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Author Topic: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?  (Read 48676 times)

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter Twelve : Broken
« Reply #160 on: June 16, 2013, 12:50:40 PM »
Yeah... an update at last...

Ah... Minami was much stronger than Yuko...

Yuko was nearly caught by Haruna... Mariko's underling...

Ah... Atsuko became Mayu's experiment...

Mayu erased Atsuko's memory or hypnotised her to become her assassin self again...

Would Minami survive from the stabbing on her chest...? (Minami's heart was on the opposite side right?)

Would Yuko be on time to save Minami with the help of Mariko?

Would Minami be able to save Atsuko later?

Would Minami be able to destroy Mayu's experiment?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter Twelve : Broken
« Reply #161 on: August 05, 2013, 08:36:05 PM »
:nya: Sugoi!
Jurina and Takamina didn't die right? :pleeease:
:hee: I look forward to your next update
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Matsui Jurina has my soul,
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter Twelve : Broken
« Reply #162 on: September 08, 2013, 09:55:23 AM »
GAH!!!  :frustrated: Acchan you stabbed Minami not once, but twice  :gyaaah:

Poor Atsumina  :fainted: I really enjoyed the cat-like Minami  :luvluv1: she was sooo cute and adorable <3

I hope you didn't give up on this story and would update soon  :kneelbow:
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter Twelve : Broken
« Reply #163 on: October 15, 2013, 08:23:39 PM »
Minami get her memory back then acchan lost her memories now? Arghhh. Acchan  stab minami twice...
Minami you have to be stronger...
Yuko plz come and help her...
I want an update... onegai :bow: :fap :panic:
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter Twelve : Broken
« Reply #164 on: October 20, 2013, 04:46:04 AM »
I adored that history, I want to know the rest, it continues

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter Twelve : Broken
« Reply #165 on: November 11, 2013, 12:46:28 PM »
Ichikawa-San!!!!!  :panic:

When will u be able to update!!!

I need one!!!! U'r Killing Me with That Steep Cliffhanger!!!  :panic: :bleed eyes:

I Hope u can Update Soon!!!  :bow: :bow:
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✰Story1✰ Black Cat -
« Reply #166 on: November 17, 2013, 08:04:12 PM »
I'm so sorry for my absence these months and didn't have time to continue all my fics :mon cry:

GOMENASAI MINNA  :mon slapself: :mon slapself: :mon slapself: :mon slapself: :mon slapself: :mon slapself: :mon slapself:

 :mon study: I'm working hard to write the continuation but... always got distracted by other things  :mon ignore:

Here... douzo...  :mon dive:

The next day of the incident

“Sir, confirmed that Takahashi Minami is dead”

“Well done, Watanabe Mayu” said a man in the dark, “Throw the body into the sea, let the sharks finish it”

“Yes, Sir!” The soldiers began to carry Minami’s body out of the building.

“Let’s head to Watanabe’s Laboratory” said the man in the dark.

“Yes, Sir”

Mayu’s Laboratory

“Your limit is done, I’m here to claim your masterpiece” said the man in the dark.

“Before I gave you, can you please take off your mask?” Mayu replied. “It’s inappropriate that I don’t know who I was working for”

“You are working under government, for the future of our country. There’s no need to reveal my face”

“If you’re not willingly to take off your mask, our deal is cancelled” Mayu replied, “Sayaka, send the quests home”

The man in the dark smirked, “I guess you misunderstood what I mean. I said I’m here to claim, not to negotiate with you” He took out a small device which look alike with Mayu’s belongings. He pressed a button and started to command the Bio troops, “All troops gather!”

In an instant, all the Bio troops of Mayu’s walked out of their capsule and gathered neatly behind them. Mayu was shocked to see this, “No way! Why you have the master device!?”

“Seize them!!” commanded the man.

“Rena!” Mayu called.

“Yes, Master” Rena dashed forward to snatch the device from the masked man but failed.

“Is he one of my creations?” Mayu confused to see the bio’s mark shining in that man’s right arm when he dodged Rena’s attack, that’s the same bio’s mark appeared on Minami’s body when she fought with Rena.

“Sayaka!” Sae shouted as one of Mayu’s bio troops hit Sayaka badly.

“Run for yourself, Sae!” Sayaka shouted while holding on the attacks from the troops.

“I won’t leave you!” Sae took whatever near him to attack the troops, made himself a way to where Sayaka was. It’s too late when he arrived, “Sayaka! Sayaka!” Sae held Sayaka’s lifeless body in her arms and closed her eyes while another wave of troops was going to attack them.

“No. 100, destroy all who attack me!” Mayu commanded. But Atsuko didn’t move at all, “Who the hell are you?!” Mayu took out her light saber to fight her own bio troops, “I will make you pay for making me destroying my own creation!”

On the other side, Rena was attacking the man furiously to snatch the master device. The man could dodge all the attacks easily, “Why you are not under my control?” asked the masked man.

“Mayu is my master!!!” Rena shouted and dashed forward to the masked man. Both of them crashed into the walls and stopped in one of the rooms. The masked man laid a punch on Rena which made her fell backwards. Unfortunately, it’s the room where Mayu arrested Jurina.

“Rena!” a tiny shadow shouted behind the ash. It appeared as Jurina. She was holding a teddy bear and running to where Rena was. “Rena!” she called again.

“Don’t…” Rena tried to move her body, “Don’t come here”

The masked man smirked and dashed toward Jurina. “You shouldn’t be here, little girl” He held up Jurina from the ground, “Time to say goodbye?” on the next seconds, he threw Jurina out of the windows.


“Jurina!!” Rena used up all her strength to ran toward the fallen Jurina. She reached out her hand to grab the unconscious Jurina and brought her into her arms. “I don’t know why, but I want to protect you” said Rena before they both fell into the wide sea, “I’m sorry, master”

“Rena!!” Mayu was a step too late. She groaned and ran toward the masked man, "I'll kill you!!" She swung her saber randomly in rage and cut off the mask of that masked man. The mask fallen down, revealed the beautiful face of that long black haired woman. Mayu was shocked to see the person in front of her.

"Yuki..." Mayu said, unbelievable.


Yuki stabbed a dagger at Mayu, "I am actually the spy from neighborhood country, here to stole your bio troops and bring them to my country" She pulled out the dagger and launched a kick at Mayu, sending her fallen backward. Mayu felt so hopeless to see the one who messed up her lab, her troops, her home, her family is the one she cares the most.. Kashiwagi Yuki.

Yuki walked to Mayu and put something into her mouth, forced her to swallow that tiny thing, "That's a bomb. It's in your stomach right now, good luck" Yuki smirked and walked away, leaving the helpless Mayu on the ground.


Yuki was successfully moved out all Mayu's bio troops into her submarine. When she got to some distance away from the island, she pressed a red button on a small device. All it done is...


"This is the end of everything"


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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - apologize & update? (11/18)
« Reply #167 on: November 18, 2013, 04:00:19 AM »
Everything was so screw up...

What's going to happen to Mayu?

Who is the government guy?

Is he really controlled by gov. Or other criminals?

Was Minami really die?

How about Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - apologize & update? (edited)
« Reply #168 on: November 18, 2013, 07:51:13 PM »
Omg why Yuki kill Mayu  :bleed eyes:

Is Mayu really dead??

What happen to Minami???

I cant wait to read next ch

Please update soon :bow:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - apologize & update? (edited)
« Reply #169 on: November 18, 2013, 10:57:13 PM »
Ah... there is some modification

Eh... Yuki was a spy and she killed Mayu

What a heartless person....

Well would everything be over?

Was Mayu really not survived that blast or the bomb in her stomach?

What about Minami, Atsuko, Jurina and Rena?

Lots of Mysteries....


Please... make a sequel or a continuous of this story please...

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see the next story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - apologize & update? (edited)
« Reply #170 on: November 19, 2013, 06:36:34 AM »
didn't see the 'THE END' words!!!  :banghead:
I really hope it was just a troll~~~~~
you trolled us right?!

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - apologize & update? (edited)
« Reply #171 on: November 19, 2013, 01:23:27 PM »
What the heck happen here??? I don't want ending like this...
I wanna know more?

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - apologize & update? (just trolling) hehe
« Reply #172 on: November 23, 2013, 10:58:32 AM »
Gomenasai minna.. I was just trolling for this update  :on lol:

The actual chapter 13 of Black Cat is still in process.
I will update it after I'm done with chapter 4 of Aidoru Panic, since someone requested me on facebook :hee:
:kneelbow: feel so sorry for not being able to update it within time that I promised. Chapter 4 will be updated soon today (hopefully)  :prayers:

If minna-chan not yet read my "Aidoru Panic" you can click here for the Index, or you can click on the link below my signature  :hee:

For all my readers, thank you for reading my stories  :luvluv2:
Stay tune ~~  :whistle:

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✰Story 2✰ Aidoru Panic - Lesson 4: A Day around School
« Reply #173 on: November 23, 2013, 05:35:36 PM »

This is Majisuka Gakuen…
An all girl high school…

In order to clear the scandal of my oshimen, I, Takahashi Minami disguise as a girl to attend this school and join Baby Blossom. That is the contract I’ve made with the manager. Unfortunately, my identity revealed by Acchan, my oshimen and also my roommate. Gladly, she agreed to keep quiet about my identity. I have to increase my awareness from now on…

Lesson Four – A Day around School

===========   ===========   ===========

I walk carefully to not cross the line which drew on the floor. Why do I have to live this miserable life? “Sigh… Acchan is so mean to me…” I take a long breath and relax myself after get out from her room.


Acchan’s room

Acchan is setting up the curtain barrier around her bed area. She said that is to prevent me from getting near her. I’m not a pervert Acchan, why don’t you believe me? After setting up the curtain, she pushed me into the kitchen. Then she took the red color tape, making line in the room. She put the line on the entrance of kitchen.

“Acchan, what’s this line?”

“Forbidden line, you are not allowed to cross the line. You are only allowed to be here, the rest area is my territory”

“No exception?” I asked.


“What if I have to go toilet?”

She thought for a while and removed the tape, remake the line with a route to bathroom. “Done” she put the tape on table then bringing a futon to the kitchen. “Good night” She walked back to her bed and drew the curtain closed.

Don’t look at me like I am a pervert ojisan. Duh… how can I gain her trust on me? I don’t want to be hate by my oshimen o(T^T)o

Flashback End

“Wait a minute…” Something on my mind as I got out of my room, “Acchan is not around, why should I be careful with those lines?” I went back to the room, across all the lines and get out of the room, “Satisfied” grinned.

Acchan has been away for a week from school because of her assignments. Her schedule is so full that she needs to stay in her work place until her jobs done; photo sessions, filming, advertisements, etc. She don’t even have time to practice with Baby Blossoms for our new songs. I am so empty here in this school without her. I volunteered myself to protect Baby Blossom. She is the reason why I got here, why I signed the contract, why I disguised… Without her, it’s like a phone without battery… She is my energy to stay strong against hellish idol lessons everyday that provided by hellish principal - Shinoda Mariko.

“I wish I can see you soon” sighed.

Outside there still dark, the sun hasn’t come out. Yeah, everyday I woke up earlier at 5 a.m. to get change and ready to school. Too early? It won’t, believe me. The school starts 7 a.m., I have to walk for an hour to get to school building from here and another an hour to have breakfast. No other way? If you want to rent a mini car, it’s expensive, believe me, all the things here are expensive.


“Money~ money~ money~” Mariko is sitting on her desk with dark background behind her. Her eyes were shining sharp, wicked grin shows on her face with her sharp teeth shining, and many money surroundings her. “Hohohohoho…..”

Imagination End

Cih, greedy principle”

“What?” a voice coming from behind.

Mariko-sama?! I instantly kneel down, clap my hands together and apologize, “I’m sorry!”

“………………” There was a silent.

I opened one eye to look around and saw nothing, no one were in the corridor. Weird, where is that voice coming from? Maybe it’s just my imagination, wonder…

Then the door from room 147 opened, and a figure walking out. She is tall and skinny, wearing a white kimono and blue hakama neatly pressed on her body. Her hair is long in shiny black. She is bringing a small bag on her back.

“Rena, your bento” Jurina comes out and give her a bento.

Ah, I know her. She is the famous archery champion, Matsui Rena! She is the famous archery who won the championship six years respectively. Lucky, I can meet her in this school but… why is Jurina giving her a bento? Is that because she is her roommate? Wait… Matsui Rena… Matsui Jurina... are they siblings?

Rena takes the bento and gives Jurina a peck on her cheek before she walked away to my direction. But wait… their aura is kinda… lovely? They don’t seem like siblings. OMG, she is walking to my direction. What should I do? There’s no place I can hide, did I see something I shouldn’t see?

“Good morning” she said as she walked pass me, to downstairs. She has a beautiful face with calm expression. Her face looked cold but somehow I can feel her kindness.

“Eh? Takahashi-san?” Jurina saw me, her face turned a bit red.

“Morning, Jurina” I greeted her. She just bowed at me and closed the door.

Yappari, I saw something I shouldn’t see…?

Break time

Although this is an unordinary school with unordinary students (idols) but the classes are ordinary, everything same with my old school, Akiba Gakuen. But everything goes ordinary only in the classroom. Outside of it, everything is different. After the classes, the girls hang out with their team to go shopping or Karaoke-ing, even to have beauty care. Did I tell you about refreshing area in this school? It consist swimming pool, sauna, spa, massage center, karaoke rooms, studios, salon, and others beauty shops for the girls to be used in break time either after schools.

Walking in the corridor, I stopped in front of the guide board, in the center of the school building. Pointing my finger on the board, I began to study the whole area. “I don’t want to get lost in this incredibly huge miserable hell. I wonder will there be some wild animals inside the woods”. My eyes were focused on the drawing of trees at every side of the road.

At the south, there’s the entrance gate, after a long straight road it reached the fountain. Ten miles after, there’s this school building. The one on the center is for third year students, on the left is for 1st year students, and on the right is for 2nd year students. The building has 5 floors, each classes has 20 seats. Behind the school buildings, there is a huge sport hall for all kinds of indoor activities. Beside of the sport hall, there’s a football stadium.

Ten miles to the north, right in the center of the whole Majisuka territory, there is the five stars hotel which is the residential for all Majisuka Gakuen’s staffs, included some rooms for the special quests to stay in. Mariko-sama’s office is on the top of the building. Side by side of the buildings around there are what they called “refreshing area”, shopping mall, cafés, studios, beauty care shops, etc. The next are behind the hotel is the dorms where the students live. All of Majisuka’s students are forbid to go outside unless they have the approval from Mariko-sama.

“This woman… freaky fearsome…”


“Money~ money~ money~” Mariko is sitting on her desk with dark background behind her. Her eyes were shining sharp, wicked grin shows on her face with her sharp teeth shining, and many money surroundings her. “Hohohohoho…..”

Imagination End

“Watch out!!!” I heard Yuko shouted. Just when I turned back, there’s a black thing hit my face so hard that I fell to the ground.

“Baka” I heard Mayu shouted at me.

“Takahashi! Daijoubu!?” I heard Yuko’s voice beside me. She is shaking my shoulders.

“Yuko! How many times I said, do not play your basketball in the corridor?” I heard Haruna-sensei’s voice scolding Yuko from afar.

I shook my head and opened my eyes, “I’m…” I was paused to see what I saw just now. Yuko’s shirt, she didn’t button up the top of her shirt, revealing a bit of her white bare flesh. “I… am… fine…” I gulped.

“Hey, Takahashi! Your nose is bleeding!” Yuko was panic.

“Hurry, take her to infirmary” Haruna took my left arm and wrapped on her shoulder while Yuko took my right arm. They carry me in an awful position, you know, the height between them. I can tell you that I was walking with one foot.. but leaning on Yuko’s shoulder quite nice too. She smells good. smirk


“You two, follow me” Haruna scolded at Yuko and Mayu.

“I won’t do that again” Yuko pleaded.

“Yukirin, that’s not my fault. I was just walking and Yuko threw her ball toward me” Mayu explained to her senpai, in order to flee from the punishment.

Kashiwagi Yuki, often called Yukirin is the third year student major in medical care. She has been given authority to take over school’s infirmary. Although she looks prestigious and silent, I heard she is good at pharmacologist, mixing this and that or something. Majisuka Gakuen has very wide range of education and being well-known to bring out many talented human resources.

“No, she is lying. She threw the ball at me first” Yuko waved her hands and stared at Yuki and Haruna with serious look.

“Whatever, you may explain to Haruna outside of this room” Yuki gently pushed them out to the door.

“Yukirin, you don’t believe me?” Mayu pouted.

Yuki patted Mayu’s head and smile, “Infirmary is a place for patient to rest. You can talk to me after school”

“Okay” Mayu replied sadly and walked out of the room.

I was sitting on the bed, watching them. That Mayu is usually mean to everyone but she acts kind and listen to Yuki very well. Somehow, I see them as mother and daughter (laugh). Is there any relationship between two of them?

“What’s your name?” asked Yuki as she walked toward me.

“Takahashi Minami, desu” I answered politely. She looks so mature that I can’t help but act politely in front of her.

“I see, you are that transfer student and the new member of Baby Blossom?” asked Yuki.

“Hai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu” I stood up and bowed at her.

“Don’t move” She put me back to sit on the bed and focused her eyes on my nose. Her face was so close to me that I don’t know where to put my eyes on. She tilted my head a bit to clean my nose, “Don’t move” she whispered.

My eyes were rolling up and down, left and right, trying not to look at her. It was so embarrassing for me in this kind of situation. Her hair is silky black, her eyes are big and mesmerizing, her nose is a little big but still cute, and her lips… gulped… Gosh, I was supposed to avoid my eyes looking at her.

“Relax” She giggled a bit, “I’m just cleaning your nose, I’m not gonna cut it off”

“Ha…ha…” I laughed awkwardly.

“Done” She wiped my nose with a handkerchief, “You can rest in here until the class is over”

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it left only 45 minutes until school is over, “Uhn, I guess I’ll be resting here”

“Have a nice sleep then” Yuki drew the curtain to cover my bed, “I’ll be here, just call me if you need something”

Curtain at the left side, windows at the right side, ceiling above me, the room is so silent that I can hear the clock ticking. It’s been a week since the last time I saw Acchan. She hasn’t come back to the dorm for a week now. That freaky Mariko, how many jobs and assignments she applied for Acchan? What if Acchan overworked and collapsed? I wish I could tag along wherever she goes. No need to be near her, within a distance where I can see her is enough. (Sigh)

“Excuse me”, I heard a knock and footsteps of someone coming in. This voice sounded familiar. Where did I hear it?

“Rena!?” Yuki’s voice sounded a bit panic, “Your fingers got hurt again? Come sit here”

I took a peek behind the curtain and saw Yuki taking care of Rena’s wounded finger.

“I’m sorry, I got hurt again” Rena apologized.

“Yeah, you should be” Yuki replied and tighten her grip on the wounded finger which made Rena groaned. “Matsui Rena, are you doing this on purpose so that, you can come visit me?”

Rena cleared her throat, “If I don’t get hurt, I don’t have any excuses to come and see you”

“Baka” Yuki said while smiling. Both of them were smiling at each other. For the rest of the time, they’re just holding hands, looking at each other, no words, no movements. They stayed like that for 20 minutes till the school bell is ringing.

[Bell ringing]

“I… need to go now” said Rena.

“Do not let your finger touch water” Yuki warned.

“See you tomorrow” Rena replied.

“Are you going to hurt your finger again?” Yuki giggled.

“Yeah, I still have nine fingers left” Rena laughed.

Still haven’t let go of their hands, they’re looking at each other again for five minutes. I wonder if they have telepathy superpower that they can communicate through eyes (laugh) But wait…! What’s their relationship? Isn’t that Rena is together with Jurina this morning? And now, she is here all dovey with Yuki? Masaka! Rena is dating both of them!?

“Bye” said Rena.

“Bye” Yuki replied.

I hurriedly go back to the bed and pretending to be asleep as Yuki closed the door.

“Takahashi, school time is over now” Yuki greeted.

“Ah, sou… hooaaam… I should go back to dorm. Thanks for today, Yuki-san”

“Just call me Yuki”

“Umm…Yu-” before I could finished my words, there’s this troublesome announcement calling me for another hellish idol lessons.

[♪♫♪♫ Announcement: Calling for Takahashi Minami, Takahashi Minami of 3A, please head to the studio hall within 30 minutes to start your private after school lessons ♪♫♪♫]

“You better go now, Mariko-sama won’t be easy on you” said Yuki.

“Umm... Nice to meet you” I bowed before rushing out of the infirmary.

“Wait!” Yuki called, “Bring this, it’s gonna rain soon” Yuki handed me an umbrella.

“The sun still shining bright there” I pointed outside of the window.

“Just take it” she smiled and closed the door.

I hurriedly ran down of the buildings to across toward another building where Mariko’s office is. Just when I stepped out of the building, suddenly a heavy rain pouring down from the sky. Guess you knew what happened next… I’m all wet…

“I forgot that Yuki is being well-known as Miss Weather, her prediction always right. That’s why she often appears in TV for weather news” facepalmed, I hurriedly opened the umbrella she gave me.

[♪♫♪♫ Announcement: Calling for Takahashi Minami, Takahashi Minami of 3A, you have 20 minutes left to be in studio hall, warning from Mariko-sama ♪♫♪♫]

When will you stop torturing me? You greedy wicked smelly principal!
356 days left to go… gambatte Minami!!

To be continue ...

I hope this update won't disappoint you all, since I've been stopped writing for a long time orz and lack of skills and grammars orz
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment  :D
Comments really help me to get idea for next chap  :D

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Re: ✰Story 2✰ Aidoru Panic - Lesson 4: A Day around School
« Reply #174 on: November 23, 2013, 11:21:51 PM »
Getting interesting...

Takamina is in trouble all the time

What's Mariko had in store for her?

What kind of temptation takamina is going to come across next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story 2✰ Aidoru Panic - Lesson 4: A Day around School
« Reply #175 on: November 24, 2013, 03:36:08 AM »
poor Minami got hit by the basketball.. the nose bleed is that from the ball or it from the pevert mind?

Rena is player?!? O_O

i wonder who will Rena chose? Jurina or Yuki

But what going happen to Mayu?

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Re: ✰Story 2✰ Aidoru Panic - Lesson 4: A Day around School
« Reply #176 on: November 25, 2013, 10:09:08 AM »
Ichikawa-san, I'm happy that you finally update!  :farofflook:

Again, waiting for your update...  :prayers: :prayers:
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Re: ✰Story 2✰ Aidoru Panic - Lesson 4: A Day around School
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Wow it's really interesting!!!
Hahahaa It's funny how Minami imagining Mariko sama as Mr. Krebs?

It's Mayuki or Renayuki???
I hope it's Mayuki...
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✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
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It's been a long time again minna  :nya:
I'm not really good at speech but douzu! Hope y'all enjoy reading  :hee:
(ahh.. you can find the index on the very first page if some want to re-read the story  :sweat: )

Black Cat

Chapter Thirteen – Bonds
================   ================   ================

“Snow…” Rena looked at the snowflakes landing on her right hand. She simply smiled and amused. “Pure…” She closed her palm and looked at the evening sky.

“Hey!!” someone called Rena. She turned her back and…


A small snowball hit her face. In front of her, there standing the little Jurina fold her hands and pouted, “When can I go back home with Acchan? I don’t like to stay here”

“You don’t like it here?” asked Rena.

“No” Jurina answered shortly.

“You don’t like be with me?” asked Rena.

“Hmm…” Jurina walked closer to Rena, “Do you want to go home with us?” she grinned.

“I…” Rena can’t give her an answer. She wants to be with Jurina but she needs to serve her master, Mayu. Rena remained silent and disappointed Jurina.

“Fine” Jurina turned her back and walked away from Rena. Poor Rena still standing there, thinking of how to answer. Jurina waited for Rena to follow her but she did not. Jurina threw another snowball at Rena, right on her face.

Unaware of the attack of little Jurina, Rena got hit and slipped onto the ground. Jurina laughed so hard looking at the falling Rena, with brightest smile she smiled at Rena, “Come make many many snowmen with me~” she waved her hands at Rena.

Rena felt embarrassing slipped like that in front of Jurina, she hurriedly cleaned her clothes before running toward where Jurina’s standing. A mile away from them, two persons were sitting on a bench, eating sandwiches.

“Rena looks happier with that kid” said Yuki while taking out a sandwich from the lunch box.

“I don’t think so” Mayu replied reluctantly. She obviously didn’t like how Rena reacts when she is with Jurina. She quietly mumbling, “Damn Rena, who is your master? Look at yourself, following her everywhere like a puppy, she looks more like your master than me. Cih.. I am the one who created you” Mayu rolled her eyes and took another bite on her sandwich, she bit too hard that her finger got bitten too, by herself.

“Arghh!!” Mayu threw away her sandwich.

“How did you manage to bite your own finger?” Yuki stared at Mayu with big shocked eyes and earned Mayu’s death glare. Yuki started to laugh loud and louder and got chocked by the sandwich in her mouth.

“Oi!” Mayu hurriedly handed over a bottle of water to Yuki.

Yuki grabbed it and drank the whole water, “Puuaaahhh... (cough)... thank you”

“Hei…” Mayu laid her right hands on the bench behind Yuki and leaned closer, eyes kept staring at her, “How dare you laugh at me like that? Don’t you afraid that I’ll kill you”

“Since the day you saved my son, my life is yours” Yuki simply smiled, “You may take it whenever you want”

(Heartbeat)  Mayu felt her face hotter and hurriedly turned away, “I’m going home now. It’s bored here” She walked away without holding step, “Rena! Time to go home! Now!”

“Mou, I still want to make more snowmen” Jurina pouted.

“Rena!” Mayu called again. Rena has no choice but to carry Jurina on her back and chase after her master while Jurina kept whining on Rena’s back. Yuki also followed behind them.

“That kid… why is Rena so attached to that kid?” Mayu sighed.


“Maeda Atsuko… She will be good use for me. Rena, bring her back to HQ. She is the best weapon to kill NO36”

“What about the kid?” asked Rena.

“Kill her” Mayu turned to leave without looking back.

“Go away! Bad guy! Don’t touch Acchan! Go away!” Jurina shouted.

Rena grabbed Jurina’s throat and raised her in the air. Looking at the innocent face of Jurina, she began to hesitate. Rena wondered why her heart felt so heavy to kill Jurina. She slowly put Jurina back to the ground, and let go her grab.

“Bad guy! Bad guy!” Jurina threw her fist at Rena repeatedly, wishing that Rena could get out of this house. “Go away! Go away!”

“Rena, what are you doing?” Mayu came back and saw Rena let the little kid hit her. “She is troublesome” Mayu took out her gun and shot at Jurina. Unexpectedly Rena went to cover the kid and the bullet hit her left shoulder. “What are you doing!?” Mayu hit Rena with the back of her gun.

“I don’t want to kill her” Rena answered steadily, holding Jurina protectively in her arms.

This is the first time Mayu ever saw the seriousness in Rena’s eyes. “Fine, bring them both”

= = = = = = = = = =
Mayu’s Headquarter

Mayu approved to let Rena take over Jurina but she only allowed to be locked in Rena’s room.

Rena’s room is quite big with complete facilities, also many toys and dolls that Jurina will like. It’s been a week since that incident. It is also a week Jurina didn’t get to see Acchan. Everytime Rena came into the room to bring her food, Jurina always ask where is Acchan? And Rena will try to avoid the question.

“I want to see Acchan” Jurina said while playing with one of Rena’s dolls.

“She is… busy…” Rena lied. She can’t let Jurina know that Acchan has changed into another person. Not to mention, she will not remember about Jurina.

“I want to see Acchan” Jurina said once again.


“I want to see Acchan”

“Do you want some candies?” Rena handed out some candies from her pocket.

“I.WANT.ACCHAN!” Jurina shouted at Rena and threw away the candies.

Knock knock

The door opened and Yuki walked in, carried her son who is sleeping soundly in her arms. She gently smiled at Jurina. “What’s your name?”


“How old are you?” asked Yuki.

“Hmm…” Jurina seemed troubled with counting her fingers. Rena was curious and unconsciously leaning closer to Jurina.

“Five!” Jurina raised her palm confidently with full power and accidentally hit on Rena’s face. “Ooops” Jurina withdrew her hand and hid it behind her back. Rena didn’t mad but smile happily, amused.

Yuki giggled a bit, “Jurina-chan, did you know you were shouting loud at Rena just now?”

Jurina looked away and pout, “I just want to see Acchan”

Yuki gently patted Jurina’s head, “Jurina-chan, look, I have a baby with me and we are next to your room. If you keep shouting like that, the baby will be scared and cry. You don’t want to see the baby cry, right?”

Jurina took a peek at the baby sleeping face and felt guilty. She nodded and apologized to Yuki, “I’m sorry, I won’t shout again”

“Good girl” Yuki smiled and then looked at Rena, “Why don’t we go outside and have some fresh air today?”

“I have to ask Mast-“

“I asked for the permission already and she approved” Yuki answered before Rena finished her words.

Flashback End

“How’s Jurina?” asked Yuki as Rena came out from her room.

“Asleep” Rena answered.

“Can you help me put my baby in my room? I need to wash the lunch box first” asked Yuki.

“Sure” Rena agreed right away and carried the baby into the room.

She slowly put down the baby into the baby’s bed and put on the blanket. This is not the first time she put Yuki’s baby into the bed but everytime she does, this moment felt so familiar to her. She shook her head and turned away, walking toward the door. When she was about to open the door, her head suddenly hurt like it was going to explode. She held her head and fell onto the ground.

A familiar baby’s crying voice running inside her head. A familiar face, familiar mansion, familiar room, all messing around inside her head. Rena has no idea why those strangers yet familiar faces appeared inside her head.

“Go away, go away from my head… you are hurting me… my head hurts…” She gritted her teeth and no longer after, fainted.

To be continue...

Jaa ne~  :byebye:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
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Look who's back :3
i love the chapter title  :thumbsup

“I want to see Acchan”

“Do you want some candies?” Rena handed out some candies from her pocket.

“I.WANT.ACCHAN!” Jurina shouted at Rena and threw away the candies.

 :lol: spoiled
give acchan to her now!

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