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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 66162 times)

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BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)
« on: October 27, 2011, 12:40:27 PM »
A/N: The ones in limegreen are the latest updates. :byebye:



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- The Day I Confess Part One Part Two Part Three (RenAirin) (Several...shots)
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Love's A Mission

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Oh My Dolly!

-Chapter One

 :depressed: Ok. I know that I have two ongoing stories...BUT THE IDEAS WON'T STOP~!  :frustrated: So many ideas keep going into my head! Preventing me from updating fast!  :kneelbow: So I'm sorry. But I just had to write this down. goes the (it's quite short) prologue. I also promise that the posting of this new story won't affect the updating of Akiba Family and RAY. Though...RAY might be more delayed, since it's going to be very depressing  :sweat: Anyway, here goes ^^


Operation: Job

She sighed as she tapped her earphone transmitter continuously, waiting for any transmission. Then. Sighing once again, she looked at her wristwatch and grumbled when she realized just how long she has been waiting at the rooftop for them.

“Hey! Where are you guys!” she growled at the earphone.

No answer.

She sighed and leaned against the wall behind her and frowned. Where were those guys? Didn’t they have an agreement to meet there before the sun sets? Looking at the sky now, it was clear that they didn’t arrive right when they agreed. The sky was overwhelmed by crimson and amber-tinted clouds and slowly, the sun starts setting.

She watched as the sun sets, bored and not knowing what to do since her teammates won’t answer to her transmissions. While watching the setting of the sun, she saw a few thin strips of clouds on the horizon turned shimmering gold then slowly, becoming translucent as the sky darkens. She sighed again.

“And they didn’t arrive.” She stood up and picked up her backpack, with several snipping riffles and her favourite weapons inside.

She started walking down the stairs from the rooftop. But just then, something zoomed past her face by an inch. She stopped and turned to look what it was. Then seeing on the wall, she saw a hole with a bullet in it. Her eyes widened and luckily, she managed to move her head out of the way as a several bullets were shot at her from the bottom.

“Shit.” She swore and quickly rushed back up to the rooftop, dodging a few more bullets.

Then throwing her backpack to the side, she took several things and placed them behind the door, after twisting a metal wire around the knob, locking it. She stared quickly at the huge garbage can she pushed against the door and rushed to her backpack. She started rummaging for anything that could help her to escape from the building. Just then, she heard a banging on the door and instantly knew that she had to escape quickly.

“A parachute!” she cried happily and immediately wore it. She went to the edge of the roof and stared at the bottom.

She smirked and stood on the edge, taking a huge breathe of the beautiful scenery in front of her. The lights of Tokyo has once again, mesmerized her. Just then, the door opened and several men pushed against the huge garbage can. She turned around, just to face with the men in arms and smiled.

“Get her!” cried one of the men, probably the leader.

She saluted and with a cheeky smile, she said, “Bye bye~”

She dived backwards, but not before throwing a grenade at the men. She watched while falling down backwards, watching the beautiful explosion from the rooftop. Then turning her body to face the ground, she pulled a string from the parachute she was wearing and instantly began falling slowly, and safely. She maneuvered herself to the park, where her pink Bugatti Veyron was parked at. Her feet reached the ground and she immediately folded her parachute as she walked fast towards her ride, hoping that no one saw her when she landed behind a group of trees.

Then, turning around her, she looked around. There wasn’t so many people around, luckily. She smiled and went inside her Bugatti Veyron. She ignited the engine and the car started moving fast with a beautiful loud roaring sound coming from the muffler.

She adjusted the rear-view mirror and smiled. Then, taking out a pink Luxuriator Style 23 and wearing it, she admired the gift that she received from her ex-boyfriend, or should you say, assassinated ex-boyfriend. She sighed sadly.

“Such a waste that I had to kill him. He bought me lots of clothes and…” she smiled as she touched the rim.

“and this beautiful designer glasses.” She chuckled as she remembered how she killed him.

Itano Tomomi a.k.a Tomochin is an assassin who works for the Meshibe Agency, an agency that does the dirty work of rich people, Mafia Families and many more. She was one of people called the Angel of Death. Sure, assassinating people seemed like a pretty harsh and sick way of living. But come on, the stuff you can buy with the money you’re paid with, and stuff that you can get, are pretty awesome. So being called as an Angel of Death isn’t so bad. Not when you can get everything you want. Everything…but peacefulness.

To Be Continued...

THANK YOU FOR READING!!!! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
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 :pen_whirl: WOOOooooooooo!!

Badass Tomochin and Awesome are always complements. Can't have one without the other (yo!)

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2011, 03:08:27 PM »
another cool fic :D <333 update soon <3

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
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Tomochin as an assassin is hard to resist!  XD XD XD
She's a cool chick, and she could be the Nikita of Japan  :lol:

PS: I hope there would be TomoTomo action
in this fic... :thumbsup

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
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OMG!!! Another Tomotomo long story????? Please update soon!!!

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job Part 2] (28/10)
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@oist Thank you for commenting! :kneelbow:

@haruhi16: Yeah, another action fanfic. And here's the next (short) update! ^^

@dark-atrox: She is~ And there might be?  XD

@kahem: Haha, I have to tell you something though. It's not just gonna be about them. But they'll have their own 'screentime'  :lol: ^^

So here's Part 2 of Operation:Job It's another short update though. But I'll update faster than Akiba I think. I'm running out of ideas for that one  XD Anyway...Here goes~!

Operation: Job Part 2

She revved her engine as she drove past several streets in just mere seconds, when she started hearing some buzzing out of nowhere. She eased her footing on the accelerator, making the car drive slowly. Looking around her car, she tried to search for where the annoying buzzing was coming from.

“Tomochin….” The buzz continued, only this time, with a familiar voice.

“Acchan?” she said out loud and her hand immediately went to the earphone that was still placed in her ear.

“Sorr…We…trouble…” Acchan started saying, but the buzzing was making it hard for Tomochin to hear her.

“What? Sorry Acchan, I didn’t quite get what you were saying.” She said as she tried fixing the earphone.

The buzzing became louder, and she heard what she thought were gun shots. Her eyes widened when she realized what Acchan was trying to say. She rummaged for her phone inside her backpack while looking at the road and dialed her friend’s number.

“Hello?” the voice answered.

“Acchan! What’s going on? I heard gun shots!” she cried as she steered across a street slowly and used her other free hand to make the call on ‘speaker mode’ on her car’s options.

“We actually ran into some trouble on the way to the meeting point.” Acchan laughed and Tomochin rolled her eyes when she heard several gun shots.

“Yeah, no kidding. I waited there…For two hours.” Tomochin told her as she pressed a button on her steering wheel.

A blinking dot started blinking on her screen by the cup holders, showing her the location where Acchan was currently at. She pressed the GPS option and the screen showed a path that leaded directly to where Acchan was.

“Okay. Hold on. I’m on my way there.” She told Acchan, who thanked her in relief.

She revved her engine and began driving at several miles per hour, not caring about the red lights that she has passed by. After all, why should she care about that? Her friends were in trouble and besides, her car can change its license while it’s moving. She could make her car seem like it has disappeared into thin air if the traffic police tries to find her.

“Can you hurry up?” Mariko asked, taking the phone away from Acchan.

“Can’t you hear the muffler?” Tomochin asked her as she sighed.

“We’re gonna be cornered soon here!” Haruna cried at the back as she shot several men with her HK G36K.

Tomochin sighed. She was almost there, probably a few more blocks. Then, passing by a park, she stopped and took out her pink Luxuriator Style 23, replacing it with a shiny black Dolce & Gabbana 6036B, the same glasses that she and the others use when they go out for missions. She ran out of her car and started heading to the others, talking with them using her bluetooth earphone.

“I’m here. What floor are you guys at?” she asked as she ran up the stairs of a building, panting along the way.

“The rooftop.” Mariko told her, shooting several more enemies.

“Hurry up, Tomochin!” Mayuyu cried.

Tomochin took a deep breath and ran up as fast as she could, grumbling about how the others were making her tired. After several leaps on the last remaining stairs, she finally reached the rooftop level and panted as she walked towards the door. Taking out an MP44 Rifle, a smoke grenade and a flash out grenade, she bursted through the door and threw the grenades. Then using her anti-flash Dolce & Gabbana 6036B glasses, she looked for the others. And just as she had hoped, they were wearing the same glasses, smiling and waving at her. She turned to the blinded men and started shooting, along with the others, who were now shooting their enemies mercilessly.

Several seconds later, the smoke slowly disappeared and what lay in front of them on the ground, were several bodies. Tomochin took several looks at the bodies, making sure that not a single body seemed to be moving or breathing. When a body moved near one of the members, Sae, Tomochin targeted her gun at the head and pulled the trigger. Sae looked at her with a smile and Tomochin sighed.

“You guys owe me a lot for saving your butts.” She told them as she began walking back towards the door.

The others followed her and they all went inside Tomochin’s pink Bugatti Veyron. Tomochin began driving and started heading for their headquarters, the Meshibe Agency, which was located deep underground by the tunnels of the old train station of Tokyo.

When they arrived, the others immediately headed towards the headquarters' medical unit to get themselves treated while Tomochin headed towards her room to freshen up. When she entered her room, something caught her eyes. She walked towards her desk by the bed and picked up a file. The file that contains her next assignment. The file that contains the name of her next target to be assassinated.

She opened the file and started reading on the information provided. She saw that the next target was a female and that she was a granddaughter of someone called Akimoto Yasushi. She narrowed her eyes, trying to remember something. She was sure that she has heard about that Akimoto guy. Who was he again? She let out an ‘aah~’ when she remembered who he was.

She stared at the picture and bit her lower lip. The granddaughter of Akimoto Yasushi was her next target, huh? Hmm...So she had to assassinate the granddaughter of a rich man, huh? She clicked her tongue several times. Then, she started looking for the information she needed in order to kill her.

Just then, the door opened and the same perverted woman, who gave her missions all the time, came in. She looked at her and gave the file to the woman. The woman arched her eyebrow as she took the file.

“You know your next mission?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’m going now, Meetan.” Tomochin told her and started heading for the door.

Tomochin went out of the room and closed it lightly. Meetan sighed as she walked out of the room after that and headed to where the others were currently at.

“Oh hey, Meetan.” They all greeted her as she entered the room with several files.

“Here.” She said as she gave them each a file.

“What’s this?” Jurina asked as she opened the file.

“Your next job.” Meetan replied in a bored voice.

Meanwhile, Tomochin was driving towards a building where the information stated that her target was working at. She parked her car behind several blocks behind the building and headed for the car park. She’s had enough of rooftops for now. She didn’t bring any parachutes and she didn’t want to be ambushed again.

As she walked towards the car park, her phone rang. She picked up the phone and walked more slowly.

“Moshi moshi?” she greeted.

“Hey, Tomochin~ Where are you?” Acchan asked.

“I’m doing my new assignment.” She replied.

“Oh you mean our next job?” Acchan asked.

“Yeah.” Tomochin replied.

“Oh, sorry Acchan. I have to go kill her now.” Tomochin told her before hanging up, not hearing Acchan’s last words.

“WAIT, TOMOCHIN!” Acchan cried desperately.

Tomochin hid behind a huge car and took out her glasses, the shiny black Dolce & Gabbana 6036B, and started waiting for her target patiently. After all, a good assassin waits in the shadows.

Several minutes passed and she kept taking glances at the elevator, waiting for her target to get into her view. Just then, the elevator opened and a familiar face was revealed. Tomochin smirked as she took out her pistol with a gun silencer, not taking her eyes of her prey.

“Time to die…” she aimed at the head.

“Kasai Tomomi.”

To Be Continued…

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
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Heeeee!!!! Noooooo!!! Don't kill Chiyuu!!!! T_T

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
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No Tomochin don't kill your Chiyuu ~  :cry:

please update soon!!!!  :panic:

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
« Reply #8 on: October 29, 2011, 12:09:52 PM »
I think Chiyuu's gonna kill Tomochin instead. Tomochin, how can you resist your Chiyuu  :cathappy:

I really like Tomochin in this fic, so cool with all those action scenes  :heart:

Probably waiting for your next update, since you've made me fall in love with your story already.

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
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Ehh~!  :shocked What? What?  :O Noooooo!!!  :panic:

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
« Reply #10 on: November 03, 2011, 07:44:12 AM »
I'm not much of a Tomo-Tomo fan but I like this a lot.  :twothumbs
Just what I need...some action!  XD
I'm curious to know if Tomo is going to pull the trigger.
But if she did...then it's not going to be a Tomo-Tomo fic is it?  :?

Update soon!  :twothumbs

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Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
« Reply #11 on: November 03, 2011, 06:23:06 PM »
     O  __________ O    <- my face when Kasai's gonna get killed.     
        /                  \
       |                    |
       |                    |

Looking forward to next chapter for lots of Kasai action. Please give her at least two pages of screen time before she dies :bow:.
Or, better yet, don't kill her. She's too lovely for that kind of treatment, no? XD

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LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 3] (04/11)
« Reply #12 on: November 04, 2011, 11:00:56 AM »
@kahem: Don't worry ^^

@haruhi16: Updated~!

@Alex.S1: hmm~ I can't say anything about that~!  XD

@FoF: Well, to break it to you. It's not really a TomoTomo fic. ^^

@oist: Don't worry ^^ She's gonna

@blueangel65: haha. Thanks for commenting anyway ^^

Umm…Sorry guys. I think this is a boring update, so…if you want to skip it ahead, that’s fine. This is just the information things and such. I’ll try to update an exciting one…though I’m not sure if that’s possible for some time. Sorry guys. And sorry for kind of rushing the end. :kneelbow:

Operation: Job PART 3

Time to die…’’ she aimed at the head.

“Kasai Tomomi.”

She waited for Kasai Tomomi to get into her Lamborghini Furia, before properly aiming at her head again as she planned on making her prey’s death look accidental. Oh how she just loves making all of her assassinated victims look like they got into an accident and how it drives those annoying cops mad.

The car slowly started moving and she aimed. Her finger trembling with excitement as she waited for Kasai Tomomi’s car to move a bit faster. And when she thought the time was right, she took a shallow breath before pulling the trigger. However, something made her arm to move, causing her to shoot another car’s window. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone in the car. She would get in trouble if there was.

She took a glance at Kasai Tomomi, hoping that she didn’t get alarmed and make Tomochin chase her. She just wants to kill the girl and just get on with her life.

She frowned and tried taking another shot, when several hands grabbed her and threw her into a car. The car’s doors closed and she sat up quickly, only to watch Kasai Tomomi’s car disappear as it drove out of the car park. She grabbed her gun, which was on the seat beside her, and aimed at the ones who caused her to miss her target, only to be shocked.

It was them.

“A-Acchan…” Tomochin dropped her gun as she stared at them.

The others looked back at her with apologetic smiles. She sighed and leaned against her seat. She stared at them, letting them explain why they had interfered with her mission.

“I almost had her you know.” She said with a scowl.

“Yeah, you did. And if you did, then you would have probably screwed up our job.” Mayuyu told her.

Tomochin looked her, confusingly, “What?”

Mariko sighed and placed her hand on Tomochin’s shoulder as Jurina gave Tomochin the same file that Tomochin had read before. She looked at them with an arched eyebrow, wondering what they meant.

“You were about to kill your next job!” Sae cried.

“What?” Tomochin sighed as she looked at Acchan, waiting for her to explain.

Acchan looked at her and said, “You were supposed to protect Kasai Tomomi, not kill her.”

Haruna sighed and started driving as she told her, “Meetan will explain.”

When they arrived, Meetan started explaining the details of her mission, but not before scolding her for almost killing Kasai Tomomi.

“Kasai Tomomi is the granddaughter of Akimoto Yasushi. The one who has given you your new job.” Meetan started saying.

“First of all, the reason why he asked for protection over her is that she has been getting kidnapped and several attempts of assassination have taken place.” She said.

“So I have to protect her or something?” Tomochin asked boredly.

Meetan nodded and crossed her arms as she spoke.

“This next job of yours will be a long-term assignment. You’ll have to protect Kasai with your life, interact with her and maybe try being friends with her to make your job easier.” Tomochin groaned.

The others patted her back. She turned to them and saw the rest with pained expressions.

“Don’t worry, Tomochin. You won’t be the only one doing this mission. The rest are also assigned to protect their respective Akiba girls.” Meetan told her, making her smile a bit.

“But wait, Akiba girls?” Tomochin asked, arching her eyebrow.

Meetan nodded her head and pressed something on her laptop, which was located on top of the desk in front of them. The screen in front of them lighted up and several pictures showed up, with the names underneath them. The words ‘Akiba Family’ were written on the top of the screen.

“These will be the ones who you will have to protect.” Maachan said as she made her way to Meetan.

“I’m sure that you’ve each read the information on the files.” Meetan told them.

“Take a good look at the ones who you’ll have to protect, for a very long time.” Maachan told them.

All of them stared at the pictures saw seven girls. Maachan clicked the girl, Takamina Minami’s picture as Meetan took a laser pen from her blouse and pointed at the screen. She began circling the light around the girl and pointed the laser directly at Acchan.

Acchan blinked several times and used her hand to prevent herself from getting blinded by the light. However, even though Acchan was looking uncomfortable, Meetan continued to point at her.

“This is the girl you have to protect Acchan.” Maachan clicked something and suddenly the screen was filled with information.

Meetan pointed at the screen as she began informing her, making her sigh in relief, “Takahashi Minami, to her cousins she is also known as Takamina. She’s born on the 8th of April, 1991, the same year as you were born in. Despite of her small size, she’s smart and is the CEO of the whole Akiba conglomerate.”

“She’s the leader in the whole family, and I think that making you in charge of her wouldn’t be a bad idea, since you’re both the same age.” Acchan nodded at her as she started to write down the information that was written on the screen.

Then pointing the laser at Sae, she motioned for Maachan to press something and soon, the screen was replaced by a girl with the name Akimoto Sayaka. Sae started blinking and Mayuyu snickered along with Jurina when she made a funny face. Meetan glared at her, thinking that Sae was making fun of her as she would usually do. She cleared her throat and sighed as she stared at the picture.

“Akimoto Sayaka, to her cousins, she is known as… Sayaka.” Meetan told her, stopping for a while when she saw no nicknames on the screen.

She turned to Sae and pointed at the screen, making Sae stop making funny faces as she spoke, “Anyway, she’s born on the 26th of July, 1988, making her two years older than you.”

“She was previously in the police force, but she decided that she didn’t quite fit it, since she’s not too good with blood and etc. She is now the head of every Akiba hotels and bars. I chose you to protect her because you’re a very social person, so trying to be friends with her won’t be that hard.” She smiled and turned to Haruna.

“As for you, you have to protect this girl.” Maachan pressed something and a picture of another girl appeared.

“This is Oshima Yuko. She’s born on the 17th of October 1988, making her your age. She is a designer for the Akiba fashion companies and since you worked as a model before, you might get along well with her.” Haruna nodded her head and stared at the picture, trying to remember as much information as she could.

“Next,” another picture appeared as she stared at Mariko, who now had a sunglasses over her eyes, “ is Minegishi Minami. She’s born on the 15th of November, 1992. So that means, you’re older than her for six years.” Mayuyu and Jurina snickered, earning a warning glare from Mariko.

“She works as a chef and she’s the head of every Akiba restaurant for the Akiba family.” She said before turning to Mayuyu, pointing the laser at her.

“This girl…” Mayuyu suddenly squealed, interrupting Meetan’s speech.

“She’s like a hime-sama!” the others chuckled at the girl’s outburst, making her quickly realize her mistake and blush from embarrassment.

“Anyway, as I was saying, this girl is Kashiwagi Yuki. She’s born on the 15th of July, 1991, making her three years older than you. She is the head for every Akiba entertainment company, like an anime company or something.” Meetan told her, making her look more excited.

“For the young Jurina, you get the mature Matsui Rena.” Jurina’s mouth widened when she saw and heard the same surname as her.

“She’s born on the 27th of July, 1991, making her six years older than you. She is the head of every Akiba technology and communication companies.” Jurina nodded and took another look at Matsui Rena’s file in her hands.

“As for you, who almost killed the one to be protected…” Meetan’s voice trailed off.

Tomochin rolled her eyes. Was it her fault that she almost killed the girl? She was an assassin, so of course she would think that she had to kill her. She wasn’t a bodyguard or anything, so killing the girl was the only thing that came up to her mind.

“Kasai Tomomi, born on the 16th of November, 1991. She’s 20 years old and she’s a model for her cousin, Oshima Yuko. I know already.” Tomochin told her as she sighed with the hint of boredom.

“Thank you. I managed to save some of my breath.” Meetan smiled at her.

Tomochin rolled her eyes and sighed as she placed her chin on top of her palm. Maachan took out some folders from underneath the table and handed a file to each of them. All of them looked at the insides of the files. Meetan sat on top of the table and crossed her legs as she stared at them.

“These are the files that you will need for your job.” Maachan told them.

“You will work with or for them in order to get nearer and protect them easier. You’ll go undercover as whatever Meetan and I chose for you to be.” Maachan briefed.

“So…We have to work with our partners?” Mayuyu asked when she read her file.

Maachan nodded her head. She turned to Meetan, motioning her to start speaking. Meetan sighed and crossed her legs the other way before she started speaking.

“Acchan, you’ll be working as Takahashi’s secretary. Since you went as a secretary once in one of your jobs, I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you. You have to make sure that she doesn’t become suspicious of you and do your job well. You’re just going to start as a one of the manager’s secretary, but make sure that Takahashi notices you and promotes you to her secretary.” Acchan nodded her head and began reading her file again.

“Mariko, you’ll be Minegishi’s muse. You’ll be her inspiration for the food that she has to make, meaning that you’ll also be her restaurants’ model and you’ll be the face of the Akiba cuisine companies. I think it won’t be hard for you to do that, since you have worked as a model before. Anyway, you’ll have to start making Minegishi notice you more and befriend her.” Mariko gave a nod and read her file, making sure that she won’t make any mistake for this long-term job.

“Haruna, you’ll be Yuko’s model. I expect that you do well for this job, since modeling is one of your strong points.” Meetan told her.

“AND I expect that you don’t space out, even just for a second. To be honest, I’m really worried for you, since you tend to space out. Oshima might die if you do and you might jeopardize the whole job.” Meetan quickly added.

“Since all of these girls are in the same family and you all have the same job, one failing can cause all of you to fail. It’s like the saying ‘A single spark can burn a whole prairie.’ ” Maachan told them.

The girls nodded in reply and Haruna made a determined look. If they were going to fail in their job, she wasn’t going to be the cause of it. She won’t let them call her Airhead Queen any longer! She pumped her fist into the air as she stood up and yelled out ‘Yosh~!’

Silence filled the whole room and Haruna looked around her, meeting everyone’s gaze. Her face reddened when she realized what she just did and quickly sat down. Meetan sighed and looked at Maachan with a pained expression.

“Just trust her.” Maachan mouthed to her, even though everyone could understand what she meant, well…everyone except Haruna

Meetan sighed and turned to Jurina, who was snickering along with Mayuyu.

“As for you, you’ll have to work as one of the engineers in Matsui’s company. Since you’re only 17 years old, and the possibility of her not accepting is high, you’ll be going undercover as a 22 year old, graduated student. You already look mature and I think that they won’t get suspicious with that. Just don’t get childish and you’ll do fine. And make sure that you get promoted to being her assistant. Study hard and such.” Meetan said and Jurina nodded obediently.

“Mayuyu, you’ll be working for one of Kashiwagi’s companies as a seiyuu. You’ll be able to meet some of the seiyuus from various animes and I know you’ll go all Otaku. I’m not stopping you from having fun, but do remember that you have your job of protecting Kashiwagi. Is that clear?” Meetan asked, narrowing her eyes at the younger girl.

Mayuyu nodded her head, a bit too excitedly, making Meetan sigh. Then, turning to Sae, she said, “As for you, you have to protect Akimoto. You’re going to work for one of her bars as a barista. I guess that you’ll do fine since you majored in that department. Just make sure that she notices you and makes you one of her assistants.” Then clasping her hands, she added.

“Your job…”she started but was interrupted by Jurina, who asked, “Can we call this job a mission? It sounds more fun that way.”

Meetan sighed and nodded her head, then continuing, she said, “Your job,” Jurina cleared her throat.

“Your mission will start in two days. Until then, study the things you have to know for your job.” Meetan told them before heading for the door.

Maachan followed her and they were about to leave the room when Mayuyu and Jurina called their names.

“What?” Meetan asked, sounding a bit annoyed.

Well, why wouldn’t she? She just came back from a huge long-term job and now she has to take care of another. The good thing was, those girls in the room were the ones who would be doing that. With that in thought, she smiled at them.

“Yes?” she asked, this time, sounding seductively,  like how she usually sounds.

“What’s our job…er…mission’s codename?” Jurina asked.

“Think of it yourselves. I have to go and sleep.” She said.

“Sleep or have Maachan to sleep with—” Jurina started to ask, but Mayuyu quickly covered her mouth.

“Okay, we’ll think of that ourselves. Sleep well~” Mayuyu told her as a sweat trickled down her forehead.

Meetan yawned and the two left the room.

“So…What should we do now?” Sae asked.

“Well, we need to plan out a way to get near them better, I guess.” Haruna told her.

“Let’s just go and take a break. I need some rest.” Tomochin said as she stood up and left the room.

Everyone sighed and left the room, leaving Jurina and Mayuyu alone.

“So…What should our mission’s codename be?” Jurina asked the older girl.

Mayuyu started thinking and sighed when she couldn’t think of anything.

“Anyway, we should think of stuff like stages or something with the others.” Mayuyu told her.

“But those guys think that we can just go and finish the jobs without needing to plan anything.” Jurina pointed out.

Mayuyu nodded her head in agreement. They once suggested doing something like that, only to get mocked at by those guys. She sighed. They should at least still have some kind of goal or stages. Most of their missions ended up in unplanned endings. They sat down by the chairs and started thinking.

“Okay. How about this? For the first phase of our mission, our goal is to meet them? So…” Jurina’s voice trailed off as she started thinking a codename for the mission.

“Encounter?” Mayuyu suggested.

Jurina nodded her head and then said, “Then, for the second phase, our goal is to befriend them.”

“So…what should it be?” Mayuyu asked her.

The two stared at each other and began thinking of anything codenames that would fit it. A moment of silence started. Several minutes passed and the two still hasn’t thought of anything.

“I can’t think of anything cool.” Jurina sighed, breaking the silence.

“Me too.” Mayuyu admitted.

The two sighed in unison. Mayuyu stared at Jurina and said, “Maybe just name it as ‘Befriend’?” Jurina nodded her head in agreement and the two sighed. Just then, Jurina snapped her hands and started shaking Mayuyu by her shoulders.

“I know now! I now know what’s name of our whole mission!” Jurina squealed excitedly.

“O-okay. Now stop shaking me.” Mayuyu told her as she pushed the younger girl away, gently.

“Guns and Roses!” Jurina stood up and gave her a V-sign.

Mayuyu clapped her hands in awe, but was actually just clapping to make Jurina feel happy. She was actually feeling tired and sleepy. After all, they just came back from a mission that almost got them killed. Mayuyu stood up and motioned her to leave the room. They left the room and headed to their respective bedrooms.

To Be Continued…

Thank you for reading this Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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OH YESSS!!! Please update soon!! they're going to meet in the next chapter  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Ohh! The 2nd cap was long (and great) so was really into the reading until....To Be Continued...

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i love the storyline... is amazing..... please update soonest possible...

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Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! My Chiyuu didn't die!!!!
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@haruhi16: Here's some encounter for you ^^

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I was planning on updating it after I posted the stuff I planned to update, but it's taking such a long time. So....

I'm just going to update the very first part. Anyway, here goes.....

OPERATION: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter)

Tomochin’s ‘Fateful’ Encounter with Kasai Tomomi

She stared right in front of her as she strutted her way towards the mirror. Stopping, she then placing one of her hands on her hip and posed, admiring her black Mina bandeau rapture dress. Oh how she’s starting to love her undercover job. She gets to dress in great designer dresses, own money from her undercover job and get millions of money from the job itself. No job’s gotta be better than hers.

Flipping her hair as she turned around, she told her own reflection, “You look fabulous, Tomomi.” She walked by her desk and took the piece of paper that held some important information.

She bit her lower lip, “How should I meet you?” and tried thinking of any possible ways to meet Kasai Tomomi, “Accident? Purposely?” without making her suspicious about Tomochin’s identity. Well, her job doesn’t start until tomorrow, but she thinks that she should meet with her job, right before she applies and work with her.

“I guess I can do it ’accidentally’” she smiled and took her car keys before leaving the room. On her way to the Agency’s garage, she saw Mayuyu and Jurina sitting on the porch and as she was about to enter the garage, the two called her.

“Yes?” she asked. The two walked over to her and stared at her from head to toe.

Then looking at each other and sending each other some kind of message using their eyes, they turned to Tomochin and smiled as they asked sweetly, “Where are you going?” making Tomochin arch her eyebrows at them, wondering why the two were suddenly interested in knowing where she was headed.

Jurina asked, “Are you going clubbing?” to which Tomochin with a ‘Yes’, making her grin widely. They then gave their best puppy-face and asked, “Can we go with you?”

Tomochin sighed and shook her head. There’s no way she’ll allow these two kids to follow her. She was going to meet Kasai Tomomi and with these two around, they might, no, WOULD mess up her whole plan. She can’t let that happen.

“You’re still kids.” Mayuyu and Jurina scoffed at her excuse and showed her their fake IDs. Tomochin arched her eyebrow when she saw what was written in it. “It says here that we’re legal. Mayuyu is 21 and so am I.” Jurina told her stubbornly.

Mayuyu nodded her head and pouted when Tomochin shook her head again. The two began whining and asking her why they couldn’t go along, giving Tomochin a headache. Rolling her eyes at the two, she placed her hand on her hip as the two began to moan and stomp their feet. Seriously, how childish can these two get? If they can’t even act their like their real age, which was 19 and 17, how can they even pose as the adults they were supposed to pretend as?

“I’m going to meet Kasai Tomomi.” She told them, hoping that they’d get what she was trying to tell them, and make them stop their whining. It worked, making Tomochin sigh in relief, until the two looked at each other, and then back to Tomochin, only this time with a bigger grin.

“We’ll help you!” Mayuyu and Jurina said in unison, making Tomochin raised her eyebrow. Yeah, these two would only help her in ruining her plan.

“No.” she plainly said. Then all of a sudden, she pointed outside the window with a gasp, intriguing the two. Taking the chance, she entered the garage and quickly locked the door behind her, smiling to herself. As she got into her Bugatti Veyron, she heard the two knocking on the door and whining. She ignored them and drove away, leaving the two girls behind to make the mansion’s quiet atmosphere filled with the two’s whines.

Outside a club somewhere

Staring at her phone’s screen, she pressed the green button, calling the person’s number. Several rings came and Tomochin was about to hang up, when her call went through.


“Hey Katherine, are you sure that Kasai Tomomi is here?” she asked as she looked around her, searching for Kasai’s Lamborghini Furia.

“Well?” Tomochin asked when she didn’t see any signs of Kasai’s car. “Of course! I’m sure that she’s there! My resources told me so!” Katherine Williams, a fellow agent of Meshibe, told her.

“Well maybe, your resources were wrong and gave you the information for YOUR mission.” Tomochin sighed with a hint annoyance. Well, why wouldn’t she be annoyed? One of the things she hated was being given the wrong information.

Sighing, she apologized, knowing exactly how Tomochin was like. Realizing that she was being rude, Tomochin apologized for her attitude. After all, she was only asking Katherine for a favor, even though the girl was already troubled with her own undercover job. As she start her engine and got ready to drive off, a familiar Lamborghini Furia stopped in front of the club ‘Infinity’.

“What’s wrong, Tomochin?” Katherine asked, realizing that Tomochin was quiet and she wasn’t hearing any engine sounds.

Sighing in relief, she told Katherine, “She’s here.” Thank god she didn’t go there in vain.


“I’ve gotta go, Kath.” Tomochin said before hanging up. Watching with focused eyes, she stared at the girl she has been waiting for four hours, go inside the club. After waiting for a few seconds to pass, she got out of her car and went into the club.

As soon as she went in and the door closed, Tomochin covered her ears. The music was blaring out loud, and the DJ was playing a song she didn’t really like. The inside wasn’t what Tomochin wanted, and it wasn’t the kind of place she liked. Well, for starters, she never did liked clubbing anyway. She hates the noisy music being played all the time and the jerks found inside, though she always meets her boy toys there.

Looking around, she tried to search for her target. A few men approached her, but she just brushed them all off. She was there for a reason: to meet with Kasai Tomomi. Squinting her eyes from the bright lights in the room, she tried to find her target while cursing to herself for losing sight of the girl.


Her target was walking towards the bar.


That girl just made things easier for her. Now what Tomochin have to do was strike a conversation with Kasai and befriend her and the rest of her mission (protecting), would be a piece of cake. She began walking towards the bar with a smile on her face.

All of a sudden, Tomochin stopped in her tracks. Kasai had entered a door that had a sign ‘VIP only’ behind the barista, making Tomochin’s smile fade. Sighing, she leaned against the wall beside her.

Great. Now how will she meet with Kasai with that barista guarding the door?

Sighing in disappointment, she sat down on one of the chairs closest to her. She began to think of any possible reasons for her to give to the barista, and groaned when nothing seemed to be good enough.

Just to make her problems worse, two loud voices shouted her name behind her, “Tomochin!” making her freeze on her seat.

Oh no. Please. Please don’t let it be those two. Anyone but those two!

Several more shouts came, but Tomochin ignored them and continued staring at the door. Hoping that it was just her hallucination. Yeah, that’s right! She has been hearing the two’s constant calling before, so it may just be an illusion!

“Tomochin~!” The voices got louder and she could hear it coming closer, making it seem less like an illusion.

Tomochin crossed her fingers and started hoping. “Please not those two. Please. Please.” She muttered continuously. She hasn’t even met Kasai yet and if those two comes into the picture, she’ll never meet Kasai just how she planned!

“Mou~ Tomochin! We were calling you, you know!” a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and Tomochin groaned. Sighing, she turned around and gave a pained smile to Mayuyu and Jurina.

“Didn’t I tell you ‘No’?” she sighed and massaged her temples as the two sat down. They smiled at her and ordered some drinks and snacks while Tomochin sighed, again.

Great. Now she’s stuck with these two while she waits for Kasai to come out. Can’t she just go and enjoy the time in the club without these two around? And why can’t they just stay with Acchan or Sae? They’re much more fun!

“Hey Tomochin, why aren’t you ordering any drinks for yourself?” Jurina asked her. Mayuyu raised her glass to her own lips and drank. The moment she puts it down, she began to start hiccupping.

“Don’t drink. Remember, you’re still under-aged.” She reminded them with a forced smile to make it seem like she was smiling at them, to the others.

“Alright!” the two smiled and toasted their drinks together. Tomochin smacked her forehead and stood up. She had to get away from those two before she loses her temper. Walking to the bar that Kasai went behind at, she sat down and sighed several time while massaging her temples.

“Miss, do you want some private time away from your friends?” the barista asked while wiping a transparent glass. Tomochin looked up at him. He has…watching her? Oh no, does she seem suspicious?
“If that’s possible, then yes. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.” She told him, deciding to go along with the flow until she gets other signs of leaving the club. The barista leaned closer to her, while she leaned away from him as she was feeling uncomfortable with the distance between them.

“Here’s the deal.” He started saying.

Deal? Oh~! The usual line!

Tomochin sighed in relief inside her mind, and groaned. Here it comes. The barista will ask her to spend some time with him and such. The usual pick-up line by the male baristas.

“Spend some time with a friend of this place’s owner and you get some alone time for yourself.” He said.

Tomochin’s eyes widened. A friend of this place’s owner? Who…?Wait. Did he mean Kasai Tomomi?

“You in? Let me tell you, she’s nice.” He assured her. Tomochin looked back at the two pain-in-the-neck girls. They were laughing to each other and drinking.

Looking back at him, she said, “Hold on.” And walked towards the table where her two ‘friends’ were.

“I’m going to take in some air for a while. Stay here and don’t get drunk.” She told the two girls when she reached to their table. They nodded their heads obediently and Tomochin wasted no time to walk back to the barista.

“Alright. Is it just going to be me and the owner’s friend in there?” She asked hopefully. The barista nodded and smiled at her before motioning for her to enter the door behind him, making her smile.

Perfect. This was the opportunity she needs.

The moment she entered through the door and came upon a hallway, the barista closed the entrance, quieting the whole room. Good. It was soundproof.

Looking around her, she realized how different it was from the outside. The hallway was decorated with all kinds of painting, food, drinks, etc. Even the mood seemed different. Outside, you had the noisy and loud background, while in there, you have a comfortable and a sense of tranquility fills the whole room.

She continued walking and made a turn by the sharp turn in the hallway. When she did, she came upon a room filled with expensive-looking furniture and beautiful décor. The room was also painted with light colors, but was mixed with some dark colors, making it seem homely.

“Oh.” A voice made Tomochin stop looking around her surroundings. Turning around, she came face-to-face with her.

“Hello.” Kasai Tomomi smiled warmly at her, while sitting down. Patting the soft couch beside her, she motioned for Tomochin to sit.

“H-hi.” Tomochin greeted awkwardly as she sat down. She started looking around her, preventing her eyes from meeting with Kasai’s, and tried of thinking any subject they can talk about to make the atmosphere less tensed.

Weird. She never gets uncomfortable with others. This girl must be affecting her. But…how? In what way and why?

“I guess he found you as a nice person to let you come in here.” Kasai told her, as she took out some snacks from a small fridge beside the couch.

“I-I guess so.” She smiled.

Okay. Now that she has met Kasai Tomomi, what should she do? Wait, what was she supposed to say again? What was it again?

Slapping her forehead slightly, she sighed. Oh great. She has forgotten what she planned to do. Now what?

“Are you alright?” Kasai asked, touching the red area where Tomochin slapped her hand against.

“Yeah. S-So…I heard that you’re a friend of the owner.” She said, leaning away from Kasai, and quickly added, “The barista told me.”

“It’s true.” Kasai smiled, “But to be accurate, I’m cousins with the owner.” She began to drink her wine and poured Tomochin some.

“Thanks.” Tomochin sipped her drink and took began glancing at her from her drink.

Kasai held out her hand and introduced, “I’m Kasai Tomomi by the way!” while grinning at her, making some of Tomochin’s nervousness disappear.

“Itano Tomomi.” She smiled as she shook the girl’s held out hand. Kasai’s eyes widened at Tomochin’s name and immediately grabbed both of her hands.

“We have the same name! You have the same name as Chiyuu~!” she cried happily, hugging the older girl.

“C-Chiyuu?” Tomochin looked at her confusingly.

“Sorry!” Kasai apologized when she realized what she was doing and quickly let go.
“It’s fine.” Tomochin assured as she smiled and shook her head.

“Why don’t you call me Chiyuu then?” Kasai asked and poured another glass for Tomochin.

“I think I’ll prefer Tomomi.” Tomochin told her, feeling a bit uncomfortable calling the girl Chiyuu.

“No~” Kasai whined cutely, “Call me Chiyuu~ or Tomo~mi” Tomochin sighed and said, “Fine. Tomo~mi.” emphasizing on the word ‘Tomo~mi’, making her smile.

“Now…What should Chiyuu call—” Tomo~mi started to say, but was interrupted by the bursting of the door.

“Miss! Your two friends are drunk! They’re cursing and disturbing the others!” the barista cried. Tomochin sighed and stood up, following him outside. When she came out of the room, she saw exactly what the barista told her.

“Who’re they?” Tomo~mi asked, pointing to the two, who were now cursing at each other. Tomochin smacked her head.

Great. Those two are gaining too much attention. And just when she needed them to lay low.

“Friends.” Tomochin replied and went to the two. She got in between them and smacked both of their heads, making them stop their childish argument about who’s older.

“I told you two not to get drunk!” she scolded. The two looked at her with innocent stares and smiled. They started hugging her and started saying ‘Sorry~’
“Sheesh, what am I supposed to do with you?” she sighed. She can’t believe she’s weak to the two’s cuteness. Taking each of their arms, she put it around her neck and started apologizing to the other customers.

“Um… Tomomi. I have to go now.” Tomochin said as she began walking nearer to the exit. Mayuyu and Jurina looked at Tomochin and smiled, “New friend, Tomochin?” She nodded and waved goodbye to Tomo~mi.

“Tomochin, wait!” Tomo~mi cried, making Tomochin stop right in front of the car.

“It’s not Tomomi. It’s Tomo~mi! Remember, okay?” she smiled. Tomochin smiled back at her and put the two drunk girls in her car. She then went into the driver’s seat, and smiled at her before driving off.

“Itano Tomomi. Chiyuu likes you!” she beamed and went inside her own car when Tomochin’s car was out of sight.

Meanwhile, in Tomochin’s car, two girls were covering their ears, as the girl driving started scolding them.

“You two! Can’t you act more maturely?!” she cried. The stench of alcohol was making her puke. Seriously! She ust left them for a while and they already got THIS drunk?!

“At least we helped you meet her, right?” Mayuyu slurred, and hiccupped. Tomochin looked at her for a while and then back in front of her. Well, that was kind of true. They DID help. Even though they caused her to leave early.

“Y-yeah. But next time, you two stay at home!” she told them and sighed in frustration. The two girls yawned and leaned against each other, using each other as pillows. Tomochin stopped herself from scolding them any further because she knew that by the next day, those two would have a huge hangover. At least that would give them a lesson.

“Mission Encounter for TomoTomo: Completed.” The two mumbled before falling into a deep slumber.

“Not really.” Tomochin smiled as she watched the two from her rear view mirror. She and Tomo~mi only met as strangers. The real mission was their meeting at work.

Start of Mission (The next day)

After getting off her car, she walked towards the building and was about to enter when a familiar voice called her name, stopping her.


Turning, she saw Tomo~mi running towards her with a smile. She tried to look as surprised as she could and smiled back.

“What are you doing here, Tomochin?” Tomo~mi panted.

She answered, “I’m applying here as the company’s fashion designer.” And Tomo~mi grinned like a child.

“What about you, Tomo~mi?” Tomochin asked, even though she perfectly knew the whole reason as to why Tomo~mi was there, of course.

“Oh, I work here as a model!” Tomo~mi beamed and added, “Do you want me to help you get to the CEO’s office?”

Tomochin nodded her head and Tomo~mi started pulling her wrists. The two of them chatted on the way to the CEO’s office, and when they entered the office, they were completely taken aback. They were so caught up in talking that they didn’t even realized that they have finally reached the office.

“What are you guys doing there looking so surprised?” a short brunette asked, when she saw them standing in the middle of the room. Tomo~mi smiled at the brunette sheepishly, and un-linked her arms with Tomochin’s. Seeing this action, the brunette arched her eyebrow and then grinned.

“Oh my god, Tomo~mi!” the girl squealed, “You have a girlfriend!”

Tomo~mi nodded her head and replied, “Yep!” before immediately shook her head, blushing when the words that Yuko probably meant, sank in. Tomochin looked away and shook her head with a tint of pink could be seen. She didn’t know why in the world she was blushing, but by how the short girl said it, it made her blush.

“S-She’s not!” Tomo~mi insisted. The short girl smirked and laughed. It was kind of rare to make Tomo~mi blush, and began teasing her more.

“Mou~! Yuuchan! You’re so mean!” Tomo~mi pouted and crossed her arms as she turned away from Yuko while saying, “I won’t work today!”

“It’s fine. I’m going to have a new model anyway.” The girl told her with a laugh, making Tomo~mi’s mouth pout more.

The girl ignored Tomo~mi’s whining and pouts and turned to Tomochin, “I’m Oshima Yuko, the CEO of this company and the rest of the Akiba Fashion Companies. Nice to meet you.” She introduced politely. Tomochin smiled at her and bowed.

So this was the girl Haruna had to protect. Can this girl actually survive for more than a month? No, make that a week.

Poor girl.

Alright, alright. She was exaggerating. Haruna can do her work well. She’s not that much of an airhead anyway. So probably two weeks would be the longest time Yuko would live.

“Itano Tomomi.” She bowed. Yuko held out her hand and the two shook hands, ignoring Tomo~mi, who has actually stopped whining and pouting.

“I’ll be putting you in charge of the whole Department of Fashion.” Yuko told her. Arching her eyebrow in confusion, she looked at Yuko. She was supposed to work for Yuko and make herself noticed after several weeks. And wait, did Yuko just say that she was ‘in charge’ of a whole department?

“That’s great, Tomochin! You’re hired!” Tomo~mi congratulated and enveloped her into a hug. Tomochin kept on looking at Yuko with a confused look. She was supposed to be having an interview and be tested or something. She’s not supposed to get the job and have a high position RIGHT after applying and meeting Yuko!

“Tomo~mi have told me a lot about you.” Yuko explained, noticing how Tomochin kept staring at her in disbelief.

“And she won’t stop. She just keeps on talking about you, even though I’m in my room, trying to sleep.” Yuko added and laughed.

Tomochin arched her eyebrow at Tomo~mi, and Tomo~mi just looked back at her with a sheepish smile, blushing.

“She kept on telling me how you dressed up fashionably and such, etc.” Yuko added, enjoying how Tomo~mi grew pinker by the passing second.

In other words, Tomo~mi made her job easier. Well, she can’t say anything bad about that. She can protect Tomo~mi and she didn’t have to get promoted anymore, lessening her efforts.
“But,” Tomochin started to say and turned to Yuko. “Aren’t you supposed to be in charge of the whole Fashion department?”

She then asked. “And aren’t I supposed to report to you, work with you or something like that?” She was getting confused. After all, she only applied, and it was written in her resume, that she was only applying for the assistant, NOT the Department Head.

“Yuuchan is in charge of the lingerie department!” Tomo~mi informed her, while Yuko smiled proudly.

Arching her eyebrow, she looked at them. The CEO was in charge of the Lingerie Department? Wasn’t she supposed to be in charge of EVERY department?

Just then, realization hit her. No wonder she got the job easily. This girl only wants to be in charge of the Lingerie Department and leave the rest to her. This girl must really have a huge liking to lingerie.

“Anyway Yuuchan~ Where’s the new model you were telling Chiyuu just now?” Tomo~mi asked, looking around the room. Tomochin frowned, wondering as well.

Where WAS Haruna? She and Tomochin were supposed to meet in the office.

At another place somewhere (An hour ago)

She stared at the huge building in front of her and leaned against her seat. Sighing as she took out some papers, she began to go over the information she has to remember. After all, she had to make sure that every single thing she says won’t let anyone realize that she was only pretending. That would put her mission on jeopardy.

After several minutes later of reviewing, Haruna finally gets off her Aston Martin Rapide with a disappointed sigh when she took a look at her car. She was hoping to drive in her new baby, a Lamborghini Murcielago, to make a great impression, but Meetan kept on telling her to have a low profile unless it was time to make the one she was protecting notice her.

As she was about to enter into the lobby, she remembered that she had forgotten her application form in the car. She rushed back to her car and took the folder from the seat, running through the contents and making sure that she won’t forget any other needed document.

When nothing seemed to be missing, she entered into the lobby and headed for the counter, only to be stopped by a mixture of delicious aromas, making her take a quick look around her. Surprisingly, the lobby of a fashion company was surrounded by several stores, pictures and statues of different type of food, making her drool as she stared at them.

Just then, a younger-looking woman tapped on her shoulder, making her snap out of her trance as she asked, “Miss, can I help you?”

Haruna looked at her with dazed eyes before saying after several seconds of silence, “Uh…yes. I’m here to apply for the position as a model.” What? Food was everywhere and it made her lose her focus for a while.

“I heard that this company needs a model, so I decided to apply here.” She added. The woman nodded her head as she said, “Oh, you must the one who called two days ago.” Haruna began nodding her head in a frantic way, making the woman smile at her after sensing that Haruna was nervous.
“Please follow me to the CEO’s office then.” She motioned towards the elevator before adding, “by the way, I’m the secretary, Yokoyama Yui, and you can call me Yui.” She held out her hand, which Haruna shook after taking several seconds to understand why she was holding out her hand.

Yui began to walk towards the elevator with Haruna following her and went inside the elevator. After reaching the highest level, they went towards a door, which was designed with foods that almost seemed real.

Just by looking around her, Haruna couldn’t help but feel amazed and confused by how the place was decorated with pictures and statues about food.

“Isn’t this supposed to be a fashion company?” Haruna thought to herself as Yui knocked on the door made out of probably food. She heard someone shout, “Enter!” and Yui entered, followed by Haruna. As she was about to take a look around her, someone stood right in front of her with their back facing them, blocking her view of the room.

“Sashihara-san! What are you doing?” Yui asked in an irritated voice when she saw what the said girl was holding.

A slime gun.

The ‘Sashihara’ girl turned to her and flashed a cheeky smile, which was soon covered with a green slimy liquid.

“Oh yeah! I got you!” Someone cried as she poked out her tongue at Sashihara and began dancing happily. The slimed girl wiped away the slime from her face and sighed before turning to the girl dancing in front of her.

“I was distracted! That’s not considered!” she cried, while the girl dancing began to sing, ignoring her denies. Sashihara aimed at the head and was about to pull the trigger when Yui smacked Sashihara on the head and took the slime gun out of her hands.

“Sashihara-san!” Yui scolded, to which Sashihara cried, “Hey!” Yui turned to Haruna and gave an apologetic smile as she apologized for the two’s immature actions.

“I-It’s fine!” Haruna told her, unsure what and how to react. After all, it was a rare scene to see. Imagine, walking into the CEO’s office to find two people playing with slimes. Of course you would be confused on how to react to that.


Yui pushed Haruna to the side as a green slimy thing was shot from the gun and at Sashihara. “Hey!” the girl, Sashihara, cried when she got hit by the green slime.

“Hehehe.” The one who shot her chuckled as she gave a peace sign.

“Sorry Sasshi, seems like I win. You weren’t distracted then.” She said as she placed the slime gun down onto her desk while smiling.

“Sheesh. You two should stop playing.” Yui sighed as Haruna got up. Dusting off Haruna’s clothes, she gave another apologetic smile.

“Oh? Who’s that?” Sashihara asked, as she tried to get the slime out of her hair. It seems like she finally managed to notice Haruna.

“Minegishi-san’s muse.” Yui replied. Haruna smiled at them and lowered her head as she greeted them as politely as she could.

“My muse? You mean the model who called?” Haruna stared at the girl, who was sitting on top of the huge desk. She then tilted her head to the side as she tried to figure out who that girl looked like.

What was that mascot called? Gauche? Caching? Ah! She got it! It’s Gachapin!

“Isn’t she supposed to be the girl who Mari-chin should be protecting?” Haruna thought to herself, dazing off again. Yui called her name several times, but Haruna stayed in her trance. Sashihara began snapping her fingers in front of Haruna’s face, but failed as well.

“Interesting! She dazed off!” the girl sitting behind the desk cried as she walked over to her and shook her hand as she said, “You’re hired!” making Haruna snap out of her trance and looked at the three of them with a confused look on her face.


Yui smiled at her and told her that she was hired. Haruna just scratched her head and thanked them, wondering what she did to make them hire her so fast. Well, whatever she did, it worked!

“I wonder where that Oshima Yuko is.” She thought to herself as Yui told her to sit down. The girl, who seemed to be Mariko’s Akiba girl, smiled at her as she sat down across the room. Yui and Sashihara handed both of them some snacks.

“Go clean up, Sashi.” The girl ordered to Sashihara, who still had slime dripping from her hair. Sashihara left the room, leaving the three of them.

“I’m the CEO of this food company, Minegishi Minami. But you can call me Miichan.” The girl introduced.

Haruna scrunched her eyebrows as she began to think. Yep, that girl is supposed to be Mari-chin’s girl. And…

“Minegishi Minami? Food company? What’s going on?” she thought to herself.

“I’m Kojima Haruna.” Haruna introduced and the two shook hands again. They smiled at each other and Miichan motioned her to eat the snacks. Haruna gladly took a bite out of her mango cheesecake and sighed happily. It was so delicious!

“So, have you become a muse before?” Miichan asked as she sipped her chocolate drink. Haruna shook her head and drank her own chocolate drink.

“I’m experienced in being a model though.” Haruna told her. Miichan and Yui ‘aahed’.

“I guess a muse and a model doesn’t have much difference, so I think it’ll work out Minegishi-san.” Yui told her.

“You’re right.” Minegishi-san nodded and smiled at Haruna.

“So—” Miichan started to say while Yui started to take out some papers, when the door opened and Shinoda Mariko came in, with Sashihara right behind her.


“Kojiharu!” The two models cried in unison.

“What are you doing here, Kojiharu? Aren’t you supposed to be at the fashion company?” Mariko asked as she arched her eyebrow.

“Eh? But isn’t this the place?” Haruna looked at her confusingly. Miichan suddenly had realization hit her.

“Excuse me,” Miichan stood up and went to the two. “But don’t tell me that you thought this was a fashion company?” Haruna looked at her and nodded her head. Mariko mentally smacked her head and sighed. Leave it to Haruna to get mixed up with the addresses.

“I’m the one applying here, Minegishi-san.” Mariko told her with a sigh. Haruna looked at her apologetically and slapped her own self mentally.

“I see.” Miichan nodded her head, then turning to Haruna, she said, “Kojima-san, I’m sorry to say this, but out company is only searching for one muse. I’m afraid that I cannot take both of you.” And turned to Mariko. “If you both want the job—”

“—It’s fine!” Haruna interrupted. “I don’t really think I can handle the temptation.” She then turned to get out of the room when Mariko stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

“Make sure not to go to the wrong place again.” Mariko told her. Haruna nodded and began to walk towards to the door when Miichan cleared her throat.

“If you want a job as a fashion model, I can recommend you to someone.” Miichan offered. Haruna looked at her and then at Mariko.

“Her name is Oshima Yuko—” Miichan started to say, only to get interrupted by Haruna’s eager response.

“Yes please!”

“O-okay.” Miichan sweat dropped. This girl really is interesting.

She turned to Sashihara and said, “Sashihara, go start my car.” And then to Yui she said, “Can you please call or leave a message to Yuko? Tell her that I’ll be arriving there with a new model.” Yui nodded her head, then left the room with Sashihara.

Miichan turned to Haruna and motioned for her to follow her. When she noticed Mariko not following her, she smiled and said, “You can come along…Uh…What’s your name?”

“Mariko. Shinoda Mariko.” Mariko smiled.

To Be Continued…

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