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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 37 (06-07) | What's Meant to Be Will Be  (Read 54874 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 10 (06-16) | MFFFA
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Ah. I knew it! It was Mayu   I mean Yuma, it does resembles her face. Tho Getters? His last name is Getters? When I read Yuma I know for sure that he is Mayu from the past, tho when I read that his last name was Getters, I got confused lol. But if Yuma's there, it's gonna be fun. Huehuehue~

I got excited at the first part! Maru appeared in Fumies's dream  :panic:

And I laughed at the part where Natsu found out that she was a girl in the past. And Fuyu's coconut hair. Way to go Agoki! :rofl:

Hey Fumie, the past Maru is haunting you now... LOL so you better decide on that mushy feelings of yours. Tho I look forward to see jealousy, anger and some revenge in the future chaps //SLAPS

I'm sensing that Haru is almost there... :D and you know what that means... XD

On to the next chapter!
P.s.- sorry I didn't commented last time. :bow:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 10 (06-16) | MFFFA
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Is Maru now visiting Fumie in her sleep to get Fumie to change her mind about rejecting Fuyu?

Hmmm.... Yuma? Why do I feel like I've heard that name before. 😏
Also I like how you mixed up the letters a bit for B-Boys. Now I'm missing the Bad Boys themselves.

Plus how Natsu reacted when he found out that he ancestor was the prince of Nagoya and was a girl.

Looks like things are starting to become interesting.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 10 (06-16) | MFFFA
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I'm waiting for haru come back!!! Ship haru-fumie :3 but it seem to be fufu couple for sure so it will be sad for him if haru like fumie too!!! I hope maki will make a MHFFA in the future @@ Haru-asuka hear hot :3
If you are Ju Jing Yi, I will be your Lin Si Yi.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 10 (06-16) | MFFFA
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I'm waiting for haru come back!!! Ship haru-fumie :3 but it seem to be fufu couple for sure so it will be sad for him if haru like fumie too!!! I hope maki will make a MHFFA in the future @@ Haru-asuka hear hot :3

I feel the same way about Haru and Fumie.  :on speedy:
But this time I'll root for FuFu couple. XD

Also I like your idea. Haru and Asuka doesn't sound bad.  :on cigar:
It actually sounds interesting.  :ding:

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 11 (06-23) | Triggered
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Chapter 11: TRIGGERED

YUMA’S EYES are sparkling nonstop since he has stepped at the school grounds. He could feel that there are a lot of hidden gems in that place. Finally, his dream to invade NHG is being materialized.

“I wonder if I can see them here.” He murmured at himself while looking around. He looks like a cute shonen in his earthly paradise. Yuma looked at Natsu who is busy acting as the tour guide. A smile of excitement curved up the searcher’s lips.

“This one is here. There’s a big chance that they are here as well.” His fists even clenched in great excitement. “You guys are doing well, right?”

While Yuma is in the peak of his excitement, a certain group is in the verge of breaking down due to stress.

“Have you seen him?” Akane, the vice president of the student council, asked Manaki and Risao. The two were chasing for their breaths. It seems that they have looked everywhere but they were not able to find the missing officer-in-charge.

Manaki shook his head. “Negative. Hoshizora-senpai is nowhere to be found.”

“I wonder if he went home. It doesn’t seem like he’s in a good shape.” Risao commented while walking towards the refrigerator of the SC room. He got bottled water and tossed one to Manaki.


The two turned to Akane who is already erupting like a volcano but then soon ignored her. Manaki went on to wipe the sweat rolling down from Risao’s head. Her fists are balled and there are countless knots on her forehead.

“Where the heck is this good-for-nothing senior!?” She gritted. “Seitokaicho even entrusted him this position but he isn’t giving his best! He is a big disappointment!”

“There’s nothing new about that.” Manaki flatly said. “Hoshizora-senpai is not the type that goes with everyone’s expectation.”

“And that makes him cool!” Risao finished Manaki’s statement and as if on cue, the two stroke their signature cool poses.

“Are you kidding me?” Akane rolled her eyes. “What’s cool with a person that has the ability to do something yet just lays that ability to waste? If I were him I will maximize those talents!”

“Well, he isn’t a people pleaser like you.” Risao commented and then high fived with Manaki as if he scored onto something.

“Well, it’s not necessarily like that. I’m just serious with everything that I do! What’s wrong about that?” The vice president explained herself, trying so hard not to vent her anger to the two.

“Pfft.” Manaki smirked. “What’s wrong with not being serious anyway?”

Akane grumpily stood up from her seat and then crossed her arms. “Why are you two protecting him anyway? Are you his fans? He has put us in a pinch right now!” She looked at her watch and her face crumpled even more. “It’s about time for the interview. What should we do?”

“Just do the interview for him. You can handle it better than him.” That was Manaki fixing Risao’s necktie.

“Mou~! Stop flirting in front of me!”

Knock, knock!

Soft knocks were heard which made Akane jerk. It must be the interviewers. Her heart started to race. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. Risao signed to her if it is okay to open the door now. The vice president wore her game face on and nodded.

Risao opened the door which welcomed the people from Infiltration. They cheerfully welcomed them inside the room and acted naturally.

Akane immediately noticed Natsu looking around. She knows that the guy is looking for that other part of the Shiki. Natsu looked at her and his eyes are clearly asking where Fuyu is. Akane sneakily shook her head.

“Is this the student council room?” Dasa asked while looking around the said room. “It’s huge! It feels like a conference room! Sasuga NeoHorishiki!”

“Excuse us for bothering you but may we ask for the Seitokaicho?” Tokiyo asked.

“Uhmm… I’m Mochizuki Akane. I’m the vice president of the student council.” Akane stepped forward. “Our president is currently on a foreign business trip with his family.” She presented them the poster of the school where Haru is the model. The hosts together with Yuma went near the said poster and examined it well.

“Yokoyoma Haru, huh?” Dasa read the name.

“He is one of my close friends.” Natsu explained. “He became the student council president since he was in first year.”

“Since first year!?” Dasa exclaimed. “He’s like a prime minister! What do you think about him, Yuma-san?”

“As expected, NeoHorikoshi is hiding a lot of things!” These remarks made everyone excited especially the director of the show. It seems like they are going to produce a show that will skyrocket in the ratings.

“What are they talking about?” Manaki whispered to Risao with his brows furrowed. Risao shrugged.

“The funny looking guy looks like Getters Yuma. It seems like he is up with his reincarnation stories again.” Risao whispered back.

“This is really interesting!” Yuma interjected. He’s really, really excited but he can’t reveal anything for now according to the program director. The revelation will happen in a different setting. All they have to do now is to roam around. Yuma is recording everything he observes in his phone.

“Matsui-san, you said Yokoyama Haru-san is one of your close friends, right?” Yuma asked which was answered with a nod by Natsu.

“Nice! I want to meet all your friends here!”

Everyone was surprised to the sudden goal change of Yuma. The director just gestured an okay signal.

“You want to meet the other members of the Shiki?” Risao asked.

“Shiki?” Dasa repeated. “What’s that about Asuka-san?”

Asuka was a bit surprised that she was called. “Shiki is a group of four boys who carries the name of the four seasons. I heard they are really, really famous inside this school. I’m not really sure since I’m always out.” Asuka chuckled cutely to cover up her lack of knowledge.

“They are like NHG’s own idol group.” Manaki explained. “They are undeniably popular especially to girls.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we just discovered that NHG has its own male idol group!” Dasa commented. “They have names of seasons, huh? What a nice coincidence!”

“A-Actually they are not an official group. The students only created the name for them.” Akane explained further. “Matsui-senpai and the Seitokaicho are members of it.”

“I want to meet the other two! If we already have Natsu and Haru here, that means those two are Aki and Fuyu, right? Let’s go find them!” Yuma’s excitement is really off the roof.

“Aki might be in the classroom but Fuyu…” Natsu stopped midway.

“A-Actually Hoshizora Fuyu-senpai should be the one doing this interview now.” Akane started. “H-He is the acting president while Seitokaicho is away but he has an allergy with pollen. I think he took a day-off today. I don’t think you will be able to meet him today.”

The girl looked at Natsu who is intently looking at her right after she finished explaining. She knows how this guy turns out to be really scary if someone mocks Fuyu so she carefully chose her words.

“Ehhh…” Yuma’s shoulders dropped in disappointment. “What a waste~”

“Yes, he is really a waste—“

Everyone’s head turned to Akane. Risao and Manaki’s eyes widened.

“I-I mean it’s really a waste that you won’t be able to see him.” The girl covered up. She felt cold sweat ran down her back. She could feel Natsu’s burning glare.

“Is that so?” Yuma sighed. “Then let’s just go and meet this Aki!”

“Alright.” Natsu answered. “Let’s head to the Senior’s Tower now.”

The hosts and the staff thanked the members of the student council for the short intrusion before they leave the room. Akane finally got to breathe when the door shut close. She dropped herself back to her seat and sighed. “That was close~”

Risao and Manaki heaved a sigh with her and gave her a chop on her head.

“Stupid perfectionist.”


MAKI couldn’t help but to be more excited. They are on their way to the cafeteria where the Infiltrate cast and staff are in. She received a message from Asuka that the hosts will try the food being served by NHG and present it to the whole of Japan. The girl is even skipping in happiness. It has been a long while since she has last seen her friend.

“Ne, Fumie… Don’t you think Maki-chan is really cute when she is not in her chuuni mode?” Miyu whispered while looking at the happy zombie. She was waiting for her friend to make a comment but the other girl just stayed quiet. It seems like her mind is in another universe.

Miyu sighed and snapped her fingers in front of Fumie. The girl jerked when her soul went back to earth. She looked at Miyu with surprised eyes.

“Is there something bothering you?” Miyu asked.

Fumie blinked fast then closed her open mouth. She shook her head with a sigh. “N-Nothing.”

“Are you trying to lie to me?” Miyu squinted. “Are you sure about this?”

The other girl forced a smile. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m asking if you are sure that you will be part of this MFFFA. Are you sure you are letting him be taken by someone else?” The fisher seriously asked.

“Miyu…” Fumie sighed while trying to smile. “Togawa-san is right. At least I should help him find—“ she suddenly held her chest which didn’t surprise Miyu at all.

“It tightened, right?” Miyu casually asked. “Your heart.”

Fumie looked at Miyu with a shocked expression. “H-How did you know?”

Miyu shook her head in disappointment. “Continue to deny it and you will be late. Don’t come crying to me once that happens.”

“Seriously, what are you talking about, Miyu?” Fumie continued playing clueless even though she already has a hint of what her friend is meaning to say.

“Hey~ What are you guys standing there for?” Maki waved at them. “We might not be able to catch them if you will take time like this! Asuka said that they’ll be taking a break after eating lunch. We can say hi to her during that time. We have to hurry!”

“Okay~” Miyu answered with a huge smile on her face. She turned back to Fumie before following Maki. “Until you are not admitting anything, I’m going to help Maki with what she wants to do. As you have said, she has a point and I personally think that it’ll be better for Hoshi-senpai to fall for someone else if you won’t be brave enough to face the truth. It feels like you aren’t the Fumie that I know. Where’s your honesty?”

After that Miyu smiled at her as if she didn’t say something that threatened Fumie’s life. She hurriedly followed Maki. Fumie closed her eyes and shook her head. She just went on and followed the other two.

On the way to the cafeteria, they crossed paths with Aki who doesn’t seem to be in the best mood. They even witnessed him murmuring something before kicking some imaginary thing in front of him.

“Agoki-senpai, is something wrong?” Maki curiously asked.

Aki was a bit surprised to meet them but his mind was fast to get back on the track. “Who are you calling Agoki, Maki-chan?” Aki sighed. “I got into an ambush interview with the Infiltrate and this funny looking guy said that I was a girl in my past life. Seriously…”

Miyu’s eyes widened after hearing that. “Why does he seem disappointed?”

“Someone told you about your past life?” Maki followed up. “It must be Getters Yuma-san! He’s getting really popular lately because he’s been looking for people who were celebrities in their past lives!”

Maki’s face lightened up. She has been watching videos of Yuma and it fascinated her.

“Yeah, yeah…” Aki weakly answered. “He said I was a female idol in my past life. I can’t imagine myself doing idol things.”

Maki laughed on his pointless sulking. “You don’t have to worry about that. It was the girl you who did that anyway.”

“Man, this will just destroy my cool image even more. The director is so determined to air that footage. That fanfic and now this? Tch!” He kicked the air once more. “Sorry, I’ll be going ahead now. Enjoy your lunch, girls.”

That’s all and he left, still murmuring. The three just shrugged their shoulders and went inside the cafeteria. They found the Infiltration staff gathered by the window. It seems that they are currently on a break now.

Asuka saw them and waved at them. She seems like she has been waiting for them to arrive for a long time judging by how anxious she was looking around. The director of the show noticed it and immediately signaled on one camera man.

“Sorry, Director… They are from the same class as me? Is it okay to talk with them for a while?” Asuka asked. She didn’t notice that a camera is rolling.

“Sure, sure. It would be nice if you could introduce them to us—“

“Fumie-chan~!” Natsu jumped up from his seat after seeing Fumie. The girl herself immediately turned red after the whole cafeteria’s attention transferred to her. She even met Asuka’s stare who seems to be startled of what Natsu just did.

Fumie hurriedly covered her face and dashed out of the cafeteria. Miyu tried to call her but the girl was covered with embarrassment that it seemed like she just evaporated. She disappeared in a flash.

Maki grumpily walked towards Natsu. “What was that for? You frightened Fumie!”

Natsu just laughed while scratching his head. “Dunno, I felt glad when I saw her.”

“Is that Matsui-kun’s girlfriend?” The director nosily asked; his neck getting longer.

“No, Director.” Natsu professionally shrugged off the idea. “She’s another friend’s long time crush.”

“Ohh. I see.” The director nodded. He seems convinced. He looked at the new comers and immediately recognized them. “Togawa Maki-san, Watanabe Miyu-san! Fancy meeting you girls here! Where is Yuma-san anyway? He should be here to meet them!”

“He went to the restroom.” A staff answered that made the director sigh. The girls greeted the director with a smile.

“Is it okay if we borrow Asuka for a while?” Maki went straight to the point. “It’s been a looooong while since we last saw her in the school.

“E-Eh?” Asuka was taken aback. She thought that Maki will just drop by to say hi.

“Please, director~” Here goes Miyu dropping the trap to the water. “Just for a little while. We will give her back in no time~”

The fisher even used one of her fatal move which is the wink. Everyone who saw it was sent into a trance. The director couldn’t do anything else but to nod in agreement. The girls were filled with delight and they immediately pulled Asuka out of her seat.

“We’ll be back really fast~” Miyu assured before they jolted out of the cafeteria. All eyes are on them since they have the top idol of this generation in their hands.

“W-Where are we going, Maki?” Asuka asked, stammering. She’s glad she has already finished her lunch when she got dragged out.

Maki smiled childishly at her friend. “We are going to meet the King!”

Asuka’s eyes widened. There is only one person that Maki addresses as the King.

“Introductions first. This is the new friend that I am talking about. She’s Watanabe Miyu—“

Miyu suddenly chuckled. “There’s no need for introductions. We’ve met before in a photoshoot. Right, Asuka-chan?”

Maki looked at Asuka as if asking if what the other girl said is true. The top idol nodded.

“We did meet before but we didn’t become close enough for her to call me with –chan.”

“I’m the type who becomes friends with anyone anyway.” Miyu chuckled. “The only one that needs introduction here is Fumie but she just ran out before of embarrassment.”

“Ah! She’s the girl with the scent, Asuka. But as I have told you, she isn’t interested to the King so it is really okay now. She even said that she will help you to be with Fuyu but stupid Natsu frightened her away.”

“The girl with the scent, huh?”

Miyu turned to Asuka after she heard her murmur those words. She looks a bit sad; it is evident in her eyes. Miyu couldn’t help but to think of her bestfriend who is still in the middle of denial. If this persists, she will be caught in between.

“Don’t sulk there, Asuka!” Maki cheered. “We already set everything for you to meet up with the King. I already sent him a message. We’ll meet him by the library! We only have a limited time so let’s run faster!”


YUMA has just gone out of the cubicle in the rest room. His stomach suddenly felt off after he found out how much the food he just ate in the cafeteria. It doesn’t sound right for a food being served to students to be that extravagantly expensive. He just couldn’t take it.

“As expected for this school…” he murmured while rubbing his stomach.

He then went to wash his hands but then he saw another guy who seems to be erasing his whole face while washing it. His eyes widened.

“Such a faint light!” Yuma exclaimed in the back of his mind. “A criminal in his past life?”

The guy, feeling that someone is looking at him, straightened up and turned to Yuma. He brushed his fringe upwards which somehow terrified the geinin even more.

His eyes… That stare… It feels like it is examining his whole existence. And what’s up with that straight, reddish birthmark on the left side of his forehead. He looks really scary.

Yuma jerked in his place and immediately washed his hands. After that he went out as fast as he could. He never felt so terrified like that ever in his entire life.

“How could a criminal like him be reborn with such a good face?” Yuma asked himself while he was walking in the fastest way he can. “His light is so faint! I’m sure he is a criminal of some sort! Most probably a murderer!”

He shook his head to wake himself up. He looked at his watch and clicked his tongue.

“The recording only has four hours left. I’ve confirmed about the whereabouts of the three aces now but I still haven’t seen them.” He gritted in frustration. “Where are you, Hoshino Maru-san? Are you still mixing?”

He was about to turn into a corner when he bumped to someone who is also walking in the same speed as him. A loud yelp was heard from Yuma when his butt hit the ground.

“I-I’m sorry… I wasn’t looking at where I am going...”

He saw a hand stretched out to him after hearing those words from a sweet voice of a girl. Yuma, with his bottom still aching, slowly opened his eyes and looked up. But, he hasn’t been looking at the girl for two seconds yet he has to close his eyes. The light coming from the girl was too bright.

He tried to look at her again and his heart jumped from its place. He jumped to his feet and fell in trance for a moment.

“Y-Y-You look exactly alike!” Yuma stuttered. He is so excited, he couldn’t help but to laugh. “F-Finally, I found you! I’m so happy!”

Fumie, the girl Yuma bumped with, was taken aback. Why does it feel like this happened to her before? And why is this happening again exactly?

Yuma grabbed her hands, his eyes sparkling in happiness. “Tell me what your name is!”

“C-Chotto—“ Fumie started to feel dizzy as Yuma keeps on shaking her while throwing her a lot of questions.

“I can’t be wrong. Just one look at you I know it is you! What is your name? Are you in a relationship? Boyfriend? Or is she still a girl in this life? I doubt that, I believe she has become a guy! Introduce him to me! I really want to meet him!”

“P-Please let go of me!” Fumie cried out but it seems like Yuma doesn’t hear her plea.

“Hey, isn’t that Fumie-chan?” Maki pointed at the girl who is at the end of that hallway.

Miyu frowned after seeing what is happening. “What the hell is that guy doing to her!?”

“Y-Yuma-san?” Asuka murmured to herself.

“Let’s go help her!” Maki raised her arm. “I’ll get my flame dragons ready!”


The three froze on the spot when they heard an angry voice on the other part of the hallway. Yuma and Fumie turned to the owner of the voice and the two froze on their places as well.

Fumie’s heart started to grow violent. Why does she feel like crying right now that this guy is coming for her aid? His worried yet angry face gave a fatal blow in her heart that she started feeling like she’s running out of breath.

Yuma’s eyes widened when he recognized the guy. He was the one he met in the rest room. He is coming nearer and nearer. And what the heck is happening? His light is turning bright… Brighter and brighter… And—

“Get your hands off of her!” Fuyu rushed to Yuma and pulled him by the collar. Everyone gasped after the next thing that Fuyu did. He gave Yuma such a powerful headbutt straight to the guy’s forehead, sending him down to the floor.

“M-Maru-sama—“ That’s the last word that came out from Yuma’s mouth before he fell unconscious. His eyes turned all white but what’s weird is his face looks very happy.

Fuyu turned to Fumie. Their eyes met and the world seemed to stop for them. He was about to reach out to her but he remembered his promise. His arm dropped as he averted his stare. “Are you okay, Fumie? Did he hurt you?”

Fumie was still in the state of shock. She is looking at Fuyu as if wanting to be hugged. This thing also… It feels like it has already happened to her before. “I-I’m okay, Senpai.”

She noticed her hand holding on to Fuyu’s sleeve. She immediately pulled her hand away asking herself when she reached out to him. Asuka saw it all—how Fuyu became furious after he saw Fumie being ‘harassed’ by Yuma, how they looked at each other as if they have been preventing their own feelings to leak out.

This is the first time that he saw Fuyu this angry for the sake of another person. Her heart felt like it was squeezing. She has lost all the excitement to meet him after everything that she saw. She was just surprised that Maki pulled her towards the two.

“King! Fumie-chan!” The two turned to them after that call from Maki. Fuyu immediately noticed that certain someone whom he hasn’t met for a very long time. Their eyes met.

He looked at Fumie whose head is down after remembering the mission they are supposed to do. Fuyu looked back to Asuka who gave him a faint smile.



Yokoyama Haru-senpai,

I hate to do this but I am here to inform you about everything that has happened the past month. This is the list of Hoshizora Fuyu-senpai’s offenses:

1.     Didn’t deliver a speech during the entrance ceremony which made me do an impromptu speech. Reason: Allergy to pollen. But then he came out perfectly fine the next day. He even came to school with a girl.

2.     Running in the hallway like a child.

3.     Passing all the tasks to other SC officers so that he can leave early.

4.     Not listening to his homeroom teacher about the submission of future plan then wrote “Whatever is fine.”

5.     Loiters a lot in the school gate during the time that he should be working in the SC.

6.     Came to school late which ruins the image of the SC.

7.     Didn’t participate on the interview for a TV program and what’s worse is he even knocked down a celebrity from the program.

Seitokaichou, all of this happened at the span of one month that you are gone. I know that you are busy with your family business but it is also an important matter. We are hoping that you could come back now and redeem the stained name of NeoHorikoshi Gakuen’s Student Council. Everything that you have done is being destroyed by Hoshizora-senpai. Please come back soon.


Mochizuki Akane


Laughs were heard from the guy who is sitting in front of his laptop. He removed his glasses and leaned to his swivel chair. He is smiling to himself and then he went to look at the email again. He laughed again at the content and then with such a force, closed the laptop which made the smashing sound echoed in his whole office. His secretary jumped from her seat after being startled.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his hands. With a loud voice he growled,

“Hoshizora Fuyuuuuuu!”


@Genkikid-san, Hopefully the other side would stop with her denials. Haha.
@FZA02-san, I actually based Yuma on Mayu's florist danso. :)
@Erza-Jerusalem-san, Getters Ida. I based his geinin name from this person. He helped with Lucky Girl rankings before. ^^
@Goto24-san, I heard Mayu is often called Yuma in genderbend fics. I also miss the Bad Boys. ㅠㅠ
@giotuyet-san, new name! Thank you for reading the fic~! I hope you are enjoying it. Let's see what will happen in the future~

Everyone, thank you for reading. How is the experience thus far? I hope you like it. My semester just ended but I'm still tied up to some responsibilities. I'm actually busier every vacation so I might not be able to write that often but I have already piled up chapters for the time that I will be busy so don't worry about the updates. I just need someone to remind me to update. Hahaha.

Yeah, I hope you are still having fun.

Let's have some character recap:

Shinoda Mariko as Shinoda Mario
Akimoto Sayaka as Akimoto Michael
Saito Asuka (Nogizaka46) as Saito Asuka
Watanabe Mayu as Getters Yuma
Moriya Akane (Keyakizaka46) as Mochizuki Akane
Watanabe Risa (Keyakizaka46) as Waku Risao
Shida Manaka (Keyakizaka46) as Shina Manaki

See you at the next chapter~
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 11 (06-23) | Triggered
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Wasn't Mayu a JunMarco shipper??  XD

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 11 (06-23) | Triggered
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Poor Yuma. He just wanted to meet Maru and then he gets a headbutt.  :mon wtf:  :OMG:

Also it seems like Manaki and Risao are a couple here. Nice  :inlove:  :luvluv2: .
Akane being the third wheel though.  XD :lol:  :pig laugh: :bigdeal:

Fuyu gonna be in so much trouble once Haru comes back from his trip.  :mon evillaff:  :mon evil:
Hope he appears in the next chapter.  :tantrum:

Seems like your tired and busy. Don't force yourself ok~  :hee:
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 11 (06-23) | Triggered
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Haru! Haru!! Haru!!! So Haru is yui in past life and fumie is paruru in past life and yuiparu is couple :3 I wonder if fumie remember her past life memory???  What will happen when she meet haru??? Waiting for your next update :D
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 11 (06-23) | Triggered
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okay cut-sama let me be honest here,

am i the only one who get annoyed with fumie's constant denial ? i mean reading how she react make me want to "come on girl, that man loves you with all of his heart" and why i think that fumie also indirectly responsible about yuma and fuyu's incident here hahaha XD :P

and also since you add some keyakizaka, how about add techi wheter as female or male is fine hehe

well almost all of fuyu, i mean maru''s close friend already appear but....

where is haruppi ?
sorry if i'm asking too much  ;) :nervous

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 11 (06-23) | Triggered
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@Genkikid-san, Yes, she was. But if you have read the special chapter in TTM, the answer is there... I guess. XD

@Goto24-san, Thanks for worrying about me. Don't worry, writing is actually my rest. If I don't write, the scenes will remain in my head and I will keep on imagining about the happenings which really make me tired. Haha.

@giotuyet-san, The answer will be on the next update. :)

@FZA02-san, You are not the only one getting annoyed. Haha.
*spoiler alert* Hirate Yurina already got a special role in this together with Nagahama Neru, Sugai Yuka and Ozono Momoko. You can try and make a guess about their roles. But, I'm still a bit confused if I should change Neru with Yamashita Mizuki.
About the last question, I cannot answer that for now. :)

Thank you for everyone who reads, hits the thanks button and leaves a comment.. I really appreciate it. Coming home after a long day with things like this really brightens my day. I somehow feel that I am not alone. Lol. So much drama but yeah, it's true. Thanks a lot everyone. I'm sorry if the quality is getting lower, I'm a little busy and somehow feeling tired as well but I really like writing and I can not stop with the current happenings in the story. Hahaha. After all the business, I would love to get back with my original twice a week update if time permits. I also don't like waiting for so long. Uhh.. yeah, see you on the next chapter~

Cut :byebye:
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 12 (06-30) | Small World
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Chapter 12: SMALL WORLD

AS MUCH as the school wanted to suspend Fuyu to what he has done to the geinin, Getters Yuma, the administration couldn’t do it since he is the acting Student Council president and he is specially picked by Yokoyama Haru whom they really respect.

Yuma, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be mad at all. The truth is he regained consciousness with a huge smile on his face. He seemed to be really, really happy. He went to search for Fuyu and Fumie right after waking up but the Infiltration crew didn’t let him to go near Fuyu believing that the guy is violent.

The recording resumed with Yuma having a bump on his forehead. It’s all thanks to his bangs that it was not seen. He is convinced that he has found what he was searching for but he chose not to reveal anything in the public for the meantime. He wants to observe how those two are doing and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to present them in the public since they are not well-known.

Aki was laughing really hard at their classroom. It has been three days since the headbutt incident and he still couldn’t move on.

“That funny-looking guy deserves to be headbutted!” He exclaimed to somehow cheer up the gloomy Fuyu. “He even said that I was a girl in my past life. This will really damage my image even more. I’m really glad that you got him for me, Fuyu!”

“Shut up already, Agoki.” Fuyu sighed. “I know that you are happy about me hitting him but my life has been more annoying since the incident.”

That’s true. Now he is not just a lackluster but a violent one. He couldn’t help it. The moment he saw Fumie’s helpless face, his mind just went blank and went to attack Yuma. The feeling to protect Fumie filled him that time. That’s all he could remember.

“Other students are making fun of this matter. I’m okay with them laughing at me but they are also dragging Fumie down. It’s really over for me. I got no more hope.” He then released a vexed sigh. “I’m sure he has already heard of this incident and is laughing in the back of his mind believing that he is right about forsaking me.”

Natsu’s ears twitched right after he heard that statement. He’s sure that Fuyu is talking about their father. He dragged his chair near Fuyu and greeted him cheerfully.

“Fuyu-nii, Fuyu-nii~” he called out. “That day you also met Asuka after a long time, right? How was it? How was it?”

Fuyu sighed at the way Natsu is being pushy. He could clearly see that his brother is just changing the topic. He nonchalantly placed his hand to Natsu’s head which surprised both Natsu and Aki.

“It wasn’t such a good setting for a reunion.” He answered nonchalantly as well. He was patting Natsu’s head while looking at Aki. This made Natsu so delighted that his smile reached from ear to ear. He even wanted to rub his head to his brother just like a cute puppy.

Aki just shrugged and smiled at the sight of the two. It’s nice to see them like this.

And as if on cue, the homeroom teacher went in which they immediately greeted. The teacher smilingly greeted them back. It seems like the teacher is also in a very good mood just like Natsu. He looked around as if looking for someone.

“Matsui-kun, Yamamoto-kun and Hoshizora-kun.” The teacher called out which put the attention of the whole class to them. “Please head to the Student Council room now. There is a very important meeting that needs your attendance.”

Aki turned to Fuyu. “What meeting?”

Fuyu shrugged since he didn’t hear of any meeting that is going to be held today. They just did what the teacher ordered.


THE THREE guys arrived in front of the Student Council room feeling a bit anxious. Fuyu opened the door without even knocking since he is the acting president. They immediately saw the vice president, Akane together with Risao and Manaki. Akane suddenly smirked at Fuyu but the guy just ignored her.

The door closed and the swivel chair that is supposed to be for the president suddenly turned around. A guy was already sitting there and with a warm smile he greeted the three boys.

“Good day, everyone.” He raised his glasses by his index finger. “Did you miss me?”

Aki and Natsu’s faces were immediately filled with delight right after they recognize who the guy is. They rushed to him and gave him a tight hug.

“Haru! I’m really glad you are already back!” Aki said while trying to ruin Haru’s perfectly styled hair. “I really, really missed you!”

“Haru! Where are my presents? You promised me presents from England, right?” Natsu knelt in front of Haru and looked up at him just like a cute puppy.

“Seriously, you two.” Haru sighed. He then turned to the guy by the door. Fuyu was looking at him with misty eyes. Haru stood up from his seat and returned the same look at Fuyu.

“Fuyu…” he called out to the guy more like a whisper.

“Haru…” Fuyu called him back and he smiled faintly at him.

“Fuyu…” Haru called him again as he took his first step towards him.

“Haru…” The winter guy did the same. They ran to each other their arms wide open as if they are lovers who haven’t met for a long period of time…or not?



Their smiling faces were suddenly changed by angry ones. Instead of a hug, they greeted each other with their fists landing straight to each other’s cheeks.

“What the hell were you doing when I was not around!!?” Haru threw another punch at Fuyu which the other guy quickly dodged.

“Why did you even have to make me in charge of the council when you already have the Drill Sergeant here!!?” Fuyu tried to give him another taste of his fist but Haru dodged it as well.

“I did that for you to learn about responsibility but here you are fooling around!!! You’ve even put the name of the school at risk by knocking out a celebrity!!!”

“You know that I am not up to this work and to tell you, that guy was harassing Fumie that’s why I attacked him!!! I don’t care if he is a celebrity!!!”

“You’re judgment are being blinded just because of a girl!!?”

Their brawl continued until their perfectly styled hairs got ruined.

“S-Somebody stop them!!” Akane looked around at the other boys for help but he only found Natsu and Aki casually drinking tea as if nothing is happening. She then turned to Risao and Manaki but the two are busy judging and taking notes on how the Fuyu is throwing his punches. She even peeked to their notes and the title of the entry is “How to be Cool, Cooler and Coolest”.

She spanked the back of their heads to wake them up from reality. “Stop that nonsense and stop them from fighting!”

“It’s okay Drill Sergeant-san, they will stop when they are already tired” That was Aki taking a sip of his green tea.

A few minutes later, the two fell down in the floor. Their eyes are still showing that they could still go on but Haru suddenly started laughing. Fuyu laughed as well.

“Long time no see, Fuyu. I guess you did well than I expected. It’s just that people are more focused on how you are going to mess up than how you are exerting your efforts. Good job.”

“Tch. Don’t say cheesy things. You know that I tried.”

“I know, I know.” Haru smiled. “But that doesn’t change the fact that you somehow messed up.”

“Alright.” Fuyu sighed while fixing his ruined Korean-styled hair.

“See?” Natsu said. “It didn’t take long. We didn’t even finish our tea.”

“The fact that you were able to make tea at that short period of time is something.” Akane shook her head.

The two stood up from the floor as if nothing happened. Their faces are still perfectly handsome as they just dusted off their uniforms. They received a round of applause from the marveled Manaki and Risao.

“What did you call us for anyway, Haru?” Fuyu asked.

“Well, take a seat first.” Haru went back to his swivel chair. He waited until everyone is settled into their seats. “I called all of you here to make plans about this year’s MT.”

“This year’s MT?” Aki repeated. “Now that you’ve said about it we are kind of late already.”

“Yes.” Haru nodded. “We are already late because someone here didn’t organize it. It should’ve been done at the second week of the term.”

Fuyu felt arrows striking him. He dodged Haru’s stare.

“But why are we here?” Natsu asked, pertaining to him and Aki. “We aren’t even part of the SC.”

“Yeah! We are not part of this council!” Fuyu seconded.

“Shut up, Fuyu! You still have to clear the mess you made three days ago.”

“Man~” Fuyu leaned to the table and buried his face to his arms.

“I called you, guys, here for a special mission to be executed in the MT. We will help Fuyu to remove the violent tag on his name. I have actually sorted out some things.” Haru nodded at Risao, a sign that he should start taking notes of the meeting. “Before I discuss that further we should decide in which country we should go.”

“Are we going overseas again? Don’t tell me that it’ll be Europe again this time? We’ve been there for the last two years.” Natsu sighed while remembering all the things he has done when they were in Europe.

“Is that even the issue?” Fuyu talked without raising his head. “Are we really going out of the country knowing that there is an on-going war?”

“Don’t worry, Fuyu. Currently, everything is under ceasefire so we should take this opportunity for the MT. Even though there is an on-going war, the countries couldn’t just let their tourism rate fall down. There are places that are completely free from attacks and are open for tourists.”

“The people behind this nonsense war are hypocrites.” That’s all and Fuyu shut his mouth.

Haru just smiled and went on with the meeting. “We will be under tight security so we will be alright. It’s already tried and tested. The problem now is it seems like the students doesn’t like to go to the west anymore. They complained about the travel time last time we went there.”

“Yeah. Since everyone has their careers, time is very important.” Aki commented. “The last time, I had to be in an interview but since we were so far there was no other way but to conduct it through a video call.”

“I agree with the seniors. I believe somewhere near would be better so in case something happens we can go back to Japan as soon as possible.”

Haru nodded at that opinion of Akane. “So, do you guys have any opinion on where we should go?”

“Somewhere that is not really far, huh? Hmm…” Manaki thought aloud. “How about Guam, Pres.?”

“Guam is so close that it has been a regular vacation destination of most of the students.” Haru rubbed his chin. “It will be a bit risky to go by the sea. We don’t know how much of a kid the freshmen are. It’ll be a shame if someone drowns.”

“Where should we go then?” Natsu’s brows started to furrow thinking of ideas. “Somewhere near and safe… Somewhere where everyone would enjoy…”

Haru turned to the sulking Fuyu. “Do you have anything in mind, Fuyu?”

“I don’t want to go anywhere.” He answered while weakly waving his hand up in the air.

“Come on, there must be some idea in that coconut head of yours.” Aki teased which made him raise his head and look sharply at Aki.

“Agoki.” He pouted and then buried his head back to his arms. “If there is somewhere that I want to go, you guys already know where it is.”

“It’s decided then.” Haru stood up from his seat. “We are going to South Korea.”

A roll of ‘EHH!?’ was heard from everyone in the room. Akane couldn’t believe that Haru agreed to Fuyu’s suggestion like that. He didn’t even ask about where it is. He already knows what he is talking about. He also didn’t ask for what the students will benefit there in that place. Haru just said yes as if he is just waiting for Fuyu to talk about that place.

“A-Are you serious, Haru?” Fuyu asked, his lips parted. “Are we really going there?”

Haru nodded. “Korea has a rich pop music culture. Their old culture is also well-preserved. It’ll be nice to see those things once in a while. Plus, it is still a little breezy in that place so there won’t be any problem with the weather change. There are also a lot of great places where we can conduct the Membership Training.”

“Fuyu-nii! We are going to Korea! You want to go there for a long time now, right?” Natsu cheerfully told his brother. “We will finally go there!”

“Y-Yeah.” Fuyu smiled hesitatingly. He still couldn’t believe that he would be able to go to Korea at last. He doesn’t know but there seems to be a strange force that pulls him to that country.

“Manaki, Risao. Start researching about the place where we could stay. Choose the best one so we will not hear any complain from the students. Akane-san, please start making schedule of activities. I know I can trust your planning skills so I’m giving you this task. The MT will be three days and two nights just like the usual. Tours are great but I would like to see more team-building activities.”

The three nodded at Haru and booted their laptops.

“And now for the four of us…” Haru raised his glasses and smirked. The other members of Shiki gulped in anxiousness. “Let’s go somewhere to start with our part.”



“Good morning, I am Watanabe Yuma. I’ll be in your care.”

Class 2-D was in awe of the sudden appearance of a bishonen. He is such an eye candy and seems like he is someone you could never resist. This guy has just transferred into their class.

Yuma is smiling proudly. He could clearly remember that phone call he had with Yokoyama Haru. He apologized for what Fuyu has done and in order to compensate, he is willing to grant one request. Without further thinking, Yuma answered that he wants to study in NHG. He knows that Haru might be surprised and his request is too much but this is his only chance to get into that school. And to ask that to Yokoyama Haru it has 99.9% possibility.

“Being hit in the forehead is such a big blessing.” He chuckled to himself. “And look at them; they couldn’t even recognize that I am Getters Yuma without the silly mask and glasses.”

“Watanabe-kun, you can take the empty seat behind Watanabe Miyu-san.” The teacher pointed at the seat and he went there as soon as possible. He could feel the heavy stare from Miyu and Maki. It seems like they have recognized him. He just smiled at them, knowing who they were in their past lives.

As he was walking towards his seat, he had a glimpse of Fumie who is currently spacing out. Her chin is resting on her palm while staring blankly at the direction of the Seniors’ Tower. Yuma couldn’t help but to heave a sigh after seeing that troubled face.

“You will constantly feel sad if you keep running away from your destiny.”

Yuma has already gone through the gossip page of NHG to find more proofs about his observation. Everything that he has read just gave further support to his theories—Fuyu’s obsession with a certain smell, that smell being discovered from a new comer that really looks like that girl. What bothers him the most is why Fumie doesn’t feel the same way as Fuyu.

Lunch time came and Fumie heavily stood up from her seat. Yuma was about to follow her but he was immediately halted by the frowning Miyu and Maki.

“Aren’t you guys going to get lunch?” Fumie weakly asked. The two hid Yuma in their back.

“Go ahead, Fumie-chan. We will go after you.” Maki waved at her.

“We will follow you right after we finish something. Don’t get lost, okay?” That was Miyu covering everything up with her smile.

Fumie took a deep breath. “Alright… I’ll just go get some bread for today. Hmmm… I’ll just go get Melon Pan for you guys as well. How about that?”

“Cool, cool! Thanks for that, Fumie-chan!”

That’s all and the girl went out of the classroom. She seems to be really, really down. The other two immediately went back to Yuma who is just sitting comfortably at his seat with his arms crossed.

“You are that funny-looking guy from last time, right?” Miyu asked as if she is some inspector. “Your mask fell when Hoshi-senpai headbutted you so we know who you are!”

“Wow~ So you even call him that way, huh? Shouldn’t you be calling him Waru-kun?”

Miyu backed out a little bit and then looked at Maki as if she is asking her what the hell is this guy saying. “Go and talk to him, Maki-chan. You might have the same language.” Maki took a deep breath and stroke her favorite pose.

“Tell us the reason why you are here or I can’t help but to use my geass to you!” Maki even covered her left eye. “I admired you but I can’t believe that you are someone who randomly attack girls like Fumie-chan!”

Yuma’s brow twitched a little. “I never expected that you will be back here with that kind of personality.” The guy sighed and then smirked. “Well, to tell you the truth…” He took a deep breath and with a confident smile on his face he said,

I’m here to help Maru-sama be with Paruru-san.”

“W-What!?” The two asked in chorus.

“What are you even talking about?” Maki asked. “I can’t decipher your thoughts!”

“Maru-sama? P-Paruru?” Miyu repeated the names the guy mentioned. “You mean—“

“Yes!” Yuma stood up from his seat and pulled down his blazer. “I’m talking about that story. According to my analysis, Maru-sama is seriously running out of time.


FUMIE suddenly snapped back to reality and she just found out that she is nowhere near their tower. She looked around only to find that she is in the building where the library is located. ‘Why is she even there?’ is a question that she was also asking herself.

Everything somehow went back to her mind when she remembered the place she is standing at. It was the place where Yuma found him. It is also the place where she saw Fuyu running to save her. She held her chest as it started to tighten.

“Why am I feeling like this?” She asked herself. The scene flashbacks to her as if it is playing on hologram. Fuyu came to save her and then all of a sudden, Maki and Miyu arrived with Asuka. She heard Fuyu call the girl’s name, looking really surprised about meeting her in the school.

Asuka smiled at him and then uttered his name. And just like that she felt that she already got lost in Fuyu’s sight but all of his attention transferred to the idol. Miyu and Maki rushed to her to check if she is alright and the two was left into the world of their own.

She couldn’t hear what they were talking about because her two friends were too loud but she managed to read Asuka’s lips.

“Aitakatta… (I missed you…)” is what she read the girl said, her eyes a bit misty. She saw Fuyu scratched the back of his head a bit, probably feeling shy. His arm slowly stretched towards the idol and with much hesitation, he patted Asuka’s head which made the girl filled with delight. She has never seen Asuka smiled like that ever in her career.

At that moment she heard a voice inside her head saying, “That should be me.”

Fumie gasped to herself after realizing that regretful sentence she just heard from her inner self. From that day onwards, that thought never left her—the idea that she might be jealous.

“And why am I even here expecting to see him again?” Fumie asked herself then sighed. She turned around to go back to their tower when she suddenly heard footsteps from the stairs.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Going to get lunch.”

“We are not done yet!”

“It’s already lunch time. I need to eat.”

“We will not eat until we are not perfecting it!”

“We won’t perfect it if we are hungry!”

Fumie’s heart started to quake when she recognized the owner of the other voice. She wanted to move and hide but her feet remained rooted on the ground. Soon after, she saw Fuyu coming down from the stairs at his usual ice-cold, poker face.

The guy noticed him quickly through her scent and he froze right after their eyes met.

“F-Fumie?” he called out.

“Hoshizora Fuyu, come back here—“

Haru stopped when he saw the girl that halted Fuyu’s escape. Fumie also noticed him and with a loud voice, as if on cue, they exclaimed in chorus,




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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 12 (06-30) | Small World
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So the haru-fumie first meeting isn't the first meeting then! Maybe they meet in dream about past life @@ well maybe i watch so much romance drama @@ I wonder what that story is?? Things that mix???  and maru-sama is fuyu??? Time out???? It will take a few chapter for the answer then!!! I'm looking forward for your next update!!!
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 12 (06-30) | Small World
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Heyyy.. finally my time to shine! Lol. I'm new in this fandom so please be gentle with me...  :hee:

Yuma’s brow twitched a little. “I never expected that you will be back here with that kind of personality.” The guy sighed and then smirked. “Well, to tell you the truth…” He took a deep breath and with a confident smile on his face he said,

I’m here to help Maru-sama be with Paruru-san.”

“W-What!?” The two asked in chorus.

“What are you even talking about?” Maki asked. “I can’t decipher your thoughts!”

“Maru-sama? P-Paruru?” Miyu repeated the names the guy mentioned. “You mean—“

“Yes!” Yuma stood up from his seat and pulled down his blazer. “I’m talking about that story. According to my analysis, Maru-sama is seriously running out of time.”


Lmao. I don't know how to quote so I copied it instead. Sooooo, what do you mean when Maru-sama is running out of time? Yuma doesn't just read faces (past life of a person) but also their future or something?   :on hypto:

Haru stopped when he saw the girl that halted Fuyu’s escape. Fumie also noticed him and with a loud voice, as if on cue, they exclaimed in chorus,



I think they are like childhood friends or something... I think I've read about that somewhere ... I think it's on chapter 1 when Fumieparu was looking at the Student Council Bulletin Board or something...  :glasses:

FUMIE is looking at the bulletin board by the first floor corridor in the Junior’s Tower. Posted on it is the picture of the Student Council president who has been governing the school ever since he was a freshman. It was Yokoyama Haru.

The girl examined the guy on the poster very well because he looks kind of familiar to her. Haru is wearing glasses with rectangular frames and is looking so respectable in the poster. He is the model of the school; even his achievements are written in the poster and it is such a long list.

“He has already reached a lot at a very young age? Wow.” She marveled while looking at the list. “It would be really a waste if he would turn out to be gay like the rumors say.”

Since Haruyui and Fumieparu were like bestfiends turned lovers on TTM is there another chance for a love triangle between Fumieparu, Fuyumaru and Haruyui this time? Also will there be a time for a bromance between Haruyui and Akisaya? :luvluv2: Imma really looking forward to it tbh :shy2:  :wriggly: :wahaha:

Anyway, I'm looking forward to everything you write. Love it when the said Sayaka's fic TTM was here. Ganbare Cut-san  :on asmo:
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 12 (06-30) | Small World
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ahaha seriously cut-sama you just make me laugh at fuyu and haru 'reunion' scene, and how the heck the others 2 can make a tea in that time and sip it without care in the world really cracked me up wahaha :rofl:

to say i wasn't surprised with yuma's presence as transfer student would be a lie, i didn't expect him to enroll in NHG, and what's more, his word about helping maru and paruru to be together is surprising

but the more surprising part when fumie and haru seems to know each other, somehow i sense this will bring some trouble/heartache/jealousy and love triangle toward fuyu.(add natsu or aki and it will be square )  XD

now, let me try to guess, they will meet someone in south korea aren't they ? maybe accidentally. and the people that i can think of is between haruppi or techi and another keyaki members ? :nervous   

in the end this is great chapter thank you, i will wait for the next

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 12 (06-30) | Small World
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Hey Cut-san hisashiburi you know there is a song perfect for your story if you have listen to the ost of kimi no na wa Zen Zen Zense its kind of a match in a way but the english one would be good to try to listen to the original song then the english cover i'll provide the link for the english one in youtube.
"Zen Zen Zense" English cover link:
Or just search it in youtube
Thank you as always.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 12 (06-30) | Small World
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Ohhoo I'm waiting for the harufumiefuyu love triangle  :jphip:
And the truth behind akiharu gay rumor :jphip:

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 13 (07-07) | Who Deserves Who?
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Fuyu looked back and forth at Fumie and Haru. What on earth is happening?

“D-Do you know each other?” The guy asked, his eyebrows forming a knot.

“Yeah…” Haru answered. His eyes are still on Fumie. “When I was in Wales, I helped a Japanese girl go back to her house because she got lost. I couldn’t believe that I will meet her again here!”

“I-It was you!?” Fumie gasped. “No wonder you look familiar when I saw your picture.”

Haru smiled at her. “It’s nice to see you again. I hope you are not getting lost again.”

Fumie started to blush. The fact that her feet just brought her here and she technically got lost is embarrassing. Fuyu noticed the way she blushed which made the boy’s heart clench.

“Heeeey~! Don’t just run from us—“ Natsu halted when he saw Fumie downstairs. A smile curved up his lips. “Fumie-chaaaan~!”

Haru’s ears twitched. “Fumie? So she is the girl with the scent!?“ He turned to Fuyu who immediately averted his stare.

“You don’t know?” Aki asked. He came after them together with Natsu. “Their story is all over the gossip page of this school.”

“I am not visiting that page. You know that I am not interested with gossips. I just know that Fuyu has already found the girl he is looking for but I haven’t seen her face.” Haru explained then turned back to Fumie. It seems like he still couldn’t believe everything. “Such a small world!”

“I-It really is!” Fumie couldn’t believe that the Japanese guy that helped her when she got lost in a city in Wales was non-other than Yokoyama Haru. He was like an angel from heaven that time because if he didn’t appear and help her then maybe she’s still wandering until now. She was not able to ask for his name when he suddenly disappeared just like an actual angel. “I-It’s nice to see you again. Thank you for leading me back last time.”

“No worries! I’m glad that I helped a fellow Japanese.”

“I’m going to eat now. I am really starving.” That was Fuyu. He was quick to leave without even waiting for the response of his friends.

“W-Wait, Fuyu!” Haru called him back. “Aren’t you going to properly introduce me your girlfriend?”

Natsu and Aki gasped. The former even bit his lips. This is what happens when you are not updated with gossips. Fumie was also shocked by the sudden question from Haru.

“You have already met each other. There’s no need for introductions.” He slightly turned his head to them but he isn’t directly looking at them. “And… she’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have any relationship with her. Please stop linking her to me. I feel bad for her.”

That’s all and he left. Natsu took a few seconds before he could recover from the shock. He called out for his brother and ran after him. “See you around, Fumie-chan.” Natsu awkwardly smiled at her before going.

“I guess I have to follow them as well.” Aki shrugged as he went downstairs. He stopped in front of Fumie and smiled at her. “Seems like he is already waking up. Isn’t it good news for you, Fumie-chan?”

Fumie was shocked at Aki’s innuendo. She immediately bowed her head to avoid his stare. Aki then turned to Haru. “Let’s go and eat first, Haru. The task can wait. See you around Fumie-chan. Say hi to Miyu-chan and Maki-chan for me.”

That’s all and Aki also left. Haru was left there confused.

“Why did everything suddenly turn awkward?” he asked himself, audible enough for Fumie to hear. “I think I have a lot of catching up to do. See you around…”

“Shingyoji… Shingyoji Fumie-desu…”

“See you around, Shingyoji-san. It’s really nice to see you again.”

Haru rushed to the direction where his friends went. Fumie suddenly felt her knees tremble that she had to sit on the stairs just to have it rest. She was dumbfounded. Those words kept on echoing in the back of her mind.

[She’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have any relationship with her. Please stop linking her to me. I feel bad for her.]

Fumie held her chest and coiled forward.

“Why does it hurt this much?”


A LOT of people were greeting Haru while they were on their way to the cafeteria. It seems like the students are really pleased to see him back. Even the teachers are overjoyed that the student council presidency is already back to its rightful owner. They don’t have to worry about anything.

It’s really a sight to find the Shiki complete in the cafeteria. What a lovely sight it is for the girls. All the HaruAki shippers are rejoicing to the reunion of their OTP.

They sat on the usual table they use. It is the one in the corner near the window.

“So you are saying that Fuyu was turned down?” Haru asked Natsu. The latter gave out a series of nods.

“To put it simply, Fumie-chan doesn’t feel the same way for him. There isn’t any sigh that she was also searching for Fuyu-nii at the very least. And to top all of that, Fumie-chan wants to be an idol.” Natsu then took a spoonful of his food.

“That must be really hard for Fuyu, eh?” Haru commented.

“You’re totally right about that.” Aki seconded. “It really became so awkward for the two of them. It seems like Fumie-chan was really traumatized about Fuyu suddenly declaring her as his girlfriend at the very first time they met.”

“No wonder she turned Fuyu down. I know romance is a lot more fast-paced these days but being someone’s girlfriend without even knowing the name of the boy is like getting into forced marriage.”

“Please stop talking like that as if I’m not here.” Fuyu rolled his eyes in disbelief. He was trying to focus on his food but these three won’t leave him in peace. “I know that I started really badly. Every move I make just pushes her farther from me. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Are you going to surrender now, Fuyu-nii?” Natsu asked. A hint of worry is on his face.

Fuyu remained silent and went back to eating which somehow made Natsu and Aki panicked a little. Haru shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, now that you know that this girl that you are waiting for doesn’t feel the same way for you, I think you should focus on developing yourself. You are seriously overflowing with talents and abilities. Don’t let them lay wasted.”

Fuyu didn’t say anything. He is already tired getting this kind of reminder. He hears this almost from everyone.

“You are good looking and you can do things effortlessly. Don’t rest your fate just on one girl. I understand that there might be a special feeling behind that but you should look at the long-term effects.”

Fuyu sighed. Haru lecturing him is really getting to his nerves but he understands where the guy is pulling out everything.

He’s on the same page anyway. He has been waiting for the day that he meets the girl that he has been looking for but it ended up this way. The feeling of laying down his life just for this girl is still there. There is no doubt that he loves her. He has been loving her even before he met her.

But, the rejection and the continuous avoidance seem like it has already taken a toll to his patience. Doubt has already sprung out in his head. What if everything he has believed from the very beginning isn’t true? What if everything is just like as everyone is saying? That he is just a delusional, good for nothing lackluster… Everything that he has been dreaming of… What if all of those are really just a dream?

“Hey Aki…” Fuyu was brought back to his senses when he heard Haru. “You got some sauce on your lips. Come here and let me wipe it from you.”

“Eh? Really?” Aki leaned towards Haru and the latter gently wiped the sauce away from his lips. Somehow they heard gasps from the people in the cafeteria.

Natsu smirked. “You are giving them fanfic material again.”

“Is it really bad that we are this close?” Aki sighed. “I’m really going to get whoever is it that writes that R-18 story about me and Haru. That doesn’t help to my image at all.”

“Are you guys reading it?” Natsu casually asked before taking a spoonful. The two just shook their heads. “You should go and check it. You might find clues on whoever is writing it. I heard that there are similar happenings that happened in real life.”

Aki shook his head furiously. “I think I couldn’t take to read it.”

“I don’t have time for it either.” Haru commented.

A buzzing sound from Fuyu’s phone somehow caught their attention. They were a bit surprised because this guy has always set his phone notification into silent unless it is really important.

The guy was surprised to have the attention in him. He just ignored them and reached for his phone.

“Who’s that, Fuyu-nii?” Natsu asked. His neck stretching just to take a peek.


The other three froze on their places after Fuyu nonchalantly answered. He answered like talking to the top idol of the generation is not a big deal at all.

“What?” He asked; his brows in a knot.

Natsu cleared his throat and tried to talk in a lower voice. “Are you really chatting with Asuka-chan, Fuyu-nii?”

Fuyu sighed and looked back to his phone. “She asked for my contact when we met last time and we’ve been talking through LINE since then. She messages me whenever she gets her break.”

“Fuyu-kun, I am having my lunch now. I hope you are eating your lunch on time, too. We are currently doing an MV for a new song. Please look forward to it.”

Fuyu almost shrieked when Aki suddenly appeared behind him and read the message aloud. He tried to hit him but Aki was fast to dodge him. “The message ended with a heart emoji.” The guy casually went back to his seat while telling the others what he saw.

“What the hell is wrong with you, people?” Fuyu tried to calm himself then sent Asuka a quick reply. After that he quickly put all the food in his mouth and stood up. He left the other guys as if he doesn’t know them. He went to return his plate with his mouth full.

Haru just shook his head and went back to his food. “He’s such an innocent kid.”

“Fuyu-nii should just go for Asuka. It’s very obvious that she likes him!” Natsu commented with a pout. “I’m not saying that I don’t like Fumie-chan for him but why not go to someone who likes you than to the one that keeps pushing you away?”

“That’s some deep words you have there, Natsu.” Aki smiled while slowly shaking his head. “But seeing him with a doubtful face about the girl with the scent is something that really surprised me. We all know how he was so sure of that girl, right?”

Natsu shrugged. “Don’t know.”I’m for FuyuAshu!” He looked down a bit and whispered. “Although I also like Fumie-chan because she became the bridge for me and Fuyu-nii.”

“Poor Fuyu… Having all the woman in his life as idols…” Aki commented then there was silence.

Haru seemed like he is in a deep thought. He stopped eating and placed his spoon on the table. He turned to Natsu who somehow got a bit surprised. “What is it?” the other guy asked.

Haru took a deep breath. “Well…” he started. “Could you tell me anything about Shingyoji Fumie?”


“I’m eating lunch now with my friends. Have a good time in your shoot. Ganbare.”

Asuka gave out a sweet smile after reading Fuyu’s reply. It was sent with no emojis at all but it was enough to make her day. The short chat she is having with the guy is what keeps her going these days. She’s glad that she is finally talking with Fuyu again.

“The way he sends message is really just like him.”

She murmured to herself while reading their past messages. She wanted to open up the topic about Fumie but she knows that everything will be awkward if she does. It is better to keep the conversation topic to be just about the two of them. She better not start something that she will instantly regret.

She suddenly remembered the scene where Fuyu came to ‘save’ Fumie from Yuma’s hands. It was really a big shock for her to see Fuyu that violent to the extent of knocking Yuma down.

Asuka leaned to the table and blew her bangs with a sigh. Her phone is still right in front of her face. “Fuyu-kun really cares for that girl, huh….”

She turned off her phone’s screen and then closed her eyes. She is supposed to eat lunch but she is watching her weight these days so she’s skipping it and will just try to take a nap. She let her thoughts wander until her memories took her somewhere in the past.

The third grade middle-schooler Fuyu flashed on her sight. It was that scene again. The guy was just standing under a tree looking somewhere far. He was wearing that black suit. His face wasn’t showing any emotion at all. It was such a perfect poker face.

The boy noticed her looking at him and he turned to Asuka’s way. She doesn’t know whatever the boy is feeling after seeing her. His face literally says nothing. She just went near him without asking for permission.

The boy looked back at wherever he was looking at and with a cold voice he said, “Go home, Asuka. They won’t like it if they see you hanging out with me.”

“Fuyu-kun…” Asuka called out to him. She isn’t used to Fuyu being cold to her like this.

“Everyone has already abandoned me. No one wants to keep me.”

That look upon his face… Asuka couldn’t help but wonder why the world and Fuyu don’t seem to be in a good relationship. Why is everything that happens to him seems to be bad and will break his core into pieces? Why does it have to be always him that ends up suffering?

Those eyes… She knows that he is just pretending that he could handle everything but it is evident to his eyes that he is close to breaking down. How long is he going to put up a front that he is okay? How long will he try to convince himself that everything is fine as it is?

“Fuyu-kun…” She tried to reach out to him but her hand was swatted away.

“Go back home!” Fuyu shouted; his voice cracked. “I’m fine being alone! I don’t need anybody else! Just go and leave me alone!”

“But, Fuyu-kun—“

Asuka gasped when Fuyu suddenly hit the tree with his fist. She could see blood flowing down from his knuckles but Fuyu just bit his lips to suppress the pain.

“Just go away, Asuka…” Fuyu commanded in a low, shaky voice. He raised his head and looked at the girl only to reveal his watery eyes. He tried to smile at Asuka and the tears just started flowing. “I-I’m okay, Asuka… I’m okay—“

He was not able to continue what he was saying when Asuka jumped to hug him. The girl smiled at her, her eyes a bit watery. “I’m here, Fuyu-kun… I will never leave you. I will stay beside you.”

Fuyu’s face crumpled even more. He fell on his feet and started crying like a lost child. Asuka hugged him even tighter while he helplessly cries; letting out everything that he has been suppressing for he doesn’t know how long now.

“What have I done to be treated like this, Asuka? Why do people always make me feel that I don’t fit in? There’s nowhere I belong to… Nowhere!”

Tears started to flood Asuka’s eyes. She just let Fuyu cry for she knows it would really help if he lets his emotions out. The past days are considered the worst days in Fuyu’s life but no family member was there to help him get up and move on. Instead, they have been discussing who will take him into custody but no real family member seems interested to take him in.

After a few minutes the guy somehow calmed down. He leaned on the tree; covering his eyes with his hand because he is embarrassed for crying in front of his friend. Asuka also leaned on the tree. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the sobbing Fuyu.

She reached out for his injured hand which somehow surprised the guy. Fuyu removed the cover of his eyes and turned to Asuka. His breathing is still not stable. The girl wrapped his hand with her handkerchief to stop it from bleeding.

Asuka then smiled at him, her eyes swollen. That smile…

“Don’t worry, Fuyu-kun…” Asuka held his hand tightly. “I promise I will never leave you.”

The scene warped and was changed into her early memories of being an idol. It was after the day their group’s song reached number one in the weekly charts for the first time. The demand about her has increased drastically after centering the song.

Just like usual, Fuyu has dropped by her house after his class. He is now in his first year in NeoHorikoshi while Asuka is in her last year in middle school. Before heading to his part-time job, Fuyu would come to visit her for a small talk.

“There is still no improvement with your dancing. It is evident to your last night’s performance.” Fuyu casually dissed her while he is looking at the fashion magazine where Asuka has been featured.

“Eh? You watched it?” Asuka asked; her cheeks a little pink. She’s on her bed, lying on her stomach. She’s currently looking at the internet about her group. Little did she know that that group of hers would be quickly disbanded and she would go solo.

“Of course I watched it. Don’t you know how many times you sent me a message just to watch it?” Fuyu coldly answered but the truth was he was really looking forward to that performance. “But you did your best. You were really shining last night. It was really stunning.”

Asuka got startled for a moment. Fuyu just gave her a compliment, right? She couldn’t help but to be happy. She had to cover her face with her phone so that Fuyu won’t see her foolishly smiling to herself.

“Thank you, Fuyu-kun…” She said, more of a whisper. Nothing could make her happier than being complimented by the boy that she loves. If only this boy would look at her the same way, she would be willing to give up everything just for him.

A knock on her door was heard and the door opened a little, giving enough space for her mother to take a peek. Her mother is in her usual poker face.

“I’m sorry but can I invite Fuyu-kun for a talk? Please follow me in the living room.”

That’s all and her mother left them. The two looked at each other. Fuyu is curiously asking what would be the conversation about but the girl couldn’t give him anything other than a shrug. Fuyu stood up from the floor where he was sitting and then went out of the room.

There was an incredible wave of emotion in Asuka’s heart. She suddenly felt restless. She wanted to come out of her room to eavesdrop but her mother will surely not like it. All that she could do is for Fuyu to come back.

After a dreaded seven minutes of her life, Fuyu came back to her room with a suspicious smile on his face. He went to pick his bag, gave Asuka a smile and then went back to the door.

“W-Wait! Are you leaving already?” Asuka halted him. He is supposed to leave thirty minutes later.

“Sorry, Asuka.” Fuyu scratched his head. “While I was talking to your mom I got a call from my boss. He told me to come early. Jaa—“

“USO!” Asuka frowned. “You left your phone here when you went out!”

Fuyu’s smile widened. His laugh made everything more suspicious. “I really have to go now.”

“W-Wait! Fuyu-kun!”

“Gomen, Asuka…”

That’s all and Fuyu left her room. For a moment she was lost at the sudden happenings but then she realized that the best thing to get clarification is to go after the guy. And she did. After slapping her face to gather courage, she went out of her room only to see her mother blocking her way out.

“Okaa-san!” She called out to her mom but the lady just slowly shook her head.

“From now on, Fuyu-kun is not allowed to visit you.”

Her world almost shattered when she heard those cold words of her mom. She felt like she has swallowed her tongue.

“B-But Okaa-san! You know that I like—“

“That’s the main reason why I told him to go away. You are on your way in becoming a national idol. I won’t let your career be destroyed if some bunshun catches a boy coming into your house. He understands me and he agreed with everything that I said. You have to focus to your goal on becoming the top idol of this generation.”

“But that’s not my goal! It was your own dream!” Asuka argued. Her eyes are getting watery. “Please Okaa-san, let me through. I promised Fuyu-kun that I will not leave him alone! Please take back your words about driving him away!”

“Enough of this discussion, Asuka. Think about your fans that are sincerely rooting for you. Don’t give your all to just one guy. We both know that the girl that Fuyu-kun is searching for is not—“

“I DON’T CARE!” Asuka pushed her way off. She ran downstairs, gnashing her teeth in frustration. She dashed towards their gate. Thank goodness Fuyu is still there.

“Fuyu-kun!” She called out to him. She wasn’t even able to wear anything on her feet.

The guy turned to her with a surprised expression. “What’s up with that face?” he asked.

“Don’t leave!” Asuka shouted. She’s panting heavily because of the surge of emotions.

Fuyu only smiled at her. “I have to. I can’t afford to cause you any trouble.”

“But Fuyu-kun, the truth is I—“

“Don’t worry, Asuka.” Fuyu cut her sentence. “While you are on your journey on being the top idol, I will look for the girl with the scent so you won’t have to worry about me anymore. The moment I find her, I believe I will never be alone like this again. Well, it’s not that I hate being alone. I’m already used to it and I realized that there is nothing bad with it.”

His smile widened, hoping that it will send the girl at ease. “Thank you for taking care of me all this time. Please be successful as much as you can be.”

Fuyu opened the gate but before going out, he turned back to the girl who is trying to keep her tears from falling. “Don’t worry about me. I’m really going to be okay. Once I find her, I will introduce her to you. I’m going now.”

This is the moment in her life that she really wanted to go back to if ever she would be given a chance. She would like to reset everything. She would tell Fuyu that the girl he was looking for would not return his feelings like he was thinking. If time would ever permit, she would go back and then tell him straight to his face what she truly feels about him. She won’t let herself be swallowed by the fact that she is not the girl with the scent because she knows that that girl would not help Fuyu at all. She would tell him that she has been loving him since the beginning.

Her nap was suddenly disturbed when her phone vibrated. Her eyes opened in a flash hoping that it is Fuyu. A wonderful smile was pasted on her face right after reading the sender’s name. It is indeed Fuyu!

There will be an MT next week and it will be held in Korea. It will be for three days and two nights like the usual. Will you be able to come with us?

Asuka jumped from her seat which surprised her manager.

“Wada-san! Can you please make changes with my schedule for next week? I want to attend our school’s MT.”

The manager’s jaw dropped for the sudden request. He looked at his neuro linker to view Asuka’s schedule. “Let me see what I can do with that.”

“Thank you, Wada-san!” Asuka went back to her seat and sent a reply to Fuyu. She couldn’t help but smile foolishly to herself.

“It isn’t late for me, right? It isn’t late for us to pick up where we stopped, right?”


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