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Author Topic: Quietriot's Sketchbook -- The Yankii Monologues: Insomnia [11/27]  (Read 17473 times)

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Welcome to my oneshot/short story/drabbles thread. May all your dreams come true~ or get shattered into pieces by my rampant shipping~ who knows~ Also, consider this a request thread as well, if you'd like me to write you something short and sweet (or perhaps not so sweet?) feel free to ask me here~ enjoy~ (Imagine all of this in an annoying singsong voice XD)

Table of Contents
Ookii Hitomi, pt. I (Tanakameshige) [5/12]
Ookii Hitomi, pt. II
Ookii Hitomi, pt. III
Ookii Hitomi, pt. IV
With You (ReinAi)
Romance Is, pt. I (Tanagaki)
Romance Is, pt. II
Romance Is, pt. III
Crimson, pt. I (Tanagaki)
Crimson, pt. II
Crimson, pt. III
Senpai Series #1 (Onesided Gakipon, Takagaki)
Senpai Series #2 (ReiSaki Friendship, Tanashige)
Canvas (ReinAi Friendship)
Sculpture Garden (ReinAi Friendship)
Senpai Series #3 (SayuRiho Friendship, Tanashige)
The Yankii Monologues: Morning (Reina+???)
The Yankii Monologues: Insomnia (Reina+???)
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A/N: So the other day I had quite a vivid dream about the rokkies and this started happening. Originally I was gonna just write something pervy but I found out I can't really do pwp stuff and so the idea grew and yeah, expect like, four more parts to this. XD bye~

Ookii Hitomi, pt. I


"Reiiiiinaaaa~ Please?"

Sayumi had managed to corner the little yankii during her lunch break at work, much to Reina's surprise and extreme exasperation. The kitten didn't like surprises, and she enjoyed being coerced into something far less. Still, she was finding it hard to resist those pitiful eyes and that pleading pout, her resolve about the matter beginning to crack. She sighed, crossing her arms, trying once more to steel herself.

"Sayu, we already talked about this. The rules, remember? We weren't gonna make a big deal out of certain dates..."

"I think that this particular date is big enough to break the rules... And besides, Eri agrees with me."

It was Reina's turn to pout, a petulant note entering her voice.

"You know I hate it when you two double team me..."

Sayumi, for her part, had become fixated on the yankii's lips, her gaze darkening considerably. She gently pushed Reina back against the wall behind her, lowering her head. 

"You shouldn't make that face unless you want me to kiss you."

The yankii smirked, mostly out of amusement that she'd regained some control over the situation. She arched an eyebrow slightly, lifting her head so that her lips just almost met those of the rabbit, but stopping short. She could feel Sayumi's breath catch, and her smirk grew wider.

"Who said I don't want you to kiss me?"

Permission granted, the older female claimed the younger's lips, letting out a soft moan as Reina's tongue eagerly brushed against her own. Unable to resist touching the girl who always managed to set her heart on fire, Sayumi ran her fingers lightly over the yankii's front, squeezing her perky breasts through the layers of cloth that separated them. That was as far as she dared take it, though, with Reina growling a warning into her mouth and breaking off the kiss with a loud smack. It wasn't that she was afraid they'd get caught, but if she started something here that they couldn't finish, the kitten would make her pay dearly for it later...

"So," Sayumi panted, moving her hands to settle comfortably on the other girl's waist, "Is that a yes, then?"

Reina rolled her eyes, but she wrapped her arms around the rabbit's neck, nuzzling against the older female's shoulder.

"You know I can't refuse you... Especially not if Eri's already said yes as well. ...And I do sort of already have an idea in mind for it."

Sayumi chuckled affectionately, resting her chin on top of the kitten's head and holding her close. Reina was nice whenever she decided to retract her claws, and was perfectly soft on the inside, much as she tried to protest otherwise; Sayumi knew that secretly the girl had been counting down the time until the day in question, if nothing else but to hold it in a special kind of reverence.

"Of course you do," the rabbit murmured, "You and all your secret plans..."

"Oi, as I recall, you enjoy my secret plans. Quite a bit, in fact, like that time Eri and I-"

Sayumi clamped a hand firmly over Reina's mouth, her cheeks flushing a deep crimson. Being reminded of something like that... while they were here in an office...

The kitten took none too kindly to being silenced, however, and the rabbit yelped in disgust when she felt something warm and wet brush against her hand, retracting as if she'd been bitten by a snake. Reina stifled a giggle, half-snorting instead and settling for an amused smirk.

"After all the places my tongue has been and you react like that..."

Having the decency to at least pretend to appear scandalized, Sayumi blushed again, making a face at the younger girl. 

"Anywa-aaa-y... I'll let you enjoy the rest of your break, I still have to go finish shopping before I go home and make sure everything's arranged for tomorrow night."

Reina put her hands on her hips, cocking her head to the side as she shot the rabbit another petulant look.

"Don't I get a goodbye kiss?"

"Do you deserve one?" Sayumi questioned, though the kitten would get what she wanted in the end. It was a game the older female didn't mind losing, time and time again. Reina's face fell slightly, the girl obviously not expecting to be rejected, but before she could dwell on it too long, the rabbit leaned down to plant a sweet, chaste kiss on her lips, silencing any and all protests. When Sayumi pulled away, Reina was smiling gently, a dazed look on her face.

"There. Now I have to go. Behave yourself."


Crazy girl. But it had been an empty sort of scolding; asking Reina to behave was like trying to stop a tornado with bare hands. A pointless endeavor. Sayumi grinned.

"I love you."

"I know."

And with that they parted ways. To anyone else it may have sounded unaffectionate, but Sayumi understood. The kitten was not one to demonstrate her feelings in public, hence why she'd pulled the rabbit into the side hallway as soon as she saw her. Rarer still did the girl admit her feelings out loud, privately or not. In fact, Sayumi could count on her hands the number of times Reina had said "I love you," to either herself or Eri in the time she had known her. But it didn't matter. She'd come to see it as Reina saying the same thing, just with two words instead of three.

A buzz caught the rabbit's attention as she was descending the stairs and she dug in her purse for her phone, flipping it open to see that she had a new text message. As her eyes read the name of the sender, she smiled.

<<Hah, good work, babe. I see we're on for tomorrow now? ;)>>

<<How did you know? I literally just left her like five seconds ago.>>

<<She sent me one of her 'angry' texts, accused me of being an evil alien mastermind, the usual.>>

Oh Reina. Sayumi grinned, shaking her head as she decided to call the girl she was texting instead. 

"Alien, maybe... But you're not exactly the villainous type." She started after Eri picked up, continuing on her way out of the building. "But anyway, you're right, I managed to convince her."

"Ah~ I'm jealous that you got to see each other during the day, even if it was my idea..." 

Sayumi almost thought she could hear Eri pouting through the whine in her tone.

"Feeling left out? Should I come and visit you too?" She teased, "I'm on my way to the store but I could swing by."

"I wish, but my break's almost over. I'll just have to suck it up until tonight I suppose."

The rabbit rolled her eyes at the turtle's dramatic tone, but the smile never left her face. She was happy; getting to see and hear both of her girls during the middle of the day was a rare treat after all. 

"You'll live. I'll buy you some chocolate or something when I'm out."

"Reason #78 why I love you."

"Eh, you have a list?"

The girl on the other side of the line chuckled.

"Of course, I have lists for both of you. They're getting pretty extensive, too..."

"Whose is longer?" It was teasing, and Sayumi didn't really care if Reina outclassed her in everything in Eri's heart, as long as she still had a place there. The time when she felt she was competing with the kitten had passed, though she still enjoyed the playful bickering every now and then. Eri's voice, however, grew serious.

"You know I love you both. It's different... But still the same, you know?"

"I know, I was only kidding." But it still warmed her on the inside to hear the words, anyway. "I love you too. But I should probably let you go, huh?"

"Unfortunately... I'll see you when I get home. Bye~"

Sayumi echoed her goodbye before hanging up, a fresh smile on her face as she slipped her phone back into her purse. She walked happily out into the sunshine, breathing in cool air and resisting the urge to skip, both of her girlfriends on her mind.

Today was a good day.

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 :w00t: Ha!  :w00t: Haha! Yes! :w00t:

Three way 6ki love! :inlove: :inlove:

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Ehhhhh!? So TanaKameShige are dating each other? Awesome 3some!

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I expect the playful banter between the rokkies in this one
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@rndy: I take it you approve ;)
@badsaints: they are indeed, everything is Rokkies and nothing hurts~
@kurosawa87: ahaha hopefully I can deliver.

I'm actually almost finished with this, just staggering updates so I have more time to work on Rockstar... And also the internet lately has been crap. :/ Enjoy!

Ookii Hitomi, pt. II


"Okay! Cut!"

Every muscle in her body cried out in pain as Sayumi flopped backwards onto her rear, and she couldn't help but let out a groan, glad that the whole ordeal was over. Never mind that she'd just sat down in about six inches of water; it didn't really matter considering she was already completely soaked, and besides the coolness felt good in contrast to the baking hot studio.

Eri had collapsed in a similar fashion beside her, panting heavily and all but leaning against her for support. The rabbit whimpered out some weak words of comfort before lifting her head slightly to glance around at the others.

The elder members seemed tired as well, but unlike her and her companion, most of them had managed to already stagger back towards the dry part of the studio where towels and fresh sets of clothes awaited them. Even Reina was already on her feet, Makoto checking up on her like a good senpai, even if she did mix her up with Eri from time to time.

Seeing their fellow rokkie made her pretty determined not to fall behind as well, and Sayumi pushed herself to her feet despite her body's protests. She reached down to help Eri, wobbling dangerously when the turtle stumbled, but eventually the two of them began to limp towards Reina, who was currently chattering away at one of the cameras.

Sayumi couldn't hear what she was saying, but it was soon over anyway, and she and Eri both mumbled a few sentences as well before following after the youngest rokkie into the dressing room.

Though several of the elder members had already changed and cleared out, the room was still a bit tight; the gokkies shared a corner by themselves, while Rika, Yossi, and Miki had lingered behind to talk with Kaori. Reina was in one of the unoccupied corners, attempting to peel off her heavy red jacket. She smiled slightly as Sayumi and Eri approached, though the rabbit noticed that away from the cameras and the other members the girl was letting her exhaustion show.

"...Some debut, huh?"

Eri slumped into the chair beside Reina, completely spent.

"I won't forget it any time soon..."

"That training camp doesn't seem nearly as bad as it did before," Sayumi chimed in quietly, burying her face into the soft towel she'd been handed moments earlier. "But it was kind of fun, dancing in the water like that. Even if I'll feel this for days..."

They chatted, the three of them together, laughing and smiling, and the rabbit decided right then and there that she wanted things to be like this forever.

<<Iroppoi Jirettai>>

"The things she says to me sometimes, can you believe it?! And they say I'm the one with a sharp tongue- are you even listening to me, Eri?"

She wasn't, at least, not completely. The not-quite seventeen-year-old's mind and eyes were elsewhere; specifically, Reina was busy filming her close-up shots and lately Eri found herself wondering things like how to get the girl to look at her that way, or how soft her lips might taste.

"What exactly did Reina say to you, Sayu?" She asked, still focused on the monitor in front of her. The rabbit gritted her teeth.

"She actually scolded me about how I've been treating Koharu-chan lately. She said--and I quote--'Though I don't know why you were chosen to be her mentor, that is the case, so you should at least try to take it seriously.'" Sayumi finished in a clipped, half-assed imitation of Reina's voice, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Ah..." The reply she got was not at all satisfying, and Sayumi followed Eri's gaze, her patience wearing thin. She focused darkly on the monitor for a moment, several different emotions running through her head, jealousy the most prominent one. And then, though she was sure Eri hadn't even heard her, the turtle girl spoke.

"Are you mad because she scolded you? Or are you mad because she pointed out the truth to you?" Eri asked calmly, looking up at her fellow rokkie for the first time and meeting her gaze, "Because... Well, maybe it isn't Reina's place to tell you what to do, but it's really not a secret that you haven't been treating the new kid right."

Sayumi deflated slightly, not completely sure what to say. She searched for some excuse, knowing it was lame and stupid the moment it slipped past her tongue.

"Miki doesn't like her either..."

"Since when is life about 'What Would Miki Do'?" The eldest shuddered as she said that, obviously remembering some terrifying backstage memories. Eri always walked sort of funny whenever the subleader was around. "...and if it were, that's a poor excuse because she's still doing her job as a leader and a senpai with Koharu. Even if she yells at her, at least she's paying attention."

Sayumi couldn't argue that, much as she wanted to, and yet anger bubbled up inside of her.

Stupid Miki. Stupid Koharu. ...Stupid Reina!

Her head snapped up immediately when the yankii herself wandered over to them, having finished her shooting. Eri, for her part, had already risen and moved to cheerfully greet the girl, touching her hands and quietly praising her work, all of which Reina took in with a slightly amused look. Sayumi clenched her fists; that really was the last straw for her, honestly. It was obvious that the turtle was seeing the kitten in a different light, but Reina seemed to think it was a joke, and the bunny wouldn't have that. She wasn't quite sure herself of what she felt for Eri, but was certain the girl was her best friend at least, and no one was going to toy with her emotions.

When Eri left them to do her own shoot, Sayumi approached Reina intending to give her a piece of her mind, but the kitten spoke first, halting the other girl in her tracks with a piercing look.

"If you're still pissed about what I said earlier, you really need to get over it. I didn't say it to insult you, so it's not my fault if you're choosing to take it like that."

"Explain to me the real reason, then," Sayumi spat back irritably, the last of her patience dissolving, causing Reina to raise an eyebrow at her. It had been a while since she'd completely dropped the cutesy act, since it was something she tended to do even when the cameras weren't rolling. But lately it was like there was nothing but friction between her and the youngest rokkie, and she was growing weary of trading barbs with the girl every time they encountered each other.

"...I just think you're a better senpai than you've been acting lately... So it's kind of a waste, when I see you ignoring Koharu-chan instead of taking responsibility." Reina replied slowly, carefully, as if she was exposing something about herself by airing her thoughts out loud, "You're actually really good at taking care of people, you know? Seeing what they need and being there for them and all... Like with Eri... Or with me, though maybe not lately, but that's not your fault."

Was that guilt in her voice? Could it be that Reina actually noticed she'd been pulling away? Sayumi's anger was slowly ebbing away, giving way to curiosity. It wasn't often that the kitten shared more serious thoughts with her, or anyone for that matter, and she waited, wanting to hear everything the girl had to say.

"It just... Makes me mad when people have potential and they don't do anything with it. Especially when that person is someone I care about."

"Reina..." Sayumi felt her stomach do a weird sort of flipflop, realizing that this was the first time in a while that the girl had complimented her, even if it was indirectly. And it had been much longer since the last time Reina admitted she cared...

The kitten seemed to grow skittish at Sayumi's voice, however, shifting uncomfortably as though she might flee, and so the rabbit blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"Eri... likes you, you know... like, that way..."

If things weren't already awkward before, they certainly were now. Reina hugged her arms anxiously.

"I know."

That wasn't the way a malicious tease was supposed to sound. Maybe... Reina liked Eri back just the same? Sayumi's stomach twisted again, but for a different reason this time, the emotions too complicated for her teenage mind to register separately. But before she could speak again, Eri was with them, and Reina slipped back behind her mask to chat quietly with the turtle, that vulnerable girl she'd caught a glimpse of completely vanishing.

Eri shot Sayumi a questioning look above Reina's head, but the bunny only smiled and walked towards the set, burying her emotions in order to do her job.


It wasn't the first time she'd stayed over at her girlfriend's apartment after a recording session; hell, it wasn't her first time to stay over, period. But waking up in her bed, comfortably naked, was definitely a new thing. Not that Sayumi was complaining at all; memories of the previous night flickered back to her as she stretched and tried to rouse herself, and she certainly made no attempt to stop the smile that crept onto her lips.

She lazily cracked open an eye, greeted with the sight of Eri sleeping peacefully beside her, all curled up with a sheet tangled haphazardly about her legs. The bunny's smile widened, and she moved to brush a stray bit of hair from the other girl's face before placing a gentle kiss on her cheek.

As much as she wanted to stay in bed all morning--she honestly thought watching Eri sleep could easily become her new favorite pastime--hunger soon drove her out of it, and she rose, picking her nightshirt up off the floor and slipping into it as she wandered into the kitchen.

As expected, it was not well stocked. Cute as she was, Eri lived quite like a bachelor, never picking up after herself and only taking care of herself when reminded to. Sayumi managed to find a box of cereal anyway, and sat on the counter as she idly munched on a handful or two, taking the opportunity to process her thoughts.

She was happy. There was no mistaking it. Eri was a good girlfriend, and things in Morning Musume were great, what with the nine of them steadily becoming a cohesive performing machine. Sayumi didn't think that anyone else in her position would have wished for much more in life.

And yet, even with all of the above being true, she couldn't help but feel she was missing a piece of the puzzle. At first, she'd felt guilty for even entertaining the thoughts, as if they made her selfish and ungrateful, or worse, unfaithful. But as her relationship with Eri had continued, she realized what it was she wanted.

Reina danced constantly through her mind; even now as she surveyed the mess in the kitchen she couldn't help but think with faint amusement that it would drive the girl crazy. But, it wasn't that she replaced Eri with Reina in her head, rather, she simply kept imagining the girl there with them in every scenario. Sayumi didn't want to be with Reina instead of Eri. She wanted to be with Reina and Eri.

It was something she now accepted calmly every time it came to mind; whether it was strange or different didn't really matter to her anymore, as she couldn't deny the truth. The problem was, aside from the fact the kitten was all but married to her job as of late, was she had yet to tell Eri how she felt.

As if on cue, the turtle padded sleepily into the kitchen, hair sticking up in places and the t-shirt and shorts she'd quickly thrown on just as disheveled. Sayumi smiled fondly and set the cereal box aside as Eri stumbled towards her, eyes still closed as she pushed her head into the bunny's stomach, wrapping her arms around the younger girl's waist.


Sayumi laughed, gently smoothing out her girlfriend's hair with her fingers.

"Good morning to you, too."

They stayed like that for a moment, because last night had rendered a great deal of words unnecessary, the closeness more than enough to communicate everything they needed to say. Everything, except-

"You were thinking about something when I came in," Eri mumbled in between a yawn, blinking bleary-eyed up at the bunny.

"I was," Sayumi confirmed quietly, unsure of how to broach the subject. If she said nothing, Eri might be hurt, not to mention suspicious. The truth, however...

"I was... thinking about Reina." She stated delicately, closing her eyes and wincing as she waited for the turtle to react. Much to her surprise, she felt gentle lips against her own as Eri leaned up to kiss her, and when they parted, she blinked at the older girl in confusion.

"I guessed as much. I've seen the way you look at her lately, or rather, how you've always looked at her when you think no one sees you."

Sayumi blushed, mind racing for a way to explain, but Eri placed a finger on her lips, effectively stilling her. The turtle was smiling.

"I know how you feel. I've felt the same way for a long time... Probably longer than you have. I was just waiting for you to accept it on your own terms."

The bunny felt her heart swell up with gratitude and love, relief washing over her as she pulled the girl in for another kiss. Eri chuckled against her mouth, happy to return the favor.

"Now... Let's figure out how to get our girl, ne?"

<<Present Day>>

Sayumi swatted at the hands wandering around her waist for about the twenty time that evening, using all of her willpower to ignore the lips and teeth that kept grazing against her neck. She was a woman on a mission, and would not be swayed, at least not so soon.

"Reina. Get out of here. I'm trying to make dinner."

"I don't care." The response was growled into her ear, and a small hand attempted to slip beneath the fabric of her jeans. Sayumi swiftly grabbed it before it could, however, and dealt her cat-like lover another smack. She finally spun to face the girl, meeting Reina's playful glare with one of her own.

"You will care in about twenty minutes when your stomach starts growling again and there's no food on the table. And if you have your way with me now I promise you I'll be much less inclined to do anything about it by then."

The gears in the wonky-eyed female's head began to turn as she attempted to decide between fun and food. Eventually her stomach won out, but she would never admit defeat.

"Fine," Reina replied airily, turning to saunter out of the room, "But only because this gives Reina more time to plot out what she'll do."

Sayumi shook her head, turning back to the task at hand. She'd learned that the best way to deal with Reina was to make every thing seem like it had been her idea in the first place. The bunny didn't mind, and the sound of the TV flickering to life told her that she'd won a few rare moments of peace and quiet. At least, until she heard the patter of footsteps come up behind her again. She let out a long suffering sigh.

"Reina, seriously, if you don't- mmph!" Sayumi found herself being spun around and pulled into an embrace and a rather fierce kiss, though the lips she melted against were definitely not Reina's. Coherent thought slipped away, and she relaxed into the arms of her 'attacker'.

"Eri..." She breathed when the turtle finally pulled away, a fanged grin on her face, "You're home early."

The older girl snuggled happily into her, breathing in the mixed scents of perfume and home cooking, the weariness of the daily grind immediately beginning to fade.

"Yep. And just in time, it seems."

Sayumi caught the turtle peering hungrily at what was on the cutting board, and before Eri could snatch herself a snack, she smirked and pushed the girl away.

"Not you too... It's not finished yet, so I'm gonna banish you from the kitchen too." Sayumi brandished the knife as a warning, and Eri put her hands up, backing off, the grin never leaving her face. "However, there is some chocolate in the cupboard, as promised. I only just managed to keep Reina from getting at it."

The turtle went about locating said treat like a child, making quiet happy noises when she found it. She obediently left the kitchen, satisfied, and Sayumi smirked when she heard a shriek sound from the living room moments later. Reina was just too easy to scare when she was engrossed in one of her trashy TV dramas after all.

Sayumi found the two of them cuddling on the couch minutes later, having left the water to boil, and she leaned comfortably against the doorframe to take in the scene. Eri's head was nestled against the armrest, the kitten situated pleasantly on top of her, attention on the screen. Every minute or so Reina would tilt her head up, a pleading look in her eyes, the cue for Eri to feed her bites of the chocolate.

"You're the reason she's spoiled rotten, you know." Sayumi chastised, not at all serious, a light smile on her face as Eri let her head roll back so she could watch the rabbit.

"As if it's any different from the way Reina spoils you." Eri responded, defiantly giving the kitten another piece of her treat.

"Or the way you spoil Eri." Reina chimed in, looking rather pleased with herself, regardless of what anyone thought.

Sayumi declined to answer, content to stand there and watch them until she had to return to the kitchen to check up on the night's meal. I'm probably the luckiest person in the world, she mused to herself as she carefully stirred the ingredients into the pot of water.

That's why... I'm going to try and make tomorrow perfect for them. A wonderful anniversary...

And it would be.
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It is really super hard to make a three way relationship work and you have done a fantastic job here. This light and fluffy piece is so cute, too! It's always refreshing to read something like that.

...So yes, I approve! :lol:

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I really like how this is coming on and expect it to get developed quite soon and hope that the anniversary meal comes together
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Ahhh the fluff! The fluff!!!  :wriggly:

This is just so sweet and fluffy and... awww....

Rokkie :heart:

Keep it up!! I feel like you've really captured them well. :)
And I look forward to the anniversary......  :kekeke:

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@rndy: Haha it's hard enough making a relationship between two people work, let alone three, though the rokkies seem to balance each other out enough. And besides I just wanted to write something that was rot-your-teeth sweet XD

@kurosawa87: Thanks! No more waiting for the meal part, here it is.  :)

@rokun: hahaha yeahhh I know exactly what part you're waiting for~ (Though lets be honest here, I think every other commenter/reader is thinking the same thing bahaha).

The wifi connection has been a bitch today and I'm currently in the middle of packing up my stuff to return to the states and for one last trip into London this weekend. However, we are right on schedule, and this part marks the middle of this fluffy 6ki short. Might be my last update of anything for perhaps a week or so, do enjoy!

Ookii Hitomi, pt. III

"Yes, Sayu, I promise, everything is all set up for you tonight," Risa mumbled quietly into her phone, attempting, and failing to stifle a giant yawn. She felt eyes on her, and glanced sideways at Ai, who was watching her with a raised eyebrow and the faintest hint of amusement on her lips. Risa rolled her eyes.

"Look, it's gonna be the most romantic damned dinner you've ever had in your life, stop worrying about it. Kame and Tanakacchi love the mess out of you--for reasons I don't understand, maybe, but they do- ow!"

A sharp sting to the side of her head made her jump, and as she reacted, Ai had rolled over in the bed and swiped the phone from her hands in one fluid motion. Risa pouted, rubbing at where her lover had flicked her, glowering at the older woman.

"What she means," Ai began, her tone soothing in an attempt to placate the whiny bunny on the other end, " that you have no reason to worry, Sayu. Now focus on work, enjoy your day, and have a lovely anniversary. Yeah. You're welcome. Talk to you later~"

The ex-leader snapped the phone shut after that, tossing it carelessly towards the foot of the bed. Risa was still pouting.

"How annoying... Calling us so early..."

Ai pulled the younger woman into her arms, knowing she was just grumpy for being scolded and for their personal time being interrupted. As if to prove her point, the bean sighed and snuggled into her, closing her eyes as if she intended to fall back asleep. Ai, on the other hand, was the type to stay awake as soon as she'd opened her eyes, and lost herself to her musings, gently threading her fingers through Risa's hair.

"I'm actually sort of surprised Reina hasn't called us too..." She murmured. The bean snorted against her chest.

"I'm not. Whatever Tanakacchi's plans are, I'll bet you anything they involve the bedroom, and she doesn't exactly need our help for that..."

Ai grunted some sort of agreement, a light flush dotting her cheeks as she brought to mind one of the stories Sayu had shared with her about the trio's... activities. The bunny hadn't told her everything, of course, but oblivious as she was, she was still perfectly capable of filling in the blanks as far as that was concerned.

She steered her mind elsewhere, smiling slightly when she remembered what Eri's gift to the others would be. Although Reina and Sayumi would certainly enjoy it, it was just as exciting for her and Risa as well; she could not remember the last time the nine of them had all been together in the same place. She was surprised when she heard that even the pandas would be there, but Eri had apparently been planning her part of the gift for months now. 

Either way, the idea that her little extended family would be reunited tonight made her very happy indeed.

"What are you thinking about?" The bean mumbled against her chest, somehow managing to sense Ai's mood even with her eyes closed. Never ceased to amaze her.

"I dunno, it's weird but, sometimes I feel sort of like a proud father or something."

Risa laughed, in that quiet gentle way she reserved for Ai that still made the monkey's heart do little flipflops beneath her ribcage. Not that she would ever admit that out loud...

"Well, Junko did say you were like papa once... It's nice to know the kids are all alright, hm?" She quipped, placing a light kiss against the older woman's collarbone.

Ai smiled. Indeed it was.


Sayumi was glad she'd chosen to go with the waterproof mascara tonight, because she knew at some point during the evening she'd be reduced to a quivering, emotional mess and if that was the case she was gonna at least look good doing it. Of course, the night was young yet, so currently all she had to tangle with were the butterflies in her stomach as they made their way to dinner.

The three had unanimously decided on hiring a driver for the night, since each girl's gift involved them going different places; being that it was such a special occasion, separation, even just for a car ride, was out of the question. With Reina pressed tightly into her left side, looking a bit paler than usual, the bunny couldn't help but wonder if the kitten was regretting said decision.

"It really would be alright if you sat up front..." Eri was saying to her right, gently caressing the back of Reina's neck with the hand she'd slung comfortably about Sayumi's shoulders.

"I'll be fine when it's dark out." Reina muttered in response, gritting her teeth as another wave of nausea passed through her. Sayumi simply let the kitten lean against her, reaching to angle one of the A/C vents towards the younger girl's face in the hopes the cool air would help.

"Not much longer now," She stated reassuringly, though she wasn't actually completely sure about that. Where they were headed was a bit secluded, and she'd actually only seen it before in pictures. But she trusted Ai and Risa, and... had also paid them well.

She focused her attention on the girls on either side of her, realizing suddenly that this was one of those rare occasions that Reina had allowed her to take the middle, a position the kitten took for herself nine times out of ten. She was sure the change up was deliberate on the younger girl's part, and she felt a fresh surge of affection for her, gently kissing the top of Reina's head.

The girl was, as always, wearing the most coordinated outfit out of the three of them; she was clad in a strapless electric blue dress that cut off around mid-thigh, toned down significantly by the short black jacket she wore on top. For once the kitten had opted for a slender pair of heels rather than boots and much to her (and she knew Eri's as well) delight, Reina's hair was down. 

By contrast, Eri was more reserved in her style, and was wearing a simple, but elegantly cut  off-white dress. A silver belt about her waist drew Sayumi's attention to her slender curves, and the turtle caught her staring, blushing slightly but giving her a warm smile in return. Eri was also wearing matching silver heels and bracelets, but the bunny took little notice of these as she leaned in for a quick kiss.

As for herself, Sayumi was decked out in varying shades of pink, off-set by a dark skirt and knee-high boots, her black hair framing her face in waves. She mused that both of her lovers must have rubbed off on her clothing choices as of late, but supposed it was a good thing; she remembered an instance where Reina had commented soon after meeting her that she didn't think the older girl could dress a doll properly, let alone herself. Of course, becoming an idol had helped too, but from time to time she still caught her cat-eyed girlfriend giving her scrutinizing looks.

When their driver turned off the beaten path, Eri sat up a bit, curious. 

"Ne, Sayu, where are we going? I thought we were gonna have dinner?"

Reina had also lifted her head to glance out the window, and Sayumi smiled slightly, keeping her mouth shut. There wasn't a reason for her to answer, for the place in question had finally come into view, and she couldn't help but stare and be just as amazed as the other two by what she saw.

I owe Gaki-san and Aichan big time for this...

The driver pulled up off the edge of the road next to a cluster of trees, arranged in a manner that appeared as though some had purposely been planted and cleared away, creating a natural wall to block out passing cars. They were close enough having stopped, however, to see through the trees, and that was the breathtaking part; lanterns had been strung up between the trees, resulting in a warm and beautiful glow even now as the sun had not quite dipped below the horizon. There was a table set up there for three as well, nestled comfortably in the man-made clearing, and Sayumi grinned slightly as Reina backed up against her when she realized just who was approaching their car.

"How sneaky, Sayu... Involving our friends in on this." Reina stated as the door was opened for her, and a hand extended to help her out of the car, belonging to one rather dashing Takahashi Ai. "I suppose that's how you managed to keep it all a secret."

"They're even wearing suits!" Eri exclaimed as she exited the other side of the vehicle, helped out in a similar fashion by Risa and taking a moment to survey her friend. The bunny just continued to grin, taking Ai's hand and sliding out after Reina, mouthing a silent thank you to her ex-leader. As the two led them towards the table, Sayumi couldn't help but be proud of her gift; a secluded dinner outside on a nice night away from prying eyes was much better than being stuck in a private room in a crowded restaurant.

"Why Gaki-san and Aichan, though?" Eri had questioned when the three were finally seated and their "waiters" started to pour wine and set out the meal.

"Well, I didn't want us to feel like we had to hide anything tonight... So I decided, better someone we knew than a stranger who might decide we could be tabloid material." Sayumi replied, taking a sip of her drink as Risa finished filling it, "And besides, they're not bad to look at like this~"

The remark earned something of a jealous grumble from Reina and a giggle from Eri, the latter amused by the gentlemanly flourish Ai was imposing on all of her movements. Risa gave the kitten a reassuring pat on the head.

"We're actually leaving now, Tanakacchi, Sayu only asked us to set up and look good. The rest of the time here is yours."

Ai joined her lover shortly and the two gave a theatrical bow--eliciting more laughter from Eri--before they turned and left, walking off towards their own car. Sayumi hadn't really understood their reasoning for needing to leave so early, but Ai had been specific that they couldn't stay long and she supposed it was better this way, their driver the only other person around for miles.

"It would have been fun to boss them around for a while... Pity." Reina stated before starting in on her food, focusing on the sunset in between bites. Eri's lips twitched slightly, but she managed to maintain a neutral enough expression so that neither of her girlfriends noticed. Between the three she was the worst at keeping secrets; at least, it was easiest for the other two to weasel anything out of her that they pleased. 

"This is really nice, Sayu." The turtle stated sincerely, reaching across the table to take the bunny's hand in her own, giving it a gentle squeeze when the girl smiled.

"You know... I don't actually remember the last time we've actually sat down to eat like this."

"It's been a while," Reina murmured, leaning forward to feed Sayumi a bite from her plate. Eri smiled.

"I still think about the first time we had a meal together--the training camp, remember?"

"We try not to." The kitten and bunny replied simultaneously, both wearing somewhat pained expressions. Their response didn't diminish Eri's mood, however, and she continued.

"I won't ever forget it. The bad parts are pretty overshadowed by all the good for me, anyway. Sometimes... Well, this is kind of silly, but I've always wondered... Did either of you know then?"

"Know what?" The kitten asked, feeling warm from the wine and a little less than completely there. Sayumi noticed and moved the bottle away from her, ignoring the younger girl's whine of protest.

"I didn't," She answered thoughtfully, "I think my first impressions of both of you weren't exactly kind... And you figured out how you felt long before I did, Eri."

"True. Reina was the one that needed convincing."

The turtle grinned across the table at the youngest, who shot her a particularly nasty look as she stuck out her tongue, likely remembering the events of said encounter.

"Shut up."

"Hey, we managed to kill several birds with one stone that day. We all finally confessed to each other and... then... well, honestly, I think how it happened was much easier than telling the other members individually."

Reina glared.

"Considering we were halfway to getting it on in the dressing room... And speak for yourself, Aika didn't talk to me for months after that..."

"Everything worked out in the end, though." Eri attempted, leaning over to kiss the girl on the cheek, managing to elicit a sweet smile from her.

"Besides, I think we made it up to you pretty well that night." Sayumi finished, a devilish smile on her face. Said smile faltered when the kitten turned to look at her, a familiar spark in her eyes. It was a look she'd seen many times, the kind that told her she would be paying for her words later on. 

Not that she minded too much.

"Hey guys, look."

Eri brought their attention to the sun, now setting in a haze of orange, the sky a brilliant burst of pink and purple in contrast. Sayumi watched it quietly for a moment, tears stinging the corners of her eyes as the emotion she had prepared for earlier was starting to catch up with her. She reached for her glass, raising it slightly and catching the attention of the other two.

"Ten years ago today, we met." She started, her girlfriends smiling in response. They had chosen the day for their "official" anniversary soon after Reina had joined them, deciding it was less confusing and more significant to all three of them. "Some people never even meet their soulmates in life. But I got lucky enough not only to have two, but I get to be with them every day, hopefully for the rest of my life."

Eri's thumb tenderly brushed against her knuckles and she reached for Reina's hand with her free one after the kitten let out a quiet sniffle, doing a poor job of trying to hide it.

"Happy anniversary." She concluded softly, her lovers repeating the phrase back as they toasted the occasion. The girls stayed like that for a while, content to trade kisses and sweet words until the sun disappeared from view.

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Gah, so sweet~! I so can't wait for Eri's surprise, getting the gang back together is going to be awesome. Lols at reminiscing about Reina's joining the fun.

And Mama and Papa Takagaki make their appearance as well, so double happy!

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TakaGaki joins in on the ambiance and makes the dinner into a nice event
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Legs hurt + restlessness means I'm not sleeping so I decided to work on this chapter until I got tired. So I ended up finishing it. XD Only one part left to go~ Enjoy.

Ookii Hitomi, pt. IV

As she hung streamers from one corner of the living room to the next, Mitsui Aika thought to herself that really the best anniversary gift the three girls could have got for themselves was perhaps a bigger apartment. It was certainly meant for only one person, a fact she was increasingly aware of every time either Jun or Lin passed by the stepladder, nearly knocking her off her perch. Still, she supposed the rokkies probably actually preferred the coziness of their little home, given that they tended not to let much space come between them.

Disgustingly sweet.

She carefully descended to survey her handiwork, and once satisfied, joined the pandas in the kitchen. They had been charged with the decorating and the snacks for this surprise party, as Ai and Risa were busy dealing with Sayumi's gift, and Koharu likely wouldn't make it until after everything started. Though it was intended for the rokkies, she was extremely happy to be reunited with her own generation, and even more excited still for everyone else to arrive.

Aika leaned against the counter, watching as Linlin mixed the icing for the cake, every now and then leaning forward to mimic Junjun who was stealing bits of it straight out of the bowl. It was nice being around them again, picking up as if there had never been any graduations or time between the last time they'd seen each other.

"I hope this turns out well, it's been a while since I've made cake," Lin mused, thrusting the spoon she had been stirring with in to Jun's hands in an attempt to distract her while she spread the icing out over the cake.

"I'm sure it will be," Aika reassured, digging around in the cabinets for another knife before moving to help the Chinese girl, "I mean, that cake you made us in Hawaii was amazing."

"That's because I had help from Tanaka-san and Michishige-san," Lin replied, smiling brightly, "And we didn't bake the actual cake itself, it was there when we started the filming."

"Still." The younger panda just kept smiling, and it was so infectious that Aika smiled too. The two of them began decorating the top of the cake with fruit and colored icing when Jun got bored and began to rummage through the rokkies' fridge. Aika very nearly misspelled the word she was on when the eldest of the three suddenly let out a victory whoop, thrusting her yellow prize into the air.


Aika and Linlin exchanged a glance, the younger girl rolling her eyes.

"I guess some things never change..."

Some things had, though. For one, she could tell that both of the pandas had gained their accents back to a more noticeable degree, reminding her of when they first joined the group all those years ago. Even when Aika had picked the duo up at the airport, their conversation stalled at points as either one of the older girls attempted to find the right words; she assumed that was just a part of returning home, but was glad to note that the longer they talked the more things returned to normal. And then there were all the comments on how much Aika had grown, the comments that made her cringe and want to hide like: "Well, you'll be a woman now soon, ne?" and "Hard to believe it's only been a little over two years, where's that spoiled little kid we knew?"

"I'm not an adult just yet," Aika whined slightly, pouting as the elder hachikis continued to tease her.

"Fighting adulthood to the bitter end, eh, Wan-chan?" Ai's voice floated in from the other room, causing the trio to jump slightly, not a one of them aware that the door had opened. The ex-leader poked her head into the kitchen with a grin. "Following in your aneki's footsteps, maybe?"


Aika bounded towards the older woman, crashing into her and causing Ai to chuckle good-naturedly. They shared a tight hug, the younger letting out a groan as she felt her hair being ruffled and pushing away the other in order to fuss over it. Risa came in behind them, shutting the door with her foot as she carried the drinks in her arms.

"Oi, careful," She scolded, directing her voice at Aika, "Watch your ankle, okay?" And then with a mumble, she added, "Why doesn't anyone ever greet me like that?"

"Nii-ga-ki-sannnn~" Aika and Ai dove out of the way as the pandas made sure the bean wasn't neglected, and they happily squished her between themselves. 

Ignoring her lover's half-hearted protests, Ai moved into the less crowded living room, Aika trailing along behind her. 

"So will they be here soon?" The younger girl asked, eyeing her former leader with interest as the woman shed her jacket and sank down onto the couch.

"Should be, Risa and I left them fairly early so we could make it home to change and grab the drinks before heading here. So someone should probably man the window now I guess."

"I'll do it~" Jun chirped from the hallway, following some shriek from Risa about the girl trying to kiss her. Moments later, a slightly ruffled looking bean entered the living room, her exasperation clearly outweighed by happiness. She joined Ai on the couch, glancing about at the recently decorated room.

"You guys have done a good job. Kame will be happy. Though I'm mostly looking forward to the other two's reactions... Assuming she managed to keep it secret from them."

Aika grinned, leaning against the wall.

"It's exciting, either way. Being able to be here for them and being all together again."

Both of her seniors nodded their agreement, and as she waited there, listening to them chat quietly about different things, she couldn't help but remember what she'd thought when she first heard about the relationship. Or rather, what she thought when she stumbled upon it. It was hard for her to process at first, seeing her beloved senpais in such a compromising position--and she may have had a little bit of a crush on Reina at the time. But when she had had time to get over her shock, she realized that they made sense together, and now she couldn't imagine them apart.

"Hey, someone hit the lights! I think they're here!"


"Honestly, I think you'd forget to eat if we weren't here to take care of you, Eri~"

"Yeah, forgetting to bring your own anniversary gift..."

"Aw, come on, I was nervous..."

Of course, that wasn't it at all, Eri was actually luring her two girlfriends right into the gift itself, but she took their teasing amiably nonetheless. She slowly led them up towards their apartment, delaying as much as she thought seemed natural in order to buy her  co-conspirators some time. Luckily, neither Reina or Sayumi seemed to be suspicious or in much of a hurry, their playful touches and kisses slowing the trio down more than Eri's deliberate steps.

When they finally made it to the door, she let Sayumi enter first, strategically placing herself behind Reina in case she got too startled and bolted... or to stop her from hitting anyone. The yankii tended to be a bit... slappy when surprised.

"Eh? I thought for sure we left the lights on when we left..."

The bunny moved into the living room to flip the switch, mouth forming a perfect o when the lights revealed the "intruders" waiting within.


Before she could really react, Sayumi found herself being swept up in a massive bear-hug by Junjun, one that she soon eagerly returned. As accurately predicted, Reina backpedaled into Eri a bit, but she then let out a sort of half-sob as she spotted Aika there, making a beeline for the girl she considered as good as blood. These were only the first of multiple hugs, of course, and as everyone went about reacquainting themselves with one another, happy tears were shed and Eri watched it all with a serene smile on her face.

At one point, Reina punched her in the arm.

"You planned this!" She stated accusingly, her face a wreck and joy sparkling in her eyes. It was her way of saying she was happy, of course.

Sayumi was a bit better at communicating, moving over to wrap her arms around the turtle's neck and planting a kiss on her cheek.

"It's perfect. This- I- it's like we get to celebrate with our family too. Thank you."

Eri only smiled, touching their foreheads together. Her girls were pleased; by default, so was she. And she'd even managed to keep it a secret, too.

A knock on the door interrupted the happy reunion, and the turtle moved to open it, revealing a familiar face wearing a goofy grin.

"Sorry I'm la~ate~"

Eri had planned on telling their final guest that it was perfectly alright and inviting her inside, when Sayumi shot past her to tackle the newcomer to the ground with a squeal. She fussed over Koharu in between scolding her for old times' sake and somewhere started crying again, leaving the turtle shaking her head at the door.

"Gaki-san... I may need help trying to get these two back inside..."


Ai was proud.

Nevermind that Risa seemed to be silently mocking her every time she went glassy-eyed, she just couldn't help it. They'd all grown up into such beautiful, talented young women, and she was one of the few that had the privilege of watching it happen from the start. That they loved and took care of each other was simply a bonus. 

After all the times she'd worried for them, with them, spent nights up talking with and consoling each one of them, she was enjoying this moment, knowing that all of her investment was worth it.

They no longer needed her, and it was not a point of sadness for her, but rather, of satisfaction knowing she did her job right.

"You're doing it again, papa."

"Stop calling me that!"


Risa was relieved.

That they'd come so far, through struggles and fights and obstacles to end up this close was a blessed miracle in her mind. 

She didn't feel like she was holding her breath waiting for the hammer to drop anymore; when she told Eri she was happy for her that night, her smile was genuine for the first time.

"Thank you, Gaki-san..."


Junjun didn't give a damn.

But only because her opinion about the trio had stayed the same from the start. They made each other happy, and she rather liked all three of them individually so who was she to judge? 

And she'd beat the living daylights out of anyone who gave them trouble.

"...hey, who raided our fridge?"



Linlin was ecstatic.

To be fair, she generally operated on a high level of energy, but being around the members again and seeing them all so happy put her right through the roof. Literally.

"Told you beer and copious amounts of sugar don't mix."

"Someone get her down from there!"


Koharu was drunk.

She still managed to appreciate why she was was there beforehand; she had been the rokkies' first junior, and eventually she came to regard them a bit like surrogate parents for a time.

...Dysfunctional surrogate parents, but they'd loved and taught her to the best of their ability all the same. 

"I just love you guys so much~"

"Quit touching my girlfriend's boobs or I'll kill you."


Aika was content.

She had left the group with a pile of worries on her back the size of Mt. Everest, but it was moments like these that reminded her she was never alone and always had someone to turn to or rely on.

Even if they didn't see each other regularly anymore, they were still family. Always.

She snuggled next to Reina on the couch, the yankii lazily throwing an arm around her as the two watched the rest of the group play a card game. Aika studied the older girl for a moment, analyzing the faint smile on her face and following her gaze as it always seemed to be on Sayumi or Eri, protective yet surprisingly tender at the same time. She hoped someday she'd find someone that would look at her that way too.

Reina caught her staring and smiled wider, ruffling her hair. Aika didn't bother fixing it this time, basking in the silent reassurance from her sister.

Everything had turned out pretty well after all.

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Koha being drunk and being a little touchy feely but overall the party was a success :twothumbs
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So much love! The Morning Musume with the pandas was probably my favorite incarnation of the group, I always thought that they were the closest to family than any version of the group before and, so far anyways, after. To see them all pulled back together for a happy celebration is too perfect!

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So the final part of Ookii Hitomi is basically a bunch of sexy times, so I posted it in the perv. If you have access, you can read it here:

If you don't, the fourth part serves as the ending and you can use your imaginations. XD Sorry~

Thus ends a long ficlet inspired by one crazy dream. I may revisit the setting later, but for now, I have packing to do! :cathappy:

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YOU! SKJHKASJDHA So im poking my head in for the first time and though I never have enough time to read anything, i really liked the first part! I will come back and read everything and fangirl over you <3

EDIT: MEGA D'AWWWWWWWWWWW I READ ALL OF IT IN ONE GO <3333 that was mega cute, but now im off to perv-fantasy island <3 trallalalalalala~
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Re: Quietriot's Sketchbook -- Calling all readers/lurkers XD
« Reply #17 on: June 02, 2012, 06:30:17 AM »
Hey bros, I wanna do some short oneshots, anybody got any requests? I'll try anything you throw at me, BRING IT.  :cathappy:

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Re: Quietriot's Sketchbook -- Calling all readers/lurkers XD
« Reply #18 on: June 02, 2012, 06:35:06 AM »
I don't know if this is considered a request... But can you do a ReinAi? I barely see any these days ><"

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Re: Quietriot's Sketchbook -- Calling all readers/lurkers XD
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Okay. Angsty TanaGaki  :deco:

After reading Rockstar Guide (which you better be working on missy! XD), I've been craving it more then TakaGaki...weirdly enough. :3
Hi~iiya!~  (>^_^)>
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