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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]  (Read 115693 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
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So this time fumie got helped by haru. Will it be the start of their love story? The last time paru got helped by maru when she got lost in korea, they start a very much complicated love story

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
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YAY!!!! Haru has finally appeared!!!!!!!!!!

Also, why do I feel like Haru is now interested in Fumie  :?

Maybe..... :ding:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
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Yes, it is :D Yuma, Yuma, where you are? Haru come back, i saw him in canteen :D MT will be fun :3 Korean, fufu, haru, asuka. .... If i were fuyu, i loved asuka :) she is so kind, pretty, love him >. < she just isn't his destiny orz. Really, Fumie-chan, you will play 'I don't know my feeling' forever or something :/ I'm looking forward for next update, aja aja fighting!!!!
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
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"She’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have any relationship with her. Please stop linking her to me. I feel bad for her." Does it hurt Fumie? It hurt so bad right? You tsundere!  :hiakhiakhiak:

OHMYGOD!!!!!! HaruAki!!!

AND YES!!!!!!! MY FUYUASHU IS SAILING!!!!  :onioncheer: :on gay: :nya: :wriggly:

Oh btw, porkofdoom-san  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: that's all I can say. You're really gooooooooood~! Waiting for your next fanart  :on cny2:

PS. Waiting for the next update.

PPS. Please add more FuyuAshu moments Cut-san :)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
« Reply #104 on: July 09, 2017, 10:09:22 AM »
Oh btw, porkofdoom-san  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: that's all I can say. You're really gooooooooood~! Waiting for your next fanart  :on cny2:

@MatsuiLee THANK YOU!!!! Arigatou gozaimashta! It's actually my first fan-art, digitally made and the first one I've posted OL. Cut-san really overdid himself and touched my heart with his love for his fanfics and arts. I hope he will update soon and maybe I could post another one, too! XD Maybe a Wish fanart LMAO!!

@Cut-san, tuesday :3
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 :on asmo:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
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well, to be honest somehow i really really can relate to fuyu when he said about how the world treat him,
“What have I done to be treated like this, Asuka? Why do people always make me feel that I don’t fit in? There’s nowhere I belong to… Nowhere!”

i kind familiar with that feeling of being unfit, too bad i don't have someone like ashuka in real life, i know what you are feeling my bro fuyu  :(

enough for serious thing now, i kind agree with using zenzenzense's english version or maybe since they are going go to korea why not use Cnblue's "because i miss you" that's song is kind of sad thought hehe  ;)

now to the character : yuma, fuyu and fumie seems really need your help now but some action, and haru, you better not try to steal fumie
oh and  am i the only one who laugh with natsu's comment how haru and aki give the ladies new fanfic material without the two even realize it ?  XD
i can't wait for the next chapter  :) XD

@porkofdoom-san your fanart is great really keep it up

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 14 (07-11) | M.T. (I)
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Chapter 14: M.T. (I)

YUMA’s eyes couldn’t stop glittering in the plane. It was his first time to get out of the country and who would’ve thought that he will be sitting in the business class together with the Shiki, the Student Council plus three more extras.

It was Haru’s idea to put him there and he was asked to bring his friends if ever he has them.

“Stop looking like it is your first time to ride in a plane like this, Yuma-san.” Miyu commented while playing with her locks. She looks so bored. “Why am I even stuck here with you?”

She looked around to see what the others are doing. The vice president of the Student Council is just reading something through her neurolinker. She’s the only one without a seatmate. The two other boys of the council are busy watching a movie on the screen in front of them while snacking.

Maki and Fumie are sitting together. The former is trying to teach the latter some magic tricks but Fumie doesn’t seem amazed at all. She’s still looking a bit down just as she was at the beginning of the week. She looks like she’s still in another planet. Maki has been trying to cheer her up but to no avail.

Fuyu and Natsu are sitting together and she can never deny that Natsu is so much delighted being seated together with his brother. Fuyu is sleeping while Natsu couldn’t keep himself calm. Instead of taking a rest, he is sneakily taking two shots with his sleeping brother.

On the other hand, Aki is sitting with Haru. Miyu couldn’t stop her heart from throbbing so fast while looking at those two being together. Haru seems like teaching something to Aki through his laptop and they are so close to each other.

“Should I snap a picture?” Miyu asked herself. “No, no. I must hold myself back. This scene should come out in the story…”

She continued looking at the two when she witnessed something that is off. One, two, three… She counted how many times Haru stole a glimpse of Fumie who was sitting on their left side. He looked at her thrice in just one minute.

“What was that—“

“So…How long are you going to keep me away from her?”

Miyu turned to Yuma who is now sitting comfortably with his arms crossed. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Are we on this topic again?” She asked imitating the way the guy sits.

“I told you and Togawa-san about this already. You are all reincarnations of the people written in that story I am talking about. You were all idols at some point in time and not just ordinary ones—you were all national idols!”

Yuma took a deep breath. “I know that it is hard to believe but it is the truth. People were surprised when that book came out containing names of real idols, based on real happenings, revealing things that the people didn’t know about.

Of course everyone thought it was just a fanfiction. But, think of it—who will write a fanfiction of an idol group roughly 80 years later after that group’s fame? Would you consider that author to be in the right mind?”

Yuma rolled his eyes when he noticed that Miyu isn’t paying attention to whatever he is saying. He tried to calm himself and continued talking.

“The book was written by someone under the pen name Yuki Koi. She has never shown her face in the public even though she was a renowned novelist. But according to my research, her real name is Yamamoto Sayaka. It’s the same name of one of the characters in the story! Do you think that it was just a coincidence?

You also have to know that that Sayaka had a lover called Watanabe Miyuki. And as I have been saying to you for I don’t know how many times now, YOU are this time’s Watanabe Miyuki! The Sayaka of this time is that guy over there!”

Yuma pointed to Aki. Miyu took a glimpse of Aki and acted like she is not affected at all.

“So you are trying to fool me that you are not affected, huh?” Yuma smirked. “We both know that you are strongly attracted to him. That’s because in your previous lives both of you are lovers! It’s not a coincidence that you like him. It’s normal for Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka to be together!” (A/N: Because SayaMilky is forever)

Miyu grew so red just like a ripe tomato. She slowly lifted her head to glare at Yuma.

“Is it that obvious?” she asked shyly. “That I like him?”

“It is!” Yuma nodded strongly. “Also according to my research, the story was not Yuki Koi’s idea. It was a story that her adoptive son has been talking about. That kid claimed that he was Hoshino Maru in his past life and he had vivid memories of it until he turned to a certain age and all the memories vanished. Luckily, Yuki Koi managed to write everything.”

“Is that so?” Miyu finally showed interest. She was even leaning towards Yuma. “You mean that the kid they adopted was Hoshino Maru?”

“That is according to my research! I don’t really know what happened but I‘m sure Maru and Paruru weren’t able to have the happy ending they wanted even on that time. I heard that the kid grew up to be a marksman and ended up being killed.”

Yuma remembered that he saw Fuyu’s light was very dim at the first time he saw him which made him conclude that he was a criminal in his past life. Thinking about it, Maru’s father died in her hands and if the kid who was claiming that he was Maru became a marksman, having a dim light is explainable.

“How sure are you that Hoshi-senpai is Hoshino Maru of this time?” The girl threw another question.

“It’s very easy to be honest. His ‘smell fetish’ is one of the strongest evidence. If you have read the story then you already know why he was searching through scent and not by anything else. He also has this birthmark in his forehead that he is concealing with his hair. Birthmarks are said to be the cause of your death in your past life. I want to think that it was because of the car accident Maru got herself into. It may not be the real cause of her death but everyone thinks that she died that way.”

Miyu remained silent as if trying to figure out things.

“If you are going to ask about Shingyoji-san being Paruru. It is just so evident on the way she looks. She’s like an exact copy of her!”

“Now that you said it, Fumie has been told that she looks like a famous idol and she is also addicted to that book for the reason she doesn’t even know herself.”

Yuma nodded at Miyu’s statement. “It’s because she was Shimazaki Haruka! I’m just wondering why she is running away from the Hoshino Maru of this time. Could it be that Maru was the only one who really loved?”

“That would be too bad!” Miyu gasped. “You are saying that Paruru didn’t really love Maru, right? But in the story Paruru was deeply inlove with her.”

“Hmmm…” Yuma thought aloud. “Regardless of that, we need to help Hoshizora-senpai to be with Shingyoji-san. Looking at him now, he doesn’t seem like he can hold on for a long time.”

“What are you talking about exactly?”

Yuma released a vexed sigh. “If the Maru and Paruru of this time won’t end up together, I’m afraid that Hoshizora-senpai would stop holding on to the promise. Being driven away by the one he loves… Do you think his longing heart could handle it any longer? I doubt it! Looking at Senpai, it doesn’t seem he is having a good life as well.”

Miyu pressed her lips together. “This is getting really complicated.” She remembered that she also agreed in the MFFFA plan. She’s now torn in between. “Let’s say that everything you are saying is true, how should we make this time’s Paruru to remember her promise to Maru?”

“That’s why I am trying to talk to her and tell her everything but you guys are always blocking my way!” Yuma fell silent then he turned to the window. “I will just reserve that as the final card. For now, let’s just observe them. We are going to Korea, right? We shall confirm everything there.”



THE NHG students and teachers safely arrived in Korea. Fumie saw Fuyu helping Maki with her luggage and then went out the gate. She tried not to care and then grabbed her baggage. She got surprised when somebody suddenly grabbed it from her. It was Natsu, grinning at her from ear to ear.

“Disappointed?” Natsu asked. “I saw you looking at them with that salty face of yours. Fuyu-nii asked me to help you.” That’s all and the guy started walking towards the gate. Fumie couldn’t do anything but to follow him.

“I don’t really need help.” Fumie bitterly answered.

“You’re welcome.” Natsu smirked. “If you like him then just tell him. He will be overjoyed for sure. He will gladly accept your feelings.”

“I-I don’t like him.”

“You stammered. You’re lying.”

“I-It’s because you are suddenly telling me that again!”

Natsu turned to her, unamazed of her continuous denial. “You say so. Then you won’t regret if he falls for another girl, right?”

“I-I don’t really mind!”

The door of the gate opened and Fumie’s jaw dropped to what she has seen. Asuka was there and she was talking to Fuyu and Maki. When did she arrive? As far as she could remember she didn’t board the plane with them.

Maki noticed them and she waved at them. “Fumie-chan, Natsu-kun! Look, Asuka is here! She said she’ll be joining the MT! How cool is that!”

Asuka and Fuyu turned to them. The idol smiled at her and their eyes met. Fumie panicked. She took a bow and took her baggage from Natsu.

“I’m going to look for Miyu.” She started walking with her head down.

“Hey! You are going the wrong way!” Natsu shouted at her.

Fumie flushed. She turned to Fuyu to see how the guy was looking at her but she was surprised to see him looking at her with his cold eyes. Shortly after that, he turned to Asuka and started talking with the idol. She felt her heart crumpled. She immediately turned to the other side and rushed to where Miyu is.

“Is Fumie-chan, okay?” Maki asked Natsu. The guy just shrugged.

“Is she still feeling shy to me?” Asuka asked.

“I think so! Fumie-chan is really a big fan of you, you know?” Maki said. “It’ll be nice if you two could be friends as well. She’s really giving her best to be an idol like you.”

“You know I’m not good in making friends, Maki.” Asuka smiled faintly then took a glimpse of Fuyu. The guy was looking at the direction where Fumie went. Those eyes of him… They are still filled with sadness. How could she erase that sadness from the guy’s eyes? It has been like that for years. How could she make other people happy and not this person that she likes the most?



ONE BUS is going to transfer their things to the hotel they are going to stay at while they will go and start their tour. From the city of Incheon, they are now heading to the capital of Korea which is Seoul. Fuyu was all eyes to the scenery outside. He badly needs to know the reason why this country is very close to his heart.

They arrived in Seoul in no time and the first place they went to see is the palace of the president. Of course they weren’t able to look inside. The real target is somewhere near that place.

“Good day, everyone! May I have your attentions, please?” Everyone turned to Haru who was speaking through a megaphone. “I am the president of the Student Council, Yokoyama Haru and with me here is the team who planned the MT. We are here to explain to you the first course of this event.”

Everyone is listening to the respected president. As expected from Haru. He is really good in managing people. He is really born for it.

“As you can see, everyone, we are here behind the Blue House (the presidential mansion in Korea). We are actually going on a hike today!”

The students gasped after hearing the word hike. Is Haru serious about this? They just came from an airplane ride and now they are going on a hike?

“We are in the foot of the Bugaksan. This is one of the best mountains to hike here in Seoul. Aside for it being historical, the scenery here is very amazing. We are going to hike here and we will go down with a different course. On the other side, there is a small museum. I’m not very sure of the details but that place will be the finish line.”

The students started murmuring. What is this finish line that Haru is talking about? By any chance, are they doing a…

“Yes! This will be a race!"Haru proclaimed. "Along the way there will be tasks that you have to do. But don’t worry, everyone. The tasks are very easy. We have already assigned you in groups. If you remember, we gave you color coded wristbands when you rode the bus. That will determine your group!”

Excitement is in the air while everyone was looking for their teammates. Just as Akane planned, everyone is socializing very well. Since it is a mix, there’ll be a lot of things to discover with one another. With these, the freshmen will have the opportunity to properly blend in.

When everyone is settled with their groups, Haru continued talking.

“The group who will properly complete the tasks and will arrive quickly on the said museum will be rewarded with extra premium meat to be served during lunch. Please be guided with the maps. Don’t get lost. Please make sure that you are going to arrive at the finish line before lunch. Last but not the least, let’s just enjoy this time of our youth! Saa,

The race starts now!”

The students went on with their journey up on the said mountain but those who were sitting on the business class were left behind. The second years got confused. They were handed with wristbands but they couldn’t find their groupmates. Miyu and Yuma have matching bands but there were only the two of them. The groups were composed of five people each.

“I know this is confusing you all.” Haru stated with a smile on his face. “But we are going to have our own race.”

“What!?” Natsu asked with a frown. “What’s this for?”

“I just thought that it would be fun to race with you, guys.” Haru’s smile widened.

“You’re such a child, Haru.” Fuyu dissed.

“Hey! Just let Haru do what he wants. He needs this kind of thing to relax, you know?” Aki defended the president.

“Tch!” Fuyu rolled his eyes. This action made Asuka chuckle. Fuyu looked at her and pouted. “Don’t laugh. It isn’t funny.”

“Well, let’s start our own race.” Haru raised his wristband with letter H on it. Everyone looked at their bands and the groupings started.

“I think this is actually the first letter of the names of each member of Shiki.” Miyu whispered to Fumie and then giggled. “I got A, Fumie! I got A! You know what this means!?”

And Miyu is right. She was grouped with Aki. Team A is composed of Aki, Miyu and Yuma while Team N is composed of Natsu, Maki and Akane. On the other hand, Team F is being led by the Ice Prince himself and on his team are Asuka and Manaki. Fuyu couldn’t help but to steal glances at Fumie who is grouped with Haru and Risao. All he could ask himself is why Fumie got grouped with Haru.

Risao on the other hand is dying with envy of Manaki because he also wants to be grouped with Fuyu. Manaki tucked his tongue out to tease his bestfriend.

“Don’t worry about this, Matsui-senpai, Togawa-san. I have studied the route. We will surely win this!” Akane raised her fist. Her eyes are burning with the desire to win. Natsu and Maki gulped.

“I guess there’s no other way but to win this, Maki.” Natsu whispered.

Maki smirked. “Don’t worry, Prince! I can use my teleportation technique if ever we get lost.”

“Baka!” He reached for Maki’s hand which somehow surprised the girl. Maki looked up to him only to see his blushing face. “Just stick to me so you won’t get lost.”

Meanwhile in Team A…

“I can’t believe I’m still stuck with you, Yuma-kun!” Miyu sighed in disbelief.

“It seems like you are really destined to help me with my mission.” Yuma smiled with his head held on high. “We should watch over Yokoyama-senpai as well. He could be a big hindrance to this time’s MaruParu.”

Miyu’s curiosity arose. “What do you mean?”

Yuma moved closer to her to whisper, “Yokoyama Haru-senpai is obviously Yokoyama Yui in his past life. You know the story.”

“Ohhhh… I see.” Miyu nodded while looking at the direction of Haru’s team. “No wonder Fumie got on his team.”

“What are you guys talking about?”

They jerked and then turned to Aki. His eyebrows are flinching while forcing a smile. He still couldn’t believe that this good looking boy is Getters Yuma that is claiming that he is a girl called Yamamoto Sayaka in his past life. His cool character is heavily bruised.

“Nothing! It’s just for me and Miyu-san!” Yuma tucked his tongue out and then grabbed Miyu towards him. Aki’s eyes widened.

“C-Chotto!” Miyu tried to push him away but Yuma winked at her.

“Let’s tease him a little bit.” He whispered.

It seems like Team A will find it hard to cooperate with each other. Team H looks like they didn’t take time to settle with each other. Fumie seems like she is really comfortable having Haru around which somehow irritates Fuyu. The Ice Prince, after failing to prevent himself for doing so, went to the place where Team H is. Fumie gave him a surprised look.

“You need something, Fuyu?” Haru asked.

Fuyu took a deep breath and tried to keep his poker face. “Take care of Fumie. She gets lost easily so don’t let your eyes off of her.”

Fumie’s cheeks instantly burned and her heart started raging.

“Is that all?” Haru asked. “Don’t worry. I will look after her.”

Fuyu eyed Haru. The latter didn’t back out with the stare lock. Fuyu sighed.

“Okay then.” He turned his back to them and was about to go back to his group when Haru suddenly spoke.

“You said you don’t have any relationship with Shingyoji-san. You even asked me to stop linking her with you. I wonder why you seem like you care so much about her.”

Everyone fell silent after that statement of Haru. They all turned to where Fuyu and Haru are. Fuyu looked back to Haru with a meaningful, cold stare.

“What are you inferring to say, Haru?”

“Wait, are they going to fight again?” Akane asked herself. “At this time!?”

Haru shrugged. “Nothing. I’m just a bit surprised that you care for her this much after telling me that you don’t have anything to do with her.”

“Tch. So what—“

“Okay, okay! Calm down, Fuyu-kun~” Gasps were heard when Asuka entered the scene. She held Fuyu by his shoulder. “No fighting, okay? We are here to make good memories.”

As expected from the top idol. Fuyu took a deep breath. “I will beat you at this race, Haru.”

“You wish, Fuyu. I will definitely win with Fumie-chan.”

“Wait, I also belong to your team.” Risao raised his hand.

“Psh.” Fuyu clenched his fists but then let Haru’s teasing pass. Asuka brought him to their team. She took a look to where Fumie is and their eyes locked for a moment. She gave the other girl a cute smile together with a faint bow. Fumie bowed in return, surprised that Asuka suddenly greeted her.

Yuma heaved a deep sigh on what he just witnessed. His shoulders dropped.

“Why is everything seem to be chaotic?” He asked himself. “How should I get Maru-sama and Paruru-san together with this kind of setup?”

Hello everyone, I've read all your comments. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to reply to each one of you but I read them all and I'm really thankful for all the responses. I got a little busy and I'm tired. My eyes are half-opened while trying to proof read this. XD See you on the next chapter. I will properly reply to your comments next time. Thanks a lot everyone~ Hope you enjoyed it. :)

Here is the art that I've prepared long ago...

Also, you might want to check out the TTM thread for the guest fic from porkofdoom-san. :)
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 14 (07-11) | M.T. (I)
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The war between winter and spring to get the princess' heart has begun  :jphip:

That small scene manaki envied risao because he get to be in the same group with the cool fuyu XD さすが  ザ クール

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 14 (07-11) | M.T. (I)
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So many things happeneing all at once.
OK, first off, I thought that Manaki was a girl amd that him and Risao were a couple. Guess I didn't see that coming.  :on lol:

Also seems like Yuma doesn't want Haru to seriously interfere here. Hahahaha funny.

Plus another AkiHaru moment.  :tantrum:

Anf finally, spring and winter. It's war time.

Oohhh. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 14 (07-11) | M.T. (I)
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Welcome to Korea Rosalie and Maru and Fuyu, as a gift I will kill Kim Jong 4 U and laugh at you as you get Zerged Rushed by Norkies with Nondongs and then suddenly gain a sense of sympathy and rescue U.


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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 14 (07-11) | M.T. (I)
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damn the war of spring and winter.... i feel the intensity i guess,
so this is not only connected to TTM but to the sayamilky fic before, you really are genius cut-sama :w00t:  :twothumbs
and also i was thinking why didn't yuma just convince aki, which is make aki help him as return ? hehe
now now, fumie you better move fast or fuyu will be asuka's,
but seriously i don't understand what's haru's planning, wheter he wants to make fuyu jealous and pissing him off or he start pick interest at fumie ? who knows .

can't wait for the next chapter cut-sama

edit : you seriously have big talent in drawing keep it up, maru`s smile is so cute
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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Chapter 15: M.T. (II)

THE LAST team’s leader who would reach the goal will be the errand boy of the Shiki for two weeks—that is the only punishment so placing 2nd or 3rd won’t be bad but it seems like three teams just won’t let the 1st place go in peace. The only team that is having leisure in their hike up is Team A.

The mountain is so lively as it is filled with the noise from the students doing the tasks. Most of the tasks are about taking pictures such as group photo with weird faces and poses, and poses recreating iconic movie scenes. They don’t really have to worry about being lost because there are a lot of marks everywhere.

The four teams took four different paths which were decided through lots. Feeling a bit frustrated that they seem to be going to the longest path, Fuyu and his team rushed to climb up the mountain. Haru was just laughing at the sight of him giving effort. Only Haru can tease him to the point of doing something that he doesn’t usually do.

“The competition between you and Haru-senpai is still not over, right?” Asuka chuckled while they are climbing up.

“I saw them brawl in the Student Council Room and that was really amazing.” Manaki stated with his eyes glittering. “They seem to be very close.”

Asuka turned to the freshman and smiled at him. “They are! Since they met on their first year in NHG they have been like this already!”

“Eh? Is that so?” Manaki bewildered.

The cute Asuka nodded. “We all know that Haru-senpai is always aiming to the top and is a little perfectionist so he really couldn’t accept the fact that Fuyu-kun beat him in the entrance exam ranking. When he found out that the one who beat him first time ever in his life was a person who doesn’t exert much effort, he was really agitated that he challenged Fuyu in the term test.”

“Their freshmen year seems very exciting!”

“It was! Fuyu-kun, was really in the spotlight in his first year. Most of the clubs were trying to escort him but he kept rejecting everything. But you know he isn’t the type who likes attention that’s why he purposely flunked his term exams which made Haru-senpai more furious.”

“Asuka, you are talking too much today.” Fuyu coldly mumbled while keeping his eyes on the summit. “I didn’t flunk that time, I barely passed it.”

The idol just smiled and continued with her story. “Since Haru-senpai felt like Fuyu-kun is looking down on him, they got into a heated argument which led to a brawl. It was Haru-senpai’s first time to fight with his fist and they’ve done it in school which really made a huge fuss. At first the school would call them to the office everytime they fight but they fight even with small things that’s why they just let them be.

If Haru-senpai’s motto is ‘work hard until you don’t have to introduce yourself’ Fuyu-kun’s is ‘what’s wrong with being normal?’ You know where the friction is coming from.”

“I see…” Manaki nodded. “They are exact opposites. But opposites really attract.”

“They are already best friends even before they admit it. I’m really thankful for Haru-senpai that he was there for Fuyu when he needed someone…”

“You seem like you know a lot about Hoshizora-senpai, Saito-senpai.”

Asuka was taken aback. Of course she knows everything that happened. Fuyu would come to her house to chat with her about everything that happened in the school.

“Well, we are—“

“We are childhood friends.” Fuyu finished her statement. He is still careful about getting Asuka’s name as an idol stained.

“Wow, that is really cool!” Manaki interjected.

“I also have a big crush on Fuyu-kun.”

The two guys suddenly froze. Fuyu turned back to Asuka with a very surprised face. Did he hear her right?

“W-W-Wait, b-big crush!?” Manaki stammered. “Have? Present tense!!! You mean y-y-you—“

“Yes! I like Fuyu-kun! I like him a lot!”

Fuyu’s throat instantly dried up. “A-Asuka! W-What the hell are you talking about? Y-You’re—“

“I know, I know… I’m an idol and I shouldn’t be saying these things, right? But you also have to remember that I am human as well. I can’t help it that I like you.”

“B-But Asuka—“

“I got it. It’s not that I am asking you to be my boyfriend right away. I just want to tell you the truth. I lost the chance two years ago. I decided that I will tell you what I feel once I get the chance. I really, really like you, Fuyu-kun!”

Fuyu turned to Manaki in robotic movements. Asuka jumped and arched her arm around the freshman’s neck.

“Don’t worry! Manaki-kun here won’t tell anyone about it. Right, Manaki-kun?”

“H-H-Hai!” Manaki finally got his tongue back. He just witnessed the top idol confessing to his favorite senpai. He just witnessed what could be the biggest news of the year. “I-I-I promise I will not tell anyone!”

Manaki almost shrieked when Fuyu went near him and looked straight to his eyes with that stare that could kill. “Promise me that you are certainly not going to tell anyone about this. Do you get me?”

“H-H-Hai!” Manaki covered his mouth with his two hands. “I p-p-promise!”

“Come on, Fuyu-kun. Don’t frighten, Manaki-kun like that.” Asuka chuckled.

Fuyu rubbed his face with his palm. “Do you know what situation you are putting yourself, Asuka? Really, what happened to you during the years that we weren’t talking?”

“Well... nothing much~” The idol put up an innocent face. “What I am trying to tell you is that…” Asuka looked straight to Fuyu’s eyes. “I’m willing to give up everything just for you.”


FUMIE suddenly felt her heart tightened for a moment. She had no choice but to stop walking and looked around as if she was looking for something. Her teammates got worried seeing her clenching her shirt.

“Is something wrong, Shingyoji-senpai?” Risao asked. “Do you need water?”

Fumie abruptly shook her head. “N-No. I’m fine, Risao-kun. Thank you.”

“Are you really fine, Fumie-chan?”

Fumie looked at Haru. She was really surprised that he is now calling her with her first name. She was even more shocked about the earlier incident. He is obviously taunting Fuyu about what he said last time. But what she can’t understand is why he would do that to piss Fuyu off.

“I’m really fine. Let’s get going.”

They went back to their track shortly after that conversation. Haru is leading the way while Risao is guarding Fumie by walking behind her. He decided that he will protect his favorite senpai’s girl.

Meanwhile, on team N…

“Weird face!?” Natsu and Maki read on a loud voice. The one who is supervising the booth was non-other than Akimoto Michael. Even on a trip like this he is still carrying his bamboo sword.

“I will not let you pass if you don’t make a satisfying weird face.” AkiGori smirked. He readied his camera and focused it on the three.

“Senpais, we really have to do this very well in one go or else Akimoto-sensei will hold us back!” Akane said with a lot of passion. “Let’s do this weird face challenge seriously!”

Maki smirked. “Doing weird faces is just a little thing to me. How about you Natsu?”

“I’ve been doing weird faces at TV guestings you know? You can’t beat me with this, lady.” Natsu ruffled the girl’s hair and they both chuckled.

“You’re as flirty as your father, Natsu. It is making me sick.” Akimoto commented. “Strike a pose already.”

Natsu rolled his eyes. At Akane’s count, they went to do the best weird face they could do. Akimoto was quick to take a picture but when he reviewed the picture  he doesn’t seem pleased with it at all. A smirk was formed on his face.

“One more.”



“WHY DO I feel like something not really good just happened?” Yuma murmured to himself but was audible enough for Miyu to hear it.

“What are you murmuring there, Yuma-kun?” The girl asked.

Yuma turned to her with a worried face. “I don’t know. I just feel like Hoshizora-senpai’s feelings are getting swayed. I don’t know why I am having this hunch in the first place.”

“You guys are your own world again.” Aki turned to them with a sharp eye.

“I can’t afford to see them ending up this way. I have to get them together!”

“What the hell is this guy talking about?” Aki murmured.

“Should we tell this to Aki-senpai?” Miyu asked making Aki more confused. They didn’t have any choice but to take a pause from their hike.

“Maybe we should really tell Sayanee.” Yuma looked up to their leader. “I think the Sayanee of this time can help us get them together.”

“Huh?” Aki frowned, his chin sticking out. “Are you pertaining to me? I told you I was never a girl. Stop claiming that, it doesn’t help me at all!”

“But Senpai, you have to listen to what Yuma-kun has to say. I think he isn’t just making any claim.”

Aki was taken aback by the sudden, unintentional burikko attack from Miyu. Did he get fished?

“O-Okay.” He pulled his jacket down to bring his composure back. “Tell me and I will listen.”

Yuma started telling him everything that he believes. Aki is obviously having hard times believing everything that he is blabbering about but he got some sort of evidences that he can’t just cross out as coincidences. He knows that this guy got famous because of this ‘special talent’ of identifying people who were celebrities in their past lives. He’s not just identifying them just with a hunch but he always presents proofs.

“Sorry, Yuma… But everything you are saying is just really hard to believe.” Aki lied. He’s actually close to believing, he could feel cold sweat running from his head. He’s getting goose bumps as well. “If what you are saying is true, then why are you so fixated in finding Maru and Paruru and getting them together?”

“I don’t know as well. Right after I finished reading the story I gained this ability. Right there and then, all I wanted to do is to find this time’s Maru-sama and Paruru-san. I don’t know if I have any connection with them in my past life but I feel like it is my mission to get them together.” Yuma explained. He seems restless and keeps looking around. “You guys are directly involved with them in their past lives, aren’t you feeling anything strange?”

Aki and Miyu looked at each other and then just shook their heads. Yuma bit his lower lip.

“Climbing this mountain made me feel more anxious. Could it be that this mountain—“ Yuma’s face was filled with enlightenment. He suddenly ran, going outside the actual path that they should follow.

“H-Hey, Yuma! Where the hell are you going!?” Aki shouted.

“It should be here! I have a feeling that it is here!”

“What the hell!?”

“Let’s follow him, Senpai!” Miyu went after Yuma. Aki shook his head and booted his neuro linker before running after the two.


“ARE YOU getting tired, Saito-senpai?” Manaki asked. Asuka is already having difficulty in breathing. She rushed a lot of things just to be able to join this MT anyway. No wonder she is already tired. “Should we stop to take a rest?”

“No, it’s okay. If we take a rest we won’t be able to get there first—ouch!”

She bumped into Fuyu’s back. The guy suddenly stopped with his hike and then went to his knees.

“Hop on. I’ll carry you up to the summit.”

“P-P-Piggyback ride!!!” Manaki interjected. He blushed first before Asuka did.

The idol was also surprised but she took the opportunity. “Okay then. I’m not that heavy anyway.” She rode Fuyu’s back and the guy effortlessly carried her.

“It is very obvious.” The guy commented and then started walking. Asuka smiled and just hugged Fuyu from behind. She’s worried that Fuyu may be feeling how hard her heart beats but she chose not to mind. This feels like heaven to her.

After more minutes of walking, Manaki found something weird with their path. “S-Senpai, it doesn’t seem like we are walking on the right path.” He mentioned while looking at the map.

“E-Eh? Are you sure, Manaki-kun?” Asuka gasped. “W-Where are we going, Fuyu-kun?”

Fuyu seems like he is very sure to the path they were taking that’s why Manaki didn’t ask beforehand but the scenery is already different to the path where they should be.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling strange as well.” Fuyu casually stated which made his teammates worry. “My feet… It feels like they have a mind of their own. They are leading me somewhere.”

“B-But Fuyu-kun we might lose the race!”

“Don’t worry, Asuka. I can handle this…” Fuyu answered coldly but a hint of excitement can be traced from his voice. “I can feel that…something is calling me…”


HARU’S neuro linker vibrated which put them into a halt. It was Aki calling.

“Aki?” Haru called out as he picked up the call. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s Yuma. The kid just ran away into somewhere. We are off our track already!”

“What?” He could hear Aki’s heavy breathing. It seems like he is still on a chase with Yuma.

“He was blabbering a lot of nonsense then he just ran off. I heard him shouted something about a grave. I’m going after him with Miyu. Don’t worry. We will get in the finish line safe. I will drag this burdensome kid there.”

“Are you sure you are going to be alright?” Haru asked. The anxiousness in his face has already started to make his team mates worry.

“We’ll be okay. Once I get Yuma, we will just follow the track recorded in the neuro linker. See you later!”

That’s all and Aki ended the call. Haru couldn’t help but to worry but he had no other choice but to climb up. He heard from Akane that there is indeed a grave in this place since it’s historic but why on earth will Yuma have an interest on it?

“What was that, Kaichou?” Risao asked. His curiosity won’t let him off.

“It’s nothing, Risao. It’s just that Yuma seems to have a fascination with graves—“

A strong wind from the top suddenly blew towards them. Risao was quick to shield Fumie from the dust. It was a really strong one that they were surprised. Fumie’s heart started to rage once again. This wind is just like the wind when she first met Fuyu.

She looked around, wondering if she could see the guy but Fuyu is in a different path. How could she even think of meeting him here? In the first place, why is she even wanting to meet him? Her heart was about to give up when—


Fumie suddenly felt her world stopped. Her ears ceased to hear for a moment; her eyes started to water. She’s just in a deep surge of emotion; she couldn’t explain what she is actually feeling.

“S-Shingyoji-senpai?” Risao called. “Are you okay?”

She wasn’t responding to them. She kept on trying to trace where the voice came from. Haru tapped her in the shoulder which made her jerk.

“Fumie-chan, are you okay?”

“S-Senpai… I-I just—“


Fumie’s head automatically turned to the source of the voice. She didn’t waste a single moment, her legs moved on their own. For the first time in her life she was able to run this fast that she felt like she could beat the best sprinters in the nation.


The two guys were surprised about her running away as well. They went after her, trying to call her but it seems like the girl is on auto-pilot mode. She isn’t responding to their calls. The only thing on her mind now is to reach the place where the voice is coming from.

She didn’t care about getting scratches. She didn’t care of getting tired. All she knows is that she has to reach that place or she will never be in peace.


TEAM N fell into their knees. They have already taken a lot of pictures but none of it is being approved by AKiGori. Maki seemed to have used all of her secret weird faces in stock. She couldn’t think of anything that will be able to please the strict teacher. The Drill Sergeant also seems like close to giving up. It seems like the only one that could make her give up is non-other than AkiGori.

“Come on, Uncle Michael!” Natsu decided to draw his ace card by calling Akimoto his uncle. “We’ve done a lot and I think that is enough. Let us through or else we will lose the race.”

AkiGori swayed his bamboo sword which made them shriek. “Do you think you will get my yes if you call me uncle? Stop using the fact that I was in the same idol unit as your father. Back in our days we were called ‘Weird Face Machine’. No one could beat Yuu and me in terms of the weird faces we could do. Now prove to me that you are Yuu’s son!”

“Unfair…” Natsu sighed. “We might end up being last if you don’t let us through!”

AkiGori squatted to level with them. He ruffled Natsu’s hair to annoy him more.

“At least I am having fun making you guys suffer.” He smirked. “If only Rio didn’t change locations with me then probably you were all fine now. I should be the one taking my leisure guarding a grave.”


Shinoda sat up from lying down after giving out a loud sneeze.

“Someone must be talking about me.” He murmured while rubbing his nose. He then looked at his back where there is a grave that is surrounded with marble. Looking at the date of death, the grave has been there for more than a century but it looks like it is being well taken care of.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like me being here…”

He looked at the plate where the name is written and read it with his usual smile playful on his face.

“Hoshino Maru-san…”



@Genkikid-san, they can be the cool trio. Hahaha. ^^
@Goto24-san, I guess many things happened in this chapter as well.. XD
@hackata48-san, In the end you rescued them. XD
@FZA02-san, ohh.. you noticed. XD Yeah, they are kind of connected.  Thanks for the compliment about the art. :) Let's just say that's how she normally smiles for Paru. XD

And yes, everyone! War has started between spring and winter. Who do you think will win? XD
I'll leave you all hanging with this until next week. See you at the comments~ Until next Friday~

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
« Reply #112 on: July 14, 2017, 04:20:29 PM »
Everyone are being  called to Maru's grave and only Natsu's team that are not, poor Jurina for not being called by her (his?) aniki XD

Who called Fumie "Haruka"? Maru or Fuyu?

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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I CALLED IT!!! :on yellcard: :on yellcard:
I CALLED IT!!!  :on redcard: :on redcard:

THAT CLIFF HANGER. I CANNOT!!  :on speedy: :on speedy: :stoned: :pleeease:

I don't know if I can wait until then.
They are all going to meet at Maru's grave for crying out loud!!

Also that uncle and nephew interaction.
So AkiGori was in an idol unit with Yuu. And is this Yuu the one we all know?  :ding:
Plus, what was that about, Weird Face Machine.  :bigdeal: :on lol:

Can't wait (seriously, I cannot wait for that long) for the update.

Things are starting to get more interesting. And like you said, many things did happen.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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I have to pause reading while on the Haruka wind calling part. And I nearly cracked up because everyone is going to the grave while Natsu's team stuck on a checkpoint.

But I wanna point out Yumayu's statement about Fuyumaru's feelings being swayed!!!! I really fear for that time to happen, but then Fumieparu's heart go ba-dump in a bad way :( I'm really sad for that part. It's just a good thing that Maru's grave decided to call them :3
Cliffhangers... *Sigh* when will be your next update Cut-san?
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 :on asmo:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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this Cliffhanger really Gahhhhhh *Flip the entire house*
seriously not just yuuma and aki who got some strange feeling, because all the time i'm reading this i feel sweat running down my head and nervous and uneasy really, i even got a goose bumps while reading through this chapter really (again, maybe i'm too engross)
now now, i can't hold back to tell some of a lots of things i found here and some of my own theory,
1st. about the first wife of yuu, who could that be ?
2nd. i  totally didn't expect that sayaka (or yuki koi)'s adopted son died because being killed (i know he is marksman but didn't expect it), and i think the reason of his dead has something to do with fuyu's birthmarks (could it be shot in the head ? who knows) (and perharps maybe fuyu will met someone who killed him in his previous life)
3rd. i don't understand what mario and michael doing there, and even mario at maru's grave ? somehow i feel mario and michael knows something is going on that none of the student even shiki knows about, (it's understandable for mario, since mariko once met maru before)
4th. just like yuma, i don't understand why it's only him (and the fuyu and fumie) who got feeling about maru's grave while haru and natsu even aki who were maru's little brother and papa didn't feel anything strange.
5th. almost forgot, i was surprised about the fact that it wasn't yuki koi idea herself who writes the story but it's based of her son's telling her, i also wonder what happen to yuki koi know her son being killed

okay now for questions
1. did yuma already told aki that he (or she) used to call fuyu (or maru) as "son" (sorry if it's not too important question but i am big fans of father-son relationship between those two, sadly maru never call sayanee as her papa except during their time in game arcade)
2. after rereading about yuma's confusion about he being someone involved with them in past life make me feel afraid that.....could it be yuma who actually killed fuyu in past life and the second thought could it be haruppi ? ( i don't know but haruppi's image as katsuzetsu in majisuka 5 suddenly pop into my mind) then again please tell me i'm wrong with this
3. since they will reunited in maru's grave, is that mean this story is about to end ? (i hope it's not)
4. somehow if reunited in maru's grave, still can't make fumie accept fuyu then, i will support fuyuashurin really. (ashuka is so so kind and really care for fuyu )
5. if fuyufumie still ended up together (which 90% will happen) would you give ashuka someone to love as well aside fuyu (she is too kind that her action toward fuyu really touch my heart and she is too kind  to being left alone)

all and all please forgive me if i said too much or asks too much, i'm not a talkactive person in real life except if it's about something i like, besides, this is probably the first time i read a story that can make me feel too engrossed that makes me think what will happen if this happen to me or someone close to me,(not to mention this also make feel a lots of different emotion too, and i like that ) and sorry if it looks like i'm taking too seriously (it's because i love it) i can't wait for your next chapter
again i'm sorry for write too much comment  :banghead: :banghead: i'm too excited and too..... i don't know how it called haha

ps : if there is an award for the best author or the most genius author in this akb fanfic forum i will gladly nominate you Cut-sama  :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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“I also have a big crush on Fuyu-kun.”

“Yes! I like Fuyu-kun! I like him a lot!”

“I know, I know… I’m an idol and I shouldn’t be saying these things, right? But you also have to remember that I am human as well. I can’t help it that I like you.”

“I got it. It’s not that I am asking you to be my boyfriend right away. I just want to tell you the truth. I lost the chance two years ago. I decided that I will tell you what I feel once I get the chance. I really, really like you, Fuyu-kun!”

I nearly fainted because of this. No words can explain my feels after reading this chapter. Thanks Cut-sama for this early Christmas gift, New year's gift and birthday gift. PLEASE MORE FUYUASHU!!!!

Yuma, Miyu and Aki teaming up. Nice. But wait! “I don’t know as well. Right after I finished reading the story I gained this ability. Right there and then, all I wanted to do is to find this time’s Maru-sama and Paruru-san. I don’t know if I have any connection with them in my past life but I feel like it is my mission to get them together.” Yuma explained.

Aren't you a JunMarco shipper, Mayu??? Is this the request of Yuki????


What a mischievous uncle you have Natsu.



@porkofdoom-san:I will definitely wait for that fanart.
@FZA02-san: I agree with you.
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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Hello fellow readers! So, me and Cut-sama has a gift for all of you. We have compiled songs for this fic and hope you'll like it. Kindly check out the songs below. Thanks~

OST Playlist #1

Track #1. Unlovable by Mild

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Track #3. Playing With Sacred Things by BIGASS

Track #4. Loving You 24 Hours by Kangsom the Star

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Track #6. My prince by Park Bo Young

Track #7. Miss you by SM The Ballad

Track #8. Jealous by Nina

Track #9. Dati by Sam Concepcion ft. Tippy Dos Santos

Track #10. This Guy Is Inlove with You Pare by Parokya ni Edgar

CLICK HERE for the English Translation

Track #11. Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako by Michael Pangilinan

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Track #12. Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako / The One I Love Or The One Who Loves Me by KZ Tandingan

Track #13. Say Yes by Loco ft Punch
*shout out to Goto24 who shared this song.

Track #14. Be with You by Akdong Musician

Track #15. I Love You by Akdong Musician

Track #16. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? by Zia Quizon

Track #17. I Miss You by Soyou

Track #18. Who Are You by Sam Kim

Track #19. Beautiful by Crush

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Track #21. Zen zen zense by Radwimps
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Stay tuned for the next OST playlist~!  :on asmo:
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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Track #21. Zen zen zense by Radwimps
*shout out to yuuri14-san who shared this song.
You guys are welcome ne add the alternative English Cover
"Zen Zen Zense" English Cover - Kimi no na wa. [Feat. Kuroノ]
(this is the title in youtube if everyone wants to hear it 😁😁)

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 15 (07-14) | M.T. (II)
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@Genkikid-san, Haha. I guess Maru just want Jurina and Sakura to play more. XD
As for the other question, neither called her. It was her heart playing with her ears.

@Goto24-san, I guess that was a bit predictable. But, I made hiking as their first activity because hiking is one of the recreational activities in Korea. And since they are there, I thought that going up a mountain is a must try. XD
Yes, they were on the same idol unit. AkiGori-sensei, Fuyu and Natsu's father, Shinoda-sensei and one more person. ^^

@porkofdoom-san, One of my guesses is that Maru thought that Jurina and Sakura would be so noisy. Hahaha.
Fumie should start to move, right? But meh, she's kind of stuck. XD
Next update will be this Friday. :)

@FZA02-san, I hope your house is okay. Haha.
I can see that you got interesting theories. Let's check that as the story progress. Right now I'm writing Chapter 19. XD
1. Yuma hasn't told Aki about that yet.
2. I posted the answer to this in a special chapter in TTM. But who knows, maybe there's a deeper reason.
3. Surprise. XD
4. You will be good friends with MatsuiLee-san if that's the case. XD
5. If that happens, I will adopt Asuka. XD
I'm glad you are enjoying the fic. Thank you so much. :)

@MatsuiLee-san, FuyuAshu/MaruAshu shipper since JunMarco stopped sailing. XD

@yuuri14-san, The English cover is really great! :)

Anyway,  the playlist is provided by MatsuiLee-san and most of it is his idea. I entrusted him the playlist since he volunteered. I got a few songs there, too. Listening to the songs and looking at the translations, I think they do fit the characters and the situation. Thank you for sharing this to us, MatsuiLee-san. Also, thanks to those who have sent their recommendations. If you haven't seen yours, I might be using it in a scene so don't worry. :)

I hope you prepare yourselves for the next chapters because I just let myself be swept by the current.  See you on Friday~

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