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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 52697 times)

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
« on: October 10, 2016, 01:02:09 PM »

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Are you ready?

Things That Mix - 48G FanFic
Shimazaki Haruka (I)

This is a fanfic I made just to ease my boredom. Please feel free to read but please don’t copy without my permission. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort with this. I’m sorry. This is my first time doing a fanfic. Bare with me please. I’m also not a native English speaker so I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes. I do this at night so there’ll be a lot of typo errors for sure. Your oshis might be here. Just imagine yourself being the original character. Thank you. :) This will include a lot of members.

I'm also in tumblr with the same name. [shortcut48]
I have uploaded a lot there but akbdaisuki48-san told me that I can also post in here. I hope that you enjoy this.

This is the small part of the first chapter


Why is it
That you appeared so suddenly?
Blending in with my heart just by existing
I can finally accept the colours of another
That I had refused until now
You and I are a mixture
That I have never seen or felt before


First Encounter

PARURU found herself trying to read the bus route posted at that certain bus stop she’s in. But no matter how long she stares on it she can’t read a thing because it is all written in Hangul. She was just roaming around with her senpai and co-team A member, Miyazaki Miho, but now she’s nowhere to be found. Her phone died long ago and can’t even find an outlet fit for her charger.

Now almost an hour of being lost, Paruru started to tense up. She’s in a land where she thought she can go and take some good rest; be a normal girl and stroll around without the fear of being seen by fans but now she’s lost and feeling more stressed than ever.

She’s been walking for so long that her injured foot started aching. She decided to take a rest at that bus stop and try to find her way back to their hotel but much to her dismay, it is impossible.

People started to crowd the said bus stop. This made Paruru more anxious. She’s really not good at dealing with people and it has been a long while that she’s been alone in a crowd without security. Being in the top idol group of Japan is really a huge thing.

“Myao-san, hurry up and find me.” Paruru muttered under her breath, trying to calm herself.

She watched people ride their respective buses. The crowd got thinner and thinner in no time. It made her breathe a little.

“Mitsumeraretara PURESHAA~ Ai ni naretenai kara~ Watashi ni kitai shinaide~ ima no mama ja dame nanda KIREI ni naritai~ PURESHAA~”

Paruru’s eyes widened when she heard that song. There’s no mistake about it. Well, how can she mistake the song where she centered? She slowly looked at the stranger on the other bench who is singing Eien Pressure. It was a girl wearing a gray hoodie with hair as short as Hirate Yurina of Keyakizaka46. The girl is wearing round spectacles, her Bluetooth earphones plugged into her ears. She’s happily singing the song stressing on every PURESHAA word.

“Oh yeah! PURESHAA is life!” The girl interjected as she moves her head to look at the arrival time of her bus. The screen is just right above Paruru’s head.

Paruru immediately turned her head on the other side to hide her face.

The stranger’s eyes widened as her she immediately flushed. She thought that she was the only one left in the bus stop that’s why she started singing audibly. Someone heard her weirdness and that’s terribly embarrassing.

“죄-죄송합니다.” (I-I'm sorry.) She murmured. She minimized her sounds and remained quiet.

Paruru’s head is being invaded by ideas. The girl will surely recognize her if she knows their song. She can be a help sent by God. But what if she is a hardcore fan? What if she’s really not a girl? At the very least, will she even be able to understand her?

“Maa~ Whatever!”

Paruru got a resolve. She’s going to talk to that girl and ask for help. The salty bishojou tried to take another look at the girl on the other bench. She seems to be harmless. They might even be on the same age. She has to get help before her asthma strikes back.

“죄송합니다, 누나가 혹시 길을 잃어버렸어요?”
(I'm sorry, are you, somehow, lost?)

Before she even muster the courage to ask the girl, a guy came before her and talk to her in some language she doesn’t know. Now, she started to curse herself why she is such a ponkotsu. Losing Myao at this place is really a foolish thing to do.

“어디 가야 돼용?” (Where you goin'?)The guy somehow irritates her as he reeks the smell of kimchi. He also seems pushy. “뭐가 도와드릴까용?” (How can I help you?) //sorry, I don't know how to translate aegyo in english.//

The guy even sat next to her. With disgust clearly written all over her face, Paruru tried to shake off the guigui guy but he just continued saying stuffs she cannot understand. With this Paruru knows that she’s really in danger. She tried to look for the girl on the other bench but she’s not there anymore.

Crap. Help me. Someone.

“누나 같이 노래방에 갑시당. 시간이 있죠?” (Nee-chan, let's go to karaoke. You have time, right?) The aegyo of the guy didn’t seem to get through the salty queen of Akihabara. She kept ignoring him until the guy tried to drag her.

“C-Chotto matte kudasai!”

Paruru exclaimed as the guy forcefully pull her to stand. The guy formed grimace.

“일번 사람이구나. 일번 사람은 잘 하죠? 그런 걸…”
(Oh! You're a Japanese! Japanese people do that thing well, right?)

The guy tried to drag her again. Paruru’s eyes started to tear up. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She’s really hopeless.

“예, 경찰서이지요?” (Yes, is this the police?) The commotion stopped when they heard a voice. Their eyes darted to the girl who’s talking to her phone. It was the stranger with round glasses.

“저는 지금 KBS 스포츠월드 정류장 있는데요. 한 남자가 어떤 예쁜 아가씨를 괴롭히고 있어요. 네, 네. 성희롱입니다. 네, 네. 빨리 오십시오.”
(I'm in the KBS Sports World Bus station. One guy is harassing some beautiful lady. Yes, sexual harassment. Yes, yes... Come fast, please.)

The guy froze on the spot. He suddenly let go of Paruru and dashed to the stranger. He lifted her with her collar. His face is red in anger.

“경찰 불렀냐?!”(You called the police?!) He shouted at her but the girl doesn’t seem to get fazed by his exhibition of anger.

“응. 불렀어요. 좀 기다려 주십시오.” (Uhm, I called them. Please wait some more.) She even showed her call logs to show him that she really called the police. The guy suddenly slapped her. Her spectacles flew and made a cracking sound when it hit the ground. The scene attracted the attention of a lot of people and the crowd started gathering again.

An angry citizen who saw how the guy hit the girl straight to her face grabbed the rude man’s arms and scolded him to stay still. The stranger silently picked her cracked glasses and wore them back. Paruru felt a hand pulled her from the gathering crowd. Still shocked by the commotion she just let herself be taken. It was the stranger.

“Are you alright?” The girl asked as she took a short look of Paruru in her back. Paruru caught a glimpse of the wound in the girl’s lips. The slap must be really hard. Wait, did she hear her speak in Japanese.

“Y-Yes, I’m alright.” The damsel in distress finally answered as she finally got the grip of her voice.

“It must be hard on you being treated like that. That guy has no shame. Please don’t misunderstand. Not all Koreans are like him.” The girl explained without looking back at Paruru. “Let’s go somewhere to rest. Is it okay to go at my place?”

Wait. Did she just say go at her place. Paruru stopped walking and took her hand away from the stranger. Salty queen is sure salty.

The girl turned to her with a curious face. This is the first time that Paruru got a full glimpse of this girl’s face. She’s kind of cute. Her round black eyes are hidden behind her damaged glasses. Her face so small and cute that Paruru thought she can be an idol. Her seemingly flawless skin got damaged because of protecting Paru. But now she doubts her savior. Paruru looked down, trying to avoid the gaze of the girl.

“I need to get back to my hotel.”

The girl smiled at her. The wound stung a little but she didn’t mind it.

“Sorry. It was rude of me to ask you to go at my place. It’s really near so I thought it’s a good place to rest. I’ll take you to your hotel. What’s the name of it?”

Paruru stared at the girl for a moment. Name of the hotel? You’ve got to be kidding. She even forgot the name.

I hate this ponkotsu character.

The other girl tilted her head to the side. “You don’t seem to remember.”

Paruru just stayed quiet. She’s so much embarrassed.

“Do you have someone with you?”

“Yes, I am with a friend but we suddenly got separated.”

“Have you tried calling her?”

“I wanted to but my phone died.”

“You memorize her number?”

The girl handed her phone to her as if telling her to call Myao but she has zero idea of Myao’s number. Everything is on her dead phone. She just stared at the phone being handed to her.

The stranger heaved a sigh.

“So? Wanna go now at my place?”

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Shimazaki Haruka (II)

THE stranger led Paruru to an apartment complex. In Korea, apartment is where most people with money live. The salty queen saw that the place is quite fancy but she still doesn’t let her guard down.

They went to room 808. The lady entered a very long password before they went in. She just casually led Paruru inside her room. She obediently just went in and her eyes started to travel across the room. It was quite huge. What welcomed her is the living room where a UHDTV is on together with a big sofa. The walls are covered with white wallpaper. The kitchen is also in the same room, only divided by a short table. The window also is so huge and it leads to the balcony.

“If you want to use the restroom it is the door on the left.” Said the girl which broke Paruru’s sight-seeing. She hand her a pair of indoor slippers. “I’m sorry. That’s mine. It’s the only thing that’s around so bear with it.”

With that Paruru concluded that this girl is living alone. She wanted to ask about her family but she cannot find the courage to do so. She made her sit at the sofa while the girl went to another room. It must be her bedroom. She immediately came out holding her charger.

“Give me your phone.” She ordered as she presents Paruru her phone charger.

Paruru immediately hand her phone to the girl but she suddenly slapped her own forehead and sat on the floor.

“Why are you using an iPhone? My charger is for Android phones?” She scratched her head which ruined her perfectly fixed hair.

“G-Gomen nasai…” Those are the only words that went out of Paruru’s mouth.

The girl immediately stood up as an idea came flashing on her mind.

“Wait here. I’m going to borrow a charger from Ae-ri at the next door.“ She ran outside barefoot, leaving the door open. Paruru is just amazed of how active the girl is. Right now she has a lot of questions in her mind; like how the girl didn’t recognize her when she is just singing her song a while ago. Wait, isn’t that a good thing that she doesn’t recognize her so that she can act normal? But, why is she feeling irritated about being unrecognized.

She took one more look around the room. The stranger left her bedroom door partially open. There’s a faint light from the inside. Paruru’s eyes widened. She’s seeing a little part of the girl’s room but she can see AKB48 related stuffs.

She’s definitely a fan but why doesn’t she recognize me?

The spectacled girl came back rushing with an iPhone charger on her hand. She’s smiling at Paruru with that wounded lips.

“Now charge.”


PARURU has already called Myao. They are just waiting for her to arrive. There’s no mistaken through Myao’s cracked voice that she has been crying in search for Paruru. She’s now on the way through a cab.

She also saw a screenshot of Myao’s deleted tweet about her being lost. Apparently, her senpai got so worried and panicked that she even asked help on Twitter. Probably realizing that what she did is wrong, she immediately deleted the tweet but too late that it was already screen captured. Now the whole world knows her being lost.

She heaved a sigh. Tomorrow’s newspaper will be about Shimazaki Haruka’s being an idiot in Korea. She looked at her savior who has been constantly receiving calls but isn’t answering any of it. She’s just sitting at a chair in front of Paru.

Irked, Paruru gathered her voice and asked, “Why aren’t you answering them?”

Somehow surprised that Paruru suddenly talked, the girl explained, “It’s nothing. They are just voice phish—“ She wasn’t able to finish her sentence when another call came. Seemingly tired of the upcoming calls she answered it.

“여버세요? 네 선배님. 죄송해요. 오늘 진짜 못 가요. 네, 집에 갑자기 어떤 특별한 손님이 왔는데요. 정말 죄송해요. 다음에 뵈요. 예.”
(Hello. Senpai, I'm really sorry. Today I really can't come. A sudden important visitor came into my house. I'm really sorry. See you next time.)

That’s all and the call ended. Paruru noticed how the girl heaved a sigh of relief.

“That wasn’t just a voice phishing, isn’t it?” She asked.

“Yeah, you’re fast enough to notice that, huh?”

Paruru’s eyes narrowed as she heard the sarcasm but she just let it past.

“That was a call from a senpai in the university. I am actually on my way to meet with people from my school for a karaoke night when I saw the incident in the bus stop. Now that I have a valid reason of not going, I can finally stay home. I don’t really want to meet with people I don’t know.”

Paruru felt a little happy from that explanation. She’s been waiting to hear explanations from her since ages ago.

“Y-You know me, right?” Finally Paruru went to ask for that question.

The girl just stared for her in a while. Paruru’s heart skipped a beat looking at those piercing gaze on the back of cracked lenses.

“Maa~ we can’t help it. You heard me sing your song in the most out-of-pitch way.” Her lips formed a little smile but her eyes seemed so sad. “I know you. I recognized you at first glance.”

The last sentence echoed at Paruru’s ears over and over. She doesn’t know why but she feels strangely happy. Right now she wants to know why she isn’t as excited like her other fans whenever they meet her. It’s a normal fan reaction, right? To be static when seeing their idols. But here is this girl. Completely acting like nothing big is happening in her house. One of the aces of AKB48 is sitting right in front of her and it feels like she’s just talking to a normal person.

“I immediately drag you away from the crowd to protect you. It will be bad if someone knows you and take a picture of the scene. You’ll have a hard time explaining to people which you hate to do, right?”

She just nodded in approval. This girl might really know her.

“Though I wanted to punch that guy’s face or see him being taken by the police. Your safety is on top priority.”

Paruru felt weird warmth on her cheeks. She looked at another direction to avoid being seen.

“You should’ve filed a case against him. He hurt you.”

“No worries.” The girl sighed. “I’m not a citizen here so they won’t favor me that much.”

“Are you Japanese?”

“No, do I look like one?”

“Really? But you are speaking fluently.”

“Hmmm… Maybe because I studied?”

“Your name?”

The girl just laughed at her, making Paruru show her signature grumpy face.

“There’s no need knowing my name.”

“I want to know.”

“What makes Salt want to know a stranger’s name?”

Paruru puffed her cheeks. She doesn’t want to be called Salt anymore as she proclaimed that she is Sugar.

“Just tell me your name.” she ordered.

“Say please.” The other girl taunted.

“P-Please!!!” she struggled saying just one word. The other girl smiled at her and pats her head.

“My name… is Mumei.” [Mumei in Japanese literally means Anonymous or Nameless. 無名.]

Paru rolled her eyes in disbelief. She was about to complain about the name but the doorbell suddenly rang. Myao flashed on the little screen by the door.

“It’s your friend.” She removed her hand at Paru’s head and went to approve Myao in entering the building. “She’ll be here in a minute.”

“About your name..” Paru insisted as she follows the other girl with her gaze.

“I never knew you are this stubborn.”

“I’m serious. I want to know you.”

“Ehhh?” The girl went near her with a teasing smile. “You like me?”

“Shut up! It’s not like that!”

The girl gave out another laugh. “Tsundere.” She looked up a bit and looked back at the irritated Paruru. “It’s true. I don’t have a name. So, how about give me a nickname?”

Paruru tilted her head to the right. She doesn’t have a name and now she wants a nickname. This girl is far beyond eccentric. And what are with those arm bands? Mottejanai.

The doorbell started ringing again. The button is being pushed constantly as if the person is making the doorbell a computer mouse.

“Wait a second!!!” Mumei hurriedly went to open the door, worried that Myao might break her doorbell. The moment she unlocked the door, it just flung open making her squashed by the door to the wall. Myao dashed to where Paruru is and kneeled in front of her.

“Paruru~” she cried. Her face messed up by her tears. “I’m sorry for losing you~”

“It’s okay now Myao-san.” Paru comforted her as she tried to make her stand. She looked at the squashed Mumei who’s rubbing her ruddy forhead. She looked at her with worried eyes, asking if she’s alright. Mumei just signaled an okay sign.

“Thank goodness you aren’t hurt! Your fans will surely skin me off alive if something bad happened to you!”

Myao looks terribly messed up. She has been searching for her for a good three hours. A lot of people even mistook her as a crazy lady; walking in the streets while wailing.

“It was my fault getting lost.”

“Oooh… So you are actually nice to your senpai…”

Their eyes darted to Mumei who just commented again about Paru’s salty behavior. Myao rushed to her and held her hands.

“Thank you for saving Paruru! You are a gift from heaven!” She cried as she pressed her hands tightly.

Mumei let out a snicker and shook her head. “I’m a trash in heaven that’s why they sent me here. Take a good rest at the sofa. You look as dead as your friend’s phone a while ago. I’ll go borrow a pair of slippers from Ae-ri.”

“Can I use the restroom?”

“Sure, it’s the door on the left.”

Mumei turned around to go out but before she took a step outside she heard Myao screamed. She hurriedly went back inside and to her shock; she found her bedroom’s door wide open.

“Are you an idiot? Don’t you know which is left and which is right?” Mumei irritably commented.

“You are an AKB fan?!” Myao screeched.

“And a Nogi fan too.” She responded casually. “So what’s the deal?”

Myao marched to her with an angry face. She violently stretched her arm.

“Give me your phone!” She ordered.

“What? Just a while ago you are treating me like a savior and now you are ordering me around.”

“Just give me your phone!”

Mumei rolled her eyes and sighed. She reached the phone from her pocket and handed it to Myao. Myao couldn’t open it because of the password so she ordered her again to unlock it.

“AKB girls are sure weird.” She murmured while inputting her password. “Here.”

Myao immediately went straight to Mumei’s gallery. The owner is just looking at the invasion of her privacy.

“If you are looking for your pictures, I have none. You are not my oshimen.”

“Shut up.” Myao hissed. “I’m looking if you secretly took Paruru’s picture.”

Paruru got intrigued. Did Mumei take her pictures? And whose pictures are in Mumei’s phone? Her oshimen?

Myao returned her phone; surprised that she didn’t see even one stoled Paruru picture.

“Why do you think I will secretly take her photo like a stalker?” Mumei asked.

Myao’s eyes widened. “You are asking me why?! Shimazaki Haruka, the ace of the group that you admire, is right inside your house and you’re not going to take a single photo?!”

Mumei looked at her with a blank expression. “Look, do you actually think that if I freak out and started fangirling it will help her. She got lost and stressed out already to deal with a crazy wota. Now go and relieve your urinary bladder.”

That’s all and Mumei went out. Paruru and Myao were left dumbfounded.

“She’s a weird girl.” Myao uttered and then went straight to the restroom.

Paruru just stayed quiet, confused of the warm feeling she’s feeling inside.


MYAO decided to leave Mumei’s apartment after she got some good rest. The girl didn’t talk at them again on the period of resting. She’s just at the balcony with her earphones plugged on. She didn’t even take another look of the two AKB48 members inside her house.

Paru was just sitting in the sofa, thinking of how she can thank the strange girl from saving her while taking short glimpses of her. Her wound in the side of her lips is not yet disinfected and her glasses are broken. She should’ve atleast do something about those things but she got shy again with Myao’s presence.

“Let’s go back to our place now, Paruru.” Myao whispered. “We might be disturbing her for a while now.”

Paruru, confused of what to do, just nodded to Myao. They stood up to say good bye to Mumei but the apartment door suddenly flung open.

“AH KOI SURU FORTUNE COOKIE!!!” Mumei blabbered in surprise.

A lady came in panting heavily looking for Mumei. But when she saw the two girls, she shortly smiled at them and then went straight to Mumei.

“NEKO-CHAN!!!” she shouted as she hugged the startled spectacled girl at the balcony.


Mumei finally pushed the middle-aged lady away from her. The lady is crying looking at her bruised face.

“Stop with the overreaction Hiroko-san. This is nothing.” She assured her.

“Who did that to you?! I’ll go jail him because of hurting my Neko-chan!”

“Neko is your name?” Paruru unconsciously butted in.

“Ara!” exclaimed Hiroko. “We have guests?!”

“You’ve passed them a while ago, didn’t you?”

Myao and Paru looked at each other before greeting the Japanese lady.

“Konbanwa.” They greeted in chorus.

“Shimazaki Haruka-desu.”

“Miyazaki Miho-desu.”

“Park Hiroko-desu~” Hiroko blinked twice after hearing their names. “Shimazaki Haruka? As in Paruru of AKB48?”

Paruru just nodded. It took roughly five seconds before Hiroko digest everything. She started jumping as if rejoicing of a miracle. She held Paruru’s hands and shook them.

“Oh good Lord! Paruru!!! I’m a big fan!”

“There she goes.” Mumei sighed and plugged back her earphones.

Paruru just awkwardly smiled at Hiroko. She tried to ask Mumei for help by looking at her with those puppy eyes. Mumei scratched the back of her head violently before taking Hiroko away from Paru.

“Okay, 10 seconds have passed Madam.” Mumei escorted Hiroko away like an usher at handshake events.

“It’s the first time that you brought friends in here Neko-chan! I never thought that it will be Paruru!”

“I’m also here.” Myao hesitantly raised her hand.

“Are you Paruru’s manager?”

Paruru gave out a cute snicker with the lady’s remark.

“Mou~ I’m the original 5th Generation ace!” Myao bubbled.

“They are not my friends Hiroko-san. It was quite a story that they came here.” Mumei explained.

Hiroko gave out a motherly smile. “Ehh? Not your friends? Here I am expecting that you got friends.”

“In your dreams, Hiroko-san. Anyway, what made you come here? How about business?”

“Ae-ri phoned me. She said that you went at her room borrowing a charger with a wound on your lips. The girl is dying to know if you’re alright. Lift the ban now will you, Neko-chan.”

Mumei gradually shook her head. “No, your daughter will destroy her future if she continues to see me as a guy.”

She looked back at the two AKB members who are obviously getting out of place.

“I think they were about to say goodbye when you suddenly came.”

“Ah yes!” Myao answered. “We should leave now. Right, Paruru?”

Paruru looked at Mumei’s smug face once again. She still hasn’t repaid her. She wants to stay. Hiroko saw the look on Paruru’s face and instantly knew what she wants.

“You’re leaving, right away? Why don’t we eat dinner first?” Hiroko suggested.

“Let them leave, Hiroko-san. Idols can’t be—“

“여버세요? 예, VIP룸 하나 예약하러 전화 드렸어요.”
(Hello. Yes, I called to reserve one VIP room.)

“Hiroko-san, don’t just go and reserve rooms.” Mumei protested.

“예, 10분 후에 바로 도착합니다. 감사합니다.” (Yes, We will arrive within 10 minutes. Thank you.)That’s all and the call ended. Hiroko looked at Paruru and gave her a wink. “Who’s in for 삼겹살(Korean Barbecue) tonight?”

“Korean Barbecue?” Myao murmured. Her mouth started watering. Looking for Paruru for three hours sure made her hungry. “I think I can’t afford to miss this offer.”

“Let’s go!” Hiroko cheerfully led them to the door.

Mumei = Facefalm
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (Shimazaki Haruka [III])
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
First Encounter: Shimazaki Haruka (III)

I’m getting late from the real time scenarios so I’m just going to upload everything of the first arc.

THE sound of the meat being fried makes Paruru and Myao hungrier. There are a lot of side dishes in the table too. It’s the first time that they’ll eat this Korean Barbecue. (Yeah, it’s a barbecue even though it is being fried.)

“Go and dig up, ladies~ It’s all on your beautiful aunty~” Hiroko told them when she confirmed that the meat is ready to eat. “This is thanks for being the first friends of Neko-chan.”

“I told you they are not my friends.” Mumei resisted, rolling her eyes once again.

“Oh you, little Tsun tsun.” Hiroko teased. “Go on and eat, Paruru and Myao.”

The two girls grabbed their chopsticks. “Itadakimasu.”

Mumei watched Paru took a piece of meat and ate it just like that.

“That’s not how you eat samgyeopsal.” She commented. “I’ll show you.”

She got a piece of Korean lettuce and put some rice on it. She then put the meat and added a bit of bean paste. She also put a slice of garlic and kimchi before she wraps them all with the lettuce.

“Here you go. Open up.”

Paruru looked at Myao and Hiroko before looking back at the samgyeopsal on Mumei’s hand.

She’s going to feed me?!

She felt a sweat break on her forehead. This is just embarrassing for her.

“What are you waiting for? I can’t hand you this or the wrapper will open. You want me to cool this for you?” She started blowing softly on the food and then she stretched her arm again to give it to the lady opposite of her.

Paruru gulped. It seems that she can’t say no to it. She gradually opened her mouth and ate the food from Mumei’s hand. She started chewing the food and a good blend of taste hugged her taste buds. Her eyes sparkled with joy.

“How was it?”

Paruru swallowed first. “It is really good!”

Mumei smirked. “That’s how you eat it.”

“Hey Neko-san, make one for me too.” Myao cried. Confused on why Paruru is the only one receiving special treatment.

“A-A-Ah~” Hiroko suddenly barged in. “Don’t call my Neko-chan “Neko”, Myao.”

“Why? Isn’t her name Neko?” Myao asked.

Hiroko shook her head. “Neko is the nickname I gave her. This girl is nameless.”

Paruru looked at Mumei who is busy making one wrap for Myao. Mumei felt Paruru’s heavy stare and looked back at her. “I told you about it earlier, right? Myao-san, open up.”

“It’s impossible! How can someone be nameless?” Myao commented before opening her mouth for the food. “Dewicious!”

Hiroko laughed a little but somehow that laugh seemed lonely.

“That was also the first reaction I got when I first met her. She has no name and she doesn’t even speak. I just took her in because she’s so cute! I saw her wandering at a park so I just named her Noraneko.” (Noraneko = Stray cat, 野良猫)

“Neko is the name Hiroko-san gave me. That’s how she knew me so the usage of the name is just between us.”

“That’s so confusing! How about in other places? Like school or anything.” Myao kept on throwing questions that’s also popping on Paruru’s head. It’s really convenient to have Myao around.

“I have another name on school. Since I have no attachment with anyone, I’m going with a fake name.”

“So, if you want to be close with her you have to name her too.” Hiroko gleefully stated.

“Enough with the name talk. Let’s just eat quietly.” Mumei protested with a knot between her brows.

“Eating quietly is not fun Neko-chan~ How about we order some soju?”

“Don’t make the idols drink!!!”

That’s all and the barbecue night went off smoothly. Paruru did enjoy the food and the company of Hiroko and Mumei. But the things she discovered while eating just covered Mumei into more mystery. She’s so interested. She can’t deny it.

Nickname, huh?


THE barbeque night ended up into a stay over. Apparently, Hiroko is the owner of the whole apartment complex and it is her business; one of her businesses to be exact. Hiroko is a wife of a rich Korean businessman. Yes, Hiroko is Japanese. You know the details.

Since it’s already late and the hotel where they stay is far, Hiroko just recommended them to stay and spend the night at Mumei’s room. It’s not a recommendation if viewed in Mumei’s perspective. They were forced to. Hiroko even ordered one of her secretaries to buy them change clothes and blankets and it arrived at the front door in no time.

The two idols just accepted the offer. Since Hiroko is Japanese too and she seems nice, she easily won the trust of the two foreigners in the land. It’s just that Mumei finds this stay over terribly awkward.

The girl is not used of having other people around. She likes being alone and for her it is the safest thing but now she has to deal with visitors that she just met a while ago and now going to sleep at her house. That’s just ridiculous.

Paru and Myao are at her room changing clothes. Myao is so amazed on the collection that Mumei has. She almost has all the stuffs related to the 48 Group. Posters are posted in the walls even in the ceiling. The CDs are in the shelves and are all in order. She even has the limited editions. Of all those things, Myao can’t figure out who is Mumei’s oshimen.

“This kid might be a DD. (Daredemo Daisuki)”

“She seems to really like AKB.” Paruru commented while pulling out a pajama that Hiroko bought.

“You can tell by just looking at her stuffs.”

Paru noticed the price tag still attached at the pajama so she went on looking for scissors. She can’t find anywhere so she went outside to ask Mumei but she’s not in the living room neither in the balcony. Paru with her ponkotsu character went to search in the bathroom. She just opened the door and saw Mumei washing her face on the sink.

Before she even say a word, her eyes automatically went to the direction of Mumei’s arms. There are scars. A lot of it. There are a lot of cut marks even on her wrist.

Mumei getting aware of Paru’s presence hurriedly removed the soap on her face and dried herself with the towel. She picked her broken glasses and covered her arms with the towel.

“What’s up?” She asked Paru. She’s obviously trying to hide her scars.

Paru snapped back into reality. “I need some scissors to remove the tag.”

Mumei looked at the pajama, grabbed it from Paru with her arms still covered by the towel and removed the tag with her bare hands.

“Sharp objects are not allowed in this place.” That’s all and she handed back Paruru the pajama before going out of the washroom.

Scars? Now what?


IT’S already 2 in the morning but Paruru is still wide awake. Myao has been taken to the land of dreams hours ago but Paruru refused to go. She’s been thinking of repaying Mumei until now. She’s also thinking of the name she will give her.

Wait, does this really mean that I want to be friends with her.

They are sleeping at Mumei’s bedroom. The girl said that she can’t let them sleep anywhere else. Her bed is the most comfortable space available. She’s just going to sleep at the sofa in the sala. Paru cannot deny the curiosity she feels for the spectacled girl. She’s a fan but acting like not. She’s nameless and terribly scared. She’s not Japanese or Korean but she’s speaking both languages fluently. She doesn’t even look western or anything. She’s just a mysterious entity.

Cannot sleep, Paru stood up and take a good look at the AKB related stuffs all over the room. There’s not a single poster with only a particular member. They are all in groups.

Who the hell is her oshimen? I really want to know.

Paru slightly opened the door to see if Mumei is already sleeping but she’s nowhere in the living room. She went out to search for her. The girl is on the balcony, still with her earphones plugged in her ears. She’s just sitting at the chair in there with her right elbow on the railings, looking at somewhere.

Mumei noticed Paruru looking at her. She removed her earphones and started talking.

“You’re still awake?” She asked Paru with a confused look in her face.

“You talk.” Paruru replied with her character on.

Mumei flashed a faint smile and looked back at the scenery she’s looking at a while ago.

“It’s summer and there are things that I can only do during this season. Like enjoying the breeze and looking at the stars.”

Paruru went out to the balcony to look at the scenery Mumei is talking about. Right after she set her eyes on the sky, her jaw dropped. It’s a very beautiful horizon with lots of stars. When was the last time she saw the night sky like this? When she’s not busy with work, she’s sick. She never had the time to look up the sky and enjoy an amazing scenery like this.

“Sugoi.” Paruru muttered under her breath.

“Deshou? People are already asleep by this time so most lights are off giving way for the stars to shine.”

Paru looked at the spectacled girl who’s smiling at the night sky.

“Does the wound in your lips still hurt?” She worriedly asked.

Mumei got surprised. She put her fingers to her lips to feel the wound. “I forgot I got this.” She started to flick her wound. “See, it’s nothing so don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t flick it like that.” Paru grumpily commented. “I’ll pay for the repair of your glasses.”

“Ah! My glasses?” She removed it and looked at the damage.

She’s really cute especially without those glasses.

“They’ll still do so don’t stress yourself about this. You’re not the one who should pay for it anyway.”

“But it got broken because you saved me.”

“No, it got broken because that guy slapped me and it hit the floor.”

“But it is still because of me, right?”

Mumei looked at Paru without her glasses with a “Dude, seriously” look. She heaved a sigh and leaned her back at the chair.

“You, sure, are stubborn. It’s just a little crack.”

“Just let me fix that for you.” Paruru insisted with her cute, puppy face.

Mumei looked at another direction avoiding that cute, irresistible face.

“If you insist.”

“Yey~!” Paruru gave out a cute snicker after Mumei’s surrender. They went to look at the sky once again and the cold early morning breeze started blowing.

“’You cold?” Mumei asked when she noticed Paru hugging herself. The other girl just nodded.

Mumei smirked. She tapped her lap before spreading her arms.

“Sit in my lap then I’ll hug you.”

Paruru’s eyes widened together with the flushing of her face.

“B-B-BAKA!” she stammered. “Why do you think I’ll agree with that?”

Mumei just laughed at her reaction. “What’s wrong? We are both girls!”

“T-T-That’s not it! We are not even friends!”

“Then give a name to me, right away.”

Another moment of silence and stares. It was only cut when Paru’s phone suddenly rang. She turned around before answering it.

“Moshi moshi? O? Yuihan?”

It was Yokoyama Yui, the new general manager of the 48G and Paru’s closest friend. She called to confirm if Paruru is safe.

“I’m safe Yuihan. There’s nothing to worry about. I can say that I just played hide and seek with Myao-san in Korea. I think the media might bite that.”

The wind started blowing again and Paru shivered. She’s vulnerable with cold since her respiratory system is not that strong to start with.

“No, it’s okay. I’m still not sleepy. Eh? You just finished filming now? That must be hard—“

Her sentence got cut when she felt warm from her back. Mumei just back-hugged her.

“Moshi moshi? Paruru are you still there? Are you okay?” Yui bombed her with questions when she suddenly went quiet. Paruru’s heart is beating fast and there are butterflies in her stomach.

“H-Hai.” She stammered, catching her voice back. “I’m fine.”

“Make sure to take care of yourself. We have a group to take care of and you’re the ace.” Yuihan worriedly reminded her. “And I cannot afford to let something bad happen to you again.”

“Yes. Don’t worry. Go and take a rest now.” Paruru said those words while looking at Mumei who is resting her head on her shoulder. She’s listening to their conversation. It is so obvious with her smirk.

“Okay, see you soon. Come back safe. Oyasumi.”

“Uhm. Oyasumi.”

That’s all and the call ended. Mumei is still hugging her.

“Wahh~” She started. “She sounded like your boyfriend.”

Paru looked down. Mumei’s scarred arms are not covered. Those scars do look fatal. But wait, that’s not the important thing now. This girl is hugging her and she must be angry about it. Now she is starting to doubt herself because she finds it completely fine.

“W-Well Yui is like a boyfriend to me. She did say that she likes me.”


Mumei slowly departed from her. Paru turned around to look at the taller girl but her eyes are back to the stars. She’s still smiling but why does it feels like she’s crumbling.

“YuiParu is such a good ship, right?” Mumei commented and the looked at Paru. “You better sleep now or your health will not improve. You need a lot of rest, you know?”

“How about you?”

“I’ll go sleep a little later.”

“Okay, I’ll go sleep now. Oyasumi.”

Mumei laughed a little and Paru started to become curious again.

“Is there something funny?”

“Nah.” She assured her. “It’s just that I haven’t heard being wished a good night for a long time now. Go and sleep now.”

Paruru nodded and went back inside. Before she went inside the bedroom, she took one last glimpse of Mumei in the balcony. A picture of a cute, mysterious girl sitting under the light of the moon and stars—that’s the same thing she saw before she fell asleep.


“THANK you so much for letting us spend the night and for everything else.”

Myao and Paruru bowed to Mumei and Hiroko as a sign of gratefulness. It’s 8 in the morning and the two are ready to set off. Their return flight is at 3pm but they have to return to their hotel for their stuffs.

“You don’t need to bow like that. You guys are so formal now but rude most of the times.”

Hiroko spanked Mumei’s back, telling her to stop with the Tsundere behavior.

“I’m sorry for this child’s tongue.” Hiroko said with a smile. “I hope you enjoyed your trip here in Korea. Next time make the trip a bit longer and don’t forget to contact us. Here is my calling card.”

Hiroko gave each a copy of her contacts and the two thanked her for it. Paruru made sure that she keeps the card at a safe place.

“I’ll ask one of my drivers to take you to the hotel and then to the airport so you will not get lost again.”

“Wow! Thank you very much, Hiroko-san! That sure is a big help!” Myao thanked her with a very bright face.

Paruru looked at Mumei who is now wearing a new pair of glasses. Hiroko bought her a new one even before they go to a shop to repair it. She tried to pay for it but Hiroko declined her offer. She’s like a mother to her Neko-chan.

“Uhm….” Paru murmured.

“What is it Paruru-chan?” Hiroko asked.

“Uhmm… I know it’s not allowed to take a picture with a fan but can we all take a picture together? Will it be okay?” She bashfully asked.

Hiroko jumped in joy and grabbed Paru’s hand. “Ofcourse Paru-chan! Who are we to decline?”

Who would’ve thought that this woman is a company’s CEO? She’s acting like a wota.

“Okay, I’ll go take the photo.” Mumei volunteered and grabbed Paru’s phone from her.

“Wait!” Paru grabbed back her phone. “Who said you are not included?”

“Eh? Are you seriously including me? I don’t want my picture to be taken!”

“Look who’s acting like an idol here.” Myao rumbled.

“Join the picture. I just want a remembrance.”

Paruru looked at Mumei with determined eyes followed by the magic word “Please”. Mumei rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Fine then.”

“Good, good!” Hiroko interjected. “I’ll go call Ae-ri to take the picture.”

Hiroko rushed outside and came back dragging her daughter Ae-ri who is obviously half-asleep. It’s just 8 in the morning and Korean kids normally wake up late during summer.

“엄마 왜? 난 자고 있잖아.”
(Mom, why? I'm sleeping, can't you see?)

“Speak Japanese halfie. We have guests.”

Ae-ri, who is a beautiful 17 year-old girl, rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She opened her eyes widely and noticed that they are at Mumei’s room. She also noticed Mumei looking at her with her smug face. And then she noticed the other two girls then it came to her.

“NANIII?!” she shouted. “Why am I at Mi-nam’s place? I’m not allowed to be here!”

Mi-nam is the name Ae-ri gave Mumei. It literally means ‘handsome guy’ in Korean. Paruru remembered the name thing again.

Hiroko handed her Paru’s phone that’s already in camera mode.

“Yes. You only have a minute to stay here or else Neko-chan will hate you forever. Now go and take our picture. A good one, okay?” Hiroko rushed to organize their positions. She put the two visitors in the middle and dragged Mumei to stand beside Paru. She then stood beside Myao.

“I don’t get it.” Ae-ri questioned. “Why is Mi-nam letting you take his picture? And why are there two girls in his place?”

“You have thirty seconds left Ae-ri.”


Ae-ri took a lot of pictures. The first ones look weird because Paru and Myao are confused with the happenings but they managed to smile in the latter pictures. Mumei was just on wry.

“Okay daughter, one minute over!” Hiroko patted her head and took Paru’s phone. “You did well.”

Ae-ri instantly went out the door. “Omma, tell Mi-nam to explain everything to me! And please lift the ban now!”

“Neko-chan heard you clearly!”

That’s all and Ae-ri left. They heard her murmurs before they heard her door slammed. Mumei shook her head in embarrassment.

“What’s up with your daughter Hiroko-san?” Myao asked. “And what’s the ban?”

“That girl is crazy.” Mumei answered. “She sees me as a guy and thinks I’m her boyfriend. You heard it, right? She addresses me as a ‘he’.”

“That’s why she bans her from talking to her and for coming near her. If she doesn’t comply she will be hated forever.” Hiroko added while looking at the pics. “Oh, she really did a great job.”

“She tried cutting my hair once, you know? She’s like a maniac.”

Myao and Paru looked at each other. Looks like they encountered a weird family.

“But she’s a nice girl. It’s just that she has problem with her eyes.”

Hiroko looked at her watch. “Oh! Time flies so fast. We should go now girls.”

“Wait, Hiroko-san!” Paruru halted once again.

“Is there anything more you need?” Myao asked.

Paru turned to Mumei. The girl started to become uneasy?

“W-What?” Mumei asked.

“Let’s take a two-shot together.”

Mumei’s jaw dropped. She looked at her right and left and then back to Paru. She pointed herself. “Two-shot with me?”

Paruru nodded and then the magic word again. Mumei slapped her forehead.

“Only one, okay?”

“Sure! Let’s take it at the balcony!”

Hiroko and Myao watched how Paru dragged Mumei to the balcony and instructed her to pose on the camera.

“Paru sure is acting weird. I never saw her like this to a stranger.” Myao commented.

Hiroko smiled. “They are a weird pair, right? Both tsunderes in their own way.” Hiroko patted Myao’s head. “Thank you for losing Paruru-chan here in Korea, Myao-chan.”

“Wait! You said you are only going to take one!” Mumei complained after Paruru took a second picture.

The girl snickered. “I said I’m going to take a proper one but you’re not even looking at the camera!”

“Hmp!” Mumei interjected but then smirked. She just came up with a naughty idea. She moved her face closer to Paruru.

“Since I cannot look at the camera I will just stare at you like this.”

Paruru flushed but her determination cannot be destroyed.

“Fine. I’m taking the picture now.”

“Hurry up, Hiroko-san is waiting.”

Paruru took the picture. It was a cute one. It gives the feeling that they are close. Mumei looked at the picture and she kinda felt impressed on the way it turned out.

“C-Can you pass me this picture?” She requested.

“Sure.” Paru affirmed. “But how?”

“Do you have Share-It app?”


“Oh my gosh, I forgot you are using an iPhone.”

“How about on Line?”

Mumei looked at Paru. It seems that she’s hesitating about Paru’s suggestion. She just sighed.

“Okay, scan this QR code.” She showed Paru the QR code on her phone and the girl immediately scanned it.

“What’s this? Your username is ‘Name me’?” Paru asked in disbelief.

“Did you forget that I don’t have a name?”

Paruru puffed her cheeks and smiled. Mumei heard a notification.

You are now friends in Line with 島崎遥香.

島崎遥香 sent you a photo.

島崎遥香 Changed your name into 星

Mumei’s eyes widened after reading the last notification. She then looked at the smiling Paruru beside her.

“I gave you a name.” She smiled sweetly yet bashfully. “Hoshi.” (Hoshi means Star)

Mumei froze on the spot. She felt all her muscles stopped working. Paruru went back inside with a smile on her face telling Hiroko that she’s ready to go.

“Okay then, let’s go.” Hiroko cheerfully said as she leads them to the door.

“How about her?”Myao asked pertaining to Mumei who is still frozen on the balcony.

“She’ll be alright. It looks like she received a gift.” She smiled at Paruru and winked. Paru smiled back at her. That’s all and the crazy tour in Korea ended.

When they went back to Japan, Paru immediately messaged Mumei.


20:14 Are you moving now?

Paruru got thrilled waiting for a reply and she couldn’t believe how happy she was after receiving a reply.


                                                                  20:14 Are you moving now?

What do you think of me? A statue? 20:19


                      20:21 Haha. I’m already home. Thank you for everything.

No worries. Sleep early to be healthy. 20:26


                       20:27 I still have to update my blog so I’ll stay up more.

                                                                    What are you doing now?

I’m waiting for you to update your blog. 20:30


                                                        20:31 I’ll update it fast so wait, okay?

                                                                                       (happy sticker)

Sure. Do it fast. 20:32

After that Paru focused on writing her blog. Her blog was soon updated and Mumei started reading it as soon it was posted.

Shimazaki Haruka’s Blog

(Pic of Paru with Myao on the Namsan tower. This was taken on their first night there.)

I just got home from a three-day trip in Korea. It was really fun. The food was great and the weather is nice. I really love the Korean Barbecue. (KBBQ pic)

As all of you have heard, I got lost in our second day of trip. It was really stupid of me to get lost. But somehow, someone came to save me.

(2-shot picture of Paru and her Hoshi. The not so cute one. Hoshi’s eyes are covered.)

She saved me from being lost and became the way to be reunited with Myao-san. I’m sorry that I covered her eye. She’s a shy one. I also got a cuter picture but I’m no sharing it. (flowers, smiley face) I’m surprised on how good she is in Japanese.

Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. This girl pampered me really well especially her “mother.” (picture with Hiroko, still eyes are covered)

I’m sorry for making you all worried. I’m more than okay~~

Have a good sleep~ Oyasumi~ ★~

Mumei choked when she saw her picture being posted. Her eyes are covered for her identity’s protection but it is still her picture. She thought that Paruru will just use it for memories. She suddenly got tamed after reading the closing remark.

Have a good sleep~ Oyasumi~ ★~

It has a star in the end. It feels like Paruru sent her the greeting personally sinced she named her Hoshi. After reading the blog, she messaged Paru.

I’ve seen it. 20:56


                                                                                   20:57 How was it?

                                                                                        (happy sticker)

You surprisingly said a lot.

Why is my face in there? 20:58


                                                                       20:59 I covered your eyes. :P

You’re mean. :p 21:01


                                                                                               21:02 IKR

                                                                                    (laughing sticker)


Thank you.

I like the name. ★

Thank you, Haruka. 21:06

Paruru blushed again after reading the last message. Her Hoshi called her by her first name. Haruka.. It’s been a long time since someone called her with her real name. Even her family has started calling her Paruru. Someone calling her at her first name makes her ecstatic.

She covered her face with her pillow and shouted before going back to her phone.


                                              21:20 I’m going to sleep now. Oyasumi Hoshi~

Umm. Sleepwell, Haruka. 21:21

That is where their chat ended. Since then they became chat friends. No matter how busy Paru is she doesn’t forget to send a message to her Hoshi. Mumei is sure to reply even though it is not that fast. She discovered that the spectacled girl is also working on a part-time even though a generous person like Hiroko is supporting her so she’s a little busy too.

A lot of members noticed how cheerful Paruru is in the past days. She’s always on a good mood and she’s talking a lot with her juniors. If she’s alone, she will always be seen facing her phone. Smiling on it like a girl receiving a message from her boyfriend. Even Yui noticed the changes.

But then, after a month, she never received mails from her Hoshi again.

First Encounter End

Second Encounter : Watanabe Miyuki
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
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Things That Mix - 48G FanFic

MILKY heaved a deep, deep sigh while looking at the headline of the newspaper. It’s about her graduation. She didn’t say the reason of her departure from the group but people has so many things in their mind. Particularly, they are thinking that she’s leaving because she cannot answer her last scandal. It has almost been two years but people still think about it.

She cursed herself knowing that she’s also at fault. Now her mind is all blurry.

Milky is in an arcade shop in Akihabara sitting on bench. She’s on a disguise ofcourse. She thought of going around the place where AKB48 was born before graduating. She invited Sayanee to wander around with her but the other girl seenzoned her. Sayanee hasn’t spoken to her even once after she announced her graduation.

“Come on! Let’s take a purikura together~!” Miyuki’s attention was caught by a girl dragging another girl inside the purikura machine.

“Stop dragging me! I will not enter that machine!” The other girl shouted at her as she shook the other girl away.

Milky laughed to herself as she remembers herself and Sayanee. They are almost like these two girls. She really misses the most destined person for her.

“Come on, Mi-Nam! 빨리 와~!” The other girl insisted. Milky started deducing that the two girls are not natives after hearing a foreign word.

“야! 미친년아!” The other girl spanked the other girl’s head and then fixed her round glasses. It seems like the guigui girl is not going to surrender at any moment. She even hugged the other girl which made her flash a more disgusted look.

“Come on. Mi-nam! You took a two-shot with some other girl before, right? Why not take one purikura pic with me?” Ae-ri pressed on, radiating a cute, puppy face.

Mumei rolled her eyes in disgust. “I shouldn’t have lift off the ban from you.”

She looked around and saw the crane game and an idea popped on her head.

“Hey, you see that game?” She pointed at the machine. “I want one of those, hmmm, panda stuff toys. If you get me one, I’ll go in with you on that machine. ‘Got it?”

“Okay! You promise me that!”

“Promise~” Mumei raised her right hand that is covered in bondage.

That’s all and Ae-ri rushed to the counter to buy some credits. Mumei heaved a sigh of relief and fixed her clothes. She looked around to find a bench and she happened to find the bench where Milky is sitting.

“Mind if I sit beside you?” She asked the masked idol.

“I don’t. Take a seat.” Milky answered with her cheerful, fishing voice.

“Thanks.” Mumei sat and relaxed herself. She seems so exhausted with Ae-ri dragging her around.

Milky, believing that the girl is a foreigner started a chat with her.

“Your girlfriend is a pushy one.” She commented with her signature gum smile but only her cute eye smile is being seen because of her mask.

Mumei’s jaw dropped after hearing the comment. “I’m also a girl, Onee-chan.”

“I know.” Milky naively answered.

Mumei facefalmed. “What’s wrong with Japanese girls, really?”

“She’s cute, you know? She looks like she really likes you.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know she’s crazy for me.”

They watch as Ae-ri struggled to get the prized panda on the crane machine. She was about to get it when it suddenly fell down. Ae-ri almost punched the machine while wailing on the fallen panda. Mumei just laughed at the scene.

“That’s mean.” Milky said. “Why don’t you just take a purikura with her? What’s the big deal?”

Mumei looked at the masked fisher. “I don’t want my photos to be taken. It feels like I’m having a scandal.”

Hearing the word ‘scandal’, Milky suddenly fell silent.

Mou, I really don’t like hearing that word.

After a moment of silence and more failed attempts on getting the panda, Mumei started the conversation.

“Are you sick, Onee-chan?” she asked while looking at Milky’s mask.

Milky frantically nodded and even faked some coughs. “I’m actually spending the last days of my life…” as an idol.

“Eh~? You’re terminally ill?” Mumei asked her as she turned with her whole body to face her.

“Y-Yeah~” Milky looked up as if thinking of what story to invent. “M-My doctor said I only have few months left that’s why I ditched the hospital and just wander to the places I want to go.”

“Ohh~ I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Is your right hand okay?” Milky asked, pertaining to the wrapped arm of Mumei.

“Oh, this?” Mumei raised her hand. “This happens once in a while so I’m used to it.”


Mumei just smiled at her and then they fell silent again. Suddenly a guy sat on the space behind them. He just sat so abruptly and even bumped Milky. The idol yelped a cute ‘ouch’ for the bumping really hurt her. The guy, hiding his face, quickly said sorry and then went on with his phone. It seems like he’s talking to someone.

He kept on looking around with his whole body as if he’s waiting for someone. There’s nothing bad on it if he doesn’t keep on bumping Milky. He’s like swaying his whole body and hitting Milky intentionally.

Seeing this, Mumei sighed. “Onee-chan…” she whispered. “Would you mind going somewhere with me?”

Milky couldn’t even say a word when Mumei just dragged her inside the purikara machine. Mumei secured that Ae-ri is still unsuccessful on the crane machine before entering the said photo booth.

“Hey, why did you drag me here?” Milky asked the girl who is peeking at the curtain, looking at the guy on the bench. She heaved a sigh and looked at Milky.

“Run the machine. I don’t know how to operate this.”

“E-Eh? But I thought you don’t like your pictures to get taken?” Wait, it’s not the case in here, right?

“Just go, I want a remembrance with a terminally-illed Onee-chan.”

“W-Wait, what?”

“Come on.”

Milky didn’t know what to do so she just started the machine. She put a coin and randomly clicked the screen. The five-second timer started.

Mumei sighed. “I really don’t want my photo taken, you know?”

Without any more words, she removed Milky’s mask from her face and quickly wore them. “Hai, pose!” She even arcked her arms around Milky’s shoulder and gave out a peace sign. Milky, stunned by the fast happenings, froze on the spot with her mouth open. Then click! The photo started printing in a short while.

Mumei quickly removed the mask on her face and returned it to Milky. Snapping back to reality, the idol slapped her shoulder.

“Why did you do that for?” Milky looked at her violated mask. “How do you think I’m supposed to wear this now?”

“Don’t worry, I wore the other side.” Mumei didn’t even bother looking at her. She’s just looking at the photo being printed. “This is a nice machine, huh?”

“How am I going to get out now?” Milky complained.

“Then wear the mask.”

“But you wore them!”

“But you are also wearing them before I wore them~!”

“That’s not the point!”

Mumei ignored her. She immediately grabbed the printed photo. She even laughed seeing Milky’s dumbfounded face.

“What are you laughing at?!” Milky shouted at her.

“Shhh… Calm down.” Mumei made a small parting on the curtain and invited Milky to look outside. “You see that guy? His phone call is obviously fake. He is just harassing you.”

“What are you talking about? You are the one harassing me!”

“Shhh… I clearly saw it. His wallpaper is your gravure picture. See? He’s looking in here. I think he still doesn’t know that you are what he thinks who you are. He just wants to confirm things by hearing you talk— oh, he got tired of waiting and walked away. You are safe now.”

Milky watched the guy as it went away while taking glimpse at the purikura machine until he got lost in the crowd. Milky looked at the girl with glasses in disbelief.

“Mission accomplished, Watanabe-san~!” Mumei winked at her while waving their photo.

“Y-You know me?!”

“Slow one, aren’t you?”

“Mi-nam! Where are you!!!”

“Oops, looks like the maniac is looking for me now. See you around~”

Milky dragged her back the booth before she even makes her second step.

“Give me that photo!” She tried to snatch it away from her but Mumei is a tall girl.

“Let’s say this is the sign of your gratefulness. Don’t worry this is safe~ Jaa~”

That’s all and Mumei left her inside the machine. Milky looked at her violated mask and heaved a sigh.

“Which side did she actually wear?!” She stumped her feet as a tantrum. “Whatever!”

In the end she wore the mask back.


“IF I see her again, I’m going to punch her in the face.”

That’s all that’s in Milky’s mind as she stealthily went inside the mall where AKB48 Theater is at. She immediately went to the 8th floor and went directly to the staff room.

“Oh? Milky? What’s up?” Yuihan greeted her as she met her on the staff room. The GM is having her green tea.

Milky pulled down her mask and smiled at Yui.

“I want to watch today’s stage.” She said and both of them started walking towards the changing room. “I want to see Team A’s performance.”

“Sure. Today is M.T ni Sasagu Stage.” Yuihan answered then she took a sip of her beloved green tea. “How’s NMB? Particularly Sayanee… She has been quiet these past days.”

“Hmmm…” Milky thought aloud. “I don’t know. She’s not talking to me either.”

Yuihan released a sigh. “Let’s just wait for her to gather her thoughts. I believe she still can’t believe that you are leaving.”

Milky, who seems like she can smile to everything, still managed to smile after Yui’s comment. “It’s because we are SayaMilky. And, SayaMilky is forever~”

Yui laughed. “I know, I know.” They stopped in front of the changing room. ”See Milky, I got a problem now.”

“Hm? What’s it?”

Yui sighed. She gradually opened the door and they peeped. The dark aura lurking on a corner easily got Milky’s eyes. She squint her eyes to see who’s that girl emitting dark clouds around her. The other members are careful to enter her personal space. It’s non-other than the Salty Queen—Shimazaki Haruka.

“Paruru-chan? Why is she looking grumpier than her grumpiest form?” Milky innocently asked.

“It started like that one month ago. She just suddenly became like that. But you know, before that she was cheerful almost every day.”

“Eh? If that’s the case I think she already ran out of all the cheerfulness because she used it all already. She’ll be salty forever now.” Milky commented and chuckled.

“Yayaya…” Yui shook her head. “I think this is a serious problem. If she stays like that she will not be able to come back at Kami7. I also think that there is some heavy reason why she’s acting like that. Look.”

They watched how Paru looked at her phone and crumpled her face as if she’s waiting for something that’s not coming.

“See, she’s always checking her phone but she always ends up with a grumpy face. Do you think she’s seeing someone and that someone is ditching her now?”

Milky frowned but still smiling. “Paruru-chan? Dating someone? I can’t imagine her doing that. Although we all know that she likes ikemen. And if she really is, she will tell you first since you are practically her ‘boyfriend’.”

“I don’t get your point, Milky. But yeah, I did tell her I like her but she just said ‘Arigatou’ then the conversation ended.”

“What?! You guys are YuiParu, right? So, you are also getting salty reactions from Paruru-chan? Eh~? Sugoi~”

“What’s ‘sugoi’ in that?”

“Everyone on stand-by! The show is about to start!” A staff shouted to call the attention of the girls inside the dressing room. Yui dragged Milky inside to join the group hurdle. Milky is a Team B Kennin but joining the Team A hurdle isn’t bad.

“Milky~!” Shiroma Miru, one of the future NMB ace candidates called her. “I’m glad to see you here!”

“Same here Mirurun. Do your best on today’s stage as well.”


They started to form a circle and shouted the team’s battle cry. They soon head-off to the backstage while Milky went on the spot where the members watch performances.

The overture stated. People are so fired up, singing their chants and waving their light sticks. Milky is also excited. It’s been so long since she has watched a live stage performance.

The audio started playing ‘Hajimaru’. The lights tuned on and the girls started dancing. The energy of the crowd boosted on another level. The crazy wotas are even giving the idols their energy. The show went on smoothly and then the first M.C. part came in. Yuihan, Myao, Nakanishi Chiyori, Ogasawara Mayu and Nakamura Mariko lead it. They are discussing the things going on in the dressing room.

“You see, there’s been a dark aura lurking in the dressing room.” Mariko started but the other girls halted her right after her sentence.

“Yabai, yabai! Are we even allowed to talk about ‘that’ Komari?” Chiyori asked while waving her hand.

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to lose!” Komari event stepped forward to start her story.

“This incident happened around a month ago. Paruru is—“

The crowd gave a loud “OHHH” after hearing Paruru’s name.

“Yeah, yeah. The story is like this; whenever we have a performance and Paruru is around, she will just gloomily enter the dressing room and sit at a corner with her cute, grumpy face. We all know Paruru is super beautiful yet salty but lately it seems like it reached the peak.”

“Yeah, I agree with you.” Maachun affirmed while nodding.

Komari continued telling the story enthusiastically. “Paruru will just sit in the corner, look at her phone and sigh then drop her phone then emit unbelievable amount of dark aura.”

Maachun even did a monomane of Paruru emitting the black aura and everyone laughed.

“You’ll get killed after this Maachun.” Myao commented while laughing hysterically.

“I wonder what happened to Paruru.” Chiyori asked. She looked around and saw Yuihan. “Do you know anything Soukantoku?”

Yuihan laughed and just shook her head as a response. The audience together with the other girls gave out a loud “EH???!”

“Really? You of all people don’t know anything?!” Komari interjected.

“Really! I don’t know a thing. Paruru is upset about something but she isn’t telling me a thing.” Yui said with a forced smile on her face.

Milky laughed to herself. She didn’t think that this topic will be brought up on stage. If her theory that Paruru has run out of cheerfulness, they will all be dead after this stage.

Paruru-chan must be planning now how she will wipe them all.

“아무 의미를 이해 못 해. 빨리 가자 미남아~!”

(“I don’t really get what they are talking about. Let’s go now Mi-nam!”)

Milky’s eyes widened when she heard that strange language from the back. She thought that the voice sounds familiar so she hurriedly searched of where the voice came. She looked around and saw the two girls she encountered at the arcade a while ago. The other girl is clinging on the girl who violated her mask. Milky’s blood started boiling.

“끝까지 보자. 한 친구를 보고 싶으니까. (Let’s finish the show. I want to check out a friend.)” Mumei answered as she shook off the girl who is holding a stuffed panda.

“친구?! 친구라니? 여기 친구 있어?! (What? A friend? You have a friend here?”

“아이시, 주용. 그리고 일번말 해줘. 우린 한국에 없잖아. (Aish, be quiet. And speak in Japanese. We’re not in Korea.)”

“So she’s a fan, no doubt she knows me.” Milky thought to herself. “And looks like the other girl managed to get the panda.”

Milky smirked. She has decided. She will go after them later and punch the girl in the face.

“You know guys,” Myao started. “I have a hunch why Paruru is being like that.”

“Eh~?! You have an idea Myao-san?” Chiyori asked.

Myao nodded her head. She looks like she’s in a deep thought. “Yes, I think I know the answer but unlike you guys, I like to keep my life so I’ll shut my mouth up.”

The other members cried to Myao to tell them. Even the audiences are pleading her for the answer but Myao just shook her head.

“No, no, no! I still have a sin to Paruru because I lost her in Korea so NO. Anyway time is up! Our dearest Paruru is going to perform next together with Kojiharu-senpai. We created a good atmosphere for them. Good job guys.”

The whole audience laughed with that parting note from Myao and the lights dimmed off again. The ever-gorgeous Kojima Haruna♡ and Paruru entered the stage. The lights went back as they started performing the song Risuke.

Paruru is just singing the song with no emotion at all unlike the way she originally sings it. Even Nyannyan noticed the strangeness in Paru’s singing so she’s trying to lift of the mood.

When Paruru walks to where Milky, somehow, a familiar pair of glasses caught her eyes. Her eyes widened and became teary after recognizing the owner of those glasses. The eyes behind those spectacles are looking straightly to her. Their eyes met.

Milky noticed that Paruru got frozen with eyes fixed somewhere at her back. She looked to where Paruru is looking and it leads her to the odd pair she met earlier. The other girl is busy with her phone while the other one is looking at Paru. She noticed the strong gaze she throws at the idol on the stage. She confirmed that she’s the one Paru is looking at when she signaled Paruru to sing now that it’s her turn to sing.

Paru managed to sing her line and suddenly started smiling. The whole audience was shocked at the sudden flash of a happy smile. The mood of the performance lightened and brightened now that Paruru is singing the song with a lot of emotions on it. Everyone noticed the tears that she tried so hard to pull. Nyannyan smiled at her and the finished the song with a huge cheer from the crowd.

Milky cannot comprehend what she has just seen. Paruru-chan smiled after seeing that person?! She smiled and even wanted to cry?! What’s happening, really?”

She even noticed how Paruru steals glances at the spectacled girl during the following performances that she participated. Every time Paru looks at the girl she’ll also look at the girl. The mysterious person is not smiling but her eyes are fixed on Paruru. This made the ‘fisher’ more curious.

The show ended very well. The wotas even deemed it as one of the best performances of M.T ni Sasagu. Maybe it was because the members noticed how Paruru glowed all of a sudden and they got challenged not to be outshone by that light.

Milky didn’t lose sight of Mumei after the show ended. Normally, the audience should go in front to say goodbye to the idols but the odd pair just went out without doing so. She immediately get her mask, cursed it before wearing it. She rushed to catch the culprit.

She caught her alone in front of the picture frames looking at the Paru’s picture.

“Chotto!” Milky shouted at the girl which immediately caught the girl’s attention.

“Oh? Terminally-illed Onee-chan. We met again.” Mumei waved at Milky using her injured arm.

Milky caught her breath before speaking. “You… You committed a crime against me!”

“Crime?” Mumei innocently asked. “Oh! You are wearing the mask!”

“Shut up!” Milky swayed her arms to punch her but Mumei was fast to dodge her.

“Hey! Only-left-with-a-few-days Onee-chan, are you seriously trying to punch me? Why are you so mad? I seriously saved you from a while ago, remember?”

Milky went for another strike but Mumei dodged it again by catching her fist with her uninjured arm. Milky tried to pull back her arm but Mumei is holding it firmly.

Mumei looked around and sighed at Milky. “Why are you angry, honestly? You’re lucky the wotas already left or else they will see an idol trying to punch an injured person.”

“I don’t care! I’m going to graduate anyway! Let me do the things that I want!”

“And you want to punch me? Because of what? Because I took you inside the purikura machine?” Mumei sneered. “Or is it because of the indirect kiss through that mask?”

Milky flushed after hearing her provocation. She doesn’t want to be provoked and teased. It’s something she excels at so she just can’t accept that someone is doing it to her. She readied her free hand to hit her but Mumei turned her around, wrapped her captured arm around her and prevented her other hand from moving with her injured hand.

Feelin Mumei’s body from her back, Milky turned bright red. She struggled but the other felt like she’s as strong as a boy.

“Surrender Onee-chan.” She whispered at her. “I’m not an M. I don’t like people hurting me unless I inflict the damage myself.”

“Let me go!” Milky told her while still struggling.


The two ceased their movements when a frail voice suddenly echoed at the lobby. It was Paruru, still on her costume, chasing her breath. Milky felt Mumei slowly departing away from her as the girl gaze on the panting Paruru.

“H-Hoshi, I thought you already left. I’m glad I caught you.” Paru said with a smile as she tries straightening her back. She noticed Milky standing closely in front of her Hoshi. Her expression immediately changed. “M-Milky-san?”

“Did you seriously run right after a heavy performance?” Mumei asked her in a flat tone.

Paruru snickered but still she cannot stand well. She’s making the wall her support and there’s no change in the way she breathes. “I-I had the feeling that you’ll sneak out so—“

Paruru fell down to her knees. Her hand on her chest and her breathing became heavier. She’s having an asthma attack.


Milky felt a sudden blow of the wind as the person behind her suddenly appeared in front of her. She immediately went to assist Paruru. She raised her head in order to breathe and carried her like a princess.

“Watanabe-san! Hurry up and tell me where I should bring her!”

Milky, snapping back to earth, started running and led her to the staff room.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2016, 07:28:56 AM »
Who is this muumei? O.o
I was about to comment about you put hangul in this story (because i dont understand about it)  it would be nice if you wrote the english trans beside it. Then voila in this chapter you wrote it  :lol:
So its basically Muumei as main chara(?) hahaha aeri is so guigui like i imagined her chara as murashige or chori XD

and welcome aboard ^^
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2016, 02:22:15 PM »
Who is this muumei? O.o
I was about to comment about you put hangul in this story (because i dont understand about it)  it would be nice if you wrote the english trans beside it. Then voila in this chapter you wrote it  :lol:
So its basically Muumei as main chara(?) hahaha aeri is so guigui like i imagined her chara as murashige or chori XD

and welcome aboard ^^

Thank you for being the first one to comment here. Also thank you for welcoming me.
I will work out at the translations in the first chapters. Sorry, I was kinda mean not to put them. I'll fix them ASAP. :)
Mumei... Hmm... I'm still thinking who will she be to be honest. She's some sort of my original character.
The manga AKB49 inspired me to do this. It is based to the real happenings within AKB with original characters. The main character... will be determined in the following chapters so please stay tune. :)
Thank you again. :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2016, 03:42:28 PM »
Paruru! No!



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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2016, 03:49:37 PM »
I already added the translations of the sentences that are in Korean. If I missed one, please notify me. Thank you. :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #8 on: October 12, 2016, 07:08:04 PM »
hi there,
i hope its not to late to say welcome
I wonder who is muumei are
but i think it could also stay as Anonymous and we could imagine our self as the muumei lol

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #9 on: October 13, 2016, 01:28:18 AM »
hi there,
i hope its not to late to say welcome
I wonder who is muumei are
but i think it could also stay as Anonymous and we could imagine our self as the muumei lol

Hello. Thanks for welcoming me. :)
I'm still thinking about Mumei. Right now the feeling that she must stay an original/anonymous character is much bigger than basing her to someone. We can all imagine that we are her.
(I don't know about me though. I don't think I can remain calm if I see my oshimen.  XD )
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-12) Milky (I)
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2016, 05:21:38 AM »
Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

YUI rushed to the staff room after hearing that Paruru got an asthma attack. She found the girl lying on a folding bed in a position that she can breathe well. She’s also having the help of a nebulizer.

Yui knelt down in front of Paruru. Her face covered in worry. “What happened, Paruru?”

Paruru inhaled deeply before speaking. “I’m fine, Yuihan. I just got tired.”

“Fine? You call this state fine?”

Yui stood up and looked around the room. She noticed Milky and two more unfamiliar faces.

“Who are you? She asked Mumei and Ae-ri. Ae-ri managed to comeback from the restroom during the time where the other two rushed Paru to the staff room. The halfie is also shocked.

“I think you are not one of the staffs so why are you here?”

“She’s the one who carried Paruru-san when she collapsed.” Milky said, pertaining to Mumei. “The other girl is her companion.”

“Is that so?” Yui turned to Mumei. She noticed the girl’s injured hand and can’t help but to ask herself about how the girl managed to carry Paruru with that injury. “Thank you so much for helping Paruru. You guys can leave now since the situation is already handled.

“Wait, Yuihan. Don’t drive them away.” Paruru tried to sit up.

“Haruka, just let your body rest.”

All eyes turned to Mumei. She was about to get near to Paru when she was halted by Yuihan.

“You’re not allowed to come near her anymore. You’ve done enough.”


“Are you her bodyguard? I just want to assist Haruka.” Mumei said with her smug face. An angry knot formed on Yui’s forehead. It hurts her ears whenever she hears the girl address Paruru at her first name like she’s so close to her.

“You are a fan so, it’s better you just go. We don’t want other fans to know this. They will think that this is unfair.” Yui emphasized. “You should go.”

Mumei started getting pissed.

“Aren’t you supposed to treat me well because I just helped Har—“

“Just go!” Yui shouted and everyone on the room fell silent. Even the staffs that are just silently doing their job stopped what they are doing and looked at the commotion.

Mumei smirked wryly. She returned Yui’s piercing stare.

“Why are you acting like a bitch? Is this what being a general manager can do to someone? You are seriously annoying the hell out of me. You’re acting like a boss when you’re obviously useless.”



Their attentions all darted to Paruru who rushed in between of them. She looked at Mumei with angry eyes before she slapped her. The sound of the slap echoed at the whole room, giving another shock to the people in there. Ae-ri and Milky gasped.

“Do not talk to Yui like that! You don’t know how much she gives herself for her work!”

Mumei returned from the shock. She looked at Paru, on the ceiling and back at Paruru. The salty queen suddenly felt guilty of what she has done.

“Fine.” Mumei said, still wearing the wry smile. “I’ll go. I’ll never return.”

The nameless girl immediately went outside without looking back. The door opened right after she shut it and Myao entered the room with a surprised look on her face.

“Paruru, that’s the nameless girl we met in Korea, right?” Myao asked pointing outside.

Their eyes darted to Ae-ri who laughed a sarcastic laugh.

“I don’t understand it. Checking out a friend, huh? So this is the friend Mi-nam is talking about?” She sharply looked at the people around her, her eyes started to tear. “I will never forgive you if she cuts herself again!”

After that Ae-ri rushed out while calling Mi-nam’s name. Everyone in the room was left speechless. Yui deduced that Paruru and the other girl know each other. She cursed herself. She made two people fight because of her jealousy. She looked at Paruru who weakly went to wher she was lying and then dropped herself there. She too was dumbfounded.

Milky went outside to follow the two girls. She somehow got worried after hearing Ae-ri’s last sentence. But the two girls are already out of sight.

“What the hell just happened here?” Myao asked herself.

TEAM A is supposed to be having a celebratory dinner after such a wonderful stage but because of the earlier happenings, Paruru doesn’t have the appetite to eat. She’s also not in the mood to talk to anyone. She became the main star of the show so she must not be missing. The staff just decided to postpone the dinner since they will also track the happenings on the web. They are worried that the two girls will make a ruckus through the internet.

Paruru went home without saying a single word. A while ago she was just so happy after seeing her Hoshi but did she slap her? She knows that Yui is also wrong but she just got angry after hearing the belittling words from Hoshi.

The lady went inside her room and dropped herself to her bed.

“Hoshi is in Japan. Why is she here? And she is with Hiroko-san’s daughter—“

Paruru jerked up when she remembered a certain someone. She knocked her head for not remembering that person for the whole month that she’s worried about Hoshi. She went to look for the bag she used in Korea. She almost flipped her room upside down before she found it. And there it is—Hiroko’s business card.

She looked at it and grabbed her phone. She registered Hiroko’s number and the lady’s LINE account appeared in her own Line. Paruru stared at the Hiroko’s respectable profile picture, thinking of she is going to start the conversation. She gathered her thoughts and listed down the questions in her head.

She took a deep breath before starting to type but a message from Hiroko came even before she sent one.

박 히로코

Isn’t this Paruru-chan?

Yey~! Paruru-chan finally added me on Line~ o(*>ω<*)o 22:10


                                                             22:11 Yes, it’s me Hiroko-san.

                                                            I’m sorry I forgot about you.

박 히로코

Don’t worry. I have faith in you. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Have you seen Neko-chan and my daughter?

They are at Japan now. 22:12


                       22:15 I’ve met them already. They went to see our show today.

                               But something bad happened. Can I call you Hiroko-san?

박 히로코

That seems serious.

Call me in Facetime. 22:16


                                                            22:16 Okay.

Hiroko’s last message has no emoticon so Paruru immediately called Hiroko through FaceTime. Hiroko immediately answered the call. She looks like she’s in her office facing her computer. The CEO is smiling at her but she’s giving off a serious aura.

“I’m sorry for calling you Hiroko-san. Do I disturb you?” Paruru asked.

“Don’t worry Paruru-chan. I still hold my time as the CEO. What’s the problem dear?”

Paruru fell silent. She already knows what to say but she’s looking for the courage to tell it. After a while she managed to tell Hiroko the story. The lady patiently listened to her story. She didn’t say a word when Paruru was telling the story but her smile vanished.

“So… that’s what happened.” Hiroko said after hearing the story. “Ae-ri hasn’t contacted me yet so I guess Neko-chan is not doing anything weird.”

“I’m really sorry for what happened Hiroko-san. I really didn’t mean to hurt her.” Paruru apologized.

She heard Hiroko sighed. “You see Paruru-chan, no matter how you hurt that child physically she won’t feel a thing but she will be scarred inside.”

“What do you mean Hiroko-san?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you this but since you are one of the few people who have given her a name and she also acknowledges you, I think there are things you should know.”

Paruru listened to Hiroko’s story this time. Her heart got broken after hearing the story. She didn’t know that she already started crying. Even after the call she is still shock. Hiroko told her not to cry and she’s not angry at her but what she has heard really shocked her whole being.

“Neko-chan… She is a kid I found in a train station. I lied to you when I told you that I found her on a park. I was waiting for the train when I saw her standing on the edge of the platform. I had the hunch that she’s going to kill herself and it’s true. She tried to jump when the train was approaching. Thank goodness my husband and the other people in the station were fast to prevent her from jumping.

She was heavily bruised and her arms were full of fresh cuts. She was shouting on a language that nobody in there cannot understand. She didn’t calm down until she just collapsed. We brought her to the hospital. I don’t even know myself but I felt so attached to her on the very moment. I felt like she was shouting to let us have her death.

When she woke up in the hospital room, we learned that she can speak Korean very well. She doesn’t have a name. That’s what she said. She didn’t say that she forgot her name; she just said that she doesn’t have a name. I believe she also remembers her past clearly. She just doesn’t want to talk about it. I remembered how she cried while telling me to kill her. Right there I decided that I’ll take care of her and make her live. I don’t care about her past or who she really is. I just want her to experience the joys of life.

Her attempts to kill herself didn’t go into a halt until she accidentally she heard me singing the song Dare ka no Tame ni. Sounds familiar isn’t it? After that I introduced her to your group and she seemed to like it. I was so thankful to see her functioning as a normal human again. She even started studying Japanese.

But just a month ago she tried killing herself again. One night, Ae-ri called me that she heard a sound of breaking glasses from Neko-chan’s room. I rushed to their place but we can’t open her door. The security had to destroy the door before we were able to go in. We saw her on the balcony. Her right arm broken and bleeding. Her knuckles are dislocated and are pierced with the pieces of the window. It seems that she punched that thick window until it broke. She used a shard to cut her left wrist. I remember how bloody the scene was. She just looked at me with her swollen eyes and she smiled at me.

“Hiroko-san, look at the blood. It’s a lot isn’t it? But still I’m not dying. Why can’t I die?”

I hugged her as she cried. We rushed her to the hospital. Apparently, the amount of blood she lost is enough to kill her. The doctors were amazed to see that she still hasn’t lost consciousness at the very least. She still needed blood transfusion. Luckily our bloods are both A type.

She survived. But she fell asleep for almost a week. When we went back to her place we saw her phone crushed into pieces. I think that someone from her real family contacted her and I was not wrong.

“Someone died.” That’s all that she said. She destroyed her phone after reading the message. Poor kid. She must have loved her family so much.

She promised me that she’ll not try to kill herself again. Since I gave her blood, she said that she’ll do whatever I ask her. I simply told her to live and I will support her.

After a week she talked to me about wanting to study a lot of things like astronomy and photography. Though I thought that it would be bad for her to be away from my sight, I suggested her to study in Japan with Ae-ri. She agreed with it.

“I’ll have to see Haruka too. I don’t think she’ll be worried about me but I just want to see if she’s doing well.” That’s what she said and for the first time after the incident she smiled again. Paruru-chan… I sent her to Japan not because of the education level but because it is where AKB48 is. It is where YOU are. I thought it will help her a lot.

But hearing your story made my heart ache. I think I should just call her back.

Paruru cried herself to sleep. She didn’t know of what else to do in order to help her Hoshi. She realized that Hiroko named her Neko not because she was a stray cat but because she has many lives like a cat. And, the reason why the message stopped is because of the incident.

She asked Hiroko about Mumei’s contact details. Hiroko hesitated in a bit but she informed her about where the girls are staying. She’ll go look for her Hoshi and have peace with her and then take care of her. That’s what she decided.

MILKY decided to stay at the hotel where she usually stays in Tokyo. She is supposed to go back to Osaka but she went on a dinner with the frustrated Yuihan and Myao. Their dinner finished late and they even went to Karaoke to relieve the stress.

Milky and Yuihan learned from their senpai who Mumei is; that the girl is the one that saved Paru not just from being lost but also from a guigui guy. She also informed them about her being nameless and all the other stuffs that she knows.

A little tipsy, Milky just went to her room to change clothes and then went to the rehearsal studio of the said hotel. Since she loves dancing, she personally searched for a hotel that will cater her needs. During this time she believes that no one is in the dancing room. It’s the usual time she goes for a practice.

“What? Someone’s in there?” Milky gasped to herself when she saw the lights open and she can hear a familiar sound. She silently peeked to see who that was.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped when she recognized the figure who’s dancing one of AKB’s hardest choreography. The girl with the bondage in her right arm dances UZA perfectly in amazing amount of energy. She was surprised by how good this girl is dancing but her eyes seem like they can kill.

Mumei is only wearing a tank top, a jogger pants and a pair of trainers. She isn’t wearing any armband so her scars are all exposed. It doesn’t escape Milky’s observant eyes.

It was on the last term that Mumei suddenly got off-balanced and she fell hard to the floor. She managed to support herself with her fine arm. Dancing in such a great amount of power tired her that she couldn’t stand up. What made her more frustrated is she remembered the scene earlier.

“You promised Hiroko-san. You promised Hiroko-san!” She repeatedly said those words, reminding herself about her guardian. “Haruka…”

She looks like in so much pain.

The fisher watched her raise her injured arm as if she’s preparing herself to punch the floor. Seeing this, Milky unconsciously entered in and stopped her.

“What do you think are you going to do?!” She shouted. She was surprised of herself that she even stepped backward but it was too late.

Mumei looked at her sharply as if she’s trying to identify who she is. She removed her glasses that’s why she can’t see well.

“It’s me, Watanabe Miyuki.”

Mumei rolled her eyes and dropped her hand. She tried to stand but her legs are shaking. Milky tried to help her stand but she shook her helping hand away. The girl went to where her things are while dragging her legs. She wore her glasses and turned off the audio.

“Just how long have you been dancing that your legs started to shake?” Milky asked worriedly.

Mumei ignored her. She just sat at the corner, wiping her sweat. She looked for her tumbler but she realized she forgot to bring one.

“Here.” Milky offered her own water but Mumei continued to ignore her. Milky sat beside her insisted her to drink the water. Mumei rolled her eyes and tried to stand up but her legs are at her limit.

Milky heaved a sigh. She threw Mumei her tumbler and she started massaging the girl’s legs.

“Just drink the water and rest, will you?”

“You are so annoying.” Mumei once again removed her glasses and covered her eyes with her towel. She raised her head to search for air.

“You didn’t stretch before you dance, am I right?” Milky asked while massaging the girl’s legs gently. “Stretching is important. Remember that.”

“Stop acting kind, will you? Earlier you are just hungry to punch me, right?”

“It’s because of the mask, you know?!”

“And now you want me to drink from your tumbler? UZA!”

Milky removed the towel covering her face. The sudden flash of light blinded Mumei for a while then she felt the cold tumbler on her cheek where Paruru slapped her. When her sight returned she saw Milky’s flushed directly above her own face.

“I won’t mind so just drink.”


After that Milky returned on massaging her legs. Mumei got no choice but to drink from Milky’s tumbler. The fisher even took a glimpse of Mumei drinking.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” She teasingly asked.

“I told you she isn’t my girlfriend. She’s already asleep”

“Then who is she?”

“She’s the third person to give me a name. She’s like a sister to me.”

“You aren’t into girls?”

“I am not into anyone regardless of gender.”

“Eh~? So you won’t like me either?”

Mumei ruined her hair because of being annoyed. “Exactly, what kind of questions are you asking? You are so annoying.”

“I just thought that you are into girls because of the way you look at Paruru-chan.” Milky stopped what she’s doing and look at the girl who suddenly fell quiet. She’s looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

“Haruka… She’s angry at me, right?” Mumei finally broke the silence. Milky flashed her signature gum smile and the sat beside Mumei.

“You know, you are so cute!” Miyuki said as she pat her head. The girl automatically shook her hand away. “You’re really cute. In the end you’re worried about Paruru-chan. You like her don’t you?”

“Shut up with the like thing. Are you seriously trying to force me with girls?”

Milky hugged her arm and pushed herself onto the girl. “If you don’t like Paruru-chan, how about liking me?”

Mumei’s eyes widened when she heard Milky’s suggestion but she immediately realized what Milky is trying to do to her. She smiled.

“Are you trying to fish me, Tsurishi-san? Don’t be clingy to me. I have my hands full of Ae-ri.”

“Mou~! I’m not Tsurishi. I’m Coby!” Milky puffed her cheeks and Mumei started pinching her cute cheecks.

“Are you a puffer fish? Why are your cheeks this chubby?”

Milky got her hand and press it to her own cheeks by her hand. “Your palm is so cold. I guess you have a warm heart.”

“You are such a great fisher, aren’t you? Stop fooling around dying Onee-chan. Return my hand and put your face away from me. You smell like booze”

Milky snickered as she let go of Mumei’s hand. “Still not fished?”

“Sorry, you failed.”

“Souka na?” Milky hugged her legs while still looking at Mumei who took another gulp from her tumbler.


“What?” Mumei looked at the girl who is dreamily looking at her. “Did you say something?”

“I’ll call you Ijiwaru from now on. Do you like the name? You are always calling me different names so I guess I’m going to name you.” Milky cheerfully said. Ijiwaru 意地悪 actually means ‘unkind’.

Mumei went frozen again. She’s just looking at Milky with her mouth wide open.

“Hey, why are stuck up like that? Are you okay?” Milky tapped her on the cheek.

Mumei swallowed. “A-Are you seriously naming me?”

Milky chuckled. “Look at you! A while ago you can’t be fished but you got caught with a bad name?”

“I’m asking if you are seriously naming me?” Mumei asked holding Milky’s hand. Milky moved backward in surprise. Her cheeks got tinted with red.

“Y-Yeah. I’m naming you. I thought you are really unkind but when I saw how worried you got when Paruru-chan collapsed and how your smug face turned into a half-way-crying face. I thought, ‘Ahh.. I want someone like that in my life.’ I heard from Myao-san that you’re nameless and you want people to name you before you befriend with them, right? So I’m naming you because I want to be your friend—“

Mliky was surprised when Ijiwaru suddenly pulled her and jailed her into her arms. She felt her heart resonate with the loud throbbing of her Ijiwaru.’

“Mou~! I named you with an annoying name. It’s not something to be happy of—“


Milky smiled while blushing. She slowly pushed Ijiwaru and looked at her in the eyes.

“Now Ijiwaru-kun…”

“Ijiwaru-kun? Do you also see me as a guy?”

The fisher laughed then she turned serious. “I have a favor to ask Ijiwaru-kun?”

“What is it?”

“Please, do not hate the 48 Group.”

Mumei break their stare connection but Milky grabbed her face so she’ll focus at her.

“I know Yuihan and Paru-chan hurt you in some way. I believe they have a reason that’s why they did that and I believe they also feel guilty about it but please do not hate the whole 48 Group. I love this group so much and there are many hardworking girls. As a graduating member, this is my only request to you. Please continue to support the 48 Group.”

Mumei smiled at her and patted her head. “Rest assure. The group has helped me in some way you know? I even told Ae-ri not to post anything in the net about the incident earlier. She agreed on doing so even though she’s so angry.”

Milky smiled widely and hugged her again. “You are really cute!!!”

“I wonder why there are people who get so clingy to me just after meeting for a short time.” Mumei rolled her eyes and just let Milky hug her. No doubt a part of her has been fished.

“Hey Ijiwaru-kun…”


“What’s your room number?”

“It’s a secret. :P

“Eh~?!” Milky puffed her cheeks again. “How about you stay in my room tonight? Issho ni chapu chapu shiyo?”

Ijiwaru = Facefalm
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-14) Milky (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

Sorry. I know this fanfic is quite different from the other fanfics. This might be a little boring but AKB49 (Manga) inspired me to do something similar. Things that happened in real time + some fiction. And you may say this is late. I dropped the fic after SSK but now my kami-oshi is graduating so I got the urge to pic it up. Hope you enjoy it. :) Looking at it this update is kind of short. After this maybe I will not update everyday anymore. I might update twice a week. I'm still thinking which days should I update. And it's okay to leave a comment. I don't bite. XD "I'm someone who thrives on praises!" Hahaha. jk. If you know this line then you know that drama. :) Even though it's not a praise, it's okay. Just go mildly, okay? :) Anyway... Here is the next chapter.


PARURU woke up early and fixed herself. She’ll be on a disguise but she made sure that Hoshi will see her in a cute way. She’s wearing a pink one piece dress which made her look like a living doll. She didn’t waste any time. The salty queen went straight to the hotel where Mumei and Ae-ri are staying. It’s a familiar hotel. She has stayed in it in the past.

She went straight to 20th floor where the room is located. Mumei’s room is on the room on the end of the hallway. Making little but fast steps, Paruru prepared her heart to see her Hoshi.

Suddenly the room before the last room opened. Paruru, in fear of being recognized in public, hid her face with her hat.

“Let’s go grab some breakfast!”

“Don’t be so loud idiot. Ae-ri is not here but you are here. Give me a break.”

“Don’t be such a tsundere~ You enjoyed the night with me didn’t you~?”

“You are seriously annoying.”

Paruru dropped her bag after recognizing the pair who went out of the same room. She immediately got the attention of the two. It was her Hoshi with Milky clinging on her uninjured arm. Recognizing Paruru, Milky unconsciously let go of her Ijiwaru.

“H-Haruka?” the startled Mumei uttered.


Milky secretly tapped her Ijiwaru in the back and winked at her.

“I’ll go get breakfast first. You two should go and talk.” Milky leaned for a quick kiss in the cheek which Mumei immediately wiped off.

“Seriously woman, what’s your problem?”

“See you later Ijiwaru-kun, Paruru-chan~”

Before she even made a third step, Mumei grabbed her by the arm into a halt.

“Haruka, want to join us for breakfast?”

THE atmosphere was so awkward and tensed. Paruru already removed her mask since she’s already safe having the two together. She can’t even look at them. Her chest tightened so much after seeing them went out of the same room.

“Paruru-chan, eat your vegetables.” Milky cheerfully commented while eating her salad.

“Ah… Yes.”

“Should I get you some bell peppers? You like them, right?”

“N-No, it’s okay.”

“I’ll go get some for you, Paruru-chan.” Milky hurriedly stood up to ask for bell peppers. She turned to Ijiwaru and winked. “I’ll be back in a flash~”

A deafening sound of silence covered the two soon after Milky left. Paruru kept playing with her food, thinking of what to say.

“Say Haruka,” Paruru jerked to her seat after hearing Mumei speak. “You know that I’m not allowed to get near you, right? Why did you come here?”

Paruru took a deep breath. “Yui got the wrong idea about you. She just thought of the group. The pressure of being the general manager is consuming her so please understand Yuihan.”

“Okay. I understand it now so you can leave now.”

Paruru fell silent. She doesn’t know what to respond. This is exactly what Hoshi felt yesterday. She felt a lot guiltier.

“I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday.” Paruru started talking after gathering all her strength. She’s facing downwards and can’t even take a look at Mumei. Her hands are shaking. She never felt this nervous before.

She felt a warm hand on top of her head. She automatically looked up and saw Hoshi looking at the window wearing her tsundere face.

“I’m not angry at you but I’ll never forget that you slapped me because of Yokoyama. I made promises with certain people. Anyway, you are one of the reasons I agreed on going here in Japan. Even before going here I prepared myself about the possibility that you might have already forgotten the stubborn kid you met in Korea so—“

“I didn’t forget!” Paruru exclaimed, garnering the attention of the few people around them. “I never forget you. I was always waiting for your messages!”

Hoshi’s hand got heavy forcing Paruru to bow down. She tried to look up but the other girl is preventing her to look at her face. She somehow had a glimpse of a faint smile.

“Something just happened. I’m sorry for making you wait. I’m here.”

Paruru felt a warm spring coming from her heart. All of her anxieties suddenly vanished after hearing those words. A smile was drawn to her face, she almost felt like crying.

“Ara, ara… That didn’t take long, did it?” Milky smiled at them. She came back with the promised bell peppers. She placed them before Paruru before going back to her seat.

“You’ve been a good boy, Ijiwaru-kun~” She tried to pat Mumei’s head but she quickly dodge.

“I’m not a boy for the bell peppers’ sake!”

The curious Paruru just look at them. Milky noticed her stare and smiled at her.

“I named her yesterday. Ijiwaru is a cute name, isn’t it?” Milky tried to pat Mumei’s head again but she continues to dodge. “She saved me from a guy and the violated my mask in return.”

“I don’t really get your story, Milky-san.” Paruru just tried to smile then start to slice her bell peppers. She wanted to ask questions about how the two met and how they are suddenly became this close but she’s not the type to do so. Did Hoshi meet Milky even before she went in Korea? They also came out of the same room, didn’t they?

“You are seriously annoying Miyuki. Just eat quietly, you puffer fish!”

Paruru’s ear cringed. Did she hear it right? Her Hoshi called Milky in her real name. She suddenly felt the warm spring in her heart disappear after an idea entered her mind.

“Are you guys dating?” Paruru finally asked as it really bothers her. Her heart even quaked after asking it. The two girls looked at her for a moment and then in sync gave different reactions. Milky smiled widely while Mumei slapped her forehead and heavily shook her head.

“Why do you, girls, constantly see me as a guy?” Mumei protested. “Do I really look like someone with that? I don’t even grow a beard. Was it because I’m flat? Sorry for being flat!”

“No, no, no.” Milky clung to her arms again. “It’s because you make ladies’ hearts flutter.”

Mumei heaved a sigh and looked at Haruka. “Seriously Haruka, I’m not going out with Miyuki, Ae-ri or any other girl. I don’t go out with a guy either. I have never felt being romantically attached with anyone in my entire life and I never dream of experiencing it.”

“Are you serious?” Milky asked in disbelief.

“I don’t believe that something like romantic love will last. It’s all just illusion.” Mumei replied casually and then continued to eat her food. “It’s all illusion.”

Milky tried to laugh off Mumei’s serious answer. “You are so bitter. You and Paruru-chan are a good fit; Paruru is salty and Ijiwaru is bitter.”

“Milky-san~!” Paruru puffed her cheeks in terms of protest.

“You’re not funny, Miyuki.”

PARURU left right after they went for a short walk in the garden of the hotel. She has a taping to attend to. She exchanged mails with Hoshi so she could contact her even if she’s not using line. She didn’t say anything about her hearing the story from Hiroko. It’s evident that Mumei doesn’t want to talk about it so she’ll just wait for her to open up to her.

They also promised to go at a pool. Hoshi suggested that she should go to a beach because she believes it heals asthma but since she’s an idol and doesn’t have the leisure to go to a beach they decided to just go at the hotel’s private pool at her day-off. Milky also promised to tag along.

It was around 12 noon when the sleepy head, Ae-ri finally woke up. She had no idea that her Mi-nam went to sleep at someone else’s room. Since Milky so into her Ijiwaru, she dragged her into her room and forced her to sleep together with her. They just talked all night until they fell asleep.

After that Mumei and Ae-ri went to Universal Studio Japan for a tour. Milky didn’t tag along because it seems like Ae-ri is going to kill her if she tries to. She also had a radio broadcast to take part to. It didn’t last long and no one is there to go wandering around with her since Sayaka still seenzoned her. She just decided to dance in the hotel’s dance room.

Milky is not used of having so much time in her hand. She has been so busy from a young age and having the freedom of time is such a foreign thing for her. AKB and NMB works made her work her ass off. Gravure here, guesting there; Variety here, concert there; those are the things that consumed her youth.

She didn’t regret anything. It’s just that she’ll now face a new chapter of her life. She’s a lot nervous if the people are still going to accept her as Watanabe Miyuki without the NMB48 tag on her. She’s going on a path without the other girls. That’s the reality that consumes her now.

Milky was dancing the latest NMB48 single Amagami Hime when someone entered the room.

“Are you practicing NMB48’s song? Man, you are graduating. Practice other things.”

That was Ijiwaru. She threw her a can of Pocari Sweat. The girl sat on the same spot where she sat yesterday.

Milky smiled at her while chasing her breath. “You don’t have to tell that to my face, you meanie.”

“You named me Ijiwaru for that reason, didn’t you?”

Milky reached for her towel and then sat beside Ijiwaru. “How was your tour with the Korean girl?”

“It was good. I wanted to see the USJ long before. Never thought it was that huge. When I was young I wanted to make movies, you know? It was my dream.” She sighed. “Ae-ri’s so tired that she went straight to our room.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I am.”

“But you came to see me? How sweet~!”


Ijiwaru opened her own can and had a drink. She even opened Milky’s can which made the girl blush a bit. Ijiwaru acting like a gentleman has become her weakness.

“Wait, you said making movies was your dream? Did you change it?” Milky curiously asked.

Ijiwaru smiled faintly. “My dreams died long ago. I don’t have a dream anymore.”

“Eh~? Are you serious?”

“I am, puffer fish.” She pinched Milky’s soft cheeks and then smilingly heaved a sigh. She leaned her head to the wall. “What are your plans after your graduation?”

“Hmm… Plans, huh?” Milky thought aloud and imitated Ijiwaru in leaning her head to the wall. “I’ve got plans. Not a lot though. But the management has plans for me. I’ll still be active as a TV personality, I think.”

“Uhm… Okay.” There a long silence after that. They were just looking at the ceiling as if asking the ceiling of what to do next. Milky’s head slid down to Ijiwaru’s shoulder. The girl felt surprised but she doesn’t seem to mind. She just let Milky rest on her shoulder.

“I’m going to support you, Miyuki.”

Miyuki looked up at her Ijiwaru after hearing that. The girl is still looking at the ceiling.

“I’m going to support you with your dreams. You made me laugh a lot of times anyway.”

“I made you laugh?”

“I’ve watched your shows. I liked the Geinin the most. It was a lot of fun.”

“Really?” Milky blushed and went back to lean her head on Ijiwaru. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Ijiwaru gave a soft snicker. “I really like the way you smile to the point of showing your gums. It’s an eye candy.”

Milky laughed in response. “You don’t have to mention the gums, you meanie.”

“Just as I thought this is where I’ll see you.”

Milky jerked to the sound of a familiar, beautiful voice. Their eyes darted on the person by the door wearing a leather jacket.

“S-Sayaka…” Milky uttered as she stood up. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m just here to deliver some news.” Sayaka looked at Mumei who is still sitting on the floor then back at Milky. “But I’m surprised to see someone else here.”

Sayaka went near Milky while taking short glimpses of Mumei. She doesn’t seem to like her presence. Mumei just stayed quiet and observed the situation.

Milky smiled at Sayaka. It’s been a long time and she has finally spoken to her. “Sayaka, I really missed you~!” She tried to hug her but Sayaka raised her right hand as a halt.

“I didn’t come here for this.” She gave Miyuki a booklet. “It’s a script. We were invited to do a program in Nihon TV as SayaMilky. Make sure to be there.”

“Wow! Ofcourse I will be there!”

“That’s for your Graduation special.”

Milky suddenly felt quiet. Sayaka looked at her with a poker face.

“That’s all. I’ll be going. See you at the taping.” Sayaka went to the door and stopped. She looked at Mumei again. “One more thing, don’t get involved to another scandal. Make one after your graduation.”

That’s all and Sayaka left. The NMB ace is so serious. Milky stood there looking at blank space. She felt a hand on her head which made her snap back to reality.

“She’s pretending to be cold but she actually wants to see you.” Ijiwaru whispered to her.

“How can you be so sure?” Milky asked in a cracked voice.

The other girl smiled. “She wants to see you but she got jealous because she saw me. Probably the thought of having you go and enjoy the company of other people besides her hurt her. I’ve got an idea of Yamamoto’s personality so calm down. Though I don’t understand why she said the word scandal. Does she also see me as a guy?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yup. So let me see that gum smile again, puffer fish.”

Milky wiped her incoming tears and smiled. She jumped to Ijiwaru for a hug.

“I really love you, Ijiwaru-kun~!”

Third Encounter: Yamamoto Sayaka + Yokoyama Yui
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-14) Milky (F)
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 This is a really good fic!! But i wish the pairs will remain as yuiparu and sayamilky pair... :D

Sorry to say this...isn't Hirate yurina is Keyakiza46 group's member? I' m sorry if i wrong...😅

Btw, love your fic... nice one you've got there...😉🐱

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-14) Milky (F)
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So far i enjoy this kind of fic and pace.
Jealousy are here and there 😁😁

I think you should keep the "mobile convo"  eg. Like hiroko-san and paruru in just normal way( align left) . Since it didn't quite work with "line convo in LINE(?)".
Because i assume you  want to see us like that.

Its okay people read yours, even though sometimes readers in here are just too shy to comment 😁😁.

And i would freak out if i met my oshimen too 😂😂
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-16) Sayanee + Yuihan (I)
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@no-chan, Thank you for reading the fic. I don't want to say what will happen in the rest of the story especially about the pairs. But one thing I can assure is I am also a SHIPPER.
And yes, Hirate Yurina is from Keyakizaka46. I just kinda liked her hair in Silent Majority. Looks so badass. :)

@buciq -san, That style worked fine in Tumblr but apparently I got tired of doing it in the following chapters so I didn't use that style anymore. XD
Really, thanks for enjoying the fic.

notice: updates will be every Sunday and Wednesday night. 21:00 KST :)
Today is a little late because I'm preparing for my midterm exams this week. Anyway, I hope you also enjoy the next chapter~

Things That Mix - 48G

AE-RI is clinging as tight as she can to her Mi-Nam while looking angrily at Milky and Paruru. Mumei is lecturing her about everything she’ll need on flying alone back to Korea but it seems like she isn’t listening. All she does is glare at the two girls who tagged along to the airport.

The beautiful Korean girl is going back to Seoul to take the entrance exam at the prestigious Seoul University. It is her dream to enter that university since she was young. It’s the home of the elites in Korea. As someone who grew up in Korea, even though she is a halfie, she’s more accustomed to it. Also, as an heir, she has to study on a well-known university.

Hiroko told her that she can go and study at the also prestigious Tokyo University so she can stay with Mumei but the bespectacled girl asked Hiroko to just let Ae-ri do what she wants since it is her dream. But now, the Korean-Japanese girl is having troubles leaving her Mi-nam behind.

“I really wonder why you two have to come here at the airport.” Ae-ri grumpily said, still flashing those killer eyes.

“We can’t let Ijiwaru-kun go back alone, right? She might get lost.” Milky answered, flashing her cute eye smile with her real smile being hidden by a mask.

The girl wasn’t a bit convinced since she knows that Mi-nam is smart enough to memorize everything she needs to know about Japan in just a week. She is also the one who lectured her about all of those.

“I don’t believe you.” She strongly stated. “You’re just here to see your rival off and then have a party after I get lost— OUCH!”

She looked at Mumei who gave her a knock on her skull. “You’re not a part of the 48G to be their rival.”

“But what I mean is another thing!”

Mumei released a sigh. She gently patted Ae-ri’s head which made the girl flush.

“Stop thinking of other things, idiot. You take care of yourself and make sure to pass the exam. I’m going to miss you.”

“Waah~” Milky giggled to Paruru. “Ijiwaru-kun certainly knows how to tame girls and make their heart go ‘dokidoki’.”

The strong gaze from Ae-ri’s eyes disappeared and was changed by eyes that are deeply inlove. She looked at the injured arm of Mumei.

“Don’t worry. I made a promise with Hiroko-san. Rest assure.”

Ae-ri just nodded. Paruru noticed how Ae-ri is getting pampered by her Hoshi. She somehow felt a strange feeling deep inside. The same feeling she got when she first saw Mumei with Milky.

The announcement about Ae-ri’s flight echoed throughout the whole airport. It’s the signal that she has to go to the gate. She gave another tight hug to Mumei.

“Take care of yourself, Mi-nam. I’ll be back to visit you.”

Mumei smiled at her and returned a hug. “Good luck to your exams and say hi to Hiroko-san and Choon-soo samcheon for me.”

She just nodded again and let go of Mumei. She took another look at the two girls but now a kind one. She took a polite bow and said, “Please take care of Mi-nam.”

Milky and Paru smiled and then bowed too. “We will take care of her.”

The kind smile on Ae-ri’s face suddenly disappeared, changed with a cunning one.

“Thank you, but…” She pulled Mi-nam for a quick kiss in the lips which made the receiver of the kiss and the two bystanders shocked. Ae-ri giggled before running to the escalator. “You can’t steal Mi-nam away from me! HE IS MINE!!!”

That’s all and the girl disappeared from their sight. Milky and Paruru’s jaws still on a drop. The receiver of the kiss also looked frozen.

“That girl is a tough competitor.” Milky finally uttered.

Mumei slowly turned to them while feeling her lips with her fingers. “That girl just seriously took my first kiss.”



TOGASAKI-SAN can’t help but to crumple his face while looking at the heavily masked Mumei together with Paruru.

“Is she the one you are talking about, Shimazaki?” The AKB48 manager asked while swiveling to his chair. “Doesn’t she know that coming here with that mask is extremely rude?”

Paruru looked at Hoshi, “Hora, you take off the mask now Hoshi.”

Mumei heaved a deep sigh before removing the mask from her face. Togasaki stopped from swiveling, probably taken aback with the cute face under the mask but he managed to keep his cool. He then turned to Paruru.

“This is one of the rare cases that you ask a favor from me, Shimazaki. I don’t know how to decline you but hearing all these stories about her doesn’t seem good. She’s nameless and everything. She also had a heated argument with Yokoyama, right?”

“But Togasaki-san, she really has to find a part-time job. She’s new here in Japan and I can’t just let her work on other places.” Paruru pleaded which made Togasaki’s heart more troubled.

The manager released a deep sigh. “Right now we are in need of a photographer who will take pictures that will be uploaded at the official site. The work is a little busy since it’s a field work in some way. Can she handle that?”

“She is actually taking photography classes and she told me that her schedule is flexible.”

“Are you her guardian, Shimazaki? Let her speak for herself.”

Paruru looked at Mumei and gave her a nod.

“Ah… Uhmm… I’m taking exclusive photography classes and most of them are held in the night and they are not done everyday. The lecturer, I heard, is quite famous here in Japan so he just does lectures whenever he likes it. I also honestly think that field works will help me a lot.”

“Okay, I’ll hire you.”

A smile curved to Paruru’s lips while Mumei was a little shocked.

“You’re a weird one. Too weird to even make The Shimazaki Haruka smile like this.” Togasaki pulled a paper from his desk and handed it to Mumei. “Sign this form. I’ll also take your picture.”

“Picture?” Mumei whispered to Paruru with her face covered in disbelief.

Paru just told her to be an obedient kid and let her picture be taken just for this one. Since it was them that are asking the favor, they can’t help but to agree with the conditions. Togasaki took her picture through his phone and then let her answer the form.

“Are you seriously passing it without a name?” Togasaki irritatedly asked while reading the form.

“I haven’t thought of a name to use, Sir. Haruka doesn’t want me to use the name she gave me.”

“You guys are so troublesome.” Togasaki pulled a pen from his pen holder and wrote on the application form. After that he handed it back to Mumei. The bespectacled girl’s eyes went wide as soon as she saw what the guy wrote.

“You’re naming me?!” She asked in excitement. Paruru also took a look at the paper.

“Since you can’t go out there without a name, let’s just say that will be your name in AKB. No one should call you any other name than that if you are under the premises of AKB. You also understand it, right, Shimazaki?”

Paruru nodded in approval. The happy kiddo is still looking at her application form.

“But, I’m sorry but I’ll have to test your skill. This week, Friday, there will be an SP about Watanabe Miyuki’s graduation. I’ll send you there. Since Shimazaki and Yokoyama will be there as well, I think you will be fine.”

“H-Hai! I will do my best!” Mumei returned to him the application form while bowing.

“O, Gambatte Maru-chan.” (Maru means round. Probably Togasaki named her Maru because of her round glasses. )

Togasaki accepted it and the two girls bid good bye. Togasaki made sure that they are really gone before he scanned Mumei’s form and pasted her picture on there. He made an email, sending it to the mastermind of the whole 48G.


MARU has finished moving all her things at her new apartment. She decided renting one instead of staying at that five star hotel. She doesn’t want to bother Hiroko with her expenses even though the latter is so eager to support her. Maru thinks that it is already enough that she’s giving her the opportunity to study and monthly allowance.

Maru believes that she has to work to support herself especially her hobbies. She would be a thick-skinned human being if she continues depending on her guardian. That’s why Paruru helped her in finding a job. The apartment that she found is also just two blocks away from Haruka’s home. This lessens Hiroko’s anxiety but Milky was so against it because she was left alone at the hotel.

Paruru sat down at the sofa, looking so exhausted after helping Maru in fixing her room. Maru gave her a glass of water to rehydrate. (I’m gonna stop using Mumei because I feel like it is so lame. I’ll use Maru from now on.)

“I told you I can handle this alone.” Maru commented as she also sat at the sofa. “I only have a few things. I can handle this by myself.”

Haruka wiped the water from her lips. “I want to help you in all the ways that I can.”

“You sound like a different person, you know? You are supposed to be salty.”

Paruru puffed her cheeks. “I’m starting to hate being called like that.”

Maru leaned her back to the sofa and closed her eyes. “Thank you for everything, Haruka.”

Paruru’s heart skipped a beat. She has heard her Hoshi calling her in her real name in many circumstances but it never failed to shake her heart for a moment. It sounds like sweet melody to her ears. She also rested her back to the sofa and started to stare at the ceiling.

“Haruka…” There it is again–the melody that she loves.

“Uhm?” Paruru looked at the girl beside her. Maru’s eyes are still closed.

“You know something about me, right? About all these scars?”

“Uhum… Hiroko-san told me about it.” She answered in a soft voice.

Maru opened her eyes and looked at the girl beside her. “Aren’t you afraid?”

Paruru just gradually shook her head and returned the stare.

“You know? People who hurt themselves aren’t normal, right? I might go crazier one day and I may end up hurting other people. I might hurt you. Are you still not afraid?”

Again, Paruru shook her head. “Let’s just prevent that day from coming.”

A smile curved on Maru’s lips. “Aren’t you curious about my past?”

“Hmmm…” Paruru thought aloud. “It is something that even Hiroko-san doesn’t know, right? If it will only hurt you if you started talking about it then I don’t want to know it anymore.”

Maru laughed a bit. “Yes. Why am I even bringing this up now? I don’t want to go back there.”

Paruru took another look at the scarred arm and injured hand of Maru. Those are the proof of her sufferings. Like a tattoo that will remind her of everything.

“How will you work with your injured hand?” Paruru asked.

“I carried you with this injured hand, you know? This body is immortal and heals quickly. I will not even need this bandage on that day.” Maru even tried to pop the knuckles of her injured hand as a proof. Haruka immediately turned her head away. The glasses girl laughed.

That scene was followed by an awkward rule of silence. They can only hear the songs of the cicadas. For Paruru, this is one of the best nights that she ever had in her life. Just having this friend beside her makes her feel a lot of warmth in her heart.


“WHY do I have to go at the same bus with them? Am I supposed to go with the staff and crew?”

Maru’s complaint is being heard all over the parking lot. Inside the mini bus are YuiParu together with SayaMilky. The assistant director just shook his head.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you kid but you are going on a bus with these idols, you know? Shouldn’t you be ecstatic about this?”

“But, this is for the idols. I’m supposed to be with the crew so I can ask tips from them.”

The AD heaved a sigh. She turned Maru around and pushed her into the vehicle. “The crew has already set off so enough of this meaningless argument and get on. You are causing delay, kid.”

Maru had no other choice but to ride on. The pairs are sitting together. She suddenly felt heavy from the stares of the NMB Ace, Yamamoto Sayaka and the 48G General Manager, Yokoyama Yui. They were sitting at the seats next to the aisle as if blocking her to sit with their partners.

Maru sighed and marched on the backseat and sat on the center. She grumpily pulled her mask from her bag and wore it. She also readied her camera. The bus went off.

“Maru-chan~” Milky called her but she just ignored her. She knows that Milky is just up to something. The girl called her again but she gave the same response.

“Maru-chan…” This time Paruru called her but she just looked at her for a bit and started to pretend that she’s sleeping.

“What’s with that attitude?” Sayaka murmured to Milky. “She didn’t even greet us.”

“She’s just a tsundere, you know?” Milky answered, flashing her gum smile to Sayaka.

Sayaka rolled her eyes. “She’s working. She has to be professional. You’re just defending her because you like her, don’t you?”

Milky puffed her cheeks. “What if I like her? Do you have anything to do with that?”

“Hold your horses, Milky. Wait until you graduate before you put yourself to another scandal!”

“What the hell are you saying?!” Milky stood up. “I had enough! Let me through!”

Milky barged her way out of Sayaka’s jail and sat beside her Ijiwaru who is still pretending to be asleep. She hugged Maru’s arm and stuck her tongue out to annoy the NMB ace.

“Nandeyane?!” Sayaka dropped herself back to her seat with crossed arms.

Paruru suddenly stood up, drawing all the attention. She also made her way to where Maru is and sat on the other side. Unlike Milky, she just sat there with a blank expression on her face.

“What the hell was that, Yuihan? Even Paruru is being dragged by that kid?” Sayaka murmured.

Yui heaved a deep sigh. “Paruru is so sensitive in regards with that girl so I’d rather choose not to make a comment. I got served the last time I commented.”

“Just who the hell is she?”

“To make the long story short, that girl is a savior for both of them.”


THE graduation special will be held at Milky’s hometown. They are going to Milky’s favorite places such as her high school, the playground she usually plays when she was young, her favorite ramen shop and her former dance school.

Even though she had a fight with Sayaka, they both managed to portray a perfect SayaMilky when the camera is rolling. The same goes for YuiParu. Let’s just say that’s how professional they are. But, everytime the camera stops rolling, the two girls would go flock a certain photographer and leave their partners behind. The staff noticed how they chase the masked photographer which made them curious about it. The director even ordered to film the happenings secretly.

After the shooting at the ramen shop, Milky rushed to the masked Maru who is busy looking at the photos she has taken. Milky pulled her to the table at the ramen shop to finish the ramen with her.

“I’m working, Watanabe-san.” Maru complained when she was forced to sit together with the idols.

“You also have to eat, right? The shooting will be until late at night so you also need some food.” Milky insisted as she placed the bowl of ramen in front of her. “Saa, dig in.”

Maru heaved a sigh and shook her head. “I can’t eat that. I will eat the lunch that will be prepared for the staff.”

Paruru also moved her bowl. “You can also have some of mine. This is really delicious.”

Maru looked at the NMB ace and the GM who obviously don’t like what’s happening. She stood up and took a short bow. “I’m sorry Watanabe-san, Shimazaki-san, but I really can’t eat—“

“Sit down, kid.” It was the AD from a while ago, carrying another bowl of ramen. It’s a freshly ordered one. “Here, eat this.”

“W-Wait, you ordered this for me? But this is exclusive for the idols—“

“Urusai, urusai. Just eat, kid.” That’s all and the AD left, leaving all of them clueless.

“Man, this is a tough first day.” Maru just grabbed a pair of chopsticks. “Itadakimasu.”

Maru didn’t remove her mask. All she did is just raise it up to show her mouth. She knows that she is being secretly filmed that’s why she’s tactful with her every move.

“What’s up with you eating like that?” Sayaka commented with a sneer on her face.

Maru swallowed before she talked back. “I don’t want scandals.”

Sayaka’s eyebrow flicked. “C-Chotto!!! Are you—“

She felt a hand stopped her from raising her voice. It was Yuihan, she even gestured her to look at Paruru and Milky. The two girls are flashing their Maji faces. Sayaka calmed herself down and just went back to her ramen.

“Are you capturing her face?” The director asked the cameraman who is stalking the idols.

“No Sir. She still has a wide portion of her face covered. I think she knows that she’s under surveillance.”

“Hmmm.” The director thought aloud. “She’s a wise one. I wonder why Togasaki-san contacted me and told me to treat that girl like an idol. This is really getting interesting. The way that Milky and Paruru are flocking to her, leaving their pairs behind is also making me curious. Just who is that girl?”


THE night came and the schedule is to have a dinner together with the duo, Football Hour. They helped NMB48 a lot especially during the time of Geinin. It will be like a confession night while they are eating. The staff is already preparing everything. The theme is barbecue night which all the girls love.

Milky is quietly sitting with Maru at the waiting room. The masked girl is charging the battery of her camera. Paruru went to the rest room with Yui while Sayaka is talking with Football Hour. Exhausted of the trip, Milky closed her eyes to rest her sight.

“You’ll be really exhausted after chasing for me the whole day.”

Milky opened her right eye to look at Maru who is busy cleaning her lenses. “Did you say something, Ijiwaru-kun?”

“Nothing. Just go and take a rest.”

Milky sneered and closed the distance between them. She placed her head on Maru’s shoulder. Somehow it has become one of her special places as well.

“I’ll go take a rest here.”

“Do as you wish.”

Milky giggled as she closes her eyes. “I’m nervous, Ijiwaru-kun.”

“I know. Is it about Yamamoto and the confession dinner?”

“Are you a psychic? How did you know?”

“You have a lot of things to tell her, don’t you?”

Milky just nodded, tightening her hug to Maru’s arm.

“Take the opportunity to tell her what you feel. When you graduate the gap between you two will surely widen even more. If you are not going to tell her now, you may never have another chance. I’m sure she’ll listen to you.”

“You think so?” Milky asked in a soft, endearing voice.

“Don’t you believe the years you spent with her? Do your best, Miyuki.”

“’You may never have another chance’, huh?” Sayaka repeated Maru’s line to herself. She’s quietly eavesdropping at the conversation of the two girls.

“Everyone on stand-by! We’ll start the shooting in five minutes!”

Hearing the call of the staff, Milky immediately stood up and left the room. She was surprised to see Sayaka by the door. The ace just looked at her and shyly reached out her hand to her. Milky smiled at her and reached for her hand. With hands clasped, they went outside to join everyone.


Maru looked at her camera and smiled in relief. “Seems like I just captured a good one.”



The Sayaka in this fic is somewhat similar to her character in Geinin. :)
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 10-19) Sayanee + Yuihan (II)
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Things That Mix - 48G


The title call was led by the Football Hour. This is it. The confession night has already begun. They were all seated in a table on that grassy part of the hot spring hotel.

“Tonight we have NMB48’s ace Yamamoto Sayaka to complete SayaMilky.” Said Terumoto Goto.

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~” Sayaka bowed to the camera.

“We also have ex-NMB48 kennin and now the general manager of the 48G, Yokoyama Yui!”

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~” Yuihan did the same greeting as Sayaka.

Goto paused as he saw Paruru. Paruru just laughed at him.

“You know, I see why Yokoyama is here but… Shimazaki?” Goto even tilted his head. “Why are you here?”

“I was free so I just tagged along.” Paruru’s answer brought laughter to all the staff.

“So, let’s start this confession night. Watanabe!”

“Hai!” Milky is sitting in the middle of Football Hour, busy flashing her gum smile.

“What can you say that these people, together with Shimazaki, gathered just for you?”

Milky just smiled sweetly. “To be honest, today was really fun. I don’t want it to end. I want to cancel the announcement of my graduation and then announce it again after a month just to do this again~”

The staffs laughed. This is Milky’s trademark—cunningly cute.

“Are you an idiot? That time everyone will hate you and will not throw you a grad special like this.”

The barbecue was served by the staff and the girls delighted to the freshly grilled meat. Maru was even surprised to receive a serving to where she is. She’s the only one from the staff to receive one. But it was delicious nonetheless.

“Looking at the questions,” Goto started. “All of them are just to please Watanabe. So if you want, you can dis her so this will be a more memorable night. Saa, ikemashou.”

The question and answer started. As Goto said, the questions are made to somehow improve Milky’s reputation. As far as Maru has been observing it has yet to come to the emotional part. She has also observed how Sayaka is trying to pull her tears back. Yuihan was there as support everytime Sayaka’s voice would crack; she’ll be there to save her. And then there is Paruru who is busy eating her barbecue.

“To you, what is Watanabe Miyuki? Yokoyama, why don’t you start?”

“Milky…” Yui thought as she looks straight to Milky. “Milky is one of the first person who approached me when I became a kennin. She made her easy for me to adjust and adopt. To be honest she doesn’t give the image of someone you can easily approach. As we all know all her roles at dramas are cunning and evil.” Yui paused to laugh a bit.

“But Milky is a reliable person. She takes good care of her juniors. She loves NMB so much that she even cried her eyes out when she committed a small mistake at one of our tours. She might have that air-head character but actually she thinks of everything sincerely. She has sacrificed so much of herself for the group. That’s the kind of girl Milky is to me.”

“Thank you, Yuihan~”

“Saa, Yamamoto.”

There was a short term of silence before Sayanee cleared her throat. She was just looking to Milky, trying hardly to suppress her feelings. Milky bowed her head down. She can already feel the tears prickling from her eyes. She doesn’t want to cry again but here are the tears.

“From the very start…” Sayanee started. “From the very start I was with Milky. When we went to Tokyo for our debut at AKB48’s Fall Festival we sat together at the bus. When we were challenged to play boke at the Stand stage she was also with me. From the very beginning, Milky has been a big part of my career.”

A tear escaped from Sayaka’s eyes which she immediately wiped. The atmosphere began to grow heavier.

“I heard from someone that if this chance isn’t used well, there might be no other chance so right now I want to be honest.”

Maru almost choked herself when she heard Sayaka’s words. She immediately grabbed her bottled water in order to swallow that piece of meat that obstructed her throat.

“The truth is… I really hate what’s happening now. I hate the fact that you are going to leave NMB just like this. I hate you for deciding to leave me behind. You are… You are… Unfair.”

Milky just nodded. Her usual gum smile is changed by a half-crying face. Everyone is quiet, waiting for Sayanee to regain her cool and speak again.

“There are dreams that we share. Almost all of them are already reached. Is that the reason why you decided to graduate? Because there is nothing more to achieve in NMB? But we still haven’t reached the Teppen. We aren’t still Japan’s number 1 idol group. We aren’t even close to that.

But, I don’t want to be selfish. Of course Milky has a life of her own. You also want to do things that you can’t do if you stay being an idol. But please…”

Sayaka’s tears started rushing. It’s a very rare situation to see Sayanee cry like this. She’s somewhat a stoic idol. But, here she is now; crying in front of everyone. Crying in front of many cameras. Crying because of a rival.

“Please Milky… What the hell with being honest?” Sayaka tried to smile to lighten the mood. “As much as I want to jail you in the theater so you won’t be able to go, I want you to fulfill your own dreams from now on. Don’t be discouraged by what’s blocking your path. After you graduate, reach all of them. I promise that I will not stop chasing my own dreams as well. And if you reach your dreams, don’t forget to share the happiness with me.”

Milky let go of her tears and started sobbing like a child. Yui also shed a tear while Paruru was just quietly watching the scene.

“Watanabe,” Goto called her. “You want to answer Yamamoto?”

Milky nodded and wiped her tears before talking. “I also want to be honest. I don’t want to waste this chance.” She looked directly at Sayaka’s eyes. Her heart is throbbing so fast but she can’t let her emotion hinder her.

“Sayaka, as I have said you are the most destined person for me. We’ve been chasing our dreams together but somehow the gap between us became wide. You kept increasing in ranking while I went on a very rocky road. You are someone who makes me feel at ease knowing I can depend on you, but seeing you now also make me feel a lot frustrated. We are a pair but rivals as well. But, I wonder if I can still consider myself as your rival now.

After I graduate I will work harder so that I can also make a name for myself. I will pursue my dreams. I will never forget you Sayaka. I will continue to run until I can call myself your rival again.”

Milky flashed her signature gum smile. “Sayaka, daisuki~”

Without any word, Sayanee stood from her seat and hugged the crying Milky. “Watashi mo. Milky no koto daisuki~”

“So do we have to organize a wedding now?”

Everybody laughed at the sudden comment of Iwao, the other half of Football Hour. As expected from the comedians. They know when to make the mood light. They started joking about the pair so the show may end in a light note. Milky transferred to the seat next to Sayaka and they continued eating.

One of the staff held a cue card and Goto read it.

“Eh? What is this? We have a question for Watanabe and Shimazaki.”

The two looked at each other before looking at the cue card. It also says that there is a VTR. The VTR started rolling. It was every scene that they were caught with Maru. It’s either they are chasing her or pampering her. There are also scenes of Milky abusing her. (You know what kind of abuse that is.)

When the VTR ended, another cue card was raised. ‘Who is the girl in the video?’ Since Maru is not anywhere nearby the table, she wasn’t able to see the video. She was also curious of what they watched. Paruru and Milky were laughing while the other two had a poker face.

“Saa, Watanabe, who is that girl in the video?”

“Girl?” Maru asked herself. “Could it be–?”

She saw Milky looking her wearing that cunning smile on her face. The hosts followed where Milky is looking at and they saw her. Thank goodness she already had her mask back. Maru felt her life is in danger. She was about to run but the staff has captured her.

“That is her?” Goto asked. The two girls just nodded. They watched how Maru struggled from the staff but to no good fruit, she was made to stand with them in front of the camera.

“Just what the hell is this?” Maru asked herself as she makes sure her mask is hiding her face.

Goto asked her to remove her mask but she’s stubborn. No one in there was able to convince her to remove it even Milky. Right now she believes that her face is so red in embarrassment. Even her whole body is sweating furiously because of it.

Milky stood up and clung to her. She tried to sway Milky away but she remembered about the fans. If they saw her swaying Milky away she’ll be dead in no time. She just let the girl do the talking.

“I have an idea.” Milky whispered to her. “Trust me.”

Milky faced the camera and took a deep breath. “This girl is my child.”


The whole place was filled with ‘eh’. Even the cicadas shouted the same.

“That girl is your child? What are you talking about Watanabe?”

“Yes, she’s my child. And, Sayaka is the father.”


Goto stood up from his seat and gave Milky at slap on the head. The crew started laughing as if on cue. The girls were all dumbfounded with Milky’s sudden confession.

“How can Yamamoto be the father and how can you have a daughter who is almost bigger than you?”

Milky smiled at him. Her eyes are still swollen.

“Sayaka, she’s our child, right?”

A tint of red was seen on Sayaka’s cheeks. She first looked at Yuihan before she gave an awkward nod. “U-Uh…”

“Just when did I have parents like this?” Maru said to herself. She’s trying so hard not to speak. She doesn’t want her voice to be recorded as well.

Paruru suddenly stood from her seat which drew all the attention to her. She stared at Milky and Maru with her signature salty gaze.

“What now, Shimazaki?” Goto asked. “Don’t tell me that you are also going to claim to be this kid’s mother? Who is the father then? Yokoyama?”

Yuihan was surprised when her name was called. She looked at Maru who is also looking at her. Her eyes clearly telling her that she’s tired of the weird things that are happening. They just had an argument and now she’ll become the bespectacled girl’s father?

“Yuihan? Are you also her father?” Sayaka curiously asked.

“E-Eh? If Paruru claims to be the mother then I want to be the father.”

“Wait, wait! I’m the first one to claim her so she is me and Sayaka’s child.” Milky butted in.

Sayaka stood at the other side of Maru and arced her arm around her. Maru’s face is so crumpled proof that she’s not enjoying the happenings anymore.

“Yeah, yeah. This girl is our child. Right, kiddo?”

“Wait, wait.” Yui halted. “I believe Paru first found her so Paru has the right over her.”

Paru just nodded and Maru slapped her own forehead. She’s getting dizzy of the happenings. Even Goto did the same. Everyone watching them is all laughing.

“Just what the hell is happening to this graduation special?”


THE shooting ended with Maru running away from the set. The girls are fighting over her custody like they needed the help of King Solomon. The cameramen were not able to chase after her lightning like speed. She felt like she’s going crazy with all the happenings.

It was around 10 in the evening when the crew packed up. They gave the four girls a free stay at the hot spring hotel as a gift for Milky as well. The staff and crew all congratulated her on her upcoming graduation before they left. The girls are now free from all the cameras after being under surveillance for nearly 14 hours.

“It was a fun taping, right?” Milky asked the other three girls. They just finished taking a bath from the hot spring and are now in their private room.

“It was really fun.” Sayaka smiled at her while drying her hair.

Yui is lying on the tatami like a drunken salary man. This is the first time that she was able to have her leisure time after becoming the General Manager. While on the other hand, Paruru is busy with her phone. She has her salty face on while grumpily typing.

“What’s up, Paruru-chan?” Miyuki asked while brushing Sayanee’s hair.

“I’ve been contacting Hoshi but she’s not answering.”

“Hoshi? Do you mean me and Milky’s child?” Sayanee asked.

Yui jerked up from the tatami. “Who said she’s yours? Maru-chan is ours.”

“Mou. This is your fault Milky-san. You shouldn’t say that she’s your child. Now she’s missing.” Paruru tried to send another text. That has been her 9th one.

Milky just snickered. “Ijiwaru-kun will be fine. It is the director’s idea anyway. I know she will understand. Ijiwaru-kun is so cute. I bet they noticed her cuteness.”

Paruru’s phone suddenly made a buzzing noise. She immediately opened the message. Her eyes widened after reading it.

“Is that Maru-chan, Paruru?” Yui asked.

Paruru gradually shook her head. “No, it is from the staff. They said that they didn’t go with Hoshi. They thought she’ll go meet us afterwards.”

Everyone got alarmed at the news. Milky even forgot that she’s combing Sayanee’s hair.

“What should we do, Yuihan?” Paruru asked. Seems like she is about to cry. “Hoshi is a newcomer in Japan. She may not know how to get back to Tokyo by herself. Where is she now?”

“Calm down, Paruru. That kid went inside this hotel when she ran, right? She might just be somewhere in here.” Sayaka tried to control the situation.

“Let’s go find her.” Yui suggested and everyone went off to look for the missing Maru.

They went to look everywhere. They even asked the hotel hostesses if ever they found a girl with short hair and round glasses. But since that fashion was quite a trend now, they weren’t able to confirm if who they saw is really Maru.

They even searched back in the hot-springs even into the open-air bath but there is no sign of Maru in there. They are also quite sure that she’s not the type to go into a public bathroom.

“Maybe that kid just went to back to Tokyo.” Sayanee said. They are now in the lobby taking a rest.

“No,” Paruru negated the possibility. “I don’t think she can go back by herself.”

Milky is just quiet, feeling a little guilty for it might be her fault that the girl is now missing. Sayanee tried to comfort her by holding her hand. She gave the ace a faint smile and returned the grip.

“Excuse me, visitors.”

It was one of the hostesses of the hotel. She greeted them with a bow before speaking again.

“I think we might’ve found the one you are looking for.”

A glimpse of hope shone in front of the four girls.

“WHAT the heck is this—-“

Sayanee’s mouth is immediately covered by Milky. The hostess led them to a room in the 3rd floor. The staff quietly opened the tatami door and everyone was surprised of who is inside.

It was Maru, sleeping on a futon in the floor. She’s sleeping so soundly that the noise the girls brought didn’t manage to wake her up. Paruru immediately saw Maru’s phone being charged next to her. It is probably in silent mode that’s why her calls are not answered.

“The girl checked in looking a bit suspicious. She speaks Japanese fluently but she doesn’t seem to know anything about hot springs so we concluded that she’s a foreigner. She looks insure of things to do.” The hostess explained.

“Thank you so much.” Yui thanked the hostess and she immediately left. ”Who would’ve thought she’ll just be next to our room.”

“And she’s sleeping like a cute kid while we were out there searching for her.” Sayaka flicked Maru’s forehead but the girl just flinched like there was just a mosquito that tried to bite her.

“Ijiwaru-kun is surely bad.” Milky sighed after the fact that Maru is safe sink in unto her. “She sure got exhausted in her first day at work.”

“How about we write something on her face to troll her?” Sayaka suggested with a huge grin on her face.

“Just when did you become Milky, Sayanee?” Yuihan asked. “Why don’t we just roll her in her futon like a sushi?”

“What? You both are father candidates and you’re going to troll her like that?” Milky nagged at the two. Sayaka arcked her arm around Milky and flashed a shakure smile.

“I’m going to sleep here.”

The three girls looked at Paruru who is staring at the sleeping Maru.

“U-Uh.. Yeah.” Yui followed up. “We’ll just sleep here with her since she’s our daughter.”

“Nandeyane? She’s ours!”

“Are are? Is that the troll you are thinking Paruru-chan?” Milky asked with her gum smile. “We’ll all sleep here and she will be like ‘nandeyane’ when she wakes up! Good idea!”

“W-Wait, I don’t mean it—“

“Yosh! Let’s all go and get our cushions from the other room!”


The three girls immediately went to get their futons. Paruru sighed. Having these girls with her makes life hard for her but it is also thanks to them that she’s able to laugh and enjoy the day. She once again looked at the sleeping Maru. She didn’t know why but her heart finally felt at peace after seeing her. She cannot afford to lose her again. She didn’t know that Maru has become an important existence to her.

MORNING came and the four girls woke up together on the same time as if on cue. Paruru and Milky slept beside Maru while the other two slept on the free side of their partners. Paruru wiped the sleep away from her eyes and what surprised her when she woke up was Yuihan’s face covered with doodles. Paruru laughed her heart out.

“What’s up?” Yuihan asked while wiping her eyes.

Suddenly, Milky also gave out a loud laughter after looking at Sayaka’s face. Her face is also vandalized by a permanent marker.

“Nandeyane?” Sayaka asked. “What’s wrong with the two of you?”

The NMB ace then tried to look at Yuihan and the latter did the same on her. Their eyes immediately transferred to the blanket in the middle. They immediately stood up and uncover it but there is no Maru inside that thick blanket.

“That brat! She’s definitely the one who did this.” Sayaka gritted her teeth.

“Did she escape?” Yuihan asked with a sharp look in her just awoken eyes.

Paruru shook her head while still trying to hold her laughter. “Seems like she just went somewhere. Her things are still here.”

The angry Sayaka immediately grabbed her towel and rushed to the shower room.

“Let’s go Yuihan! We have a spoiled kid to discipline.”

“Wait!” Milky halted them. Let me take a picture of your faces first!



THE ANGRY general manager and NMB ace started hunting right after they finish cleaning their faces. The permanent ink was sure hard to remove. It was like they were punished in a variety game for no reason at all. Milky and Paruru went ahead to grab breakfast.

Clueless of where to find the girl, they wander off for some time before they reached the recreational area where they heard a sound of a guitar and a familiar melody. It was 『Tsubasa wa Iranai』, AKB48’s latest single.

The two sneakily tried to see who is playing it. If it was a fan, they really should be careful with their steps especially now that they are only on light make up. Idols just don’t want their bare face be seen.

Both of their eyes widened when they recognized who it was. It was the culprit for the vandalism of their sleeping faces. Maru is playing the guitar while listening on the original music through her earphones. It seems like she’s figuring out the chords by ear. Sayanee was surprised to see that the girl has a talent in playing the guitar.

“Man, I think I got it wrong.” She erased something on her notes with a permanent marker. That’s when the two remembered why they were searching for her. The two of them rushed to her which made the girl shock. Yuihan immediately grabbed her hands and pinned them on the wall over her head. The guitar almost fell but Sayanee was there to save it and place it on the floor safely before grabbing the permanent marker. She sat on Maru’s lap to prevent her from struggling.

“W-What the heck are you girls, doing?!” Maru shouted at them. She’s trying hard to avoid the pen on Sayanee’s hand.

“We are here to punish a bad kid!”

Maru continued to struggle but it was futile. Sayanee and Yuihan both have the same inhuman strength. She was easily pinned down and Sayanee made an abstract artwork with her face. After the entire struggle, the two succeeded on taking revenge.

Maru sat there with her vandalized face looking at an empty space. The two girls were also exhausted after the action. They sat beside her while laughing victoriously.

“Seriously, you two.” Maru sighed.

“That’s for drawing weird things to our faces while we were sleeping.” Yui said while trying to mess Maru’s hair. Maru immediately swat her hand away.

“You don’t do that to the general manager, kiddo.” Sayaka teasingly stated as she put her elbow on Maru’s shoulder. “And also, no one does that to an ace, you know?”

Maru released another sigh. “You, sure, are full of yourselves.”

“You will not remove that until Paruru and Milky see your face. That’s another punishment. That’s an order from the general manager.” Yuihan also put her elbow on Maru.

“Come on. I’m not part of the 48G so I’m not under your authority. And please remove your elbows on me. It’s heavy!”

The two girls didn’t listen on her. They even put more weight on their elbow to piss Maru off. Maru rolled her eyes and just let them to what they want.

Sayaka went to pick the guitar and started to play some random chords.

“You can play the guitar quite well.” She stated casually.

“Is that a compliment or something?”

“That’s a compliment from the NMB ace, Maru-chan. Be thankful.” Yui commanded once again.

“Come on. Stop being full of yourselves.”

“Do you also sing?” Sayaka asked. She started playing 「Bokura no Eureka」.

Maru shook her head. “My singing voice is like a cat being killed with bread knife.”

The two girls laughed out loud with her joke. “That would be a good item for Manzai, won’t it?”

“Saa, Maru-kun.” Sayanee started. Maru’s eyebrow flinched after hearing the suffix –kun. “You should listen to your father well and give me the respect I deserve.”

“W-Wait, wait.” Yuihan interrupted. “Who are you pertaining as Maru-chan’s father? You?”

Sayaka wore a smug face. “Are you thinking of someone else, Yuihan? Milky said that.”

“I disagree. She is mine and Paruru’s. Paruru found her first.”

“No, Milky claimed her first.”


“When are you guys going to stop?!” Maru irritably butted in. “Are you all serious with this father thing? Seriously, you are both GIRLS!”

“We’re serious about this, Maru-kun.” Sayaka even pinched Maru’s cheeks. “We saw the scars.”

Maru’s eyes widened and she tried to hide her scars with the sleeves of her yukata.

“Don’t try to hide them.” Yui added. “We saw them while you are sleeping. You can’t hide those forever.”

Maru rolled her eyes. “And what now if you see them? They are the proof of my strength.”

Sayanee and Yuihan gave a faint smile.

“They might be. But they are also made with so much anguish, right?” Sayaka stopped strumming and looked straightly at Maru. “You should remember that we are idols.”

“Sayanee is right.” Yui added. “And as idols, our role is to give hope and inspire people. Our lives might be tough as well but Japanese idol industry started with that purpose—to give light to people and tell them that we can work hard together. It was the time that the economy was really down and a lot of people has lost their hope and ended up killing themselves where the idol industry was born. No matter how many years have passed, the idols today carry the same purpose.”

“If we can be of help to you by being your father figure despite the fact that we are girls, we will gladly accept the role.” Sayaka then patted her head.

Maru avoided the eye contact. Hearing those words sure give her heart a small pinch. She’s not used to this kind of warm feelings. Her childhood, for her, is a long period of icy winter. Her heart has frozen and wasn’t able to feel any other emotion until she met all these people starting from Hiroko and her family.

She can act like a normal person most of the time but the bitter belief that all of the other feelings aside from cold are imaginary is thick. She can fake her laughter in order to socialize in a way but deep inside it was never funny to her. It was just lately that she noticed her ability to smile genuinely. Thanks to Hiroko and to these annoying members of the 48G.

“You get it, Maru-kun? Always listen to your Saya-papa, okay?”

“Don’t listen to her. Listen to your Yui-papa.”

Maru smiled. Somehow the other two girls were in a short trance when she flashed that smile. “Stop this. I can only have one dad and I can’t accept any of you two because you are both too lame.” There it goes; her tsundere attitude.

Maru stood up casually and started walking away. The two smiled at each other and followed her.

“Are you sure you are going around like that?” Yui asked.

“I’m so hungry. Washing my face will not come first over food.”

“Eh~~” Sayanee smiled at her cunningly. “You just like my masterpiece, right?”


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Things That Mix - 48G

THE FIVE girls left the inn after lunch when their service bus arrived. All of them sure had fun. Paruru and Milky also took a nice laugh at Maru’s littered face. The bespectacled girl just let them have fun with her. The cunning Milky even tried to sneak a photo but Maru’s camera sense is so superb that Milky didn’t manage to get one. They even forced Maru to the open bath with them but the girl went in with clothes on and a blindfold. She told them that bathing together like this is weird on her culture.

On their way home, the sitting arrangement was changed. This time they were all sitting at the seat row with Maru in the center. Haruka and Miyuki are sleeping on Maru’s shoulders. The other two are also sleeping in their own positions. The camera girl was busy reviewing the pictures she has taken. Little do the four girls know that Maru had their sleeping faces captured in her camera.

That was the real test Togasaki has given her. She received the real task through e-mail. If she would be able to take the pictures then her ability will be recognized. It wasn’t about getting good photos but getting those odd, sleeping faces captured on cam. ‘Japanese people are sure weird’ is what came into her mind while reading the mail. She was also surprised that she was able to devise a plan to complete the task.

Since they are already in Osaka, Milky and Sayanee were dropped first near the NMB48 Theater. Milky even kissed Maru on her cheek before she went off. Sayaka’s jealousy already vanished believing that Maru is their child. She just messed up Maru’s hair as a goodbye.

The general manager was dropped at the AKB48 Theater. It seems like she still has a job to do. She has had a time to rest at the hot spring even though it was crazy having all those girls. She whispered, “I’m sorry about last time” to Maru before she went on her way. Maybe she’s pertaining about the incident that led Paruru to slap Maru. Surprised of the sudden apology, Maru wasn’t able to apologize with her harsh words. She decided to apologize the next time they meet.

Paruru was left with her. It seems like the girl’s schedule is as free as the birds in the air. They were dropped down near their houses. Maru is careful to hide her face. She is already wearing the mask even though they are still in the bus. There might be a hidden camera set up somewhere.

Maru thought that she will part ways with Paruru at one corner but Paruru continued in following her. Confused, she stopped and looked at the Salty Queen.

“Where are you going?” She asked. “Your house is on the other side, right?”

Paruru looked at another direction before answering. “I just want to hang out a little.”

Maru released a sigh. “Hang out? But when you’re at my house all you do is submerge yourself with your phone, right?”

Maru’s point hit her. All she does is focus on her twitter and other SNS. Can she blame herself that she can’t think of things to say and just having Maru on her field of sight is enough for her?

“If you don’t have anything to do, you can go home now and take a good rest. I know you are tired from that travel. Jaa ne.”

Before Maru even take her second step away, Paruru stopped her by holding on to her arm.

“What?” Maru asked; a little annoyed.

“Today is a little different. I want to talk about some things.”

“Like what?”

“Like…” Paruru thought for a little while and a thought came into mind. “Like, something about your AKB oshi. I want to know—“

*문자 왔엉~ 문자 왔엉~”

It was a notification sound from Maru’s phone. Maru immediately got her phone from her pocket. Knowing that her plan to go to Maru’s house may go abolished, she let go of the girl’s arm. But when she reluctantly dropped her hand, Maru’s hand was there to catch it.

Paruru, with great shock, looked at Maru who is busy reading the message she got. She’s holding her hand as if it is nothing while here she is feeling the rush of blood in her face. Why is she feeling like this? Paruru, herself doesn’t know. Should she return a grip? Or should she pull her hand back? She is confused herself.

“Sorry, Haruka. I think tonight is not good.”

Maru showed her the message that she received. It is from the Photography class that she is taking. It says that the lecturer will have a class starting at 8pm. Paruru’s heart sulked.

Maru kept her phone back in her pocket before she spoke again.

“Don’t make such a face. That’s too cute.” She patted Haruka’s head with her freehand. Paruru tried so hard to do something like shake her away but her heart is tipsy with the feeling. She’s being pampered well; being called cute and receiving a pat on her head.

“It is my oshimen you want to know, right?” Maru asked. “Hmm… Yes, I do have an oshimen. I’m not a DD. I haven’t met her yet and if I meet her, I don’t know what kind of reaction I will make.”

That statement was followed by a foolish smile. Paruru heard an imaginary cracking noise from her heart. She’s not her Hoshi’s oshimen. It’s the first time that she felt upset with this kind of situation. Normally, she doesn’t care if people will like her or not but this is a different scenario.

She slowly pulled her hand back. She hurt herself by asking that question.

“Is that so?” She weakly confirmed.

“Yes. So I don’t want to meet her. I might forget to talk if ever I see her.”

“You’re weird. Not wanting to see your oshimen.” Paruru tried to make another comment.

“I just find her so cute. I may not be able to handle— Hey, wait!”

Paruru suddenly turned around and walked at the direction of her house.

“Hey, Haruka! Where are you going? I though you like to know who my oshi is.”

“I got all I need and I’m tired.” She said it without looking back. She just grumpily marched out until she went lost from Maru’s sight. The other girl just smiled after being left alone.

“My oshimen, huh? I wonder why she’s interested.”


THE GRADUATION special of Milky is yet to be broadcasted but commercials about it are already being shown on TV. The confession segment where Maru appeared also had some second on the commercial with the title, ‘Mysterious Masked Girl’. It already became a trending topic in twitter with the same hashtag #MysteriousMaskedGirl. Maru slapped her forehead after seeing the trending topic in twitter. She even saw the ones who are involved with the incident tweeting about in on the thread.

Sayaka Tweeted: #MysteriousMaskedGirl is a product of love.

Milky replied to Sayaka’s tweet with:  @SayakaNeon #MysteriousMaskedGirl is ♡.

The General Manager never let their tweets escape. She replied with: @SayakaNeon @miyukiofficial9 We all know whose love is it, right? #MysteriousMaskedGirl

Paruru also replied but she just said something very salty: @SayakaNeon @miyukiofficial9 @Yui_yoko1208 Let’s stop this, shall we?

But Sayanee replied to the thread with: Sorry @paruruchan0330 but I can’t stop talking about her.

Maru released a sigh. She felt that her life will be in more chaos now that idols are all around her. She never thought that it will be like this working with these dorks. She always wants keep her profile low but now a hashtag about her managed to enter the trend list of the whole of Japan. A lot of people in Japan have already taken notice of her.

She’s at Togasaki’s office waiting for the said manager. She has emailed her all the pictures that she took especially the sleeping picture of the idols and now she is being called in the office. The heavily eye-bagged guy went inside and they both greeted each other. Togasaki told her to go back to her seat as he also sit on his.

“The photos you took were really good. I’m sorry for checking them out this late.”

Yes, her email took around 3 days to be checked. She even thought that she didn’t make the cut.

“Since you also manage to capture their sleeping faces, I think you are really skillful.”

“Thank you, Sir. But, may I ask where are you using those pictures?”

The manager laughed a little. “Maybe upload it in some sort of scandal website?”

“Are you serious?” Maru asked, her voice raised a little.

“No kiddo. Of course I will not do that.” That’s what Togasaki said but he is wearing a cunning smile. “By the way, it seems that you are trending today. Is that the reason why you didn’t come with a mask today?”

Maru sighed. “I only took off the mask when I arrive here in your office.”

“You seemed like you enjoyed the trip to Osaka with the others.”

“Can I ask another question, Sir?”


Maru took one deep breath before finally asking the question. “Do you have any idea why I was being treated like an idol back then?”

“You were being treated like an idol?” The manager asked innocently.

“Oh, it seems like you don’t have any idea about it.”

“How can you say that you were being treated like an idol? Are you dreaming, kiddo?”

Maru laughed a little. “You’re right, Togasaki-san. Maybe I’m just dreaming. Why would I be treated like one in the first place?”

“Anyway, since your talent is already evaluated, I can say that you are already part of the staff. You are now officially a part time worker here. Congratulations.”

A smile was drawn on the girl’s face. “Thank you so much.” She said with a bow.

“But,” the manager stressed. “I know you are a little close with some of the members especially Shimazaki. I hope you don’t do anything that will ruin their careers.”

Togasaki is obviously pertaining to her looking a little suspicious.

“I don’t have any plan on doing that.” Maru stated with full confidence.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page with that. Now go to the theater and Shinobu-san will introduce you to the girls that are practicing today.”

“Yes, thank you so much Togasaki-san.”

That’s all and she left. Togasaki let out a deep breath when she is finally gone.

“She’s got good senses. She noticed that she was being treated like an idol.” He then turned to his computer and went to compose a mail. “Time to report this to Sensei.”


“OH! SHE’s the ‘Mysterious Masked Girl’, isn’t she?”

The practicing Team A was suddenly set into uproar when Kayano Shinobu, the 48G’s current over-all theater manager and main stylist, entered the scene and introduced Maru to them. Her famous mask is on. She wished she hadn’t wore it.

The glasses girl remained quiet with the entire ruckus going around her. Shinobu-san nodded to Yokoyama as a gesture to tell the other girls to be quiet. Yui clapped her hands thrice to catch their attention.

“Listen to what Shinobu-san is going to say.” Yokoyama ordered followed by a chorus of ‘hai’ and then silence. As expected from the General Manager.

“Everyone, this is Maru-chan. She will be taking your official photos during theater performances or even in the field. Maru-chan, this is AKB48 Team A.”

Maru bowed and politely said, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

The whole Team A did as well. A short moment after that Oya Shizuka raised a question.

“Why is she introduced only with her first name? What’s her whole name?”

The question was followed by a buzzing sound. Shinobu tried to calm them down again but the girls are really noisy. With this Maru broke her silence.

“I’m sorry for that. Shinobu-san only knows my first name that’s why. My name is Hoshino Maru. It’s nice meeting you again.”

The noise stopped. Yui was also surprised with the sudden announcement of a name. She even used the name Paruru gave her and just altered it a little. Now it sounds like ‘Maru of the stars’. If Paruru heard this she will surely be happy but the girl isn’t around because of other schedule. The kennins from NMB and HKT are also not around that moment.

“So,” Shinobu started. “Do we have any other questions?”

“Is she really the mysterious masked girl?” Maachun asked.

“She is.” Everyone looked at Yuihan’s way. “But even if she is the one, don’t bother her so much. She also has a work to do like us.”

“Okay, if we don’t have any more questions, I will leave Maru-chan to your care.”

Maru thanked Shinobu before she left. The girls went back to their practice while she just sat on the same seat she sat on the first time she watched the theater show. Maru was preparing her camera when Yui went to her.

“Congratulations on being officially hired, Maru-chan.” She said then sat at the seat beside Maru.

“Thank you so much, Yokoyama-san.”

Yui laughed a little. “You don’t have to be formal. You can call me Yui-papa.”

Maru rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Soukantoku-san.”

Yui laughed more, seeing the annoyance on Maru’s eyes is entertaining. There was a short silence between them before Maru spoke.

“I’m also sorry.” Maru said in a flash. Probably a little shy to say it.

“Sorry for what?” Yui asked curiously.

“I know you know why I’m apologizing, Soukantoku-san.”

Yui just smiled at her and tapped her shoulder. She then got her phone, opened an app and showed it to Maru.

“What’s that?” Maru asked after looking at the phone.

“I want to connect with you in LINE. Sayaka is also asking for it.”

Maru blinked her eyes twice. “But why?”

“Are you seriously asking me why? Of course I am your papa and your hoax papa wants to play the role too. Come on.”

Maru sighed. “Kidding aside please, Soukantoku-san.”

Yui smiled and just forced to her the phone. “We are your friends, right?”

The word ‘friends’ echoed continuously at Maru’s head. It gave her sudden warmth in her heart but she also sensed danger. The pinch she felt was just ignored and she let herself be absorbed by the wonderful image of the word ‘friends’.

She first reached for her own phone and changed her name on LINE to Hoshino Maru. Right now she doesn’t need to receive new names because of Togasaki’s rules although it would be really nice to receive more. Maybe next time.

After changing her name, she input her LINE I.D. to Yui’s phone. After being connected with her, she also sent a copy of her I.D. so Yui can send it to Sayaka.

“Thank you, Maru-chan. You changed your name, right? I heard from Paruru that your LINE name was ‘Name Me’, right?”

Maru just nodded and then went on in cleaning her camera’s lenses. “I had to change it.”

Yui stood up and stretched. “It’s okay since I haven’t thought of a name for you. But as soon as I thought of something really nice, I am going to give you one. Is that okay?”

Again, Maru just nodded. Probably now feeling a lot happy inside her.

“Nice, I’ll go back to practice now. Please capture good picture of us.”

That’s all and Yui returned to the stage. Maru released a sigh and rested her back at the chair. She went to fix her mask a little that went a little out of place when she spoke. She looked at the stage full of lively girls who are chasing their dreams. They’ve risked their future for this. Some of them were not able to continue until college because of the activities but none of them look tired in spirit. It might show physically but their hearts are all crying for that dream without assurance.

Maru got a little inspired. Probably, it is not that bad to work with hardworking girls like this bunch. She somehow got something to push her in her life. Now that she gained friends, probably the hell that is engraved in her memories will be slowly taken away.

That’s what she thought.

Next Encounter: Miyawaki Sakura

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