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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44157 times)

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
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yo  :hand: i have arrived! lol

yes karo-chan karo-chan! ~~
haha i know airin stands no chance against jurina in this fic D: she'll get slaughtered and turned into mince meat! but its okay if no renairin for this since it is wmatsui afterall but it'd be awesome if you can write some more extras with airin in it *hint hint*  8)

rofl im glad none of my grandparents place have those creepy portraits  :twothumbs but i feel for you ..i really do *patpat*

hahaha 7 times?!?! LOL thats just overkill  :P

but epic update! mayuki making out already in the elevator!! you guys are definitely moving fast *snickers* HAHAH YUKIRIN FAINTED! mayuyu was just too good ROFLLL  :thumbsup

thanks for the update  :thumbup

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
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lol mayu and yuki there isnt much to say apart from poor Yuki she just got caught by sayaka kissing Mayu and they both loved there kiss lol

i wonder who is going to meet next

thanks for update

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 4] (04/19)
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@Megumi:'s your update~ but before that...I would to say :mon inluv: THANK YOU!!! :kneelbow: I was just browsing through the new readers thread and I saw your post. I was surprised that you wrote me as one of your favorite authors. :kneelbow: Thank you. ^^ I feel honored.

:shock: Heee?! I did that? :pig huh: Didn't even remember... :mon dunno:
:pig laugh: Just kidding! Of course I remember your first fic that I read was about the Mafia family :pig madder: And then I read L.A.M they were all interesting it made  :ding: impression on me and then you weren't updating for a while and I tough that you abandoned your fics and stopped writing(and I secretly hoped that IRL you were busy) and now you're back to updating I'm glad!  (kyaa I'm blushing by saying this  :shy2: LoL) SO THANK YOU Karo-chan! For writing wonderful fics!  :shy1:

So now some comment about this MaYuki update...
 :wahaha: OMG OMG OMG! ROFL!  How bold can Yukirin be?! :nya: Kissing a cute stranger like that...(I don't really mind if it's Mayu  :on woohoo: )  But what's wrong with her brain?! I really liked this wierdo side of her :lol: and it seems that Sae had already met Sayaka  :)

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:

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L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
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@RenaChii: hahaha! Of course! The Cyborg uses her tears well. :hiakhiakhiak:

@kurogumi: Ahahaha~ The appearance of Tsundere Cyborg :hiakhiakhiak: I'm glad that it didn't fail. :kneelbow: I apologize for the late delay, and making you wait for 10 years.  :lol: But here's an update. though it's not completely finished, since it's divided into two.

@kahem: Your comment made me think of making this update have another theme, So..Thank you. :kneelbow:

@seigus: Tsk tsk tsk. :smhid I can't believe that Yukirin still kissed a stranger. :hiakhiakhiak: Fainting is the best way to get out of such a problem though. Hahaha!

@bochang: Oppa! I finally updated!  :D I'm glad that you found it all EPIC, and not FAIL. Thank you, oppa!

@lollita90: Aww~ They should become shippers then, so that they'll care. :hiakhiakhiak: And s-sensei...  :nervous That's too much. But I'll try to make more of this kind. I need to stop being sadistic. :hiakhiakhiak:

@ohayou: Or~ She just wanted to lure her in.  :twisted: So that her company won't fail. :hiakhiakhiak:

@yvet_951: Thank you yvet-san! :kneelbow:

@Pandah: Pan-chan! Well....I'll try my best for RenAirin! Shh~ Keep it a secret though. :hiakhiakhiak:

@Robyn: Robyn~! I managed to do an update for this, so Hellish Heaven can be written down! YAY~! :mon beam:

@Megumi:  :nervous Sorry if I made you think that I abandoned them. Ahahahah~ *laughs awkwardly* BUT! I assure you that I will NEVER abandon any fic! No matter how much it fails! :mon beam: And...I'm really glad as well as happy that you liked my fics. :shy2: It makes me extremely happy that someone likes all of my fic. So...Here's another update! Thank you once again! :kneelbow:

A/N: Hey guys~ Since I was a bit busy doing some stuff, I wanted to write a longer chapter. But... since it was taking too much time...I decided to break this into two parts. So...Sorry. :kneelbow: And since my last update was a happy one...I decided why not try this? But then...  :thumbdown: this one is a bit bad. I'm not good in this update's genre. So, yeah. I apologize. Gomenasai. :kneelbow:

Operation: Guns and Roses= Phase One (Encounter) Part 5

Whistling a happy tune, she stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut with a slam. She was in a great mood ever since she had heard from Meetan that she would be working in the field she was most knowledgeable.

As she walked towards the two doors of the building, she started noticing how nice they looked. Both of the doors were made of translucent glass, clean and without a sign of a fingerprint. They were both painted with a mixture of black and light colors that made it look extraordinary, yet attractive.

“Welcome to Infinity Inc.” greeted the man, who suddenly opened the doors widely for her to enter through.

Smiling, she nodded back in return and greeted energetically. The guard smiled back, before motioning for her to enter and closing it the moment she did. The cold air made by the air-conditioners brought the heat out of her body, immediately making her shiver as her skin adapted to the cold surrounding.

Taking a look around her, she started noticing just how dark the place seemed, with the lights dimmed almost to the point that the first level was impossible to see in. Everywhere she turned; there would always be a picture of Akimoto Sayaka.

Figuring out the reason for the dim atmosphere, she looked up and find out that not a single ceiling light was in sight. Instead, there were ancient-looking post lights that lighted up the whole place. There were not many of them, and they stood aligned next to each other with a distance of two to three meters in between.

“What an eerie company.” She mumbled to herself, before walking towards a counter that was located by the corner.

Once she stood by the wooden counter, she peered over and realized that no one was sitting right behind it. Furrowing her eyebrows, she started looking around her and noticed that the guard who opened the door for her before was no longer there.

And neither was the chair he sat on.

“Okay, now this is getting weirder.” She said to herself, before reaching out to shake the bell that was on top of the counter.

Once she shook it, the bell’s ringing echoed throughout the place before slowly disappearing. She peered at the elevator that has opened all of a sudden, only to find out that there wasn’t anyone coming out or even standing in it.

Scratching the back of head, she sighed and leaned against the counter desk while tapping her fingers on the wooden surface. She started whistling to keep herself entertained, before stopping after a few seconds when she realized how creepy the whistling sounded like in such a place.

“May I help you?” a voice suddenly asked from behind the counter desk.

She let out a squeak and snapped her gaze onto the person sitting by the counter, who was stamping out several papers without any sound. Placing her right hand onto her chest, she started to tell herself inwardly to calm down and get on with what she had planned.

“Um..” she started to say, clearing her throat when she felt like she was squeaking. “I came here to work for Akimoto Sayaka-san?”

“Yes, we’ve been waiting for you, Miyazawa Sae.” The woman replied, not even bothering to look up as she continued to stamp the papers. “You can go to her office by riding the elevator to the fourth floor.”

“O-okay.” She replied with a squeaky voice, completely taken aback when the woman’s cold fingers touched hers as she showed the direction to the elevator.

It was as if she wasn’t alive.

She shivered and mentally slapped herself while laughing to herself. That’s just ridiculous! She thought to herself as she gave a word of ‘thanks’ and walked towards the elevator. The woman was speaking and it was impossible to have someone dead working at a company!

“That’s ridiculous of me to think!” she said out loud, the moment the doors of the elevator closed.

Chuckling to herself as she tapped her foot, she looked at the screen that showed what level she was on. Her eyes had to be squinted really hard, as well as use her phone to see the number on the screen attached above the buttons.

The ceiling light above her was of no help and even started to flicker on and off, causing Sae to sigh and use her phone when the lights went off the moment she had passed the third level. Clicking her tongue, she made a mental note to ask Meetan was the deal was with Akimoto Sayaka and dimmed lights.

“Ah, finally.” She uttered, when the elevator stopped moving and reached the fourth level.

Sighing to herself when the lights came back on, she placed her phone back into her pocket and walked out of the elevator. Taking a look around her, she noticed how only four post lamps stood in the hallway. The hallway was even dimmer than the first floor.

“Sheesh, are they going bankrupt or something that they had to save up on electricity?” she asked, as she walked slowly through the slowly darkening hallway.

Just then, she came to a corner that had two hallways meeting each other side by side. Glancing at each one, she started pondering which one she should choose. The woman from the counter never told her which hallway to take, and it was hard to see the signs with the dark surroundings.

Taking out her phone, she switched on its light and glanced up at the signs above her. What she saw was not what she expected, and started to furrow her eyebrows when it was a message instead of a direction that would lead her to Sayaka’s office.

“I applaud you, brave one.”

“What in the world?” she said out loud, before continuing to read the message in italic writing.

“Though I must say, you have just walked to your doom.”

“What is this, some kind of game?” she asked out loud, though received no kind of response.

Scoffing to herself, she decided to ignore it and chose the left path. The message was really creepy to be honest, but Miyazawa Sae was not scared of such things. She came here to finish her job, and that’s what she would certainly do.

No matter how crazy this building was.

Walking forward and keeping an eye out for any person around, she started wondering why the place seemed to be so deserted. Everywhere she walked, there would be flickering ceilings lights or post lamps that can’t even light a meter away.

Trying to keep herself warm the moment the air started to grow colder, she started rubbing her hands together and breathed in some warm air into it. The lights were now dimmer than before, and a creepy feelings was starting to rise inside her chest.

“Who are you?” a woman in red shirt asked, the moment Sae stopped in her tracks when she saw her standing in front of her.

Sae took a step back, feeling scared as the woman continued to stare deep into her eyes. There was something weird about her, and just being around her was too terrifying for Sae to bear. Her face was pale white, and her skin had this liquid dripping down to the floor.

“I’m asking who you are.” the woman asked, taking a step closer.

“I..” Sae started to say, before screaming when the woman dropped to the ground in pieces.

“Damn this place!” she cried, before running back to where she once walked past with great speed. “Shit!”

She continued to shout the word as loud as she can, hoping that someone would be able to hear her. When she came by the two hallways, she was about to run across the room to the elevator when she stopped in her tracks the moment she saw a woman in white, with flashing red eyes and blood dripping out from her head.

“Y-you…” the woman pointed at Sae, before laughing maniacally and walking towards Sae with slow steps.

Terrified, Sae stood frozen to the spot and watched the woman walk towards her. The hair at her back has risen and her skin’s sensitivity has increased due to the cold atmosphere. When the woman stopped a meter away from her, Sae decided that it wasn’t a good idea to stay there.

Taking a huge breath, she kicked the woman aside and started dashing towards the elevator. The force of the kick caused the woman’s body to fall, making her scream in pain and growl at Sae with menacing eyes. Sae closed her eyes and increased her speed, letting her reach the elevator within two seconds.

Pressing the buttons furiously, she began to watch the arrow pointing upwards with the number ‘1’ on it. She took a look back behind her, before mumbling words of ‘please, be quick’ as she watched the woman slithering towards her slowly.

Turning her body back, she started to lean against the elevator’s doors and watched the woman with wide eyes. She screamed loudly when a body fell out from the ceiling and started crawling towards her with hair covering the face, with hair reaching to the ground.

Hissing sounds were heard from the two women coming towards her, making Sae cry out and start pounding at the doors of the elevator. They were nearing her and the elevator has yet to reach the fourth floor, since it was just going up from the third floor.

“Y-you…” the woman whom Sae kicked spoke, with a voice as cold as ice. “Kicked me!”

“Y-you ssshall pay!” the woman who fell from the ceiling hissed, before laughing menacingly.

Whimpering to herself, Sae started wondering what in the world she was doing there. Her mind has forgotten the fact that she was carrying a gun behind her, and was now panicking as the distance between the three began to slowly decrease.

“Hahahaha~” cracked the woman in white, when she and the other one was at legs’-length reach.


Sae fell down backwards into the elevator, before smiling thankfully that the elevator has reached the floor. She stood up as quickly as she could, and started pressing the first floor’s button at the same time pressing the close button furiously.

“C-come back!” cried the woman with long hair, as she reached up to Sae with her right hand raised.

The doors closed, and Sae leaned against the rails whilst heaving a sigh of relief. The elevator lights were not as dim as before, and the heavy atmosphere she was experiencing has now disappeared ever since she entered it.

She sighed, before running her hands through her hair as she muttered to herself, “Why are there spirits here.”

“Even Sadako was here.” She scoffed t herself, before looking at her phone and flipping it open to call Meetan and the others.

She needed to tell them that she was going to do her job secretly, since working was a bit…complicated. Seeing how the signal was empty inside the elevator, she decided that it would be best to make a call once she has reached the outside of the building.

“Lucky they didn’t follow me.” She sighed in relief as she came out of the elevator.

Her eyes widened when she realized that the place was no longer filled with ancient-looking post lamps, but with perfectly-conditioned ceiling lights. The sudden brightness made Sae close her eyes and cover them using her arm, as she slowly adapted her sight to the surrounding.

“Ah, Myazawa-san?” someone asked, walking towards Sae when she smiled and waved in response.

“Yes, that’s me.”

The long-haired raven smiled at her, before offering her a hand to shake as she introduced herself. “Akimoto Sayaka.”

“Nice to meet you.” The two said in unison, before smiling at one another.

“Ah…” Sae started to say, looking around her and seeing happy-looking employees working at their posts. “What happened?”

The creepy guard has been replaced by a smiling young one, while the woman who sat by the counter desk laughed cheerfully as she talked to those beside her. Not a trace of those whom she has met before was found, and that made Sae curious.

“What do you mean?” Sayaka asked her, arching an eyebrow at the question that Sae gave her.

Sae smiled weakly, thinking that everything she had seen and experienced was just part of her imagination. “N-nothing.”

“You look so pale, Miyazawa.” Sayaka stated, before placing her hand on the girl’s forehead.

“Would you like to rest at my office?”

Sae nodded her head, thinking that it was best for her to take some rest and put a device inside the girl’s room to listen where the girl planned on going at times and such. Following the long-haired, they went into the elevator and started talking about the position that Sae was going to hold.

“You’ll be going to every meetings I’ll be holding, and you’ll be the one who’ll represent me at times when I’m unable to.” Sayaka instructed, giving a smile at the short-haired girl.

Sae nodded to show that she understood her responsibilities, before gripping the rails tightly when she saw the floor they were going up to. Her skin grew cold, and she started feeling shivers run down her spine as her hair stood up when she blinked several times and realized that they were still headed for the particular floor she ran away from earlier.

“Uh…” Sae gulped, before turning to Sayaka with sweat slowly dripping down from her forehead. “I-is your office in the fourth floor?”

“Yes.” Sayaka nodded, before smiling as she added. “Others told me that thirteen would be a bad floor, so I chose four.”

Sayaka laughed to herself, before patting Sae on the shoulder. “Though others said that in Chinese, four can represent death.”

Death? Sae gulped, as the doors slowly opened.

When the doors were fully open, Sae’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets the moment she saw the hallway as bright as the first floor. Not a sign of the blood that dripped from the ones she had encountered was found on the floor that they walked on.

Not even the broken ceiling that had ‘Sadako’ falling from could be found where it was supposed to be. Everything was perfectly working, and nothing seemed the way it was when Sae went before. The surroundings’ heavy atmosphere was no longer there, and people were walking past them with smiles on their faces.

It was as if…everything she saw has faded into thin air.

“Here we are.” Sayaka declared with a smile, once she had opened two doors at the same time.

She walked into the room followed by Sae, and sat down on the chair that stood behind a pink desk. Motioning at the short-haired, she pointed at the chair by the desk and intertwined her hands into one as she waited for her to take a sit.

“You’ll be staying in my office while you work.” She said, before pointing to a wide space across the room that could have ten desks fit in it. “I’ll have someone to put your own desk over there, so right now you can use the couch.”

“Um…” Sae started to say, before scratching the back of her head as she looked around the room. “Is it really alright to have me in the same room, Akimoto-san?”

“I don’t see a reason for you not to.” Sayaka stated before taking out one of her files from underneath the desk, and offering it to Sae.

“I-I see.”

“You can sign the contract right now, if you want.” She sighed and leaned against her chair, as Sae took the file in hand and read the contents slowly. “I don’t really want to do any complicated stuff, so feel free to call me Sayaka.”

“O-okay.” The short-haired replied, before walking slowly to the couch while reading the file.

She has never worked with someone in the same room before, and it was kind of awkward to work with the girl she had planned on spying on before. Not only that, she was going to work on the same level she ran away from.

Will I see Sadako and the other one? she thought to herself, as she slowly lowered herself down onto the couch. She concluded that she has imagined everything, but it all seemed unlikely. Thinking about it even more, the people she has seen after experiencing all of those was nowhere to be found when she went in.

Glancing at the black-haired, she started thinking carefully about her words to make some small talk. “Um…Since you said that four represents ‘death’, this floor can be considered unlucky, right?”

“Hmm~” Sayaka started tapping her chin, before smiling at Sae. “I guess you can say that.”

“I mean, this place has been built on a cemetery.”

Sae’s stopped breathing as she continued to listen to the girl. C-cemetery? Sae’s heart started to pound faster, after thinking to herself that the reason for experiencing all of those was because this building could haunted in some way.

“And many of my employees from before had spoken of ghost sightings.”

“You’re not going to believe in silly stories, are you?” Sayaka asked her suddenly, when she noticed how pale the short-haired’s face was.

“N-no.” Sae shook her head. “I-I don’t believe in those things.”

“Good.” Sayaka smiled, before frowning when the lights started to flicker on and off.

Sae bit her lower lip as she remembered what happened when the lights started to flicker on and off before. Looking around the room from the corner of her eyes, she started scanning the room for any possible entry of those whom she has encountered.

“D-does that happen often?” she asked nervously.

“Not really.” Sayaka said as she walked to the light switch and check it.

Mumbling to herself, Sae managed to hear her say. “Must be because we just switched on the lights.”

“Switched on?” Sae asked, as she continued to look around to make sure that each and every corner was checked by her eyes.

Sayaka returned to her chair, and sat back down. “Yeah, office hours have just started.”

“Wait. What do you mean?” Sae looked at her, with a questioning look on her face.

That can’t be possible. she thought to herself. If office hours had just started, she wouldn’t have been allowed to enter. It was one of the rules that she had read about, when she was doing some extra research on the company she was going to work in.
Sayaka pointed at the clock, and spoke. “Office hours just started fifteen minutes ago.”

The words rang inside her head, making her eyes widen in realization. Her body was frozen in place, since fear has taken over her senses. She was starting to perspire a lot, the moment she realized that she had arrived in the place an hour ago.

Looking at the black-haired, she spoke with a shaky voice. “B-but some of your employees were already working when I came here.”

“That’s impossible. Everyone who works here came with me fifteen minutes ago.” Sayaka said, as she looked at Sae with en expression that made it seem like she thought that the short-haired had grown two heads.

Mentioning the guard who had disappeared, she said. “B-but the guard let me in.”

“The guard, Sei-san, was with me before the work began.” Sayaka told her, as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“The other guard then—” she started to say, only to be interrupted by Sayaka.

“—I only have one guard in this place.”

“T-then…” Sae gulped. “Who was the one who let me in?”

Sayaka looked at her, before asking the girl a question while narrowing her eyes. “What time did you come here?”

“An hour ago, probably.”

Sayaka looked at her closely. “An hour ago?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Are you sure?”

Sae nodded, making Sayaka intertwine her hands together once more as she started thinking to herself. The silence that has formed between the two made the short-haired uncomfortable, making her play with her fingers as she waited for the black-haired to utter a word.

“Have you seen them?” Sayaka asked, out of the blue.

Sae looked at her as she started debating with herself about telling the truth, or make it look like she believed in ghosts and show her fear. When the black-haired continued to stare, she decided to choose the first one.


“The twins.” Sayaka told her, with a serious voice that made Sae gulp as she waited for a further explanation on the ‘twins’.

“Many of my employees here have seen them,” she started to say, before sighing as she looked away. “But I haven’t seen any traces of those two.”

“Those who have seen them were either scarred or in a coma, due to the twins following them everywhere they went in this building.”

Looking at Sae, she then added. “The sightings caused most of my employees to quit, even though they didn’t see them.”

“To be honest…” Sae started to say, before flinching when the lights started flickering once again. “…I-I have seen them.”

“Are you going to quit?” Sayaka asked her, whilst biting her lower lip.


Sae sighed, and mentally scolded herself for feeling sorry for the black-haired. But a job was a job, and to quit because of ghosts seemed a bit silly for her. Besides, her other team members would surely use this chance to tease her since she has always been known as the ‘ikemen’, which kind of gave her a strong image.


Sae sighed, and crossed her arms as she took a quick glance around her. “Because I want to work for this company, and a ghost can’t do anything to change that.”

“But aren’t you scared?” Sayaka asked her, as she stood up and walked towards Sae slowly.

“You might get traumatized or even fall into coma.”

Sae shook her head. “Your company has done better than any other company in Japan, and I want to work here.”

“So what if this place is haunted? As long as I have the desire to work here, those ghosts won’t bother me.” She said.

Sayaka smiled at her and was about to say something, when her eyes widened and she screamed while pointing her finger at Sae. The short-haired looked at her in wonder before turning around, and jerking against Sayaka as she screamed in fear.

“Shit!” she cried out as she stared at the girl she had named as ‘Sadako’.

Sadako had her head leaning against the edge of the couch, with blood dripping down onto the couch from her long black hair. The two girls were looking at the sudden visitor wide eyes full of horror, completely frozen to the spot.

“Y-you…” Sadako said, as she slowly lifted her hand up to point at Sae. “kicked my sister.”

Crackling a laugh, she started crawling over the couch and tried to grab their hands. Sae pushed Sayaka out of arms’ length, before throwing a pillow at the crawling visitor. What she did, surprised Sadako and made her fall onto the ground with a loud thud.

“Come on!” Sae cried at Sayaka, before grabbing her arm and running out of the room.

The moment they went into the hallway, they locked the door and turned to each other. Their surroundings have reverted back to the way that Sae has seen before, making the short-haired curse under her breath and pull Sayaka towards the direction of the elevator.

“Miyazawa-kun!” Sayaka suddenly cried, making Sae turn to her.

The moment she did, she saw Sayaka’s leg being grabbed by Sadako. She was about to kick the hand to loosen its grip on Sayaka’s leg, but the black-haired had pushed her away. Sadako’s twin sister has suddenly appeared behind Sayaka, and was holding the girl’s neck firmly with her hands.

“R-run.” Sayaka managed to gasp out, before she was pulled into the darkness behind her.

Sae did as she was told and ran towards the direction of the elevator, before stopping with a halt the moment she realized that she wasn’t doing her job. Shit! she cursed mentally, before taking a glance at the darkness she ran away from.

“The others will kill me if I don’t get her back.” She said to herself, before running back into the same direction she ran away from.

Once she reached the spot where she last saw Sayaka, her stomach clenched into a tight knot. There on the floor was a trail of fresh blood, making Sae clench her hands into tight fists. Smacking her head, she started kicking the ground and cursed herself for not doing a good job in protecting the girl.

Just then, laughter echoed throughout the hallways. Sayaka’s familiar though faint voice was heard; giving the short-haired some hope that she could still save her. Taking out her phone, she switched on its light to its maximum power and ran into the darkness.

End of Part 1

To Be Continued…

This gotta be one of the longest updates for this fic. LOL. I'll try harder next time, since horror and such aren't really in my good field.

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! :mon bye: :byebye:
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I'm still the first! hohoho

and.. LOL
i think i'm a little bit crazy since i'm smiling ear-to-ear when i read this chapter..
and actually i read it on my way home (on a train LOL) so there's many people who looks at me.. LOL
they must think that i'm crazy!

i don't know.. but i don't feel scared or something..
i almost laughed while reading sae's horror experience and when sayaka managed(?) to saw one of the sadakos. LOL
thankfully i managed to hold my laughter. ahhaha

it's kinda scary, it gives a horror feeling when i read this.. but still i'm holding my laugh. LOL

whatever, thank you for this update hime-sama. :D
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two! hahaha


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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
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Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Ghosts!!!!!! I'm scared!!!!

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
« Reply #67 on: May 11, 2012, 05:11:52 PM »
 :on blackhole: Scaryyyyy!
Poor Sae ending up working in a haunted Hotel you said that you're not good with writing scary scene but I tough it was very good!  :thumbsup

Creepy twins...haha Sae kicked one of them are they really ghosts or what?!  :rofl:
Go and save Sayaka now Saechan! *if it was me I would have pee on myself and then fainted in my peepool. XD

Well thank you for your update Karo-chan!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
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haha my lips are sealed!   :thumbsup

the house was like quiet and then i just started laughing  :lol: especially when sae kicked one of the sadakos! ROFLLL omg that was just hilarious and it was like: y-you.. kicked me BAHAHAHAH and when the other one fell outa the ceiling! omg genius! i had so much fun reading this LOL

i wonder what would of have happened if she actually remembered she had a gun and tried to shoot them  8)
wow so everybody comes to work at the same time or something?  :?
lol gj in choosing the fourth floor for your office sayaka  :lol:

oh wowowow! sayaka got kidnapped by sadako! whats gonna happen now? *suspense*

thanks for the update!  :thumbsup

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
« Reply #69 on: May 12, 2012, 08:20:19 AM »
I was definitely NOT expecting Sadako and friends to appear in this story XD Somehow I can't help but think that this is all a setup to test Sae's will to join the company.

I'm looking forward to see how Sae and Sayaka got out of this craziness and bumped into the hormone-charged MaYuki pair :twisted:

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
« Reply #70 on: May 14, 2012, 02:01:54 AM »
That was not expected but funny as hell  :lol:
Haha sae running for her life but goes back for sayaka
I also wonder how sae and sayaka found mayu and yuki makeing out ??? :mon huh:
Please continue!!!!  :kneelbow:

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
« Reply #71 on: May 21, 2012, 09:39:15 PM »
yes run girls RUN !!!!!!!!

i wanna know when atsumina will meet !!

great chap btw =)

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
« Reply #72 on: May 22, 2012, 09:32:21 PM »
WHAT HELL ???  :shock:
This chapter really surprise me, I didn't expected something like this   :mon ghost:
This fic is full of EPICNESS!!!  :mon crazyinlove:
Mayu and Jurina drunk, amazing.
Miichan driving skills,fantastic.
MaYuki kiss, incredible.
And this chapter was the same. :mon lovelaff:
Karomuwi-san you're my favorite Ficwriter EVER!!!   :mon yeah:
I loved your others fics and L.A.M turn me in your oficial fan.
Please continue this epic fanfic  :mon pray2:

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Re: L.A.M [OPERATION: ENCOUNTER = Phase One PART 5] (05/11)
« Reply #73 on: May 31, 2012, 08:20:05 PM »
Karomuwi-sama... I now officially put you in my The Gods of Fanfics list... You, Sieka-san and Divine Vengeance are really awesome.. And Flean-kun and some others are also near this title... God, this is an EPIC-NESS of ALL EPIC-NESSES (if you get what I mean  :nervous :nervous)

This story is soooo...ADORKABLE, a bit creepy and silly and...and.... All other words that I now can't think about... I might later edit this... I'm going to reread this...  :on study: :on study: :mon loveflower:
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I Just Fall In Love Again (Yukirin X ?)
« Reply #74 on: July 15, 2012, 05:06:26 PM »
@bochang: Oppa~! As expected! You're the first one to reply! :on GJ:
And I'm glad that you laughed at this.
I had a hard time thinking of how to make this chapter a funny.
But then... Why not add Sadako?

@kurogumi: :hiakhiakhiak:

@kahem:  :err: I apologize for the use of lame horror. But then... That would make this fic a crack, now wouldn't it? :hiakhiakhiak:

@Megumi: As for that... Hmm... They ARE ghosts? :"D :hiakhiakhiak:

@Pandah: It wasn't supposed to be scary... Thank goodness that you found it funny though. *phew!*
I loved imagine those scenes actually.  :hiakhiakhiak:
I think I should thank Scary Movie for making me write those. bwuahahahahaha!

And I think that...I shall make the gun remain useless in their chapters. :hiakhiakhiak:
Where would the fun go if Sae just shoots them, right?
And I guess that it's a weird thing to do, going to work at the same time I mean.
But then... this fic isn't normal, now is it? :hiakhiakhiak:

@seigus: Hmm~ True. *nods*
I should thank my mind for thinking of such weird things. :hiakhiakhiak:
As for that, I kind of agree.
I mean, Sayaka... Got KIDNAPPED that easily? O.o

@Maria-chan: Hahaha, thank you!
I think that I should make some sort of portal for them to use so that they would be able to witness the scene.
Oh me and my not-so-logical mind.

@Robyn: hahaha. I can't wait for the Atsumina scene as well!
But then... :err: I have to try and update on SaeYaka's chapters.
It'd be kind of weird if I suddenly changed the focus to that pairing.
So I guess that... I'll have to start working on it? :"D

@Juribait: :hiakhiakhiak:
Hmm, maybe just a bit.
I'm nowhere compared to my current favourite author, Miyumi-san.

And thank you for being a fan! :kneelbow:
Reading that... it makes me want to start writing the update.

@Sakura_drop: S-sama...  :sweat:
I don't that I deserve that title like how Sieka-nee, Divine-san and Flean-kun does.
And you! Your fics
Please update on them!
Write more of those please!

Can I request AtsuYuu?  :shy2:
Your fic on Jurina and Sayaka made me like unusual pairings.

But thank you. :kneelbow:
I may not deserve the title yet, so I'll try even harder!
I'll try not to disappoint you! :mon beam:

A/N: A fic to celebrate the day when Kashiwagi Yuki entered this world! YAY~! \(^ O ^)/ Thank you, Kashiwagk Yuki-san for being in AKB48 and being an inspiration to me. I kind of rushed this for her birthday, and since I wasn't able to finish it... I've decided to split it into two or three parts? I apologize for the mistakes as well. :kneelbow:


That was the one word encircling over and over again inside the raven's head. It kept on making her close her eyes and open it once more to check if everything at the moment was an illusion, but nothing seemed to change.

The room was as dark as ever and there weren't any sparkly things flying above her, like how it normally would when she would think of this dream in her sleep. But then...Looking beside her, the same person was there, lying so comfortably on the same bed with her.

Her head was lying on her arm, with her left hand lying limp in between them while the right remained interwined with her own. It was the same scenery that she dreamt of every night, that's why she couldn't help but ponder if she was just having one of the illusions that she wished to happen in her real life.

I must be dreaming...

If only everything at the moment was real, she wouldn't be lying on the same bed as the person she loves with tears trickling down her face from her eyes. She wouldn't be staring at the girl with silky raven hair with a sad look on her eyes. And she wouldn't be wishing that she would wake up to keep herself from hurting as the truth kept on showing in front of her eyes.

After all, the girl wouldn't possibly be caught lying on the same bed as her, with a face that showed nothing but a relaxed expression written all over it. The raven-haired can't even possibly have the same feelings for her in return, was what the girl thought to herself.

Just then, the sleeping girl's eyes started fluttering open, and locked gazes with her. Wanting to hide away the pain that she was feeling deep inside even in her dreams, she closed her eyes and buried her face into the slightly drenched pillow.

"What's wrong?" the girl's lovely voice broke the silence.

That voice sounded exactly like the real one's, making everything even harder for her to take in. Opening her eyes, she couldn't help but be amazed at how well-made her illusion was. The way the raven looked at her with those perfect brown eyes of hers, the way her face formed into a slight frown with concern written all over it...All of it were seemed to real.

But that can't be... Right?

All of these seemed too good to be true. The way that she was caressing her face, couldn't even possibly happen in real life. The way she was wiping away the tears... It seemed to good for her to believe.

But then, her hands weren't as cold as the ones she had dreamnt of before. In fact, her hands along with her body were all emitting a warm and soothing heat that comforted some of her loneliness away.

And that was the reason she kept on pondering about this dream of hers. Was she dreaming one of her dreams, only a slightly better one than before? Or...

Am I really lying here with you?

"Don't cry anymore, it was all just a dream." the girl assured, shushing her like how a mother would soothe her crying baby as she tightened the hold between their hands more.

The raven-haired started combing her hair with her fingers, stopping once in a while to wipe some of the tears away, not knowing that though she was trying to soothe her, it only made her sob even more.



The said girl sobbed and closed her eyes even tighter as she remained unconscious to the happenings of the real world, still imprisoned by the illusions her mind has formed for her to experience whilst she slept.

"Come on, wake up." The worried girl rubbed the back of the said girl gently, hoping that it would somehow help in soothing her from whatever dreams she was currently having. "Don't cry anymore, it was all just a dream."

Much to her dismay, the sleeping girl only sobbed harder and allowed tears to fall even more from her closed eyes. Wanting to do everything in her ability to help her friend, the concerned girl started combing through the raven-black hair with her hands as she wiped the tears away with her hand.

She was starting to grow anxious, with how the older girl was acting in her sleep. It seemed that she was unable to hear her voice through the dreams she was having, making everything harder for her. She just couldn't stay there trying to wake her up, she needed to get some help from the others.

Taking one last glance at the sobbing girl, she let go of the hold she has over their hands. That didn't happen without the tightening of Yukirin's grip on hers, making it even harder for her to leave the raven to find help in waking her up.

But knowing that staying there won't do the raven any good, she stepped back and gently removed the interwining of their fingers. She walked out of the room with a heavy heart, not even taking one more glance as she knew that if she did, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere.


The dark room suddenly started to turn brighter, along with the room widening from side to side. The girl who laid next to her was no longer beside her, and was simply staring at her from a slightly far distance with a sad expression on her face.

There was this pained look written all over her face, and Yukirin couldn't help but stop her sobbing as she saw a tear forming in one of the girl's eyes. She started walking away without taking any glances back at her, making Yukirin stand up from the bed and reach out for the girl's hand.

The one she loves was remained her pace whilst Yukirin started running as fast as she could, yet a distance between the two of them remained the same. Her hands no longer felt the warmth it once had, and a huge hollow feeling was in her chest.

Just then, she started feeling he body shake from side to side. Her gaze was still locked on the small figure that remained walking further away from her, ignoring the poking and shaking she was currently feeling.

Reaching out both of her hands, she started running as fast she could once more, hoping that she could catch up to where the girl has gone off to. Unfortunately for her, the girl has disappeared into a bright light.

It took her a few seconds to get into the same spot where the girl once stood on, yet the girl remained nowhere in sight. She looked around her with widened eyes, panicking that she has totally lost sight of the girl.

Just then, she saw a slightly huge black figure from the afar, making her hands reach out as the thought of having the one she loves back into her arms. The figure suddenly came nearer and held her hand, instantly warming it and causing her to wake up.

Fluttering her eyes open, she started blinking away the white specs that kept on blurring her vision, preventing her from seeing clearly like how she normally does. She sat up and stared straight at the figure, only to be disappointed when she found out that it didn't belong to the one she was expecting.


Everyone stood around the now-awake girl with smiles all over their faces, glad that the sleeping beauty has finally woken up from her deep slumber. They watched her sit up as she stared at the girl who kneeled in front of her, only to witness the smile on her face disappear almost instantly when it seemed that her sight finally got clearer.

"You're finally awake, thank goodness." The kneeling 'prince' sighed in relief, clueless to the sudden change of expression given to her by the girl.

Everyone heard a mumble coming from her, with a hint of disappointment. "It's just you..."

"Hmm?" the clueless 'prince' looked at her in question, not understanding what she had meant. "Yeah, it's just me Miyazawa Sae, it seems."

Letting out a laugh, the energetic short-haired stood up and dusted her clothing, before turning to Yukirin to help her in standing. The raven-haired only sighed and stood up, before turning to everyone else and bowing, completely brushing the offered hand away.

"I'm sorry for the incovenience I've caused." she said, before looking back at them with her eyes slightly covered by her bangs.

Everyone said that it was fine, and that she didn't really bothered them since she was their Team Captain. They all patted her on the back, discreetly sending a pity look to the 'prince'. Just then, the door bursted open and their dance instructor came in clapping her hands. "Team B's break time is over, guys."

"Time for practice!"

"Yes~" everyone chorused in answer, before following the said instructor to the practice room.

As everyone scurried off for their practice session, two people remained in the dressing room with silence enveloping them both. Yukirin sighed to herself and wiped away the trail of tears from her face with a face towel, still ignoring the energetic short-haired when she was offered a cleaner towel.

"It's fine." she said, before tightening the tie of her ponytail.

Walking past the short-haired, she sighed and bit her lower lip as she tried to mask the disappointment and sadness she was feeling with a pokerface. That, however, did not remain unnoticed by the other girl.

"Is there something wrong, Yukirin?" Sae asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

Shaking her head in reply, the raven-haired sighed and forced a smile as she lied. "Just a headache, that's all."

"Oh, okay then."

Closing the door behind her, the raven-haired left Sae all by herself, never managing to hear what the energetic girl said.

"You liar."

End of Part One

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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meh first! LOL

i'm gonna read this tomorrow, and you should better start writting about L.A.M. LOL


Eh? SaeYuki? how.. hmm.. strange.. i thought it were another YukiRena fic..
well, this is just the prologue..

there can be a twist in the end. LOL

hmm i wonder what's her dream.. that made her troubled.. bothered about it. :3

and now, write! LOL
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I feel sad for Yukirin T_T
Don't apologize for the horror thing. It was funny even if it was scary lol

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I'm betting half of my money on YukiRena here....but I have a large amount of doubt running through my mind because there's a case where it might be MaYuki or SaeYuki. :3
Well, its nice to read something for Yuki, especially a birthday special shot for her.

Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to seeing the next part of this story. \(=u =
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YukiRena? MaYuki? (betting on YukiRena) Hrrm I wonder who and seems that the girl she was dreaming about is dead?  :panic:

Just my toughs but now I'm even more curious  XD

And late Happy Birthday to Yukirin! The gorgeous reaction queen/black/mari mokkori

Thank you
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I agree with others, I'm betting on YukiRena, though it could easily be MaYuki or SaeYuki.

I'll be waiting for your update!
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