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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 119792 times)

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Once again, I enjoyed this fic! You have a really vivid imagination, and I wish I had half of your creativity. XD

Why are there so many abusive parents in this forum?! That angers me! :angry:

Am looking forward to your next story. :)

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Interesting os there between Mayu and juri...

So touching somewhat...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see the next OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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your're a very good writer :twothumbs your story is amazing, you have wide imagination :rockon:

can i request JurinaxYuria? this two is a super rare pair

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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3
Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
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Dedicated to Sherin-san's birthday~ Finally that I'm done writing this OS! I hope all wmatsui shippers also have fun and enjoy the story~!  :cathappy:

~Unbreakable Love~
~Pairing: WMatsui~

“Jurina, hurry up!”

Yuko called the handsome girl over to her side as they were rushing to the next class. The surprised puppy ran over to her friend immediately before they would be late for their class. “G-Gommen!”
“Stop daydream and get your ass moving before Mariko-sensei will kill us!”

“I-I know! I’m sorry!”

She was too busy daydreaming of her best friend from her old school. Apparently her best friend shared the same surname as her: Her name is Matsui Rena.


Both Matsui were best friends from junior high until last year when Jurina had to move to Akiba high school due to several complications in her family. She had to separate from her other close friends including Airin, Churi, and Kuumin. Both of them didn’t expected such sudden separations like this but at least they had a proper farewell at Sakae High school… Despite them being in a different school, they didn’t fail to keep contact with one another but recently Jurina had came to stop exchanging messages with Rena. It was the period of time that seniors would be really busy with applying into their ideal universities. The puppy didn’t want to bother her raven friend with her stupid and spoiled messages. She felt like she should grow up and stop bothering with Rena.

Time flew by so fast as Jurina was daydreaming in her classroom, and finally it was afterschool. She headed to the library with Yuko to do her assignments and studies.

“Jurina, did you do the assignment?”

“Yeah, I finished it already.”

“Do you mind I check some few answers?”


Jurina passed the assignment to Yuko and continued studying for her entrance exams. She tried to finish as much work as possible but then her mind seemed to be distracted by many things… While working, Yuko could pick up on that and decided to stop doing her work. She diverted her attention to focus on her dazed-off friend instead.

“Jurina, what’s on your mind?”


“Sure something happen. You’re not focusing on your you want to share?”

“…Well.” She sighed and put her pencil down.

Slowly rearranging her words she begun to tell what actually happened to her few days ago back at her old school to Yuko. It was a holiday for their school but not on Rena’s side so she decided to pay a visit to Sakae High school.


“Jurina! How have you been doing!?”

Churi ran in and threw her arms around her puppy friend. She was so happy that their lovely friend came to visit them at their Sakae high school despite it being ridiculously far from her house. Jurina chuckled with her friend’s reaction of her visit and hugged Churi back with happiness.

“Hey~ It’s been a while isn’t!?”

“Oh yeah it is!” Churi pulled her friend with burning excitement. “Rena-chan is over at the cafeteria, let’s go!”

“I see, thanks!”

Jurina headed to the cafeteria together with Airin and Churi. She threw her glance around and there were loads of many new faces that she didn’t recognize. After getting too caught up wandering her eyes around Churi grabbed her and dragged to one of the tables. The puppy’s eyes met with the raven’s one and then their eyes grew wide with surprise. A smile slowly became clearly visible as Jurina launched herself in to hug Rena tightly.

“Rena-chan! It’s been a while isn’t!?”

“Jurina…stop it! I’m tired.” Rena pried Jurina away from her and it made the puppy girl slightly sad yet confuse.

Then Jurina saw the other two new girls that were sitting with her raven friend. Apparently they had joined with Rena’s group after the puppy had left so they didn’t know her. So the raven girl decided to introduce her to the newcomers of the group. “Ah right! You guys never met Jurina before right?”

“Hm? New people?” Jurina asked with curiosity.

 “Yup, this is Kanon-chan and Yuria-chan!”

“I heard a lot about you from Churi and Airin, nice to meet you in person Jurina-chan!” Yuria gave a friendly smile to her, as well as Kanon.

“Nice to meet you too!”

However, Jurina seemed to sense something odd coming from Yuria and Kanon. They apparently were looking at her and Rena, and then exchanged glances with each other. They whispered softly but Jurina didn’t catch what they were saying…obviously she didn’t feel that good about it.


After that Rena seemed to be a little busy with her assignments and upcoming tests. Jurina didn’t wanted to bother her at all and decided to walk around with Churi, who seemed to be free, to greet all her fellow teachers. They visited one by one and Jurina enjoyed coming to visit her old school. She missed this place. It’s the place she grew up together with Rena since junior high until she transferred out. While she decided to use the bathroom, she overheard a conversation that seemed to be about Jurina and Rena…

“Hey, did you see Jurina today?”

“Yeah I did! I was so surprise!” Another girl responded with a surprising tone. “I bet she’s here to see Rena.”

“Aren’t they together or something?”

“No way! You’re joking?” Another girl could believe what her friend was saying but she seemed to get more excited with the situation they didn’t even know it’s true or not.

“I don’t know, since Jurina’s always cuddling on Rena…they sure look suspicious don’t you think?” She asked back.

“Hm I guess you’re right! Eh…I never thought that Rena would be into that kind of relationship.”

“Me either! So scary~”

“It’s more of disgusting~”

Jurina didn’t come out from the bathroom and just waited for those girls to walk out. Finally she came out, and sighed while washing her hand. Normally she wasn’t a type of person who would bother to even care what her ex-classmates gossiping about her but she couldn’t make herself forget about it. She felt as if her visiting presence caused more problems to Rena.

(Those rumors…it’s still here even I’m gone for 8 months already?)

“Hey, why you’re taking so long? Is there something a matter?” At that perfect moment Churi came into the bathroom to check on Jurina since the girl took quite a long while.

“…Hey Churi.” Jurina turned to her. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come back here eh?”

“H-Huh? What the hell did you meant by that!?” Churi suddenly raged at her and grabbed onto Jurina’s shoulders tightly. She couldn’t believe that Jurina actually said that.

“Even until now everyone thought that Rena-chan and I were in a relationship right?”

“A-Ah…” Churi suddenly froze and lightened up her grip immediately. It made Jurina realized that she was speaking right on the bull’s eye.

“So you knew it as well.” The puppy girl sighed. “In the end, I’m nothing but causing more problems to Rena-chan.”

“Please don’t say like that! It’s not your fault! It’s THOSE bitches---”

“Whoa! Calm down Churi, hold your words!” Jurina interrupted before Churi could literally insulted her own classmates in the middle of the bathroom. But a part of Jurina felt grateful that Churi cared for her. “But thanks though…I really appreciate your kindness.”

“You and Rena-chan are friends, that fact doesn’t change and what’s wrong with visiting your own friend? Got that!?”

“Hai hai. So…I guess I still have a little time left. I might as well meet with Rena-chan and Airin before I leave.”

“Sure, I’ll call Airin asking where she is…” Churi grabbed her cellphone and dialed her friend.

Jurina was waiting for the call to end, and apparently both of them were still at the cafeteria working. So they walked back there and met with them again. However, Rena seemed to look even busier while Yuria and Kanon were working as well. Airin spotted the two of them and waved at them immediately from a far distance.

“Hey! You guys are done visiting others already?”

“Yup!” Churi replied with smile acting as if nothing happened. She didn’t want to make Airin suspect her odd actions as well as not making Jurina worried more than she was right now. “When are you leaving though?”

“Hm…” Jurina looked at her watch. She actually planned to leave at late 5pm. It’s 2pm right now…she took her time to think and then decided to lie to them instead.

“I’ll have to go in few minutes now. Sorry that I couldn’t stay that long though.”

“I see…that’s sad!!” Airin sulked and then it caught Rena’s attention. Finally, she looked up to the ex-student while she took her reading glasses off.

“Ah…you’re leaving already?” Rena seemed to be surprise but there’s a slight hint of sadness on her.

“Yes.” Jurina didn’t add anything more than that. Only but a fake lively smile was on her face. She didn’t want to bother Rena with her sadness. Since Jurina really wanted to spend as much time as she could with Rena but she chose to suppress that feeling.

“I guess I’ll see you later, I came to say good bye to you guys.”

“Alright, but I’m glad you came to see us!” Churi smiled and suddenly came up with an insane idea. “Hey Rena-chan, you should at least go send Jurina at the parking lot!”

“Huh? It’s fine though. Rena-chan is busy with her work--”

“I guess a little won’t be a problem. I might as well take a break from my studies.”

Rena interrupted Jruina with a smile and got up from her seat. At that moment Jurina exchanged glances with Churi and realized that it was her friend’s scheme to at least make both Matsui friends have their own time together. But it made Jurina doubt whether she would be happy about that or not…


“So…how’s life treating you? Busy as usual eh?” Jurina asked casually and Rena nodded.

“Yeah, it’s quite hectic as I’m planning to apply to England…it’s going to be really tough but I’ll do my best.”

“I see! I hope you best of luck though!”

“Thank you Jurina…I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend time with you today.” Rena gave an apologetic smile. “Something sudden came up so yeah…”

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Still, I’m really sorry. I’ll definitely make up for it.”

“Oh hey don’t take it seriously!”

Jurina put a fake smile and played around in order to loosen the tension. She tapped Rena’s back friendly and gave a short chuckle. “It’s really usual for us seniors to be busy. Forget about us being free.”

“…Thank you Jurina, you’re probably the one that understands me the most.”

“No problem, we’re friends.” Jurina put a lot of her acting skills together while her hand gripped tightly because to her Rena was not just a friend. She thought of Rena more than that. Jurina actually had feelings for her best friend, Rena.

Then the moment Jurina didn’t want it to end had came, they arrived at the parking lot and it’s the time the ex-student had to leave her precious school. This place was crowded with students who wanted to leave school as soon as possible. It was the busiest moment of each day in school.

“I guess we’re talk some other time in the phone or messages.”

“Sure if you’re up to it, but don’t force yourself for it since we’re busy with many college applications and everything.” Jurina gave a soft shrug and it made Rena sighed softly.

“Alright…I’ll see you later Jurina.”

“…Yeah.” Jurina nodded but something seemed to catch her. Rena didn’t look as enthusiastic and bright as before. Did something happen? It made Jurina wondered and she just felt like she had to ask her. “Neh…you don’t seem to be like before… you’re not as enthusiastic anymore, did something happen?”

“Huh?” Rena flinched but then it seemed to turn into eyes of displease instead. “I think that’s normal. I’m busy my ass off right now and obviously why would I be enthusiastic with it?”

The puppy flinched slightly thinking that she shouldn’t have said that at all. It seemed to snap some buttons on Rena and then she quickly apologized to the raven girl before it’s starting to get more serious.

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t meant like that!” She bluffed immediately. “I just thought something might happen and it made you looked down…I’m sorry.”

“Ah…I’m sorry for ranting it on you. I seemed to lose a lot of my temper nowadays due to so many works to do.” Rena sighed and ruffled her hair. “This is bad…”

“Don’t worry, everyone’s like that at times.”

Jurina felt relieved that she managed to loosen up the tension before Rena actually started to get boiled. “I’ll leave now, I’ll see you later.”


Just right when Jurina was about to hug Rena as for their usual goodbye back when they’re still together. The raven girl stopped Jurina and pushed the girl softly away from her. Making Jurina confused, Rena helped clarify it for her.

“Sorry I’m not just into for a hug right now.”

“O-Oh, okay.” Jurina felt awkward as she kept her arms to her side in the crowded parking lot when everyone’s heading back home.

At the corner of her eyes she saw some of her ex-classmates looking from a distance away. That moment, a thought instantly flashed into her head. She knew Rena for a long time to know she’s very observing and smart, but not many people knew about that. It’s impossible that Rena wouldn’t know that that kind of rumors regarding their relationship wasn’t lurking around. Jurina started to have weird ideas in her head. The reason Rena avoided physical contact with her even just a friendly hug was because of the rumor? However, the puppy girl decided not to ask anything further and just backed away instead.

“Yeah…I’ll see you later. Take care.”

She walked away, without saying any word or turning around to Rena. Obviously she was hurt by Rena’s action more than anything else. She even hugged Churi, Airin, and her other friends. But she couldn’t hug her very best friend due to the stupid rumor going on in her year even though she had transferred out. Jurina couldn’t believe how much bad luck could she have…


“So have you talk to Rena after that?” Yuko asked, and Jurina just shook her head.

“No I didn’t…I heard from Churi that they’re during the moments at completing the college applications.”

Jurina always kept in touch with Churi with most of things going around in school. The puppy girl was really concerned about Rena’s schedule since she didn’t want to bother Rena when she’s really busy with her own personal studies. However something seemed to catch Yuko’s attention and started to get curious about Jurina.

“Wait…did you tell them that you got accepted to America?”


“Are you serious?! You’re leaving in like 2 weeks and you didn’t tell Rena yet!?”

Yuko exclaimed loudly with shock. She caught everyone’s attention in the library and it made Jurina felt awkward immediately. The puppy girl tried to calm down her squirrel friend and then she got dragged out from the library before any further conversation could continue. Yuko looked really mad. She was really mad at Jurina for not telling her friends about her departure from Japan. She didn’t even tell them that she got accepted to America in Video Production major. The Matsui girl wanted to become a movie director, however she would have to early graduate in order to go into the commencing month of the year. Yet such important news, she didn’t tell her friends from her Sakae High School at all.

“Jurina, what is the meaning of this? Why didn’t you tell your friends?”

“I don’t really find a proper time to tell…”

Even before Jurina could finish her sentence she suddenly got pinned against the wall of the corridor by Yuko. “H-Hey Yuko calm down.”

“How could I? Isn’t Rena important to you? Yet you didn’t tell her?”

“She’s busy. I don’t want my own matter to be a bother to her.”

“Seriously? It won’t! Rena would be even more mad if you didn’t tell her about that!” Yuko argued. “Isn’t she your friend?”

“She is…but…”

“But what?”

“You know I love her. Even I moved school for the sake of getting the rumor between my relationship and her…yet I will still be a problem to her.” Jurina looked away.

She was already in so much pain just to speak the truth out despite she knew by heart so well. It was one of the dark secrets she never told anyone aside from Yuko. The reason she actually moved school was because of the rumor between her relationship with Rena and it did made her friends and Rena got bullied to certain extent. Others even bullied her but yet she decided to do it for the sake of her friends and Rena. She lied to her friends that she transferred due to sudden family complications. She had done this for the sake of her friends and Rena.

The one who would be in the most pain right now would be Jurina. She had to be separated from all her best friends including her crush for everyone’s sake. That’s one thing Yuko knew about Jurina really well… the little puppy girl could be truly strong and could become really selfless despite having such a very sensitive fragile heart. Jurina had a very kind heart that even made Yuko slightly jealous with how Rena had someone that cared for her this much.

“Jurina…I think you should still tell her that you’re leaving in 2 weeks. You have to or else you’ll regret it.” Yuko insisted again but in a softer yet serious tone in her voice. It seemed the squirrel’s words reached her and made Jurina nodded slowly.

“…Alright, I’ll tell them.”

“Good, I guess we should go back in to study?”


Both of them walked back into the library. However this matter hadn’t settle within Jurina’s heart just yet. After it’s starting get quite late they decided to go back home and that’s when Jurina returned back to her little room. She dropped her bag onto the ground and threw herself onto the bed. It was a quiet house like usual. Her brother went out to work and would be back really late at night after she’s asleep. Her mother was busying reading her own books in her own room quietly. Her grandmother was just doing her own little things and was in her own little world, she’s really old. Her father was busy with his work and rarely came home, Jurina even barely remembered the last time she met him in this house… Right now, her dog Colon was sleeping. He seemed to be a little sick and he would get well soon in few days. Mother gave him medicine already.

“What should I do now?”

She walked to her study table and started to just stroll through the Internet for fun and then her eyes coincidently caught a glimpse of the calendar beside her table. It’s already July 25th…ah right, in two days it would be Rena’s birthday.

“Rena’s birthday huh…what should I do for her?”

While she was thinking she felt that she should make some video for her. She recalled back when she’s still in Sakae High school she was given advices from Airin, Churi and Kuumin about Rena’s birthday present. Since Jurina was really good with making videos, she should make a special one for Rena.

“I guess that works. I should do it now then…”

Without further ado, Jurina opened the moviemaker program, putting on her headphones, and started making the video for Rena’s birthday present. In her mind, she believed that this would likely to be the last birthday present for Rena.

In this video…she would confess her feelings to Rena and then by that time she would already be in America. When Jurina thought about the plan…she felt like she’s a coward running away from Rena. She just wanted to confess her feelings for the raven friend and then disappeared from her life. Jurina knew that no matter what Rena would reject her. The raven girl couldn’t even give a friendly hug when she went to visit her and others at Sakae High school. What could Jurina expected from Rena? She couldn’t expect anything but rejection…


While she was editing the video, warm tears started to run down her cheeks. She still had that poker face on her that showed no emotions or any hints of being weak. But inside her heart was shrieking in agony. The video she was making for Rena was filled with their memories together ever since Junior High…it’s like she’s making a music video of their life. Obviously she couldn’t hold back her tears. It was just too overwhelming for her. Every picture and video she looked through the picture folder brought back all her memories she had long forgot.

Jurina would always bring her dog over to play with Rena’s dog…
They went to the amusement park just the two of them before…
They went to watch movies together…
They went on a vacation to Kagoshima with their family together…
They had sleepovers at each other places…
Rena would come cheer Jurina when she had soccer competition…
They had a hangout at Rena’s place to bake a cake for Churi’s surprise birthday…
Rena fell asleep while she was studying in the library with everyone…
Jurina gave a bouquet to Rena in talent show in school for singing…
They went to prom last year and both of them were in dresses…
And even more…

Each picture Jurina went through only could bring more tears to the girl. There were too many beautiful moments she shared with Rena…


Glad that the next day is a weekend. Jurina had enough time to wrap up things with Rena’s final birthday present before she would leave to America. She did take her two whole days to do it and finally it was done. In the morning of Rena’s birthday, she decided to burn it onto the CD before she would forget to do so.

“Finally…it’s done.”

The only thing left was to give it to Rena. However, before she could come up with a way to hand it to her, apparently someone came knocking at her door.


Her mom entered with her dog in her arms. It made Jurina wondered but at the same time she had a bag feeling in her stomach. “Mom…what happen to Colon?”

“He’s…really weak now.”

“Ah…” Jurina walked up and carried her poor sick dog, Colon, in her arms. They were wondering why Colon suddenly just got really sick and didn’t really recover like he usually would. Maybe the dog could tell that Jurina would be gone from the house in few weeks. Animals could have amazing instinct that humans couldn’t understand. It made Jurina felt guilty that she might be the cause for her beloved Colon to be this terribly sick…

“Let’s go to the vet.”

“Yes, get change and we’re going.”

They headed to the closest vet clinic in order for them to treat Colon. After they got subscribed with medicine for Colon, they went home and Jurina had been carrying her puppy in her arms for the whole time even in the car. The thought that Colon might die couldn’t be shaken out from her head and she started to break down into tears silently. Her mother didn’t say a word and just kept driving. She gave Jurina her private time with Colon as much as she can get before she would leave to America. As soon as they got home, Jurina nursed Colon the whole entire time. She didn’t bother to do anything aside from being with the puppy. Colon was a part of her life. He was there with Jurina ever since she was 5 years old. She had grown up together with Colon, that’s why her puppy was a huge part of her life…if he died, Jurina would feel like something was hollow inside her heart. At most she opened her laptop and played music. Other than that she just sat there silently in the living room with Colon in her arms.

“Ah…it’s Rena-chan’s birthday. I should send her a text.”

Jurina sent a text to congratulate Rena for her birthday. For quite a while later she received a reply, but then she just read it without replying back. Her mind was just too occupied with many things…she can’t be bothered right now. If she continued, she would want to plead Rena to come help her. Also, this was the first time Jurina didn’t go celebrate Rena’s birthday…

…But something seemed to catch her attention. She realized that after they got home, her mother went up to her room immediately. It made her worry and Jurina decided to go up to check on her mom. Apparently, she was sleeping but that a very painful expression across her face.

“M-Mom…are you okay?”

“I’m not doing well Jurina…I felt really tired. I guess I need some rest. Don’t worry.”

“Can I do anything?”

“Just take care of Colon. Let your mom take a rest.”

“Okay…if you need anything please call me.” Jurina went to put her mother’s cellphone beside the bed before she walked out from the room with Colon still in her arms.

That whole day…it didn’t seem that it’s Colon that she had to take care of. The next day Jurina decided to skip school since her mother was sick. She looked even worse than yesterday. Jurina prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for her mother alone and made sure she fed Colon every now and then to keep her pet hydrated and full. It was a very tough moment of her life right before she’s about to fly to America. Her thoughts were even occupied about Rena as well. She wanted to cry so badly but she couldn't…she had to stay strong for Colon and her mother right now. She’s forced to stay strong.


The next day, Colon got a little better but her mother got even worse…she looked like she’s at the verge of death. It made Jurina insisted her mother to go to hospital. Right before her brother went off to work in the morning he helped with the convincing as well. But it failed; Jurina’s mother didn’t want to go to the hospital. Only thing Jurina could do was to keep looking after her and made sure to bring healthy food for her mother. She made sure she filled the bottle with hot water every now and then. Jurina literally checked on her mother every hour for the whole entire day.

That night was the worse…when she went to check on her mother around 7pm, she saw her lying on the floor in front of the bathroom. She didn’t even want to move because her stomach was terribly killing her. Jurina’s heart sank but eventhough she wanted to cry, she held back her tears to be strong.

“Mom please…you have to go hospital.”

“Yeah…I’ll do that later.”

“You BETTER be.” Jurina was terribly worried about her mother. “I get a blanket and pillow for you.”

“Thank you Jurina…”

Her mother just slept there on the floor as her body felt too weak to even move to the bed. Jurina couldn’t stop worrying about her mother at all…that night, she cried while sleeping beside Colon.

“Rena…please, help me…”

She cried for help, and always…Rena would always be there for her. However this time she won’t. Jurina recalled the image that Rena refused to even embrace her. Just thinking about that shattered her heart badly.

“Rena…Rena…I need you. Please don’t leave me…please…!”

She kept crying alone in her room, within the darkness. No one would come to her. She could only hope for a miracle, and just pray for the impossible. The next morning…this pain would end, and she had to face the truth. She couldn’t collapse right now; her mother and Colon needed her. She had to be strong for them or else no one would be able to take care of them…


The next day Jurina woke up she went to see her mother but she wasn’t at her room. It was really weird. It made Jurina really worry. She changed from her school uniform into her casual clothes and started looking for her mother in the entire house while carrying Colon in her arms.

“Mom! Mom! Where are you!?”

“Oh, Jurina you’re awake?”

The girl turned around and saw her grandmother there. The teenage girl looked panicked and asked her grandmother about her mother’s whereabouts. “Grandma, where’s mom?”

“She went to hospital last night.”


Jurina’s heart sank immediately. She couldn’t process anything at all. Her mother went to hospital last night? How did it happen? Just before Jurina went to sleep her mother said that she’s fine. Many questions ran through her mind. Who went to send her mother in the middle of the night? What’s her condition right now? Where is she?

“So she’s at hospital right now?? Since when?”

“Yes she’s at hospital right now, she asked me to tell you.” Her grandmother replied. “She went out like…3am in this morning. I called the taxi for her.”

Jurina’s mother went to hospital in the middle of the night. The girl went to grab her cellphone immediately and dialed to her mom. Waiting for the call…her mom didn’t pick it up. She called again…her mom didn’t pick it up again.

(Oh please mom…please pick it up!)

This time, the call got picked and it was her mother’s voice. It made Jurina’s heart filled with relief that her mother replied her but her voice was very weak.

“Mom, are you okay?? I heard you went to hospital!”

[Yes I’m okay…just got some mineral water and still have to rest at the hospital though. If mom didn’t come to hospital last night…I might be dead at the bed. The doctor would let mom out tomorrow in the afternoon, I’ll call you again to tell you.]

She giggled and then tried to make a joke out of the serious situation she’s in right now.

[I didn’t come with any bra and underwear at all. So when you come pick mom up please bring it too neh~?]

“Mom! That’s just so weird!”

Jurina broke into laugh and glad that her mom was stil able to throw jokes at her. It meant that her mother was fine to certain extent. “Just call me and I’ll go pick you up.”

[Alright, is Colon doing good?]

“Yes. He seemed to be a little better today.”

[I’m glad we forced him to eat his food.]

“Yeah, I’m glad too. Get well soon mom.”

[Thank you, Jurina.]

The girl dropped the call and decided to skip the school for today again. She had so many things to do. She looked after her weak beloved pet and looked after the house for the whole day. Her mind was still worrying about her mother but she couldn’t do anything but wait for tomorrow to come. Since her mother was at the hospital already she should be fine and there shouldn’t be anything to worry. However, the thing that she disliked the most was her mother had this fatal hypertension that almost killed her several times already. Yet she would bring up about her death and asked Jurina to be strong if there’s a chance she would be dead. Deeply it made Jurina really angry with her mother since she didn’t want to be alone. She couldn’t imagine a life without her mother because she’s able to have a good life like this was because of her mother always protecting her ever since she opened her eyes to this world. She didn't share it with anyone except with Yuko. She didn’t tell anyone about her pet and her mother to any of her friends at Sakae High school.

The next day, after sleeping and nursing Colon for the whole day she got a call from her mother to come pick her up in the late afternoon. She went out by taxi to go pick her mother up at the hospital. She had to leave Colon back at home though because it’s the hospital that she’s going. As soon as she arrived there, she went to clear all the payments in order for the nurses to dismiss my mom out from the hospital. She did bring the lingerie that her mother asked her to. They got back home by taxi. Her mother looked much better than few days ago.

“You better have a lot of rest mom.”

“Sure do darling. Thank you for taking care of the house. You’re such a strong girl.”

(…No, never I am strong.)

Jurina inwardly denied what her mother said but only replied inside her mind. She didn’t say it out and just gave a silent smile before walking back to the living room where Colon was sleeping.

“It’s not that I have a choice…isn’t that I’m forced to be strong?” She spoke to herself softly while picking up Colon into her arms. She wanted to cry but she held back her tears. Rena’s smile that the raven always gave her flashed into Jurina’s mind. It comforted her and gave her the strength to move on.

(Rena…I miss you.)


The next day, after things started to get better, she received a text from Rena asking to meet up right afterschool at the café close by to Sakae High school. It made Jurina curious but at the same thing she felt that it might be a good chance to give the present she prepared to the raven friend. Also, she promised Yuko to tell Rena and her friends about her departure to America by next week. Fortunately her brother took a day off from work for Jurina and her mother’s sake. So that allowed Jurina to go meet up with Rena at the appointed café.


Jurina finally arrived at the entrance and was surprised to see her friend stood there waiting for her. “Sorry to make you wait. You could’ve wait inside though.”

“…Jurina, I had some few things to talk to you.”

“Sure? Want to sit inside or…?”

“Let’s go that way.”

Rena suddenly just walked off and making the puppy friend following her from behind until they reached this small little park with sparse amount of people. The raven girl turned around and made eye contact with Jurina. However it gave a chill down the girl’s spine, she felt that something’s odd within Rena’s eyes…she looked angry.

“Jurina I don’t understand…why did I did this time to make you angry? Just because I’m not enthusiastic like before?”

The girl was caught off guard with Rena’s aggressive talk. She didn’t understand what the raven was trying to say to her. Jurina was never angry at Rena at the first place. “Hey, I don’t get what you’re trying to say. I’m not even angry at you and what’s going on?”

“You really seemed to distancing yourself so much away from me.” She sighed before she continued. “You’re being so cold…I’m sorry but I can’t always give you time okay?”

“H-Hey! I think we’re talking on two different things right here! I didn’t say anything like that!”

“But you always acted like this whenever I never have time for you!”

“Rena-chan…I have quite many complications on my family’s side that’s why I’m really busy nowadays…Colon is really sick so I looked after him for the past days.” Jurina told half of the story. She didn’t bother to mention about her mother’s condition. It slightly ticked her nerves but she remained as composure as possible and continued where she left off.

“I know you’re busy, we’re are! Seniors obviously! So I didn’t want to bother you and think that we should talk some other time when you’re rather free. ”

“I see…I’m sorry to hear that but I never change.” Rena spoke up clearly. “I never change ever since you moved…I felt like you’re the one that change. I always discuss with Churi and Airin with you distancing yourself like this.”

Jurina flinched and got quite dumbfounded. It seemed to get onto Jurina’s nerves a little and she started to argue back at Rena. She started to slightly lose her control.

“I think it’s you that change first.”

“No I didn’t! Not even the slightest.” Rena sighed and turned away from her friend. “I’ll just stop bothering you now, bye.”

(…Are you kidding me!?)

Jurina snapped and grabbed Rena’s arm to stop the raven girl from going anywhere. That moment their eyes met, Rena realized the anger within those black orbs. “That’s what I hate the most about you. Don’t just leave without having a proper argument and I can’t tell you’re being sarcastic on me or not.”

“Jurina, in the end you don’t really understand me at all…!”

“Rena-chan, I want to solve this misunderstanding problem! You better calm down first!” Jurina tried to calm her friend down but it went in vain. She sighed and seemed to have some few thoughts in mind.

“I think we should take some break from this…”

Jurina’s words didn’t reach Rena’s head and it seemed to make the fire of anger within the raven burned even harder. She’s entering a much aggressive mode that could even become scarier than Gekikara…

“Yeah right, you better think properly about this. I don’t what do say to you anymore Jurina! This is just too much for me.”

“I don’t understand! I’m not even angry at you at all!”

“Then how did you got angry at me to begin with!?”

She ranted out and caused Jurina to flinch. She used that moment to continue ranting at the poor puppy girl without giving Jurina the time to speak at all. “If you decided like this and decided to disappear away like this then so be it! I’m too tired to deal with your selfishness and follow up with you all the time. I can’t always spoil you. It seem you would always think negative of me in the end no matter what I say…”

Rena slowly backed away and her eyes were completely covered with pure anger. Jurina was too shocked to even respond anything to the raven friend. She only stared down at the ground and listened to her loved one’s voice piercing her heart…

“From now on, I’ll just go with whatever you decide now. I don’t understand whenever you’re upset or anything it would always ended up on me! From now on I’ll just leave to let you think about this…sure I won’t stop you anymore if you want to disappear away like this!”

She just left without having Jurina say a single word. The puppy girl was stunned and collapsed onto the ground at that very spot. She cried so much in the past few days already and couldn’t let out even a single droplet to run down her cheeks at this kind of situation.


Only she could stare from behind Rena with a devastated face on her. The guilt ran rampaging inside her chest. She almost lost her pet and her mother. Right now, she’s at the verge of losing Rena as her best friend. Everything in Jurina’s life was collapsing and she just felt like wanting to die in order to end her miserable life…

“I guess I didn’t have a chance to give her the birthday present and tell her my departure…”

Jurina sighed and it made her felt like giving up on telling Rena. But then Yuko’s words flashed into her mind that she would regret if she didn’t tell her raven friend about it. “What should I do…?”


The next day, Jurina consulted Yuko for some help. The squirrel serious tried to come up with ideas to help her poor friend that went into a huge fight with the one she loved. Yuko came to meet up with her at Jurina’s place.

“If you don’t really got the guts to talk…how about a letter?”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound bad.”

“It’s quite an effective method to convey your feelings, also it should arrive in Rena’s hands before you leave.” Yuko added more. “That’s likely to be the way you prefer, right?”

“Yeah…thanks Yuko.”

“By the way, are you feeling alright?” Yuko asked with worries.

“I don’t know. I’m just…scared I guess?” Jurina sighed as she lay against the couch. She recalled the argument she had with Rena yesterday. The first fear that popped into her mind was the fact that Rena would cut friendship with her.

This wasn’t like the first time they argued. There were countless times that something like this happened and it would always be Jurina’s fault. Back then the puppy always asked for attention from her beloved Raven and would sulk whenever Rena ignored her for too long. In the end, Rena would always come to make-up with Jurina and they’re good like new again. However this time was different. It seemed Rena reached her limits and burst it all on Jurina. She seemed to be more serious than before and if it kept going on like this…they probably broke up their friendship.

Even though the puppy knew well that it’s her fault in the past, she didn’t give up on trying to change herself for Rena’s sake. She relied less on Rena and dealt with her problems alone. Since they’re in a different school it gave Jurina more excuses to not constantly keep in touch with Rena. She wanted to become strong and reliable just like her raven friend…but she didn’t understand why everything seemed to end up like this. It’s just complete misery for Jurina right now.

“Do you feel like crying?”

“I think that’s quite obvious…it really hurts Yuko.”

“If it’s me, I would be crying my ass off already.”

Yuko sighed softly and moved to sit beside Jurina. She stroked the poor girl’s head with care and worries. She wanted to indirectly tell Jurina that she would always be there for her whenever the puppy needed her. “I never meet anyone with a strong and kind heart as much as you already. Be proud of who you are okay?”

“…Yuko, thank you.”

Finally a vague smile appeared on puppy’s pained face. Yuko couldn’t do anything else aside from being beside the poor girl whenever she needed. After her friend went back, Jurina decided to stay in her room writing a letter. It would be a last letter she would write to Rena. She poured every feeling. she had in there. She was not angry at Rena at the slightest after she was deeply blamed for everything that happened.  She still loved Rena. She didn’t write anything negative in the letter. Only words filled with happiness in there. Every word she wrote down brought back a piece of memories in the past she shared with Rena. Instead, Jurina actually blamed herself for all the mistakes she had done. She felt that wasn’t worth being Rena’s friend in the end, she’s not worth being by Rena’s side…she caused too many problems and pain to her raven friend due to her selfishness already. Maybe it was the time for Jurina to end the pain for Rena. She would be the one to step out from Rena’s life…and disappear.

To Rena-chan,

   I wanted to apologize for everything I’ve done and honestly there are quite several times I’m angry at you, and might thought negative of you…but that’s even way before I transferred out.
   Maybe I did change after all. I learned so many things from having to be responsible for many more things. Maybe it’s the time I should stop relying on you every time I felt down and step up for myself. The reason I didn’t talk to you because you’re having a very busy life and I felt guilty at times when I shouldn’t have said some things to you. I wondered how to not let that happen again, so I thought the best way is to give you and myself the time and not repeating my mistakes again. But I didn’t know that it would hurt Rena-chan this much…I’m really sorry.
   Again…I’m never angry with you but instead I felt really guilty that I’m always a bother to you in many things. So I guess the only thing I could do is to wait for the day we can talk at east without having to worry about workloads.
I’m actually paranoid that you’ll forget about me…I haven’t told you since I don’t have a chance at all…I got accepted to America but I’ll have to leave in less than two weeks from now. I learned that I should trust my bonds with you instead of doubting it. I know it’s a bit late to realize this but at least it’s better than not at all right?
   Rena-chan…I didn’t want both of us to end up separate in the middle of an argument like this. I wanted to leave while seeing your smile. I love everything about you. You’re the most important person in my life do you know that? Thank you for everything you’ve given me…and I’m so sorry for every pain I’ve given to you. I’m so happy every second I spent with you throughout our times together. I don’t have any regrets for anything if we were to break up.
   I love you Rena…and I will always do. Be happy, always.



The next morning, Jurina sealed the letter in the envelope and put it into postal box before she headed to her school. About 7 days before she would leave to America and at least she decided to drop by to Sakae High school to tell Churi and others about her depature after her school day was over.

“Jurina! I’m glad you can come to school today!” Yuko was waiting for Jurina at the entrance of the Akiba High school.

“Obviously today’s my early graduation day isn’t?” Jurina giggled before she walked side with Yuko into the building. “I’m getting my graduation diploma so never I’m going to miss that!”

“Hehe~ True that!”

In the morning, there was a special assembly for Jurina. Since she had to early graduate to go continue her studies in America, the principal announced to everyone before he gave the diploma to Jurina. Everyone gave applaud to congratulate the puppy girl. Many of her friends came to congratulate her throughout the whole day in school.

“Congratulations! You better come visit Japan and us okay?” Mayu smacked Jurina’s shoulder softly. “We’ll wait for you.”

“Take care of yourself and don’t trust strangers!” Yuki acted like a mother as usual. She would always be worry about the puppy girl all the time as if Jurina was her daughter. It hit the point that everyone started to call her ‘mama-rin’ instead.

“Hai~ I’m take care of myself mama-rin.”

“Jurina! Make sure to take a lot of pictures okay?” Sae patted her head with a warm smile. “We’ll miss you!”

“We have something for you too!” Takamina brought out a small book from her bag and it was a friendship book. Every one of Jurina’s friends in Akiba High school wrote it for her before the girl would depart to America. It made Jurina’s heart moved so much that she almost shed tears. But it seemed the midget girl cried before her.

“Wah! I thought I wouldn’t cry already!”

“As expected from our crybaby Takamina~!”

Yuko spoke up and it made everyone laughed including Jurina. A part of the puppy didn’t feel like her life was filled with misery after all. She had loads of great friends in Akiba High school that cared for her. A part of her didn’t regret moving here at all even it was just 8 months.


Jurina left her school earlier and headed straight to Sakae High school. As she arrived there she contacted with Churi, Airin and Kuumin as she told them that she wanted to talk to them in privately without Rena. They met up pool area where not many people would pass by. Jurina still didn’t want anyone in school to see her fearing for the rumors between Rena and her would spread again.

“What’s a matter? This is quite a sudden visit.” Airin asked with slight curiosity.

“You see…I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you guys earlier.” Jurina bowed and it made the three of her best friends flinched with confusion. “Actually, I got accepted to America for Video Production major.”

“W-Whoa really!? Congratulations!!”

Churi screamed and threw a hug around Jurina immediately. The three of them almost shed tears as they knew really well that it was Jurina’s dream to become a movie director ever since they knew her back in junior high. “I’m SO proud of you Jurina!”

“Oh my god! You should’ve told us earlier!” Kummin shrieked as she joined the hug with Churi.

“That’s amazing and you’re heading to America too! That’s just downright beyond amazing!” Airin exaggerated her feelings but then it was the time that Jurina had to tell them the bad news. She bid her lips and slowly pushed Kummin and Churi away from her.

“But…I’ll have to leave in a week from now, to be exact I have 7 days left in Japan.”

Everyone froze with shock. Both good news and bad news were told at the same time and they didn’t know how to cope with that. Before they could say or yell at Jurina about anything, she continued where she left off first.

“I know I should’ve told you guys earlier! But…the past weeks Colon got terribly sick and my mom almost die and got admitted into hospital for few days…it’s just terribly hectic and I apologize for that.”

“J-Jurina…” Instead of them ranting at Jurina for not telling them earlier. They felt really bad and worried for their puppy friend. “Is your mom alright now??”

“She’s okay now. But…she’s still sick. I won’t ask you guys to understand my situation so…I’m sorry for not informing this earlier.”

“Are you insane?” Airin walked in and slapped Jurina’s shoulder. “Why are you apologizing on something that’s not your fault? Idiot.”


“Of course we understand! You don't have to ask at all because we will always understand you.” Kuumin smiled and held Jurina’s hand gently with care.


“Congratulations for your acceptance and you better come visit us with loads of stories from your side~”

Churi ruffled Jurina’s head and it made the puppy broke into tears of contentment. She was so happy that her friends understood her situation and cared for her despite she’s the one that supposed to be scolded. But then it had grabbed Churi’s attention on something…so she decided to ask Jurina to clarify her curiosity.

“Did you tell Rena-chan about this?”

“Actually…we recently got into some big fight. Literally a BIG one, so I didn’t have a chance to actually tell her or give her the birthday present at all…”

They all froze and could clearly tell the pain expressed through Jurina’s emotion. It also seemed that Airin knew about that as well, so she told briefly to Kuumin and Churi about what actually happened through Rena’s perspective. Obviously it was quite aggressive since Rena was really mad at that. She pretty much ranted a lot of bad things about Jurina to Airin.

“I heard it from Rena-chan but….” Airin patted Jurina’s shoulder. “After I heard the story from your side, I can’t say it’s your fault. I believe in you Jurina.”


“I wondered what got into Rena and made her that crazy…that’s not her usual self at all.” Kuumin wondered but it seemed Jurina knew the answer well. She still believed that it was her fault.

“It’s my fault. I’ve been to spoil around her…this is what I deserve after I’ve done terrible things to her.”

Jurina let out a painful smile across her face. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I wrote a letter to her about my departure already so you guys don’t have to worry…what’s going to happen have to happen.”


“But if worse happens that Rena and I are…no longer friends. Please look after her, she might be tough but she’s really fragile at times…”

“Stop saying something like that!”


Airin yelled and literally slapped across Jurina’s face. Making the other two flinched, Jurina was too shocked to respond to that too. The puppy girl looked back at Airin with goggled eyes, but then it even made her speechless as she saw Airin’s tears streaming down her cheeks non-stop.


“Don’t just throw your damn job on us!”

Airin yelled with anger. Every single word echoed in Jurina’s head and made her ultimately speechless. She could feel the sadness from Airin’s voice as well. “Isn’t it obvious that the one that understands Rena the most is you!? The person who always stood by Rena’s side couldn’t be anyone else aside from you! Got that!?”


“Airin took all our words.” Kuumin smiled and made eye contact with Jurina. “I don’t know what you’re deciding to do but I trust you.”

“Same here. I love you both and I don’t want you two to be separated just because of this!” Churi added in.

“Whatever you’re going to do…I won’t forgive you if you make Rena-chan cry because of you disappearing! You got it? You better promise to me Jurina!”

“…I don’t want to make Rena-chan sad either.”

After Jurina got slapped across her face she started to have some little more sense of hope with Rena. She received enough trust and care from her fellow best friends that gave her hope to not give up on Rena. At least before she’s going to leave…she decided would give the birthday present along with telling her feelings directly to Rena. “…I’ll definitely come up with a best ending between the two of us.”

“Good! So are you coming to visit school again anytime?” Airin asked.

“…Yes, on the very last day that I’ll be here in Japan.”


Days flew by so fast that it’s today that Jurina would be flying off to America. She came to school early and went to visit her teachers for one last time as well as some of her close friends in Sakae High school. Only those closed to her would know she’s leaving to America today. Obviously they would be really mad at Jurina for not telling them earlier but instead of them being so mad at her…they congratulated Jurina and prayed for her to have a safe flight.

Again…Jurina felt that her life wasn’t filled with misery after all. She still had good friends that cared for her, from both Akiba and Sakae High school. However, it’s about time she had to confront with her fear. She planned to meet with Rena after lunch since she got no class after that until after school. It would be a perfect timing to have one last talk with the raven girl. 


“Ah, finally the text is here.”

Jurina received a text and believed it would be from Airin, Churi or Kuumin. Since the three of them decided to help Jurina out no matter what, they always kept inform Jurina of where Rena would be right now so the puppy girl would find the perfect timing to talk to her friend. She flipped her cellphone up and it was from Churi.

[BAD NEWS! Nishishi just told me that Rena-chan was at the infirmary after since her class after the break! Apparently she’s had a high fever and didn’t tell anyone of us!! THAT RENA!]


Jurina immediately rushed to the infirmary without any slight 2nd thought. She was extremely worried about her raven friend. As soon as she arrived she met the nurse there at the front. In order to not let Rena knew she was here she spoke softly to the nurse.

“Is Matsui Rena here?”

“Oh yes, she’s in Bed 2 right now.” The nurse pointed and before Jurina could head to Rena’s bed she added a little more. “But don’t interrupt her if she’s still sleeping.”

“I won’t. Thank you nurse.”

Jurina slowly stopped at the front of the curtain before she walked in to Rena’s bed. She saw the figure sleeping on the bed quietly. It seemed Rena didn’t realize her presence yet. She stood there for few seconds staring at her raven friend whom had her back facing Jurina.

(…I guess I couldn’t tell Rena-chan about my feelings after all.)

The puppy girl pulled out Rena’s birthday present and put it at the table beside all her stuffs. She decided to leave the raven girl sleeping even though she would regret for the rest of her life for not telling Rena about her departure today. But Jurina wrote in the letter she sent to Rena last week. It should already arrive in her hands and she should already know by now.

(I guess the letter would do okay for now…)

She stroked Rena’s hair gently and whispered softy in order not to wake her raven friend up. “Get well soon Rena-chan…thank you for everything, and I’m sorry for everything…goodbye.”


Jurina took the first step away from Rena’s bed and turned her head towards the exit behind the curtain.


(After all the things that happen…I still love you Rena.)

Taking another step…Jurina hoped that she wouldn’t regret what’s she’s doing right now. But at least, she got to meet Rena for one last time. She took another sigh, as after this next last step she wouldn’t see her beloved one ever again…


Jurina felt her hand being grabbed from behind before she could take the final step out. She turned around and caught a glimpse of the raven’s burning face immediately.


“Jurina…don’t go…”

That was the first word they exchanged words after since they had a fight. Rena’s voice was utterly weak and then Jurina never did take that final step through the curtain wall. She turned back and walked in towards Rena’s bed while the raven still holding her hand tightly as if there’s no tomorrow.

“You should lie down. You still need to rest.”

Rena ignored what Jurina said as she glanced towards the table. She saw this mysterious CD on top of her bag. “What’s that…? Its yours isn’t…?”

“Technically…it’s yours now.” Jurina turned to her sick friend. “It’s your birthday present I prepared.”


Rena’s eye grew wide with shock. She suddenly acted really desperate and grabbed for that CD. “Jurina…pass me my laptop.”

She’s going to watch it immediately and it made Jurina surprised. She obeyed what her raven friend asked and passed her laptop to Rena. The raven took it without saying a word and opened it quickly. She looked really desperate and before Jurina could’ve say anything, Rena turned to look at her.

“Jurina…please stay with me for now…please…”

The raven friend pleaded and there’s no way Jurina could get the guts to even refuse what her beloved ask her to. She nodded silently and sat on the bed beside Rena. Obviously after Rena grabbed her earphones to listen to the video inside the CD, Jurina couldn’t be bothered to watch her own video she made. She was too embarrassed, but after a short while some odd voice caught her attention.

(What’s that sound…?)

She turned and only could see tears running down Rena’s puffed cheeks. The voice that Jurina heard was Rena’s crying voice. She seemed to be crying harder every second that passed by. The raven was deeply moved by endless pictures and short video clips in the music video that Jurina made. Every moment they shared together ever since they met each other until now…No one could tell whether it was tears of happiness or tears of sadness…or mixed? Jurina couldn’t move or respond to that at all until the video actually finished…that last clip was a short video of Jurina speaking to Rena directly…Jurina blushed and trembled at the same time. She remembered this part very well as it’s the part that she confessed to Rena for her love.

[Rena, I love you ever since we’re in Junior High.
I’m so sorry with the rumors going on and it must’ve disturbed you so much…
I’m really sorry, please be happy.
I’ll be going to America in few days now.
I won’t make more problems for you any longer, I promise.
Also…Happy birthday Rena-chan!]

Jurina’s words and smile was imprinted into Rena’s mind and the video ended…she closed her laptop screen down and remained in silence. That’s when Jurina realized that Rena had heard her recorded confession in the video. She wondered whether Rena would chase her away or not but she couldn’t even move from her seat at all. But Jurina knew that it wasn’t the time to be a coward, she got out from bed and caught Rena’s attention.

“I guess you heard it…I’m really sorry for my feelings I had for you. It must’ve caused so many uneasiness for you.” Jurina painfully smiled back to Rena and tried to not to cry in front of the Raven before she had a chance to confess directly to her friend.

“I’m sorry…but I really love you Rena.”

Jurina broke that silence and a part of her felt much relieved after she confessed her love to Rena. “But I don’t need you to reply it…I don’t regret loving you and I don’t regret you not loving me back. Thank you for everything you’ve gave me and please…be happy.”

“Jurina…” Rena launched out from her bed but then she lost her balance. Jurina moved instinctively and managed to catch Rena before she could fall out from the bed.

“H-Hey! That’s dangerous…O-Oh.” Jurina realized that she was holding Rena closed to her. She pushed the raven back onto the bed. She was scared that her friend would push her away with disgust.

“I-I’m sorry…”

The moment Rena saw Jurina’s pained face; it felt like a huge lance pierced right through her chest. It wasn’t only tears of sadness and happiness…but it was also mixed with regret.


Rena grabbed Jurina’s hand and pulled the puppy girl towards her forcefully. The girl ended up in Rena’s arms. She was hugging Jurina tightly as if there’s no tomorrow. She’s buried into Rena’s sweet scene and warm hug, but before she realized it again the crying voice was echoing so clearly right beside her ear. 

“I missed all those times we had together…We’ve been fighting for so long and we should’ve spent more time together before you’re leaving. Also…I heard what happened to your mom from Airin…!”

Rena knew that Jurina’s leaving. She did read the letter Jurina wrote to her. That lovely letter that talked only about good things and clearly portrayed unconditional love that Jurina had for Rena despite everything that happened. Furthermore, it seemed Airin told Rena that Jurina’s mother got admitted into hospital back during the time before they had a fight. Jurina didn’t doubt why Airin told Rena about it, but that fact about her mother made Rena cried even harder.

“I’m so sorry…It’s my fault. You went through so much pain yet I blamed you for everything. I ignored whatever everyone said…Jurina…please…forgive me.”

Rena cried even harder and it started to make Jurina’s eyes got teary. After she heard Rena’s confession, the raven buried her face on the Jurina’s shoulder and hugged her tightly.

“I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry. Jurina I’m so sorry…!”

“Rena, I forgive you.” Jurina hugged her back.

“I’m never angry at you. I always love you…” Jurina whispered with a tender caring voice and hugged Rena back. She stroked Rena’s head gently like she was a little girl. She didn’t expect that things would come to this point but she was beyond happy that they’re able to understand each other once again. “There’s nothing for you to apologize. It’s me that should be saying that to you after I’ve caused so much trouble for you…sorry for always being an annoying asshole to you this long.”

Rena responded nothing only but a tighter hug and a heavier cry. “P-Please don’t say like that! Jurina…I love you too!”

“Thank you…I thought you hate me already since you always pushed me aside whenever I wanted to hug you.”

“NO! I…I’m scared of the rumors going on about us.”

Rena confessed and Jurina knew that well. Obviously Rena would hate that kind of rumor but that’s just only what Jurina thought. But actually, every time Rena heard about that rumor, it just always made her heart ached with mixed feelings. She didn’t know why but she got irritated every time she heard about that or when someone mentioned it…She couldn’t believe that she was constantly denying the fact she fell in love with Jurina.

“I learned so many lessons from that fight…” Rena continued while Jurina was listening to her. “After realizing that you’re gone from my side I felt so empty. I’m able to work hard this far was because I know you’re always there for me. I hate it how I realized this by having to almost lose you forever…!”

She slowly caressed Jurina’s cheek and they made a long romantic eye contact with each other. She placed Jurina’s hand on top of her chest. The puppy blushed slightly and could felt the heart beating clearly and hastily. That really gave Jurina a huge hint that Rena shared the same feeling as her. “I had this feeling for so long already yet I never realize it. You’re truly irreplaceable and without you I’m empty… I love you, Jurina. Not as a friend, but…more than that.”


Jurina blushed instantly as she didn’t expect such confession coming from her raven friend she had a crush on for so long. But it seemed Rena hadn’t finish what she wanted to say yet and Jurina just waited for her to finish her talk first.

“I’m so sorry for everything. Please forgive me…”

Rena pleaded with a weak voice due to her fever. She was really tired from the long talk already yet she wouldn’t stop. She had to tell how she felt to Jurina no matter what. It’s either now or never.

“…I’ve done so many horrible things…yet am I even worth to be loved by you?”

“Rena, that’s enough.”

Jurina interrupted as she was snapped. She moved Rena’s hand from her face to her chest as well in order for her raven friend to feel her heartbeat. They could feel each other’s heartbeat and it’s resonating with each other. Rena’s heart skipped after Jurina called her name without any honorifics.

“You will always be the one I love…no matter how imperfect are you. I will always love you.”

Jurina whispered softly as they still kept the eye contact with each other. While the puppy girl slowly moved in little by little, their eyelids slowly closed. Finally, it was their first contact with each other. The raven girl showed no sign of rejection and actually kissed Jurina as equally gently back. Tasting their sweet first kiss with each other. Slowly, it developed into a passionate kiss. The raven slowly gripped onto Jurina’s shirt tightly as the kiss slowly deepened up.

“Rena…I love you.” They broke the kiss and Jurina whispered against Rena’s lips.

“I love you too…” She whispered back while her face was flushing from the fever and from the first kiss she had with Jurina. She looked back up and made an eye contact with the puppy lover.

“I’ll come back to you, so…will you wait for me?” Jurina asked and Rena nodded her head immediately without any second decision.

“…Yes, I will always.” Rena replied with a smile of contentment before Jurina moved in to kiss her forehead.

“Take a good rest…and I’ll see you again.”



“Congratulations for your acceptance…and have a same flight.”

Jurina couldn’t cover up her happiness and had that childish energetic smile across her face. “Thank you Rena~”

This time, Jurina had taken the final step out through the curtains but without regret this time. It was like a miracle that everything ended so smoothly for both Jurina and Rena. Even more, their feelings had reached other and their first kiss was their symbol of love for one another.


It’s been 6 months ever since Jurina went to stay abroad for her study. However, today was the day that she will return back home. Her family was waiting at the airport along with Churi and Airin who wanted to come to surprise Jurina.

“She should be arriving soon now!” Airin was too excited to meet with Jurina after not seeing her for 6 months.

“Yeah! Eh…I hope she didn’t look too different or else we wouldn’t be able to find her!” Churi added but before they could say anything further a woman figure approached them with a huge luggage beside her. She had a longer hair as well as wearing sunglasses. They couldn't tell at instant meeting but then their guts could tell them that this person is…

“Oh Airin! Churi!? I didn’t know you guys would be here!”

She took off her sunglasses and she was definitely Jurina. She looked more mature than before as well. No wonder why both her friends couldn’t recognize Jurina at first glance.

“Jurina! Oh wow you’ve changed! How are you!?” Churi ran in towards her and with Airin following up from behind to join the reunion group.

“Yeah I’m good~” Jurina was still excited about the fact that her friends came to surprise her at the airport like this. “Uwah! I’m so happy to mee you guys here! Also I’m really surprise!”

“Hehe~ There would be more surprise for you!” Airin smirked and it caught Jurina’s attention.

“Hm?? What is it?” Before Jurina could ask anything further…she heard a familiar voice from behind her.


She flinched and recognized that sweet voice immediately. She turned around and saw the beautiful raven girl in front of her in a cute casual outfit. “Jurina…!”



Rena ran in and threw her arms around Jurina tightly. It made the puppy girl surprised since Rena wasn’t a type that displayed affection to public like this. But she was too happy to meet Rena to even think about that. She embraced her loved one tightly and inhaled her sweet scent.

“I’m back to you as I promise.” Jurina replied as she patted Rena’s head. “I have something for you too.”

“Hm? What is it?”

Jurina only smirked and brought out a golden bracelet from her pocket. “Maybe a ring is just too extreme so I think a bracelet would be neat.” She spoke as she showed Rena her bracelet on her left wrist. It was an identical one as Jurina’s gift to her and it made Rena realized where Jurina’s heading. She blushed instantly after the realization.

“Rena, will you be my girlfriend?”

Asking right in front of her family and friends and especially in the middle of the airport. Rena couldn’t hide her blush and wanted to even hide under the ground. However she nodded without hesitation, as she had been waiting for this for over 6 months. Her feeling hadn’t change, as well as Jurina’s feelings for her. Jurina did put the bracelet of Rena’s left wrist and finally they became official couples in front of everyone.

“Whoa! That’s unexpecting! Congrats!” Churi clapped her hands as well as Airin and even Jurina’s family. It did made both wMatsui blushed even more as it’s really grabbing a lot of attention in the airport.

“Oh this is embarrassing…” Rena tried to cover her face with her hand but it didn’t work as much as she expected.

“Hehe, I actually wanted to kiss you right now but I guess we’ll save it later on our private time neh?” Jurina replied with a smile since she knew her girlfriend well enough that Rena didn’t like to show any affection in public.


“Huh--?” Jurina was caught off-guard by Rena’s answer but what even made her mind blown was that Rena launched herself in and kissed her lips aggressively. Airin and Churi got to see the unexpected scene and it even made them blushed with excitement. It was a short yet passionate, Rena broke the kiss and Jurina was even redder than a tomato right now.


“I don’t want to hide anymore. I wanted to show everyone that who I belonged to…as I’m proud to say you’re my girlfriend.”

“Rena…” They both stared at each other passionately as they were finally lovers after so many things had happened. Before anything could precede any further, both Churi and Airin interrupted them immediately without any mercy.

“Hey you love birds! Kuumin is now reserving a spot for all of us at the restaurant! We better not make her wait.” Airin interrupted their lovey-dovey moments.

“O-Oh? I didn’t know that!”

“You were too busy kissing your girlfriend obviously~” Churi nudged Jurina’s shoulder and it made her blushed terribly. Her friend sure knew where to poke on Jurina in order to make her really embarrassed.

“Don’t bully Jurina!” Rena suddenly roared back at Churi, making others caught off guard. Even Jurina was surprised with Rena’s action as well.

“Oh wow Rena-chan is now being so protective over her girlfriend.” Airin teased but then got pinched by Rena at the arm. “Ow!”

“It should be me protecting my girlfriend!” Jurina interrupted and hugged Rena from behind. Acting so mighty possessive over her girlfriend. However she didn’t realize that she was making Rena blushed badly like a burning tomato.

“Ah~ Rena-chan! You’re blushing so much!” Churi and Airin exclaimed at the same time and made Jurina looked over Rena’s shoulder to see her girlfriend’s face. She was actually blushing and Jurina hugged Rena even tighter due to how adorable Rena appealed her.

“You’re so cute Rena-chan!”

“J-Jurina!” Rena blushed even more while she felt her lover snuggling her tightly.

“Oh jeez guys we better get moving before Kuumin kills us!”

Airin reminded again and then they decided that they should head to the restaurant now. Together with her friends, her family, her girlfriend…Jurina couldn’t hope for anything better than this already. Everything seemed too perfect. They both acted really lovey-dovey as Rena wrapped her arm around Jurina’s and rested her head on the girl’s shoulder. They were really acting like a sweet lovey dovey couple. Airin and Churi turned around and just few seconds that they let their glances away from the wMatsui couple it ended like this already.

“Quit your lovey-dovey or get a room!” Airin yelled out at Rena.

“A-Airin!” Rena roared with her face blushing like a tomato. Obviously she was so embarrassed with what Airin said to her.

“I actually agreed with Airin though.” Churi joined the conversation.

“Well, we shouldn’t make Kuumin wait any longer now!” Jurina changed the topic but Churi could catch what Jurina was thinking to do.

“Don’t change the subject yet.”


“Well~ I guess we’ll let it off this time! Since is your first day as lovers.” Airin shrugged her shoulders and turned back to look at the path ahead as she decided to ignore the lovey dovey wMatsui couple behind her.

Rena slowly took her hand and then they exchanged a short glance and smile with each other. Secretly without Airin and Churi hearing them, Rena moved her lips as if she’s speaking but without a voice.

‘I love you’

Jurina was able to read it and blushed slightly. Rena could tell from Jurina’s reaction and giggled at her softly. So this time, Jurina did the same I replied back to her girlfriend.

‘I love you too’

After many things had happened. Finally their feelings had reached each other and it’s not an unrequited love after all…despite all the things they had went through in the end it just ended up strengthening their feelings for each other.

…It’s an unbreakable love of eternity.


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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #104 on: August 25, 2013, 09:41:19 AM »
Such a sweet love story of Jurina and Rena..

I like it...

Thank you

Can't wait to see more other OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #105 on: August 25, 2013, 10:37:23 AM »
it's so touching and sweet~
i even cried myself out again :cry:
I LOVE ur story so much!!!!!!!
can't wait to see the next one

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #106 on: August 25, 2013, 01:35:46 PM »
~Hi kate-san!  :deco:

~Yehey!  :otomerika: Another WMatsui OS of yours!

~I really like..I admire your unique style of doing a good WMatsui/MaYuk OS

~I read all of your works! It's so good and fun to read..

~I hope you make more. Thanks.  :bow:

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I really love their songs.

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #107 on: August 25, 2013, 04:42:03 PM »
wMatsui fiction! It's so touching and heart-clenching that I couldn't help but get my emotions swayed by the story. :sweatdrop:

When I first read that Jurina was in a different school with Rena, I had the thought that they were still contacting each other. However, seeing that the two Matsuis are distancing themselves from each other due to their different viewpoints on the situation is- :panic: When they both argued, I couldn't help but throw my hands up in the air and internally yell at Rena to please listen to Jurina! Poor Juju has gone through a lot with her mother going to the hospital and pet dog, Colon, getting ill. So there is reason for Jurina to be unable to contact Rena and you know... She was also busy making a little birthday present for her... Such complications. :doh:

In the end though, I'm glad it all worked out. Misunderstanding and miscommunication is surely easy to earn a ticket to having a rocky relationship. But now that they're both officially girlfriends in the end, my heart screamed out in joy! wMatsui! :cathappy:

Thank you for posting this up and I'm glad to have a chance to finally read it! Looking forward to more of your work! :deco:

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
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Did I ever said that I love your stories so much?
Well if no here you have it.  :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :on slopkiss:
It is really pleasant that this story is so long and still I read it quickly.
Your Wmatsui stories are best.

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #109 on: August 26, 2013, 02:56:46 AM »
somehow it's touching me

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #110 on: August 26, 2013, 03:15:03 AM »
I have no words. I just love your story.

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #111 on: August 26, 2013, 11:45:43 PM »
i love your FF


so sweet and nice...

whit the just spice of drama...


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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
« Reply #112 on: August 31, 2013, 07:59:16 AM »

You're OS is soooooo Touched me..... Really good..!!!  :thumbsup


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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ Unbreakable Love [WMatsui] - Update (25/8/13)
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So I finally got the time to review it (and it's exactly on my Birthday XD)

Alot of feels...and I see alot of stuff relating to me so it's twice the excitement when reading it. I have some problem figuring out the timing of the letter arriving to Rena and why did she not contact Jurina if she already read it, etc. But everything turned out alright at the end anyway so you're safe. And yes you should know I'm quite picky with details and stuff.  ;)

All in all, I totally love this OS and i would definitely reread this in the future. Thanks Kate.  :twothumbs

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
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This is the first time I write this pairing so I hope it turns out to be good!! :) :nervous

My Beloved
~Pairing: Furuyanagi~


“Churi, I’m heading off the work now.”

Airin was fixing her shoes at the entrance of the house as Churi rushed to her and gave a peck on her cheeks. Obviously it was their usual morning greeting since they had been living together for almost 3 years already.

“Have a safe day~”

“Thank you~” She kissed Churi back at the lips gently before she left the house in her black woman suit.

She worked as a scientist in the hospital as she’s doing some intensive research to formulate new drugs for hospitals. Even though she worked every day she managed to give her weekends to be lovey-dovey with her girlfriend, Churi. Meanwhile, Churi was working as an elementary teacher close by to their house. She would go out to work after Airin but today it’s a holiday at the school so she stayed back at home enjoying her sweet day-off.

“Hm~ what should I do today…Eh?”

She turned to the window and then spotted something that caught her attention. She blinked countless times and a huge smile appeared on her face…As if she came across a gold…what did she saw?



Airin finally got back from her work and she would arrive home at 7pm every day. She took off her shoes, loosened up her suit and dropped on the staircase with her bag. She turned into the living room and her eyes grew wide with surprise with what she was seeing…there’s a small parrot on top of her girlfriend’s head.

“Oh! Welcome home Airin!”

“Uh…Churi? Is that a parrot? An actual parrot??”

“Yes! It’s a parakeet to be exact. I found her injured at the garden.”

She replied as she carried the bird into her hands instead. The little yellow parrot moved around and it made Churi screamed with happiness.

“Ah kawaii~~!!!”

“Hmmmm…” Airin stared at her and then Churi threw puppy eyes at her.

“Neh Airin! Can we raise Papi-chan?”


“Her name obviously! Neh~”

Churi seemed to be drifted into her little world with her beloved Papi. Airin knew about Churi’s obsession with bird really well and she never expected something like this to happen at all…She gulped and embraced the future that waited for her. 

“Uh…Churi? I think it’s better we don’t have a pet…”

“Eh?? Why?”

“We both work and who would look after her? It’s still a young bird and her would need someone to look after her…maybe isn’t it better we find an owner that can look after her?” Airin suggested but judging from Churi’s expression…it didn’t seem her negotiation worked at all.

“But Papi-chan is too injured!”

Churi tried to negotiate with her girlfriend but Airin was trying to be as realistic as possible in order to make Churi understand their situation. Since both of them worked likely everyday and who would actually take care of the poor pet?

“Churi I know you want to raise it but…at our circumstance right now we can’t.”


“I hope you understand our situation Churi…” Airin finally succeeded in negotiating with her girlfriend. But it seemed to just be her interpretation. Suddenly, Churi suddenly yelled out loud like a kid and caused Airin to startle badly. 

“NO! I don’t want to throw Papi-chan away! Airin you meanie! You just don’t like birds as much as I do!”

“C-Churi I didn’t meant that---”

“You don’t know I always want to raise a pet but I always hold back this long! Airin baka!”

Airin could see teary eyes in Churi and suddenly the girl barged out from the house without any single word after that. Airin seemed to know that coming and likely Churi would run over to her best friend’s house. Even worse…she left Papi-chan back at home and it seemed Airin had to embrace another new task in her life. She made an eye contact with the little parakeet that was staring at her back.

“What am I doing to do with you…” She sighed.

*~Chirp~ Chirp~*

“Well…it’s not like I have a choice now.”

Airin decided to clean the mess Churi left and put the bird back into its cage. Right now she knew that she had to give time to her girlfriend and decided to give a call to Jurina about this thing tonight. Airin knew that every time if they had some sort of argument, her Churi would be heading to the wMatsui’s house.


“So…that’s what actually happen?”

Rena asked after Churi had told her the story that happened between her and Airin. Both wMatsui listened to their friend and seemed to understand the situation really well.

“I don’t think Airin meant like that.” Jurina spoke up, trying to calm Churi’s burning temper.

“But still! I know she’s always busy that’s why I never brought up about pets…”

The poor girl mumbled and both wMatsui understood her feelings as much as they understood Airin’s feelings. They knew that both of them are neither wrong but it’s more of a miscomprehension between both of them. However it seemed Airin knew how to manage with her girlfriend quite well.

“We understand how you feel…but let’s say, you should talk to Airin about it though. I believe she have her reasons why she didn’t want to raise a pet.” Rena was extremely optimistic and seemed to successfully brighten up Churi’s mood a little. Along with the younger Matsui’s help, they seemed to manage to convince Churi to go talk with Airin properly about her real feelings about raising a pet, especially birds.

“But…I feel so awkward returning after I just came out of a sudden like this.”

“Don’t worry! It’s Airin after all. I believe she’s waiting for you to return back.” Jurina smiled back and Churi nodded.

“I guess…I’ll go back to talk to her then.”

“We’ll come with you, but obviously you have to talk with Airin alone afterwards.” Rena suggested and Churi gladly accepted it. At least she would want her best friend to send her off at her house. Jurina agreed with that and then they sent Churi off at her house.

Obviously, Churi was still afraid that Airin would be mad at her after she had disappeared for 2 days. She had crashed at wMatsui’s place without any warning and as usual they both didn’t mind it at all. Jurina gave Churi a push towards her home entrance, as the guilty girl would have to confront with her girlfriend whom would likely to be waiting for her return.

“We’ll go back home and tell us how it went.”

Jurina waved at her and dragged Rena home. The older raven was still worried about her best friend but the younger Matsui told her girlfriend that she should trust Churi with dealing with her own issues. As they both went back home, Churi was standing at the front of her house and took a big sigh before she twisted the door knob of her very own house… The door was unlocked and the squeaking sound broke the dead silence inside the house. She slowly entered without trying to make any noise as possible. She closed the door behind her and took off her shoes before she slowly tiptoed into her own house.


She called her girlfriend softly but she didn’t receive a respond. As she turned at the corner at the living room, she saw her girlfriend sleeping with her head on the couch. She looked really exhausted and the table was a big mess…then suddenly she spotted the little feather creature sleeping against Airin’s face…it was the parakeet bird. She looked really fond to Airin as well. Then immediately Churi recalled how her girlfriend never have pets before so she never knew how to raise one before…that explained the mess that’s all over the dining table. Bird food and sunflower seeds scattered everywhere. The time she was gone…her lovely girlfriend looked after her Papi-chan instead of taking her to some pet store close by here. She couldn’t hold back her happiness and grabbed a clean blanket for her Airin so she wouldn’t get a cold.  Churi planted a soft kiss onto Airin’s forehead, while she was sleeping like a dead log.

“Hehe…you’re so adorable when you’re sleeping.”

Churi got up and decided to clean up the mess that was left by Airin. Also, since she had caused problems for her lovely girlfriend, she’s going to cook something nice for her tonight.


“Nn…” Airin slowly woke up from her sleep and Papi-chan beside her had disappeared. She suddenly pulled herself off from the floor and threw her glance around the whole room. “P-Papi-chan where are you!?”

“Good evening Airin~!”

A sweet voice came from the kitchen and she saw her girlfriend in the pink apron cooking dinner for them. Obviously Airin was shocked to see Churi back already and then her eyes stopped at the bird cage, Papi-chan was in there. The whole table was cleaned up as well… she believed Churi did clean it up.

“O-Oh…you’re back.”

“Yes…I’m sorry to cause you so much trouble. Let’s talk after our dinner okay?”

“…Sure.” Airin smiled and decided to go with the flow of her girlfriend instead.


After then had their dinner together, they sat down at the living room with Churi lying on Airin’s shoulder quietly. Obviously, Airin didn’t know how she’s going to respond to that with her girlfriend remaining in silence like this. Then suddenly, Churi hugged Airin around her body and caused her to be surprise.

“I’m really sorry for rushing out without talking properly to you Airin…please forgive me.”

“Don’t worry about that, I know you really want to raise a pet for so long already…it’s technically my fault for not managing with that.” Airin chuckled softly to her and Churi totally disagreed with her.

“No! It’s not your fault! I believe…you have a reason too right?”


“Please let me hear your reason…” Churi begged and then Airin finally decided to tell the reason why she didn’t want to raise a pet yet.

Since they both were working full-time and just Airin’s job couldn’t support both of them. She wanted to have a more stable job than this so that Churi wouldn’t have to work, she actually thought about…adopting a child and have pets as well. But she just felt that it’s not the time yet. Obviously after Churi heard Airin’s reasons; she couldn’t help but to blush and wanted to break into tears. Her girlfriend was really considerate for her and what made her blush was that Airin was actually planning to have a family with her. Why wouldn’t she be happy with it? But she could tell that Airin looked really uneasy.

“I-I know it sounds weird but…I want our relationship to just be more than this.”

“…Is this an indirect proposal?”


Churi could see Airin blushed badly by her question and that made her even happier as ever. Without further ado, she moved in and plated a soft kiss right onto Airin’s lips. Then both made a silence eye contact with each other… Airin was totally mesmerized by that beauty in Churi’s eyes. “Churi…”

“I want a proposal that I wouldn’t forget…okay?”

The girl gave her girlfriend a hint and obviously she could see Airin’s face blushed even worse. She felt like wanting to hide from this embarrassment but at the same time, she couldn’t hold back her smile of happiness.

“Yes, definitely I will!”

“Hehe~ I love you, Airin.”

“Me too…you’re my only one, Churi.”

They both cuddled each other as they finally had came to understand each other feelings a little more. Holding each other’s hand and feeling each other’s warmth was just comforting their hearts. What could Churi ask for more than being with the ‘destined’ one? Only Airin understood and loved her more than she could give to someone. But Churi wouldn’t want to lose to Airin either, she kissed Airin at the cheeks in order to grab her attention.

“I won’t lose to you Airin~ I’ll definitely give you much more love than what you gave me.”

“Hehe, you already did Churi…you gave me happiness.” She pecked Churi’s head and brought in her lover closer to her body. They rested their foreheads against each and held onto each other tightly. “You’re my everything…”

“Me too…you are my everything and my life.”

Both Furuyanagi enjoyed their little fluffly moments together and then the silence was broke by Airin bringing something up.

“By the way…I’m not really good with raising Papi-chan. I would need your help to teach me neh?”

“Huh?” Churi froze with confusion and eventually started to realize what Airin was referring. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking and just needed clarification from her girlfriend on this. “W-Wait do you mean…”

“Well, we can’t leave her injured right? I guess we’re going to raise it together. I’ll do the best I can~”

Airin was just so sweet to her selfish girlfriend. Churi couldn’t hold back her tears and threw her arms around her lover and buried her face onto Airin’s shoulder. She hugged her tightly as if there’s no tomorrow. She was really happy that she’s able to have a pet bird, but she’s was happier that Airin always cared for her in every circumstances even though Churi was the one being so selfish on her this time.

“Airin…thank you so much.”

“Don’t worry~ your smile is my happiness. I want you to be happy Churi.”

“Obviously I am! Because I have such…a sweet girlfriend like you.”

Without any waiting, she sealed her lips against Airin’s and tasted every sweet flavor from her lover’s lips. Oh dear. Airin was just downright shocked with Churi’s aggressive move but she totally loved it. She pushed Airin down onto the couch and lied down on top of her.

“Airin…Hug me, and let me stay like this…”


Airin nodded and hugged Churi back. They both lied down on the big couch that could fit two people sleeping at the same time. It was a deep silence between both as Churi snuggled in towards Airin and it made her giggled with how adorable Churi was. They slept in each other’s arm until morning…they wanted this time to remain for eternity…what could’ve been better with your heart become one with someone?



NEXT UPDATE: Book of Transcendence......Next: I dunno~

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
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kyaaaa.long time didn't read a ChurixAirin fic~~
it was lovely~~
PS: kate don't forget to update Love Capture *w*

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
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ah... my heart pounds from reading this...
furuyanagi!! They are a married couple basically~
hee~ Papi-chan is here!
I wonder if CHuri will get Airin to let her raise the other 3 as well... lol

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
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great Furuyanagi OS!
 I want moreeee  :on chew:  :on hypto:

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
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Awesome shot! I always love fluffy FuruYanagi fics. Hope to read more Furuyanagi fics from you!

I fucking love nail art.

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Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
« Reply #119 on: September 25, 2013, 10:47:10 AM »
This Furuyanagi fic is just sooooooo beautiful... :luvluv1: :shy2: :nya: :mon lovelaff: :mon dance:

Have i ever mentioned that you're a really really really good fanfic writer? :on GJ: :on GJ:

Keep up the good work~ Stay awesome... :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

Basically i'm waiting for your book of transcendence... :whistle: :whistle:

Update quick! :mon pray2: :mon pray2: :mon pray2:

If you don't... I'll  :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom:

Nah.. Just kidding.. :on lol:

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