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Author Topic: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 16 (Part 3) *190223*  (Read 35984 times)

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] - Chapter 6 151024
« Reply #40 on: October 26, 2015, 11:57:51 AM »
Amethyst is a tall woman with black outfit and a helmet that covers most of her hair?

Hm... Seems like I have a wrong guess.

Now, I guess Amethyst is more probably Akimoto Sayaka-sama.  :)

I'm really excited about Amethyst's real personality! And how will the girls be able to defeat her?

I'll patiently wait for your update.   :love:

Again, very good guess. But I still won't tell~ :P

Please be patient and excited, ne~ X3

Anyways, I heard from Hana that you'll update Samurai Princess~ I'm eager to read it!!  :wub:

Me and Hana are working on that right now~ ;3

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] - Chapter 6 151024
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Added a new poll, just for fun. X3

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] *New poll!*
« Reply #42 on: October 27, 2015, 07:19:01 PM »
I voted, but that was because I know everything, but I'm not saying anything XD

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] *New poll!*
« Reply #43 on: October 27, 2015, 11:23:02 PM »
So far, looks like no one likes Lapis. lol

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] *New poll!*
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Just a really quick (and kinda lame) update


Chapter 7

“Yui… YUI!!!”

Yui opened her eyes and saw herself in Tokyo. Everything was in ruins like there was a terrible war. She saw her friends on the ground, badly hurt. Their gems were all shattered, fragments scattered on the ground.

“No… what is this..?!”

She then looked behind her and saw Black Amethyst, Topaz, and Lapis standing there. Then, a dark, ominous shadow rose in the sky and started turning everything pitch black.

“This has to be a dream…! Please, let this be a nightmare… wake up…”

“Wake up!”

Yui opened her eyes and found herself back at Headquarters. She saw her friends were all sleeping peacefully.

She sighed in relief. “It was a bad dream, after all…”

To try and relax herself, Yui decided to walk around and left the room. She passed by the training room and saw Yuko was up as well, training by herself with a bowstaff.

“Yuko…” She walked in, making the shorter girl look her way. “Why are you up?”

“Late-night training. Why are you up?”

“Bad dream.”


“Yeah… that fight with Black Amethyst scared me…”

“I understand. She was much more powerful than expected.”

“Will we be able to beat her?”

Yuko smiled. “I have no doubt.”


“Hmm…” Yuko the made a face like she was thinking of something, and said, “Oh yeah, there is one other thing, too.”


“If it’s possible, Gem bearers can communicate telepathically through dreams. I’ve wanted to see if any of you have that power.”


“Yeah. Me and the others had telepathic powers, so I wanted to see if maybe you guys could since you have Gems.”

“Hmm…” Yui looked at her ruby Gem. “I guess it’s worth a shot.”

“Alright. Just lay down and close your eyes like you’re going to sleep.”

“Okay…” Yui did as she said and laid down the mat. She held her Gem and shut her eyes.

“Now, just think of who you wanna connect with.”

Yui immediately thought of Sayanee first and tried her best to connect with her.

“Sayanee… Sayanee, can you hear me?”

She got no answer and thought her power wasn’t working. Yui opened her eyes and saw that she was no longer with Yuko in Headquarters. She was now outside, in the middle of the day. She looked around and saw that she was at a concert and someone was performing not too far away.

Yui got up and started walking closer to see who it was. Her eyes widened when she saw Sayanee on the stage, accompanied by a full band, performing with her electric guitar. The whole crowd was going wild for her.

“Is this Sayanee’s dream?”


The crowd cheered as Sayanee ended her performance. Yui couldn’t help but smile, seeing Sayanee so happy on that stage.

She then felt herself become pulled away from the dream and woke up back at Headquarters with Yuko.


“Did it work?”

“I think it did,” Yui looked at her Gem, which was glowing. “I saw Sayanee’s dream.”

“Did you try talking to her?”

“It didn’t really work… I can try again, though.”


Yui closed her eyes again and this time concentrated on connecting with Jurina.

“Jurina… can she hear me, I wonder… or she’s thinking about work in her sleep. I doubt she’d--”

“Rena-chan~” Yui opened her eyes to see Jurina out in the park with someone. This person, Rena, was someone Yui’s never met, but she seemed close to Jurina as the younger girl clung to Rena’s arm.

“Ah~ it feels so good out here.”

“Yup. Perfect day for a picnic.”

Yui watched as the two sat down together on the soft grass. Jurina laid her head on the girl’s shoulder as Rena started pulling out the food. Rena took out a loaf of melon bread and happily ate it as Jurina munched on a sandwich.

“Oishii~~~” they said simultaneously.

Yui smiled seeing the two girls getting along so well. Then, she suddenly felt herself being pulled back. She rubbed her temple and the vision changed. Instead of the park, there was an open field with a large tree far away.

“What the…?” She was about to walk closer, but then she was pulled out of the dream and woke up, sitting up from the ground.

“What happened?”

“I… I saw something. Only for a moment… I need to go back.”

“Wait, Yui, you can’t force it too much,” Yuko warned.

Yui closed her eyes. “Still, I need to see it. I need to be sure it was real,” she said as she now thought of Mako.

“I need to see… I need to see!”

She opened her eyes and was now in watch looked like a theatre. She saw Mako standing on stage with a few other girls, practicing a song-and-dance routine.

“Ah, that’s right. I think I remember Mako saying she wanted to be an idol.”

Yui watched as Mako was working hard on the dance, but all the while, she never lost that smile. After all, her smile was an important part of her.

As she was thinking about this, she felt the world starting to shift and change again.

She blinked a few times and was back in the field. She saw the tree and started walking towards it, but then heard Yuko’s voice.

“Yui! Yui, wake up, you can’t force this! If you force it too much, you could get stuck!”

“N-no… I just need to see what…”

As she tried to speak, she felt the world start to crack and the image was breaking. She quickly pulled herself back and woke up, sweat running down her forehead.

“Yui, just stop.”

“Need… one last… time…” Yui closed her eyes concentrating. “I need to see what it is…”

“Yui, wait!”

As Yuko’s voice faded, Yui now found herself, not in a field, but in a garden. There were flowers everywhere, creating a relaxing aroma.

Yui saw a group of girls sitting under a cherry blossom tree, all wearing the same school uniform. Among these girls was Haruppi.

“So this must be Haruppi’s dream…”

The girls were all playing together, having the time of their lives. Haruppi had a smile as she had so much fun with her classmates.

Yui concentrated all she had and tried to bring back the field. She opened her eyes and saw that same field with the tree.

“No more wasting time!” She started running to the tree and when she made it, she saw that there was someone sleeping under it on the other side.

She reached out her hand when suddenly, the whole vision cracked and the world crumbled apart. Yui started falling back into what felt like an abyss.

“NOOOO!!!!” She screamed as she closed her eyes, praying for dear life.

“WAKE UP!!!!”

She woke up and the first person she had seen was Yuko, with a concerned look plastered across her face.

“Yuko-san….” Yui breathed out heavily.

“That was really dangerous, Yui. You can’t force your powers like that; you’re still training.”

“I know, but… I saw someone.”


“I saw someone I had never recognized before, sleeping underneath a tree. I didn’t see their face, though. I was pulled away before I could.”

“So… you connected with someone else’s mind? Not just the other four.”

“Yes… I just wish I could’ve seen that person…”

“For right now, what you need is to rest,” Yuko helped the girl to her feet. “Go back to bed.”


Yui walked back to the infirmary and laid down in the bed, closing her eyes and drifting into sleep.

After some time, she found herself in a dream again, but she knew it wasn’t her own. It wasn’t any of the others, or the dream field, so she had no idea who it could’ve been.

Then, she heard someone humming a tune. She looked and saw Yuko by herself, her eyes closed as she felt the breeze blow gently.

“This is Yuko’s dream…?” Yui stared amazed.

She had never seen Yuko look so happy and peaceful before. Her smile was beautiful and the whole image of the calm girl was breathtaking. She hoped that she’d eventually get to see Yuko smile like that more.

With that, she pulled herself away from Yuko’s dream and back into her own slumber.


To Be Continued


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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 7 151107
« Reply #45 on: November 08, 2015, 07:04:04 AM »
Quote from: Ruka Kikuchi on: November 07, 2015, 10:10:29 PM
“I saw someone I had never recognized before, sleeping underneath a tree. I didn’t see their face, though. I was pulled away before I could.”

Who is that?

Their face? Then, it's not only one person?

Who could it be? Black Amethyst? Hahaha.  :dunno:

Thanks for the update, Ruka-senpai~

I'll wait for the next one~  :luvluv2:

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 7 151107
« Reply #46 on: November 08, 2015, 02:23:49 PM »
Who is that?

Their face? Then, it's not only one person?

Oh, no, you got it all wrong. When writers use "their" for one person, it means a character might not know the person's gender.

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 7 151107
« Reply #47 on: November 11, 2015, 03:28:39 PM »
thank you for update .... :roll: :wub: :inlove:
I'm a silent reader and this is my first comment I love your works..
can I asked something there will be a pairings in this story? like yuiparu ^_^ :inlove: I love those pair...

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 7 151107
« Reply #48 on: November 11, 2015, 06:47:04 PM »
thank you for update .... :roll: :wub: :inlove:
I'm a silent reader and this is my first comment I love your works..
can I asked something there will be a pairings in this story? like yuiparu ^_^ :inlove: I love those pair...

Hmm, we may see a few pairings~ :roll: ;) :P XD

Just wait and see~ ^_^ :heart:

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 7 151107
« Reply #49 on: November 11, 2015, 06:59:58 PM »
thanks for reply ^_^ XD
and cool there will be a pairing. :inlove:

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 7 151107
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Here's another Sayanee focus chapter~ :3


Chapter 8 (Part 1)

One day, while the girls were working at the Asobina restaurant, the place was becoming quiet as lunch rush was finishing and most of the guests had left.

“Whew...another busy day,” said Yui as she brought another tray of dirty dishes into the kitchen.

“I’m so tired~” Jurina sighed as she sat in a table. “It’s so unfair, Sayanee had to leave early.”

“And also, once we get back to Yuko, we’ll have to train.”


After suffering a defeat from Black Amethyst, of course, Yuko insisted the girls trained more in order to become stronger. This new dark warrior was someone they’ve never faced, so obviously they had to increase their power.

“My arms are still sore from last time,” Mako said, rubbing her arms.

“Un. My leg muscles hurt, too~” Haruppi agreed.

“Even so, we are knights. This is our duty.”

Then the door to the restaurant opened, causing the bell to ring. Like always, the girls greeted the guests with smiles.


Yui guided the two girls who walked into a table.

“Can I start you two off with some drinks?”

One of the girls looked through the menu. Then she asked Yui, “Mm~ does this place have takoyaki?”

“Ah~ all this looks so good, I dunno if I’ll be able to choose.”

After hearing these girls speak, Yui realized something familiar that she recognized.

“Hm? That speech...Could you girls be from Osaka by any chance?” she asked the customers out of curiosity.

“That’s right! We’re from Namba.”

“We came to visit Tokyo for our vacation.”

Hearing this, Mako spoke to Haruppi, “Namba...Isn’t that Sayanee’s hometown?”

Now here the customers had heard what Mako said and smiled.

“Sayanee? You guys know Sayanee? Do you know where we can find her?” one of them anxiously asked.

“Ah, Sayanee’s not here at the moment,” said Jurina.

At this time, the said person was actually out doing an errand for Takamina.

“Ano, so you girls are connected to Sayaka?” asked Yui.

“Un! We’re her classmates!”


Meanwhile, in Obsidian’s lair, Lapis, Topaz, and Black Amethyst were in the old library, looking for a book that would contain potential information on beating the Prism Knights.

“How long must we keep looking? This place is like a maze…” Topaz said, rather bored and annoyed.

“As long as we must. This library contains books which tell all history of Prism Gems, Black Prisms, and even of the Great Gem War.”

“So, that makes… ugh, we’re gonna die here,” he groaned as he kept finding useless books.

“I swear, some of this is as old as Nephrite the Noble,” Amethyst remarked at one of the old books covered in dust.

Topaz’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who?”

“He was a warrior for Ange a long time ago during a war against us Black Prism warriors, long before Obsidian’s reign. He was defeated mercilessly and all that survived in battle was his sacred armor, which was said to be impenetrable.”

“The armor went missing long ago."

"It was also said the armor would shine forever... Truly, he died a noble death, serving his queen and his Goddess."

Topaz now gained a suspicion and looked towards Amethyst, “How do you know about that?”

“I do my research,” she said before looking coldly at Topaz, “unlike some people.”

Topaz was about to lash out when Lapis held him back.

“This is a library, remember? We must be respectful. We find what we’re looking for and leave quietly. Simple as that.”

As Lapis went back, Topaz still glared at them silently. His suspicions surrounding, not only Lapis, but now the new dark warrior, were growing.

“Just who are you really?”

“Found it,” Lapis then said. He opened it and turned to a certain page and smiled. On the page was an image of a black sword. “This.”

“The Onyx Saber?”

“Yes. Whoever wields it obtains immense dark power. Topaz, you will go with Amethyst to retrieve this sword.”

“What?! Why do I--” He fell silent as the helmeted warrior gave him a cold glare. “Fine…”

“You come back when you have the sword.”

Lapis handed him the book and left the library. Topaz glared over at Amethyst.

“Just so you know… If you try anything funny and backstab us, in this case, possibly literally, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“Really? I’d like to see you try…” she said before taking the book and opening it. “There’s a map to where the sword is located. We follow it, we find it.”

“If you’re so sure, go on your own. Looks very well like you don’t need me.”

“No, I don’t. But if you don’t follow orders, Lord Obsidian will be upset, no?”

Topaz gritted his teeth.

“Fine. But don’t get in my way.”


A while later, Yui and the other four got to know more while talking to Sayaka’s friends from her hometown, Ogasawara Mayu (called Maachun) and Kotani Riho.

“Eh? So Sayaka and you guys went to Namba Girls’ Academy?”

“Yup! We were all part of the Comedy Club together!” Riho said.

“Comedy Club?”

“That doesn’t sound like our Sayanee at all. Sayanee’s often ever strict and serious.”

“But, the truth is, Sayanee is pretty wild,” Maachun then mentioned.


“Sayanee was?”

“Yeah, back in our high school days, she was the class clown. Or, seriously, the QUEEN of class clowns!”

“Eh?! Really?”

It seemed hard to believe the always serious Sayaka that Yui and the others know would actually be involved with comedy and gags and such.

“Look, here’s a video of her!” Maachun got out her phone and showed the group a video of Sayaka when she was younger.

Jurina’s mouth was ajar, Yui tried to contain her giggles while Mako and Haruppi laughed uncontrollably.

“Oh my God!”

“That’s hilarious!!!”

“Wait, there’s more!”

After that, the girls saw a marathon of old videos depicting a very fun, laid-back, and hilarious Sayaka.

“Holy crap!” Yui cracked up as she tried to catch her breath.

“Why can’t Sayanee be more like that?!”

“Well, after high school, Sayanee started to be more serious in her music career,” Maachun said.

Riho followed with a sigh, “I wish the ol’ Sayanee was back.”

It was then that Jurina suddenly had an interesting idea. She grabbed her stuff and got up to leave.

“I’ll be right back, you guys.”

“Wait, Jurina-san,” Maachun stopped her. “Before you go…”


Maachun grinned and took her phone out.

Jurina snickered and then said, “Thanks. OK, bye!”


Now it was at this moment Sayaka came to the base after finishing the errand she was sent out to do by Yuko.

“Whew...That's finally done.”

She was feeling rather hungry, so she headed to the Asobina restaurant and made her way down the street.

Now when Yui, Mako and Haruppi looked and saw Sayaka, they immediately recalled the funny videos of the comedian Sayaka they watched just a while ago. Finding it hard to not remember how amusing Sayaka was in those videos when they look at her, they began to snicker and laugh

Sayaka then spotted her friends already present at the restaurant. In her mind she is puzzled and wondered what on earth is making them laugh like that.

“Oh hey. You guys are here,” she said, then her eyes widened when she saw her two old classmates from high school. “Maachun? Ripopo?!”

“Sayaka!” The two got up and hugged their friend.

“Woah! It’s been so long, you guys!”

“Sayanee, we were just talking about you!”

“Eh, really?”

Haruppi and Mako snickered.

“Nee, Sayanee…”

“Is it true you were like.. class clown at your school?”

“Haa?” Sayaka glared at her two friends, who were containing their laughs. “What did you tell them?”

“Mou~ Sayanee, let’s not think about that!”

“Come on, let’s just catch up!”

The two girls dragged their friend to a table and started chatting as they ate. All the while, Sayanee felt uncomfortable from the stares of her fellow co-workers/teammates, who were still chuckling and whispering silently.

Now as all this was happening, Jurina came back and was holding a white crystal behind her back. She saw Sayanee excusing herself to go use the bathroom and quietly followed her.

There, she saw Sayanee at the sink, rinsing her face off.

“Mou… I don’t believe this.. they just had to remind everyone about all that… Jeez, this is embarrassing… Sometimes, I just wish I never even did all that.”

Jurina smirked. “Sorry, Sayanee, that won’t be an option for right now.”

She took out crystal and recited the spell she wrote from Yuko's spell book. The crystal started glowing, signifying it was ready.

“Let’s bring back those high school days~”

Jurina pointed the crystal out to Sayanee and cast the spell on her. Immediately, the older girl felt herself going back in time, the memories unraveling and disappearing until the only ones left were the ones of when she was in high school.

“Uh… what was I talkin’ about?” she said before leaving the bathroom.

Jurina chuckled and tapped her shoulder, “Yo, Sayanee!”

Sayaka looked at Jurina confused, but then smiled and replied, “Wassup! I don’t know who you are, but you look fun! Let’s hang!”

“Sounds cool~”

“Hey, everything okay?” Mayu and Riho walked over to the girl.

“Ah~ Maachun, Ripopo~ what’s up girls~?”


“Are you okay?”

“I’m all good! ‘ey, lez call up Yuppi and Rikanyan and have some fun~!”

The two then smiled. “You mean...”

“Just like ol’ times?”

Sayaka grinned. “If you ask us to~”

“We’ll do it!!!” The two responded.



The three other girls saw the whole scene and were baffled.

“Holy cow…”

Jurina laughed a bit as she went to them.

“Looks like those two have an influence on her. She can’t hold back her Osaka side anymore.”

“Yeah… maybe we should let them catch up.”

“Yup~ Let’s go!”

The girls then left, Sayanee watching them with a rather confused look.

“So, Sayanee, when did you meet those girls?” Riho asked.

“Eto~... I don’t remember. I don’t even recognize who they are. But, who cares?!” Sayanee slung her arms around her friends. “Let’s go paint the town!”

As they walked out of the restaurant, Sayanee then noticed the Gem around her neck. She looked at it blankly, her eyebrows furrowed.

“When did I get this..?”


To Be Continued

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 8 151124
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Sayaka! You cheeky girl! And Onyx Saber? Sounds sinister.

Gizzur shall spare your pretty heads for now......



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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 8 151124
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yay ! update  :D
did jurina changed sayanee's past then forgets them in the present time :? :(
waiting for next update  :)

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 8 151124
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did jurina changed sayanee's past then forgets them in the present time :? :(

No. She erased Sayanee's memories and made her think she was in high school again.

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 8 151124
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Chapter 8 (Part 2)

About an hour passed since the girls got back from the restaurant. They didn’t really know what else to do, they had just finished their daily training, and Sayanee still had not returned.

“Huh… seems kinda dull with Sayanee not here,” Mako said.

“She’s still with those two girls from her school?” Yuko asked, as she was informed about the situation.

“Most likely…”

“But, Sayanee is such a diligent girl. She would’ve been back by now for sure.”

“Maybe she’s just out having fun.”

“Well, let’s see,” Kana pulled up Sayanee’s Gem on the screen. “Now, let’s try and get a visual~”

As she was working, however, the screen started to glitch again.

“Mou~ of all times!”

Yuko tore out a paper that came out of the scanner. “What kind of reading is THIS? This is much different than what we got before?”

She then folded up the paper and put it in her pocket.

“Kana, let’s do a more thorough check of any Gem or Black Prism energy later.”

“Gotcha,” Kana said before pounding the monitor one last time. Sayanee’s Gem came back into view, and now there was some kind of attachment. “Hm? A video message?”

“Let’s see what it is.”

Kana tapped the screen and opened the video attachment.

“Oh my Lord…” Yuko’s eyes were wide as she looked at the screen.


Yuko and Yui stood, their jaws dropped, while everyone else was laughing their butts off.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Kana laughed. “This is a WHOLE new side to Sayanee!”

“What happened to her all the sudden?”

“I guess those girls just have an influence on her,” Haruppi said. “I mean, that’s what she acted like when she was in high school. Ogasawara-san and Kotani-san told us that.”

“No…” Yuko made a worried expression. “If that’s how she really was, then why has she never shown this side to us? Why now? It makes no sense…”

“What do you mean? That’s perfectly normal.”

“No, something’s wrong… I can just feel it, Sayanee was…”

Jurina then guiltily raised her hand, “Ano~... I kinda made Sayanee go back to being her ol’ self. Like, how she was in high school.”

“Wha-? How?”

“I kinda, sorta… erased her memory.”

“You did WHAT?!” Yuko and Kana exclaimed.

Jurina took out the crystal she used to cast the spell.

“It was just a little prank...”

“You erased her memory, Jurina!”

“Don’t you understand what that means?! You made her forget she was a Prism Knight! Now she’s left wide open for one of Obsidian’s soldiers to attack her!”


“You weren’t thinking at all, were you?!” Yuko said angrily. “You wanted to be funny with this little prank, but now you’ve endangered Sayanee! Are you happy now?! Is this funny to you?!”

“Yuko-san, calm down!” Yui pleaded.

Jurina remained silent.

“Just go get her back. And make it quick. Me and Kana will be working on other things.”

Yuko walked away from the group and started working on reading the scannings. Kana motioned for them to go, seeing as Yuko was rather upset about Jurina’s actions.

“Let’s just leave her be. You can apologize when we get Sayanee back,” Yui said.

“Y-yeah…” Jurina said. “Let’s go.”


The four girls quickly arrived at the location Sayanee was. They saw her and her friends at an arcade, going absolutely crazy.

“Sayanee!” Yui ran up to the girl and got her attention. “There you are! What are you doing here? We have to get back to He--er, I mean, Yuko’s place.”

Just then, Sayaka did something unexpected…

“Komanechi! Komanechi! Naha! Naha! Hero of Justice, Underwear Man! Yamamoto desu.”

Everyone stood dumbfounded.


“Now, who are you?” Sayanee pointed at Yui.

“Sayanee, it’s me, Yui! You have to remember!”

However, as they were talking, Jurina noticed that Lapis could be seen and summoned some Geodites.

“Uh, guys… we got trouble!” she said, pointing towards what was going on.


“You guys go on,” she said to her friends. They nodded and ran towards the scene. Yui looked back to her friend, “Sayanee, please! You need to remember us! Remember what you really are!”

“What are ya talkin’ about?! This IS who I am! And I don’t want people like you bossin’ me around. Now, leave me alone.”

As she was walking away, Yui took out the crystal and pointed it at her.

“Sayanee, remember who you are!” Yui shouted as she cast the memory spell on Sayanee, a beam of white light shooting out.

The light hit her and all her memories re-entered her mind, making her stop in her tracks.

“I remember now… I’m a Prism Knight.”

Sayaka looked at her friends and then looked at Yui. She knew what was more important. Even though she had fun, it was time to be serious again.

She walked over to her friends.

“Guys, sorry,” she said. “Something came up. I have important business to do.”

“Aw~ really?”

“I really am sorry.”

“Then, will you do one last gag, Sayanee?”

“Please~~~” Her friends begged.

“Oh, alright, alright.”

She sighed. “Glad I got all that out one last time…”

She then walked back to Yui and the two headed to the battlefield.


Back at Headquarters, Yuko and kana were looking at the scanner and searching for what was causing the strange readings.

“No abnormalities… What does this all mean?” Yuko looked at the folded up paper.

Then, Kana noticed something…



“Yuko, this!” Kana pointed at one of the screens, showing a heavy amount of dark energy that was released. “Could this be…?”

“Oh crap… Someone released the Onyx Saber!”


Topaz and Amethyst hovered over Tokyo. Amethyst gave an evil smile as she rose the Saber high in the air. Black lightning shot in the sky and dark clouds started to form.

Thunder roared in the air as the girls were battling Lapis’ Geodites.


Lapis chuckled. “Time for the real show to begin! Prepare to see a whole new kind of darkness!”

As the sky turned dark and rain started to come down, something happened to the Geodites. The rain was transforming them, making them more monstrous and stronger.

“Oh God…”

Topaz and Black Amethyst appeared beside him. The power of the Onyx Saber had transformed Amethyst as well. Her armor looked stronger and very evil, emitting a dark aura.

“Take them out.”

Topaz and Amethyst teleported down to the battlefield. Topaz grabbed Haruppi and Sayanee, while Amethyst took Jurina and Mako. They disappeared and Yui was left alone with Lapis.

“With your comrades separated, you stand no chance against me.”

“No… this is..! I can’t let this happen!”

Lapis chuckled and had the Geodites all charge at once.

Yui held out her sword and tried to attack, but she felt weak. The rain was making her weaker and weaker as it fell upon her.


She fell to her knees and returned to her normal form, becoming sick from the rain’s effects.

“Soon, the others shall fall like you,” she heard Lapis’ voice faintly echoing. “You have failed. Obsidian will finally rise again…”

Yui then fainted, her world becoming swallowed by darkness.


To Be Continued

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 8 (Part 2) 151125
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update yay  :) part 2  :wub: :inlove:

“You erased her memory, Jurina!”

“Don’t you understand what that means?! You made her forget she was a Prism Knight! Now she’s left wide open for one of Obsidian’s soldiers to attack her!”


“You weren’t thinking at all, were you?!” Yuko said angrily. “You wanted to be funny with this little prank, but now you’ve endangered Sayanee! Are you happy now?! Is this funny to you?!”

guilty jurina being scolded by yuko are scary  :cry:

sayanee's gag are funny  :D

new sword for our villians  :(

Yui held out her sword and tried to attack, but she felt weak. The rain was making her weaker and weaker as it fell upon her.


She fell to her knees and returned to her normal form, becoming sick from the rain’s effects.

“Soon, the others shall fall like you,” she heard Lapis’ voice faintly echoing. “You have failed. Obsidian will finally rise again…”

Yui then fainted, her world becoming swallowed by darkness.

ow!, help yui  :cry:, prism knights   :(

thanks for update author-san , :)

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Thanks for the update, Ruka-senpai~~  :luvluv1:

Ripopo and Maachun's appearance, Sugoi~   :shy2:

Uwaaaah Onyx Saber must be feared.  :sweat:

I'll be waiting for the next update~ Ganbatte~

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 8 (Part 2) 151125
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Chapter 9

Yui woke up groggily back at Headquarters. She saw Yuko and Kana hovered over her.

“Thank goodness~ you’re okay!”

“Wh-what happened..?” Yui said as she held her head.

“It’s Obsidian’s army. They got hold of the Onyx Saber.”

A rush of memories hit her as she remembered what had happened on the battlefield.

“No…” She started to cry remembering her friends being taken away. “No, this can’t be…”


“What am I going to do now?”

“There’s no other choice. You have to fight them and destroy the Saber.”

“But how?!” Yui screamed, tears streaming down her eyes. “They took the others… and they’ve gotten stronger… I’m…”

“Yui, listen,” Yuko took the girl’s shoulders. “There’s a reason I chose you as leader for this team. You have a power deep within you, and now you have to let it out to save the others.”

“I do..?”

“You do. It’s always been right here,” Yuko pointed at her chest.

Yui looked at her Gem. All she could think about was saving the others, and all of Tokyo. She grasped the Gem tightly.

“Right. I have to fight.”

Yuko typed a few things into the computer and found the location of Lapis.

“If we hurry now, we can catch him before he leaves Tokyo,” Yuko said, “Also, while you were out, I upgraded your Gem.”


“Yup. The rain that was out there weakened it, so I did a little adjustments to strengthen it.”

“Thank you, Yuko. I’ll be off then,” Yui said before she stepped on the teleporter and was transported to the streets of Tokyo.

The whole place was deserted, the sky dark with black clouds. The place was wrecked due to the previous Geodite attacks.

“This is terrible…”

She then found Lapis and faced him.


“Oh, you’re back already? It didn’t take you too long to recover. How disappointing…”

“Where are my friends?”

“Oh yes. They’re battling elsewhere… Call it a test of strength.”

He approached Yui and summoned a blade in his hand. He smirked and moved his sword, the blade almost touching her cheek.

“Perhaps we should have one of our own. Let’s see if you can beat me. Although, I truly doubt it.”

Yui gripped her Gem.

“Lapis… you used to be one of us. A Prism Knight… Yet, you betrayed Ange… You broke Yuko’s heart… You fell to darkness… Everything you’ve done.. is unforgivable!”

Yui then transformed and summoned a new sword, which had been upgraded by Yuko.

“For your unacceptable deeds… I will defeat you!”


Meanwhile, in what seemed like another dimension, the four girls found themselves in a world shrouded by darkness. Everything was bleak and looked almost like a graveyard. Although they were in the same world, the four were divided into two pairs, miles apart from each other.

Sayanee and Haruppi were facing Topaz, Haruppi protecting Sayanee from the back against the Geodites, and Sayanee doing the same.

Topaz chuckled from above. “How pathetic… Do you really think you can keep this up? Sooner or later, one of you will fall.”

During battle, Haruppi was struggling to keep up with the monsters’ attacks. Before she could reload her shouts, one of the Geodites knocked her down and cornered her.


The blue knight quickly came to her call and slashed the monster from behind.

“Is that all you got?” Sayanee grinned at Topaz.

He sneered. “What a nuisance.”

He then snapped his fingers and created a black cage of thorns around Sayanee. She tried to break out, but they were incredibly strong, not even leaving a scratch.

“Now, where were we, little pink knight?”

The Geodites circled Haruppi, making her shiver in fear.

“What’s the matter? You scared?! Why don’t you just run away like the weak little baby you are!”

“I-I… I..!” Haruppi started to cry.

“Haruppi, don’t listen to him!” Sayanee shouted. “You have to fight!”

The girl shook her head. “I don’t want to anymore… I wanna go home…”

“If you don’t fight now, there won’t be a home to go to!”

Haruppi sniffled and wiped away her tears.


She cocked her two guns and aimed them at the monsters, firing one shot after another and taking out each monster.

Topaz growled angrily again.

“Looks like it’s just you and me,” Haruppi said.

Topaz jumped down to Haruppi, creating a black dagger in his hand.

The battle commenced and Topaz was the one to make the first move, trying to stab the young knight. Haruppi fired a shot, but missed Topaz. She saw him nearly punch her stomach, but blocked it and kicked his side.

He then turned around swiftly and elbow her back, knocking her down for a moment, but Haruppi got back up and fired a few more shots, one landing at his shoulder and another scratching his cheek.

“You really think you stand a chance against me?” Topaz glared. “You’re WEAK! You can’t do anything, so why even bother?! You’re just a pathetic human!”

Haruppi gripped her two guns.

“I… I.. am not weak!”

She fired another shot, and this time, shot Topaz’s hand and knocked away the dagger.

“Haruppi, catch!” Sayanee threw the girl one of her hand knives and Haruppi slashed Topaz, knocking him down.

Topaz was about to attack, when he suddenly felt something pull him back. He disappeared in front of Sayanee and Haruppi. The black cage also disappeared and Sayanee was free.

“What just happened?”

“No idea. But, my watch is sensing Jurina and Mako close by. We need to go hurry and find them.”

“Right! Let’s go!”


At the same time, Mako and Jurina were fighting Black Amethyst. Jurina’s spear clashed with the Onyx Saber Amethyst wielded, creating a loud clang.

“I see your skills have improved since our last encounter,” she said coldly. “But that does not mean you can stop me.”

“I can still try. I’ll keep going until I finally beat you!”

Jurina pushed her away and was about to slash her with her spear when the dark warrior held out her palm and pushed the girl back with a strong force.

The green knight was sent flying and fell to the ground, her body suddenly weak.


“The Onyx Saber increases the dark powers of one’s Black Prism. Oh, but it seems it only stunned you. With the amount of power I was using, you should be out cold.”

Jurina chuckled. “See? We have gotten stronger… you can’t knock us down just that easy as last time…”

Amethyst was about to slash her, when Mako shouted out and ran for a surprise attack, swinging her war hammer.

“Pathetic…” Amethyst froze the girl in her tracks.

“Eh..?” Mako struggled to move, surrounded by a purple aura. “I c-can’t.. m-move..!”

“You’re next,” Amethyst raised her hand and created a dark orb. She shot it at Jurina, the girl just barely dodging, causing her annoyance.

She swung the Saber again, this time, cutting some of Jurina’s scarf which was around her neck. The blade was now aimed at her neck.

“All you Prism Knights are the same… You hold on desperately to some lost hope and try to keep fighting even though all is lost… It’s all pointless.”

“How can you say that?!” Jurina said angrily. “We fight… the reason we fight is to stop villains like you from doing evil deeds!”

“And where is it getting you now?! You should just surrender, just like your oh-so dear Lady Ange and so-called ‘fearless’ leader, the former White knight…”

Now Jurina was mad. A new fire burned in her and she swung her spear fiercely.

“You… will not… talk about her… like that!!!” she screamed as she kept slashing Amethyst’s Saber, leading to one final attack.

Jurina created a strong green shockwave with the shear force of strength, knocking her far away and landing on the ground, releasing the Onyx Saber.

Having let go of the Onyx Saber, the dark aura around Amethyst dimmed. The Saber itself also became smaller and less deadly-looking, no longer resembling a sword, and more like a long knife.

The purple aura around Mako disappeared and she could move again.

“Jurina, get the Saber!”

“On it!”

Jurina quickly took the Saber and wrapped it tightly in a cloth, making sure none of the black metal was shown.

While she was doing this, she looked up and noticed that Amethyst was in great pain, not just from the draining of her energy, but it looked like she was actually having an internal struggle.

She remembered something she had saw in a book when she was searching for the memory spell…

“A pure Black Prism can also hold the power of warping a person’s thoughts or memories.”

When she looked back up, Jurina saw a pulsing purple glow that seemed like it was coming from Amethyst’s eye, as if there was something inside her fighting for control.

“This Saber… it truly is a dastardly weapon,” she said as she tied the cloth tightly.

Amethyst could still hear multiple whispers of the Saber’s corrupt power. It was twisting her thoughts and causing all sorts of chaos in her head. Darkness clouded her senses and she felt like she was going insane.

She ran up and tried to grab Jurina, and in a panic, Mako swung her war hammer and hit the dark warrior in the head, knocking her out cold.

The two walked over the dark knight.

“Now what should we do with her?”

“Maybe while she’s like this, we can--”

Before the pair could think of what to do with the dark soldier, however, a Geodite suddenly appeared and grabbed Amethyst. It then disappeared as abruptly as it appeared, leaving the two a bit shocked.

“Well, scratch that.”

“Jurina-san! Kojimako-chan!”

The two then saw their comrades running towards them. They embraced in a group hug, relieved to have reunited.

“What happened to you guys?” Jurina asked, noticing the injuries on the two.

“We were fighting Topaz. And you guys?”

“Black Amethyst.”

“But she got away. A Geodite took her.”

“Same. Topaz just disappeared. Literally.”

“So, now what do we do?”

The group suddenly felt themselves become pulled away from the world they were in and re-arrived in Tokyo, locked up in a black cage hovered over Yui and Lapis. Topaz was also in a separate cage, watching from afar.

“Why were you locked up in here?” Jurina couldn’t help but ask Topaz.

“Obsidian was angered that I had lost, so he put me in this cage.”

“I’m surprised he hasn’t done that long time ago.”

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” he roared angrily.

“Alright, you two. What’s not important is the confrontation up here,” Sayanee said. “What matters is down there.”

She pointed down to where Yui and Lapis have both already gone through an intense battle. Both had suffered injuries, and both seemed to be struggling to tolerate the damage.

“The readings on Yui’s Gem are weak,” Sayanee said. “If she pushes too hard, she may give out and…”

“Don’t say it,” Mako said.

“Yuihan… She just has to win!”

However, Yui was already at her wits end. Even though she was fighting with all she had, she was growing weaker with each passing second.

She fell to her knees, trying to catch her breath. Her sword was starting to grow heavy in her hands. Lapis flashed an evil smile and started to approach her.

“Someone… someone lend me their strength…”

She closed her eyes, prepared for the worst…

“NO!!!” Sayanee screamed, Jurina covered her mouth and Haruppi looked away from the sight, Mako holding her.

But then, Yui felt a warm hand on her back. Her body suddenly felt light and replenished. She stood up, a bright aura surrounding her, and slashed Lapis away with her sword.

His eyes widened. “This aura… It can’t be..!”

“Lapis, retreat,” he heard Obsidian in his mind.

“Yes, sir.”

He and Topaz then disappeared.

The black cage vanished and Sayanee and the others flew down to Yui’s side, who had now stopped glowing.

“Yui! That was--”

They were interrupted when Yui suddenly collapsed and transformed back to normal.



Topaz stood at Obsidian’s feet, his head lowered in shame from his defeat. The dark lord hovered over him with glowing red eyes.

“Do you understand that I will not allow these constant failures to continue?”

“Yes, my Lord. I’m very sorry.”

“You should be. If this keeps up, someone is going to lose their life.”

Topaz gritted his teeth, growling angrily in a low tone at the memory of his loss.

“More importantly, where is Black Amethyst?”

As he said that, before Topaz could answer, Lapis stepped in, carrying an unconscious Black Amethyst in his arms.

“Oi, what happened to her?” Topaz asked, slightly shocked in seeing the dark warrior had fallen.

“Most of her energy has been drained. Seems that the Onyx Saber really took a toll on her. I’ll take her back to the Black Prism to replenish her energy.”

“You do so, then. Topaz, you’re dismissed as well. And remember, no more disappointments.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The two left and Topaz followed Lapis silently to the dark chamber in which Black Amethyst had first emerged. The sight and overwhelming power of the Black Prism in the center of the room was bone-rattling indeed.

Lapis laid Amethyst down on the altar and let the dark energy become absorbed into the dark knight’s body.

“You felt that aura, didn’t you?” Lapis then said.


“Of the red knight. Something awakened in her. Or, more likely, she awakened something.”

“What are you implying?”

“What if this red knight.. as some connection to Ange’s soul?”

Topaz’s eyes widened in fear. “That can’t be..! We eliminated her! Her soul should be gone!”

“No. It’s shattered, it scattered across Earth. Part of it somehow was able to find it’s way to the red knight. How or why is the question.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll find out why and eliminate it! I want Ange and her bothersome knights completely GONE!”

Lapis only silently walked passed him.

“And just so you know… I still don’t trust you,” Topaz then sneered.

“I understand completely,” he replied before leaving.


(Listen to this song playing)

Yui opened her eyes and found herself in a familiar field. She remembered this field from her dreams and saw she was now underneath the tree, asleep.

But the other figure she saw was not sitting with her, asleep. Instead, she saw a young girl standing beside her, looking out at something. For some reason, however, Yui could not see her face clearly.

The girl turned to Yui and what she could see clearly was a smile curving the girl’s lips. She then mouthed something.


“Who..?” Yui tried to reach out to her, but then became blinded by the sunlight.

Her eyes blinked and she found herself back at Headquarters, staring at the white sealing.


She looked and saw Yuko, Kana, and all the others surrounding her as she laid in the infirmary bed.

“W-what happened.. to me..?”

“You were out for three days.”

“Three days?! Tokyo--!” Yui tried to get up, but her body was still a bit sore.

“Don’t worry. We reversed everything the Onyx Saber created and destroyed it permanently. The city’s back to normal and no one remembers a thing.”

The girl sighed in relief. “Thank goodness…”

“Still, what you did during that battle with Lapis was awesome!”

“You were shining and glowing and you looked like an angel!”

“Angel..?” Hearing that word, Yui did distinctly remember someone with her during that time. Maybe it was the girl she saw in her dream, maybe she was an angel.

Kana nudged Yuko and whispered, "Was that part of the upgrade?"

Yuko only shrugged. "I don't think so."

“Look, what matters is that you’re okay.”

“So… what’s going to happen now?”

“I guess only time will tell.”


To Be Continued


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that was awesome,  :twothumbs yui saves the day  :twothumbs

that angel is so mysterious maybe yuko knows her!  :)

thanks for update,waiting for next update author-san  :) :) :) :)

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM [Yokoyama Team K] Chapter 9 151219
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Chapter 10 (Part 1)

This time was a special time for one of the Prism Knight girls. Because, the third oldest of the group, Matsui Jurina, had just released her official debut single as a solo singer!

A few weeks after Jurina confirmed it, the girls were able to listen and watch first-hand her first live TV performance of the song.

“Woah~ check it out~” Mako said excitingly. “It’s Jurina’s solo single!”

Mako showed her friends the CD albums of Jurina’s recently released single.

“‘Akai Pin Heel to Professor’..?”

“It’s such a mature song~”

“Well, Jurina is almost 18.”

Speaking of, as they were talking, Jurina just happened to walk in and started to leave.

“Hey, Jurina, that was great!” Mako said, noticing the girl.

“Un! Is it true you’re gonna be filming for the music video tomorrow?” Haruppi asked excitedly.

“Huh..?” Jurina looked at them, a strange look in her eyes. “Oh, y-yeah...”

“Can we come watch? Please?”

“We promise we’ll be good.”

“Uh, yea, I’ll… I’ll see what I can do...”

She walked away from the group, holding her head a bit. Yuko happened to walk passed her and asked the two.

“Hey, is Jurina okay?” Yuko asked.

“Yeah, she must be tired from training is all.”

“Plus, she’s been doing nonstop work ever since her single came out.”

“But don’t worry, Jurina’s a super idol, she can handle anything!”

“Souka… I was just worried, she looked a little pale.”

“It can’t be that big of a deal, can it?”

“Come to think of it, Jurina’s been eating less,” Haruppi mentioned. “She kept mentioning she was on a diet and that she was watching her health.”

“Don’t you think that maybe she’s pushing herself too hard?”

Yuko nudged Sayaka’s shoulder. “Sayanee, could this be…?”


Mako decided to see what was really going on and went to the exit door.

“Jurina?” Mako saw the girl dizzily walking towards the door. She turned to look at Mako and gave a weak smile.

“Oh… h-hey, Mako-chan...”

“Jurina, are you okay? You look sick.”

“No, no, I’m… fine….” Jurina stumbled and slowly collapsed to the ground.

“Jurina!” Mako quickly caught her and felt her head. She was burning with a fever. “Yuko! Yui! Help! Jurina’s sick!”


“So, it seems the Green knight has grown quite weak...”

“It seems so.”

“This will be the perfect opportunity to take her Gem.”

Beryl looked over at Lapis. “And how do you suggest we do that? Their base is protected by an invisible barrier that doesn’t allow us Black Gem wielders to enter.”

“Simple. We just need another way to infiltrate.”

“You always make it sound so easy. But don’t you understand that Lord Obsidian is still VERY upset with us since the incident with the Onyx Saber,” Topaz glared.

“He’s more upset with you than anyone,” Amethyst mentioned.

“Shut up!”

“Topaz, it is very true, but if he were that upset with any of us, he’d had gotten rid of all of us minutes ago. But he’s still weak with power, and he trusts us to defeat them. And he also needs me by his side until he can regain his full power.”

“You… you used to be one of them!” Topaz angrily brought up, “You worked with all of them, against us! You and that White knight, Oshima..!”

“I changed. Those foolish Prism Knights have no idea what they’re up against.”

For some reason, as they were talking, Black Amethyst happened to overhear a certain name that was mentioned and when she did, there was a buzzing in her head that made her hold her temple to stop it throbbing.

Lapis happened to see the dark warrior struggling with something and approached her.

“Everything alright, Amethyst?”

When she heard Lapis’ voice, the buzzing had stopped and Amethyst lowered her hand.

“Yes… just a headache.”

“Perhaps you’re still suffering the after effects of the Onyx Saber,” Lapis simply said.

“Perhaps…” Amethyst agreed.

“Don’t let it bother you. The effects will wear off soon.” He then leaned closer to her ear. “And if not, I can easily fix that.”

She nodded. “Yes, Lapis.”

“Hey, I wasn’t finished,” Topaz grabbed the man. “What makes you so sure that Obsidian really trusts you, fully?”

“Because I’ve sworn loyalty to him, on my own blood. I gave the last of my humanity away and my absolute obedience to him. I’ve not failed him once, that is, until the Prism knights rose once again. But he still has not once doubted I was a traitor. So I suggest you erase these thoughts of suspicion, or it will be YOU who’s the first to go.”

Topaz suddenly felt scared. He didn’t show it, but there was something now in Lapis’ eyes that was scaring him. He slowly let go and back away.

“Back to more important business,” Beryl then spoke. “The Green knight.”

“Yes. This could be a chance to take her Gem. Jade, Alex.”

At his call, two almost identical figures appeared.

“Yes sir?”

“I’m putting you in charge of this mission. Find a way to infiltrate their headquarters and take the Green knight’s Prism Gem.”


The two disappeared and Lapis created an image of Jurina resting in the base, her skin turned pale from the fever. The group stared as Yuko and Yui were taking care of her to relieve her fever.

“With her like this, it won’t be long until the entire team also falls.”


“This fever is pretty bad...” Yuko said as she laid a wet cloth on Jurina’s head to cool her fever.

Yui watched the girl’s pained expression in her sleep, her hands gripping the blanket.

“You were pushing yourself too hard…” she said softly.

Yuko decided it’d be best if they let Jurina rest alone. They walked out and saw the others all quietly sitting around the table.

“With Jurina like this, we need to protect her while she rest.”

“Why is that?”

“Even though Obsidian’s soldiers can’t come in, they’re bound to find some other way to catch us off guard. That’s why we can’t leave until Jurina gets better.”

“Do you think they’d try to break in?”

“No. That wouldn’t work,” Kana said. “This place has protected us for a long time. Not ONE Black Prism wielder has ever stepped foot inside.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door.


“Uh-oh, who is that?”

Yuko pulled up the security camera footage and saw a girl standing outside the door.

“Jurina, are you here?”

Sayanee immediately recognized the girl. “Rena-san...”

Yuko then pushed a button and her voice was carried to an intercom outside the base. “What’s your name?”

Rena was a bit confused, but answered into the intercom.

“Matsui Rena desu. I’m here to see Jurina; I looked up her phone on my GPS and tracked it here.”

Behind Yuko, the other girls saw the person standing at the door through a screen filmed by a security camera.

“Who is that?”

“That’s… Jurina’s sister.” Sayanee said.


“I met her when Jurina and I swapped bodies,” Sayanee included. “They live together.”

“This is bad! She followed us here!”

Kana tried to reassure the girls. “Now now girls, let’s all calm down,” she encouraged, “Yuko is going to handle it.”

After a bit of thinking, Yuko spoke, “Gomen. Jurina is busy right now.”


“Ah, don’t worry, she’s fine. Really. She just doesn’t really want anyone bothering her while she’s...” Yuko stopped when she saw a saddened expression from Rena.

“Yuko?” Sayanee nudged her shoulder.

The girl snapped out of her trance and continued, “Er, eto… maybe you should come back and wait until she’s less busy. Is that fine, Rena-san?”

“Well… if you aren’t going to let me in, at least tell me if Jurina’s okay. She didn’t respond to any of my texts or calls.”

“Don’t worry, Rena-san. She’s okay.”

“Has she eaten?”

“Yeah, of course she’s eaten.”

“No, I mean, has she been eating properly?”

“Eh..? Properly?”

“Yes. I’ve noticed it for a while now, but Jurina’s been eating less and less of her dinner. And she’ll go to the gym every once in awhile, even though she’s so fit. She’s says she’s watching her health, but all of this is making her sick. She’s even had to go to the hospital a few times.”


“Rena did tell me Jurina would get herself sick because of her eating so little,” Sayanee mentioned. “But… I didn’t think it was so serious.”

“And not only that, Jurina hasn’t been getting proper sleep either. When she was younger, she couldn’t sleep by herself, but she insisted that she needed to get adjusted and sleep alone now. But, I know the truth. She’s been disappearing for hours, days, every night! She’ll come home late, and sometimes, she STILL won’t go to sleep!”


“And to make things even worse, Jurina’s nightmares have been becoming more frequent and intense as she’s gotten older! I would always be there to comfort her, but she STILL insists I leave her alone! But because of these nightmares, she stays up all night! She has insomnia, and it only makes her condition worse!”

“Rena-san, please, calm down..!”

“I’m worried about Jurina, okay?! I just care about her! I don’t want to lose my ONLY sister!! She’s the ONLY FAMILY I HAVE LEFT!!!”

The feedback echoed loudly and pierced everyone’s ears.

After it calmed down, Sayanee slowly uncovered her ears and held the button to speak in the intercom.

“Matsui-san, Jurina is--”

Just then, Rena’s sobs could be heard from the intercom. They looked at the screen and saw her crying, tears freely flowing from her eyes.

“I-I… I’m sorry...”

Rena then ran off and disappeared from the screen.

Sayanee let go of the intercom button. “Rena-san…”

“That was.. pretty intense.”

“Rena-san must really care for Jurina-chan.”

“Un…” Sayanee nodded. “She does. I know very well she does…”

She gripped her fists.

“I feel sorry for her… Rena-san.”


Back where Rena was, she was sitting alone in the intersection of Shibuya. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she remembered how Jurina had been forcing herself.

She always had a sort of pressure put upon her since she started going solo, and now she was involved with something unknown to Rena. She essentially became worried the day Jurina suddenly collapse while they were together in Nagoya.

The image of Jurina sick in the hospital, how weak and vulnerable she was… it hurt Rena. She never wanted to see Jurina like that again. But now that she knew it was happening all over again, fear and sadness was slowly consuming her.

“Jurina...” Rena softly cried as she covered her face.

“Now, now~” A voice echoed in Rena’s ears. “Don’t cry~”

“Yes, please, don’t cry, child.” Another voice said.

Rena looked around, trying to find the source of the voices.

“Who… who’s there?”

“We’re friends.”

“We want to help you in your sorrow.”

“Eh..?” Rena then smelled a strange perfume in the air. It was making her dizzy and she held her head. “Wh-what’s.. going.. on..?”

“You want to help your dear little sister, right?” Rena then felt someone embrace her from behind, whispering in her ear. “You know how much she’s been struggling, and you want to be of some help to her. The poor thing~”

“That’s right,” the second voice whispered in her other ear. “We can lend you the strength you need; give you the power to help your sister.”

“Help… Jurina...”

“That’s right. Give yourself up to the darkness~”

“And then, you can help your sister.”

Rena’s eyes slowly closed, falling asleep in the two’s embrace. Everything in her mind was consumed by darkness, leaving everything else blank and empty.

“That’s a good girl~” one of the figures said as she stroked her head.

“Now, with you, we will get our hands on the Prism Gems.”


To Be Continued


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