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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 122899 times)

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wow... just wow...  :shocked
I like it! No! I LOVE IT!!!  :w00t:
I like all the events and I was really happy when I was reading it  :wub:
But your FanFic played with my feelings I was shocked when I knew it was a dream  :shocked
I was thinking too much  :panic: I was saying to myself maybe Yukirin was not real or worse that Yukirin won't remember Mayu  :catglare:
But I'm glad that then end was like that the are together happy end~  :deco:
Thanks for this lovely update  :jphip: and write more Mayuki please 
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Author-san, can I request for a Furuyanagi fanfic? And if you're going to write it then please make it a happy one xD

Furuyanagi = SKE's Takayanagi Akane aka Churi x Furukawa Airi aka Airin(just in case you didn't know them^^
I'm ok with it if you don't want to :)

Update soon:D

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mo-chan: awesome! glad you enjoy it! I know it's quite a nerve wreck when it's revealed it's just all a dream. XD I know how that feels~

K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Ohh~ Sure! I'll do my best! (I had added on my list now) If I can come up with some ideas, I'll write it! XD Gonna be an OS though~ Will try my best then! Going to be the first time writing that pairing too.  :fap

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  • *cleans nosebleed* I can't r-read anymore.. T^T
Author-san, I was about to comment when I saw your reply to my nee-chan (K-popJ-pop) and I almost jumped in joy (if only the laptop wasn't on my lap -___-

Ah well I can't wait til whatever you're going to update soon (^w^)v *hugs and kisses then fades ninja style*

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This was such a good OS! Thank you! I really look forward to your next work :D

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Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Little Secret [Rena X Yuki]
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Little Secret
~Pairing: RenaYuki~

“Kyahh!!!” The crowd of fans screamed as the princess of AKB48 and SKE48 appeared on the stage and sang Temodemo no Namida together and their choreography, tempo, and pitch were perfectly matched with each other.

They both had the princess aura from them and became extremely well known among fans as WPrincess of 48Group. They had appeared on many TV shows and was interviewed together as pairs.

“Finally it’s done!” Yuki stretched her arms up high into the air after they finished her duo song with Rena for the closing song of the concert. “I’m so hungry…Rena-chan are you?”

“I’m hungry too.” The princess of SKE48, Matsui Rena replied back as she’s walking side by side with Yuki, the princess of AKB48. “Do you want to have the usual or something new this time?”

“Eh~ I guess we should try something new this time.” She replied back.

They often went to this studio for an interview in many TV programs, and every time they had to go there they would always drop by at this small restaurant before and after the interview. As they were walking back and entered the changing room there were the other two members that planned to surprise them…


“Rena-chan!” / “Yukirin!”

The little puppy and mouse girl leaped onto the princesses from behind after they passed through the door. Each of the little girls separated them from each other.

“Oh hey Jurina!” Rena knew immediately who was the one that tried to surprise her, there would always be only one who would do so. “How are you?”


She suddenly sulked and buried her face on the older girl’s shoulder. But Rena had no clue what was Jurina trying to tell her. “What is it?” She asked again, but Jurina refused to answer anything but cuddling her.

As for Mayu, she hugged her mama-rin in her arms and rested her chin on her shoulder. “I miss you~”

“Aw, I miss you too Mayuyu!” Yuki giggled at how her friend was being a little child again. But the cyborg girl puffed her cheeks as if she’s pouting. “Hm?”

“We rarely get to be together…” The girl grumbled as she hugged Yuki tighter. “You’re being with Rena all the time! I’m jealous…”

“Yeah!!! Rena-chan we rarely be together…I’m sad!”

Jurina added and it made Rena chuckled softly before she patted the little puppy’s head. “I miss you so much, stop being with Yuki-chan all the time!!”

“Aw, but we have a lot of work together, there’s not much of a choice, right?” Rena turned to Yuki and she nodded after their short eye contact. But still the two little girls didn’t let go of their princess.  Both Yuki and Rena glanced at the clock and they had to hurry out to another studio for interview before they would be late. “I’m sorry Jurina but I got to go now, I promise we’ll spent a lot more time together back at Nagoya okay?”

“Sure? Promise?”

“Yup!” Rena ruffled Jurina’s head before the little puppy let go of her master.

“Yukirin…” Mayu uttered in a soft pleading tone and it made Yuki turned her head to kiss the little cyborg girl at her forehead. It caught the girl off guard and then she slowly freed the princess. “M-Mou! I’m not a kid…”

“But you acted like one.” She teased the nezumi girl. “This weekend, I’ll make up the time with you, okay?”

“Okay mama-rin~” Finally Mayu had let go of Yuki. The two princesses changed their clothes and hurried to the parking lot where there was a van that would head straight to the studio for their interview.

It was one crazy day for them as usual. But it seemed they started to get used to working intensively as well as working together. As they were sitting at the back seat, Rena was staring out of the window and it made Yuki curious what her friend was thinking.


Princess of Nagoya didn’t responded to her. It made Yuki even more curious and started to move in closer to Rena. However, there was a respond from her, Rena moved away slightly and it caught Yuki’s attention immediately. Normally Rena wouldn’t act like this; they would always talk on their way to the studio but not this time. “Rena-chan is there something wrong?”


“Then…why won’t Rena-chan talk to me?”

“I’m just thinking of things.” Rena replied with a monotone in her voice. However Yuki wasn’t upset with how Rena was treating coldly with her like this, she seemed to know why the SKE48 princess was acting like this.

“Neh…” Yuki whispered softly with a teasing tone. “You’re jealous that I kissed Mayu?”

Rena flinched and threw her glance towards Yuki immediately. “N-No!” She was actually blushing and it made Yuki giggled, it was exactly what the Black princess thought. “Why would I?”

“Then…tell me why you’re acting so cold to me. It makes me sad you know?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Kashiwagi-san, I…I’m just thinking of things.” Rena looked away and then Yuki took her hand and held it tightly in the darkness. The driver couldn’t see what they were doing, so it’s just the two of them. “Uh, Kashiwagi-san?”

“I have something for you, can you close your eyes?”


As soon as Rena closed her eyes, she could feel a soft contact with her cheek. She opened her eyes with surprise and realized that Yuki moved in to kiss her. Rena couldn’t hide her blush and stared back at her friend without uttering a word. “K-Kashiwagi-san…”

“Does that feel better?”

“…Y-Yeah.” Rena looked away but she could hear Yuki giggling at her.

“But you make me jealous too you know? Saying that you’ll spend time with Jurina at Nagoya…” Yuki wrapped her arms around Rena and leaned in to whisper closely to Rena’s ears. “…Don’t cheat on me, neh?”

“…I won’t.” Rena declared with a strong tone and she saw Yuki’s smile across her face. She really loved teasing Rena and she leaned to rest her head Rena’s shoulder.

“Don’t be so formal when you’re only with me…Re-Na.” Yuki pronounced Rena’s name clearly and cuddled her partner closely. She would only just call Rena by her name when they’re alone, usually she would call her Rena-chan. She knew that she’s making the Nagoya princess blushing and she’s going in aggressive mode and pushing hard.

“Hug me Rena.”

“Hai hai…” Rena sighed softly and shifted herself into a comfortable position before she embraced Yuki in her arms gently. She rested her head on the Nagoya girl’s shoulder, which was substituting as her pillow. Rena didn’t mind Yuki being demanding on her, personally, she actually loved it.

“Is it good enough?”

“Rena is so warm…”

Yuki didn’t plan to let go of the hug and Rena expected that happening, because it always did. “Also you’re so cute when you’re jealous~”

“Mou! Stop teasing me…”

She sighed, she seemed to actually been thinking of something ever since they got in the van. “But…I wondered how long we tend to keep our secret from them? Everyone’s starting to wonder about us two…”

Yuki finally knew what Rena was thinking on the van ride; it was about their relationship that they kept hidden from everyone even from their closest friends. She knew it was normal for Rena to worry about this; it’s her character after all.

“Hmm, I don’t know too, but…” Yuki paused for a minute to muse, and slow back before she placed her finger right on top of Rena’s lips. That playful smile across Yuki’s face told Rena how her partner was enjoying this.

“Don’t you think it’s fun to keep it as our little secret?”

After they had been working together for quite a while, Rena knew Yuki long enough that she’s actually enjoying this. That’s her black character, and there’s nothing Rena could really do but to go with the flow of her girlfriend.

“Hai…if you say so.”
“Thank you Rena~ this is your reward.”

Yuki moved up and pecked on Rena’s lips softly. It wasn’t their first time kissing ever since they met each other. But still, the Nagoya girl still blushed every time she received a kiss from her pushy girlfriend. Even though Rena received a reward already, she wanted to get more than that…

She stared into Yuki’s eyes and it’s like they’re communicating via eye contact. As Rena kept staring at her princess, everything started to go with the flow of the atmosphere. Rena moved in closer without Yuki resisting anything until their lips met again. Thank god that it’s dark outside already, and the van had screens on so no one from outside could see. Rena enjoyed every millisecond her lips were intact with Yuki’s, and suddenly the black princess threw her arms around Rena’s neck and pulled herself in closer. It caught the Nagoya princess off guard but then she returned Yuki the kiss more aggressively. It seemed it wasn’t only Rena that wanted to kiss again after all.

“You’re mine…Rena.”

Yuki whispered against Rena’s lips as her black character came out and became over-possessive on her girlfriend, but then she was caught off guard with Rena’s sudden bold kiss. This time, she broke off and whispered softly against Yuki’s lips.

“Yuki, don’t you know that you shouldn’t play around with…spicy things?” Rena replied with her seductive voice and it satisfied Yuki’s needs. She loved it when her girlfriend especially when she turned into her gekikara mode.

“Don’t worry…I’m madly in love gekikara flavour.”

Yuki responded back before she deepened the kiss with Rena. Their relationship, their kiss, kept it hidden from everyone…that’s their little secret.


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Uwaaaa~ :w00t: RenaYuki :fap

That just sooo haaawwt~! So much for SPICY in the air! :w00t:

RenaYuki moments are just so fluffy~! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Oooohh~ Little secret neh.. Insane and risky! Love it~! :thumbsup

Looking forward for more :fap

Thank you for the Little Secret you shared :bow: :twothumbs

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i love it! So much~
RenaYuki hot kissu :wub: :wub:
I want More :on gay:
Thank you for the os XD

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Wow, I love it. That for a long time I read one fic about YukiRena.
Please write more fic about RenaYuki :D
Can I trans your fic?
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YukiRena OS! I really love it! :deco: :deco: :deco:

When Rena got jealous and gave the silent treatment to Yukirin, I couldn't help but fangirl at how adorable that is! And when they kissed together, my heart instantly went *KABOOM!!!* XD I feel so fuzzy and fluffy after reading the OS, LOL~

Looking forward to more OS from you! :deco:

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Kyaaaah~!!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: You're one hell of an awesome author  :mon heh:

I can't wait for your next update! *fades*  :mon lurk:

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That was a really good OS

Great job and that flavor gotta get Yuki melting
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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GOSH. I FEEL COMPLETE NOW.  :mon noodle:
my hat is off. saluting.

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  • Juritan! \(*ω*)/

I like it~  :inlove:
a secret you say wow  :w00t:
at first I thought that they are cheating  :P But if If they were cheating  :lol: It would be more intersting  XD

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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 This is great i love it. Thank you for making renayuki :thumbsup

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kenjoy12: glad you enjoy the SPICINESS in this fanfic XD

Chichay12: There shall be more YukiRena fanfic coming~

noel nguyen: Definitely will write more! About fic translation, I did replied your message already so if you didn't see it yet, check it out. :)

LoyalFlutist: Jealous Rena is cute neh~ Love it! KABOOM? LOL XD Great that you enjoy it!!!

WotaOtaku~: Aw, thank you for your compliment! I'll take that :P

kurosawa87: Glad you enjoy it!

imteedee: LOL, glad you feel complete XD

mo-chan: Sou desu neh~ Yuki and Rena cheating on their partner? XD Might be interesting too! 

Kazan: glad you enjoy reading it!

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~Little Secret~ [RenaYuki]  :deco:

~Hi! This is a good one-shot!  :onioncheer:

~I Love  it (Yuki is so sadistic to Rena) (hehe)
 :wub: :inlove:

~I also like how you describe  Jurina and Mayu (A puppy and A mouse) *Giggle

~I hope you  make more!




I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Sweet Silence [WMatsui] - Update (02/8/13)
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Sweet Silence
~Pairing: WMatsui~


A shy looking girl was sitting under the tree reading a novel quietly. The breeze of the win was like a friend of hers. She was sitting in this isolated place behind the building where no one could expected her to be here…


The sound of a woodwind instrument caught her attention. She closed her book and then followed where the sound came from. She turned at the corner and stumbled at this opened window of the music room. She approached in closer and then had her eyes set upon this shoulder length haired girl who was playing saxophone all alone in the room. She could hear the sorrowful tone from the melody of the instrument, and it completely caught her attention. It was a beautiful melody, yet… sad and lonely.



A sudden gust tackled from behind the long black haired girl and went through into the music room. It made the saxophonist paused and coincidently turned towards the window. Her eyes met with the surprised looking girl. Mix of emotions between surprise and fascination…as if both of them were drifted into their own little world…


Ohayou~ This is Matsui Jurina! I’m currently a student in this well-known science school in Tokyo! Right now I’m studying in psychology back in Japan after I went to study abroad since I was little with my father. But was it so weird when I got back…in this school, everyone treated me like some special person. Maybe, it’s because I came from a prestigious school back in United Kingdom. It made me annoyed sometimes when people tried to stick to you just for the sake of my brain. That’s how I became popular, since I aced all of the tests so far after I transferred here. Everyone would always ask me to tutor them for tests and help with assignments.

“Jurina~ could you help me with this part?”

One of my classmates came up to her to ask for my help. She was never a friend in my eyes; she’s just simply using me in order to get higher grades. “I’m so confused with this…”

“It’s like this, and then this.”

“Oh! Thank you so much Jurina!” Then she walked away after she got her answer.

It’s quite a boring life here. I wondered why my mother dragged me back to Japan when I could just keep studying at UK. Well whatever, it’s not like I could do anything with it.

“Hmm, great! No one’s around.”

During lunchtime, I would sneak out to the music room, which was located on another building connected to the science building. I always left my saxophone there so I don’t have to carry it everywhere with me. I preferred being alone than having those parasites sticking on me all the time. They’re so annoying!


I opened the door and then walked into the quiet music room, no one was here as usual.  I checked the timetable in front of the door and always made sure that this room would be free when I came by.

“Yatta! No one is here~” I grabbed my saxophone from the shelf and started connecting all pieces together. I’ve been playing in a jazz band back in my old school before I moved back here. Unfortunately they don’t have jazz band in this school, so I sort of practice alone nowadays.

“What a good day to play my favorite song~” I chuckled and then rested the mouthpiece of the saxophone on my lips before I started to blow it out.


I always find peace while I play saxophone. Its sound always managed to calm me down whenever I’m angry at those classmates of mine. I don’t call them my friends, they’re not friends, they’re just parasites that which to get benefits from me only. The only friend I had here is my saxophone…and my music.


It’s sad to be alone, it’s lonely. I do felt lonely ever since I moved here. I wanted to go back to UK, I miss all my friends…every note in my music responded to my feelings. Maybe I want just one friend here…just one that would understand me, and see me as a friend. Ever since I moved here for almost a year already? I haven’t have a single friend yet…it’s hard to make a good friend sometimes, isn’t?


I stumbled as the wind gushed through the window I forgot to close. I lowered my saxophone down and then turned to the window. However I didn’t expect someone to be there. Her light brown eyes reflected in the sunlight, her long black hair flushed in the air. Our eyes met and my mind was totally captivated by the beauty of her orbs…who is she?

She suddenly waved at me and had a vague gentle smile across her face. It made me flinched back slightly and then I think I should greet her.


She nodded without saying a word. She tried to move her hand around into some signs and then it made me shocked. I recognized that very well, it’s a sign language. Oh thank god my mom taught me sign language! Or else I would never understand what she was trying to say to me.

“Eh…That. Was. Really. Nice…oh! Thank you.”

At that moment, I swore that I could see her flinched with shock. Maybe it was because I could understand sign language. Also, due to so much volunteer work in the disability hospital that my mom worked in, I could read understand and use sign languages fluently. “Did I startle you? I learned sign language from my mom…she’s a doctor dealing with disability children.”

As I explained myself she nodded softly, it seemed she understood me and then she moved her hands around again.

[Do you mind I come in?]

“Oh, no problem. I guess you can come through the back door to the right from here.” I told her the direction and she nodded with that cute smile. Just less than a minute, she arrived at the front door of the music room. I looked at her head to toe and she’s definitely a student here.

“Ah…I never seen you around at all, what year are you?” I asked her as she looked back at me. She walked to one of the tables. She put her bag down and pulled out a notebook from her bag. I watched her scribbling onto the paper before she turned to me.

[I’m in the 11th year, we’re in same Biology class.]

“W-Whoa…I’m sorry! I didn’t recognize you at all…”

Now I felt really guilty for not recognizing her despite being in the same classroom as me. But then she shook her head before she started scribbling on the new page again.

[I hope you don’t mind me communicating to you like this…some people don’t like it when I talk like this]

“Hey, don’t include me with one of those stereotypes.” I sighed and grumbled back unintentionally. It just made me gone into that mood. “I hate those type of people to the guts…” She looked slightly surprised with my expression and slowly a soft smile appeared. I guess it was something to do with my words just now.

“By the way, I think using sign language is easier than writing out on the paper, don’t you think?”

I asked her and suddenly she goggled at me with shock. Probably she never met anyone who said that to her like that. For a short pause, she giggled at me, but there was no voice from her at all. After from all the experience I got from helping my mother with her job…I bet she’s mute. Basically, she couldn’t talk due to problems with the vocal cord, no voice would be made if she cry or laugh…completely mute.

I saw her put the notebook and pen down on the table and turned to me, communicating with me via sign language.

[Thank you so much, Jurina-san.]

“Ah, you knew my name…oh right, we’re in the same class.”

I remembered the guilt that I didn’t recognize this girl in my class. Even though it’s a bit awkward, I think a good self-introduction would be appropriate. “I guess I should introduce myself more properly, I’m Matsui Jurina, just call me Jurina, nice to meet you.”

She smiled to me with a simple soft nodding.

[My name is Matsui Rena, nice to meet you, Jurina-san.]

Rena-chan walked up towards me and extended her right hand out. I knew immediately what she’s trying to tell me and I held her hand. We had a firm handshake as out first greeting. How surprising we shared the same last name though, how coincidence was that? “

I believe we will get along.”

She nodded and I knew that she agreed with me. I wouldn’t have expected to meet a mute student here in this school. I was a little surprised we shared the same last name, she looked really pretty too…I felt bad for her that she’s mute.


The next day at school, I headed towards the cafeteria earlier than usual today. That was where I met with Rena-chan on my way at the front of the coffee shop I always dropped by.

“Oh? Rena-chan?” As I called her, she turned to me with slight surprise and she bowed her head down softly.

[Good morning Jurina-san. Coming for some coffee?]

She’s quite fluent with sign language; she could even communicate naturally with just one hand, while another hand was holding a coffee.

“Yeah, it’s my daily morning but I decided to come early today. I didn’t know you’re into coffee as well~” I smiled as I made an order. The coffee guy remembered my usual one so I didn’t really have to tell him my order. “Right, we have the same first class together right?”

She nodded back. Since Rena-chan told me that she’s in the same biology class as me, and I’m having it today morning. After I had my order I turned to her. “Do you want to class together? Or your have friends you’re going with?”

I asked her and then I suddenly saw a slight painful smile across her face. Uh-oh, I hope I didn’t say something wrong.

[I don’t have friends. I’ll go with you if you don’t mind.]


I wanted to hit myself as I did spoke something that was a taboo for her. I guess the reason many people didn’t want to be friends with her was due to her disability to speak. As we arrived there, those parasites that always tried to stick on me immediately called me over to sit with them at the middle row.

“Jurina~ Come sit with us!”

I don’t even want to bother at all. Suddenly, Rena-chan just walked into the room and sat that the furthest seat from the board. No wonder I don’t usually see her, she always sat alone at the back row all the time.

“Jurina? Is something a matter?”

Those girls called me again as I snapped. I didn’t realize I was staring at Rena-chan while they were trying to talk to me. “C’mon~ I saved a seat for you here!”

“Sorry, I’m sitting with someone else today.”

I declined their offer and went to sit beside Rena-chan. As I put my stuffs down, I could see people looking at me from every direction, including Rena-chan as well. Those girls probably were shocked that I’m sitting with the quietest person that even them might not ever realize her presence, just like I did. Then I felt a soft tap on my shoulder from Rena’s side, and I turned to her.

[Jurina-san, why are you sitting with me?]

“That’s a little obvious?” I sighed softly and I could see that she’s completely confused. “…I want to be you friend, Rena-chan.”


She froze, and I could tell her from her face that she couldn’t believe what I said to her a second ago.

“I’m serious, I want to be your friend.” I repeated myself and then she flinched. It made me wondered how long she haven’t have friends…

“Do you mind?”

She shook her head immediately.

[No! I’m just so flattered. Is this really okay with you? I’m a boring person.]

“Of course I don’t mind. Rather, I think I enjoy your accompany more than other classmates here.” I smiled back to her and that was when I saw this beautiful smile from Rena-chan.

It was so…I couldn’t describe how beautiful it was. However before we could talk anything further, the class had started. Rena-chan and I worked together on the assignments and it was the first time ever since I moved here, I’m willingly to help someone with their studies. I helped her with parts she didn’t understand and I could see she was trying her best to understand the concept we’re studying. She’s such a hardworking person.


After the class was over, as Rena-chan and I were packing up the hoards of parasites came up to my table. I looked up at them and they seemed to be a little unsatisfied.

“What is it?” I asked them.

“Uh Jurina, why are you with her?” They asked and it made me pissed. They’re saying this right in front of Rena-chan’s face? Are you kidding me?

“What’s wrong with that?” My tone changed slightly, but it seemed they didn’t realize it.

“Well…she’s really quiet and didn’t even bother to talk anything. She probably don’t want to bother with anyone.”

Those bloody parasites just assumed Rena-chan didn’t want to talk? Oh wow, my limit broke off and then I could see Rena-chan took all her stuffs and left immediately. I couldn’t believe what she’s doing, why she’s running away like that? “See? She even ditched you without saying anything…I suggest you don’t bother with her.”


I slammed the table so hard that it made everyone in the entire room startled. Those girls frowned at me with shock, as I couldn’t hold back my anger towards them. “You know what, don’t judge her until you actually know what’s wrong with Rena-chan. Someone like you is not worth to even understand the position she’s in!”

I grabbed my stuffs, and slammed the door really hard, and left the room. Right now my mind was so focused to find Rena-chan no matter what. It’s break time, and I wondered where could I find her.

“Oh damn…Rena-chan, where are you?”

I literally ran around the building to look for Rena-chan. Where could she be? Definitely not at crowded places but isolated places…That was when I decided to go look outside the building around the isolated bushes that would be a good spot to hide.

I’m pretty good with this you know? I’ve always find my way around this place in order to keep myself away from all my annoying classmates. As I went through another bush ahead of me, I stumbled with this familiar student with long black hair. I recognized her hair and face immediately.


She stumbled as she turned to me immediately; she looked really shocked to see me there. I could see her eating her bread under the shade alone as usual.

“Oh jeez, I’ve been looking for you around the building! I’m glad I found you.”

[Jurina-san, why are you here?]

“Of course I was look for you.”

I sat down beside her immediately but that didn’t end our conversation just yet. “Didn’t I tell you I want to be your friend?”

[But if you’re with me you won’t have any friends---]

“Rena-chan, they’re not my friends. I don’t have ANY friend here as well…”

I admitted the truth and it made Rena-chan looked surprise. I started telling her that I’m just popular because I aced all my tests and people wanted me to help tutor them. But they’re not my friends at all; they just wanted to make use of my brain to make them get better numbers on their crappy paper. “That’s why, I understand how it feels to not have a friend…it does felt lonely sometimes, right?”

Rena-chan was deeply engulfed with my story and then she nodded softly. She started to open herself with me a little more and I’m so glad she did. I didn’t know why but I wanted to know more about her.


“Yes…it’s really lonely.” I hugged her and it made her shocked. I caressed her head. “I want to be your friend, and I want you to be my friend too…If you don't mind it.”

It was a silence between us, obviously Rena-chan couldn’t reply me but then I felt a hug back from her, I take her answer as a yes. She rested her head on my shoulder and our silence did all the communication. I understood her loneliness well, I guess because we’re lonely; we managed to find our way to each other…


After that, we didn’t have a class with each other. But then I told her I would be at the music room during lunchtime and I would be waiting for her there. I actually got out from my psychology class quite late since I had to talk to my professor regarding the project.

“Oh no I hope I didn’t make Rena-chan wait…!”

I turned at the corner and barged into the room, that was where I saw Rena-chan sitting at the table scribbling something on her notebook. “Rena-chan I’m so sorry I’m late! I was talking to my professor about my psychology project…”

She shook her head and closed the notebook in front of her.

[I just got here. Don’t worry.]

“Thank god…” I sighed out. “Did you have lunch yet? Shall we have it together?”

She nodded and then we took out our lunchbox. We enjoyed it together on the floor, in the middle of the music room. “It’s been so long since I had lunch with someone.”

Rena-chan looked surprised as she turned to me.

[Me too, ever since I moved here, I always have lunch alone.]

“I guess that makes us even~”

I could see her smiling and it made my heart felt delightful. We enjoyed our lunch together and we also shared with each other. Rena-chan’s lunchbox taste so great, I’m so jealous that she’s having such a decent meal every single day! “Oh wow, your lunch taste so good! Your mom made it?”

[I made it.]

“Really!? Sugoi! Rena-chan, that’s so awesome!”

 I was shocked that she did it herself, comparing to mine, it taste so much different, I’m not that good of a cooker. It’s only edible. “You’re so good…I’m so jealous!”

[My mom taught me how to do it, and I like cooking too.]

“Ah~ No wonder, I’m a bad cooker, I only make things as long as it’s edible. I guess my lunchbox taste really bad comparing to yours.”

[No, I like it.]

“Aw Rena-chan, you’re making me feel a little better.” I chuckled and suddenly Rena took another piece of my sweet egg and ate it with a huge smile across her face. “W-Whoa? Rena-chan?”

[Oishi! I love it.]


I couldn’t believe this girl at all. She’s just so innocent and genuinely honest. I could tell from her actions and emotions. They were real. I don’t need any words from her to tell whether she’s a liar or not. I could tell that Rena-chan was really honest. I really did enjoy her accompany.


After since then, I would always be with Rena-chan lunchtime at this music room everyday. Sometimes I would bring board games to play with her, showed her pictures from UK, and told her many stories about UK…

[Do you miss being at UK?]

She asked me and it actually made me wondered for a little while. “I used to…but right now, I’m having a lot of fun being with Rena-chan.”

She flinched and seemed to blush quietly.

[You flattered me too much. I have a lot of fun being with you too.]

“Oh yeah! We have the group work to do…I guess we have to meet up somehow during weekends…” I sighed softly as I didn’t have much of a problem with going out to work on weekends, but I wondered what ways would Rena-chan preferred. So I sat there staring at her, while wondering what would she say back to me.

[You can come to my place. My mother wants to meet you.]

“Your mom?” It made me surprised, as I didn’t expected that her mom would want to meet me. But wait, how did her mom know about me to begin with? Maybe Rena-chan did tell her about me.

[This Saturday, at 10am?]

“Sounds great with me. Where’s your house address?” I asked as she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote her address neatly and tidily. “Thanks, I’ll text you if I’m lost.”

She nodded back at me and that’s our plan. This weekend eh? It’s going to be interesting to actually visit Rena-chan’s house for the very first time. I personally looked forward to the weekend already! I’m actually curious what kind of person was Rena-chan’s mother too…


“Hmm…I guess I’m at the right place?”

I walked down the streets while holding the paper that Rena-chan wrote for me. I turned at the corner and saw this house that fits the description she gave me: a blue roof, cream wall, and dark green fence… I saw the nametag on the front of the house and its written ‘MATSUI’ on it. I bet this was her house. I’ll give it a shot and press on the bell…


“W-Whoa!?” I yelped out badly as there was a little dog barking at me from inside the fence. I didn’t know Rena-chan had a dog. But because her dog was barking so loud, I could see Rena-chan coming out from the front door. Also, another woman behind her, I presumed that person was…Rena-chan’s mom.

“Hey, I managed to find your house after all…” I chuckled wryly towards Rena-chan.

“Ah! So you must be Jurina-chan!”

The older woman smiled towards me. “Rena-chan, go carry Ruby for now.” She talked to Rena-chan before she ran to her dog to carry it in her arms. Her mom came to open the door for me and welcomed me to the house.

Her mom took me to the living room while Rena-chan was busy dealing with her pet at the moment. I threw my eyes around and the house was filled with flower pictures. Also, I spotted a photo of Rena-chan’s family. She was smiling vaguely, but I wondered why I had a feeling she was having a fake smile like that…

“Jurina-chan, do you want tea or water?”

“I-I’ll have water please, and thank you.” I was caught off guard a little as Rena-chan’s mom talked to me; I wasn’t prepared for that coming since my mind was so focused on the picture.

Rena-chan finally came into the living room and I could see her stuffs were piling up at the living room table. She seemed to be working even before I came here. Wow…she’s such a hardworking person. “I’m sorry to make you work first.”

[Not at all, I want to do it.]

“Ah, alright. I’ll help make up for the time I missed then.” I sat down beside her and then her mom brought a glass of water and snacks. It was a pile of melon pan and spicy senbei (Japanese crackers). 

“Please do enjoy the snacks! I’m sorry, we only have Rena-chan’s favorite snacks…” Rena-chan’s mom smiled gently and it made me felt so welcomed here.

“Thank you Matsui-san.” I thanked her back and she patted my head gently.

“I’ll make curry today for lunch~ I hope you’ll like it.”

“I really love curry!” I replied back to her and I saw a huge smile across her face.

“I see, I’m glad!” She left back to the kitchen, and left Rena-chan and I in the living room.

Well, it was about time we started our group project and we had a lot of discussions going on. I bet if others heard our conversation it would be really weird! It sounded like…I’m the one talking to myself. But for me I felt normal, because Rena-chan always replied to me…I felt our conversation was just like any other conversation I would have with a normal person. I just felt like our conversation was just really natural.

I kept on searching for information on the Internet in order to support our project. I wore my glasses as it helped me to focus on my work. I guess it sounds weird but it really worked for me. I don’t get that distracted when I wore glasses.


I felt a tap on my shoulder and I snapped out from my concentration immediately. I knew who it was immediately and I turned to her.

[Lunch is ready. Do you want to eat?]

“Ah…” I glanced at the watch and it’s already late 12pm. It was about lunchtime and I could feel my stomach grumbled softly. “Yeah…I’m a little hungry now”

[You were so focused on the work.]

“It happens sometimes when I wore my working glasses. Weird isn’t?”

[No, you looked really cool.]

I believed it was the first time someone complimented me on some matter I wasn’t proud at. I often got told that I neglected my surroundings too much when I focused with my work. It made me blushed softly and then she took my hand. 

[Mom is waiting for you.]

“Oh, okay.”

I put down all my stuffs and then I headed to the kitchen room where I could smell the curry so clearly. It smell really good and it’s now making my stomach growling. “Rena-chan! Could you go feed Ruby now?”

She nodded and left the kitchen. I just went to sit at the dining table and didn’t know what to say much. “Eh…could I help you?”

“Don’t worry about that.” She replied, while stirring the curry in the pot. “I heard a lot of stories about you from Rena-chan.”

“Oh? I see…” I was a little surprised but I guess at this point there was nothing to be that surprising anymore actually. I could tell from Rena’s words that her mother knew about me already.

“It was the very first time I saw Rena-chan’s smile again.”

She grabbed the plates and started to distribute on the table. “The way you talk to Rena-chan…it’s so natural, I’m really amazed.”

I chuckled wryly. “It’s just my mother was a doctor in a disability hospital, so I managed to pick some few things from her…”

She giggled softly as she grabbed the utensils and put it on the table. “Eh…could I help you?” I asked again but she refused to take it and told me to just sit there instead since she wanted to talk to me more, eh, I wondered.

“…Talk to me?”


She smiled and then started to make sure that the rice and the curry were ready to be served. “I might not be in the position to ask, but that child went through so much pain…please do look after Rena-chan, will you?”

“I will.” I replied firmly and I believe she could see my decisiveness in my eyes. It made her smiled with relief.

“I’m glad~ I can tell she really likes you a lot! I leave Rena-chan in your care.”


At that moment I was stumbled but before I could ask Rena-chan’s mom any further, she had came back from feeding her pet dog…W-Wait! What was I thinking! She might referred to Rena-chan liking me as a friend…why did I have to get nervous like that…


After we had our lunch already, Rena-chan’s mom told us to go play with Ruby, Rena-chan’s dog since we should take a break from our work aside from having lunch. So I followed Rena-chan out to the lawn.


Ruby barked at me and then leaped onto me. She began to lick my hands. “Ah, I guess you like me now eh?” I patted the dog’s head while Rena-chan was sitting beside me. 

[I’m glad she likes you]

“Me too~ I really love dogs, I would be sad if Ruby doesn’t like me.”

[You like dogs too?]

“Yep! But we can’t really have pets, because my parents are really busy with their job…” I smiled wryly as I scratched Ruby’s back and she really loved it. It feels so great to be around animals, it made me felt so relaxed. “So in the future when I’ve become an adult, I’ll raise a dog.”

[That’s so lovely.]

“Hehe, thanks Rena-chan.”

[Then, you should come here more often to play with Ruby.]

I froze with shock. I had to process what Rena-chan was saying to me. I looked back at her with confusion and then she continued communicating with me with her sign language.

[Ruby would love for you to come again…will you?]

She asked me with those innocent gentle eyes. Obviously I’m so happy that she offered me to come again to play with her dog. “I’m so happy! You don’t mind that?”

[Of course I don’t. I always love for you to come too.]

That moment, my heart just skipped a beat and I could feel my face getting hotter. What was this disturbing feeling in my guts? I took a deep breath before I could even reply to her. “I-I see! Then I’ll make sure to come by more often.”

[I’m so glad~]

Her smile was so angelic and radiant. At that moment, I wanted to see that smile even more…my heart was beating in a very odd pattern. I remembered this disturbing feeling in the guts…but a part of me couldn’t believe it myself that I’m having these feelings…especially with Rena-chan.

“I can tell she really likes you a lot! I leave Rena-chan in your care.”

Rena-chan’s mom’s words repeated in my head and it made me blushed even more and it seemed it had caught Rena-chan’s attention. She placed her hand on my forehead and stared at me closely. She slowly moved away and used both hands to communicate.

[Your face is hot, are you okay?]

“Y-Yeah! I guess I should go inside the house now…”

[Yeah, I’ll get you water at the living room.]

She held my hand and pulled me up on my feet. Her hand was so soft and her smile was just downright beautiful. She smiled to me before she went into the house to get me water. But I couldn’t help but to blush madly as I stared at her from behind…

This isn’t good at all…I’m falling in love…with Rena-chan.


Days flew by like it was nothing. We spent much more time together after since that partner project at her house. Some weekends I would be visiting Rena-chan’s house to do homework and play with Ruby. Also, I would bring my saxophone there as Rena-chan requested and played loads of songs. She really loved the sound of the saxophone, and it always made me happy to see her smile every time I played a piece of her favorite music.

In school, it seemed not everyone was bad after all. We actually met nice people, like Yuki, Mayu, and Yuko; we started sticking around with each other. Rena-chan and I made more friends and even it’s a little tough for them to understand sign languages, they really tried hard to adapt with her. I’m really glad Rena-chan’s able to get more friends… Out of my friends right now…Only Mayu knew that I have…yeah, I have a crush on Rena-chan.

“Ju~ rina!” Yuko tackled me and wrapped her arms around my shoulder. “Did you heard about the instrumental music festival going on!?”

“Oh, yeah I heard about that?” I wondered why Yuko mentioned it, since she never had interest in instrumental music.

“You should participate.”

…Wait, how did she know I play an instrument? I turned my eyes with confusion to Yuko and I couldn’t help but to ask her. “Wait…how did you know I play instruments?”

“Rena-chan said that you’re good at it, so I want to hear you play something!”

At that moment I diverted my glance to Rena-chan, and she was giggling at me. Seeing her smiling like that, I couldn't afford myself to be angry with her at all. I sighed softly and I didn’t think I have a chance to avoid this topic, especially from Yuko. “Okay…I’ll participate then.”

“I never knew you could play!” Yuki exclaimed with excitement. “What instrument do you play?”

“I…play saxophone, usually jazz or classic music.”

“Wow, I do like jazz music, you better let me hear sometimes.” Mayu nudged my shoulder softly and then our group conversation started to be about this music. I never knew I would meet with these people here in this school, I’m really grateful that Rena-chan and I met them.

I slowly diverted my eyes to Rena-chan, and by coincidence she was looking at me too. Our eyes met and then we giggled out softly, then I saw her moving her hands to do sign language. It was actually the first time I felt grateful that I’m the only one that could understand it…it makes only me the person that understood Rena-chan in a very natural way comparing to others.

[Sorry that I told Yuko. But you’re so good that I wanted everyone to know it too.]

I smiled at how innocent she was and since I didn’t want to spoil our conversation with others right now, I would use sign language occasionally with Rena-chan. Hehe, it’s like our secret language.

{Don’t worry about that, I planned to tell them soon anyways}

[I see, thank goodness!]

“Oi! That’s too sneaky of you Jurina!”

Yuko saw Rena-chan and I communicating silently using sign language. It made her grumbled and punched my shoulder roughly. But I knew what she meant. Rena-chan and I made an eye contact with each other and we both laughed, even though there’s only my laughing sound that could be heard.

Right…I haven’t talk about Rena-chan’s condition yet. Her mom told me and I was actually a little surprised to know about her story. It wasn’t that secret or anything, Rena-chan was there with me when her mom was telling me about her condition.  Ten years ago, back when Rena-chan was still 7 years, she got into a car accident and it severed her vocal cord. She used to be an ordinary child that can talk and laugh…but her life changed so much after that incident. I couldn’t help but to feel so bad for her, out of all the injuries she could’ve got…it was her vocal cord. The technology at the moment in japan couldn’t recover her vocal cord back…it’s a sad tragedy. 


I had advanced mathematics with Mayu after lunch. That was actually how I met with Mayu for the first time too…well, stories about that aside, its nearly final exam now. I’m getting a little frustrated with it since I barely had enough time to study nowadays…I sighed as I realized that I really had to catch up with the lectures quickly before I would actually fail the exam.

“When are you going to confess to Rena?”

I was stunned with that bold question that Mayu threw at me. I glared back at her but she just shrugged it off. “What? I’m serious, when will you tell your feelings to her?”

“S-Shut up…” I tried to hide my blush, but it was futile when it’s in front of Mayu.

“Who knows? I think she likes you too though.”

“I don’t think so.” I sighed softly as I kept taking down notes from the blackboard.

“Why?” Mayu asked as she was jotting down the notes onto her notebook.

That’s how we actually talked in our mathematics class, we talked and wrote notes down simultaneously. I didn’t even want to bother to continue the conversation but I knew Mayu wouldn’t stop if she weren’t satisfied with the answer I gave her. “It’s almost the end of the year, confess to her on Christmas.”

“Now you’re planning for me to make a confession without even asking for my opinion.” I sighed again as I tried not to be too distracted by Mayu. “I don’t have time to think of that kind of stuffs…plus, the feelings I had might just be sympathy for her.”

This time, I was expecting Mayu to say something back, but she didn’t. Then suddenly, I got smacked at the head with a notebook and it made me lost my concentration with the ongoing lecture right now. I wanted to yell at her but then I rather not do it to bring more attention.  I glared and hissed back at her.

“What the hell was that for!?”

“For you being too dense.” Mayu shrugged her shoulders and continued writing own her notes.

This time, she’s ignoring me. Sometimes it was hard to catch up with Mayu’s pace, I wondered how did Yukirin managed to deal with her so easily…I’m so tired right now, I had so many things to do these days…


I excused myself from everyone to study alone quietly at the cafeteria during lunchtime. I had so much to do and catch up with my studies. While I was taking a short little break from my intensive studies, I scribbled pictures on my sketchbook. I drew flowers…actually not just an ordinary flower, I’m trying to draw an accessory, specifically a pendant.

“Christmas huh…?”

Mayu’s words just rang into my head about confessing to Rena on Christmas…I don’t admit that! This is just a Christmas present for Rena-chan! I often did this for my friends back at UK! It’s something normal! It’s not something unusual… I better get a grip of myself and not let Mayu’s words reached me like this. As I was scribbling pictures, Mayu suddenly came up to my side and she REALLY did gave me a heart attack there!


“Hm…” She looked at the pictures I was drawing and then tossed a business card onto the table. “It will come in handy for you.”

Then she just left. Is she a ninja or something? She just came out of nowhere and disappeared out of blue…hm? I picked up the card and it’s a business card from this shop that specifically made custom accessories according to the customers’ design. This was the thing I was looking for the past few days! But how the hell did Mayu know that? I’m pretty sure I didn’t share this with anyone… Then I realized something, I flipped the card and saw Mayu’s note scribbled on it.

[Quite romantic, you should be more honest though] - Mayu

“…Is she a stalker or something?”

I sighed but then I couldn’t help but to be thankful that she helped me get this information. Despite I did all these things without even having a second thought of it…I didn’t even know I would even had the guts to tell Rena-chan or not though.

I didn’t want to break the promise I made with Rena-chan’s mom. I promised I would look after her…but in the end, I still didn’t want to believe that I had feelings for Rena-chan. Even until now, I didn’t want to admit that, and I believed that this feelings I had for her…isn’t love. Rena-chan…is my friend.


Right after school, I decided to call the shop that took requests for making custom accessories and they said they’re free today in the early evening. So I decided to drop by there immediately, but I had met with Rena-chan on my way.

“Rena-chan! Are you going back home?”

[Yes, and you?]

“I have few things I have to do…something my mom asked me to!” I lied to her and really did felt bad. But at least it worked since she believed what I said.

[I see. You looked really busy these days.]

“Yeah…I guess because exams are coming up soon.”

[I wanted to ask whether you want to study together this weekend or not?]

She smiled and obviously…how am I supposed to refuse that smile? “Why not? I’m in.” I nodded and decided to study with her this weekend.

I could see a huge delightful smile across her face and then she threw her arms around my neck. My mind went blank instantly as I could feel her warmth against my body…it’s making me blushing even badly… Then she pushed away to continue the conversation with me.

[I’m so glad! We rarely have time to be together, I’m so happy!]

If she could giggle, I believed I would hear her. But just by looking at her, I could tell that she’s giggling with excitement. Rena-chan looked really adorable when she acted like a child, her expression was always genuine and innocent.

“W-Well then! I’ll see you this weekend then!” I rushed off and took the bus into the city in order to go to meet with the owner of the shop.


Gratefully I found the shop without getting lost! I showed her my drawing and she seemed to be really amused with my drawing. She really took a like of it and she gladly took my request.

“I’m really keen to see the finishing product! You really do have talents in art!”

“I-It’s really nothing! You’re flattering me too much…”

“Your friend must be a really lucky person to get someone beautiful like this.” She smiled before she ruffled my head gently. The shop owner was a friend of Mayu, and it seemed she even called her that I would be coming here. That stalker monster could be really scary…but I guess it’s all thanks to her. Everything managed to go so much smoothly than I expected it to be. She told me it should be done before Christmas Eve. I hoped Rena-chan likes this though…

“I’ll give you discounts too! Tell Mayu-chan for me that she should drop by to visit me as well.”

“Thank you so much! I’ll pass your words to her.” I bowed softly before I left the shop.

Before I’m about to head home. I accidently came across with this group of people distributing pamphlets around. I took one and it’s about the instrumental music festival that would be holding on early evening of December 23rd, the night before Christmas Eve. Talking about registration, I haven’t registered myself as I promised with Yuko. Apparently the winner would get some decent prize as well. But…I didn’t know what song to play. So I didn’t actually register at the counter yet, but returned back home instead…


Time flew by so fast, and I’ve come to Rena-chan’s house to study together on the weekend. I could see how much she had improved herself; she must’ve been trying so hard with her studies. I really did give all my best for this study and then my bad habit got into me again. I got so focused with my studies that I forgot about my surroundings. After I had finished the last chapter of my psychology notes, I decided to take a break. I took my glasses of and put it on the table.

“Phew…I wonder how’s Rena-chan doing?”

I turned and saw her sleeping soundly with her head on the couch. She still had her notebook in her hands and the textbook on her lap. I decided not to interrupt her sleep and removed the books away. I quietly enjoyed watching her sleeping face beside her closely. I could feel my heart pounding strongly the longer I stared at her. Her hair dropped down to cover her face and then I gently brushed it away. She looked like an angel descended from heaven…I could stay like this forever…


I snapped instantly as I heard Rena-chan’s mom called me. I almost accidently woke her up and I’m glad I didn’t. I turned towards the origin of the sound and I saw Rena-chan’s mom standing there smiling at me. “Do you mind we have a little talk for a minute?”

“Y-Yes…” I don’t really have a good feeling about this.


Rena-chan’s mom and I sat at another living room and let Rena-chan sleep while we had a talk. I felt a little uneasy and it seemed she could tell that. It made her giggled and strokes my head gently. “Hehe, relax yourself down a little.”

“Y-Yes.” I nodded and took a deep breath to calm myself down.

“So…do you like Rena-chan?” She asked such a bold question that it made me flinched back.

I couldn’t hold back my blushing face and then she laughed at me. Many questions rushed into my head, how did she know? Was it really that obvious?

“Hehe! I guess you’re surprised that I know right?”

She smiled before she patted my head again. “I could tell from the way you look at her…I’m not a school psychologist for nothing~”

“I-I see…”

Rena-chan’s mom saw through it clearly. Even though I did my best to hide this and kept lying to myself about it.She told me she learned sign language as well so she’s able to communicate with Rena-chan. “I’m glad that its you, Jurina-chan. I wouldn’t be able to leave Rena-chan in anyone’s care…except you.”

“Matsui-san…I’m sorry, that I couldn’t keep my promise to look after her…”

“What are you saying? You did more than I had asked you too!” She chuckled softly. “I never seen Rena-chan this happy before after since she lost her voice, it’s all thanks to you.”

“…” I was speechless, I lost my words and I didn’t know what to say. But even before I could say anything, Rena-chan’s mom spoke first.

“I haven’t had a chance to say yet so…thank you for bringing Rena-chan’s smile back, Jurina-chan.”

Her thanks had made me shocked. I didn’t know how to respond to it at all. I didn’t know I should be happy or sad with it. Because she thanked me this much? Because she knew I had feelings for Rena-chan? It’s so confusing; I don’t even understand my own feelings.

“I…I always never believe that I had feelings for her, I tried to believe that it’s just sympathy I had for her…it’s just a feeling I saw her as my younger sister…”

“But you couldn’t lie to your feelings, am I right?”

She asked me even before I could finish my sentence. Rena-chan’s mom knew it all along? I looked up to her and it seemed my eyes told her everything she needed to know. “It’s obvious Jurina-chan…when your love is real, nothing can change one’s love for another that easily.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I believe Rena-chan will reply your love back.”

She giggled and it made me confused. “As I told you, I never seen Rena-chan this happy before in my life, especially when your name was mentioned. Rena-chan is innocent, it’s really easy to tell when she’s in love…”

I couldn’t hold back my blushing face and I buried my face into my hands quietly. I guess what Rena-chan’s mom said was true. I couldn’t lie to my feelings for Rena-chan even I tried so hard to do so…all my efforts went in vain. It just what she said, nothing really could change my love for her…


“Matsui Jurina, it’s almost your turn.”

The staff called my name from the room as I stood up in a pink-laced dress along with my saxophone. “Please go standby.”

“Yes.” I nodded and walked out from the crowded changing room.

It’s about to be my turn in the instrumental music festival. In the end, I did registered right on time; it took me quite a while to know which song to play for this festival. Rena-chan and others also did come to watch. I tried to calm myself down and then try to focus on myself.

Right after the girl finished playing her violin, the staff gave me a nudge. “It’s your turn now.”

“Thank you.”

I walked up onto the stage and it just brought me back old memories when I used to be in the jazz band. It gave me a very nostalgic feeling.

“Number 48, Matsui Jurina, will be playing a song named Nothing is going to change my love for you.”

(The saxophone song that I had in mind, I hope you guys like it too!)


I blew the first note and the sound echoed in my ears, and my heart. I was able to pick the song because of the conversation I had with Rena-chan’s mom. It reminded me of this song my father loved to listen so much back when I was a kid. Also…it truly was represented my feelings right now.


My mind was filled with moments with Rena-chan, and I blew my instrument with all those emotions I had for her. Actually this song…was the song I was playing when I first met Rena-chan at the music room. Since this was my favorite song after all, but it seemed…it really felt like its destiny that I met with her.


 I forgot about the time on the stage…I poured everything into this music and maybe deep down inside me wished to convey my feelings to her through this song…until the very last note of the song.


I could hear loud round of applause from the audience and I felt really relieved. As if a huge weight was lifted from my chest. I didn’t expect for the prize, I didn’t care if I won or not. I’m already satisfied with that I’ve did…


“Jurina! Over here!” Yuko called loudly and grabbed my attention. I turned and then saw everyone there. She ran in to me and threw her arms around my neck, sort of choking me. “THAT WAS JUST TOO AWESOME!”

“Y-Yuko! I’m choking!”

“That was just so melodious Jurina-chan!” Yuki clapped her hands with excitement.

“You even got the prize, that was just so awesome.” Mayu came to me side and gave a soft nudge.

As she said, I actually got the prize of the night; I didn’t expect myself to be chosen as the winner. The prize that I got was a ticket to Hokkaido for 3 days and 2 nights for 3 family members on the last week of December. I guess it was a nice gift? The judges told me that I’m not just playing a song from a music sheet, but playing a song from the soul. That was the reason why the judges chose me without second doubt. I guess they were right? I played while I was thinking about Rena, I disregarded about wishing to be the winner. I just wanted to convey my feelings indirectly to her…then I saw Rena-chan with her mom coming towards me.

[I remember that song; it was the first time we met.]

“You really did?” I was amazed…. I’m totally speechless now

Rena-chan remembered this song on the first time we met. No one understood what Rena-chan said aside from her mom and me. I couldn’t hold back my utmost content, so it wasn’t only me that remembered this song after all. “I’m so happy you remembered it…”

[Of course silly!]

She giggled before she walked in and threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. I could smell her hair and it smell so good. I felt relaxed and hugged her back. Slowly, she pushed herself back away and moved her hands around again.

[Congratulations for the prize! You deserve it]

“Thank you Rena-chan.”

“What are you guys saying this time?” Yuko nudged me and it made me giggled at her.

“She congratulate me for getting the prize.”

“But what about before that?” Mayu asked but then I decided to tease them by not telling them instead.

“It’s our secret, right Rena-chan?” I turned to her and she nodded with that huge bright smile. It made everyone jealous and started to nag me to tell them.

“Jurina~! Tell us!” Yukirin nudged me but I ran away from her. “Mou…so two are too suspicious!”

We both exchanged glances before we giggled out softly. My parents came out and then congratulate me, it was the first time everyone met with my parents. I told them to go home first since I’ll be sleeping over at Rena-chan’s place tonight for from tonight until Christmas, it’s going to be one long sleepover!

Why? Actually…Rena-chan was going to America for her vocal cord surgery by the end of this year. There were cases that the patient’s voice successfully recovered, while some didn’t. It was a 50-50 chance that Rena-chan would recover her voice…but we didn’t know how long it would take her. Might just be few months…or years… To be honest, I’m really sad she was moving as well. But I had to send her off with a smile so I wouldn’t make things too rough for her…including for myself too.

My parents took my stuffs and my saxophone so I don’t have to carry it all over the place. That evening, Rena-chan’s mom drove us back to our respective home. But I was actually the first to be dropped off since I had to go pick up the custom necklace…it was ready for tonight.

“I’ll catch up with you at your house okay?”

I spoke to Rena-chan and she seemed to have a little worried expression. “Don’t worry~ I’ll catch a taxi to your place, okay?”

She nodded softly and then I left the car, that’s when I glanced at the watch, it’s now 9pm, I had to sprint to the shop to get the necklace and headed back to Rena-chan’s house before it’s midnight!


The bell on the door rang as I entered the shop. The owner was waiting for me there and I was so excited to see the end product of the pendant I designed.

“I-It’s done right?”

“Yes! Here it is~ I’m really proud of this piece.”

She handed over me the pendant and it was so beautiful. It was made from silver and had a shiny amethyst gemstone on the middle. I couldn’t believe that my drawing could become something so beautiful like this. “I gave you free necklace and this is my little gift for you!”

She handed another bag to me and then it was another identical necklace that had my name carved at the back, and it made me confuse. “It was for you~” She smiled and seemed to enjoy watching my shocking expression.


“It’s your Christmas gift.” She passed me a little card. “Someone paid that for you already, so don’t worry about it.”

I opened the card and then I was shocked to realize that it was from Mayu.

[My gift for you, then again, Merry Christmas, Baka-Juri] –Mayu

“T-That stalker…” I couldn’t hold back my laugh and then held the card and the necklace close to my heart. I wondered how much she knew all my movements. It could be too creepy sometimes, but if you didn’t look at her as a stalker, she’s a very lovely friend that you wanted to have.

“Thank you Takamina-san.” I thanked the shop owner and then left immediately. But before I that, I turned back to her first. “…Oh, and early Merry Christmas eve.”

“You too! Early Merry Christmas eve, Jurina.” She waved back at me.


Finally, I got the necklace I needed. Even more, I got another one for myself as a Christmas Eve present from Mayu. I couldn’t help but to be so happy with it and then I had to cross this street first before I could catch a taxi…

“Hm…so many people here.” 

I threw my glance around; the city was filled with lights and people. It’s snowing too! Wow, it’s getting much colder than when I arrived here. I heard that it would be a little freezing tonight. Right now I couldn’t wait to get back to Rena-chan’s place and give this to her, I wondered what would her reaction be like.


Whoa!? I got pushed from behind as the people were getting more crowded and eager to cross the street. Oh wow they almost pushed me out into the middle of the street! That was scary…but when I turned to look at the front, I saw this middle-aged man who seemed to get bumped like me fell out into the street.


I just swore inside my head and then without realizing it, I grabbed the man and managed to throw him back to the sidewalk. I guess that’s one of the things I hate about myself…I could become too selfless by accident and neglected the situation I’m in at the moment and right now…this is not going to go that smoothly…



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It's suppose to be in one post but for some reason, it wouldn't allow me to post it so I have to separate it into two. Sorry for the invconvenience, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Sweet Silence
~Pairing: WMatsui~

Huh…where am I?

Oh yeah… a car hit me when I was saving someone. Damn, I always acted like this without realizing it. That’s always one of my bad habits…

Ugh…it hurts. Am I dead? I hope not.

…What’s that warmth? My hand, felt so warm. Someone’s holding my hand. I felt so weak…my eyelids were closing; I should try…opening my eyes.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the white ceiling of this familiar room. I started to look around myself; I saw my mom and dad there beside my bed. They seemed to see me having my conscious back, they looked extremely delightful.

“Jurina!” My mom exclaimed my name loudly with a huge smile and I smiled back to her.

“Hey mom…dad…sorry to make you worry…” I replied weakly. I guess I’m still recovering from the accident. “Is anything…wrong with me?”

“Hmph, if you could ask something like that, I guess nothing’s wrong with you.”

My dad threw in a joke and it made me laughed at him. That’s his way of breaking the tension in the atmosphere, and I really did love it when he did like that. “I’m glad you’re alright…”

“I really need to fix my habit before it would really kill me for real…”

“I really agree with you, Jurina.” My mom ruffled my head gently and grabbed a glass of water for me. “Are you thirsty? You passed out for the entire night here.”

“Entire night…wait…w-what about Rena-chan…?” I just remembered that I’m supposed to go to her place after I got the pendant…Now I had another issue to worry, where is my necklaces!? “Mom…where are my necklaces I had in my bag? Is it…still there?”

“You mean this?” My mom pointed to the box on the table, I sighed with relief, it seemed it was not damaged by the accident. Then I took the water from her and had a sip…ah, I felt so thirsty, I must’ve fell asleep for really long. “Rena-chan looked after you for whole night yesterday…she just left few hour ago.”

“W-What time is it…?”

“It’s currently 12pm to be exact.” She glanced at her watch before she turned back to me.

I guess I really did made her worry…did that mean she stayed up the whole night to look after me? That was just…crazy. Now I felt so bad making her look after me. “I-Is…Rena-chan okay?”

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. The doctor still has to do more check ups to see whether there’s nothing wrong or not.” My mom called the nurse and then my doctor arranged an appointment with me today.

I had to do normal check ups for any brain or spine injury. It was a very simple but it could get very long too…finally when I’m done, the results were really great! I’m completely healthy like a horse. I was escorted back to my room and met with my mom waiting for me there. She was just on a phone for the second I entered, she told me she called Rena-chan’s mom and then they would come see me today evening…

“Ah right…today’s Christmas eve.”

“Yes it is.” My mom smiled softly with a sigh underneath. “What an unfortunate Christmas eve for you, Jurina.”

“Uh, I guess it is.”

 I ruffled my head as I got back on my bed and decided to take more naps until Rena-chan would come. I glanced at the clock and it’s already 4pm…I wondered when would she come though. “Can you wake me up when they come?”

“Sure, have as much rest you can. I’ll cook pasta for you when you get back.”

“Yatta~ your pasta is the best!” I giggled, as I couldn’t wait to go back.

I’m started to get a little sleepier due to the side effects of the pills I took. Slowly…I drifted into my exhausting sleep.


“Hm…” I had wake up already, it’s about 8pm.

Rena-chan weren’t here yet. Even though the doctors suggested me to sleep more. Too bad I had more than enough already, maybe I was excited to meet with Rena-chan after all of this happened…there were so many things…I want to tell her.


I sighed out while calling her name softly to myself. It was so quiet in the room; my parents were talking outside with someone, probably with the doctors…


“Jurina, Rena-chan is here.” My mom peaked in and she saw me awake. “Ah, good that you’re awake now! Go on in Rena-chan.”

Finally…the person I waited for had came. My mom decided to leave us alone to have a private talk with each other. She stared at me and I smiled back to her. I only could hope that it would reduce the awkwardness between us right now. At least with my smile, I could indirectly tell her that I’m fine now.

“Hey Rena-chan…I’m glad to see you.”

I was the first to spoke up and then I started to see her broke into tears instantly. I was shocked to see her cry, I believed it was also the first time I saw her crying. Before I could’ve react to anything, she ran in and threw her arms around me tightly. She sobbed on my shoulders quietly…I guess I really did made her worried.

“I’m sorry to make you worry…”

She hugged me even tighter and shook her head vigorously. She sobbed harder as I could feel my shoulders started to get wet. She’s really crying so hard.

“Rena-chan, I’m fine. I’m not dead yet!” I tried to break the tension of the atmosphere between us but then it didn’t make any difference at all. I sighed softly and pushed myself back from her.

“Rena-chan…talk to me.”

I made an eye contact with her. I could see her eyes were completely red, and there was also a darken color underneath her eyes…she didn’t have enough sleep. I started to wonder what actually happened when I was sleeping.

[I’m so scared that you will die.]

Finally, she communicated with me. Her movements were even weak and slow. It really showed me that she was still exhausted, yet she came to visit me no matter what. She’s still sobbing and continued to move her hands around.

[I’m so scared that I won’t be able to talk to you again.]


[I wouldn’t know…]

She started to cry again and forced herself to continue where she left off.

[…what to do if something happens to you.]

I understood her feelings. I tried imagining myself in Rena-chan’s position. I would definitely be so devastated if something were to happen to Rena-chan. My heart would shatter and fell deep down into the bottomless pit of despair. She couldn’t stop crying and it made me really sad too. I hate seeing her crying like that…

“Rena-chan…I have something to tell you.”

I bid my lips and decided to make a move. She looked up at me with silence, while she was waiting for me to speak. I took another deep breath before I continued where I left off…to finish this once and for all.

“…I love you.”

I could see her eyes grew wide with shock, but that was as I expected from her. I sighed softly with a smile underneath. It did felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I got to tell her how I felt.

“The moment I got hit by a car… and when I realized I was so close to death…I immediately realized that there were so many things I would regret if I hadn’t tell you my feelings…” I looked down on my injured arm. I’m just basically avoiding eye contact with Rena-chan. It wouldn’t be able to continue if I kept looking at her. “I thought more than just a friend, I looked at you with romantic interest. I always wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship…I’m really sorry--”

She leaped in towards me and silenced me instantly with her lips. Her soft pink lips crashed with mine. Then I could feel her hands grabbed onto my shoulder a pulling me in closer to her. I eventually went along with the flow and kissed her back. If I would’ve say, this was the best moments of my life…I was kissing…with Rena-chan, whom I’m in love with. The kiss got even deeper as I could feel Rena-chan’s arm snaked around my neck and pulled me in closer to her. I titled my head a little to even deepen the kiss. My body reacted to its own; my hand slowly caressed her cheeks and helped pulling her closer to me. Eventually we had to break apart since we both needed to catch a breath. That was when our eyes met with each other and our faces were completely flushing red…


This time, Rena lowered her hand down and held my hand tightly. She moved her lips, and exaggerating each word carefully. I read her lips, and it felt as if her words were echoing in my heart.

(I love you…)

Then she started repeated it again, and again, and again…

(…I love you…I love you…I love you…I love you…)

She repeated countless times as tears streamed down her cheeks again. I couldn’t hold back my feelings anymore and I could feel a drop of tear ran down my cheek. She held my hand against to her chest, and I could even feel her heartbeat so clearly…

(Jurina…I love you too.)


I couldn’t stop my tears any longer. I couldn’t stop this surge of feelings inside my heart. I was so fluttered with utmost happiness that she responded to my feelings…and that we shared the same feelings for one another.

(Jurina…Jurina…I love you. I love you…!)

She was so desperate to say those words despite the fact I could read her lips clearly. But I could see that painful look on her, it seemed she kept repeating it desperately until a voice would come out. It even hit the verge she looked as if she was shouting out.

(I love you! …I love you!)

“Rena, stop it.”

I grabbed onto her shoulder tightly and made her flinched. She looked back at me with a surprised look and I gave her a soft peck on her eye. “Your words reached me…I love you too. I really do.”

She nodded softly and started crying again. She’s such a crybaby, and I couldn’t help but to giggled inwardly to myself. “Don’t cry…but I guess if it’s tears of happiness, then it’s fine.”

She nodded again and held onto my shirt tightly.

“Rena…can we kiss again?” I asked her and she nodded without a second thought of it.

She moved in closer while we still kept our eye contact with another. Eventually our lips met and slowly deepened into a romantic kiss. I never though a kiss would felt this good at all… Finally, after we seemed to be satisfied with the kiss. Rena-chan eventually backed off a little and we both had an eye contact silently before we smiled back at each other. Ah right…I just remembered something, I glanced at the watch and there’s still a little time left before it was midnight. 

“Ah…could you grab that bag for a second?” I asked her and she seemed to be a little confused.

I grabbed a small box from inside and then opened it up to show it to her. I could see a shocking all over her face and I was expecting that coming. “Merry Christmas eve, Rena.”

She stared at the necklace in the box and took it from my hand. I swore that was the most beautiful smile I ever witnessed in my life. Even though she seemed to be crying again, she was smiling so beautifully.

[It is so pretty…I never seen this kind of design before.]

“I actually designed it myself.” I replied and it even made her shocked even more. “I have one of the shops to make it and it came out to be much more prettier than I expected…”

[…Thank you so much. I love it so badly.]

“I’m glad you like it~”

This huge surge of contentment in my chest forced me to give a huge smile out. I was just beyond so happy that Rena loved it. “I wanted to put it on you, but too bad I got only one arm right now.”

She shook her head lightly before she placed the box back on my hand.

[I’ll wait for you to put it on me]

“M-My arms won’t heal fast enough before you leave to America--”

[I will wait for you.]


[I will come back. I promise. I will come back to you.]

I could see strong determination in her eyes and I believed in it. Rena was so strong. She could make such tough decisions like this, and even going to America for the surgery with a chance that the surgery would fail…yet, she didn’t lose hope at all.

“Rena, you’re so strong…you’re able to make such decisions like that with those eyes…”

She shook her head, denying what I said.

[It’s because Jurina taught me to fight until very end without losing hope. With your smile, I felt nothing is impossible.]

That made me blushed to realize Rena felt that way towards me. I never thought that I could give hope to someone before…but her words did give me courage. I tightened my fist and then put the box into Rena’s hands again.

“Please…keep it with you.” I took another deep breath before I continue. “When you get back…Can I ask you for a relationship?”

I stumbled back slightly but I’m not giving up. I gulped while I still looked at her, hoping she wouldn’t refuse me down. But then she revealed a smile and nodded firmly. It gave me a huge relief in my chest…

[I will reply you…and tell you my feelings, with my voice next time.]

“I’ll wait for you…no matter how long it’s going to take.” I stroke her head and moved down to caress her cheeks gently. “I’ll wait for your return here.”

She smiled and placed her hand on top of my hand. From her emotions, she seemed to be rather calmed than a minute ago when she was crying so hard about me dying in the accident.

We had our silent moments with each other. Our eyes met one another. With no words conveyed, we closed the gap between the two of us and then our lips met.  It was the last kiss I had with Rena before she left…unfortunately, the doctor didn’t allow me to leave, but then she texted me instead. I wasn’t upset or sad that I didn’t have a chance to meet her on the day she left. I held another identical necklace that Rena had in my hands. I wouldn’t know how long would it take but…I’ll can only just wait for Rena’s return…


“Jurina~! Jurina over here!”

Yuko jumped in the air and rose up her arm as high as she could to grab my attention. Mayu and Yukirin were there with her. I ran towards them as I was in my school uniform with a flower clipped on my outer jacket. Obviously I’m fully recovered from the accident already! I’m as healthy as a wild horse now.

“Sorry! I went to the bathroom.”

“The graduation is about to start, let’s go.” Mayu spoke up and tapped my shoulder.

Right…it had been one year since Rena went to America. I hadn’t heard anything from her side. I wondered every day whether the surgery went well or not. Would she be okay? Did her voice returned? What’s she doing right now? Did she…forget about me yet? I sighed and looked up in the sky. I was wearing the flower necklace, which was identical to the one that Rena had…Every time I looked at the necklace in the mirror every morning, I always thought of Rena, every single day, until now…


I was about to leave right after the graduation ended. However before I had the chance to do so, Mayu came up to me.

“Jurina! Wait.” She called me and I stopped.

“What is it?” I replied back to her.

“…Have you heard anything from Rena?”

She finally asked me a taboo question. I remained in silence and sighed softly. It seemed Mayu knew the answer from my reaction, it’s my usual answer…there was no news from Rena at all. “I see…I guess you’re not coming with us to hangout.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about that. Also, I hate it when you’re depressing like that.” She glared at me as she punched my shoulder softly. “Call us if you need accompany, we’re here for you too.”


Then I decided to leave the place before I would get call by someone else. I don’t really have a mood for anything. Am I depressed? Maybe I am…only thing I could think of was Rena. The more I thought and missed her…the more I realized I loved her even more than before…


“Sigh…that was tiring.”

I sighed as I got in the car with my dad. Mom went back home earlier because something urgent came up. I didn’t actually go out to party with everyone else. I was too tired to do it.

“Don’t you want to hangout with Yuko and others?” My dad asked but I shook my head.

“No…not really in a mood, it’s just a graduation.” I looked out the window and he decided not to speak anything further.

As soon as we arrived at home, I saw another car parked in front of my house. Who came today? So after I got out from my car, I went into the house and it seemed my mom had a guest…

“I’m back.”

I decided to walk pass the living room without bothering my parents but then my mom just called me over.  “Jurina! Come see who’s here!”

I turned with a sigh but then my eyes sudden grew wide with shock. It’s like my eyeballs were about to pop out. There were three people there. They were Rena’s mom and dad…and that girl with a shoulder-length hair sitting at the couch looking at me…I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gawked while I saw a huge smile appeared on her face. She sprung up towards me and then threw her arms around me.


She shut me up with a kiss, and even worse, right in front of our parents. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself in closer for a deeper kiss. I froze there instantly and I could hear my mom whistled clearly. It seemed our parents knew about this all along and accepted it…but it seemed my parents had a new topic to tease me now.

“Jurina~ why don’t you two have your own private time for a meanwhile?” My mom spoke up as she slowly backed away to break the kiss. “Take your time though! And don’t be too loud.”

“M-Mom!?” I yelled back at her, as it was so embarrassing for her to tease me like that. But I guess she was right for one thing…I needed to have my own private time with her…with Rena…


We went to my room instead and as I closed the door, now it’s only the two of us in the room. I turned back to look at her as she was sitting on the edge of my bed. She did cut her hair and her overall appearance changed…just a little. But, she looked much prettier than the last time I met her.

“I-I didn’t know you’re back…how have you’ve been?”

She didn’t say a word and it made me worried did the surgery failed? She didn’t even utter a word since I saw her yet. I gulped and then asked her again. “Is everything…alright?”

She nodded as her reply. She walked up towards me and pulled me over to the bed. I was wondering what she was planning to do and then she put something in my hand. I took a look and it was…that necklace I gave to her.

“I came here…as I promise. I’m sorry to take so long to come back.”

My eyes grew wide with shock. That sweet lovely unfamiliar voice came out from Rena. I looked back up at her immediately and I could see that huge delightful smile across her face.

“D-Did you just…”

“I desperately waited for this day…my feelings have changed, as I loved you even more than before.”

Rena spoke back to me and I couldn’t hold back my tears. Her voice was just so lovely and it echoed into my eardrums clearly. She looked at my necklace and touched it gently. “Finally, I got the chance to tell you my feelings I couldn’t say to you back then…”

She moved her hands to my cheeks and pulled me down for a kiss…even it was short. She seemed to enjoy teasing me after she got back. My mind was completely blown away and I didn't know how to react with the situation at all! R-Rena could the surgery was a success! She came back, the first thing she did was kissing me. I couldn't arrange the words in my head properly

“I miss you so much… I love you.”

She spoke clearly right towards me and held my hand. “I love you so much, even until now…I love you. I really love you.”

“…Me too.” Finally I could reply her as I sat on the bed and we faced each other. “I miss you so much…and I love you even far more than before.”

I looked back at the necklace in my hand and I remembered the promise we made on the night of Christmas Eve. I unhooked the necklace and Rena definitely knew what I was about to do next. She lifted her hair up and then I finally had put the necklace on her. Finally…Rena was wearing the necklace I gave her.

“Rena…will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I’m gladly to be your girlfriend…more than anything else.”

She replied with her brightest smile with slight watery tears. I couldn’t hold back my smile and rested my head against hers. “I’m so happy…you’re back.” I whispered back to her and made her smile even more.

“I’m glad I’m back again…back to you again.”

We made an eye contact with each other silently; I could just stare at Rena forever like this. She’s just so beautiful like an angel. Slowly, I moved in this time and I pecked her lips gently. It was our first kiss as an official lover…

Then our lips met softly and moved apart again…

Then again…


And again…

I appreciated every second I made contact with her soft sweet lips…until before Rena decided to wrap her arms around my head to pull me down onto the bed with her and have a deep passionate kiss. She played with my tongue inside my mouth and I allowed her to play the dominant role…for now. I tangled my fingers in her silky hair. She suddenly pushed me away, kissed my forehead with that childish smile across her face, and pulled in to hug me tightly in her arms.

"Whoa!?" I yelped with surprise. I didn't expected that coming and I could hear Rena laughing at me.

“Jurina~ I love you!”

She finally called my name. I could feel the blood rushed up my face. My heart started to beat faster and then I hugged her back while i buried my face on her shoulder. She called my name again and again.

"Jurina, Jurina, Jurina! I'm so happy I'm able to call your name. Jurina is such a beautiful name."

"Hm...I don't think so. Rena is much beautiful than mine." I disagreed with her but then it made her slapped on my back.

"No! Jurina is better!" She argued back.

"...Fine, if you said so." I gave up and it made Rena happy about it. Even though I just went along with the flow, and didn't actually admit that fact, she seemed really happy...I'm happy that she is. If it's for her smile, I'm happily to go along with her flow.

"Hehe~ Jurina, I love you!"

" call my name too often now...It's a little embarrassing you know?" I had to admit that having Rena calling my name too many times was making me blushing too much already. It felt...too good. Rena's voice was just so cute and hearing her calling my name countless times is just...yeah.

"But I want to make up for the time I couldn't call your name..." She ruffled my head gently and hugged me even tighter. "I miss you!"

"Hai hai...I miss you too." I pushed back away and stared into her eyes.

It was a silence eye contact with each other, and it seemed we knew what each of us thought. She slowly moved it as she closed her eyes. I stared at her for few seconds, looking at how adorable she was before I decided to not make her wait any longer...


Both of us flinched badly and we immediately blushed so badly. We were badly interrupted by a sudden knock on my door.

“Jurina! We’re heading out for early dinner together now, hurry up and come down with Rena-chan!”

That was definitely my mom’s voice. That was really awkward that she broke out romantic tension away instantly. But then it made Rena laughed, and it was the first time I heard her laugh. I was surprised, and was so glad that the surgery went well…Rena was given a normal life once again.

“I guess we shouldn’t keep our parents waiting.” Rena spoke up and I nodded while she fixed her shirt properly.

“You’re right…Oh!”

As soon as I got up from bed, I just remembered another thing I didn’t say to her yet. It caught her attention and I patted her head gently. “Congratulations for the surgery…and welcome back home.”

She smiled and giggled back at me. “Congratulations for your graduation today too! Sorry that I couldn’t make today since I wanted to surprise you at your house…”

“Not at all, as long as I meet you…I’m great with everything.”

“Aw! I have a graduation present for you though~”

She gave a cheesy grin and it made me curious what graduation present would I get from her but then she just walked passed me to the door. I was confused until she turned back to me. “Today I’ll be sleeping over at your place! Our parents knew and talked about it right before you arrived back…so you can get your present tonight~”

She placed her finger on top of her lips and gave such a lustful smirk back at me. “…I'll make sure to make up for the time I'm gone!”

That moment, Rena's expression was really bright and lively. I haven't seen that expression before from her ever since I met her. It seemed, after she regained her voice back, the invisible chain that restrained her for so long had disappeared. The real lively Rena had surfaced herself out from her comfort zone. I smiled softly as she grabbed my hand.

“Jurina, let’s go.”

“…Yeah.” I nodded and then we went downstairs to meet with our parents who were waiting for us.

The necklace we both wear showed our everlasting connection. It’s a symbol of our unwavering devotion for one another. It was also a proof that…nothing could change our love for each other. I fell in love with Rena without her saying a single word…love could be complicated and beautiful. Even with her problem to speak, it didn’t stop us from caring and loving each other.

It was our sweet silence.


Word count for this? Don't even want to bother...The number is too scary (which means it's more than the insane long MaYuki one shot...) Since it's quite hard to write the story out like this! Probably I did put a lot of words in I hope you do enjoy! Leave some comments or anything if you feel great about it :)
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Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Sweet Silence [WMatsui] - Update (02/8/13)
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Ok.... I need to say this........


rlly! I don't have more words!!!!
I love all your wmatsui fanfics! they are in other level or something! I LOVE THEM!
I need to print out this or something(? xD

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh  :heart:

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