glare at her. “Shut up Mayu!” But its rather Mayu enjoyed making Yukirin angry every now and then. “Whoa hey there! We’re in a restaurant~”

“Ugh…seriously…” Yukirin sighed and was still annoyed by Mayu.

“For me, I’m great with you just calling me by my name too! You don’t have to be formal just because we’re doctors or older than you.” Jurina smiled at me and I nodded back as a reply. Fortunately the food had arrived right on the perfect timing! I didn’t know when our conversation topic ended, but today I have made 3 new friends in my life! Mayu, Yukirin…and Jurina.


Jurina-san offered to pay for the meal this time and told Yukirin, Mayu and I to wait outside. However, Yukirin insisted to pay another half and so it’s only Mayu and I waiting outside in front of the restaurant.  “Uhm…Mayu?”


“I was wondering…” I took another deep breath and doubt whether I should ask this or not but I can’t help but to be curious of it! I want to clarify my doubt! “…Why do you like bullying Yuki-san?”

“It’s ‘Yukirin’ for you. Get used to it.” Mayu didn’t answer my question and corrected my honorifics for Yu…Yukirin. It’s easier to call Mayu more than Yukirin somehow. “I won’t answer your question until you correct yourself again.”

This is annoying! Ah…Calm down Rena. Mayu is just trying to get on your nerves like always… “Okay, why do you like bullying, or teasing Yukirin? I’m curious.”

Mayu shrugged her shoulder. “Hm, because it’s fun to bully her. ”

“…Huh? It’s not really answering the question though.”

“You really ask a lot of questions do you? Ever since I met you.” Mayu turned to me and made an eye contact. I never realize I do ask a lot of questions, now she’s making me feeling guilty to ask too much now…

“I-I’m sorry…”

She sighed and then ruffled my hair roughly, unlike how Jurina always do with me gently. Mayu’s way is rough and it’s making my hair a mess. I don’t like it, but I’ll just go along with her way, just for now. “I didn’t say it’s a bad thing. You got amnesia and it’s best you keep asking questions when you’re curious. It does help you remembering things faster.”

“I-I see…” I can’t tell whether Mayu is being sarcastic or honest with that answer. Her cyborg face never shows any ‘true’ emotions much. Then again, Mayu slapped my oshiri and caught me off guard again. But I think I’m used to that coming, I’m not that surprised anymore. “W-What was that for…?”

“Jeez, stop holding back and quit apologizing with some little stuffs. We’re YOUR friends after all. Make us like one.” Mayu’s word struck my mind…for once, she’s right, and her words convinced me. Everyone’s my friend, and I should treat them like one.

“Y-Yes!” I replied firmly and made her have this cheeky grin across her face.


Just one simple word from her, but it made me felt much better than ever. Is this the real caring Mayu? But for sure, I felt Mayu’s kindness through that one single word. She’s so considerate, despite always being sarcastic and slaps my oshiri…


The four of us walked in the park together and had a very fun talk with each other. It felt as if this is my little ‘world’ at the moment. Together with Yukirin, Mayu, and Jurina. I want this time to last forever! This feeling is so similar to what I have in my dreams. It feels like I’m with my family again.

“Ah, hey girls! Are you guys all alone or something?”

Suddenly a group of men came up to us. They seemed to be focusing the conversation at Yukirin. I don’t understand what’s going on at all. I wonder are they someone that Jurina and others know?

“Wanna hangout with us? It will be fun!”

“We’re fine.” Yukirin replied with a monotone, attempting to ignore the guys in front of her by looking away.

“Aw! Don’t say like that! It’s going to be more fun with us.” Another guy spoke up but then I saw Yukirin sighed again. Hm, I wonder what’s going on…I’ll just remain quiet for now.

I slowly turned my glance to look at the other two and saw Mayu looking angry and annoyed. She tightened her fist tightly and I swear it’s my first time seeing Mayu looking THAT serious like this…

 “Hey, don’t act so cold like that! We’re friendly here.” The guy extended his hand towards Yukirin, but right before the guy could lay a single finger on her Jurina grabbed his arm. Even though the situation looks intense, Jurina always had this calm mature expression on her face.

“Sorry, but we’re busy if you do not mind.” Jurina smiled and threw the man’s arm away from Yukirin and stood in between them. Wow, Jurina looked like a knight protecting a princess! Just like in the manga books I read! Jurina looked so cool…ah, I just realized that she’s actually pretty and handsome too. “If you do not mind, please leave us.”

“Tch…what are you? Acting so big…” One of the boys spat, but then Jurina completely ignored him and turned to us.

“Let’s get going guys!” Her wide smile surprised me. It’s as if the guys that came up to us never actually happened. Suddenly I felt my wrist grabbed by Mayu and pulled me along with her. “Let’s get going Rena.” I’m clueless now! What’s going on? But I’ll just follow with the flow for now…

“Oi! You guys are not going anywhere---” One of the boys froze before he could even finished his statement when Jurina turned back to look at them. I wonder what kind of glare Jurina gave them, but their faces were horrified and eventually they backed away like an obedient kid. Wow…I never knew that Jurina could be scary sometimes too?

“I hope we don’t run into them again.” Jurina looked bothered and sighed. I think this is a good time to ask them what’s happening just now…I don’t understand.

“Uh…by the way. What are those people? I don’t understand what’s going on…”

“You don’t have to worry Rena-chan.” Yukirin replied instead and made me even more curious. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t explain it to me. Is the situation that complicated? “Those guys are trying to hit and flirt on her.” Mayu explained to me instead. Oh, I understand. It’s the same with the situation that happened in the manga I read yesterday. It’s really fun to read that. Ah…so that’s how it is in real life, I better remember that.   

“I get it now, thank you Mayu.” I turned to her and she gave me a shrug as her reply. Now, I’m clueless of what to do. “Eh…so, what should we do next?”

I saw a smirk on Yukirin’s face. “Hehe~ Let’s go check at the central area of the park, there’s always this ‘Saturday Festival’ going on every weekends!”

“Ah, sounds so interesting!” Mayu smirked with excitement. “So that’s why you introduced us to come to the park eh?”

“Obviously?” Yukirin replied firmly back and turned to me next. “Rena-chan are you in it?”

“Yes!” I replied as loud and clearly as I could as we headed to our next destination. I wonder what’s this event that Yukirin mentioned would be like…


As soon as we arrived at the central area of the park, there’s filled with gaming booths as well as sweets. Kids and parents were everywhere! Wow, this looks really fun!

This is the first game I ever played after since I got out from the hospital, the balloon darts. Basically, we throw darts, pop the balloon, and get the prizes! I tried to play as Mayu forced me to give it a shot. But my throw sucks so much…out of all 6 darts I got only 1 balloon.

“Now my turn~” It’s Mayu’s turn next. I watched her and she nailed down 5 balloons! Wow, that’s so amazing. She needed only one more to get the grand prize, but she got a medium prize as for her reward. “Wow! You’re so good…”

“My skills fell…damn! Doctor life ruined my gaming talents.” Mayu grumbled despite the fact she got the prize. Finally Jurina and Yuki had caught up with us. Jurina came to my side and have this smirk across her face. “Ah, this game eh? I’ll get the grand prize.”

“Never.” Mayu grumbled but it made Jurina felt even more confident that she could prove Mayu wrong.

“You’ll see. This game is my specialty.” Jurina smirked with excitement and then all of us watched her cautiously and quietly.


I saw each dart successfully popped the balloon right in front of my eyes. It was like as if I saw a miracle! Jurina did it! She got the grand prize, as well as beat Mayu’s record.  “Yosh!”

Jurina got excited herself as she did get the grand prize as well as beat Mayu’s score. “Wow! Sugoi!!” Yukirin and I exclaimed with excitement while Mayu grumbled even more with dissatisfaction.

“Dammit! I swear I won’t lose next game Jurina!”

“Deal. I’m up for it~” Jurina gave a challenging Cheshire smile to her friend. But before they would continue their long challenge, Jurina picked a huge pillow cat as her reward and handed it to me. She wanted me to carry it?

“Eh?” I’m confused what Jurina wanted me to do with the pillow and I just held it in my hand. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Haha! I’m giving it to you. It’s my gift for you since you recovered faster than we predicted you would~” Jurina’s smile is the brightest smile I ever seen. She patted my head gently and I could feel the gentleness through her hand.

“Thank you so much Jurina!”

“Hehe, glad you like it~”


Yukirin and I followed Jurina and Mayu, as they kept challenging each other with various games they walked pass. Victors and losers kept switching. “Ah…this is so nostalgic. It’s been a while since I see them like this.”

“Hm? What do you mean?” I asked and then Yukirin smiled back at me before she started to tell me about Jurina and Mayu. After since they graduated, they had worked immediately in the hospital. And so, they sacrificed all their private time and devoted to their job. It’s really rare to see their energetic and childish side like this. The last time Yukirin saw was a senior in her high school. After I heard Yukirin’s story, Jurina and Mayu became much cooler in my opinion. They’re my savior after all. “I’m also glad that they’re enjoying today too.”

“Hehe, we all do.” Yukirin smiled with relief.  “Do you have fun today?”

“Totally! Thank you for choosing this place Yukirin.” My smile made Yukirin happier. I could tell from her expression. It’s so clear that you’ll be stupid to be unable to tell that.

“Oi! You two!” Mayu’s loud yell interrupted in and caught out attention. “We’re heading over there to take a break.”

“Okay, we’ll be there in a minute.”


We caught up with the two doctors who headed to sit at a faraway bench. Away from the crowd, we’re at this quiet peaceful spot. Both Jurina and Mayu managed to get several prizes as their reward. They looked like doll-hunters! I feel bad for the young kids since both of them really get a lot of dolls; it’s enough that they needed a bag for each person! We got thirsty, and then Yukirin and Jurina went to get some drinks for us.

“We’ll be back.” Jurina said to me before she left with Yukirin…And again I don’t know why, I’m alone with Mayu! But well, it’s not like I don’t have anything to talk to her. I do have some questions I’m curious and still left unanswered.



“Uh…” I left a gap and it made Mayu turned to me. Her stare sort of giving me a hint that I shouldn’t be hold back…alright, I’ll just say it then. “Tell me if I’m wrong…do you actually like Yukirin?”

She remained in silence and with that cyborg face. I could never tell what’s she thinking and what’s going on. “What made you think so?”

“Uh…I saw you looking at Yukirin so many times today…” Mayu only listened to my talking as I kept on going. She’s actually listening to what I’m saying carefully word by word. “…Also, I’ve been reading in the magazine articles that people who bully another person more than usual does have a tendency that you have affection for that person…”

I stopped, and it’s an awkward silence between both of us. She stared at me with this suspicious looking. I don’t feel good about this. Did I say something wrong? Or…it’s something that I’m not supposed to say? I hope I don’t regret what I just said just now.

“Oh geez…”

Mayu sighed and looked away from me. It made me wondering what would her response be. “I wonder what does magazine these days teach teenagers…also, you have my compliment, you’re one real good observer.”

Good observer? Wait, so that means… “So…”

“…I’ll tell you my little secret then. Since you already spill it out, there’s no point of hiding it from you now.” Mayu sighed and turned her glance up towards the bright orange sky. Ah, I didn’t realize that it’s this late already... “Yes, I like Yuki, no…I LOVE her. Ever since I met her. ”

I could tell the honest and caring in Mayu’s voice. T-That’s the first time I heard Mayu called by ‘Yuki’. She sounds so serious, it doesn’t sound like she’s lying. “W-Wow…Uh…since when is that?”

“Hm…I’m not quite sure myself. It’s been so long that I have lost count…” She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess, 6-7 years?”

W-What? So Mayu was in love with Yukirin for over half a decade!? This is like some dramatic romance in TV series and in manga books. I’m completely shocked. What kind of feelings did Mayu had for these past years until now? “Y-You should have told her about your feelings! Yukirin is really kind…I believe she will listen to you.”

“It’s useless.” She replied with such a simple face and without hesitation. How could she say like that without any emotions at all? “Why are you so firmed about that?” I argued back and she made an eye contact with me this time, but with that sarcastic ‘nezumi’ grin.

“Eh~ Seemed someone is enthusiastic here.”

“I…I just want to help you!” I yelled back and made her surprised. That cheeky smile disappeared and she started to look a bit more serious than that minute ago. I think she realized that I’m not playing around with her story.

“…I see. Help huh?”

“At the very least! You should express your feelings to Yukirin. I believe it’s better than doing nothing and keep those feelings to yourself!” I tried to persuade Mayu to confess her feelings for Yukirin but then it made Mayu looked surprised with what I’m saying. “Uh…is something wrong?”

“Seriously? What the hell did you learn that from…” Mayu looked with misbelieved and I told her I got it from all the magazines that Yukirin brought for my daily. Also, I listened to every morning and afternoon radios. “Uh…I see? Well…you have my thanks for that Rena, but it’s useless.”

“…Why?” I don’t understand, why is she being so persisted that it’s useless to confess her feelings for Yukirin. Its not like she’s got a boyfriend or anything!

“Do you didn’t realize it?” Mayu looked back at me, making eye contact with me as if she’s trying to convey something without words instead.

“Eh?” I’m confused; I don’t understand what Mayu was trying to tell me. She sighed and then it looked like I’m forcing her to say something that she didn’t want to mention.

“…Yuki is Jurina’s girlfriend. Don’t you recognize her Jurina’s surname?  Kashiwagi Jurina…she lived with Yuki’s family ever since I know her.” Mayu’s face looked in pain, yet she kept on going. I only could just listen quietly. I never realized it at all…so Jurina and Yukirin are actually…Ah, Mayu must hurt so much that the person she love is with her best friend instead. “…They’re both in a relationship even before I fell in love with Yuki…I’m not that stupid enough to do nothing if she’s single okay?”

“I…Ah…” I’m completely out of words to say to Mayu. There’s so many surprising facts all coming in at the same time! Mayu’s love for Yukirin…Jurina and Yukirin’s relationship…a real-life complex love triangle.

“Now do you understand why I said it’s useless?”

She had a point, I can’t argue back at all. Ugh…But I want to help Mayu! She looked in pain when she talked about Yukirin’s relationship with Jurina. What can I do for her…I want to do some help for Mayu. “Ah…Uhm….”

Mayu stared at me as if she’s waiting to hear something unexpected from me again after since I started convincing her to confess her love. I’m still trying to think but her stare is interrupting me! “Then…”

“…” Mayu remained quiet, but her stare was still there. This is awkward! She’s still staring at me like I’m some sort of weirdo….Ah! Oh! This could work! Now, I know what I can do for Mayu! “Ah! I have an idea.”

“Which is?” Mayu looked with me with disbelieve. She probably had this thought that my ideas wouldn’t work but I think it will!

“Let’s make a plan, and take Yukirin by force.”

…Another long silence between both of us again. Eh, I think I didn’t say anything wrong here though. “Huh?” Mayu was totally dumbfounded and before she would deny that it’s futile again, I’m going to argue like there’s no tomorrow!

“You love her right? Then you should do whatever it takes to snatch her! Seven years is more than enough already…” Oh no. I’m out of words now! I hope my feelings and words reached Mayu. I stared back at her and still have eye contact with me. I hope she won’t look away and have that ‘give-up’ expression again. “Also…I want to help you Mayu no matter what…” I accidently blurted out my own thoughts and then I realized how embarrassing was that. I covered my mouth but it was too late, Mayu heard it clearly.

“…Do you know that means we’re being enemies with Jurina? You’re fine to be enemies with her?” Mayu’s words struck me. I did thought about that. I knew that deeply my actions now are betraying Yukirin and Jurina but…

“…B-But still! Even though I’m in debt with Jurina for saving me…but I still wanted to help you!” I argued back and then Mayu suddenly had this cheeky smirk across her face.

“Ah…I get it now. So you want me to take Yukirin, while you take Jurina? Well, that doesn’t sound that bad to me.” She teased me again! What!? No way! I never thought of Jurina in that way before! Why does Mayu have perveted thoughts in such a serious talk like this!

“NO!!” I yelled back, denying with all my might. “That’s now that I meant! I mean like, you feelings for Yukirin is real! Your eyes are really gentle when you look at her…I can tell that.” Her eyes grew wide with surprise. She remained in silence and thought deeply to herself.

(Mayu’s thoughts: That’s the first time someone said that to me…so it seems innocent people could be scary huh?)

I wonder what’s she thinking. She took her time remaining quiet and sighed softly. “Fine, I give up. It doesn’t seem you will back down that easily. So…you still want to help me no matter what?”

Yes! Finally! I managed to convince her! “Yes! Because Mayu’s my friend.”

She smiled back and ruffled my head again, but not as rough as usual. It’s a little gentler… “Nicely said there, now, you’re in this mess with me and there’s no turning back. You got that?”

“I’m not planning to take back my words.” My reply made Mayu smiled with relief. She looked much more relaxed than before. I’m glad I can be some help to Mayu!  Also… “Hey Mayu.”

“What now?”

“I heard that you the person that did operated on me…I haven’t have a chance to thank you yet at all.” I smiled to her and it caught her attention. “…Thank you for saving my life, Dr. Watanabe.” I thought she would be sarcastic like usual, but not this time. She took my thanks with a quiet vague smile.

“It’s nothing. You’re her important person after all, Rena.” Eh? I don’t get it, what did she mean by important person? Did Mayu know something about me that I didn’t know yet? “I don’t understand…what do you mean by that?”

She gave me a weird look, and then remained quiet while staring at me. She’s not going to explain anything to me at all? “W-What do you mean by important??”

Before I could make Mayu explained what she said to me. Both Yukirin and Jurina were back. Ah, I’m so curious! What did Mayu meant by ‘her important person’?


Sun already set when we got back to the hospital. Everyone walked with me back to my room safely before they start heading back to their respective home. Right before Mayu, left she gave me a little paper note that written her mobile number and there’s a note saying that…

[It’s easier we contact via message than meeting up all the time, and good night.]

She must have written it when we’re in the car heading back to the hospital. Ugh, she acted like nothing happened! I wanted to know what’s behind what she meant! Mayu didn’t seem that she’s going to tell me anything further from that. She even left first. Then it’s Jurina and Yukirin next. “Good night Rena-chan, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!”

“Yes.” I smiled back to Yukirin. “Good night to both of you too.”

I closed the door and it’s only me again in this room. I changed my clothes, took a shower, and headed to bed early. However, Mayu’s words still stuck in my head.

(“It’s nothing. You’re her important person after all, Rena.”)

Does it mean that I’m important to someone? …But who? I wanted to ask Mayu but I believe she wouldn’t say anything. Maybe I should as Jurina and Yukirin about it? They might know something… Ah, I’m so tired, I should go to sleep now.


In the morning, Jurina and Yuki arrived at the hospital early like usual and just before they’re about to go to their office, another doctor came in their way. “Oh, good morning Mayu.” Yuki greeted the doctor in front of her but she acted differently than usual. Both Jurina and Yuki realized the unusualness in Mayu’s behavior.

“Did you need something?” Jurina asked straightly to the point and Mayu looked somewhat dissatisfied with her friend.

“You didn’t tell Rena about yourself, didn’t you?” Mayu’s words were sharp as always, went straight to the point and made Jurina being unresponsive. Mayu had been wondering through out the entire day off yesterday. Jurina and Rena’s current relationship was simply just a distant friend. “You think remaining quiet like that would work against me?”

“You should mind your business, Mayu.” Dr. Jurina’s words became cold out of the sudden and made Yuki froze. However, it didn’t make another doctor trembled at the slightest. “I have my own ways of managing things.” Jurina was about to leave in order to avoid any further conversation with Mayu, however she had underestimated her ‘nezumi’ friend.

“…By not telling Rena that you’re her older sister?”

Yuki didn’t say anything and only witnessed the intense conversation. She knew the truth as well, since she’s always with Jurina all the time. Jurina stopped, she didn’t say anything and continued walking away again. “Let’s go, Yukirin.” Jurina called her nurse and decided to ignore Mayu.

“Do you think you can escape from the truth that easily, Dr. Matsui Jurina?” Mayu muttered and before she realized again, Jurina had pinned her against the wall of the corridor. Yuki was shocked and went in to stop Jurina down before she would hurt Mayu. “Jurina! Calm down first!”

“…” Jurina and Mayu glared at each other and before she could say anything, Dr. Watanabe interrupted her first. “What if Rena recovered her memories? How would she felt to know that her older sister didn’t show herself when she’s this close to her?”

Jurina didn’t respond to Mayu. “…I do agree with Mayu.” Yuki interrupted and caught both doctors’ attention. “I felt that Rena-chan deserves to know it too.”

She sighed as Jurina was being disagreed by both of her close friends; it gave her a slight feeling that she could’ve been wrong. However, she’s still persisted to what she had decided --- it’s the sin she must carried. But it had been a long while someone had called her ‘Matsui Jurina’. She wondered when was the last time she heard that name. “…It’s been a while since I heard that name. But you would likely to know my reason well.”

Dr. Jurina loosed her grip on Mayu’s coat and backed away. “Rena-chan and I are not blood-related. I don’t find the point to tell her that I’m…” Jurina didn’t continue what she had to say. Mayu adjusted her coat properly before she walked up to her. “Mayu, I--”


Mayu slapped Jurina across her face and made Yuki gawked with shock. She didn’t expect that coming, so did Jurina. “O-Ow…That hurts Mayu.”

Dr. Watanabe sighed before she glared back at her friend. “She would learn the truth, either someone would tell her or she found it out by herself. I wonder what way is more painful for her?” Jurina’s face was covered with guilt after Mayu directly pointed out right in her face. It’s not like she didn’t know it. She knew that fact very well. It’s the burden she’s carrying on her shoulders ever since Rena woke up. “I guess you know the consequences well. I don’t know what’s going on inside your head, but I’ll play along with you for now until I can’t tolerate it.”

“Mayu…” Jurina turned and made an eye contact with Mayu. She could tell that Dr. Watanabe was still dissatisfied but then it made Jurina happy that her friend chose to believe her. “…Thank you.”

“Hmph, I’m back to work now.” Mayu walked away and left both Jurina and Yuki. That’s Mayu’s way of expressing her emotions.

“I know what I’m doing. Will you give me time for it?” Jurina turned to Yuki and had a little of pleading in her tone. Yuki could never refuse whenever Jurina made that pleading tone to her.

“…Okay, I trust you Jurina.” Yuki gave up with forcing on Jurina. It made the doctor smiled and it was about time to headed to their office to start their work.

…Unfortunately, they failed to realize someone was actually eavesdropping at the corner of the corridor and learned an interesting secret about Jurina. The mysterious eavesdropper smirked and walked away from the scene before being caught…


“Hm…” Through out the entire day, I had been thinking of ways to help Mayu approach Yukirin. It did take me quite a while to think of a good plan and its already late evening…I just sent a text to Mayu and surprisingly she’s heading here right now!


“Come in.” I replied the knock and then saw Mayu walking in quietly. I’m the one that texted her to come. “Sorry to take your time.”

“It’s fine.” Mayu replied and sat on the chair beside my bed. “So, what’s your plan, Rena?”

I wondered she would agree with my plan or not. “First…stop calling Yukirin a ‘kirin’ like you always do.” I waited for her reply but I only got an emotionless look from her. I hoped she wouldn’t say no to this. Since if Mayu don’t stop that it would make things harder to proceed.

“…Alright.” She agreed so easily! Wow, she became so obedient when it comes to Yukirin. Dealing with Mayu becomes so much easier than ever now… “But that’s it? Won’t it be too obvious?”

“We’ll create a scenario for it to happen.”


“How is that? Is it okay?” I asked Mayu’s opinion after I’m done with describing the scenario.

“Wow…I never actually thought that deeply.” Mayu replied back. “You seemed to be really good at these sorts of things. When are we starting this then?”

“How about…right now? I’ll call Yukirin now then.” I turned to click on the button to call Yukirin over. Mayu sighed and seemed restless, was she nervous? I never see Mayu be nervous like this before! When it’s things related to Yukirin, I get to see another new side of Mayu, most of the time.


Mayu walked out from Rena’s room and with such a perfect timing, Yuki had just arrived. The nurse was surprised to meet up with Dr. Watanabe. “Oh? You came to visit Rena-chan?”

“Yeah.” She replied monotonously like usual.

(Mayu: First…Make her angry at my like usual.)

“So kirin actually got night shifts today?” She added sarcastically and it seemed to make nurse Kashiwagi annoyed easily. The plan looked likely to proceed smoothly without any problems at all.

“Ugh…cut out with the kirin! I’m not a giraffe okay? It’s annoying, we’re not kids okay Mayu?” Yuki was angry with Mayu, but that made the plan proceeded much smoother. The angrier Yuki got, the better it is. 

(Mayu: Next, tease her.)

“I think kirin is a cute name.” She teased back and made Yuki sighed.

“Well then, do you like if I call you nezumi instead of Mayu?” She argued back and it hit at the bull’s eye. That was her nickname back in university and she totally despised it.

(Mayu: Lastly…)

“Alright. I give up.” Mayu shrugged her shoulders and made Yuki confused. “Well…is ‘Yukirin’ okay?”

“…Eh?” Yuki gawked with complete confusion. She’s totally dumbfounded with what Mayu said.

“Your name. You don’t like kirin, so I’m asking if it’s fine to call you Yukirin.” Mayu gave a better explanation to the nurse and this time she understood. She couldn’t believe that Mayu just agreed to stop calling her kirin out of the sudden like this. “Y-Yeah…” She nodded back slowly while still having mindblown.

“That sounds good with me.” Mayu avoided eye contact with Yuki and decided to return back to her office. “I have night shifts as well, I’ll see you around then.”


Yuki stopped Mayu before she could leave.  “…What’s all of the sudden with the name?”


“Normally you wouldn’t change that easily even though I told you countless of times…But why out of the sudden?” Yuki got curious but Mayu had no intention to explain why, but Rena told her to answer honestly nurse Yuki whenever if she asked a serious question. And it wouldn’t end nice if she decided to be sarcastic right now.

“…I guess I felt like changing. It’s fun to annoy you but there should be limits to it right?” She shrugged her shoulder. “That’s it.”

“I-I see…” Yuki received a reply and avoided eye contact with Mayu. That’s when she thought that Mayu was actually really kind. “Ah…thank you?”

Yuki gave a soft smile to Mayu as her thanks. It made Mayu’s mind fluttered and was happy to see her smiling to her like this. She couldn’t even remember the last time Yuki smiled for her like that. Only to her, and only her.

(Mayu: …This isn’t that bad as I thought, I get to see her smile again.)

“Not at all. I’m sorry about it too. I’ll see you later tonight.” Mayu didn’t realize she smiled unconsciously and it made Yuki froze with surprise. She returned back to her office and left Yuki alone in the corridor.

…Nurse never expected to see that kind smile from a cyborg doctor. It made her heart skipped a beat at that second. That second, Yuki thought that Mayu’s gentle smile actually suits her a lot more than her usual sarcastic one. “Ah…Mayu could actually be…surprisingly cute in her way.” 

Meanwhile on Mayu’s side, she was thinking what impression she left on Yuki and only hoped it went well. She decided she would talk with Rena again some other time about this matter later. “Well, we’ll see how it turned out to be~”



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Essence of MaYuki and WMatsui starts~! Just a little bit but will come more later. This story going to proceed quite slow but have patience with it!  :kneelbow:

Amnesia: CH03


[Rena’s POV]

Few days later, Mayu texted me again and she said she’s coming in early in the morning. And she came really early…

“Oi, I told you I’m coming early. Wake up already.” She complained at me, but jeez…it’s 5:30am right now. She said she’s coming at 6:30am!!

“You said you’ll be here an hour later…” I yawned; I stayed up late last night because I got too addicted with reading the manga books. “What is it?”

“You see…I stopped calling her ‘kirin’ now, so what do I do?”

So it’s about Yukirin. No wonder she’s an hour earlier than our appointment time. “Be patient Mayu…It will take time, but I guess we can initiate some action?”

“What do you suggest?”

“Uh…” My brain is not functioning well in the morning, especially when someone forced me to wake up from my lovely sleep. But it’s not that I couldn’t think at all. “I guess why don’t you try invite her for lunch today?”

“Lunch huh…isn’t it too awkward? She usually eats with Jurina.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you out… I’ll do my best.” I yawned again as it’s about time Mayu had to go to work. Finally I got to sleep again! I’m so sleepy…I’ll just start the plan after I woke up and I hope I don’t overslept.


Thank goodness I didn’t overslept. I woke up again at 8:30, and Yukirin was waiting for me in order to give me breakfast. Now I felt bad to keep her waiting but she’s totally great with that.

“Ah Yukirin, is Jurina coming in today?”

“Normally she will, if something didn’t come up. But you can call her anytime when you want her to come.” Then she asked me. “Do you want me to call Jurina over now?”

“O-Oh…if that’s not a bother…?”

“Of course it’s not a bother!” She replied casually back to me and then send a text via pager to Jurina immediately. This is what I like most about Yukirin, she’s really sincere and always willingly to help in anything. I still have time to finish my breakfast before Jurina would be arriving here.

It didn't take that long at all until Jurina had arrived, just about 15 minutes? I wondered how Jurina excused from her work in order to come just because I said so…I hope I didn’t bother her. But this is for Mayu’s sake! I have to do this…

“You called me? Is something a matter?” She asked me and I nodded. Alright, it’s about time I start taking some action as well.

“Uhm…If you don’t mind. I wanted to have lunch with you today…I wanted to discuss something rather privately…” I made a selfish request and I was surprised. I didn’t see any uneasiness in Jurina’s eyes at all. She only smiled widely and nodded. She accepted my selfish request willingly and easily. Wow, I never thought that things could go this smoothly. “T-Thank you Jurina!”

“Not at all Rena-chan!” She giggled back before she turned to Yukirin. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to join lunch with you today.”

“Not a problem! Don’t worry Jurina!” Yukirin looked completely unbothered at all, and I don’t think she’s lying. I can’t imagine Yukirin lying that much at all, since she always had this sincere and honest expression on her. 

“So Rena-chan, I’ll see you today in the afternoon!” 

“Yes! Thank you so much, and I’ll see you this afternoon.” I’m grateful that my plan went well, now, Mayu could ask Yukirin out for lunch. I just could hope that Mayu would have things go well on her side too… Jurina didn’t stay that long since she had to go back to work, but she would be back this afternoon! As for Yukirin, she went out again, probably she’s busy with her work as well.

Ah…having lunch only with Jurina…I never expected that coming, but I believe it would be really nice. She’s Jurina after all!  Oh right…before I forget, I have to text Mayu that she needed to ask Yukirin out for lunch today in order to not make my effort go in vain! And wow, she sure replied really fast to my text. It seemed she always carried her cellphone everywhere, or I wonder whether it’s because its concerning Yukirin…Well, I guess both ways work!

[Sweet! Arigatou Rena! I hope you enjoy your lunch date with Jurina then~ Kuku~ (=w=)]

 What!? Lunch date!? N-NO it isn’t! Wait…uh…it’s just the two of us…only Jurina and I…Uhm, I guess it’s called lunch date? I’m out of words to reply to Mayu and then just closed my cellphone. I glanced at the clock in my room, and it’s 10am. I still have two more hours to wait for Jurina to come back…

“Lunch date huh…” Wait, why am I thinking about that!? “Gah!”

Oh jeez, Mayu’s words always messed up my mind! Ever since I decided to help Mayu with her relationship. She kept teasing me about Jurina all the time. I didn’t think anything about her at all! No I mustn’t let Mayu’s words reached me, she’s just messing with my mind!



I stared at the clock at its 10 minutes before it’s noon. I don’t know what to do so what I only do is just staring at the clock. I wondered when would Jurina come...?

I heard the door slid open and saw Jurina carrying a bag with her. “Did I make you wait?”

“N-No, not at all!” I got tensed immediately, I don’t know why. We sat down at the table instead and she brought me bento box from the shop in the hospital for me! Since I always ate the food that Yukirin prepared for me…this would be my first time having a bento box. “Thank you so much Jurina!”

“Don’t worry~ It’s just a bento box.” Jurina even both drinks and melon pan as well! Now I started to feel bad having her buying everything for me like this. When I opened my bento, it’s completely filled with vegetables. There’s no meat at all…did she know I don’t like meat? I guess Yukirin told Jurina about my appetite.

“Itadakimasu.” We both said at the same time and started eating our lunch together. Whoa! This taste so good! I never knew bento could taste this good.

“Do you like it?” Jurina asked and I nodded. She probably could tell that I’m enjoying the bento box so much. She smiled so brightly with relief. “Haha! I’m glad you really like it! This is my favorite shop.”

“It’s really good! Also, I really like vegetables too.” I didn’t realize that Jurina’s looking at me eating. Wah…this is uneasy, did something got onto my face…? “Erm…is there something?”

“Hehe, nothing~” Jurina seemed to enjoy teasing me, it’s just like Mayu! I want to know what’s she thinking!

“There must be something, tell me!”



“Hahahaha!” Jurina burst into laughter at my reaction and she seemed to enjoy it so much. She patted my head like a kid and had this radiant smile on her. I don’t know I’m just thinking to myself or not but that smile of her is so relaxed and really…genuine. “It’s just that I’m glad that you’re getting smiling so nicely now.”

After Jurina mentioned that, I had gone through so many things but I’m not devastated at all. Because Jurina and others were there for me, I’m able to go through my family’s death with any depression at all.

“…It’s because Jurina and everyone is with me. I never felt lonely even once.”

“Aw, you’re just so sweet!” She giggled before we finished eating out lunch together. Then it’s the time I have my melon pan! It’s the best food I ever ate. Jurina bought it for us and we had our melon pan together. “So…I’ll allow you to decide when you want to go through the treatment with your amnesia. ”

“Ah…” Oh right, I was busy thinking of a way to help Mayu with her relationship that I forgot about treating my amnesia. I nodded and asked Jurina to start the treatment as soon as possible. I wanted to recover my memories back in order to find who’s my ‘oneechan’ in my dreams.

“Oh right…so want did you want to talk to me today?” She asked me, and I completely forgot what to tell her. My main purpose to ask Jurina to have lunch with her was because for Mayu’s sake.

What should I ask her!? Ah…Oh! Even though it’s not appropriate but I don’t have a choice now. “Well…I heard that you’re in a relationship with Yukirin…”

Jurina looked shocked that I knew about that. I told her that it’s Mayu that told me about it and it made her sighed. “That Mayu…I’m sorry Rena-chan, it might’ve made you felt uneasy right?”

“N-Not at all!” I blurted back immediately. “It’s just… I think experiencing love with someone that shared the same feeling as you is really nice…so I guess I envy you two…?”

Jurina didn’t say anything so I decided to turn to look at her. I don’t understand her expression at all. She looked shocked and pale at the same time. Then she had this painful smile across her face. Did I say anything wrong?

“Ah…did I say something wrong?”

“No…it’s nothing.” She shook her head and sighed softly. “I guess you’re curious about Yukirin and I right?”


I nodded and then Jurina started to tell the story between herself and Yukirin. She told me that she wasn’t blood-related with Yukirin but she lived with her family for about 7 years already. Due to many circumstances that happened, and that she’s in a relationship with Yukirin, she changed to use Kashiwagi surname instead. Until now, Jurina was living with Yukirin’s family, as her family was the owner of this hospital too. So Yukirin was the daughter of the owner of this hospital! Her entire family were mostly mixed of doctors and nurses. So Yukirin’s father was the doctor and the owner of this hospital I’m in. Kashiwagi was a well-known name in medicine field. Its just wow…She never told me that! Well, I guess because I never asked her about her family too. No wonder why Yukirin was able to have such a solid job like such a young age. “So that’s likely about it.”

“I see…so it means you two must love each other a lot…” I started to felt guilty after I had planned to help Mayu. That meant that I have to break Jurina and Yukirin’s 7-years relationship apart.

She nodded weakly. “…Yeah, I do.” Jurina’s words were somewhat unusual. I couldn’t explain what this feeling is but it’s just weird. She didn’t seem that enthusiastic when we’re talking about her relationship with Yukirin. “But please don’t let that stop you from asking any help from. Rena-chan is also important to me too.”


Wah…My heart skipped a beat just now. Her words were so sweet and sincere that it even made me blushed! I think that’s why I really like being around Jurina. She’s so sweet, friendly, and very honest with her words. “Jurina is important to me too! If I can do anything to help you…I’m glad to do it.”

“I see, if I need anything I’ll make sure to ask Rena-chan~”

Her relaxed and lively smile was back again. I love that smile of hers the most. I think it’s the first time I saw that bright lively smile from Jurina, but why I felt so familiar with it…as if I saw that smile somewhere before…for a long time ago.

“Hmm…how about our next hangout together, we go to the amusement park together?” She asked me and I’m completely dumbfounded with her invitation. I even thought that I misheard things. “We’ll go together with Yukirin and Mayu again. What do you think?”

“I-I always wanted to go to the amusement park after I saw it many times in the magazine! Oh wow…I can’t wait to go at all!”

I’m so excited to go now, I don’t know how long I could wait to go to the amusement park together with everyone. I enjoyed the last hangout with everyone so much. Just get to be together with everyone outside from hospital is just so much fun already! “Ah…I can’t wait!”

“Hahahahaha!” Jurina laughed so loud that I started to get so embarrassed for acting like a kid just now. “Aw! You’re just so cute Rena-chan! We can go this weekend! I’ll ask Yukirin and Mayu about it.”

Did I mishear? This weekend? Oh no…I shouldn’t have said something so selfish like that. Because I said something selfish like that, Jurina was going to take a day-off from work again. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have say something so selfish like that…last weekend you all went out with me already!”

“No problem~” She giggled and patted my head again. “We three worked on our day-offs all the time in the past years. So we kept loads of day-offs. It shouldn’t be a problem this weekend. Also, Rena-chan can’t wait to go right?”

Uh…I can’t deny the fact that I really wanted to go as soon as possible…I felt like Jurina is spoiling me so much right now. “Rena-chan is important to me, so you don’t have to hold back! Be as selfish as you want. I’ll always be at your service.”

I never knew that Jurina’s words were just so sweet and caring like this. I wondered she’s like this to other of her patients too or it’s just to me…w-wait I shouldn’t think of Jurina like that! She’s a doctor; of course she has to care every one of her patients! 

“T-Thank you so much Jurina…”

“Haha! I’m glad that I’m able to make you happy~” She rubbed my head again. I wondered why I always felt so comfortable whenever she did that. I don’t mind if it lasts forever. “Hmm…I guess it’s about time I have to leave now.” Jurina glanced at her silver pocket watch before she clean up the table and took the empty bento box back with her too. But I had this tinge feeling in my chest, this irritating feeling…there’s one thing I wanted to ask Jurina before she leave, this is the only chance I can ask her.

“Then, I’ll see you tomorrow! I’ll ask Yukirin and Mayu today and likely we should know by tomorrow.” Jurina smiled back before she’s about to leave the room. “I enjoyed our lunch today! I really did have loads of fun.”

No…she’s about to leave. Why am I scared to call out for her? But…what’s this mixed feeling my chest? I wanted to say something to her, but at the same time I don’t want to.


I yelled out and it stopped her instantly. She turned back with confusion and waited for me to reply. There’s no turning back anymore. My mind was all messed up and I can’t really arrange my words properly at all. Now, I’m making Jurina wait for me to speak.

“Is there something?”

“Y-You see…” my voice was shaking. Oh no, I don’t know whether I should say this or not. “C-Can we keep having lunch together again??”

I said it, I finally did. It was a huge relief inside my chest, but yet I committed a terrible mistake that I shouldn’t have done. But…no matter what, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to know more of Jurina. Or it’s either I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. But I don’t know why I’m feeling like this…it’s just…aching my chest. Why do I have this yearning feeling for something from Jurina?

After I said it, I waited for her reply with frustration. I don’t want her to reject me…but at the same time, it might be a good thing if she did. Ah! Oh no I’m panicking so much!

“Sure! Why not?”

…Huh? I didn’t mishear it right? I looked back up at Jurina and saw her wide smile across her face. She didn’t seem to have any hesitation to reply me at all. “If that’s what Rena-chan wants, I’m gladly to come have lunch with you everyday.”

“R-Really…?” I asked again, and she nodded firmly.

“I promise! Even though there might be times I have emergency situations…but I’ll do my best to come every time.”

I don’t know why I believe Jurina’s words completely. Even though I knew that it’s not something I should’ve said, but to be honest I’m glad that Jurina said yes to my request. She giggled childishly and left the room. Now, it’s only myself in the room once again.

Am I committing a terrible mistake right now? I don’t understand anything anymore. No…I’m doing this for Mayu, even though it’s going to hurt Yukirin feelings. I hope I don’t regret this…Yukirin, I’m really sorry…


Meanwhile on Mayu’s side…after she sent the text to Rena, she glanced at her watch to check the time. It was 11:30am, and it’s nearly about the time that it’s Yuki’s break. She knew the nurse’s schedule and break time. That’s when she decided to drop by at the front of the ward where Yuki usually would be. As she turned at the corner, and arrived at the ward where Yuki was stationed.

“Is Yukirin here?” Mayu stopped in front of the ward and ask the nurses there.

“You’re calling me?” Yuki came from the side as she came back after one of the patients in the floor called her. “Is there something?”

“Oh, well…you got some spare time?”

“Well, luckily that I have a break in few minutes, do you guys mind if I leave for my break now?” Yuki turned to her friends and they didn’t mind at all. So then she decided to go with Mayu to the corridor where no one would hear them. “So, what’s a matter?”

“You see, I just wanted to ask that whether you want to have lunch together?” The doctor’s slightly blushed, as it’s something she didn’t usually do. “Jurina could come too, it’s been a while since we eat together…”

“Ah…yeah I agree!” Yuki smiled brightly. “But Jurina’s having lunch today with Rena-chan…so I guess it’s only the two of us?”

“I don’t mind that, you?” She asked and Yuki nodded softly.

“I don’t mind it too, shall we get going?” Yuki asked, as Mayu nodded quietly as her reply. They both walked together in the corridor towards the cafeteria and then the nurse suddenly spoke up to break their awkward silence. “Do you want to go to some other restaurant instead of the cafeteria?”

“I guess that’s a good idea. I’m getting sick of the food in the cafeteria…” Mayu grumbled softly and then Yuki suggested one of her small favorite restaurant, which was really close by to the hospital. She occasionally went there with Jurina whenever she wanted to eat at that shop. Mayu heard of it from her colleagues but never actually tried it before. As they arrived at the shop, luckily there were a spot left for them in the corner. “Oh! Thank goodness there’s a spot left!”

“Awesome! So…what do you recommend me? I don’t know what’s good here.” Mayu asked and then Yuki seemed to enjoy introducing her favorite dishes in the menu. So it was Yuki who actually ordered the food for Mayu. The doctor didn’t mind it at all, instead, she’s really happy about it. So after they had wait for their dish to arrive, they ate quietly and it’s a silent awkward between them.

(Mayu: Ah…this is awkward, what should I talk to her!?)

While Mayu’s thoughts were occupied with how to initiate a conversation with Yuki, it was the nurse herself that actually break the silence between both of them by her soft giggle. She looked up at Yuki, and saw her smiling like a kid.

“W-What is it?” Mayu asked with curiosity.

“Hehe, I’m just thinking back to when we used to eat lunch together. It brings back memories don’t you think?” Yuki’s words reminded Mayu about their past. Back when they were still students in the university, with Jurina and Yuki, they always ate lunch together outside the cafeteria. After since they graduated, she couldn’t recall the last time the three of them ate together. Also, her last time eating together with Yuki was probably back when Mayu started to focus on her studies in order to request scholarship. She had sudden money issues so she really needed to drop out if she couldn’t get the scholarship. “…Mayu? Hey Mayu?”


“You didn’t listen to me just now didn’t you?” Yuki looked mad and slightly upset. Mayu felt a little guilty that she didn’t actually listen to what the nurse said since she was daydreaming back about her past.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t meant to ignore.” She apologized and it made Yuki’s eyes wide opened with surprise. Her extreme honest reaction caught Mayu’s attention. “Uh, did I say something wrong??”

“I didn’t expected you to apologize that easily…” Yuki was still surprised and shocked with Mayu’s honest answer. “Hehe, but I like it this way.”

“O-Oh.” The doctor was completely out of words. Yuki’s praise made her mind blown away. She couldn’t hold her slight blush and avoided eye contact with her. “I-I guess…?”

Yuki giggled again. The doctor could see that the nurse was staring at her and it made her felt awkward. She knew that Yuki was actually laughing at her this time.  “W-What are you laughing at?”

She smiled as she placed her utensils on the table. She seemed to enjoy teasing Mayu this time. “I just missed the times you’re honest like this~ back then, you’re really cute!” She was referring back to how they newly met each other. The doctor reached her limits and couldn’t hide her blush from the nurse anymore. Unfortunately, Yuki could tell that she’s blushing. “Aw? Someone is blushing?”

“N-No I’m not! The food is a little spicy!”

Mayu argued back to hide her embarrassment. She’s flushing like a tomato but then Yuki was so dense that she actually believed what Mayu said. “Oh! I’m sorry I forgot that you’re not good with spicy food…” She apologized with slight apologetic expression, and it amazed Mayu, she didn’t know that Yuki would actually believe what she said just now. She could eat spicy food but just not so well. “I’ll be careful next time!”

“Ah…don’t worry about it.” Mayu glanced at her watch and realized it’s nearly the time that their break would be over. “I think we should get moving.”

“Oh! Yeah we should head back now.” They got up and paid for their meal before they walked back to the hospital together. The nurse had a glimpse of Mayu and smiled widely. “Thanks for inviting me today.”

“Don’t worry about that. I guess it’s nice to have a meal together like before…” The doctor smiled softly and it made Yuki felt much more relaxed. She liked when Mayu was being honest and not sarcastic with her. It’s not that she’s annoyed with Mayu’s sarcasm, but the problem was that she couldn’t tell whether the doctor was lying to her or not. In the end, Mayu had ended up came to send Yuki off at floor where her ward was located.

“Thanks for sending me off! You don’t really have to do it though.”

“Too bad I’m a bit free today.” She shrugged her shoulders before she headed back to her room. Mayu actually had work to do but she wanted to spend as much time as she could with Yuki as possible, since rarely she had a chance to be with her, just only the two of them. “I’ll see you later then.”

“Oh, wait a minute!” Yuki called her before Mayu could’ve left. She turned around and listened to what the nurse had to say. That image of Yuki’s lively smile carved down right into Mayu’s mind. “Let’s have lunch together again! I enjoyed so much today…hehe, and just the two of us too~”

“A-Ah…” Mayu was stunned and blushed with slight embarrassment. Also, she was beyond happy that Yuki was the one that asked her. It sounded like Yuki was asking her out but Mayu knew that the nurse only saw her as her close friend. So it would be normal for Yuki to invite Mayu again, but still she couldn't’ hold back the utmost happiness blooming inside her chest. Her voice was still shaking, but she tried to remain composed as possible. “S-Sure!”

“Hehe! I’m glad! I’ll see you later Mayu!”

Yuki left immediately for work and left the doctor blushing alone in the corridor.  She took a deep breath in order to calm herself down. She never thought that just spending one lunch together would make things progressed this fast. She felt grateful that she decided to rely and asked for Rena’s help with this. Now that she thought of Rena, she wondered how was things on her side.  “Well, I’ll ask her later today…” Her mind was too occupied about something else, right now, she’s just looking forward to spending time with Yuki. 


[Rena’s POV]


What should I do now…I really did asked Jurina. I guess there’s no turning back right now. I glanced at the watch and just realized that it’s already so late! Sun had set already, it’s already the time I should’ve slept. Time flew by so fast…



“W-Whoa!?” I turned to the door and saw Mayu there. She knocked so loud and opened the door roughly. My mind wasn’t ready for that! I’m so shocked that she broke the silence so roughly like this. “Oh please Mayu! You could be a little softer at night! You scared me off so badly…”

“Haha! Sorry~ Anyways, how’s your lunch date with Jurina?” She closed the door tightly before she sat down on the chair. “Tell me how it went.”

“Well…it’s good.”Mayu didn’t seem to take what I said at all and her looked was obviously telling me that she’s demanding for more detailed story. “Uh…it’s really fun, I asked her…”

I paused, I didn’t know whether I should continue to say it or not, but with Mayu’s glare, she heard what I left off just now and likely she’s going to force me to say it. “What did you ask Jurina?”

“Uh…well…” I looked away and turned back again, I could see Mayu still staring at me intensely. She’s demanding for an answer from me. I’m not allowed to turn back at all! So I explained to her what I actually said to Jurina. It’s so awkward to actually tell Mayu about it and she seemed to be slightly amazed, yet looked excited at the same time. “T-That’s it…”

“Ah! I didn’t know you’re blunt like this!” She teased me again. “But I guess I have good news on my side as well. Yukirin invited me to have lunch again.”

“Wow! That’s so sweet!”

“That’s thanks to your plan~ and I hope you best luck with Jurina too.”

“I didn’t have that kind of interest with Jurina, but…” I looked away because I didn’t understand what I’m feeling right now. It’s so confusing. I felt my chest tightened up, yet nostalgic at the same time. “I don’t know…I felt really nostalgic with Jurina around me…”

“I see.” Mayu nodded softly and she just got up from her seat. “Time for me to go home now, I don’t have night shifts today.”

“O-Oh, ok.” I replied immediately, that was really fast. Did she just come here for just a short talk with me?

“Good night.” She waved at me before she left the room. Now I’m alone again, now my mind was occupied with guilt again. I felt like I betrayed Yukirin and trying to separate her from Jurina, for Mayu’s sake. Ah, I don’t know where will this ended up at…

It’s just too much of a headache now…


In Kashiwagi’s residence….the lights were still on, just only one room in the residence. It was Jurina’s room. She was sitting on her bed reading a book quietly in her room in the middle of the night. She usually stayed up late as she helped Yuki’s father paper files. Right before she would go to sleep, she would give herself time to relax from work. Luckily, she had no night shifts today, so do Yuki. That’s why she’s able to come back home and have a good sleep on her bed.


The knock caught Jurina’s attention. However, she seemed to know who came knocking at her door at all. As it slowly opened… she saw a longhaired woman in her pale pink pajama. “What is it Yukirin?”


Her voice was shaking. Jurina could see that it’s not just her voice, but her hands as well. She seemed to know what’s going on with Yukirin, and so she put her book down and took off her glasses. “I see…come here.” Jurina called her over. She nodded weakly, and walked in quietly and sat on the edge of the bed. She hugged her and stroked Yuki’s head gently. The trembling girl rested her head on Jurina’s shoulder while Jurina could feel her shoulders wet by Yuki’s tears. She cried silently, and gripped on Jurina’s shirt tightly.

“I-I’m so sorry Jurina-chan…”

Her voice was still shaking. She kept patting Yuki and tried to calm her girlfriend down.  “Stop apologizing, it’s all good! Feel free to come whenever you have that again.” Jurina pushed away and gave her a bright smile and it seemed to make Yuki calmed down a little. “Let’s go to sleep, we have to work early tomorrow.”

“Y-Yeah…” Yuki wiped her tears and then slept on Jurina’s bed through out that night. She doesn’t usually sleep with Jurina, except on nights she had those ‘nightmares’… Whenever she had that, she couldn’t sleep alone. No one was there for her anymore, except Jurina. And she had become a place where Yuki could lean onto and rest at ease.

She didn’t realize that she was holding onto Jurina tightly through out the entire night. The doctor didn’t seem she could sleep as her mind was occupied with several things. Seeing Yuki right now just reminded her childhood when she was ‘Matsui Jurina’, because the nurse reminded her of her younger sister. Jurina remembered that smile very well, despite the fact that Rena had lost all her memories; her smile was still the same. It’s just making her felt nostalgic yet painful at the same time.


Slowly, she drifted into a deep slumber, and had a very long dream until morning.



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Re: AMNESIA: CH04 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Amnesia: CH04

A/N: It’s an unexpected long chapter…it didn’t go like what I planned. I don’t have confidence with this chapter, since this chapter didn’t seem to go anywhere much…but I guess it works to certain extent. I hope everyone find joy in reading this! I hope to do better for the next chapter! Thank your for having patience as well!


[Rena’s POV]

“Hmm…I hope I’m not lost.”

I looked around and I think I’m at a right place. I’m heading to the Heart Unit section where Mayu was working at. She asked me to come to return her manga comic books. I asked the direction from Yuki and I think I did come to the right direction. I looked around again but I didn’t see any sign that said would lead to my destination! “Ugh…this sucks!”

I wondered why Mayu wanted me to come out like this and get lost!? Now what…I’m still not good with directions in the hospital yet… Oh! I spot a doctor from a distance; maybe if I asked him I might be able to find my way around. “Uh…excuse me!”

“Hm?” The good-looking doctor turned around and gave a gentle smile to me. “Ah, is there something a matter?”

“Do you know which direction heads to the Heart Unit section?” I asked him, he looked surprisingly handsome and really young too.

“It’s that way and turn left. It’s not far from here. Who are you looking for?”

“It’s Dr. Watanabe.” I replied and he seemed to be really familiar with the name. He smiled and giggled softly to himself. I wondered he knew Mayu or not, maybe since he’s wandering around here he might be working in the same section as her? I might as well ask him about that. “Do you know her?”

“Ah yes I do, I worked in the ER unit so I met her several times.” He replied really friendly with me. Ah, he must be a really good person! Oh wait, he’s in ER? So it means he also knows Jurina too! Wait, I better get moving now before Mayu started scolding me for being late.

“I’m sorry but I have to leave now! I hope I see you around!” I bowed before I left, I saw him waved at me at the corner of my eyes with those friendly smile on his face. He’s such a friendly person! Doctors are such a nice person, just like Jurina and Mayu! Oh no…I forgot to ask for his name. Ah this is bad…I hope I meet him around again so I could ask for his name.



I knocked on the door that said Mayu’s name on it and I heard a familiar voice telling me to come in. I slid the door and saw Mayu sitting on her chair with that sarcastic grin on her face. It felt as if she knew that I had a hard time to find her room. “Well~ you seem to manage to find my room!”

“…You knew I would have a hard time to find it right??” I grumbled and she shrugged her shoulders pretending to not understand what I said. The sarcastic Mayu was back again! Oh please, I really hope the topic of our conversation is about Yukirin now…

“Anyways…these are your manga books. Thanks for lending it to me though.” I placed the books back on the table but then Mayu didn't seem to have her attention on the books at all. Instead, she asked me to sit down on the chair in front of her.

I sat down as she asked me to and then we had this awkward eye contact with each other quietly. “Uh…what is it?”

“…Nothing.” She replied back quietly, I think I saw her sighing softly. I wondered what’s bothering her though. But then she changed the topic into something else that caught my attention instead. It seemed Jurina had told Mayu about the amusement park hangout this weekend already. “I didn’t know you are into amusement parks! This would be really interesting double date.”

“Double date?”

“Of course~ It’s your date with Jurina, while it’s mine with Yuki.” She giggled softly. Mayu looked more enthusiastic than I do to go to the amusement park. Now I’m so glad that Yukirin is now mentioned in our conversation, so that Mayu could be more obedient and stop being sarcastic with me now! “…Well, that’s what I hoped to do.”

“I-I’ll do my best to help you!” I blurted out and it made Mayu giggled. She looked happy when I said that, but at the same time…I think I saw that sarcastic smirk too. I don’t feel good about what’s coming up next. “Uh…is there something?”

“Hehe~ you’ll have a lot of fun in the haunted house with Jurina~” She giggled maliciously and now I’m curious what’s with Jurina and the haunted house. I wondered about it so much but fortunately Mayu answered my question before I could’ve asked her. “She’s no good with haunted house, prepare to be taking care of her~”

Oh!? Jurina isn’t good with haunted house? That’s surprising regarding her working in emergency room. Aside from Jurina’s cool, charming, and mature side…I never saw her childish side before. Unlike Mayu, it felt like I’m older than Mayu sometimes. She acted so much like a naughty sarcastic teenager to me…maybe I guess it’s only me? But that’s why I felt so comfortable talking most of the things with Mayu. “I’ll look forward to that tomorrow!” Yes, it’s tomorrow that we’ll be going to the amusement park together. I couldn’t wait for today to end at all!

“Nice~ well that’s about all I have to say. Since you helped me out with having lunch with Yuki, I might as well give you some interesting information about Jurina. Fair trade~” Mayu smiled widely as if she was enjoying this. She told me that she’s definitely going, as well as Yukirin. I’m glad that we’re able to make a plan for this weekend. It was about time I think I should head back to my room before Jurina comes in the afternoon, for our lunch. 

“Enjoy your lunch today~” Mayu waved at me before I left the room.

“You too. Enjoy it with Yukirin.” I said the same to her. It’s our little secret that no one knew. It’s the time I headed back to my room and on my way back this time I’m not lost! I looked at the direction signs and managed to return to the floor where my room was located.

As the elevator door opened, I met with that handsome looking doctor again! Wow, this is pure coincidence. He looked surprised to meet me again too. “Ah! It’s you.” He remembered me and I’m glad he did! It would be awkward if I start a conversation when he didn’t remember me. “Did you find Dr. Watanabe?”

“Yes! Thank you for your directions, or else I would be lost!”

“Not at all, I’m glad I’m able to help you out!” His smile was so charming and cute. Oh right! Before I forget again I should ask for his name first, but before I could have ask him, he continued where he left off. “Are you Matsui Rena?”

Huh? How did he know my name? I was so surprised and confused at the same time, and it seemed the doctor realized that and giggled out. “Haha, I surprised you didn’t I? I remembered looking at your profile when you were in ER before moving up to the main building.” He told me how he knew about me. I remembered Jurina telling me before that I came into emergency room right after I got into an accident.

“Oh I see…so you must know Jurina?” I asked and then he nodded.

“Yup! I do. We’re teammates in ER.” He replied back to me. I knew it! They both knew each other. I guess that’s not surprising despite the fact that they worked in the same specialty. “I was looking for you, here.”

The doctor gave me a small drink with strawberry flavor. I was confused, so he actually came up to this floor to look for me in order to give me this? Wow, he’s so cute! That made my heart fluttered. “T-Thank you so much!”

“Not at all! I’m glad I get to see you get well like this. Do you mind I call you Rena-chan?”

“Surely!” I replied immediately and it made him smiled with relief. Ah wait! Before I forget I have to ask for his name. “W-What’s your name?”

“Furukawa Airi, but you can just call me Airin. That’s what my friends called me.” His smile was just downright charming. So his name was Airin, I’ll make sure to remember his name. I’m glad I met lots of nice people here! “I hope I see you around again, Rena-chan.”

“I hope I see you around too! I’m glad we can be good friends.”

He smiled back and then he entered the elevator. We waved at each other until the door had closed. Ah, it feels so nice to meet new people, and especially when you make new friends as well. “I should hurry back to my room now before I’ll make Jurina worry.”

I knew the directions on this entire floor so I’m confident of running straight back to my room. I entered my room immediately and then I saw Jurina sitting inside there already. I felt slight guilty that I’m making her wait for me. “I-I’m sorry that I’m late! Mayu asked me to return the books back to her…”

“Haha! Not at all~” Jurina didn’t seemed to be bothered with it. It made me felt relieved that she didn’t mind but I still felt guilty. I looked around her and she did brought my favorite bento box again! It’s the vegetable bento box. “Shall we eat together?”


I sat down beside her and then we started to have our lunch together. This was the 3rd time I had lunch with Jurina ever since I asked her to come every time. I always had this easygoing conversation all the time and this time we’re gossiping about Yukirin and Mayu. I got to learn how they both used to be back when they were all still students. So many stories! Like how Yukirin accidently tripped on the floor and splashed her drink all over Mayu’s back. There was once that by coincidence the wild bird accidently pooped onto Yukirin’s shoulder while she was sitting on the motorcycle behind Jurina! Pure bad luck and perfect timing! Jurina’s stories were just downright hilarious! I couldn’t hold my breath, I’m laughing so badly that my stomach started to ache. “This is so funny!!”

“Yeah! Yukirin just have pure bad luck for that! Mayu and I couldn’t stop laughing about that for the entire day.” Jurina enjoyed telling stories to me. I loved all of it. “I look forward to go hangout tomorrow!”

“Me too! It’s going to be really fun.” I couldn’t hold back my smile. Then I saw Jurina looked at her watch; I guess it’s about time she had to leave. This is sad…I didn’t want it to end yet.  “You have to leave now?”

“Of course not.” She giggled and I'm confused what she’s saying. “Did you forget, I told you that today we’re doing a treatment for your amnesia!”

…OH! I completely forgot that it was today! We would start the treatment right after we’re done with cleaning up the lunch boxes. Jurina had already prepared paper files with her so we could begin immediately. I was sitting beside her while she was making several notes to her.

“Rena-chan, do you ever have dreams about something nostalgic?”

“Oh, yes I did once…” I replied and she asked me to explain about my dream and my feelings to her. I didn’t know where to start so I just started talking about my dream that I had about the park to her. “…I was with mother and father, I had a lot of fun, but there’s also this oneechan with me too. I think it was when I was really young…It’s just so vague, but really nostalgic.”

“I see.” She kept taking notes down. “What did you do in the park?”

“We…I had ice cream, this oneechan gave it to me…” I spoke slower and started to think even more than usual. I felt something was right on the tip of my head and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Ah, what flavor is it?”

“Flavor? It’s melon flavor. My favorite one too~” I giggled at myself and felt a bit relaxed. “I didn’t know that I like melon flavor since I was young, that’s just funny in a way.”

“Haha! I see. What did you do in the park?” She asked me in depth of the dream but I wasn’t sure how to answer anymore.


“Take your time and think…what did you do after you had the ice-cream?” She asked me again in a much gentler tone. I obeyed her and slowly tried to think what did I do back then…I pushed myself a little harder and harder in order to remember what happened. Then I saw this image of a girl I knew so well, now I remember what did I do in the park on that day! My face probably told Jurina that I figured out and it made her smiled gently with relief. “I guess you figured it out, didn’t you?”

“Yes…it was my own birthday.” I got up from my seat with surprise, I really did start to remember things even more than before. Jurina was caught off guard but then she giggled with that lively smile of hers when she saw me really happy to remember my past. “It’s my…7th year old birthday…”

“I see…” Jurina smiled and then she keep noting down on the paper before she closed it down onto the table. “I guess this is a good step for you to remember already. I’m glad that your amnesia isn’t as worse as we expected it to be. It wouldn’t take that long for you to remember everything once again.”

“Y-Yes…thank you so much Jurina.” 

“I didn’t do anything that special!” She laughed out and patted my head. “It’s all your effort. I’m just here to support you.”

“But your support made me able to remember many more things! I felt an improvement inside me…” I turned and made an eye contact with her. But before I could say anything further, I felt like a hurricane within my head. Everything was spinning and it’s painful. “…!?”

This image suddenly popped up. An image inside the car from the back seat…it was from the spot I was sitting. I heard my father’s voice, my mother’s voice. We’re in a deep hurry to Tokyo…Yes we’re heading to Tokyo! I don’t know what’s the reason to go to Tokyo but it’s really important. Father was driving in quite a speed and we didn’t notice that the truck moved out from its lane and heading towards us. My mother yelled my name, but it was too late, the truck crashed our car. The car began to spin and then I realized that my right arm had fractured. My head was bleeding and caught into my eye. It made my sight had a mix of red in it. What’s more horrifying was that…father and mother…they were covered with blood. I called and screamed for them but they weren’t responding. I’m the only one that had conscious.

I trembled with fear…I’m really scared.

I don’t want to die. I can’t die here now…I had something I must do…No…NO!!!


I screamed to the top of my lungs and pressed both my hands against my head. It’s aching so much! It hurts! I feel like dying! “NO!! NOOO!!!”

 “Rena-chan!?” I heard a voice calling me, but my sense weren’t responding to that voice at all. I felt a grab on my wrist but then I shoved it away from me. W-What’s this fear in me? I…I-I can’t control my self. “Do you hear me?! Rena-chan!”

“NO!! I don’t want to die! I can’t! I…I…!” I couldn’t control my tears. It was pouring out from my puffed eyes. I saw blood everywhere. I felt like I’m hallucinating. I’m seeing everything in red…and my parent’s corpse. “NOOO!!!”


I shuttered from that call. I felt that someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me in towards another human body. It’s human’s warmth. I felt the warmth of that body embraced me Jurina tightly yet gently. I slowly calmed down; finally I grasped my senses back. That’s when I realized that I’m in Jurina’s embrace.

“Rena…I’m here…I’m here.”

Jurina called me tenderly and her voice reached me. I slowly regained my control even more. I had stopped crying as well…She didn’t call me like she usually do, just ‘Rena’…I wondered why I felt so moved by that. Even more I felt my heart skipped a beat and started to ache. Her hug was just…I don’t know. I didn’t know how to explain this feeling I’m having right now. I just didn’t want this to end. I hugged her back tightly and buried my face on her shoulder. “…Rena-chan?”

“Please…let me stay like this…”

I pleaded and Jurina didn’t reply anything. She didn’t let go of the hug and that’s when I know that she listened to my request. I tightened the hug and trembled with fear. The images from the accident were like a flash, it made my adrenaline rushed, but yet I didn’t remember anything that clearly. Only something was bothering me was the purpose of my family heading to Tokyo. It’s something really important to me…but I couldn’t remember what is about.

I want to know…damn it…why did I forget…?


Time flew by without Jurina concerning about it. She had something to worry more than time itself. She still embraced her just like what Rena requested until now, quietly, without saying a word. Then she eventually realized that the crying girl had stopped moving. “Ah…Rena-chan?”

She didn’t responded, it was confirmed that she had fell asleep in Jurina’s embrace. She slowly moved away and saw Rena’s peaceful sleeping face. That’s when she decided not to utter anything else and carried the sleeping girl onto her bed. She caressed Rena’s forehead before she left the room. “Good night Rena-chan…”

She made sure she didn’t make any loud noises to wake Rena up. That’s where she met with an unexpected person in front of Rena’s room. It’s her friend, Dr. Watanabe. “…That was 4 hours.”

“Really? I didn’t realize that…”

“So it seems it’s as we expected.” Mayu seemed to read Jurina’s mind off easily without having her to tell her what’s going on inside the room. Mayu actually came by this afternoon because she knew that today’s was Rena’s 1st day of amnesia treatment. She’s worried about both Matsui sisters and right before she’s going to open the door, she heard Rena shrieked loudly with fear, as if there’s no tomorrow. That’s when she chose not to enter the room and come back another time instead when everything was calmed down. “So it’s dissociative amnesia isn’t?”

“Yes…the trauma from the accident was the main cause for her amnesia.” Jurina sighed with worries for her patient, her sister. She felt helpless for Rena. If it was as they thought, then it’s something that Rena had to overcome herself in order to remember everything again. Nothing could’ve be much of a help now. “How’s your day?”

“Its not bad…” The doctor shrugged her shoulders. It was actually a happy day for her since she had a very good time with Yuki again.

“…Hey Mayu, by chance do you know what does Yukirin usually do during lunch nowadays?” Jurina’s question made Mayu froze. It made Mayu’s heart skipped a beat, he didn’t know why she had to be panicking. But it’s making her really nervous. She knew what Yuki was doing every lunch, since she’s the one Yuki was with but she didn’t want to tell Jurina.

“I tried asked her but she’s not telling me. So I’m wondering do you know anything?”

“N-No! Not at all.”

Mayu replied bluntly and pretended to have no single clue of what’s going on. “I’ll make sure if I know anything I will tell you okay?”
“Thanks Mayu!” Jurina smiled with relief as she checked the time again. She’s already late for her work but she didn’t mind if it’s for Rena’s sake. “I’ll have to do night shifts today to make up for this afternoon…this is bad…Oh!”


“Do you have night shifts today?”

“No, why?” Mayu replied while a curious look in her eyes, as she’s waiting for Jurina to state her request. She just had a feeling that she’ll be asked to do something for sure.

“You see…do you mind sending Yukirin off at her house instead? She doesn’t have night shifts. Things didn’t go as I planned, so I couldn’t send her.”

Jurina asked for a favor and it made Mayu’s eyes grew wide. Everything seemed like coincidence, as things were making her getting to spend more time with Yuki. “Do you mind that?”

“Not at all, I’ll tell her that and don’t worry. I’ll look after your girlfriend.” Mayu teased Jurina and it made the doctor slapped her shoulder in a teasingly way. “Ow, now that hurts.”

“That’s my revenge back from when you slapped my face!” Jurina stuck her tongue out before she would receive another smack from her friend; she decided to leave to the emergency room immediately.

“Thanks again Mayu!”

She rushed off and left Mayu with another new task. However, it’s a task that she was more than willingly to do. Without further waiting, she called Yuki to tell her that she would send her today in Jurina’s place since things didn’t went according to plan today. Yuki was slightly surprised but grateful that Mayu offered to go send her. Even though Yuki was an adult already, Jurina always make sure that Yuki would always be safe in every kind of way. That's the charm that Yuki liked most in Jurina, she’s very caring and protective.


Yuki told Mayu to wait at the entrance of the hospital while she packed up her stuffs first. The doctor had gone to the entrance before time and she’s already in her casual outfit. She’s in her dark blue jeans, grey hooded jacket, and her favorite beige boots. In this outfit, she didn’t look like a doctor at all, rather more than a child herself. It’s one of the things that Mayu didn’t like about herself. Some people would think she’s a teenager and looked down on her due to her young appearance. “Hmm…She does take her time.”


The doctor heard her name being called from a distance away and saw the tall nurse in her casual outfit. With Yuki wearing heels, she’s especially taller than Mayu today. “I’m sorry to take so long.”

“Don’t worry. Shall we get going? I called the taxi for us already.”

“R-Really!?” Yuki was shocked and her eyes were goggled out. She looked towards the entrance and saw the taxi parked at the very front. It made her felt guilty that she’s making Mayu doing everything for her. “I’m so sorry…”

“Jeez, don’t worry about that little thing. Let’s go.” Mayu walked ahead of the nurse while she ran up to catch up with Mayu’s pace. They both got into the taxi and before they could tell their destination to the driver, doctor turned to Yuki. “Do you want to grab something to eat before you head home?”

“I don’t mind! Are you hungry?”

“A little actually. But I don’t mind to go eat after I send you already.” Mayu replied casually. She’s actually attempting to make it casual, so Yuki wouldn’t realize that she’s nervous right now.  However it made Yuki decided to go eat instead and she told the driver to head to this restaurant she was quite close by to here. “Hey, are you sure?”

“Of course! I’ll buy you this meal as my thanks for sending me home okay?”

“Uh…won’t Jurina mind that?” Mayu asked with concern. Since Yuki and Jurina were couples, and Jurina could easily pout with little things like this too. She knew her friend long enough to know that.

“Don’t worry! Jurina will understand. Ah! Please turn at that corner.” Yuki gave directions to the driver and they had arrived at this Japanese restaurant. The nurse sure knew lots of good restaurants around the hospital. They both got out from the taxi and Yuki paid for it before Mayu could. The doctor leered at the nurse and it made her stuck her tongue out at Mayu. “Heh~ Too bad! I’m faster.”

“This is war…” Mayu declared and it made Yuki giggled with excitement.

“I’ll look forward to that~ Let’s get going!”

Yuki and Mayu sat down and the table and they had ordered a meal. Before Mayu could’ve look through the menu for her favorite food, Yuki pointed out immediately the recommended dishes in this restaurant. “The recommended one is this one~ there’s loads of mushrooms in it. It’s your favorite right?”

Mayu turned to Yuki immediately with shock. The nurse remembered her favorite food? She could help but to be utmost surprised with it. “You remembered?”

“Of course I do! Why won’t I?” Yuki’s giggled and then Mayu was left no choice but to order the menu that her crush picked for her. While they were waiting for the food to arrive, Yuki had asked Mayu regarding about Rena’s progress with the amnesia treatment. She was worried about both Jurina and Rena, just like Mayu. Dr. Watanabe told everything she found appropriate to tell the nurse. So far, she told Yuki that Rena might likely to have dissociative amnesia. “I see…poor Rena-chan…”

“Tch, it feels like we have to look after both Jurina and Rena.” The doctor grumbled softly and Yuki actually agreed with her. They thought that this situation wasn’t just concerning Rena’s amnesia, but also Jurina too. “She’s a pain in the ass…”

“I have to agree to certain extent…”

“Whoa? Really? You sure it’s fine to think like that of your girlfriend?” Mayu wondered and Yuki just shrugged her shoulders without any worries.

“Nah~ Jurina won’t mind that. Besides it’s a truth after all?” Yuki stuck her tongue out and it had lightened the atmosphere around both of them. They laughed together and enjoyed their moments together. They both enjoyed accompanying each other in the evening after their work…


They called the taxi and then this time they’re heading to Kashiwagi’s residence. It wasn’t that far but due to bad traffic in this time, it’s making everything late. “Hmm…I guess it will take a while now.”

“Yeah…” Yuki’s voice sounded sleepy and Mayu recognized it. She turned to the girl beside her and saw the nurse started to fall asleep.

“Yukirin, just sleep. I’ll make sure we get to your place.” The doctor spoke up with care and it made Yuki surprised, she pretended to be awake but she couldn’t fool Dr. Watanabe with those novice tricks. “Those tricks don’t work on me, sleep.”


The nurse gave up easily since she knew the doctor wouldn’t back down either. She’s too tired to argue with the doctor now. She leaned back and closed her eyes before she drifted into sleep. Mayu stared forward and made sure that the driver was taking them to the right place. Time eventually passed by, Mayu lost track of time as she was just praying for them to get out from the traffic. It did take them quite a while to get out successfully; now, Yuki’s place wouldn’t be far now.

“Great…we’re almost there. Please turn at that corner.” Mayu gave directions to the driver. As they’re almost there, the doctor felt a slight weight on her shoulder. She turned with curiosity and realized Yuki’s face was just an inch away from her. She blushed instantly like a tomato with her eyes stared at Yuki’s pink lips. Her heart began to pound faster and faster. She’s now completely awake due to nervousness. Even though Yuki’s place was just so close from here, she wanted this time to last forever.

(Mayu: Oh no this is so bad…!!! Why the hell are you so adorable!?)

“Ah, please stop here. Thank you.” Mayu spoke to the driver and paid for the drive. She woke Yuki up as they had arrived at her house already. “Yukirin, we’re here now. Wake up.”


Her eyes widened up immediately with surprise. They got out from the car and their little evening time today had came to an end. “Thank you so much for today Mayu, I really enjoyed your accompany today!”

“I do too.” A soft smile from Dr. Watanabe was the one of the most rare thing that could be seen from her, and Yuki was glad that she got to witness that once again. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah! See you tomorrow! I bet it’s going to be really fun~” Yuki got into her house without realizing Mayu was watching her from behind with those longing eyes. After Mayu’s princess had disappeared into the huge house before her eyes, it was about time she had returned back home to prepare for tomorrow’s hangout as well.

“Its tomorrow…it’s going to be loads of fun.” She giggled to herself before she walked down and disappeared in the dark streets…


[Rena’s POV]

It’s a dream again…I realized that I’m dreaming. This time, I saw myself in this dark corner, crying all alone…I tried to talk to her, yet she wouldn’t say a world at all. I wondered how could I make her talk.

I walked in towards her and only heard her crying, and hugging around her knees tightly. “Hey…why are you crying?”


She didn’t reply me. I crouched down beside her and I started to hear some words from her a little clearer. I moved in closer and caught some few words.

“Help me…help…help…me…”

She’s asking for help. I tried to touch her shoulder yet she didn’t respond to it at all. I wanted to help her. But I don’t know how to do so. “Hey…I want to help you. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Please…help…it hurts…it hurts…”

Suddenly, I remembered the accident that happened. The image from the ‘me’ in my dreams rushed into my conscious and it’s breaking my mind into pieces! I backed away and the image disappeared instantly.

“It hurts….save me…oneechan…”

Again, she’s calling for oneechan? Who’s this oneechan she keeps mentioning. I wanted to help her…helping myself from this pain. But because I don’t remember anything, I couldn’t do anything but just watch myself crying and begging for someone to help.

She’s a part of me after all…a part of me that I neglected and refused to remember. I can’t remember anything anymore. I don’t want to remember anything, that’s why…I decided to forget everything.

I wondered whether that’s a right choice...Ah? What’s is this? The warm comforting feeling on my right hand. I approached myself again and touched her. This time she responded. She flinched with my touch this time. Did it work?

“H-Hey…I’m here, can you hear me?”

She slowly turned to me and we made an eye contact with each other. Only thing I saw was my own face covered with tears and puffed eyes. I could tell that those eyes were just downright filled with pain and despair.

“Oneechan…where are you?”

She spoke to me. It felt as if she’s not speaking to me, it didn’t make sense. But I could understand that feeling from myself. I wanted to meet my oneechan too…I really wanted to meet her. “I want to meet oneechan too…”


The other me kept crying and went back to the same position as the first time I saw her once again. At least this time, the other me responded to me. I have to accept her if I want to remember everything…I have to embrace all the pain in order to remember everything…I wonder whether I’m in for it…or not?

But this warmth on my hand…it’s still there, and I felt so comforted by it…I always had this dream about this warmth on my hand…

I wonder what’s it all about…?

Rena’s still sleeping on the bed and didn’t realize that there’s another presence right beside her, holding her hand. The doctor was sitting beside Rena quietly without disturbing the sleeping girl. She just sat there, and held the girl’s right hand gently.


Rena muttered while she was sleeping. The doctor heard her and was slightly surprised. She let out a smile for the sleeping girl even though Rena didn’t see it.

“…” Jurina didn’t utter a word while Rena was having a sleep talk. Then suddenly the doctor spotted a trail of tears from the girl’s eye. She wiped her tears out and caressed Rena’s head without trying to wake her up. “Good night…Rena-chan.”

She slowly got out from the room and left Rena to sleep peacefully. The warmth that Rena felt in her dreams was by Jurina. However since she was sleeping, she didn’t know it was by her.

As the sand of time kept on going…Jurina realized that Rena started to remember more things than before, but she didn’t realize it. Day by day, Rena had started to resemble her younger sister even more. When the time comes, she would no longer be able to escape from this. Time’s running out. She flipped her cellphone and stared at the front of the screen quietly. It’s tomorrow that they would go to the amusement park together. “It’s tomorrow…I guess I have to manage my stuffs tomorrow morning instead.” She headed back to work until her night shift was over…


[Rena’s POV]
“Yosh, I think I’m good now.” I got more clothes from Yukirin this time. Gratefully I managed to wake up early so I had time to prepare things before I headed down to the entrance to meet with Yukirin and Jurina, whom came to pick me up. As for Mayu, she said she would meet us there instead. I glanced at my cellphone and it’s almost the time that Jurina told me she would come pick me up. “I better get going now then.”

I opened the door and I got surprised as there’s someone standing right in front of me. I looked up and saw a familiar face I knew. “Oh! Dr. Airin!”

“Good morning! Hm? You’re going out somewhere?” he asked me and I nodded. I told him about the amusement park today and I’m heading out with Jurina and others. “Ah I see…”

“Is there something you need?”

“Not really. I just want to ask something from Rena-chan though.” I wondered what he wanted to ask me. So I waited for him to finish where he left off. “Do you by chance have a sibling?”

“Uh…I don’t know.” I replied back to him honestly. “I had this amnesia from a car accident…so I don’t recall any relationships I had after I woke up.”

“Ah…I’m sorry.” He apologized to me. Maybe he thought that he hurt my feelings but it didn’t! Dr. Airin is such a kind-hearted person.

“Oh no! Don’t worry about that! I’m really happy right now so the amnesia doesn’t trouble me.” I tried to make Dr. Airin felt less guilty and it worked. He smiled with relief and then gave me a small piece of paper to me. “Hm? What is this?”

“If you have a chance to read it, please do. It’s something useful to you.”

He came to give me this piece of folded paper before he left to work. So he came this far just to give me this, I wondered what’s it about but right now I better hurry before I make Jurina and Yukirin wait for me!I kept the paper in my bag and then rushed down to the entrance of the hospital where I met with Jurina and Yukirin.


Meanwhile…Dr. Airi was looking through some files in the computer room of the hospital. He searched up for ‘Matsui’ and there were several names that came up. Rena’s name was included in there as well. He looked through and came across with some interesting fact that he never expected regarding Rena’s parents.

“Wah…you are really something, Jurina…”

He giggled to himself as he stared at Jurina’s name. For some reason, the paper file included ‘Matsui’ in her name as well. “Hm, so it’s true that you’re Rena’s sister after all…this is getting more interesting.”

He left the room while making sure that no one knew what information he had looked up. Having that mysterious grin across his face, no one knew what was he plotting in his head. “How nice that it’s Rena-chan that greeted me first…I won’t have to figure a way to approach her anymore…Heh.”



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Re: AMNESIA: CH05 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Yosh...This is the latest one so far! Please stay tune for Chapter 06 :) For those who also read "Love Capture", I'm currently planning to switch around between two chapters! So the next chapter will be out is going to be Amnesia:CH06, then the next one will be from Love Capture and keep going on~ I want to maintain both fics as possible, so I presumed this is best solution for me. Please do enjoy!

Amnesia: CH05

A/N: Going to get more intense now! My apology if there’s this weird-ness in Jurina, I wanted to try write her in an ‘mature’ figure but it seemed I messed up a little…So I hope this chapter is good and how you all enjoy it!


[Rena’s POV]

In the car, both Yukirin and I were sitting at the back seat. “We’re here now.” Jurina mentioned it up and then I threw my glance out to see the tall amusement part rides through the window. I couldn’t hold back my excitement at all! I believe it’s going to be a really fun day or sure!

Yukirin and I got out from the car at the entrance while Jurina went to find a place to park the car. That was when we met with Mayu whom had arrived earlier than us. She seemed to be waiting for us for quite some time already.


“No! You’re just too early!” I yelled back and we’re actually 15 minutes earlier than our appointment time. It’s Mayu that’s just here for too early! Mayu didn’t care what I said and ruffled my head very roughly. “Hey…”

“Mayu! Don’t be so mean to Rena-chan!” Yukirin came in protecting me and the trolling doctor had to back off a little. Phew! I’m saved from Mayu’s troll now with Yukirin by my side, I’ll be safe for the day now!

“I know what you’re thinking Rena~”

Mayu giggled maliciously and I don’t feel good about it. As if she was reading through my mind! I wonder what she’s thinking…huh, maybe I rather not think about that. At such perfect timing, Jurina came and then it’s about time we go buy the tickets and entered the amusement park together. I couldn’t help but to have my eyes threw all over the places. It did look like what’s on the magazine! I couldn’t wait but to check out all the rides here!

“What do you want to try first?” Jurina asked me but I didn’t really know which to go on yet. “Hm…how about we start from inside and walk out?”

“Not bad! Let’s go~!” Mayu got energetic to play with the rides. It’s been a long while she had come to the amusement park. She grabbed Rena’s wrist and dragged her along the way. I tried to stop her but it won’t work…I don’t know where is she dragging me now. Ow! It hurts…jeez, that Mayu!

The other two that were left exchanged glanced and giggled. “Let’s hurry before we lost sight of them.” Jurina spoke up first with Yuki nodded softly with that happy smile across her face. They walked side by side and followed the other two whom were ahead of them already.

We started playing so many rides and Mayu loved playing spinning rides so much! It’s really fun but I couldn’t play as much as Mayu and Jurina…my head is literally spinning so badly now. I decided to take a break while Yukirin went to buy some drinks for both of us. “Here!”

“Thank you.” I took the drink from her and sighed out loudly. This was much more tiring than I expected! Mayu and Jurina really hardcore people, I wondered they don’t get headaches like me and Yukirin at all? “Where did they go?”

“They said they’re going to the bathroom.” Yukirin sat down beside me as she we waited for the other two to come. However they did took their time and made us wait. “Huh…I wonder where are they?”

“yeah, I wonder…”

I titled my head to the side wondering why Mayu and Jurina took so long at the bathroom.


“Kyaaah!!?” Both Yukirin and I shrieked as we turned around immediately and saw both Mayu and Jurina laughing at their success. “J-Jurina!!”

“Hehe~ Are you surprised?”

She giggled like a child and that gave me a heart attack. But I’m pretty sure Yuki was more shocked than I do, she shrieked even louder than me. “Sorry! But it’s just so tempting.”

“You two are so dead!” Yukirin grumbled with that death glare at the two of them but it made Mayu much more energetic. Is she a masochist or something?

“Sorry~ It’s just too tempting not to do.” Mayu stuck her tongue out and then Yukirin literally ran after her and tried to hit her until she’s satisfied.

“W-Whoa!? Why chasing only me!?”

“Because you almost killed me!”

Yukirin yelled back as she didn’t chase Jurina. It’s my turn to enjoy Mayu being the victim this time! I’m so cheering for Yukirin to catch up with Mayu! She deserved it!

Mayu was getting tired of running away and gave up. The victory goes to Yukirin! It made me felt so good. “Ow…you don’t have mercy do you?” Mayu sighed softly since Yukirin didn’t seem to show any mercy when she’s hitting her at all.

“That’s what you get for messing with me!” Yukirin stuck her tongue out at the doctor and it’s about time we decided to go on other rides.

We didn’t know how long we had been going through all the rides we encountered, we were just enjoying everything so much now! Ah~ this is just so much fun! Also, Mayu suggested a highlighted ride here which was the bumper car. We all got in, but I didn’t know what to do at all! Before I even had time to figure out someone crashed me from the side so roughly. “W-Whoa!?”

“Got ya~” I turned and it was Mayu! Oh jeez, that cheesy grin on her face. I started to grasp the sense of controlling the car and bumped back at her this time. It’s my turn for revenge. “Oh! Now that’s getting fun!”

Wait…She just drove away. “Mayu! Don’t run away!” I followed her from behind and then Jurina came up to me to say something. “What is it?”

“Why don’t we partner up and beat Mayu?” She giggled and I couldn’t help but agreed with her plan so much. I agreed with her immediately and then we decided to revenge on Mayu for bullying me. If Jurina’s with me, I don’t have anything to be afraid of now. “Hehe! Let’s do it!”

“Hey! That’s isn’t far! That’s 2 versus 1!” Mayu saw Jurina and I negotiating with each other and then Yukirin came in and bumped on my side. That completely caught me off guard and then it ended up as 2v2, with Jurina and I versus Mayu and Yukirin. It’s just so much fun! We kept bumped into each other. It made me felt so relieved! Too bad the time’s over, we got out and decided to have a short break before going on to play other rides.

“Ah~ how’s it Rena?” Mayu asked and I nodded with this wide smile across my face. It’s just so much fun that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. She could tell from my expression on how much I’m enjoying it. “Let’s relax this time and go to haunted house~”


Jurina flinched immediately and caught everyone’s attention. Ah, I remember Mayu mentioned that she’s not good with haunted house! Eh~ I wanted to see how would Jurina be in there but I don’t want to force her too…I felt bad. “Uh…we’re really going in?”

“Rena wanted to.” Mayu said with that poker face. What!? I didn’t say anything about that at all! She’s basically just throwing it on me. That’s just so mean! “So what do you guys say?”

“I’m great, will you be okay Jurina?” Yukirin turned to her girlfriend with worries. The doctor only could hope that she would manage through it and gave a weak nod. I wondered why she’s forcing herself to go in…wait, is it because Mayu said I wanted to go in? I don’t mind not going in but…things came this far already, I don’t know it’s good to just say that or not.

“Alright, let’s go!” Mayu leaded the way and then we finally stopped right in front of the haunted house. Whoa, it’s huge! I hope it’s not that scary. I don’t think I’m scared of it so I should be fine. I turned to see Jurina and saw her clutching on Yukirin’s shoulder like a kid and looked completely pale. Whoa, she’s actually trembling! I could even see that. She must be scared of haunted house…

We walked inside and then I was behind Jurina. I could see her held onto Yukirin tightly like there’s no tomorrow. Mayu leaded the way and we’re the only 4 in here…it’s so cold and there’s loads of weird sounds going on.

“W-Whoa!?” Mayu accidentally tripped over something and fell onto the ground. Her surprised yelp made Jurina shocked, I could hear her gasp and suddenly let go of Yukirin and sprinted forward without looking back. She ran passed Mayu and it made her dumbfounded. “J-Jurina??”

“Wait Jurina! Mayu are you okay??” Yukirin got down to help Mayu but at the same time she was so worried about Jurina who just suddenly ran forward into the haunted house like that.

I’m getting worried about her…I think I should go after Jurina right now, since she’s no good with haunted house like what Mayu told me. “I’ll go find Jurina.” I offered and ran after Jurina hoping to find her in this darkness. Then it seemed we’re forced to separate into two groups automatically…

“Ugh…this is so dark…and so cold.”

I shuddered and walked down the path alone. The lights on the ground helped guide me along the way and slowly I saw a dark figure crouching on the ground. I slowly approached with curiosity and then I managed to examine that object…wait, it was Jurina! “Finally I found you!”

I sat down beside her and touched her shoulder. But then she flinched back and I could see her body trembling. She was this much scared? I felt pity for her that she’s forced to be in here by Mayu’s lie. It didn’t seem she heard me so I decided to call her again. “Jurina…it’s me, Rena.”

 This time, Jurina moved and looked up at me. I could tell from her eyes that she’s afraid. It’s actually just like what Mayu said, she looked completely different from how she was in the hospital. Jurina right now just looked like an ordinary woman that hated haunted houses. I held her hand and smiled at her hoping to make her felt a little bit more secure. Wait, this is in the dark, she probably won’t see it anyways…what an idiot of me.


“Yes, it’s me.” I pulled Jurina up to stand by my side. I’m glad that Jurina got her senses back after she just sprinted out of blue like that. Now, I hope to find the entrance as soon as possible before she would feel even worse than this. “If you’re scared, just hold onto me. I’ll take you out from here.”

“O-Okay…” She clutched onto me so tightly and closely. I could feel the warmth from her arms that were wrapped around mine. Actually, Jurina right now was quite adorable…Eh, it’s not time to think like that! I have to get out from here as soon as possible for Jurina’s sake. Here we go…continue our journey in this darkness.


Uh…I couldn’t see the exit. This is getting bad. For the worse, I seriously hope I’m not lost. Jurina just kept hugging my arm tightly and right now I could even feel her trembling so badly. I would expect Mayu and Yukirin to catch up with us already, but they didn’t. I’m so glad I’m not afraid of these things, or else we probably would be stuck here forever.

“This is bad…”

“A-Are we lost…?”

“I’m sorry…I think we are.”

“O…Oh…” She gulped and tried to calm herself down but it didn’t work. I think I should talk to her so it might help her forget the scary atmosphere of the haunted house.

“Jurina…you’re scared of dark places?”

“Well…rather than dark places…I’m really not good with ghost stuffs…”

“Ah…I see. I’m sorry that Mayu dragged you in.” I thought what I should say next but then I couldn’t think of one. Then as we were walking, I came up with a topic I could talk to Jurina just for the sake of calming her down. “Well…I didn’t expect Jurina to be sensitive to ghost-related stuffs at all.”

“I-I tried to cure myself but I failed all the time…”

“I didn’t meant like that…” I replied back and I guessed I made her confused with what I’m trying to say. I corrected myself and continued where I left off. “I mean like…I didn’t expected this side from you, but I like it though! I guess it made me felt like I get to know Jurina even more now.”

“I-I see…I guess I haven’t become that much expressive ever since…”

She paused. I turned to her and realized that she couldn’t finish what she was saying. It must have hit at the bull’s eye for some reason. She looked as if she’s having a dilemma of either to say it or not. “You don’t have to continue if it’s something you didn’t want to mention.”

She didn’t see Jurina’s reaction after what I said since I had my mind focused on getting out from her as soon as possible. I kept walking forward with Jurina clinging onto me and I heard sounds of people chatting. We’re close to the exit? I sped up my walk, the talk is getting louder and louder each time I continued down the path. “We must be close to the exit now!”

We turned at the corner and then it was as I thought, it’s an exit! Finally we had got out from this dark place. I saw Yukirin and Mayu waiting outside. As I expected, Yukirin had this worrisome expression clearly shown on her face. She hurried to us as soon as she saw us out from the haunted house.

“Jurina! Rena-chan! Are you two alright??”

“I’m alright.”

“Y-yeah…thanks to Rena-chan.” Jurina’s voice got better after we came out but then she still felt like she wanted to faint. It was partially my fault since Jurina wouldn’t be in this state if I didn’t get lost in there.

I heard from Yukirin that Mayu accidently twisted her ankle so they’re going to the emergency clinic here to treat her ankle properly. They would be back with a medicine for Jurina as well. It’s a good time for her to take a rest from the long horrified adventure in the haunted house. I sat on the bench while she actually slept on my lap. I guess she must be really sick right now, I didn’t say anything to her and I made sure I have water close to me.

“…You see, I wasn’t able to express my real feelings after I had a dead serious fight with my parents.”

Jurina spoke up out of blue with a weak voice. It caught me off guard and confused but then I slowly realized what she’s referring to. She actually continued where she left off in the haunted house. I nodded back and listened to her carefully word by word.

…Back before she’s going to university, she had this huge fight with her parents regarding her younger sister. Her father was a close friend with Yukirin’s father, so that’s how Jurina moved from her hometown to Tokyo to continue her studies. Yukirin’s father was a famous doctor himself so he helped guaranteed Jurina’s position for study. However she didn’t change that much enough comparing to how she was right now. What really changed everything was when she’s in her 2nd year of her degree…it was Yukirin’s 18th birthday. Everyone would expected it to be one of the happy days of hers, but it’s a devastated tragic that haunted Yukirin even until now…

“W-What happened…?”

I asked as Jurina had a moment of pause before she continued to tell me the saddest truth I ever heard so far. “It’s the day that Yukirin’s mother died in the car accident...”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was left dumbfounded as Jurina kept on telling what actually happened. It’s really usual for her family to have sudden plans, so they couldn’t spend time with Yukirin on her birthday. However…they got a call that Yukirin’s mother got into an accident while she was driving back home from work since she managed to cancel her night shift. What’s worse was that she wouldn’t survive through the night. Since then, she always stayed by Yukirin’s side. Even until now she had nightmares about her mother’s death several times…only Jurina and Yukirin’s family knew about this. Not even Mayu knew about it!? I couldn’t tell the pain that she had in her heart through that bright energetic face of hers. At this point, I started to understand Jurina’s position even more. She stayed so strong and mature in order to stand by Yukirin’s side, because she made a promise with Yukirin’s mother before she passed away that she would protect and look after Yukirin in her place. It’s a promise that Jurina never intend to break.

I wasn’t surprise anymore why Jurina sometimes acted so unnatural…she was so different from how she’s in front of others and just only with me.“Haha…I guess I quite unnatural am I?”

“A little…but its reasonable! If it’s me, I would do the same.”

I replied her back and then I could see her looked up at me. Our eyes met and then I saw her childish smile. It made my heart skipped a beat and felt as if my mind was stunned by it. “Thank you, Rena-chan. I’m sorry to make you worry as well…I guess I’ll stop acting this mature and unnatural character.”

“I-If there’s anything I could do, I’m willingly to help you!”

“Ah~ thank you so much Rena-chan. Just to have you around makes me felt really relieved. I could open myself up when I’m with you and Mayu only…I guess that’s a good start for now.” She got up and then turned her body towards me. She continued where she left off that she’s also really comfortable with Yukirin around her, but sometimes, she felt the pressure that she had to be mature for the sake of her girlfriend, in order to protect her from harm. She seemed to be thirsty and asked for a water bottle from me. “Can I have water?”


She took the water from me and then drank almost half of the bottle. She looked more refreshed than the beginning when we got out from the haunted house. I’m glad she’s getting better now. “Thank you, you’re really my savior today”

My eyes grew wide and my body froze instantly. She closed the gap between us and kissed my forehead gently. That instance, my mind went blank and I couldn’t formulate anything properly. She backed away and ruffled my head a little roughly, in a friend-way. “You made me remember many nostalgic things, I’m really happy. Thank you so much Rena-chan~”

That smile, I felt like I seen it somewhere before. It made my heart ached. That bright puppy-like smile from Jurina, ah…my stomach felt really uneasy…


My heart ached and my face felt like burning. As I made eye contact with her, my mind turned into complete mess. My chest felt so tight. It felt as if my heart was going to burst through my ribs. W-What is this feeling…W-Wah…! I cannot look away from Jurina at all, why…why??

“Rena-chan, are you okay?” Jurina wondered and placed her backhand on my forehead. She looked really surprised and suddenly had this worried expression across her face. “Whoa? You’re burning, are you not feeling well?”

She came in closer. No…the more she came in the more my mind went blank. My body froze. I couldn’t breath. What’s this disturbing feeling!? I could feel her warmth from her hand, out of the sudden I felt so sensitive with her touch. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I think I’m sick now, but I couldn’t even move my mouth, I felt immobilized…

“Jurina, Rena, sorry to make you guys wait.”

I flinched with a Mayu’s voice. As if the spell that binded my body disappeared instantly. I turned and then saw Mayu holding onto Yukirin’s shoulder. She could actually walk but she insisted the injured doctor to hold onto her in order to not strain her ankle any further.

“Yukirin…I told you I’m fine! It’s just a little injury!”

“No it's not! You twisted it badly and the nurse even told you to get on a wheel chair, but you didn’t!”

“I had the ankle support already…jeez, stop being so paranoid!”

“I know you long enough, you’re too forceful with your injury.” Yukirin nudged right onto Mayu’s forehead with her finger. “Last time, you said your bruised arm is fine but in the end it’s actually fractured!”

“Guh…” Mayu looked away. Seemed it hit at the bull’s eye. Then again, it seemed they both realized that Jurina and I were completely forgotten while they were arguing back and forth. “Oh right, we brought you the medicine.”

“Ah yeah! I’m sorry Jurina…” Yukirin hurried to her girlfriend’s side and gave her the medicine. Even though she had gotten better already, she still took the medicine that Yukirin brought for her.

“Thank you Yukirin.”

Phew…I’m glad that Mayu and Yukirin came. I didn’t know what’s going to happen with my body at that moment already. It felt like it’s going to break down. That’s just so scary…I wondered what’s that uneasy feeling in my chest.

“I guess we should go to the ferris wheel before we call it a day?” Mayu asked as she sat down by my side and rested her arm on my shoulder. “It’s the main highlight~ you need to get on one first before we leave.”

“Ah right! You must go on it! It’s the best~” Yukirin completely agreed with Mayu. I don’t know they were over exaggerating things or they’re being realistic. But it’s not like I’m going to refuse that! I actually look forward to it! I saw the picture in the magazine; I wanted to know why it’s the highlighted of this amusement park.

So now, we’re heading to where the ferris wheel was and on our way there. Everyone just suddenly stopped, especially Yukirin and Jurina. The only ones confusing were Mayu and I. “Hm? What’s wrong?” I turned back to ask them and suddenly, Yukirin clinged onto Jurina immediately, as if she’s afraid of something.

“Ah~ I didn’t expected to meet you here, Yukirin.”

I heard a man’s voice. I turned around and saw this man in his casual trendy clothes. He was with his group of friends but he recognized Yukirin. Did they knew each other? If they do then why Yukirin had to be scared like that?

“Oh? Then you must be Jurina. I guess this is our first time that we met?”

“Who are you?” Jurina asked back and then she realized Yukirin clutched onto her arm tightly. Eventually she started to realize something was wrong and hoped what she had thought wasn’t right.

“I’m Miyazawa Sae, I’m certain you heard my name before.”

She froze; I could tell from Jurina’s expression that she was as she actually saw a ghost. Then suddenly, her face changed and it became dead serious. “I see…so you’re Sae, yes, it’s our first time that we met.”


He looked at Jurina from head to bottom, and then gave that pity look towards her instantly. “Huh, I wonder what’s so good about you that made my Yukirin choose you instead of me.”

“H-Huh?” Mayu and I yelped at same time with utmost confusion. I switched my glance between this man named Sae and Jurina. They had this ferocious glare with each other but Jurina wasn’t moved by his insult at the slightest. Wait, did he say ‘my’ Yukirin? What does that mean??

“I couldn’t remember since when Yukirin is yours to begin with, Sae-san.”

Jurina taunted back and it made the tension in the atmosphere increased. Sae-san’s friends had their attention caught with his argument with Jurina. I could hear whispers from them. They were gossiping about Jurina in a bad way.

‘So they were the ones that Sae said…ew, they were those kind of people right?’

‘I feel so bad for Sae-kun…well, that woman looked so boyish, not surprised she’s a lesbian…’

“S-Shut up!!”

My yell suddenly broke their conversation instantly. I didn’t realize that I just yelled out loud and bluntly like that. What’s wrong with me today!? I suddenly just felt a surge of anger rose in me. I couldn’t listen to them insulting Jurina like that. Now this is awkward, I don’t know what to say further on now.

“…If you come back to me, I’ll forgive you for breaking our engagement.” Sae-san gave an offer to Yukirin. Wait, did he said engagement!? I’m stunned. I turned to Mayu and she had the same expression as I do. It’s not only me…it seemed Mayu didn’t know about this as well.

“I won’t change my mind…” Yukirin finally replied and walked forward to confront with Sae-san face to face. “That is something our parents made, plus my father already canceled the engagement! I rather be with Jurina than you.”

“Heh…I like tough and rebellious ladies. Just like you…”

He stretched his hand forward to hold onto Yukirin’s hand but then Jurina came in and smacked it away. She didn’t utter a word but only glared furiously at Sae-san. “Huh…what an meddling dog.”

“Say what ever you want to say…don’t you dare touch Yukirin.” She declared clearly and everyone remained in silence. Not only me…even Sae-san’s friend could probably feel the pressure coming from Jurina. Then suddenly, that man shrugged his shoulders and backed away this time.

“Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun of my hangout yet. I’ll not give up on you yet Yukirin~ I already decided that you’ll be my wife already.” He gave a wink before he went away with his friends.

Now it’s only the four of us once again. Mayu and I had an eye contact and we seemed to want some explanation of what’s going on. “Jurina…it would be nice to have some explanation about this if you don’t mind.” It’s Mayu that asked and I’m waiting for the answer quietly. However, before Jurina could say, Yukirin interrupted her and decided to be the one that would tell Mayu and I the entire story for it.

“You see…before Jurina and I are couples…my father and Sae’s father were best friends and so they organized the arrange marriage for us.” She continued the story. It seemed she used to be friends with Sae-san when they were still kids. After she had told her father about her relationship with Jurina he’s willingly to cancel the engagement between her and Sae-san. Unfortuately, he didn’t give up and kept pursuing on Yukirin no matter what. He didn’t care whether Yukirin had a relationship already. “That’s how it is…I’m sorry that he ruined our mood for the day. I didn’t expected to meet him here.”

“Don’t worry about it. I hope we don’t meet him again next time.” Jurina sighed as she showed concern and worries towards her girlfriend. She stroked Yukirin’s head tenderly. “I’ll protect you, don’t worry.”

“Thank you Jurina…”


Ugh, what’s this pain…it hurts. I slowly turned my eyes to Mayu and saw this forced smile across her face. I could tell that she’s badly hurt while she’s watching Jurina and Yukirin. But, I think I understood how she felt. I do felt pain in my chest when I’m watching both of them right now…


“Alright! Let’s brightened up the mood and get on the ferris wheel.” Jurina suggested with a lively smile. She wanted to cheer up the mood and I did my best to go along with her.

“I look forward to it!”

We got in line, but then Mayu said she would stay out this time since her feet didn’t feel well. So, Jurina decided to stay with Mayu and it’s going to be Yukirin and I on the ferris wheel. Finally it’s our turn and we got in. I looked out from the window as the ferris wheel kept moving up. Wow, this is getting so high! This is so exciting~

“Rena-chan…Thank you.”

“Eh?” I turned towards Yukirin who was sitting opposite of me. “I’m confused…”

“I heard those people insult Jurina too…I was really angry too. It’s like you did in my place…those people deserved to be scold.” Yukirin diverted her glance out towards the window to witness the beautiful scenery of the entire amusement park.

“Yukirin…you must love Jurina a lot, don’t you?”

She turned with slight surprise with the question. W-What am I saying!? I accidently blurted out the question I had in my mind. But there’s no turning back, I couldn’t take back the words I said out already. I hope it’s not awkward.

“Hehe!” She laughed and it reduced the tension between us. Yukirin’s smile was just so pretty. She looked out the window at where Mayu and Jurina were sitting below them. Those loving eyes of hers looked towards Jurina. Without her having to tell me anything, I felt like I knew the answer already. “Yeah…I love Jurina. She’s really irreplaceable and precious to me…”


That pain again. Why I’m having this chest pain so much…but Yukirin’s so admirable. She didn’t hesitate to say she loved Jurina at all. I heard that people find it really hard to admit it bluntly like that sometimes. “Rena-chan! Look!”

She broke my thoughts and then I immediately turned towards the window. What I witnessed was the scenery of the entire amusement park. It was just so pretty. Especially the sun was about to set. The sky was completely shining radiantly in scarlet. It was just downright beautiful. I’m no longer surprised why it’s the highlighted ride of this park.

We finally got out and then we went to Mayu and Jurina who were waiting for them. “Did you enjoy?” Jurina asked me and I nodded.

“Yes! It’s just so beautiful.”

“Great you like it. Shall we get home?” Mayu asked as we all agreed. It was a long day, many things happened, both fun and unexpected moments. But…I don’t understand this pain aching in my chest, I’ll have to ask Mayu tomorrow, maybe she might know what’s wrong with my body…


The next day, I went to Mayu’s office after I texted her I wanted to talk to her. Since she’s busy, she told me to wait at her office and she would come meet with me as soon as possible.

“Sorry to make you wait.” She had finally come and she sat down at her chair. “So, what’s the thing you want to ask?”

“Y-You see…” I tried to remember the feeling I hard yesterday in detailed and started explaining my symptoms to her, I don’t know why but I’m avoiding eye contact with her. “I suddenly had this weird feeling in my chest, like…a tight chest, couldn’t breath properly, felt like my heart is about to burst out through my ribs…”

I kept on going as Mayu’s expression slowly changed. She blinked and looked confused, and misbelieved. After I’m done, I looked back at her and she frowned back at me. “D-Did I say something wrong?”

“Wow, you sound like you’re in love! Are you in love with Jurina or something?”

“In love with Juri-” I paused as my face flushed immediately as I remembered Jurina’s smile back at the park. It made my heart skipped a beat and I didn’t continue where I left off, I couldn’t.

Mayu blinked and realized that she hit at the bull’s eye. She’s as equally shocked as Rena was. “Ow…I guess it hits at the bull’s eye?”

“I-Impossible there’s no way I…!” As I thought more of Jurina, my mind felt like exploding and I hid my face behind my hands. “No…this is not possible…”

“…I really think you are now.” Mayu remained in silence for a while before she continued where she left off. “Did it hurt to see her with Yukirin?” I slowly looked up and then nodded softly. It made Mayu sighed quietly before she diverted her eyes away to avoid eye contact.

“…Me too, it hurts.”


Nothing continued between us. She apologized to me, which I didn’t know why she had to say it. But I guess it’s best I returned back to my room and clear my thoughts. I couldn’t believe it…it’s impossible…that couldn’t happen…

Suddenly, Yukirin’s loving smile appeared across my face, it’s the smile I saw back when we’re sitting on the ferris wheel. She loved Jurina, and right now I…I couldn’t believe this.

This is just bad…this is so bad…not only I betrayed Yukirin by secretly helping Mayu, but also now I’m in love with…why did it have to happen?

…Why did I fall in love with Jurina?


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Oh! You put all up the chapters.. :fap

I know, i already commented.. :nervous

Anyway, looks like Sae's not going to back down on Yuki..

Ah it hurts my heart to see Rena and Mayu heart broken.. :'(

Rena and Mayu just get together already. XD

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Just can't help it RenaMayu are just so cute, too much trolling from Mayu.. :oops: So light atmosphere..

Though this the first time i rooting for RenaMayu.. :oops:

Well as for now i get to see more RenaMayu and JuriYuki moments :wub: Before the true pairing..

Uwaaa~ wonder when will Airin going to appear.. :?

Looking forward for more up on your each fic.. :thumbsup

Keep it up :thumbsup

Thank you for the marathon update :bow: :twothumbs
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I read all the 5 chapters D: and you are in a good part ;A; I'll be waiting for the next chapter <3

good job here~

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So much... yay!!!
wow... that was great...
oh, so that was Jurina's relationship with Yukirin
fight-o mayuyu~
interesting, Rena-chan's nee-chan is Jurina...
so great! really likes it~

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Wow Thank you for the Marathon update!!!  :twothumbs

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though I feel bad for Mayu and Rena because of that... :cry:
Mayu fight for your love!!!  :onioncheer:

Looking forward for the next update :on gay:

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Whew! You really did go on a marathon with all of those updated chapters! :shocked:

So this is a really complicated love... rectangle? Whatever it's called, I sense lots of complications coming from the first five chapters, LOL. :sweatdrop: But it's really interesting! Especially when Sae and Airin is added to the mix~ What's going to happen to them? :panic:

And I see that Rena is slowly regaining her memories bit by bit.... Even though it is painful to remember them, at least she's coming closer to the truth. But if she is coming closer to the truth... That might be difficult in the near future for her to get Jurina's attention in terms of romantic love since Jurina IS her sister... Holy cow. :shocked: What's Rena and everyone else going to do when she regains her memories? Especially Jurina, since she's hiding them from her younger sister. I don't quite understand why she doesn't want to let Rena know though... There might be a good reason for her silence though. :?

But I cheer on for both Mayu and Rena to get their love! (Even though Rena x Jurina in this situation sounds pretty weird considering that they're siblings, but okay!) Ganbatte you both! :thumbsup

Love reading the fun times the four of them have when they're hanging out. Makes me feel happy to know that they're having a good time~ (Which is somewhat rare since I always have a brick-face expression, LOL :sweatdrop:) So good job on that! I feel all fluffy during those light-hearted moments. :cathappy:

Definitely looking forward to more of your updates on both fictions and thank you for posting them! :deco:

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