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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44192 times)

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Yay! Updates!  :twothumbs

With the way Mii-chan drives, I doubt she'll need much protection, hahaha.
Just crash into all of whoever that's coming after her. But that would deprived everyone from some epic MariMii..

Tomochin is so badass and innocent at the same time, me likes.

Can't wait for the action. You know, gun fights and ass-kicking, stuff like that.  Thanks for the updateeeee

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L.A.M [OPERATION: Guns and Roses = Phase One PART 3 (Encounter)] (04/13)
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@Pandah: *gasps* Yeah! I did! And now I updated again! Hooray~!  :lol:  My dear friend (can I say that? Please tell me, I kind of feel uncomfortable not knowing whether I can call you  :nervous), I am like you! I couldn't help but grin to myself at how I imagined the driving scene! And yes! Yuko shall start her coughharassmentcough skinship with Haruna. ^^

@ohayou: Thank you, Ohayou san And I totally forgot about Mariko's Ue Kara Mariko cover! When I looked it up once again, and imagine the scene, I LOL-ed! I actually think, to be honest, how easy and early this fic will end. But no. I want to make them all SUFFER  :twisted: won't end sooner than I had expected. ^^ Even this new update wasn't supposed to be like this. *sigh* I should really stick to my plots but I always make an ending and just adjust the happenings to make it end that way so yeah... I'm failing as an author.  :cry:

@Sieka: OMG! Having you and Ohayou san, my two Top# 1 authors *spazzes*  :panic: AWESOME thread ever!!!! Now I feel pumped up!  :nervous
ahem...Sorry for that. I actually wanted Haruna to do something to Yuko but figured that I'll end this fic if that happens early, but then changed it. *sigh* me and my changing plots.  And yes. The Mayuki and Atsumina meeting shall come up soon! As soon as I updated the other two fics of mine  :nervous

@XxRoByNxX78: Hmm~ Should I make those two awesome-er? ( :lol:)

@kahem: I want to pink Tomochin's cheeks for being so naive!

@kurogimi: Here's your Jurina, though I do apologize for this update. And Mayuyu...I shall make her appear~!

@haruhi16: I think that if I want to ride a rollercoaster, I'll just ride in her car.  :lol: It's even better, and it has no lines to wait for!  XD Hmm~ And you just gave me an idea there, Haruhi-san.  :thumbsup And wild....tsk tsk tsk. Didn't I tell you that I'm still innocent though I can no longer say that, since I asked you to send me that *ahem* Kojiyuu T.O.E part 3B.

@Megumi: She should totally learn to loosen up.  :smhid She also almost killed Chiyuu~

@oist: Ahahaha~ Yes. I do agree. but then...what if a crazier driver/ assasin tried to kill her with a monster truck?  :twisted: That would be awesome...yes?  XD And I can't wait for the action as well, but I'm also dreading it. I mean...I'm bad at writing action scenes. *sigh*  :(

A/N: YES!!! I managed to update on my deadline! (I plan on updating my fics within three days after updating a fic) And I managed to keep this fic alive~! I shall say it..... IT'S ALIVE!!!!  :lol: Thank you for all your comments. It really made me want to update this no matter what. And I do apologize for making this chapter a bit....boring I find it a bit...of a bore when I re-read. Meybe because I wrote it?  XD Anyway~ Here goes~![/b]

Operation: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter) PART 3

Jumping out of the car—in a ‘suave’ manner—, she twirled the keys in her finger. She took off her DG 2066 and stared at the building that stood tall in front of her. It looked even more impressive than what she had imagine, and she can’t help but stare in awe at the things that she could see through the transparent glasses of the place.

“I might enjoy this.” She smiled to herself, before walking to the entrance.

The place looked amazing; with its expensive looking devices she could see from the lobby. Several desks were lined up along the end of the lobby. Yes. It was THAT transparent that she could see all the way from the where she was walking, to the end of the lobby.

It also had several colors that— she was glad— it has, making the place seems less dull. The outside looked so neat, and highly maintained— with its neatly grassed floor, that the building was on. It was actually a bit too neat, that it started to give Jurina some goose bumps.

It’s too neat. she thought to herself with a shiver, as she started walking up the waxed, tiled stairs.

As she was about to press the door open, someone closed the door and pulled her to the stairs. She turned her head, and saw a middle-aged man in a guard suit looking at her with narrowed eyes that slightly annoyed her. She flashed him a glare that made him flinch, before crossing her arms as she waited for him to explain for pulling her.

However, he gave no response as he started pushing her away from the entrance, making her pull herself away and stare at him down. That seemed to have made him flinch once again, but he managed to gain his composure back after a while when he placed a hand on her shoulder as he spoke.

“You’re not familiar.”

She sighed and took off his hand on her shoulder, dusting it afterwards. He pulled her rudely because she wasn’t familiar? What the hell was with him? Did he treat everyone like that here? Or does he just hate her because she looked a bit good-looking, compared to him.

“I’m new here, uncle.” She told him, making him look at her with suspicion.

Was he stupid or acting dumb? she thought, as the man shrugged his shoulders and started pushing her once again.

Sighing with irritation, she pushed him back gently to take out an ID Meetan gave her. The guard seemed to have think that she was getting a weapon— which she has hidden in several parts of her body, just in case someone tried to kill the girl she was supposed to guard—, and started to hold the gun on his belt.

When she took out an ID, he sighed with relief and took the ID with force. After looking at it for a few seconds, he gave— threw— it back to her. Jurina scowled, and clenched her hand into a fist as she felt her blood boil. Who the hell does this guard think he is?!

“I’ve been transferred here.” She told him with gritted teeth, as she tried to keep her fist from taking out the gun she hid in her back pocket.

He scoffed at her, and gave a dismissive wave that almost hits her face. Jurina scrunched her nose, giving a glare along with it. He was just ignoring her ID; The only proof that she has to make this stupid guy allow her to enter?! What the hell is wrong with this guy! Jurina cried inwardly.

The guard pushed her back, and crossed his arms as he stared at her down with arrogance surrounding him. “I’ve received no orders from the higher ups.”

No orders? she frowned.

Didn’t she just call them the night before? Shouldn’t he have heard it from then by now?

Taking a deep breath, she loosened the gritting of her teeth as an idea entered her mind. That might be the other way she could enter with this guy looking surprise or something. “I’m MATSUI Jurina.” She told him, hoping that hearing the surname she had— which his boss had, as well— could make him lessen his stupidity.

However, he just scoffed at her and gave another dismissive wave. “Whatever!”

She frowned and almost threw her hands up into the air as disbelief hit her. He just scoffs at her after she introduced herself?! She NEVERS introduce herself to lowlifes! And this guy was one! Yet he dares scoff at her as he threw her ID at her?! This guy! What is wrong with him?!

She hates this guy, and how he was treating her when he has no idea how she can just kill him with a slight touch of her hand was just infuriating. If there was no one around, she was certain that he would be lying on the ground with blood gushing out of him. “If you didn’t hear of my coming, then I shall just leave.”

He glared at her, giving a smug look that she wanted to much replace with fear. “Please do.”

Sighing frustratingly, she turned away from him. She started to walk back down the stairs, cursing the stupid man inside her head as she tightened her hold over the gun in her back pocket.

Calm down, Jurina. Calm down. she thought to herself, as she got further away from the entrance.

She was just walking there! Walking there with a good mood! A mood she rarely has whenever she does her job! And THAT guy behind her just ruined it! He ruined it, and now she wants him to die! Yet she can’t kill him! How infuriating was that?!
Stepping down onto the tile-less floor, she tightened her grip on her sunglass, causing it to break. She stared back at the guard, making sure that he could see the broken piece of accessory in her hand. She could feel the shards of glass breaking through her skin, but the pain was numbed by her annoyance.

As she walked across the street to get to her parked car, she started kicking a small piece of rock. “I hate this job.” She mumbled, kicking it far to her front.

“I hate that stupid guy.” She kicked it once more.

“And I hate that girl for not even bothering to tell that stupid guy about my coming!”

She kicked the rock hard, sending it far away from her sight. Putting her hand into one of her pockets, she started rummaging for her car keys as the distance between her and her car decreased. When she managed to get it out of her pocket, she threw away the remains of her sunglasses and shoved her key into the lock.

When she couldn’t open the door, she growled and punched the glass with her hand, only to cry out in pain as th glass refused to even crack a bit. Holding her hand in pain, she glared at her car’s glass, hoping that it would somehow break it.

“Great.” She scoffed. “I just had to punch a stupid bullet-proof window!”

She threw her hands up into the air and cried out in frustration, before kicking her car’s door with her foot. Her kick didn’t make a dent— like she had wanted—, which made her kick it hard once more as annoyance reached its peak.

“Matsui Jurina-san!” someone called out, stopping her from taking out the gun from her back to constantly shoot at the bullet-proof glass.

She narrowed her eyes, swearing under her breath as she turned her head to find the owner of the voice. “Now what?”

A woman wearing a red pencil-skirt and clad heels was running towards her, waving her hand as she tried to stop the cars from running her over as she made her way over to Jurina. When she managed to cross the street safely, she placed her sweaty hand on Jurina’s shoulder.

“What do you want, Miss?” Jurina asked with narrowed eyes, as she took off the woman’s sweaty hand from the shoulder part of her Ferrecci black vest.

“I want to apologize for the guard’s stupidity!”

Jurina raised an eyebrow at her, and watched her bow at a 90-degrees angle. She was a bit shorter than Jurina, probably by three of four centimeters.

“Please don’t leave! Our CEO will get mad at me!” she begged, as she started pulling Jurina away from the door.

Jurina started pulling herself away from the woman but the hold on her was too tight that she managed to pull Jurina across the street, and onto the tiled stairs that the taller girl has stepped on a few minutes ago.

“H-hey!” Jurina cried, as the woman pulled her towards the entrance. “Let go, dammit!”

She stopped struggling when she was right in front of the same guard, who she was currently annoyed with, and narrowed her eyes at him. The woman let go of her grip on Jurina, and forced the guard to bow down at Jurina. Seeing how the same man— who was rudely scoffing at her a few minutes ago— bow down to her, made Jurina’s face form a smug look.

“Say you’re sorry to Matsui-san!” the woman barked to the bowing guard, causing him to grit his teeth at the sight of Jurina’s mocking look.

“I don’t have time for this, Miss.” Jurina said, though she had no plan on leaving.

She just wanted the woman to make the stupid guard apologize to her, and go on with the protecting the Rena girl. After all, if she goes back without managing to get Rena to see her, and get acquainted with her, Meetan and the others would surely kill her.

She turned away from the two and started to walk down the stairs, waiting for whatever reaction the woman would give. She was also waiting for the solution that the shorter woman would do to make her stay. After a few more seconds, she heard a smack and a growl—probably from the shorter woman.

“Apologize!” she heard with a hiss.

She slowed down her walking and as expected after a few seconds, she heard an apology. Though it was a low mumble, Jurina felt like laughing in front of the man’s face. But no. With the shorter woman behind her— and several other people looking at them from the lobby-, she decided to keep calm and act as professionally as possible.

Turning her head, she gave a grin to the two and walked towards them. She patted the dejected-looking man’s shoulder, and stifled a laugh as a look of frustration formed on his face. Serves him right, though. He didn’t know who he was messing with. And if Jurina could only make him beg down on his knees to give her an apology, she would not hesitate to order that to him.

“Matsui-san, please follow me to your office.” The woman told her, leading the way into the lobby.

Jurina gave a nod to her, before following her. As they walked towards the elevator—which was designed to be transparent— Jurina could feel the stares of the other workers on her. Some were looks of curiosity, others were of interest.

“She looks so cute!” one of the female workers giggled, when Jurina flashed a wink to her group.

Jurina was about to enter the elevator after the shorter woman, when the woman in heels smacked her forehead as realization entered her mind. She gave an apologetic look to Jurina, before motioning for her to follow her once again— this time to an area that Jurina suspect as the reception desk.

The woman pointed at Jurina, and the woman sitting behind the desk nodded knowingly. Jurina watched the two of them talk as the woman behind the desk started typing down some stuff on her keyboard. She managed to hear sentences, such as how cute she was and who the woman was.

“Akane-san, you’re so lucky!” the woman behind the desk said Akane.

Akane nodded her head in agreement, before whispering— loudly, that Jurina didn’t even had a hard time trying to hear. “I know! I can’t believe that Rena-chan made me in-charge of her for a week!”

Jurina raised an eyebrow at the statement, before flashing a wink to a certain group of girls working on the other side of the building. They all giggled and gave a wave to her, before sending flying kisses. It made Jurina feel a bit of a playboy— but for her case, a playgirl—, and it sent excitement throughout her body.

She would definitely enjoy her time here.

Just as she was about to send another wink, Akane turned to her and motioned for her hand to be given. Jurina looked at her confusingly and surprisingly when Akane took her hand. The girl made Jurina lean over the desk, and pressed her hand onto a device that looked like a scanner.

A beep was heard, and the red light on the scanner turned green. When Akane released her grip on Jurina, the taller girl looked at her, waiting for her to explain why she had to do that scanner thing. Akane smiled at her, before pointing to the desk woman’s computer screen— which showed a picture of Jurina and some of her fingerprints.

“That’s your identification, Jurina-san.” Akane told her, making the said girl nod.

“Explain to her about it, Airin.” Akane told the desk woman.

The said girl nodded in return to Akane, before looking at Jurina. She also gave a pair of contact lens to Jurina, which was produced out from the computer scanner.

“This— like what Akane-san had said— is your identification card. Everyone here in this building, may they be cleaners or employees, all have their own unique identification. We use this to open and close down doors, though some employees will be unable to open some door. It’s also like a key.” Airin explained.

Then turning to Akane, Airin nodded as she spoke. “Explain it to her on the way.”

Akane nodded back in return, before heading towards the elevator once again. She pressed her thumb onto the button of the elevator to open it up, and looked at Jurina with a smile. “Only working employees like us can use the elevator.”

Jurina nodded, and followed her in when the elevator door opened. Once they were inside, Akane pressed the second floor button. The elevator door closed, and they started going up. Though it was supposed to be a second floor level, it took them quite some time to reach that certain level.

Walking out, Akane started to point onto the floor— which was transparent— making Jurina shiver in fear. She never liked walking on transparent things. It sometimes gives her the creeps when she does.

Akane, seeing how uncomfortable Jurina was, walked to one of the rails. She put her hand onto the metallic rail, and started pressing it like it has some buttons. It did seem to have some buttons, when Jurina started seeing how the floor they were standing on changed its flooring.

At first, it turned into a grassy patch— neat and trimmed. Second, it turned into a slippery floor— even feeling as cold as ice. Third, it turned into a normal concrete floor— waxed and clean as though no one has stepped into it.

The changing of flooring excited Jurina, making her let out a chuckle. She turned to Akane, and stared at her in wonder as she waited for the girl to explain the reason for why the floor was able to change.

“This IS a high-technology building.” Akane reminded her. “So everything is made to please the workers.”

“So… we can change the flooring anytime we want?” Jurina asked, almost excitedly like a puppy.

Akane nodded, and they started walking through a carpeted hallway. The hallway didn’t divide into other several hallways, like what Jurina had expected. It had several doors though, that would turn transparent whenever they would walk pass it.

“My name is Takayanagi Akane, by the way.” Akane introduced as they walked further down the much less important rooms. “You can call me Churi, since I’m going to be working under you.”

“Churi.” Jurina tried saying the girl’s name, making the said girl look back at her with a smile.

“The rooms we’ve just passed are of no use and no importance to you,” she said, as they continued walking. “Though I would recommend to you that you take some time to get to know everyone, since you’re going to be the second person in-charge.”

“I see. I shall do that once we’re done.” Jurina smiled at her, sending a wink along.

“Well,” Akane— Churi said, stopping in front of another elevator. “This is the entire second floor, it’s just a floor for the designing of technology.”

They entered the elevator and once again, Churi pressed a button. They started going up a bit longer than Jurina had expected, making her tap the shorter girl on the shoulder as she hesitated to ask. She thought that they were going to the third floor, but they just passed the said floor.

“Uh…Weren’t we supposed to stop at the third floor?” Jurina asked, only to be given with a shake of the head by the shorter girl.

She explained. “We’ll head to your office now. The other floors have rooms that are almost similar to one another, so you just have to know which floor is which.”

Jurina nodded, before smiling at her in embarrassment. She must have looked like she was over-enthusiastic, and now the girl with her must be thinking that she has never been an employee at a high-technology company, or building.

But fortunately for her, Churi just smiled. She seemed like she cared nothing about what Jurina was thinking about, making her sigh in relief. Just then, Churi pointed at the walls of the elevator and asked. “Would you like to listen to some music to keep your mind off the height?”

Jurina nodded; glad that the girl noticed her discomfort. She really hated being away from the ground for too long. Don’t mistake her for having a phobia over heights. She just REALLY prefers the ground. Fortunately for her, her discomfort with heights might lessen the longer she works at this place.

Churi pressed her index finger on the emergency button, and cleared her throat. “Music, please.” A song started to play; the moment Churi released her finger on the button. The song was soothing, and it relaxed Jurina’s mind as they continued to go up. They passed by about nine levels, before the elevator finally came to a stop.

Walking out of the elevator, Jurina couldn’t help but sigh in relief. She looked around her, and saw that there were several portraits of several people. Some were probably the company’s best products, while others were pictures of people. Jurina could recognize a few of them, since they were the ones she and her friends had to guard.

Several of them, were pictures of Matsui Rena. Some of the pictures had her painted, while others had her picture framed. As Jurina stared at each and every picture of Rena, she felt shivers running through her spine. The way the pictures stared back at them, was kind of creeping Jurina out, since they seemed to be following her every move.

“Ano…Churi?” Jurina called the younger girl, as she stopped by a huge portrait of Rena. “Is it just me…Or does her eyes follow my every move?”

Akane laughed. She patted Jurina’s back, and started walking towards a pink door located nearest to the elevator. When Jurina refused to stop looking at the portrait, Churi pulled her by her arm and into the room. Just before her eyes were covered by the door’s frame, Jurina could have sworn that the eyes narrowed at her.

“Creepy.” She mumbled, before sighing as she stared at the room she was.

“Nice room.”

She complimented as she picked up a small, yellow bird from a wooden desk. Churi smiled at her, and pressed the bird’s head. Just then, the bird started to sing and flew into the air. A layer of red laser shot out from the small bird, scanning Jurina all the way from her head to toe.

Then speaking out in a robotic voice, it turned and flew to Churi, sitting down on her left shoulder. “Churi-sama,” it started, flapping its wings as it settled down comfortably on her shoulder.

“The analysis has been completed.” It reported, making Churi nod at it.

“She is Matsui Jurina. Height is one hundred and fifty-eight point eight centimeters tall. Her chest size: seventy-five. Her waist: fifty-nine. Her hips: eighty-two.”

Churi smiled proudly at the yellow bird, before petting it and putting it down onto her desk once it finished speaking. It stopped moving after a few seconds, and stood on the surface of the wooden table. Churi turned her head away from the electronic bird, and looked at Jurina.

“It’s my first designed product.” She smiled, sitting down behind the desk.

Jurina looked around her, and sat on one of the chairs located in front of Churi. “So, this is your office.”

Churi nodded, before standing up and clasping her hands. She opened the door, and waited motioned for Jurina to follow her. When they were out of the room, Jurina’s eyes quickly went to the same portrait she saw watching her eyes a few minutes ago.

“Coming, Jurina-san?” Churi called out, catching the said girl’s attention.

Jurina nodded at her and walked to her side, but not before sending the portrait another glance. As they walked further down the hall, Jurina felt that she was just imagining the way the portrait moved its eyes since after taking another careful look at it; it looked like it was impossible to move with its painted surface.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“So Churi…” Jurina said, as they walked towards a black door. “…when am I going to meet Rena-san?”

Churi stopped, just before she could grab hold of the door’s knob and turned to look at her. She started scratching her head, before titling it to the side as she gave a sigh.
“Rena-san is not here.” She said, making Jurina sigh disappointedly.

Churi informed her. “She’s kind of busy right now, and she’s in another company.”

“So right now, you’re in-charge.”

Jurina looked at her in disbelief, before sighing when she realized that Churi wasn’t kidding. She thought that Rena would be there, waiting for her or something, but it seems like the girl had some other business to attend to. So much for Jurina’s excitement in meeting her.

Seeing the disappointed look on Jurina’s face, Churi opened the door to the girl’s office as she hoped that it would cheer the girl up.

“Here we are!” Churi cried, as she entered the room after bursting the door open.

Jurina stepped in, and saw the great interior of the room. The whole floor was covered with a carpet made of soft fur, that Jurina couldn’t wait for Churi to leave her new office for her to press her feet against the soft carpet. The thought though was read by Churi, making her point at Jurina’s shoes.

“You can remove them. It’s much better to walk in this room bare-footed.” She said, removing her own shoes.

Jurina did and when she stepped onto the fluffy floor, she almost squealed out how soft it was. She started to rub her feet against it, and laughed when she saw Churi lying down on the floor. It was so soft that it seemed like it was made out of cotton candy— except the sticky and edible part.

Seeing the taller girl smile, made her glad. She was never good with cheering people up, so seeing the bright look on Jurina’s face brought her happiness. Hoping to make the girl smile even more, she stood up and took out a small black remote— about the length of her yellow bird.

She jumped excitedly, and cried at Jurina. “That’s not all!”

“Watch this!” Churi told her, pointing the remote at one of the walls.

The moment she pressed a button on the remote, the wall’s interiors changed and turned transparent. The room dimmed, and the walls started showing a starless sky. Making it look like it was night time, though the two girls knew that it was exactly four in the afternoon.

Churi pressed a few more buttons, showing the taller girl the different interior designs Jurina could change to. After deciding that Jurina needed to see other stuff about her room, Churi clicked the remote to revert the walls back to its original state.
“Cool!” she cried, jumping out and down as she watched Churi point the remote at several more spots in her room, telling her that there were more to look forward to.

When Churi pressed a combination of buttons, a TV screen emerged from the bottom of the floor. It was as thin as a paper and it was transparent, as though it was a transparent ice statue. The only thing that helped Jurina to distinguish it as a TV was when Churi pressed a button on the remote, making the TV screen show up an anime show.

Churi started pressing several more buttons, causing the TV to hide underneath the floor once again. As soon as the TV was out of sight, a rectangular shape started forming on one of the walls. The area of the rectangular shape started to turn into the color of clock.

It made Jurina stare at in curiosity, wondering what was going to happen. When a second passed, her eyes widened in realization. A door has formed!

She blinked several times, before scratching her eyes. How could a door just form on the wall just like that? That was like magic!

Churi chuckled at the sight of Jurina knocking on the door. “That didn’t magically appeared from out of air, Jurina-san.”

The sight of Jurina looking at her with a titled head, made Churi imagine her as a curious child. If she hadn’t seen Jurina’s resume— or the fact that Jurina was taller than her—, she would have definitely thought of Jurina as a young teen.

“That room is your walk-in closet,” Churi explained, as she opened the door with just the press of a button. Turning to the spot where the TV emerged a few seconds ago, she then added. “And that TV can show you anything you want. May it be the view of space from one of our satellites, or the city from a helicopter’s point-of-view.”

As Churi explained— while pressing buttons along the way—, Jurina couldn’t help but stare in awe at everything around her. Her office was so amazing! She— a seventeen year old girl— has an office this amazing! And she didn’t even work hard to get to this kind of work!

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

Jurina plopped down onto her chair, spinning herself with a squeal. This was the best job she has ever had! And she never wants to stop guarding that Matsui Rena girl, if this was where she’s going to work! She could just imagine it all! The things she would be able to create, as the second most powerful person in the company!

“This is going to be sweet!” she squealed, before stopping her chair’s turns.

She sighed and took a good look around her, trying to take in every single detail to brag about to her friends. They were surely going to be very jealous!

“Right!” she said, clasping her hands. “Time to get to work!”

She pressed a button on top of her black table— made of glass—, making some pictures appear in a hologram image. She started to run her fingers through each and every product the company has made, before opening a white screen to start designing some stuff.

She started to draw several versions of a single product, completely unaware that a hidden camera located on one of the walls, was focusing on her. She started writing down some stuff about the products she was designing, drowned in creating things she always wanted.

Meanwhile, in another room, two silhouettes  were watching Jurina with focused eyes. The two of them was sitting on a chair. One of them was tapping her fingers on the surface of the table, waiting for the other person’s command. When she saw the other girl narrow her eyes, she immediately pressed a button on the keyboard, causing the camera to zoom into Jurina’s face.

“She seems trustable.” The girl who pressed the keyboard, stated.

“Hmm.” The one being told, nodded her head before sighing as she leaned against her chair.

The other girl looked at her and crossed her arms, before standing up and flicking the girl’s forehead. “Ojou-sama,” she started in a scolding tone. “If you keep on being shy, you won’t be able to show yourself to your employees!”

“B-but…” The girl being scolded looked at her with a pout, and pulled the hem of the standing girl’s shirt. “You know how bad I am with meeting new people!”

“Rena-chan!” the girl scolded, flicking the girl’s forehead once again. “That’s the reason why you have to start with her!”

“B-but Kuumin—“ Rena started to say, only to be shut up by Kuumin’s sharp glare.

“No buts!”

Rena squirmed in her seat away from Kuumin, feeling like a child who was being scolded for stealing a cookie. She bit her lower lip, before looking up at Kuumin. Seeing how the girl was acting, Kuumin couldn’t help but sigh and pat the girl’s head.

“Sheesh.” She chuckled. “You act like a child, Rena-chan.”

“B-but a cute child, no less?” Rena asked with a grin, titling her head to the side.

Kuumin nodded with a laugh as she petted Rena’s head. “Yes. An over-grown ‘child’.”

The two of them smiled at each other, until Kuumin tore her eyes off Rena to stare at the screen in front of the two of them. She tapped her chin and took a glance at Rena, before pressing a button on the keyboard. An image of Churi showed up on the screen, and Kuumin sent her a smile.

“Hey, Churi.” Kuumin called the girl’s name. “This bodyguard of Rena’s want to meet that Jurina girl.”

Churi nodded her head at Kuumin, before waving to Rena. “I’ll make an appointment for you to meet Jurina-san.”

Kuumin nodded in thanks, before pressing another button that caused the screen to blacken. She turned to Rena, who was now looking at her curiously, before sitting in front of the said girl. She started to pat Rena’s head, and pinched her cheeks before she spoke.

“You have to meet her and stop hiding from the people working for you, okay?” Kuumin asked, with a soft and gentle voice.

Rena nodded at her, before staring at Jurina. She was well-known for being the CEO of Akiba Technology Corporations, but she was also well-known for not being seen by her employees. The only ones who knew her and had seen her face, were none other than her family, Kuumin and friends.

As her bodyguard, Yagami Kumi aka Kuumin, has been keen on making her meet her employees and lose her shy personality. She has been with the older girl ever since they were toddlers, watching over her like an older sister even though she was younger than the said girl.

Just by looking at how energetic and friendly Jurina was, Kuumin decided that she should meet up with the said girl to try and make her help Rena out with her problem. She knew that with how many people— who knew how Rena looked like— are keen on kidnapping Rena for a huge ransom, she need to tighten up her guard on the said girl.

But seeing how much Rena keeps to herself, and refuses to even let others in the same building see her, it was just hard to bear for Kuumin. She loves Rena like a sister, and as a sister, she wanted the said girl to be more acquainted to others.

She also needed to make sure that even when she’s gone, Churi won’t be the only one who would keep Rena company.

To be Continued…

To Be Continued…

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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OMG I like the technology of the company!
Rena's shyness is so cute~

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:O!! omg omg yes you can call me that! omg i actually grinned when i saw 'My dear friend'!  :D IT WOULD BE A PLEASURE TO HAVE KAROMUWI-SAN BE MY FRIEND! im like so giddy now....*cough* yes moving on ..o.o


ITS JURINA! and shes going up against an old man! rofl too bad shes not allowed to kill him :P it would be an epic sight to see! oh wait she cant really leave his body out there so nobody can see his dead body even if she did kill him  :P


and shes already flirting with the females! moving so fast jurina you playgirl rofl
ooh i definitly dont like portraits like those..when you feel like you're being watched by something and you dont know what  D:
but man i definitely want an office like hers...itd be so awesome but then i wouldnt get any work done since ill be experimenting with everything xD ill prob get fired before i get anything done haha  :P

hah! so kuumin and rena was watching all along! what sneaky people :P awww rena being all shy...she needs a lively jurina to bring out the child in her! 

lol i wrote such a long reply ...and i normally dont say much too ...wells THANKS AGAIN FOR THE UPDATE!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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 :drool: This! Jurina! I want to switch place with you!
What an awesome place she will be "working" and a plus with body-guarding Rena
It's so HI-tech that I'm totally drooling right now  XD

karomuwi-san I can't wait for your next update!
It will be MaYuki right?  :inlove:

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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ARIGATOU!!! ARIGATOU!! Waaa...Finally

I want a job like Jurina-chan...! That place was so awesome...!
And can't wait when rena meet Jurina...I think its so funny read thet rena its look like a shy child,
But actually jurina was the real young in here..kekekeke~

PS I'm wait for


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COOL! Another update! So this time it's Jurina's turn to meet the girl she must protect eh? LOL i laughed when Jurina is trying to be cool and winking at group of girls that were giggling over her, lol such a play girl  :smhid  Well, she's right, this is going to be really exciting  :)

Can't wait for the next chapter, karomuwi-san! THANK YOU  :bow:

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waaa that juriboy playgirl like always... its gonna be wmatsui..hell yeah!!

im waiting for more kojiyuu and tomo tomo...

mm atsumina gonna appear?
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first off to you question to me in the replys YES !!!! lol

And second great chapter thanks for the update =)

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  • chiyuu~
Kuumin gone?


That won't ever happen.

This update came at the right time. I was just beginning to get myself into the realm of SKE. Can't help by lol at Rena's shyness and J's playgirl attitute, ahahha. And since this'll be a WMatsui, I'm shipping Airin and Churi already.

Thanks for the updateeeeeeeeee


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Karomuwi-san, I love this story!  :inlove: I like your storyline, and the way you introduced them.. By the way, isn't Akiba Family is like one in the Mafia Princesses fanfic?  :wth Though I see that most of them are not really the same anymore.. Nonetheless, I love your pairings! they are all my OTPs!!!  :wub:  :heart: Can't wait to see the moments with MaYuki soon. And Acchan too. dokidoki  :love: Please, update soon!!  :bow:
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L.A.M [OPERATION: Guns and Roses = Phase One PART 4 (Encounter)] (04/19)
« Reply #51 on: April 19, 2012, 08:06:50 AM »
@keham: Glad that you like it! I really want to work at a place like that. It would be so cool!  :nya:

@Pandah: Ahahahahahah! Why so formal? You're my friend, so call me Karo-chan or Muwi-chan!  :on woohoo: I wanted to do some competition between Airin and Jurina....but realized that the end would always be Jurina killing Airin...So...  :mon sweat: No RenAirin. Gomen~ :kneelbow: And yeah. It's like... the portraits are looking at me like this :mon suspect: whenever I go to my grandfather's house. I decided to add it, after having a  :mon cweepy: nightmare about those portraits. Hahaha. And I love your long reply. Made me want to red it over and over again. I've read it 7 times. ahahahaha

@Megumi:'s your update~ but before that...I would to say :mon inluv: THANK YOU!!! :kneelbow: I was just browsing through the new readers thread and I saw your post. I was surprised that you wrote me as one of your favorite authors. :kneelbow: Thank you. ^^ I feel honored.

@kurogumi: I'll try not to disappoint you and myself. I shall try my best!  :mon beam:

@haruhi16: Ahahaha, what can you expect from our Juri-boy?  :lol: And Haruhi-chan! I'm already calling you Haruhi-chan even though I haven't asked for your permission and you're still calling me my full name Karomuwi Katherine Rosemount Musee-villar Williams? Call me Karo-chan, or Muwi-chan, or maybe Rin!  :mon determined: I suggest Rin! Comes from the Katherine ^^

@Haruko: Sure will! The top pairing that I keep on seeing shall be here, of course!

@XxRoByNxX78: you're welcome. ^^

@oist: I'm not going to speak about anything.  :mon dunno:

@lollita90: Well...yes.  :glasses: You see...T.A.F was born because of that fic. I was inspired to make my own Mafia fic, so I asked AAAice-san's permission if I can do another Mafia fic that has some similarities with hers. She agreed, and tadah~!  :on asmo: T.A.F was born! Because of AAAica-san's genuis fic, I managed to write my first fic!!! That's why...I still want her to continue! But it seems that she's on HIATUS. *sigh* I miss her updates.  :mon waterworks: And I'm glad that you read my inspiration!

A/N: For you readers who are still calling me Karomuwi-san...You can call me Muwi-chan, Karo-chan or Rin-chan (which I really suggest you call me) it comes from my Katherine. So enough of this...And onto the story~ I would like to thank you all for your comments because it inspired me to write down this chapter

Operation: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter) PART 4

Skipping merrily, she hummed a happy tune whilst swinging her arms back and forth. The guard who allowed her in was looking at her with a smile, enjoying the happy vibe that she was emitting with her song and constant skipping. Just then, she stopped in front of the elevator and took out the file she had in hand.

“Hmm~” she hummed continuously.

When she heard the elevator doors open, she went in and pressed a button that has the number ‘17’ on it. Once she was sure that it was pressed, she returned her gaze back to her file as the elevator started to go up. Flipping through the pages, she stopped her humming and sighed as she pouted.

Leaning on the wall, she started to flick her fingers on the closed file as irritation started to cloud her mind’s happiness. She has to make sure that she leaves a great first impression on the CEO of the anime voice acting company she was going to work for. Talk about pressure!

“Can’t I just enjoy my time?” she grumbled, remembering how much Meetan lectured her about staying focused on her REAL job, instead of her second one.

Sighing, she started leaning on the walls and inserted her earphones into her ears as she took out her iPod. She turned up the volume, and closed her eyes as she started singing along with the lyrics. Feeling herself relaxing, she started to dance along to loosen up the stiff and nervous muscles.

She was too engrossed with the music blaring in her ears that she didn’t notice that the elevator has stopped at the fifth floor, and a raven-haired woman entered. She started swaying her hands to the side, and pretended to hold a microphone.

Just then, one of her favorite anime characters spoke in the background— she was listening to a concert song— and she started mimicking the voice effortlessly. Another anime character spoke, and once again she mimicked it. By now, the raven-haired woman was staring at her with amusement. Awe was written all over her face.

I have never seen anyone change their voice into several others with just an interval of a few seconds. she thought to herself, caressing an invisible beard on her chin.

Smiling to herself, she started wondering who the talented girl was and started thinking about interrupting the girl’s free concert. But seeing how the younger-looking seemed to be enjoying herself, she started to debate with herself about her decision.

I hope she’s here for an audition, because I’ll surely take her in. the raven-haired prayed, crossing her fingers.

Their company has not been doing that well, so many of the voice actresses and actors have decided to quit and leave for the other rival companies. The entire Akiba family was all doing well with their jobs, except for her. Knowing how much the company was going down the drain, she knew that she didn’t have to wait for a long time for the one she always reports to, to call her for a ‘chat’.

“And Kami-sama has decided to answer my prayers!” she cried out in joy, inwardly.

This girl in front of her is the answer to her problems! She’s the angel that has dropped down from heaven to save her and her company from closing down!

“Ah!” the girl suddenly cried, making the raven-haired girl snap her head to her direction.

She had her eyes closed, but the sudden cry from the girl forced her eyes open. When she turned to the girl, she saw how red-faced the younger-looking girl was. Her face was beetroot red, and she was looking directly at the raven-haired girl’s eyes.

“H-how long have you been in here?” she asked the raven-haired.

She answered nonchalantly, with a smile. “Ever since I came in from the fifth floor.”

“Ah!” the girl cried once more, before slapping her forehead hard.

The sudden smacking of the forehead surprised the raven-haired, and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The face she made was so hilarious for the younger-looking girl to take, that she started laughing and clutched her stomach in pain as the image of the raven-haired girl’s face replayed over and over in her head.

“You looked so funny!”

The raven-haired looked at the laughing girl with a frown. What was funny? Did she do something? Does she have anything on her face?

“What’s so funny?” she asked with a pout, crossing her arms along.

The laughing girl gave a dismissive wave, and tried to stifle her laughter. “N-nothing!”

“Tell me!” she cried, taking a step towards the girl.

The girl accidentally let out a laugh, and said. “Forget it!”

“Tell me!”

A step closer.

“Just forget it, okay?”

A step forward.

“Tell. Me.”

Another step forward.

By now, the raven-haired girl managed to trap the other girl between her and the wall. The girl in between tried to squeeze her way out, but her shoulders were pinned onto the wall by the raven-haired girl’s hands. She managed to keep the other girl lock eyes with her brown orbs, and she moved her face nearer.

“Tell. Me.” She ordered.

The other girl has now finally stopped laughing, and was looking at her with emotionless eyes that still contained a tear from the laughing fit she had a few seconds ago. When the raven-haired girl realized that she wasn’t going to speak, she moved her face nearer by an inch— to the point that she was practically sharing the same air as the other girl.

“Speak.” She ordered once more.

The girl smirked at her, as she replied. “Make me.”

Kiss her! her mind suddenly shouted, making her eyes widen once again. What?! she screamed back to her mind.

“You want to kiss me?” the girl sandwiched between the raven-haired and the wall, asked.

The raven-haired looked at her in surprise, before coming to the realization that she has spoken out words her mind involuntarily made her speak.

I’ll kiss you.

“No, I don’t.” The raven-haired said, making the other girl look at her with a pout.

“Why? Am I not kissable?”

“No.” The raven-haired sighed in frustration. “I want to kiss you.”

Wait, what?! she screamed at herself inwardly.

The girl looked at her. “Then why aren’t you kissing me?”

“Because—” she started to say.

Seeing the hesitation from the raven-haired, the girl pouted once more. “—I’m not kissable?”

“No!” she cried, seeing how the girl was starting to tear up.

The raven-haired was pushed away gently by the other girl, and she stared helplessly as the shorter girl started to cry. “I’m not kissable!”

She smacked her forehead, and cried at her brain. Scumbag brain! Sighing, she tried to soothe the shorter girl by patting her shoulder, only to have her hand swatted away.

Stupid! she cried to her brain, only to be slapped on the face by the shorter girl.

She stared at the girl in front of her, surprised as she touched the slapped cheek. “Oh, not only did you refuse to kiss me! But you also called me stupid?!”

“What?” the raven-haired asked, before realizing that she spoke the word out loud. “No! I didn’t mean you! I mean myself!”

“Go away.” The shorter girl mumbled, sniffling.

The raven-haired pinched the bridge of her nose, and sighed. Why did her brain have to make her speak the words ‘I’ll kiss you.’? Smacking her forehead once again, she started cursing at her brain. When she turned her head to look back at the shorter girl, she saw the girl wiping away the tears that has formed in her eyes due to the crying she made.

“Hey,” she said softly. “You alright?”

“Yes!” The shorter girl said sarcastically as she glared at her, before turning away her head. “Would YOU be alright if someone refused to kiss you?”

The raven-haired scratched her head. “Well…It would be fin—”

“—No!” the shorter girl interrupted her. “You can’t be!”

The raven-haired sighed and massaged her forehead. What did she do, to have an argument with this girl? And why can’t she seem to win, when she ALWAYS win at almost every argument.

“Well, will you be alright if I kiss you?” she sighed, massaging her cheeks.

She saw the shorter girl glimpse at her from the corner of her eyes, and smiled with hope in her eyes. The girl ‘hmphed’ and crossed her arms before nodding her head.

What a tsundere. she thought to herself with a smile.

Sighing, she moved forward towards the girl. She turned the shorter girl slowly, before pushing her against the wall gently as she moved her face closer to hers. Gulping, she licked her lips as she stared at those rosy, moist lips the shorter girl had.

The space between their faces slowly decreased, and the two girls closed their eyes. Their breaths started to get heavier, and the shorter girl no longer had her frown on her face. As their lips touched each other, they each felt a jolt of electricity run through their bodies, making them jerk back a bit.
Though they did move back, their lips never left each other and the two continued to keep the kiss going. They weren’t making any moves and only stayed with touching each other’s lips with their own, but it left them breathless.

Deciding that she wanted more and needed to taste the shorter girl more, the raven-haired girl tilted her head to the side and pressed her body against her even more. The shorter girl beneath her gave a slight moan from the pressure that she was giving and pressed up against her as well. She shivered under the touch from the raven-haired girl, when the taller of the two wrapped her arms around the shorter girl’s waist.

The two of them continued to stay like that, breathing the same air as the other. However, unbeknownst to the two of them, the elevator has reached the highest level of the building— the seventeenth floor— and has now opened its doors.

Unaware that the elevator doors have opened, they started to deepen the kiss. They were so engrossed in kissing, that they didn’t notice two people staring at them with dropped jaws and shocked faces from the outside of the elevator.

One of the two girls staring had long black hair that was as dark as the raven-haired girl’s. Her gaze was stuck on the raven-haired girl, who was by now caressing the shorter girl’s cheeks as she deepened the kiss. She had her mouth gaping at the scene in front of her, unable to find an excuse to give to the girl right beside her.

Speaking of the girl who was beside her, she had short black hair that reaches to her shoulders, making her look like a guy. The aura she was emitting was also one an ikemen gives. When the long-haired girl turned to her, she saw how the shocked expression on the short-haired girl’s face was replaced almost instantly by a look of amusement.

Deciding that this was not the time to stand around watching people kiss each other, she cleared her throat and waited for a reaction from the two. However, the two remained in their positions, completely unaware about the presence of the other two.

“AHEM!” she coughed loudly this time, making the two girls finally separate from each other and look at the two of them with surprised expressions.

She asked the raven-haired girl, who was now covering her face as she blushed furiously. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“S-Sayaka…” she looked at the shorter girl beside her, before pointing at her. “I-I…S-she…”


“What are you trying to say, Yukirin?” the other raven-haired named Sayaka, was now looking at her with narrowed eyes.

Pointing to herself, she started to stutter the words out. “S-stupid…me.”

Once the words came out of her mouth, her eyes whitened and she collapsed to the ground— unconscious. The three girls looked at the knocked out girl, before turning to one another as Sayaka pinched the bridge of her nose. She sighed and shook her head, before taking a glimpse at the girl she called Yukirin.

Do you kiss strangers now, Yukirin? she sighed inwardly.

To Be Continued…

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #52 on: April 19, 2012, 11:37:34 AM »
Hahaha~!! Yuki will always kiss Mayuyu even though she is a stranger~

Nobody can resist Mayuyu's tears~

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #53 on: April 19, 2012, 12:42:20 PM »
Hahaha its so funny..
Yukiriin~ what are you doing to mayu?
And mayu...hahaha....what can i say...she always so adorable...

I will waiting for the update...even the update is 1 years later...
Thank you~


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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #54 on: April 19, 2012, 01:58:15 PM »
Hahahahahah! This chapter is hilarious! Mayuki moment is so cute~

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #55 on: April 19, 2012, 03:06:46 PM »
Yukirin has it bad for Mayuyu. But I don't blame her. Who can resist the adorable Mayuyu?

Yukirin's reaction at being caught in the act is hilarious! Plus, verbalizing her impure thoughts just proves her lack of self-control in the presence of the Princess of Cute :lol:

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #56 on: April 19, 2012, 11:43:26 PM »
Just how many fics that you write!! LOL
And you're a genius!! I love every fics that you make! T.A.F. R.A.Y. And now L.A.M.

I just read this fic at 4 in the morning since I woke up too earlier. ㅋㅋㅋ I love it!! *excited

At first I thought this is the same as T.A.F.
But after read it till the latest chapter there're so many differences. I love Jurina in this fic! LOL She's like a child who get excited now and then.

The LOL moment:
Mayuyu and Jurina epic drunk in the club is EPIC!
Miichan driving skills is EPIC!
NyanNyan and Mariko reaction is EPIC!
Yuko's pervertness.. Hmmmm she's always been like that. LOL nothing change. LOL
Jurina is CUTE! VERY! :D *change oshimen
Yukirin.. *speechless.. EPIC!
Tsundere Mayuyu is EPIC!!
MaYuki kiss *gasp is HAWT! And my corrupted minds makes me imagining "things".. #omg

I just want to ask is MaYuki kiss just a kiss or a deep kiss (french kiss)?
Yukirin's boldness is contagious!!! LOL

I'll wait for AtsuMina moments~ hohohoho
Thx for this interesting fic Rin-ssi~ :D
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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #57 on: April 20, 2012, 02:08:27 AM »
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic:
Karochan! You know what? I was on a bus while reading this, and I really, really, REALLY have to stop myself from getting  :on bleed: :mon bleed2: from imagining MaYuki together. Really, how hard was that? Duh! Luckily, no one cares..  :mon exhaust:

MaYuki ftw!!!  :mon lovelaff:

Please, make more moments like this again, please please pleaseee!! I beg you, sensei!  :mon whine:

Psst.. Am I giving you hard time?  :mon psst: Well.. you know you deserved it! Hahaa  :hiakhiakhiak: kidding2..

Please update soon, Karochan! This seems to be getting more interesting..  :mon star:

All the best!  :mon yeah: I'll be cheering for you always!

P/s : Oh and yeah, I read AAAice-san's Mafia Princesses first, then LAM, not knowing there is actually TAF. Then I started reading TAF after commenting before this. And everything just makes sense from then. Haha. I love her stories, especially that MAfia Princesses, and also your stories, LAM, TAF and RAY too. I really enjoy them! Hopefully AAAice-san will be back with her updates soon. I've been waiting for the continuation of the story..
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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #58 on: April 20, 2012, 05:07:01 AM »



Yukirin already kissing Mayuyu?
Even though she probably doesn't even know Mayuyu's name?
Gaaaaaah~ What's gotten into you Yukirin?
But then, meh, it's understandable~
No one can resist Mayuyu :lol:

And wow at Mayuyu switching voices lol~
She's so into her little world~
Maybe that's why Yukirin had no choice but kiss her :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
« Reply #59 on: April 20, 2012, 05:19:56 AM »
 :heart: :heart: :heart: All the best!   I'll be cheering for you always!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
 :heart: :heart: :heart: Mayuki moment is so cute~ :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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