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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44156 times)

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Wow I didn't even notice it was updated before, must've been during my time of crazy studying.

Hmm interesting another bodyguard fic, but this time its a little different. I like how Jurina and Mayuyu somehow ended up being legal and
decided to get themselves drunk and argue with each other who is the older one HAHA. I am trying to imagine that and I get only one
image = Kawaiiiiiiii, LOL Hmmm 'Infinity' would Sae happen to become a bartender there since Sayaka has all the hotels and bars  :lol:

Seems like Tomochin is the main focus so far, her whole operation encounter Chiyuu is kinda funny, since in the end its the two little ones
that got her into the VIP room. Then because Chiyuu likes her, Tomochin ends up taking over the whole fashion department other then
lingerie, but we are talking about Yuko. There is no way that Yuko will hand over her precious lingerie department and will die keeping it
under herself when Haruna becomes the model. WHat other way will she have the chance to molest... take care.... watch over her models....

I LOL'd when Haruna end up over at the food department with Miichan then where Yuko is haha, and the sudden appearance of Sasshi and Yui
too. Yui always so serious while her CEO just fools around with Sasshi in the office, I anticipate Mariko will be needing some strong painkillers
for her upcoming least she still has a sane Yui.....

Please update soon .  :twothumbs

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Hehe finally they did their move
And Tomotomo!!!!!

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Waaa! Update!
Tough it was a pain to wait for your update but you finally did so  XD
Haruna being an airhead is really something LoL!

Hahah Jurina&Mayu Pfft!
Chiyuu~ is so cute here! She already likes Tomochin hehe

Waiting for  your next update ...
Arigatou!  :kneelbow:
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OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! ..... like it!!
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Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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For the comments, I shall reply later~ Procrastination has once again taken over~  :nervous

A.N: What can I say? Inspiration has broken down for this fic.  :cry: I actually can't believe it though...Since I thought that this would be the easiest to finish with its obvious plot.  :P However, I think that my mind is searching for something. It wants this fic to be sad, and not just full of Romance, Action, etc. I guess that because of SoUL, and T.A.F, it wants sad happenings as well.  :lol: Anyway, while trying to figure out how this fic shall end (whether in a tragedy or a happily-ever-after), another story came up into my mind (AGAIN). I know, I know.  :nervous I won't get any of my fics done if I keep this up.  :P

Despite that, I still want to put it. And since my L.A.M (really abbreviating, no?  :lol:) is on HIATUS, I'll post the newly thought out fic here to make me feel guilty  :lol: and update L.A.M

Anyway~ Onto the story~ This story is just one of my compositions, one I gave to my Eng teacher when she asked us to make a random story. The characters are still not ready, so I'm hoping that by reading the Prologue, you guys can help me choose who's going to be the MAIN characters (so yeah, :D I'm letting you guys choose).

Enough of my blabbering! Onto the story~!


“Is that what you really want?” asked the silky voice that came from the girl standing above on the balcony.

The sound of crickets filled the silence that engulfed the two after the girl had spoken, filling the other with relief. She still hasn’t given her reply yet, but she knew with all her heart how much she wanted it.

This was her chance…

Her only opportunity…

To be happy.

She had never believed in magic and those sorts of stuff that magic could be associated with. But now, with this girl standing in front of her, whom everyone said has powers that are unbelievable, she is willing to believe in it. She is more than willing to believe in it, if it can get what she has always wanted.

That’s how desperate she was for the wish.

Staring up from the grassy floor her eyes bored a hole through, she then locked eyes with the golden-brown haired girl and opened her mouth to give her reply. “I want you to grant me that.”

The girl from the balcony sighed. Twirling her golden brown hair in her fingers, she began to think over what the girl before her had ask. She bit her lower lip, and stared at the girl before she gave another question.

“I’ll ask you one last time.” She stared intently, making the girl flinch from the un-diverted attention being given to her. “Are you sure?”

She nodded her head with a sure and certain look. She was determined to do anything, even if it meant believing in something she thought was foolish and non-existent. “Yes, I am.”

“The price for that is extremely high, and many who have asked a similar wish failed to repay me.” The long-haired girl tapped her chin, sitting on the white balcony made of graphite. She hugged her legs with the other hand, and started looking at the girl below with interested eyes as she continued. “What would you give me in return, if I grant you your wish?”

The girl kept looking at her with unwavering eyes, making her bite her lower lip as she take a breath to answer the anticipating girl. She knew that the price in return had to be equally priced, but she had nothing. She looked down, feeling disappointed as the realization of having nothing hit her. But right after looking down, she looked up.

There is ONE thing she can give in return.

ONE thing she was willing, yet afraid to give.

ONE thing that will surely be in equality with the wish she asks to be granted.

She looked up to see the girl looking at her with a raised eyebrow, and a face that was filled with nothing but anticipation as she spoke with determination. She was afraid that she would speak in a shaky voice, but fortunately for her, her voice sounded confident.


The girl’s eyebrow dropped and returned to its normal state, as she stared at her in a way that made her fidget. She was shaking as the cold breeze blew against her neck, and as well from the girl’s stare. The long-haired girl was looking at her with a stare that made her stay rooted to the spot, paralyzed with fear and awe as she watched the girl’s cold eyes bear a hole through her.

“For how long?” the girl asked, watching her with those glassy eyes that reflected the pool’s water behind the girl below. “For how long will you be mine?”

She took a deep breath, feeling the breath sucked out of her just by staring at the girl in front of her. True, the girl was beautiful. She was told of the girl being the most beautiful English girl seen in her area, and her beauty was nothing compared to the descriptions about her.

Staring at her was just captivating enough as her glassy brown eyes reflected each and every movement of anyone whom she looked at. Her pale, smooth skin looked as though they haven’t been touched by any form of contact. Not a bruise or a scar was seen, but her skin looked as fragile as a glass.

But no. She didn’t feel breathless at the younger girl’s appearance.

It was due to the aura the younger girl was emitting.

An unknown feeling engulfed her, as she continued staring at the younger girl sitting above her. A rush of emotions filled her heart, making it almost impossible to know which was which. She felt herself breathing hard, as if something heavy was placed on her shoulders and chest. At the same time, she felt light-headed with the surge of power she feels from the girl.

If the younger girl didn’t cough, she wouldn’t have been able to realize the silence that had formed. “I’m waiting.” she said, heaving a sigh as she started tapping her fingers on the graphite surface of the balcony.

“For as long as I live.” she replied, making the tapping of the fingers stop.

She stared into the younger girl’s eyes, trying to find any form of emotion that might show what she was thinking about as time passed by the two of them slowly. However, nothing was concluded as the girl stared back with emotionless eyes that could have made someone shiver as they feel the cold gaze being given.

“Come closer.” the younger girl ordered, beckoning her to move as close as she could to the balcony.

She did what was asked of her, and had two steps. Her face was slightly the balcony, but it allowed the younger girl to see her with a clearer vision. Satisfied with the space between the two of them, the younger one continued. “Are you sure about your answer?”

Once again, she nodded her head and the girl sighed. No matter how many times this girl in front of her asks the same question over and over again, she will definitely not back down from this opportunity.

“You’ll be mine for eternity, just so you know.” the younger girl warned.

And yet again, a nod was given as a reply. She knew that she’ll be with the younger girl for eternity, but she doesn’t care. “I’m willing to give myself to you.”

Her reply must have surprised the younger girl, seeing how her eyes instantly widened from hearing her willing statement. Her rosy lips curved into a smile, and she jumped off from the balcony, landing behind the older girl without a sound.

The older girl turned to face her, and when she did, she saw her walking towards the middle of the garden. She beckoned the older girl to follow her, and she did. She was now standing on grassy floor, looking at the girl who was several inches taller than her…Probably ten inches to be exact.

The younger girl moistened her rosy lips, wetting it with her tongue. She touched them with her long, slender fingers, which soon tucked a strand of golden-brown hair behind the shell of her ear, and stared down at the older girl.

“Start your wish with the words ‘Starbright, Starlight’ and continue on with the wish in a rhythmic manner.” she instructed, as she made a circle on the floor around the older girl with a stick she broke from a shrub.

Once she had stopped to look at the older girl, she then added, “Do not let your eyes wander off away from my eyes.” The older girl nodded her girl.

“One last thing,” the younger girl said, as the older girl opened her mouth to speak her wish. “You can only wish for it to last, the same amount of hours you will be turned back.”

She nodded her head, showing the younger girl that she understood, before looking at her to see if she had anything else to add. Seeing that the younger girl was looking at her, waiting for her to make her wish —a wish that will change everything— she took a deep breath to calm her anxious mind.

Her hands clenched into a fist, and her mind started to panic. What if it doesn’t work?! her mind shouted, making a nerve pop out of her head.

Shut up, and let me concentrate! she shouted back, before taking another deep breath.

Her mind did shut up, fortunately, and she felt serenity overcome her anxious heart as she stared into the younger girl’s glassy eyes. She blinked several times, before speaking out in a voice that fortunately didn’t stutter.

Starbright, Starlight.
Hope that my wish will come true tonight.
Even just for twelve hours a day,
Turn me human. Until love gets its way.

To Be Continued…

Please do leave a comment, it might help me in my inspiration problem. Anyways~ Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

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Comments reply~:

@immortal_k: Yep~ The part about Sayaka owning the place is definitely, absolutely CORRECT~! And I think that Yuko will die if she hands over her one and only department  :lol:

As for the update....  :sweatdrop: I shall try to update as soon as I can stop my writer's block.

@kahem: Yes. The ball is finally rolling~!

@Megumi: Hehe  :sweatdrop: Sorry about the long update (and I still haven't updated) I'll really try to stop this stupid writer's block. I apologize for the inconvenience :kneelbow:

@haruhi16: Well, every good thing has to come to an end, right? ^^ I'll update soon! (I hope  :nervous)

@Haruko: Thank you~! ^^
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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Hum it seems interesting can't wait to know the pairing and the whole context

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Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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Pls update soon!!!:)

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Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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Hey, there.
Good prologue, I must say.
And for the pairing... I feel like want a Deguchi Aki/Hiramatsu Kanako pair.
Well, that was just my feeling.
But of course it's up to you.
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SKE48 fic - Silent Understanding (Matsui Rena/Furukawa Airi) [2015.05.15]

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Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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I wonder who's the Pairing... Gonna Wait for Chapter 1.
Thanks for the Prologue.... Take Care & Good luck writing it!
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Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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haha love's a mission is awesome! totally made me laugh xD i really wonder how long yuko is going to this rate she could be dead any minute with haruna being in the wrong place at the wrong time :P and isnt tomochin lucky ! easily got the spot thanks to tomo~mi :P

but great prologue for the new fic! i cant even pick a pairing for'll be a surprise for me once you've decided :)

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L.A.M [OPERATION: Guns and Roses = Phase One PART 2 (Encounter)] (04/05)
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@kahem: Thank you for finding it interesting. ^^ I'm glad you did.

@saeyukilover: I shall! Once I'm able to write down an update for each of my fics. ^^

@caghaunt: Thank you. As for the pairing you have requested, can you tell me more about them? I'm not really famiilar with those two. I want to try and write about them, if the plot suits them ^^

@Nakamii: The pairing is still under-construction ( :lol:) But once I have chosen, I shall write an update ASAP. ^^

@Pandah: Thank you :kneelbow: I tried to make it funny, since most of my fics aren't. Let's just hope that Haruna does a good job, ne?  :lol: I'll try to surpirse you then! ^^

A/N: Thank you for your comments :kneelbow: As expected (and as I have thought), seeing L.A.M not being updated really made me guilty!  :nervous And now I have updated it! Actually, since this one ended up in a very not-good chapter, I'll try to make up for it for the next one. ^^ Please enjoy reading... (and keep the comments coming~  :lol:)

Operation: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter) PART 2


The ride to Oshima Yuko’s fashion company was not something Haruna, nor Mariko, would have expected. They thought that it would be a pleasant ride, with a relaxing conversation. But no, it was the total opposite of what Haruna and Mariko imagined.

As soon as the car started, Miichan pressed her foot against the accelerator hard enough to bear a hole through the pedal. The muffler roared, the tires screeched, and when Miichan let go of the brake and pushed down her clutch, the car gave a shrilling sound before accelerating forward.

The force of the sudden acceleration caused Haruna and Mariko to hit their heads by the window, with a loud thud. They rubbed their heads, and blamed themselves for not wearing the seatbelts, but soon learned that even if they were to wear those safety things, nothing could save them from hitting against the windows.

On the way out of the car park, Miichan saw a curve, and instantly made a drift, making the two hit their heads this time. Rubbing their heads once again, they mouthed the word ‘ouch’ to each other.

Unfortunately for them, their misery has just begun. Miichan saw a curve from several meters away, and smiled to herself as she made a clean drift, that unfortunately made Haruna hit the door by her side.

“Ow.” Haruna groaned.

“Can’t you slow down?!” Mariko exclaimed, and quickly mumbled when she realized that she had just shouted at her boss.

Miichan ignored her muse’s angry exclamation, and pressed the pedal even harder when they came into the busy streets of Tokyo. She began to swerve the car at every turn, and always stopped at a great halt whenever the traffic light would turn red.

People everywhere would try to get out of harm’s way as Miichan’s car drove passed them. Several cars would honk their horns as Miichan overtook in every lane.
“HEY!” a man screamed madly when Miichan’s car made him swerve, and crash against a pole. Angered by the damaged on his car, and the recklessness of Miichan, he got out of his car and started cursing. He turned, and saw a store, and began throwing some of the store’s merchandizes at the car that was soon out of sight.

If you were inside the car, you would have probably thought that you were in a race or something, but the problem was, they weren’t. The streets weren’t as wide as those race tracks, making everything even scarier.

Even though the two girls at the back seats were already wearing their safety belts, they couldn’t help but grip onto the handles and anything they could grab onto. They were worried for their dear life as the force of Miichan’s driving kept on making them hit the insides of the car.

“I promise I won’t make another mistake ever again!” Haruna promised as she closed her eyes, praying that she would get to live another day when Miichan made a drift by a sharp turn.

Her knuckles were now pale white, and her face was dark green. She felt the air being sucked right out of her, making her nauseous. Meanwhile, next to her, Mariko had her left leg against the door next to her to prevent her from colliding against it, and her right leg against the seat that Miichan was sitting on.

When Miichan made another drift by a smooth turn, Mariko could have sworn that the car tilted off from the ground and they were now driving in a tilted direction.

She and Haruna started screaming when the car flew into mid-air after going down a slope. They started to scream even louder when Miichan turned to look at them, wondering why the two were making lots of noise, not even noticing that there was a cliff at the end of the street.

“WATCH THE STREET!” Mariko pointed in front, but Miichan still looked at them, wondering why the two were so afraid.

“Please watch the street.” Haruna repeated in a meek voice, now praying inside her mind, and promising that she’ll do her best for her job. She wasn’t ready to die yet. She still had big dreams. Like dreams of wearing designer clothes, and getting married to a great husband.

“WATCH THE STREET!!!” Mariko began to scream hysterically as the car touched the ground, and now neared the cliff. A vision of herself lying dead on the hospital dead, flashed right in front of her eyes.

“I SAID WATCH THE DAMN STREET!!!” Mariko kept on screaming. She didn’t care if the girl was her boss. She didn’t care. She just wanted to live. To feel the ground’s soil. And to get out of Miichan’s car alive.

They were going to die.

The car was still heading towards the cliff, and Miichan still hasn’t turned her head.


Haruna and Mariko closed their eyes while hugging each other as they waited for the impact, and the pain. Fortunately for the two, Miichan managed to realize what they were trying to say and turned her head while laughing. She turned the wheel as fast as she could, making the car drift right at the very edge, and onto the safe streets.

After waiting for a few seconds, and nothing happened, the two opened their eyelids and sighed in relief. They smiled thankfully at Miichan, and started crying tears of happiness, only to be replaced by tears of fear and sadness.
Miichan’s car was currently going at the opposite direction of a one-way street. Several trucks honked their horns as the car drove beside them. Some of the trucks stopped with a halt as Miichan’s car drove pass them without hesitation.
Mariko took a glimpse of the speed meter, and her eyes widened when she managed to read the speed they were currently going at. It was saying 60 miles per hour, and Miichan was still laughing happily!

Sixty miles per hour on a one-way street with a laughing driver! Oh god! Mariko was going to have to protect this girl?! This crazy lunatic?!

After a few minutes later

Their miserable car ride, fortunately, finally ended. The car stopped to a great halt, making the two hit the back seat hard. Miichan went out of the car, humming and all smiles, while the two crawled out.

Actually, slithered their way out.

They immediately started hugging the ground, grateful to still have the chance of being near-ground, while Miichan just watched them with an amused smile. When she noticed that the two were gaining attention, she decided to help them up.

It took them several attempts to stand up straight, and by the time they took several steps onto the lobby, they found everyone staring at them pityingly. Miichan led the way into a hallway and the two girls saw several finished products of lingerie.

“Miichan, is this a lingerie company?” Mariko asked, noticing that only lingerie could be seen at every turn they have made.

Miichan smiled at her, and replied. “In some way, yes.”

The two looked at her confusingly, so Miichan added.” But it’s a fashion company.”

They went into the elevator and soon reached the top floor, and they walked towards a door, with a huge picture of lingerie pinned it. Miichan turned the knob of the door, and the two tried to stand straight, but failed to do so since their knees still felt like jelly.

It seems that their shakiness from the car experience still hasn’t worn off from their bodies.

The door opened wide, and Miichan helped them enter the room.

“You’re late.” A familiar voice made the two shaking girls look up, and found themselves staring back at the owner of the voice.


She was arching her eyebrow at them, and had an amused look on her face after seeing the state that they were in.

How badly did they look, for Tomochin to arch her eyebrows at them and look at them as if she found the sight of them, pathetic?

“Actually, I don’ think they are late. In fact, they’re way too earlier than expected.” A brunette girl in the middle of the room, told Tomochin. Haruna looked at her and found herself locking eyes with her.

“You must be the new model we were all expecting.” She said, not taking off her eyes from Haruna. After a while, she grinned, and the model responded with a smile.

“You must be Kojima Haruna.” The girl started. “I’m Oshima Yuko. Nice to meet you.” She held out her hand as she gave Haruna a dimpled smile.

Haruna shook the offered hand, and soon enough, the two were caught up in smiling at each other that they didn’t notice the others in the room.

Deciding that it has been enough, Miichan waved her hands in front of Yuko’s face. “Oi! Pervert!” only to be pushed away by Yuko.

“Out of my way, midget.” Yuko told her and continued to stare at Haruna, before scanning the whole body of the girl, and ended up staring at the chest area.
Deciding that she had to help Yuko from embarrassing herself, Miichan pushed the girl towards her seat and covered her nose with a tissue, before the blood could be seen. “Come on, Yuko.” Miichan pushed Yuko towards her seat and forced the girl to sit down.

“You can play with your new toy later.” She whispered into Yuko’s ear discreetly, and smiled at the others.

She turned to look at Tomo~mi to greet her, only to find the said girl staring at another girl, who was smiling at Mariko and Yuko’s new interest. She arched her eyebrow when she saw Tomo~mi acting in a girly manner.

“Who’s the girl catching Chiyuu’s eyes?” Miichan asked, as the others in the room began to seat down on the couches in the middle of the office.

She waited for an answer, but received none. Turning to Yuko, she found the girl busy watching Haruna’s every move. She shook her head when she followed Yuko’s sight, and accidentally looked at Haruna’s chest.

She could just imagine what Yuko was thinking inside that brain of hers.

She’s…Perfect. The way her body curves at the perfect spots. And she’s still wearing her clothes! She’s the perfect model! And if she wear my lingerie! Oh god!

Yep. That was what Yuko had to be thinking. It was that, or imagining Haruna wearing her newly-designed lingerie.
As she watched the other four girls start a conversation, she nudged Yuko, trying to get her out of her trance. “Oi! Pervert!” But the girl continued to ignore her, making her conclude on a decision.


Yuko grimaced as she rubbed her head, sore from the impact of Miichan’s smack. Even though it wasn’t a hard smack, it made Yuko’s forehead hit the desk with a thud.
“Ouch!” Yuko cried and glared menacingly at Miichan for destroying and interrupting her fantasies. Miichan stuck out a tongue at her and pointed at Tomochin. “Who is she?” she asked.

“She’s Tomo~mi’s crush. You know, the girl that she can’t stop talking about?” Yuko told her, as she rubbed the sore spot on her forehead. Miichan turned to look at Tomochin, who was smiling at Tomo~mi and chatting with the others, before a grin formed on her face.

She skipped to the four girls, and sat in between of Tomo~mi and Tomochin, stopping the girls’ chitchats.

“So~” Miichan started out, as she playfully winked at Tomo~mi, making the girl frown and wonder what she was planning on doing. “I heard that you have a great sense of fashion, and you’re an expert designer.”

“I like consider myself as an intermediate, and a learner. I prefer to do things in a creative way.” Tomochin told her as she smiled politely at the girl.

Miichan arched her eyebrows and wiggled them as she smirked. “Does that apply to you when it comes to things, like…”she pretended to think, “let’s say…playing?”

Tomo~mi’s eyes immediately widened, instantly getting what Miichan was trying to do, and smiled bitterly at Miichan as she spoke through clenched teeth. “Itano-san takes her work seriously, and does NOT play.”

Miichan’s eyes sparkled and leaned against the couch, as she crossed her arms. “Well, if you’re ever feeling stressed, Tomo~mi here is a great playmate.” Tomo~mi glared at her and attempted to strangle the smirking girl, when Tomochin replied with a smile.

“Sure. And you can join us if you want.”

Everyone’s eyes immediately widened.

Haruna fell onto the floor comically.

Mariko smacked her own forehead.

And Yuko started to have a nosebleed as she started to imagine all sorts of ‘fun’ stuff the two girls would do.

Silence started to fill the whole room, making Tomochin wonder what she had said wrongly. She turned to Tomo~mi, whose face was beetroot red, and scratched her head before turning to look at her companions. “Did I say something wrong?”

“Nope. Nothing.” Mariko looked at her with a smile, and shook her head. Tomochin looked at her with a raised eyebrow, when Tomo~mi coughed to divert the attention away from the fashion designer.

“So you’re a model, Haruna-san?” Tomo~mi asked the tall brunette girl, who just nodded her head in response. She smiled as she walked over to Yuko, and placed her hands on the short girl.

“Please take care of her then.” Tomo~mi said, and added with a wink. “She tends to get very distracted.”

Yuko groaned, before looking at her model with narrowed eyes. “Hahaha, very funny Tomo~mi.”

She sat up straight and looked at Haruna with seriousness in her eyes, hoping that she would not take the sweet-voiced girl seriously. “I take pride in my work, Kojima-san. So there’ll be no taking care of me.”

Miichan nodded her head and patted Haruna’s shoulder, as she spoke. “Yep. Yuko here will be the one ‘taking’ care of you.”

Tomo~mi piped in. “So that’s what you HAVE to worry about.”

“Shut up, you two!” Yuko cried as she smacked both of the girls’ heads at the same time.

The other three laughed as they watched the CEO of the fashion company get teased by the two younger girls. Turning to each other, they smiled as the realization hits them.

Perhaps this bodyguard job of theirs weren’t so bad.

To Be Continued…

I’m really sorry for not updating this fic for such a long time. Anyways… THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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*gasp* :O you updated!! omg i was so giddy when i saw that this is an update for L.A.M !  :w00t:
amazing miichan and her amazing skills at driving! haha i was totally trying not to laugh out loud and look like some lunatic since my family is home *cough* love how miichan is just so relaxed even though haruna and mariko were screaming their heads off :D

and yuko has finally met haruna! and just fantasising away in front of her  :twothumbs its gonna be so awesome when they start working together  ;)
i congratulate miichan on successfully should i fooling tomochin :P hahaha

another job well done  :thumbup

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intersting storyline (^^)

and yuko, being perverted as usual bwahahahaha!

oh oh oh oh! and that driving scene where mariko kept herself from banging into the door by holding on with her feet on the door and miichan's seat, i can totally picture that! like seriously, like, i can imagine her doing that, kind of a similar position to the ue kara mariko CD cover xD

anyway, really really really like this, nice job (^^)

looking forward to the next update!

EDIT: and i completely forgot to comment about the previous part where Jurina and Mayuyu were in the bar. WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!? GETTING DRUNK UNDERAGE!?  :angry: those two totally ruined a nice private time tomochin had with tomo~mi~ gosh those two.... unbelievable~ But i don't blame them, since i probably would've done the same, bwahahaha~
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Just started to read this right now, I have to say, you perked up my interest quite too well.
I like how the story started, I like how it first focused on Tomochin, I mean seriously, I love her, though not as much as my oshis, but still! I like how this is going because its TomoTomo, there's never enough of that pair though and I just started to like it, so its a real treat to have to read this. Tomochin almost screwed up though with her job, she almost killed Chiyuu, tsk, good thing everyone was there to stop her, and now her encounter with Chiyuu at the bar was so good thanks to Jurina and Mayu, I have to say though, I think Rena might be the one doing the protection rather than Jurina, considering how childish she is, same goes for Yuki to Mayu, I wonder if Rena and Yuki would even live for another day. I have some doubts.... :lol:

Haruna too! Omg, she actually went to the wrong place, I can't believe how much of an airhead she is, she better straighten up or else Yuko won't survive at all. :lol:

The car ride with MariMiiHaru was certainly hilarious, I could actually picture Mariko and Haruna's faces, I mean seriously, Miichan sure has some mad driving skills, its scary, I'd never want to ride a car with her as a driver though, I mean, as much as dying seems nice and peaceful...I still want to live a little longer. :lol:

Mariko really needs to buy a lot of painkillers, working for Miichan seems to be energy and time taxing, hahahaha, so scary...? :lol:

Yuko is quite the pervert, lol, fantasizing about her model already....tsk, I hope Haruna doesn't space out either, please Nyan Nyan... :sweatdrop:

Miichan...why are you so awesome? Dang, she actually fooled Tomochin, tsk....nice one. I think even Haruna, Mariko and Yuko know what she meant by 'playing'... Chiyuu's blush was already an indication, and did I tell you, that scene had me squealing like inside...I mean how I wish Chiyuu and Tomochin are already a pair, gosh.... XD The thought just makes my heart pound so much, hahaha... :heart:

I wonder how Acchan, Jurina and Mayu's meeting with their respective partners would be? I'm especially intrigued with Jurina and Mayu's, considering how much of a kid those two are...I hope they won't stray away from their actual missions because that would plainly spell failure to them.

So far so good, TomoTomo, MariMii and KojiYuu safely had their encounters, hope for the same for the other three pairs. :lol:
Thanks for the update~ It's a really good treat.

Also, I like the other one too, I wonder what pair it make me wonder, and its fantasy-ish? Hoho...I'm intrigued. :lol:
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yuko is a perv lol nothing diffrent there

i have to say tho tomochin and miichan have to be my favs because Miichan a speed devil witty with awsome plans and i just love the way she has amazin comebacks and teases people

Tomochin is just amazing lol no other words

update soon!

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Hahahahah! So funny!
Tomochin's innocence is so cute! Lol

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yeaaaah!!! finally an UPDATE....!!!

but where's my Mayuyu and Jurina? lol


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Hell yes! You finally updated this one, i've been waiting for this!  :w00t:

LOL at Mariko and Haruna  XD , i felt pity for the two  XD it was between life and death for them when Miichan tried to play and scared them to death with her driving skills XD and damnnn Miichan surely has some mad driving skills!!  :mon thumb:  I'M IMPRESSED!

LOL it really made me laughed when you wrote about Mariko protecting Miichan, yeah it's her job so she have no choice but protect this crazy lunatic  :hiakhiakhiak:

OMG my heart stopped when Yuko and Haruna finally met  :wub:, staring at each other for seconds and didn't mind other people around them awww  :wriggly:  These two really made such a big impact to my heart  :heart: KOJIYUU  :heart:

LOL i thought Yuko is going to have a serious role in this one, not a perverted one like she used to be in other fics. Well, i can't blame you, you just wrote what exactly Yuko is in real life. Perverted, funny, always full of energy and cute dimpled girl  :) Well , those are the reason why we all love her, right?  :wriggly:

Miichan is such a nice friend, helping Yuko not to embarrass herself in front of her new model (or her new toy  ;) ) and placing a tissue on her nose is a big help for the incoming blood LOL  :lol: I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS DOU   XD

Okay so the way Chiyuu and Tomochin flirt each other makes me think that there's going to be something wild will happen in the next few chapters, well, if you know what i mean  :mon misch:

I really had fun reading this chapter. Thank you again karomuwi-san! Please update soon as you can  :kneelbow:
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I wonder why the grim-reaper "Yuki" woke Kasai up. It sure is interesting story and I would like more of it :P

And the Operation part  where Tomochin

“Sure. And you can join us if you want.”

 :rofl: That was so LoL..... :rofl:
Hahahaha Tomochin can't read between the line she's taking her job seriously  :lol:

Can't wait for your next update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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