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Author Topic: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[Bonus]  (Read 17837 times)

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[OMAKE2]
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I am startled to see this gem hidden from my sight. I guess not being active on the forum for 1+ year is biting me back! I will make another post after this with my opinionated comment. I will admit, after a quick skim, your fiction greatly perks my interest. I am unfamiliar with the pairings, but the plot and characterizations you've built up is worth the read. As much as I could have not written this and just wrote my comment, I want to make a request that you keep on writing this!

Thank you for creating this series! I look forward to the rollercoaster ride that you planned out for us readers. 

- LoyalFlutist
Peace :peace:

P.S: Nice art! It's rare to find both a writer and artist co-existing in one person, haha.

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.09]
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Hello everyone. Wheew, how long has it been since I updated this fic? A month? Or was it more?

@LoyalFlutist : Thank you for reading~ I'm very happy to hear that, ha ha. I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I enjoy writing it.   :D

Anyways, welcome to chapter 9, folks. 
So we've known what's going on with Nagisa and all of those who've been dragged into the Yankees' little war,
but what about the rest of Joshikou Keisatsu? What happened to them after Mako, Ryouha, and Nagisa left?

That being said let's leave this chit-chat and check on their condition now, shall we?

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 09: The Fallout


“--violent vandalism found around the vicinity of Zoshigaya district have greatly decreased in number. The police suspected that the incidents were caused by some deliquents--”

A certain girl in twintails sighed, hitting the stop button on her phone as she turned off the radio. She pulled down her headset, walking along the empty field of Zoshigaya High School that was dyed in the color of autumn. The school had ended for a while so most of the students had returned to their respective of home or left for their clubroom, much to her relief. She wasn't in a mood for an idle chit-chat right now. The girl continued her walk in silence, approaching a certain clubroom, or an office actually, that was hidden behind the school's gym all the way to the school's backyard. She stopped on her track as the small building came into view. The girl closed her eyes, slapping her own cheeks a few times.

“Alright, Miki. Just smile and waltz in like usual.”

She took a deep breath, before letting out an equally long one. After she was sure that she's ready, the girl put on a smile and pushed the front door open.

“Good afternoon, everyone!” She shouted, entering the office with zeal. 

“Hello, Miki-chan.”


Two voices answered her one after another and Miki replied them with a quick salute. She walked over to her desk, her eyes unconsciously wandered to the empty seats by the other end of the office.

“So they're not here today too, huh... ah!”

Miki gasped, covering her mouth; she didn't intend to say that out loud but seemed like it's too late. The atmosphere grew grim and Miki waved her hands around frantically.

“Uh, no, I-I mean—It's been a great day! So let's work hard today too, what do you say?”

Mio gave her a nod, a small smile on her face, while Meru only shrugged, seemingly uninsterested.

“...right, okay. I'll just, uh, start working. Now.”

Miki lowered her hands and put down her bag silently, her smile wavered. She sat down on her chair and sighed, reaching for her pen and the numerous case files on her desk.

Mako, Ryouha, and Nagisa; three days had passed since her friends and fellow officers suddenly disappeared, and somehow, it started to worry her. Just yesterday an official letter was issued from the headquarter stating the three girls were sent on a special mission out of town, but still... she couldn't help feeling something was wrong. Nobody said anything though, so Miki guessed it was just her being paranoid like usual, so to ease her worry the girl decided to contact her three friends.

She called Mako first, knowing that as the squad leader she could probably explain the situation better. There was a dial tone, but no matter how many times she tried to call that specific number there's nobody picking up on the other end. She called Ryouha next and received the very same response. The countless failed attempts shook her and she called Nagisa at last, only to find that she couldn't reach her number at all.

She couldn't contact any of them, and nobody could tell her about their conditions or whereabouts.
Those very facts made Miki grew a lot lot more wary.

No no, Miki! Pull yourself together!

She shook her head.

Being paranoid won't help at all! That's right. You just have to trust the HQ and wait for their return.

Miki took another deep breath and took a single report to her hand. That's right. If there's one thing she could do right now it's managing the current job in their absence. In fact, the whole thing happened since that mysterious vandalism occurred. So if she investigated the case further perhaps she could get a clue on what's going on. The girl skimmed through the paperworks quickly, but then, she raised her brow.

Hit and run—wait, huh? This isn't the case file I'm working on.

The girl put down the paper and searched through the piles, running through them once again. 



The short-haired girl in question spun on her chair, turning to Miki with a smile.

“The documents relating to the [NMB case], where are they?

“Ah... that's...” The girl stammered, as if not sure herself of what to say. 

“The HQ...” “Nana took 'em with her just now.”

Meru finished the sentence for her, “She said the HQ are asking for them.”

“Umm, yes. It's just like Meru-chan said.”

Mio quietly concluded, and Miki stared at the two girls in confusion. That's strange. The Joshikou Keisatsu was still in the middle of handling that case so why they suddenly withdraw it? And without any notice too? There's definitely something wrong.

Wait a second, Miki. Why you suddenly get so work up?
The nervous girl unconsciously started clicking her pen, an irrational fear swelled up inside her. She darted her eyes around. Come on, be positive! The weather is nice today. Mio and Meru are all calm with this. And Nana will definitely work something out. Why are you so scared, silly? It's fine. Mako-chan, Ryou-chan, and Nagi-chan are fine. They're only gone for a little trip—

“Good afternoon, squad.”

Miki flinched back to reality as she heard the familiar voice. She turned her head just in time to see Nana entering the room, that usual stern expression on her face. The sight of her partner calmed her greatly, but still, it wasn't enough to completely erase her fear. Miki gulped, trying to keep her mind straight. She had to ask the girl just to be sure.

“Hey, Nana?

“What is it?”

“T-the documents relating to 'NMB' incidents, do you have them? Where are—”

“Calm down, Miki.“ Nana flatly spoke as she put her own bag to her desk, right beside Miki's.

“You're slipping into another panic attack.”

“D-don't change the subject!” Miki gripped her right wrist tightly, trying to stop her own trembling.

“The documents, Nana. Where are they?

Nana stared at the girl in silence, noticing the fear swimming in her eyes. She glanced at the other officers in the room finding that the two had been giving her the same hostile look. The serious girl sighed.

“I just received a new order from the headquarter, and frankly, it will affect how our squad will operate for a certain period of time from now.”

She stole a quick glance to the empty chief desk, before returning her attention to the girls. Miki seemed to notice the strange atmosphere she was giving and the girl gripped her own hand tighter.

“First, in the absence of the squad leader and her deputy, I, Okada Nana, will be assigned as the temporary leader of Joshikou Keisatsu.”

The three girls didn't look surprised to hear that so Nana continued.

“Second,” She brought her hands together, folding them atop of her desk,

The [NMB case] that was previously assigned to Joshikou Keisatsu will be transferred to another unit. Everything related to that case, including all evidences, documents, and investigation results, will be transferred to the main office for further action. That is all.”

“Wait, what?”

Miki froze, staring at her partner with wide eyes.

“The NMB case...will be transferred from our hands?”

“As you've just heard, yes.”

“B-but... But...” She darted her eyes away.

“But w-why? We've been steadily working on it and it's not like we didn't make any progress! Why are the suddenly—“The reason is classified.”

Classified? She stared at Nana in disbelief, but the girl only gave her the same cold look.

“It's an order, Miki. Don't stick your nose into something you don't need to.”

Miki clenched her fists as she heard that.

“Fine then. Let me guess. Mako-chan, Ryou-chan, and Nagi-chan; the special mission they're assigned to, it's also classified, isn't it?”

The serious girl didn't answer.

“You're the current squad leader, right? The Headquarter must have told you the current position of those three. So tell me, Nana.”

Miki stood, staring down at Nana with a dangerous glare.

“The three of them, where are they?”

“'s classified.”

  “I have enough!!”

The twintailed girl grabbed her partner by her collar, forcing the girl to look at her eye to eye.

It's been three days! Three days and we've got no news about them at all! I've tried contacting them, you know, I've tried. But none of those reach them! None!! And I don't even know why.” Her voice started to tremble.

“S-something wrong is happening, Nana. And everything start from that incident...”


“You know it too, right? I'm sure you're not that blind. The three of them might be in danger and we don't even know what happened! And that case... that case was the only clue we have! So why? W-why are you letting—”

“Miki.” Nana held Miki's hand in hers, gently prying it off her white blazer. She stared back at her fearful eyes.

It's an order. That's all there is to it.”

“ order. Ha ha, of course. That's how it is.”

Miki let out a small laugh, taking a step back as she released her partner.

“That's the only thing you care about, isn't it? Order, order, order, and order.”

“Miki-cha—!“ Mio tried to step in between the two but Meru stopped her, pulling her back to her seat.

“Say, Nana.” Miki gave her partner a cold look. “If the headquarter order for it will you do everything? Even though it means you have to throw away your friends?”

“That goes without saying.”

The girl answered in monotone, not a single doubt in her voice.

“If it's an order, then I will do everything to fulfill it.”


Nana froze as she felt a painful sting on her left cheek, her mind went blank as she tried to register what happened.

“...I'm really sick of you.”

Miki turned away, taking her bag as she left the office in a run.

“Wait, Miki-chan!”

Mio ran after the girl without a second thought, worry painted all over her face. The new squad leader raised a hand to touch the red mark on her cheek, before she silently sat back to her chair, browsing through paperworks before her. She glanced at the remaining officer.

“Aren't you going after them, Meru?" “No, wait. Just a sec...”

The cheerful girl raised an index finger, shushing the talking officer.

“There we go. Perfect.”

She sat down her newly handmade bomb on her desk, before turning to Nana with a huge grin.

“Actually I was thinking of making you go 'BOOM' with this but since you don't cross the line 'till making Mio cry... Hmm, I guess I'll forgive you this time.”


Meru pocketed her little toy and stood, heaving her bag to her shoulder. She took Mio's bag on her other hand before skipping away to the front door, giggling all the way.

“Oh, and good luck with your new team, ms. squad leader. I hope you're happy with this 'justice' of yours...

The girl made a sloppy salute, and with that, she left the remaining member of Joshikou Keisatsu on her own. Nana clenched her fist, listening to the tick-tacking sound of the clock that echoed inside the empty room.

“There is nothing wrong. This is for the better.”

She closed her eyes tightly, burying her face to her hand.

I'll protect this [ order ] by myself, 

and make everyone happy for sure...”



Mio shouted as she ran along the empty sidewalk of Zoshigaya street, trying with all her might to catch up with her fleeing friend.

“Miki-chan, please wait up!”

The girl abruptly stopped and fell to her knees panting. She was not the athletic type but she never thought it would hinder her this much. She raised her face.

“Oh no, if I'm not hurry I'll lose her...”

Mio pushed herself back to her feet.



She blinked as she felt a strong wind beside her, seeing the girl she was chasing falling to the ground with a huge 'thud', a school bag above her head. No wait. Mio blinked as she recognized the keychain on the bag. It's not just a normal school bag. It's HER school bag. But didn't she leave it back in the office?

“Hey, hey, Miki~”

Mio flinched as she heard the familiar voice, turning to her left to see Meru beside her.

“Don't you hear Mio is calling you? Slow down for a while.”


“The one and only! Anyways, hey Miki.”

The cheerful girl approached her friend that was sprawling by the sidewalk, nudging her.

“You're still alive?”

“That hurts... Hey, Meru-chan! Don't throw a bag at me like that, it hurts!”

“Tee-hee. My bad~”

Miki threw the bag back to Meru which the girl easily caught. Mio smiled as she saw the small quarrel, before approaching the two.

“Umm, Miki-chan.” She softly spoke, offering her hand to help the girl up.

“Let's return to the office. Nana-chan might be looking for you.”



Miki crossed her arms and pouted, turning her face away from Mio.

“I hate her. I have enough her. I'm not coming back to the office.”

“N-now, don't say that.”

Mio yelped as she felt some weight on her shoulders, finding Meru putting her arms around her.

“I kinda agree with Miki. I'll probably set the whole office in fire if I come back now, he he.”

“Not you too, Meru-chan...”

Mio sighed. Now what should she do? She had to agree that the way Nana talked hurt her a bit, but she also felt sorry for the girl. She's just trying her best to live up her family expectation and Mio knew just how strict the Okada lineage could be. It's better if the four of them talked over it together. But looking at her two short-tempered friends... The girl shook her head. Really, what should she do now?

“It's alright, Mio-chan.” Miki stood and dusted off her skirt, returning the school bag to its owner.

“Don't stress yourself over this; It's just between me and Nana so it's okay if you return to the office now. I don't want to drag you along.”

Mio hugged her bag tightly to her chest as she heard that, trying to find her voice.

“What are you planning to do now, Miki-chan?”

“Me? That's obvious, isn't it?” Miki raised a brow at her, and Mio blinked.

“I'll find those three; Mako-chan, Ryou-chan and Nagi-chan, and bring them back here.”

“B-but how?”

“How? Hmm, I don't know yet. At least we can start by investigating the 'NMB' case ourselves.”


Mio glanced at Meru, and the girl chirped in.

“Bad news. I've tried doing that but it seems like the HQ cut all of our access to the case.”

“Wha—seriously? That stinkin' higher-ups—”

“Umm, Miki-chan... Language...”

“Ahem, right. Anyways.”

Miki fake a cough as Mio quietly scolded her, before clenching her fist.

“I don't care if they block our access or anything but I won't stop until I bring those three back with me. Even if it means I have to go against their so-called 'order'. And I'll name this rescue operation, hmm...right. [ Operation Bug-hunting ] !"

...uuh, what? Why? And why 'bug-hunting'? Mio froze as she heard the triumphant declaration while Meru simply laughed.

“Ooh, I like the sounds of that~!! Laying out trap here and there and waiting because you don't really know the exact location of your target... say, Mio! We're tagging along, right? Right?”

The girl skipped on her heels like an excited child, her eyes sparkling as she eyed Mio with hopeful look. ...well, does she even have a choice? She didn't really like the sound of this thoughtless operation but she couldn't deny that she felt worried about those three. So she only sighed and muttered a small 'ok'. Miki grinned as she heard the response.

“Alright, squad. Let's start our mission. Nothing will stop us until we find them! What is your response!?”


Miki and Meru pumped their fist to the air, while Mio covered her face. 

“We're going to get ourselves into a huge trouble...”


“So this is the place, huh?”

A group of girls in white school blazer stood there by the sidewalk, eyeing the fancy two-storey house before them.

“Ryou-chan's home.”

Miki sighed, staring at the building silently. Nagisa lived by her own so there'd be nobody looking her and they couldn't get any information about Mako's residence, but that's not the case with Ryouha. She still got her family taking care of her so at least the HQ would inform them about the girl's whereabout, right? Right. Miki nodded and walked over to the front door, but then she noticed something. Something...strange. It was the name inscribed on the nameplate. The name wasn't spelled as 'Kitagawa', but was of another name she didn't know. She blinked and glanced at Mio.

“Umm, Mio-chan. Are you sure this is the right address?”

“Huh? I believe so. ...ah, yes. I got it.” The girl flipped through her notebook.

“Ryouha-chan is living with her relatives. So I guess the family name written on that nameplate is not hers but her uncle's.”

“Her relatives? But what about her par—”

Miki said that a bit too loud and she closed her mouth in reflexes. She didn't know anything about Ryouha's family but she also had no right to pry any further. It shook her a bit though, that she actually knew so little about her friends. The seven of them had worked together for roughly one year, and yet, neither of them ever talked about themselves much. Perhaps it was a sensitive topic? She didn't know for sure.

Well, it's not really my place to say that. 

She sighed, before putting her index finger over the electronic bell by the gate.

Even I have my own share of secret...




  --“Yes? Can I help you?”

A feminine voice answered by the speaker and Miki quickly replied.

“Umm, hello. I am Nishino Miki, a friend of Ryouha. And I—”

  --”I'm sorry, miss, but the girl is not home.”

Miki paused for a while before she continued.

“Yes. I am aware of that, ma'am. Actually I want to talk to you about that—“

   --”She is away on a school trip with her club.”

Huh? Miki froze. What is she saying?

   --”The teacher in charge called yesterday and told us that.”

The teacher in charge? Perhaps it was a person from the HQ? Miki mentally noted and continued.

“I see. Then, did they—“That's not possible, ma'am.”

   --”Excuse me?”

“Meru?” Miki whispered to her friend in shock but the girl didn't seem to care. She pushed Miki away and started talking.

“We're her clubmates and there's no such trip. Besides, you said the school called you 'yesterday' which means she hasn't been home for two days before the call. Don't you even feel worried, ma'am?”

   --”Ryouha is not home right now. And she's away on a school trip. That is all we know, young lady.”

There's no school trip in autumn, ma'am, you know that much. And you don't find it fishy at all?”

“Meru-chan!” Mio whispered to the girl, trying to pull her away from the speaker.

“That's enough, let's—“

   --”We don't know anything.”

“Yeah sure. You don't even care or want to know.”


Miki snaked the girl by her collar, pulling her rather roughly.

“Meru, what are you thinking!? Keep you manner, will you?”

“No. What are YOU thinking, Miki? We're bringing them back whatever happen, right? Besides...”

Meru smirked, burying her right hand to her pocket.

“I hate these type of people the most; these negligence kind of people...

“U-umm, Miki-chan.” Mio quickly said, sensing the dangerous look in Meru's eyes. “I think it's about time we take our leave.”

“A-agreed. Come on, Meru. Let's go—“

   --”May I ask you to leave, girls? Before I call the security for your impolite behaviors.”

Uh-oh. Miki and Mio froze as they saw the huge smile stretching on Meru's face.

“There goes the fuse~~!”



Miki flinched as she heard the huge explosion, her instinct took over in an instant. She took her two friends by their hands in reflexes, running with all her might. She could faintly hear fire alarms buzzing behind her and she ran faster.

“Meru!” She shouted between her sprint, “What do you think are you doing!?”

“What? I'm just making them go 'BOOM' a bit for ignoring Ryou-chan. That's all.”

Argh, enough with this girl's logic! Miki mentally shouted as she darted her eyes around for any escape route. Where to go? Where to go? The only place flashing in her mind was a certain cafe with a huge Chihuahua painting on it. So without much thought the panicking girl ran toward the said building, her adrenaline pumping quickly inside her.


“Hello and welcome to—whoa!

The cafe owner nearly jumped when three girls suddenly bursted through her front door, panting and sprawling on the floor. The dogs around the room started to circle them.

“Good afternoon...” Miki tried to speak between her gasp, closing the door behind her back. “Kotani-san.”

“We...are sorry,” Mio continued, looking even more out of breath than Miki. “For bursting in...after the shop's closing hour.”

“We'll be in your care for a while~” Meru finished for the three of them without losing a beat.

Kotani Riho froze as she saw the chaotic scene, before she dropped her shoulders.

“You girls... Why is it that all of you always come here bringing troubles along?”

“Err... we're sorry?”

Miki said rather hesitantly. One of the dog answered her with a snort to the face and she yelped, flailing her hands. Mio let out an awkward laugh as she saw that while Meru seemed unfazed, petting the Dalmation beside her. Riho shook her head. She wondered if it was a good or a bad thing that she had gotten used to their troublesome visit; the Osaka woman sighed and showed them to one of the nearby table, before leaving for the kitchen to retrieve some drinks.

“So?” Riho plainly asked as she set down three glass of water for her guests.

“What happened now?”


Miki glanced at Mio, who in turn glared at Meru.

“Meru blew up another house.”

Riho felt like slapping her face as she heard that.


“Hey, I didn't blow the whole things up! And just so you know, they deserve it. Nobody walk away unscathed after saying things about my friend—ouch, ouch, ouchie!

“Behave yourself.” Mio said rather coldly as she pulled on the girl's ear.

“I'm sowwy... Don't get mad at me...”

Mio sighed as she saw her usually so wild partner shrunk like an obedient dog, before she patted her head in apologetic manner. Miki only shrugged as the two went through their usual antics, turning to Riho with a tired face.

“Anyways, Kotani-san. We'll be staying for a while until the condition clear up.”

“Alright, alright. Take your time, girls...”

The woman lazily waved as she took some dirty dishes back to the kitchen, leaving the girls alone with the dogs. Miki sighed and rested her back to the chair, feeling tired from the whole ordeal. She looked over to her two friends. Okay, so what now? It will take some time until the situation calmed and for the headquarter to cover up Meru's usual shenanigans. What's worse, they would definitely get a penalty after this and it'd be harder for them to sniff around for more clues. Miki held her head and wailed to herself. This was way harder than she thought.

“So tell me, Nishino.”   
Hm? She heard Riho said and she lowered her hands from her face.

“What have you guys been doing for Meru to blow another house up?”

Meru let out a protest at that but Mio shushed her, letting Miki to answer. The girl took a deep breath.

“Mako-chan, Ryou-chan, and Nagi-chan have gone missing.”


“W-well, the headquarter told us that they're away on a special mission, but for all I know it's too sudden. A-and what worse—“ Miki stammered, gripping her own hand as she felt another panic attack hit her.

”I can't even contact any of them Kotani-san! I can't! I-I'm not sure about this but the headquarter seems to know something. And yet, they're hiding it from us—”

“Calm down, Nishino.” Riho returned to the room, her eyes grew sharp as she locked her gaze on the girl.

“Take a deep breath and talk more slowly.”

Miki did as she was told, before continuing her explanation.

“So... we're coming to Ryou-chan's place to ask if her family know anything about it. Turns out that they, well... don't care much about her. So then Meru...”

“Okay. I think I've got the gist of it.”

Riho sat adjacent to the girls, taking her beloved Chihuahua to her lap.

“And Okada?” Miki flinched a bit as she heard the name, her face turned into that of disgust.

“Nana doesn't seem to care. It's all about order, order, and order for her.”

“Typical of the Okada, I see. And I thought that girl will be different, what a disappointment.”

The cafe owner sighed, stroking the small dog.

“But Nishino, why are you so fixated on looking for them?”

“W-why, you ask?” The other dogs grew quiet and sat around them in circle, and Miki noticed this, sensing the sudden change in atmosphere. She gulped.

“That's, because I'm worried about them. They're my friends.”

“Is that all?”


“You see, Nishino,” Riho turned her attention to the dog on her lap.

"Let's say I have information about their whereabouts.

And let's say by knowing that information,
you will have to sacrifice this 'peaceful dailylife' you have.

Will you still be able to say the same thing?”

Miki looked away, gripping her hand harder.

“I...” “Of course, I will!”

Eh? Miki flinched as she heard the loud voice, turning to see Meru grinning and puffing her chest in pride.

“I'll do anything to help those people important to me. Even if I have to blow the whole world or even myself up!”

“Right, Right.” Mio patted her childish partner by the head, smiling. “And I'll be there to be your anchor, okay Meru-chan?"

The girl nodded. Riho only chuckled as she saw that.

“I'm not asking you, Tashima. I've known for long that common sense don't work for you.”

“Ehe, thanks~”

“Um no, Meru-chan. That's not exactly a compliment.”

“You think so?”

Mio let out another giggle and Meru snickered in return, but still, the sound of their chatter only made Miki grew even more wary. What would she do? She's been all pumped up before but now she's the one stepping back in fear. How pathetic. Well, she's always been, hasn't she? Being frightened by even the smallest thing and putting everyone in panic. And now she didn't even have the courage to put herself up for them.


It took her a long way to achieve this happiness; this peaceful and simple dailylife she'd yearned for as long as she remembered. So then, why would she sacrifice it for another people? Those days where she could forget the suffocating anxiety lurking in the back of her mind; those days where she could smile just like a normal girl without a worry in the world, does she really have to give them away? That will be unthinkable, isn't it?

Then again, Miki, who is it that make you smile everyday?

The one...who makes her smile? The thought struck her and she froze, staring at her own trembling hand.

If you end up losing them, will you still be able to smile in those tranquil days?


Miki clenched her hand, her trembling disappeared.

"I want to know, Kotani-san.
I want to help them, to help my precious friends.”

She lifted her face, staring at the cafe owner with renewed determination.

“Please tell me. Mako-chan, Ryou-chan, and Nagi-chan; where are they and what happened to them?
What is it that been going on in this place?

“Okay, calm down. You've always been in a rush, aren't you? Don't get into another panic attack now.”

The woman chuckled and joked a bit to relieve the heavy atmosphere, before she turned her attention to the front door.

   “Besides, the squad isn't complete yet.”


The three police girls turned their head simultenously, and as soon as they recognized the person by the door, they froze.

“...Nana? What are you doing here?”

Miki whispered the words above the breath, and her partner looked away, seemingly a bit shock herself to be there.

“I heard from the HQ that you guys have stirred up yet another problem. So I thought you will probably gather here.”

“Oh. I see.”

Miki replied her rather coldly and Nana sighed, approaching the somehow so crowded table.

“What now? You're reporting us to the higher-ups?”


Nana stopped in front of Riho, locking her sharp gaze on the woman.

“Please tell me more about that too, Kotani-san. The whereabout of those three.”

Miki couldn't believe her ears, while Meru cheered, jumping out of her seat to fling her arm around her friend's shoulder.

“Awright~~ Welcome to the team, ms. Serious-freak!” 

“Stop—Tashima Meru. You are hurting my neck.”

The girl ignored the plea, only releasing the girl after Mio told her to. Miki still couldn't believe it. She clenched her fists.

“Wh--what's with you!? Why are you suddenly doing this?”

“...the office. It's been so empty that I can't even concentrate. And that, you see,”

The serious girl sighed and looked away once again, seemingly a bit embarrassed.

It is hard to admit but I cannot finish a job properly without your critical judgement by my side, though your words can pass off as a bit paranoid at times.”

Miki crossed her arms as she heard that, and before she realized, a smirk tugged on her lips.

“Really now? Why can't you just be honest to yourself and say 'I can't work without you, Miki-sama, so please stay with me~' something like that?”

Nana huffed, closing her eyes.

“For all I know, it is you who can't stay a whole day out of anxiety without my presence, 'Miki-sama'.”

“Hmm. I'll forgive you since you kept the '-sama' on.”

Mio giggled as she heard the duo returned to their usual mock-fight, feeling the tension between them melting.

“Alright, girls. Are you all ready now?”

The four police girls switched their attention to the store owner, no doubt left in their eyes as they simultenously nodded. Riho chuckled as she saw that; the sight reminded her of her own high school days as an informant, where lots and lots of girls would gather to hear her words. Well, even though those Gekioko girls back then looked way more imposing. She shook her head and smiled.

“Keep your ears peeled and your mouth zipped. Because what I'm going to tell you is nothing but truth.
The truth about a world the three of them are facing; the truth about 'that world'...”

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 09 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.09]
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Holy shit, Meru is so explosive, like... LITERALLY. Even Mio failed to defuse her this time XD
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Hello, everyone~ Since I haven't updated this please enjoy this bonus art for a while.
It's a long-strip comic which show a little teaser about Nagisa's past.

<Click the image for Hi-res>

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I haven't read any 48G fanfics for long time but then I suddenly got into NagiUha/Ryounagi/Uhanagi etcetc lol due to all the tentoumu chu varieties and their tabishoujo.
And,also Nagisa's birthday letter to Ryouha  :cry: :cry:
They are the coolest intergroup pairing!
then I try searching for fanfic both japanese and english and find your fanfic here.
It's absolutely amazing both plot and writing-wise  :wub:
also your art is also cool  :cow:
keep going! I'm always waiting for a new update  :bow:


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Hello and long time no see~ I’m back! from hell and beyond.

Anyways it's been a very long time and to tell you the truth: we've already reaching halfway through the story.
That being said this chapter is kinda long... *looks up and down the entry* Longer than the previous ones, I guess. Yup, yup.

Oh, and I've updated the Characters Profile. At last, ha ha. There's some new characters and descriptions added so you might wanna check it out.

Well, enough with the introduction. Let's get on with the story, shall we?

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 10: Hide and Seek


“The student council president of Gekioko High; Fujie Reina.”

The girl sitting on top of the training bench muttered quietly, her eyes locked on the phone in her hand as she absentmindedly listened to the constant slamming beside her.

“Third year, repeat class. Three times elected as president. Now that sounds so fishy...”

“What's fishy about it? Gakushu.”

Gakushu paused, switching her eyes to her left to look at a certain person hitting a punching bag rapidly.

“You're required to have high academic ability to be the student council president and yet, Fujie Reina is repeating a year. Now how is that even possible, Seigi-san?”


The girl didn't respond, keeping the momentum of her heavy punches against the hanging target. Gakushu shrugged and continued.

“It means she's repeating a year not because of her incapability; it's because the school still need her around for much longer.”

“Yea' right, or—!“


“That girl's not really smart but someone from the inside grant 'er that position.”

The Gekioko general blinked, seeing the punching bag hanging crookedly against ground, the chains holding it upright were broken from the girl's previous punch. She tapped her phone, stopping the timer on it.

“15 minutes and 35 seconds. And I kind of hope you punch the bag all the way to the wall.”

“I'm just warming up...”

Nagisa growled as she fell down to the concrete floor, panting loudly. Fifteen minutes... She clicked her tongue, wiping her face that was covered in sweats. Fifteen minutes of non-stop punching and I'm already out of breath... Ha ha, 'm getting weaker for real. She let out a dry laugh, pushing herself up to a sitting position.

“So?” The former yankee asked, fixing her eyes on the short-haired girl by the bench.

“What's our next plan?”

Gakushu turned her attention back to her phone as she heard that, scrolling down the entry.

“Her student registration data shows a different address from each year she's attending which—”

“Which means she could be anywhere.”

“Yes. Of course I've anticipated that as well, Seigi-san. So please be quiet until I've finished my sentence.”

Nagisa let out a quick 'hmph' and looked away, letting the girl continued her speech.

“All of the adresses are real. The problem is all of them are situtated on old apartments that haven't got any security cameras installed, so I couldn't monitor the inside.”

“Right, how about a good news for once. Ya have any good news?”

“Of course. Now, Seigi-san, how do you know if a room being occupied without seeing the person themselves?”

“Huh? Why's that even—“

“Just answer it.”

Nagisa growled, scratching her nose as she tried to think out an answer.

“Ya can see the light from the window... Or ya can hear some sound from the inside.”

“Electricity and water supply, to be precise. It's a loophole that she can't completely hide.”


“Following that line of thought I decided to check those registry. It turns out that all of the rooms are operational. Still, there seems to be a certain schedule to their use.”

Gakushu turned her phone, showing a photo of an old apartment building on its screen.

“Today on 11am, exactly 4 hours from now, Fujie Reina will arrive on this place.”

Nagisa brought her fists together as she heard that, a smirk forming on her face.

“Finally. Some good news.”

“If we can catch her, we can finally grab their tail. But...”

Gakushu pulled her phone back.

”There's something fishy about this.”

“Whaat~? Really now, fishy here fishy there; what's with all the fishes?”

She sighed, staring at the annoyed face of her childhood friend.

First, the time and location. That apartment is situated near a culinary district which will get crowded around lunch, meaning we have to get inside her room to execute our plan if we don't want to make any commotion.

'Second, the building's layout. It's a small building with only three floors and no emergency stairs. The only mean of escape is through the front door or climbing down the window, so if you can force her to the balcony I can easily snipe her.

'Third, around 1.30pm, there's a delivery addressed to that very place.”

“Well, ain't that perfect? We just hafta to disguise as the deliveryman and get on with the plan.”

“That's why I said it's fishy. This whole situation is forcing you to face her one-on-one inside a territory she know better.”

“So what, ya think it's a trap or somethin?”

“...everyone on their right mind will conclude such.”

“I don't care.”

Nagisa stood, pulling her right hand into a fist as she approached the punching bag one more time.

“Whatever happens I'll just destroy 'em, take Ryouha back from ya, and go home before the day ends. And if it's turn out to be a trap—“


“I'll mow it down along with them to their grave.”

The simple punch sent the punching bag crashing to the wall, and Gakushu stared at the destruction with wide eyes, watching the sand seeping out of it. And I was half-joking when I told her that before... Gakushu closed her eyes and nudged her forehead, trying to hold back her snicker.

“You never cease to amaze me, Seigi-san.”

“Told ya I'll send that bag flying.”

“No. I'm talking about your one-track-mind.”

“Why you... “Hey!!”

The two girls stopped their quarrel and turned to the source of the voice. It was a group of girls in grey sailor uniforms, and as soon as she recognized their uniforms Nagisa dropped her shoulders.

“What're you two doing here! This gym belongs to Yabakune High!!”

Ugh, not again... Nagisa glanced at Gakushu, seemingly more than annoyed.

“Don't tell me ya purposely choose this place for this?”

“Well, I just thought a still target won't be enough for you. So I prepare something better for your exercise, Seigi-san.”

“Right. Now wipe that smug look outta yer face before I do it myself.”

Nagisa sighed, tossing her red jacket to Gakushu.

“How to set the timer on this thing again...”

“Turn the metal plate below your left jaw. One full rotation for a minute; ten minutes at most.”

“Three minutes will be enough. Around the same time to get a cup noodles done.”


She cracked her fists and stepped forward, giving the Yabakune yankee a huge smile.

“Please don't die on me, 'kay~?”


It's quiet. It's too quiet.

A lone girl in navy green jacket silently stood, staring at the leather chair in front of her. A red huge flag with the letter 'M' on it decorated the background. She just stood there without word, as if reminiscing something.

   “One day has passed and yer still stuck with that?”

A voice disturbed her thought and she turned around, seeing a girl in white nurse-like uniform entered the room, a metal bat resting on her shoulder.


“Pfft, ain't cha the top now? Stop being indecisive and sit on that fricking throne already.”

Kimotama snarled, plopping herself on one of the nearby chair. Mako narrowed eyes at that, walking away from the leather chair to the couch on the middle of the room.

One day has passed since the declaration of war from Gekioko. One day since she agreed with Uonome to return to Majisuka and helped them leading the tide of this war. It wasn't that she decided to transferred back to that school, not at all. She just felt that it was the best decision to take back then. Nothing more. Kimotama seemed to sense the hesitation in her gaze, and the yankee let out another snarl, rolling her eyes.

“Seems like Majisuka kept losing fistfight here and there.” Kimotama plainly said as she let her eyes wandered around the messy clubroom, searching for nothing in particular.

“Ya better start leading their move; they're getting restless, y'know.”

“I know...”


Mako let out a long sigh, fixing her eyes to the floor.

“Can I ask you one thing, Kimotama?”


“Why are you helping Majisuka?”


The yankee retorted back, giving Mako a weird look.

“Me? Helping Majisuka? Seems like ya got it all wrong.”


“Look here. I don't care a shit about this war; I just wanna find Seigi and stand by her side one more time to help her. And if allying with Majisuka can get me to that goal then I'll do it without an ounce of hesitation.”

“ you're saying you will do anything for her?”

“Heh, ain't that what friends are for?”

“I think you have some screws lose.”

“It'll be strange if I don't.”

Mako shook her head, hearing the girl snickered to herself.

Friends. Isn't that the reason she come to Osaka in the first place? To rescue her friends Ryouha and Nagisa from Gekioko? But then, what is her reason to be here now? After everything that happened one year ago, does she have any right to call everyone in Majisuka her 'friends'? Could she even call them 'friends' in the first place? She didn't know.

“Tch, enough with that sorry face. Look. Friends are not something you decided on; they're just there. Yer coming back to Majisuka is enough proof so stop questioning things and move yer ass already.”


Was that something she unconsciously decided? To help her old friends in Majisuka protecting their place. To pay all the things she owed from Miyawaki Sakura. And for 'that girl'...

“Yer ready now? Hope all those melancholy not enough to dull yer razor.”

Mako shrugged, a small smile on her face. Kimotama snickered in return.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There are rumors going on that some Yabakune bunch were single-handedly beaten by someone this morning. And they said it's quite brutal too.”


“Yup. Some with severe injuries had been sent to the hospital but those with minor ones just kept cowering on the floor with fear. No death casualties. The building's in wreck though, as if it was mowed by a bulldozer.”

...ah. Mako gave Kimotama an awkward look. The yankee tapped her metal bat to the floor in reply, scratching her head.

“It's her handiwork, isn't it?”

“She's more of a monster in the olden days. Believe me.”

“I better thanks Ryouha later for taming her then.”

Mako stood, walking over to the door.

“I'll assemble the Shitenno; it's time to make our move.


“01:20pm. Ten minutes left to execute the plan.”

Gakushu muttered under her breath, setting up the scope on her sniper rifle. The apartment they're targeting was situated in the middle of a residential area, with many other apartments and taller buildings surrounding it. It wasn't hard to find an ideal spot to set her rifle, but...

“Eveything went so smoothly that it gave me nothing but bad feelings.”

She sighed, peering through the scope to see the curtained window of the target's room.

“Yer done setting the snipe?”

“Done.” The Gekioko general answered, her eyes didn't leave the scope as she turn the screw on it slowly.

“And your part of the job, Seigi-san?”

Nagisa huffed, putting a delivery package on the table. A blue shirt and trousers replace her Zoshigaya uniform, her long hair hidden behind a matching blue cap. She tapped the box lightly.

“I've checked inside and they're just watermelons. Seriously, why would she order watermelons in autumn?”

“It doesn't matter. And the delivery worker?”

“Let 'em sleep in the restroom for a while.”

“Alright then.”

Gakushu finally turned her eyes away from her rifle, taking something out of her backpack.

“Take this.”

She tossed a handgun to Nagisa.

“Keep your distance and don't listen to anything she say. I'd like to extract as much information as possible but it's far too risky with your current condition.”


“Listen, Seigi-san; that person is dangerous. We'll make eliminating her our top priority.”

“Fine. I get it.”

Nagisa fixed her grip on the gun, pulling the magazine base to check the ammo.

“That aside, can ya really snipe that way? Yer right hand's still broken, ain't it?”

“A few millimeters err are inevitable but I can still manage.”


“Why, are you worried Seigi-san?”

The former yankee simply put a disgusted look in response. She locked the magazine back in place and hid the gun inside the package, taking the box with her.

“Keep the route clear. I'm going in.”

She kicked the door behind her and left. Nagisa walked down the busy sidewalk in silence, blending around the crowd that seemed to have increased as time passed by. She stopped for a while, staring up the three-storey building of the old apartment. She clicked her tongue, feeling a familiar pain throbbing inside her head.

“Let's put an end to everything...”

She whispered under her breath, ignoring the growing headache as she stepped into the building. There's nothing to be afraid of. The target room is the right most room of the top floor, perfectly aligned with building where Gakushu set her rifle; even if she's messed up in some way that girl would clean up the rest. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. It's right here. Her one-way ticket out of this pitch black world, it lies just beyond this door. The girl raised her right hand, her index finger hovering just above the bell.


   --”Yes? Who is it?”

Nagisa felt her whole body tensed as she heard the voice, her right hand shivered against the door bell. It was the same voice that's been haunted her deepest mind ever since that day, and now she could hear it as clear as day.

Fujie Reina.

She clenched her trembling hands, fighting back her crawling fear.

“D-delivery service. I'm here to deliver a package for Miss Fujie?”

   --”Oh, thank you for your patronage. Can you put it inside? The door is not locked.”

“Understood. Please excuse me.”

Nagisa pushed the door open, stepping inside the room carefully. Her eyes silently scanned around the room. She could hear some sound by the room next door and she locked her eyes on that direction, setting the package slowly to the floor.

“Gakushu.” She quietly whispered to the communicator behind her collar. “Can you hear me?”

   --”Loud and clear. What is your position?”

“I'm inside the target's room. The target is—“

“Excuse me.”

Nagisa jumped as she heard that, nearly dropping the box.

“Y-yes, madam?”

“Would you mind putting the package in the kitchen? Just use your shoes, I haven't moped the floor.”

“...I understand.”


   --”Seigi-san? What happened?”

“Just stand by on your position. I'll call you later.”

She walked deeper into the small room, her heartbeat grew faster by each step.

   Calm down, calm down, calm down--

She set the box on the kitchen table as ordered, still keeping her eyes on the previous door. She could hear footsteps approaching from behind it.

“By the way, would you like to stay for a little snack?”

Nagisa froze as she saw the doorknob turned, staring as the door swung open to reveal the person behind it.

   “I remember you love watermelons,♥”

Nagisa pulled out her gun in reflexes, pointing it quickly toward the figure. The person simply smiled, raising her both hands beside her head.


“Long time no see, Seigi. How long has it been again? Ah yes, around one year I believe?”

Nagisa gritted her teeth, gripping the gun tighter.

“Aww, you couldn't have forgotten about me right? It's me; Reina. Fujie Reina. Or you like it more to call me by the name [Zero] like the old times?”

“Don't move!”

The girl shouted on top of her lungs, pulling on the trigger slightly.

“My, how scary.”

“Don't move... Or I'll shoot yer head off.”

Zero chuckled as she heard that, closing the door behind her.

“I know what you've been doing, Seigi. You and your little friend have been sniffing around for me, correct? So being the good senior I am I thought I need to reward you for your desperate attempt.”


“Well, what now. Are you here to kill me? If so, why don't you just use your bare hands like you used to?”

“Shut up...”

“You like it better, don't you? The sound of their bones cracking...”

“Shut... up...”

The older girl walked away slowly, keeping her hands beside her head; Nagisa kept her gun against her, eyeing her every move.

“The sound of their helpless plea... The feeling of their blood against your grip... Don't you just love it?”

“I said shut up!! I'm nothing like you!”

“Nothing like me?”

Zero suddenly stopped on her track, staring back at the former yankee with a blank expression.

“What is it that you know about me, Seigi? Why is it that you even bothered by it?”


“How disappointing... The you from before was far more beautiful. Without a heart; without your emotion disturbing the scale of what is right and wrong, you delivered the [Perfect Justice] to everyone without fail. You have no need to know things unnecessary nor you ever ask for it.”

She smiled, stretching one arm toward Nagisa.

“I can help you reclaim that 'perfect justice' you lose. And everything will return just like it used to.”


“...I see.”

Zero sighed, pulling her arm back.

“Then you can just disappear here, never knowing anything.”




Nagisa turned her body in reflexes, setting her back against the counter as she ducked away from the sudden gunshot. She clutched her right shoulder, trying to stop the bleeding as she tried to look for her target.

“Dammit, Gakushu!” She shouted into her communicator. “The target is heading toward the window!”



No response.

“Gakushu, she's running away— CLANK


Nagisa cursed under her breath, pulling back behind her hiding spot to avoid the barrage of bullets. She peeked beside the counter, seeing the blurry image of her attacker. A guy with full body motorcycle suit and a helmet hiding his face. Damn, where the hell this guy came from!? I didn't sense 'em at all!!

“Grrh, that's it.” She threw away her gun, turning the metal plate of her collar.

Ten minutes, full rotation. Releasing all limiter.

“Don't blame me if you die, 'kay?”

She turned around, planting her both hands on the kitchen counter.


The Gekioko berserker pushed the counter off the floor, deflecting the bullets with it while mowing everything along the path. She threw the heavy appliance toward the guy, ignoring the huge sound it made as it crashed to the wall. She ran to the window, her eyes darting around to find the target of her rage.


Her target was already running down the street and she gritted her teeth, planting one foot against the metal railing.

“You won't escape...”

“Whoa, seriously?”


Zero glanced behind her for a while, running faster.

“Did she just jump down the third floor? What a monster.”


Nagisa stood in an instant, chasing after the fleeing yankee with blind rage.

“Uh-oh, she's catching up. Now what to do, hmmm...”


“Well then,” The yankee suddenly stopped and turned around, facing the berserker.

“Rammed her down.”


Nagisa felt her breath stuck on her throat, her body flying a few meters away across the road as something rammed against her side. She pushed her face from the asphalt, staring at the motorcycle and the helmed figure riding it. Zero standing just beside the vehicle.

“Ze... ro...”

“Oh, wow~ You're amazingly durable, Seigi. How can you still move after being rammed by a bike?”

“Kill... I'll kill... you...”

“Seems like we have to continue this game of hide-and-seek later. All those commotions you're creating have attracted quite a nosy bunch.”

The yankee chuckled and climbed on the bike, the rider handing her another helmet.

“Please do your best not to get arrested; it won't be fun waiting until you come out from behind the bar.”


“I'll see you around, Seigi-chan. Oh, and you're it."

“I said wait—“



Nagisa growled, her body grew numb as she hit the cold asphalt once again. The collar... Has it been ten minutes already? She shakily reached to the metal plate, trying to turn off the electrical current.

   --”—gi-san. Seigi-san!”


   --”Are you alright!? There was an interference and—“

“I failed. The target... she's escaped...”

She clenched her fist, listening to the police sirens blaring from afar.

   --”...I understand. We'll retreat for now and devise a new plan. What is your current position?”



“The alley behind the apartment. I can't move right now... so hurry up before the cop's start sniffing our tail.”


“Right, so I have asked those Yabakune bunch.”

Uonome approached Kamisori that was waiting by the bench, ignoring the busy noise of the hospital waiting room.

“They said this person is female, slightly tall --perhaps around 165cm, japanese as far as we know, have jet black eyes and long wavy hair that flow just below her shoulder. One thing to note is that they just can't shake the image of her smile from their mind, as if haunting them.”

“That's our target. Kimotama.”

“Yup.” The Gekioko general nodded, standing up from her seat. “That's Seigi alright.”

“I'll leave the war to you for a while, Uonome.”

“Wait, Kamisori.”   

Uonome grabbed her shoulder, stopping the girl.

“Do you know what you're up against? This monster destroyed not just twenty people by herself but the whole building with her!”

“Calm down, Uonome.” She pry the grip off her shoulder, giving Uonome an assuring smile. “That girl is not a monster; she's just an idiot with a little too much power in her disposal.”


“And I have promised someone that I'll take her back.”

She tapped Uonome on her shoulder a few times, walking passed the Rappappa queen.

“U-uonome-neesan! Kamisori-san!!”

Mako stopped on her track, glancing at one of the Majisuka yankee running toward them.

“What is it?” Uonome spoke, waiting for the poor girl to catch her breath.

“Our school—Gekioko—“ “Calm down.”

Mako cut in, narrowing her eyes.

“Take a deep breath and start talking.”

“It's Henteko!”

The two girls froze as they heard the name.

“That Gekioko general is attacking our territory!!”


“Ouch, ouch, ouch...”

Nagisa cringed, leaning on Gakushu's shoulder as the girl helped her walk.

“Hold on, we're almost there.”

“There...? There where?”

The girl growled, finding another apartment building in front of her.

“We're not going to the hospital, as far as I can see.”

“No. We can't stay in a place where they can easily monitor us, so I'm bringing you to someone I can trust.”

“That doesn't sound too convincing...”

Nagisa sighed. In reality she didn't care anymore; she just needed someone to fix her fast so she can continue the chase. The two girls arrived on their destination not long enough, Nagisa waiting as Gakushu rang the door bell for her. She absentmindedly stared at the nameplate on the wall.

Watanabe? Watanabe... That name sounds familiar...

Urgh, wait...
“I'm coming, I'm coming~ Sheesh, can't you wait for a little... bit...”

The girl behind the door froze as she saw her visitors. Her face painted in a mix of shock and disbelief.


“Shit—I mean, uh, hello... Coby-senpai...

Nagisa grunted, feeling the girl's arms around her neck, hugging her tightly. Her whole body felt hurt from the sudden contact but she didn't move, letting the older girl held her.

“You're alive... You're still... alive...”


Gakushu shrugged and left them, walking inside the room.

“Hey, Seigi...”


Nagisa stop mid-sentence, unable to continue her speech as she felt the grip around her neck tightened.

“Where have you been in this one year, hm~?”

“C-coby-senpai—neck! Can't—breath—“

“I'm sorry Coby-senpai but can you help me patch her up?” Gakushu plainly said as she took a seat on the couch, spreading some papers on the coffee table.

“I can't do it in my current condition and we can't go to a public hospital right now.”

“You always do whatever you please, ain't you Gakushu? But okay, I'll let it slip this time~”

The woman sweetly smiled, dragging the helpless girl to another room.

“Since I have a lot to talk about with this girl here~ Right, Sei~gi~~♥?”

“Gyaa—aaaaaah! Help—!!“

Gakushu sighed, clicking her pen and tapping it to her chin. She ignored the painful cry on the background and started writing. What to do now? Not only letting the target escaped they also failed to extract any information from her. Of course she already left a back-up plan but that's the last of the least when her other plans failed to work. She glanced at the door where Coby just dragged her partner into, thinking.

Watanabe Miyuki. Also known as [Coby], the seducer. She was the second-in-command of Kango-ka back in her high school years and Antonio's right hand. A mischievous and dangerous woman, she's known to have betrayed Antonio once and lost the faith of the whole Kango-ka. People would choose her as the last person to trust but not for her. And not for Nagisa nor Antonio. They'd known the real Coby better, the one hidden behind her devillish mask.

“Ga~kushu.” Gakushu shook herself back to reality, staring at the woman as she emerged from the room wiping her bloodied hands. She tossed the used bullet to Gakushu, which the girl caught silently

“Care to explain how I can find this thing inside Seigi's shoulder? I might even thinking of spending a good 'jabu-jabu time' with you depending on your answer~”


“Oh, and did you make that cast on your right arm by yourself~? Let me fix it, it's kinda messy.”

Gakushu felt a slight shiver ran up her spine as the woman took a seat beside her, and she scooted away slightly, putting the bullet down to the table along with her pen.

“You can talk as I work on this~”

“...I understand. We—“

   “We're waging war with them.”

Miyuki stopped and glanced to the source of the voice, seeing Nagisa leaning against the doorway. She narrowed her eyes dangerously.

“Didn't I tell you to stay put on the bed?”

“Y-yes ma'am! I'm sorry!”

“Oh well. Since you're already here come over to the couch with us.”

“...yes, ma'am.”

Nagisa limply walked over the comfy surface, carefully setting herself down.

“There you go, Gakushu. All fixed up~”

Gakushu grunted as Miyuki tapped her broken arm lightly, and the woman smiled, resting her both hands against her lap as she sat between her two juniors.

“Okay. What did you say again about waging war? And by them, you don't really mean them them, don't you?”

Nagisa stole a glance at Gakushu and the girl stared back, as if telling her to talk first. None of them opened their mouth.

“Oh, Seigi~~ Gakushu~~ What will a good girl do if someone ask them a question, hm~?”

Nagisa yelped as she felt Miyuki pulled her left ear, while Gakushu simply looked away, ignoring the pain on her right ear.


Gakushu whispered under her breath. The name seemed to echo in the small room and Miyuki sighed, the smile on her face disappeared.

“Waging war? Haven't you two gotten a bit full of yourself?”

Miyuki released her grip on the two girl and stood, walking toward the kitchen.

“Forget your little game and go home~ I'll get you two something to eat to help you forget it.”

“We're not playing around, Coby-senpai.”

Nagisa growled, clenching her both fists.

“Those people... they destroyed everything I used to have. And now—”

“They destroyed the life of a lot of people, Seigi. That's what they do.”

The woman flatly said as she opened the fridge, seemingly less than interested.

“This is not the same as your usual yankee mock-fight. Do you remember what happened when you go against them one year ago? You almost... lost your life.”

“...I'm sorry.”

Miyuki sighed, taking a big bowl filled with sliced fruits with her.

   “I'm sorry... But I'm not backing down.”

The woman froze as she heard that, staring at the determined look on her disciple's face.

“I'm done running away.”


I'll face them straight on and put an end to everything. That's what I've decided.”

“...uuh, but I wonder if such bold action don't suit me—uwaah, that's cold!”

“It doesn't~~”

Miyuki sweetly cooed, tapping Nagisa's forehead with the bowl.

“You're starting to sound like Antonio and it doesn't suit you at all.”


The woman put the bowl on the table, passing some fork and small bowl to the two.

“Well, Seigi-san has a girlfriend to protect this time round.” Gakushu said as she took some slices of apple into her bowl. “Maybe that's why she's trying to act all cool now.”

“The heck! Gakushu—ouch...”

Nagisa cringed, holding her injured shoulder. Miyuki covered her mouth as she heard that, her eyes looked glittery.

“Aww, Seigi~ You're all grown up now~~”

“Not you too, Coby-senpai...”

Gakushu shrugged as she watched the scene, turning to Miyuki.

“Back to our previous topic. Do you have any information about them, Coby-senpai?”

“Hm? Oh, the Yoshimoto-gumi. Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't.”

The woman plainly said, taking her own share of the meal.

“I've left 'that world' the moment I graduated from Gekioko. Right now I'm just your average day-care lady you can found anywhere.”

“I see...”

Gakushu tapped her fork to her bowl a few times, her head already thinking out another possible moves to take. Nagisa seemed to realize the troubled look on her face and she tilted her head, trying to think of something herself. She blinked as something popped in her memories.

“I almost forgot, Gakushu.” The said girl spared her a glance.

“When I faced Zero earlier, there was someone else with her.”

“Someone else, you said?”

Nagisa nodded, while Miyuki simply listened to their conversation, nibbling on her fork.

“He's wearing a motorcycle suit all over and got a helm covering his face.”

“He? So it's a male?”

“Uuh, not sure 'bout that. I didn't take a good look but well, he, or she, 's around yer size in height.”

“Let's assume it's a 'she'.” Miyuki added for them. “In Japan you're allowed to take motorcycle license from age 16, so this person is around high school age in the least. A guy that age is normally taller than Gakushu.”

Gakushu took back her pen and started writing down the description.

“Oh, and what about her traits?” Miyuki continued. ”Does she have any unique gesture or something?”


Nagisa closed her eyes, trying to find something.

She's left-handed. And since I couldn't detect her presence she must've good with stealth.”

“Alright. So this is the info we got on this new person.”

Gakushu put her pen down, reading down the description.

“Not good. This isn't enough to track her.”

“Hmm. Could it possibly be someone you know, Seigi?”

“Huh? What do you mean, Coby-senpai?”

“Well~ It's just my hunch, but...” Miyuki poked the girl on her rib, earning a grunt.

“You said she ran you over with a bike but you get away with only bruises. Oh, those tiny fractures on your legs are from your jump by the way. And your ribs already broken before, right? She might not know about it and accidentally hit you a bit too hard making them crack once again. Even this bullet wound,” She poked Nagisa on her shoulder this time, making her squirming in pain.

“She even being careful as to not hit a vital point so your arm can still be used.”

“T-thanks for the explanation... Coby-senpai...”

“You're welcome~”

Gakushu put another words into the list, before tapping her chin, deep in thoughts. Miyuki hummed and looked over the description, smiling.

“Hmm. Ain't that good enough? If you bring that list to that person she might be able to help you track her down.”

“That person?”

Nagisa turned to Miyuki, who let out a mischievous smile in return.


The two girls abruptly stood. Gakushu took the paper with her, putting it deep inside her pocket.

“Alright, Seigi-san. We're leaving.”

“Agreed. Thanks for everything Coby-senpai, we have to go—gahahah!

Nagisa cringed as Miyuki pinched her side, falling back to the couch.

“Why are you two leaving~? I can text her if you need. I'm sure she'll be happy to meet her two cute apprentices once again~”

“Err, no thanks! We're all good, senpai. All good~ Aha ha ha~”

“Aww, but I insist~ I'll even put p.s: Seigi is still alive. Don't forget to give her a good 'jabu jabu time' when you meet her~

“N-no, we—Gakushu say something!!”

“ call.”

“Ya traitor!”

Gakushu put her phone to her ear, before she suddenly rushed to coffee table once again, grabbing the TV remote.

“Oi, why're ya suddenly—“


  --”We are reporting from—hey, who are you—argh!



  --Hello? Check, check. Is this thing on? Whoa, I'm on TV~ Whoooo~~~”

Nagisa and Gakushu's face fell as they saw the person on the screen, while Miyuki narrowed her eyes.

“Isn't that...Henteko?”

Nagisa gritted her teeth, glaring at the screen.

“What is she doing there?”

   --”Seigi~~ Are ya out there somewhere~? Well, ya better turn yer TV on now 'cuz I have something to tell ya, he he.”

“Gakushu. Search her location.”

“Already working on it.”

   --”Toot toot~ Ya know what uniform this is~~?”

Majisuka. She clenched her fist, already know where this would be going.

   --”Now, now. Zero told me that ya leave two of yer oh-so-precious friends 'round here. So I thought I'd go hunting them~”

“That crazy bastard... She's also with the Yoshimoto!?”

   --”Oh while am at it, I've also put some land mines and explosives around their area. It'll go boom in the next 24hours unless... TA-DAH!”

Henteko pulled out a small device, waving it on the screen.

   --”Whoops, better start running now before the cop's chasing me. He he.”

“Dammit! Gakushu, not yet!?”

“Calm down. I'm working on it."

Nagisa slammed the screen, staring at the craze face flaring on it.

--”Let's continue the game, Seigi~
      This little game of hide-and-seek...

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 10 // END
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Hello and nice to see you again, everyone~ Here's chapter 11.  8)

Whoa, now. The war has gotten even larger, hm hm. Now that Momoka finally come down to join the fray, how will the course flow?
I'm writing this but I even don't know what'll happen once my brain start turning, so even I feel excited about what's next~ Ha ha~

Anyways, let's get on to the story. And happy summer, everyone!


The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 11: Backtrack-- Retracing Our Steps


--”Let's continue the game, Seigi~ This little game of hide-and-seek...”





Nagisa froze, staring at the TV screen that suddenly turned static, before an apology text with a plain blue background replaced it, stating a disturbance in channel. The girl released the device slowly, lowering her hands to her side.

“Gakushu.” She whispered darkly, clenching her fists.

“Give me her location. Now.”

Silence. The lack of reply ticked her and Nagisa growled, giving the yankee a dangerous glare. 


“And then what?”

Gakushu retorted back, her stony cold gaze mirrored the girl's furious eyes.

“What do you think will you do after obtaining that information?”

“Of course I'll pummel her down!“

“In your current condition?”

The yankee clenched her own fist, trying to keep her calm.

“There's a line between being stupid and being cocky, Seigi-san.”

“What did you say...”

“Do you think you can solve everything by charging foolishly like that?”

“Then what do ya suggest, huh? Waitin' for yer oh-so-amazing plan to fail later!?

Nagisa yelled in frustration.

“Well, newsflash for ya ms. Smartypants~ I AM an idiot and charging foolishly is what I do!
Besides, ain't cha always using me as body shield for like how many times before!? So stop yer useless—“



Nagisa grunted as she felt Gakushu's fist connected on her jaw, staggering back from the impact.

   “Do you have a death wish?”

The yankee pulled her collar and glared at her, her usually expressionless face turned a bit somber.

“You've exhausted your stamina and your body are all battered. Fighting Henteko right now is the same as suicide.”


“Now. Just for now. Please stop being a ravaging animal for a while and think. If it's still too hard at least let me do the thinking for you...”

Gakushu released her grip and fell back to the couch silently, taking her pen to scribble on another paper. Nagisa stared at her for a while, before clicking her tongue and walked away, letting out her frustration by kicking the nearby chair to the floor. Miyuki could only sigh as she saw the scene.

“Gosh, you two... Are you done with your quarrel?”

The two girls didn't respond, and Miyuki shook her head, taking the dirty bowls from their previous meal with her.

“Fine, take your time. Just don't kill each other as I wash the dish, mm'kay?

Gakushu didn't answer, while Nagisa simply let out a quick 'hmph'. Miyuki gave the two another sigh before she disappeared into the kitchen. The room turned dead quiet, only the sound of some scribbling and a fist being pounded to the wall. After while the pounding sound stopped and Gakushu sighed, glancing at the girl standing by the wall.

“Have you finally calm down?”

No response. Gakushu stopped her scribbling and put down her pen.

“Is your leg okay?”

“Enough with the small talk. Ya already have a plan, ain't cha?”

The girl finally turned her face to the yankee, her fist still resting at the wall. Gakushu stared at her for a while before answering.

“Of course. What you have to do next is very simple.”



“...huh?” Nagisa stared at her with wide eyes.

“Nothing? Whatcha mean 'nothing'?”

“Nothing. As in 'doing nothing and let them destroy each other' .”

   “Stop playing around!”

She growled, slamming her both hands to the coffee table as she gave Gakushu another glare.

“Are you telling me to sacrifice Kimotama—to sacrifice Shu and Mako!?

The yankee closed her eyes and sighed.

“It seems that you don't understand the point of this strategy.”


“Let me explain to you, Seigi-san. Henteko said that she's hunting Kamisori and Kimotama; that is her first mistake. Fighting Kamisori is the same as fighting the whole Majisuka. They might be on the weaker side right now but they're still one of the strongest yankee school. I don't think they'll be taken down that easily.”

“And the bombs? Ya wanna say that it's irrelevant?”

Gakushu shrugged.

“That is her second mistake. You probably forget but Majisuka is controlling the Eastern and some part of Northern Osaka, and by observing the surrounding from the previous broadcast I can assure you that she's in Higashiosaka.

'Higashiosaka is an industrial area; the place is covered mostly with factories and warehouses, which mean if the explosives goes off there will be minimum death casualties compared to other part of Osaka. Also, if such large scale explosion happens even the police won't be able to ignore it anymore and Yoshimoto-gumi will be at disadvantages. So this is what I concluded; Henteko might get some info from Zero, but she has nothing to do with Yoshimoto-gumi.”

Nagisa slowly rose to her full height, her expression blank as her mind still trying to process everything. She gritted her teeth.

“So you want to tell me that we should just ignore her... and let the town burned down with her?”

“Didn't I tell you that I'm ready to sacrifice everything?”


Our goal is not to save everyone. It is to destroy Yoshimoto-gumi so another tragedy won't happen again in the future.

'I hope you don't forget that, Seigi-san.”

Nagisa stared down at the yankee silently, unable to say anything. She couldn't deny it. She couldn't deny any of it. Everything that Gakushu said was true. Haven't she decided already? That she's done with this thing called 'justice', that she'll stop caring about saving every innocent lives granted in front of her eyes. Yes. She mustn't hesitate, so that she wouldn't lose sight of what's important anymore. She'll destroy Yoshimoto-gumi, save Ryouha, and that's it. That's all there is to it. The girl growled and walked away, heading toward the front door. Gakushu glanced at her.

“Where are you going?”

“I'm just...gonna chill my head fer a while.”

She closed the door and left, leaving the yankee sighing to herself again.

“That girl have changed, haven't she?”

Gakushu turned to the source of the voice, seeing Miyuki walking out of the kitchen, a ladle on her hand.

“No. Perhaps I should say that it is you who have changed?”

“Perhaps. Perhaps not.”

The yankee leaned back to the headrest, staring at the ceiling.

“Humans are constantly changing. And it is not themselves to judge whether they have really changed or not.”

“Hmm~ Again with your philosophical talk."


“But you have already expecting this outcome, ain't you?”

Gakushu blinked.

“Zero's escape, Henteko's attack at Majisuka, even putting Seigi in such confusion. It's all still within your calculation.”

“I think you're overestimating me, Coby-san.”

“Oh no, not at all~ Do you think I never know how far you can devise a plan?”

Gakushu simply closed her eyes as she heard the woman giggled.

“That's why I said you have changed. You've always used your superior intelligence to look down on others, but now you're wrecking your brain to help her. I'm sure you even have another plan to stop the explosion.”

“...perhaps. I'm only trying to find the best possible outcome. Because this time, I also couldn't afford to lose what's important to me.”

“Oh~? So little ms. Philosopher have cast away her wild curiosity for someone else?”

“I never say what that important thing was.”

“Of course, silly me~”

Gakushu sighed, before reopening her eyes and stood.

“You're going out as well?”

She stopped by the front door, one hand on the doorknob as she glanced at Miyuki.

“Yes. I will be back before midnight.”

“How about you make that 10pm. You two look awful so I'll make dinner to cheer you up~”


“Pass those words to Seigi too, 'kay~? And remind her to fix that chair she broke.”

“I understand.”

Gakushu nodded as Miyuki gave her a sweet smile, before closing the door and left, ignoring the shiver creeping up her spine as she walked into the chilly autumn night of Osaka. She sighed, looking up to the sky.

“I will not fail this time..."


It was very different, Nagisa noted.

The liveliness she felt in Osaka, as opposed to the quiet night of Zoshigaya, were truly completely different.

Here, the road was always merry even after the sun had set. The people were loud and talkative, chatting with everyone in a friendly manner as if there were no strangers. It shaken her a bit, when she saw the old man by the Takoyaki stall smiled and greeted her, asking if she want a bite. She returned the smile and bought a small box in a whim, munching on the nostalgic taste as she continued the walk down the colorful city decorated with various light signs.

This is Osaka. The place where she was born and grew up.

A chaotic city where people always seemed so friendly and bold, even passing off as nosy sometimes.

Those facts were reflected perfectly in her personality, and that's probably why she always clashed with Nana in first place. I guess Order and Rebel are really hard to get along, ha ha. Nagisa let out a small laugh and switched her eyes upward, finding that the bright neon lights had dwindled in number. Ah, she must have walked quite far into the center of the city. In fact she still remembered this road; turn left on the next three intersections and continue walking past the traffic light, there she would finally arrived at the bustling crowd of Ebisu bridge with that huge Glicoman sign watching them.

The heart of Osaka nightlife, the Dotonbori canal. The brightest and liveliest place she ever knew.

She came to that place a lot of time when she was younger, especially with Kimotama. They'd shout loudly 'Osaka wa kuidaore!' before storming all over the food stalls, eating until they drop. It was good times, wasn't it? She couldn't help chuckling as she remembered that, finishing her Takoyaki in one go before throwing the empty box to the nearby trash can. If it wasn't for her current situation she'd love to give that place another visit but she's in no mood for bigger crowds now, especially the one filled with those nosy Osakan people. Not like she's any different from them though. Normally. But most of all, she just didn't feel like gazing at what was beyond that place.

Yes. Though how much she wanted to forget, she could remember it as clear as day. Past the boisterous culinary district, all the way to Namba and further south. That forsaken place hidden behind the shadow of the tall buildings and skyscrapers.

“They said that place is pitch black...”

She said those words quietly, whispering to no one in particular.

“A cold and dark hole where the dazzling light of the city won't reach. A place where every trash and filth of the world reside.”

Someone said that to her long time ago, someone than she couldn't remember. And those words, she thought, was nothing further from truth.

Homeless, drug-dealers, prostitutes, the yakuza; she could name everything the society called outcast lurking around that place. At first glance the place looked harmless, just a quiet slum where those abandoned by society tried to live on, and it's not like everyone chose to live in that hellhole. Bad circumstances, injustice, deceit. Those who fell prey to such things might be forced to retreat there, the only place where they could survive by digging around the scraps. Things called law or order meant nothing and everything reverted back to the way of nature, where the strong preyed upon the weak, and instead of trying to improve anything the government decided to sweep it under the rug instead, making that place their own 'dirty little secret'.

“Ha ha, ain't that just pitiful?”

She let out a dry laugh, switching her eyes to the cold asphalt.

   --that is the very reason why we must protect them—

..huh? Nagisa stopped on her track. Her eyes widened as she heard a voice ringing in her head.

   --that little light called 'justice'—what left—

It was different than the one she always heard. A voice so warm, yet filled with deep sadness.

   --those smiles—don't forget—Nagisa—


She whispered to herself, wishing for an answer that she knew would never come.

Who was it, the one who told her that. Just who was it? Why can't she remember? How many things had she forgotten in the first place? How many people, how many things, how many words. Her memories were in jumble that she's not sure which was real and fake anymore. Should she remember or just forget them? She simply didn't know.

Nagisa shook her head, trying to push the thought away. She let her eyes wandered to the far away crowd on the other side of the road, trying to distract herself, watching the smiling faces of those people enjoying the evening stroll. She clicked her tongue.

“Aah, fine~ Let's get some more food~ That'll definitely make me feel better.”

She buried her hands to her red jacket and sighed. A full stomach always make everything better so let's eat. But it's been a while since she ate some real Osaka dish, so what should she get? Hmm. Her eyes kept scanning through the crowd, busying herself as she waited by the crosswalk for the light to turn green, but as her gaze fell on a certain figure among them, she froze.

“What... the heck...”

It was that person, the one she met earlier today on Zero's apartment. The one with a black motorcycle suit and matching helmet covering their whole face. She just couldn't mistake that person, and now that she could take a better look that person was definitely female. There was a strangely familiar feeling when she saw her though, but she pushed the thought away, snarling and running toward the figure.

“You bastard!”

She ignored the red light and kept running. Loud honking sounds and curses filled the air as the vehicles skidded into a sudden stop from her action, but she didn't care at all. The sound seemed to alert her target as well and the black-clad figure turned away, pushing through the crowds as she tried to escape. Nagisa clicked her tongue. This is bad. That person seemed to be good at navigating herself through crowds and her wounded legs didn't help at all.

Nagisa pushed against the last of the crowd, falling to her knees as she looked around the empty street breathlessly. Her target was nowhere to be seen.


Great. She should've known that it's impossible to catch anyone in her current condition and now she only succeeded in tiring herself. Come to think of it she's lucky that her target didn't bring out her gun, or else things might've turned for the worst. She chuckled.

“Ha ha, Gakushu will scold me again if she know about this...”

She pushed herself back to her feet and continued walking a bit further, trying to find some place take quick rest. She found a small park not far and plopped herself down the nearest bench, taking a breather. Right, think. Maybe she could try thinking once in a while. What should she do now? Returning to Coby's apartment right away and told Gakushu about her encounter? Or look around for a bit for any possible clue? She mulled to herself, looking around the dark empty park, finding only one lamppost on. Strange. Or more like, 'familiar'. She never came to this part of the city before so why is it? ...ah.

“The drill for delivering secret information. The one used by Joshikou Keisatsu.”

The drill stated exactly like this;

If you are in a need to deliver a package or information secretly, find a small public park and hide it there. Leave only one lamppost on, and from the bench nearest to it, count in clockwise according to the codenumber of the current officer doing a report for that day.

Nagisa rephrased it in her head silently. She wondered why she suddenly remembered about that; perhaps it was because of the lamppost. The girl chuckled and glanced at the bench on her left. Today is Sunday; the one on duty would be Mio and her codenumber is [ 05 ]. So counting to five in clock-wise...

“One... two... three... four... That bench, huh?”

She stood and approached the bench. Eh, but what would she expect? There's probably nothing. But if there's really something, then—

“No way...”

Nagisa froze, finding a package being taped under the seat. She quickly pulled it out, opening the brown paper bag to find a neatly folded paper and a cellphone, its battery being taken out of the case. Impossible. Who could've done this? Could it be the chief? She took the package with her to the previous bench, spreading the paper and studying the content under the dim light. It was a map of Higashiosaka, with some scribbles on it resembling a certain pattern. What is the meaning of this... She glanced at the cellphone, thinking to herself. ...only one way to find out. She put in the battery and turned the device on. Only one number was registered there and she already knew what to do with it. She took a deep breath and dial the number, putting the phone up to her ear.





“Hello, chief? What is this?”

There was no response on the other end and Nagisa repeated her words.


    --”So you really find it...”


   --”I almost thought...that you'll never find the package...”

Nagisa felt her hand trembled as she heard the voice, that soft timid voice she thought she'd never be able to hear again, and she sucked her breath.




   --”...of course. Who else do you think it is..?”

She couldn't believe her ears. She simply just couldn't believe it.

“Ha ha, yeah... Yeah, of course...”


"I could never mistake yer voice..."

She let out a chuckle, holding her face as she tried to collect herself.


“Sorry... Sorry, I just...”


“I haven't heard anything about ya for days, so...”

   --”I'm fine...

She could hear Ryouha said in assurance.

--"Gakushu had left her subordinates with me, so don't worry... they won't be able to hurt me... but we have to make this quick...

Because I'm with Henteko right now...

The statement struck her and Nagisa clenched the phone tigther.

“What!? Why—“

   --”Keep your voice down, Nagi... I don't know when she'll suddenly wake up...”

She quickly clamped her mouth shut, obeying her. Her voice was barely above whisper now.

“Then why? Why are ya risking to wait for my call?”



   --”That map... I have marked the place where Henteko planted her bombs...

Nagisa switched her eyes to the piece of paper, looking at it intently.

   --”...she might plant some more the next morning... but it's easy to guess once you understand the pattern...”

She traced her finger over the scribble. True to Ryouha's word, the circular pattern was so simple that even an idiot like her could understand. But...

“There's too many of 'em.”


“It's impossible; even with Gakushu's help I wouldn't make it in time. And I—I don't even know how to defuse them.”

   --”Nobody asked you to do everything yourself...”


   --”We also have one right? Our very own bombing maniac...”

Nagisa's eyes widened as she heard that.

   --”I've also the chief is currently leading Majisuka right now... If you ask for their cooperation there will be enough manpower.”

“But that's—I can't drag them into this.”

   --” it really hard for you?”


   --”Does it really bother you... to ask someone else for help?”

Asking...for help? Nagisa tried to decipher that words as if she never heard it before, and she could hear Ryouha sighed on the other end.

   --”I want to help you, Nagisa... and I'm sure that everyone else from Joshikou Keisatsu will say the same, too...”



“...I'm afraid.”

She sucked her breath, trying to find her voice.

“I'm afraid, Ryouha. That by asking for their help I'll end up breaking them instead.”


She let out a small laugh, switching her eyes upward as she gaze at the starless sky of the city.



“Let's run away.”

Nagisa clenched her fist, a smile forming on her face.

“I don't care about 'justice' or Yoshimoto-gumi anymore. I'm sick of them. So let's just run away somewhere far, somewhere that they could never reach us.”


“I-it's not a bad idea, ain't it? If ya tell me yer location I can easily kill them in their sleep and—

  --”The Shibuya Nagisa that I know...”

Nagisa stopped mid-sentence, listening to the quiet tone.

   --” very laid-back and a bit of a coward, always hiding behind her smile... A liar who always mess around... never show her seriousness in anything...”


   --”But I also know she's very kind at heart... and she'll never let any innocent people being wronged in front of her eyes...”

“...but I'm not that same Nagisa you know.”

The girl raised her free hand, staring at the bandages and the patch of blood left on it.

The real me is a yankee called [Seigi]. A previous general of Gekioko and pet dog of Yoshimoto-gumi. And I...”


“I have took many innocent lives before. A lot more than I could remember.”




   --”I know.”

Ryouha softly answered.

   --”Gakushu had told me everything... about you and what you've been doing before coming to Joshikou Keisatsu... And that's exactly why you shouldn't run, Nagisa...”


   --”...I know. You've been suffering from guilt and horror all this time... and if you decide to run away again... that guilt will only consume you instead...”

“But... I...”

   --”I will be fine, Nagi... Everyone will...”


  --”So please don't give up and face them... I'll definitely be waiting for you...”

“Ha... A ha ha ha...”

The girl chuckled, before she finally laughed.

   --”...why are you laughing?”

“Ha ha, no it's just—“

Nagisa wiped the small tear on her eyes, a huge grin replaced the previous gloomy look her face.

“I'm nothing like some knight in shining armor, y'know~ That role is more fitting for chief or Naachan, ha ha~”

   --”I-I never ask you to be one!”

“Ha ha, yeah. Yeah, you're right...”

   --”...stop laughing already, you'll wake everyone up.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

The girl rose to her full height and took the map with her, folding it neatly and putting it to her pocket.

“Hey, Ryouha.”


“It might not be so gallant, but... I'll definitely save you.”

   --“T-that's enough. I'm hanging up...”

“Ha ha~”

She let out another chuckle.

“Wait for me and stay safe.”

   --”...I will.”

The line cut off and Nagisa lowered the device, staring at the screen.

“Aah, I guess I have no choice.”

She put the phone into her other pocket and smiled, the fear in her eyes replaced with confidence. She cracked her fist.

“Time to start the counter-attack.”

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 11 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[BonusArt]
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...I haven't got the time to update this yet.  :catglare:
There's been the one-shot and halloween chapter and I was busy with campus that I haven't written the next chapter.
The plot is all ready though, so once I have the time to write I'll post the new chapter.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the bonus art.
See ya again~

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.12]
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Finally here~ Whoo, I'm so happy I could finally update this, ha ha~  :D

Oh, and about the title "Stand Alone Complex" I actually got the idea from Ghost in The Shell.
It is a phenomenon where 'unrelated people doing independent actions toward the same goal, making it seems as if they're working together'. Also, I took it because of Nagisa's tendency to 'stand alone' and solve everything herself despite what people around her said... 

Well, without further ado,

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 12: Stand Alone Complex


“Here. A present.”

“What is this?”

“The location of Henteko's bombs. Bake up a new plan with this.”

“I see. Leak that info wherever you want, we're staying out of it.”

“You sneaky coward.”

“It's called 'strategy', Seigi-san.”



“Where are ya going now?”

“Recon. I started this war but I never thought that Gekioko will retaliate this much; I'll need to pull some more strings to change the tide.”

“Right~ Such a busybody, ain't cha?”

“It's crucial to win this war. And I advise you not to do anything reckless this time.”


“If things turn for the worse I can't even ensure what will happen anymore.”

“Just say it up right, that ya just wanna leave me cleaning up the dishes for Coby-senpai...”





   --”Yes, Osaka prefectural police. Can I help ya?”

     “This Kojima Mako from Zoshigaya branch—“

   --”What the hell, you again?”

Kojima Mako paused as she heard the loud sigh on the other end, gripping her phone tighter.


   --”You brat, how many times do I have to tell ya... Enough with yer prank call!”

    “But sir, this is not a prank. There really are bombs planted in Higashiosaka—”

   --”Right, right. So it's Higashiosaka now. Yer connecting it with that yankee who sabotaged last night broadcast?”


   --“I get it, we'll look into it. Thank you for calling.”


The girl froze as she heard the loud static, before she slowly lowered her phone.


Five times. She had called the local police five times already since Henteko's bombing threat but she always received the same answer. The girl slammed her fist to the wall in frustration.

“How'd it go?”

Mako raised her face, seeing Kimotama approaching her. She shook her head.

“Shit, I knew it. They're all nothing but lazy spineless scums.”

The yankee growled and kicked the nearby rubble.

“What now?”

Mako didn't answer. Twelve hours had passed and since then she managed to whittle down the possible area to Higashiosaka. All of Majisuka are searching every nook and cranny of the town right now, but even then she knew it wouldn't help much. Even if they managed to find the explosives they don't have anyone capable of defusing them. They could always try evacuating the civilians, but why would anyone listen to a bunch of kids storming around the street? Threatening them wouldn't do any good either since that'd only create another tension with the local security. She's running out of options here.

“Fine. That's it.”

Kimotama sighed, resting her metal bat to her shoulder.

“I give up. Though how much I hate this I rather run than dying a silly death.”

“This is not a game. People will die if those bombs go off; people who got nothing to do with this.”

“Heh, so what?” Kimotama abruptly said.

“We're yankees not some defence force. So save yer hero complex to yerself.”

Mako clenched her fist as she heard that, glaring dagger at her; she hadn't got a blink of sleep since yesterday and she's almost at her edge. Kimotama seemed to realize this but she didn't stop, showing her cocky smile to the girl.

“Or what? Ya have a better a plan—

   “Whoa, calm down people. Calm down~”

The two girls froze as they heard the sing-song voice, turning their head slowly as they heard footsteps coming from the other end of the alley.

“Don't kill each other now, ha ha~”


The laughter stopped as a metal bat crushed the concrete wall just beside her head, and the figure sighed.

“Yer trying to kill me or sumthin'?”

“Heh, if it's really you ya won't die for this. Seigi...”

Nagisa scratched her cheek.

“Ya think I'm a zombie? I'll die if my head got crushed—


Her words stopped abruptly once again as she felt a sharp pain sliced through skin, fresh blood dripped down slowly from cut on her cheek. She blinked, feeling Mako's hand hovering slightly over her neck.

“Uh-oh, taboo word. Taboo word."

“How about if I cut off your head?”

“I'll die either way, chief. Ha ha.”

She raised her both hands in defeat, smiling.

“Chill out~ I don't mean any harm, really.”

“You got some nerve saying that after everything you did.”

The girl mouthed out a quick 'sorry' and Mako growled, before she hesitantly retracted her hand. Kimotama did the same, resting her metal bat back to her shoulder with a sigh.

“What do you want?”

“Aww, don't be that cold. I was thinking of meeting Henteko to stop this madness but two people scolded me already. 'It's suicide' they said, or 'don't give up' they said.”

Nagisa made some playful gesture with her hands to light up the mood but Mako didn't waver, her dark expression never changed. The girl dropped her shoulder and sighed.

“Fine, I'll go straight to the point. I need yer help, chief.”


Mako yelled on top of her lung, throwing her hands to the air. She finally lost it.

“Are you kidding me you little dimwit!? You made me your scapegoat and now you're asking for MY help!?!!”

“Whoa, she exploded...”

Nagisa took a step back from the outburst. She stole a glance at Kimotama, who only shrug in response. The girl gulped and raised her both hands.

“Err, calm down chie—”


“C'mon. Even if I say I have the location of all the bombs Henteko planted?”

The statement effectively shut the enraged girl and Nagisa let out the breath she was holding. She put her both hands into her red jacket, tilting her head.


“...what games are you playing now...”

The girl chuckled.

“Good question. Hmm, alright, let's call it a game of treasure hunting~ Think ya can lend all yer Majisuka fellow to participate?”

“Will this treasures explode if we don't manage to find them within the time limit?”

“Ooh, yer finally getting it~”

“I already started with this games way longer than you...”

“True, but I have the treasure map.”

Mako froze as she heard that, her eyes widened.


“But I don't have it with me now, ha ha—wah!“

Nagisa took a step back, dodging another slash that nearly hit her nose.


“That's why I said calm down, chief~ I already left the map to an expert.”

“An expert?”


“What do you—“


Mako froze as she heard the loud yell while Kimotama cursed, readying her metal bat. Nagisa tried her best to stifle her laugh as she saw the two reactions, her eyes fell on another newcomer coming from the other end.

“Oh, it's the chief! And Nagi-chan as well!”

“Long time no see, Meru.”

Mako couldn't believe her eyes. Her fellow officer was really there, approaching her with a huge grin on her face as she juggled something on her hand. Nagisa seemed to notice the item and she tilted her head.

“What're ya bringing?”

“Hm? Oh, the map you gave were spot on, Nagi-chan! I found one of the bomb.” The girl stopped juggling the box, showing the fuse and clock ticking on it.

“Here. It's a C-4.”


Kimotama yelled and scrambled away from the girl.

“The heck with this brat—put that frickin' thing off!”

“Oh? Who are you?”

“That's what yer concerned about!?”

Mako stared at the scenes in silence, while Nagisa simply shrugged.

“There's yer expert. A bigger bomb maniac than Henteko.”


“Y'know, there's a saying that ya should fight a fire with fire~”


Nagisa paused, seeing the perplexed on the girl's face.

“Why are you doing this?”


She plainly answered, taking another step back into the dark alley.

“I didn't like this idea as well, but... I can't think of any other way...”


Mako clenched her fist, watching the silently as Meru cut off the detonator and deactivated the bomb, Kimotama cursing for the hell off it. She sighed.

“I should've just left you back then.”

“Ha ha, I was thinking the same. But it's too late for regret.”

Nagisa let out another laugh and turned away, waving her hand.

“I'll leave the bombs to you, chief~”

“Are you going to face that lunatic in exchange?”

The girl only smiled in reply, and Mako growled.

“That's enough, Nagisa. With Meru here we could—“

“Ryouha called me last night.” The girl whispered quietly.

“She's the one who sent me that map. Because she was with Henteko.”

“'s suicide.”

“Ha ha, I've heard the same thing from Gakushu. Come to think of it, she's out doing some more of her shady business so it's the first time I can act freely after a while.”


“Naw, stop giving me that scary look~ I don't plan on dying; I'm too angry for that right now.”

Nagisa let out another chuckle as she walked away, her smile widened.

“Well then, see ya~”

Mako could only stand there as the girl left, her both fists tightly clenched to stop her trembling. She's too dangerous right now, stay away from her. Her instinct was screaming loudly to her, prompting her to focus her attention back to the other two.

“Meru. How many bombs are there?”

The said girl blinked, glancing at Mako.

“Oh, right. There's around 20 in total but might be more. Hm? Where's Nagi-chan?”


Kimotama let out another yell, dragging her metal bat with her as she looked around.

“Frickin' Seigi—she ditched me again!”

Mako sighed as she heard the yankee let out another curse, turning back to Meru.

“We only have another twelve hours before the explosion. Can you defuse them all?”

“Hmm, given the number and unknown type I don't think we'll make it in time even with all of us.”

“...all of us?”

“You, Nana, Miki, Mio and me; all of Joshikou Keisatsu. We just got here last night by the way.”

Mako nudged her temple. Really. She couldn't be surprised by anything else now. Meru snickered as she saw the troubled expression.

“Oh, and Nana is negotiating with the local police now. I'm not sure it'll work knowing how classified the existence of our squad is. Plus, we don't bring any official permit.”

“Even if we do explaining will be too much of a hassle. They'll dismiss us as some kids doing pranks before that...”

“Whoa, I sensed some deep grudge there.”

Mako only huffed, burying her hands to her jacket.

“Kimotama, we're going.”

“What? Where?”

“To stop the bombs of course.”

The yankee gave her a perplexed look.

“We gonna kill the bomb one by one!?”

“Of course not. We won't be the one doing that.”

Mako held out her hand to Meru, who gave her the map in exchange.

“Time to force that bunch of lazy good-for-nothing spineless scums to work.”


“I'm bored...”

A lone voice echoed inside the empty room, the distant sound of machineries buzzing in the background.

“I'm bored... I'm bored...”

The voice grew louder, mixing with the sizzling voice of steel burning in the furnace.

“I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored, AARGH I'M FUCKIN' BORED!!!

The owner of the voice shouted loudly, swaying on her seat made off tons of scrap metals. She tilted her head, opening her eyes as she heard footsteps approaching from the darkness.

“So I was... But ya finally came, eh?”

She smirked, her crazed eyes locked on the red figure before her.


“Long time no see, Henteko-senpai. Nice choice of decoration as always, ha ha~”

Henteko cackled, before her laugh suddenly stopped and she raised her right arm high to air, looking at the many watches looped around it.

“2.30 pm. Why? I expect you to come like a minute before the bomb explodes to create more effect~ Or at least right after I made the announcement last night. This half-assed timing is just boring...”

“Sorry for being boring.”


Henteko smirked, dodging a blow as she saw the girl's fist flew just pass her face.

“Heard that ya found someone to take care of my bombs, but leaking the info to the net and make it a mass panic? Wheew, even the police couldn't help stepping in by then. What's it called? Stand alone complex? Was it Gakushu's idea?”

“I don't understand complicated stuff like that.”

“Right, I forgot~ Yer brain capacity is only enough to bash someone's skull.”

The yankee pulled back right leg, giving the girl a kick on the side.

“But ya don't even have that power now. Still caught up with yer injury?”

Nagisa growled and charged again, throwing punch after punches at the yankee. Henteko kept on dodging, the bored expression on her face didn't change as she stepped way and way back, until a steel wall stopped her. She sighed.

“Meh, this is just too boring.”


Nagisa stumbled back as Henteko parried her blow and punched her on the gut. The Gekioko general grabbed her hair, throwing her face against the wall.

“Pathetic... Gekioko's berserker... The loyal pet dog of Yoshimoto-gumi who have killed countless people... Is this sorry state of a brat?”

Henteko let out a loud whine and pulled the girl back, before slamming her again to the wall.

“Boring...” SLAM-- “Boring...” SLAM-- “Boring, boring, boring...”


“I thought I'll have so much fun torturing ya but this is just boring... ”

Henteko sighed as she saw the girl's battered face, blood pouring down her nose and forehead.

“Shit, a whole factory and 20+ explosives for this girl? Zero should pay me for wasting that much assets—”


Henteko gritted her teeth, feeling a sharp pain coursing through her forearm as the girl clenched and broke her right wrist. The yankee smirked and threw her away.

“So yer finally fighting back?”

The girl didn't answer, blowing some blood off her nose as she staggered back up.

“That's good~! I won't accept if Coby-sama's favorite toy is a weakling!”


“I don't care a shit about the principal. I'll torture ya, kill ya, and present yer dead body back to her! Maybe Coby-sama will finally return to find another toy, he he~”

“So you really have nothing to do with them?”

Nagisa whispered as she brought her bloodied face up, letting out a loud sigh.

“Ha ha, I'm glad. I'm really glad...”

Henteko twitched as she saw the smile on the girl's face.

“Bastard, yer looking down on me?”

“No, no. Like I said, I'm glad—“


The girl stopped abruptly as another punch hit her right cheek, but she didn't waver this time. She silently pulled back her left hand, swinging it at the yankee's face in return. The fist hit her nose in a painful crunch and Henteko grunted, her body flying a good few feet away before skidding on the cold floor. The strong force was humanely impossible and the yankee gagged, gasping for air.

“I'm glad this is just another yankee fight. I kinda afraid I'll remember something and kill ya out of rage before asking my question, but that doesn't seem to be a problem now. Ha ha~”

Henteko growled and pushed herself up, trying to see through her blurry vision.

“I'm even in a better mood since Gakushu's not here screaming by my ears. Oh, and here's my question; where's Ryouha?


“Y'know, the girl you guys kidnapped to lure me out? She's with ya, correct?”

“Heh, so yer really live-up to yer reputation... You monster...”

Nagisa sighed and scratched her cheek.

“Err, what kind of reputation did I have? I lost some of my memories so...”

She stepped forward, slowly approaching the fallen yankee.

“Whatever, don't change the subject. If ya keep pressing my temper ya might die.”

“Yer the one who gonna die.”



Henteko cakled loudly as she saw the huge explosion in front of her.

“Argh, shit that was hilarious! Acting so cool but stepping on a landmine right afterwards? This is too much~ Too much—“

“Too much, indeed.”

The yankee stopped her laugh, her eyes widened as she saw the red figure standing among the clearing dust.

“That was my favorite shoes too. I gonna need to buy a new one...”

“What... what kind of sick joke is this? Why are you still intact!?”

“Still intact, my ass! Ya blew up one of my shoes!”

Henteko could only stare blankly as the girl screamed bloody hell at her. This is ridiculous, how much of a monster is she? Human body won't be able to withstand that explosion! Did she step aside right before the mine blew up? The yankee gritted her teeth.

“Hah... Ha ha, whatever. This is still my win.”


“Ya idiot, this is my territory! Any wrong move and I'll blow you up!”

“Then I won't move and ask ya from here. Where's Ryouha?”

“Ya cocky—


“Aah, I missed.”

Henteko froze as a huge metal pole flew passed her and hit the steel wall in a huge clank, sending more dust and rubble to the air. She stared at the girl before her.

“There's still a lot of 'em falling down the ceiling thanks to yer explosion, so let me try again.”

Nagisa shrugged, holding up the pillar with one hand as if it was nothing. She tilted her head at Henteko, a huge smile on her face.

“Where is Ryouha?”


Nagisa blinked, hearing the sound coming from her side. She glanced to her left slowly.

“Yer really good at sneaking. I didn't sense ya at all.”

She plainly said, staring at the helmed figure that was pointing a gun to her head on point blank.

“Sure wanna pull the trigger? You might've a chance from afar but in this distance I'll kill ya first.”

The figure didn't answer. She stared at her target for a while, before slowly switched her aim to Henteko.

“What the—bastard, ya betrayed me!?”

“Oh, so that's how it is.”

Nagisa exclaimed, dropping down the metal pole she was carrying.

“Zero must've deemed you useless now so she threw ya away. Typical yakuza, ha ha~”

The yankee switched her eyes to the ground, gritting her teeth.

“So? Will ya answer my question now? If you do I'll beat down this helmed freak for ya.”

The helmed figure flinched. Even though she couldn't see her face Nagisa knew that the girl was glaring at her, and she shrugged.

“Damn it... all of you... looking down on me...”

Nagisa switched her attention back to Henteko, seeing the yankee trembling in anger. She tilted her head.

“This isn't time for pride, y'know?”


The girl tensed as she saw Henteko pulled out a detonator from her pocket, snapping her head toward the helmed figure.

“Shit, get down—


A huge explosion echoed, followed by a chain of explosions that sent the whole factory crumbling down into a mess of destruction. The sounds of metals hitting each other resounded over and over, creating a strange bizzare symphony, before everything faded out into a pure silence.

“I get it now. It's not that you don't choose to shoot from afar, you just can't. ”

The helmed figure flinched on the ground, shaking her head as she seemed to finally regain consciousness. A patched of red dripped down her eye shield and she froze, staring up to see someone towering above her.

“Because you have to make sure that there won't be another millimeters err. Ain't that right? Gakushu...”


“Aah, it's all make sense now. Why you avoided all of my vital points before and why you never there when I called. I'm just so stupid...”

Nagisa growled and pushed the wreckage away, sending them hitting the cold floor in a huge clank. She lost her balance right after, falling to her back from the blood loss and a huge wound on her head. She clicked her tongue, seeing the girl approached her.

“We're trapped, huh? What about Henteko?”

The girl shook her head.

“Dead? Or ya have no idea?”


“Fine. Let's get out of here first—ggh!”

Nagisa winced in pain as she tried to stand, and the girl put her right arm around her shoulder, helping her. She raised a brow at that. She sure is being quiet and strangely nice today. She mulled to herself as pushed herself away, staggering to the wreckage.

“I can still manage a single punch. Guess I'll make a hole somewhere—huh?”

Nagisa blinked as the girl tugged her jacket, seeing her pointing on a certain part of the ruin.

“Right, I'll punch one out over there. All good?”

The girl nodded, and Nagisa felt a shiver ran down her spine from the sight.

“Would cha knock it off with the silent treatment? It's creeping me out...”

No answer. Nagisa sighed and walked toward the wreckage, knocking it lightly.

“Here I go. And ya better carry me all the way to Coby-senpai's place after this.”


The force of that one punch was enough to make a little hollow and the girl ran outside, dragging Nagisa with her before the building crumbling down again. Nagisa let out her breath in relief.

“That was close... Time to call chief and Kimotama and ask how's things on their end before I pass out, hm?”

She blinked, seeing the row of unanswered call from her phone. It was from Enoki. She tapped the number.

   --“Seigi, ya finally pick up!”

      “Sorry, I was kinda busy. Can ya make it quick?”

   --“This is bad. Kango-ka found out about Gakushu's betrayal; they've captured her!”


Nagisa froze, turning her gaze slowly to her side.

   “What're ya talking about, Gakushu is—gah!”


She stumbled a few steps back, holding her stomach as the helmed figure gave her a painful kick on her old wound. She stared up at the black-clad figure in shock, her consciousness starting to fade slowly. Who... are... She saw the girl raising her gun high above her head, before a strong blow hit the back of her neck and everything turned black.

   --”Seigi? Can ya hear me?”


   --“Oi, Sei—“   







The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 12 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.13]
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Hello and nice to see you again, everyone! Here's chapter 13.  8)

Oh yeah, the next three chapters will mark the end of the current 'yankee war' arc, and serve as a bridge to the last arc of this story.
There will be a lot of flashback and revelations. And I have to say NMB upcoming song 'Boku Igai no Dareka' gave me a lot of inspirations for these chapters. But more than that... The dance, the PV, the outfits... They're all so amazing... The BII version with Nagisa center is also amazing... Why am I even ranting here

Well, enough about that. Let's get on with the story.

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 13: Theory of A Monster - Questions


The philosopher Nietzsche once said,

“Beware when you are fighting monsters lest you become a monster yourself.

'For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gaze back into you.”

Those words bear no meaning to me, as I was born a monster from the start...


“Here. A present.”

Gakushu paused from her meal as she saw a brown paper being tossed to the table, watching Nagisa took a seat adjacent to her and grabbed her own bowl of rice. She blinked.

“What is this?”

“The location of Henteko's bombs. With this ya can bake up a new plan, right?”

The yankee stared at the paper in silence, before she averted her eyes and continued eating.

“I see. Leak that info wherever you want, we're staying out of it.”


“It's called 'strategy', Seigi-san.”

She quickly cut in, silencing the girl. Nagisa growled and dug her chopstick to the grilled fish between them, before pulling the meat and stuffed them to her mouth. Miyuki sighed as she saw the two girls from the corner of her eyes. It's better to let them be for a while, she thought, letting them continued their dinner in silence.



Gakushu clapped her hands together as she finished her share of food, putting down her chopstick above her empty bowl before standing up. Nagisa growled, lowering her own bowl.

“Where are ya going now?”

“Recon.” Gakushu plainly answered, taking her black coat by the hanger.

“I started this war but I never thought that Gekioko will retaliate this much; I'll need to pull some more strings to change the tide.”

“Right~ Such a busybody, ain't cha?”

Nagisa snorted in mockery, stuffing another rice to her mouth, and Gakushu shrugged.

“It's crucial to win this war. And I advise you not to do anything reckless this time.”


“If things turn for the worse, I can't even ensure what will happen anymore...”

The girl didn't said anything this time. Gakushu took it that Nagisa wouldn't stop her anymore so she put on her coat and gave Miyuki a quick bow, before leaving through the front door.

“Just say it up right, that ya just wanna leave me cleaning up the dishes for Coby-senpai...”

She heard Nagisa whispered right before she closed the door, and the yankee couldn't help smiling a bit. You will fight Henteko anyway, regarding what I say. She thought to herself, walking toward the cold night of Osaka. The road was merry as usual, with its usual blinding streetlight and noisy chatters, though the sense of ignorance still thickly wafting in the air. Like it's always been. Of course, a person could seem as friendly as they could be, but when it came down to it everyone always fend for themselves. That's the nature of human being. And there's nothing wrong about it.

So then, what is the nature of a monster?

Gakushu mulled to herself as she continued her walk silently. She did that a lot, arguing and tossing around questions among herself, just to sate her vigorous mind. It's a gift that made her capable of thinking severals steps ahead of other people, but also a curse that rendered her numb to basic emotions. Every time it was just like standing in a trial; speaking with her as the defendant, the plaintiff, the judge, and the persecutor herself. Voices she knew belonged to herself arguing against each other with a speed enough to drive a normal person crazy. And now, another session had started.

   [Monster], according to dictionary;
   A horrible creature. A threatening force. One who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior.

And so everything that derailed from what society called 'normal' would be enough to be called a 'monster'. So following that logic, a person who sacrifices themselves for other while forgetting about their need is also a 'monster'. So is a person like her, and that person too. That person who is so strong, so innocently just, that her abnormal sense of justice clashed with her kind heart. That person, no, that monster. If she ever came to realize her real self that was torn between judgement and forgiveness, will she ever be able to—


The yankee blinked as she heard the rough broken voice, a voice that wasn't her own. She switched her gaze to her right, seeing a black-clad figure standing there, a helmet fully concealing her face.

“What are you mulling about now?”

“Nothing much. Just my daily pondering.”

She plainly answered, her face still show her usual emotionless expression. The figure sighed as she heard that, leaning her weight on her motorcycle. Gakushu gave her another blink.

“So, did you take a liking to the outfit? I could see that the device I ask Enoki to retrieve change your voice perfectly.”


It didn't seem like the figure would answer so Gakushu decided to change the topic.

“Good job luring her to the park; I have confirmed that she received the package.”

“That's only one part of the plan, isn't it?”

“Of course.”

She pulled out another piece of paper from her pocket, burning it to ashes with the lighter she brought. The yankee stepped on the grayish leftover of the paper, putting out the fire with her boots.

“There is only two possible actions the girl could take; leaking the info to public or giving the map to Kamisori. Either way will trigger a stand alone complex and force the police to take part. Yoshimoto-gumi won't be able to move by then and they will choose to let Henteko take the blame.”

“What do you propose me to do?”

“Let Seigi face Henteko.”

She could see the figure flinched a bit from the statement.

“I am now sure that Henteko have nothing to do with Yoshimoto-gumi, so facing her won't trigger anything in Seigi's memories. Even with the current her I can assure you that she won't lose in one-on-one fight with Henteko.”

“...aren't you over-estimating her?”

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. You can see for yourself, since you'll be observing their fight and kill Henteko before her.”

“To put the blame back to Yoshimoto-gumi?”

Gakushu nodded before walking toward the figure.

“Yankee or not, the death of a single high schooler will create an uproar in mass media. And with you being part of Yoshimoto-gumi is enough to pressure their standing. What I am concerned is the probability of Henteko doing suicide bombing before you manage to shoot her.”

“Then Yoshimoto-gumi will be able to cover everything up as accident.”

“Yes. If that were to happen you may use Seigi as your body shield. She's durable enough for a building or two crumbling down on her.”


“Don't worry. I've done enough experiments to back that statement.”

The figure clenched her left fist tightly, and even without seeing her face Gakushu knew that she was glaring at her. The yankee didn't care a slightest. She simply bent over the bike, taking the spare helmet dangling on the other side of the vehicle.

“I'll give you the detail of our back-up plan later. Right now I need you to give me a little lift.”

The figure sighed and pushed away from the bike, turning to the rider seat.


“Osaka Prefectural Police.”

Gakushu answered shortly as she clicked her helmet.

“Even with the stand alone complex successfully executed it will take too much time to convince the law enforcement. I need someone from the inside to speed things up.”

“And this someone is?”

The yankee paused, hesitating. She simply stood there for a while, watching the white headlight turning on among the low growl of the motorcycle engine. She let out a long breath, before finally climbing up the passenger seat.

Another mentor of Seigi-san and mine. Someone who I actually rather not to meet...”   


“Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?”

For years I believe only of those words, of those two available choices

But seeing you struggling with everything you have, I suddenly thought,

Maybe it was nothing but a fallacy? A false dichotomy of black-and-white thinking


“It's time.”

Gakushu quietly mulled to herself as she looked at the clock on her phone.

03:00 pm

Nagisa was probably fighting with Henteko by now, or the fight might have already been concluded. Whatever the result she'd know once she walked inside this place; this school by the name of Gekioko High. The yankees sitting and loitering about the school ground instantly snapped their heads toward her as she stepped through the main gate, and she could see some of them stared at her with dark eyes. Gakushu narrowed her eyes. They didn't seem glad to see her; she didn't expect them to be, but their seemingly hostile reactions only further her suspicions. Seems like my guise has been known. The yankee thought to herself as one of her fellow Gekioko stepped forward.

“I see that yer safe and sound, Gakushu.”

Ibukuro. She quietly thought as she observed the yankee.

“Not completely.” She raised her broken arm a little. “But I managed to get away from her at least.”

“Of course.” Ibukuro turned away.

“Come. Kurobara is looking for ya.”

So it seems, huh? Gakushu looked away, trying to find Enoki among the crowd. The informant seemed to catch her gaze and she nodded, slipping away from the scene quietly. Gakushu blinked and returned her attention to Ibukuro.

“May I ask for her to wait? I need some time to recover myself. You know how much Seigi hated me; this arm wasn't the only thing she broke.”

Ibukuro stopped and glanced above her shoulder, giving the yankee a cold look. Gakushu didn't waver a bit. She continued.

“Come to think of it, where is Otona? It's rare to see you without—“

“Kurobara is looking for ya.”



She's taken hostage. Gakushu quietly concluded as she silently followed the older yankee, watching the crowd dispersed as the two walked toward the main building. She let her eyes wandered around her. The whole Gekioko seemed to almost reach their breaking point, their faces twisted with anger, frustration, and worn-out fatigue. Kurobara must had pushed everyone to fight ceaselessly for the past few days, and losing their three generals at the same time only fueled their anxiety. This war had reached the critical stage she expected; right now, one single action could either make her win the whole thing or lose her life. She had to move carefully.

The Gekioko general stepped through the familiar corridor in silence, the voices in her head already started with their countless arguments as they resounded with the sound of her boots hitting the concrete floor. She could see the door leading to Kango-ka special ward drawing near.

“Hmmm? Ooh, yer finally heree~~”

Gakushu stopped as she heard the sweet voice, watching the owner of the voice smiling widely as she sat on the leather chair in the middle of the room. Her almost ghastly white skin that struck in constrast with her jet black hair and eyes was the same as Gakushu remembered them, her tattered black-and-white jacket drooped messily down her shoulders. She knew this girl. No. Everyone in this room knew her.

[ Kurobara ]. Gekioko biggest lunatic and the very top of the current Kango-ka.

The said girl seemed to catch the little hostility in her eyes and she tilted her head, her smile stretched even wider.

“I've been sooo worried about ya, Gakushu~”

A lie. Gakushu thought silently as she heard the girl laughed, her eyes wandering down to the floor. She finally realized another figure slumping under the girl's feet, her shoes stepping on the battered body as if it was her personal footrest. The figure she realized to be Otona. That's why Ibukuro couldn't help bowing to her order... Gakushu continued her thought as she saw Kurobara kicked away the poor yankee, standing up to approach her. She could see Ibukuro gritting her teeth from the corner of her eyes, trying to hold in her anger.

“Heeey, did Seigi take a good care of ya?”

Kurobara cooed as she ran her fingers along Gakushu's cast, nudging her broken arm slightly. The yankee tried to ignore the pain, until the hand traveled to her head to pat her.

“Seems so. What a relief, what a relief~”


Gakushu gagged as Kurobara suddenly drove her knee to her gut, feeling the air being knocked out of her. The girl grabbed her hair and pulled her face up, sighing as she saw the usual blank expression.

“Aww, yer always no fun... Won't cha at least scream a bit for me~?”

“Is there... something you need...from me? Kurobara-san...”

Gakushu managed to speak among her gasps and Kurobara spat in disgust, throwing the yankee away to the floor.

“Haaah~ Still trying to lick my boot even when I know ya betray me?”


Gakushu didn't answer. She only pushed herself back up, fixing her breath.

“Did Zero...told you about that?”

“Hmm? That's right miss smartypants~ Yer amazing as always, ha ha ha!”

The high-pitched laugh rung among the small room and Gakushu felt her own smile stretched a bit. Time to play her cards.

“Why do you believe her so much? Is Kango-ka nothing but the principal lap dog now?”

She saw the look on the girl's eyes change in an instant, and she quickly continued.

“No, I'm sorry. There's nothing wrong with listening to her. Besides, ever since that incident one year ago Kango-ka have always been regulated by the student council, correct? If not you would never be our leader—


Gakushu grunted as Kurobara's fist connected with her face, sending her crashing to the floor. She rolled her eyes as she lied on the ground, taking the time to observe her surrounding. She could see some of the yankee started to flinch in hesitation, backing away and clenching their fists.

“Oi, all of ya.” Kurobara spat as she glared at the rest of Kango-ka.

“Beat 'er up good.”

The yankee looked at each other silently, but nobody moved. Their feet being glued to the ground. Kurobara growled.

“Ya listening to me!? I said—“


Ibukuro sternly said as she stepped forward, stepping in between Gakushu and her.

“There's no need to spill another unnecessary blood, Kurobara.”

“What did you say...?”

Kurobara stared at her with eyes wide, her head hanging crookedly like a broken puppet. Ibukuro clenched her fists; she might not be able to win if the crazed yankee go all out, but perhaps she could at least saved Otona and get her away from here. She flinched as she felt a soft tap on her shoulder, glancing to see Gakushu resting her hand there, spitting out the blood from her mouth. Kurobara gritted her teeth as she saw the two, her eyes twitching as if she's ready to explode, but suddenly a certain sound rang.



The three girls flinched, and Kurobara sighed, pulling out her cellphone with two fingers from her pocket and tapped the screen. She dangled it by her ear.

“Yees, Shirogikuu~? I'm a little busy right now~”

Ibukuro let out her breath for a while, her eyes wandered to the fallen Otona sprawling beside Kurobara's feet. She bit her lip.

“Hm, hm, oh that's wonderful!! You've caught, Seigi~?

The whole room froze as they heard that, and Ibukuro fell a step back. Her courage suddenly plummeting back down. Gakushu ran her gaze around the room once again, seeing fear and hesitation emerging from that simple statement. Did Seigi-san lose? No, that's not the case. Shirogiku was the one who find her, so that girl must have failed to kill Henteko before the suicide bombing. I have to resort to the back-up plan. She thought silently before she watched Kurobara grinned and turned off the call, twisting her smiling face back to her.   

“Well, well, lookie here~ Looks like yer only hope for a so-called revolution fell short! Aha ha ha ha!!!”

Some of the yankee fell to their knees in disbelief, while other clenched their fists to stop their shivering, unable to retort back. Kurobara was pleased with the look of despair in their eyes and she snickered, pointing her finger to some random yankee.

“You. Tie these two and bring 'em with me. No wait. Leave the chain-girl and beat 'er all ya want. I'm only taking miss smartypants.”

She locked her eyes on Gakushu as she walked pass her, smiling widely.

“Let's meet up with that pitiful monster of yours, shall we~?”


Where is it? What are the other possible choices?

I kept on searching and searching and searching

Through all trial and errors, through all risk and possibilties

Perhaps no other route has ever existed?




Nagisa gasped as she felt cold water mercilessly hit her face, forcing her consciousness to return. She coughed and panted for air, shaking her head as she tried to look at the blurry figures in front of her.

“Hellooo~~ Long time no see, Seigi~ We're never really that close so should I say 'nice to meet ya', instead~?”

A cute playful voice. A voice she somehow knew but never really familiar with. She growled and tried to pull her arms, feeling both of them unable to move. The girl blinked.

“Whoops. Sorry for the inconvenience but we gotta chain ya to the wall~ Can't have a wild animal ran free, can we? Aha ha ha!”

That broken laugh... Nagisa froze as she finally realized who she was staring eye to eye with.


She whispered the word in disbelief and she saw the girl smiled widely in reply, putting one arm around another girl standing beside her.

“And my beloved partner Shirogiku! Ya finally recognized us~ Good girl, good girl~~”

Nagisa switched her gaze to the other figure, seeing the murderous glare on the said yankee's face as she crossed both arms above her chest.

“Y'know, Shirogiku is reaaally pissed off right now 'cuz ya got captured too easily~ Why're ya even sleeping down the road so thoughtlessly like that?”

Huh? Nagisa shook her head, trying to remember what happened. Yes. She was fighting with Henteko when suddenly the yankee blew out the whole building. She helped that helmed girl she thought to be Gakushu but then—

“...aah, so I was completely fooled.”

“Hmmm? Ya say something~?”

Kurobara put one hand to her ear and leaned closer to the girl. No response. She sighed loudly before pulling away.

“Well, whatever. Anyways, I got something for ya~”

Nagisa blinked as she heard that, seeing Kurobara waving her right arm lazily to her underlings, her other arm still looped around Shirogiku's neck. The yankees threw a beaten-up Gakushu to the floor roughly, her arms tied behind her back as she looked up to Nagisa with her usual blank expression. Shirogiku snarled as she saw the figure.

“The heck, you've caught the other traitor as well!?”

The yankee sharply remarked as she stared at Gakushu with disgust, and Kurobara tapped her head lightly.

“Of course. Ya think yer the only one working hard?”

“Grrh, ya gotta be kidding me...”

She growled and pushed Kurobara's hand, walking away from her partner. Kurobara pouted.

“Ooi, Shirogikuuuu~”

“I'm out! Just breathing the same air with these weakling makes me wanna puke.”

“Aww~ She's totally pissed, ha ha ha!”

Shirogiku simply ignored her and kept walking, the other yankee clearing the way for her as she walked out the abandoned warehouse and slammed the door shut behind her. Kurobara laughed, turning her face toward Nagisa.

“Ain't she just so childish sometimes~? How cuuute~~”

The girl laughed even louder, stepping one foot on Gakushu's head.

“Now then. Since we've found the traitors the only thing left is to give them to the principal. Hmm, but that'll kill all the fun... What should I do...”

Kurobara closed her eyes and hung her head as she think, before she felt Gakushu shifted a little under her footing.

“Handing us to him won't change anything. You're already a sacrifical pawn to them.”

“Huuh? Did the rug just talk~?”

Kurobara stomped down on the head once again and Nagisa gritted her teeth as she saw that, the chains around her arms rattling as she pulled them slightly. Kurobara blinked and switched her attention to the girl, tilting her head. Her crazed smile returned.

“Oh, riiight~ I remember ya were called Gekioko's berserker back in the days. Will it be interesting to make ya angry—”


Gakushu suddenly shouted, making Kurobara glanced at her again with a bored look.

“What now?”

“One of the biggest yakuza organization in Osaka. They're the one who plan this war in the first place.”

“Uh-huh. And theen~?”

With the disguise of simple fight between delinquent schools, they will arm the yankees and let us kill each other in confusion. Just to create another riot and show their power among the underground world once again...”

“Hooo~ So they'll use us as pawns to flaunt out their superiority toward the now so cocky police force... Without dirtying their own hands. Nice theory, ha ha ha!”

Kurobara dismissed her with a laugh, but her words seemed to shake some of the other yankee. Gakushu saw her chance and continued.

“That is not all. The member of Gekioko's student council, as well as the principal, are actually part of Yoshimoto-gumi.


“We've been played by them all this time. All of us.”

Whispers and chatters started to rise among the crowds, but Kurobara only scratched her ear with little to no interest. The girl sighed loudly, walking over to the wooden crate on the other end of the warehouse.

“Gosh, you lot are so noisy! If it's about arming the yankee,” Kurobara plainly said.

“Ya mean this, right?”

She smiled widely, holding out a hand gun and pointing the muzzle toward Gakushu. The previously so raucous voices died down in the instant.

“K-kurobara-neesan!? T-that's—“

“A gun, duh.”

She turned the muzzle toward that other yankee, earning a terrified yelp from her.

“If ya guys want one there's still a lot in that box. Feel free to take 'em~”
Some of the yankee shook and scrambled away in fear, while other were frozen in place, still unable to cope with the situation. Kurobara approached Gakushu once again, crouching down to tap the end of the gun to her head.

“I've seen them in movies but never really use one. Ya pull this lever to shoot, right?”

“Have you really fallen that low? Kurobara-san...”

“Hmm? Things had been pretty boring lately so as long as it's fun I don't caree~”

There's no point talking to this lunatic. Gakushu mulled to herself, seeing the yankee fiddling with the gun like a child who just find a new toy. She switched her gaze around her. Doesn't seem like the other Kango-ka members will interfere; I just have to find the right chance to unarm her and steal the gun. She finished for herself, seeing Kurobara standing up as her attention steered away to Nagisa again.

“Since Gakushu has brought up about Yoshimoto-gumi let's talk about you again, Seigi! I've heard a rumor that ya used to be one of them~”

Gakushu flinched a bit as she heard that, snapping her eyes toward Nagisa.

“Hey, how does it feel to work with a real bunch of killers? Do ya know how to use a gun? Is it fun~?”

Nagisa simply snorted, trying to hold her own laugh.

“Heh, sorry. I don't remember.”

“Ya kidding.”

“Nope, not at all.” She shrugged. “Miss smartypants over there said I got some post traumatic—something, so I don't remember a thing.”

Kurobara threw another annoyed look to Gakushu, before searching inside her jacket with her free hand.

“Fine then. I think Zero also said something along that line and left me... Aha! Here it is~”

The yankee pulled out a black notebook, swishing it in front of Nagisa's face before opening the pages. She cleared her throat.

“Ahem. The history of Shibuya Nagisa—wait. That's not yer real name, isn't it?

Nagisa stared at her with wide eyes; Kurobara smiled from ear to ear as she saw the expression, before she slowly mouthed out the name.

Kawakami Nagisa, was it?”


Nagisa froze as she heard the name.

“The oldest daughter of Kawakami family. Your father was a police, stationed on the Nishinari ward just by the slum of Kamagasaki. Oh it's that biggest slum in the country, right? The one you'd find if you go way waaaay south from Namba. And your mother was a volunteer, giving out free rations and helping out people around the slum. Man, what a great role model of a family~”

She gasped, feeling her breath stuck in her throat as that painful headache returned, way stronger than it ever been. Image after images flashing in her mind.

“Oh, what's this? Ya have a younger sister~ A sweet little sister called Kawakami Chihiro. Heck, ya even have more 'sisters' since yer mother ran an orphanage! Aww, must be nice~ Surrounded by all those kids calling you 'onee-chan~ onee-chan~' ”

   --nee, let's go—mom and dad—waiting—

“Too bad all of them have died~ ”

   --what are we—play—? today—

“And guess what? It's all because of you! Aha ha ha ha!”

    --together—we'll—promise me?—Nagisa onee-cha——


The girl screamed on top her lungs. Her head felt like splitting apart as memories started flooding her.

“That's right, scream!! Scream in agony!!! Aah, it's been a while since I heard such delightful tune~!”

Kurobara laughed in pure excitement. The strangled scream sounded just like music to her.

  --Heheh, that’s for——wait——THIS field you idiot!

   --stop callin me——didn’t put my power 'cause Chi**’s the one catching—




  -- [Chihi]

“Stop it!”

Kurobara stopped her laugh as she heard another voice from behind her.

“Don't speak any further, Kurobara-san!”

The yankee twirled on her heel, giving Gakushu a wide crazed smile.

“Aww, Gakushu~ How sweeeet~!! Even though you've been using her, yer actually trying hard to protect her from her own memories?"


“Oh but I'm just getting started~”

Kurobara loudly laughed and flipped through the next page, turning back to Nagisa.

First, a homeless killed yer mother in front of yer face. How old was you again back then? Five? Eight? Ten?? Anyways, the guy was never caught since law never work its way in Kamagasaki. How sad~”


Gakushu whispered under her breath, staring at Nagisa with horror as the girl writhed in pain.

“Next, yer father. The poor guy was caught in the middle of a case with Yoshimoto-gumi and eventually killed by them. That's the problem with a pure guy with too much sense of justice; they died too fast~ Oh, and did the other police even care? Nah~ It's too much of a risk fighting the yakuza.”

That's enough...

She gritted her teeth, trying desperately to tell herself to stay calm, to stay with the plan.

“Desperate, ya decided to be Yoshimoto's pet dog without knowing that they're actually the one killing yer father. You need money, right? Yes, money! Money to run the orphanage and feed yer dear 'sisters'! Money will solve everything! But what happened later? Ya fell too deep into 'that world' and get everyone killed instead~

Enough already...

“Whoa, this is a masterpiece! The perfect epitome of tragedy!! Aha ha ha ha!”


Gakushu yelled as she pushed herself up and ran toward Kurobara, her body moving before her thought for the first time. Kurobara smirked, pointing her gun toward the girl. She ducked away from the trajectory, pulling out the knife she hid in her boots to cut the rope around her wrists. The quick sloppy movement cut the skin of her arms and she swung her left, throwing off the blood to blind Kurobara's vision.

“Tch—you little--!!”

Nagisa stared at the whole scene with wide eyes. The only thing left was the sound of her own heartbeat drumming in her ears, and the sight of those two yankees charging at each other slowly before her, as if she was locked in a trance. She could see Gakushu thrusting her knife toward Kurobara, the gun rose to her head at the same time.

And then, nothing left but red.


Hey, Seigi-san

Tell me...

Do you ever feel happy?




A monster like us, will we ever be happy?

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 13 // END
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Hello, here's chapter 14.  8)

Okay, so now we're starting to understand what Gakushu have been doing behind the curtain. But what is her reason? And when does it all start?
To find that out, let's turn back time a few years before these events. Before the girls caught up in the messiness of 'that world'.


The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 14: Theory of A Monster - Searching


If I could bring you back to that time

Will you ever forgive me?


“...and for first-years, I hope you can give your best starting this semester. Thank you.”

The room erupted into a series clappings, a monotone sound that kept echoing until the middle-aged man stepped away from the podium and another man stepped up.

“Thank you for your kind words, principal. With that the opening ceremony had ended. All students please return to your respective class and wait for your homeroom.”


The row students stood up, whining as they did, both hands beside them as their eyes locked on the man standing on the podium.


“Thank you very much.”

All of them said in unison, bowing their head deeply for a few seconds before rising back up. The lines of people dispersed into smaller groups as they left the hall, friends joining up with each other as they chatted and walked toward their classroom. Only one person remained rooted on her feet. Her eyes scanned the group of people in silence.


Nothing interesting. She thought, before she started walking out of the hall herself. The school wasn't that big and there's only two classes on each grade, so it wasn't hard for her to find hers. First grade class B, or class 1-B in short. She found the room not long after and walked toward the back-most desk without a word, sitting and putting down her bag as if she had occupied the place for a long time.

“Come on, all of ya! Sit down. First, welcome to Nishinari Junior High. Hope you guys ready to beat some shit in this hell of a school.”

What a vulgar choice of words. She silently thought as the homeroom teacher slammed the attendance book to her desk and started the roll call. The girl stared at her classmates one by one as they did their introduction, noting who to meet and who to avoid.

Kawakami Nagisa. Call me Nagi. If you guys need anything I'm always ready to help! No need to be shy~”

An over friendly goody-two-shoes. Can be used, but careful not to get her too clingy.

She mentally noted as the girl laughed and gave everyone a good bow.

“Hey, Nagisa! Do my homework!” One of the student snickered as he said that, making her scratching her head.

“Except for school-related stuff. Unless ya wanna get a big zero mark, ha ha.”

The class bursted into a mix of whines and laughters, before the homeroom teacher hit her palm to the blackboard in a huge slam to silence them. The roll call continued.

Yabushita Shu. I'll play it nice as long as ya don't stand in my way.”

A gutsy rebel with her own set of rules. Stay clear at all cost. 

She gave herself another note as the girl smiled smugly to the rest of the class, resting her baseball bat to her shoulder.

“What's with the bat, Yabushita? Put it away.”

“Sorry, teach; baseball is my life. Oh, and one more thing.” She pointed her bat to the other girl sitting in front of her.

“You dare mess around with Nagisa, I swear I'll beat ya to pulp. The end.”

Scratch that. Stay clear from those two at all cost.

The girl corrected herself as the roll call continued. Nothing much worthy of mention from the rest of the students, until she finally heard her name being called and she stood.

“Sutou Ririka.”

She plainly said before sitting back down. The rest of the class looked at her with a weird look.

“Uh, right. Nothing else ya wanna say, Sutou?”

“No.” She swiftly answered as she pulled out her notebook from her bag. Her expressionless face didn't change as if devoid of emotion.

“Please start with the lesson, teach.”

The homeroom teacher mulled to herself before decided to do just that, putting away the attendance book to fetch a math one. The girl could hear a few snickers circulating around. Already decided on their target of bullying, I see. As expected of delinquents school. She thought to herself as she clicked her pen and wrote down the current date on the first page of her notebook.

Ririka had never planned to study at Nishinari Junior High. She never liked yankee, and perhaps rather than saying that she 'despised' them it's more accurate to say that she's disgusted by them. A bunch of no-brainers thinking that they could solve everything with violences, hiding their vulnerability by acting rude. It was almost laughable. And her studying in this same school with them was even more laughable. But she just had to bear it due to her family circumstances. It wouldn't matter anymore once I finish Junior High and get my working permit, though it's still a good three years from now. She thought to herself as she solved the equation on her question sheet with ease.

It's not like she came from a family of yakuza or criminals, even though she couldn't say her family was anywhere near perfect. She lived with her mother after her father left them, and just like any single parent living in this harsh society money had always been an issue. So both she and her mother just had to move to a cheaper neighborhood and she had to settle with a half-baked public school with no tuition fee near there to cut on expenses. Perhaps it wouldn't be that bad, she thought. Maybe she could find something to sate her brain in this chaotic environment. But in the end, it was just the same.

She could already predict everything. Up to the end of her year here.

For example, the recap for today's event. 1.) By the time the bell ring for lunchbreak the bullying will start, 2.) The goody-two-shoes will help her which will make her rebel friend help as well and drive the bully away, 3.) She'll say her thanks and hang on until the end of school, 4.) Once she head home, she'll start looking for all of the students' background to use for her advantages.

I had done a quick background research of every students here though, so maybe I could skip step 2-4 go straight to blackmailing phase?

She hummed to herself as she tapped her chin with her pen. Her eyes wandered to the two girls mentioned in her pre-made scenario.

Kawakami Nagisa. Daughter of the head of Nishinari Ward Security Section. Her father is known to have stopped several riots and lowering its numbers greatly since his placement, but his righteous personality seemed to gain him some enemies in the underground society. She's probably a perfect replica of him. How troublesome. She averted her eyes to the other girl.

Yabushita Shu. Abandoned by her parents when she was younger, she's now living in an orphanage ran by the Kawakami family. Her brash personality was probably her way to show people around her that she could fend for herself. How pitiful.

Ririka let out a sigh as she closed her book, hearing the bell rang. It's lunch break. She could already saw a few students approaching her desk from the corner of her eyes, a smirk on each of  their faces.

“Hello there, miss mysterious girl. How're ya doing?”

She blinked and stared at the boy, watching him planting one foot on her desk. She glanced past his shoulder slightly, catching a glimpse of the two girls looking her way. As she expected. Ririka sighed again. Time to skip this cliche scenario.

“Ishizuka Junichi.”

“Oh, ya already know my name? I must be popular.”   

She ignored the stupid response and stood, whispering something to his ear.

   “Shall I tell your parents where you hide all those drugs? Or perhaps the cops?”

The boy stumbled a few steps back, his eyes wide as he saw the girl simply sat and pulled out her lunch from her bag.

“Tch, let's go.”

“H-huh? But boss—“

“I said let's go!”

The boy growled and walked out of the class, kicking the door as he left with his goons following behind him. The whole class didn't seem to care about the commotion, as if they're already used to it even though it's only been the first day. Ririka gulped down her meal. It won't end well if I let him go just like that. I better dig for more information to perfectly shut him up. She thought to herself as she took another bite of her bread.

“Hey, you okay?”

The voice brought her back from her thought and she blinked, raising her face to meet a pair of jet black eyes. She mentally cursed as she recognized who it was. Kawakami... She's more meddlesome than I thought. Her face didn't change, but her mind was trying to find something to drive her away.

“I'm fine. Ishizuka-kun was just asking about an equation he missed on the previous lesson.”

“Eeh~ That's nice, can ya help me out too?”

Ririka blinked as she heard the response. How much of a moron is she to believe that? She quietly thought as Nagisa pulled a chair over and put down her math notebook. Wait, maybe I could gain something from winning her trust. She glanced to the other half of the duo, who had approached them with a suspicious look on her face. Something like a bodyguard. Shu felt a shiver ran down her spine from the look, and she furrowed her brows.

“Let's go, Nagi. I don't like this girl; she smells fishy.”

“What're ya saying, Shu~?”

Nagisa whined, hitting her friend lightly on her shoulder.

“We're gonna be classmate this year so don't be rude to, err... what's yer name again?”


“It's Sutou Ririka, you dolt.” Shu sighed as she said that.

“Befriending her my ass, ya don't even remember her name...”

“Shut up, Shu... Sorry about that, Ririka-san. My head's just kinda whacky, ha ha~”

Ririka only stared at the two in silence, mulling on what to do with them. Should she start by threatening a bit?

“Can I ask you to leave? I don't plan on being friends with any of you yankees.”

“Aah, don't worry about that. This school might have a good deal of them but me and Shu are not one.”


“Besides my mom always said to be kind to everyone, so I won't leave.”

The girl smiled widely, seemingly not offended at all. Ririka blinked, feeling the atmosphere changed as Shu took another chair and obediently sat down. As if that single statement had perfectly closed the deal. Her mother. I see. The record I found stated that she died five years ago in an accident. She thought to herself, splitting her  other attention to listen to Nagisa's whining about math problem. So that woman is a big key person for these two; I just found myself a good piece of information. She could almost feel herself smirking, but her expressionless face stayed the same throughout the lunch break, and finally the bell for the next lesson rang. Nothing else caught her attention that day and before she realized she had walked the barren street of Nishinari ward, her school bag on her shoulder and a bag of food she bought from the nearby convenience store on her hand. She remembered the two girls saying goodbye to her as she left the school gate, Nagisa waving energetically while Shu half-heartedly scoffed. She let out a sigh. Three more years, she thought, as she pulled out the key of the small apartment she shared with her mother, pushing the door open right after.

“I'm home.”

She said out of habit, before she removed her shoes and put them on the shelf beside the entrance, clearing the cans of beers from the spot. She blinked. The amount of trash will overcome the cleaning at this rate. Ririka mulled to herself as she carefully navigated herself through the mountain of plastic bags, trying not to make any sound as she walk.


Perfect. She mentally sighed as she turned her face toward the source of the voice, seeing her mother poking her head out of the main room.

“I'm home.”

She repeated the greeting with the same flat tone, walking a bit faster inside before the woman could say anything.

“I bought dinner.”

“Yes, good girl. Good girl.”

Her mother smiled and patted her head, before opening the plastic bag to get the ready-made bento. Ririka watched the woman cleared the messy table a little, just enough to put down the box, before she started chomping down the meal ravishly. The girl only sat on the other end of the table silently, hugging her knees as she watched her with blank eyes.

“What's wrong, Ririka? Eat up.”

“It's alright, mom. I'll eat after you. There's no space left on the table and it's easier to clean up that way.”

The woman froze, her chopsticks hanging in front of her mouth as she stared at the girl with wide eyes. She smiled and put down her meal.

“Silly child, what are you talking about?”

Her hand traveled to pet her daughter again, before she suddenly grabbed her hair and slammed the girl's head to the table.

Eat, I said! Eat! A family should always eat their dinner together!!”


“No space left, you said? Easier to clean up, you said!? All those 'logical' excuses; you sound just like him!

Ririka kept her face planted on the wooden surface, listening to the woman dry laughter, before the laugh turned into quiet sobs. The grip on her hair disappeared.

“Ooh, Ririka... I'm sorry... Mom didn't mean to, but if I see that face—“

“It's okay, mom. It's not your fault that you're reminded of dad when you see me.”

You're right, I'm not at fault! It's that man—that heartless monster of a man, thinking that he can solve everything with logic! Your possessive behaviors have gotten out of hand, he said... Why wouldn't he understand how much I love him? That everything is a proof of how much love I have—

Ririka tried to block away the voice as the woman started her usual tantrum, taking her own share of bento as she silently ate. She could never understand her mother. She might even say that her father did a right choice to leave the crazy woman. The only thing she regretted was how the man failed to take her with him. But it didn't matter anymore.

“But you will never leave me, right Ririka?”

The voice brought her back to reality and she blinked, feeling her mother suddenly pulled her into a hug.

“You're not a monster like him... You love mom with all your heart, right?”

“Yes.” She answered.

She just answered, even though she didn't feel anything. Her face never changed.

And she closed her eyes.

“I love you, mom.”

...just three more years.


If she had to choose one thing worthy to live for, Ririka would undoubtedly say philosophy. With the dull predictable life around her, it was the only thing capable to satisfy her mind. But...

“Err, so this person Nietzsche then say 'Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?' What does he mean by that?”

Nagisa said as she raised the thick book upward and tilted her head. Shu snorted as heard that.

“It's easy; if yer weak you'll only be stepped on, so ya have to be stronger than everyone else.”

“Oh, so that's it! But why 'monster'?”

“Because monster is strong?”

The two girls looked at each other and shrugged. Ririka sighed as she heard their exchange. At this rate I'll hate even philosophy...

“Is there something you need? Kawakami-san, Yabushita-san.”

“Nah, nothing much. I just thought ya might be lonely.”

Nagisa quickly answered with a big smile, while Shu only gave her a bored look.

“I'm only here 'cause of Nagisa. Don't worry, I'll leave and drag her with me once she fall asleep.”


Ririka only stared at the two in silence, before switching her eyes back to her book.

“Be quiet in the library.”

She sternly said before hearing a quick 'okay' from the two. But the silence only last for a few seconds.

“What about you, Ririka-san? Why do you think this Nietzsche said 'out-monster the monster'? Can't he just say 'beating the stronger person'?”

“Because it's about beating monster, not person.”

“Eeh, there's still monsters on that era? Like godzilla an' stuff?”

The girl switched her gaze away from the book she was reading, turning her full attention to Nagisa.

“The term 'monster' apply to those who's not appliable to what society considered 'normal'. Something like a tyrant, or an outcast—“

Or my mother, or me... She trailed off a little.

“Or a bad guy?”

“Yes. But not necessarily.”

“I see.”

The girl nodded, while Shu simply yawned beside her.

“So ya have to be a bigger bad guy to defeat bad guys?”

“You can put it that way.” Ririka promptly replied.

“For example, the term 'death sentence'. Since your father is a policeman you've probably heard about it. In Japan it is legal to take the life of criminals who had committed murders according to their degree of crime and balance of justice seen from a nine-point criteria. Since 80% of general public agreed to this method they probably said it's carried out to maintain peace, but if you see it from another way they have to become a murderer themselves to justify that mean.”

“To justify their mean and maintain peace... they have to become a monster themselves...”

Nagisa mumbled the words, tightening her grip on the book.

“Does it mean that they'll never be happy?”


Ririka stared at her, sensing a slight change in her tone, but the girl suddenly let out a long sigh and slid down her chair.

“Aah, if only there's no bad guys in the first place~”

“There she goes. Being irrational again.”

Shu rolled her eyes as she heard her friend whined.

“The world ain't just; deal with it.”

“No, Shu. I mustn't give up. My aim is world's peace!”

“Yer still on about that?”

This is tiring. Ririka secretly grumbled to herself as she tried to block out their usual banter. In fact, what's wrong with these two? They've been sticking around her like glue in the past one month she spent her school here. She didn't mind at first since nobody dare to bug now her thanks to their presence, but hearing them bickering everyday is getting tiring. I have to drive them away before they start calling me 'friends' or sort. No, they probably did already but I have to make a clear line here. She closed her book and stood.

“I'm going. You two are too noisy, I can't stand it.”

“Hm? Okay then, see ya in class.”

No effect. How dense can this girl be? She mulled to herself, seeing Nagisa gave her a quick wave.

“Oh, one more thing. Me and Shu just found a nice baseball field. We're planning to play there after school, wanna come?”

“I don't like sports.”

“Ya can always cheer on us~ My lil' sis will come as well and I gotta say she's been wanting to meet you. Sounds like an interesting person, she said.”


Ririka put one hand to her chin. Wait, this might be a good opportunity to curry some favors. Nagisa is still the daughter of Nishinari Police's top brass, so if she do it right she might be able to convince the chief officer that she was being a victim of child abuse. She probably wouldn't even need to wait three years to leave that hellhole. The girl lowered her hand.

“I'll think about it.”

“Great! Let's meet up in front of the school gate at 7pm. I still hafta fetch my sister and our baseball equipments.”

“You mean my baseball equipments.” Shu cut in.

“Same ol', same ol'~ What's yours is mine, Shu. But what's mine is mine, bwa ha ha ha!”

“What are you, Doraemon's Big G?”

More like, what are you two? A pair of comedians? Ririka silently commented as she let out a sigh, sliding the library's door shut. 7pm, huh? She still had enough time to get some dinner and planning for the night. Should she act nice to the little sister? Hmm, but Nagisa said her sister thought that she's interesting so it's better to act like she usually is. She just had to make sure not to come out as rude. The girl spent the rest of the class mulling about it, sparing only enough attention to note anything she deemed important. She quickly scrambled out of the school's building as the bell rang, her brain jolting in excitement as she refined the scenario. Now, to get her mother's permission. The possessive woman wouldn't let her go if she asked normally, so maybe she'll get her drunk enough before asking. It's easy to get alcohols in this part of the city anyway. She could already spot the vending machine which do just that on the corner of the street. 

“This is a great plan, if I must say myself.”

She whispered to no one in particular, dropping one can of beer after another to the plastic bag that carried their usual dinner. The girl heaved the bag up with both hands as she finished. Alright, time to—


Ririka flinched as she heard the loud yell, snapping her head toward the source of the voice. Did some patrolling officer caught her? No, didn't see them anywhere. A fight? Or robbery? She didn't have time to worry about that now, but still, the voice sounded too familiar.

“The heck are ya doing!? Trampling around people’s hardwork fer nothing!!”

...Kawakami Nagisa.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she dashed to the direction the voice was coming. She quickly halted as she caught a glimpse of the familiar figure, taking a cover behind a nearby wall to observe the situation from a safe distance. Three boys, probably high school age or older. Their faces didn't look pleased. What is she thinking? Ririka thought as she saw Nagisa confronted them with her arms crossed. She could only see her back from this angle, but the girl sounded more than furious.

“Got a problem, brat? She's yer grandma or something?”

“No, but it doesn't mean ya can destroy her garden as ya please! Apologize to her this instant!”

Unbelievable. Ririka shook her head, trying hard to decide whether the girl was too righteous or just plain stupid. At least she's sure there won't be any baseball match tonight, since the girl would take a good load of beating.


Speak of the devil. Ririka sighed as she saw one of the boy sent Nagisa to the asphalt with his fist, hearing them cackling.

“Did ya say something~?”



The other boy kicked her on the gut.


“Can't hear ya~”


Another kick. Ririka let out another sigh. She wasn't a fan of streetfight so there's no point in watching. Maybe she should call the police to stop the fight; she still needed her father so she couldn't get the girl killed here. She pulled out her phone and dialled the emergency number.




      “Yes, Nishinari Police Department.”

“Please help, there's a school girl being assaulted on—


Ririka paused as she heard the loud scream, switching her attention back to the scene. That didn't sound like a girl voice. More like...

“My leg! My leg—!!”

The girl froze, finding one of the boy falling to his butt as he clutched his right leg. The limb was twisted in a weird direction, his broken bone protruding out of his skin. What just happened? That was the only thing remained in her head as she lowered her phone, watching the fallen girl stood slowly.   

“You won't apologize...”



Another breaking sound. Another body fell to the ground clutching their chest, gasping for air as if they had forgotten how to breath. The girl retracted her fist, switching her eyes to the only remaining figure. The boy seeemed to have frozen in place, his whole body visible shaking as the way smaller girl approached him slowly.

“Nee, niichan. Are you a bad guy?”

“N-no, we're sorr—“


The boy didn't manage to finish his sentence as his lower jaw shifted out of place.

“Bad guys should all just disappear from this world...”

Ririka felt a shiver crept up her spine as she heard the cold voice. More and more cracking sound filled the empty street as blood splattered all over the place. What is this? What is she seeing right now? A fight? No. A one-sided slaughter? How? Why? The girl, with her bare hands? How is that even possible? N-no, rather than that she should call the cops. Wait, she already did. The line should've still connected on her phone. She should tell them and put a stop to this. But even thinking that way her hand wouldn't move. Her thumb slowly hovered toward the red mark instead, cutting off the call with a single tap.

“Look, mom... I get rid of another bad guys today, isn't that great?”

She saw the girl raised her face toward the darknened sky, a smile on her face as she spoke. Three figures lying on the ground just beside her, covered in pool of red.       

“I'm getting one step closer to that world's peace you dream so much about... I'll get rid the rest of them soon, so... please, don't worry... uuh...”

The girl suddenly fell to her knees, tears falling down her face as she raised her bloody hands to claw on her hair.

“I'm sorry, I did it again... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry--”

She kept repeating the words like a broken record. Ririka only stood there, watching the girl cried among all the destruction she created.

  "Why can't I stop hurting people...? I just want to make everyone happy...”

The words muffled into silent cry, and Ririka finally turned away, leaving the scene as if nothing had happened. She went straight home without a word, putting away her shoes and calling her mother for dinner like she had always been, before sitting down and ate her share.


She heard her mother said in a trembling voice. She raised her face to look at the woman, only to find that her vision had turned blurry.

“You...cried? You cried?”

She cried? She cried. So she could show emotion. That's a new finding. But why? What is she feeling right now? The girl raised one hand to her face, wiping off the tears.

“What happened, dear?”

“I'm okay, mom. It's just...”

Her thought suddenly returned to that scene she saw a few moments ago. A scene so absurd and unreal even in the most illogical place in this country. And for the first time in forever, the girl felt a smile tugged on her lips.

“I think I just found something. Something interesting that's worth living for.


“Like I said, what humanity called 'monster' are those who deviate from the norm. But Nietzsche has another theory called 'Over-human', which also have independent values different from society, or should I say, the herds. They are those whose superior power managed them to carve their own path and affect people at large. So if these monsters can reach a stage where they could control their power at ease, they might evolve into 'Over-human'.”

“Hmmm... And that's what you've been mulling about?”

“Research, mind you. But actually I'm more interested in the psychological aspect of these 'Over-human' rather than their physical prowess. Let's say, for instances, a 'monster' have done whatever it deem necessary to achieve their ideal and finally become an 'Over-human'. Will it be happy? Or will it look back in grief? Or perhaps, there's even another ending available for them?”

“I see...”

Nagisa nodded, staring at Ririka blankly as the girl finished her speech.

“No, you don't see anything. It's too complicated for you.”

“Wha, grrh... I understand everything, 'kay? I was just... thinking a little!”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Why am I even listening to yer philosophical rant?”

“Because you said you need something to pass time with as we walk.”

Nagisa groaned as she fixed her grip on the cardboard box in her hands, watching Ririka carried the smaller one with her. The two walked down the corridors in silence.

“I'm more concerned about what happened to yer mother...”

“Nothing you should feel sorry about.”

Ririka quickly cut her. Yes. It was nothing to feel sorry about. It's the woman's own fault. There was nobody to blame. In fact she already knew this would happen one day, getting desperate about her 'love' her crazy mother would either kill herself or track down her father for a double suicide. She was just relieved that the woman didn't 'love' her enough to be included in the list.

“Anyways, ya sure had turned a lot more talkative in this past two years. Though yer face still stay expressionless most of the time.”

“Perhaps your noisiness is rubbing on me. Oh, and do you like it more if I show more expressions, 'Seigi'-san?”

“And a lot more annoying! Gaah, what's up with the creepy fake smile and codename thingy?”

“It's something that yankees use to call each other.”

“Look. How many times do I have to say; I'm not a yankee.”

“Two years ago perhaps, but how about now?”


Nagisa didn't answer and keep on walking, before she stopped on one of the door. The girl pushed the knob down with her elbow and pushed the door open, showing the small empty room with a single bed and drawer.

“Okay. This will be yer room. Nice and comfy, ain't it?”

“I expected much. And since I'll be living in your family's orphanage, shall I call you 'sister'?”

“No, thanks.”

“Why are you getting colder to me each day, Nagisa-oneechan?”

The girl felt her face crunched in disgust as she heard that, edging away from Ririka.

“Whoa, that frickin' philosopher wannabe's really here.”

The two girls switched their attention to the source of the voice, seeing Shu peeking out from the room three doors away from them.

“I'm glad her room's not next to mine.”

“Good day to you to, Yabushita-san.”

Ririka plainly answered, while Nagisa threw away the box in her hand and ran toward her.

“Shuu~~” She whined loudly, tackling the smaller girl.

“Why~? Why did I have to befriend this person back in first year?”

“See? Told cha she's bad news—Oi! Where're ya touching ya perv!?”

“Guuh, thank you for growing yer asset in these two years~! They're the only things cheering me up now~”

“Want me to bash yer skull off, shithead?”

Ririka only stared as the duo started their comedic moment, before she felt someone tackling her as well.


Ririka blinked, switching her gaze to the small girl hugging her waist. The girl smiled sweetly at her.

“Hello, Chihiro.”

“Is it true that you're staying with us from now on?”

“That's right.”

“Yaay! I can't wait to tell you all of big sis Nagisa embarrassing moments~”

“Ya heard that, Shu? Ya heard that!?”

Nagisa finally released her grip and threw her arms in frustration.

“It's not even five minutes yet and she's already corrupting Chihi!”

“Sorry to break it to ya, but I think that 'corruption' had started way longer.”

“No way...”

The girl fell to her knees in dramatic manners, and Chihiro gave her a sigh.

“Oneechan, are you done with yer skits?”

“This is not a skit, Chihi, I really am desperate...”

“Well, dad is desperate when he heard you got into another fight.”

Nagisa flinched as she heard that and she looked away.

“I didn't start it.”

“That's exactly why he's worried.”


“You always jump without thinking. You'll hurt yourself one of these days.”

“Ain't he actually just afraid that I'll end up like Miru-nee?”


“Aah, geez~ I get it, I get it~”

The girl jumped to her feet, walking toward Chihiro and patting her head.

“I won't fight again 'kay?”


Nagisa sighed as her sister crossed her arms, and she glanced at Shu and Ririka with a pleading look. The two looked at each other.

“Don't worry, Chihiro. Just leave your good for nothing sister to us.”

Ririka said in assurance, and Shu nodded, approaching the girl.

“Yup. Ain't gonna let that idiot going rampant again. Now how about you play with the other outside? We'll be right with ya in a while.”


Chihiro whined as Shu put both hands on her shoulders, pushing her toward the front door. Nagisa smiled and gave her sister a quick wave.

“This 'Miru-nee' you were talking about.”

Ririka suddenly said, seeing Nagisa flinched from it.

“Are you referring to Shiroma Miru of Gekioko High?”


“Also known as the yankee 'Shirogiku', I didn't know she lives in this orphanage.”

“She left.”

The girl lowered her hand slowly, her smile disappeared.

“Miru-nee was very strong, but she always use that power to pick a fight with everyone. One day she came home with a very bad mood and when I saw her hurting Chihi, I just...”

She clenched trembling fists.

“...ha ha. I guess you know what happen next.”

“You got so angry and nearly killed her.”

“Well... kind of. Since then Miru-nee stop coming home, but even now I'm still hearing a lot of bad rumors about her.”

Nagisa gave her a dry laugh, scratching her head.

“No wonder dad's worried; I might end up a worse yankee than her.”

“But you won't stop fighting.”


Nagisa sighed, watching Shu waved her goodbye to Chihi and closed the front door.

“I'm no longer a naive little girl. If it's for the sake of justice, I won't hesitate to do anything. I'm sure he'll understand one day.”

“Perhaps he will.”

Ririka plainly said as she saw Shu joined up with them.

“Now. Since I'll be living here, I guess it'll be easier for us to plan our move from now on.”

“What, ya have a new 'mission' already?”

Shu snickered, seeing the girl nodded.

“I got a request from a student of our school. She was harassed and got her money stolen by some yankees from another school. We just have to get those money back.”

“One against many? That's a pretty coward move, where're they from?”

Ririka paused, switching her gaze to Nagisa.

“Gekioko High School.”

The girl flinched a bit, but then, she smiled.

“Heh, no problem. I don't care who they are—“ She cracked her fist.

“I'll make them pay for what they did.”

“I'm with ya, pal.”

Shu smirked, elbowing her friend. Ririka felt her own smile stretched from their reply.

“Good. There's something else I need to remind you; our actions have attracted quite a nosy bunch lately, so I think it's better if we start addressing ourselves with our codenames as we work.”

She crouched and opened the cardboard box beside her.

[ Kimotama ] ” She plainly said, tossing a yellow sweater and white mask to Shu.

[ Seigi ]

She gave a red army jacket and a pair of black leather gloves to Nagisa.

“And [ Gakushu ] for you, right?”

Ririka simply nodded, taking a black coat for herself from the box. She stood, putting on the fabric as she walked toward the two girls.

“Alright, let's go.”

Nagisa smirked, clicking her gloves on.

“Time to bring up some justice.”


perhaps I was too cocky, thinking that I could solve everything

that I could bring happiness even for monsters like us

it was the first mistake I made, for not realizing that

the choice will end up destroying our happiness instead...


The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 14 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.15]
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Hello, everyone! I'm back with chapter 15.  8)

This is the end of 'yankee war' arc and will cover the remaining of Nagisa's flashback until the event of 'that day'. Yep, 'that day' that everyone's been talking about. Finally. The whole chapter happens in a long time span though, so there'll be jumping here and there. I hope you won't lose track of what's happening. Anyways, here it goes~       


The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 15: Theory of A Monster - Answer


The room was dark. Several syringes and vials were lined up on a long table in the middle of the room, giving off a strong smell of antiseptics, and on the far end, parted by tattered white curtains, was a black leather chair. Its dark color, together with the blue flag hung behind it to cover a part of the window, stood in contrast among the white walls.

Gekioko High.

So it was written on the flag.

On the leather chair sat a girl wearing a matching black jacket, her eyes closed as she seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber, yet her stern face stayed like it's always been. Another girl stared at her silently, her gaze devoid of any emotion as she saw the girl's chest rising and falling slowly. She drew closer, climbing up the girl's lap as she slowly raised her hands to her neck.

“What do you think are you doing, Coby?”

Coby smiled. Her cold hands pressed against the girl's throat, firmly, but not enough to choke her.

“Good morning, Antonio.”

Antonio opened her eyes. Her sharp gaze pierced through her partner.

“Are you trying to start a coup?”

“Hm~? Maybe?”

Coby let out a small giggle and pressed her hands tighter.

Antonio calmly yanked them away.

“I'm just kidding. But if it's really the case, aren't you being too careless? Someone will take your neck one of these days~”

The girl didn't answer. She sat upright, observing as the other girl walked toward the table in the middle.

“Are you taking me for granted? The proud members of Kango-ka I've raised wouldn't let a sneaky pest stealing the top so easily.”

“Those proud members you're talking about are now being beaten up on the school's field though.”

Antonio narrowed her eyes, watching Coby's mischievous smile stretched as the girl leaned her hands on the edge of the table.

“Majisuka? Or is it Yabakune?”

“Neither of them; it's just two little girls.”

“So the shiro-kuro duo decided to wreak another havoc.”

“Pfft, oh silly Antonio... Didn't I tell you?”

Coby giggled, enjoying the confused look on the Kango-ka leader's face.

“It's just two little girls.

'Two nameless little girls who you normally won't even consider a pest~”



“Aah, this is the worst~ This is the worst, I'm telling ya!”

Nagisa whined loudly as she swatted her gloved hands a few times, shaking off the blood on her knuckles. Her eyes wandered around the fallen figures of Gekioko yankee.

“Why are all yankees like this? Oi, Riri—I mean, Gakushu.”

She switched her gaze to the girl standing behind her.

“I've beat all of 'em but which one taking the money?”

Ririka took out her notebook in response, flipping through some of the pages, before closing it again in an instant.

“Frankly. The client didn't give me that information.”

“Wha—that's the most important part! And don't tell me she also didn't tell you how much was stolen!?”

Ririka gave her an obvious look, and Nagisa slapped her face, groaning.

“Chihi will chew me out if she knew about this...”

“She won't; that's why Kimotama is staying behind, to distract her.”

“Well, at least Shu—Kimotama WILL chew me out for doing that.”

“Front. A punch to the face.”

The girl swung her head back as a fist nearly hit her nose. She planted her both hands to the ground to stop her fall, twisting her body to hit her attacker with a roundhouse kick to the head, sending them sprawling on the ground. She sighed and stood back to her full height.

“Would ya stop attacking? I don't like hurting innocent people. Unless yer the culprit then that's fine.”

“Ya damn brats!”

The yankee yelled at her furiously.

“We won't let ya take the top!”

“What's that girl babbling about?”

Nagisa pointed at the yankee with her thumb and Ririka opened her notebook again.

The top. The strongest person in the hierarchy of yankees. Once you pick a fight with their underlings it's already common sense for them that you won't stop until you fight this 'top'.”

Nagisa gave her a blank stare.

“Oi. You knew this all along, don't cha?”

“Does it matter? You've said that you'll uphold justice whatever the case so I'm only providing the assistance you need. Besides, once we meet the top we'll know who's the culprit for sure. Speaking of which...”

Nagisa blinked, switching her gaze to follow Ririka's line of sight. She saw two other girls appeared from inside the school building, walking toward the scene.

“C-coby-san! Antonio-san!”

One of the yankees shouted, and the one in black jacket raised her hand, telling them not to interfere. She stepped forward, while the one in pink nurse outfit only stood there among the crowd, smiling as she crossed her arms. Nagisa narrowed her eyes. The girl before her was quite small, a bit shorter than her she noted, but she could feel her strong presence engulfing the whole field.

My name is [Antonio], the leader of Kango-ka and the current top of Gekioko.

'Who are you and what business ya girls have in my territory, hm?”

A question. A simple question with no rushing tone whatsoever, but once it came out of the girl's mouth it felt as if it's an absolute order. Nagisa growled, ready to snap at her, but Ririka held her back.

“We're Seigi and Gakushu from Nishinari Junior High. And as for what we need, I believe some of underlings have the answer.”

“Argh, let me make it simple,” Nagisa cut in. “One of yer people beat up my friend and stole her money. I just need 'em to give it back.”

“Is that so?”

Antonio glanced at her underlings for a while, watching some of them hung their head in shame, before returning her gaze to the two girls.

“Hurting the weak had never been our principle so let me apologize in their stead. My underlings' fault is partly my own fault; I'll give you what you need.”

“Finally~!” Nagisa dropped her shoulders in relief.

“Someone who can be reasoned with—

“If you can take it from me of course.”

She paused mid-sentence, staring at the yankee in disbelief.

“Can't we do this peacefully?”

“When you're in Rome do as the Romans do. And I believe yer not powerless enough to need our pity.”

Antonio said in response, taking out her wallet and waving it on the air slightly.



Nagisa gritted her teeth, her right hand met the empty air as Antonio pulled the wallet away. She clicked her tongue.

“Then don't blame me if I hurt ya!”

She clenched the hand and swung her arm to her side, aiming for the girl's head.

“Seigi-san, don't—“

Nagisa blinked. She could hear Ririka's voice for a second before the ground slipped from under her feet. The sense of gravity left her, and before she knew it her forehead already hit the cold ground with a painful thud.

“Gah, what the hell!?"

The girl growled, feeling someone locking her right arm behind her.

“Your fighting pattern is very simple.”

Antonio calmly said, pulling the arm with her left hand and stepping on the girl's back.

“The one in black is the brain and you're the brawn. If I separate you two you'll be nothing but a foolish brat who can't even control her power.”

Nagisa planted her left hand to the ground and pushed herself up, feeling her blood boiled from the statement.

“Don't struggle. You'll only break yer arm.”

“Ha ha...”

The girl quietly laughed, her smile stretched from ear to ear.

“Ya just gave me a good idea~”



Antonio pushed the girl away, raising one hand to her face as the girl gave her a painful headbutt to the nose. She swished the blood away with her thumb.

She sacrifices her own arm to attack me, huh?


The Gekioko's top smirked, watching the girl charged at her in pure rage, ignoring her right arm that was hanging limply on her shoulder.

“You have a remarkable determination.”

She threw her wallet to the air, pulling her right fist.

“But that by itself is not enough.”

Antonio turned her head slightly, dodging and countering the girl with an uppercut to her jaw.

“No matter how strong you are there's no point if yer fist doesn't reach yer opponent. And a blind charge will only make it easier to read.”

The simple blow effectively shut the enraged girl, knocking her unconscious, and Antonio caught her wallet once again. She retracted her right hand, feeling the numbness it received from the recoil, before she switched her gaze to the remaining girl.

“What now? I have nullified your main offense so what will you do?”

Ririka observed the situation intently, before she raised her both hands.

“I give up.”

“Huuuh!? Ya frickin kidding with us!?”

The yankees around them shouted in rage but Antonio kept her calm, waiting for the girl to continue.

“True that I no longer have any mean to defeat you but you also have no choice but to let me go. I believe beating a powerless little girl like me will only taint your reputation.”

“You have quite a silver tongue. Very well; take yer friend and leave.”

Ririka lowered her hands in response. She switched her gaze to the unconscious Nagisa near Antonio's feet, keeping her head down as she slowly walked toward the fallen figure.

“Alright, stop right there.”

The girl halted, raising her head to see Coby smiling at her from behind Antonio.

“Geez, Antonio~ That's why I said you'll lose yer head one of these days.”

Coby stepped forward, leaning her weight on Antonio's shoulder.

“Don't ya realize? That girl is hiding a knife somewhere.”

Ririka froze, her left hand twitching slightly above the cold metal hidden under her blue skirt. Her expression turned a bit rigid.


Antonio smirked, throwing her wallet to the ground.

“You two have potentials but yer still unripe. Come challenge me again once you're stronger.”

Ririka didn't answer, keeping her expresionless gaze as the older girl walked away.

“KY, get some ice-packs and treat her wound. Can't have the other school seeing us as shameless bully, can we? And those who trampled over the junior high students, come see me in my room.”

“Y-yes, Antonio-san!”

The crowd of yankees dispersed from the simple order, some walked away in fear and some with relief. Ririka only stared at them silently, taking the wallet and flinging Nagisa's left arm over her shoulder. Little that she knew, another person was watching them from the second floor of the school building, smiling widely.

“Looks like another raucous duo have appeared.”

“And what kind of twisted plan are ya making now, Zero?”

Zero snickered, glancing at her fellow council member beside her.

“Oh no, I'm not planning anything bad~ You know that I'm just a loyal servant of the school, Baba.”

“Who're ya calling an old lady!? It's Yamada! YA.MA.DA.NA.NA. OKAY!?”

“Doesn't everyone always call you Kusobaba? I thought it's your yankee name.”


The girl snickered once again from the outburst.

“Hmph, I still don't like it but it's the principal's decision. For you to be the next head of student council...”

“Don't worry, I'll work hard. Just give your position and retire to the senior daycare centre already.”

“I'm still 19 and I'm just GRADUATING from high school.”

“Again with that joke~”


The atmosphere suddenly grew heavy, but Zero kept her smile.

“Don't touch those girls or Kango-ka. They got nothing to do with them.”

“What are you talking about, of course I won't~”

She waved her fellow council member away, ignoring the glare the older girl was giving her. She looked out the window once again, whispering under her breath.

“Not if that's what they desire...”


“Ugh—ouch, ouch, ouch...”

Nagisa cringed, feeling a sharp pain coursed through her body. She groggily opened her eyes.

“Damn that pointy chin woman, it hurts like hell... Wait, where am I?”

“A hotel room near Namba that I use as a hideout.”

She blinked, hearing Ririka voice coming from somewhere near. She tilted her gaze upward.

“Good morning, Seigi-san. You've been out for roughly five hours.”

Nagisa paused, finding her head resting on Ririka's lap as the girl held an ice pack to her sore shoulder. She blinked once again.

“What are ya doing?”

“I'm treating your wound. Fortunately you only dislocated your shoulder so nothing is broken. I've put it back and is now stopping it from getting swollen.”

“Right, thanks for the information. Now go away.”

“How cold. And you used to be such a cute innocent goody two shoes who's full of smiles.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. How about fixing yer personality first before complaining about mine?”

Nagisa gave her a sarcastic look, taking the ice pack from Ririka and sat up on the bed. The other girl shrugged.

“Let's get back to topic. I think I've miscalculated the abilities of Gekioko's top. You probably won't lose to her in term of raw power but the gap between your experiences is too wide.”

“Because I am NOT a yankee. Tch, enough complaint; let's head back. I won't stop until I deliver their justice.”

“About that,” Ririka said as she stood and walked toward the nearby table.

“That woman gave us her wallet will all her money. And I believe she's done punishing our culprit.”


“She's also the one giving that ice-pack and helping me fix your shoulder.”

She took the said wallet and inspected its content.

“That being said, this is way too much. I believe we can give half to the client and take the rest for ourselves.”


“Did you say something, Seigi-san?”

    “SO COOOL----!!!!”

Ririka could only stare at Nagisa as the girl shouted in awe, her eyes shining as she grinned like an idiot.

“Strong but considerate, and also give everyone their rightful share! That's how the ally of justice should be!”

“I see that you've found a great role model...”

“Alright, I've decided. I'm going to be a cool person like her!”

“Sorry to interrupt your delusion Seigi-san, but I think we better get going now.”


Nagisa blinked, shaking herself back to reality.

“Kimotama has been calling us for the hundredth of times.”

She saw Ririka took her phone from the table, showing the call history to her. She growled.

“How can ya have a cellphone already while I don't?”

“Because I bought it myself. And one more thing.”

Ririka plainly said as she pulled the phone back.

“Your father will come home tonight.”


Nagisa finished the sentence for her.

“He's been dealing with some dangerous bunch, he said. So I won't be so hopeful.”

“I see.”

She didn't blame him at all. She knew that her father had been busy, with him getting promoted as the district head of Nishinari police and the rising number of crimes she saw in the news lately, and of course the reason he didn't go home so often was to avoid those bad people who's targeting him and his family. She knew. Because her father had been a bit overprotective since her mother's death. A part of him broke since then, just like her. So Nagisa had decided not to complain and that she would protect everyone else in his stead. She understood the situation very well, but as a child she couldn't deny her longing to a parental figure, to have someone to depend at times and tell her that everything would be alright.

No. I mustn't be selfish.

She sighed, seeing Ririka raised her phone to her ear as it rang once again.

“Yes Kimotama, we're on our way—“

The girl suddenly paused, and Nagisa blinked as she saw that.

“What is it? What did Shu say?”

“Change of plan, Seigi-san.”

Ririka sternly said as she walked toward the cupboard, throwing away the knife she hid and tossing a clean change of shirt to Nagisa.

“We'll take a detour to Uragami Hospital on northern Nishinari first.”

“What's wrong? Is someone hurt?”

She didn't answer. Nagisa clicked her tongue and jumped off the bed, pulling the girl's collar.

“Spill it out, dammit! Who got hurt while we're away!?

    “Your father.”

Nagisa froze as she heard that, her grip faltered.

“He was shot by someone in his office. His colleagues have brought him to hospital but he's in critical condition now. We better hurry.”

She didn't know what to say. Her mind went blank. She wasn't even sure how she managed to get to the hospital, staring blankly at the white floor as she rested her back on the wall, listening to the cries and sobs of her siblings.

What is this? What just happened? Her father had always been working hard to keep the town peaceful so why was he being punished for it? She shifted her gaze upward, seeing several police officers, her father's colleagues, standing there and tending to her younger siblings. She clenched her fists. Where were they? How could they let this happen? Her father was attacked in his office so shouldn't they know? She glared at them, feeling her anger started to bubble up and ready to burst.

“Stop it, Nagisa-san.”

She flinched, feeling a light tap on her left shoulder. Ririka was standing beside her, shaking her head.

“There's no point in lashing at them. You'll only make matter worse.”

She held her breath, hitting her fist lightly to the wall in attempt to control herself. Shu, who was standing on her other side, moved her hand above the girl's trembling fist, clenching it.

“C'mon, we're talking about dad here. I'm sure the old man's just gonna pop out of the operating room laughing like a goof he is.”


“And he'll say 'What's with that stupid gloomy look yer wearing, Nagi? Got a stomachache?'”

Nagisa snorted as she heard that, opening her palm and clenched the hand back.

“Yeah... Yeah, you're right... I'm sure that's what he gonna say...”

She softly smiled, trying to assure herself.

The wait was painfully exhausting. Hours passed until the girls finally saw the operating sign went off and a person walked out of the double panelled door, presumably the doctor.

“Is a family of mr. Kawakami here?”

He looked around the crowd of people, finding only children among them, until his eyes stopped on the police officers. One of them stepped up.

“I'm sorry but chief Kawakami had no other relatives but his children. I'm his assistant at work and their guardian for now.”

“Then I will talk to you about the patient's condition. Please leave the children here.”

The man nodded and instructed his men to look after them, leaving with the doctor through another door. Nagisa pushed herself from the wall and quietly followed them, peeking through the small gap on the door. Shu and Ririka tagging along with her.

   --”Doctor, how was the operation?”

   --”We managed to remove the bullet from the patient's wound and stop the infection from spreading, but it seems like the patient had suffered a severe blood loss. Had his bleeding been left for a second longer the patient would probably not survive.”

   --”I see.”

   --”The sudden loss of blood cause a hypovolemic shock in the patient's body and damage some of his organs. We had already lost his kidneys and there's still implications of damage on his brain tissue.”

The words were too difficult for her to understand but the girl knew at least one thing, that her father was still in a dangerous condition.

   --”We will try to find a matching donor and conduct the surgery as fast as we can, but...”

   --”I understand what you mean. It can't be helped, I'll talk to the children—“

“Can't be helped?”

Nagisa quietly said, startling the two men as she appeared from behind the door.

“Why do you mean? Why can't ya help dad right now?”

“Nagisa,” The police officer crouched to her height, holding her shoulders.

“It might be hard for you to understand but there's a strict law in our country about finding and doing organ transplant. And the cost for doing it—

“So it's money, huh?”

Ririka cut in, approaching the man. She switched her gaze to the doctor.

“Are you also thinking of discharging him in case we don't have the necessary fund to continue his treatment?”

“Listen, miss. We will do our best according to the proper regulations.“

“Regulations? So what?”

Shu joined in, glaring at the doctor.

“Ya admit that you'll let him die like that!?”

Nagisa gritted her teeth as she heard that, yanking the officer's grip off her shoulders.

“Nagisa, listen to me—

“I've heard enough.”

She averted her gaze and walked away, trying her best not to slam the door behind her so that she wouldn't wake her siblings that had fallen asleep in the other room. Chihiro opened her eyes from the small disturbance, waking up just in time to see her older sister leaving toward the stairs.


“It's alright, Chihiro.”

Ririka said in assurance.

“Nagisa-san just need some time alone.”

“...why? What happened?”

She switched her gaze to Shu, a slight fear in her eyes. 

"Hey, Shu-neechan, say something..."

Shu looked away. She could only watch as Nagisa's figure disappeared up the stairs.

The girl continued to climb until the rooftop, hearing the constant sound of her own footsteps hitting the floor as she walked toward the edge of the building. The city below was still in its same merry atmosphere that night, mockingly oblivious, as if laughing at her misery, and she planted her hands on the railing.


Nagisa shouted, her tears freely pouring down her cheeks as she yelled her heart out, cursing the rotten world before her. She didn't understand. She didn't understand this at all. Why did her father have to suffer like that? What wrong had he made to deserve it?

“Hah... Ha ha ha~”

She slid down to her knees, laughing among her sobs. No. That's not right. Her father didn't do anything wrong. He's always fighting for justice so the one hurting him are the bad guys. His colleagues who left him to die, and the doctor who chose money above his patient's life, them too. The girl laughed even louder.

“Should I get rid of them all?”

“My, how scary.”

Nagisa flinched, hearing an unfamiliar voice coming from behind her. She turned around, seeing a girl she never knew appeared from the stairs.

“If children saw their hero of justice laughing so evilly like that they'll undoubtedly cry in their seat."

She hastily wiped her tears, giving the girl a cold look.

“Who are you?”

“Right, silly me. I forgot to introduce myself.”

The girl gave her a quick bow.

My name is Fujie Reina, second year of Gekioko High, also the head of its student council.

You can call me [Zero] for short. I believe you're miss Kawakami Nagisa, correct?”

Gekioko. Nagisa loosened her guard a bit as she heard that.

“I knew about you from your...'brief visit' to our school this afternoon. I'm just curious what kind of person you are since Antonio and Coby seem to have taken quite a liking on you.”

“Sorry. But I'm in no mood for a talk right now.”

“I know. I've heard about what happened to your father, and I believe I can help you.”

Zero approached her slowly, careful as not to provoke the unstable girl.

“We from the student council are obliged to scout potential students that may receive special scholarship from the school. Do you know what scholarship means?”

“That you'll give me a huge load of money?”

“Yes, even more. Gekioko High School is focused in medical study and our parent company owns a private hospital as well as several medicine factories. If you agree to enter the scholarship program we will cover all of your father's treatments along with your school tuitions.”

“Heh, then go approach Gakushu. I have no brain for studying.”

“Now now, Kawakami-san. Have you forgotten?”

Nagisa blinked, hearing the older girl snickered at her response.

“Gekioko is not just some private medical school. We're also known as one of the strongest yankee school in Osaka.

“You mean...”

The girl clenched her fist in realization, and Zero smiled wider.

“Precisely. We won't give your scholarship based on your academic ability, but from your performance as the school's special security unit. You can say it's like an elite force who serve our justice.”

Zero swished a name card from her pocket, handing it to the girl.

“This is the address of our off-school office. Come whenever you're ready, we will give your 'scholarship' in advance and fill you in with some basic trainings. But,”

She raised her index finger to her mouth.

“Kept quiet about it from your other siblings. The 'special security' of a yankee school isn't a peaceful job and I'm sure you don't want them to worry.”

“...don't need it.”

Nagisa blandly said, ripping the card in her hands and letting the remains fluttered toward the bustling city. She turned her empty gaze to the girl.

Take me to yer office right now. I will take this 'scholarship' of yours this instant.”

Zero chuckled as she heard that.

“Then welcome onboard. But first thing first, we can't have you running around with your real name. Another bad guys might come to target you like your father. Hmm, I think Antonio called you with another name. What was it...”

The girl tapped her chin.

[Seigi], was it?”


“I see. That's a perfect name for you; an embodiment of justice. Well then,”

She offered her right hand.

“I'm looking forward to work with you, Seigi-chan~”


At first it was hell.

She remembered her first job; catching a man who's been secretly dealing drugs to students in Gekioko territory. It was nothing like those mock 'missions' she used to do with Ririka and Shu, the way her heart throbbed against her ribcage, adrenaline pumping through her veins as she fought between life and death. It's kill or be killed; so her instinct told her as she saw the man pulled out a knife and aimed for her neck. The cold metal grazed her skin lightly and she pummelled the man's face as hard as she could, feeling really afraid for the first time. She raised one hand to her neck. If it wasn't for that black choker Zero gave her she would've already lost it.

“Well done.”

She held her breath as she saw Zero walking past her. Two loud sounds and a familiar smell of gunpowder. The next moment she saw the man already whimpering on the ground, clutching his bleeding legs.

“Hello, small fry. Thank you for trespassing on our territory while I'm training a new recruit. I was just looking for a good target practice. Now Seigi-chan, c'mere~”

The girl snickered and stepped on the man's head, tossing the gun to her.

“Kill him.”

She froze. The blood inside her ran cold as she shakily held the killing device.

“This is how you pass down a true justice. By getting rid of all bad guys in this world~”

Yes. She knew. She'd also been yearning to do that for years.

Mercy. Kindness. Hesitation.

She had no need for them anymore.

She stepped forward, slowly pointing the gun to the man's head, and she saw the man smiled.

“...f*ck ya.”


She remembered throwing up and falling to her knees right then, relieving that same nightmare for the next countless nights. Chihiro would come and climb to her bed those times, hugging her and whispering words of comforts to her ear until she fell asleep. Eventually she started to grow numb to them all, both to the smell of blood and the helpless plea of her target. She just raised the device to their head.


And everything would return to a peaceful silence.

Sometimes her target would struggle and she'd lose her gun. By then she didn't have any choice but to turn to her rage, ripping their throat with her bare hands. Her actions seemed to satisfy Zero even more, as she tested and prompted her to get better use of that power.

That same routine continued every night.

A never ending nightmare.

“Hey, Seigi.”

Nagisa blinked, hearing someone calling and pulling her out of her thought. She raised her head.

It was Shu.

Ah, yes.

She was playing baseball with her, on that field behind Gekioko High like they used to.

“Hm? What is it?”

She gave her a generic answer, putting on a huge smile. A huge fake smile.

Half a year had passed since she first met Zero. Her father had been moved to Gekioko's private hospital and she'd been doing her part of the deal to ensure his continued treatments, leaving whenever school ended and coming home late at night or early the next day. It's just a part-time job, she told her siblings with a smile, and somehow they decided to not ask any further. Probably since everyone had their hands full themselves; Shu earning her own share to feed their younger siblings, Chihiro taking care of them and their daily necessities, while Ririka pulling some strings with the officials to keep the orphanage running. But when she found Shu asking her to skip school today and head to the baseball court, she knew the silence had reached its breaking point.

“Say...”, the girl hesitantly asked, “Yer entering Gekioko next year, right? Why there?”


Nagisa hummed to herself, catching the ball that Shu threw at her. Seemed like the girl decided to mention a different topic. She threw the ball back, lightly, only lightly, as she's afraid of putting too much power and hurting her friend.

“For world’s peace.”

“Pfft, wait what!?“

Shu snorted, trying to hold back her laugh.

“How the heck you come to that, ya blockhead?”

“Eeeh, well… They’re one of the strongest schools ‘round here, ain’t they? So if I take their top I’ll be the strongest in Osaka.”

She let the lies flowed naturally, seeing Shu catching the ball with her baseball mitt.

“From there I’ll take the top of the top, then the higher top, all and all until the highest top. If people only listen to the strongest, then I’ll be the strongest and make ‘em listen to what I say.”

“Then you’ll tell ‘em to make peace with each other.”


Shu sighed and threw the ball back.

“…geez, why do I hafta to stuck with a delusional idiot like you.”

“What’s that ya stinkin’ brat!?”

She playfully yelled, throwing the ball with a bit more power. Just a bit.

“Nah, nothing. But Gekioko, huh? They have a low passing grade so I’m sure we’ll pass.”

“Whaddya mean ‘we’?”

Shu shrugged.

“Well, thanks to YOU we’re stuck together now. So I’ll follow ya even to the depth of hell.”

“Why? And why yer blaming me for that!?”

“Because… Heh, I’m sure a super-dense blockhead like you will never understand—!”


Nagisa clicked her tongue, feeling the ball slipped from her glove as Shu threw it a bit too high. She sent an annoyed look to her friend, who only scratched her head halfheartedly in apologize, before she ran after the ball that was rolling on the field.

“So the information I got from Basset was right. You do play on this field once in a while.”

The ball stopped, a black boot blocking its trail. Nagisa blinked and raised her head, seeing the owner took the ball with their right hand.

“Still as lively as ever, don't cha? Little girl.”

“Shit, Na—Seigi! Run!”

Shu shouted in panic, running toward her frozen friend.

“It's a Gekioko yankee—“

“Oh, it's Antonio-san. Hello~”

—the heck? Shu skidded into a sudden stop, almost tripping on her own shoes as she heard the light reply. She shook her head and stared at the two in disbelief, seeing Antonio passing the white leather ball back to Nagisa with a smirk.

“Oi wait, Seigi!”

Shu growled, tugging the girl's right sleeves.

“Ya know that person!?”

“Hm? Yeah, this is Antonio-san. The top of Gekioko and also my mentor.”

Your mentor in WHAT? Shu tried to convey the words through her glare but Nagisa only tilted her head, oblivious of the look. Antonio chuckled.

“Though the only thing she does is challenging me once in a while and getting her butt kicked. A friend of yours, Seigi?"

“Yeah, this is Kimotama. My best friend."

“Your best friend? I thought yer partner was that poker-faced girl from the other day.”

Nagisa crunched her face in disgust as she heard that, finally showing some real emotion.

“No. She's just a shameless manipulator who always push me into troubles. Bet she saw me as nothing but meat shield.”

Antonio chuckled again from the response.

“I see. But let's put that aside for now, I come here to warn you.”

“Warn me?”

“Yes. Soon enough a big war between yankees will happen. I advise you and yer friends to stop coming here for a while.”"

Nagisa narrowed her eyes as she heard that, staring at the older girl in silence. She knew about that war from Zero. But she didn't say anything. She only stole a glance at Shu and seeing the smaller girl nodded in reply.

“Okay. We won't cause you any trouble.”

“That's a huge relief. Pass the information to yer other friends; we don't want anyone unrelated getting caught in the cross-fire.”


Nagisa gave her a playful reply, faking off another huge smile. She's getting better at doing it, locking off her feelings and lying with her facial expressions. The act made her feel guilty at first, but eventually it became a habit that she ended up fooling everyone around her without thinking. She's even confident enough to fool both Chihi and Shu by now, though she's not sure if it's really effective with Ririka. She could never guess what lies inside her philosopher friend's head. Perhaps the girl had suspected something, perhaps she had even known everything already. She wouldn't care as long as the girl stayed out of her way, so she thought as she waved Antonio her goodbye, feeling Shu's glare still boring at her from her side.

“Is THAT person the real reason yer aiming for Gekioko?”

“Ain't she so cool?”

“Cool, my ass.”

Shu growled in frustration, hitting her friend's head with her baseball mitt.

“Dad will cry if he woke up and find you've become a yankee!”

“C'mon, he won't~ Even as a yankee I'll still be the protector of justice~”

Nagisa laughed, patting her grumpy friend on her head.

'If'. That word struck her a bit.

They said it's a miracle her father still alive until now, though he had yet regained his consciousness and his condition hadn't get any better. She tried to believe that it's only a matter of time until he recovered, so she would visit him at every possible chance, sitting by his bed to talk to him, reminiscing the time when both he and her mother were still smiling beside her. She would tell him about those happy old times, like when they went to watch the light festival together one christmas, with the small Chihiro sleeping in her mother's arms. And she would do it too without fail today.

“Hey, dad. Are yer pillows comfortable today, too? Ha ha~”

She sat on her usual spot, smiling at his sleeping figure.

“It's already a year and I've become a high school student now. Ah, Chihi's fine. She's thinking of taking over the orphanage once she graduates junior high though, which worry me a bit. Anyways,”

She showed him the white Gekioko uniform under her red jacket, tapping the two stars badge on her collar.

“I've grown so strong that I sweep the floor with those yankees and earn the title of a Gekioko's general from them. Bet ya can't believe it~”

“I surely can't.”

Nagisa paused, glancing at the door to see Ririka standing there. Her eyes turned cold.

“Whaddya want, Gakushu? Bragging to dad as well for joining the yankee school ya hate so much?”

“I have my reason.”

The girl sighed and walked inside, locking the door behind her. Nagisa stood as she saw that, watching the girl approached her in quick steps.

“Time to move him from this rotten facility, Seigi-san.”

Ririka whispered to her ear, yanking her red jacket and pulling her closer.

“You've been deceived long enough.”

Nagisa growled in answer, her eyes locked on the surveillance camera above the door.

“What do you mean...”

“Are you really that blind? The owner of this place and Gekioko; the Yoshimoto-gumi. They've been using you as their personal hitman.”

“I'm only getting rid of bad people.”

“Those bad people you're talking about are those who meddle with their own filthy business. Or innocent people dragged into their traps.”

She clicked her tongue and brought her own hand to the girl's neck, clenching it threateningly.

“Ya always have a big mouth for someone who do the least.”

“I didn't just spend this one year doing nothing. I've searched about them and the ruthless things they do; they had no intention to help your father.”

“And why should I trust you?”

“This is not the time to be stubborn!”

Nagisa flinched. It was the first time she heard Ririka raised her voice.

“Listen, you fool. They're only keeping your father as a hostage and will kill him in case you betray them. If that's not enough they'll get their hands on Chihi and the rest of your siblings. And if that's still not enough...”

Her grip trembled.

“They'll get rid of you... for good...”

The voice died out almost pleadingly, but still, Nagisa didn't say anything. She just stood there in silence, until she heard Shu yelling and banging the door from outside. She sighed.

“To defeat monsters you have to become a bigger monster; yer currently looking for a different alternative to that phrase, ain't cha?”

Ririka froze, feeling Nagisa yanked her grip and pushed her away.

“If ya can't find the answer, then stop getting in my way.”

The voice was as cold as ice, almost ruthless, and Nagisa walked past her, unlocking the door. Shu was standing on the other side, a confused look on her face.

“What, yer inside? What're you doing locking the door and being so quiet? And why's Gakushu in there as well!?” 

“Nothing important. Well, I gotta go. See ya~”

“Wait, Sei—and there she goes. Geez, the heck is wrong with her lately?”

“...I almost find it.” 


Shu switched her gaze to Ririka, catching the girl's almost inaudible mumble.

“The answer; if you just believe me and give me some more time, I'm sure I'll eventually find it.”

“Answer? What're talking—whoa, the heck!? Yer crying!”

Shu darted eyes around in panic, didn't know what to do with her friend who rarely showed any emotion.

“H-hang on. What did Seigi do to ya? Wait, ya realize yer crying right now, right?”

Ririka didn't answer. She just whispered under her breath, clenching her fists.

“A way for monsters like us... like you, to be happy...”


   “High school police?”

   --“That's right. Do you remember the great yankee war a few months ago?”

   “What about it?”

Nagisa shrugged, speaking to Zero through her phone. Of course she remembered. It was caused deliberately by Yoshimoto-gumi to find another potential recruits like her by provoking Antonio to attack Salt, the current top Majisuka that time and her long time rival. The war ended prematurely though, when a transfer student came to Majisuka and defeated both schools into submission, or so she heard.

   --“Would it surprise you if I say someone too deliberately stopped the war to hinder us?”

   “Heh, is this where the high school police come in?”


Nagisa opened the locker before her, taking out the papers in it. There's no gun for this job again, huh?

   --“Kojima Mako. The first specimen of project Joshikou Keisatsu created by the national police agency. She was sent to infiltrate Majisuka and put an end to that war.”

   “So this is the true identity of the transfer student?”

   --“Now that's a no. She was sent months before the transfer student came and had blended in perfectly without us knowing.”

   “Well, whatever. Ya want me get rid of her, right? At least give me a photo.”

   --“That won't be necessary. I've tricked her to come to the designated address I left for you. She's under the yankee name Kamisori if that'll help.” 

Oh. She knew that name. It's one of the transfer student's loyal underlings. Guess she had probably seen the girl one time. But using civilians to do their work without dirtying their hands, the police force sure had grown more rotten in her father's absence.

“What a joke.”

She closed the locker and cover her head with her hood.

   --“Good luck, Seigi. I'll give you a present after finishing this job so do your best~” 

Really, what a joke. She thought to herself as she turned off the call, putting her phone to her pocket. Just how did Zero trick the girl, by masquerading as a senior officer and call her out? Not that she care though. At least she knew that a young girl standing alone inside this abandoned building would undoubtedly be her target.

“Kamisori of Majisuka, or should I say, Kojima Mako from Tokyo special police department?”

The girl in red jacket flinched and turned around, glaring at her.

“And you are?”

“Aah, it's too troublesome to explain. I'll just have you die right now, 'kay?”


Nagisa sighed, taking the girl's head and slamming her skull to the concrete wall in the next second. She swatted away the blood in her hand.

“Job's done. Time to go home—” 


She paused, finding the girl standing back from the wreck and swung a punch to her face. She didn't budge from the blow, raising her both hands to catch the girl's head.

“Whoa, scary... Yer a zombie or something? Please be a good girl and stay dead.”


She twist the girl's head, breaking her neck so easily, like snapping a toothpick. The body limply fell to the floor right afterwards, and she sighed once again, staring down at it.

“In the end... still know nothing...”

She heard the girl spoke between her shallow breath. Her blank eyes staring at something, or someone, beyond the concrete walls. And she smiled.

“...but I'm glad you'll be safe this way... onee...chan...”

Nagisa clicked her tongue in annoyance. She hated seeing the moment before her target's death, hearing their last words that's filled either with compassion or hatred, laying bare their true self. That way she knew that some people she killed weren't completely evil. That they also had a reason to do what they did. Their own justice to believe in. The thought left a bad aftertaste in her mouth and she walked away, leaving the scene with impatient steps. That's it for today. She had enough. She'd wash off this sickening stench of blood and head home, back to meet the smiling faces of her siblings and their innocent laughters. Back to where Chihi was.

It's currently 7pm. Her little sister probably just got home after fetching their youngest siblings from the daycare and is preparing for dinner. She needed to see her right now, as soon as possible, before a troublesome feeling called 'guilt' started eating up on her. The sight of their house seen on the distance made her let out her breath in relief and Nagisa quickened her steps, planting her hand on the doorknob.




The door was not locked.


She blinked and carefully stepped inside, looking around the dark empty hallway.

"Chihi, ya forgot to lock the front door."

She said it a bit louder, hearing her own voice echoed among the silence.

"Oi~ Chihi? Everyone? Are we playing hide and seek?"

She closed the door behind her, catching a familiar nauseating smell. Was there still some blood left on her clothes? No, the stench didn't come from her. Where was it from? She walked deeper toward the living room, feeling the smell growing stronger and stronger.


An arm was lying on the floor, expanding from the kitchen door. She approached and nudged it lightly.

"What are ya doing? If ya sleep here yer gonna catch a cold."


Nagisa froze. There was nothing on the other end of the arm. Only blood oozing from the hollow part. She yelped and fell to her butt.

"H-hey, this is not funny! Y'know that oneechan is such a sucker for horrors. Hey, Chihi—"


Another bizarre sounds, like the sound of a child jabbing and playing with their meal. She stood and walked into the kitchen, trying to find the source.

"Oh, you're here~"

A voice. A sweet playful voice.

She knew this voice. She knew this voice so well. It's not supposed to be here but there it was.

Its owner standing among the bodies of her siblings scattered on the floor, smiling as she held a short japanese sword on her hand. The sight simply failed to register in her mind.


"Welcome home, Seigi. I was just about finished preparing your present."

The girl stabbed her sword to one of the body.

"I was thinking of making it a surprise and leave before you get home. But it seems like you catch me mid-preparation. My bad~"

"What... are you doing?"

"What do you think?"

She teasingly asked, before she answered it herself.

"I'm getting rid of your emotional attachment~ You see, Seigi, you can't be righteous if you're doing it for your family. Because if you do, that means you're only selling other people's life for your own desire while passing it off as 'justice'. You understand what I mean, don't you?"

Nagisa didn't know what to say anymore. Didn't know what to think. She fell to her knees, her gaze fell on the still body of her little sister, seeing her dull eyes staring right to hers, the robust light that used to be there had disappeared.

"Yes. This is it!"

Zero laughed and spread her both arms to her side, splattering blood to the already red scenery.

"Your true form of [Justice]."


She screamed.

She screamed on top of her lungs.

She screamed and charged at the smiling girl before her, rage coursing through her whole being and fuelling her murderous intent. Her reason completely left her. She thought she saw Zero pulling her sword and thrust it toward her but she couldn't feel anything. Only pure rage. And the frustrated feeling of her fists hitting empty air.

The sense of time left her. And before long she no longer knew what's happening.

The only thing left was darkness.

And a curse, burning the event of 'that day' in the back of her mind.




"I'll kill you. Zero."

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 15 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.15]
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So that's how it all began.

Now with the yankee war arc over, what's next? I can't wait to find out~

Also, happy 100th post! :D

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CH.15]
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So that's how it all began.

Now with the yankee war arc over, what's next? I can't wait to find out~

Also, happy 100th post! :D

Thanks for reading~~

Yep, that's how it is~ We'll get back to the present time in next chapter. And now that you mention it... it is the 100th...

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I suddenly got the urge to draw this...

Once Nagisa regained her memories she must've at least think that way.
But if it really happens won't that mean she'll never meet Ryouha in the first plsce?
In the end, what will she choose?

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Just wanna put this here, the stupidly overpowered Nagisa. Have a nice day.


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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[Bonus]
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Just wanna put this here, the stupidly overpowered Nagisa. Have a nice day.

Woah... O_O

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