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Author Topic: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[Bonus]  (Read 26271 times)

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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
Hello, everyone! This is my second fanfiction here and I have to warn you...





Well, not really. Hmmm... Maybe? Anyways~

It will be the crossover between Joshikou Keisatsu and Majisuka Gakuen 4, but even though I said Majisuka the story will focus around Gekioko so a lot of NMB casts will appear. So yeah, actually you can call this an "NMB+TentoumuCHU" fanfic. Now with all the explanation out of the way let's get on to the story.


The Epitome of Justice
-Table of Contents-


[Last edit: 12/08/2016]


    --CHAPTER 00 : Prologue

    --CHAPTER 01 : Her Crumbling Dailylife

--CHAPTER 02 : Reunion of The Fallen

--CHAPTER 03 : Awakening of Nightmare

--CHAPTER 04 : The Philosopher's Ramble

--CHAPTER 05 : Choices and Homecoming

--CHAPTER 06 : Broken Girls; Broken Memories

--CHAPTER 06.1 : Xmas special - Their Fleeting Dreams

--CHAPTER 07 : Strategy Meeting

--CHAPTER 08 : Before The Storm

--CHAPTER 09 : The Fallout

--CHAPTER 10 : Hide and Seek

--CHAPTER 11 : Backtrack-- Retracing Our Steps

--CHAPTER 12 : Stand Alone Complex

--CHAPTER 13 : Theory of A Monster - Questions

--CHAPTER 14 : Theory of A Monster - Searching

--CHAPTER 15 : Theory of A Monster - Answer



The Epitome of Justice : Table of Contents// TO BE CONTINUED
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that's great! keep on going author-san!  :thumbsup

NagiUha make me sick too like MaYuki couple -_-
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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 00: -Prologue-


Tell me, what is ‘Justice’?





“—**** from Class *** was taken to custody. That makes the third times this month.”

                            “Damn, what the hell is going on!?”

    “There got to be a traitor among us!”

                                                  --Doing what is morally right           --Giving everyone his or her due equally

                         --Rewards of the righteous; punishment of the wrong

“No; it's her… It got to be HER!”

                  “—the principal had given his order; capture her and bring her to us.”

                                                      --It is a bias concept that can easily change based on someone’s perspective

          “Hey, is she strong?”

  “A HA HA HA!!! I don't care about the principal~ I just want to hear some screams~~

                       --someone once lost their precious half to it

                                    --someone was raised alongside that concept and put it above everything

“That shitty bastard, I'll make her pay for running away!!”

                          “I wonder what face she'll make once I gouge out her eyeballs. Maybe Coby-sama will come back and praise me! E he he he~ “

                                                                --there are two who barely understand nor care about it

                                         --and there’s one who never believe it exists

“Calm down, do you even know where she is?”
     “Zoshigaya, Tokyo. A footage from the security camera I hacked shown an image of her around the area.”

--one was wronged by it and wanted to redeem herself

--and one was blinded by it and lost faith in everything...

“There’s no mistake.”
           “Find her... The bearer of that corrupted 'justice' ; the very person who started and destroyed everything...”

--Hey, tell me… What is ‘Justice’?

“That person who bears that Hideous Name,

we will show her what real ‘justice’ is with our fist.”


--Does it even exist in this world...?

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 00 // END

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You got me at the word, NMB. Update, please

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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 01: Her Crumbling Dailylife


Joshikou Keisatsu.

A special police force made by the Japanese government to fight the ever increasing crime rates.

It was a unit of police detectives consisted of high school girls led by inspector Shimota J Taro, conducted at Zoshigaya High School under the disguise of a mere club. At first it was only an experimental unit but after a year of successful run the special force had been declared as official and would continue their service without constant supervising from then on.

Today was another peaceful day after school and the high school detectives were busy at their office as usual, working through various papers and documents. Half a year had passed since their inspector moved to Okinawa branch, believing that the girls were finally ready to continue the duty by their own. As in majority vote, and recommendation from supervisor Minegishi, Kojima Mako was appointed as the new leader of the special unit with Shibuya Nagisa as her deputy since the two of them were the ones who kept the group running all this time. That very deputy though, was slouching on her desk right now with a lazy look on her eyes.

"I'm bored~ Why’s there no big incident lately?"

A girl sitting adjacent to her let out a long sigh; she seemed to be tired with the complaint and purposely clicked the pen on her hands loudly to express it.

"Would you stop complaining? It's good that it's been peaceful lately. And if you have that much free time, please do your paperwork, vice-chief. "

"Eeh, no waaay~ Say, why don't cha be vice-chief instead, Naachan? Yer better at it than me, fer sure."

The girl with the blue beanie put out her trademark smile, earning a glare from her serious friend.

"Are you telling me that you want to ignore majority votes and revoke your position?" Nana clicked her pen loudly one more time. "Just how selfish can you be, vice-chief?"

"Well, I dunno~" Nagisa smirked. "Ain't those calling it 'Majority Votes' and forcefully push me to this position the selfish one? Hm?"

Mako let out an awkward laugh as she felt the tension in the air. Looks like their daily quarrel had finally started. She paused from her works and leaned to the right a bit, peeking through the tall stack of papers; the chief desk was situated a bit far from the others so she had to do some extra efforts to join the conversation.

"Now, now, Naachan there's no need to take Nagi-chan seriously."

The two girls didn't budge, and Mako sighed. This call for a back-up. She switched her gaze to the far end of the room, focusing her eyes on a certain girl quietly reading a document on her desk.

"...But as you said, we're the police so we shouldn't ask for trouble just because we're bored. Right, Ryou-chan?"

She let out the last sentence a bit louder, and she could see Nagisa flinched. Alright, case closed. Mako leaned back to her chair as the quiet girl lifted her eyes from the criminal record, turning to face the quarreling officers. Nagisa gulped.

"Mako is right. Stop being such a troubled child, Nagi. Oh and by the way, have you run through the documents I left for you? I wonder where it is..."


"It's all right here. All of the documents from two weeks ago."

All of the girls quickly turn to the source of the voice, watching as Nana slammed a stack of unchecked documents on their vice-chief’s desk. Ryouha stared at the documents for a while, before turning to Nagisa with a sweet smile. Nagisa felt a shiver ran down her spine.

"The submission deadline is tomorrow by the way, so good luck ‘vice-chief’."

Ryouha spun on her chair and returned to her work, while Nagisa let out her breath in relief. Looks like I’m safe for now. Right, what should I do with this pile of boring records… She turned her attention to her desk, gazing the amazing amount of papers Nana dumped on it. She glanced at Mako, clasping her hands together with a pleading look, but the chief only shrug before resuming her own work. Thanks for setting me up, you traitor. Nagisa sighed and put on her blue headset, taking out her phone from her pocket to punch a song.

“Oh no, you don’t.”


In a flash Nana snatched her phone away.

“Go and do your work NOW.”

Nagisa grumbled and reached for her pen, playing with its tip. Sheesh, what a Majime devil…

“I heard that. And start working!”

“Aye, aye…”

Nagisa let out another long sigh, skimming through the piece of paper with a very bored look on her face. Oh come on! She joined the police for a fun crime fighting, not doing some office work! Maybe she should've refused the vice position right from the start. Just as she thought about that, the front door slammed open.

“Everyone, we got a case!”

Seriously? Nagisa grinned.

“Hell yeah, about time!”

The room fell quiet as Nagisa jumped from her seat in excitement, while Nana literally giving her a death glare. She clamped her mouth shut as she felt the cold eyes around her and sat back down, trying her best to put a serious expression.

“I mean, ahem, don’t mind me. Please continue, Miki-chan.”

The twin-tailed girl nodded and walked toward the whiteboard at the front, posting a piece of photograph on it.

“Two days ago around 10pm, there was an incident of violent Vandalism at a bus stop three blocks away from here.”

“Vandalism?” All of the girls asked at the same time.

“Yes. The building was destroyed by what seems to be sharp objects, all of the windows were broken and walls were painted all over with graffiti. Luckily there wasn’t anyone around so there was no casualty. On the down side, there was no witness either.”

Everyone gave a nod. But then Nagisa chirped in.

“Eh, ain’t that just normal vandalism? Why contact us police detective?”

"I'm not done, yet.”

Miki whisked out another photo from her bag and posted it beside the first one.

“Last night around 12am, there was another case. This time it’s burglary. The place was a convenience store two blocks away from our school. Right now Mio and Meru are investigating the area to gather more information.”

She took a black marker and started to write down the necessary information beside the photographs while the other police detectives tried to process the news. One of them though, seems to be barely excited to see that.



Miki turned to find Nagisa crossing her arms.

“How’s that got anything to do with us? Wait, in the first place, what’s the second case got to do with the first one?”

“That is…because a similar mark was found at both crime scenes.”

Once again Miki reached for her bag to retrieve two photos. She pasted them under the previous pictures and drew a line between the two. Nagisa narrowed her eyes, trying to get a better view of them.

One had the picture of a ruined bus stop, while the other showed a broken and empty cash register. Both were badly damaged and full of strange marks that resembled tiger claws, as if a pack of wild beast just walked by for a feast trip. But what caught her attention wasn’t that.

There, on top of the savage destruction, three messy alphabets were painted on red as if mimicking blood.


Nagisa rose to her feet, knocking her chair over.

No way…

A sudden pain rose to her stomach and she bit her lip, clutching the stinging area.

No, it got to be a mistake... They can't be here!

  —gisa. —you're such good girl—

The sweet ghastly voice echoed inside her and she closed her eyes, trying to fight off the wave of paranoia.

Shut up.

   --Next one——for the sake of Justice — kill — understand, don't you?

I said shut up!

    --a ha ha ha ha!! — fault!

No. No—

--it's all your—


The girl snapped out of her trance, feeling a strong grip on her shoulder. It was Ryouha, and the girl was shaking her in slight panic.

“A-are you okay?”

Nagisa looked around to find the whole squad staring at her.

"...Owwie~" She let out a playful whine, putting on her goofy persona flawlessly. "My stomach hurts... shouldn't have eaten that week old takoyaki, ha ha!"

The serious air quickly dissipated and everyone sighed. Nana slammed her desk in irritation.

"Oh for…vice-chief! Please, we're having a serious talk here!"

"But I am serious, Naachan. Anyways..."

Nagisa stretched and put her fallen chair back into position, before taking her bag. She spared a glance at Mako as she walked toward the door.

"I don't feel well, so please continue without me everyone. See ya~"

And with that, the bubbly girl gave them a salute and disappeared by the front door. The remaining girls only shook their head at their fellow officer's antics. Sure they could count on her at times, but sometimes her laid-back personality was just too much for them to handle. Especially for Nana; she's currently nudging her forehead to keep her anger from exploding. Ignoring their missing vice-chief, everyone resumed their previous discussion. Everyone but Ryouha.

The quiet girl suddenly rose, snatching everyone's attention.

"Ryouha?” Mako tried to study her face that was hidden by a curtain of long hair. “What is it? Is something matter?"


Ryouha clenched her hands.

"I...I’m sorry. I'll check on her."

She bowed slightly and left the room in a run, not even waiting for the other girls to respond.

There's something wrong, she thought.

Something really REALLY wrong.

Nagisa might be able to fool everyone with her silly smile, but no, not her. Being the most nervous and quiet of the group Ryouha had spent her first few months in Joshikou Keisatsu sticking close to the outgoing Nagisa. They'd gone through many cases and investigations together that she could easily see through her partner's facade. So she knew for sure, the pain on Nagisa's eyes just now was real. Nagisa tend to hide her own problems, so seeing that pained expression worried Ryouha even more. The girl quickened her pace. The reddish sunset illuminated her as she ran through the empty school ground, her eyes darting around to find a certain blue beanie amidst the fallen red leaves.


She shouted as she found the black-haired girl by the school gate, and she reached out her hands toward the lone figure. Ryouha panted, clenching Nagisa's right hand tightly as she tried to catch her breath. Nagisa tilted her head innocently.

"Oh? What's wrong Ryou-chan? Your grip kinda hurt though."

Ryouha didn't answer.

"Um, if it's about the documents...I'll try to manage them tomorrow morni —ouch, ouch, ouch!"

She yelped as the smaller girl pinched her cheek hard, leaving a big red mark.

"Owwie, are you really that mad?"

"Stop giving me that fake smile, Nagi."

For the first time in a while, her smile faltered. Ryouha raised her face, staring eye to eye with the now silent girl.

"What are you hiding this time?"


"You promised me, right!? That you'll tell me if there's something wrong!"

Nagisa didn’t answer. The two girls stayed like that for a while, staring at each other in silence. Neither spoke a word, neither dare to move. Only the quiet cry of the crows accompanied them, until...




"Puh--Aha ha ha!"

Ryouha blushed as Nagisa petted her head and laughed.

"W-what!? Stop laughing! I’m being serious here!"

"Aww, are you worried? How cute—ouch!" Nagisa yelped as the shorter girl kicked her on the shin.

“Ooh, my poor leg… Geez, why do ya have to be so cruel to me?”

The girl crossed her arms, glaring at her partner.

“You asked for it. Now tell me what happened...”


Nagisa stared at her in silence; just like how Ryouha could see past her fake smile, she too can easily read what’s hidden behind her partner’s tough outer shell. So Nagisa knew, even though she was putting a bold front, the girl was trembling in fear inside. She sighed.

“I’m fine, ‘kay? ‘m just making an excuse so I can go home early. See?”

Nagisa patted her belly a few times to proof her words, giving Ryouha a toothy grin.


“Yep, I’m fine. Totally fine.”

“You’re lying…”

Nagisa looked away.

“Eh, well…maybe?”




The silent battle between them continued for a while until Ryouha decided to give in.

“...fine. If you can’t talk now... at least promise me that you won’t do anything reckless by your own.”

A huge grin quickly formed on Nagisa's face and the deputy stood up straight, giving her partner a perfect salute.

“Yes, ma’am! I, Shibuya Nagisa, promise that I won’t do anything reckless again.”

“Pinky swear?”   

“Eeh, sure. Pinky swear.”

Nagisa held out her pinky finger, locking it with Ryouha’s. The quiet girl smiled. She knew that Nagisa was probably lying, but at least she now had a reason to punish her if the girl ever broke that promise.

“ really won't change your mind?”

“Uh…   phone! Ryouha, your phone is ringing!”

Ryouha blinked. She pulled the beeping mechanism out of her pocket while Nagisa secretly let out her breath in relief.

"Is it the chief?"

"Yes... Maybe she got a lead on the case, hold on a second."   


Nagisa took a few steps back quietly as she saw Ryouha switching her full attention to the call, her eyes darting around to find any opening.

"...I understand. I'll return to the office immediately with Nagi. Yes, she's fine. She’s with me right now."

Alright, now’s the chance—


Nagisa flinched, feeling a sharp glare boring into her back. She let out an awkward laugh.

“…to the…supermarket! They’re havin' beef on sales today by 6pm so I gotta run. Ya don’t know but for someone living alone special sales like this can save a lot of my expenses~”

Ryouha gave her a skeptical look.

“You left your job as a police officer…so that you can get more beef to make that strange takoyaki-flavoured yakiniku of yours for dinner?”

“Hey! Don’t insult takoyaki, they’re delicious!”

“Doesn’t mean that you have to make everything taste like one… Ah, wait, s-sorry. What is it again, chief?”

She raised the phone to her ear again.

“Yes, yes…eh? But—…I understand.”

Nagisa tried to stifle her laugh as Ryouha turned to her with a big pout.

“Pfft, a ha ha ha! What with that face? What did Mako say?”

“She’s giving you the shift off. And she wants to talk to you.”

She half-heartedly tossed her phone to the laughing Nagisa who caught them with ease.

“Shibuya Nagisa here~ What’s up, chief? Uh-huh, uh-huh… I see… Alright, gotcha~”

Nagisa tossed the phone back to Ryouha.

“What did she say…?”

“Get me some of the yakiniku in return, she said. With lot looot of yer specialty ponzu sauce~ “

“…I doubt she said that.”

“She did y’know, she did~ Oh, and she need ya back in the office this instant! Hurry, hurry~”

Nagisa pushed her partner playfully, waving at the girl as she saw her off. After she’s sure that Ryouha had really left, she let out a long sigh.

“Well then…”

The kansai girl took off her blue beanie, staring at the small golden badge on it; the proof of her position as a member of Joshikou Keisatsu. The tiny ornament reflected the sun ray perfectly, giving off light just like a real star, and she closed her eyes to blocked out that beautiful yet fragile sight. I shouldn't let it grow dirty, now I? Her smile vanished, replaced by cold empty eyes. She put away her beanie to her backpack and removed the red jacket around her waist, replacing her white school blazer with it. She pulled the hood over her head.

“Looks like the takoyaki will taste a bit stronger tonight.”

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 01 // END
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Ryouha just worried with you, Nagisa><
I'm so curious with Nagisa's relation with thi N.M.B.
Maybe Nagisa was their victim or their member..... I dont know :D

I already be your stalker anyway :D
And I love your NagiUha fic><
Thanks for the update, author-san^^
I'll waut for the next chapter :twothumbs
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Just the first chapter and there's already something....
With this i think the rest of the chap are going to be.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Please update soon  :bleed eyes:
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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
[MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[Ch.02]
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Thanks for the feedbacks and comments everyone~ Here's chapter two.
Oh, and I'll also post the Characters Description that will get updated once in a while, revealing more characters and info as the story progress.  8)
Anyways, Enjoy~

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 02: Reunion of The Fallen


They said this place is Pitch Black.

A cold and dark hole where the dazzling light of the city won't reach. A place where every trash and filth of the world reside.

This place always exists, yet people tried to forget.

They tried to ignore the fact.

That under the fragile concept they called 'Peace' lays a twisted and corrupted nature.

Yes. She used to be like them too. Lured by that fragile illusion, trapped in its sweet sweet lie; mesmerized by a honey-laced voice that kept haunting her deepest mind.

She was so naive back then, so innocent. Believing that the world spun on a perfect concept called 'justice'...

Until everything blew up on her face.

"How stupid..." The red hooded figure could almost laugh.

She walked down the dark alley in a deep silence, her white shoes turning more and more black as they hit the dirty ground, and she let out a snicker as she saw that. She could always wash these shoes, but however how hard she tried, they would never return to their original whiteness.

A dull color that could hardly be defined; how fitting for her. The girl softly laughed.

"Why hello, miss~"

The hooded girl blinked, returning to reality as she saw two figures blocked her way. She stopped on her track, burying her both hands deeply in her pocket as she watched them came closer and circled her. So they finally appeared, huh? The filth of the world...

"What a lil' missy like ya doing in this oh so dark alley alone?" "It's very dangerous 'round here y'know~"

That thick kansai dialect; looks like the intel she got from the chief was right. She opened her mouth as she felt her voice rose to her throat, calling out those nostalgic names.

"Ibukuro. Otona."

The two yankee flinched and backed away.

"You--" Otona growled. "Who the heck are ya? How do ya know our names!?"

"Just an off-duty police walking by..." The girl lowered her hood, showing her cold dark eyes that almost looked dead. Otona took another step back as she recognized her face while Ibukuro simply smirked, clenching her fist to stop her trembling.

"I that's how it is. I thought your voice sounds familiar, Miss police officer. So you finally appear… 

The former general of Kango-ka,

Gekioko’s monstrous berserker, Seigi. "

Nagisa narrowed her eyes dangerously.

' Seigi '

A name she used to be so proud of. Now it only made her want to puke. The girl clicked her tongue to ease her disgust.

"What're ya Gekioko-folks doing all the way from Osaka?"

" 's that the first thing ya hafta say in this touching reunion?"

"I didn't call for a party. And I thought Antonio told cha not to mess in other's hunting ground?"

"Shut up, traitor! Antonio's era is over!!! And it’s because of you— "That’s enough, Otona.”

Ibukuro stopped her partner short, and Nagisa clicked her tongue again. What did she mean by that? And how is it her fault? She watched the two yankees closely, her eyes trying to pry whatever info she could get from their behaviors; a habit she developed working as a police detective. Ibukuro sighed, turning her attention back to the former Gekioko's student as she managed to calm her furious partner.

"Come with us, Seigi. Gekioko's top is lookin for ya."

"And what’s that top want from me?" Nagisa tilted her head in a mocking manner. "Doing all this just to lure me out..."

"Well, I wonder? Even I can't guess what Kurobara's thinking..."


Nagisa's widened as she heard the name.


She clenched her fist tightly in her pocket as a certain maniacal laugh flashed in her mind.

What's that crazy outlaw doing inside Kango-ka!?

"Ya get it now, traitor?" Otona growled again, eyes filled with pure hatred. "The Kango-ka that Antonio built had long gone. It's nothin but a fucked up place now thanks to you!"

The former Kango-ka general gritted her teeth.

What's going on? What happened after she left!?




Well, does it matter?

Nagisa took a deep breath. The anger in her eyes quickly dissipated into nothingness.

That's right. Nothing matter for her anymore. She had left Gekioko for good, so whatever happened to them was none of her business. Right now she's a student of Zoshigaya High who is working part-time as police detective. Nothing less, nothing more. And stood in front her now were suspects of the recent case she's chasing. So it's simple. As the vice-chief of Joshikou Keisatsu there's only one thing for her to do, isn't there?

"I won't come with you." Nagisa pulled a handcuff from her jacket’s pocket, tossing it to Ibukuro.

"For committing vandalism and burglary, I'll take you guys with me instead."

"Well, well. Playing the hero of justice again now, are we?" Ibukuro chuckled and twirled the handcuff around her finger, playing with it.

"Don't get me wrong, Ibukuro; I'm only doing my job. It has nothing to do with justice.


“...yeah. Now be a good girl and cuff yourself."

“What if I say NO ?”


“Can’t answer, huh?”


Ibukuro tossed the handcuff away. She undid the chain around her right arm and slammed it to the ground while Otona cracked her fist. The yankee smirked.

"Then let’s settle this the old way, Seigi. Hope ya still remember how…"

So it finally came down to this? Nagisa sighed. She wanted avoid this outcome as much as possible but looks like she had no other choice. Well, it's easier to take them down if she split them away, but what next? Once she defeated them Kurobara would only send more yankees to get her. Unless...


Nagisa staggered back as Otona punched her cleanly on the left cheek.

"Hmph, what's wrong traitor? Lose yer edge?"



Nagisa rose to her full height, smiling widely.

“What’re ya smiling for, huh!?”

"Aaah, sorry but I won't fight~~ It’s such a hassle, ha ha~"

She raised her both hands, leaving herself vulnerable and wide open.

"You coward!!!"

Ibukuro swung her chain, catching Nagisa on her right arm.

"I can't believe ya, Seigi... Have livin' in Tokyo dull yer sense this much?"

"Nah, it’s just that y’know? I‘m not into violence anymore~" She let out a laugh, the same laugh she always did all the time, but it only put oil to the fire.

"Then let me remind you with my fist!"

The yankee pulled her chain, dragging Nagisa to meet her partner's kick. It hit her on the chest with a sickening crunch. The girl flinched, but her smile didn't waver as if permanently planted on her face. Ibukuro pulled her chain again, swinging the former yankee around like a rattle doll while Otona hit her with synchronized blows. Lastly, she threw her to the nearby wall in a huge slam. Otona followed the movement flawlessly, pinning her prey roughly on the neck.

"Who’s smiling now, punk?"

Nagisa spit blood to Otona's face.

"Tch! Looks like I need to pummel ya some more!"

Otona gave her another punch on the face, sending the helpless girl to the ground. Nagisa cowered on the ground as the Nandeyanen Sisters beat her over and over.


The painful sounds echoed throughout the empty alleyway just like a broken music, but the beaten girl didn't seem to care, taking each and every blows in silence while covering herself to lessen the pain. After what seemed like forever the one-sided torture finally ended. 

"Ya kiddin me? She really THE Berserker?" Otona kicked the badly wounded girl on the side, earning a slight grunt.

"She's hella weak!"

"That's enough. Let's go."

"What? We're not takin her?"

Ibukuro paused and switch her gaze from her partner, staring at the pitiful form of Nagisa lying on the ground. She scrunched her nose in disgust.

"...nah. 'Seigi' is no more. Besides, Kurobara isn't interested in a prey that won't even scream."

"Tch, fine."

The two yankees turned and walked away. Ibukuro gave her former friend one last glance.

"I hope this’ll be our last meeting, 'miss police officer'. Because next time, I’ll make sure you have no face left to smile..."


Nagisa rolled to her back and coughed, staring at the starless sky of the city.




“Aah, I wish its weekend tomorrow...”

She weakly laughed, closing her eyes as she rose into a sitting position. She flinched as she felt a huge pain on her side. Probably broke a rib or two there, those Nandeyanen Sisters sure didn’t hold back. Nagisa sighed, opening her eyes to examine her dirty uniform. Well, this doesn’t look good either. She hadn’t taken her spare uniform out of laundry, too. And not to mention she needed to come up with a good excuse to avoid Ryouha’s wrath. Oh how she really wished there’s no school tomorrow… The troubled girl stood slowly, careful not to put anymore strain on her battered body.

“Now then, what shall I do…”




     --“Hello ello~ Have ya two shitty sisters done yer job yet?”

  “…we’ve found her. But she’s no longer the same monster.”


  “Seigi’s done for. There’s only a coward that won’t even lift a fist.”

       --“Ha ha, that sounds lame~ So what did ya do? Beating her and threw her dead body down the sewer?"

  “Nah. Let alone Kurobara, killin a lifeless prey won’t even excite me. ‘m sure she won’t be happy if I drag that trash back to Osaka.”

       --“Well, how about we revive the monster?”

  “What do you mean...”

       --“Ibukuro ya silly bastard. You used to be a general together with her, yet ya don’t know how to push her button?”


--“Listen up, shithead. It’s simple! What you need to do is…”

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 02 // END
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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
[MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice [CHARA DESCRIPTION]
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The Epitome of Justice
Characters Profile: [12/08/2016] edit


[ Joshikou Keisatsu // Zoshigaya High School ]

-- Shibuya Nagisa / "Seigi"


   Name meaning: Seigi means ‘Justice’. Taken from her strong sense of justice (as revealed in TEPPEN Radio). Also known as Gekioko's Berserker.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. Deputy.

   Code Number: 07

   Description: The vice-chief of Joshikou Keisatsu and a transfer student from Osaka. She lived alone at an apartment near the school.
   An outgoing and laid-back person that always looks cheerful, but she's actually hiding a violent side. She used to be a yankee and a student at Gekioko
   before transferring to Tokyo. It seems that something happened in the past between her and Yoshimoto-gumi,
   giving her severe trauma and partial memory loss.

-- Kitagawa Ryouha


   Position: 2nd year of High School. Squad Member.

   Code Number: 06
   Description: The most quiet member of Joshikou Keisatsu. She looks cold on the outside, but behind her tough exterior she’s actually soft-hearted
   and easily nervous around people. She has lost her parents on a fire back in Nagoya and now lives with her relatives in Tokyo.
   Very close to Nagisa and often work on a case together as a partner, but seems like their relationship is more than that.
   Currently under the custody of Gekioko's rebels led by Gakushu and her whereabout is  unknown.

-- Kojima Mako / "Kamisori"


   Name meaning: Kamisori means ‘Razor’.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. Squad Leader.

   Code Number: 01
   Description: The current leader of Joshikou Keisatsu and also its first member. She has a strong sense of responsibility and often act as a mediator
   between the members, always trying her best to keep her squad together. She also acts as Seigi’s supervisor and was tasked to get rid of her
   if she ever go berserk again. Seems like she used to be known as a yankee called 'Kamisori' and once lost her partner because of Seigi,
   but the details still remains unknown. Currently acting as the temporary leader of Majisuka Rappapa.

-- Okada Nana


   Position: 2nd year of High School. Squad Member.

   Code Number: 02
   Description: A member of Joshikou Keisatsu who seems to act more like a vice-chief than Nagisa and despises her laid-back attitude.
   She comes from a well-known family which has served the police force since a long time.
   Her upbringing shapes her into a strict and no nonsense girl who put her job above everything.

-- Nishino Miki


   Position: 2nd year of High School. Squad Member.

   Code Number: 03
   Description: An easily frightened member of Joshikou Keisatsu who's known for her big reactions. It is said that she was found by Shimo J somewhere
   before being adopted by Nishino family. Her unknown past probably play a role in her developing some kind of anxiety disorder.

-- Tashima Meru


   Position: 2nd year of High School. Squad Member.

   Code Number: 04
   Description: The childish member of Joshikou Keisatsu who loves to eat and pull off pranks, but sometimes her pranks can go overboard
   so Mio always stay by her side as her anchor. Also a genius and have a strange love of explosives; she is an expert at making homemade trappings.
   There's rumor that she was involved in some kind of bombing incident that happened years back in a certain Junior High,
   but the truth about this matter is still unknown.

-- Tomonaga Mio


   Position: 2nd year of High School. Squad Member.

   Code Number: 05
   Description: A calm and soft-spoken member of Joshikou Keisatsu. She acts just like a motherly figure to Meru and always seen around the girl.
   It is said that she is naturally cute that everyone can't help spoiling her, but it seems like she is disturbed by that for some reason.

     nurse department
 [ Kango-Ka // Gekioko High School ]


-- Yagura Fuuko / "Kurobara"


   Name meaning: ‘Black Rose’. Her official name from Majijo 4.

   Position: 3rd year of High School (repeat year). Leader.

   Weapon of Choice: None. Prefer empty fists.

   Description: The current top of Gekioko. Kurobara is a cruel fighter who likes to fight just for the sake of hearing her opponent's scream.
   She seems to be a bit mentally deranged as well and always seen laughing.


-- Shiroma Miru / "Shirogiku"


   Name meaning: ‘White Chrysanthemum’. Her official name from Majijo 4, taken from part of her name ‘shiro’ which means ‘white’.

   Position: 3rd year of High School (repeat year). Vice leader.

   Weapon of Choice: None. Prefer empty fists.

   Description: The second-in-command of the current Kango-ka. Shirogiku is someone who fights just for the sake of fighting and
   always looking for stronger opponents. She seems to be the only one that understand Kurobara's way of thinking
   and also take delight in hearing screams just like her. 


-- Yabushita Shu / "Kimotama"


   Name meaning: ‘Guts’ as in having a gut to do something. Because she doesn't afraid of anyone.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. General.

   Weapon of Choice: Metal Bat.

   Description: One of the three generals of Kango-ka. She has a foul mouth and never thinks highly of anyone, acting rashly most of the time.
   A childhood friend of Seigi and her best friend; they used to stick together all the time. Seigi's disappearance seems to shaken her a lot
   and makes her develop a deep hate to the said yankee, but looks like they've started to get along again. She's currently labeled as a traitor
   by Kango-ka and being hunted down, but she doesn't seem to care much. Right now she is allying herself with Kamisori and Majisuka in an attempt
   to find Seigi.

-- Sutou Ririka / "Gakushu"


   Name meaning: ‘Study’. From her deep love in studying and philosophy.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. General.

   Weapon of Choice: -yet to be revealed-

   Description: One of the three generals of Kango-ka. A childhood friend of Seigi. At first she keeps close to Seigi because she’s interested
   in her abnormal strength but her view had changed. She's planning to destroy Yoshimoto-gumi, luring them out by creating war among the three
   strongest yankee schools. Her reason for this is still unknown.

-- Kinoshita Momoka / "Henteko"


   Name meaning: ‘Weirdo’. Because her eccentric look and personality.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. General.

   Weapon of Choice: -yet to be revealed-

   Description: One of the three generals of Kango-ka. Known to be a bit crazy.
   She seems to enjoy games and like to play around with her prey before finishing them.


-- Kadowaki Kanako / "Ibukuro"


   Name meaning: ‘Stomach’. Her official name from Majijo 4. From her huge appetite.

   Position: 3rd year of High School. Previous General; now a simple member.

   Weapon of Choice: Chain. Also good with knife.

   Description: A member of Kango-ka and a previous general together with Seigi. Calm and collected, she usually looks after the younger yankees
   and teaches them the true code of Kango-ka made by Antonio. She despises Kurobara’s way of indiscriminate fight.
   Has a very strong hand grip and can fling a person with her chain.

-- Kadowaki (Kinoshita) Haruna / "Otona"


   Name meaning: ‘Adult’. Because she’s often being mistaken as one.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. Member.

   Weapon of Choice: None. Prefer empty fists.

   Description: A member of Kango-ka and the younger sister of Ibukuro. She highly looks up on Antonio’s teaching and was very angry when Kurobara
   took over to reform Kango-ka. She blamed Seigi for running away and despised her ever since.

-- Kusaka Konomi / "Enoki"


   Name meaning: Enoki is a kind of mushroom. Because she's said to look flimsy like one.

   Position: 2nd year of High School. Member.

   Weapon of Choice: Unknown.

   Description: A member of Kango-ka and the successor of Basset in the line of informant. She's officially enrolled in Majisuka, Gekioko, and Yabakune
   all together in an attempt to widening her information web. Very good with words, but her drowsy face tends to irritate people sometimes.
   Also like to come up with sudden 'Boke' (funny man joke), which adds up to people's irritation.

[ Yoshimoto-Gumi ]

-- Fujie Reina / "Zero"


   Name meaning: Taken from part of her name 'Rei', which can also means the number 'zero'.

   Position: 3rd year of High School (repeat year). Student Council President of Gekioko High.

   Weapon of Choice: -yet to be revealed-

   Description: The current known member of Yoshimoto-gumi, a huge yakuza organization based in Osaka. The one who gave Nagisa the name 'Seigi'.
   Nothing much is known about her as of now but she seems to play a big role in Seigi's disappearance from Gekioko.


-- Takahashi Juri / "Uonome"


   Name meaning: Uonome means 'fish eyes'.

   Position: 3rd year of High School. Heavenly Queen, Rappapa member.

   Weapon of Choice: None. Prefer empty fists.

   Description: One of the four Heavenly Queens. She is an old friend of Kamisori who act as the temporary leader of Rappapa before the said yankee's
   return to Majisuka. Calm and have a leader-like aura around her, she seems to have gained a great amount of respect from her underlings. When Majisuka
   is suffering a great decline in power due to the graduation of Sakura and the previous Heavenly Queens, she and the other members of team Hinabe took
   over Rappapa and successfully maintained the difficult tug-of-power with Gekioko and Yabakune. Her goal is to protect Majisuka until a suitable yankee
   appears to take over the top once again.

-- Kotani Riho / "Basset"


   Name meaning: ‘Basset’ is a name of a dog breed. Basset hound is a friendly and gentle dog, but also one of the best hunters.
   Its tracking ability is second only to Bloodhound. The breed is mostly known now as the mascot of Hush Puppies.

   Position: Owner of 'Macaroon Dog Cafe' in Zoshigaya, Tokyo

   Description: A legendary Kango-ka member from back in Antonio’s era. She is known as the shadow hound and a perfect spy,
   working as the leader’s informant. She has graduated from Gekioko and move to Tokyo to open a dog cafe. Quiet and very observant.

-- Shimota 'J' Taro


   Position: Inspector, Police Officer

   Description: The founder of Joshikou Keisatsu and former squad leader. Nothing much is known about him yet but he seemed to care about the girls a lot.

-- Miyawaki Sakura


   Position: Staff at Asobina Restaurant

   Description: A legendary yankee from back in Antonio’s era, known as the one to single-handedly stop the huge war between Majisuka and Gekioko.
   Calm and barely shows any expression, though it probably because she's a bit air-headed.
   She has graduated from Majisuka and currently works in Asobina,
   a family restaurant not so far from her former high school, and quietly watch over the other yankees from there.

-- Watanabe Miyuki / "Coby"


   Name meaning: A romanize version of the Japanese word 'Kobiru', which mean 'to flatter/ to flirt'

   Position: Part-time daycare worker

   Description: A legendary Kango-ka member from back in Antonio’s era and the leader's right-hand. Mischievous and unpredictable,
   nobody ever know what she's really thinking which resulting a lack of trust from her peers. She has cut all ties with the yankee world right after
   she graduated from Gekioko and is now living peacefully by her own, but it seems like she's still keeping contact with Antonio.

The Epitome of Justice : Characters Profile // TO BE ADDED LATER
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[MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[Ch.03]
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Hello, everyone~ Here's your long-awaited chapter three.  8)
So I heard Nagisa loves the band "SEKAI NO OWARI" (I love them too, actually!), so I thought "Huh. Let's insert some on this chapter then~"
Their songs match with the theme of this fanfic anyways, so I decided to pick two from her favorites: "Angel and Demon" for opening and ending of this chapter, "Love the Warz" for the ringtone of her phone. *typing down the lyrics* There we go. Oh, I'll also update the characters description.
Well then, enjoy the story~

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 03: Awakening of Nightmare


In this world where there are both Angels and Demons
Nobody can tell who’s really right or wrong
“Am I an angel or a demon?” I don’t know which one
And I don’t think I want to know either


The cold autumn wind blew as Nagisa walked through the empty street, forcing her to hug her red jacket tighter to fight back the chill. The girl sighed. It’s getting cold lately. She’s wondering if it’s already time to wear some thicker clothing. Oh yeah, maybe if she wore that muffler Ryouha made for her she’d be able to avoid the girl’s wrath tomorrow! At least that would lift her partner’s mood a bit, and if she’s lucky she might be able to get away with just a few scolding.

“Right, maybe I’ll try that—ah...ACHOO!

Nagisa sneezed, cringing as the movement made the wound on her side ache. Right, she got better thing to worry about now. Whether she’d get scolded or not tomorrow wouldn’t matter if she didn’t survive the night. The girl tried to walk a bit faster. She stopped in front of a building with a huge painting of a Chihuahua on its wall.

     --Macaroon Dog Cafe--

She had gone to this place a few times before with Joshikou Keisatsu and it was quite crowded on daytime, but she never thought the place would turn so lifeless once night had fallen. Oh, well. She ignored the CLOSED sign on the window and stepped inside.


A small silver bell rang as the cafe’s door being pushed open and she was quickly welcomed by a lounge full of dogs of each and every size. A black Chihuahua approached her.


“Alright, calm down Macaroon. I’m sorry but we’re closed— The owner of the dog turned, almost dropping the plate she was holding as she saw the person by the door. 

' Seigi…?”   

“Hello, Kotani-san. Am I too late for the last order?” Nagisa removed her jacket and limply walked to the nearby sofa while the cafe owner ran to the other room in a panic rush. Shuffling sounds accompanied by some nervous mumble could be heard from the next room as Nagisa rested herself on the comfy seat, petting the Labrador beside her.

Kotani Riho. She was a Gekioko High School graduate from Antonio’s era and also one of the leader trusted informant. She’s almost never seen in Kango-ka Headquarters and perhaps only the inner circle ever met her in person. Yet, her name was known throughout the whole school.

   [ BASSET ] - The shadow hound; the perfect spy

But those days had long passed. Nowadays she’s known as the kind-hearted and slightly clumsy owner of Macaroon Dog Cafe. Nagisa tried to stifle her laugh as she saw the woman almost tripped herself while running with hands full of bandages. Really, how time can change people… The said cafe owner was now folding up her sleeves after setting the medical equipment on a nearby table, crouching in front the wounded girl.

“What happened?”                                                               


“Seigi, please. You come here black and blue in the middle of the night.”

“Aww, come on~ Stop calling me with that name, Kotani-san. It’s embarassing~”

There she goes, avoiding a serious topic as usual in a typical Nagisa way. This will take a while. Riho sighed as she examined the cut on the girl’s leg and started to clean it. Meanwhile Nagisa leaned to her side to take the ice-pack on the table, but quickly regretted it as her rib started to creak. She silently cursed under her breath. Riho seemed to notice this.

“Oh no, don’t tell me you broke your ribs?”


That’s it, young lady!! Get your shirt off so I can quickly treat your wounds, you’ve still got a lot of explaining to do!”

All of the dogs scampered out of the room in a flash as Riho yelled; one of them stopped to give Nagisa a look of pity, as if telling her ‘good luck’. Nagisa could only gulp. Oh what demon has she unleashed? She could only wonder as Riho started to undress her and work on her swollen side, biting down to her knuckles to distract her from the pain. The Gekioko graduate tended all of the injuries quickly and flawlessly, cleaning and stitching up cuts as if she was a real doctor. Well, the only difference was that the woman didn’t seem to care whether the treatment hurt her patient or not. Or perhaps she’s doing it on purpose. Whichever it is, Nagisa could only grin and bear it.   

Fortunately the whole procedure finished in less than an hour, leaving Nagisa on the sofa cringing in pain while holding an ice-pack to her swollen cheek. Riho set aside her medical kit and pulled a chair over, sitting face-to-face with her guest. The fleeing dogs had finally started to occupy the room again as the brewing storm had seemingly passed.

“Alright. Now start explaining, Seigi.”

Geez, has interrogating her become a huge trend today? Nagisa grumbled and casted her eyes away to avoid Riho’s observant gaze, her hand unconsciously moved to cover the huge old scar on her right abdomen. The cafe owner raised a brow knowingly. Sometimes Riho wondered if it’s because of her ability or the girl was just too easy to read.

“It’s Gekioko, isn’t it?”


That stab wound you got from back then, does it start hurting again? Seigi?"

The wounded girl clicked her tongue in annoyance. “Alright, I’ll start talking. So stop calling me with that name…

“If you say so.”

Riho took her Chihuahua to her lap, stroking the small dog as she waited for Nagisa to talk.

“Joshikou Keisatsu have been getting cases of vandalism and burglary lately. Turned out it’s the Nandeyanen Sisters of Gekioko lookin’ for trouble.”

“That’s strange. What are they doing so far away from their territory?”

They’re luring me out. ‘cause they said the current top’s lookin for me.”

“The current top?”


Riho froze as she heard the news. the current top of Gekioko?
  --If that's true, then that means the principal has…




The Gekioko graduate shook her head. No, she can’t be sure yet. Right now she needed to focus on the matter at hand.

“I see. So then, you refused to cooperate and the sisters wiped the floor with you?”

“Well, I didn’t even raise a fist.”

“Eh, big talk. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re the one leaving with your tail between your legs.”

“I’m losing on purpose…”

“Bark all you can. That’s what losers do, right Macaroon?” The Chihuahua howled in reply. Great, now even a dog is bullying her? Nagisa couldn’t believe it. Riho chuckled and decided to tease her a bit more.

“You know, I thought you were fighting off those secret fans of Ryou-chan.”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny, Kotani-san.”

“Eh, you don’t know? They’ve been sending things like love letters lately.”

What did you say—ack! Ouch, ouch…”

The dogs howled as Nagisa held her throbbing ribs, laughing at her misery. She glared to suppress her embarassment.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I see some real emotions in your eyes. What’s that, jealousy? I thought Ryou-chan’s the envious one.”

“…just a little surprised.”

“Oh really?”

“It’s a joke anyways, right? Kotani-san…”

Riho shrugged.

“That aside, what are you planning to do now?”

“Don’t just push ‘em aside…” “Did you say something?”

NO. Nothing. Kurobara isn’t interested in weaklings so she’ll leave me alone. Meanwhile I’ll get Mako to distract Joshikou Keisatsu and transfer the case to another division. Problem solved.”

“Are you sure that will work?”

“Not quite. That‘s why I’ll be staying in yer place for a while in case they change their mind and decide to attack me in my sleep.”

“If that the case, why don’t you just fight back and teach them a lesson?”

Nagisa clicked her tongue again. Sure she had a chance of winning if she fought seriously, but once she took a yankee down there’s no stopping until she defeated the top. That’s the rule of ‘that world’. And it’s truly troublesome. What worse is, if she kept fighting it’s only a matter of time until Ryouha and the whole Joshikou Keisatsu found out about her true origin. Oh hell no. She rather had a few broken bones than letting that happen.

“Nah, I’ll pass." Nagisa waved her hand in dismissal. "I'll just stoop low and wait till she gets tired of me.”

“...I don’t think everything will end that smoothly.”

“Hm? How can you say that?”

Intuition. And a bit of experiences.”

Riho stood, setting her Chihuahua back to the floor.

“I’ll get you a blanket and some water. Meanwhile, think carefully of what you need to do.”

“Aye, aye…”

“Oh, and Seigi. Don’t forget to come up with a good excuse for those wounds or a certain tiger cub will chew you out tomorrow.”

...oh yeah. That. Nagisa shivered. For once she thought maybe fighting Kurobara and her goons would be a hundred times better than facing the wrath of Kitagawa Ryouha.


Morning came faster than she imagined and now Nagisa was hanging her head as she walked toward Joshikou Keisatsu office. She overslept a bit and didn’t manage to stop by her house to retrieve the muffler, much to her demise. Ha ha, I wonder if it’s a good day to die… She let out a pathetic laugh and started dragging her feet again.

The police girls had morning shift before class started and usually not everyone is present, but Ryouha being the diligent girl would probably be there. Nagisa normally never came to the morning shift herself, but since she had to finish a mountain of documents before the day ended she had no other choice. The kansai girl prayed for her safety as she turned the doorknob open.

“Well, if it isn’t the Vice-chief. How rare to see you coming so early.”

It was Nana, the diligent girl number #2.  She was in no mood for sarcasm so Nagisa only gave her fellow officer a little smile, her eyes already scanning around the room; Mako was also there on her table doing some paperwork but she couldn’t find Ryouha anywhere. That's odd…

“What happened to your face? Did you get into a fight?”

“Huh, me?” Nagisa quickly snapped her attention to Nana and gave her her usual goofy look.

“Oh well, those old ladies can be crazy on special sales day~ Too bad I missed all the beef, sorry chief!

She said the last sentence a bit louder for Mako to hear but the girl only waved her hand without lifting her eyes even a bit from her work. Nagisa clicked her tongue, clearly not amused with that response, but she decided to ignore the seemingly busy officer and returned her attention to Nana.

“By the way, where’s Ryouha?”

“I haven't seen her. I thought she’s with you.”

Nagisa blinked, giving her serious friend an oblivious look. Huh? Why would Ryouha be with her? As if in cue, the girl continued.

Yesterday after work Ryouha went to your place.

          Huh…? --BA-DUMP--

' She said she’d deliver your cellphone. Did you not meet her?”

           No… --BA-DUMP-- It can’t be—

Nagisa broke into a run, slamming the office door on her way out. Nana jumped out her seat as she heard the huge slam.

“What the—SHIBUYA NAGISA! GET BACK HERE— “Let her go."

Nana froze, turning to the source of the voice.

“Mako? What are you saying, she’s— “I said, LET HER GO.”

Mako said in a stern voice, her eyes never left the papers on her hand. Nana gave her a look of disbelief. What? What is she… Suddenly the office phone rang and the serious girl flinched, her hand reached for it in reflex.

   "Yes, Joshikou Keisatsu here. Can I help you?"

   --"Naachan, it's Mio."

   "Oh, thanks for your work yesterday. What is it?"

   --“It's terrible! There’s another case of burglary last night and――"

   "Calm down, Mio. Where's the location this time?"



   --“It was…on Nagi-chan’s place.”


Nagisa desperately sprint down the street of Zoshigaya she knew so well, running with all her might toward the small apartment she lived in. Soon enough the simple three-storey building came into view and she stopped for a while, leaning on the gate to catch her breath. Please tell me that I’m wrong… She ran up the stairs to the third floor all the way to her room, but what awaited her there wasn’t the same wooden door with the nameplate ‘Shibuya’ on it, but a badly destroyed room with huge red graffiti all over it. The leftover rampage of Namba's yankee.

She slammed her fist to the wall, cursing. No. Calm down, Nagisa. There's a chance that Ryouha wasn't there when they attacked. Yes. She needed to calm down and clear her head—

     The world recite of LOVE&PEACE; Peace for Peace by Peace of Peace
    ~世界が唱えるLove&Peace, PeaceのPeaceによるPeaceのためのPeace

Nagisa blinked as she heard something.

     To uphold PEACE and eliminate WAR, people do even more wars

Wait. She knew this song! It’s the one she used for the ringtone of her phone. The girl entered the wreckage of her room, searching for the source of that song.

     If there’s no morning, there’s no night; if there’s no evil, there’s no justice

Among all the destruction was a simple table, her phone sitting neatly above it. She carefully took it and examined the screen. An unknown number.

    If there’s no obligation, there’s no freedom; so if there’s no war, will there be no PEACE?


Nagisa pressed the answer button and raised the phone to her ear.



  --“Hellooo, Seigi~”

Nagisa narrowed her eyes. She recognized the voice--no, she couldn't mistake this voice anywhere.


   --“Long time no see~ Glad that ya still remember me.”

   “What’s the meaning of this!?”

  --“Oh? Why’re ya so mad? ‘s it because I trash yer home? Or maybe…

There was a little pause on the other end before a wicked giggle entered her ears.

  --“Because I got yer girlfriend?”

Nagisa gripped her cell phone hard until she almost broke them.

   --“Aha ha ha! Ain’t she such a sweet girl? Waitin in front of yer place all night~”

   “You… What have you done to her…”

   --“Well, why don’t you just ask ‘er?”



   --...Nagi? Is that…you?”

Nagisa’s eyes widened.

   “Ryouha! Ryouha, are you alright!?”

   --“Nagi! Don’t come, it’s a trap——CRACK


Nagisa froze as she heard the painful scream.

   --"Annoying~ Why’s she suddenly being so noisy?"



                           CRACK CRUNCH

Her hands trembled as another scream echoed from the other end, a burning sensation started to swell inside her.

  --“Oops, I did it again. My bad~”

She knew this feeling. Something that she had long forgotten; a fuel to her monstrous side.

   --“Now, time for a lil’ pop quiz! Which part of her bones did I break just now?

   “…you bastard…”

   --“Here's a hint: she won’t be able to hold a chopstick for a while~”

   “I'LL TEAR YA APART---!!!!"

Nagisa shouted on top of her lungs, releasing the raw emotion through her words.

Yes, it’s been a while since she felt this. A very long long while.

This fiery emotion called ANGER.

   --“How scary~ Aha ha ha! Looks like you’ve finally awaken!”


   --“Come and get me if ya dare, shitty Seigi! You know where to find me. The time, hmm… how about tonight? I’m sure ya can make it~”


   --“Oh, and no crappy police nonsense. Or else, well, who knows what I’ll do to her next~ See ya again, ol’ buddy. I'll be waiting for you…




“Rrrgh, damn it!!”

Nagisa screamed and kicked the table, sending it crashing into the wall. What has she done? She only wanted to avoid further conflict but now she had dragged Ryouha into this too! Foolish! How foolish of her. The girl clutched her head in frustration. Now what should she do? What CAN she do? As police detective she must report this to her squad and form a rescue unit. But if Kimotama find out she couldn’t ensure Ryouha’s safety. Even now as she stood here thinking those Gekioko bastards might have done something more terrible to the girl. The burning rage started to eat her even more.

    ——kill—seigi—destroy them—kill—for the sake of [______]

She dug her fingers deeper to her head, clawing at her hairs. The voice in her head echoing, louder and louder and louder.
No. She can’t make the same mistake again. Calm down. She has to calm down. She has to—

    ——someone important—a ha ha ha! You’re going to lose them again~~

Her breath hitched and she halted into an abrupt stop, as if a switch just clicked inside her. And slowly, very slowly, she lowered her hands from her head, staring at her palms. A small warmth was still left on her pinky finger.

“I’m sorry, Ryouha…” She whispered, clenching her palms into fists.

‘Looks like I’m gonna break that promise.”


In a terrible world ruled by justice, they said
[ If the majority is ‘right’, then everything else is ‘wrong’ ]

Dear God who gave birth to Justice, can you hear me?

It’s because you created "such thing" that everyone hurt each other

So if my biggest contradiction is living while denying myself
Does it mean that my whole life amount to nothing?

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 03 // END
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It's getting more and more dark, huh? This fanfic... I guess I should post this sweet little drawing I made before it got too dark, haha.
Just take this as a breather for these two main characters before the upcoming war. Enjoy~  ;)


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So I see that you guys enjoy the little art? Well well, after that two cute pictures here it is... DUN DUN DUN! Chapter 4.  8)
This time let's see Ryouha's side of the story. Oh, and there's another update on the characters profile.
Enjoy~ (p.s: the part about the boys and some old lady's garden is real. Nagisa told the story in her radio once. She's scary when angered, seriously...
But it is that gap that makes her interesting~ Childish yet mature, fluffy yet tough, laid-back but working hard behind~ *enter flailing mode* *please don't mind me and enjoy the story*)

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 04: The Philosopher's Ramble


A familiar neighborhood, that empty street of Nagoya she had known for long…

The girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking in everything.
The song of the cicadas cry, the gentle winds blowing her hairs, the soothing sounds of bells chiming; she let her legs guided her through the nostalgic scenery, and soon she reached a simple two storey building of a little shop. She reopened her eyes, finding a little girl crying in front of her.

“Why…” The girl sobbed. “Even though daddy didn’t do anything wrong…”

She watched as a man, somewhere around his thirty, bended down to his knees and stroked the little girl gently on her head. A soft smile on his face.

“It’s alright Ryouha, daddy is fine.”

..oh, so it’s this dream again.

How many times has she seen it? Looping over and over and over, just like a broken record she could never throw away.

“They are just bad people. Justice will come to serve them when the time comes.”

“That’s right. So don’t be sad, okay? Mommy and daddy and Ryouha, we just have to do what is right. Can you be a good girl and do that for me?”


A lie. A typically sweet and innocent lie for a father to tell his child. She closed her eyes again, knowing for sure what she would see the next time she opened them. She could already feel it, the abnormal temperature rising in the air.

“No! Let me go! Mommy and daddy are—“

A big fire engulfed the once so peaceful neighborhood, its crackling sound mixed with the loud cry of a little girl calling desperately for her family. She watched the girl in pity, but still, there was nothing she could do. There was nobody to save her, no one at all. Not even herself. She watched the flame grew bigger and bigger, swallowing the very place she once called home.

“Justice will never come.” She whispered quietly, hoping that her words would somehow reach her young self. “No matter how hard or how long you wait...”

“No…it will… Daddy said it will, so it will come.”

The girl froze as she saw her younger self stood slowly and turned, facing her with a tear-streaked face. Something is wrong. Usually her dream would stop here, but now… A strange chill ran up her spine as the little girl smiled and raised her hand, pointing at something behind her.


She quickly turned. The scenery around her shifted, replacing the warm summer of Nagoya with the dark autumn night of Zoshigaya district, an eerily restless footsteps echoing from afar. And it’s getting closer.

She’s coming for us! Daddy was right; daddy never lies to Ryouha, unlike her.”

She felt the girl touching her right hand, leaving something cold on her grip, and she switched her gaze to it. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was. A…gun? The little girl giggled and hugged her arm tighter, whispering softly.

“Ryouha hate justice, you see. Because she never come when Ryouha need her the most. So can you help Ryouha punish the bad guy in her stead, ms. Police Officer?”


“Why are you hesitating? Isn’t it the one reason you join the police, miss? Because justice never came for us, you decided to be ‘justice’ itself so that nobody will suffer like us anymore.”


“Oh, look! She’s finally arrived~”

She gasped, watching as a familiar figure closing in from the distance. That blue beanie, that long wavy hair, those lonely eyes that were twisted in worry; she could see her partner reaching out to her, running with all her might.


She felt her hands moving by her own, pointing the deadly device toward the arriving figure. The girl tried to fight back but she couldn’t control her body at all; it was as if she was reduced into a simple spectator, watching a movie laid out for her from the front-row seat.

“S-stop! She got nothing to do with this!”
“Eh? What are you talking about? Isn’t that how they call her? Seigi.”


“What is she hiding from us this time? What kind of lie is she making now? Even after all this time… Maybe she’s only using us, just like all those people?”

“No… She’ll never…”

“How can you be so sure?”

“…please…just stop this…”

The girl was only a few steps away from her and she could only stare on with horror. Her finger trembled as it slowly pulled on the trigger. The sounds of her own giggle filled her ears.


A split second. That was all it took for the tiny metallic toy to sing the only song it knew, sending the running figure into a sudden stop and falling slowly to the cold ground, a magnificent red flower bloomed madly from the little gush on her forehead. Ryouha froze, watching the little light left on those jet black eyes disappeared into nothingness.

“No… Na—!”   



The girl opened her eyes, feeling the sense of gravity hit her. Had she finally awaken from that dream? Her vision was still a bit blurry; there was something on her eyes and she tried to wipe it away, but suddenly a sharp pain coursed through her right arm. She yelped.

“Phalanges. Metacarpals. Carpals. Radius and Ulna. All of the bones on your right forearm are practically broken now, so I suggest you stop using it for a while.”

Ryouha flinched, trying to find the source of the strangely high-pitched voice.

“But don't worry, I have treated it so it will return to normal function if left alone.”

Who...? She tried to move her other hand but found that she couldn’t, feeling a handcuff around her left wrist stopping her movement. What is… ?

“It is better if you stop the pointless struggle, Kitagawa-san.”




Ah. She remembered now.

She was kidnapped.

Her memories were scattered bit by bit, but she did remember waiting in front of her partner’s apartment when suddenly someone attacked her from behind. She was shaken awake not long after and forced to speak through the phone, finally managed to catch the sight of her attackers; a group of high school girls around her age with white uniforms that resembled a nurse outfit. And there’s her partner talking on the other side of the phone. What’s going on? She couldn’t think clearly back then. One thing she knew for sure was that they’re dangerous and she couldn’t let them get Nagisa too. She tried to warn the girl but it seemed like her action only provoked her kidnapper, and the last thing she remembered was the sound of a metal bat crushing her bone before everything turned black.

“But hmmm, this is interesting indeed. For Kimotama to resort to torture, she must have hated you so much for ‘stealing’ her beloved Seigi.”

Ryouha closed her eyes tightly as she felt a rough towel against her face, feeling the mysterious person wiping the tears on her eyes.

“Good morning. Did you have a bad dream?”

A girl with short black hair and matching black eyes said that to her; she was wearing the same uniform as those kidnappers so she’s probably one of them. No. She’s definitely one of them. Ryouha narrowed her eyes dangerously as the girl stood.

“From the look of your eyes it seems like you have taken grasps of the situation quite well.”

“What do you want…?”

“Who; Me? Kurobara? Kimotama? Or probably the principal?”


“Each of us has something we need intertwined which resulted in this very situation.”

The mysterious girl walked away, running her fingers through the bookshelves as she passed them by; the room was unkempt and a bit dim save for the sun ray seeping through the broken windows, and with all the bookshelves put in disarray Ryouha concluded that they got to be in some kind of rundown library. She tried to analyze the best course of action. Her right arm couldn’t be used and her left one was bound to the nearby stair. She didn’t know anything about her kidnappers nor their numbers. So for now she could only listen.

“Have you finished studying everything?”


“You’re a bright one, I see. What a relief… I’ve gone through quite a trouble retrieving you from those brainless savage so it’ll be frustrating if I can’t even strike a conversation with you.”

The girl spun and sat behind of what used to be the librarian’s desk, folding her arms neatly above the wooden surface.

“My name is Sutou Ririka, 2nd year of Gekioko High and also one of the three generals of Kango-ka. They called me [ GAKUSHU ] around here though, so I suggest you do the same.” She put on a small smile.

“And as what I want, it’s simple.” She leaned forward, resting her chin above her hands and lowering her voice slightly above a whisper.

“I need your help, Kitagawa-san.”

What…is she talking about? Ryouha furrowed her brow, trying to find some senses among the information she was given. Gekioko? Generals? Kango-ka? And moreover she need her help? Gakushu seemed to realize the confusion in her eyes.

“So Seigi always keep you in the dark, I see…”


“I’ll try to explain it as simple as I can.”

She pushed away from the desk and bended down, retrieving a box from under it. What is that? Ryouha blinked, studying the girl as she walked closer and lowered her stance, unloading the contents of the box between them. Are those...Mahjong tiles?
“Well then, shall we start?”

The Gekioko’s general sat cross-legged on the floor and assembled the tiles into three piles.

“As a member of police force you must have at least heard some rumors about Osaka. Hmmm, how do you guys call us again… The most dangerous area in the country, is it? That being said, there are numerous amounts of delinquent schools around here and those schools are ruled by the three strongest schools.” She pushed out three tiles, turning it over one by one.

[ MAJISUKA ] which rules The East and a portion of The North.

  --The red dragon.

 [ YABAKUNE ] ruling The West and the other half of Northern area.

  --The green dragon.

 And [ GEKIOKO ] which controls The Central and Southern area of Osaka. ”

   --The white dragon.   

“Gekioko itself—“ She put four other tiles beside the white dragon tile. “—is ruled by a department known as [ KANGO-KA ] , led by a chief along with her vice-chief and three generals.”

Gakushu paused, waiting for the other girl to process the information. After a while she resumed her story.

“One day, one of our three generals suddenly went missing. Her disappearance created a tug-of-power within the school which brought Kango-ka into its current disorder. After digging for information here and there I’ve finally found her whereabouts, but to make sure… Can I ask you something, Kitagawa-san?”

“…what is it?”

“One year ago, around the second semester of your first year in high school; was there any student transferring from Osaka around that time?” 

Ryouha froze, staring at the girl with wide eyes. What is she trying to say…

“I believe you can connect the dots by now.”


Seigi, or the one you know by the name Shibuya Nagisa, was our missing general.



What…? She couldn’t believe her ears. Nagisa…a yankee?

No. She has to be joking.

“You must be thinking that I’m joking, correct?”

Ryouha gave the kansai girl a skeptical look.

“…of course. Nagi…I don’t think she can even hurt a fly…”

“You’re right. She can’t.”

…what did she just say? Gakushu ignored her confusion and gathered the tiles again.

“She can’t hurt an innocent insect, but she can crush the skull of a robber without an inch of hesitation.”

Ryouha switched her gaze away as she heard that. There were so many things that Nagisa hide from her, even then, something inside her told that she couldn’t deny that statement. Because she could see it, the eyes her partner was always making while chasing down a suspect, it was as if the girl was trying to reel in her murderous intent, pushing it behind a laid-back attitude. Perhaps that’s why she’s always absent on a capture operation; because she wouldn’t be able to stop herself by then. Gakushu glanced at the troubled girl as she proceeded to assemble the mahjong tiles on top of each other.

“Say, Kitagawa-san. Have you ever heard about ‘Berserker’ ?”

Berserker? Ryouha blinked, returning her attention to the yankee as the pile of mahjong tiles started to resemble a short tower.

“If you search about it in a dictionary, you’ll find this: Someone who fights with uncontrollable rage, performing inhuman feats while being completely numb to their pain and the killing that they were doing. Their existence corresponds with Nietzsche’s theory of ‘Will to Power’, but actually their origin goes way back to the ancient Scandinavian.”

Eh? What is she suddenly babbling about?

“A few years ago I’ve heard of a yankee called 'Bakamono' who fight by closing off her intelligence, gaining an immense power by doing so. But that’s still incomplete. She’s missing the main thing that drives a true Berserker. Anger.”

Anger…? Ryouha gasped as she finally realized what the yankee was implying.

“Nagi…is that what she is?

“As I thought, you’re very bright~” Gakushu paused from her little tower-making and clapped her hands in a mocking praise.

“So that is your reason…? You kidnapped me…so you can awaken her rage and lure her here?”

“You’re definitely correct~ In fact,

    the one who provoked the principal and made an uproar inside Kango-ka,
    the one who hacked through the security cameras and tracked her down,
    and also the one who told Kimotama about you and your connection to Seigi...

All of it; it was my doing.

Ryouha clenched her fist, trying her best to stop herself. She gave her a dangerous glare.

“You…what are you planning to do with her?”

Gakushu didn’t budged and kept building up her tower.

“You see Seigi, she’s docile most of the time, isn’t she? But it doesn’t mean that she has no feelings. All those negative emotions, she always piles them all inside.” The tower had started to reach her waist and the yankee slowed down her pace. She put one tile on the top carefully. “On and on and on…” The makeshift tower started to sway as it seemed to have reached its critical height. “Until—“


Ryouha flinched as the fragile structure crumbling down in a loud crash, sending the mahjong tiles scattered all around the floor in a huge mess. The yankee chuckled as she saw that.

“Amazing isn’t it? Once you’ve hit her switch nothing could stop her. Not even herself...”

Her chuckle grew louder until it turned into a full-blown laugh.

“Ha ha… Aha ha ha ha!! She truly perks my curiosity, you know~~!

' I have known her since middle school so I can say that she’s the most perfect example of a Berserker I’ve ever seen~ I was surprised the first time I found out too; who would’ve thought I’d see the class clown and number one idiot beating down some boys by the street? And that was for ruining a garden owned by some random old lady she didn’t even know.”

Ryouha stared at the girl with wide eyes.

“What did she say that time again? Ah yes, ‘The heck are ya doing!? Trampling around people’s hardwork fer nothing!!’ She had truly exploded back then~”

What the…this girl…

“Isn’t it such an irony? Her overly strong sense of justice turned her into a monster! How interesting~ What is the reason for that abnormal psyche? A brain damage? A psychological defect? Or perhaps it was not an error at all? If Nietzsche said in his theory that human is just another stage of evolution, then how far can she evolve? How strong can she get? If you chop off her head, will her body keep attacking until her nerve systems completely stop? Just thinking about it makes my brain jolting in excitement.”

She’s insane! Ryouha watched the yankee doubled over from her own laugh, before she finally running out of breath and stopped. Gakushu let out a long sigh, giving the other girl a sad smile.

“Or so… that’s how it all started…”


“Oh, sorry. You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, have you? Wait here, I’ll get you something.”

It took Ryouha some time to cope with her sudden mood swings, but knowing that she couldn’t do anything for now, the captured girl decided to simply nod while keeping her alert high. It was better not to provoke these yankees any further; she’d learned that the hard way. She watched as Gakushu stood and disappeared to the deeper end of the library, taking the time to calm herself and study her surrounding better. If Gakushu was telling the truth then she’s probably inside Gekioko High right now. Those yankees must have no use for books so the philosopher-wannabe turned the school library into her private lounge.

“I found some onigiri and tea.” Ryouha flinched, turning her attention back to her captor. “Don’t worry, they’re leftover from my breakfast and since Ibukuro’s the one bringing it you can be sure that they are edible. Now be a good girl and hold still.”

She gave another nod as the yankee put down the makeshift breakfast in front of her and searched around her pocket to reveal a key. She tried not to make any hostile movement as Gakushu unlocked the handcuff around her left wrist; her shoulder had started to grow stiff so she was relieved to have finally able to move her good arm. The yankee put away the handcuff to her pocket and crouched, tilting her head.

“Do you need me to feed you?”

“N-no. I can eat just fine with my left hand…”

It was very awkward, Ryouha thought, as she felt the yankee watching her nibbling on the onigiri, staring at her every movements like she was some kind of interesting specimen. But she had no room to protest. So she tried her best to ignore the stare, locking her eyes on the floor.

“Say, Kitagawa-san?” 
Ryouha paused, glancing at Gakushu’s expressionless face.

“What do you love about Seigi?”


She almost choked on her food as she heard that.

“W-what do you mean by t-that?”

“That sudden change of skin color around the face, are you embarrassed? Aren’t you her girlfriend?”


Ryouha looked away, trying to cover her flushed face.

“I-it’s not…like that…”
“So I was mistaken? I’ve never seen Seigi doing things like holding hands or such with someone so I thought— “How long have you been watching us!?”

Gakushu blinked from the sudden outburst. Good job, Ryouha. Just forget about NOT provoking the yankee.

“I was waiting for the right time to take action, so around a few weeks or so?”


“I also know that when Seigi fell asleep on her desk, you—“

“STOP. Just...stop.”

“...alright. Sorry to bother your meal.”

She could swear that the yankee was sneering at her right now as she closed her eyes and hid behind her hand in a mix of embarrassment and frustration. Do they have no delicacy? She wondered if the rest of those Gekioko’s folks were all like this; at least she know where Nagisa got her dense and bluntness now.

“Do you want to help her?”

Eh? Ryouha blinked.

“Haven’t I told before? I need your help, Kitagawa-san. I need your help, to help her.

She lowered her hand, staring at the yankee’s serious face.

“If you agree then I will tell you everything. About a yankee called Seigi and her previous life here;
about the principal and 'the dark secret' of this school, and their shadow that are still haunting her until now…”




   “What’s up, chief? I’m busy so make it quick.”

       --“Where are you now? Report your status.”

   “Ikebukuro station. Imma headin’ to central Tokyo right now to catch the next train to Osaka.”

       --“Stop doing anything rash. Return to the office and——"

   “They kidnapped Ryouha.”


   “They’re taking her hostage. ‘m the only one they want so—”

       --“Return to the office.”

   “…come again?”

        --“We will make a countermeasure and form a rescue unit.”

   “There’s not enough time! I need to get there by tonight—”

        --“This is an order.”


       --“Did I make myself clear, deputy Shibuya?”

   “…heh. I see. So this’s how ya gonna play?”


   “You told me about Ibukuro and Otona on purpose. You knew that they’d attack my place and yet you let Ryouha went there. Haha, it’s so obvious. How can I be so stupid…”

       --“What are you talking about…"

  “This is yer way to take a revenge on me, isn’t it? 'cause I took away your other half.”


   “Am I right, chief—no, Kamisori ?”

       --“Deputy Shibuya Nagisa. I order you return to headquarter right now——”

“Goodbye, chief.”




The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 04 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 04]
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K-Kamisori?!?!?! :w00t:

Are we gonna see Kamisori?!?!?! OwO

Does that mean... we may also see Zombie?!?!?!? >w<

OMG Can't wait! Update soon!!!

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