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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]  (Read 128476 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
« Reply #20 on: May 08, 2017, 07:17:22 AM »
Sooo... you jumped the timeline in to like future or something. Technologies and such  XD

And used Paru's character in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou..

But hey, here are my thoughts/rants,
Firstly, I already guessed who the four Shikis are with their names lol except that I got a little confused with Haru and Fuyu.. I thought Haru was Maru lol.

And Fuyu is a Hoshizora, one of my favorite names XD it means Starry sky right? Exactly haha! XD

The funny part tho was on the last scene hahaha! The "From now on... you are my girlfriend" part, that really cracked me up. I guess Fumie smelled nice to Fuyu and thought that she is the right one lol.

Now I am thinking how chapter 2 will be, because I got hanged up. Haha! It's already great and can't wait for the next update. UPDATEEE!

Aaand not forgetting the fact that I'd be expecting dramas again. Lmao, you can't stop meee. I love them.  :P

Was reading the chapter before this comment was posted, and just as I was going to the comment page I read this comment and thought "someone having a mind just like me! Cool!" This comment is exactly what I was going to type!

Really?? That's totally cool dude, haha! Jk maybe it was just a coincidence?  XD

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
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so the story happens in afterlife
if you look it carefully, fuyu (winter) is a season which maru was born?
jurina is the summer just like her personality, sayaka and yui too
I guess the fetish is because maru likes to sniff at paru's scents in the past.
now the afterlife maru has found her paru
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 2 (05-10)
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@Goto24-san, Thanks and sorry for making you wait~ :)
@Erza_Jerusalem-san and Genkikid-san, I think changes are necessary. :)
@MatsuiLee-san, You're really waiting for Baby Orion, huh? Hahaha. :) Thanks for the support. :)
@yukine-san, It's okay. It's up to you. I'm still thinking of stories for the OS thread. I will get back to it as soon as an idea pops out. I like using references. I think that it is a wonderful experience when you suddenly realize something while reading. That's just my personal taste. Haha.
@hackata48-san, LOL. Won't that be too much?
@yuuri14-san, you're welcome~~ :)
@Shiragikun-san, woah, nice theories you got there. :)

Here is Chapter 2~~~ ^^

Chapter 2: The Girl with THE Scent



Fumie felt dizzy after Miyu shook her by the shoulders with the strength of a wrestler. She tried to free herself but her friend isn’t letting go without any answer.

“You said you were aiming to be an idol, right? And to be an idol, your record has to be clean, right? You were just telling me these things yesterday but now whaaaaaat!?”

“Geez! Let go of me first, Miyu!” The struggling girl has finally freed herself. She fixed her uniform before going back to her friend. Miyu is already looking intently at her. She’s ready to chop Fumie’s head off if ever she heard a wrong answer.

“I’m growing impatient, Fumie. You better hurry.” Miyu crossed her arms. “The whole campus is calling you now ‘The Girl with THE Scent’, you know?”

“Okay, okay!” Fumie took a deep breath. “He rode the same bus as me yesterday but he took my seat away…”

She told the whole story to Miyu who is all ears to her. It is currently lunch break and they are talking in the comfort room. Miyu locked it from the inside to make sure no one is going to hear them.

“He just told me that from yesterday onwards I’m her girlfriend and then he went to enter his house like nothing happened. He didn’t even tell me his name. I was dumbfounded. Then I suddenly remembered what you told me about Hoshizora Fuyu. I got more shook! When I got home I went to search for his name on the web and I almost fell from my seat when I saw his picture! It really is him!”

Miyu’s furious expression changed. She looked at Fumie as if she is going to cry.

“Fumie, you traitor! You know that I am going after Hoshizora Fuyu!” Miyu started crying. Fumie tried to reach her but she couldn’t even lift her hands to do so. She saw how Miyu was so dedicated about getting the Winter Prince and that makes everything more complicated.

The whole news has already spread throughout the whole campus. She wanted to keep everything a secret if only she didn’t find Fuyu waiting for her to pass by in front of his house this morning. He waved at her which caught her off guard. She tried to ignore him but he walked beside her. No matter how she tried to shake him off, he didn’t leave her side.

Fuyu sat beside her on the bus and she spent the whole journey feeling constrained. The ice prince was just reading a book through his neurolinker while on the bus and didn’t even utter a single word. He would just sweetly smile at Fumie whenever he catches her looking at him. While they are on their way to the school gate, she thought the he would finally leave her be but Fuyu went all the way to drop her to her classroom.

This made the whole Juniors’ Tower restless early in the morning. Seeing one of the members of Shiki at the said area is indeed a sight but seeing Hoshizora Fuyu dropping a girl and telling her that he will come to pick her up when school is over sent the whole school in a storm.

Fumie, not knowing what to say after those words of Fuyu just dashed towards her room. Everyone on her class room saw everything that happened. Miyu couldn’t even digest it all until lunch break came.

Miyu sobbed even more. Fumie released a sigh and then went to reach for her but Miyu suddenly straightened up and looked at her with a straight face. “So what are you planning to do now?”

“C-Crocodile tears?” Fumie pulled her hand back. That was a fast change of emotions. “Y-You aren’t mad at me?”

“Excuse me, why would I be mad at you?” Miyu asked. “It isn’t your fault if his nose is telling him that you are the one. Although I think there is nothing special with the way you smell…”

“True. I’m not even wearing perfume or cologne.” Fumie wondered.

Miyu sighed. “Stop it. You are making me more pathetic. I spent my vacation trying to figure out which scent was the best. Anyway…” Miyu pulled her phone from her pocket and opened up a site that is only focused on rumors and gossips happening inside NeoHorikoshi. “Come here and take a look…”

Fumie went beside Miyu and did what she was instructed to do. Time seemed to freeze for Fumie after seeing what’s on the headline.

TAKEN! Ice Prince done with sniffing, the girl with THE Scent finally found!


THE students were all murmuring about the hottest topic of the school when Fuyu entered the cafeteria. Everyone froze when the Ice Prince made his way to get his food. They all lost the freedom to talk about the issue now that the main topic around.

He sat on an empty table and silently eats his lunch. Just looking at him, it doesn’t seem like he found the girl that he has been searching for the whole time. He still looks snobbish.


The warm breeze of summer somehow entered the freezing cafeteria when Matsui Natsu came rushing. After him is Yamamoto Aki who has his earphones plugged in to get rid of Natsu’s loud voice. He entered with composure while Natsu jolted towards the eating Fuyu, waving his phone on high.

“You’re being too loud, Natsu. How about tone down a little bit?” There goes Fuyu with his Kori Taiou.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Natsu shoved his phone right in front of Fuyu’s face. The other guy held his arm and pushed it a little farther so he could take a better look. An unexpected smirk was seen on Fuyu’s face as his only reaction to the headline. He continued with his food with that smile on his face.

Natsu pulled himself back with an unprintable face. “Y-You smiled…!?”

Even Aki seems surprised of that smile on Fuyu’s face.He removed his earphones and went nearer. When was the last time he smiled again? It has been a very long time since the last time he showed this expression. Even if you search him on Google, you will never find a picture of him smiling.

Natsu and Aki looked at each other. They pulled seats and sat in front of Fuyu. There were both leaning on the table as if they are going to take a share of his food.

“W-What happened, Fuyu-nii?” Natsu asked; his eyes were wide open. “Did you really find the girl with the scent you are looking for?”

Fuyu smiled once more then looked at the other two. “I finally found her.” His voice couldn’t hide the excitement.

Aki heaved a sigh. “Are you sure of this Fuyu? It is just the second day of this term and you are telling me that you found the scent you are looking for and it comes from the newcomer? Dude, you are going after a complete stranger!”

Fuyu shrugged his shoulders. “Well, she isn’t a total stranger. I know her name.”

Aki facepalmed. “Knowing the name isn’t enough. When did you become a Disney prince?”

“What’s her name Fuyu-nii? How does she look like?”

“Her name is Shingyoji Fumie.” Fuyu said Fumie’s name as if he is in a deep trance.

The two guys slowly backed away at the sight of the inevitably infatuated Fuyu. They turned their backs to the guy and started a quick search about this Shingyoji Fumie in Google. There are quite a few pictures of the girl on web but information about her is very limited. They just saw that she is modeling for some magazines. It seems like she is a star that is about to be discovered.

“I may say that she is cute…” Aki whispered while nodding slowly.

“Is she really the one? I can’t believe that the scent that Fuyu-nii is looking for really exists.” They swiped up even more but wrong results started to appear so they went back to the top. Natsu looked closer to the first image and suddenly remembered something.

“Wait, she’s the girl who I met the stare yesterday!” he whispered to Aki. His facial expression changed into a disappointed one. “She didn’t show any interest to me. She just went on like our eyes didn’t meet. Maa…”

A smirk slowly curved up on Natsu’s face. Aki noticed it and immediately smelled that he is up to something.

“Don’t do anything that will anger Fuyu. Remember what situation you guys are in.” he warned. That cunning smile is not up to something nice.

“Don’t worry, Aki.” He looked back at Fumie’s picture. “Shingyoji Fumie, huh? I will just make sure about this girl—“

“Are you guys not going to eat?” They both jerked when Fuyu suddenly talked. They totally forgot that he is just behind them. “I’m about to finish my meal, see?” He presented to them his half empty plate.

Natsu immediately stood up. “I’ll go get my food now, Fuyu-nii! Please wait for me!” That’s all and he rushed to the server.

Aki shook his head and stood up. “Seriously… What a kid…”


“AM I GOING to get bullied now, Miyu?”

Fumie asked her while they are on their way to the cafeteria. She couldn’t even lift her head up because she could feel everyone is staring at her.

“You wish. It’s not a nature of the students here to bully people. And how can they possibly bully you if you got Hoshizora Fuyu in your back? You are being delusional.”

Miyu gave her a slap at her back to straighten her spine. She gave out a cute yelp then looked back salty at her friend. “What’s that for?”

“If I were you, I would walk with my head held on high knowing that I am the girl with THE scent.”

“But Miyu! You know that I didn’t wish to be that girl!” She rubbed her face with her palm together with a sigh. “I want to be an idol! I can’t commit myself to anyone especially if I don’t even know this person at all.”

“Blah blah blah…” Miyu clicked her tongue. “Tell that to the girls who are madly inlove with Hoshi-senpai, let’s see if you can go back home with your head still attached.”

Fumie suddenly stopped from walking which made Miyu curious. “What is it this time, Fumie?”

“N-Ne,” she stammered. “What did you call him again?”

Miyu looked at her with her left eyebrow higher than the other but then her cunning smile surfaced. “Don’t tell me you are thinking about the story again? You’re really getting delusional!” That’s all and she continued walking. She’s already starving. If they don’t go faster they won’t be able to eat lunch.

Fumie followed her friend. She felt her heart skipped a beat after hearing that name. She shook her head violently. What was she thinking anyway? She got too addicted with that book that things like this affect her. Maybe she is really getting delusional.

She was walking with her head bowed down when she suddenly bumped into someone. She heard gasps from people around her. Even Miyu gasped. Just hearing those reactions, she knew that she didn’t just bump to an ordinary student. She froze on the spot and couldn’t even raise her head up.

“Fumie? Going to get lunch?”

Fumie blushed in an instant. She’s sure of who the owner of that voice is.

“Gosh… They are already on first-name basis.” Miyu thought to herself. She took a look at the guy’s face and she got even more surprised.

Standing in front of Fumie is the 181cm tall Fuyu; the guy that they have never seen smiling in front of other people… That guy is smiling cutely right now!

“Fuyu-nii!” That was Natsu running out of the cafeteria while wiping his handsome face with a tissue. “I told you to wait for—“

Natsu halted when Fuyu turned to him still with that curve on his lips. His eyes automatically landed to the girl frozen in front of the Ice Prince. Their eyes met again but the girl immediately averted her eyes.

“Natsu, this is Fumie. She’s my girlfriend.”

Fumie raised her head with a force and started waving her hands frantically. Miyu’s jaw dropped straight to the ground that she has to pick it up in order to close her mouth.

“Y-Y-Y-You’re getting it wrong! I-I-I am not—“

“Fumie, this is Natsu.” Natsu waited for additional introduction about him but Fuyu stopped to that. His heart started to revolt.

“So, you are the one with the scent, huh?” That was Aki, finally making his presence known. Miyu jolted to hide herself right after seeing Aki’s shadow. “I’m Yamamoto Aki. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Fumie thawed and tried to introduce herself with her trembling voice. “I-I-I’m S-Shingyoji Fumie from Class 2-D. Y-Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

Aki gave out a faint smile. “Please take care of our little Fuyu.”

“Come on, Agoki. I’m way taller than you so don’t call me little.” Fuyu blurted out. He was even measuring their heights with his hand.

“I know you are tall—hey wait! Who are you calling Agoki!?”

Fuyu laughed at Aki’s annoyed face. Aki wanted to get back on him but what can he do against the laughing Fuyu. It has been forever since he saw him laughing and joking like this.

“U-Uhmm…” Their attentions went back to Fumie who is currently fidgeting with her fingers. “C-Can I go now? I haven’t taken lunch yet.”

“Ah, yes!” Fuyu looked at his watch. “It’s already late. You should go and hurry.”

The girl took a bow and then dashed towards the dining hall. She couldn’t really lift her head up.

“See you later, Fumie!” Fuyu waved at her which almost made her trip. Miyu sneakily followed her friend after she saw the Shiki started moving.

“You look so happy, Fuyu.” Aki mentioned.

“Well…” Fuyu sighed with a smile. “I just couldn’t believe that I have already found her. I want to treasure her.”

“Just don’t get yourself hurt. You still don’t know who that girl really is.”

“I know Fumie is a nice girl. I can feel it…” he smiled foolishly to himself. “Ah! I have to drop by the Student Council room before classes resume. I’ll be going ahead. See you, guys, around!”

That’s all and Fuyu ran towards the Senior’s Tower. When he is already out of sight, Aki turned to Natsu who is sulking behind him.

“You saw how he glowed just after seeing that girl, right? Whatever is in your mind now, you better get rid of that thought right now.”

Aki noticed Natsu’s fists clenching so he gave him a chop on his head to wake him up. Natsu gave out a loud yelp.

“Hey! Don’t ever do that to handsome Natsu!” Natsu shouted while rubbing his head.

“Man, you are so gross!” Aki said with disgust all over his face.

Natsu heaved a sigh. “He introduced her as her girlfriend but he just introduced me as Natsu. Just Natsu.”

“Are you jealous?” Aki teasingly asked.

“Atleast he should’ve introduced me properly!” Natsu answered.

Aki arched his arms around Natsu’s neck and started dragging him towards their tower.

“Well, you should try to understand him. Your situation is complicated, remember?”

Natsu fell silent. The earlier scene flashed back on his mind. The way Fuyu smiled because of that girl… The way he waved at her cheerfully… It seems that they are even going home together. He bit his lower lip. His heart tightens everytime he thinks that a random girl is making Fuyu smile like that. What makes it worse is it seems that the girl isn’t on the same emotional wavelength as Fuyu.

“Shingyoji Fumie…”


“IS THERE something wrong?”

Asuka turned back to Shinoda-sensei with a jerk. She seemed to be in a daze “T-There’s nothing wrong, Sensei…” she lied.

“Is it about Fuyu-kun?”

The girl was surprised to hear that name from the teacher. She is currently updating her schedule of activities so that the school can adjust with her timetable. She is an idol in her prime so her schedule is divided down to seconds.

“Why is Hoshizora-senpai being dragged in this conversation, Sensei?” she asked back; trying her hardest not to show her emotions.

“Senpai? You don’t have to be formal now, Asuka-chan, It’s just the two of us anyway.” The teacher smiled at her and then looked at the schedule that she has passed. “You’ve been looking up to him for a long time, right? I heard that he already found the girl with the scent.”

Asuka snickered. “You will be so late if you haven’t heard about it, Sensei.”

Shinoda laughed and fixed his glasses. “You are right with that, Asuka-chan.” He put a stamp on the paper Asuka passed to him and scanned it then kept the hard copy into some clear folder. Even though most of the things now are digital, NeoHorikoshi is still going on with the traditional way of passing documents so that teachers will still have interactions with the students.

The teacher then leaned on his table. “So, how do you feel about this?”

Asuka took a deep breath. Here goes Shinoda-sensei being nosy again with his nephew’s life. She wore her idol smile and flashed it on him.


“Of course it hurts…

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 2 (05-10)
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Waaaaaaaait... I maybe assuming but, does Natsu has feelings for Fuyu?! That really caught my attention, I'm sorry lol XD

And as I read how Fuyu talked with Fumie, I can clearly imagine them. And how Fuyu smiled to her and Fumie being shy while hanging his head low. XD My breathing stopped.

One more with that searching thing on the Google, really cracked me up :lol:

And last.. who's that Asuka... maybe from Fuyu's past.


One way to find.. TO THE NEXT CHAPTER! XD

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 2 (05-10)
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So Natsu likes Fuyu? Miyu is scared of Aki?

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 2 (05-10)
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あぁぁぁ!! i can't stop myself from grinning the whole  time while reading this!! I mean, imagine that Maru smiling happily like that!

I think you're right Paru, you're getting delusional lol, is Milky kinda scared with Agoki or just too shy??

And....  ASHU!!! Remember when you tell us there is a MaruxAshu story in parallel universe?? (I forgot the author, gomen author-san!!! :kneelbow:) is she the one from there in this story?  Oh! Oh! Oh! Is this going to be a 48x46 fic or just 48? Is there possibly a 46 pairing too??

This is getting more interesting!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 2 (05-10)
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Yey an update! Oh! My shipper heart, OHMYGOSH! FuyuFumie, FuyuNatsu(JUNMARCO!!!!!!!) and of course FuyuAshu(MARCOASHURIN)!!!  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: and Uncle Mario. Wait where is Aunt Miichan???!! Waiting for the next update :))

PS. Of course I'm waiting for Baby Orion! Please get married soon Fuyu and Fumie! Hehehehe.

PPS. No worries, I'm here to support you all the way. :))
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 3 (05-14)
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A RUNNING girl bumped Natsu but the girl didn’t even say sorry to him. She just continued running while sobbing. Question marks popped out of his head. He went to look to direction in which the girl came from; his question was immediately answered.

He went towards the kid playing on the sand box alone.

“Fuyu-nii…” he called out. “Did you say something weird to that girl?”

The boy lifted up his pail but the sand that he was molding immediately crumbled. He turned to Natsu with his cold eyes.

“She told me that she likes me but then I sniffed her and told her that I don’t like the way she smells.” Fuyu answered monotonously. “And, we are just in pre-school. It is too early to talk about this kind of things.”

Natsu nodded. He sat beside the other boy and grabbed the toy shovel.

“Fuyu-nii, you are always saying that you will find the girl for you just by her scent. How sure are you with that?”

“1000% sure.” Fuyu simply answered while filling up his pail with sand again. “I just have a strong feeling that I will know her by her scent.”

Natsu helped in putting sand in the pail. “What will you do once you found her?”

Fuyu let go of his tools and sat on the sand. He looked up to the sky and heaved a sigh. “I will treasure her and never let go of her. I will lay my life on her. I will love her with everything that I have.”

Natsu’s eyes glittered while looking at the other boy. Somehow Fuyu looks like a kid in shining armor in Natsu’s eyes.

“You are always so deep, Fuyu-nii.” Natsu said with a cute smile on his face. “I want to be cool like you!”

Fuyu smiled back at him and ruined his hair. “I doubt that. You are way cooler than me! You’ve already come out on television, right?”

Natsu remained silent. He blushed at the compliment of the other boy but something in his heart is telling him that what he said was wrong in some point.

“I don’t have any dream or anything I like to achieve but you are already living your dream, Natsu. The only thing I am certain now is I will feel complete once I found that girl.”

“Are you kids really pre-schoolers?”

Their heads automatically turned to the source of the voice.

“Uncle Mario!” they ran towards the then 23-year old, Shinoda Mario, and gave him a hug. He wore off his mask and rubbed the boys’ heads.

“Come on, kids! Your hands are so dirty. You are ruining my clothes!”

Shinoda tried to shake them off but the kids tightened their hugs to his legs even more. Earlier they were just talking like adults but here they are chuckling according to their age.

“What are you, kids, talking about? It seems like a gentlemen’s talk.”

“I was talking with Fuyu-nii about the girl that he wants!” Natsu energetically answered. Fuyu just nodded.

Shinoda forced a smile. “You guys are too young to be talking about girls!”

“But I’m serious, Uncle Mario!” Fuyu argued. “My goal is to find that girl! My heart is aching for her!” He was even clenching his chest to prove it.

Shinoda laughed and patted their heads. “Hai, hai. You say so.”

A familiar looking car suddenly stopped in front of the school. Natsu instantly held on to Fuyu right after seeing the said vehicle.

“I guess you have to go back home now, Natsu.” Shinoda sighed.

The kid just looked at the other kid. The smile on Fuyu’s face has already faded. An old guy who seems to be the Matsui Family’s butler came out of the car.

“Natsu-kun, it’s time to go home.” He said without any expression on his face.

“Go now, Natsu.” Shinoda told him with a faint smile.

“B-But… how about Fuyu-nii?”

“What are you talking about, Natsu? I got my own home and I have a different family, remember?” He nonchalantly placed his hand on Natsu’s shoulder. “You’ll slowly get used to this. Go home now.”

He nodded but his heart was in great disagreement. He dragged his feet towards the car and rode it with his head bowed down. He looked at the other boy who waved at him with a faint smile on his face.

The car left soon after but Natsu looked at Fuyu and Shinoda through the back window. His eyes were tearing up a little bit but he couldn’t show it to the butler. He dropped himself on the seat and continued sulking.



FUMIE GAVE out an exasperated sigh after seeing Fuyu waiting for her to pass by again. She managed to escape him yesterday after sending Miyu to tell him that she got a sudden appointment and it somehow drove him away.

She could clearly remember how Fuyu’s face became downcast after Miyu told him that she will not be able to go home with him. He started walking away with heavy shoulders. On the other hand, her friend came back to her with a huge smile on her face, telling her how handsome Hoshizora Fuyu could be up close and personal.

The guy noticed her and immediately waved at her, pulling his back from the fence he is leaning to. He is smiling so warmly that all the threads that she has read about him never talked about that he can do. But man, she couldn’t deny it that he is indeed breath-taking.

Looking at it, he isn’t wearing a mask now. Is his allergy to pollen already disappeared?

“Good morning, Fumie.” Fuyu greeted her with that heart-melting smile.

She tried to look at him but she quickly threw her stare somewhere else. “G-Good morning, Senpai.” She stuttered and then hurriedly started walking. She walked pass Fuyu but the guy just casually walked beside her like yesterday.

“You can just call me with my first name.” he stated. Fumie could feel that he is all eyes to her and that is making everything more awkward. She is looking on the other side so she could hide her face.

“I couldn’t just call you by your first name just like that.” She answered in a faint voice.

“Why not? I am your boyfriend anyway.”

Fumie’s brows furrowed. She stopped walking, her fists clenched. She looked up at Fuyu who also stopped walking right after she did. He is looking at her with a curious face.

“Is something bothering you, Fumie?”

The girl grumpily puffed her cheeks but she then continued walking. “When did I become your girlfriend?” is what she wanted to ask but she still couldn’t voice out what she feels. She still doesn’t know what kind of guy Fuyu is.

Fuyu just shrugged his shoulders and followed her. His cheeks burnt a little because he couldn’t deny how cute Fumie was when she puffed her cheeks.

When they arrived at the school, they became the center of attention once again. It is the second day that they came to school together. Fumie tried so hard to shake him by walking very fast but the guy has longer legs which made it effortless for him to catch up. Her effort was futile.

“Fuyu-nii, good morning!” That was Natsu who just finished changing into his school shoes. “Have you already eaten breakfast?”

“I had some toast and milk.” Fuyu thriftily answered.

“Are you okay with just that?” The other guy worriedly asked which Fuyu answered with a nod. “Anyway, Fuyu-nii, how about we go home together today?”

Fuyu looked at him after changing his shoes. “Are you serious? Our homes are in opposite directions.”

Natsu gave out a forced laugh. “W-Well, I’m kind of free today so how about let’s hang out on your house.”

Fuyu picked up his shoes and put them in the locker. “You know we can’t do that.”

“E-Eh… How about we hang out on Aki’s house? That’s fine, right?”

Fuyu heaved a sigh. “Sorry Natsu… But today I’m planning to go home with Fumie.”

Fumie suddenly walked pass them. She changed her shoes on the other side where the juniors’ lockers are in. She had a glimpse of the two but she immediately tried to escape them. Their stares met again for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Natsu. See you around.” That’s all and Fuyu went running to catch up with Fumie. He just broke a school rule of no running in the hallway.

“Tch!” Natsu clicked his tongue. “You are like a dog going after her like that… She obviously doesn’t like you… You are losing your coolness, Fuyu-nii…”


That was Fumie talking with Miyu through the phone. She is snooping outside by the window of her classroom. She is the only one left in the classroom.

“Hoshi-senpai is gone. It seems like he got tired of waiting for you.” Miyu answered her. The other girl was already in the car on her way to a photoshoot. “You can get out now.”

Fumie heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness he already left. I thought he would stay until I get out.”

A sarcastic laugh was heard from Miyu. “Just tell him that you are planning to be a nun so he could stop with following you.”

“I’m not planning to be a nun! I want to be an idol, Miyu!”

“I’m just playing with speech!” Miyu sighed. “Just tell him that you couldn’t return his feelings. It will be bad for him if you remain silent like this. It will be bad for the both of you.”

Fumie picked up her bag then checked if all her things are inside. “What’s up with that foolishness anyway? How can someone say that he has found the one for him just by scent?”

She jerked when she heard a gasp coming from one of the lockers behind. She was about to go near it but Miyu continued talking making her forget about the locker.

“Don’t you feel anything about him at the very least? If he thinks like that then maybe destiny is involved with this, right?”

“Destiny?” Fumie’s shoulders dropped. “I wonder what year it is for us to be talking about destiny.”

Knots appeared on Miyu’s forehead. “Well, ask that to yourself when you are also crazy about a certain story. If you don’t tell him what you feel today I will seriously be mad at you. I’m hanging up.”

“E-Eh… Chotto! Miyu!” Fumie looked at her phone only to see that Miyu indeed dropped the call. She kind of felt guilty after that conversation. She knows that Miyu is probably getting annoyed of her being like this. “Why does it have to be me anyway?”

“Yeah… Why does it have to be you?”

Her eyes darted to the door. She gulped. She never thought that she would see this guy here and he is looking at her with a smirk—Matsui Natsu.

“Why does it have to be you out of all people?” He asked once more and then closed the door. Fumie looked back at him. She isn’t going to let herself be frightened by this guy.

“Sorry, but I was eavesdropping on your conversation a while ago. I couldn’t hear the person you were talking with but…” his eyes grew even sharper, the smirk faded from his face. “I heard that you called Fuyu-nii a fool.

Fumie tightened her grip to her bag. She might have not said it directly but in a sense she did call Fuyu stupid.

“Trash talking Fuyu-nii on his back… That is something that I can never forgive.” Natsu smiled and brushed his blonde hair upwards. “This is something that I’m really afraid of… What if the girl with the scent won’t take him seriously and think that he is crazy? What if she won’t see how much Fuyu-nii values this thing?” He weakly shook his head. “I hate you for making him wait like this.”

“Why are you being angry at me like this?”

Natsu’s eyes widened for a moment. This girl just dared to answer him. Her eyes are fixed to him, they aren’t wavering. Things are just getting interesting.

“Maa…” Natsu shrugged. He went closer to Fumie and looked down on her. “I know that it isn’t your fault to be the girl. You’re probably surprised as well but you know…” he leaned towards her and whispered right next to her ear. “If you don’t like him at the very least, tell him right away. Don’t make him look like a dog. Fuyu-nii doesn’t deserve the likes of you.”

Natsu saw Fumie’s shook expression and this pleased him. A sneer curved up his lips. He then turned his back to her and went towards the door. “It would be nice if I won’t see you together with Fuyu-nii ever again.”

“You guys are crazy!” Natsu was halted with that shout from Fumie. “Really, I can’t say anything but you are all crazy! Why are you all pressuring me with this!? How is someone supposed to like a person she just met!? Tell me how I could like a person I just met!”

Fumie clenched her fists. “You, guys, don’t even think of what I feel. You don’t even dare to ask about me and here you are pushing things to me! You don’t even know me—“

She gasped when Natsu suddenly kicked the table near him. His face is a complete picture of anger. Fumie was taken aback.

“You also don’t know Fuyu-nii so don’t act like you are the only victim here! You don’t know how this thing is very important to him! He just wants to go home with you but you are making him look like an idiot waiting for nothing at the school gate! He has allergy to pollen for goodness’ sake!”

The guy brushed his hair up once again and took a deep breath. “I heard you want to be an idol. Consider this a training. Nobody will bother about your feelings the moment you become one.”

He kicked one more seat before going out. “How I wish that it was Asuka-chan and not anyone else.”

Fumie finally found air when Natsu is finally out of the room. She took a seat first. Her knees are trembling. She never imagined that she would be having an argument with someone just a few days after the term starts and that person is one of the famous people not just in NeoHorikoshi but in all Japan.

She held her chest for it felt like it is tightening.

“Why do I feel like I have hurt a dear friend?”

IT’S already past 5 in the afternoon when Fumie went out of the classroom. Her heart still feels a bit heavy with those words she heard from Miyu and Natsu. She believes that she has a point but she couldn’t help but feel guilty. She has no clue why.

A girl was standing in front of the gate and it seems like she is talking to someone. This made her stop. It feels like she will ruin something once she goes close to them. The girl’s face is pinkish, probably confessing to someone.

“Are you still waiting for her, Senpai?” she heard the girl said which made her heart skipped a beat. Could it be…

She didn’t hear any answer from the one who is being asked. She saw the girl took a deep breath.

“S-Senpai… The truth is I—“

“I’m sorry.” Her sentence was immediately cut which made Fumie gasped. She covered her mouth so she won’t get noticed. “I’ve already found the girl I was searching for.”

Fumie’s heart tightened when she heard that voice. She’s sure that it was Fuyu.

“But Senpai! Everyone can see that she isn’t interested to you. Don’t wait for her like this!”

“You got a point.” Fumie felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment. “But you know this doesn’t change the fact that she is the one with the scent. I don’t care if she doesn’t look at me the same way.”


“It’s okay. Don’t worry about me.”

Fumie heard groans from the guy. Fuyu tried to stand up, his legs numb for sitting for a long time. The other girl tried to help her but Fumie was caught in her line of sight. The girl bowed at her jolted away.

Fuyu, curious of what made the girl run took a peek inside the school grounds. A wonderful smile curved up his lips. “As I thought, you are still here.” He waved at her.

Fumie released a sigh. How could he smile like that to her when she just made her wait for almost two hours outside?

She slowly walked towards him, trying not to look at his happy face as much as possible.

“Did something hold you back?” Fuyu cheerfully asked her. His tone is much different to the way he talked with the other girl. “Let’s go home.”

The guy started to walk, dragging his feet that are still numb.

“If you don’t like him at the very least, tell him right away. Don’t make him look like a dog. Fuyu-nii doesn’t deserve the likes of you.”

The lass took a deep breath. This thing has to stop.

“U-Uhm…” She called unto him. “Can we stop by somewhere to talk?”

FUYU went running back to Fumie with cans of chocolate drink in both of his hands. He handed it to her before sitting to the other side on the bench. Fumie was hesitating to accept the drink but in the end she accepted it.

“Today is a very nice day.” Fuyu looked up to the sky after taking a gulp of his drink. “The weather is just right.”

Fumie weakly nodded. “Y-You were wearing a mask when we first met, right? D-Do you feel better now?”

“Yes! Strangely, my allergy immediately went away the first time I came to smell you.” He turned to her with eyes adoring her whole being. “It’s the first time I’m walking so freely in spring.”

“I-Is that so?” Fumie stared blankly at her can of chocolate drink. She isn’t in the mood to take even a sip of it. She’s looking at the guy through the corner of her eyes, trying to find the right time to tell him what she really feels. Fuyu is currently looking at the two boys who seemed to be brothers playing ball.

“S-Senpai… Your house is kind of big. W-Who are you living with?”

“Great, Fumie. Great! What’s wrong with you asking that question out of nowhere?”

She saw him smiled weakly. That smile seemed kind of forced.

“I’m…living with my mother.” He answered in a low voice. Judging the way he answered, it seems like Fumie touched something that she shouldn’t have. She immediately thought of another topic.

“W-W-What do you want to be in the future?”

“Good! Your questions really flow!” Fumie nagged to herself.

“Future, huh?” Fuyu inclined his back to the bench. “I never thought about my future. All this time I was only thinking of how to find you and live the rest of my life with you.”

“You also don’t know Fuyu-nii so don’t act like you are the only victim here! You don’t know how this thing is very important to him!”

She remembered those words of Natsu. It seems like Fuyu is really serious of this thing basing on how he talks about it. She bit her lower lip.

“How sure are you that I am the one you are looking for?” she asked, finally getting to her point.

Fuyu dropped his head and looked at his drink. “Since I was young, I know deep within me that I am here for a purpose. I know that I am here to search for a certain girl and be with her. I’m here to give my life to her and I just know that I will come to recognize her through her scent.” He started smiling to himself; his cheeks light pink. “And it happened that I found that scent from you.”

“What’s making you so sure?” Fumie asked once again. “What if there is someone else other than me who has the scent you are talking about? Someone else in Japan or someone else from the other side of the world?”

Fuyu shook his head. “You have a very unique scent. I have never smelled this scent ever in my life.” He turned to her smiling. “I’m 1000% sure about this. I have been talking about this stuff ever since I was a kid to the point that my father thought I was crazy and concluded that I will have a wasted life. I don’t mind though. I believe that once I find you I will be complete.”

Fumie tightened her hold to the can. Everything that the guy is saying makes it harder for her to tell the truth. He definitely looks so happy about finding her. How could she break that smile? She’s aiming to be someone who can deliver smiles to people but here she is, about to took a smile away.


“I told you, Fuyu is fine. I am your boy—“

“I cannot be your girlfriend!”

The world’s rotation seemed to stop for Fuyu. He got deafened. For a moment he could only hear a faint yet long beeping sound. His eyes wide opened; his lips parted.

“I have a dream to be an idol. Right now I am under some training, hoping that I will be chosen to debut. It has been my dream since I was young.” She paused to hydrate her dry throat. “In order to become one I have to remain pure in the eyes of the public. I… I can’t involve myself in a relationship.”

She said it! She finally said it! Her chest started to feel at ease after finally letting out what’s making her feel heavy. She looked up in the sky and smiled, trying to lift up the heavy atmosphere.

“And above everything else, we are talking about a serious thing here. I just met you. I only know your name. I have a very faint knowledge of you. I can’t just agree with you about making me your girlfriend even though you are famous and everything.”

There was a short reign of silence which was soon broken by Fuyu.

“I-Is that so?” He smiled and scratched his head. “I’m sorry about that. Aki was right. I guess I really shocked you. My bad… I’m really sorry. I got…a bit excited…”

The way he sighed the last phrase pinched Fumie’s heart but she chose not to mind it.

“I finally found you and it got me so happy. I’m sorry that I neglected what you feel. I’m really sorry. Believe me all I want is to treat you properly.” He emptied his can before continuing. “If that is your wish then I will stop pursuing you but…I will wait for you.

Fumie turned to him with a surprised expression on her face. “B-But—“

“I’m convinced that you are the one I was searching for. Let me support you from the sideline. I would love to see you achieving your dreams. I promise that I will stop bothering you. I won’t even lay a hand on you. But…”

Fuyu turned to Fumie. He is still smiling but his eyes are telling a different story. “Let me wait for you. I promise I won’t do anything that will ruin your dream. Just let me wait for you. I don’t mind even how long it will take or if you will ever look at me the same way, just let me do this for now…


Because I will literally lose the will to live if you tell me to forget about you…”



Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this fic! I am overwhelmed with the amount of views and comments when it only has 2 chapters (3 now). Compared to Things That Mix, I guess this one had a good start. I'm really thankful for all of you!
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(Sorry for the quality tho.)
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Author-san, thank you for the new story. :heart:
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Oshit, this is getting more interesting. (私は、言うつもりであるものを知りません。笑)

I can't give any good comment about your fic lmao. (忙しかったです。www)

But you did a great job as a writer. (あなたは、私が見られた最高の作家です。これからも頑張ってください!)

Nice chibi art there. (すごくかわいいですね!私は、1つも作りたいです。冗談です。笑)

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 4 (05-17)
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FUMIE arrived at school the next day without the sight of Hoshizora Fuyu beside her. She didn’t see him waiting for her in front of his house. He wasn’t on the bus stop either. This is exactly what she wanted but she’s feeling a little strange. Why is there some hint of…regret?

“I will literally lose the will to live if you tell me to forget about you…”

Those words kept on echoing on the back of her head even when she got home. They went home together yesterday but Fuyu chose to make a distance. He walked far behind her and even sat on the solo seat on the bus.

Fumie couldn’t deny that she was relieved but a part of her is telling her otherwise.

With the sight of her coming to school alone and with Fuyu still not appearing even though the first class is already about to start, rumors spread that the great sniffer was rejected by the person that he has been searching for.

The school bell rang but there is still no sign of Fuyu. Fumie was looking at the gate through the window, hoping that Fuyu will come any minute. She remembered how the guy was smiling yet looking so fragile yesterday.

“Until I find another reason to live, please let me just wait for you and support you…”

“He’s really serious about that scent thing…” Fumie told herself. She was spacing out when she felt being poked from the back. It was Miyu.

Miyu passed her a piece of paper while looking at her intently.

‘You better tell me everything,’ is what is written in that paper. Fumie rolled her eyes and smiled weakly. “Okay.” She mouthed.


THE DOOR of the Principal’s Office made a creaking sound as it closed. Fuyu made sure that he closed it properly before giving out a deep breath. He held his head that has been aching a little bit since morning.

“Do you want me to bring you to the nurse’s office?”

Fuyu suddenly turned to his side only to see another teacher.

“U-Uncle—I mean, Shinoda-sensei… G-Good morning.” Fuyu greeted then immediately dropped his head.

“It’s already lunch time you know!” Shinoda teased him with a smile on his face. “Why did you get called? Did something bad happen?”

“Well I…” Fuyu brushed his face with his palm. “I was called for various offenses: running in the hallway, leaving the student council earlier than everyone, passing my future plan blank, loitering in front of the school gate and being late for school without any important schedule.”

“Ohh… Five strikes all at once. I wonder what Yokoyama-kun will say about this.” The teacher went to stand by the window and Fuyu just followed him.

“I believe Haru will be disappointed but he already knows that I am not into this kind of work. He better come back fast.” Fuyu grumbled.

Shinoda smiled at him. “Well, aren’t you going to tell your handsome uncle anything about that girl? I’m just being updated by rumors but I’m not hearing anything from my nephew himself.”

Fuyu also stood by the window and tried to get his eyes busy with the scene outside.

“I found her. I finally found her.” Fuyu started talking in a low voice but loud enough for Shinoda to hear.

“Well, it doesn’t look like what the rumors say. I heard you are smiling again but it doesn’t seem like you are happy at all. What happened?”

“It didn’t go as I dreamt it to be.” Fuyu sighed. “I thought that once we see each other she will gladly hug me like she has been searching for me as well. I thought we would have mutual feelings. You know… Everyone thinks I am crazy for being so focused on finding her. In the end she doesn’t feel the same way.

I have thought of that possibility before but I chose to believe that she would also be waiting for me. That after meeting her I can present her to everyone saying, ‘Hey, I’m not crazy. She’s true! And she loves me, too!’ But yeah… it didn’t turn out that way.”

“Y-You got rejected?” Shinoda asked with a worried face. Fuyu answered with a weak nod.

“She has a dream and on that dream I am not included.”

That line gave a huge blow on Shinoda’s heart. He knows how Fuyu made searching for that girl the center of his life. He thought that it might be foolish to look for someone through scent but he was amazed by how Fuyu is convinced that he would find her. And yes, he did find her but he only got even more heart broken.

“What are you planning to do now?” Shinoda fixed his glasses in position.

Fuyu remained silent. He is obviously thinking. “Wait for her… I guess.”

The teacher sighed. He went near Fuyu and placed his hand on the guy’s shoulder. “How about set another goal while waiting for her? You don’t even know if she would ever return your feelings.”

Shinoda gulped. He knows that he might have poured alcohol on the wound but it is necessary to make it heal faster. He also doesn’t want Fuyu to remain like this forever.

“How about go back to modeling? You are receiving offers, right? I believe Natsu will also be happy if you get back to the industry.”

“I’ve been thinking about a lot of things last night, I found it hard to sleep. If only I could find something that I really want to fulfill other than this…” Fuyu turned to Shinoda with a faint, lonely smile. “I’d be happy…”


IT IS P.E. time for the TRAIT class of all levels. For the whole school, this is such a time to behold for it is the only time they will see those pretty faces being stained with sweat. Even though a lot of people may treat them like saints, it is different in terms of Physical Education in NeoHorikoshi Gakuen especially under that instructor.

“Oy, oy! Shingyoji! How about stretch further!?” The terror instructor, Akimoto Michael, shouted at Fumie while waving his shinai (bamboo sword). “Watanabe, push her further!”

“Hai~!” Miyu cheerfully answered and gave Fumie more push from the back.

“O-Ouch!” Fumie shouted in pain. “M-Miyu! I already reached my toes so you can s-stop—ouch!”

Miyu laughed at her sarcastically then let her go. “That is for really trashing out Hoshi-senpai. I didn’t think that you would really throw him away just like that!”

“Shh!” Fumie shushed her. “Keep quiet. You told me to tell him my feelings, right? And please, stop calling him Hoshi-senpai.”

“Hey, who are you to tell me that? Remember, you let go of him so he isn’t yours anymore. I can call him whatever I like. That’s my nickname to him!”

“Whatever!” Fumie stood up and started stretching her arms by herself. She looked around only to see people that are obviously talking about her. “Why do all of the trait classes have to do P.E. together?”

“This is some sort of a tradition. Everyone likes it so I guess there’s nothing bad about this except that our instructor is AkiGori. He always--”

“Hoshizora is so pathetic.”

The two froze on their spots when they heard someone from their back mocking Fuyu. They pretended that they weren’t listening but they are all ears to it.

“He kept on rejecting girls because of his scent fetish but look at him now. He is rejected by the person his sucker nose has chosen.”

“He deserves that. He is just a crazy guy hanging around. He is a wasted talent. He only got a good name. If he wasn’t named that way he’ll be a complete trash.”

“And what is with the new comer anyway? There isn’t anything special about her.”

“But she dropped Hoshizora. That’s enough. She placed him where he belongs!”

The group of guys laughed. Fumie clenched her fists. Why is she feeling so angry about this? She was about to turn to her classmates when she heard a banging sound.

“Tell me more about that.”

The two’s head automatically turned to the owner of the voice. It was Natsu. He just threw the basketball on the wall so hard. It frightened everyone on the gym. He went near to the juniors who are already trembling in fear.

“It seems like you guys know a lot about Fuyu-nii. Tell-me-more.” Natsu’s stare is locked to the boys. Akimoto was alerted but before he could even make a move, a certain someone entered the gym.

“Fuyu!” Aki called the guy who casually entered the scene. He innocently looked around, curious why everyone is looking at him. Natsu left the other guys but threw them one last killer look before running to Fuyu.

“Oy, Hoshizora!” Akimoto shouted while pointing his shinai to Fuyu. “Who gave you the permission to come late in my class!?”

Fuyu was quick to bow to apologize. “I’m sorry, Sensei. I wasn’t feeling so well in the morning.”

Akimoto rolled his eyes. “Maa, maa! Hurry up and get in. I don’t care if you are sick or not. Do some stretching and play basketball!”

“H-Hai!” He went to the side where Aki is, waving at him. His eyes were caught by Fumie who was also looking at him that time. Their eyes met but Fuyu was quick to avert his eyes, acting like he didn’t see her. Natsu tailed him. The guy also looked at Fumie then tucked his tongue out to tease the girl.

“What was that all about?” Miyu asked Fumie who obviously got annoyed; because of those guys who don’t have any good thing to do and with that childish action of Natsu.

Fumie stayed quiet, getting a little conflicted with her feelings. She was the one who told Fuyu to back off but why is she suddenly feeling hurt when the guy didn’t even say hi to her.

“Seems like Natsu made some small fuzz, eh?”

Akimoto shrieked when Shinoda suddenly appeared beside him to the point that he almost fell to his feet. “What the hell, Rio!? Stop doing that kind of thing!”

Shinoda laughed at the other teacher while straightening his back. “He won’t be angry if those kids didn’t say anything about Fuyu.”

Akimoto rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Those kids seriously need to realize how Hoshizora is beyond their reach.”

The other teacher smiled faintly. “They would see that if only Fuyu would look at himself that way.”

“I’d love to try to knock that kid’s head so that he would wake up from his fantasies.” Akimoto blew his whistle to get everyone’s attention. “All boys of all year level gather in the middle of the court!”

“So a basketball match to start the term, right?” Shinoda said with a smile on his face.

“Tch! I’ve been wanting to watch a match between spoiled, little whiners since vacation. I want to watch their weird way of playing!” The guys gathered in the center.

“Girls, consider yourselves lucky because I don’t want to see your horrible skills for now! Today is a match between the seniors versus juniors and freshmen mix!” Akimoto swung his sword and it hit the ground. “Start with choosing representatives! Match will start in five minutes!”

“A basketball match!” Miyu giggled. “This will be very interesting! Come, Fumie! We have to see this!”

Miyu pulled her friend to secure a good viewing spot. The teams have already chosen their representatives. Fuyu, Aki and Natsu are among the starting players of the seniors. The third year girls cheered for them.

“We are supposed to cheer for our team but…” Fumie looked around at her classmates. They are obviously rooting for the other team. She looked at her friend beside her and she got even more surprised to see that she is already holding a banner.

“Go, Yamamoto-senpai~!” Miyu shouted even before the match started.

“Gahd, Miyu… Where did you get that?” Fumie facepalmed.

The players gathered in the center to prepare for the jump ball. Natsu will be the one doing it for the seniors. He looked at his opponent with his intimidating stare.

“If anyone of you holds back I will send you to detention. Seniors, don’t play lousy because you are playing with juniors! Juniors, don’t be polite because they are seniors! Fight with all of your might!”

“Hai!” The boys answer in unison.

Akimoto blew his whistle and then tossed the ball upwards. Natsu was quick to jump and hit the ball towards Aki. The band vocalist got it and immediately dribbled it towards the opponent’s ring. Fumie almost got deafened when Miyu shouted on top of her lungs just to cheer for Yamamoto.

The juniors were fast to form their defense. A guy already caught up Aki and he stopped on his drive. His eyes looked around and found Natsu waving at him. He passed him the ball.

Natsu caught it. The one manning him was one of the guys who were saying bad things about Fuyu a while ago. Natsu sneered at him.

“You think that Fuyu-nii is a trash, right?” he teased the junior who tried to get steal the ball but Natsu’s dribbling skills are on a different level. He laughed to mock at him. “You don’t know anything about Fuyu-nii.”

He suddenly passed the ball backwards in a very fast motion. Everyone gasped when they saw that the ball was passed to Fuyu who is standing by the three point area. No one is manning him because they thought he was sick.

Fuyu’s eyes didn’t look anywhere else but to the ring. He jumped and made a successful shot. The girls cheered even more. It was a marvelous shot; nothing but the pile of the net.

“Hoshizora Fuyu, three points! 3-0 with seniors on the lead!” Akimoto commented. Everyone was cheering for Fuyu except Fumie. She’s just silently watching.

The seniors rushed to the other side of the court to defend their ring. Aki and Natsu high-fived with Fuyu before going on to their positions. Fuyu stood as the center. The juniors were taken aback but their captain encouraged them not to be frightened.

They went on for an attack but Aki was fast enough to steal the ball from the opponent. Miyu shouted once again but this time, Fumie already plugged her finger on her ear to avoid having her eardrums bleed.

Aki passed the ball on the other side only to surprise everyone. Fuyu is already there! No one even noticed that he ran towards the other court. Everyone thought that he will drive the ball all the way to the ring because it was a fast-break but he stopped by the three-point line and wonderfully threw the ball on the air. It was another majestic shot!

They all clapped at the fabulous showcase of skill. He could’ve done a lay-up or a closer shot but he went for the three-point shot as if he is very sure that he could make the shot. They went back on defense.

“I guess his skill is still there.” Akimoto murmured to Shinoda.

“Ehh?” Shinoda smirked. “Did you just organize this match so you can watch Fuyu’s three-point shooting?”

“Well…” Akimoto smiled. “It’s always a sight to see him playing like this. He got a very accurate shooting skill whatever sport it may be. His aim is awesome.”

Shinoda smiled, feeling proud about his nephew. On that short chat of them, Fuyu was able to block the attempt to score of the other team. He passed the ball to Ooya who is one of their team mates. Then that guy passed the ball to Natsu who almost bent the ankle of the guy manning him with his wonderful cross over. After leaving the guy behind, he added two more points for the team through a cool lay-up.

The second year students are already tired. It’s already 8-0 and the match point is 21. They couldn’t afford to lose without even scoring. The fact that the girls are cheering on the other team isn’t helping them at all.

“Let’s score this time!” Their captain shouted. The ball was passed among the players until there was someone who found a good spot to shoot but unfortunately, he lack a little of energy and the ball bounced on the rim.

Fuyu and another guy jumped for the rebound. Seeing the frustration on the guy’s face, Fuyu backed out a little. The guy caught the ball and held it with both hands. When they landed back on the ground, Fuyu planned to steal the ball from behind but the guy suddenly swung his arms and his elbow hit Fuyu directly to his face.

The whole gym was surrounded with silence right after Fuyu fell flat on his bottom. He is covering the right side of his face. His team mates were quick to rush towards him.

“S-Senpai… I-I’m sorry—“

“You!!!” Natsu gritted. “You did this on purpose, right?”

“N-No! Believe me I just wanted to protect the ball!” The guy was telling the truth. He was just trying to avoid the ball being stolen by Aki that time. It was unlucky for Fuyu to be standing behind him.

“No! You did this on—“

“Natsu… It’s okay…” Fuyu took his hands away only to reveal blood flowing from his wounded eyebrow. It was quite a cut. This made Natsu even angrier. The sight of blood shocked everyone but it gave a heavier impact on Fumie. Her heart shook so hard that she thought she’s having some sort of heart attack. She’s even on her feet, her eyes wide open, looking if Fuyu is safe.

Natsu looked like he is about to pounce the guy into pieces but thank goodness there were teachers present at that time. Shinoda and Akimoto rushed to the commotion.

“Hoshizora! Why do you have to be easily wounded like this!? The match barely started!” Akimoto helped him to stand up. “You’re a guy! Atleast start with a bruise!”

“Sorry Sensei.” He apologized. The amount of blood flowing is quite a shock but he doesn’t seem to feel any sort of pain. It doesn’t show on his face.

“Tch. You are making another story for yourself.” Akimoto tried to be cool but he is obviously worrying. “Match suspended! The rest will be free time! Go back to your class rooms!”

They put a towel on Fuyu’s wound to somehow stop the bleeding then they guided him to the nurse’s office. Before leaving, Fuyu placed his clean hand on the shoulder of the guy who accidentally hit him.

“Don’t let this bother you. This usually happens in basketball.” He said that with his other eye shut closed. The junior couldn’t even face him but he was thankful that Fuyu isn’t as hot-headed as Natsu.

Fuyu was already out of sight but Fumie stayed standing to where she is, looking at the direction where the guy went. She held her chest as she felt it slowly being loosened. “Why?” she asked herself. She didn’t even notice that a drop of tear has escaped her eyes.


FUMIE was welcomed with a suspicious stare from Miyu. Right after the match was suspended, she suddenly disappeared without even telling Miyu where she is going.

“So where have you been, Shingyoji-san?” Miyu asked while Fumie was having her way to her desk. The other girl dropped herself on her seat and leaned on her desk like a student who just failed her entrance exam.

“Hey, answer me, Fumie!” Miyu called unto her.

“I just went to wash my face in the rest room.” She answered with a weak voice.

“I thought you sneaked to the nurse’s office.” Miyu teased her which made Fumie straightened up.

“Why would I go there!?” she asked, her cheeks light pink. Miyu only shrugged.

“I hope Hoshi-senpai is okay. Hopefully that wound won’t leave him a scar.”

“I told you to stop calling him like that!”

Miyu was taken aback. “Excuse me, Shingyoji-san? Why are you being protective like this like Matsui-senpai? You turned him down, remember?”

Fumie squinted her eyes and sighed. Until now she is getting so frustrated with what she is feeling. Miyu is right; she tried to sneak on the infirmary but aside from the fact that there are two teachers there; Aki and Natsu are also present. She knows that Natsu will bark at her if she appeared.

What’s making her more frustrated is the fact that she wants to check Fuyu out. She is dead worried about the boy she just rejected. She couldn’t have such feelings. She has to be an idol!

“Hey, Miyu…” she called to her friend who is busy checking her locks. “Why do you think Matsui-senpai is over-protective with Hoshizora-senpai? Aren’t they the ones to be rumored as, you know… gays?

“Pfft!” Miyu tried to stop herself from laughing. “Haven’t I told you about it? It’s because—“

“They are twins.”

Their heads automatically rotated to the direction of that foreign voice. Their eyes widened when they saw the person who just jumped in their conversation. Standing behind Miyu is a girl with porcelain-like skin. Her silky, black hair is flowing down to shoulder level.

She has a very beautiful face. There is no doubt about that but the dark arcs under her eyes are getting a little bit on the way. A smile slowly curved up her lips; so wonderful yet so creepy it sent chills to Fumie and Miyu’s spines.

Miyu’s mouth opened, uttering the girl’s name.

“T-Togawa Maki-san?”


@Erza-san, Haha. Which scene made you want to shout?
@RenaHaruka-san, You're welcome~ :) I guess your question is answered now. :)
@yukine-san, haha. Don't scare Fumie. Haha. Thank you for the compliment for the drawing. :)
@Genkikid-san, we will find out about that~ ;)
@SharkiiiRenz-san, thanks for the compliments~ I use FireAlpaca. ^^

I hope you enjoyed today's chapter. Thank you all for reading~ :)
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@Erza-san, Haha. Which scene made you want to shout?

All of it haha, every excitement scene I'd be covering my mouth just to shut up.

And heyyy, new chap is here!
I feel sorry for Fuyu. The girl of his dream rejected him and it's still affecting him. Even though he would wait for her.

The basketball scene was awesome I feel like I'm watching a real one because someone in my family was watching basketball while I read that part. So as I read I hear the sounds of it. Lol.

And another mystery has unlocked, hooray! Fuyu and Natsu were twins! Hahaha I also laughed at the part when Natsu stuck a tongue out to Fumie, quite cute haha

Last, Maki surprised me in the end lol you know, when I scrolled down the page fast I met a creepy smiling Maki XD And if Maki's there, Natsu should prepare. Hohoho...

Definitely the last, I'm still waiting for Haru to appear. Oh where art thou Yokoyama? When will you get back? HAHA

On to the next chapter!

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Noiceeeeeee. :^)

Great chapter there mate. *-*)/

Noice, Fuyu and Natsu we're twins. Good *-*)b (Yaoi *-*)/)

Oh, You're using FireAlpaca :3 I thought you're using Sai. But thanks lmao. *-*)7 (The program's name kinda reminds me of Lovelive! Lmao.)

@Erza, Uyyyyy nagkita nanaman tayo sa comment section. Sarap mo palang kausap lmao even though di tayo masyadong naguusap y'know bago lang kitang kaibigan eh LMAOOOOOO.  (Lmao sorry i use my languange cuz it's more comfortable when you're speaking at you're own languange. ;-;)/)

(I didn't even know why i don't use some japanese comments here lmao. I feel like a weab shit here tbh ;-;)b)

And i didn't even give a good comment here lmao. m(-_- )m

And i forgot i didn't see maki will appear there lmao. Let's see if what will Matsui will do (lmao i forgot juju's name here lmao. And maki reminds me again about Lovelive! Rofl ;-;)/)
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You put a zombie in the story!?  :shock:

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I'm still watching you Paru....  :mon cweepy: :mon cweepy:

And... YASHHH!! MAKI!! This is getting more interesting!!! I already know who with who except for Yuihan, I wonder is it Riichan?? Or maybe Kitarie??

You put a zombie in the story!?  :shock:

And everyone will turned into a kissing monster zombie...  :kekeke: :kekeke:
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*kicks open door with Flamethrower*

That Xeno must be brought to my secret lair of the Imperial Inquisition for 'experimentation' on her kissing powers!

(Cutz, I am starting to lose track on who is who in the story)

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 5 (05-21)
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IT’S ALREADY 9 o’clock in the evening but the dance studio’s light is still lit. Everyone aside from Fumie has already left the practice area for the training has been over for 2 hours now. Fumie chose to use this time to practice the routine a bit more. She is having issues with dancing because it isn’t really her forte.

Just a while ago, during the strict rehearsal, she was showered with harsh critics from their dance instructor. She felt like she was shamed in front of the other trainees. She couldn’t let it continue just like that. She has to improve or else coming back to Japan will all be wasted.

Sweat is dripping from her forehead after she finished dancing the song she doesn’t know for how many times now. She heard someone clapping from behind and she was surprised to see who it was. It was non-other than the legendary idol—Kojima Haruna.

“I admire your passion but you do really have to focus with your dancing just a little bit more.” That’s what Haruna said as she comes near the girl. She handed Fumie a towel to dry herself which the girl courteously accepted.

Haruna is a descendant of AKB48’s Kojima Haruna. Hoping that she will become like her legendary grandmother, her parents chose to name her after her. And she really did become like the original Kojima Haruna or might’ve even surpassed her.

Since it has already been many, many years since the era of her grandmother, the world only knows the present Kojima Haruna.

“T-Thank you so much, Kojima-san.” Fumie answered. “I’m really going to do my best to be selected!”

Haruna smiled at her sweetly. “I’m thankful that there are still girls like you who have the passion for being an idol especially during this time that the morale of the country is low.”

“The war still isn’t ending, right?” Fumie asked with a low voice. The war has already taken a lot of lives but it is still not done with taking more. That civil war is from a neighboring country and Japanese troops are being sent for help to their ally. This has caused a lot more conflict. Now, Japan is also being targeted by the other party.

“Hopefully it will be over soon.” Haruna sighed. That’s just a deep story to tackle. “Anyway…”

“Shingyoji Fumie-desu.”

“Fumie-chan, let me help you with your dance. Are you willing to stay for 30 minutes more?”

The girl’s eye glittered with excitement. “O-Of course! I will be in your care, Kojima-san!”

The older woman snickered. “I’m not a Kojima anymore. Remember? I’m a married woman for many years now.”


DIFFERENT kinds of bread were placed on the table the two girls have combined for lunch. The two looked at Togawa Maki who casually pulled her chair and sat with them.

“Today’s lunch is my treat.” She nonchalantly said and then picked the melon pan. “Let’s eat.”

Miyu and Fumie looked at each other then just shrugged their shoulders and picked their breads.


Maki smiled at the sight of them eating what she prepared for them. It didn’t escape Miyu’s sharp eyes. She straightened her back and put her bread down.

“Why don’t we proceed with your intention, Togawa-san?” Miyu said with dignity.

Maki turned to her and smiled. “Shall we continue with our conversation yesterday?”

Right after Miyu called Maki’s name, the next subject’s teacher came and their conversation was cut off. When the classes were over Maki just disappeared, Miyu had a photoshoot while Fumie had to attend training.

Fumie swallowed first before talking. “It is about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsu-senpai being blood-related, right?”

Maki turned to her and curiously looked at her. Fumie felt her skin crawled for a moment.

“W-Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.

“Why are you still calling him Senpai? I thought you are the girl with the scent.”

Miyu gave out a sarcastic laugh. “She already turned him down. She’s not interested with him.”

“EH!?” Maki looked very shocked. “So, the Prince’s prediction about you came true. I feel bad for King.”

Fumie fell silent which kind of surprised Miyu. Usually she would defend herself at times like this but she just went on with eating. Miyu sighed.

“Yesterday we were talking about summer and winter being twins, right?” She started the main topic to turn the focus away from Fumie. “I thought it was just a rumor. Some sort of tale created by other students of this school since they share the same birthday.”

Maki put her beloved melon pan down and with a smile shook her head. “It is true. They are twins.”

“How did they become twins? They don’t look like each other even a little bit.” Fumie innocently asked. Miyu looked at her with eyes of disbelief.

“Fraternal. They are fraternal twins. They were formed from different zygotes. They developed from two different eggs and each was fertilized by its own sperm cell. They also call this dizygote. This explains why there are twins who don’t have the same features and those with different genders.”

“Wow, that’s some detailed explanation you have there.” Miyu exclaimed.

“My father is a scientist.” Then Maki smiled a sinister smile once more.

“Please stop smiling like that, Togawa-san!” Miyu blurted out. “And please, everybody knows that your father is an army general. Stop being a chuunibyou for once.”

*Chuunibyou A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. Src: Urban Dictionary

Maki’s cheeks started to burn. “H-Hey! I’m not a chuunibyou!”

Miyu smiled at her cunningly. “You are not, eh? How about remove that horrible under eye makeup? It destroys your image, you know?”

Maki was shook. She covered her eyes to protect her makeup. “This can’t be removed! This is the result of my father’s successful attempt to revive me from the dead. I became a zombie who can make someone be reborn into a better human species when I kiss them!”

She was waiting for a response but there was only awkward silence. She removed the cover of her eyes only to see that the other two are busy with their food.

“I’m free after class, Fumie. You want to go somewhere?”

“Sure. How about we visit that crepe place in Shinjuku later?”

“Hey! Don’t disregard me!” Maki shouted to get their attention.

The two turned at her with awkward stared. “You are not a chuunibyou, huh?” Miyu sarcastically asked. “How shall we guarantee that the information you are going to tell us is true?”

“Because I am friends with a wizard called—“

“So Fumie, how was your training going?”

“It’s going well I guess. It’s just that I am having hard times with dancing.”

“HEY!” Maki heaved a deep sigh. She pulled her phone from her pocket and opened her gallery. “Alright, with my powers aside, I am going to show you a proof. Here, look at this.”

Maki placed her phone in the middle of the table and then crossed her arms. The two friends were still a bit suspicious about her but in the end they still looked at the picture Maki is showing them.

“Wow~ who are these kids? They are so cute!” Miyu exclaimed after looking at the picture of four cute kids. Fumie seconded with a nod.

Maki took her phone back to explain the photo. “The two boys here are obviously Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai.” She pointed at the two boys with matching clothes. The two girls looked closer, their mouths parted.

“They look like twins there because of their matching outfit.” Fumie commented.

She observed the picture even more. What caught her attention is the wide smile on Fuyu’s face while Natsu is the one smiling shyly. Did something happen along the way that got their personalities changed?

“Our parents are friends. You see? This is me!” Maki pointed at the little girl standing beside Natsu. She looked like she has just finished crying because her eyes were still swollen. She doesn’t even look like she is in the mood for the picture.

“Wow~ You look so innocent and cute here, Togawa-san.” Miyu commented.

“W-Well…” Maki cleared her throat. “The experiments haven’t started during that time—“

“So who is this other girl? The one standing beside Hoshi-senpai?”

“Atleast listen to my story!!!” Maki released a vexed sigh then leaned on her seat. “That girl is the top idol of this generation—Saito Asuka.”

Fumie’s eyes started shimmering. “T-This is Ashu!?”

Maki nodded and she just found her phone being snatched from her hand. Fumie zoomed the picture towards the young Asuka. “Waah~ She is really, really cute right from the start.”

“Well… So I guess that proof is enough. I have credible knowledge about those two guys because I am their childhood friend.” Maki stated trying so hard not to smirk.

“Okay, I believe you now.” Miyu finally said. Fumie is still in trance with her favorite idol’s picture. “Let’s say they are twins but why are they going on different surnames? It also doesn’t look like Hoshi-senpai is treating Matsui-senpai his brother. All I know is the latter calls the former with –nii cause I thought they were cousins or something.”

“That’s too easy to explain.” Maki smirked. She snatched her phone from Fumie so that she would focus on her story. They cuddled closer to avoid any information leak.

“That is because their parents divorced.”


LEADING everyone with grace, Haruna helps the trainees to practice their dance routine. She is their producer but she is kind enough to be with them as they train. Haruna is known to be the lovable ageless idol that everyone admires. She has long graduated from the industry and started raising idols by herself but a lot of people still look up to her.

Fumie is just watching her while she is helping the other trainees. Somehow, that goddess-like image of Haruna in her mind was changed after that story she heard from Maki yesterday.

“Their parents divorced because their father didn’t really love their mother. He is inlove with another girl all those time. And guess who that girl is—Kojima Haruna.”

Those words echoed at the back of her mind. She’s trying to focus on her training but the thought about Fuyu and Natsu won’t leave her in silence.

“Since their father was a famous idol during that time, his first marriage was in secret. He married the first girl because he got her pregnant. She got pregnant of twins; the older one she named Fuyu while the younger one she named Natsu.

Their existence was made secret from the public but their father let them carry his name. It went on like that until they reached the age of 5. Their father decided to divorce their mother after his long-time love graduated from being an idol. He decided to pursue the one he really loves.

At that time of divorce, Natsu-kun was taken by their father because he thinks that he has the most chance to become a popular star. He was showing the interest in show business for such a young age. He even revealed his mistake in the public just to introduce Natsu as his son. On the other hand, Fuyu-kun couldn’t even reach his father’s heart. He was labeled delusional and worthless since all he was saying is he will find his princess and marry her. His father thought that he won’t be of any use so he left him to his mother.

And so the story goes, their father married another woman and the twins got separated. They weren’t allowed to tell anyone that they are twins. Fuyu-kun has become distant to Natsu-kun. He started treating him just a friend. From the day they were separated until now, Natsu-kun has been longing for Fuyu to look at him as a brother.”

“Is something bothering you, Fumie-chan?”

Fumie went back to her senses when Haruna suddenly appeared in front of her. The lady looks worried about her.

“A-Ah, it’s nothing K-Kojima-san.” She lied.

“I told you Haruna-san is better. I love my given name.” The cheerful lady smiled at her. “You don’t seem to be in your best today, Fumie-chan.”

Fumie shook her head. “S-Sorry, H-Haruna-san… My mind is just caught up with something.”

“Is that about Fuyu-kun?”

Fumie’s jaw dropped.


THE ELEVATOR door opened and Fumie came out of it with her heart filled with anxiety. Haruna asked her to come to her office after the rehearsal.

Her jaw literally dropped when Haruna mentioned Fuyu’s name. Did the rumor about them already reached her agency? Will she be dropped from the rookies? Is this the end of her career? That’ll be short-lived! She hasn’t even debuted yet.

She stood in front of the door with all of those thoughts in her head. Right now she has a lot of questions and her heart will only calm down if answers would be given to her.

She pressed the small screen by the door and spoke, “Shingyoji Fumie-desu.”

The door slid open and she heard Haruna asking her to come in with a cheerful voice. Fumie gulped then slowly walked inside. She marveled at how the office was decorated by the trophies and plaques Haruna achieved during her time as an idol but what struck her the most is the picture of the former idol with her fans at the day of her graduation. She seemed to be really happy having served all those people.

She continued sight-seeing until she saw Haruna’s wedding picture. It’s the biggest picture inside. The couple really looks like they are happy. Next to it is their family picture, she found Natsu there but not Fuyu.

“You don’t seem so pleased with our family picture.” Fumie jerked Haruna suddenly appeared behind her. “Don’t you like it?”

“N-N-No! It looks lovely!” Fumie stammered. She was actually thinking that the picture was a result of another family breaking apart.

Haruna looked at her meaningfully. She then smiled and invited her to her table. Fumie sat down and tried to calm her heart, still looking around the office. Haruna placed a cup of tea in front of her to get her attention. She reached for it and tried to take a sip.

“You are the girl with the scent, right?”

Fumie almost choked when Haruna suddenly dropped the bomb. She put the cup down, coughing a little.

“You are curious on how I came to know this, right?” Haruna asked as she graciously lifted her cup of tea. “I believe some cute chuunibyou girl has told you about our family history, am I right? That means I won’t be explaining a lot of thing. Yatta~”

The truth is Maki immediately gave her a call informing her that she leaked the secret to the girl with the scent. The girl was deeply apologizing to her for acting like a know-it-all. Well, the three of them agreed not to share the secret to anyone else so there was really nothing to worry about.

Fumie nodded as a yes. She tried to take a look at Haruna but then immediately bowed her head.

“I’m quite updated with the news in NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. I am an alumni and I still got the access in the gossip page. What happens inside NHG stays in NHG but it is a different story for me.

When I saw the news about Fuyu-kun being able to find the girl he is looking for, I was really surprised. No one actually believed in him other than Natsu-kun and their mother. Never did I think that I will see a picture of Fuyu smiling again after everything that happened. It was all thanks to you.”

Fumie still doesn’t know how to feel about this so she just remained silent. She just stared at the cup of tea in front of her but her ears are wide open.

“But, the recent news somehow broke my heart.” Haruna pressed her lips together. “The news that you turned him down… Is that true?”

Fumie nodded. “It’s true. I did turn him down…”

“Sou?” Haruna gave out a sigh. “Is it because of your dream to be an idol?”

“Yes!” Fumie answered with confidence. “I want to make people smile! I want to give them inspiration just like how you did.”

“I really admire your passion. The one who scouted you probably saw the potential that you can be a great idol but…” Haruna placed her cup on the table and looked straight to the girl’s eyes. “Are you sure about this? If ever you get the chance to debut, there’s no turning back.”

“W-What do you mean, Haruna-san?” The girl stammered.

“You have heard a bit of my story, haven’t you? It was actually during the early days of my career that I fell in love to my husband. I still had the time to back out but I chose to continue with bringing smile to people. He told me he would wait for me but I kept on pushing him away.

I guess that led him to being so frustrated and lonely that’s why he tried to find some other girl. That one night stand resulted to beautiful twins. He was honest enough to tell me that he did something against me and he decided to marry the girl in secret for the sake of the kids, hoping that things would work out for them.”

Haruna looked by the window trying not to show the sadness that is evident in her eyes.

“His face when he was telling me that hurt me the most. He was so down casted I didn’t know how to lift up his spirit. I love him but I couldn’t tell him and I couldn’t be with him so I drove him away… Pushing him to his limits as a man. I became the top idol that time but I couldn’t even make the person I love the most smile.

He continued with his works as an idol and later on became a well-known actor. He managed to keep his kids in secret and I also lost contact of him. But when I graduated, he came back to me asking him to give him one more chance, saying that all this time he has been thinking about me. Before coming to me he already filed divorce. He said that his wife agreed with it with a smile on her face. But you know, us being together means their family being torn apart.”

The producer heaved a very lonely sigh.

“If only I didn’t drive him away then probably it won’t be hard to patch things up.”

Haruna took a sip of her tea to hydrate her dry throat. She smiled at Fumie to somehow lighten the mood. She is a girl of smile anyway. Talking about sad stories like this is not really her style.

“In the end, I agreed to be with him. I can’t help it. I really love him. I can never forget how he smiled when I finally said yes. I never felt so satisfied in my whole life after seeing him smile like that. I also couldn’t hide the fact that I am happy to be with him. I am happy that I am the one who could make him smile like that.”

“Uhm…” Finally, Fumie found her voice to speak. “Why are you telling these things to me, Haruna-san?”

Haruna smiled at her and took a deep breath. “I want to give you a special task, Fumie-chan. Consider this one of your trainings in being an idol.”

“E-Eh?” The lassie was taken aback. “S-Special task?”

Haruna nodded at her with a smile on her face. “The selection will be announced in three months’ time. By that time, I want you to make sure of one thing.

Fumie gulped. Her whole system is focused on whatever Haruna is going to say.

“Please make sure that you are not going to miss the smile of that person that is more valuable than the smile of thousands.”

“E-Eh?” The girl’s brows furrowed a bit. “A-Are you telling me to give Hoshizora-senpai a chance? B-But—“

“It’s not necessarily giving him the chance.” Haruna stood up from her seat, carrying her cup of tea and went towards the window. The city lights somehow reminded her of the light sticks during performances. Sitting on one of the table of a café on the other side of the street is a familiar, good-looking lad who’s been looking from afar since the start of rehearsals. Haruna smiled.

“How about start in helping the twins regain their former relationship? That would be a good start, right?”

The image of a barking puppy with ‘Natsu’ written on its nameplate flashed on Fumie’s mind. She got chills all over her back. How could she help someone who is very hostile of her?

“Judging Natsu-kun, I know that he’s so jealous of you now because his brother’s attention is all yours. Consider Natsu to be an anti. How will you turn him into a supporter?” She turned back to the girl who seems to be in a deep thought. “I know that I am giving you a lot of trouble now but it is best to make sure of everything before really committing yourself to this work. Being an idol isn’t forever… Are you sure that you will give up a lot of things to be one?”

Fumie clenched her fists. Is she being tested by their producer?

“I want you to spend your youth as exciting as it can be before the day of the selection announcement. If you were to get picked, all of it will be over. Try to make Fuyu smile and then find out what kind of feeling that smile would give you.”

There was a term of silence between the two. Haruna has already finished her tea when Fumie got up from her seat. Her face looks determined.

“Thank you for everything that you have told me, Haruna-san.” She bowed as a sign of huge respect. “I would keep your advises in mind.”

“Are you up to the challenge?” Haruna asked with a challenging tone.

Fumie hesitatingly nodded. “H-Hai!”

The smile on Haruna’s face widened. “I hope you get an exciting ride~”

Fumie bowed to her again. “I should take my leave. Thank you for everything, Haruna-san.”

“Mhm!” Haruna cheerfully nodded at her. She watched the girl leave her office. Fumie gave her final bow before the door closed. The smile on the producer’s face somehow fainted but the curve on her lips is still there.

She looked back at the lad on the café and he is still there waiting. Haruna chuckled.

“Fuyu-kun and Yu-kun are exactly alike.” She sighed to herself, remembering the times when her husband is doing the same thing for her. He would just wait outside the venue of her performance but he wouldn’t say anything. Just the sight of her being safe and healthy would be enough for him.

“Stupid Yu-kun…Being so angry about the boy who is just like him, following his heart and willing to sacrifice everything…”

Haruna leaned her head on the glass window and released another sigh. “I’m sorry for everything, Fuyu-kun…”


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