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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 119787 times)

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #260 on: December 25, 2013, 03:39:34 PM »
OH HOLY TURTLE!!!! ETERNAL DEVOTION SEASON 2!!!!!!!! my heart exploded in happiness T____T I wanna cry. I'm announcing my retirement here. Goodbye! .______. 2014 so long!!!
What are you talking about~ It's going to be in approximate 11 months from now~ XDDDD

Seriously, Kate..... please stop killing someone in your fanfics!!!  :OMG:
Finally... you killed Yuki in your own fics. You're completely a demon. :mon psst:
It seems you have been contaminated too much by LF.. influenced by with her angst aura. :lol:
Those conversation... it's so romantic at first but... after that, it became so sad at the same time.  :cry:
You've tricked me... "I'm home"... I read your title and I expected the happy ending, but no... You bring the sadness to MaYuki on Christmas Day :badluck:
LOLOLOLOL!!!! It's just an idea running through my head after I listened to the song "and I'm Home"~
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #261 on: December 25, 2013, 04:16:01 PM »
Also, for readers:
If possible I want to ask for your first impression when you first read through it.

It's all started by some conversation, only conversation without any detail of the speaker... I'm surprised because it's not like your usual fanfics.
I thought the conversation is someone's monologue or someone's flashback.
I tried to figure it out with my weak brain. But I'm failed.. I guess. :P

In my imagination the first talker (odd number) is the one who's died, the second talker (even number) is her 'live' lover.
Maybe it's wrong.  XD

At the first place, I thought Mayu is the one who died in this fics... because of this:
“…I’m home, Yuki.”
That’s it…that was the reply she could never tell her Yuki anymore. Those were her last words before she left the cemetery.
But I'm wrong, it's Yuki... I didn't figure it out until I asked you by myself (I'm quite aggresive to some authors lately. :lol:)

How I wish you'll kindly tell me or make the clearer version for me... especially for the dialogue.  :P

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #262 on: December 25, 2013, 05:58:10 PM »
1.another sad story

2.why do you always make them break >_<

well thats my answer^^

haha i want happy ending of mayuki :bow: :bow: :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
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1. What's your first impression after reading through the 1st time?
Waaaaaaaaaah Mayu is suffering a lot  :cry: I hate you Kate >_<

2. What's your thought after you understand the whole thing? (If you didn't manage to get it in first go XD)
If mayu is still alive...that means that humans can pass through the hardest things and continue living :'D
how? I dunno  :bleed eyes:

3. How did Yuki die? (whatever thoughts you have~)
IS YOUR OSHIMEN!!!!!!!!  :angry:
 HOW DARE YOU!!!!! (?

ahh~ well I don't know..maybe an accident or she was sick  :bleed eyes:

She, her, Mayu, Yuki, Me, Fox, Guardians, Tears, Jurina, Rena, Snow, Death, Man  bwhdwebdjhwbdehwdewdew :cry:
You teach me something with this fanfic, you really did (lol)
PS: *forever waiting a Wmatsui fanfic*
LOLOLOL!!!! Your reaction is always funny!!!! XD I always enjoy your comment so much Koneki-san~!
Wow really? >///< Part of me I'm curious what did you learn from this fanfic! I tried to include some interesting thoughts in most of my fics so yeah~  :deco:
Don't worry I'm still writing it, it's going to be super duper long wMatsui OS! (Looooooong OS is something expected from me...XD)

It's that true?

Kyaaaaaaaaa I'm so happy and gay 

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #264 on: December 25, 2013, 08:13:42 PM »
Kate-chan~ :cathappy:
You made another beautiful OS :deco:
how do you write so beautifully?! teach me! pwease! T^T
demo Yukirin..  :cry: Mayuyu wil always love you Yukirin, even if your gone!  :cry:
oh how I love dramatic fics~ :P
thanx for this  :cow: :bow:

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #265 on: December 26, 2013, 01:48:09 AM »
Omg u trick me.. U suck a troll person

And why u have to kill someone in ur fanfic

And i don't have to reread the story to under

2: i hope that Mayu and Yuki can be together again

3: Maybe Yuki is sick or she have accident... I hope it was sick

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #266 on: December 26, 2013, 04:13:52 AM »
1. Do not understand at first.  It is because my English is not good.

2. why mayu have to die again...  :cry:
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(After reading the fanfic, my favorite pair just keep increasing :( )

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #267 on: December 26, 2013, 05:03:47 AM »
1. What's your first impression after reading through the 1st time? Like....did you have to reread it again to understand it?
I kinda understand it with my first read, but I need to read it second time to have a clearer image of it.

2. What's your thought after you understand the whole thing? (If you didn't manage to get it in first go XD)
At least Yuki is the one who died now, I think Mayu suffers a lot in Mayuki fanfiction, really :lol: "Young girl that looks like a handsome boy" = Jurina, right?
A good but sad fic  :( But having happy endings isn't always good, so glad that you make this a sad OS  :P

3. How did Yuki die? (whatever thoughts you have~)
I think she just had some car accidents and then died :P

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #268 on: December 26, 2013, 08:22:43 AM »
You showered us with many updates this Christmas Kate-sama. Thank you. :farofflook:

My answers:
1. At first, I can tell that Mayuki is separated and I thought that it's a forbidden long distance relationship. I guess it's not after re-reading it. :nervous I'm a little happy that its Yuki's time to die in fics. :nervous

2. Mayuki had faced lots of obstacles but stayed strong together until something happened to Yuki.

3. Many things could cause Yuki's death but it's probably an accident.


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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
« Reply #269 on: January 13, 2014, 05:02:49 AM »

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
« Reply #270 on: January 13, 2014, 06:48:12 PM »
To everyone: thanks for your comments! I did learn something from it and I truly appreciate it!   :fap Sorry for being a little inactive at the moment! I hope this wMatsui OS I wrote for kevinwkl's belated birthday (OCT 28) will answer why I'm being quite slow with updating! ><

My next in-line will be AMNESIA!!  :thumbsup

Now then...I hope you guys enjoy this LONGG wMatsui OS~ It's consist of 4 parts....But I put it as one XD It's just easy for me to write, but it's one whole story. So~ enjoy~! :cheers

~Pairing: WMatsui~

~Part One: Encounter~

“Rena-chan! Over here~”

The young energetic girl called the timid girl over to her. As Rena walked up towards her, the lively one grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the playground.

“Hehe~ Let’s play!”


Rena nodded firmly and ran after the lively friend of hers. Those sparkling dark orbs eyes was something that she never had forgotten until now. No matter how long time passed by, she never forgot those eyes that stared into hers…


Waking up on an early morning was not something easy for a sleepyhead girl. The longhaired girl slowly got up from her bed and checked the time to know that she wasn’t late for school. As she got up from bed, it was about time her mother came to call her at the front of her door.

“Rena-chan! Time to go to school!”


Her mother called and she responded back with a lazy tone. She took a shower and changed into her school uniform before she went downstairs to have her breakfast. She sat down at the dining table while her father was eating his food while reading the newspaper.

“How’s school right now?”

The older man asked while he still had his eyes on the news. Rena simply told him about her usual life in school and there would be a school fieldtrip soon to Nagoya. She looked forward to it since it would be an overnight trip as well. After she finished her bread and omelets, she went to give her father a hug before she left her house with her bicycle.

“I’m leaving now.”

“Have a safe day Rena-chan~”


Her mother came to send her off at the front of Matsui’s Residence. The raven-haired girl kept cycling until she reached her school. She greeted her friends and acquaintances as she rode passed them. Rena parked her bicycle at the parking lot before she entered the school’s building. While she was changing her shoes, her friends came up to greet her.

“Good morning Rena-chan!”

“Oh, good morning!”

Rena turned around and met with two of her closest friends in Tokyo High school, she called them Airin and Churi, by their nickname. They walked up to their homeroom together and then it seemed Airi had an interesting topic to talk today. There was a rumor that there would be a transfer student that would enter their class today. They were so excited to know who would it be, but Rena just felt so normal with it. However, it made her slightly curious since rarely there would be a student that would be transfer in the middle of the semester. As they arrived at their homeroom, it wasn’t that long that the teacher entered and told the students to sit down.

“Alright! Good news. We will have a friend that will join our class from now on.”

It was as Airi said and everyone started whispering to each other and wondering whether it would be a boy or a girl. Obviously, most of the girls would hope for a boy to be transferred into their class. However, Rena didn’t really care what gender would the student be. The teacher asked the transferred student to enter the room and everyone’s eyes stared at the opening door. A tall female student entered. She had a shoulder hair length and looked quite boyish. People could actually see her as a pretty cute boy, or a handsome girl.

“Please introduce yourself.”

“Yes.” She nodded and wrote her name on the board. “My name is Watanabe Jurina, nice to meet you all!”

Her energetic smile had created a good impression with everyone in the classroom. As for Rena, she felt like she heard this last name before and before she could’ve figured it out one of the students brought it up.

“Eh, Watanabe-san? Are you related to Mayu-senpai and Miyuki-senpai?”

“They’re my sisters, so I bet its better everyone call me Jurina instead~”

“W-Wow! That’s amazing!!”

There would be no one in the school that wouldn’t know Mayu and Miyuki. If there were a popular-category among students, they would be known to be the legendary ones. They were called wWatanabe, or the Watanabe twins. Mayu was dexterous in academics while Miyuki was in sports, and even more, both of them were extremely beautiful. Their aura and beauty would always capture both girls and boys’ heart. However, no one actually knew that the Watanabe twins had a younger sister as well.

“Matsui-san? I would leave Watanabe-san in your care, okay?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Rena was the class representative, therefore it was her job to take care or guide any transferred students that joined in their class. As she had made an eye contact with Jurina, she realized how she had such beautiful brunette orbs.  She smiled back to Rena and it made her slightly surprised. For some reason, the class rep felt some connection with Jurina that instant, but she didn’t understand why she had such a feeling…


After the morning class ended and its break time, tons of students came up to Jurina to ask countless things about her and about Mayu and Miyuki too. It didn’t seem surprising to the transferred student at all since her sisters were popular after all. Airi and Akane were sitting with Rena while feeling pity for Jurina being surrounded by students with endless questions.

“I feel bad for her. Those people just wanted to make use of Jurina-chan to get closer to Mayu-senpai and Miyuki-senpai…”

Airi sighed and Akane couldn’t help but to agree. As Rena kept watching Jurina listening to countless questions roaming at her, the transferred student suddenly stood up and made everyone stopped. She walked up to Rena’s table with a smile across her face.

“Matsui-san, would you mind help take me to infirmary?”


“Thank you~” She smiled before she turned back to everyone else and apologized to them. She just remembered she had an appointment with the nurse so she wasn’t able to answer everyone’s questions right now. They forgave her and told Jurina to take it easy, obviously they were quite humble to the younger sister of the famous twins. It seemed the transferred student knew how to deal with the situation really well. As Rena leaded the way out from the classroom and down the corridor, Jurina simply looked around with eyes filled with thrill and energy. They didn’t say a single word until they reached the infirmary room.

“Oh, Rena-chan! Good morning. What brings you here?”

The nurse greeted the class rep as she was working on several documents at her table. The transferred student showed herself from behind Rena with a smile. The nurse’s attention turned to Jurina immediately, as if they knew each other beforehand. 

“Shinoda-sensei, I came to get the medicines~”

“Ah, please wait a minute.”

The nurse went to get a prepared bag of meds from the shelf before she handed it over to Jurina. As for the raven-haired girl, she didn’t know what was going on but she presumed that Jurina was sick or something? The medicines were even prepared beforehand for her. It made Rena wondered whether Jurina would be okay or not. The transferred student stared at her class rep and knew that Rena was starting to overthink of things. She smiled before she spoke up to her.

“It’s really nothing. I just have this chronic condition that need meds to suppress it from appearing. It’s nothing fatal.”

“O-Oh…I see.”

Rena was surprised that Jurina seemed to read through her thoughts. But when she thought about it again, maybe the transferred student encountered situations like this so often enough that she knew what people would think of her at first time.

“Thank you for taking me around~ Do you mind if I ask you again?”

“Not at all! If you want…you’re more than welcome to join us for lunch. It’s only me, Churi and Airin though.”

“Really? Hehe~ I would love to! I’m not a big fan of crowds.”

Jurina giggled lively and they seemed to share something in common. Rena didn’t like crowded places as well. As they walked back to their class, Rena went to tell her two close friends that Jurina would join lunch with them. They were actually surprised but at the same time they’re more than welcome for Jurina to join. Even just a little, they also wanted to know more about this transferred student while they had the chance.


During the lunch break, every one of them brought their own lunchbox so they went straight up to the roof deck immediately after the bell rang. Jurina was like a young kid that seemed to be excited with everything in this school. The weather was great and it’s not too sunny or hot. They sat under the deep blue sky and enjoyed their lunch together.

“So, where did you learn before you moved here?”

“I’m in Nagoya before I recently moved to Tokyo to live with my family.”

“Oh? You didn’t live with your parents at the beginning?”

“Let’s say I received financial aid from my parents while I’m living there, but then they wanted me to continue my studies in Tokyo with my sisters, so I transferred here.”

“I see.”

Rena simply just sat there in silence, listening to the conversation between Akane, Airi and Jurina. The transferred girl didn’t seem to be bothered by the questions from the other two girls. She was actually glad to answer their doubts instead. The conversation kept going on and they brought up about school’s clubs. Jurina would have to pick a club to join and she decided to ask for some information and advices from them.

“Airin is in Anime Club, and I’m in Archery Club.” Akane replied and then Jurina turned to the raven-haired girl.

“What about Matsui-san?”

“I’m in Drama Club…I like watching dramas and do acting as my hobby.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!!”

Jurina smiled with excitement and told them that she loved doing that as well. However, back in her old school there wasn’t a drama club and none of her friends like acting. Right now, she was so happy that she finally got to meet someone who had the same hobby as her. Jurina threw tons of questions to Rena regarding how to join the Drama Club. Obviously, Rena didn’t expect something like that coming as much as Akane and Airi. In the end, the class rep decided to take Jurina to the Drama Club today in order to talk to the president about the transferred girl joining. Right after the school was over, Jurina was already prepared to leave any second and simply waited for Rena to finish packing up her stuffs. At least they had the same subject for the last class of the day so they wouldn’t have to meet anywhere far. Jurina just transferred and she’s still new to the locations within the school.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Not at all~ Thank you so much for helping me out with this.”

“No worries, I’m glad that we’ll have someone energetic like you to join us!”

Rena smiled back before they walked together to the Literature Building, which wasn’t that far from the building they were in. Also, they didn’t realize that there were several students staring at both Rena and Jurina while they walked out from the classroom together. They arrived at the room that was used for Drama Club and Jurina was getting so tensed up and nervous. It made Rena chuckle with how innocent and pure the girl was.

“Relax Jurina, I believe they will like you. Also, the president is a very kind person.”


Jurina’s voice was actually shaking, but Rena found it rather adorable. She patted her shoulder before they entered the room. Everyone was reading their script and practicing their roles. They were all too focused to realize the sound of the door opened. As Rena entered, they diverted their attention to her and greeted her as usual. They both approached the midget senior who was helping the younger members with understanding their script.

“Takamina-senpai, I brought someone who’s interested to join the Drama club.”

“Oh? Sure, give me a second.”

She quickly explained other members about their role and asked another short senior to lead the warm up first while Takamina would have to talk to Rena. She turned to them and her eyes met with the young transferred student. 

“Oh, I heard about you… you’re Mayu and Miyuki’s sister right?”

“Ah, yes.”

“I see~ Well then, do you like acting?”

“I love it! I’ve always want to join the drama club for once!”

Jurina replied firmly with the passion in her eyes. It made Takamina smile and showed sign of interest in her. She did not hesitate for the transferred girl to join at all. She just asked simple questions regarding Jurina’s experiences in acting., but unfortunately she didn’t have much since there was no drama club at her preceding school. Therefore Takamina decided to assign Jurina under Rena’s care for the time being until one of their plays would be done. They couldn’t add another actress into the drama after it’s all planned out already.

However, Takamina said she would give Jurina the time to practice and study drama until the next upcoming one that they would have during Christmas. She looked forward to have Jurina participate and it made the girl very pumped. They both went to join the warm-up immediately and after that everyone was busy with practicing their roles while Rena taught Jurina the basics of acting. The raven-haired girl borrowed the training book from Takamina and obvious it was her first time to teach someone like this. It was even making her nervous as well.

“Let’s see… let’s do exercise #1. I’ll be sister A while you be sister B. The information regarding the character is written below, do your best to act the character out.”


Jurina read the script carefully word by word and Rena could see her motivation. She was even enjoying watching Jurina studying drama seriously. She had a feeling that she would be going along with the quiet Matsui. As they practice the lines and acting, Takamina watched them from a distance away and saw that things were going smoothly for both of them. She came to check on the girls occasionally and it made Jurina felt very comfortable for being in this club. After the training, everyone came to welcome Jurina properly and they were all friendly with her. After the meeting was over, everyone dispersed out and both girls walked out towards the entrance.

“How are you going home?”

Rena asked and Jurina told her that she came with a bicycle. Unexpectedly, the class rep came with it as well. Both of them were surprised that they shared so many similar things in common despite today was the first time they met. Yet, they felt as if they knew each other for quite a while. They went to the parking lot they parked their bikes, and then Rena asked again where her home was.

“Which direction you’re going?”

“Hmm…I have to pass by the cake café and just few more blocks to the right. It’s not that far though.”

“W-Wow…that’s the direction to my house too, but I have to turn left instead.”

“I see~ Glad that we can accompany each other back home!”

“Yeah, since it’s late every time we have practice, my parents are worried about me going back home alone.”

“I believe same applies to me too~”

They rode their bicycle back home and down the streets together. They exchanged so many thoughts with each other despite it was Jurina’s first day of school. A part of Rena couldn’t believe that all of this happened in one single day. She felt quite comfortable being around Jurina despite she was an introvert person and could hardly get along with strangers at first meeting. Rena wondered why she could talk about many things to Jurina, when she never shared to her close friends at all. She talked about her stress about being the class rep and Jurina listened to it carefully word by word that was uttered from her lips.

“Its not that I want to be… but because everyone in the class including the teacher wanted me to be.”

“I see… Matsui-san, you should tell everyone that you don’t want to be. I believe they will understand you even more.”

“I guess so, mother always told me that I have to express my feelings more.”

Rena sighed softly and the transferred student just smiled silently. However, it seemed it reached the point that the raven-haired girl felt that her transferred friend should stop addressing her formally.

“Since I’ve been calling you Jurina, you can address by my name.”

“Ah I see, can I call you Rena-chan?”


She smiled back to the energetic girl. That instance, Rena could see such a beautiful bright smile from Jurina. It made her heart rest at ease and for some reason she felt rather sentimental about it.

“Thank you Rena-chan~ I’m really happy to meet you on my first day!”

The class rep blushed slightly as her name was called by that cute voice. She didn’t understand why she had to feel nervous when Jurina called her by her name. However, it wasn’t that long that they had to separate at the fork road. Before Rena could’ve left, Jurina wanted to exchange numbers with her first and Rena willingly gave it to her.

“I’ll text you tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

She did not hesitate nor felt awkward that Jurina said that when normally she would feel rather awkward if a stranger tried to approach her. Rena had returned back home and rushed up to her room immediately. She went to take a shower and then had her dinner with her family at the dining table. Her parents would ask her how was her school today and she told about Jurina to them. She told them how she met with this transferred student, how she joined the Drama Club today, and how her house was close by too.

“So I will be coming back with her every time we have practicing. So please you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Ah, I’m glad you found a great friend.”

Her mother smiled and had a sip of the miso soup. As she finished her meal and went up to her room to do her homework, her cellphone rang as she received a mysterious text from an unknown number. Out of curiosity, she opened it and it was from Jurina.

[Jurina: Rena-chan~ It’s me, Jurina! This is my number. Did you have dinner yet?]

The raven-haired girl didn't expected to receive a text this early and she replied back immediately with slight excitement. She told how she was surprised that Jurina sent her a text so early and asked back whether Jurina had her dinner yet as well. Right after she pressed sent, in few seconds she received another message again.

[Jurina: Thank goodness! I thought I might’ve sent a message to a wrong number. I had my dinner already and I’m about to start doing the homework.]

[Rena: If you need any help with the homework, feel free to ask me. Since you just transferred you’re likely to have so many things to catch up.]

[Jurina: Yup, thank you for your offer! I’ll definitely ask when I’m stuck. Are you free late evening?]

[Rena: I don’t have a lot of homework to do. Is something a matter?]

[Jurina: Nothing special…I just want to talk to you again tonight. Do you mind?]

The girl blinked with awe as she reread Jurina’s text again. In ordinary cases, Rena would decline, as she didn’t like talking to people especially someone whom she just met today. However, she actually felt the same towards Jurina. She wanted to talk to the transferred student…and she couldn’t wait until tomorrow to talk again. Maybe if Jurina didn’t ask her, she would’ve texted back to the girl in order to talk to her in some ways. Rena didn’t hesitate to reply the text back to Jurina.

[Rena: Sure! I would love to, how about around 11pm?]

[Jurina: Sounds great! I’ll call you~]

The class rep went to do her assignments before she would run out of time. This was the first time she felt so motivated to finish all her assignments tonight. She was actually excited to talk to Jurina again. She was so focused on her studies and just when she finished everything it was already 10:45pm. She sighed with relief as she managed to finish her homework before Jurina would call her. She decided to grab some melon pan as her late snack before the transferred student would call her.

“Oh, Rena-chan, you’re staying up late tonight?”

“A little.”

She didn’t tell exactly why she was staying up late tonight. She grabbed her melon pan and went back up to her room again. However as she opened the door, she heard her cellphone ringing and died out in few seconds. It made Rena surprise and she rushed to check whether who called her. As she was expecting, it was from Jurina.

“Ah damn…very bad timing.”

Rena dialed back and hoped that Jurina would pick it up. As she waited impatiently, the call was picked up and before anything could be said, she apologized to Jurina immediately.

“I’m sorry! I went downstairs to get melon pan…so I didn’t pick up your call.”

(Don’t worry about it! Ah…phew! Am I disturbing you?)

“Oh no not at all. I’m already done with my homework, and you?”

(Yup~ same here. It wasn’t as hard as I thought~)

 Rena lied down on her bed and then they seemed to be remaining in silence. The raven-haired girl wasn’t sure what to talk at all. Apparently it was her first time she would talk to anyone on the phone aside from Akane and Airi.

“Hehe, this is a little awkward…?”

(Yeah, oh right…did you just mentioned melon pan?)

“Yup, it’s always and forever favorite food. Melon pan is like my life!”

(Haha! You’re so funny Rena-chan! I just had melon pan today when I got back, but I’m sure that I’m not that crazy as you.)

“Melon pans are amazing!”

(Yup~ It’s my favorite sweets of all time.)

Both of them kept talking about melon pan and other of their nonsense stuffs. They did not talk about anything related to friends or school. The only thing they talked about was regarding each other. Time flew by so fast that before they realized it again it was already 1am. They had been talking for two hours straight without stopping. This was probably the first time in her life that Rena had been on the phone this long, especially with someone she just met today.

“I think we should go sleep now or else we’ll be too tired.”

(Agree. I had a lot of fun talking to you! How about we meet at the front of the café at 7am? We can go to school together.)

“Sure! I’ll text you when I get there. Good night Jurina.”

(Good night to you too, Rena-chan.)

She hung up the call and closed the lights immediately. She didn’t want her parents to catch her for staying on the phone this late. As she tried to fall asleep, Rena was already excited to meet with Jurina tomorrow morning again. She never felt this way towards a friend before in her life. When was the last time she was so excited to be with someone? It was so long…long time ago…


“Rena-chan! Rena-chan!”

A girl called her name and jumped through the window into the classroom. It was during free time and everyone was playing with each other. The girl rushed to Rena’s side and sat down by her side.

“Is it fun?”


“I see, can I join too~?”

She smiled widely at her. Even though Rena was just playing with dolls, the girl still wanted to have fun with her. Then suddenly, Rena could hear others gossiping about her friend was forced to play with her. Obviously, it hurt her feelings and it made her feel guiltier. However, before Rena could say anything, the shorthaired friend of hers spoke up.

“I like playing and being with Rena the most. She’s not forcing me, I’m the one that wanted to play with her~”


Rena was so shocked and then her eyes met with the girl once again. Those pure brunette eyes stared into hers. “Does Rena-chan like playing with me too?”

“O-Of course! I like being with Ju-chan the most…”

“Me too~ I like Rena-chan~!”

That smile made Rena’s heart rest at ease. They played and talked together as if they were the only ones in the world right now. Rena never heard or completely ignored the gossips between her and Ju-chan. To be together with Ju-chan was the only thing that she cared. She was someone truly special to Rena, and she’s the only person that Rena could only think about. She wanted to always see that bright smile on Ju-chan’s face. 

“I-I like Ju-chan too…”

That was her true feelings. No one knew what kind of feelings that Rena had for her friend named Ju-chan, however all that Rena knew was that Ju-chan was as equally important to her life…


Rena woke up early after she had a dream about her past. It was a sentimental dream that made her heart felt utterly calm. It made her wonder how was Ju-chan doing right now after they never had met each other since then. She must be alive somewhere out there…it had been 12 years already. She got up, changed her clothes, and hurried to finish her breakfast before she rushed out before she would be late to meet up with Jurina. As she rushed over to the café, she saw the familiar girl waiting for her on the bicycle.

“J-Jurina! I’m sorry I’m late!”

“Oh, not at all! I just got here.”

Jurina gave her a warm welcome smile. Soon after that, they rode to school together. As other students saw Rena with the new student, it made them slightly surprise but they didn’t think about it much yet. Both girls went to park their bikes before they went to change their shoes at the entrance hall.

“Oh? Didn’t expect to see you two together in the morning! You guys came together?”

Rena and Jurina turned around and met with Airi and Akane. Rena wondered why she felt nervous and panicking like this, it’s unlike her usual self. But before she had to answer her friends, Jurina spoke up and explained it instead.

“We just knew that we actually live close by to each other, so we decided to come to school together today.”
“Oh really? Lucky Rena to live close by to the famous Watanabe siblings!”

Rena just went along with her friend’s flow. As she turned to Jurina, she was also looking at her and gave a warm smile. Without realizing it, Rena was actually smiling back to her as well. All four of them went up to their homeroom before they would be marked as tardy for homeroom. Usually it would be like any other ordinary days for Rena, but it was a little different this time. Jurina was in most of her classes and she would always sit with Rena. Her liveliness brought some colors into the introvert raven haired girl’s life. When a group work was assigned, Jurina would always come to pair up with Rena before anyone else would make a move. The new student didn’t care how other students might want to pair with her. The only thing that Jurina thought was that she wanted to work with Rena. On the days they had drama club, they would always go home together, even on every other day too. Sometimes they would even stop by at the café and chill out until the sky turned brightly scarlet. If anyone were to ask what they were talking, it would be something really nonsense and random. As for today, Jurina wanted to try out the new cake at the café together with Rena. Since they had no club meetings today, they went straight to the café right after the school was over.

“Ah~ Oishii! Rena-chan you should try it!”


She thought she would use another fork, but then Jurina actually decided to feed her instead. Her face flushed immediately after realizing it and seemed to be hesitating to eat it.

“C’mon, ah~”


Rena was forced to open her mouth and took the bite in public. She was so embarrassed that anyone would see her doing like this. However, the sweet taste of the cake made her forgot about the frustration she had a second ago.

“I-It’s great.”

“I told you! Hehe~”

That bright energetic smile from her cute friend made her heart fluttered. Rena didn’t understand why she was so attracted to that smile at all, but the more she saw the more she felt so happy. She wanted to do anything in order to see that pure smile again, again…and again.

“Rena-chan, what’s that drink?”

“Oh, it’s melon soda float.”

“Ah, can I try it?”


She passed her drink to Jurina and she had a sip of it. Jurina seemed to be amazed by its taste and really loved it. She planned to order it next time when they come over again. It was like their goal at the café was to try every on the menu at least once. It’s quite a nonsense random goal, but Rena actually enjoyed it together with Jurina. The more time they spent together the more the class rep felt connected to her. As Rena had a sip of her own drink, it just reminded her the fact about indirect kisses. She recalled the image that Jurina drank from her straw and it made her mind exploded into pieces. Rena already had her lips on the straw already and it meant that she had an indirect kiss with Jurina.

“Rena-chan? Are you okay? Your face is red…”

“E-Eh!? U-Uh—n-nothing!”


The raven-haired girl tried to calm down after making too much of a fuzz about indirect kiss. She never had done something like this with anyone before. As they stayed at the café to the evening, it was about time they headed back home. However, it’s getting quite late than usual and so Jurina decided to send Rena at her house instead of them separating at the usual fork road. 

“It’s okay Jurina, I can go back ho—”

“Nope! Your parents would be worried about you!”

“But what about your pare—”

“They would be back late today, so they won’t know anything about it~”

Rena didn’t even have a chance to argue anything to her at all. Jurina accompanied her friend until they reached the front of Matsui’s Residence. The older woman came out after she heard the gate bell ringing.

“Rena-chan! What took you so long today??”

“I’m sorry mom.”

“It’s my fault, I made her stay with me at the café until this late.” Jurina apologized instead and the woman seemed to be surprised. The worries and anger on her face disappeared immediately and it made Rena feel a big relief that she wouldn’t need to listen to any lectures from her. 

“Ah, so you’re Jurina-chan that Rena-chan kept talking about!”


“Hehe, I hope that’s me?”

Jurina giggled and then the mother came to open the gate for Rena to enter. Her mother invited Jurina for the dinner, but then she had to decline since she had to return back home now. It seemed Rena’s mother had quite some interest in Jurina, and so she wished for her to join the dinner with them someday.

“Its quite late already…do you need an escort back home?” Ms. Matsui asked with worries for the younger Watanabe.

“No worries~ I’m great! If I need any help I can call my sisters. I’ll see you tomorrow Rena-chan.”

Jurina left and rode her bicycle into the darkness of the street. As Rena watched her slowly disappearing, she was still worried about making Jurina returning back home late because she came to send her off. Both mother and daughter went back into the house to have dinner, and then Rena’s mother brought up the topic regarding Jurina.

“So that’s Jurina-chan, I’m glad you found a great friend.”


“Fufu~ did you realize that you’ve become livelier than before ever since you met Jurina-chan?”

Rena was dumbfounded. She didn’t realize that she changed at the beginning, but when she thought about it again there were several things that changed. She never talked on the phone this long before, she don’t usually hangout with others after school was over. She actually did have something to look forward to aside from studies and grades in school. Little by little, Rena was actually changing due to Jurina’s existence in her life.

“I…I didn’t realize that.”

“Well, I’m glad you met a friend who can give you a good influence.”

Her mother didn't explain anything further. Rena was still curious, but it would be pointless to ask because her mother wouldn’t bother explaining what she meant. The Matsui girl went back to her room to do her homework while wondering what’s Jurina doing right now…


“I’m back home.”

Jurina opened the door with her keys and then a teenage girl came to see her. She was shorter than Jurina, and she also had bangs. She was wearing a white baggy shirt, plain black shorts, and red glasses. Her eyes were amazingly calm enough that Jurina couldn’t tell what she was thinking. 

“What took you so long Jurina?”

“Sorry, I went to send my friend at her house before I come back.”

“Mom and dad are worry about you. If you’re going to be late again you should tell us before hand.”

“I’m sorry Mayu-san.”

“…Anyways, dinner is about to start. Glad you make it back on time.”

Mayu sighed softly as she wasn’t happy to hear Jurina’s reply. However, there was nothing she could do and there was a tinge of sadness in her eyes. It seemed the young sibling saw that and knew the possible reason behind that sadness.


Jurina followed her sister into the living room where Miyuki and her parents were already at the dining table. They were worried about Jurina and the girl apologized to them for not telling that she would be late. She told them how she didn’t want to leave Rena walking back home alone so she decided to accompany her home.

“You’re a girl too Jurina, you should worry about yourself too.”

“Don’t worry, I’m tough.”

“Still, you’re our daughter as well. We’re worry about you.”

Her father spoke up and it made Jurina’s expression became a little less playful. She smiled softly and bowed her head to her parents. It was her way to express her honest gratitude to those she was truly in debt with.

“…Thank you.”

Without further ado, they had their dinner together before Jurina went back to her room to work. However her mother stopped Jurina, while others were busy watching TV with the father. The mother made sure she didn’t speak too loud that everyone would hear the conversation

“Jurina…I know it’s still hard, but at least give Mayu and Miyuki the chance to be your sister…please know that they’re trying really hard.”

The girl nodded silently with a vague smile. She knew what her mother was trying to say as well as knew that both Watanabe twins were doing their bet to be her sister. After all, they were not blood-related.

“…I know. I truly appreciate their kindness, but I think I need a little more time.”

“I see. Don’t push yourself too hard okay? We’re here for you.”

“Thank you, mom. Good night.”

“Good night sweetie.”

Jurina went up the stairs to her room while her mother was watching her from behind. She closed the door and threw herself onto her bed immediately without waiting. When she made her mind go blank, the first person she thought of was Rena. She sighed once again and then her mother’s words repeated in her head again. She knew that Mayu and Miyuki accepted who she was and wanted to be close to her as sisters. However, maybe Jurina’s mind was not ready for the change and the warm welcome just yet.


“Rena-chan~ are you hungry? Let’s go eat!”


They held each other’s hand and it was Ju-chan that dragged Rena down the corridor to the cafeteria. The lively ikemen girl rushed to talk to one of the old woman staff before she gave them two small pack of bread.

“Hehe~ Thank you obaasan!”

“Hehe, don’t worry about it. Make sure to keep it secret from the teachers~”

Ju-chan ran back and handed Rena a melon pan. This was something that they wouldn’t get to eat within the orphanage. Ju-chan had requested for one of the staffs she knew to buy more ever since she received a free one from obaasan. It made her love melon pan ever since then.

“Try it! It tastes amazing!”


Rena had a bite and she couldn’t believe the sensation within her mouth. It taste utterly amazing and it’s like an addiction. Rena finished the whole thing and she just loved it so much.

“It’s great right!?”

“I-It is! It’s so amazing! Melon pan is the best!”

“Yeah it is~ Glad that Rena-chan loves it! I’ll ask obaasan to buy more for us~”

“Is that really okay?”



That was the first time Rena was exposed to the existence of melon pan and the person that introduced it to her was Ju-chan. Ever since then, melon pan was her life and her addiction. Even until now, she was still obsessed with melon pan due to its taste and also it reminded her of her childhood. Every time she had melon pan, Rena would always remember her times with Ju-chan at the orphanage.

After they enjoyed their food, they would go out to the playground and walk around. Ju-chan loved to explore everywhere that’s new and mysterious. Rena would always go with her and enjoyed following the energetic one.

“Make sure you don’t get lost~”

“Um! I won’t!”

Ju-chan extended her hand to Rena to hold onto. The shy girl slowly took it and they held each other’s hand tightly. The boyish girl would always hold Rena’s hand to make sure that the timid girl wouldn’t stray away from her. Every time Ju-chan held Rena’s hand…she felt her heart rest at ease.


As time passed by, Jurina was now used to reading and acting according to the script. Takamina could see and was impressed with her steady improvements. There would be a drama show in few days and both Jurina and Rena had got a free ticket since they were members of the drama club.

“I can’t wait to watch the show! Everyone worked so hard for it.”

Jurina spoke up as she bought some bread at the cafeteria before heading up to the roof deck with Rena since she forgot to bring her lunchbox today. However, it seemed something made Jurina curious and she turned to her raven-haired friend.

“Rena-chan…if you don’t mind me asking, why aren’t you part of the drama?”

Jurina was looking at Rena with eyes clouded with worries. Obviously, it made her laughed at how her friend was exaggerating things. The reason she didn’t join the drama was just too simple beyond Jurina’s expectations.

“It’s just I have many assignments and tests going on. Its something quite usual within the drama club, usually there would be several people that didn’t join…but it’s only me this time.”

“Ah~ I see!”

Jurina sighed with relief and made Rena chuckle softly. Her friend was just worrying her too much, but it made her feel relieved to have Jurina cared for her this much. Rarely one would meet someone innocent and pure like her, but she was actually mature and independent more than many people that Rena knew.  They went up to the roof deck hoping that they didn’t make Akane and Airi waited too long.

“Oi~ you lovebirds! Why taking so long!?”

Akane teased both of them and Rena couldn’t help but to flush immediately. Jurina just laughed and then threw her arms around Rena’s waist. She actually played along with Akane and teased her class rep.

“Because we’re having our private moments…right, Re-na-chan~?”


“Oh ho ho~ Things sure escalate fast.”

“You two, cut it out! Mou…!”

Everyone laughed at the bullied class rep. Rena’s heart pounded spontaneously as she felt Jurina’s body close to her. For some reason, it reminded her of her childhood friend, Ju-chan. It started to make her confuse with many things and she gently pushed Jurina away from her.

“Stop teasing me guys!”

“Aw, gommen~”

Jurina laughed and apologized childishly to her. The energetic one snuggled the shy raven-haired girl as she was enjoying teasing her. However, it made Rena blushed with embarrassment even more. It was Jurina’s nature to cuddle and hug other people, especially with Rena. Every time Jurina hugged her, she would try to avoid it since she didn’t want others to see and misunderstood it. She felt embarrassed and nervous for some reason…she couldn’t explain this feeling inside her stomach. During the whole lunch break, Jurina invited Akane and Airi to go to watch the drama show that would be in few days. They seemed to be interested and Jurina hoped to see them there.


On the day there was a drama show after school, Rena was running a bit late because the teacher called her to talk about class rep duties. As she checked her wristwatch, she had only few minutes before the drama show would start. At least she texted Jurina to tell her to go first, but when she arrived at her classroom to grab her bag she saw her puppy friend sitting on her table waiting for someone.

“Ah, Rena-chan~ hello~”

“J-Jurina? Why are you still here?”

“Obviously, I was waiting for you.”

“Eh?? Didn’t I tell you to go first?”

“Yup you did, but I don’t want to let you go alone.”

Jurina jumped out from her table and giggled childishly at her. She told her that she just wanted to go together with Rena despite they would be late for the show. The class rep’s heart skipped slightly with how caring and sincere Jurina had for her. She was touched by her kindness and then they hurried to the theater to watch the drama. That instance for some reason, Rena thought what would Ju-chan say if she was to be in her position. She decided to step out from her comfort zone and express herself to Jurina a little bit more. She grabbed Jurina’s hand and it made the girl confused.

“Let’s run, we don’t want to miss the fun right?”

Jurina was surprised but then a huge smile appeared across her face. She giggled and held Rena’s hand back tightly. “Sure! Make sure you catch up with my pace.”

“Challenge accepted.”

Holding each other’s hand firmly, they ran towards the theater as quickly as they could. Obviously, Jurina would run much faster than Rena but she wouldn’t want to outrun her friend. She made sure she ran at the same pace as her class rep. Jurina still wanted their hands to be connected to each other until the very end they arrived the theater. They entered the dark hall and glad that they made it right on time before the important scene would start. It was so filled up and they had to sit down on the stairs in the darkness instead.

“This seat isn’t that bad~ I like it more than chairs.”

“Hehe, you’re weird Jurina.”

“Really? It’s called unique~”

“Okay~ if you say so.”

“Also… I get to cuddle you without anyone seeing us~”

Jurina wrapped her arms around Rena’s arm and leaned onto her shoulder. Her cute friend was acting spoiled again. She would only behave like this when she was alone with Rena. Even though the class rep wanted to resist, she couldn’t fight back against those pleading puppy eyes at the slightest.

“Okay…just this once.”


They watched the drama together while Jurina snuggled her tightly. Rena could feel her heart beating faster as she thought about her childish friend was cuddling her so closely. Even though she tried to focus on the drama show, she was so distracted by Jurina holding tightly on her so badly.


“Ah! It’s so fun! Everyone is so good!”

Jurina stretched her arms up high while they were walking to the entrance to the parking lot to get their bicycles. At least Rena was able to focus on the main theme of the story despite the worse distraction she could ever ask for.

“Yup, it’s really good.”

After the show was over, it was about time they head back home but then it was different from usual. However, before they would leave the school, Rena spoke up and caught Jurina’s attention.

“…Neh, Jurina.”


“Do you want to go to the café together?”

She was the one that invited Jurina to the café and obviously the Watanabe girl did not refuse. It made Rena sigh with relief and then they headed to the café together. They made an order and Jurina was curious why her shy friend asked to come here this late. She got a feeling that Rena wanted so talk about something.

“Rena-chan…is something bothering you?”

“N-Not really. I just felt like wanting to share you about something.”

“Oh? Yes?”

“It’s…probably its about my first love.”

“Hm? Why probably?”

“W-Well, I’m not sure that I actually like her or not…”

Rena actually told Jurina about her dear childhood friend named Ju-chan. It wasn’t her full name but that’s the nickname she called her. She talked about her feelings she had for Ju-chan and how she felt that Jurina was very similar to her so much. It made her confuse with her feelings for the Jurina. She didn’t even understand why she was telling this secret to Jurina at all. However, the young Watanabe listened to her talked about her childhood silently with a vague smile across her face. Rena kept telling her the story and told how she was actually an orphan and that it was Ju-chan that was supposed to be adopted by the Matsui couple…


While the two girls were walking around the building on one ordinary day, they accidently stumbled at the teacher’s office. They mentioned Ju-chan’s name and it caught their attention immediately. So they decided to eavesdrop the conversation.

“She’s a very lively girl and I believe you would love Ju-chan.”

The teacher was speaking to the couple that came to adopt a child. They both seemed to like this girl that the teacher was talking about and came to an agreement to adopt this girl.

“However, we would like to talk to her about this first…we would want it to be something both sides agree with…”

Ju-chan and Rena heard the whole conversation and then the shy one felt her hand being held tightly. They left before they would be caught and Rena congratulated her for being chosen out of all the kids.

“Ju-chan! Congratulations…finally you’re able to get out from here.”


However, Ju-chan wasn’t as happy as Rena would expect. Next few days, the Matsui couple would come to the orphanage again to talk with Jurina but then something unexpected had happened. In the morning, Ju-chan got into a fight with one of the boys and she had bruises and cuts on her face. She pretty much beat him up into pulp. The teacher apologized to the couple that they allowed this to happen. Rena was extremely worried and then rushed to Ju-chan’s side but that was a huge mistake within Rena’s life…

“Rena-chan is a good girl. She’s kind, and very smart. Take her instead.”


“What are you sayi—” Before the teacher could finish her sentence, Ju-chan interrupted her and directed her speech to the Matsui couple.

“I’m not such a good girl as you guys think. Rena-chan fits much better than me.”

“I don’t get it…why are you saying like this Ju-chan??”

“…She deserve to go out more than I do. So please, take Rena-chan instead!”

Ju-chan pleaded the Matsui couple to reconsider their decision. They were utterly moved by the young girl’s sincerity. With the injured girl’s speech they indirectly knew that Ju-chan got into a fight on purpose in order to make them take Rena instead. They agreed with it, but it made Rena cried so badly. While the adults had to discuss about the documents, Ju-chan wished to bid farewell with Rena first.

“Please do what you need to do.”

“Thank you…Matsui-san.”

Ju-chan thanked both adults before they left to the office. It’s only both of them alone in the room and she tried to calm Rena down. “Rena-chan…don’t cry.”

“B-But…Ju-chan I—!”

“I’ll get out from here, don’t worry. I promise I will find you.” Ju-chan held Rena’s hand tightly and spoke directly into her eyes. “Stay strong, and believe me. We will meet again.”


“I like you Rena-chan, I had a lot of fun being with you…”

“Me too…I like you Ju-chan! I like you a lot! But I don’t want to be separated from you at all!”

“It’s something that can’t be helped. I promise…I’ll find you no matter how long it will take.”

Ju-chan kissed Rena’s forehead and patted her head gently. She brought Rena’s hand up to lift up the right side of her bangs to reveal a visible line on her smooth skin. It was a distinct scar that she received from an accident that meant so much to Rena.

“Just remember this scar I have.... you’ll definitely recognize me. We will find our way to each other again.”

Rena threw her arms around her friend she had feelings for. She cried in her arms for one last time before the Matsui couple took her out from the orphanage. She wished for the day to meet with Ju-chan out in this wide world once again even there was a dim change that she could’ve forgotten about Rena. It’s just a childish dream that the she still clung onto until now. She still believed that Ju-chan was looking for her…just as much as she was looking for Ju-chan as well.


“I’m sorry to make you listen to all of this…Jurina.”

“Don’t worry about it. She must be really lucky to have someone like you cared for her this much. Hehe~ I’m jealous…I can tell you really love her.”

Jurina smiled widely and it made Rena feel relieved. It was as Rena expected, she wasn’t Ju-chan that she was looking for. A part of her felt sad about it, but a part of her also felt relieved about it. It’s impossible that Ju-chan would be Jurina, despite they were alike in many ways. If she were real, she would’ve revealed her identity to her for a long ago.

“Talking about scar huh…I do have one on my stomach.”

“E-Eh? On your stomach?”

“I got into an accident and got this distinct scar. It didn’t look that nice though.”

“I see…”

Rena sighed out softly as she felt real relieved after telling her story to her friend. As for Jurina, she was flattered that Rena told this precious story of hers to her. She wished to help her find Ju-chan and if she found anyone with a scar on her head she would tell Rena immediately.

“It’s going to be hard to find her without knowing her full name…but let’s do our best. We will definitely find her, you got me here~”

“T-Thank you Jurina! I’m so happy to talk about this to you.”

“Not at all~ shall we head back home?”

“Yeah, it’s getting late now.”

As usual, Jurina would escort Rena back home. They were walking down the streets quietly. Matsui felt quite awkward but before she could speak up, Jurina interrupted her first with her childhood story.

“I’m an orphan too. I’m actually adopted by Watanabe-san about 3 years ago, that’s the reason why I moved from Nagoya to Tokyo to live with them.”

Rena’s eyes grew wide with shock after she learned that Jurina was also an orphan like her. The young Watanabe stopped her bike as they were in front of Rena’s house. However, she looked into the raven-haired girl’s eyes and grasped for her hand gently.

“That’s why, I think I understand your feelings…I promise, I’ll help you find Ju-chan no matter what.”


“I have to go now, the next time we have time together…it’s my turn to tell about myself too~”

The young Watanabe had left with a smile. However, as Rena watched her going away in a distance she called her name loudly and made Jurina flinched. As their eyes met again, Rena seemed to be arranging her words before she spoke out clearly.

“The dinner…do you want to come for a dinner at my house this weekend? My mom wanted me to introduce you to them properly.”

“…Sure! I’m free this weekend!”

“T-Thank goodness. I’ll see you tomorrow at the usual spot.”

“Yup~ See you tomorrow.”

Their usual spot would be at the café. They would always meet with each other there in the morning before they went to school. It became their usual routine and their relationship slowly developed even more. That late evening, Rena was lying down on her bed cuddling her own pillow as she replayed Jurina’s smile in her head. It made her wonder whether these butterfly feelings she had was because Jurina was very similar to her Ju-chan…or it was because she actually had feelings for the young Watanabe.

“Ah! This is so confusing! Ugh! I should go slee—”


Rena’s cellphone alerted out loud as she received a message. She checked it and it was from Jurina.

[Jurina: About today, I had a lot of fun. I’m really happy to listen to your story and I promise I will definitely share mine as well. I’ll be sleeping now, so goodnight~ I look forward to the dinner this weekend!]


Rena sent a message back before she put it on silence. She wouldn’t want it to wake her up in the middle of the night. She closed the lights and drifted to sleep. As she slowly drifted to slumber, she had another dream about her childhood once again…



Rena was pushed against the wall and was surrounded by other boys. They would gang up and picked on those weaker than them. Being in an orphanage didn’t make things easier for anyone at all. Since Rena was a quiet introvert girl, she was usually targeted for bullies.

“You’re not with that tomboy girl today?”


“Why don’t you call for help?”


“Oi, say something!” One of the boys grabbed Rena’s hair and pulled it forcefully. It made her yelped in pain but still she chose not to answer anything.


“Now what should we play? How about you be the horse for us?”


“You should know your place and listen to us. If you don’t want to get hurt.”


“Oi! Say something already!”

The boy smacked across Rena’s face and caused the girl to fall back. Then suddenly, Rena could hear footsteps getting louder and then she saw the boy in front of her got kicked away by Ju-chan. She sent him fly across the floor.


“What did you do to Rena-chan!? Don’t you dare touch her!”


“Here she comes again!”

Another boy exclaimed with annoyance and then they surrounded both Ju-chan and Rena. The boyish girl stood firm to protect her friend who was being bullied again. She was mad than ever in her life after she saw her dear friend got hit helplessly like this.

“You think you can beat us with only yourself? We won’t let you get away this time!”

“If you can!”

Ju-chan declared and then she ran in towards the group of boys. She was very tough and fought them seriously. Even some boys couldn’t match up against her will power at all. She was like a crazy monster when it comes to something regarding Rena’s safety. She kicked another boy in the stomach and sent him knocked onto the floor.


The boy she kicked at first got up and grabbed a branch from a tree that was beside him. With anger, he got up and ran into Ju-chan from the blind spot. That instance, Rena yelled out loud to warn her, however…

“Ju-chan! Behind you!!”


It was too late. The thick branch at the head struck her. The boy hit her so hard that the branch broke in one single swing. Ju-chan flinched and then she fell on her knees. She felt utterly dizzy and the oozing warm fluid running down from the right side of her head. She could probably realize that she was bleeding from this pain on the corner of her head, it was probably a deep huge cut.

“S-She’s bleeding…! Isn’t this too much??”


The boy’s senses returned and he realized that he overdid things. Everyone was shocked just as much as Rena, but then Ju-chan used that chance and pushed him away to break out from the center. She rushed back to Rena’s side and turned back to glare at them. No one would expect for a kid to have such a serious murderous glare like that. Despite she was injured; her will power was beyond extraordinary. Rena was scared to move. She was scared that Ju-chan was injured…she didn’t know how to react with the situation at all.

“I won’t let you touch Rena-chan…!”


“What are you kids doing!?”

Finally the teacher had arrived. It seemed to be as Ju-chan expected and the boys ran away with fear and frustration. The teacher immediately approached the injured girl as half of her face was covered with blood.

“Ju-chan, what happen??”

“It’s a bit of along story sensei…”

“Anyways, let’s go to the clinic now.”

The teacher was about to carry her but she refused. She turned to Rena who was trembling with fear. It made Ju-chan worry about her and then she held her hand gently. She called Rena’s name to grab her attention and then their eyes met. The lively one smiled to her to indirectly tell Rena that she was okay.

“It doesn’t hurt, don’t worry~ I’m tough after all!”


Rena broke into tears and sobbed silently. She held Ju-chan’s hand back tightly and they walked to the infirmary together. While the nurse was treating her wounds, Rena held her hand tightly to make sure she wasn’t far apart from Ju-chan. The nurse cleaned the wound and disinfected it before she wrapped the bandage around Ju-chan’s head.

“It might leave a clear scar…you should stop being reckless if you want to be pretty, Ju-chan.”

The nursed sighed as if this happened countless times already. The young lively one often got into accidents, as she was being too hyperactive. Every time she got a bad cut she would usually get a distinct scar. It seemed her body could easily get scars from simple cuts that normal people wouldn’t get one from it. However, this wound she got would leave a big scar on her head, it’s no simple cut at all.

“Ju-chan…I’m really sorry…”

“It’s not Rena-chan’s fault. Didn’t I promise you that I would protect you?”


“C’mon~ It’s just a little scratch!”

She laughed energetically to show Rena that she was in a great condition like a horse. Ju-chan wouldn’t want her dear friend to be too worried about her. The crybaby Rena broke into tears once again and threw her arms around Ju-chan tightly. She sobbed on her shoulders and the injured girl smiled silently.

“Aw, you’re such a crybaby Rena-chan…but, thank you.”

Rena remembered the warmth from Ju-chan’s body very well. It’s the warmth that always protected her from the bullies. It’s the warmth that gave her comfort and happiness. Even until now, her heart still remembered that feeling. It was because of that past, Rena gradually changed and stood up for herself. She knew that she couldn’t always rely on Ju-chan all the time. She had to be strong…in order to find Ju-chan.


~Part One: Encounter~

The OS is too long, I need to break it into 4 parts now, XD I thought I could do it as one! but NO! XD aw...TOO BAD~!
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~Part Two: Bloom~

Both Jurina and Rena hung out as usual right after school but this time they went to this park close by. It seemed they wanted to change some atmosphere aside from going to café every single day. They bought some snacks from the convenience store they passed by and spent time at the park together when they just wanted to relax in such a good weather. Winter was approaching and it’s getting less hot as time passed by. Both of them were sitting on the swings while the young Watanabe was munching her snacks hungrily.

“Glad that we come to the park! The weather is great for us to be out today.”

“I agree, do you want some snacks?” Jurina agreed and passed the back of snacks to her dear friend.


Rena took a piece and munched as well. She bought melon pan from the store as well but she was saving that for later tonight. As they kept talking about random stuffs and school-related stories, Jurina had recalled about the dinner this weekend at Matsui’s place. She believed that it was a perfect chance to tell about her past to Rena.

“Tomorrow night I would want to share about my story to you too.”

“Ah…okay. I look forward to it?”


Jurina’s smile was always bright and radiant. Rena could never be bored to watch her smile forever. After they had relaxed for a while it was about time they have to return back home before it would be too dark. They would want to go back home earlier than usual because tomorrow would be their special day together after all. As usual, the puppy face girl went to send Rena off at her house.

“Jya, what time do you want me to come over?”

“Well, anytime you’re good with.”

“Hm, how about 10am? I got nothing to do for the whole day, besides that I want to spend time with you~”


Rena’s heart skipped a beat and it even made her voice shook. The young Watanabe was extremely happy and it could be seen clearly on her face. She left immediately with excitement and left Rena nervous alone in front of her house. Late evening that day, she tried to go to sleep but she couldn’t. She was too excited and nervous about tomorrow’s day with Jurina at her place. As she closed her eyes to drift to sleep…she had another dream again.


“This is Rena-chan, please treat her well.”

The teacher introduced the timid girl to everyone in the room. It was the first day she came to this orphanage. Her parents left her at the daycare and never came back to take her, she was still 3 back then. As a result, she was sent to the orphanage close by to take care of her instead. She was hugging the bunny doll in her arms tightly with fear and frustration. After the introduction, everyone came running in to talk to the newcomer immediately.

However as time passed by, no one could really cope with Rena’s silence and cheerless atmosphere. Little by little, other kids started to drift away from her and she had been alone since then…

“Hello! You’re the newcomer right!?”


“Ju-chan, I told you don’t get close to her…” Another kid spoke up but then the young lively one ignored the warning.

“Hello! What’s your name?”


“Oh right I haven’t told you my name yet, everyone calls me Ju-chan here!”

She extended and grabbed onto Rena’s hand tightly without any slight hint of hesitation. It made her eyes grow wide with surprise and made an eye contact with those lively brown orbs.

“…and your name?”


“Rena-chan? That’s a cute name! Nice to meet you Rena-chan~”


The shy one nodded softly as they still made an eye contact with one another. Those brown lively orbs completely mesmerized Rena and that was the first time they both met. Ever since then, Ju-chan had been holding her hand tightly like this until the very last day they were separated… Rena missed the warmth of that hand.


She was too excited that she woke up early. Rena had notified her parents about Jurina’s visit and they were eager to meet her too. As it was about 15 minutes until it reached 10, she heard the doorbell and rushed out immediately. She opened the door and saw a familiar face wearing glasses and in her comfortable clothing. Their eyes met and she smiled back to Rena.

“Good morning, I brought some snacks with me too~”

Jurina looked completely different than usual. Rena never saw her wearing glasses before. Despite she was wearing a simple shirt and navy jeans, she looked decently attractive to Rena.


Matsui welcomed the guest into the house and took her to the living room. The older woman came to serve water to the guest and made Jurina bowed her head down slightly.

“T-Thank you ma’am.”

“You don’t have to act so formal, I heard a lot about you from Rena-chan.”

Ms. Matsui smiled back and it made Jurina realize that she was actually Rena’s mother. She told her that she brought snacks and drinks before she came here since she didn’t want to come over empty-handed.

“Make yourself at home!”

“Thank you Matsui-san.”

“Rena-chan! Why don’t you take your friend to your room instead?”

The mother suggested to her daughter and the raven-haired girl was a little embarrassed with the idea. She just didn’t want to admit that she preferred that way more. It seemed her mother knew her well enough to know what Rena actually wanted too.


They went upstairs and it was the first time Jurina entered Rena’s room. It was very clean and tidy as expected from the class rep. They sat on the carpet floor and placed the snacks on the table. It was an awkward silence between both of them while they were staring at each other.

“Did you have a good sleep?”

Jurina was the first to break the tension of the atmosphere. Rena wasn’t able to answer properly because she didn’t know she should tell the truth or not. However, before she could’ve answer, Jurina continued where she left off.

“I barely have any sleep, I know its weird but I’m just really excited to come over to your place.”

Rena’s eyes grew wide with surprise. It seemed it wasn’t only her that was actually nervous and excited about the weekend after all. After she heard her friend’s thoughts, she decided to tell the truth as well.

“Me too…this is the first time that a friend came over aside from group projects.”

“So I’m the first?”


“Ah~ that makes me feel so special!”

She finally let out a laugh and the awkward atmosphere started to disappear. They’re now relaxed and then Rena brought up the topic that she was curious about her friend. It was about those black frame glasses…

“I didn’t know you wear glasses.”

“It's a reading glasses. I only wear it when I’m at home or reading books.”

“I see. It gives me a different feeling from you.”

“How so?”

“Well…more ikemen?”

Jurina didn’t know Rena thought about her that way and it made her blushed slightly. Her heart skipped a beat as Rena complimenting her. She rubbed her head and avoided eye contact with her.

“O-Oh…I didn’t know that! You’ll look great with glasses too.”

“Nah, I would look like a bookworm.”

“Well, a little I guess? But you’ll look really cute!”

“A-Ah, oh, o-okay…”

Rena gulped when her heart started to pound against her ribs harder and faster. With that suggestion from Jurina made her wanting to wear glasses as well. As they didn’t know what to talk about, Jurina moved in closer and leaned onto Rena’s shoulder. The class rep didn’t move and sat very still, she didn’t know what was Jurina planning to do but before she could’ve asked she was interrupted.

“Watanabe is the 2nd family that adopted me a year ago, its because the owner of the orphan was close friends with Watanabe-san so they decided to take me in.”

“What happen to the first…?”

“…Mom and I got into an unfortunate accident. I’m the only one that’s barely alive, and I almost die when I arrived at the hospital.”


Rena’s eyes remained wide with shock. As she listened to the tragic story that happened to Jurina, she realized how much she didn’t know what Jurina had been through. After she was the sole survivor of the family. She had remained in the hospital, as she had to go through rehabilitation to recover for quite a while. Watanabe family was actually neighborhoods with Jurina’s family until they moved out 5 years before this incident. They often came to visit her and decided to adopt her into the family, as a result Jurina moved to Tokyo after her rehab treatment was over. While she was telling her life story to Rena, they were holding each other’s hand tightly. Even just a little, the raven-haired girl could feel a tinge of sadness from Jurina’s voice. It must’ve been so rough for her in these past years.

“I’m sorry to hear about your family…Jurina is so strong to go through that.”

“Not really, it’s just…” The girl paused while their eyes met with each other. However, it seemed she decided not to continue where she left off.


“...I don’t know too, I felt like I had something I hold onto that made me able to survive through all this mess.”

“I see.”

Rena wasn’t sure she understood it or not. However, it seemed Jurina held so many secrets from everyone. She wondered aside from herself, who knew about this already. Likely the Watanabe family would knew what happened in Jurina’s life before they decided to adopt her in. She shouldn’t meddle into other people’s business. 

“I never shared this with anyone before…you’re the first one.”

“W-Wow…I feel so flattered.” Rena was surprised that Jurina actually answered her curiosity as if she could read her mind. She was internally blushing when she’s the first to know about Jurina’s tragic secret.

“Hehe, you should!”

Today, Rena learned so many things about the young Watanabe. It felt as if she’s was one more step closer to her. Despite Jurina being such a lively girl, yet she hid so many secrets. No one could tell that she had gone through such a tragic past before. Jurina just looked so pure and innocent to her.


They spent most of their time talking about many random things together until Rena’s mother called them down to eat lunch. She went out to buy bento boxes so the little kids wouldn’t starve themselves to death. As they were eating in the living room together, Jurina spotted this brown little dog that came up to her.

“Ah! Kawaii!! What’s her name?”

“It’s Ruby.”

“Ah~ such a cute name.”

After they’re done eating, Jurina played with the little puppy together with Rena in the living room. As Ms. Matsui was preparing the ingredients for the dinner tonight, she asked Rena to help out later. As Jurina offered to help, she was rejected at first, but then the young Watanabe still insisted. After they had relaxed for a while, they girls decided to lend Rena’s mother a hand. Surprisingly, Jurina wasn’t that bad with cooking at all. They helped cutting the ingredients and as well as chit chatting with each other. Even it was during weekends, Jurina couldn’t help but to tease her shy friend again.

“You’re so good with cutting! You’ll become a great girlfriend and wife~”


“Hehe~ Now I hope I can be a boy, so you can have a pretty wife cook for me~”


“H-Hey! Don’t swing around with that knife in your hands!”

The mother watched Rena scolding back at Jurina and made her revealed a smile of relief. She knew the change within her daughter and she was right. The main cause that made Rena became livelier than before was because of Jurina. She was utterly grateful that her daughter finally found someone that could bring that beautiful smile to Rena. She decided to enjoy and watch those two girls silently while she prepared other ingredients. The dinner today would be pasta and other side dishes.


While they were setting up the table, the doorbell rang out of blue. It was around this time that Rena’s father would return back home from work. The young Matsui went to open the door to welcome her father in. It was the first time that he saw Jurina and he was grateful that she came to have a dinner with them tonight. They all sat down at the table and was about to start the dinner all together.


Everyone said in unison as started the meal. Jurina’s eyes grew wide as the food taste truly delicious. She complimented on it immediately and was really surprised with Rena’s mother’s skills.

“Woah! It’s just so amazing!! Matsui-san, this is so delicious.”

“Ah~ Thank you Jurina-chan! Eat as much as you need we have spares.”

“Yes, thank you!”

The puppy girl continued to eat the delicious food in front of her. As Rena watched from the corner of her eye, she let out a soft smile while watching her friend happily eating the pasta. It seemed her mother saw that and coughed softly in order to grab her daughter’s attention.

“Rena-chan, start eating or else the food will get cold.”


Rena was just embarrassed that her mother caught her being distracted. She ate her food quietly and it was about time that her parents would be storming questions at the poor Watanabe. They asked so many things about her, only just simple things. But the adults seemed to ask about things that were related to Rena in a way as well.

“So how was Rena-chan at school?” The older woman asked and Jurina was more than welcome to tell everything about Rena at school to her.

“She’s a serious class rep but she’s just so tsundere and cute!”


“Rena-chan is my senpai in drama class, she’s the best~ I’m able to take the main role because of her guidance!”


Rena didn’t know that Jurina thought of her that way. She remained in silence and listened to her friend doing all the talk instead. Jurina kept talking about good and happy things she had with Rena all the time at the table. Her heart beat wildly as Jurina kept saying those sweet things about her, she bit her lips and clutched tightly onto her shorts as she was trying to hide her embarrassment. But at the same time, Jurina realized her blushing friend and couldn’t stop teasing her by poking her puffed cheeks.


Time flew by so fast before they could realize it. It was getting late and about it was time that she had to return back home. But before that she decided to help cleaning the plates with Rena but then she tried to chase her away.

“No! You’re the guest!”

“But I want to help!”



Rena sighed, not those puppy eyes again. She gave up and let Jurina do what she wanted. The young Watanabe smiled with contentment as she won the argument. As they helped each other cleaning up the plates, Rena would pass the plate for her to wash and put onto the dish rack. It wasn’t that long until they’re done since they helped each other out, but it was the time that Jurina would have to return back home before her parents would be too worried.

“I have to go now.”

“Okay…I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

“Yup~ Good night.”

Rena didn’t want Jurina to leave at all. Even though the girl stayed at her house for the whole day, she didn’t want this to end yet. Jurina could see a slight hint of sadness and it made her want to tease Rena for one last time of the day.

“Neh…Rena-chan. I want to tell you something…”


“Come close.”

Rena moved in and leaned her ears closer to Jurina, but that was when the young Watanabe planted a soft kiss onto her cheeks. It made Rena jerk back immediately and covered her cheek with her hand. It was a reaction that Jurina expected to see from her and that’s when she decided to leave.

“That’s my thanks for today, I had a lot of fun today~”

The door closed and her friend finally left. However, Rena was still shocked and having a side effect from the kiss. Her mind went blank for a long while even after she took a shower and went to bed. She couldn’t fall asleep as the scene kept repeating in her head. The feeling that Jurina’s lips touched her cheek made her face burned instantly. It’s making her heart beating off the pattern and she probably couldn’t sleep for the night today.

“Ah! I can’t sleep…!”

The kissing scene repeated again and Rena’s face blushed even more. She looked up at the ceiling and sighed loudly. She didn’t want to admit that she was feeling nervous when she thought about Jurina. She didn’t want to admit that she couldn’t stop thinking about Jurina every now and then. She didn’t want to admit that she could’ve fallen in love with her…


Few days later at school, the teacher talked about the school field trip that would be in a month from now. It would be an overnight fieldtrip and it would be a room of 4 people. As the teacher allowed everyone to make their own sleeping arrangements, the answer was obvious that Jurina would be rooming with Rena, Akane and Airi. They went to notify their teacher about the room arrangement and got it settled down ahead of time. The school day passed by like any other usual days and it was lunch break.

“Alright! I look forward to the trip~”

Akane exclaimed loudly as she ate her sandwich. They sat at the roof deck as usual to have lunch together. They checked the information papers regarding the cost of the trip and the schedule at their destination. Their destination was at Nagoya, the girls were quite eager to visit many places during their free time session. It’s been a while that Rena had been back to Nagoya ever since generous Matsui couple adopted her. She was originally from Nagoya and she planned to visit the orphanage she came from if it’s still at the same place it used to be. However, she was wondering whether she should go alone or not.


As the school ended, Rena was packing up her stuffs while Jurina came up to invite her over to the cake café as usual. She simply nodded with her cheeks blushing slightly as that kissing scene was still replaying in her mind. However, she tried to suppress those thoughts replaying again. They walked out from the classroom without realizing that there were other students looking at both of them at all…


As their walking to the entrance of the school, they accidently came across with a senior of the school. Her eyes accidently met with both girls and she approached towards Jurina quickly. It was actually one of the famous Watanabe twins of Tokyo High, Watanabe Miyuki. She approached with a bewitching smile and playfulness in her voice.

“Jurina~ are you coming straight home afterwards?”

“Not really, I’m going to go to the café with Rena-chan first and go back home around the same usual time.”

“Okay! Make sure you come back home early. Mom will your cook meatball pasta today for dinner.”


Jurina’s attention turned to the plan about her dinner tonight. Her favorite of all time dishes was meatball pasta. It made her more enthusiastic to look forward to it. Obviously, Miyuki could tell from those eyes that she was excited for tonight’s dinner.

“Yes! I’ll see you later~ Please take care of Jurina for me, Rena-chan.”

“I-I will!”


“I’m your sister neh, don’t forget to call me like that.”

Miyuki patted the younger Watanabe’s head gently and Rena could see slight blush and uneasiness in Jurina’s eyes. It made her remembered that the young Watanabe was not blood related with the twins. She was an orphan so she understood that feeling well, but she could also tell from Miyuki’s eyes that she really cared for Jurina.

“I-I will…”

“I’ll see you back at home~ also, you should invite Rena for a dinner at our place sometimes soon.”

Miyuki left before anyone of them could’ve speak.  They both headed to the park again and had a relaxing time after school was over. As they were talking on many random topics about their favorite songs and movies, it seemed Rena was curious about several things regarding Jurina.

“Miyuki-senpai is so kind and sweet to you.”

“Isn’t she like that with everyone?” Jurina questioned but then Rena shook her head.

“No, I could tell she treats you different from others. Hehe, I guess its obviously because you’re her sister.”

“Hmm…I guess so.”

“I’m jealous of you Jurina…”

Rena smiled with slight hint of sadness in her voice. The young Watanabe turned to her immediately and stared at her class rep quietly until Rena turned so their eyes met with each other. 

“I’m the only child, so I envy those with siblings sometimes.”

“…I see, I’m sorry Rena-chan.”

“Hey! There’s nothing to be sorry for! …It’s just I’m a little jealous.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you neh~?”

The young Matsui blushed silently by Jurina’s sweet words. She laughed at how Rena responded with a shy reaction and stared at her with a smile. Jurina couldn’t help but to agree with her feelings that Rena looked adorable when she was actually blushing. After it’s getting a little late, they both returned back home and another simple day came to an end.


The pain of being smacked by a long wooden stick still haunted her until now. The bruises and splinters were all over her limbs. The horror repeated again endlessly and the young girl wondered when would it stop.

“How dare you look at me like that!? You cursed monster…!”

The old woman glared back at the injured girl with hatred from the deepest part of her heart. She brutally continued to hit the poor girl until she was tired and satisfied with today. There was blood stained and traces of splattered blood on the wooden stick. She walked away and left the poor girl leaning against the wall listlessly. She slowly got up and went back to her room to treat her wounds. She pulled the splinters out from her skin and disinfected her bleeding injuries. She had a black shoulder hair length and brunette eyes…what a waste of her beauty to receive such injures like that. She sighed while staring at the mirror, knowing that she would get another scar from this.

“…When will I die? Why didn’t I die instead of dad?”

The young girl closed her eyes recalling the face of the kind gentle dad that adopted her. His smile was utterly gentle to her all the time ever since she’s adopted. He saved her from the car accident back when she was 7 years old. However, he didn’t survive through that fatal injury when he arrived at the hospital. That was when Jurina’s kind mother changed drastically as if a demon possessed her. She blamed for her husband’s death onto Jurina and it had been 2 and a half years of she went through abuse…


The young girl walked towards the window after she had treated her wounds. She could predict that she would get a new scar across her thigh and just only could hope that it would be that distinct to be ugly. She saw was the pouring rain on the other side of the window, as she touched the cold glass she could see a reflection of herself. The scar on the corner of her right forehead could be seen in the reflection and it constantly reminded her of the past.


It seemed the reason she was able to go through constant abuse without attempting to suicide yet was because she wanted to meet with Rena again. She prayed every night for the day to meet her. She promised to her that she would find Rena no matter what. In order to fulfill her words she couldn’t die yet. That was the only sole reason she’s alive until now… She only wished to die, but before she would die with satisfaction…she wanted to see Rena one last time.



Jurina woke up early due to the nightmare she had.  She kept having that dream every now and then. She looked at her thigh and saw a light scar on her skin. It came from her mother constantly beating her up with a wooden stick filled with splinters. The pain still haunted her subconscious until now. Jurina didn’t actually remember everything in detail after she survived through the tragic car accident, she only knew that she had someone she held onto which made her survive through the tragic…but she can’t remember what it was.

She just sat there on her bed and stared out from the window since she still had time before she could get off from bed. But before she realized again, a heavy pain in her head attacked her. It just reminded her she forgot to take the morning meds for today.


She slowly walked to the table and grabbed three pills from the plastic bag. She swallowed it with water and went to lie down on the bed. She had to wait for a little until the throbbing pain inside her head would settle down. She wiped her nose to check whether for any traces of blood. Luckily there was none since she took the med right on time. If she didn’t take the meds to maintain her blood pressure she could have a bad nosebleed and fainted as a result. She hid it well from her friends, especially from Rena.

After the pain slowly decreased, she decided to change into her school uniform. However as she was doing her hair, she saw this scar on her right forehead, which was hid, under her bangs.  She touched it and recalled the story that Rena told her about her orphan best friend that was separated from her. Jurina didn’t understand why she had a scar on the same spot that Rena mentioned… she actually had to lie to Rena back then because she wasn’t certain she actually met the class rep in the past or not. She barely could remember many things back when she was a child. She could only remember things until the day she survived the tragic accident that killed her father. Her memories actually regained back a little after her 3 years of rehabilitation. Jurina remembered some sweet gentle memories she shared with her first foster family before the whole horror arrived. Part of Jurina believed that she couldn’t possibly be Rena’s best friend from childhood. There were many orphans and orphanages around Nagoya. They couldn’t end up coming from the same place and there were plenty of girls that could have their names begin with ‘Ju’ just like hers. No matter what, Jurina didn’t want to believe she was this person Rena was finding until she was certain on many things first… After she was done changing, she grabbed her school bag and headed downstairs to have her breakfast.


“Good morning Jurina!”

“Good morning.”

She greeted her mother whom was preparing breakfast at the table. As she checked her watch she had about 10 minutes to eat before she had to leave her home. She wouldn’t want to be late with her morning meeting with Rena. While she was eating her omelets and toasted bread, her mother spoke up as she handed a mug of warm milk to Jurina.

“Jurina, when would you introduce Rena-chan to the family? Maybe invite her for a dinner at our house?”

“I’ll bring her over someday, I don’t know when though. You said the same thing as Miyuki-neechan.”

“Oh? Well~ you’ve become much brighter ever since you moved to Tokyo. I heard she’s the first friend you made on the first day isn’t she?”

“Y-Yeah…she’s the first one.”

“I see~ I’m glad you meet such a great friend! You better get going or else you’ll make her wait too long.”

Jurina glanced at the clock and realized that she had to get moving or else she would be late with her usual meet up with her friend. She rushed out from the house and grabbed her bicycle. Her mother came out to wave at her before Jurina took off.

“I’ll be back home at the usual time!”

“Have a safe day!”

“I will!”

She took off and rode towards the café immediately. Jurina could see the familiar figure from a distance away waiting in front of the café. It was someone that she expected to be. As their eyes met, Jurina could feel her heart beating faster as she witnessed the beauty of Rena’s eyes. The surge of happiness came out and she couldn’t hold back her smile. Every single time she saw her, she would always smile from her heart’s content.

“Good morning Jurina.”

“Good morning!”

Despite Jurina was utterly disturbed by the nightmare that was haunting her until now, it seemed Rena’s smile always made her forget about it every single time without fail. They went to school together and simply enjoying their moments together every single day. However, it seemed the topic this morning was about Rena’s dream last night. She had a dream about her childhood, and about her Ju-chan again.

“I dream about her again…I wondered why I’m having such frequent dreams about Ju-chan these days.”

“Hmm, who knows? Maybe it's a good sign we might find her.”

“I hope so too…I’ve been waiting to see her, for 12 years already.”

“I believe she’s looking for you too.”

“Thank you Jurina, your words meant so much to me!”

It was a very pretty smile from the longhaired girl beside Jurina. It was a smile that she wanted to protect it. Even just a little, she wished to do all she had to make Rena smiled happily like that again. Before the young Watanabe realized, they already reached school and it’s about time they headed to their homeroom. School began like any other normal days, but today was a little different… Jurina realized some gossips going around the classroom regarding her and Rena. A group of girls were gossiping about their class rep.

“Tsk…isn’t Rena clinging onto Jurina? I bet she wants to get close to Mayu-senpai and Miyuki-senpai.”

“I bet she’s using Jurina…such a cunning class rep.”

“Doesn’t Rena admire Mayu-senpai so much?”

“I heard about that before! I bet she’s doing whatever she can to get close to her admirable senpai…”

Jurina bit her lips as she could hear those rumors going behind her clearly during class time. She diverted her glance towards Rena but she was focusing on the teacher. She probably could hear it as well but she chose to ignore it. Jurina knew that those were all lies. There was never a single time that Rena mentioned about Jurina’s sisters ever since they were together. Every thing they talked and done together was only about themselves. It made Jurina felt so irritated when hearing others talking behind Rena’s back when its not the truth at all. It was break time when the class was over, Jurina walked up to her class rep and before she could utter a word, Rena interrupted her first.

“…Thank you Jurina.”

“H-Huh? What’s this about??”

“For holding your temper back then, those rumors had been going around for quite some time already.”

The young Watanabe couldn’t believe that Rena knew it before her yet she didn’t say it. She felt more helpless to help her dear friend. Akane and Airi came up to them and told Jurina to calm down as they rumor would slowly disappear itself. But she didn’t know whether to trust them on that matter or not since the twin Watanabe’s were very popular after all.


After both Jurina and Rena had finished with their rehearsal at the drama club and were heading back home. Jurina was still concerned about the rumors that were going on until now. As for the class rep, she could see how her friend was being quiet today and seemed to know what her friend was thinking.

“Jurina, you did really great today! Let’s continue to do our best.”

“A-Ah, you too. I’m completely engulfed by your acting that’s why I’m able to follow up with you.”

“You flattered me too much!”

“No! I’m saying the truth! Rena-chan’s acting is the best!!”

“Aw, thank you Jurina~”

The young Watanabe sent her friend off like usual before she head home. As before Rena was about to go back into her house, she poked Jurina’s forehead when she had a chance to. It completely caught her off guard.


“You’re thinking too much Jurina, it’s just a rumor.”


“I can tell what you’re thinking. Don’t worry about it okay?”

“Okay…if you say so Rena-chan.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”



It was about time Jurina had returned back home after she sent off her princess. After Jurina had been discussing about her issues with getting close to her sisters with Rena, she realized she needed to express herself to them as much as they gave to her. It did took her quite a while to get used to calling them ‘neechan’, but it wasn’t as long as she thought after she could see happiness from both Mayu and Miyuki’s expression. Jurina was indeed happy that she made her sisters smiled as well. Ever since then…she called them neechan all the time. She entered her home and took off her shoes immediately. As usual, she saw her cyborg sister came to welcome her and then Jurina went in to give her a big hug.

“I’m back home Mayu-neechan.”

“Welcome back Jurina. Taking your time to send your princess?”


“Heh, I heard it from Miyuki. It seemed you’ve found someone special to you.”

“M-Mayu-neechan! It’s not like that!”

“Huh, I don’t buy that.” The cyborg ruffled the puppy girl’s head before she gave her a soft push towards the stairs. “Go take a shower, dinner’s almost ready.”

“I-It’s not like what Miyuki-neechan said! We’re just friends!”

“Yeah yeah whatever, get going now!”


It didn’t seem Mayu was that convinced with Jurina’s words. After they had their warm family dinner together, the twins invited Jurina to hangout together in the living room for tonight. While they were watching TV together, the youngest one was sitting in the middle with Miyuki cuddling her closely. Jurina was slightly blushing slightly, as she wasn’t used to this kind of things with her sister.

“Aren’t you hugging her too much Miyuki?”

“What? You’re jealous Mayu-chan?” Miyuki teased her twin and stuck her tongue out at her while holding Jurina tightly to herself. “Bleh~”

“I’m. Not. Jealous. = =”

“Aw~ Are you sure~?”

Jurina had a playful and tsundere sister. But despite they had opposite personalities in a way, they both cared and loved her. As kept debating back and forth endlessly, Jurina couldn’t help but to laugh at her twin sisters out of blue.

“H-Hey! Don’t laugh!”

Mayu pinched Jurina’s cheek lightly to not hurt her but then Miyuki pulled the young one away from the tsundere sister. She still stuck her tongue out at Mayu and didn’t allow her to even touch or come close to Jurina. Mayu only glared back at Miyuki with dissatisfaction and it made her even enjoyed this more, she knew how to bully her cyborg twin very well. They enjoyed their sibling time until their mom ordered the youngest one to go to sleep. Glad that Jurina didn’t have lot of assignments to do so she just went straight to bed immediately…





The young Rena gave her a rose and it made Jurina surprised. She didn’t expected to receive a rose from her friend and she could see the shy girl fidgeting with embarrassment. She avoided eye contact with Jurina and then tried to look back into her eyes.

“I-It’s valentine’s day so…”

“Ah…thank you~ Rena-chan! I love it!”

“Ah, thank goodness…”

She sighed with a huge smile across her face. It was truly Jurina’s happiness to see Rena’s smile. She wished to always protect that smile as long as she’s still remaining by her princess’s side. However, she couldn’t get rid of her playfulness side and decided to tell her friend to close her eyes.

“I have something for you too, close your eyes Rena-chan.”


As she did, Jurina moved in to kiss her cheek quickly and it made Rena’s eyes grow wide with shock. She was blushing mad while holding onto the cheek that she was kissed. It made Jurina laughed out loud by Rena’s shy reaction.


“Gommen~ But Rena-chan is so cute.”

She held her hand tightly and smiled back to her. Rena was such a kind girl to always forgive Jurina for whatever she done to her. Even though she bullied with a kiss…the shy girl would always forgive her every time. Rena was so kind to Jurina that she became a part of her heart. It was her gentle smile that would always heal Jurina’s heart. It was a smile…she wanted to protect forever.

“I love you Rena-chan~”

“U-Un…I love you too…”

Those magical words meant a lot to her. Even though Rena wouldn’t felt the same way that Jurina had for her. Those words were more than enough to make her live on in this cruel world. As long as she was holding onto Rena’s hand like this, she felt like she would have the strength to overcome everything in their way. She would always…be a part of Jurina’s heart.


Every time Jurina had a dream about her childhood times, she couldn’t seem to remember it clearly. Even though she couldn’t remember who she was talking to in the dream…her heart seemed to remember this happy feelings she had back then. It was nostalgic to her, but she couldn’t remember who was this person that brought so much happiness to her heart…

Time flew by so fast and it would be only few days before the fieldtrip to Nagoya. Everyone was getting so excited as well as Rena’s group too. Churi and Airin were having so many plans during the free day in Nagoya. Rena and Jurina still had to think about what to do during the free time. As before the morning class would start, Jurina was called over by the nurse to the infirmary. She went to take the new set of pills that were prepared by nurse Shinoda.

“It must be painful to you…isn’t?”

“Not really, I’m getting used to it.”

“Did the doctor tell you when would you stop taking meds?”

“…I wonder too.”

“If its not necessary don’t take the meds, just only when you have the symptoms alright?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Jurina finally left and put the little container of pills in her pocket before she went back to her classroom. The morning class was over already and it’s break time, however she didn’t see her class rep at all. She wandered around and looked for Rena. She finally turned at the corner of the corridor and accidently met with one of her classmates. They accidently bumped into each other, as this girl seemed as if she was in a huge rush. Jurina wondered why but her attention was more focused on looking for Rena.

“Did you see Rena-chan?”


Her kind honest classmate told Jurina that she overheard the conversation at the girl’s bathroom. There were group of girls in the same year as them were angry at how Rena was trying to get closer to the famous Watanabe twins through Jurina. They seemed to be one of the Watanabe fans. Right after Jurina heard that, she sprinted across the corridor to the bathroom on that floor and she looked inside immediately. She saw around 4-5 girls surrounding this one single person. She was on the floor being threatened by heartless girls.


“Glad that you’re here, Jurina-san. We have things to tell you.”

One of the girls walked up to her and showed the picture that Rena was talking with Mayu intimately behind the school’s building. It was picture that no one would’ve expected it to be taken but it did. “I bet your fake friend is trying to use you to get closer to your sister. We’re trying to protect you and Mayu-sama.”

“Yes! From this cunning witch!”

Jurina ignored everything around her and she could see the red bruise on Rena’s cheek. That made her reaching her limits and she was at the verge to exploding any second right now.

“Just leave this to us, we’ll make sure she’ll never get close to you aga—”

“What DID you do to RENA!?”

Jurina roared loudly and even made the hallway echoed. She took the picture and shredded it into pieces before she walked up to her dear friend. Rena could hear her name loudly and clearly. It made her face flush after hearing Jurina calling her name without any honorific followed up. The young Watanabe walk towards and crouched in front of Rena before she stroked her cheek gently with eyes clouded with worries.

“Does it hurt? I’m really sorry….”

“No it’s fine. I’m used to this already.”

It pained Jurina even more to hear that. She knew why Rena was used to being bullied. For some reason, when she heard that it felt as if the old scar within her heart had reopened again. She bit her lips and pulled Rena up on her feet and held her hand tightly.

“…Let’s go.”

She tried to suppress her anger as much as she could for Rena’s sake. She knew that Rena wouldn’t want her to use physical force to solve problems. Jurina took Rena out from the bathroom but before she did, the group of girls stood in their way to stop them.

“Why are you saving her? I don’t understand.”

“She’s using you! We’re trying to save you here.”

“Believe us, we know that witch’s true self--”

“SHUT UP!!!”

It made everyone stunned. To be honest, it was also Rena’s first time to hear Jurina raised her voice up like that. She was utterly scary. Even she didn’t see her friend’s eyes, she could tell the aura unleashed from her even made her scared too. Jurina’s glare penetrated through their hearts and sent chills down their spine. They couldn’t move at the slightest…

“Know this, there is never a single time Rena ever mentioned my sister’s name. I don’t care she’s using me or not, I trust her, and if you dare touch her…go over my dead body first!”


“Let’s go Rena.”

Jurina dragged her dear friend out from the bathroom after she caused a huge commotion. Everyone gathered around to see what was going on but it was already too late. The young Watanabe really did declared loud and clear and she was obviously expecting that the rumors regarding Rena would disappear. However, she was curious with that photo. She didn’t know that Mayu and Rena were actually close with each other, she felt like she had to ask. The class rep didn’t say anything while Jurina was holding onto her hand. They went up the stairs to escape from everyone and arrived at the roof deck. It seemed they would be skipping class until lunch somehow.

“Jurina I—”

“Rena-chan, don’t worry about it.”

“…Just listen to me. I have to tell you about that photo before it becomes a misunderstanding.”

Rena looked into her eyes with full seriousness. It made Jurina pause for a second as she finally decided to hear what her class rep had to say. She didn’t want to admit that she’s slightly jealous to see Rena and her sister’s photo together at such an excluded place in school.


“If I recall it correctly, that was also the first time I actually talked to Mayu-senpai…”

Rena began to explain her situation that she had lost her important keychain after one of Watanabe’s fanclub threw it out from the window into bushes of wild trees. The young Matsui sighed and that was when Mayu came in to ask what she was doing. Obviously Mayu was annoyed and angry about how others treated Rena like that. It all started just with the young Matsui came to give some paper files to Mayu at her classroom as the teacher requested. As a result, the cyborg Watanabe helped the class rep find her keychain until the end…

“Did you find it?”

“Yes I did, all thanks to Mayu-senpai.”

“Thank goodness…jeez, those fans are sure scary.”

“Hehe, surely they are.”

Rena giggled about it and it didn’t seem to make Jurina that happy. The young Watanabe was surely worried about her friend and only stared back with dissatisfaction.

“If they come to bully you again, do tell me and I’ll go teach them a lesson!”

“You don’t have to do that! They’ll end up turning against you instead.”

“They won’t do anything to me. I hate using my sisters’ name to solve the problem, but if I have to I will.”


Matsui only stared into Jurina’s strong eyes and she felt utterly touched by that kindness. Her heart began to beat faster and her face burned hotter. The more Jurina treated her with care, the more she felt the butterflies in her stomach. She distracted herself with other thoughts and giggled softly to herself. It did caught Jurina’s attention immediately.

“Hm? What is it?”

“Hehe, I don’t think you even have to do that. They would be so afraid to mess with the Watanabe Jurina after all.”


“You bullied be so much that now it’s my turn to tease you~”

The tension of the atmosphere between the two disappeared. A huge smile appeared on both their faces as they decided they would just skip until lunch break. Both of them just talked about random things again as always. Then they talked about their fieldtrip to Nagoya, it seemed Rena had something she wanted to ask Jurina after all.

“Eh…do you have any plans during the free day?”

“Well…yeah I do, is something a matter?”

“O-Oh I see…where are you planning to go?”

Rena wanted to ask Jurina to go to the orphanage with her. It was the place she came from and she hoped that she would get some clues regarding Ju-chan from the teachers there. However, she just felt like she had to ask about Jurina’s plan first. As the young Watanabe looked at her friend, she could see some slight hint of sadness from Rena’s facial expression. She knew what Rena was thinking and feeling instantly.

“It’s not that I didn’t invite you means I don’t want to be with you…the place I’m planning to go is the graveyard, to visit my dad.”

“A-Ah! I’m sorry…”

“Hey! It’s nothing~ I don’t know its even a pleasant place for you to come with me or not…so I didn’t think of asking you.”

“I don’t mind going with you. It’s not like I have anything to do anyways. I bet Churi and Airin will have her lovey dovey date so I guess I’ll stick with you…”

“I see…if you don’t mind, I’m more than grateful to have you come along.”

“More than pleasure to do so.”

They exchanged smiles with each other and spent their time together skipping class. It was likely to be the first time the class rep did something like this, yet she didn’t feel guilty at all. For some reason it made her felt more refreshed in a way instead. They had to go back to get their lunchbox before they could meet up with their two other friends. It was sure a long day for the two…


Few days later, the rumors regarding Rena had disappeared instantly. The misunderstandings had disappeared and everyone seemed to be acting normally once again. The ones that picked on the Jurina’s princess no longer even showed up in front of them again. Akane and Airi heard the whole story from the young Watanabe and they were amazed by her actions. It was about time for them to have lunch but then when the young Watanabe checked her bag she seemed to have forgotten her lunchbox.

“Ugh…I forgot my food at home?”

“Do you want to go to the cafeteria to buy something?” Rena offered to accompany her friend to the cafeteria but then Jurina refused it.

“I’m not that hungry, I’ll be good~”

“Are you sure?” Rena asked again with worries and offered some of her food to Jurina. She wouldn’t want her friend to be starving herself until late afternoon. “You can eat with me, my mom made quite a lot today.”

“I’m great~ don’t worry!”

“Kyahh~! Mayu-sama!”

Everyone heard a sudden scream from the hallway. There were girls and boys rushed out to the window to see the famous senior walking through the hallway. Jurina was surprised to hear her sister’s name and then she saw the familiar figure at the door.


“Jurina, mom called me and said you forgot your lunchbox.”

The cyborg Watanabe walked up to Jurina’s table and handed over the lunchbox before she ruffled the younger one’s head. Also, she put the plastic bag onto the table as it contained several snack bags and Jurina’s favorite drink. It seemed the older sister had bought some extra food on her way to Jurina’s homeroom.

“If you didn’t rush out to meet with Rena you wouldn’t forget it.”


Rena didn’t know why she felt her face burning up a little, but she was actually happy to hear that cute fact regarding her puppy face friend. However, it made Akane and Airi teased her even more with how intimate both of them were. 

“But if you forget it again, just call me or Miyuki. We wouldn’t want you to starve yourself okay?”

“Okay… Thank you, neechan.”

Jurina smiled with contentment and it made the older one responded with a smile as well. It seemed Mayu is satisfied with the answer and it was the time she had to leave before there would be too much juniors surrounding all the exits. Akane and Airi were so surprised and excited to see the sisterly side of the famous Watanabe Mayu. She was amazingly gentle and kind unlike what she imagined, they were actually jealous that Jurina had such a perfect sister that looked after her. 

“I wish I can have a sister like Mayu-senpai!”

“Yeah~ I would be so happy about it!” Airi replied back.

They all went up to the roof deck together to spend their lunchtime together as usual. However, as Jurina opened her lunchbox she realized something was different than usual. There was a lot of kaarage chicken in her meal today and it looked more like Mayu’s lunchbox. It made the young Watanabe finally realized that the lunchbox that she received from her was actually…


In the middle of the night, someone came to knock on Mayu’s door and disturbed her study time. She had to put her pen down and turned towards the door.

“Who is it?”

“…It’s me.”

Mayu recognize Jurina’s voice immediately and told her to enter the room. The younger one slowly opened and walked into the room while the older one was staring at her. The cyborg Watanabe wondered what would bring Jurina over to her room in the middle of the night like this.

“What’s a matter? Isn’t it your fieldtrip tomorrow already? You should go to sleep now.”

“About the lunchbox---”

“Did you like it? Did it taste good?”

“Y-Yes…I really like it. Mom’s kaarage is really great…”

“Glad to hear that.”

The cyborg revealed her smile with relief and made the younger one felt utterly flattered. She never knew that her sister would actually care for her this much. Jurina fidgeted as if she wanted to say something and the older one could spot it.

“You looked like you have something you want to tell me.”


“…Just say it, so it wouldn’t be disturbing your mind.”



“Can I…is it okay if I sleep here with you?”

Mayu was caught off guard when Jurina was making a childish request with her. However, she didn’t say a word and only nodded with a smile. She thought that there was no reason to ask why the young one would want to sleep with her tonight. She took her glasses off and closed the desk lamp.

“Sure, I’m actually quite sleepy now…let’s go to sleep.”

The older one closed the light and went to her bed. Thankfully it was big enough for Jurina to also sleep on the same bed as her. In the darkness of the night, Jurina fidget and moved in closer towards the calm cyborg sister.

“…Thank you, neechan.”

Mayu only smiled to herself and patted Jurina’s head while she closed her eyes. “It’s alright, let’s sleep now.”

Without any words, both siblings drifted to sleep and it was the night that Jurina did not have any kind of nightmares. Jurina couldn’t remember the last time she had such a peaceful and a dreamless sleep like this. She would either dream about her sweet childhood or having a nightmare about her past. It was just so quiet…and peaceful.


Early in the morning, Jurina’s mother helped checking the essential things that needed to be taken to the fieldtrip. She wouldn’t want Jurina to miss anything while she was there at Nagoya. As the girl brought a big bag to school she couldn’t go with her bicycle, so her father would be sending her off at school in the early morning. He wished for his youngest daughter to have a safe trip with her fellow friends at Nagoya, but a part of him was also worried about her.

“Don’t worry dad, I’ll be fine.”

“I see, have a safe trip.”

“I will!”

The young Watanabe headed towards the building to join with her fellow excited friends. She couldn’t wait to have fun in Nagoya with her friends, as well as feeling sentimental about returning back home. There were too many memories and feelings back at Nagoya, both happiness and sadness…


In the train, everyone could sit wherever they want but in pairs. So it’s automatically Akane with Airi and Jurina with Rena. As the class rep chose to sit by the window, she looked out to the scenery and it made Jurina curious.

“You’re excited to return back home?”

“Ah…yes, a little.” Rena turned to respond to her friend’s question. “How about you?”

“…I would be lying if I say no.”

“Let’s have load of fun together.”

“Yup~ we will.”

They had their fun talk together with Furuyanagi who were sitting in front of them. They played wording games that were simple and easy enough to play on the whole train ride. It took quite a while for them to finally arrive at the hotel they would be staying at. It was a traditional hotel they were staying in. As they went to keep their stuffs in their assigned room, they still have about half a day before dinner. The four of them walked and explored the area around the hotel as well as relaxing.

“Hey! Why don’t we go into that market! It looks interesting.”

Airi pointed over the entrance of this small market that seemed to be quite attracting. However, as Jurina’s eyes gazed upon the name of the market she had froze in shock. As everyone seemed to agree about going to explore the market, Jurina didn’t seem to feel that well and refused to join with them.

“I forgot to take my medicine! I’ll be heading back to the hotel first.”

“I’ll come with you.”

Rena offered but Jurina declined. She told the class rep that she should enjoy Nagoya when they’re here. The young Watanabe told them that she had been here already so they don’t have to worry about her. Jurina left immediately before she any of her friends could say anything. It made Rena and others worry about her and hoped to check on her after they had their tour in the market.


Jurina tried to stay away from the market as far as she could. She took a deep breath after she believed she had a distance away from her friends. She lied to them about going to get her medicine at the hotel, and so she decided to just stay somewhere close by to the hotel to be safe. As she was walking back to the hotel, she wondered how far she could hide her secrets from her friends within Nagoya, her hometown…
“Eh?? Is that Jurina-chan!?”

The young Watanabe flinched and turned around. Her eyes met with this old woman who had the same shocking expression as her. She was pointing towards Jurina with shock and slowly approached her as she was trying to clarify her doubts. The young girl tried to recall who that old woman was and then the name flashed into her head…

“Is that…aunty Tomoko?”

“Yes that’s me! So you’re really Jurina-chan~”

She approached the younger one and patted her head gently. She seemed to realize how much Jurina had grew up from the last time she met her. She was taller, prettier, and looked much brighter than before.

“It’s been 3 years isn’t? When we heard that you’re admitted into hospital, everyone is worried about you!”

“Ah…I’m sorry to make you all worry.”

“So how are you now? We didn’t hear anything from you at all ever since…is that your new school uniform?”

“Yes, I moved to Tokyo as Watanabe-san adopted me. I’m came here on a fieldtrip with my class.”

“Ah~ Watanabe-san…it’s been a long while since they moved away…I’m glad you’re doing alright!”

The old woman smiled with relief while she was holding Jurina’s hand. It seem they knew each other quite well when the young girl was still in Nagoya. Jurina was surprised and happy to meet with the old woman here.

“Oh right! Why don’t you go visit everybody else in the market? I believe everyone wants to see you!”

The old woman pointed towards the market that Rena and others went in. Obviously, Jurina was purposely avoiding going in there. She wanted to meet with people she knew but not with her Tokyo friends. The young girl declined the offer and told her reasons she didn’t want her friends to know anything about her past in Nagoya that other adults knew…

“Well…maybe tomorrow? I don’t want my friends to be there to hear it.”

“Ah I see. No worries about that! Everyone will be utterly happy to meet you!”

“I’m happy to meet them too.”

The old woman had to leave since she left her shop with her son right now. She was one of the shopkeepers in the market that knew Jurina very well when she was still living with her foster parents in Nagoya.  The young Watanabe rushed back to her hotel immediately to take a mental break. She’s getting anxious the longer she stayed, especially when she accidently met someone she knew. She still has 3 more days to be in Nagoya and she wondered how long she could keep this a secret from Rena and others…


The three of them came back from their long exploration and met Jurina in front of the souvenir shop of the hotel. They seemed to have bought several things from the market they went in as well.

“Oh hey, how’s your exploring?”

“It’s great! We bought lots of things~” Akane replied with a huge smile across her face.

“That’s good to hear!”

Jurina smiled back and then they started talking about how they wanted to explore things around their hotel even more on their free day. The young Watanabe just listened to the conversation while Rena came to her side with slight worries.

“Jurina…are you okay right?”

“Don’t worry, I did take the meds already.”

Even though the young girl smiled to her class rep, she couldn’t shake out her worries towards Jurina. It made her realize that the only thing she knew about Jurina was that she had to take meds because she was sick. The young Watanabe didn’t explain anything much to her and only told her that it's something she got from the car accident. After their talk, they decided to drop their stuffs at the room before they went for dinner at the main hall. Everyone went there and enjoyed the traditional meal that was served to them. Jurina and her friends discussed about going to the hot spring after their dinner. However, Jurina had actually declined that offer…

“I’m sorry…my body couldn’t take hot baths so I have to decline this…”

“Aw that sucks! Hot springs are great!”

Akane groaned with slight dissatisfaction. The young Watanabe only chuckled wryly to herself, as she didn’t actually want to decline that offer. She had certain reasons she couldn't join the hot spring with them… Jurina didn’t want Rena to discover the scar underneath her bangs yet.  After the dinner she decided to grab some snacks at the convenient store right beside the hotel while her other friends returned back to their room to be ready to go to the hot spring. As Jurina was buying some snacks and drinks, someone suddenly came to tap on her shoulder.


“Shhh. It’s me.”

Jurina was shocked and when she turned around, it was actually Rena. She was surprised to see her here since Jurina thought she went back to the room with Akane and Airi already.

“Eh, I thought you would go to the hot spring with them.”

“Well initially yes, but not anymore.”


“I don’t want to leave you alone again and I had enough at the market already.”

Rena smiled kindly back to the young Watanabe. Obviously, it made Jurina’s heart skip a beat when her class rep cared for her. Matsui girl actually followed Jurina out from the hotel to this convenient store. They bought snacks they wanted to eat and started to head back to their hotel.

“…I’ll be heading to the cemetery tomorrow, its up to you if you want to come or not though.” Jurina was the one to speak up first. The class rep recalled the last time they talked about what they were going to do on their free day. Obviously, the young Watanabe wanted to visit her father that passed away. Rena simple nodded firmly to confirm her answer.

“I’ll be going to. I don’t have anything to do anyways.”

“I see…sorry about that. It’s sure not a pleasant place to go on our fieldtrip.”

“Don’t worry about that! Nagoya is my home, and I came here several times with my parents already.”

“I see…thank you Rena-chan.”

Finally both of them arrived at their hotel and relaxed in their room while Akane and Airi were having fun at the hot spring. However as soon as they dropped their snacks onto the table, Jurina went to her bag to grab a bottle of pills. It was the time for her to take the medicine. She just watched her friend took her pills for the evening with slight worries in her eyes.

“…Are you okay?”

“Yup I am! Don’t worry, it’s just the time for me to take the pills.”

“I see…”

“So what did you buy at the market today?”

“Ah right!”

Rena went to her bag and bought her a melon pan keychain she found at the market today. It also had a tiny blue rose with it as well. She walked up towards Jurina and put it into her hand.

“It looks cute so I bought it for you.”

“Wow, this is cute…you didn’t get one for yourself??”

“I did! Same as yours but it's the same as pink rose one~”

Rena went to get another one that was her own. It was identical to Jurina’s keychain but it’s only a pink rose one. It made the young Watanabe giggled with how they got a matching keychain with each other. Jurina couldn’t hide her happiness and let out a huge smile across her face as she was sitting down beside Rena on the floor.

“Hehe~ thank you so much Rena-chan. I’ll make sure to use it and treat it preciously too!”

“Me too. It’s our matching keychain after all.”

Both of them ate their snacks while enjoying their time together until decided to take a shower before it would get late. Rena used the bathroom first and then it’s Jurina’s turn. It was just about time that both Akane and Airi came back from the hot spring. They really took their time and enjoyed it to their heart’s content before returning back to their room.

“Rena-chan you should’ve come! The hot spring is great!” Akane couldn’t get over with how amazing the hot spring in the hotel was.

“Alright, maybe next time.” Rena smiled back as her promise with them.

“Too bad Jurina can’t join us…” Airin sighed and made the young Watanabe chuckled wryly.

“Hehe, sorry to be the party popper.”

She didn’t have much of a choice since she didn’t want Rena to discover the scars under her bangs. She couldn’t recall any moments she had met with Rena in the past… and according to Matsui they seemed to be utterly close as well. It made Jurina doubt several times that it could be possible that she lost her memories? No one knew what was the truth regarding Jurina’s past…


The throbbing pain from her heart caused her to wake up in the middle of the dark room. She took a deep breath to calm her conscious and also realized that she was sweating despite the room was neither hot nor cold.  She wore her glasses before she got out from bed to check the time on her cellphone. It was early dawn and it’s not surprising that no one was awake yet. She decided to take the pills first before anyone would see her suffering from her symptoms. Jurina tried to recall about the dream but she couldn’t remember the face of the young girl she met in the dream. All she knew was that she felt so happy to be with her… that’s the only thing that Jurina remembered. She did took her time thinking whether there could be connections with Rena’s past or not…however as she took her medicines, she didn’t realize that someone actually watching her from behind.

“Jurina…are you okay?”

The young Watanabe froze and turned around to the origin of the sweet sleepy voice. It was Rena and she seemed to just wake up from her bed, which was beside Jurina’s bed. She nodded with a smile hoping to not make her Matsui friend worry too much about her.

“Don’t worry, it’s my daily morning pills.”

“I see…I thought something bad happen or something…”

“It’s still early, why don’t you go to sleep for now?”

“Nah, I’m quite awake already.”

“Hmm…how about we go out for some morning walk so we don’t disturb them?”

Jurina asked and Rena nodded without hesitation. They both get changed and headed out from the room without waking up their two other friends. They walked down to the lobby and exploring around aimlessly since they got nothing to do. While they were walking, Rena told Jurina more about her dream regarding her past in the orphan with her best friend. However, as the conversation continued…something interesting came out from Rena’s lips.

“I bet you really like her a lot… Ju-chan, I mean.” Jurina spoke up and Rena simply nodded softly, but at the same time it was as if she was hesitating somehow.

“I think so too…”

“Hm? I thought you did have feelings for her?”

“Yes I do, but I’m not that sure right now though…”

Rena blushed slightly and avoided eye contact with young Watanabe. She took her time fidgeting and making up her mind before she told Jurina what was in her mind.

“I…I think I love someone just as much as her.”

Jurina’s eyes grew wide as she was surprised to know that Rena had someone that she liked more than her best friend that she kept talking about. It made her so curious that she actually asked for more details.

“Oh wow…who’s this lucky person?”

“I-I can’t tell you yet!”

Rena was so frustrated to tell anything yet but her reactions were just so hilarious to the young Watanabe. Jurina couldn’t hold back her laugh and it’s making Matsui blushing and embarrassed even more.


“Haha~! Sorry, but that’s quite surprising to know you have a crush on someone after you’ve been talking about this best friend so much.”

“Well…it’s just recently I realized my feelings for her.”

“Oh? How’s is this person like? You don’t have to tell me who it is though~”

Jurina was putting her poker face on so badly. She did her best to hide her erupting emotions inside her stomach. Her heart throbbed in pain in an unusual way. It’s different from any kind of pain she ever had…this was more painful than anything else. As she could see Rena’s beautiful smile when she talked about this person she had feelings for, it pained Jurina even more to hear it. Yet, she still put on her friendly smile for Rena’s sake.

“…She always cares for me. I feel like I found true happiness by being with her.”

A part of Jurina’s heart was shattering. It’s such a disturbing feeling she’s having inside her heart and her guts. She’s grateful that Rena could find her true happiness, but then it’s making her so sad to learn that it wasn’t her. This person that Rena fell in love with must surely be a very lucky person. The only thing that the young Watanabe could do was to make sure to support her friend and always ensure Rena’s happiness…to see her happy, was Jurina’s happiness as well.

She only tightened her fist while she wore that smile across her face. She could tell that Rena was truly happy and excited to talk about this person she loved. However, the more she listened the more she felt the needles piercing through her chest…and the more she realized her feelings for this raven haired girl. Also, it turned out that this crush she had on was in the same grade as both of them too.

“…You must really love her, she’s sure lucky.”

“A-Ah…yeah, I guess I do love her.”

After hearing out how Rena felt when she stayed with this person…it was the same feeling she had when she was with Matsui. She couldn’t believe what she heard and part of her didn’t want to believe what she was thinking. It pained her to know Rena’s heart belonged to someone. However, it’s even worse to learn that she had fallen in love with Rena…for so long, without realizing it.

Jurina didn’t know what to do anymore. She’s starting to doubt in many things, about Rena, her feelings, her sentimental dreams, and herself. She couldn’t tell what’s the truth anymore, everything’s just pure chaos within her.


~Part Two: Bloom~

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~Part Three: Fear~

Next morning, both Rena and Jurina told their friends that they had their plan to go somewhere on the free day today. They separated up with Akane and Airi at the entrance of the hotel. Rena just simply followed her friend onto the bus heading off to the cemetery that Jurina mentioned last night. They got off from the stop and headed to this flower shop first, and then the shop owner came out to welcome his customers. However, he was surprised when his eyes met with Jurina’s and that was when he had a huge smile across his face.

“Jurina! Is that you??”

“It’s been a while, Kenji-san.”

The old man seemed to know Jurina so well and Rena could only just stand there in silence while he talked to her happily. She explained how she came back to visit Nagoya due to her school’s fieldtrip. It didn’t take that long for the man to realize Rena’s presence and that was when she bowed at him.

“This is my friend from Tokyo, Matsui Rena.” Jurina finally introduced her friend to the flower shop owner.

“Nice to meet you sir.” Rena replied and he gave a smile to her.

“Nice to meet you, thank you for taking care of Jurina though!”


Jurina stared at him with slight puffed cheeks and he enjoyed seeing the young girl’s reaction. It’s been a long while since he had met with Jurina and he was grateful that she was doing well after the accident.

“Alright~ Give me a minute I’ll prepare you the usual set of flowers.”

He returned back to the table and arranged a small bouquet of yellow flowers for her. It didn’t take that long since there was no queue before them. Furthermore, the owner gave out the flower for free to Jurina as for his gift for the girl’s visit. As Rena just simply followed wherever Jurina leaded, she constantly looked around her surroundings as it gave her a sentimental feeling. It’s been so long since she returned back to her hometown and then her eyes accidently glanced upon the cemetery sign in front of her. They were about to reach their destination soon.

“My father is always smile to me despite I’m not his biological daughter.” 


Rena was surprised and didn’t expect Jurina to speak up out of blue like this. The story about her friend’s father continued as it was filled with so much happiness before he passed away. Jurina did not mention anything about how he died or anything after that, and young Matsui did not want to ask anything about it… Both of them finally stopped in front of the stairs that leaded up the cemetery. It made Rena realize that they finally reached their destination.

“We’re here.”

Rena didn’t utter anything and simply followed Jurina to the front of this tombstone. However, what surprised her even more was that the father’s surname is also ‘Matsui’, which was the same as hers. It made her confused with so many things but then Jurina spoke up first before Rena would have misunderstood things.

“I bet you’re surprised with it, and I’m pretty sure my dad is not related to your family…I used to be Matsui Jurina, before I’ve become Watanabe.”

“I see…”

“He died protecting me. If we actually went straight home back then…”

Jurina bit her lips and told Rena about her tragic story that happened. It was one of the news she heard back when she was young at Tokyo. It’s a tragic accident that just one car accidently ran on the footpath and dreadfully killed the unfortunate victims…several people were injured and quite some huge number died by just the car losing its balance. Jurina and her father was there in the incident…but the man pushed his daughter out of the way and he received the full impact of the car as it ran onto the footpath. He was one of the people that died from that tragic incident. Back then…Jurina was still a 9 years old child.

As Rena listened to the whole tragic, she couldn’t believe that Jurina was a victim of that famous accident that still terrified many citizens of Nagoya until now. The young Watanabe grown up already and she placed the flower in front of her father’s grave before she prayed for him. The young Matsui also joined and wished for fortune to him… after they were done, the class rep accidently glanced over to the next tombstone beside the father and saw the same surname on it as well. That was when she saw Jurina took one flower out from her father’s bouquet and put it onto the adjacent tombstone.

“That is…”

“…That’s my mom. She died in the car accident when I was 14 and I was in it too. I’d been in recovering in the hospital for 3 years under Watanabe-san’s care and as a result, I was adopted by them and moved to Tokyo.”


“I’m sorry to tell you such a sad story, and also ruining your day today.”

Rena hated it when Jurina apologized to her on things that it wasn’t her fault. She shook her head and grasped her hand tightly. She didn’t want Jurina to think negatively like that and hoped that her feelings were sent to her via this touch.

“I’m glad to know more about you…even it's a sad story. I’m still happy that I’m one step closer to knowing you even more.”

They both looked into each other’s eyes silently and then Jurina revealed a smile that came from the bottom of her heart. It was her genuine pure smile. The Watanabe girl was indeed grateful to receive such care and love from Rena, and she did held her hand back.

“Thank you…Rena.”

It was the first time that Jurina called her name without any honorifics added. That instance, Rena could feel her face flushing and burning up so badly. Her heart was about to burst through her ribs out already and she hoped that Jurina wouldn’t see her obvious blushing cheeks. It wasn’t that long they finished their business and decided to go do something to cheer themselves up from this unpleasant mood. However before they could be heading anywhere aimlessly, Rena received a call from Airi. They were asking about both of their whereabouts and the class rep had to lie that they simply came out for some aimless walk. It would be a long story if they told them that they came to the cemetery. Thankfully the excuse worked and then she invited both of them to swim at the pool in the hotel together when they get back. They also told them that they would also relax nearby the hotel for the rest of the day and will go play some game cards at Matsumura’s room tonight. Since both Jurina and Rena didn’t have anything to do, they decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day with their friends.



Airi jumped into the pool together with Akane and enjoyed the warmth of the water. The weather outside was getting cold and the water was just too freezing for them to enjoy it. They were using the indoor pool instead since there was a hot Jacuzzi for them to relax as well. Rena couldn't catch up with their hyper activeness and then just dipped her legs into the pool first in order to get used to the temperature. All of them were wearing their swimsuits except Jurina. She was in her swim trunks and plain black shirt.

“Jurina, you sure you’re not joining?”

“I’m not good with swimming so I’ll pass! I’ll just be in the Jacuzzi then.”

Jurina often seemed to avoid any kind of boy exposure to public. So far it was the class rep that realized that behavior of her friend however she decided to inquire about it later during their private time. However while she was daydreaming about Jurina, she didn’t realize that Akane threw her down into the pool. Her face slashed against the surface of the water and was in a complete panicking and startling state.

“Bwah—! Churi!?”

“We caught you off guard Rena-chan~”

Both Airi and Akane started bullying Rena by splashing countless waves of water at her face. Obviously the class rep did fight back but she couldn’t match up to those hyperactive girls at the slightest. Jurina simply watched the whole thing and laughed at the Rena from a distance away while she relaxed herself in the Jacuzzi. The class rep did have a good eye to spot the young Watanabe laughing at her.

“Oi Jurina! Don’t laugh!”

“Sorry~! But it’s really fun here!”

She couldn’t hold back her laugh and the longhaired girl sighed with exhaustion from her fiercely water battle with the Furuyanagi couple. She decided to take a break and headed to join Jurina in the Jacuzzi instead. 

“Jeez…I’m taking a break! I’m getting cold now.”

Rena moved into the Jacuzzi but then as she dipped her foot in she took a wrong step as she expected a stair underneath. She yelped out of shock and fell forward towards Jurina who was sitting in front of her. Everything happened so fast and when she realized it again, Rena’s body clashed against hers and she could feel their bodies crashed against each other. Jurina’s face wasn’t only flushing by the warmth of the Jacuzzi, but also with Rena being so close to her against her body. She could feel her friend’s smooth skin against hers and its make her heart beating faster each second that passed by.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“I-It’s alright!”

Rena pushed herself away and it was a huge mistake to look up towards Jurina since their face was just few inches apart. Their face never had been this close before and Rena’s mind just went blank right after she made an eye contact with those beautiful brunette orbs. It completely mesmerized her senses and she could barely breath properly. Her legs and arms and body were making so much contact with Jurina’s skin and it’s making her mind running wild. The water dripped from her hair simply made Jurina looked even sexier than usual. It's driving her mind insane…

“How long will you lovebirds will stare at each other?”

“N-No we’re not!!!”

They both replied in unison and it made the other two girls enjoyed teasing both of them even more. Rena quickly moved away and sat beside Jurina instead but she couldn’t arrange her broken mind properly yet. Her mind kept replaying Jurina’s closed-up face when the water trailed down her perfect smooth jaw line and dropped down from her front hair. As both of them were blushing madly, Rena was surprised that her hand accidently made a contact against Jurina’s hand. As their heart beat nervously, before they realized again they already held each other’s hand gently. Rena looked towards her with surprise and didn’t say a word. They didn’t make any kind of eye contact with each other at all…she only diverted her glance away and made sure her hand was holding onto hers. During their times here in Nagoya, it was different from how it was in Tokyo…their relationship strengthened up and her feelings towards Watanabe Jurina grew even more than before too.


They went to take a shower after their long day in the pool and Jacuzzi together. Everyone went to the hot spring together except Jurina again. As Rena promised with them already that she would join, there was not a choice for her to run away from this. As they were sitting in the opened hot spring together…they actually discussed things about Jurina being quiet and unsociable ever since they arrive at Nagoya.

“Do you think Jurina is quite distancing from us ever since we arrived at Nagoya?” Airi asked up and then it seemed it reminded Akane of something.

“Oh right, isn’t Nagoya her hometown? Maybe she saw a lot of it already?”

“Who knows…”

Rena sighed softly since she didn’t quite wanted to gossip about her friend. She knew a lot of Jurina’s past today and it was not something that’s easy to tell or mention it to anyone. However, Airi and Akane turned to her and asked about Jurina from the class rep. Since its pretty obvious that Rena was the closest to Jurina and would be the one that would know about her the most…unfortunately, she wasn’t in a position to spill about her friend’s past to anyone.

“I don’t know too…I’ll go back to stay with her after this.”

“Ah! You’re not coming to Matsumura’s room with us to join the game night?”

Airi asked and Rena shook her head. She actually preferred to be with Jurina more than going to the game night; and Rena knew that she wouldn’t join it. Furthermore, she didn’t want to leave her alone without anyone with her. What if something happened to her and no one was around to help her? Rena was too worried about her Watanabe over anything else.

“Oh right, we might not come back tonight and just sleep there, just so you know.”

“No problem! Enjoy the game night~”

“Thanks Rena-chan!”


Rena went out from the hot spring first and headed back to her room in her plain shorts and shirt with a dry clean towel on her shoulder. As she was walking through the lobby, her eyes accidently met with this familiar figure that just entered the entrance of the hotel. It was actually Jurina and both of them were equally surprised to meet each other. However, before Rena could be happy to meet with her, she was wondering what was Jurina doing outside in the middle of the dark like this.

“Jurina?? Where did you go at this time?”

“W-Well, I went to out to the convenient store and accidently met with an aunt that I knew when I still lived here.”

She explained to Rena but obviously she couldn’t tell that Jurina was lying to her. The girl went to meet with aunt Tomoko and others at the market as she promised. They were the ones that always cared and look after Jurina after her father passed away from that tragic accident. Many things happened and there were several conflicts happening between her and the mother as well…it was something that Jurina didn’t wish to tell Rena. It’s too painful and sad to be uttered out. Without further ado, they went back to their room together with Rena telling her that Akane and Airi might not come back to the room tonight.

“Did you take a shower yet?”

“Yup I did before I went out.”

Jurina nodded as she headed to her table once again to take her night pills. Obviously as Rena tried to avoid asking any questions regarding her friend’s health, there was something she felt like she had to ask in order to clear her doubts.


“What is it?”

“Have you been trying to avoid…uh, some sort of physical body exposure to public?”

Watanabe froze with surprise and that’s when Rena knew she hit right in the bull’s eye. She was actually avoiding it and she only heard Jurina sighed before she sat on the bed. She did not utter a single word and just nodded softly as her reply instead before she held onto her shirt tightly.

“…Do you want to know why?”

She asked, but with a wobbly voice. As if she was scared for Rena to learn the truth regarding her reason she avoid public exposure. Watanabe sighed once again before she decided to pull her shirt up in front of Rena for the very first time. There was a clear long distinct scar starting from the left side of her hip to the front of her stomach. The young Matsui was shocked with the unexpected scar on Jurina’s beautiful skin…and that was when she told her about the story behind it.

“This is one of the scars I got from the car accident that killed my mom. I have several of them over my back and my arm and thigh too. It’s not a pleasant thing to show around…”

She pulled her shirt down to hide the scar once again. As expected, Rena was terribly guilty that she had asked such a taboo question. Even though Jurina said she didn’t mind her knowing, but it’s still disturbed her.  She only looked down and then that’s when Jurina decided to approach her and held her hand tightly.

“Look at me, Rena-chan.”

She slowly looked up and their eyes met. Rena only saw a sweet smile across Jurina’s face and it was making her racing once again. The next time she realized was that Jurina patted her head and giggled at her like always.

“I planned to tell you someday but I haven’t find a perfect chance to do so. I’m glad you asked me.”


“Do you want to do anything? We can watch some TV or have a walk in the hotel again!”

The young puppy girl tried to break the gloomy atmosphere and suggested them to do something instead of discussing further about this topic. However, Rena just shook her head and told her that she wanted to talk about their random things like they usually do. She simply just wanted to be by Jurina’s side for tonight.

“I just want to be with you…is it okay?”

Jurina could feel her heart beating faster as she heard those sweet words uttered from Rena’s pink lips. She nodded nervously and they sat down on the bed together and having this random talk as usual. They talked about their future dream on what they wanted to do. Obviously, they were surprised that both of them actually wanted to become a teacher. The only differences they had were that Matsui wanted to be pre-kindergarten teacher. She loved kids and she wanted to take care of them. The teacher that always took care of her back when she’s in the orphanage was a pre-kindergarten teacher too. She got that inspiration from her.

“That’s so great! We both could aim to become a teacher together!”

“That’s quite surprising we both wanted to grow up to work the same job. I bet we’re going to stick around each other for a long while~”

Jurina giggled and Rena couldn’t help but to agree with it. Both of them hid their inner happiness very well. Obviously they would be happy if they were able to be together with the one they were in love with. Without further ado, Jurina brought up her pinky up towards her class rep.

“Let’s do our best together. I believe you’ll become a great teacher, Matsui-sensei~”

Jurina teased her and Rena used her pinky to connect with hers without hesitating. She nodded firmly and repeated the same thing towards Jurina as well. The young puppy girl had such a kind heart that she would become a wonderful teacher as well, and Rena had faith in her. It was the promise they made with each other…and after they had a long talk about their ideal future, it was about time they decided to head to bed and call it a day.


“Ju-chan! Behind you!!”


It was too late. The thick branch at the head struck her. The boy hit her so hard that the branch broke in one hit. She flinched and then she fell on her knees onto the floor. She felt utterly dizzy and she was bleeding. She seemed to get a huge cut on the right side of her head.

“S-She’s bleeding…! Isn’t this too much??”


The boy’s senses returned and he realized that he overdid things. Everyone was shocked just as much as Rena, but then Jurina used that chance and pushed him away to break out from the center. She rushed back to Rena’s side and turned back to glare at them. No one would expect for a kid to have such a serious murderous glare like that. Despite she was injured and was about to lose her conscious; her will power was beyond extraordinary. Rena was scared to move. She was scared that Jurina was injured…she didn’t know how to react with the situation at all.

“I won’t let you touch Rena-chan…”


“What are you kids doing!?”

Finally the teacher had caught up with Jurina. It seemed to be as she expected and the boys ran away with fear and frustration. The teacher immediately approached the injured girl as half of her face was already covered with blood.

“Ju-chan, what happen??”

“It’s a bit of along story sensei…”

“Anyways, let’s go to the clinic now.”

The teacher was about to carry her but she refused. She turned to Rena who was trembling with fear. It made Jurina worry about her and then she held her hand gently. She called Rena’s name to grab her attention and then their eyes met. The lively one smiled to her to indirectly tell Rena that she was okay.

“It doesn’t hurt, don’t worry~ I’m tough after all!”


Rena broke into tears and sobbed silently. She held her hand back tightly and they walked to the infirmary together. While the nurse was treating her wounds, Rena held her hand tightly to make sure she wasn’t far apart from her. The nurse cleaned the wound and disinfected it before she wrapped the bandage around Jurina’s head.

“It might leave a clear scar…you should stop being reckless if you want to be pretty, Ju-chan.”

The nursed sighed as if this happened countless times already. The young lively one often got into accidents, as she was being too hyperactive and overprotective on Rena. Every time she got a bad cut she would usually get a distinct scar. It seemed her body could easily get scars from simple cuts that normal people wouldn’t have from it. This one she got would leave a big scar on her head, since it’s no simple cut after all.

“Ju-chan…I’m really sorry…”

“It’s not Rena-chan’s fault. Didn’t I promise you that I would protect you?”


“C’mon~ It’s just a little scratch!”

She laughed energetically to show Rena that she was in a great condition like a horse. Jurina wouldn’t want her dear friend to be too worried about her. The crybaby Rena broke into tears once again and threw her arms around her tightly. She sobbed on her shoulders and the injured girl smiled silently.

“Aw, you’re such a crybaby Rena-chan…but, thank you.”

Rena remembered the warmth from Jurina’s body very well. It’s the warmth that always protected her from the bullies. It’s the warmth that gave her comfort and happiness. Despite Jurina couldn’t remember everything that clearly anymore…her heart and subconscious still remembered this feeling very well. She always protected the one she loved ever since she was little. Maybe she did used their closeness as an excuse to always be by Rena’s side…she didn’t want to tell anyone that she always loved and cared for her…even until now.



Jurina sat up from her bed and her eyes were dilating. She was in her alerted state and she realized that she was sweating badly. Eventually she was able to calm her mind down and was glad that she didn’t wake Rena up. She touched the corner of her right forehead where her scar was hidden under her bangs. The dream replayed again and she recalled the pain she got from this scar. She finally remembered how she got it…she was protecting the one she loved from the bullies. She finally remembered the face of that girl that always stayed by her side all the time…that long black hair and brown eyes. The life in those eyes did not change until now. Furthermore, Jurina finally remembered that girl’s name too…her name is Rena.


She couldn’t believe that she met Rena before when they were young. Ju-chan that the class rep always mentioned was actually her. She was the person that Rena was looking for all this time. Her mind was so occupied after she learned the tragic fact that she was the one Rena had been searching for her entire life. But then a huge conflict ran into her mind. How would she tell Rena about it? She was assisting her to find Ju-chan all this time but it turned out she was actually the one? Such irony it is. Before she realized it again, Rena finally woke up but a huge shocking expression on her face.

“J-Jurina! Your nose!!”


She touched her nose and felt the warm liquid on her fingers and it’s starting to run down even more. It was her own blood and its just when she forgot to take her morning pills. She pinched her nose tightly while Rena sprinted to get tissues to stop the bleeding. When Jurina got the tissues that she needed she pointed to her bag that had the pills inside.

“T-The pills…”

“Okay I’ll get it!”

Rena got the pills for Jurina and passed a glass of water to her as well. She swallowed all 3 pills down and followed with a whole glass of water. Jurina took a deep breath and still pinching her nose hoping that her nosebleed would stop soon. Obviously, Rena was sitting closely by Jurina’s side with worries. It was the first time that she saw her nose bleeding in the morning. It seemed her stress regarding her true identity made her forget about her severe headache that would happen if she did not take the morning pills.

“Sorry to make you worry…Hehe, I forgot to take my morning pills right after I woke up.”

“Are you really okay…? I’m really worried about you.”

“I just tend to have this fluctuated high blood pressure in the morning…some times I will get bad headaches and nosebleeds.”

“…If there’s anything I can do, please tell me.”

Rena grabbed onto her hand but she’s actually trembling with fear. The young sick girl realized how her class rep was trying to be strong, but she couldn’t hide her feelings that clearly at all. Jurina nodded and smiled back to Rena, hoping to not make her worry more than she should.

“I will…thank you Rena-chan.”

It made her happy to learn how Rena was worried about her. However, the next fear for her was that how would she tell her about Ju-chan? How would Rena felt when she discovered that the one she was looking for was always right by her side for this long? Jurina didn’t know when and how could she tell the truth to Matsui at all.


The 3rd day, everyone headed to Nagoya Castle according to the agenda of the trip. The teachers allowed the students to freely explore the area until the time they have to return back to the meeting point. As Jurina was enjoying the exploration around Nagoya castle with her friends, she couldn’t help but to always look around her surroundings as if she’s afraid of something. Rena could tell her odd behavior and started to wonder why Jurina was acting so paranoid and frustrated. It made her worry whether the young Watanabe was still sick or not, but Jurina would always tell her that she’s fine as long as she take the medicine.

“Just one more day…we’ll return back to Tokyo.”

Jurina sighed and hoped to return back home as soon as possible. It seemed the more she stayed in Nagoya the more Rena would get closer to know that she’s the Ju-chan that she was looking for. It might be good news to Matsui, but for Jurina she doubt about that. However, Airi and Akane had taken her attention as they decided to talk a walk towards the castle to watch it closer.


As Jurina had another sip from her bottle, it unfortunately ran out quickly. She had been stressing herself about her true identity that she drank the whole water bottle in less than 15 minutes. She decided to go buy another one from the convenience store close by while leaving her friends for a minute. Rena watched the girl walked away from behind and that was when Akane went to her side. She nudged the young Matsui with a funny smirk across her face.


“Did you tell her yet, Rena-chan?”

“About what?”

“What!? How far will you be dense?” Airi had to join into the conversation and joined forces with Akane. They couldn’t believe that her friend could be this dense and didn’t tell her feelings to Jurina yet.

“What we mean is that…did you tell her your feelings yet?”

Rena paused and blushed instantly. Her shocking and embarrassing face told the whole story to both her friends. It seemed it is so obvious that they could tell that Rena sure had feelings for Jurina, and so they were encouraging her to confess her feelings to her soon.


“Oh come on! I think Jurina has feelings for you too!”

“N-No way!”

“Well then~! Just don’t lose this chance or else you’ll miss it!”


Rena couldn’t respond to her friend’s persuasion and then Jurina had finally returned from the store after she bought more than one bottle with her. Everyone turned to her as she called Rena’s name loud and clear in the middle of public. She passed the bottles of water to her friends, including Rena and had that puppy smile across her face.

“I bought for you all too just in case.”

“Thank you Jurina~!”

Akane and Airi replied in unison and kept it into their bag. That was when both Jurina and Rena made an eye contact with each other. Obviously, they were blushing slightly but the young Watanabe tried to remain her composure and had that gentle smile across her face.

“Shall we get going?”


The Furuyanagi pair watched the love blooming between their friends and wished that they would confess their feelings for one another already. However, it seemed Rena still wanted time to make up her mind before she confessed it. They continued their exploration around the Nagoya castle until their teachers called them back to have dinner closed by at this decent restaurant before returning to the hotel. Jurina could be seen to be tired after she had been sighing several times on the bus as they were heading back. Rena didn’t want to force her friend to overwork herself and so decided to return back to the room before both of their friends. However before that, both of them started to tease Rena for spending so much private time together ever since they arrived at Nagoya. The class rep just remained in silence with a blush…and she decided to walk back to their room together with Jurina. 

“Hmm…I feel so tired today.”

“You should rest! Why don’t you take a shower and lie down?”

Rena gave a suggestion and the young puppy friend simply obeyed without any arguments. She went to take a quick shower due to her exhaustion from today and went straight to her bed without uttering a word. The class rep sat down by Jurina’s bed and stroked her head. The exhausted girl had a bitter smile across her face as she looked back at Rena.

“Sorry…for having you to look after me again.”

“Don’t say that. I will always stay with you okay? Just sleep Jurina…you will feel better.”


The young Watanabe was too exhausted to even argue or continue the conversation with Rena. She went to sleep immediately and left the raven-haired girl sat by her side and stroked her head. She simply watched Jurina’s sleeping face and had a warm smile appeared. The young Matsui started to realize that she was exhausted from today somehow as well. So she decided to take a nap on her bed beside her friend. Rena would want to be ready just in case anything would’ve happened just like the nosebleed event this morning again.


The young Matsui rubbed her eyes as she slowly woke up from her long nap. However as her eyes dropped onto the young Watanabe, she was still snoozing with that peaceful face. The sky behind the curtains was dark and she checked the time to see that it was already evening. However, before she decided to get out from her bed she could hear Jurina grumbling softly to herself.




She was struggling as if she was having a nightmare. Jurina was panting and breaking into sweat. Rena couldn’t understand what was going on but she was struggling as if she was in huge pain. She drenched the hotel’s clean hand towel with tap water and twisted it strongly to get the water out before cooling Watanabe’s forehead.


“Jurina! Calm down…it’s going to be alright.”

Rena held her hand tightly and it seemed Jurina started to calm down a little. She talked back to the sleeping girl and it actually worked. Despite she was calmed down, but she’s still sweating. The class rep wiped it off from her forehead with the towel and she had to push her bangs away…that were when, she found what she had been looking for so long. The clear distinct scar across the top right corner of Jurina’s forehead. The whole childhood memories replayed once again and the image of that scar was as clear as if she just saw it yesterday.


It was that same scar…she touched the scar and remembered that sensation. She was lost with words and her eyes were still wide open with shock. Nothing could be processed in her head…but then when Jurina fidgeted and muttering in pain, her attention diverted towards her immediately.

“A-Ah…S-Stop! Stop!! Nooo!!!!”

Jurina started screaming and swinging her arms away from Rena violently. It forced the young Matsui to grab hold onto her and diverted her attention from the scar to calm her friend down from the nightmare. However, she felt as if it’s more than just a mere nightmare… it looked as if Jurina was having some sort of trauma from something, and it’s still haunting her until now.

“No!! Please stop! I want to die! I want to die!! Noooo!!!”

“Jurina!!! Calm down! I’m here with you! It’s me…Rena.”


“Don’t say things like that…I’m here.”


She could see tears coming out from the corner of Jurina’s eyes, and she wiped it away. There were too many thoughts running into her head and she couldn’t interpret anything properly yet. She took a deep breath before she decided to focus on Jurina at the moment first. She stayed by her side and stroked her head gently in order to calm her down. Part of her was confused and frustrated about how she discovered about Jurina’s identity in a hard way instead, however…after she saw Jurina’s health condition and the pain she went through…she couldn’t bring herself to be angry with her. After all, Jurina was the one she loved as much as she had for Ju-chan. How ironic, it turned out that both of them were the same person to begin with. She felt as if she was betrayed indirectly.

“Jurina…it’s okay. Everything will be alright.”

The girl’s body slowly stopped trembling and she eventually went back into a peaceful sleep. Rena was the only one awake in the room, and it’s what she preferred as well. She wanted the time to think properly before she would make a mistake with the frustration she had for Jurina. It was better that she asked the young Watanabe directly instead of interrogating it out…her heart was too worried about Jurina’s condition right now.

“Why…why didn’t you tell me that you’re…”

She couldn’t continue where she left off as the truth sounded too painful for her at the moment. Rena didn’t realize the tears running down the corner of her eyes and she wiped if off immediately. There was too many mixed emotions running inside her right now, but every time she’s getting frustrated about it she always reminded herself to look after Jurina…since that was the only thing she could do. Worries, sadness, frustration, anger, gladness, and confusion. There were too many emotions running wild inside her heart…the only thing she could do was remaining in silence and suppressed those feelings for now.


The last day in Nagoya, everyone went to this shrine and enjoyed making their wishes or do lucky draws. It was their last moments in Nagoya before they headed back to Tokyo, but then there was this awkwardness between Jurina and Rena ever since this morning. The young Matsui had been constantly avoiding Jurina and she had no clue what’ve she done wrong. Both Akane and Airi could even tell the difference of Rena’s action and the three of them started to get worried about her.

“Rena-chan…is everything alright? You seemed to be distancing from Jurina since this morning.”

“…I’m fine, thanks Churi, I just need some time to think of things.”

“Did something happen between you two?”

“Not exactly…I’ll tell you later.”

The young class rep simply walked away and preferred to stay quiet and alone for most of the time. It made Jurina worry than ever and she finally approached her dear friend. That was when Rena retracted automatically and caused Jurina to be surprised as well.



“Is something wrong? Did something wrong happen? I’m sorry if I made you upset or sad…”

Rena simply watched Jurina acting guilty. She could tell that Jurina was truly sincere with those words and there was no way she could push that away. She was madly in love with this person to actually get irritated by her if she came to apologize to her. The class rep shook her head and let one single statement before she left her.

“Meet me at the lobby at 8pm…I want to talk to you.”


Then after that, the whole day it was an awkward silence between Jurina and Rena, but there was nothing that could be done. The young Watanabe had to wait until today’s evening in order to talk to Rena once again. She wondered what did she want to talk, but she would discover it soon after she went to meet up with her at the lobby tonight…


Jurina went to meet with Rena at the lobby as they promised and she was sitting down alone and quietly. As the young girl approached her friend, their eyes met and she stood up as well.

“Sorry…did I keep you waiting?”

“No, not at all…did you take the meds already?”

“Yup~ don’t worry.”

Despite they were about to have this serious talk, Rena couldn’t stop worry about Jurina’s health. However, it was a real deal right now and she needed to be serious if she wanted to learn the brutal truth directly from her lips. She walked towards her and lifted up Jurina’s bang immediately without waiting any longer. The girl wasn’t expected that coming and retracted her head away. Eyes of fear took over and it seemed the secret of Ju-chan’s scar was revealed to Matsui already.


“Why…didn’t you tell me about it?”

A silence broke in and Jurina couldn’t get the courage to even look into Rena’s eyes. She felt humiliated and fear taking over her conscious. She felt as if she betrayed the one she cared wholehearted. Matsui grasped for Jurina’s hand and caused her to make an eye contact with her…that was when the young girl froze in shock. Rena’s eyes were getting teary and Jurina could tell that she preventing herself from breaking down right now. Watanabe was lost of words and didn’t know what to say to her at all…

“Since when…did you saw this?”

“Last night, I was wiping the sweat from your head and then…I saw it.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Jurina bit her lips and apologized to her. However, Rena didn’t respond a word and let go of her hand. It wasn’t something she wanted to hear from Jurina at all. The class rep was having mixed feelings inside her chest and she didn’t know how to respond to this awkward situation they were in.

“Rena-chan…will you give me time?”


“…I believe it’s the time I have to tell you everything. I’m willing to be yelled and hated by you, but just after I told you everything that I have to.”

The silence broke in and Rena nodded slightly. It made Jurina smile with relief and when she was about to hold onto Rena’s hand, she retracted away instinctly. The young Watanabe hesitated and slowly stepped back away with fear in her eyes. She felt as if Rena had rejected her and that was a cold silence between the two of them.

“I-I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry.”

Rena apologized but then Jurina just shook her head. She didn’t mind her dear friend to act this way since she deserved it after she betrayed Rena. The young Watanabe simply forced a smile and hoped it would break the tension between the two of them. She stepped back even more and invited Rena back to their room together. Nothing could be done right now and only time would be able to explain everything to her. They needed to pack up before they return back to Tokyo. 


The last day continued as they checked their stuffs before they returned back to Tokyo. As they were on the train, Jurina actually sit alone in front instead of sitting with Rena. She said she had a headache and she wanted to be sleeping alone quietly instead, therefore Rena had to sit alone. Both of them seemed to need time to think through things. There were too many emotions running into Rena’s head regarding Ju-chan and Jurina being the same person. However, she had doubts about it at the same time. A part of her didn’t want to believe that they were the same person…but at the same time she couldn’t deny that both of them shared the same scar on their forehead. As Jurina’s words from last night replayed again, it reminded her that there was nothing she could do and only but wait for the Watanabe to tell her the truth that she deserved to know…after discovering her identity in a hard way.


They already returned back to Tokyo, and also back to daily school’s life. However, Jurina didn’t come for the past few days already. Rena always tried to contact her but there was no simple reply back at all. As each day passed by the more she became frustrated regarding Jurina. She promised that she would tell Rena the truth, but then she just disappeared without telling her anything and it made her upset and angrier than before. That was when she decided to go drop by at Watanabe Mayu’s classroom in order to ask about Jurina’s whereabouts during the morning break. Countless pair of eyes stared at her as she approached the famous Watanabe of the school. As their eyes met, it felt as if the cyborg could read her mind somehow.

“…Its about Jurina, isn’t?”

Rena did not have to say a word and they went straight to the point. The girl nodded but the senior wished to have the conversation in a private area instead. They went to the roof deck when there would be no one to eavesdrop on their conversation and then she went straight to the point.

“So, what do you want to know?”

“You know why I’m here senpai…Jurina didn’t come to school ever since we came back from the trip, what happened to her?”

“She’s taking her time.”


“…You’ll know soon.”

The coldhearted cyborg left the stunned class rep at the roof deck alone. She did not get any information regarding Jurina from the older sister at all. There was nothing she could do and only had to wait until the young puppy girl would return back to school… Despite that day she had drama club right after school, she couldn’t be bothered to go with this state of mind. She’s too confused and frustrated to do anything. She barely was able to keep up with her concentration in classroom and her studies at home already. While she was heading to where bike was parked, she saw the familiar senior standing next to her bike as if she was waiting for Rena. As their eyes met, and then she smiled at her.


“Good afternoon Rena-chan, I’m sorry for Mayu being rude to you today.”

Rena was shocked that Miyuki knew about her conversation with Mayu during the morning break. The lively twin tapped her head and gave a friendly smile to her and it seemed that she eavesdropped the whole conversation this morning at the roof deck somehow. She couldn’t help but to worry what would Mayu say to Rena since the cyborg senior could be heartless at times.

“Things are sure unfair for both of you…don’t you think?”

“Uh…I don’t know too.”

“Fufu, so Rena-chan, what’s your feeling for Jurina?”


The young Matsui blushed when she was asked about her feelings for Jurina. She stared down onto the floor and it made the Watanabe twin laughed out of blue. Rena couldn’t hide her blush furthermore and did not understand what was behind that laugh of her senior.

“Do you love her?”


Rena only bit her lips and avoided eye contact with Miyuki. However, that simple action was more than enough to give the senior the answer she wanted to get for today. She approached her and tapped on Rena’s head as if she’s a little kid.

“I see, thank you Rena-chan.”


“No matter how confused are you…don’t let go of what’s precious to you.”

Miyuki’s speech made Rena stunned. She didn’t expect that coming out from the lively laid-back senpai at all. Her aura changed and it became much serious just as much as Mayu, or maybe it’s even worse than that. Miyuki’s calm smile made the air around them lightened up and it’s about time she had to return back home.

“I have to go now~ or else Mayu-chan will scold me again.”

“…Scold you?”

“Yup~ She’s always bossy and gets overprotective with Jurina and I. That’s why I better head home now, I’m glad I’m able to talk to you~”

They exchanged numbers first before Miyuki headed towards the gate of the school; Rena threw her eyes to her and called her before she would be leaving. She did raise her voice in order to grab her senpai’s attention to her.


“Hmmm? What is it Rena-chan?”

“…Thank you for your kind words. It made me felt better.”

“Fufu~ Glad to make you feel better!”

Miyuki eventually disappeared from her sight and it’s about time for Rena to return back as well. For the whole night, she thought about Miyuki’s words and it made her wonder what she meant by it. Rena was mentally exhausted and decided to go to bed instead. She prepared to embrace another long day tomorrow once again. Each night, she prayed that Jurina would be coming to school…but only disappointment waited for her every time when she entered the classroom.


The next day, Jurina’s seat was still empty as usual. She did not come to school and another long day once again. It seemed the only thing that Rena looked forward was for Jurina to be coming back to school. However, today was slightly different from usual. The person that came to see Rena at her classroom during the morning break was Miyuki. She called the young startling Matsui out for a private talk in the corridor, hoping that no Miyuki fans would be eavesdropping on their conversation.

“What do you want to talk to me about, senpai?”

“I’m the messenger today~”

Miyuki passed a letter to Rena and it was sealed perfectly as well. Before Rena could ask what the letter contained, the Watanabe senior replied to her immediately. “Everything about her past that both Mayu and I knew is in there…if is your choice to open it or not.”

Rena froze, as she couldn’t believe what Miyuki had done for her right now. The senior even continued with a warning that Jurina did not know that she’s doing this for me, and it was her own will. She gave me the chance to learn the truth regarded all of Jurina’s dark secrets that she’d been waited to hear from her. Such a dilemma for Rena to make…it’s so tempting to open it.

“It’s your choice to do what you want with it, but I won’t take it back.”

Her smile could be truly terrifying. That was the first time Rena couldn’t understand the meaning behind that sweet smile of her senpai. The fact that she couldn’t understand Miyuki’s intention for doing this made her truly frightening. The senior walked away with her usual sweet smile and the fans blocked Rena’s view from seeing Watanabe senior again.


The next day at school, there was no sign of Jurina again. She actually decided to send a text to Miyuki to ask about Jurina’s whereabouts. It only took less than a minute to receive a reply back from her. However, the content of the message that caused her to stand up from her chair with her eyes grew wide with frustration.

“Rena, what’s a matter?” Akane came in to ask but then Rena just remained in silence and kept her phone.

“I’m sorry Churi but I have to leave now! Please cover me up!”

“W-Where are you going!?”

“I have to go now!”

The class rep ran away from the classroom without saying a word to her friend. She did not take her stuffs with her and she hoped that Akane would cover for her somehow. She had something she was way concerned beyond anything else…it was regarding the message Miyuki sent to her, it was about Jurina. She ran out to the front of the building and met with the Watanabe twins discussing with a serious face. However, Mayu was indeed shocked to see Rena at this place as well.

“…Why are you here?”

“I told her to come over.”

Miyuki interrupted and it made her twin stunned with surprise. It seem Mayu wasn’t expecting Rena to appear at this critical moment right now. The twins just received a message from their mother that Jurina was missing from the house this afternoon and obviously both Watanabe sisters planned to ditch their classes to go find her. The cyborg twin didn’t understand why would Miyuki called Rena over like this and she couldn’t help but to speak bluntly out like that.

“Miyuki, what’s your plan this time? Why did you call Rena over?”

“The only person that’s the closes to Jurina’s heart is her…if we’re going to look for her, maybe Rena would be able to find her.”


Rena wasn’t expected that kind of answer just as much as Mayu. The smiling Watanabe had her usual sweet smile that no one was able to see through it. No one understood why she had so much confidence in Rena this much despite she barely knew Rena at all. Miyuki knew that Mayu wouldn’t be satisfied for the young Matsui to come join their search much, but she did not care. It had been ever since the Nagoya trip, the cyborg senior had been glaring and showed signs of dissatisfaction towards Rena. No one knew why…but it seemed the cunning Miyuki did.

“Let’s separate out.”

Mayu suggested and the other two nodded. They split up in order to search for the missing Watanabe faster. However, as Rena kept running through the streets in the area…there was neither sign nor hints regarding her. The sky was getting gray as looked as if its about to rain. Rena just hoped she was able to find the missing girl before the rain would come. She tried to think of possible places that Jurina could’ve been at times like this…she ran to the usual café they always went to…she saw no one there.

“Jurina… Where are you?”

She felt a droplet against her skin and it was as she thought. The rain started to pour down from the dark grey sky and she did not have an umbrella. She stood under the cover of the café and then checked the time on her cellphone. It had been an hour ever since she had been searching for Jurina, but there was no slight clue of where she was…the twins didn’t contact her, which its presumed that they did not find Jurina either. As Rena kept thinking about her dear friend, the memories that she shared with Jurina replayed inside her head whenever it had a chance. She clutched onto her phone tightly and stared at the background screen…it's a photo she had taken together with Jurina when both of them were spending time together at the café after school. The young Watanabe sure did have a bright smile across her face and had her arms wrapped around Rena tightly. She could tell from the photo that she was really happy back then too…however, as she was enjoying this sentimental feeling her eyes grew wide with shock. She finally recalled the only place she hadn’t check yet so far. It’s the place that Jurina always told Rena that she would feel calm and comforted when she’s there…likely when she had any problems, Rena would definitely be able to find her there.

“T-The park! She might be there!!”

She sprinted towards the park and ignored the rain. Glad that the park that they usually went wasn’t that far from the café was. As she finally arrived at the entrance…she saw this feminine figure standing under the tree while staring up at the grey sky. That familiar face, eyes, and posture. Rena’s heart pounding fast for doing all the sprinting, but now it’s beating with frustration. She slowly approached that figure and her vision became clearer. The sound of the footstep against the water paddles on the floor echoed in the middle of the rain and caught the woman’s attention. Their eyes met… and it was a deep silence between the two.

“…I’ve been waiting for you, Rena-chan.”


Rena observed her and she could see Jurina’s hair and clothes were wet from the rain. It wasn’t as drenched as hers, but it’s considered wet. As Rena was about to utter the first word after since they returned from Nagoya, Jurina interrupted her immediately with some story that just came out of blue.

“It is raining on that day as well…the day of the incident.”


“The mother drove through one of the sharpest curve of the streets of the mountain, intentionally…she took her child with her to suicide.”

Rena’s eyes grew wide with shock as the story continued. The whole tragic started right after the father died because he saved his daughter. The mother changed as if she was a complete different person, as if she was possessed by a demon. She physically abused and harmed the poor helpless child that the family adopted. The mother constantly yelled her that she’s a cursed child that brought doom to the family and killed the father. It had been 5 years of torture for the child…until the whole thing came to an end in that car accident. The mother was dead instantly in the accident but not the child…she was still alive when the ambulance arrived, but then her head was severely impacted. Normally patients from car accidents would be dismissed in a month, but not this girl’s case…she was diagnosed to have TBI and had to go through certain rehabilitation to be able to live with it for the rest of her life. Gratefully, one family who used to be neighborhood with her family wished to adopt her and did paid all the medical fees for her. She had taken three years before she was dismissed and was taken to Tokyo to live with her new family…and starting a new life.

“…But there’s one thing that the doctor diagnosed on that girl.”

Jurina brushed her hair up and show the scar that had been hidden underneath her bangs. Since there was no reason to hide anymore…and she could tell that Rena’s eyes were set on it. The young Watanabe’s eyes stopped at her class rep and a weak smile of sadness appeared. The child was told by her new parents that her long-term memory section of the brain was damaged…she might possible forget about her past but they could never know what did she forgot and will she remember or not.

“…It is known later through out the rehab that the memory she lost was all her childhood until the tragic accident that took away her father. Either her memory loss will be temporary…or permanent.”

The whole storytelling came to an end and it was a deep silence between the two of them. Rena was lost of words after she heard the whole sad story from Jurina. She knew it immediately that it was a story regarding Jurina’s past before they would meet each other. She tightened her fist and approached the scarred girl in front of her.

“…I’m sorry, Rena. After you told me so many things about Ju-chan…I barely remember anything.”


“I can’t be the Ju-chan you wished…I’m sorry.”

Her apologizing words struck right into Rena’s heart. It made her heart pained even more than before. Jurina’s words hid a tinge of sorrow in it. The next second, the young Watanabe moved away from her and simply bowed her head down to apologize with actions instead. As for Rena, she’s lost of words and she did not know how should she respond to this situation.

“I’m sorry for everything for not telling you sooner and shattering your hope to meet your childhood friend…I’ve been thinking of ways to be able to tell you properly, and at least I did my job.”

Their eyes met once again and Rena could instantly feel that Jurina was so distanced from her. It felt as if the young Watanabe would disappear from her forever…the feels of angst taken over her heart and it was making her trembling with fear.

“You still have that person you love just as much as Ju-chan… I believe both of us can move on in our life and lastly… thank you, Rena.”

She simply watched Jurina turning her back and left her alone under the tree. Rena stretched her hands towards her, but then she retracted with fear in her heart. She wanted to follow her…but at the same time it felt as if something was stopping her…she only watched Jurina disappeared into the rain and that was when she felt warm tears flowing down her cheeks.

“…If that one I love is not you…then things would be so much easier…!”

She couldn't contain her feelings and collapsed onto the ground helplessly. She was left crying alone in the middle of the cold rain. When she learned the whole truth regarding the one she loves, she had too many thoughts that made her lost her words to say anything. It’s too bewildering, sorrowful, and agonizing for her to handle. She thought she able to move on from Ju-chan, but in the end…she ended up fallen in love with the same person…it was as if destiny was making fun of her…


Few days later, Rena continued her usual school life but everything was just too different for her. It was a life without Jurina, a monochrome life she had before she met with her. Even Akane and Airi were getting worried of Rena’s mental and health condition since she didn’t eat as much as she usually do during morning and lunch breaks. At least she promised her friends that she wouldn’t send herself to hospital, but she seemed to need time to think through things that happened on that rainy day.

The teacher entered as the homeroom was about to start. As the older woman placed her files onto the table, she checked the name of the students that came to class. As each name was called and answered back…there was one name that wasn’t called like usual. Everyone seemed to realize it and one of the girls raised her hand up.

“Sensei…why isn’t Jurina’s name being called?”

“Ah, so I’m not the only one thinking about that!” Another boy spoke up and it seemed the whole class realized it.

The teacher was slightly surprised that no one knew about the news and she could’ve guessed that it was remained a secret from everyone. It was about time she told everyone in the classroom and it would bring a huge shock to everyone… especially Rena.

“I see…so she didn’t tell any of you all. Watanabe Jurina already transferred out from our school few days ago. She would no longer be in our class anymore.”

A huge commotion started instantly after they learned the truth. However, no one was as shocked as Rena right now. Both Akane and Airi threw their glances towards the class rep instantly and could tell that she didn’t know about this either. The teacher’s words replayed in Rena’s head countless times and it was as if her mind was completely isolated from her surroundings. What her instinct warned her turned out to be true…on that rainy day, it was truly the last time Rena would see Jurina…


~Part Three: Fear~
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~Part Four: Future~

It had been few weeks ever since Jurina moved out from school without telling anyone. It was quite a big commotion happening within Rena’s year until now since she was the youngest sister of the famous Watanabe twin. Anyone that asked the twin seniors about the reason why Jurina moved out, they simply replied that it was regarding to her health issues. However, only Airi and Akane did not believe in that…they had a feeling that Rena must be related to this. Their senses told them that the reason Rena was being so joyless must be related to Jurina’s sudden transfer.

“Rena…are you okay? Did something happen between you and Jurina?”

Airi came to her side and gave a friendly pat on the shoulders. However, the Matsui girl did not feel like saying or sharing it to anyone. To even just think about it made her wanted to cry at that spot. Rena simply shook her head and tried to hold back her feelings. Unfortunately for the poor class rep, it wasn’t that long that other students approached her regarding Jurina’s transfer. In the whole class, they all knew that the person that was closest to Jurina would be Rena. They believed that she would know something about it.

“Neh Rena-chan, did you know why Jurina moved out? Did you guys have a fight with each other?”


Rena didn’t respond to the question, which was truly unusual. As the girl was about to ask her again, Akane interrupted her and stayed by Rena’s side instead.

“Rena’s not feeling well, don’t force on her.”

“Churi…” Rena turned and stared at her friend’s back that was protecting her.

“Why? I’m just asking about Jurina! So I guessed you two really did have a fight.”

“No they didn’t! You can see how both of them are really closed with each other!” Airi joined the conversation and it was getting heated up.

“Then she should know where and why did Jurina moved out, shouldn’t her!?”

“Watanabe-senpai said that it’s about her health issues! Rena didn’t know about it until the teacher announced it in class!” Akane roared back and then the argument escalated even more. 

“But isn’t that suspicious that Rena didn’t know about her own best friend’s whereabouts?” Another girl came in to join the argument since she had the same question as this classmate.

“See? I told you!”

The arguing student added on in order to win the debate against Akane and Airi. However, it seemed Rena have reached the limits of her patience and slammed the table as she stood up from her seat.

“I DON’T KNOW anything about it! STOP asking me ALREADY!”

The class rep barged out from the class and Airi followed her with concern. But then Akane stopped her as their Matsui friend needed time for herself and she would probably tell them what was on her mind until she’s ready. It was the first time that anyone saw Rena exploded like that…and so the whole heated argument came to an end instantly.

Rena walked through the corridor and tried to calm herself down. At that moment, she lost her temper and it was the first time she raised her voice up that loud. However, as she didn’t watch where she was walking, she accidently bumped into another student that came out from the corner of the corridor.

“I-I’m sorr—”

She paused with surprise. The person she accidently bumped into was actually the cyborg Watanabe. As their eyes met…Mayu’s orbs became cold and heartless. It was at the point that it made Rena terrified and had to step back with instinct.

“S-Senpai…I’m sorry.”

“…I don’t understand you at all, Rena.”

Mayu spoke up out of blue and caused the younger girl to be confused. She continued her speech and still had that heartless glare on Rena. “I thought she meant something to you…but it seemed I overly expected you.”

Those were her last words before she passed Rena in the corridor. Obviously she didn’t understand what Mayu was saying, but she realized that she was being insulted in a way. As the day continued on, Rena decided to head home right after the school’s bell rang. But then there was a figure waiting for her bike again. It was another Watanabe twin, Miyuki.

“Good afternoon Rena-chan.”

“…Are you here to insult me?” Rena spoke straight to the point and the older senior shook her head before she approached her. She could likely tell that Mayu must’ve said something to her that hurt her feelings.

“I told you, I don’t like hurting other people’s feelings. I believe you’re the one that’s suffering the most from this.”

Rena shot her eyes back up and that was when her eyes made an eye contact with Miyuki. Those calm dark orbs made her realize that Miyuki came to talk to her with good intentions. It made Rena realize that she shouldn’t make assumptions of her senpai and apologized to her immediately. As expected, Miyuki didn’t mind it since she knew that Mayu probably did said something bad to her.

“I’m sorry for Mayu, it’s just she’s pretty overprotective when it comes to Jurina.”

“…I see, but I guess I deserved a yell…it’s my fault after all.”

“Fufu, how surprising, you two are truly the same…”

Miyuki smiled to herself but Rena didn’t understood what she meant. Even though she asked her senior, she did not have any intention to tell Rena what she was thinking. She dodged the topic and went straight to the point that was a reason she’s here.

“Rena-chan, do you still love Jurina?”

She flinched before she could even say a word. Her response was the same as the last time that Miyuki asked, but then she noticed something was different. Rena turned to her as if she wanted to say something that’s been trapping inside her heart for so long.

“…I don’t deserve or have the right to love her. I…I don’t know.”

“So you don’t love her anymore after you knew the truth?”

“I-It’s not like that! I don’t hate her! I couldn’t bring myself to hate her!!”

“So, what are your feelings for her?”

“I-I don’t know! I’m so confused with what’s going and understanding my own feelings! I thought I moved on from my past already…yet, I’m the one that’s stuck here…”

She finally spoke the words of her heart out and Rena’s eyes became teary due to her emotional talk with Miyuki. However, as she slowly looked up to see what’s Miyuki’s respond…that was when Miyuki revealed a big smile of relief for the first time. Rena was surprised to see that genuine smile…she could fell and tell that it's the senior’s true smile.

“That’s better than last time you answered me~”

“Huh…?” Rena couldn’t catch up with Miyuki’s pace, ever worse she felt as if those sweet eyes saw her through completely.

“I presumed you didn’t read the letter, didn’t you?”

Rena nodded and remembered that she kept the letter in her bag ever since she received from Miyuki. However, the Watanabe said that there were more secrets that Jurina did not reveal to her. It wasn’t only related to Jurina’s past…but as well as her thoughts and feelings. Rena only stared at the sealed letter as Miyuki smiled in a cunning way at her.

“Rena-chan, what’s precious to you?”


“No matter how confused are you…don’t let go of what’s precious to you. If you did, it will never return back.”

Miyuki repeated her same words once again and it made Rena thought about it again. She wasn’t sure she understood it completely or not. She wasn’t even sure what’s actually precious to her. Even though Rena didn’t reply anything back to her, she seemed to be satisfied with today’s results. She gave a soft shrug and walked back home alone. She told the young Matsui that if she needed help with anything…she would always be there to help her out. As she was about to exit out the gate of the school, Rena stopped her once again with her curiosity.

“Miyuki-senpai…why are you helping me?”

“Huhu~ I do have my reasons. Don’t worry about it.”

She disappeared without allowing Rena to enquire anything from her. As Rena finally had her private time at home, she recalled Miyuki’s words countless of times in order to understand the hidden message in it. She was too confused to find out what was precious to her…she simply lied down on her bed. The last moments she saw Jurina before she disappeared away flashed back once again an it made her heart throbbed in pain.


Suddenly, someone came knocking on Rena’s door and made her sat up. It was her mother and then she came in to sit by the girl’s side on the bed. Rena was wondering why her mother was here today and it seemed she was about to have one serious discussion here.

“Rena-chan, you seemed really down ever since you got back. Is something a matter?”

“…Not really.”

“Is it about Jurina-chan?”

She went straight to the point and caused Rena to flinch. That was more than enough of an answer that the mother needed. She simply smiled lightly and patted her daughter’s head.

“Don’t worry, you two will eventually reconcile up!”

“But…I don’t think it will be that simple.”

“Why do you think so?”

“…Because it’s not something I can do.”

Rena bit her lips as she uttered those sorrowful words from the bottom of her heart, but then her mother gave her a soft pat on the head once again. She tried to cheer up her daughter as well as teaching her a valuable lesson. The mother could see many things that neither Rena nor Jurina would be able to understand.

“Do you like Jurina?”


“What is she to you?”


The young Matsui tightened her grip as the image of Jurina’s smile replayed in her head. She recalled that cute puppy voice calling out her name energetically and clearly. She missed those times together with her and those genuine words uttered from those lips. She missed everything regarding Jurina…she missed her entire existence that used to be by her side.

“…I miss her.”

Those words came to bottom of her heart, but there was no relationship with the question that her mother asked. But then, she was satisfied with the answer. It seemed Rena’s could read her through as if she was book, just like Miyuki.

“Then why don’t you tell her those feelings?”

“My feelings…?”

“Tell her that you miss her. I believe Jurina-chan misses you too, both of you are really close to each other after all.”

The mother took her step towards the door and was about to leave the room. She said her goodnights before she decided to leave her daughter alone. However, before she could close the door, Rena stopped her by calling her out loudly.



“…Thank you.”

“Don’t worry~ Mom loves you Rena-chan.”

“I love you too mom.”

As the door was closed, she felt as if her mother enlightened her. She always missed Jurina ever since she didn’t come to school after the Nagoya trip. However, the fact that Jurina was the Ju-chan she knew constantly blinded her from those feelings she had. Finally, she felt that the mist that covered the light had disappeared. She placed her hand on top of her chest and finally realized her answer that she had been looking for… the only thing she had to do was picking up her cellphone and call her only last hope.

“…Good evening senpai, I’m sorry to interrupt you and this is Rena, can we meet tomorrow at the same place and time?”


Rena waited for the time she made an appointment with her senpai. She went straight to the usual bike parking right after school was over. There was this familiar figure stood calmly and waited for Rena to show up. The class rep bowed as she ran up towards her senior.

“I’m sorry I’m a little late Miyuki-senpai. ”

“No worries I just got here! So what did you want to talk?”

“…Can you please tell me where is Jurina?”

Rena went straight to the point as well as taking out the letter Miyuki gave her out from her pocket. That instance, she shredded it into half right in front of her without any slight hesitation. She didn’t want to rely on that letter in order to learn Jurina’s secrets. Rena wanted to hear the whole thing directly from her lips instead. Miyuki was surprised with Rena’s bold actions, but what surpassed her expectation was those determination in Matsui’s eyes.   

“I beg you Miyuki-senpai, please tell me where Jurina is!”

“…What are you going to do when you meet her?”

“I have something I want to tell her. I want to talk to her again…I don’t want things to end like this. Please, I beg you!”

“…Fufu, I see. I’m glad that its you.”

Miyuki smiled out of huge relief from her chest. She approached Rena and gave her a piece of folded paper that contained some piece of information that she might need. But before she had a chance to unfold the paper, Miyuki stopped her with her hand first.

“Jurina is at Nagoya.”


“She dropped out from school to do her full special rehabilitation to treat her TBI at the orphanage she came from since she was adopted. She said… she wanted to remember the past she long forgotten for someone’s sake.”

Rena knew the place immediately and she didn’t bother asking the reason why Jurina wanted to remember the past. It seemed both of them knew the answer deeply well. Either way, Rena would have to meet with her in order to ask directly from her. She nodded firmly without hesitation and it made Miyuki patted her head with relief. She told Rena to come meet her at the house on Saturday morning, as she would help taking her to Nagoya.

“I want to help you as much as I can.”

“Senpai…why are you doing all these things for me?”

“Fufu~ It’s because you’re precious to the one I love, and I did promise her I will look after you.”

“…Who is that?”

“It’s a se~cret~”

Rena realized that it was a mistake to ask for an answer on things like this from Miyuki. She wouldn’t answer her even though she knew it. She could be utterly helpful, but at the same time she avoided answering most of the questions that Rena asked her. At least it in two days, it would be Saturday. She told Miyuki that she probably had to discuss about this with her parents, but then the Watanabe said she would clear that issue for her. It made Rena wonder what would she say to her parents.


The day before the plan, Miyuki and Mayu actually came to talk at Rena’s house in order to ask for her parents’ approval to have Rena to go Nagoya to meet with Jurina. Obviously none of them would want to do anything that would make their parents worried about them. At least they promised they would come back by Sunday evening so they wouldn’t have to skip the school. Luckily Rena have great parents, they approved for her since they believed she was old enough to make her decision.

“You’re going to tell her, aren’t you?” The mother asked, and only Rena knew what she meant. The girl nodded firmly and made her mother smiled with relief.

“…Yes, I might not know the answer yet, but…I know what I have to say.”

“I’m glad to here that.” The mother then turned to both Watanabe twins and bowed her head down slightly. “Please take care of our daughter.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” Miyuki smiled firmly and everything went so smoothly.


There was a young girl sitting by the opened window. Her eyes seemed to be daydreaming of something while staring up into the deep blue sky. The weather was getting colder as its almost winter. Her brunette orbs were so calm, yet so lonely. The wind blew passed her smooth pale face and brushed her bangs up to reveal that old scar of hers. 

“Jurina, it’s time for lunch.”

The old woman came into the room as she was the adult that took care of her ever since she lived here as an orphan. However, the young Watanabe did not recall her name or her face at the slightest. The woman used to be the nurse that dealt with TBI patients before she became a pre-school teacher in the orphanage. Watanabe asked her whether she wanted to take that request and she accepted it willingly.


Jurina got up from her chair and tied her hair back up into a ponytail. She took out a hairclip out from her pocket and clipped her bangs up to reveal her forehead. She followed the teacher out from the room to have her lunch and pills that were prepared for her.

“How’s your headache?”

“It’s not that painful as it used to be, and it seems my blood pressure is stabled longer than before.”

“That’s glad to hear! This means that the treatment is working.”

Jurina smiled softly and thanked her teacher. After she finished her lunch, she walked down the corridor and saw orphans ran passed her with such a lively smile across their faces. They were heading out in order to go play outside in the playground field. The young Watanabe would occasionally come to help her teachers with supervising the kids and some of them were quite attached to her. There was this one girl came up to her and tugged on Jurina’s shirt shyly.

“Ah…how are you Aeri-chan?”

“Where are you going neechan?”

“Hmm, neechan doesn’t have to do the rehab today so neechan has nothing to do right now.”


The young child, Aeri, she seemed to be about 5 years old and she had been at this orphanage for a year already. However she was so timid and shy that she barely had any friend. There were a couple of people that could approach her and Jurina was included in the list. So the young Watanabe decided to take her to her room on the 2nd floor and play with her for the rest of the break time.

“Neechan, does your head hurt?”

“I took the meds already, don’t worry.”

“So…neechan really did grow up here?”

“Yup I did.”

Jurina replied, but she didn’t want to go deep in detail with it. She knew she grown up at this orphanage because her parents and the teacher told her. Also, there was a profile here in the orphanage about her staying here until she’s 7 years old until another Matsui family adopted her.

“Do you have friends?”


Jurina was forced to smile, as she did not know whether what she said was the truth or not. She did not have any memories regarding her past at all due to the car accident that damaged the memory section of her brain. However, this innocent child could see through the loneliness and sadness in Jurina’s eyes. Aeri grabbed her hand and clutched onto it tightly.

“Neechan…are you lonely? You look sad.”

Her eyes grew wide with slight surprise, as she didn’t expect such a young child to see through her poker face. Jurina simply smiled and stroked her head gently with care. That second, she was thinking about Rena and didn’t realized that she’s showing signs of solitude out.

“A little.”

“You miss your friends?”

“…I guess so too.”

“Who is it?”

This girl asked so many questions, but it didn’t bother Jurina the slightest. As Jurina stared at the young Aeri in front of her, Rena’s face overlapped with hers. Her heart throbbed in pain of uneasiness whenever she thought of that Matsui. She decided to step out from her life, but yet the pain inside her heart still haunted her until now. She believed that it was a decision she wouldn’t regret, but there were times she doubted about that. 

“…She looks like you.”


“Yeah, she’s…pretty and innocent like you.”

“What’s her name?”

“Her name is…Rena.”

At that moment, Jurina was hesitating to say that name, but she didn’t want to make it so obvious to this innocent child in front of her. She seemed to be rather curious about Jurina so much and kept asking so many questions about her, and about Rena as well.

“Where is she?”

“She’s in Tokyo and studying at this place called school.”

“Is it fun?”

“It is~ you’ll meet a lot of people in school.”

“I want to go there…”

“You will one day, Aeri-chan.”

Her eyes diverted at the clock and realized that it’s about time that Aeri had to return back to her class. She decided to send her off at the front of the classroom, but before Jurina left, Aeri grabbed onto her shirt again.

“Please smile…neechan.”

Jurina’s eyes grew wide and then she nodded softly before she let out a smile of contentment. This young child made her felt so relieved for some reason. It was as if this child reminded her of something that always brought her happiness. She couldn’t remember what it was, but her subconscious did seem to remember it well. After the girl went back into her class, it’s about time Jurina went to sit at her usual spot in her room. That chair next to the opened window… she would always sit on that chair and let the chilled breeze of imminent winter blew through her hair. She took a deep breath of fresh air while closing her eyes. She would always hold onto this keychain object in her hand tightly as it seemed to be truly important to her. It’s a daily routine for her every single day ever since she stayed at the orphanage to do her rehabilitation. She would be sitting at this spot if she wasn’t asked to help the teachers to supervise the children or doing the rehab. Majority of the days in the week, she would be sitting at this chair quietly, alone, and always think of this person she wished to meet.

“…Jurina.” (^^)

That familiar voice echoed in her head, as she couldn’t force herself to forget it at all. It’s such a sweet tender voice calling out her name so clearly. The image of the raven-haired girl appeared in her mind along with that angelic smile of hers that will bring happiness every time she saw it.

“It looks cute so I bought it for you.” (^_^)

She used her thumb to play around with her melon pan keychain that she was given by Rena. More images and moments replayed in her head and she recalled Rena’s blushing expression when she teased her with Akane. Jurina loved the way that the raven-haired girl would exclaim her name loudly in that manner.

“J-Jurina!?” (O/////O)

Jurina couldn’t hold back her laugh, but then the sadness clouded her eyes once again. She missed all those moments with her, but things would work as both of them wished. Even Rena said she moved on and fallen in love with someone else that wasn’t her Ju-chan…the young Watanabe knew that Rena hadn’t give up on her yet. Rena was still looking for her even until now, despite her Ju-chan that she knew no longer existed anymore. Even though Jurina and Ju-chan were technically the same person…they had complete different heart. When the young Watanabe thought of that, it pained her so much that she could be seen as a substitute. She decided to run away and try to forget about Rena instead. She once thought that she shouldn’t have meet with her at the first place…but at the same time she felt utterly blessed.


Too many thoughts and feelings went rampaged inside her. She couldn’t hold back her sadness and that was when she felt a tear ran down from her right eye.


It wasn’t her mind that was messing around with her thoughts. She heard that sweet sentimental voice clearly as if it was right here in the room. Her eyes grew wide with shock as she diverted her glance towards the door…and that’s when her eyes met with those brown orbs… Jurina remembered those eyes very well, and it was indeed a moment of silence between the both of them. She still couldn’t believe that this person appeared right in front of her face, and at this very place as well. It was the person she missed so much, but also the person she did not want to meet the most… Matsui Rena.

“Finally…I’ve found you.”

“…Why… how could you be here?”

“I want to meet you.”

As Rena approached her, Jurina glared at her and replied mercilessly back. “But I don’t want to meet you. Get out of here.”

“…That doesn’t matter. I want to talk to you.”

“I don’t want to!!”

Jurina got up from her chair and it was the first time she saw that dark murderous glare from her. Obviously it made Rena flinched with slight fear, but then she couldn’t afford to step back after she came this far to Nagoya.

“I want to tell you how I felt.”

“I don’t want to hear anything…get out of here!”

“I want to be with you.”

“I don’t want to even see your face here.”

“I want to tell you that…I miss you.”

“…No you DON’T.”

“I do! I’m not lying.”

“Sorry to disappoint you I’m not Ju-chan that you missed, I’m Watanbe Jurina.”

The scarred girl declared firmly and made Rena stopped her steps. She breathed heavily as she could feel her heart throbbing spontaneously as if it was about to tear its way out through her ribs. She wanted to do anything it takes to push Rena away from her life. The more she saw and heard her voice…the more the love she had for Rena would resurfaced up again after her long effort to forget it.

“I miss you so much that it kills me that you’re gone!”

“Stop it!!! Get OUT! Please! I don’t want to hear ANYTHING anymore!!”

Jurina desperately closed her ears and eyes and it made Rena got pissed. That was when the longhaired girl bit her lips and finally took a faster step forward towards that figure that seemed she was about to break down any moment.

“Goddamit, Jurina!!”

Rena grabbed onto Jurina’s arm and pulled it away so she wouldn’t be able to block her ears. At least she wanted her to hear these words clearly and she wished that it would reach Jurina’s heart.

“I LOVE YOU—!!!”

The young puppy girl froze and her eyes grew wide with shock. Her eyes still remained staring on the floor and she could see droplets of water splashed onto the floor. That was when she realized that those were actually tears…from Rena.

“Dammit…! You’re the one that I love…more than anything else…!”


Both of them lost all their strength to stand and eventually collapsed onto the ground with their knees. That was when their eye levels were the same and Jurina could see Rena crying right in front of her while holding onto her wrist tightly. Her cry echoed deeply into Jurina’s ears and she’s lost of words to utter.

“…I used to love Ju-chan, but…there’s someone I cared more than her.”

Rena’s saddened brunette orbs looked deeply into Jurina’s eyes. As the young Watanabe, she couldn’t let her eyes off from those beautiful eyes despite the pain hidden in it. Raven-haired girl’s eyes were so genuine that her feelings did touched Jurina’s heart.

“It doesn’t matter anymore you’re Ju-chan or not…you’re the one I love. I couldn’t explain these feelings when I have you by my side…”


“Many things aren’t fair for you… You have a very hard life, and probably you suffered far worse than I do. I’m still confused, with many things that are happening between us…. I still can’t give you answers to many things. ”


“But…despite this confusion I still have, I don’t want to let go of what’s as precious as my very own life…Never again I would let it go again.”

Rena pulled Jurina in for a hug after they never had been seeing over for few weeks, but to both of them it seemed like a year had gone by. Rena admitted she was lonely without Jurina in her life. She hugged her as if she was so scared to lose her precious again. Her body was trembling and Jurina could obviously feel it. Rena was still crying and she buried her face onto Jurina’s shoulder. As the young Watanabe felt the warmth from her body…the more she couldn’t hold back her tears.


The longhaired girl flinched and pulled herself out and made an eye contact with Jurina again. Obviously, she was startled by Rena’s actions but another second she saw more tears and huge smile of relief across her face.

“Finally…you called my name.”


Rena couldn’t hold back her smile, as well as her tears. She held onto Jurina’s hand tightly and she could feel Rena’s sincerity via that hold. She’s so overly joyed to hear Jurina called her name once again, but it seemed it also applies to Jurina as well.

“I don’t want you to disappear again, I know I’m being selfish right now but please…be with me.”


Rena bit her lips and expressed the happiest smile she ever had in her whole entire life. Despite all the chaos she had in her heart, it still leaded to one single answer. She felt so relieved after she’s able to tell this to Jurina in person. She had no regrets that she came this far to Nagoya.

“…I love you.”


“It’s okay, I know you probably hate me but…I doubt my feelings for you will change.”

Rena stroked Jurina’s head tender with other hand tenderly with love. As for the scarred girl, her heart felt as if it’s going to shredded into pieces.  She couldn’t hold back her tears and shook her head vigorously. She hated it when Rena assumed how she felt; especially about she hating her was a complete lie.

“N-No! I don’t hate you! I never EVER hate you! NOT even once!!”


“I-I ah…”

Jurina blushed and gripped tightly onto Rena’s shirt while diverting her eyes onto the floor. She wasn’t as courageous as the class rep, which was able to confess her feelings so boldly like this. Jurina wasn’t able to utter those words just like Rena, and it’s aching right inside her heart.  However, before Jurina was able to gather enough courage, Rena spotted that melon pan key chain that was on Jurina’s finger. Her hand gently touched the keychain and her eyes stared at it directly.

“T-This is…”

“…It’s my…only light, and hope.”


“The only thing that gives me the reason to live. I can’t remember anything, my existence to her meant nothing without those memories… for her—”

Jurina froze as she realized she was about to say. That moment, she stared down on the floor and avoided any eye contact with Rena. She knew the moment she did, she wouldn’t be able to hold back her feelings any longer. With Rena holding her hand tightly like this…it made her heart throbbed so painfully.

“…Jurina, I’m sorry.”

Those words killed the poor girl even more. She looked up and shook her head vigorously. She prayed that her thoughts could be expressed through her eyes. Jurina didn’t want her love one to apologize on things that was never her fault.

“No, Rena…it’s not your fault!”

“Then stop forcing yourself! Jurina, I want us to stop pushing each other around endlessly like this…!”

Rena’s voice cracked since she was still crying. That instance, the gap between the two of them closed up and Jurina’s eyes grew widely with surprise. She felt that warm moist contact against her lips as Rena placed her hand onto her shoulder while another held her hand tightly. It was just so hard to resist despite Jurina wanted to push herself away. The kiss was so soft and tender…before she realized again, she closed her eyes and kissed Rena back. In that silence between them, it was as if they’re in their own world and their hands intertwined with each other, tightly. Both of them wanted the kiss to last forever, but obviously they couldn’t since they hadn’t clear their problems yet at all. However, it seemed this one single silent kiss they shared really broke down the wall between both of them.

“Past is something that can’t be changed…but you’re my present and future, that’s why…I want to be with you.”


“Yes, I can’t imagine my future without you. I…need you.”

Both of them made a long eye contact with each other until Jurina couldn’t hide her blushing cheeks anymore. She diverted her eyes away from those captivated eyes bit the bottom of her lips.

“…Me too.”

Finally, Jurina finally spoke up of her thoughts to her after suppressing it for so long.  Their fingers were still intertwined tightly and her eyes diverted to the floor even more with embarrassment.

“Is it really okay… With the current me right now?”

“…Isn’t that obvious? I will always tell you how much I care and love you as much as you need.”

“O-One time is enough!”

Jurina looked up and blushed badly. It seemed the role between the two of them switched around, and the tension within the atmosphere seemed to slowly dissipate away. They looked into each other’s eyes again while Rena decided to rest her forehead against Jurina and whispered softly.

“I’m really sorry…Will you forgive me?”

Rena still thought that it was her fault that the whole thing happened. However, Jurina simply bit her lips and made a swift movement to peck on Rena’s lips without her able to react to it. Obviously it made her retracted out slightly, as well as blushing like a color of a tomato.

“I always love you…for so long already.”

The young Matsui blushed after she realized her love was requited. She couldn’t believe how Jurina actually had feelings for her for a long while already, and she threw her arms around Jurina tightly. The young Watanabe could feel the love through it and hugged her love one back as well.

 “Idiot…you big idiot.”

“…I’m scared that I won’t mean anything to you if I don’t have Ju-chan’s memories back. You will lose your childhood friend forever…”

The broke the hug and Rena stroked her cheek tenderly. Rena shook her head, as it didn’t matter whether Jurina would get those memories back or not. Furthermore, she preferred that she did not remember any of it. What’s important to Rena was not Ju-chan…but its Jurina. They biologically were the same person, but they had a different heart and feelings.

“I want you here more than anything else…you don’t have to remember it. Please, just be Watanabe Jurina that I know.”

Upon those kind words, Jurina was able to smile once again while she placed her hand on top of Rena’s hand. She felt so much warmth from that touch and it melted the ice that was frostbiting her heart.

“…It’s so warm.”

“You too.”



“As I am now …can I really be your future? Could I really give the happiness you needed?”

Rena remained in silence and simply smiled. As they stared into each other’s eyes…it seemed their instinct desired for each other.  As Rena slowly moved in, Jurina’s face moved in as well and their lips nearly met with each other. Before she closed the gap between each other, Rena whispered her last words.

“Can we solve the problem with the kiss again?”

“…I guess that works.”

They both giggled softly and finally pressed their lips against each other with utmost desire. Rena’s hand snaked up to the back of Jurina’s nape to pull her in closer, while Jurina’s hand held onto her perfect curved hips. Their feelings for each other were all poured out into the kiss they shared. It wasn’t that long that they tasted each other’s lips and their tongues intertwined with each other passionately. As Rena was about to lose her breath and tried to back off to take some air, Jurina pressed in and pulled Rena in closer to deepen the kiss even more. Obviously, the young Matsui didn’t expected it, and she didn’t dislike it either. There were too many feelings that were expressed through this silent kiss they hand. It seemed that was the only thing they needed after all.


Rena was able to stay with Jurina until afternoon of the next day since she had school to go in Tokyo. However, those minutes and seconds they were together were more than enough for them to reconcile with one another. The Watanabe sisters did came along with Rena but they stayed over at their aunt’s place instead. They wanted to give some private time to both of them to reconcile. So on the day they would return back, they came to visit Jurina and took Rena back to Tokyo. The raven-haired girl promised she would come back to her again…Jurina actually did came to send them off at the train station along with her teacher from the orphanage.

“Neechan…thank you for everything.”

“We’ll come back again during summer break okay?”

Mayu spoke up and Miyuki nodded firmly with support. That was when Jurina turned her eyes to Rena with an embarrassing smile with her pink puffed cheeks. It seem both the twins could tell the sweet fluff air in the atmosphere immediately. Obviously they knew that both of them loved each other, but they didn’t know how far it went.

“…Will you come here too?” Jurina asked shyly and Rena approached her to hold her hand tightly.

“I promise, but it will be longer than the time we had this conflict though…”

“I’ll wait for you…always, and it will be better that this one.”

“Hehe, it will be.”

Rena giggled before she moved in to peck softly on Jurina’s lips in a teasing way. Obviously, the Watanabe twins saw that fluff scene and couldn’t help but to be surprised. Miyuki seemed to be enjoying quite much, but Mayu was in a complete shocked. The young Watanabe blushed with Rena’s bold action…but instead she placed two of her fingers on her lips and pressed it against Rena’s. Jurina was still shy to do any kisses in public despite they did countless of times yesterday and last night. It was indeed so cute that Rena couldn’t help to blush even harder.

“Y-You’re so mean…doing something like that in public.” Jurina muttered while she diverted her glance away from Rena.

“Look who’s talking here! A-Acting so adorable like an innocent kid.” Rena was blushing, as her lover was being too adorable for her to resist. If they were not in public, she would likely to throw herself in a steal a kiss already.

“W-Whatever!” Jurina was getting embarrassed even more and tried to cover herself up from her childish actions.

As the train was about to leave, Mayu was desperate to interrupt this sweet moment before she would actually puke. They got onto the train and Rena turned back to look at Jurina quickly. That one glance that they exchanged with each other was more than enough for them to be certain that it wouldn’t be that long until they meet again… Even though they were apart, they still exchanged messages and calls almost every single day back like in those school days. It would be approximately 3 months before the summer break at Tokyo High. They both were so excited to meet each other again, but they wouldn't mind doing all the wait since their hearts always felt connected...


“Mom! Dad! I’ll be heading off now.”

Rena’s parents came to send their daughter off at the train station as she planned to use her precious summer break at Nagoya instead. She would be going together with Watanabe family as they planned to visit their youngest child who was still doing with her rehabilitation. The family heard good news that Jurina might be able to come back to school once again after the summer break was over. Everyone looked forward to meet with her again, especially Rena. As soon as they arrived at the train station, they were told that the teacher from the orphanage would come pick them up along with Jurina. They walked to the entrance and Rena was just overly excited to meet with her love one again. She came out and the first thing she saw was this familiar figure with a slight longer hair than the last time she saw…She turned around and their eyes met once again. Obviously, Rena could tell immediately who it was but before she had a chance to respond. The young Watanabe ran into her and threw her arms around her tightly after they hadn’t been holding each other for so long.


As the remaining Watanabe members came out, they witness the beauty of reunion between the two of them. Rena couldn’t hold back her smile and embraced Jurina tightly in her arms. She was utterly glad that she grabbed hold onto her precious despite all the confusion she had in her heart.

“I miss you…Jurina.”

Now that she was in her arms, she promised to herself that it would never let go of Jurina ever again. They were each other’s light and future. Their past that they used to share wouldn't be as valuable as much as the future they’re going to create together.


~Part Four: Future~

Author: Ugh....DEAD.... T________T Allow me to have a rest for a while, in total it is +40K words...  :deco:
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
« Reply #274 on: January 13, 2014, 07:55:52 PM »
Kyaa~ you're back! I missed you :gmon sing:

This is so sweet and heart-warming, with some sad scenes, too. :gmon tears:

I LOVE IT! And I love you~ :gmon heartu: Hope to see more from you soon~ :gmon nya: :gmon hi:

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
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This was so wonderful...
Ju-chaaaan~~~~~~~ Jurina!! Yah!
Rena-chan~ Rena-chan~ Rena-chan~
This is really sweet...and warm feeling.
Aah,... you know when you put the thingies with the END OF PART ???? type of thing
I nearly died because I thought that it was cut off there and I had to wait,
but I didn't have to wait and I all I had to do was scroll down to enjoy the awesomeness that overwhelmed the world
WWatanabe's characters were really quite interesting...
lol, Mayuyu's gonna have to live with that sweet WMatsui feels...
And, it's a small small world after all
Happy ending yay.
Arigatou for the deliciously large one-shot

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
« Reply #276 on: January 14, 2014, 05:11:09 AM »
I just wanna say......

Such a beautiful and also painful story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very heart-warmer but heat-breaker .....


Such a nice story!!!!! I really had a good time reading it!!!!!!!
My gay heart is happy and filled with love


Be my girlfriend ;A;  :deco:
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
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ahh my kind of fic.

but there are things that bothered me tho. I think you meant "bit"? instead of "bid" when rena or jurina does it with their lips. also I was looking forward to reading rena's visit to the watanabe household, did I miss it or something?

fics like this makes me ship wmatsui  :twothumbs

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
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Ruka Kikuchi: Glad you enjoy it! XD  and this is quite some writing, so it's time consuming ^^"

Shinoki: Glad you have fun reading it! LOL! I can't put all in one post so yeah XD This is indeed long and good that you enjoy it~

Koneki: Oh wow >< Hehe, glad you enjoy it! There's a little of angst and fluff around the whole story~ Now that makes me happy that you have a good time reading this LONG one shot!
Be my girlfriend ;A;  :deco:
Oh wow, Koneki~ XD That's so sweet!  :cathappy: :deco: :cathappy:

qr.rima: Ah, glad that it's your kind of fic. Oh right, XD thanks for pointing it out!  :lol: I edited it already~ Ah right~ Rena still need to visit Watanabe household. XD I wonder I will write it or not though :P Since I have lots of fics to continue. That's great to hear that this fic makes you ship wmatsui! I would like to write a fic that make ppl ship the pairing more~ :P

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
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Well, it's the god who writes it for me.. So no complaints about it being belated..  ;) ;) ;)

Sorry for being a little inactive at the moment! I hope this wMatsui OS I wrote for kevinwkl's belated birthday (OCT 28) will answer why I'm being quite slow with updating! ><
^ What's the meaning of this? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Alright now let's start with the commenting..

Part 1 of the Fic~

Oooo.... So the wWatanabes are famous in the school, huh?
Mayu because she's smart... Well... Nezumi.. Enough said.
Milky because she's good in sports? Well, she basically can fish everyone out of the tracks with her smile and walk towards the finish line slowly lolol

For some reason, the class rep felt some connection with Jurina that instant, but she didn’t understand why she had such a feeling…
That's called love at first sight, girl~ YOU.ARE.IN.LOVE.

“It’s really nothing. I just have this chronic condition that need meds to suppress it from appearing. It’s nothing fatal.”
Oho.... It better not be fatal, Kate... Somehow I have a bad feeling..

Both Rena and Jurina loves watching drama? That's something called fate and destiny, yo~! (well actually no.. just saying lol)
Jurina was assigned under Rena in the Drama Club? And both of them rode the bicycle here? Now THAT'S what I call fate and destiny, yo~~~!  :heart:

She passed her drink to Jurina and she had a sip of it. Jurina seemed to be amazed by its taste and really loved it. She planned to order it next time when they come over again. It was like their goal at the café was to try every on the menu at least once. It’s quite a nonsense random goal, but Rena actually enjoyed it together with Jurina. The more time they spent together the more the class rep felt connected to her. As Rena had a sip of her own drink, it just reminded her the fact about indirect kisses. She recalled the image that Jurina drank from her straw and it made her mind exploded into pieces. Rena already had her lips on the straw already and it meant that she had an indirect kiss with Jurina.

“Rena-chan? Are you okay? Your face is red…”

“E-Eh!? U-Uh—n-nothing!”


The raven-haired girl tried to calm down after making too much of a fuzz about indirect kiss. She never had done something like this with anyone before.
Oh you Rena....  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

My guess is that Ju-chan is actually Jurina..
Something may have happened and made Jurina forget about Rena maybe?

I shall comment on the other parts later on~

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