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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44185 times)

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Jajajaja Mayuki is better  :heart:

I'll be waiting for your update too! :peace:
Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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aww i love saeyuki thanx!! :D
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@bochang: As always, oppa is the first one. :P hahaha
*shrugs* Who knows~? :3
I may be a shipper of YukiRena at the moment, but then I used to ship Mayuki (maybe even now?)
But then... Maybe this next update shall be the answer to your guessing? :hiakhiakhiak:

@kahem: Thank you~! \(^ u ^)/

@Sieka-nee: :hiakhiakhiak: Well~ Maybe this next update shall be the answer? :3
And seriously... I wish that my teachers would just give me a break.
This is YukiRena's week! I need to make a tribute for the two of them!
Thank you for commenting as well~ Nyahahahahaha :3

@sakura_drop: Well, Sakura-san... Even I was having my doubts in choosing who to pair her up with.
It seems that everyone just loves our dear Yukirin. :hiakhiakhiak:

@Pwety: Hmm~ Maybe next time? I might do one if one requests it. hahaha

@Haruko:  :nervous maybe I'll do one next time?

A/N: Anyways~ Here's the second part of the birthday special! I'm really hopeless with one-shots, aren't I? I wanted to make this into one, but it ended into parts instead. :nervous

The sounds of heavy breathing filled in the whole room, along with the smell of bodies sweating as the people inside worked their bodies hard. The lights hanging from the ceiling would sway here and there, due to the vibrations made by the girls' feet as they danced.

The music was blarring loud and clear and the moves that everyone were making were in perfect rhythm. All of them sang their hearts out, although this was just a normal practice for every one of them, not wanting to 'slack off'.

However, even though everyone was putting their very best into their singing and dancing, there seemed to be something missing. A voice that was supposed to be easily distinguished from among the rest, could no longer be found.

Everyone looked at their Team Captain from the corners of their eyes, wondering what had caused the powerful singer to sound like everyone else, when she was clearly supposed to be easily heard. When they did, they saw the raven gasping and panting, as if she was having a hard time in catching up with the beat.

Unable to take in the slightly disappointing practice, the instructor clapped her hands as she stopped the music. She sighed and started massaging the temples of her head, before giving the panting Team Captain a side glance.

"Everyone, focus!" she gave another sigh, before continuing on. "This has been the fifth time!"

"I know that all of you are tired," she stared at Yukirin, and crossed her arms over her chest. "But if you keep on going at this pace, you will never be able to go home."
Everyone remained quiet as they stared at the sweaty raven, before letting out a chorus of 'yes'. As they returned to the very first position, everyone noticed how pale and weak Yukirin was looking. The girl's skin has gotten quiet cold, and her face was redder than usual.

Her legs seemed to have been looking wobbly as well, while her arms trembled. She had managed to catch her breath, but her breathing was still audible for everyone to hear.

The music started to blare once more, and everyone carefully watched their captain's movements. Her usual graceful movements have now been replaced by a sloppy mess, looking so weak and unsuitable to the powerful song that they were dancing to.
Everyone saw how she shook her head, and continuously wiped the sweat coming down onto her eyes. She was starting to slow down at the part where it was supposed to be quick, making their instructor click her tongue and give out a disappointed sigh.

Knowing that those were directed at her,Yukirin gritted her teeth hard and started forcing her heavy and fatigued body to dance even more. Her movements have slightly returned to the way she would normally dance to the song, making everyone give a sigh of relief as they started thinking of the rest they would receive once this song finishes.

But just then...


Just as the song started to reach its climax, Yukirin tripped over her own legs and dropped to her side with a loud thud as the very same side made contact with the floor. Wanting to give everyone the rest they deserve, she started scrambling to her feet, only to fall back down onto her butt as her legs finally gave up on her.

The music stopped with a halt and a certain Cyborg, named Watanabe Mayu, rushed to the girl's side. She saw the girl's pained expression and looked back at their instructor, sending a message that the raven has finally reached her limit for the day.

Letting out a sigh, the instructor massaged her temples once more and spoke. "Kashiwagi, go and rest for the day."

"B-but," Yukirin started, only to be stopped by Mayu's glare.
"You need to rest."

"I-I can still dance." the raven lied, wobbly standing up as she gave a smile. "See?"

"You haven't had enough sleep for the past few days," Mayu told her with narrowed eyes.

"You need to get some sleep."

"But I just slept in the dressing ro-" Yukirin retorted.

But the younger girl only silenced her once more with a snap. "You need to rest!"

Everyone watched silently, not wanting to receive the wrath of the Cyborg Girl. Not only that, they believe that the Team Captain needs her rest, knowing how busier she has been after the latest election.

Seeing how their captain were glancing at each and one of them with a look that shows her inner turmoil in leaving them to practice while she rests, they nodded. Then giving a smile, they all patted her on the back and smiled warmly.

"Go get some sleep, Cap't." they said before nodding at the Cyborg Girl, and telling her to make sure that their captain takes a cab home instead of walking through the cold weather.

Nodding back in return, Mayuyu slung one of Yukirin's arms around her neck and started walking to the exit as their instructor told her to come back to the practice room the moment she manages to send Yukirin home.

As they left the room, everyone watched their captain with worried eyes as they stare at her walking out of the room weakly, hoping and wishing for her to stop working herself till she dropped.


The two girls were walking along the hallway, side by side. The taller and older of the two had her arms slung over the younger one, leaning and letting the girl take the weight she was giving. Somehow sensing the girl's discomfort in carrying her weight after several steps they have taken, she then spoke.


The raven-haired stopped in her tracks, feeling that she was depending too much on the smaller girl. Though she was feeling extremely tired to the point that she could collapse right there on the spot, she decided to lean away, since it was making things really awkward for her to deal with.

The other cause of her discomfort was the silence that has formed in between them, since Mayuyu would usually be talkative no matter how tired both girls were whenever they were alone.

"Mayuyu?" she repeated, only this time as a question when the said girl refused to look back at her, nor even acknowledge when she spoke.

Reaching her hand out, she started tapping the girl on the shoulder, only to have it pushed away the moment Mayuyu has finally turned around. She was now staring at Yukirin with a slightly angry expression on her face, making the raven retract her hand back to her side.

"Mayu-" she started to say, wanting to apologize for anything that she caused to make the younger girl mad at her.

However, she was interrupted from the start with the girl's snap. "Why didn't you stay at home?"

"Well, I have work and-"

Interrupting once more, Mayuyu cried at her. "You should have stayed and took a break!"

"What if you collapse like the last time?!"

"Mayu," the raven-haired sighed, massaging her temples as the girl's angry cry made her head ache. "I'm telling you, I had work and-"

"-you still need to rest!"

"It's your birthday, after all!" Mayuyu cried at her a bit louder, flailing her arms angrily. "You can't just work on a day you're supposed to be resting!"

The older girl sighed and kept quiet, letting Mayuyu continue her anrgy ranting about Yukirin not resting and sleeping properly, as well as the day off one should have on their birthday. Somehow in the middle of the ranting she was receiving, the girl's voice was suddenly blocked out by her ears while her vision of the girl slowly looked like she was several meters away from her.

Her thoughts suddenly flew to the dream she had before, and the great disappointment she had when she found Sae holding her hand instead of her.

"-rin." A voice suddenly brought her out of her trance.

She looked at the person who did and smiled, trying to look like she was paying attention all the time when she suddenly got distracted for a short moment. Unfortunately for her, the Cyborg Girl read through her smile, and frowned whilst crossing her arms over her chest.

"You weren't paying attention, were you?" the girl asked.

Yukirin looked down at the ground in shame, before nodding with a sigh. "Sorry."

"Sheesh!" Mayuyu cried, throwing her hands up into the air. "If everyone could only see you right now, they'd stop referring to you as my mom and call you as my daughter instead!"

Agreeing with the statement, Yukirin nodded once more. It has always been like that, ever since they started working with each other. Mayuyu would always worry and take care of Yukirin, whilst the older raven would let herself be spoiled by her supposed-to-be 'child'.

Just then, a large group of girls started walking down the hallway and caused the two girls to get their composure back. Mayuyu sighed started smiling at her juniors, who were greeting them both with a respectful bow and a cheerful 'hello'.

It took quite some time for the entire group to finish walking past the two AKB48 members, and turn by the corner that leads to the practice room. The necks of the two girls started to ache slightly, due to the continiuous lowering of the head that they have done.

Mayuyu was about to continue where she has left off, never making a step towards the elavator that was located several meters away from them, when a girl who had just transferred to Team K appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey, Mayu-chan and Yuki-chan!" Matsui Jurina cried, jumping on them before hugging them both tightly. "Good evening!"

The two Team B members mumbled a greeting to the energetic girl, rubbing their necks as the ache increased slightly from the bone-crushing hug they were currently receiving. As if reading the yearning to be released from their pained expressions, Jurina let go of the two and stepped back a bit.

"Why aren't you in the practice room?" she asked. " I thought that we were going to practice together?"

Mayuyu sighed and pointed at Yukirin, telling Jurina that she plans on sending the raven-haired to the hotel they were all currently staying in to make sure that she arrives home safely and rests properly. After she had explained the reason why, the short-haired slouched and started moaning at Mayuyu whilst using her powerful puppy eyes to make her stay.

"But I want to practice my duet with you!"

Patting the young girl on the head, Mayuyu sighed as she replied. "Maybe next time, okay?"

The pouting girl shook her head and pouted even more, before tugging the girl's sleeves as she continued.The two older girls merely sweated a drop as they watched the girl use her famous sad puppy eyes on them.

Giving in, Yukirin turned to Mayuyu and started telling her that she would be fine in going home by herself. Mayuyu only shook her head in disapproval and started telling Jurina that there would surely be next time, which would be the next following day.

Not wanting to give up the duet practice she has been waiting for, Jurina leveled up her pouting and moaning, and started hugging Mayuyu tightly. Mayuyu was about to open her mouth to tell the girl that she was actually coming back after she has sent the Team captain home, when Jurina suddenly cried.

"Ah!" Jurina's pouting expression was suddenly replaced by a look of happiness when she noticed a familiar figure walking towards them, with a bag in hand.

She started waving her hand at the figure and released Mayuyu from the hug that she was giving, making the two girls turn their heads to the direction that Jurina was looking at, only to find a girl with the same family name walking towards them.

Matsui Rena.

The smile that has formed during the time Yukirin was watching Jurina's childish actions, suddenly disapeared and left a blank expression on her face instead. Though looking unfazed by the girl's sudden appearance, Yukirin was feeling several painful throbs.

Her face winced as she realized that the younger raven was going to them but fortunately for her, this remained unnoticed by the two younger girls who stood beside her. She tightened her grip on the satchel that she was carrying, and took a deep breath as she tried to muster up the remaining strenght she has.
"Are you going home now, Rena-chan?" Jurina asked the moment the said girl reached them, jumping up and down as she held Mayuyu's hands in her own.

Rena nodded and looked at her questioningly, "Yes, why?"

"Great!" Jurina cried, pulling Mayuyu towards her whilst she push the older Matsui towards the Team B captain. "Since Rena-chan and Yuki-chan stays in the same hotel, why don't you and Yuki-chan go together?"

"But-" Yuki and Rena started to say as they looked at each other, but the youngest of the four has decided to cut them off by running away with Mayuyu, pulling her a bit forcefully since the girl seemed to be reluctant in leaving them alone.

"-Thanks, Rena-chan!" Jurina cried, giving a wave to the two ravens. "Make sure that you get her there safely!"

"She's sick, you know!"

And with that, the two young girls left the two ravens alone by themselves. It took a second and a half for the two girls to process in just what had happened, making them look at each other with smiles that were obviously forced.


A certain short-haired sighed whilst shaking her head as she watched the two girls smiling at each other from a corner, wondering why in the world did she ask a girl who was inexperienced in stuff like these, for help.

"If Yukirin finds out that this was all part of your plan," The Cyborg Girl said as she narrowed at the short-haired, crossing her arms across her chest as she did. "She will surely give you the cold shoulder for a month or so."

"That's fine, Mayuyu." Sae said calmly, sighing as she started walking away from the scene like she had no interest in any of it.

"It'll be my birthday gift for her."

"Well, it'll be a horrible birthday gift she'll ever get." Mayuyu scoffed as she shook her head, following the older girl towards the practice room without turning back to see what was taking place between Yukirin and Rena.

Jurina nodded her head whilst humming out in agreement, before doing the same skipping routine that Mayuyu's character in MG did. Pondering to herself, she started thinking of the reason why Sae had asked her in letting this situation take place, and why Mayuyu agreed to this plan of theirs.

After all...

Who would want to spend their birthday with their EX?

To Be Continued....

A/N: Well, it seems that even though days have passed since I last posted the previous part...This has yet to finish. lllorz Seriously, I can't even write a one-shot. Everything I try to write ends up in parts or stuff. I fail in one-shots.
Anyway... I'll try to update the (hopefully)last part tomorrow. Either that, or I do another birthday special for Rena-sama.
ugh... I'm not sure. it's hard to deal with my schedule. lllorz

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!!! :mon bye: :byebye:
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I'm still betting half of my money on YukiRena up to the
Oh, I know what you mean, my professors just gives me a lot of work, art plates, a project and a thesis? Okay that's just a bummer, this week was hectic, what more next week? I totally feel your pain.

Hmm, you know what, I suddenly kind of get Yuki's dream now that this part II is posted...the girl who was holding her, the girl she saw was Rena, and her crying...I can relate it to her obvious disbelief in being around Rena, must be because of that break up that made her feel this...I wonder when that break up happen and how far off did the two have before they broke up....and the second part with the dream with the girl moving far away from her and Yuki chasing after her, that must be when Rena started to distance herself from Yuki, or still, the break up, with Yuki still unable to move on from it? Maybe maybe...

I wanna know exactly just how they broke up, what the cause was and how they became to be, but that's all up to you, I'm much more curious to seeing how the two would interact, especially since they are...ex lovers. (oA o

That and it's Yuki's birthday on that day! I hope her day isn't ruined especially since she's gonna spend it with Rena.... orz
I want them to get together too.... orz

Also, I know what you mean! I want to make a oneshot, but it gets long...and I can't seem to cram all the plot I want in just oneshot...its kinda of disappointing and irritating, but.....ugh... orz

Anyways, thanks for the update kid! :cathappy:
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I'm betting my money on YukiRena too. Sieka-sama said everything that was on my mind (like mostly always) so I'll just say this: thank you for this update, and I'll be waiting for the next and next and next parts :-)
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L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5 II] (07/22)
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@Sieka-nee: lllorz They have no mercy.
They just keep on giving us work, then make us give it all on the same day.  :fainted:
It's so tedious!

Hmm~ Right as you always have been, Sieka-nee! d(=u =
Well... If I do that.. I just might have to make this into a fic with LOTS of chapters. :3
So~ Who knows~ :hiakhiakhiak:

And you know I'll try to write for one of my OTP, no matter how hectic my schedule is. :3

@sakura_drop: Hmm~
I see... *nodnod* Then... I'll try my best to update the chapter before Rena-sama's birthday! :mon beam:
It already took me several days to just write the second part. lllorz

A/N: Wow! An update RIGHT after the special. Hmm~ :glasses: I think that I managed to get the party between Procrastination and Lazyness to finally end! YAY~!  :on woohoo: So... That may mean that the other fics will be updated SOON. Hmm~ Better watch more pageants to get my inspiration back!  :on gay:

OPERATION: Encounter Phase One (V Part 2)


The lights continued to flicker as she walked in the hallway that would normally creep out any normal person. Though the lights in front of her were open, the pathway remained in darkness and allowed shadows to be formed.

Not even the red carpet she was currently walking on could be seen, making the short-haired’s eyes dart up and down to keep herself from getting surprised from any sudden attack that might come from the two crawling ghosts.

All of a sudden, a familiar-looking door appeared out of the corner she had just turned about from, making her furrow her brows and cry out in anger. Some grumbling complaints escaped from her lips as she walked towards the door to check whether it really was what she thought it was.

"You have got to be kidding me." she scoffed, smacking her face with both of her hands the moment she realized that it was in fact, the same door she has been passing for the past few minutes.

Sighing, she closed both of her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose as she breathed in slowly several times to try and calm herself down. It did work...

...Until she opened her eyes and saw the door once more.

"How is that even possible?!" she cried out loud, stomping her feet angrily to the ground as she gave several more cries of frustration.

Having passed the same door for practically the seventh time, would really be infuriating. Especially when you're in a hurry to save someone who'll save your butt from an agency of assassins, and a family who paid you to do a good job.

Punching the door to let out some steam, she then cried out loud in hopes of getting answered."Where in the world did they take her?!"

Obviously, no one would answer her.

After all, she was in a HAUNTED building that was occupied by two crawling ghosts who just kidnapped the girl she was supposed to be protecting, and working for. Not even the effort of running back and forth the whole level seems to be helping, since she would just pass the same door over and over again, in an endless halway-like maze.

Shouldn’t there be a sign of the black-haired, since it wasn’t even three minutes when she decided to run back for her? Like some sort of trail of blood coming from the ghosts? They had blood dripping from her faces and bodies, so couldn't it have fallen onto the ground?!

And seven times!

Miyazawa Sae wasn’t somehow who would just use her energy to run in circles and end up right in front of the same office for the seventh time! Yet why in the world can’t she find the girl after using some effort to search for her?

"Why in the world did they even built this place over a cemetery?!" she shouted, hitting the door very hard.

All she wanted at the moment was to rest. To have her feet in a tub of warm water with her back against her favourite massage chair, lulling her slowly to sleep as she thinks about how well she has done her job.

But no.

Here she was outside the very same door she ran past several times, crying out in anger and frustration with aching feet and sore back. Her energy has been used up, from both her stomping and running all of the place.

Though she was known as the most energetic assassin, she was still not immune to fatigue. And fatigue was not being kind to her as it started making her whole body ache and scream for rest, making her yearn to lie down on something soft, or anywhere she can rest.

Now that she's thinking about it, the floor doesn't seem too bad for her.

But then, if does take a break from the running and allow Sayaka to be gone forever, she'd surely regret it all when she becomes the laughing stock of the agency once they get a whiff of her failure. And that was something she wish not to happen.

"Stupid Sawako."

She grumbled the name she had given to the ghost who took Sayaka away, whilst leaning her back against the wall as she tried to get her heart beating back normally. She would definitely need to rest, before going after the two kidnapping ghosts.

"Still no signal." she mumbled with a sigh as she stared at the screen of the phone.

Knocking the back of her head against the wall, she groaned. It was only her first day as Sayaka’s bodyguard, and she had made a mistake of losing the girl to some ghosts who crawls like a one-year-old baby.

That would beat Haruna’s mistake without any objection.

"Argh!" she cried, punching the wall she leaned on.

What if the ghosts eat her or something?!

How would she cover up her mistake?! Will she be kicked out of the job and fired? Or worse, will Akimoto Sayaka’s grandfather hire her own friends to go after her to kill her for getting his granddaughter killed by ghosts?!

"Argh!!!" She let out another frustrated cry, and ruffled her hair.

"How the hell am I going to explain to the others that Sayaka died because of Sawako?!"

Hmm... She could make a run for it right now and disappear without a trace. But then, it would be hard to run away since the others would most likely track her down. Running for the rest of her life would also be tiring to do so, though it does sound exciting.

"Maybe I should just ask the ghosts to kill me?" she mumbled, tapping her chin with her eyebrows furrowed together.

Realizing what she had just thought about, she shook her head and let out the loudest cry she had probably ever made in her life. "ARGH!"

"This is stupid…"she thought, smacking her head continuously.

She thought about having herself killed to prevent her from getting killed?! What kind of logic was that?!

She was Miyazawa Sae for crying out loud! She is known as the most energetic assassin in the field, as well as the one capable of making impossible things, POSSIBLE. That’s why, if there’s going to be some fight for Sayaka, she was definitely going to kick some ghostly butt!

"Yosh!!!" she cried, pumping her fists into the air as a surge of energy flowed through her.

There was no way she would let those ghosts think that they had managed to scare her (even though they did). She was going to show them who’s boss! And that they shouldn’t EVER mess with Miyazawa Sae!

Pointing her index finger at the direction where Sayaka was dragged off to, she cried. "Akimoto Sayaka! I’m going to save you!"

And with that, she ran off once more into the darkness that seemed to have brightened up a bit due to the energy she was emitting. Not even the fatigue stopped her from running or slowing down. It was already forgotten as the goal of saving Sayaka (to save her own arse) continuously ran around her head.

Several beads of sweat have already dropped to the floor due to her intense running, but she merely wiped them off and continued to shout the black-haired’s name. Just then…


She stopped with a great halt, and looked around her whilst keeping silent. The laughter sounded familiar…like that ghost who cackled when she grabbed Sayaka by the shoulders and pulled her into the darkness.

"Mock me all you want!" Sae shouted, snapping her head to every direction just in case one of the Crawling Sisters was hiding in the dark.

She raised her fists up in case of any close combat, still forgetting the fact that she was carrying a gun in her secret pocket that was made by Tomochin to prevent any metal detectors from detecting it. When nothing lunged at her, she breathed out and continued running in search for Sayaka.

Unbeknownst to her, the girl that she was completely worried about and searching for was currently in a dark room with the two Crawling Sisters. She was lying on the couch with a frown on her face before pouting at the two ghosts who were continuously laughing their asses off on the ground.

"Untie me, you two!" she ordered, trying to wriggle out of the ropes.

The two stopped laughing and looked at her, before breaking into another round of laughter the moment Sayaka fell to the ground with a loud thud. She had managed to stand up, but lost her footing when her foot slipped on a small puddle of blood.

"Untie me!" she cried once more, whilst blowing the hair in front of her face away.

The two continued to laugh but followed her orders by untying the ropes that held her captive. Grumbling to herself, Sayaka started to massage her sore wrists and glared at the two ghosts. Standing up, she towered above the both of them and gave a scary glare at them.

"This joke of yours has gone too far, you two!" she growled at them, before grabbing them by the collars and lifting them slightly up to her eye level.

One of the two started choking and flailing her arms around, before clasping her hands together as she apologized. "I’m sorry, Sayaka-san!"

Sighing, the tallest girl let go her grip on their collars and allowed them to stand on their feet. Sitting once more on the couch, she leaned back and crossed her arms across her chest. She gave a slightly irritated pout, before massaging the temples of her forehead.

"How could you make things go this far?" she asked with a sigh.

The two ghosts merely lowered their heads, feeling guilty as they thought of what they had done. It was never part of the plan or script to kidnap Sayaka, since all they wanted was to give Miyazawa Sae just a bit of a scare.

"What if she quits?!" Sayaka cried at them, throwing some pillows at them.

The shorter of the two scratched the back of her head, before speaking up. "B-but Sayaka-san… she said that she won’t quit."

"Yeah," the other piped in. "She said so, after you told her those fake rumors."

"That was before you two ‘kidnapped’ me!" Sayaka cried at them.

The taller of the two ‘ghosts’ stepped up and suggested to her. "Then why not just go to her?"


"You can pretend that you’ve managed to escape from Lemon and me."

Sayaka merely looked at her with a disbelieving look on her face. "You’re a ghost! How can I, a MERE human, escape from both of you?"

"Just say that you managed to turn us both into lemons." The girl whom was referred to as ‘Lemon’, suggested.


Sayaka and the other girl smacked her both on the head, making her lose her balance and fall onto the couch. How in the world can anyone believe in such a lie? It would be plain obvious that the three of them were trying to play a prank on the newest employee, and that was something that Sayaka wanted to stay unknown until she was sure that Sae would surely stay.

While Sayaka and the other girl stared at Lemon with an expressionless look on their face, the youngest of the three merely pouted at them. She started rubbing the spot where she had been hit, before crossing her arms as she tried to show the older females her slight annoyance.

Unfortunately for her, she was just left there staring at them with annoyance as the older two began to pace back and forth whilst thinking of a way to deal with the problem that they have to deal with. The youngest of the three sighed and started to find her long black wig interesting, and began flipping it back and forth.

The action she was currently doing made the two pacing girls to stop, and stare at her with a look that shows much of their disbelief. After all, they had to think of something to make Miyazawa Sae stay in the ‘haunted’ house, yet the girl was merely flipping her head— and hair— back and forth like a person whose screw got loose.

"Stop that!" the eldest of the three cried, smacking Lemon in the process.

The smack she had received caused her to accidentally lie down on the ground, making her pout once more at the two girls who were just sighing and smacking her faces in utter disbelief. Unable to take the sight of the two females smacking their faces repeatedly, she stood up abruptly and accidentally caused her forehead to hit Sayaka’s chin.

Lemon’s incidental action caused Sayaka to fall sideways with a pained cry, making her hit the other ‘ghost’ in the forehead. Within a second, Lemon has managed to bring the two older girls to their knees, each rubbing a part where they got hit.

"I’m sorry!" she cried, bowing at the two.

However, that wasn't the end for the two older girls. When Lemon bowed at the other Sadako, her forehead accidentally hit with the girl’s forehead and caused her to fall against Sayaka. The black-haired merely fell onto her back as the second Sadako fell onto her, and it wasn’t long before the two of them were sprawled on the floor with limbs tangled to one another.

"Ouch…" the two tangled and lying girls muttered, before sending a slightly annoyed gaze at the only girl who stood, unharmed.

Lemon was about to bow at the two of them to apologize once again, only to be stopped by the two older females with a cry. "Don’t bow!"

Lemon nodded her head to show that she was sorry instead, before helping the two of them up with an effortless pull. When the two girls were standing on their feet, she started tapping her chin as she thought of a plan to prevent Miyazawa Sae from quitting the company on her very first day.

"You know, we can just tell her the truth about the prank." The other girl who had pretended to be a ghost, pointed out.

Sayaka closed her eyes whilst pinching the bridge of her nose, thinking about the suggestion that the girl had given her. Silence engulfed the three girls as the CEO of the company tried to think of any possible ways out of the problem they had to face, until she opened her eyes the moment she had chosen her decision.

"Alright." She spoke with a defeated sigh, before turning to the girl who had suggested it to her.

"Sakiko, go tell the others that we’re going to apologize to Miyazawa Sae."

The girl whom she called ‘Sakiko’ immediately nodded in understanding and walked out of the room, leaving the two girls alone by themselves. The younger of the two skipped to the vending machine that stood across the room, and got a hot drink for her boss.

As she did, Sayaka laid herself on the couch and started massaging the sore spot on her head whilst sighing every once in a while. She was hoping that the position she has now planned on giving to the new employee would make her stay, since the position the girl applied for was her secretary.

"Here you go, Akimoto-san." Lemon said to her, tapping her ever so gently on the shoulder.

Sayaka sighed for the nth time that day and sat up, taking the hot drink into her hands with a thankful nod at her employee. Lemon continued to stand in front of her, waiting for any order that the older girl might give to her.

"You can take a sit, Ichikawa." Sayaka told her, knowing that the girl deserved it after doing all those crawling.

Ichikawa Miori smiled at her thankfully before plopping herself into the couch of inside the room, and sighing with relief as she felt the pressure on her legs lessen. Seeing the sight of Miori with a smile on her face, Sayaka smiled and sipped.

All of a sudden, the door bursted open and startled Sayaka, causing some of the drink to escape from the side of her mouth. She quickly gulped down the liquid inside her mouth, and wiped the trail from her lips to her neck.

She was about to turn her head and ask Sakiko the reason for her startling entrance, only to be kept quiet when a hand covered her mouth. Sayaka felt the unfamiliar hand’s slightly rough skin, making her eyes widen in realization when she remembered how Sakiko’s hands were soft and unscathed.

Her eyes found themselves staring at the slightly burning drink in her right hand and angled it to throw against the mysterious person. This kind of thing wasn’t a rare occurrence for her, since she was exactly used to getting targeted by assassins.

However, it seems that the one who kept her quiet knew what she planned on doing and took the burning drink away from her effortlessly and swiftly, startling Sayaka when she realized that it was no longer in her hand.

She tried to take the assassin’s hand off her mouth, only to be leaned back against the couch. Not a word has left the assassin’s mouth and Sayaka tried to think of any way to make him speak or let any sound out of his mouth, hoping that it would make Miori turn to look at her.

Just then, Sayaka was pulled up from the couch and forced to stand up in between it and the assassin. However, even though she should be scared or trying to think of any way to get out of the assassin’s hold, her mind was wondering for the reason why she was gently pulled.

Not only that, the assassin helped her in standing when her feet almost lost its footing from the edge of the couch. And those actions caused Sayaka to be dumbfounded. Never in her life when she would be targeted by assassins, would they be so gentle or helpful.

The worst thing that has ever happened to her was when she was wounded by the assassin after getting stabbed in the thigh. Ever since then, she had made sure to do anything in her power to get out of any assassin’s grip.

But this assassin was different from every other one who dared to take her life or take her hostage for the money before killing her. And that was confusing her to the point that she had stopped struggling in her captor’s arms.

"Ssh." the assassin shushed her, before pointing at the younger girl who laid still on the other couch.

She was completely unaware of the scene that was happening behind her, as fatigue from the prank she and Sakiko did. It has completely worn her off, and her sense of hearing has toned down that not even the bursting of the door startled her.

Sayaka’s captor was slowly pulling her towards the direction of the door, with the hand covering her mouth gently but enough to make sure not let any sound come out. She tried to let out a muffled scream, but the hand made sure that it wasn’t heard.

Coming up with a decision that could might well risk her very life, Sayaka closed her eyes and allowed herself to be pulled backwards to the direction of the door. The assassin seemed to have noticed her cooperating, making the hold on her mouth loosen up as planned.

It's now or never.

Taking a deep breath, Sayaka started her plan.


Sayaka had moved her head up the moment she was able to open her mouth as wide as she could, and bit the very same hand that kept her from letting out a scream. Unable to contain the pain being inflicted by Sayaka on the hand, the assassin immediately released the hold on Sayaka's mouth.

"Ow!" the assassin cried, unable to stop the cry of pain from escaping the mouth.

The assassin accidentally shoved the black-haired towards the door, causing her to feel the air leave her lungs the moment her head and body made contact with the hard frame of the door, leaving her breathless.

Dizzy and out of breath, Sayaka dropped onto her knees and began blinking to try and clear away the blurry vision she was having at the moment. Her crystal clear sight has yet to return, and it was making things harder for her.

She looked up and saw a blurry figure, gasping the moment she realized Miori cornered by the walls with the assassin holding and pointing something shiny at her. Not wanting to involve innocent people, Sayaka stood up and prepared to hit the head of the assassin with a vase she had taken from the table, though her sight has yet to come back.

Everything was a bit clearer than before, but the faces of the two remained a blur to the black-haired's eyes. Knowing the height of her employee, she aimed the vase at the taller figure. But right when she was about to knock the assassin down, Miori gave a sudden cry, asking everyone to stop what they were about to do.


"Sayaka-san!" she cried, terror in her eyes the moment she noticed the said girl holding a porcelain vase right above the girl in between them.

Though she should be worrying for herself, seeing as how Miyazawa Sae was holding a pen knife in hand, the girl who preferred to be referred as Lemon, cried at Sayaka to drop the vase that she was holding.

Her terrified cry caused Miyazawa Sae to stop in her attempt to stab Miori, whilst making Sayaka look at her with a questioning expression written all over her face. Miori heaved a sigh of relief, only to let out a startled cry when the short-haired grabbed her by the ghostly clothing she was wearing, and growl at her.

"How dare you try and kill Sayaka!" the fuming girl asked, pointing the slightly sharp object at the fatal nerve located by Miori's neck.

Horrified and staring in fear, she stammered out. "I-it's all a misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding?" Sae asked, her eyes blazing red in fury at the thought of losing the one she has to protect.

"Let her go, whoever you are."

Sayaka's voice suddenly broke the tensed atmosphere, making the two divert their gazes from each other and towards her. Sae loosened her hold on the girl, seeing how the older girl was shaking her head continuously whilst blinking, seeming like she was having a hard time in seeing.

"Miori?" Sayaka called out, reaching her hands towards the girl.

Her vision still hasn't stopped being blurry, and almost a minute and a half have passed since she last hit her head against the slightly sharp door frame. Rubbing her eyes with her fingers, she squinted her eyes and looked directly at Sae, who was now looking at her with concern.

"Miyazawa Sae?" she asked, unsure whether it was really her.

The said girl nodded her head, "Yes."

"Sae," Sayaka started, moving her hands to around her as she tried to walk towards the two girls. "Can you please let go of my Chief of Advertisment?"

"Chief of Advertisment?" Sae repeated the title, turning her head to the girl she has yet to released her grip on.

The referred 'Chief of Advertisment' gave a cheeky smile at her, and saluted whilst giving a brief and shaky introduction of herself. "Ichikawa Miori, Chief of Advertisment."

"Nice to meet you."

"Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment is a ghost?!"

To Be Continued (soon hopefully)~

Miori and Sakiko appeared~ YAY~! \(^ o ^)/
Sorry about not updating this fic for a long time, guys!
But since I managed to update this chapter, after having it in my drafts for several weeks...
It means that the other fics will be updated as well~ *claps*

Let's just hope that Procrastination and Lazyness stops their continuous party. hahaha

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byeye:
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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5 II] (07/22)
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OU MAI GAD! You updated another story I was about to ask you to update! Poor Sayaka, having a bad encounter with the door, and she still owes Saeguard an explanation.. I'll be waiting for another update ;-)
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hello again!!!!!!
i lost track of what ive missed already hahah

but thanks for all the updates! :D everything just seems so interesting~
ahaha if she actually used the gun...she'll end up in jail ROFL
it definitely isnt a normal fic :P

and omg im just laughing at sae and the 'supposed' ghosts LOL i nearly facepalmed when i found that lemon was one of them haha!

and with yukis birthday fic....i wonder who shes gonna end up with in the end hmm hmm im kinda hoping it may be saeyuki LOL
wells i guess ill find out when you update :)


p.s i hate uni ..why does it have to start again *cries*

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I knew it! It was all a big prank from Akimoto company  :rofl:

But Lemon? Chief of Advertisement?  :rofl: All I see is lemons  :rofl:

I'm sorry it's kind a late here I'm laughing at everything and it doesn't make it any better that this update is totally hilarious!

Thank you for your update!
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HAHAHAH!!!! Sae is so credulous ^^

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A Love Like Ours(07/28)
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@kiruchi: Same here! But then... I haven't thought of how they'll meet.  :err:

@sakura_drop: hahaha How coincidental! And she sure does. :hiakhiakhiak:

@bochang:  :stoned: you don't even remember haha

@Pandah: YAY~! Hello~
Yep. That's why... Sae should always forget that she has a gun! :hiakhiakhiak:
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@Megumi: :hiakhiakhiak: Well, with Sayaka and Lemon in the company... It's bound to be a hilarious place to work at! :kneelbow: I'll try my best to update faster! :on GJ:

@kahem: She sure is! Forgetting her gun and all. :hiakhiakhiak:

A/N: YAY~! I managed to write this into a one-shot!!!  :onioncheer: And guys, sorry if I wasn't able to post this yesterday. I literally dropped onto my bed and slept for 13 hours striaght due to fatigue from yesterday's event.  :imdead:

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A Love Like Ours

"Hey, aren't you going to stay for Churi's performance?" Furukawa Airi asked the younger girl over the blaring music, holding a champagne in hand as she did.

The girl whom she asked merely shook her head in reply, before sighing as she stood up with her bag slung by her shoulder. She gave a small smile and pointed at the clock pinned on the wall, before doing a gesture on her neck that shows what will happen if she was to stay even longer than she had expected.

Nodding in understanding, the older girl motioned for her to go and leave, mouthing to her that she would just tell everyone else that she has gone home the moment the crazy and intense dancing in the rented bar has finished.

The girl gave a pat on Airin's shoulder, showing her gratitude. After doing so, she took a slightly long glance around the room, and sighed before walking out of the room as she sent a message to the person waiting for her.

When she got out into the hallway, she quickly entered the elavator and pressed the close button quickly, not caring if someone was going to join her in the lift since she wanted to be down in the carpark as fast as she can.

Fortunately for her, it only took a few minutes for her to get down to the carpark and locate her car. When she did, she took a few seconds to give a glance on the wrist that had a watch on it and smiled, liking the time she had managed to take.

Putting her arm down, she then tossed her bag into the passenger's seat and entered the driver's seat, starting her car followed suit. Once she had managed to, she closed the door and drove out of the carpark quickly, smiling to herself as she thought about the pleased smile her wife would give to her the moment she arrives home.

One Hour Later

Slamming her door hard, she sighed with irritation and walked towards the steps of her house, cursing her terrible luck in getting caught in one of Nagoya's most trafficked roads.

"And I was supposed to be home earlier on." she mumbled, taking out the keys from her pocket to open the door.

But right before she turned the knob to enter her warm abode, she stopped and took a glance at the window that was covered with a black curtain. There doesn't seem to be any light coming from the inside, making her heave a sigh of relief.

"She must be sleeping." she thought to herself, turning the knob and entered the house quickly to get away from the cold surrounding.

Like had she had suspected, not a light was left to lighten up the room, making her squint as she tiptoed from the door to get to the stairs. Waking up her wife in the middle of the night would be a grave mistake she'd ever make.

Fortunately for her, she didn't have to worry about waking up her wife with any noise that she was going to cause. She was making her way to the middle of the living room the moment the lights switched on, making things easier for her to see.

The unfortunate thing was...

She has been caught.

"Hello, Jurina." the cold voice greeted, lingering in the air as the said girl kept her mouth shut whilst smiling awkwardly at her wife.

Her wife, whose hair was as dark as a raven's, was sitting on an arm chair with her right leg crossed over her left. There was this blank expression written all over her face, making it hard for Jurina to figure out what was going inside her mind.

"H-hello, my lovely and adorable wife." she greeted nervously with a smile.

Her wife was tapping her long slender fingers on the arm of the comfy chair, making some inaudible sounds that went along with the ticking of the watch on Jurina's wrist. She was hoping that by using some sweet words on the girl would somehow lessen the tense atmosphere between the two of them, letting her breathe with ease.

To her dismay however, she was only given a stare and a cross of the arm by her raven-haired wife. "Do you know what time is it, my lovely and adorable wife?"

"Eleven forty-two?" Jurina asked with a scratch on the back of her head, knowing fully well that it was twelve fifty-two to be exact.

Her wife stood up. "How many times do I have to remind you, to stop coming home so late?"

"I was caught up in traffic-"

"What is that smell?" her wife interrupted her all of a sudden in the midway of her explanation, taking a few steps towards her.

She blinked, backing away nervously as she noticed how her wife narrowed her eyes whilst scrunching her nose. "W-what?"

"Did you have another drink?" the raven asked, staring at her intently.

She replied, "I only had a few drinks at the party-"

"How many times do I have to remind you to stop drinking?" her wife interrupted once more, placing both of her hands on her hips.

Jurina sighed and lowered her head in defeat, knowing exactly how her wife would continue after interrupting her explanation.

"Seriously, Jurina." her wife started.

The said girl sighed, dreading about not heading straight to the room and lying down as she listened to her wife's nagging. "Here it comes."

"You're like a ten year old kid who won't listen!"

Getting slightly irritated about already being caught up in traffic and getting nagged at after spending almost twelve hours at work, Jurina asked. "Who's calling whom a kid?"

"You're even lecturing me when I come home late for a reason!" she added, raising her hands as she did. "I can't help but laugh!"

Well, why wouldn't she?

Her wife was four months younger than her, yet she was calling her a kid? Not only that, she wasn't given a moment to explain for herself since her wife would interrupt her in the midway of her sentence.

"You don't understand why I end up lecturing you, do you Jurina?" the raven asked, noticing the irritation in the older girl's voice.

Retorting back, the older of the two sighed as she massaged the temples of her head. "Well, you wouldn't understand how I want to have a good conversation after coming home from a tedious day of work."

"I understand that, Jurina." her wife replied. "But I'm only reminding you to come home early, since I tend to get worried about you!"

"I texted you, didn't I?" the taller girl asked with annoyance, not liking how this was going on when all she wanted was to sleep.

Replying back with the same tone of voice, her wife said. "Well, you sent me a message saying that you'll be home in ten minutes."

"But after waiting for ten minutes, I ended up waiting for another forty minutes!"

"Why didn't you sleep then?" Jurina asked her.

Stomping her foot, she replied. "You still haven't arrived home after twenty-five minutes!"

"Can you blame me for getting worried?!"

Jurina sighed and gave a pained groan, before turning to her wife with a composed look that she had managed to perfect after a straight two-in-a-row-never-ending-sessions of nagging from her wife.

"Should we stop talking?" her wife asked, noticing how both of them were once more leading to another session of bickering, during the middle of the night.

Jurina nodded. "Let's stop."

"Alright then." her wife replied, before continuing on. "Just remember to stop coming home late."

"Two, don't even drink one glass when you're going to drive."

"Three, don't forget to text me on your way home."

"Four, remember that I'm saying all of these for your own good."

"Five-" she started to say, only to be interrupted by the older girl's cry of frustration.

"ARGH!" Jurina stomped her way past her wife, and started climbing the stairs to get to their bedroom. "I thought that you'd stop nagging!"

"Jurina!" she cried, climbing the stairs as well. "Don't turn your back on me when I'm talking!"

"La la la la la la la la~!" Jurina sang, covering both of her ears as she entered the bedroom.

She was trying hard to drown her wife's constant nagging with a tune she had just made up, actually seeming like a child like what her wife had compared her to. While the older girl kept on her childish actions, her wife kept on talking and spoke louder with hopes of getting her words into the older girl's head.

Even though Jurina has finally taken off the cover on her ears, the raven kept on talking at the same tone and even reminded her of the times when she found the older girl sneaking back home after going to a party. Jurina merely kept quiet and sighed to herself, unbuttoning the buttons on her shirt and taking off her tie.

"But since you never listen to me, whatever I say is nothing but a nag to you, Jurina!"

"I never listen to her?" the older girl asked in disbelief. "Every time I try to listen, all I hear is her endless nagging!"

"Even right now!" her wife asked, using the opportunity to take a breath.

"Ugh, just stop talking!" Jurina cried, covering her ears whilst trying to take off the slightly-fit shirt from her head.

She grumbled and pulled a little harder when the shirt kept on refusing to come off from her head, but her effort ended up in waste as it remained where it has been. Seeing how her wife was having a hard time in taking the white shirt off, the raven stood behind and helped in doing so.

"See, even now!" Rena cried as she tugged on the shirt. "You're refusing to listen to me!"

"Rena," Jurina told her through the clothing. "Just stop talking, okay?"

"There's not even enough time for us to just love, without any of your naggings or lectures!"

With the clothing now off older girl, Rena placed her hands on both sides of her hips and retorted back. "This lecture is from the bottom of my heart, Jurina."

"I can't stop the lecture even if you hate it, because I can't help but worry about someone I love!"

"Okay, you know what?" Jurina asked, grabbing Rena by the shoulders. "Just stop talking."

"All I can hear is your nagging." she said.

Letting out a sigh, she added. "Even though I want to listen to you as much you want right now, I'm just too tired. Okay?"


Jurina repeated. "Okay, Rena?"

"Okay." the raven finally nodded, calming down as she followed her wife in letting out a sigh.

Smiling at each other, the two of them then hugged each other, enjoying the warmth they both had. After a while, Jurina released her wife from the hug and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, whilst Rena dove under the warm and soft fabric to start on getting some sleep. The older of the two Matsui's soon joined her in a few minutes, and turned off the lights.

Loving the quiet and loving atmosphere they both have, the two held hands underneath the cover, squeezing them as they did. With both of their eyes closed, Rena snuggled up to Jurina and hugged her, whilst the older and slightly taller of the two gave her a peck on the lips as a greeting of goodnight.

"I love you, Jurina." the younger girl said softly.

Nuzzling her face into the girl's neck, Jurina replied. "I love you too, Rena."

A Few Seconds Later

"Did you eat on time?" Rena's voice broke the tranquility of the room.
Jurina replied to her with eyes closed, "Yep, I ate quite a lot at Churi's party."


Jurina's eyes opened slightly, sensing how Rena seemed to be choosing her next words. Looking at her wife who had kept quiet after asking a question, she then saw how Rena bit her lower lip and kept her gaze away from Jurina's.

"Rena, what's wrong?" she asked, tucking in a strand of hair behind the shell of her ear.

Shaking her head, the raven replied. "No, nothing's wrong."

"Rena." Jurina said, lifting the girl's chin slightly higher to let their gazes lock with each other. "Tell me, I want to know."

Her wife tore her gaze away from Jurina's, and mumbled her question. "Did you stay away from the other girls?"

"Don't worry." Jurina assured, giving a long kiss to her wife's lips. "Airin's the only one who was allowed to sit next to me."

"Okay." Rena smiled, snuggling once more into her wife's embrace.

Jurina hugged her even tighter and kissed the top of her forehead. "Goodnight."


A/N: If any of you are confused why I said that Jurina is four months older than Rena, it's because that I made the two of them have the same age. And since Jurina was born in March and Rena in July.... That pretty much became the reason. :hiakhiakhiak:
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Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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,KJFDSGCVGBHJNLJKHGFDXCHFGVB so CUTE!!!! I love how they argue for such a simple thing they should not worry about.. It was really fun to read their conversation.. And i love how in the end their warmness and love to each other overcome all the worries and they resolve their arguing by simple sweetness and cuddling  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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Wrist Watch [RenAirin] (07/28)
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A/N: :onioncheer: Woohoo~! I'm quite inspired to write about Rena-sama!!! YAY~! So here's another one-shot from me. :mon beam: Since this is my very first time in writing a shot about Rena and Airin, please don't kill me.  :mon curtain: :mon yell:


She laid there on her bed, staring at the ceiling with eyes that showed no sign of sleepiness. She was basked by the dark room, enjoying the tranquility and comfort of the night. Her mind was pretty much awake though having no particular thoughts encircling in it, making it harder for her to sleep.

As much as she wanted to close her eyes and start dreaming off to the land of dreams, there was this ticking in the room that kept her from doing so. She had pretty much done everything she could to fall asleep; drink some warm milk, read the dictionary, listen to her favourite ballads, and such.

So why was it that she remained wide awake?

She sighed, and sat right up. Her slightly messy raven hair remained tucked in behind the shells of her ears, never given a thought as the girl started wondering if she has forgotten to do something extremely important.

"But I've written it all down on my notebook." she thought to herself, wrapping her arms around her slender legs.

Wanting to make sure that she did, she turned to the night table by her bed and switched the lamp on. When she did, the room was instantly lightened up by the yellowish light and helped her in seeing what was around her room.

She pulled the worn out-looking drawer from the table and started rummaging through the things it contained, searching for a particular melon pan-shaped notebook. When she was unable to find it, she turned to her bag and started empyting it, only to be disappointed when it wasn't there.

"Where did I put it?" she thought out loud, before turning back to the drawer and taking it out of its containment.

Placing it on top of her slightly messed up bed, she then started taking out the contents, wishing she didn't misplace her favourite notebook somewhere. Unforutantely for her, even though she had practically dumped all of the contents on her bed, the melon pan-shaped notebook was nowhere to be found.

Disappointed, she started putting the things back into their container as she sighed. In the midst of cleaning up her things, a small red box caught her eye and stopped her actions. Some of the corners' colors had faded, and was left with a brownish paper.

Taking it into her hands, she gave it a shake and wondered what she had put inside it, completely forgetting after not seeing it for several years. When she heard something inside, she opened the box and saw an object that made her smile.

Inside it was a faded wrist watch, with a small note tied to it. She held it in her hands and placed the box down, lifting it up to the moonlight and admiring the shine it managed to keep after years of being inside a dusty box.

Looking at the slightly scratched glass, she noticed how the hands of the watch remained in their position. Seven, twenty-seven to be exact was what the time read on the wrist watch.

She let her fingers trace its simple flower patterns by the side and unconsciously started remincsing about the precious memories it had, still vividly flickering in her mind.

"Rena-san!" a small boy around her age cried, running towards her with his not-so-athletic legs.

The said girl turned her head and saw him panting as he stood several meters in front of her, making her smile and start walking towards him to prevent him from taking any further steps just to reach her.
"What is it?" she asked, tilting her head to the side and letting her long raven hair sway to the side.

The boy, who was three inches shorter than her, scratched the back of his head. He looked away from her and stared at the ground with his hands behind him, taking a few glances at her sheepishly.

"Umm..." he started, scratching the side of his jaw as he showed her a small red box that had her name engraved on it. "Here!"


"I wonder where he lives now." she mumbled to herself, unconsciously smiling.

Remembering how short he used to be, she gave a slight chuckle and tapped her chin as she wondered out loud to herself. "I wonder if he's taller than me now?"

"Does he still remember my name after years of being away from each other?" she thought, tracing the glass that had her name engraved in the style of flowers underneath.

Chuckling to herself, she remembered how much he blushed after handing the box to her. He had kept his mouth shut and refused to look at her, walking beside her with a sure distance of about a few meters.

"Does he have a girlfriend?" she mumbled to herself, knowing how shy he was whenever it comes to girls.

Thinking about how he used to act around her made her smile and laugh, as the funny moments started flashing in her mind. Although it has been at least ten years since they have last met, she could still pretty much vividly remember each and every moment she had spent with him.

Like that one time he ran away with a flushed face.


Thinking that it wouldn't rain since it had rained quite a lot the day before, Matsui Rena asked the taxi driver to drop her off by beach without any umbrella with her. It had completely left her mind, that it was currently the rainy season, and happily played in the water.

It didn't take long for her to play, since the rain came pouring down a few minutes after she had entered the shallow part of the water. Running back to the shore, she began to search around for any place she could take shelter in, only to be disappointed when there wasn't.

Sighing, she then started running towards the direction of her house, which was unfortunately a hundred more meters away. As a girl who wasn't that great at sports, she immediately stopped running and walked in the rain, panting hard after a few minutes of running.

The rain was making it hard for her to see, since it was coming down so fast and prevented her from seeing through it. It was also freezing and felt like cold needles were piercing her whole body, especially her head.

Just then, the piercing drops of cold rain stopped with a halt, making Rena blink as she tried to process what was going on. The rain was still pouring hard, yet she was no longer getting rained on. There was this thudding sound on top of her, making her turn her head to figure out what it was.

When she did, she saw a pink vinyl umbrella that had several Hello Kitty designs on it.

Wanting to find out where it had suddenly come from, she turned her head and found the boy, now thirteen years old, holding it over her. Her eyes instantly widened when she realized that he was getting wet whilst she was staying the way she was.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked, dumbfounded to suddenly find him in the middle of the road with her.

Mistakening her words for something else, he started waving his free hand at her and replied with some stuttering. "I-I was on my way to the beach when it started r-raining, and I s-saw you."

"Not that silly." she told him, pulling him closer to her in an attempt to get both of them sheltered by the umbrella. "Don't get yourself wet while you're holding the umbrella for me."

It seemed that after knowing each other ever since they were toddlers, he knew that trying to go against what she wanted would only end up in both of them getting wet. With almost much reluctance, he let the slightly taller girl pull him closer to her, almost to the point that their shoulders would brush every now and then as they walked.

While the two of them walked along side by side, Rena talked and he listened, never uttering more than five words. It was a good thing that the raven knew about his personality, and the way he normally behaves around her, preventing any awkward atmosphere from rising up between the two of them.

Their good conversation, however, soon turned awkward the moment he stopped walking and looked away from her. His face was flushed red while his skin has gone extremely warm, making the taller of the two stop as well and look at him worriedly.

Pressing the back of her hand to his forehead, she checked for his temperature, only to sigh as she realized that her hand has gone cold due to the surrounding. She took a step towards him and kept him in hold by grabbing him by the shoulders.

Then leaning forward, she pressed her forehead on his, startling him and causing him to act flustered. After a second or two, she took a step back and stared at him with a brow raised.

"You don't have a fever or anything, but you seem like you do."

"T-that's not the r-reason why, Rena-san!" he cried, looking away from her.


Still looking away, he then pointed at her and replied with an extremely flushed face. "I-I can s-s-see th-through your sh-sh-shirt."

"Huh?" the raven looked down, and realized that like what he said was true.

Her hands instantly went to her chest where her bra could be clearly seen, dropping the umbrella and wetting the two of them in the process. With a blushing face, she turned away and stuttered a word of 'thanks'.

"I-I have to go, Rena-san!" he suddenly cried, picking up the umbrella and handing it to her before running off into the rain with a tomato face.

Startled by the boy's sudden cry, she looked at her hand blankly. But not a second too late, she then realize what he did and started running after him in an attempt to shelter him with the umbrella.

"Wait!" she cried as she ran after him. "Your umbrella!"

"You can give it to me tomorrow or just keep it!" he cried back to her before increasing his speed to the point that Rena could no longer see him in a few seconds, surprising her since he was not an atheletic person like her.

Seeing that there was no way she could catch up to him, she sighed and slowed down. She panted as she walked, smiling as she stared at the direction where he ran off to. "That guy, seriously."

"How can he worry about me when he's running in the rain?"


She chuckled to herself at the memory, remembering just how embarrassed the two of them were when they met the next day in class. Everyone actually thought that the two of them had gotten together, when he tried to stop their constant teasing by explaining to them that he only lent the umbrella to her.

She sighed to herself, and started leaning her chin on her knees. Ever since she left to continue her studies in Tokyo, she was unable to reunite with her best friend. And even now, although she came back to her hometown in Nagoya, she hasn't seen him.

"Maybe, without knowing..." she mumbled to herself. "I passed by him, I think?"

Shaking her head, she sighed. "No, that can't be."

"That would never happen."

Tracing the flower patterns on the watch once more, she said with a smile. "I'll remember the face of my friend, whom I miss."

She stood up and walked to the balcony, wanting to take in the night's fresh air. The watch remained in her hand, and she lifted it up to the moonlight to catch its shining beauty, whilst resting her elbows on the edge of the balcony.

"Where is he?" she sighed, a hint of sadness and longing in her voice.

Looking up, she saw the only star in the sky before returning her gaze back at the watch. "Should I call out his name?"

"If I call out in a big voice, will he hear me?" she asked the watch.

She misses her best friend so much, and the yearning to reunite with him once more was now throbbing more than ever.

"Does he think of me?" she asked out loud.

Remembering how her mother would tell her about his constant questioning about her while she was studying in Tokyo, she smiled. It seems that thinking about her best friend kept on making her smile, but she knew deep inside that THAT wasn't the only reason why.

He was the only guy she had ever liked a lot.

And if it wasn't for the fact that she had to study, she would have stayed with him. Maybe, even confess.

But now thinking how almost eight years have passed since they've last seen each other, the thought of confessing seems to be an improbability. He might even be dating someone or at least dated someone before, unlike her who has never dated nor been kissed.

"Ah~" she sighed, wiping a small tear away as the thought of having him taken by someone else stabbed her in the chest. "Time to sleep!"

She yawned and entered the bedroom, making sure to close the door that connected her room to the balcony. Putting the drawer back into its proper place, she then went under the covers and placed the watch on top of the night table as she switched the lamp's light off.

The Next Day

The rays coming from the sun came seeping through the dark curtains by the window and shone on the still-asleep girl's face, making her close her eyes tigher in an attempt to stop getting blinded by it. She tossed to her side and covered her head with the blanket, wanting to enjoy her comfy bed even more.

After a few minutes however, she sat up and yawned whilst stretching her arms up high. She blinked her eyes several times to adjust to the brightness of the room, before standing up and making her bed. Once she was finished, she walked to the bathroom.

It only took her a few minutes to finish her shower, and change. Seeing how she had no time left for breakfast, she took her car keys and left. But just as she was about to enter the elavator, she remembered that she still hasn't worn the watch given to her as a gift, and quickly rushed back to her apartment.

Bursting through the door, she dashed to her bedroom and started rummaging through the container where she placed all of her accessories. When she wasn't able to find it, she sighed and gave a groan, deciding to search for it once her work finishes.

Although her work was not going to start until 1pm, she needed to go to a store for watches to change her watch's battery. But seeing how her watch could not be found, that doesn't seem to be necessary.

Turning, she was about to leave the bedroom, when something sparkled from the corner of her eyes. She looked at the direction where she saw it, and found the watch lying where she had left it earlier on.

"It's not like it'll do me any harm in wearing it after years of not doing so, right?" she asked herself, debating on whether she should wear it and have it fixed.

Sighing, she rushed to the night table and grabbed it quickly, before leaving the apartment and heading to the store her co-worker said was a great place to get watches cleaned and fixed.

After Several Minutes

She sighed and got off from her car, slamming the door gently before heading towards the store. Upon entering the store, she saw that she was the only one, along with a guy in a suit who had his back facing her.

Walking towards him, she took out the watch and cleared her throat to get his attention. "Excuse me, I would like to have my watch cleaned and fixed."

She had her head lowered down after putting the wrist watch on the surface of the glass, trying to search for her phone which was starting to ring, to even notice the guy staring at her with widened eyes.

Rummaging through the pockets of her bag, she mumbled. "Where in the world did I put my phone?"

"Nice to meet you, Rena-san." the guy greeted with a smile.

The said girl nodded her head and hummed in response, thinking that he figured out her name due to the engravement inside hte watch. She was still busily searching for her phone, which seemed to have done a great magic act in becoming invisible.

Just then, the ringing of her phone stopped, and she sighed. Guess that she'll have to call back whoever was calling her later on.

Looking up, she was greeted by a sight of the guy staring at her with his elbows leaning on the surface of the glass. He had a mixture of black and brown hair, and his smile was extremely charming to the raven's eyes.

"U-um...Hi." she greeted with a blush, embarrassed that she was seen in a situation where she couldn't find her phone.

"Do you remember me?"

She looked at him confusingly, tilting her head to the side. He was still smiling at her like they've practically known each other for many years, but she seemed to be not as good in memories as him. Scratching the back of her head, she shook her head and smiled sheepishly.

"Well," he started out, taking a card out from his back pocket. "Here's my card."

She took the offered card and started reading it. "The owner of this store?"

"Uh huh." he hummed, before motioning for her to continue on reading. "Go on."

Her eyes widened in surprised as her eyes took in the next words on the card, making the guy staring at her, laugh in amusement. She gaped at the card and blinked her eyes several times to make sure that she wasn't dreaming.

"So..." he started. "Nice to see you again, Rena-san."

Looking up from the card, she gave a long look at the person she had been thinking all night long. Her mouth remained shut, and she started taking in the whole figure of the person standing in front of her, unable to believe that the boy she had a crush on, who was shorter than her ever since they were kids, and was awkward around her...

Was now looking at her so with a charming smile as he stood slightly taller above her.

"Rena-san?" he called her name, his smile now replaced by a look of concern. "Is something wrong?"

She shook her head, and stuttered out an answer. "N-no."

"I-I'm just happy to see you again..." she breathed out, completely taken aback and entranced by his handsome features.

"Furukawa Airi."


A/N: YAY~! Another one-shot for Rena-sama's birthday!!! Woohoo~! Happy birthday to you once more, my oshi!!! \(^ o ^)/[/i] Thank you so much for reading, and do please leave a comment. Bye bye~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

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Re: Wrist Watch [RenAirin] (07/28)
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Happy belated birthday Rena-sama  :cathappy: :cathappy:
Thanks for the fic~ Love it  :wub: :wub:
Especially A Love Like Ours ( WMatsui shipper here  :P )
Love the interactions between them~  :wub: :wub:

Waiting for you another update~  :D

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Re: Wrist Watch [RenAirin] (07/28)
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omgah *gasp* look at all these updates!  :w00t:
awesome to the max!!

lol jurina is still like a kid even though apparently shes older here o.o and rena just sounds like her mum! HAHAHAHAH

AND BANZAI FOR A RENAIRIN ONE-SHOT!  :w00t: :thumbsup :thumbup x10million thumbs up! rofl rofl
ooh reminiscing the past has such a nice feeling...but LOLOL at that hello kitty umbrella! why would airin be carrying that around :O AND SHES A GUY HERE TOO! omg hahaha i was just laughing full on reading this! airin is just so cute!  :lol: oh airin would be the perfect boyfriend indeed hahaha

oh oh but then they meet again! and hes not shy anymore :D this is the best! totally charming  :P now they need to go on a date!  8)

thanks for all the updates! :D YOU'RE THE BEST KARO-CHAN!  :thumbsup

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Re: Wrist Watch [RenAirin] (07/28)
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This one is probably my most favorite one shot of your one shots so far  ;) I cannot write anything about it, as there are no words to describe the warmness and coziness it left in my heart. Thank you for this wonderful one shot  :bow: :bow: :bow: And gome for being sop late to comment  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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I Just Fall In Love Again Part III (15/8)
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@ichikawa: You're welcome, Ichikawa-san. Well, I'm also a W Matsui shipper, a RenAirin shipper, and a YukiRena shipper.
Long story short, I'm a Rena-biased. :hiakhiakhiak:
So maybe I'll do more W Matsui in the future? Who knows?
If I can write one, then I'll do it. It just depends on my school schedule. hahaha.

@Pandah: Pan-chan! I hate my hectic schedule. Argh!  :temper:
I can't even write as fast as I could like the last time!  :gyaaah:
Haha. But you know, for me... Jurina will always be a child at heart, no matter how much she tries to be mature.
And I seriously love how Rena was acting here!
:glasses: I'd endure all her naggings, if it means having Rena-sama as my Mommy!  :on_plug:
 :shy2: :nya: :luvluv1:
And you know... Just writing about how Airin here...
Makes me love her more!  :luvluv2:
Thank you so much, Pan-chan!

@sakura_drop: Thank you so much for the compliments, Sakura-san. :kneelbow:
And to have Sakura-san comment is actually an honor!
BTW, I seemed to have read that you ship YukoRena? :glasses:
Can you please write more about those two?
Pretty please?  :kneelbow:

A/N: And now onto the last part of I Just Fall In Love Again! It was hard to write...since there were...*ahem* some stuff I'm not really good at. But nevertheless, please do enjoy this update from me! And I really want to apologize for updating so late. :kneelbow: Too much stuff to deal with for this past few weeks.  :imdead: Anyway, let's get onto the the update, shall we?  :whistle:

I Just Fall In Love Again Part Three

The ride on the way home was eerily quiet that the driver himself found it hard to breathe, or even make any sudden movements. There was this suffocating silence that surrounded the three of them, formed by the two girls who refused to make an effort in talking with each other.

They merely sat there next to each other at the back of the taxi, basking in the silence that they have decided to make by remaining quiet from the moment they entered it. Their eyes kept moving back and forth from the front view of the car, and then onto the windows beside them, never finding themselves locking with the other raven.

They were both afraid of facing the awkward moment they would have to go through once that happened, since there would be a slight chance of having tears forming in the other's eyes. The break-up they had a year ago was the reason for it, for they were in a similar situation before it had occured.

Just then, the driver made a conclusion in his mind to start breaking the ice in the cab, sensing that there would be no chance that one of the two would have the initiative to do so. He wanted to wait for the right moment to speak, and used the opportunity when he was making a left turn.

"S-so..." the driver started, looking at the two through his rear mirror. "You two are close?"

"Huh?" the two girls asked at the same time, diverting their gazes away from the glasses beside them and onto the one who finally broke the silence.

The old man scratched his white hair, giving a slightly awkward chuckle as he began to speak. "Well, you two are staying at the hotel-"

"Please don't misunderstand." Yukirin coldly interrupted, not liking the way the taxi driver was assuming things. "We just stay at the same hotel and work together."

"There's no way that we're close."

"I-I see..." the driver sweated as he replied, wiping them away with his black handkerchief.

A minute passed after the interruption made by Yukirin, and the driver tried once again. He opened his mouth to start commenting about how cold it was outside, but right before he could, the older of the two ravens managed to beat him to it.

"She and I are merely co-workers." she said, staring at him through the rear mirror that she had caught him using to look at them.

Adding, she said. "Nothing more, nothing less."

The older raven's cold and irritated tone made him instantly shut his mouth, preventing him from making another try at talking to them, since it might cause the atmosphere to reach a degree below zero once more.

"Mister," Rena spoke all of a sudden, looking at her phone as she did to look like she was looking at the time. "Can you please switch on the radio?"

She could sense from the man's awkward movements about how much he wanted to make the cold silence amongst them three disappear, knowing how hard it was to deal with it especially when you would most likely stay that way for another fifteen minutes or so.

"Uh...Sure thing." was what the old man could reply to her request.

Leaning away from his seat, he then pressed a button on the radio stereo and started playing a song that was currently being played by an anime station. The main reason why he chose that particular station was because he thought that if the the two girls heard it, they would slowly start loosening up and even sing along with it.

Fortunately for him, the song's energetic melody made the youngest of the three to form a smile, tapping her feet along with the rhythm of the song. It made him smile to himself, liking the way he has managed to lessen the icy feeling in the cab, and started enjoying the song himself.

The unfortunate thing was, even though he has been humming whilst Rena has been tapping her feet, a frown has formed on the face of a certain raven, showing the displeasure she was having from the music.

"They're making my headache worse." she thought to herself, sighing irritatingly as she massaged the temples of her forehead.

Her head was currently feeling like a drill and hammer was making this large hole into her brain. Add the energetic music to that, and she felt like a construction site was inside her head. The moving of the car was not making it any easier to keep her from getting dizzy, making things even harder.

"Please switch it off." she said with a slight hiss, crossing her arms as she looked out of the window to avoid making eye contact with either of the two. "I'm getting a huge headache from hearing such a childish song."

"No, that came out wrong." she said to herself mentally, digging her nails deep into her thighs.

Hearing the request from the frowing raven, the taxi driver couldn't help but do as he was told, much to Rena's dismay. The cold atmosphere has returned once again, and the younger raven can't help but wonder why in the world was Yukirin being so cold to them all of a sudden.

"What's your problem?" she asked through her teeth, nudging the older girl gently as she sent a smile to the driver.

The older raven ignored her question, and pushed her away whilst muttering. "You have your own space, so stay there."

Taken aback from the Yukirin's cold gesture towards her, Rena frowned and made her way closer to the older girl once more, not noticing the wincing she was currently trying hard to hide.

Nudging her even more, she asked once more. "Seriously, what's wrong with you?"

Receiving another push instead of an answer that she was expecting, she was shocked when she heard the older girl muttering under her breathe about how she was getting irritated at the very moment. She frowned and moved away, crossing her arms as she did.

"Can you please drive faster?" she asked the taxi driver, who was watching them through the rear mirror.

Not knowing how to respond, the driver gave a slight nod and pressed his foot on the accelerator a little bit more. He kept his eyes on the road in front of him, making sure not to let his eyes wander off and find themselves looking at the two quiet ravens once more, fearing that he would get caught by the older girl.

Meanwhile, the older raven slapped her forehead mentally, and dug her nails a little bit deeper into her thighs. "Great job, Yuki." the older raven thought to herself.

"Why can't you do anything right?" she asked, hating herself for blurting out the wrong things.

Everything that she had said and done were not what she had planned. In fact, none of these was. She never planned on going home along with the younger raven, or even getting on the same cab as her. The only things she had planned was getting to the hotel that Akimoto reserved specially for the 48 members.

But no.

Instead of getting home, here she was in the same cab as her ex-girlfriend, acting and seeming like she wanted nothing to do with the younger raven, when in fact, she wanted to start a conversation and talk to her like nothing had happened between the two of them.

Yes, she wanted to do all of those stuff.

But the reminder that she would receive from her mind, kept her from doing so. The memories and images of how that Furukawa girl and Rena interacted so freely on the screen kept on replaying over and over again.

Remembering how she would be unable to make any conversations between the two of them whenever the camera was rolling, or the fact that she had to pretend that she knew nothing about the things that Rena likes and dislikes, kept on playing vividly in her mind.

It has managed to stay there, etched into her mind even though a year has passed. Somehow, though they had broken up a year ago, the feelings that she had for the younger girl just wouldn't fade, and neither was the jealousy that would come up whenever she was close with anyone else that seems to have an ability in making her smile, which basically meant...

...Everyone, but her.

"Ugh..." she groaned under her breath, giving her head another session of massages as a painful throb was felt on it once more. "I hate this."

"Well, I'm sorry for being here then." Rena suddenly mumbled to her, misunderstanding into thinking that what the older girl had said was meant for her.

Yukirin's eyes widened in surprise and she stared at the younger raven, who was frowing to herself whilst mumbling to herself as she watched the places that passed them by. There was this guilty feeling in her chest, adding to Yukirin's dismay, but being unable to think of anything to say, she kept her mouth shut and leaned her throbbing head onto the slightly cool window glass.

It must have been fatigue that made her do so, yet she was thankful for it even though her body felt like a ton of bricks have fallen onto it, for she have managed to somehow fall alseep through the awkward atmosphere in the taxi.

Several Minutes Later


There was that word encircling over and over again inside her head like before. She was aware of the fact that she has been thinking of it everytime she would close her eyes and have this dream, but no matter how many times she would try to check and see if all of these she was seeing was just an illusion, there would always be something that would make her change her mind.

Like her dreams from before, the room was as dark as ever and there weren't any sparkly things flying above her. Turning her head to her side, she would still see her ex-girlfriend there with her, holding her hands tightly yet making sure that she wasn't getting hurt.

"This can't be." she thought to herself as she admired the beauty of the girl beside her. "I'm currently in a taxi with her."

"You are, Yuki." the younger girl suddenly spoke, waking up all of a sudden to stare into her eyes with her lovely orbs. "All of these are real."


Rena pointed out of the window beside the older girl, making her notice how everything outside seemed to be moving. Seeing that, Yukirin couldn't help but wonder how could she be in her hotel room, and yet still have people and things passing her by from the outside.

"Unless..." she turned to Rena, and found the girl smiling at her with that lovely gaze of hers. "I must be going crazy."

The realization of being possibly mad made her eyes widen in surprise as the word 'crazy' circled around non-stop inside her head, making her furrow her eyebrows together as she tried to figure out if she was dreaming by pinching herself as hard as she could.

When she didn't feel the pain that she was supposed to be having, she turned to the girl beside her, who was still smiling at her lovingly with those brown orbs. Sighing, she tucked in a strand of loose hair hanging in front of Rena's eyes, behind her ear with a small smile on her face.

"Since I can't do this in real life..." she trailed off, trying to compose herself to prevent tears from falling as she realized the painful truth. "...let me enjoy this, okay?"

Rena nodded at her and leaned in even closer, letting more of her raven hair fall foward and block her line of sight. Sensing what the younger girl wanted her to do, Yukirin smiled softly and tucked the rest of Rena's hair.

Once the girl's face was free from any strands of hair besides her bangs, she cupped the raven's face and brought their foreheads closer, letting their warm breaths mix with each other. Yukirin closed her eyes and took in the scent that she had been missing for the past months.

"Why can't you do this in real life, Yukirin?" Rena asked her, after a few minutes of comfortable silence between the two of them.

The older raven leaned away and looked deep into her eyes, giving her a sad look as she sighed to herself. Looking away, she bit her lower lip and lowered her head.

"I don't know." she confessed. "Every time I open my mouth, the wrong words come out."

A pregnant pause.

"Do you still love me?" Rena asked, breaking the silence that has formed once again.

Yukirin, however, kept her silence and stayed in the same position, afraid to utter any word even though she knew perfectly well that no one besides her would find out. Just then, Rena tilted her head up with her slender fingers and brought their foreheads together once more.

"Do you still love me?" the raven repeated her question.

The older girl remained her silence, looking away from the beautiful eyes that she loves. She had tensed up from the contact that they currently have, only to be surprised even further when Rena took Yukirin's hands into her own and started caressing her smooth pale skin with them.

"I still love you." Rena told her, making Yukirin clenched her hands and pull away.

Shocked, she stared at the older girl, who only looked at her seriously with tears trailing down her eyes slowly. "You're only saying that because I want you to."

"You're just a figment of my imagination." Yukirin said bitterly, looking away as she continued to speak. "Nothing more than an illusion."

"Is that what I really am to you?" the younger girl asked with hurt evident in her tone.

When the older raven refused to speak an answer, she sighed and leaned away to the other side of the car. She looked away from her, making the older girl turn as she tried to see what was the expression written on her ex-girlfriend's face.

"I'm sorry, Rena." she apologised softly.


"I'm sorry, Rena."

The said girl's ears suddenly perked up at the voice of the sleeping girl, whom she was trying to wake up a while ago and now had an arm slung over her shoulders. Stopping for a while in walking, she looked at the sleeping face of the older 48 member.

"Are you awake?" she asked, tilting her head to the side to see for herself.

Receiving no answer, she sighed and started to walk once more towards the direction of the elavator. She smiled to herself and made a mental note to herself about taking care of the older girl once they have reached her room, which was just a few room away from her own.

It has been almost fifteen minutes since the two of them got off from the taxi. The driver offered to help her in carrying Yukirin back to her room, but Rena refused in the most polite manner and struggled to bring the sick and sleeping girl to her hotel room.

"You've lost weight, Yukirin." Rena said to the sleeping girl, grunting as she struggled to keep her standing up along with her as the elavator went up to their floor.

It was a good thing for her since she wasn't as athletic as Sae or Sayaka, who could carry the Team B captain with ease, especially when Yukirin has lost some weight. It was a bad thing though, that Yukirin has lost weight and been getting sick easily.

"We're here, Yukirin." she suddenly spoke, walking with a limp as she struggled to carry the older girl to the room on the other end of the hall.

Worried that they both might collapse any time if it took longer, the younger girl stood in front of the raven and wrapped her arms around her neck before taking small but quick steps towards the hotel room.

The sudden weight on her back caused her to grunt, making her realize that she really can't carry any heavy things no matter how much she tried to do it quickly. Fortunately for her, she was able to reach the room without getting any injuries on either of them.

The only thing now was for her to find where the older raven had placed the card key for her to open up the door. Pressing Yukirin up against the wall, she then started to rummage for the card key in the older girl's bag.

But after a several minutes of doing so, she sighed and looked at the older girl who still seemed to be comfortable sleeping despite the way she was at the moment. Biting her lower lip, she tilted her head and checked if she could somehow wake the girl up to ask her where the key was.

"She must be so tired." she mumbled to herself after figuring that Yukirin wouldn't wake up no matter how much she tried to call her by her name. "Maybe she put it inside her inside pocket?"

Nodding to herself that it might be the case, she pushed Yukirin even more against the wall and started patting the older girl's skirt to find out where the inside pocket was located, since their uniforms were different from each other.

"Rena?" someone suddenly spoke, making the said girl look to the direction where the voice had come from.

When she did, she saw her senpai, Oshima Yuko, holding the door open with her hand and staring at her with wide eyes. Realizing what kind of scene the older actress thought both of them were doing, she leaned away from Yukirin and started waving one of her hands frantically as she tried hard to explain the situation, still making sure that the older raven would fall to the ground.

"I-It's not what you think!" she cried frantically, watching the shocked expression change into a smirk.

Yuko merely raised a brow, laughing as she went back inside the room whilst shouting out loud enough for the younger actress to hear. "Good to know that you two are back together!"

"Mou, Yuko-san!"

Carrying the older raven on her back once more, she mumbled to herself. "That'll never happen because she doesn't even want to talk to me."

She let out a grunt and started walking towards her own hotel room, deciding not to let the sick girl stay out in the cold surrounding any longer. Besides, she can't find the key and she doesn't want anyone like Yuko to misunderstand the situation.

When she reached her room, she fished for the key inside her bag and entered. She quickly placed the sleeping girl on her bed as gently as she could, grunting and groaning as she tried to ignore the pain she was feeling on her back.

"There." she cried out breathlessly, once she was sure that the older raven was in a comfortable position.

Stretching her back, she groaned and walked to her bathroom to change into her sleeping clothes. Since all members were supposed to take a shower before leaving the practice room, she didn't have to bother about taking another one and headed straight for the bed.

However, the moment she did, she noticed that Yukirin was still in her working clothes. She sighed and bit her lower lip, scratching the back of her head as she debated with her inner self about changing the girl's clothes or just letting her stay that way.

"It must be uncomfortable..." she mumbled, making her way slowly to the sleeping girl. "...and there's no malicious thoughts."


Running to her wardrobe, she started looking for any clothing that would fit the older and slightly bustier girl. She managed to find a white shirt and blue pajamas in the end, making her sigh in relief since she was starting to worry about what the older girl would wear.

"Now..." she trailed off, trying hard not to blush as she stared at the sleeping figure in front of her. " should I undress her?"

Tilting her head to the side, she let out a huge sigh and started tapping her chin with her finger, taking a few glances at the girl every second or two. Just then, she pumped her fist up into the air and let out a quiet cry.


With great determination, she sat on the bed and sat the older girl up, letting her head lean against Rena's shoulders as she tried to unbutton the buttons behind Yukirin's back. It was a good thing that most of their working clothes had zippers or buttons at the back, since the young raven knew that she would seriously die from major blood loss if it weren't.


"We've reached my hotel room." the younger girl told her, lying her gently as she could on the soft bed.

Yukirin smiled at her, moving to the side to side to let the younger girl lie next to her, leaning and sitting up against the head board. Giving the smile that the older girl couldn't get tired of, Rena did what she wanted and laid next to her, entwining both of their hands together.

"I don't ever want this dream to stop." Yukirin murmured, tightening the hold that she had over Rena's hand.

The younger girl nodded her head and mumbled an agreement, before closing her eyes as Yukirin started running her fingers through the raven hair that she love so much. The older raven started to hum their favourite song, closing her eyes as she continued to comb the girl's hair with her hand.

A few seconds later...

"Are you awake, Yukirin?" Rena suddenly asked, making the said girl's eyes flutter open.

She nodded her head, somehow suddenly unable to speak like how she was able to do so a few seconds ago, as well as move her head as much as before. However, what the older raven didn't know was that she has, in fact, woken up from the dream that she wanted to stay in.

There was so much similarity in her surroundings, which was the very reason why she was unable to differentiate if she was awake or still dreaming. The only different thing was how she was lying her head next to Rena's.

Rena had her arms wrapped around the older girl, softly tapping her shoulder with her left hand as she hummed the song that Yukirin thought she was singing in the dream. Her tight yet comfortable hug brought nothing but warmth to the sick and slightly cold raven, who took advantage of the chance to hug her even tigher.

"Am I still dreaming?" Yukirin asked herself, pondering as she tried to lift her eyelids open.

When she felt her muscles throb painfully, she sighed mentally. "Guess not anymore."

"Yukirin..." the younger girl started to speak, hugging her tightly as she continued. "...Please stay sick."

The raven peeked from the corner of her eyes and saw her biting her lower lip, waiting for the younger girl to continue on speaking. "I know that it's a selfish to ask you of that, but I know that I won't be able to do this if you weren't."


Rena softly sobbed. "Please stay like this a little bit longer."

Yukirin's eyes widened in surprise as her mind took in what the younger girl had just told her, finding it a little bit hard to believe that Rena was wishing for the same thing she was. She had always thought that the younger raven didn't really care much about her ever since they broke up, but it seems that she was wrong.

"Rena..." Yukirin silently called the girl's name, wanting to speak up but afraid to do so, thinking that she would leave her once she find out that she was awake. "How I wish that we can return to how we were before."

Just then, she felt herself getting hugged even tighter. Rena now has completely wrapped her slender and thin arms around the older girl, hugging her so tightly as if she was afraid to let go and wake up to find that this was all a dream.

Though getting a bit uncomfortable with how she was unable to breath at such a close contact, Yukirin allowed herself to be hugged, also afraid that this would just be one of her dreams where Rena granted one of her wishes.

"My dream is coming true, Yukirin." Rena told her with a smile, which the older girl loved seeing over and over again.

Closing her eyes, Yukirin nuzzled her face into the younger girl's neck and took in the scent of Rena's shampoo. "So is mine."

"I'm wide awake, but I know that my dreams are coming true."

"I miss you so much." the younger girl told her as she shivered from the breath that the raven let out to her sensitive neck.

"Me too."

"Do you want to know something, Yukirin?"

The said girl peeked from the corner of her eyes, still remaining her silence for she knew that the younger raven only wanted to let out her true feelings. She waited for Rena to continue speaking, loosening the tight hug she had over the girl.

"I'm still in love with you." the girl confessed, closing her eyes as she kissed Yukirin at the top of her head.

The girl in her arms only tensed from the touched, blinking her eyes continuously as she discreetly pinched herself. When she felt the pain from the pinch, she winced and looked up at the girl again, this time with a happy expression on her face instead of keeping the pokerface to look like she was sleeping.

"Really?" she asked, blurting out the words that couldn't help but escape from her smiling mouth.


Rena looked at her with wide eyes, before leaning her face away when she realized the close distance she has with the older girl. Sitting up, she removed her arms from Yukirin and sat on the far end of the bed, letting her back face the raven.

Yukirin only stared at the younger girl's back with sad eyes, lying on her side as she allowed both of them to bask in the silence that has formed due to her mistake. She bit her lower lip and looked away from the sitting figure, trying hard to prevent herself from letting the tears fall down her face.

"Y-you were awake?" Rena asked, stuttering and showing just how much she was nervous at the moment.

Taking in a deep breath, she lied. "...I just woke up."

The tears finally broke the control she had over her eyes, staining her face with trails of hot and salty tears. She started to sniff, turning to face the other side in order to prevent the younger girl from seeing the pain she had received from the raven suddenly moving away from her.

"Are you crying, Yukirin?" Rena asked.

The older girl didn't reply and continued to wipe away the tears, that seemed to be flowing like a waterfall, from her face. Suddenly, she felt the space behind her sink in before a cold hand reached for her shoulders, which she moved away from in fear of feeling the painful ache that overcame her a moment ago.


"I'm not crying." the older girl sniffed, still wiping the tears away. "I'm just having a runny nose."

"You liar."

Rena's voice caused her to stop moving and fidgeting away from the girl who kept on trying to turn her around, giving the younger raven a chance. Taking the opportunity, she sneaked a peek from the older girl's face, and saw the trails of tears as well as the slightly drenched part of the pillow.

"Yukirin..." she trailed off, not knowing what to do and say after seeing the girl in such a manner.

The older girl only bolted up from the bed and stared at her with red, puffy eyes as she cried. "Yes, I was lying!"

"I'm really crying because I don't like this situation at all!"

"I-I'm sorry." Rena stuttered, shocked by the girl's sudden outburst at her. "I didn't mean to go over your space."

"I hate you." she suddenly said, shocking the younger girl even further as she watched Yukirin with her head hung low.

Rena slowly started to reach her hand out towards Yukirin, wanting to tilt her chin up and pulled her into a hug to prevent her from feeling any more pain. But just then, she remembered the three words that the older girl had just spoken to her, causing her to stop midway.

"I-I'm sorry." she apologized, retracting her hand slowly.

The older girl suddenly snapped her head up and stared at her with a pitiful expression on her face, making Rena instantly regret about hesitating and not hugging her.

"I hate you so much, Rena." Yukirin told her, sending painful stabs to the younger girl.

Rena bit her lower lip as she continued to listen to the older girl's words."I hate you so much for making me fall in love with you."

"And I hate you so much for making me fall for you over and over again even after breaking up with me!" the older girl cried, covering her face with her hands as she started to sob harder. "Just one touch from you, and I start to melt! It always happen every time!"

Looking up from her water-filled hands, she cried. "Then I find myself falling for you again!"

Tears started to drip even faster from her eyes as she let out all the pain and bottled feelings she was having for the past several months, not noticing that the younger girl was staring at her on the same spot without any movement.

She wanted to grab the crying girl and hug her in order to stop all of her tears, but she couldn't help but fear about getting pushed away and feeling the pain that she has been trying hard to hide all this time even though she felt like dying right on the spot.

"I can't help..." Yukirin sobbed, wiping her tears away as she started to have hiccups. "...but fall for you."

"And it hurts me so much."

The fear instantly disappeared, making Rena wrap her arms around the older girl and pulling her into a tight hug. The yearning to make her tears stop from falling grew more than the fear that she had over feeling the pain, surprising her when she had realized what she had done.

Fortunately for her, the older girl didn't seem to mind and even hugged her tightly, sobbing with her face buried against the raven's neck. She continued to cry out her feelings without speaking any word for some time, enjoying the light feeling in her chest as she basked in Rena's warmth.

The two of them probably spent an hour in that position, not wanting to part away from each other's embrace as they tried to take in their fill. The younger of the two kept on stroking the raven's hair, a gesture that only she knew would calm Yukirin down.

Yukirin, on the other hand, had her eyes closed as she felt herself being rocked. Her eyes have grown extremely tired from all the crying she had done a while ago. The trail of tears she had on her face had dried off, and no longer was her face pale and white like before.

The fever she had also seemed to have disappeared, along with the pain she had been keeping and bottling up inside, relieving her from all the problems and worries that she would have whenever she was around the younger girl.

And now, with how she was being hummed and rocked so lovingly, she couldn't help but feel a bit sleepy. The fatigue from the stressing she had been doing, as well as from the over-working, has now caught up with her, making things a little bit hard for her since all she wanted was to enjoy the hug she was receiving at the moment.

"Rena..." she spoke, breaking the comfortable silence that had formed in between the two of them.

The younger raven hummed in question, continuing on with the minstration she was doing. "Hmm?"

"Did you mean what you said?"

Rena stopped and leaned away, staring straight into the older girl's brown orbs, showing her nothing but the vulnerability she had at the very moment. Her blank expression seemed to have made Yukirin misunderstand, which made the older raven bite her lower lip as she tried to think of anything to say to prevent the awkward atmosphere from the taxi come back once more.

"Yes." Rena suddenly replied, surprising her with a tight hug.

The younger girl then gave a long kiss on her forehead, which led to Yukirin closing her eyes once more as the desire to feel the fluttering butterflies even more, grew. It was because feelings tend to be felt more when one's eyes were shut.

Unware yet sensing Rena leaning her face closer to hers, she kept her eyes closed and breathed in slowly. A few more seconds passed, and Yukirin felt the younger girl's soft lips leave her slightly sweaty forehead, making her chest ache a bit as her butterflies ceased their fluttering.

But just then, she felt Rena's lips kiss both of her closed eyes. The younger girl then gave a quick peck on both sides of her cheeks, before tilting Yukirin's chin up to place her soft lips on hers. Wanting to feel Rena's lips on hers even more, she leaned in closer and wrapped her arms around the younger girl's neck.

The long and sensual kiss soon turned into a battle of dominance once Rena moved her head to the side. Yukirin licked the younger girl's lips, making her open her mouth as she let out a moan, which the raven used as an opportunity to let her tongue enter Rena's mouth.

The younger girl let out another moan as she felt her insides melt from Yukirin's experienced kissing, which turned her whole body to jelly. She fell down onto the bed and started returning the older girl's kisses as passionately and vigorly as she could, not wanting to be defeated as she herself, wanted to make Yukirin moan.

Her wish was granted soon enough the moment she was able to manage on sucking on the older girl's tongue, when Yukirin stopped in attacking her mouth in order to take in some air. That caused the older girl to lose her limbs' ability in keeping her up on the bed, making her fall onto Rena slowly as she panted heavily.

"That's unfair." she panted, breathing into Rena's ear.

The younger girl shivered from the warm air that was breathed to her sensitive ears, which was not left unnoticed by Yukirin. Smiling to herself, she doved in at the younger gir's ears and nibbled at them, making Rena squirm from underneath as she tried to keep herself from moaning.

"You're the one who's unfair." The younger girl pouted, before pulling Yukirin into another round of hot kiss.

This was turned into another battle for dominance, which Yukirin successfully turned into her win the moment a plan formed in her mind. Stopping the kiss, she smirked when she heard Rena let out a dissatisfied whimper, which soon turned into a sensual gasp once Yukirin dove at her sensitive neck and started nibbling.

She started writhing underneath the older girl, gasping every once in a while whenever Yukirin would mark her. Her heartbeat was pounding hard against her ears, and her red was as red as a tomato. She was feeling so damn good, that she was unable to form any coherent thoughts nor any plans to make the older girl writh like her.

All she could feel was the nibbling on her neck, as well as the roaming of Yukirin's hands all over her body. Just then, the nibbling stopped and Rena looked at the beautiful raven that was staring at her with dilated pupils.

"Rena..." Yukirin panted out her name, making the said girl melt from under her as she felt electricity run through her body just from hearing her name called out so sensually.

"...I've missed you so much."

Rena smiled at her and tucked in a strand of hair behind the shell of her ear, whispering to her even though no one was there with them to hear it. "Me too."

"I've missed doing this," Yukirin said, closing her eyes as she leaned her face against the younger girl's carressing warm hand.

Rena leaned on her elbow and gave a long kiss to the older girl's red lips, before letting herself fall back down to the bed. When Yukirin opened her eyes, she blushed and breathed in as slowly as she could, unable to take in the sight of Rena, lying down beneath her with her hair sprawled out so sexily, without having the desire to kiss her and do something more.

"Yukirin." the younger girl suddenly spoke, noticing the hesitation and tense body of the said girl. "Do you still love me?"

Yukirin's eyes widened and she leaned back, before kneeling as she stared at the girl lying in front of her, looking so vulnerable and irresistable. Seeing the older girl pull away, Rena sat up and reached out her hand to touch Yukirin, which was gently pushed away.

"What's wrong?" Rena asked, sounding hurt as she retracted her hand back to her side.

Yukirin looked down on the bed, and whispered. "I must be dreaming."


"This..." Yukirin's voice trailed off as she looked at both of them with sad and tearful eyes. " must be a dream."

"It's just an illusion."

"Yukirin, I don't get what you're saying." Rena told her, feeling hurt as the seconds passed.

The older girl bit her lower lip and sat on the far side of the bed, as if afraid to even have Rena near her. "I..." she said.

"...I'm just dreaming, aren't I?"

"I can't be here with you in your hotel room. I can't be kissing you passionately like before, making you writhe and moan because I make you feel good." she started to sob. "And you definitely still can't have the same feelings as me."

" you say all of that?" Rena asked her, her voice cracking as she tried to hide the pain away in order to find out the reason why. "Why can't you believe this?"

"Because I've been dreaming of this every single night!" Yukirin cried at her, finally breaking down once more.

"I've been dreaming of having you in my arms, underneath me with my lips on yours! I've been yearning to have you hug me and comfort me like before! I've been-"

"This is real!" Rena cried at her, moving towards her as she cupped the older girl's face with both of her hands.

She leaned her forehead on Yukirin's, and whispered. "This isn't an illusion, and you're definitely awake."

"Yukirin," she started. "Everything that's happening right now is real."

"What I said before about still loving you, is true. My feelings never changed, even after you told me that you wanted to have some space between us."


"Yukirin, if you think that you're dreaming, then so am I." the younger raven said, sobbing as well.

"Every day and night, all I think of is you. Nothing else, but you. I see you in my dreams, and in my surroundings. I even mistake the other members for you, always calling your name instead of theirs."

"Y-you do?" Yukirin asked, dumbfounded because she had never heard of such thing from the others.

The younger raven only nodded, looking away as she bit her lower lip. "I asked them not to tell you, since you're together with Miyazawa-san."

"Sae?!" Yukirin cried, flabbergasted at the ridiculous thought that the younger girl had. "Why would you think that?"

"She likes you and you like her, don't you?" Rena asked her, not noticing the look of disbelief the older girl had on her face. "I heard your talk with her, before we broke up."

"Rena... I didn't mean it that way." Yukirin told her; no longer were there tears dripping from her eyes. "She was comforting me, and we just talked."

"We were never together, not even now."

"Then why did you break up with me in the first place?" Rena asked her, staring at her as she cried.

Yukirin watched the younger girl break down in front of her, mumbling about how much pain she had to go through as she tried to pretend how she wasn't hurting that much, and how she was trying not to ask Sae the reason why she had to confess to Yukirin even though they were together.

"I'm sorry, Rena." Yukirin apologized, hugging her as she tried to take her eyes off the vulnerable and crying girl. "I-I wasn't thinking straight when I told you that."

"I thought that we were losing the feelings we have, and that we both need a break from each other." the older raven started sob again. "I never thought that I'd be suffering even though I was the one who asked for it."

"I'm so sorry." she apologized once more, hugging Rena even tighter.

The younger girl only sobbed harder, wrapping her arms around Yukirin's waist. Her hot and salty tears were coming down even faster than before, wetting the shirt that the older girl was wearing. Yukirin, however, was trying her best in soothing Rena to even bother about something so trivial.

"Rena, I'm so sorry." she rubbed the younger girl's back as she started to rock her like how she was rocked a while ago. "It was a mistake, and I never really wanted to hurt you."

"I'm really sorry for everything I've done to you." she continued, stopping herself from crying as she tried to stop her chest from aching because of the heart-breaking sobs that she could hear from the younger girl. "Please forgive me."

Rena only cried harder, making things harder for the older girl since she wasn't good in comforting others. She had never once been able to make a crying person stop and instead made them cry harder when she accidentally blurted out some blunt things, which was like the situation she was currently in at the moment.

Just then, an idea entered her mind and made her eyes widen. It might not be a good thing or a good timing to do it, with how the things were, but seeing how she was incapable of doing anything to make Rena stop her heart-breaking sobs, there wasn't any other way.


Rena's eyes suddenly widened in surprise, completely taken aback from the action that the older girl was doing. She was about to tell the older raven that she has forgiven her but was unable to stop her crying and sobbing, when Yukirin suddenly tilted her chin up and caught her lips with her own.

She tried to lean away since she wanted to have a serious conversation between the two of them, but with how Yukirin was kissing her so passionately, and how she was slowly losing the determination to get her motive, she gave in and closed her eyes.

Her hands reached up to the back of Yukirin's neck, making her lose her balance and fall back onto the bed. The older girl left her lips and started kissing away the tears that kept on falling from Rena's eyes, wanting to take away the pain with any possible ways she could think of at the very moment.

Fortunately for her, her plan worked and the sobbing made by the younger girl stopped almost instantly. The two of them were now locked in a hot kiss, letting out stiffled moans as they nibbled and bit on each other's lips.

Yukirin slowly started to let her hands roam on the body of the younger girl who laid under her, making Rena stop the kiss as she let out a slight chuckle from the ticklish sensation that she was feeling. The older girl only smiled into the kiss, before leaning away and staring at her as a trail of saliva formed in between the two.

"Yukirin..." Rena breathed out, smiling as she touched the girl's face. "...We're not dreaming, are we?"

Giving a smile which instantly turned into a smirk, she replied. "There's only one way to find out."

And with that, she dove at Rena's lips once more and started another session of kisses. She started to let her hands roam on the younger girl's body once more, before pulling the shirt up to Rena's neck, wanting to feel more of their skin together.

Sensing what the older girl wanted, Rena complied and lifted her body with the help of Yukirin, allowing the shirt to be removed. The kiss had to be broken in order to take off the shirt, but almost as soon as the annoyance was removed, their lips found each other again.

Yukirin's hands instantly went to the younger girl's chest, groping the two orbs through the soft fabric that was in the color of beige. It wasn't long until the younger girl's bra was taken off and thrown off to some place in the room, forgotten.

"Now..." Yukirin said as she stared at Rena's eyes, with lust evident in her dilated eyes. "...let's see if we're dreaming."

Without wasting any more time, she attacked the younger girl's lips before slowly moving down to her chest, leaving butterfly kisses along the way. A gasp instantly left Rena's mouth the moment the older girl's hot lips took in one of the buds, making Yukirin smile as she took a peek from the corner of her eyes.

She let her mouth devour the entire bud, as well as the areola, making the girl underneath her squirm as she tried to prevent herself from letting out any indecent sounds, which Yukirin took as a challenge.

Giving the bud a gentle bite, she then sucked and started making popping sounds, pulling and nibbling on it. She gave some attention to the other awaiting bud from the other side, letting her teeth graze a bit on it, which made Rena finally break her control over her mouth and let out a moan.

Satisfied, Yukirin started to switch back and forth between the two for some time, before letting her lips leave more butterfly kisses on the girl's pale stomach, heading towards her real destination where she was sure to receive more moaning and even whimpering from Rena's mouth.

"Yukirin." the younger girl whined. "Your clothes are still on."

The older girl smiled at her and nodded her head, taking off her shirt and bra without any moment of hesitation. Soon, her hands returned to their adventurous trip and started pulling Rena's pajama off. Once she managed to, her mouth instantly found themselves leaving marks on the younger girl's hip bone, making Rena let out a hiss as she tried to keep her hip down.

"Rena," Yukirin spoke huskily, stopping the younger girl's hands that attempted to push her off to allow Rena to get on top of her. "I'm in charge now, so let me do what I want."

"But-" the raven tried to speak, only to be silence by Yukirin's kiss.

Staring intently, the older raven asked. "I want to do this, please?"

"O-okay..." Rena nodded, blushing hard whilst looking away since her body felt like melting from the intense stare that Yukirin was giving to her. "P-please be gentle."

"No promises." Yukirin replied huskily, before ripping off the girl's last remaining undergarment.

Pinning the younger girl's hands down, she kissed her aggresively and then started to make a trail of hickeys from her lips to her hip bone, making Rena inhale sharply. She squirmed underneath the girl's strong hold, which soon loosen the moment she reached the place she was most eager to start playing with.

Rena whimpered against the older girl's warm touch, writhing the moment she felt Yukirin's lips nearing her damp center. She started to breath faster, clutching hard onto the bed sheets once the older girl's lips attached themselves to Rena' flower, sucking and nibbling.

The Next Day

"Magic..." Rena breathed out.

The older girl who stroked her hair continuously, whom she had her head lying upon on, opened her eyes and stared at her with a curious gaze on her face. "Hmm?"

"It must be magic." Rena told her with a smile, before nuzzling her face into the older raven's neck and inhaling her sweet scent.

Yukirin smiled and tilted her chin up, stopping the stroking of her hand on the younger girl's ravan hair. "Why do you say so?"

"The way I hold you," Rena stopped for a while just to hug her even tighter, before contiuing on. "The night just seems to fly."

"Just staying here like this is enough for me."

The older of the two smiled even more and kissed her on the top of her head, murmuring loud enough for her to hear. "Do you know what, Rena?"


"Whenever I look into your eyes, all I see is heaven." she said whilst staring intently into the younger girl's eyes, before catching her lips and giving a long passionate kiss.

The two of them leaned in even closer, hugging each other tighter as they tried to get closer although there wasn't any more space in between the two for them to fill in. Then, after a few seconds, even though it wasn't want they wanted, they parted their lips from each other to take in the much needed air.

They stared intently at each other, thinking to themselves of the same thing; how they couldn't help themselves every single time.

Just one touch, one look, and one word...

Smiling at each other, they thought to each other...

"I just fall in love again."


A/N: Hooray~! I've finally finished writing this part! Well...lllorz. I'm so sorry that it took longer than expected. Just had a lot of stuff going on, especially with how the field trip is around the corner! YAY~! Field trip!!! \(^O^)/
*coughs* And now...I shall announce what couple I have chosen to write about for the OMD fic, aka Oh My Dolly!.

Drumroll please~ *drums*


YAY~! So now I plan on trying to write a fic about those two, since I fell in love with them after reading a few (lots XD) Atsumina here and there. ANYWAYS~! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING![/i] Byebye~! :byebye: :mon bye:
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