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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44184 times)

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Re: Gifts and Wraps (10/08) [Atsumina]
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Aww... thank you so much for this lovely fic. I love it so much!

"This is all your fault, Bakamina!" Yuko cried at the girl, only to be ignored.

I lol'd at this part^ ... poor squirrel  :lol:

Um... karomuwi-san... can I request a KojiYuu fic too? A continuation of this story if you don't mind. :nervous

Sorry for my terrible english, thanks!  :heart:

yeah a kojiyuuuuuuuu!! aww i want a boyfriend like minami :D
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Re: Gifts and Wraps (10/08) [Atsumina]
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I love this so much my heavenly couple Atsumina is all cute and lovey-dovey and kudo to Takamina for being romantic, is that the right word, well she's just being honest and sincere with her love toward Acchan! For someone that can remember that little thing on their first meeting, it means that that person is really important to them and that she doesn't treat this relationship lightly.

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Re: Gifts and Wraps (10/08) [Atsumina]
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It's very interesting One-shot that I read !!!!!

Please make more!!!

Thank You..


I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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@TakaminaBG: Thank you for the comment! :hee: It's my first ever Atsumina fic, and I was quite nervous that the fic would fail. But then... What fic would fail with those two in it?

@Origami: Hahaha. :dunno: Hmm... I actually planned on using an omake for the Atsumina couple, but then... Since you asked... Let's switch it to Kojiyuu! :hee: I hope it ends well. I'll try to post it up when I have the time.

@Haruko: Of course! A continuation just for one of my OTPs! :on GJ:

@Tanchan: Yeah! You know what? I would totally want to meet a guy like Minami here. Always so caring and sweet. :luvluv1:

@Wmatsui22: Thank you. :hee: I'm glad that you liked it. And I'll try to write more of those two (once I'm done with my projects and homeworks...maybe next month? XD)

A/N: Hey guys. :kneelbow: Things are getting more hectic in school nowadays, so I would like to apologize for not updating. I just lost my ranking last term, so I'm trying to get back into the Top once more. Hope that you guys would understand that I'm not going to update until the end of the year or something. :kneelbow: I'm really sorry.

BUT! If I do get the chance to write, I'll post it ASAP!
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: Gifts and Wraps (10/08) [Atsumina] HIATUS FOR ALL FICS
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GANBATTE!!!  :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :omamori: :omamori: :prayers: :prayers:
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Re: Gifts and Wraps (10/08) [Atsumina] HIATUS FOR ALL FICS
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Just Joining

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for the great fanfics  :inlove: :twothumbs :D :w00t:

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Re: Gifts and Wraps (10/08) [Atsumina] HIATUS FOR ALL FICS
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my heart goes doki doki
but but..
why you hiatus?
i want more OS  :cry:
the atsumina digs me up!
taka so romantic!!!!  :inlove:

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Love's A Mission (22/11)
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@sakura_drop: Thank you for the cheer up, Sakura-chama! :hee:

@cisda83: Thank you!

@miayaka: hahaha :sweat: I think that I'm not really on HIATUS. Maybe semi-hiatus? I rarely find the time to write any updates or read any new updates on the forum. I think that I'm even in a slump...perhaps a writer's block due to overworking at school.  :gyaaah: One-shots might take a longer time, since I tend to take a longer time on shorter ones.  :mon sweat: But I'll try to write an Atsumina...well, as soon as I find time like now.

A/N: Today is probably the first time for me to update for this past few weeks.  :mon exhaust: I should try to write faster  :mon tweaker: Ahh... I miss my summer days. Anyway, I decided to post the update for LAM, since I haven't even gotten to the middle part of Gifts and Wraps OR The Day I Confess. Sorry guys.  :mon cute:

OPERATION: Encounter Phase One (V Part 3)


Her voice trailing off, she started tapping her chin whilst looking at the three people sitting on the couch in front of her, with two of them wearing an expression of guilt on each of their faces.

"...So everything was just a set up?"

Nodding their heads at her meekly, one of the girls instantly set her eyes on the eldest. She looked at her with a certain look on her face that seemed to have been an expression of pleading, making the girl in the middle sigh to herself as she then realized that she was waiting for her to start explaining the reason for their prank.

Which was pretty much harmless...

...Though it did resulted with Sae electrifying one of the three.

Believe it or not, the short-haired has yet to realise that she had a gun with her. Anyway, going back to the three girls sitting across the table from Sae. If you hadn't noticed, Sayaka was the one sitting in the middle of the three with her hand behind her head, scratching it as she stared at the short-haired with an awkward smile on her face.

Beside her sat Ichikawa Miori, the Chief of Advertisment of every company that the black-haired has control of, and the same girl that Sayaka has referred to as Lemon. On the other side was Matsui Sakiko, the secretary and probably a more realiable employee than Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment.

"At least they're not ghosts." Sae thought to herself, dropping a sweat as she watched Miori flip her hair back and forth.

Sayaka cleared her throat and gave a knowing stare at the girl beside her, making her stop and look back at Sae with a more serious expression on her face. "Um... About the prank, Miyazawa-san-"

♫ One! Sarigenai MAIL ♫
♫ Taainai koto wo okuri no ♫

Halting with the start of her explanation, Sayaka quickly took out her phone and placed it near her ear. She raised a brow and sighed as she pulled it away from her ear, letting a blank to appear on her face as she continued listening to whoever it was on the other end of the line.

After a few seconds, the upset voice from the other line became softer and calmer, signalling the black-haired that it was now safe to place the phone near her ear. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Sayaka let out another sigh.

"Yukirin, can you please stop screaming at my ears everytime you call me?"

She added, "You're destroying my sense of hearing, that's why."

(Just so you guys can understand it even more, the conversation went like this...)

Yukirin: But Sayaka, if I'm not able to fix this and give a better report by the next family meeting-

Sayaka: -She'll cut off your funds and take over your company.

Yukirin: Yeah!

Sayaka: And she'll heartlessly throw you out into the streets without any money on you.

Yukirin: Yeah!

Sayaka: *sigh* Then what do you want me to do?

Yukirin: Do you perhaps have anyone in mind? You know, a person who can possibly be my temporary voice actress or actor.

Sayaka: Not really. I'll just call you or go to the company if I have anyone in mind.

Yukirin: Well, find someone quickly! The next meeting is in two days!

(End of Call)

Sayaka sighed and placed the phone back into her pocket. She already had piles of paperworks work on, but the urgent call for help from her cousin needed to be answered and dealt with as soon as possible.

"Prez," Miori spoke, looking at her with her head tilted to the side. "Is Yuki-sama's company still in the drains?"

"Yes, Ichikawa." Sayaka answered.

"I hope she gets back on her feet soon." the younger girl said with a look of pity on her face. "She just might get depromoted from her position if she isn't able to."

"Is it a bad moment to ask them once more for the explanation?" Sae asked her inner self.

Luckily for her, Sayaka decided to forget her cousin's problem for now and focus on whatever she had to do at the moment. Looking back at Sae, she cleared her throat and crossed her arms whilst leaning against the couch.

"The reason is that we actually wanted to see if you were capable of having fun."

"Capable of what?" Sae asked, raising a brow as she scratched the back of her head, thinking that she heard Sayaka wrongly.

Seeing how her boss was having a hard time in answering the question given to her, Miori sighed to herself. Despite having a completely scary aura and serious face, the president always have this side of hers that's unable to explain things like these, which pretty much called for her help since Sayaka's right-hand was still...


Clearing her throat this time, Sayaka's left-hand 'man' began to continue the explanation for their prank. "You see, it's like a tradition."

"A tradition?" Sae asked, repeating the word as she raised her other brow after bringing the other one down.

Miori nodded her head and stood up, making her way towards Sayaka's table before taking out a file that was practically ready to explode from the great amount of piled papers. Handing them to the short-haired, she continued to speak in a manner that seemed very professional.

"Every time a new employee comes to the company, Akimoto-san's grandfather would make sure to set them up in some sort of prank."

"And I assume that they have to be scared or something?" Sae inquired.

Sayaka nodded at her, staring at Miori to give the short-haired another huge file for her to see. "It's a bonus if they get scared."


"Why is that some of these pictures have a huge red cross on them?" Sae asked curiously, flipping the pages back and fro, only to be greeted with several more marked pictures.

Sayaka answered in a nonchalant manner, "Those are the ones who failed the initiation."

"What happened to them?"

"We don't see them anymore." Miori told her with a grave voice, earning a gasp from the short-haired.



"Umm..." Sae nervously closed the file and placed it on the table in front of them, before sitting up properly. "...What about me?"

"D-did I pass the initiation?" she gulped, hoping for the best that she did.

Sayaka stared at her with a blank expression, preventing Sae from figuring out whatever it was she was thinking due to the pokerface that the girl had. Time was passing her by slowly and she couldn't help but feel like she was being suffocated by the heavy atmosphere in the room.

Rubbing her sweaty palms onto the couch, she tried to maintain her breathing and keep her thoughts logical. The mere thought of not even getting the chance to get the job because she failed a simple initiation test kept on going around her mind.

Meetan would skin her alive if she failed a simple test. If she managed to live through that, then she'd probably die from the humiliation and embarrassment that the other girls would give her.

As this was going on, Miori had her eyes set on Sae's face. She had been staring at the short-haired for quite some time now, making Sae feel even more nervous due to the feeling that she had really failed it.

Truth to be told, it wasn't because Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment wanted to scare her off or because she was giving a sign that Sae failed the test. It was just because she had been feeling curious about one thing.

One thing that she couldn't help but be curious about, after seeing it as Sae conversed with her superior.

Sae's ability to raise either one of her brows.

Ichikawa Miori has been staring at her oh-so-intensely, trying hard to figure out some sort of way for her to be able to do the same thing that Sae had done. She would raised her right brow, before bringing it down and raising the other one, only to be disappointed when she would realize how her right always rose instead.

"Uhh..." Sae gulped, trying hard not to look into Miori's intense gaze. "I'm so nervous right now."

"Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment seems to be suspecting me."

"Oh no!" Sae's eyes widened. "What should I do if she starts asking me why I have an electric gun?"

"Did I leave any hints that makes me suspicious?"

"I shouldn't have electrified that still-unconscious girl (Sakiko)!"

Sae's continuous train of worries were all for naught, since the girl staring intensely at her was not even thinking of her suspiciously. In fact, her thoughts were completely far away from what Sae was worrying about.

That's right.

The thought of why Sae has an electric gun with her, didn't even cross her mind.

Not even a suspicious thought crossed her mind.


"How does she do that?"

The Chief of Advertisment talked to herself mentally, still trying to raised her left brow in an attempt to impress the president and the secretary later on.

Seeing that the girl was not going to stop any time soon, Sae's anxiety began to grow. The fortunate thing for her was, the eerie silence they were enveloped in, was finally broken, the moment Sayaka cleared her throat.

"If I tell you that you passed the initiation, will you stay and work for my company?" Sayaka asked her.

Sae looked at Sayaka meekly, scratching the back of her head a few seconds later with her hand. "Uh...Yes?"

"If I don't accept this second job, I'll be sent off back to the camp." Sae thought to herself, shivering as she remembered the hellish training that she and her teammates had to go through, in order to pass and become an assassin and get to where she was right now.

"Are you sure?" Sayaka asked, feeling some hesitancy in the short-haired's tone when she talked.

Sae gave a certain nod of the head this time. "Yeah."

"Well, that's great then!" Sayaka beamed, clasping both of her hands together.

"You can start right now!"

Just then, the lights flickered, making Sayaka look up. "Well...As soon as the building goes back to how it used to look like."

"Ichikawa!" Sayaka snapped her fingers, causing the said girl to snap out of her intense concentration after almost having the car keys thrown right at her face. "Get the car ready."


"Ah, nevermind. I'll do it."

Turning to her unconscious secretary, Sayaka told her. "Just carry Sakiko to the car for me."

Without speaking another word, she motioned for Sae to follow her out of the room, leaving the poor Chief of Advertisment to carry the slightly heavy and unconscious secretary.


"Sayaka-san, where are we going?" a slightly muffled voice coming from Miori was heard.

Not looking away from the view in front of her, Sayaka answered. "To the studio."

"Studio?" Miori looked at her with a confused look on her face. "You mean you've found a solution for your cousin?"

Sayaka gave a curt nod, smiling at her through the rear mirror. She felt really proud of herself for being able to think of such a wonderful plan, thus making her pat her own back in her mind. Looking to her side, she smiled at the one who would save her cousin from their boss.

"Is there something on my face, Sayaka?"

"Nothing." she replied, before turning her gaze back onto the road before her.

"I just want to thank you in advance, since you'll be the one to save Yukirin."

Several minutes later, they finally reached their destination. Before getting out of the car, Sayaka turned to Miori and the sleeping girl.

"Stay here with Sakiko." she said.

Turning to the girl who sat along with her at the front, she spoke. "Come and follow me, Sae."


The sounds of their footsteps echoed throughout the whole hallway, a result caused by the wooden floor and the almost-empty company. Sayaka walked forward with her head staring right in front of her, whilst the girl behind her kept on turning her head from left to right as she tried to take in the different posters of anime characters.

"Can I ask a question, Sayaka?" she inquired, finally decided to speak up after being unable to hide her curiousity any longer.

"Go ahead."

"Umm... What are we doing at a company like this?" she asked. "Aren't we supposed to be at some wine-making factory or something?"

Stopping with a halt, Sayaka turned to face the short-haired with a smile on her face. "Well, I'm giving you your first task as my vice-president."

"But I'm not going to tell you now." she said. "You'll figure it soon enough though."

And with that, she continued walking in front of the short-haired, who soon followed her with a pondering look upon her face. She was really curious to find out what her 'boss' had in mind for her, and started to walk once more.

Fortunately for her, her question was soon to be answered. The older girl stopped right by the elevator and pressed the button of the arrow pointing upwards, making Sae stop and wait along with her by her side.

"Have you figured it out?" Sayaka asked the younger girl, somehow unable to keep herself from blurting out the task.

When Sae shook her head in reply, the older girl smiled and placed  a hand on her shoulder. "Fine, I'll tell you then."

"You're going to be working as a seiyuu(voice actress)."


To Be Continued....

A/N: Just wanted to post this before the end of this week, since I'll be unable to post any. If I continue at this rate, I think that I'll be in a semi-hiatus instead. XDD Well, let's hope that's the case. Things are really getting hectic at my school with all the competitions and studying that I have to keep up with. Anyway, thank you for checking out my blog despite the extremely late updating that I've been doing.
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

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Re: Love's A Mission (22/11)
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rofl Miorin was so funny

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Re: Love's A Mission (22/11)
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I just started to read this fic and I'm super indulged in it already...
So many different pairs!!!!!
I think the story has a good plot line so far :)
Can't wait for the next update :)

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The Day I Confess (23/11)
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@kahem: Isn't she? :hiakhiakhiak: I just love making her act that way, especially when she was kicked by Sae in the earlier chapter! I could even imagine the scene right before my eyes! :hiakhiakhiak:

@KojiYuu44: YAY~!  :onioncheer: A new reader! Thank you so much! I'm glad that you found it interesting. :hee:

The Day I Confess

Part Three

Days have passed, and only three days remain until Airin confess her feelings. Mizuki kept growing more and more impatient as the days gone by, considering how much trouble she had to go through and only to end up watching Airin foil her plans accidentally or something.

Her anxiety grew as she stared at how Airin acted around Rena, to the point that she had teeth marks on her arms for two days after seeing the older girl fail in the simplest of ways. And simplest of ways included the way she would walk towards the raven-haired.

"So frustrating!"

"At this rate, you'll definitely lose." Nakanishi Yuka told her whilst munching on a melon pan.

Mizuki looked up from the table with narrowed eyes sending daggers at the short-haired and started grumbling. "You should be helping me, you know."

Nakanishi merely shrugged her shoulders in response, seeming unfazed by the narrowing of eyes that she was receiving from the black-haired. She continued to eat on the remaining melon pan in her hand until Airin came into the scene and took her attention.

"Mizuki," she started, sipping her hot drink as she watched Airin fail once more in trying to ask Rena out for break time. "Why did you even make that bet with Jurina?"

The black-haired only sighed, lightly smacking and laying her forehead on the surface of her table, resulting in her written papers of reports to get crumpled. She let out another sigh, before answering the girl's question with a muffled voice.

"Jurina's not doing anything."


"I'm giving her a push." Mizuki stated in a matter-of-fact voice, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

That caused the short-haired to sigh as she shook her head, before staring down at the troubled girl as she stood up. Giving a light smack on the back of Mizuki's head, she started muttering to herself about how she just had to be involved in such a silly bet.

"Well, give me a reason why I should help you." she said, sighing as she sat back down.

"Well, I really need Jurina to lose." Mizuki tapped on her chin for a few seconds, pondering to herself for another reason before looking at the short-haired with a cheeky smile. "And you would rather die than to be seen in a loli dress."

"I could have just helped you by giving some suggestions." Nakanishi muttered under her breath. "Now if you lose, I have to wear those loli dresses for a week."

"A day, actually." Mizuki corrected, making the girl sitting before her, give a sigh of relief as she continued. "Jurina's feeling confident that she would win, so she decided to turn it back to a day."

"Somehow doesn't make any sense, but doesn't matter." the short-haired smiled to herself. "At least the punishment has been lessened."

Sighing probably for the nth time that day, Nakanishi started to have a certain feeling called Regret. She should have still kept away from Jurina and Mizuki two days ago, but due to the unneccessary timing of her curiousity, she ended up ignoring the ringing of the bells inside her head.

Which resulted in her getting into this situation.

Why didn't she stay away from those two? In fact, why did she decide to go near them despite noticing the atmosphere that the two were enveloped in? If only she had known that she would end up getting involved in such a bet, she would probably have stayed at home that day instead,

"You do know that you're fighting a losing battle?" she asked the long-haired, crossing her arms across her chest as she let out another sigh.

Mizuki nodded, making the short-haired drop her head in exasperation. Her head snapped back up when she suddenly hears a familiar strawberry voice echoing throughout the hallways. Nakanishi's eyes widened in realization, and she instantly turned her head to the direction where the voice of a certain Hiramatsu  Kanako came walking in.

"Kana!" Nakanishi cried, springing as fast as she could to the girl.

Giving a hum in question, Kanakana could only let out a surprised squeak as soon as she was suddenly reeled away to a corner. Mizuki started another sighing session after watching the two girls with a questioning gaze, thinking that the short-haired would only start her rant about being involved in the bet.


"That's why, I really need your help!" Nakanishi cried, clapping her hands together as she bowed at the younger girl.

The strawberry voiced girl merely bit the insides of her cheek, tapping a finger on her chin as she began to hum out a familiar song that she had come to learn that day. Placing both of her hands on each side of the older girl, she then gave a beaming smile.

"You'll do anything?" she asked in her sweetest voice, trying to look as innocent as ever despite the cunning and willy plan that she had in her mind.

Desperate not to lose the bet and wear loli dresses, the short-haired ignored the ringing of the bells once again and grabbed the younger girl's hands, completely unaware to Kanakana's 'innocent' smile and...

...Devilish plans.

"I'll do anything!" she cried, nodding her head frantically as if her life was on the line. "So, please help me!"

Kanakana gave a thumbs-up and gave her a pat on the shoulder, "Okay~"

She then walked off, leaving the older girl to wonder about what she has under her sleeves to help her and Mizuki win the bet, only to have realization hit her. Eyes widening, she then found herself worrying about a new profound horror.

"I hope that girl doesn't make me do anything crazy." she  muttered to herself, shivering as she remembered the last time she had to ask for a favour.

Let's just say that it wasn't a really nice experience for the older girl.


Night came and everyone got ready to go back to their warm and comfy abodes, all except for one. Sitting by the cafe located inside the office, Kanakana sipped her hot chocolate and hummed, showing how she found the drink delicious.

Sitting across the table in front of her was none other than Nakanishi, who held a soda can in hand. She would turn her head from side to side every now and then, anxious and worried whether their plan would go off quite well.

Just then, a familiar voice that the two could depict as coming from a certain raven named, Matsui Rena, was heard, making the girl to stop breathing. "Well, Akimoto-san said we need to change a few more in the model, maybe tweak it here and there."

"I'm fine with whatever you think, Rena-san." Airin said.

The two girls looked at each other and made a face, shivering on their seats as they felt their hair rising from the overly-sweet voice that Airin spoke in. The same type of voice of a girl that was completely head over heels in love.

"Airin makes me want to punch something." Nakanishi muttered to the girl sitting across her, clenching her hands tightly.

Kanakana merely laughed and gave a pat on the clenched fist. "She actually makes me cringe."

"Same here." Nakanishi sighed. "We should really make her confess."

"Just go along with the flow, alright?" the younger girl whispered, reminding the short-haired of what they were supposed to do.

Letting out a sigh, Nakanishi nodded a second later and leaned against her seat, trying to look like nothing was amiss. She began to sip her drink, though the way her eyes kept on diverting from place to place was kind of giving it away.

The younger girl could only let out a small chuckle as she watched Nakanishi act like an amateur when it comes to this kind of things. Knowing that, Kanakana couldn't help but worry. Despite the anxiety she was starting to feel, she smiled assuringly at the older girl and placed a hand on hers, hoping that it would somehow loosen her up.

She let out a relieved sigh to herself when Nakanishi smiled back at her, and gave a curt nod in return. Leaning against her seat, she then began to count down the time it would take for Rena and Airin to come by their table.

Fortunately for her, it didn't take that long to pretend that she was actually drinking the empty cup's contents. The two girls managed to reach a meter away from their table within ten seconds, signalling Kanakana to place down the cup she was 'drinking' from.

Turning her head to the direction of the two, she gave a friendly wave to the two girls with a huge smile on her face, receiving a wave in return. Just as they had expected, Rena and Airin made their way to where she and Nakanishi sat.

"You guys aren't going home yet?" Airin asked the two.

Nakanishi awkwardly nodded her head. "Y-yeah."

"Are you feeling alright?" Rena inquired, looking concerned at the girl who was starting to fumble with her fingers.

Nakanishi only nodded, not wanting to ruin their plan because of the way she might stutter if she were to ever open her mouth. Kanakana, sensing how the older girl was trying to look how she normally was, cleared her throat to try and divert the attention to her.

"Airin, can I talk to you?" she asked. "It's something quite important."

"Important?" the older girl asked, turning to Rena who only gave a smile in return.

Kanakana nodded her head and kicked the girl sitting across her twice, motioning for her to stand up and go on with their plans. When Nakanishi did, the strawberry-voiced flashed a beaming smile to Rena and grabbed Airin's wrist.

"This might take a while, Rena-chan." she said, hoping that the older girl would take the hint.

Giving a pat on Airin's shoulder, Rena smiled. "I'll be going ahead, Airin."

"Eh?" Airin eyes diverted from Rena to Kanakana, as if wanting to ask the younger girl to let whatever discussion they were going to talk about, be postponed for the next day. "But it's so late right now."

"What if something bad happens to you, Rena-san?" she started, turning to the strawberry-voiced and staring at her with pleading eyes.

Unfortunately for her, the younger girl wasn't willing to let her go. She only tightened the hold she had on the black-haired even more, and gave a discreet nod to Nakanishi. Everthing at the moment was going exactly as they had planned, and now it was up to Nakanishi to finish Phase One.

"I can send Rena-chan home." Nakanishi offered as she took out her car keys, showing them that charming smile that can make any girl in the building to fall on their knees. "After all, I do have a car."

"Well, that's solved then!" Kanakana beamed at them, clasping her hands together before turning her gaze back to Airin, who now had nothing to worry about since one of her good friends would be sending the girl she loves back home.

Airin gave a small smile and a wave to raven, slightly disappointed that she wouldn't be able to go home with her. "I'll see you at home then, Rena-san."

"Let her go as soon as you finish talking, okay?" the raven said to Kanakana. "It's getting quite late."

Bidding them farewell, Nakanishi and Rena began to walk out of the building and headed for the car park, leaving Airin along with the younger girl. Kanakana motioned for the black-haired to sit down, and started taking out several papers as well as a few pens.

"Did you even pay any attention in the meeting?"Airin asked, sighing as the younger girl started bombarding her with questions.

An Hour Later

"Thank you so much, Airin!" Kanakana beamed as she began placing every note she has taken out, back into her bag.

The said girl gave a smile as she stood up whilst waiting for the younger girl to finish putting her things back into the small folder, that somehow seemed a bit too small for the amount of papers. Once she was finished, the two of them walked out of the building.

Walking to where Airin's car was parked, they got in right before the drops of rain could touch them. The older girl started the engine and began to drive, soon reaching the city within a minute or two with careful and focused driving.

As Airin drove by a corner, Kanakana sent a message to Nakanishi and waited for a reply, asking if she was able to do her part of the mission. Not wanting to let any suspicion arose due to her sudden silence, Kankana turned to the older girl and asked a question.

“What do you think of Nakanishi, Airin?"

Glancing at her whilst making sure that they don't get into a car crash, Airin raised a brow. "What do you mean?"

"I meant, what do you think of her..." the younger girl's voice trailed off, making Airin raise her other brow in question.

When Kanakana didn't continue on, the older girl continued to stare at her. "Her...?"

"As a girlfriend."


Repeating the question, Kanakana sighed. "What do you think of Nakanishi as a girlfriend?"

"A girlfriend?" Airin hummed, tapping her fingers on the wheel as she started thinking. "Hmm..."

As she continued pondering off to herself, the questioner on the other hand was paying her little attention. She was slightly concentrating on the device that she had in her hand, worried and wondering about what was currently happening since she has yet to receive any reply in return.

"What is she doing?" the younger girl thought to herself as she bit the inner side of her cheek. "Why isn't she replying back?"

She sighed and placed her phone back to the pocket of her bag, before turning her attention to the girl driving beside her. It was quite fortunate for her that she was able to re-compose her expression right before the older girl turned to her, finally figuring out what her answer would be.

"It seems that she might be the 'pants' in the relationship." she started.

"I mean, she prefers to be dominant and such." Airin furrowed her eyebrows together as she let out a hum. "Okay...I'm not really sure, but the way she normally acts make her seem like she'd be the 'man', so I guess that she can be? She also seems to be a sadist."

Kanakana smirked and muttered to herself. "More like a masochist."

"Huh?" Airin raised a brow and glanced at her after turning the car by a corner. "Did you say something?"

Flashing an innocent smile, the younger girl shook her head. "Nothing."

"Anyway, what's with the sudden question?"Airin asked.

The strawberry-voiced only smiled at her and shook her head. "Just curious."

"Curious?" Airin repeated, keeping her eyes straight on the road as she slowly drove the car to the front of the younger girl's apartment. "Wait, don't tell me...."

Stopping the car almost in a halt, she then stared at Kanakana with a completely surprised expression written all over her face. "You like Nakanishi?!"


"YOU LIKE NAKANISHI?!" Airin repeated once more, this time in a loud voice.

For a few mere seconds, the strawberry-voiced stared at her with a blank expression. However, being unable to keep in the laughter that she was trying to keep in, she ended up bursting into a fit of laughter.

"What made you think of that?" she asked whilst wiping a drop of tear from her eye.

"W-well... you actually asked me such a question." Airin said as she looked away, embarrassed. "S-so, I..."

The younger girl only continued to chuckle to herself, halting a second later when her phone started vibrating from the inside of her bag. Taking the phone out of her bag, she pressed a button on the keypad and stared at it.

“Is there something wrong?” Airin asked the younger girl, whose face seemed to have started frowning as time passes them by.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Kanakana stared at her. “It seems that I don’t have any place to stay for the night.”


Kanakana pouted as she placed the phone back into her bag. “Mizuki hasn’t given me the keys for the apartment, and now she's telling me that she’s currently in Tokyo with Kuumin and Non.”

"Well, that's a far place from here." she said, looking at the younger girl with a concerned look on her face.

Humming out loud in a thought, she then gave a small smile to Kanakana. "Why don't you go and stay at my place until Mizuki returns?"

"Really?" Kanakana asked, almost with tears of happiness in her eyes. "You would really let me stay with you?"

Airin nodded her head in reply and gave a pat on the younger girl's head, unable to notice the smirk that has appeared on the girl's face a second later. She was completely unaware of the fact that it was just a lie to get the plan going on perfectly, taking the bait that Kanakana has given to her.

“Thank you so much, Airin!” the younger girl beamed at her, before enveloping her into a tight hug.

The older girl only continued to smile and started the engine, eager to return back to where the apple of her eye was currently staying. Unbeknownst to her, a scene in the house was waiting for the two of them to arrive.


“Sorry for the intrusion.” Kanakana uttered loudly as she walked into the apartment.

Taking off her pair of shoes, she then placed them next to Airin’s own pair and entered the living room. She followed the older girl, who led the way to the guest room with almost a perverted grin on her face as the mere thought of being able to stay in the same room as a certain raven-haired, came to mind.

“I hope that you won’t feel uncomfortable.” Airin said to the younger girl beside her as she opened the door of the guest room. "Just think of this room as your own."

The strawberry-voiced nodded her head in reply before throwing her handbag onto the bed and plopping herself right beside it, earning a smile to appear on the older girl's facial features. Just then, she remembered what she was excited to go home for and walked out of the guest room.

Kanakana quickly sat up and followed her like a duckling to its mother goose, all eager to see the surprise that she and Nakanishi had prepared for her. The girl in front of her only walked to the room where a certain raven was probably sleeping in, missing to see the smirk that the strawberry-voiced had.

“Do you want something?” Airin asked as she stopped by the door, the moment she noticed how the younger girl seemed to have been following her.

Kanakana gave a smile to her. “I just want to see what your room looks like.”

Airin gave a shrug and turned the knob of the door, entering through it and walking further inside after the younger girl behind her came in. The room was extremely dark due to the opaque curtains, making Airin switch on the lights and quickly dimming it.

That proved to be a mistake though because the moment that the girl switched it on, she was greeted by a sight of Rena and Nakanishi lying on the same bed. They were facing each other, with arms hugging the other girl closer to them.

"Airin?" Kanakana spoke the girl's name, noticing that she seemed to be frozen right on the spot.

When the older girl didn't utter a word, the strawberry-voiced walked up to her side and gently nudged her. That caused Airin to snap out of her trance, and turn to the girl beside her. When she did, Kanakana noted the forming of a look of pained expression written on her face.

"Hey," she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, who has turned her body around to face her in order to prevent herself from seeing the scene on the bed once more. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Airin apathetically smiled, before walking out of the room.

Kanakana took a glance at the two sleeping girls and sighed as she walked out of the room with her arms crossed. "Sorry, Airin."

"But this is for your own good."

To Be Continued on Part IV...

A/N: Finally posted this update,. Unfortunately, this isn't the last part. I guess that I'll have to end the fic in the next part then, eh? I just wanted to post this one since I haven't updated for a long time for this supposed-to-be-one-shot.
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: The Day I Confess (23/11)
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Nishishi and kanaka are mean! XD! so funny

Airin fight for your girl!  :cry: don't be a chicken

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Re: The Day I Confess (23/11)
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great LAM so far....  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Looking forward to your next update.... :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: The Day I Confess (23/11)
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so many updates!!! loving loving loving it all!!
haha lol at how sae is gonna go be a seiyuu though!! gonna be interesting :P

but omg airin mustve felt her heart break a little when she saw that scene on the bed!
i already feel sorry for her :( but as kanakana said...its for her own good *nod nod*

karo-chan karo-chan~~~

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Re: The Day I Confess (23/11)
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@cisda83: Thank you~! :hee:

@Pandah: Pan-chan! It's been so long since we've talked! I missed CHU! And you do know that Airin always need to be pushed in order to take action when it comes to Rena-san, right? *sigh* This girl, seriously....

A/N: Okay... since the asking for couples in FB didn't quite help me, I've decided to put up a poll to decide on the upcoming several shots I plan on writing, despite the other fics. XDD

Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Prologue (12/09)
« Reply #136 on: December 09, 2012, 09:30:35 AM »

Her academics have improved tremendously and she's one of the elected student council members. Not only that, she has finally decided to join the club that will help her in making school less dull and fun, as well as an admirer that seems to have been eyeing her for some time. So, choosing to join the Wind Instruments club, better known as the Rappapa, seems to be the greatest decision she has ever made. Well.... until she realizes that there are a few problems that went along with it.

One of them?

A Stalker

How to dispose of one? She has no idea.

Why? Well, that's because she has tried several attempts to do so. After running away from him, speaking to him coldly, or even having her best friend blackmail him... he refuses to go away. He's like a pest that keeps on coming back to life after having her step on him several times. Nothing seems to work, and that's practically driving her off the edge. The only solution that she and her friends could think of is to have someone PRETEND to be her boyfriend.

There's only one problem though...

Who will it be?


Well, that doesn't seem so bad.

Only there's a teeny, tiny problem that she has to worry about...

It's her crush.

Will Kashiwagi Yuki be able to get rid of her insistent stalker? Should she take this oportunity given to her by her friends- WHO NEVER TOLD HER THAT IT WAS HIM THEY TALKED TO- to get closer to her crush? Should she let one week finish without doing anything because she doesn't want to get rejected? Or should she just keep on extending the days of her...


Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Prologue (12/09)
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Very unique plot here xD Thumbs up, you guys!

I had to read this twice because I didn't really get what the stalker and the boyfriend had to do with each other xD

Though, I wonder what pairing... Let me guess, SaeYuki? Since I see that Yuki made an appearance and I'm not sure about 'MaYukiSae' whether it's Mayu and Yuki or Sae and Yuki :3

But, believe me, I'm praying that it will be MaYuki on Sae. We're short on them these days... Okay, maybe SaeYuki needs to be revived much more since MaYuki is such a popular ship and maybe, Ren is an extra. No offense, please don't kill me ;u;

I will still read this even if it's SaeYuki, though. I like the plot! Update soon, Karomuwi-san! Ganbatte!
« Last Edit: December 09, 2012, 10:49:28 AM by ChuuuPuffss »
I'm the lazy author who rarely updates.

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Prologue (12/09)
« Reply #138 on: December 09, 2012, 12:38:11 PM »
AT LAST! A Prologue!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

But who's who?! I know that it is MaYukiRen but I really want to know who is the stalker and who is Yuki's crush???  :? :?

Looking forward for an EXCITING Chapter 1  :inlove:

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Prologue (12/09)
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Oh god!!!!!!!! Please, pwease, let the crush be Ren!!!!!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

 :wub: :wub: :wub:

Gonna wait for your update~~!!
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