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Re: Sakura Princess ~ MaYuki ~ Update [21/07/13]
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Sakura Princess
~Pairing: MaYuki~

This is just another one plain ordinary school of a boring student like me. I’m really good with my academics…but in return I didn’t get to have much experience like my friends do. What I’m referring is to love experience!!

I, Watanabe Mayu, never have a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or ever experience what is called LOVE. Look at all my friends who were in love: Yuko is dating with Haruna, while Jurina is being so lovey-dovey with Rena-senpai…I had nobody at all. I wondered why I’m the only one that never experiences such things like that at all. So every time I felt so lonely, I got to this place, which is at the back of school building. I have to go up the hill for a little bit and then I will arrive at this beautiful spot that you could see the entire school’s track field. What’s best…is this beautiful sakura tree up here.

“The weather is great today.”

I stretched my arms and walked towards my favorite sakura tree. I could see all members from track club practicing for their upcoming tournaments. But this view is just too beautiful to just watch online…I touched the sakura tree and muttered to myself softly. “…I wonder how it feels to be in love and have someone shared that same feeling as yours.”

 For me to be in love? I doubt I could imagine that happen! But…I want to know it feels to love too…I could be alone, but I don’t like it at all.

“I want to know, how it feels to love…”

Suddenly, I got a text from my father; he was working abroad right now so he was a day ahead of Japan. He sent a happy birthday message to me, ah right I just remembered that my birthday was tomorrow…my 16th birthday.


Few days had passed by without me realizing it. It’s just a plain ordinary day as usual, so boring that I didn’t really pay much attention to it at all. While I was daydreaming at my seat, Yuko and Jurina came up to me.

“Mayu…are you okay? You looked down.” Jurina looked at me with those eyes filled with worries and concern.

“Nothing really.” I shrugged my shoulder. “I just felt…tired.”

“Oh okay, make sure you have a good rest okay?” Yuko spoke up and it made me felt slightly relieved that they cared me. She brought me a red bean bun from the cafeteria and cola drink for me. “Eat this! It will help refresh you up.”

“Thanks Yuko…”

The teacher came in and told all students to go back to their seat, but it also seemed she had some news for us as well. “We’re having a new student transferring into our class today.”

That’s odd. There’s not much of students transferring halfway of the semester at all. Students started whispering and wondering how would the new student was like. Then Mariko-sensei silenced everyone once again before she invited this new student into our class. “Please come in.”


A female student with a long black hair and beautiful alluring eyes…it captivated my mind and I didn’t expected such a beautiful student like her to be transferred to my class at all. I could feel this attractive aura from her; she would definitely become popular in our school for sure. Sigh…I don’t really go along with those types of people at all.

“My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you.”

She bowed with a princess smile across her face and immediately left a great impression on everyone in this room, maybe aside from me…who didn’t feel anything much from it. Suddenly, Mariko-sensei pointed to one of the seat right beside me that was available. “Kashiwagi-san, your seat will be right beside Watanabe-san.”

“Hai.” She replied as she walked to sit at the seat beside mine. I got to see her in a closer view and wow…she’s really pretty. Then she turned to me and gave me a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Watanabe-san.”

“Nice to meet you too…Kashiwagi-san.”

I replied back and then our first class started. It wasn’t really anything much for me but I guess it’s going to be tough for her. After the class was over, Mariko-sensei assigned me to look after the new transferred student with things around in campus. It’s quite bothersome for me…why couldn’t it be the class rep? Well, there’s nothing I could do after Mariko-sensei gave me this job…it’s not like I could change her mind or anything.

So I took Kashiwagi-san around as a tour in the campus and told her places that she should know, such as library, computer room, cafeteria, and the student office. “So…do you have any questions?”

“Not at all, thank you so much Watanabe-san.” Yuki smiled and replied formally, but it made me quite uneasy with that behavior of hers.

“You can just call me Mayu.” I tried to be friendly with her since this was her first day here. Then I saw a delightful smile across her face, I guess I made a right decision to make her felt comfortable to this new school.

“Okay! You can just call me Yuki too, or Yukirin if you want. It’s my nickname from my friends.” She giggled with that bright happy smile from hers. “I hope we get along well, Mayu.”

“…Me too.”

She’s a good person. I felt relaxed being around her. Only I could hope was that we could get along well with each other. But I wondered how long we would go along well, since she seemed to be a popular-type person, while I doubt everyone in my year actually know I exist…


“This is a new student to our class, do welcome her.”

It's the last subject of the day. My science teacher, everyone called her Takamina-sensei, introduced Yukirin to our class. I was shocked; I could never have expected Yukirin to be in the same science class as I do. “Let’s see…there’s a spot beside Watanabe-san over there, you can have that. ”

“Oh? Mayu~ I didn’t know we’re in the same class!” She skipped towards me and I was equally dumbfounded like her. She sat beside me and I could tell from her reaction that she’s really…excited and lively.

Now that the class started, she introduced us a group project on this biology chapter we’re on right now. We had to work in pairs. For me, I don’t have many friends anyways, people would like to pair up with me for good grades and before those parasites would be able to jump on me, Takamina-sensei said that she already paired everyone up so no one would have an excuse…how coincidence, I’m paired up with Yukirin.

“Ah~ We’re paired up! How coincidence.”

“Yeah, I know right?”

I shrugged my shoulders, as I couldn’t help but to agree to Yukirin. It was like pure coincidence that it felt like we’re forced to be together through out the entire day today. So as we worked together, apparently Yukirin wasn’t as strong in science as I do. But I didn’t mind helping her out since she just transferred, there would be so many things to catch up…


After the bell rang everyone started packing up their stuffs but before Yukirin and I could leave, Takamina-sensei came up to us at our table.

“Watanabe-san, Kashiwagi-san, do you have a minute?”

“Yes sensei?” I replied back to her.

“Since we’re on this hard chapter of the year, it would be horrendous for you to catch up without help…since Watanabe-san was our science honor student, do you mind help Kashiwagi-san catch up with the studies?” Takamina-sensei asked me for assistance and I didn’t mind helping Yukirin out at all. Somehow my guts told me that she was different from those parasites that tried to harvest good scores from me.

“I’m gladly to help Yukirin out.”

“I’m glad! Kashiwagi-san, if you need any help please feel free to ask me.” Takamina-sensei handed a pile of paper files that were from the previous classes that Yukirin missed. It was quite some huge pile she got there, I felt bad for Yukirin that she had to catch up with that immense work… “Please take care of Kashiwagi-san okay?”

“I will.”

Then our science teacher walked away, then Yukirin turned to me with a relief smile on her beautiful smooth face. “Thank you so much Mayu…I don’t know how would I manage this without you, and you’re so good in science!”

“Haha…not really. I just tend to study more than socializing with others.” I packed up my stuffs and then we walked out from the classroom to the front gate of the school. Yukirin was a good talker and she always kept the conversation going on between us. I’m quite socially awkward, and I wondered how long she would be with me…I’m not a fun person to be with at all.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow Mayu!”

Yukirin waved at me before she hopped onto this black car. I waved back to her as well and then I rode the bicycle back home. I wondered how long she would be clinging onto me…since I’m a boring person.


“Yukirin~! I heard there’s a new cake shop open down at this street! We should go there today!”

One of the popular girls clung onto her and showed Yukirin the magazine about this new cake shop down the road. Just two weeks and now she’s surrounded with popular girls from my year. As I expected, Yukirin’s a popular-type after all.

“We should also go karaoke afterwards too! I’ll invite the guys as well.” Another girl spoke up as she scrolled down her cellphone to send invitations to other boys they knew.

It would be much better if conversation like this didn’t happen in my classroom. It was so annoying to hear this every single day. Well, I guess I’m destined to be alone and not experienced love to begin with…by the end of this boring day, I went to the back of the school’s building, to my peaceful spot, the sakura tree on top of the hill.

“Weather is great…a nice day to come here.”

I stretched my arms and then went to sit under the tree reading a book. I don’t mind being alone as long as I’m here.


I flinched and looked back immediately. I didn’t expect someone to be up here and what surprised me even more was that it was Yukirin herself. How did she know about this place and she was alone too? Seeing the popular princess Yukirin to be alone? That’s really odd.

“Y-Yukirin? How did you know about this place?”

“Hehe, I actually stalked you…I was wondering why you’re using the back door of the building so I decided to follow you.” Yukirin walked up towards me and looked at the sakura tree with that huge content smile across her face.

“Sugoi…the sakura tree up here? It’s so beautiful!”

“It is right? It’s my favorite spot here…whenever I felt lonely, I come here.”

“I see…” Yukirin approached and sat beside me while looking at me with those innocent black orbs. “…I’m sorry Mayu.”

“Huh? Why are you apologizing for?”

“I…I wanted to spend more time with you. But I barely could break myself out from everyone.” She replied back to me, normally I would think she would be lying but the honesty in her tone made me doubt that. It was one of the first times I actually felt that I could trust her. “OH! I have an idea…”


“Will you be here every afterschool?”

“Usually, yes, why is it?”

“If days I don’t have plans…no, for every other day, on afterschool, I’ll come here to be with you!” Yukirin’s smile made me froze with shock. She’s willingly to go that far just to be with me? That’s just so weird, she’s so weird. “I want to spend time with Mayu too…you’re my first friend, and I really like being with you!”

“I-I see…”

“Will it bother you?”

“No…not at all. I’m happy that I could talk to you again.”

I didn’t lie to her. That’s really how I felt. I wanted to talk to Yukirin but those groups of popular girls around her would always interrupt me all the time. “You’re okay to be here now? I thought you have plans with your friends to the cake shop thing…”

“Eh? How did you know? And I decline the offer already.”

“I overheard your conversation with them and huh!? You decline them?” I asked back for another confirmation, and she nodded, confirming back with me. I couldn’t believe Yukirin declined the offer. It made me wondered why and I just felt like I had to ask her. “Why?”

“Eh…because I want to talk to you today.”

“…That’s it?”


“Pft…!” I couldn’t hold back my laugh and it made her blushed badly. She pouted and started hitting me roughly with embarrassment. “H-Hey! Don’t hit me!”

“W-What are you laughing at! You’re so mean! I’m worried about you and you’re laughing at me!”

“Aw…I’m sorry.” I tried to calm down my laugh and caressed her head gently. “I’m happy that you’re doing something like this for me…thank you Yukirin.”

“Hehe~ isn’t it obvious? We’re friends!”

She smiled back and then I nodded silently. That day, we spent time talking under the sakura tree and she complained to me how it’s annoying to be popular among girls and boys. She wanted to be just an ordinary student, and she would always felt like it when she’s with me. Well, I guess it applies to me too. When it’s just the two of us…I don’t feel like I’m with this popular girl of my school, I’m just spending time with Yukirin, a simple ordinary high schooler like me.


It became a routine for our meet up since then…before I realized it again I looked forward to meet Yukirin every other day at the sakura tree. Sometimes she would bring snacks and drinks while we have a talk about our personal stuffs. Maybe it’s about our school, our Takamina-sensei, our hobbies and everything…we would always walk back home together and on the first time we did it was when I realized that Yukirin’s house was actually opposite from mine! My parents invited Yukirin for dinner multiple times, and at the same time Yukirin’s parents invited me for dinner as well. My mom was even treating her like her 2nd daughter! Yukirin had become my mom’s favorite. But some goes with me too, Yukirin’s mom was just so kind and Yukirin told me that she favored me like I’m her daughter as well. It’s like Yukirin and my family was about to become one big warm happy family. So every morning, we would go to school together. Some weekends, we would study together at Yukirin’s place, or my place, or at the café close by.

When I realize it again…Yukirin was playing a major role in my life. She’s everywhere in my life now. I guess it’s the first time I ever get this close to someone aside from Jurina and Yuko. Maybe Yukirin was actually closer to me than those two now…Sometimes, my heart would pound in a weird rhythm when I’m with her…I wondered I had some heart condition or not.

“Mayu~ what do you think we should do for the school festival?”

Yukirin asked as we’re currently sitting in one of the café close to our house. It’s our weekends and we’re studying for the upcoming math test. And yes, I’m tutoring her as usual.

“School festival? Ah right…I remember discussing in the homeroom…maybe do a café?”

“Café? That’s interesting! I heard that danso is quite popular too! Why don’t we do danso café?” Yukirin suggested the idea out. “Also, you like to do danso too didn’t you~”

“W-Whatever! It’s just a…uh…you know what I mean!”

“Aw~ Mayu you’re blushing?”



“I said I’m not! Jeez…” I looked back on my math notes while I could hear Yukirin laughing at me. I peaked at her and she was smiling, happily. Well, I guess it’s okay as long as she’s happy. Because just seeing her smiling makes me happy as well. “Right, you did this question wrong.”

“Eh!? Really? I’m really confident I did it right…” She sulked and I wanted to laugh at how adorable she was but I held back to remain my composure.

“It’s right here, just a little mistake, aside from that you’re right.”

“Oh~ thank you Mayuyu!”

That nickname Yukirin gave me made me blushed. Out of all, it’s only her that would call me Mayuyu, and I preferred that as well. Thankfully she would only call me by that nickname when we’re alone together…I wonder why I treasured that name so much.

“Not at all…”

The next day we went to school together and then got into our homeroom a little early since our class rep sent us an email to have us come earlier to discuss about the plan for school festival.

“Alright! So what do you guys think we should do?” Our class rep, Minegishi Minami, or what everyone called her Miichan stood at the front of the board while asking everyone to throw out ideas.

“Haunted house!”

“Game booths?”

“Restaurant! Some sweet cake! ”

Everyone threw ideas up on the board while I just remain in silence in my seat. I didn’t really care of what we’re going to do, I rather be the one helping behind than taking any actions. Also, its not like anyone would really care of what I think much too.

“How about a danso café?”

I flinched and threw my head towards the person who was last to talk. As expected, it was Yukirin that was speaking to everyone. “We could have another group of girls dress in maid costume while another half cross dressing as man! I believe it would attract all genders.”

“Ah~ that’s interesting and unique too!”

Miichan agreed and everyone as well. For the guys in our class, they would help managing and organizing other things instead. Everyone agreed with Yukirin’s idea, which was just so…it’s like what ever she said, everyone would follow her. I spent so much time with her that I almost forgot about the fact that she’s Ms. popular of our year…

As a result, we decided to do a danso café. However we would have to select who would be cross-dressing and wear maid outfit.  There were couple of people wanted to do danso, Jurina and Yuko were one of them.

“Mayu? You should do this too, don’t you personally like it?” Jurina whispered to me but I ignored her. But before Jurina could just suggest my name in there, someone did it instead.

“I believe Mayu would look great if she cross-dressing!” Yukirin yelled my name out and it caught everyone’s attention. Probably they never expected my name to be in there as well. I could see everyone’s eyes staring at me.

“Sure! We need people right now so anyone would work!” Miichan just agreed and wrote my name down in there. Wait! They didn’t even ask my opinion yet at all, I sighed and rested my head on the table. I could hear a soft chuckle from my side and it was from Yukirin. She looked at me and gave that naughty wink at me. She planned this all along…

After everything was settled…I would be cross dressing as a man in the café along with Jurina and Yuko, while Yukirin and Haruna would dress in a maid outfit. I bet the guys would be drooling over the two of popular girls of our grade, and then Yuko would be so jealous and pout all day long. Everyone worked hard for the school festival and on the day right before the festival, I stayed a little late to fix the costume up because there were multiple errors. Maybe it got torn during transportation. The guys didn’t really handle with care at all…

I sighed as I could see the sun was nearly setting. I bet I would be back home after sun already set. I texted my mom telling her I would be late so she wouldn’t kill me…ah, I shouldn’t distract myself from this if I want to go back early!

“Damn it…why so many torn areas!?” I cursed our loud while no one was around to hear me. “Jeez…those guys are just so careless…”

Thank god my mom taught me how to sow stuffs. So I’m able to repair the maid dress before any disaster would happen tomorrow. Eh…now I wondered whether the guys did it intentionally to see more revealing Yukirin and Haruna.

WAIT WHAT!? Are you serious!? I’m seriously going to kill them if they’re making Yukirin embarrassed! Why am I angry at this but who cares!? I seriously pissed with this! If something were to happen to make Yukirin humiliated I would seriously kill ALL the guys in my class for sure!

I’m so angry that I forgot that I’m sewing. Then suddenly the abrupt loud slam of the door made me flinched.




I fell back and dropped the needle. I accidently poked my finger and ouch…it must go in so deep.  I didn’t pay much attention to what I’m doing as my mind was just so focusing on cursing those guys for humiliating Yukirin…

“M-Mayu!?” It was Yukirin that ran to my side with those worries clouded in her eyes.

“Oh NO! You’re bleeding!?!?”

“I-It’s just bleeding! Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”

I tried to calm Yukirin down instead. She’s even more shocked and surprised than I am. It made things looked funny and that’s our Yukirin, she’s also well known for being a reaction queen too. She’s so exaggerating things especially when I got injuries from accidents…but it made me so happy that she cared for me.

“No! Let me take care.”

Suddenly, she took my hand and then she put my bleeding finger into her mouth to sterilize my wound but it made my face flushed even more. My heart beat faster as I could feel Yukirin’s tongue from my fingers…I looked away to hide my blushing face from her. She removed my finger from her mouth and put the bandage around my wound. She seemed to have bandages in her pocket, wow, she’s a very careful person after all.

“T-Thank you…Yukirin.”

“I’m so sorry…I must have startled you right?” I didn’t like it at all when Yukirin had that apologetic face on her. “I was worried that you’re still here since I got a phone call from your mom.”

Oh jeez…why does my mom have to notify or call Yukirin every time I did something?

“I’m sorry to disturb you. I must have interrupt your plan today…”

“Don’t worry about that small thing, I want you to be safe. I’ll stay here and walk back home with you okay?” Yukirin smiled and acted, as nothing was a problem at all. She wanted to help me with sowing but she couldn’t do it at all. So she stayed by my side while waiting for me to finish fixing all the maid costumes.

“Wow…Mayuyu, you’re so good, I’m so jealous!”

“Not really, my mom forced me to know how to do it.” I kept sewing while talking to Yukirin at the same time. “If you learn as well, you’ll know how to do it eventually.”

“R-Really? I’m a klutz though…hehe.”

“I’m pretty sure my mom will manage it with you.” I chuckled and turned to her. “She’s really good with sowing, apparently my grandmother was good as well.”

“Ah~ It’s in the gene. I’m jealous!” Yukirin looked at my sowing with eyes of jealousy. It made me chuckled softly as I loved seeing her acting so natural like this. “Neh, could you teach me? I want Mayuyu to teach me more.”


“S-Sure…” Wow, her pleading face made my heart skipped a beat. I’m afraid I would have a heart attack now…why I always had this disturbing feeling in the guts when Yukirin was around me? It felt like I’m being poisoned by something…

After I’m done with fixing everything, we walked back home together in the night and Yukirin was very cautious with our surroundings. Looking at her being paranoid made me chuckled at her and it caught her attention.

“What’s funny?”

“Hehe, you.” I turned to her. “You’re being so over paranoid with our surroundings.”

“B-Because it’s already dark! Also, I don’t want anything to happen to…” She paused for a minute before she continued. “…to us obviously. ”

“Yeah…I get your point. Thank you mama-rin~”

I sometimes called her mama-rin because of how she’s being overprotective on me. It’s the nickname I gave her and I’m the only one that called her like that. She didn’t mind either, so it’s the secret nickname I could call her…Ah, I feel special.


Today was the day of school festival. Yukirin came to pick me up and then we rushed to school together on my bicycle, ofcouse I’m the one peddling. We had to hurry to change our costume before the festival actually started. We arrived on time at school and headed to our class immediately.

“Mayu! Hurry! Here’s your costume.” Jurina passed me the costume as Yukirin went with Haruna to change into the maid outfit.

Wow…it’s so hectic. I changed my clothes, adjusting my hair, wore a wig, and put some little make-up on. I got out from the changing room and everyone froze as they looked at me. “Uh…what’s wrong?”

“Oh my god Mayu…I never thought you would look this handsome!” Jurina hopped onto me and snuggled on me tightly. “So ikemen~! I want to kiss you now!”

“Wow stop there, I don’t want Rena-senpai to hunt me down.”

I pushed her away and everyone seemed to be shocked with my appearance. Our two proud maids came back from the bathroom and they were…oh wow. Haruna looked really gorgeous and Yuko jumped onto her and acted so proud of her girlfriend. As for Yukirin, ah…I’m lost of words. I gulped as I stared at her without letting my eyes away. She looked just downright cute, adorable, pretty…oh she just looked perfect! Just perfect!

“That’s our two proud maids!” Miichan smirked evilly. “I didn’t expect Mayu to look this ikemen…I believe this café would succeed for sure! Let’s do this everyone!”


Everyone yelled in unison and started to prepare the props and tables before the customers would come in. Before I would go help Jurina and Yuko with preparing the tea and cakes, Yukirin came up to me and caught my attention.

“Wow Mayu…you looked so handsome~”

“T-Thanks. You looked really good in that outfit too.” I complimented her and saw her chuckled softly with those blushing pink cheeks. “I-I’ll go help Jurina and others now, I’ll catch up with you!”

“Yeah, let’s do our best!” Yukirin gave me thumbs up and walked towards Haruna to help doing the final touch before we opened the café.

Oh wow…this is a tough work.  But after we opened the café, everyone enjoyed what they’re doing. Yuko and Jurina were just as popular as usual. But after everyone that came in saw me in danso-form, I didn’t expected myself to become this popular and attractive…I was called over to the table for feeding services even more often than Yuko and Jurina!? That was just ridiculous! As time passed by, my popularity just seemed to strike above the ceiling…more people knew me. It was just like…a miracle, and I never had this experience before.

“Mayu! Can you come here?” A girl from the table asked me to go over and I did and those group of girls seemed to be so excited to just see me there. “Can you feed the cake for me?”


I did as I was asked. Well, it’s service after all. After I did, they just seemed to be screaming among themselves. “Oh, can I tell you something? It’s a little private…”


Out of curiosity, I bent down and then I felt a soft contact on my cheeks. It was her lips and then I flinched back immediately, blushing madly. D-Did she just kissed me? Kissed me!? No one ever kissed me at the cheeks before aside from my kissing-monster friend (Jurina)!

“Kyah! When you’re blushing you looked so cute!” The girls shrieked and I didn’t know that people attitude towards me would change this much with just having me cross dressing as a boy.

“Mayu, I need your help here!”

Suddenly, Yukirin called me over for some help and I had to leave the girls back. She suddenly passed me a tray of cake and tea forcefully that I thought I would’ve drop it already. I looked at her with curiosity and sensed this black aura from her…gulp, I don’t feel good, is she angry?

“T-Thanks!” I rushed away immediately to serve the orders to our customers. I wondered why Yukirin was angry. Did something happen? I might ask her later after our shift was over…


WHY!? Why isn’t our shift over!?

Miichan asked Yukirin and I to stay longer since our popularity was going through the ceiling and we’re the main attractors of this café. So we continued to work and I’m just downright exhausted…I decided to take a short break and then was watching Yukirin working so hard with that bright energetic smile of hers. It filled up everyone’s content…even mine. Right now she’s serving at the boy’s table, as expected, Yukirin was downright popular among boys.

“Thank you for your service Yukirin!” One of the boys smiled at her and then tried to flirt with her. “Is there a feeding service from maids?”

“Eh~ Apparently no, our class rep instructed us not to! I’m sorry!” Yukirin apologized to them in a way that wouldn’t hurt their feelings at all. Then suddenly, I saw this hand trying to grope her butt without her paying attention and it made me pissed. I rushed up towards that table and grabbed onto his hand before he could even touch or tainted my Yukirin. I threw his hand away before Yukirin would notice anything and it made him slightly pissed. “Eh? Oh Mayu do you need something?”

“I would need your help over there, I’m sorry guys. We got loads of customers to catch up with.” I gave that fake smile and ignored that boy’s silent glare.

I’ll make sure to send him to hell if he…wait…did I say…my Yukirin?

“Mayu? Are you okay? You looked spaced out.” Before I realized it again, Yukirin was looking at my face closely. Staring at her eyes, it made me blush and I suddenly walked away. “H-Hey! Mayu?”

She followed me and then I passed her the tray of cake and coffee. Making her surprised, I told her the table of the order and then carried another tray with me. She nodded nervously without saying anything and we continued our work. Ugh, why I felt like having this rough adrenaline rush in me. I’m so angry…wait, I am angry? Why am I angry when he’s trying to touch Yukirin…I always had this crazy uneasy feeling in my chest every time someone flirted with her…according to the manga I read…this is called…WAIT! No it’s impossible…! J-Jealousy!? I’m jealous!? I-Impossible! Why would I be jealous!? Gah…this is bad, too weird, NO!

“Mayu! Do you even hear me?” Miichan slapped my shoulder as I started to grasp my senses back. “Jeez…you’re overworking too much you started to daydreaming?”

“O-Oh I’m sorry. I’ll go back to work now--”

“You don’t have to. I don’t want to take all your precious time from the school festival work. You and Yukirin should get a rest now.” She tapped my shoulder softly with a smile. “Yuko, Jurina and Haruna would take your spots, and great job.”


She walked away as I changed my clothes back. As I washed out the make-up at the bathroom, Yukirin also just had finished changing her clothes back to her school uniform.

“Mayu, do you want to go around in the festival together?”

“Hm? I don’t mind but what about your friends?” I asked and she just shrugged her shoulder like it was nothing.

“I told them already I had a lot of work to do so they enjoyed the day without me already…and I want to be with you!” Yukirin smiled brightly again, it made my heart skipped and how could I deny her invitation? I decided to go with her and it made her looked so happy like ever. “Yatta! I’m so glad to go around with you! Let’s hurry!”


After we dropped our outfit at the café, we headed around the school festival. It seemed my name was spread across the entire school for looking extremely ikemen. Now I became utterly popular in just one day, this is just ridiculous. Yukirin and I went to eat (super) late lunch together and played many games together! We even went to the haunted house and played balloon dart game, we shared the cotton candy together and we even bought a matching cellphone strap, it’s a very cute daruma! It’s an original character and we both loved it.

“Ah~! I’m so tired! Did we go to every stores in the festival?” Yukirin questioned while she’s having a rest on the bench under the tree outside the school building. “I hope we didn’t miss anything…”

“I don’t think we do, hmm…it’s now 5.30 now. By 7pm, there would be a bonfire event. Are you staying?”

“If Mayu is staying I will~”
“Well I guess we’re staying then.” I smiled back at her and that’s just purely a beautiful smile from Yukirin.

Well, She always a beautiful smile on her…she’s always pretty to me, and I hope that this feeling I’m having is not what I expected it to be. If it is as I thought it was…I wouldn’t know how to manage with it at all.

We spent time together for a while before it’s around 6:30pm, Jurina texted me to meet up with her and Yukirin tagged along as well. We met with each other at the front of the school building, where I met with Rena-senpai, Yuko, Haruna, and Jurina. “Hey~ what took you so long?”

“Sorry, I dropped by at the bathroom before coming here.” I replied and then Jurina wrapped her arms around my neck and started telling Rena-senpai how I ikemen I looked when I cross dressing and stuffs. Then I started to feel two glares upon me…gulp, it’s creeping me out so badly…! “J-Jurina let me go!”

“Ah~ someone’s jealous?” Jurina did let go of me and then Yukirin wrapped her arms around my body from behind and it made me flushed madly.


“Jurina…you’re too creepy! You have Rena-senpai already, don’t take Mayu away.” Yukirin pouted and it made Jurina laughed wryly. She apologized and then when she turned back to Rena-senpai, she seemed to be glaring at her madly. It made Jurina broke into sweat and tried to comfort her senior before she turned into her ‘Gekikara’ mode.

Then we decided to go to the track field where the bonfire would be prepared. We sat down together waiting for the event to start but while we’re waiting, there were boys that came up to Yukirin and asked her to dance with them. “Eh…Yukirin, do you mind if we dance together during the bonfire?”

“Ah…I’m sorry, I have someone in mind already.”

“Eh!? Who could it be!?” Another boy yelped out loud with shock.

“I wanted to dance with my friend more. I’m sorry to upset you guys.”

She smiled wryly and they forgave her immediately. She had this idol-figure aura from her all the time, no wonder she’s popular, also… she’s pretty. As those guys walked away with disappointment, I whispered to Yukirin softly out of curiosity. Part of me wanted to know who it was she wanted to dance around the bonfire with, but another part of me didn’t want to know because I’m too afraid to confront the truth…

“Hey, who’s the friend you wanted to dance with? I’m curious.” Finally I had asked her and only I saw that childish smile on her face.

“Of course…it’s Mayuyu.” She winked to me and made my mind went blank. I could feel my blood surged up into my face to make my cheeks flushed. Is this a dream? Is Yukirin just bullying me or something? I gawked and then it seemed I made her pouted at me. “Mou…I mean it! I’m not joking.”

“R-Really? Am I really okay…?”

“Of course silly! You’re…” She paused. I wondered why she paused. She took a deep breath and looked back into my eyes again. “You’re the one closest to me and I wanted to spend this good times with you, is it okay with you?”

“O-Of course! Why won’t I?”

I replied back immediately before Yuki would make that upset expression. But right after I did, the huge smile appeared across her face and she threw her arms around me. I could feel the warmth from her body, it was just so comforting…

“Thank you Mayuyu!”

“Mou…it’s nothing at all.” I patted her back and then we waited for the bonfire event to start along with Jurina and others…

As the bonfire started, Jurina and Yuko grabbed their respective girlfriend to dance at the bonfire together while Yukirin and I were the last pair. She grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the crowd of people. “Let’s go!”


I joined the bonfire even with Yukirin and everyone and we dance together. After all these years I’ve been in this school, this is the first time I joined the bonfire event and it was the first time I actually enjoy school festival. It’s all because of Yukirin, because she’s there for me…that’s why…I’ve learned how it feels to fall in love with someone…maybe I seriously did fell in love with Yukirin…and that’s what I hope for it not to happen, I don’t want to severe our friendship…


After the bonfire even was over, the next one would be the firework event. Which it was the first time it was introduced to our school festival and so everyone was so looking forward to it.

“Hey Mayu…let’s go.” Yukirin pulled my shirt and caught my attention, but it made me confused.

“Eh? Where?”

“Hehe~ you’ll know.”

She giggled and dragged me away into the darkness without letting anyone catch us. I wondered why she was in a hurry and then I recognized this familiar place, this is the path where we used to come up to the hill where the sakura tree was! And as we arrived on the top, it was as I expected, it’s our little secret hangout place. “I was thinking that I want to watch the fireworks with you here. Since I didn’t want anyone to interrupt us…”

“Oh, that makes sense.” The fellow boys in our grade would probably hunt Yukirin down right now. Fortunately we escaped from the track field before they had a chance to do so. I guess that’s why Yukirin was in such a hurry to come here. “Watching the fireworks from here would be the best.”

“Yup! I agree, also…I wanted to tell you something too.”

“Hm? Now you’re making me curious.” I giggled and her and she bumped into my softly as she knew that I’m trying to tease her. “Ah~? Someone’s blushing?”

“N-No I’m not! Anyways…the firework is about to start now. ”

We sat under the sakura tree at looked towards the track filed where the staffs were preparing the fireworks. I bet Jurina and others would be wonder where Yukirin and I disappeared, but I also believed they would enjoy their moments with their loved ones…just like me, but it’s one sided-love for Yukirin. But I’m satisfied. I finally knew how love felt like, and I’m glad that it was Yukirin.

“…I’m glad to meet you.”

I accidently blurted it out and it caught Yukirin’s attention. I blushed from how embarrassing it was but then I saw that soft smile from my princess. “Me too…I’m glad that you’re my---.”


Whoa!? That was loud. The sound of the firework ignited into the sky caught my attention. The sky was filled with red, green and blue sparks. It was so beautiful and I’m so happy that I got to witness this beauty with Yukirin at our little special place.
“So beautiful…”

But wait…I didn’t catch what Yukirin was saying at all, I turned back to her and I hoped that I’m not being too rude to her. "Ah, Yukirin, sorry but what were you saying---“

Her face was so close to mine and I felt that soft pink lips of hers clashed onto mine gently. Her hand caressed around my neck and pulled me in closer to deepen the kiss. My eyes grew wide with utter shock and I couldn’t formulate what’s going on at all. I-I’m kissing Yukirin!? Her lips were so soft…I felt mesmerized by it…but before I could even respond or kiss back, she broke it off and made eye contact with me with those painful look.

“Mayu…I’m so sorry to tell you this but…I’ve fallen in love with you.”

I froze with shock and was blushing, but I guess the darkness of the night didn’t make her see my tomato cheeks that clearly.

“I…I didn’t want to severe our friendship but I…I really have to tell you how I felt for you. I don’t want to hide this feeling behind you.” She looked away and I could hear the change in her tone, s-she was crying…but I didn’t even dare to move or say a word, Yukirin continued where she left off. “But I don't regret tell you anymore, I decided to tell you during the firework event today…that I love you, not as a friend, but as…a lover. I want to kiss you, touch you, and want to make you only belong to me…that’s how I felt.”


I’m so out of words and I couldn’t say a single thing aside from calling her name with a wobbly tone.

“I’m so sorry to ruin your night…and thank you for everything you’ve done to me. Every second with you…I enjoyed it beyond everything.” She stood up and she was about to leave. The fear struck me and my body was just trembling so madly.

No, Yukirin, please don’t leave me. Before she could have leave. Another firework came up and gave me light to tell where Yukirin was standing. I grabbed onto her arm and then pushed her onto the grassy floor. I fell on top of her and I could hear her uttering in pain as her but clashed the ground.


“No…please don’t cry.” I finally spoke up and locked her hand on the ground. I could see her tears running down her pink lovely cheeks. She must have hurt so much just by telling me how she felt…but from that kiss, it made my feelings solidified as well…I understand what are the feelings I had for Yukirin now. I wiped the tears from her cheeks and rested my head beside with hers.

“Yukirin…don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry.”

“Mayu…please stop it. Don’t make it harder than this for me…” She cried even more and it pained me so much.


I yelled out her name, just her name, and silenced cry with my lips instead. I poured every bits of feelings I had into that kiss, I caressed on her face to the back of her head and pulled her in closer to deepen the kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and I could feel Yukirin’s tongue. Every contact I made with her made my mind went blank and lust even more for her lips. I could feel her kiss me back and it’s a very wild kiss we shared…


Another firework brightened the sky temporary and I slowly moved my lips away to catch some breath. We both panted and Yukirin looked up to me with a blushing turned-on face…her eyes were just so…seducing.


“…Ever since I could remember, I was alone. All alone…Jurina and Yuko were the closest friends I had and they both had relationships…I was left alone again.”

I told her about my story before I met with Yukirin and still pinned her down on the grass. As I keep talking, tears fell from my cheeks onto hers and it made her eyes grew widely with shock. “But after I met you…I never felt alone anymore and I learned how it feels to love someone…I love you Yukirin…ever since I realized that you’ve become a huge part of my life that I couldn’t lose.”


“Yuki…please don’t leave me alone…! I don’t want to be alone anymore! I love you! So please…don’t go--”

Yukirin jerked up and hugged me tightly in her arms, caressed my head and whispered into my ears gently to calm me down. “Never I will…I’m glad we share the same feelings for each other…”

“Me too…I love you, Yuki.” I hugged her tightly and buried my face on her shoulder.

“I love you too...Mayu.”

That is what love is. That’s how love felt like. I understood the feelings that Yuko and Jurina had with their lovers now. It felt amazing when your lover loved you back in the same way you felt for them. I loved Yuki, and she loved me too…I couldn’t hope for anything more than that already.

“…My parents aren’t home today, can you stay with me tonight?”

She whispered in a very seducing tone and made me flushed madly. D-Don’t tell me Yukirin was thinking about THAT? Just thinking about THAT made my mind went blank but…if it’s Yukirin, I think everything will be fine. I nodded softly and I could imagine her smiling right now. My love for her was just too much that…I don’t mind doing THAT with her…


I called my parents and they said it’s okay for me to stay at Yukirin’s place for tonight. So I got my clothes before I headed to stay at her place. I took a shower first and Yukirin did after me. As I was drying my hair with the towel at the edge of the bed, Yukirin finally came out in her shorts and plain pink shirt, that’s her pajama.

“Do you want me to dry your hair?” I asked and she shook her head.

“It’s fine…just the towel is enough.” She rubbed the towel roughly to dry her hair quickly and she stood right in front of me. Even though her hair was a complete mess…she looked utterly sexy with her hair wet. Oh jeez…how sexy she could go!? I’m just so mesmerized with her beauty. “…Mayu.”

Her voice captured my attention instantly as I made an eye contact with her alluring beautiful orbs. “I-Is this okay with you?”

“…Yeah.” I nodded and I could see her blushing.

“I-I wanted to touch you so much…and I guess we can’t be friends anymore right?” Yukirin asked me and I guess she’s right. If we kissed with these feelings we had, we’re no longer friends, we would become…lovers. “Are you okay with it?”

“Stop asking…I love you more than anything else.”

I silenced her and placed her hand on top of my chest to feel my heart beating spontaneously. “…But the same goes to you, are you okay if it’s me, someone boring like me?”

“You’re not boring! I love you Mayu…” She replied immediately and then I smiled back to her with relief; it did calm her expression down.

“So…please only belong to me.”

I begged her softly and I could see her blushing so hard. She gulped and then bent down to kiss the corner of my eye gently. “…Yuki, make me yours.”

“…I will.”

She kissed me and pushed me down onto the bed. Our kiss became bolder and deeper than the last time. We couldn’t be friends anymore after this kiss…I loved her too much to just ended up as friends. I believe Yukirin felt the same too. I could feel her icy touch caressed all over my sensitive body. Every touch from her reminded me how much I loved her and how much love she had for me. Her breath, her sexy voice calling my name…it turned me on so much. I screamed out her name loudly and it gratefully no one was in the house…only the two of us were there, no one will interrupt our eternal night together…



 My eyes suddenly wide open. The sound of the alarm clock in my room interrupted my slumber. I sat up from bed and broke into sweat. Sounds of birds tweeting right outside from my window…the lights shone through the gap of my curtains.

“Wait…I was with Yukirin and…!”

I sprung up and I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. I looked at my cellphone and it was March 26…it was on my birthday. Impossible…the school festival was like on May 30th. Don’t tell me…all of that was a dream!? I remembered I used the daruma cellphone strap I bought it with Yukirin, but it wasn’t there. It was still my old strawberry cellphone strap.

“No…it’s impossible…”

I ran downstairs with my pajama on and then I saw my mom, I rushed to her immediately and made her surprised. “Mayu! What’s wrong?”

“Mom…where’s Yukirin??”

“Yukirin? I never heard of that name before.”

My mom didn’t seem like she’s lying. Suddenly I broke into tears and I made my mom shocked along with me as well. I collapsed onto the ground and then she tried to comfort me. “Mayu dear! Are you alright…what happen…?”

“N-No…is it all just a dream?”

I imagined Yukirin’s face and smile. Why did this happen to me? I couldn’t admit that Yukirin was just a dream to me! I loved her so much…the world without Yukirin was just a dead monochrome world to me…


Mom told me I didn’t have to go to school so I didn’t. I stayed in my room, crying and weeping as I reminded myself every bit of memories I shared with Yukirin. It just felt too real… She might just be an illusion in my dream, due to my obsession of wanting to have a relationship with someone but…this is just too much. Even though the dream might have ended…my love for Yukirin was still there. I miss her voice, her touch, her smile…I missed everything of her…


I missed her calling my name, my nickname she gave to me. I wanted to hear her say she loved me again. I wanted her to touch me again…why does this have to happen with me? Why? I never knew that to love someone could be this painful…!

“I love you…Mayu.”

I cried even harder. I missed her so much…This is just painful, to live in the world without Yukirin, she’s my everything…my everything…just thought that she’s just an imaginary character from my dream, it felt like I sliced half of my heart away. To me, Yukirin was real…my love for her lived within my heart. I couldn’t deny the fact that she’s a mere illusion. 

“…Yukirin…Yukirin…I miss you…I love you.”


Few days later, I decided to go to school since Jurina was so worried about me absent for the past few days. I got to my room, sat at my table but this place reminded me so much of Yukirin. She used to sit beside me in the dream…but now, no one was there, and no would would know who was Kashiwagi Yuki either…

While I was daydreaming at my seat about my love, Yukirin…Yuko and Jurina came up to me. Right it just reminded me I didn’t talk to them ever since I woke up from my horrendous dream.

“Mayu…are you okay? You looked down.” Jurina looked at me with those eyes filled with worries and concern. I guess she would be worry about me since I didn’t come to school for few days and didn’t even reply her texts at all.

“Nothing really.” I shrugged my shoulder. “I just felt…tired.”

“Oh okay, make sure you have a good rest okay?” Yuko spoke up and it made me felt slightly relieved that they cared me. At least…I still have them with me. She brought me a red bean bun from the cafeteria and cola drink for me. “Eat this! It will help refresh you up.”

“Thanks Yuko…” As I was about to grab the drink I froze. I tried to think back again, I felt familiar with this scene. “Wait…”

“Is there something wrong?” Yuko questioned but I ignored her for that second to think of this scenery. It happened before…YES! It’s a déjà vu! Their speech even matched with what they said in my dream…are you telling me this is not a dream? I was dreaming…about the future? If I was dreaming about the future then Yukirin--!


A female student with a long black hair and beautiful alluring eyes…it’s her…

I stood up immediately and caught everyone’s attention. Everyone looked at her and wondered who she was. She was panting hard as if she was running all the way here without taking a break. I tried to pinch myself and it hurts! I looked at her again and it wasn’t a dream…before I realized again, she had this huge delightful smile across her face, and tears running down her cheeks.


She called my name loudly and clearly. After that, I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. She ran in towards me and embraced me tightly in her arms. She called my name many times, and her voice echoed in my eardrums “Mayu…Mayu…”

“Yu…kirin…!” I hugged her back as if there’s no tomorrow.  I remembered this touch, this voice, this embrace…it’s Yukirin. She’s real…Yukirin is real! My mind was screaming hysterically with ecstasy.

“Yuki…YUKI!!” I screamed out her name and it made Yuki hugged me even tighter as if she never planned to let me go again.

“I’m really sorry I left you…but I’m here now.” Yukirin patted my head and then we both looked at each other in the eyes. I remembered those round black orbs that stared deep through into my heart. Those eyes that made my mind went wild and crazy with love. She wiped tears out from my eyes and muttered with a very gentle tone. “Let’s go.”


“You’ll see.”

She grabbed my hand and dragged me out from the room. I could hear Jurina and Yuko’s voice calling from behind. But I didn’t care anymore. Yuki took me out from the back of the building, up the hill…towards our secret place where we confessed our love, at the sakura tree. “Here we are.”

“The sakura tree…it’s blooming?” I stared at the sakura tree and it was blooming beautifully than usual. I never seen it bloomed so prettily like this before.

“This sakura tree…she heard your wish, and mine…” Yukirin held my hand tightly as she’s gazing at the beautiful sakura tree with me. “…And guided us to meet each other. That dream, was the evidence.”

“I want to know, how it feels to love…”

I remembered the wish I asked from the sakura tree. I wanted to know how it feels to love someone, right after that…I had this long dream about my adventure with Yukirin. So this tree granted my wish?

“Yukirin…what’s your wish?”

“…Well, I want to meet with my true love.”

She spoke up as she turned and stared with those loving eyes that made me blushed instantly. Her giggle rung my eardrums as she kissed my forehead gently. “…And I was guided to you, my Mayuyu.”

Suddenly, the wind blew strongly and the sakura pedals were everywhere around us.  The power from the sakura tree granted Mayu and Yuki’s wish and then Mayu heard a voice that echoed in her conscious.

If your love wasn’t strong enough…
Never you would remember who she is…
…But your love was real and pure…
Finally…you have come to understand what love is…
…I pray for your eternal happiness.
...I’m always enjoy your accompany every single day…

The voice disappeared and made me stumbled. That voice, was it from the sakura tree? When I realized it again, tears ran down my cheeks as I had received blessings from the sakura tree. It was her best birthday gift ever she would remember for the rest of her life.

“When I woke up and realized everything was a dream…I cried so badly…it was horrendous and then I went to the sakura tree close to my place to remind myself about you…it told me, to not lose hope.” Yukirin continued the talk while I stood there listening to her. “Then my parents told me that I’ll be moving to your our school on the next day, that’s when I knew that the dream is not just a dream after all.”

She hugged me tightly in her arms and I could feel her breath against my neck. “Mayu…I love you so much, I’ll never leave your side again.”

“I know you’ll never do so…and I love you, my Yuki.” I pushed away and then we stared passionately into each other’s eyes before we enclosed out lips together.

Those sweet pink lips of hers aroused my senses. My instinct took over me and I embraced my lover tightly while I felt Yukirin’s icy hand pulled my head in closer to hers to deepen the kiss even more.  Slowly we broke the kiss to catch a breath before we would get dizzy from low oxygen.

I rested my forehead on hers and I’m glad that the miracle of the sakura tree happened upon us…and guided me to my princess, to my Yukirin…to my sakura princess.



“Shall we continue from where the dream left off?”

She giggled and it made me reminded myself where the dream left off. Before the dream cut off, it was the scene that Yukirin and I were…I JUST FELT LIKE MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED! She laughed at my over-blushing reaction and teasingly kissed my nose. “Aw Mayu…you’re just so cute.”

“Y-You pervert!”

“C’mon…I love you though, and your scream really tells me you enjoy it too…”

“S-Stop!!” I yelled and pushed Yukirin away as to tell her to stop continue what she’s trying to say. I heard her laughed at me again and gave me a quick soft peck on my lips. “Mou…you’re so mean…”

“But…I do mean it. I want to finish were we left off…in reality this time.” Her serious voice and eyes just really turned me on. I looked away and slowly turned my eyes back to her again. “So…?”

“…Okay.” I admitted it. Yukirin’s happy smile made my heart brightened up and she held my hand gently while we made a passionate eye contact with each other, but her sudden surprise face broke the tension immediately. 

“Oh right!”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Hehe~ before I forgot to say it…” Yuki gave me the daruma cellphone strap, which was the identical one we bought back from school festival in the dream. She showed me her cellphone and she had the same identical one as the one she gave to me. “…Happy birthday, Mayu~”

Don’t tell me she tried to find this for me? She remembered my birthday and I couldn’t help but to let out a smile from the deepest of my heart’s content. It’s indeed the best birthday ever.

“Thank you…Yuki.”



It's exactly 10000 words!! (Including the THE END part) Wow, never write something like this and I couldn't stop it! the MaYuki feels surges up...Hehe, It's really long, ONE SHOT! I hope everyone + MaYuki shippers enjoy it!
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OH MY GOSH~! Kanpeki! :twothumbs

Sasuga from Kate! :fap

Fate brought them together.. :wub: :wub: :wub:

Thank you for the wonderful OS you shared :bow: :twothumbs

Looking forward for more stories from you! :fap

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Incredible one shot

The dream fated for the two of them
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Nooooooo! :) It was so good!!

I love this story! So beautiful and cute!!!  :wub:

Yaaaaaa! It was totally perfect! Thank you for this incredible OS :twothumbs
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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one word......


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Super long oneshot...and it's SUPER GOOD AND SWEET!!! XD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH XD
You're really good at writing, your fanfics are so great!!
And when reading this OS, I just go up (when they love each other) and down (when they realize it was only a dream) and up again (when they meet each other again) :P
Wanna re-read it forever :P

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Awesome! It just awesome i can't said anything than awesome


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Such a long and awesome oneshot :mon lovelaff:
I love you, katekyohit-san :mon love:
You light up my night again :mon angel:
Mayuki is so sweet~~~~ :mon crazyinlove: I'm so happy now!!! :mon money:
I felt down when all of those were just dream but after all, a Happy Ending :mon santa3:
I'm look forward to your another Mayuki oneshot and aslo "Amnesia" fic :mon inluv:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Awesome! It just awesome i can't said anything than awesome

lost of words... im totally agree with this ^ XD
i cant wait to read more :on gay:
thank u for the very long os..  :farofflook:
i really enjoy it  :wub:

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In reality, Sakura Princess is long but it didn't feel that way when I read it because your writing is clear and straightforward. By telling the story from Mayu's POV, you allow readers to follow her thoughts easily and watch how her feelings for Yuki gradually evolve from slight skepticism to friendship to love. The pace of the story is just right as the numerous scenes showing different stages of their relationship are necessary to substantiate their growing feelings for each other. Cutting any scene out would make the story feel rushed and their relationship underdeveloped.

I'm going to admit that my heart clenched for a moment there when Mayu woke up from her dream - partly because of the fear that she would never meet Yuki for real; another part because I always find it hard to appreciate the-waking-up-to-reality device used in stories as I feel that all the emotions I've invested in the characters were for naught. The moment Yuki entered the classroom, I was expecting her not to have any memories of Mayu and everything was just going to start all over again. To my surprise, Yuki actually experienced the same dream on her end. That was a simply wonderful and magical moment - a pleasant turn of events that had me smiling before the computer.

Thank you for sharing this one-shot with us. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work! And I know I'm late but still, welcome to JPH!P, katekyohit! :jphip:

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Wow, this is one hell of a MaYuki OS.
It's EPIC. You almost killed me with the twist just before it ends. I'm glad you're not mean, Katekyohit.
Yuki is so cute here and Mayu's so clueless when it comes to love. I like it :wub:

MaYuki is best when they're fluffy and you did it so so well. One of the best I've read so far and really, my fav among recent MaYuki fics.

I hope you write more MaYuki and maybe angsty JuriMayu too if it's not too much to ask. I'm greedy :inlove:

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Write a long WMatsui one too! XD JK.

Anyway I'm glad, Mayuki actually remember each other at the end or else it will be hectic. XD

Everyday Juriken

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    • animeminafans
Okay. Why did I not notice that you had made this thread? Agh, I really need to pay more attention. :doh: Gomenasai on not commenting on your previous OS. :sweatdrop:

10,000 words exactly? Wow. That's one, a long OS and two, it's a perfect number! XD Okay, aside from the random statement I had just uttered there, I love it! Reading this OS, "Sakura Princess" made me ship the two girls so much more right now. :cathappy: While reading the story, it drove my shipping heart crazy! And when Mayu realized that it was all a dream, I nearly wanted to cry out with anger and disbelief. :shocked: But when the entire situation replayed out as it was in her dream, then she immediately knew that Yukirin was going to enter in her life not too long after she woke up from the dream. My heart just went doki doki seeing their reunion! :inlove:

For the minor couples, danso Yuko and Jurina must look awesome! And Jurina being flirty as always, haha! I bet her own girlfriend is always having to deal with the flirting puppy every now and then. :sweatdrop: But I'm sure Jurina is loyal to Rena~ :cathappy:

Honestly this fiction cheered me up today, haha. I'm now like a big fan of all your work and one of a few favorite writers I love. :wub: Looking forward to more of your work~ :deco:

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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3
kenjoy12: XD hahahaha, I'm glad you enjoy it! That's sure one tough OS to write :D (10,000 words after all~)

kurosawa87: Glad you enjoy it!

Chanaline: Yay! I'm grateful it turned out to work well!

smarty0821: YAY! I did put a lot of effort (I think) into this~ :D I'm actually quite proud with this fanfic~

clubhappy: Oh wow >< I even re-read it too~ Had to admit that, when I realize it again, i just finished re-reading again already  :lol:

kurogumi: Aw, haha! Glad you like it!

leEwẬy: AW! I'm glad to light up your day with my fanfic! XD next in line I'll be finishing up is Amnesia Ch07~ XD

Chichay12: I'm glad you enjoy it! If I get more ideas I'll definitely write more for sure XD

seigus: Oh wow... >< I'm so flattered with your compliments! To get a compliment from you makes my day now~ XD  :w00t: I'm still a noob in writing fanfics! I still have loads of flaws to fill in. I'm really glad that you enjoy my fanfic! and thank you for a warm welcome seigus-san!

jell_o_jello: Yup one hell (LONG) MaYuki OS. Oh wow, I'm glad I made their moments 'fluffy' XD oh wow...I'm flattered that this is one of your favorite fanfics!! I'll definitely write more when I have more ideas XD Eh~ Angsty JuriMayu? Not bad!! I'll put that in my list and see what ideas I can come up with it! Don't worry, just request as much as you want~ (Couldn't guarantee I could do it or not) But obviously I'll do my best to write it out!

Sherin: I won't be that mean to not let them remember each other >< I don't want to hurt Mayu and Yukirin~ LONG WMatsui fanfic? Eh! MIght be interesting! Depends on the story too~ the MaYuki ended up long is just because I keep on writing...didn't really expected it to hit 10,000 word count ><! Glad you enjoy it!

LoyalFlutist: About not commenting on previous OS, don't worry about it! XD Yup exactly 10,000 words, I was surprised as well :D and it's indeed a perfect number! Oh yay! Glad to make you ship MaYuki even more! (Your fanfic even made me ship them even more too!!) Their reunion is the best part ne~ It's hard to write it out, but I believe that it worked out really well! Of course~ Jurina will always be loyal to Rena! :D Glad that this fanfic cheered you up today! I'm also a big fan of your work and I looked forward to it too!  :w00t:

Minna-san~ Wow I'm so flattered with all your lovely comments for "Sakura Princess" OS! XD I'm quite proud of it (because I put a lot of effort in it!) I felt that this OS is a success!  :bow: Thank you for all your lovely comments!

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OMG!! This os is sooo freaking amazing
I love you for making this
You make my Mayuki heart screaming with joy

I can't stop smiling while reading this
But when Mayu wake up from her dreams it makes my heart ache
But then you still give us readers a wonderful story and a happy ending
This is now one of my favorite mayuki os
This is great
I love it

Thank you for this
And looking forward some you're story in the future.

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  • *cleans nosebleed* I can't r-read anymore.. T^T
While reading the whole story, this is what happened to me:

Awww, Mayu's alone again, this happens in 80% of the fanfics/one-shots I read *cries*

Oh gawd, Yuki looking flawless as always.Give me a moments please...I need to spazz *spazzes*

Awww, Mayuyu and Yukirin became bestfriends! YEEEY! *jumpes up and down while looking like a crazy idiot*

IKEMEN MAYUYU AND IKEMEN YUU-CHAN AND IKEMEN JUJUBB!!!! HORRAY FOR MY LIFE! THIS FIC IS AWESOME WOHOOOOO!! *imaging Nyaro and Yukirin in a sexy maid costume* KYAAAAAAAAA *nosebleed (I seriously felt something rush down my nose..)*

Mayuki kiss.......OH FREAKING GAWD, I'LL DIE HAPPY.Nice move Kirin! :DDDDD
Aww baby, dun cry.Mayuyu loved you toooo T^T

Le Mayuyu and Kirin having that......uhh......*gulps*!

All of it was a dream....


Le wild Yuki appears in Mayu's class........




Me4:*throws party* GO YUKI,GO YUKI!!! *dances*

Le everything becomes real.....





Sorry for the spazzing moments....but that was me while reading this awesome one-shot, I think I may read this again xD

Thank you for writing this :) Can't wait til your next fic/OS if there is one ^^ *fades ninja-style*

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omg :shocked this so good!!!!!!!!! :cathappy: :deco:
when i read it was dream i nearly cried :cry:
but mayuki are together!!!!!!! XD
hehe yukirin so naughty wanting to continue where she and mayu left of... :twisted: :inlove:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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  • I love Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Saeyaka, Wmatsui
OMG its Beautiful! hermoso!!

wow really is wooow

i had no words...

thanks so much!

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A bit teary because it was so great....
it was like... hrm... ah... mayuki builds up~~ <3
wha!!? it was all a dream?
Yukirin~~~ transferred in... Mayuki is together in real life...

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-gibson-mayulover: Yatta~ I'm glad you enjoy it! One intense OS XD

WotaOtaku~: Oh wow I enjoyed your reaction so much!! XD I felt like my effort is paid off~ I don't know my other fanfic suits your style or not but you can try check it out if you want XD if you didn't read it yet?
So far: Amnesia (WMatsui + MaYuki), Love Capture (MaYuki + maybe other pairings?), Book of Transcendence

mayuki_daisuki: glad you enjoy it! XD oh wow, almost made you cry eh~? ><"

Archer1992: glad you enjoy it! :)

Shinoki: Hehe, glad you enjoy it! Oh wow I'm flattered that this fic made you moved XD

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